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									                                  CFA Victoria Scholarship Program

CFA Victoria is pleased to offer several scholarships related to the
June 2008 CFA exam

What does the scholarship cover?
Ten recipients will receive a scholarship which covers the Registration and all but
US$220 of Enrollment Fee for any level of the June 2008 sitting of the CFA exam
(Level I, II or III).

These 10 recipients will also receive a complimentary one-day practice examination
prepared by the Boston Security Analysts Society to be held in spring 2008 in
Victoria (date still to be finalized).

Who is eligible for a scholarship?
There are no restrictions as to who is eligible for a scholarship, except for the

(1) Scholarships cannot be awarded to CFA Victoria’s officers, directors, employees
    or their immediate families; and,

(2) If applicants are undergraduate students, they must be in their final year,
   scheduled to receive a bachelor’s degree.

(3) Must be a resident of Vancouver Island or a Gulf Island.

(4) You may apply for a scholarship at each level. Be advised, however, that strong
    preference will be given to those applicants who both (a) successfully met the
    application criteria and (b) who have not previously been awarded a scholarship.

   The Selection Committee will not award a scholarship to an applicant more than
   once for a given level of the program (i.e., if you receive a scholarship for Level 1
   but do not pass, you are not eligible for a second scholarship for Level 1. You
   may re-apply once you are enrolling for Level 2).

How do you apply for a scholarship?
(1) Complete the attached application form.

(2) Prepare a short essay (approx. 300 words) which addresses the following
   question: Referring to the Code of Ethics and Standards of Professional Conduct
   explain how you can positively influence a culture of ethical behaviour in your

   You may also consider addressing your organization’s own Code of Ethics (or
   similar policy) in the essay. If your current situation doesn’t pertain (i.e., a
   student or not in a capital market/finance based job), you may use a hypothetical
   situation in your essay.

(3) Return the completed application (including all attachments) to Chelsea Kittleson
    ( in PDF or other electronic format. In the email,
    please indicate your first and last name in the subject line.
   Applicants are strongly encouraged to submit in electronic format. However, if
   you are unable to return the completed application in electronic format, please
   deliver a hard copy to Chelsea Kittleson, c/o BC Ferries, 1112 Fort St, Victoria,
   BC, V8V 4V2.

(4) Application deadline is November 15, 2007 at 5:00 pm PST. Successful applicants
    will be contacted by end of December.

How will scholarship winners be selected?
The criteria for awarding the scholarships are based upon a combination of financial
need, your response to the question “Why do you want to achieve the CFA Charter”
(as per page two of the application form), your essay, and the completeness of your

In the section pertaining to financial need please outline, if applicable, what financial
support your company will be providing in terms of the CFA Program.

If you receive a scholarship:

   1. You will be sent an email advising that you will receive a scholarship. (Please
      note that CFA Victoria does not provide scholarship winners with additional
      documentation confirming their receipt of the scholarship.) Unsuccessful
      applicants will not be contacted.

   2. Complete the Verification Form (to be distributed to scholarship winners in
      December or early January) and mail it to Chelsea Kittleson. Please write
      neatly and carefully. If the form is not legible or accurately filled out it will not
      be accepted.

       Chelsea Kittleson
       c/o BC Ferries, 1112 Fort Street, 4th floor, Victoria, BC, V8V 4V2

   3. Verification Forms need to be received by January 30, 2008.

   4. Unless written notification is sent to the Education Chair by January 15th, CFA
      Victoria reserves the right to publish the names of the scholarship recipients.

CFA Victoria reserves the right to rescind all or a portion of the scholarship if the
specific circumstances warrant.

Please direct any questions with respect to the scholarship program to Chelsea
Kittleson. Contact the CFA Institute directly with all enquiries about enrolling for the
CFA Program.

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