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                                rVA DOwntOwn: CrEAtIVIty In ACtIOn
                       Recognizing the powerful role that creativity plays in Rich-             That initiative is RVA.
                       mond, partners from around the city have developed an ini-               The RVA Creativity Catalog features just a sampling of the
                       tiative to recognize the groundswell of Downtown’s inventive        plethora of ideation and ingenuity in Downtown Richmond. There
                       solutions to challenges, unique products, insightful design,        are many more businesses, organizations, artists, activists and
                       cutting-edge art, authentic entertainment, tricked-out technol-     other innovators fueling Downtown’s identity as a nucleus of
                       ogy and the people whose passion and drive spark innovation.        imaginative vitality that spreads well beyond the city’s borders.
                                              To discover about more creativity in Downtown Richmond, check out RVACreates.com.

                                                                        Showcasing RVA: A brand new idea? Or new ideas as a brand?
                                                                        Last year, the Greater Richmond Chamber of Commerce created i.e.*—a galvaniz-
                                                                        ing initiative to raise RVA’s profile for innovative excellence. They also hired Chrys-
                                                                        tal Neal as Director of Creativity, Innovation and Special Projects to evolve and
                                                                        implement the i.e.* initiative by providing strategic leadership. “The fact that the
                                                                        Chamber is prioritizing the development and celebration of creativity and innova-
                                                                        tion in the Richmond Region is a fine example of innovative thinking among the
                                                                        Chamber leadership. My job will be to promote the creativity that already abounds
                                                                        and to develop programming to further showcase our collective community tal-
                                                                        ents,” states Chrystal.

                             S H O C KO E S L I P

                        SMBw ArCHItECtS
                        Blur the lines between indoor
                        and outdoor public spaces.
                        Moving soon to Shockoe Slip, but a staple in the
                        area’s creative community, SMBW Archictects has
                        a diverse portofolio of cutting-edge public and pri-                      SHOCKOE DESIgn DIStrICt
                        vate projects including City Hall, Main Street Sta-                        Establish a virtual downtown district
                        tion, VMFA and UNOS headquarters. Their design                             that becomes an epicenter of creative delight.
                        for Affiliated Dermatologists of Virginia, located in                      Preeminent Richmond names in home design in-
                        Richmond [above photo] is a modern healthcare                              cluding These Four Walls, LaDifference, Ten
                        facility made up of two low-slung buildings. The                           Thousand Villages and other retailers, restau-
                        structures are delicately sited on a wooded parcel      rants, artisans and companies are in the process of coalescing their
                        to create a complex of small Zen pavilions. This        creativity into the creation of the newly defined Shockoe Design Dis-
                        strong connection to the landscape establishes a        trict. Also participating is the newly formed Virginia Street Gallery
                        sense of place, relating the buildings to one anoth-    [above photo ] that showcases a collective of 50 artists and galleries.
                        er while defining an inner courtyard. The relation-     The Virginia Street Gallery is organized by Karen Atkinson and fea-
                        ship to the landscape is strengthened by blurring       tures work by artisians from local farmers markets. Karen Atkin-
                        the lines between indoor and outdoor at the pub-        son founded The Market Umbrella to bring European-style open-air
                        lic spaces. Transparency throughout the building        markets to the Richmond area. The markets provide the community
                        allows a strong connection to the outside and a         with quality local, homemade, homegrown and handmade products,
                        constant contact with natural light.                    encouraging people to buy local and support farmers and artisans.
                        www.smbw.com                                            themarketumbrella.com

                       10         RVA       C RE ATIVIT Y                 C ATALOG              Powered by Venture Richmond | VentureRichmond.com
Engineer automation for everything from bottling and case packaging
to water and food processing.
E-Merge Systems, Inc. is a company brimming with smart engineers who are ca-

                                                                                                      S H O C KO E S L I P
pable of cranking out everything from industrial automation to systems integration
for a wide variety of industries. Based in the Slip, Inderdeep Huja, co-founder of E-
Merge, [ photo ] has built a reputation for forming teams (in Richmond, Maryland,
and Delaware) with a quick response record and unmatched technical experience.
The result, clients routinely optimize their systems’ efficiency, leading to impressive
cost reductions.

 tHE MArtIn AgEnCy
 The Martin Agency has been a part of the culture of creativity in Rich-
 mond since 1965. Creators of arguably the most famous and longest
 running tourism slogan in the country, Virginia is For Lovers, The
 Martin Agency launched that provocative campaign in 1969. And
 that was just the beginning of famous creativity from this award-
 winning shop that, in 2010, was named ‘2009 Best U.S. Agency of the
 Year’ by Adweek Magazine. They are the creators of Discover Card’s
 ‘Peggy,’ GEICO’s Gecko and Caveman, and UPS’s ‘What Can Brown Do
 for You?’ campaign. They also create advertising for Walmart, Hanes,
 BFGoodrich, Comcast, Norwegian Cruise Line, PING, Tylenol, Motrin,
 The American Cancer Society and Pizza Hut, just to name a few. The
 Martin Agency employs about 580 staffers in their Richmond head-
 quarters building in historic Shockoe Slip.

Turn improbable product spokespersons into pop-culture icons.

      RVAcreates.com                                        RVA        C RE ATIVIT Y      C ATALOG   11
                       FOuntAIn BOOKStOrE
                       Blend virtual and bricks-&-mortar
                       Led by enthusiastic bibliophile Kelly Justice,
                       the Fountain Bookstore (1312 E. Cary Street)

                       is a quintessential neighborhood shop for
                       the cozy browsing of best sellers as well as a
                       source of an ongoing roster of local and na-
                       tional author readings. With the rise of tab-
                       lets and eReaders, Justice has embraced
                       the opportunity to sell Google e-books
                       through the store’s website, allowing
                       readers the convenience of shopping on-
                       line and locally with the same purchase.
                       Best of all, you can also access the store
                       staff’s recommended reads.

                       Assemble work spaces
                       in the clouds.
                       With Proxios Virtual Desktop
                       (remote desktop) and cloud
                       technology, this RVA company
                       gives users access to office ap-
                       plications, virtual phones and
                       other data resources without
                       the upfront costs or headache
                       of maintaining technology.
                       Your apps are state-of-the-art
                       and you never have to worry
                       about backing up your data.

                       tOBACCO LIVE
                                                             Stop talking to robots!
                       Redefine Sunday night.
                       Shockoe’s anchor restaurant
                                                             Liberate callers from auto-hold purgatory.
                       and nightclub, The Tobacco                                                 LuCyPHOnE
                       Company along with RVA Mag-                                                Naming their app from the acronym for
                       azine and Radio Rubber Room                                                “Let us call you,” Richmonders Mike and
                       host various forms of live en-                                             Tom Oristian have created Lucyphone,
                       tertainment on Sunday nights.                                              a service that lets you get out of hold by
                       Tobacco Live presents regional                                             staying on the line when you hang up and
                       comedians and local bands                                                  calling you back once a live agent is on the
                       performing a music review                                                  phone. Promoting the call-center widget
                       showcase. Throw in a $2 Burger                                             service, the Oristians have also taken to
                       special and you have yourself a                                            Twitter following 140-word customer com-
                       fantastic Sunday night!                                                    plaints and enticing them to try the service.
                       www.thetobaccocompany.com                                                  www.lucyphone.com

                       12         RVA        C RE ATIVIT Y              C ATALOG   Powered by Venture Richmond | VentureRichmond.com
Over The edge
Mix a little fear with philanthropy
and what do you get?
Lots of teetering and Twittering.

                                                                                                                              S H O C KO E S L I P
There’s probably no better example than
tossing your boss off the edge of a 25-sto-
ry building, and then bragging about it
on Twitter and Facebook. In 2009, River
City Rappel enticed local businesses to
“Toss Your Boss,” as well as individuals
to go “Over the Edge,” to benefit Special
Olympics Virginia. To increase the buzz,
netizens took to social media, many live-
tweeting on their descent. This year’s
event had 92 rappellers who raised more
than $90,000.

 LEDBury                                                            IntELLIjECt
 Create a niche market                                              Convert pain into gain.
 somewhere between haute                                            After growing up with severe allergies and experi-
 couture and ready-to-wear.                                         encing life-threatening emergencies due to diffi-
 In an era of endless replication and                               culties with rapid epinephrine delivery,
 mass-produced brands, designer                                     Eric Edwards and his twin brother, Evan,
 Paul Trible and business partner                                   have dedicated their careers to invent-
 Paul Watson have distinguished                                     ing a device to deliver epinephrine in
 their Ledbury line of men’s tailored                               a more patient-friendly way. The novel
 shirts by focusing on quality mate-                                auto-injector that the Edwards brothers
 rials and selling limited releases of                              invented has gained widespread inter-
 designs through their online bou-                                  est for use with many different injected
 tique and their recently expanded                                  medicines. Intelliject got its start at the
 storefront on 14th Street. Just listen to Trible talk about the    Virginia Biotechnology Park.
 “engineering” of a shirt collar on their site’s video and you’ll   www.intelliject.com
 understand the passion behind the product.

             Build it and they will come.
      But if you design innovative architecture
     over a decade, they will come with awards.
Commonwealth Architects received the 2011 T. David Fitz-Gibbon award. The highest
honor bestowed by the Virginia Society to a Virginia-based architecture firm, the Fitz-
Gibbon Architecture Firm Award recognizes a firm that has consistently produced
distinguished architecture for at least ten years. Since 1999, Commonwealth Archi-
tects has completed numerous adaptive reuse and rehabilitation projects including
Movieland at Boulevard Square, Hotel John Marshall, Miller & Rhoads Building and
the Berry-Burk Building.

        RVAcreates.com                                      RVA     C RE ATIVIT Y             C ATALOG                   13
S H O C KO E B O t tO M

                                S H O C KO E B O t tO M
                           rEVItALIzAtIOn StrAtEgy FOr SHOCKOE BOttOM
                           Guide future development by tapping into your heritage.
                           With seven areas of innovative adaptation of existing space highlighted, the City of Richmond’s Department
                           of Economic and Community Development rolled out the “Shockoe Revitalization Strategy for the Shockoe
                           Bottom” to guide the area’s future growth. The plan rethinks and invigorates existing anchor spaces such as
                           Main Street Train Station and Concourse [photo above] to attract creative knowledge-based business and cre-
                           ate a welcome/travel center. Also in the plan is the creation of a Heritage District that incorporates the current
                           efforts to develop a slavery museum, an African-American genealogical center and a glass-enclosed site of
                           Lumpkin’s Jail. Among the plan’s strategies for revitalization is replacing current industrial zoning in favor of
                           mixed-use development to enable more live work and play options in the form of lofts, apartments, entertain-
                           ment venues, galleries, restaurants, public spaces, and stores.

                                            Tailor machines to individual users’ bodies.
                                                              tEKtOnICS DESIgn grOuP:
                                                              CAELIFErA & StIjL CuStOM BIKES
                                                              Comprised of architects, industrial designers and fabricators, Tektonics Design Group
                                                              is a specialty design and fabrication firm that provides prototyping solutions to tra-
                                                              ditional architectural, interiors, and industrial design services. Tektonics also creates
                                                              their own line of products through offshoot companies Stijl Cycles and Caelifera that
                                                              have evolved into custom bicycle fabrication brands. Caelifera and Stijl are focused on
                                                              the creation of unique frames and components that are custom tailored to the rider’s
                                                              biomechanical and aesthetic preferences. Cirque du Soleil commissioned the specialty
                                                              bikes for their production in Orlando, FL.

                          14      RVA       C RE ATIVIT Y             C ATALOG              Powered by Venture Richmond | VentureRichmond.com
                                                                               In yOur EAr
                                                                               Create the audio vibe for hit television
                                                                               shows, movies and Grammy-nominated

                                                                                                                                        S H O C KO E B O t tO M
                                                                               In    addition    to
                                                                               providing        dia-
                                                                               logue      replace-
                                                                               ment     for   such
                                                                               familiar shows as
                                                                               The Family Guy
                                                                               and The Cleve-
                                                                               land Show, IYE
                                                                               has     undertaken
                                                                               such notable projects as recording the vocal
Mash up an animated 1800’s history, legend and lore.                           tracks for F.A.M.E., Chris Brown’s 2012 Grammy-
ShaveFX, an animation and visual effects company in Shockoe                    nominated album. In partnership with Dreams
Bottom, has been developing a pitch for an original animated TV                Factory (www.Dreamsfactory.com), Tim Reid
series geared more towards adult tastes. Epic Abraham is a gritty
                                                                               Productions, and Obsidian Productions, the
mixture of history, legend and lore set in the early 1800’s. Collab-
orating with creator Joseph Ryan and local Pixel Pirate Studios,               studio is currently completing Keepers of the
and utilizing talented local animators, ShaveFX hopes to launch                Flame, a film produced for The Virginia State
the series nationally while anchoring production in Richmond.                  Capitol Foundation.

                                                     H.L. rEED DESIgn, InC.
                                                     Transform commercial and residential spaces into oases of style
                                                     using current design resources and innovative approaches.
                                                     “We are able to adapt to our clients’ needs because we are constantly ex-
                                                     posed to new things,” says Helen Reed, whose interior design firm has created
                                                     the atmosphere for restaurants such as The Boathouse Restaurant at Rocketts
                                                     Landing [ photo left and bottom ], stores, and homes throughout Richmond
                                                     and beyond. Sustainability, she explains, is among H.L. Reed Design’s top pri-
                                                     orities. Look for H.L. Reed’s newest work at such spots as 525 at the Berry Burk
                                                     [see page 23 for related article], Mint, and Blue Toad Restaurant.

       RVAcreates.com                                         RVA       C RE ATIVIT Y                  C ATALOG                 15

                                              MAnCHEStEr ArtS DIStrICt
                           DOgtOwn DAnCE tHEAtrE
                           Transform a former high school gymnasium into a beautiful haven for entertainment and instruction.
                           Providing studio space for classes, creative development, and performance—from Zumba to Hula-Hooping and
                           praise dance—Manchester’s Dogtown Dance Theatre is home to The Ground Zero Dance Company, a modern dance
                           and performance art troupe that incorporates aerial work. According to Artistic Director Rob Petres, Dogtown also
                           imports talent from around the nation and beyond, “To fill out the performance art scene in Richmond.”

                                               Promote business and celebrate diversity
                                                     through a reality TV show.
                                                                 Crt/tAnAKA, LLC
                                                                 Located in the old Spaghetti Warehouse building in historic Manchester, CRT/
                                                                 tanaka is one of the country’s leading independent PR and marketing firms.
                                                                 Through the course of its 15-year history, CRT/tanaka has managed PR activities
                                                                 for Sprint/Nextel’s title sponsorship of the NASCAR Sprint Cup series; coordinated
                                                                 and promoted the yearlong national celebration for the U.S. Centennial of Flight,
                                                                 commemorating the 100th anniversary of the Wright brothers’ historic first flight;
                                                                 and worked with Air New Zealand to promote the first gay-themed “Pink Flight”
                                                                 in North America, which included an entire episode of BRAVO’s Kathy Griffin: My
                                                                 Life on the D-List [ photo left ] devoted to the flight. Current clients include Barnes
                                                                 & Noble College, BISSELL Homecare, Charles Schwab & Company, Girl Scouts of
                                                                 the USA and Wines from Rioja (Spain).

                           16       RVA      C RE ATIVIT Y            C ATALOG               Powered by Venture Richmond | VentureRichmond.com
                       3 nOrtH AnD COrrugAtED BOx BuILDIng
                       Braid the elements of history, graphics, architecture,
                       design, and technology into a center of innovation.
                       The Corrugated Box Building is an industrial space transformed into a popular studio envi-
                       ronment for a variety of innovative companies, including Tumblr, Mobelux and Concerntrak.
                       The design of the space cultivates a cross-disciplinary approach showcasing some of RVA’s
                       most creative minds. 3 NORTH developed the “Box” and their company has an interesting

                                                                                                                               MAnCHEStEr ArtS DIStrICt
                       blend of architects, interior designers, and landscape architects who work their magic with
                       in-house graphic designers, historians, writers, and artists. The firm’s impressive portfolio
                       includes everything from stunning homes, business and nonprofit facilities like the Ameri-
                       can Civil War Center, Richmond Ballet and Greater Richmond ARCenter. A Richmond resi-
                       dence they designed was featured in the January 2012 issue of Architectural Digest.

COnCErntrAK                                                    tuMBLr.COM
Devise a network to trace                                      Make microblogging
the origin of packaged-food ingredients.                       so easy that it attracts over 3 million users.
Tracing an apple back to the orchard is easy, but what if                                    Tumblr lets you effortlessly
that apple is one of many ingredients of a product—like                                      share anything. Post text,
inside a granola bar? Founded by two food safety activists                                   photos, quotes, links, mu-
and new graduates of the VCU ISY program, ConcernTrak is                                     sic, and videos, from your
a food safety network that gives the food industry an easy                                   browser, phone, desktop,
way to pinpoint ingredients and stay alert to food-borne                                     email, or wherever you hap-
illness outbreaks.                                                                           pen to be.
ConcernTrak.com                                                                              Tumblr.com

                                                   Launch mobile apps that extend the value of existing brands.
                                                   When Tumblr acquires your first iPhone app, you know you’re on to
                                                   something. Mobelux, hatched in 2008 by Garrett Ross and Jeff Rock, cre-
                                                   ated Tumblrette, which was acquired in 2009 by Tumblr and re-released
                                                   as the ever-so-popular Tumblr for iPhone. Toss in projects for iHome
                                                   and other high-profile clientele since, and you have the makings for a
                                                   homegrown RVA success story that we’ve all likely bragged about in the
                                                   past year.

                                          PLAnt zErO/tHE SHOP
                                          Create creative spaces                         FuLCruM
                                          for a creative community.                      COLLABOrAtIOnS
                                          Formerly the Solvent Space located in the      Produce business
                                          Plant Zero complex of apartments, art stu-
                                                                                         intelligence as a utility.
                                                                                         Operating for less than two years,
                                          dios and Art Works gallery, The Shop is the
                                                                                         Fulcrum Collaborations—a busi-
                                          name for the building and physical loca-
                                                                                         ness and technology consult-
                                          tion of a multi-purpose facility that houses
                                                                                         ing firm that utilizes cloud plat-
                                          diverse community programs. The Shop
                                                                                         forms—already boasts services to
                                          is a performance gallery/venue, and art
                                                                                         10 Fortune 500 clients and is an
                                          gallery, a broadcast studio, and a record-
                                                                                         official partner of Salesforce.com.
                                          ing studio. The Shop is home to SlamRich-
                                                                                         A pioneering IT-as-a-Service busi-
                                          mond—Virginia’s longest running poetry
                                                                                         ness model, the firm converts tech-
                                          slam and broadcast live every Saturday on
                                                                                         nology investment from a capital
                                          www.slamrichmond.tv—artSpace Annex,
                                                                                         expense to a recurring cost—like a
                                          an expansion gallery of artSpace (www.
                                                                                         utility. This long-term partnership
                                          artspacegallery.org, www.artspacegallery.
                                                                                         enables Fulcrum to produce ongo-
                                          tv) and MadMonkie Studios, which pro-
                                                                                         ing insightful, actionable business
                                          duces and hosts an array of community
                                                                                         intelligence on-demand.
                                          programs and events.

   RVAcreates.com                                      RVA        C RE ATIVIT Y               C ATALOG                   17
                                                                                                     AFtOn CHEMICAL
r I V E r F rO n t CA nA L wA L K

                                                                                                     Up the effeciency in fuel and extend
                                                                                                     the productivity of machinery.
                                                                                                     Afton Chemical’s Richmond-based Re-
                                                                                                     search & Development center helps make
                                                                                                     modern vehicles and machinery more ef-
                                                                                                     ficient through innovative fuel and lubri-
                                                                                                     cant additives. Their solutions are among
                                                                                                     the most highly developed and widely
                                                                                                     used additives in the petroleum industry.
                                                                                                     They work with customers around the
                                                                                                     world through open and flexible collabo-
                                                                                                     ration to help improve fuel economy, re-
                                                                                                     duce emissions and prolong engine and
                                                                                                     machinery life. Afton Chemical is part of
                                                                                                     the NewMarket Corporation (NYSE: NEU)
                                                                                                     family of companies.

                                                     Create product packaging with an emphasis
                                                     on utility, safety and environmental sustainability.
                                                     MWV’s Richmond-based Center for Packaging Innovation
                                                     develops real-world solutions to some big-time needs—
                                                     from the store shelf to the kitchen pantry. It all starts with
                                                     understanding the preferences of consumers who interact
                                                     with packaging before they ever get to the product. MWV
                                                     created Shellpak® packaging for prescription drugs to reduce
                                                     medical errors by helping patients take their medications as
                                                     prescribed. They invented Natralock® security packaging as
                                                     a safe-to-open paperboard alternative to the pesky plastic
                                                     clamshell [right photo]. And MWV developed their MWare®
                                                     line of sustainable materials for food service products to re-
                                                     duce waste in landfills, including a coffee cup that goes right
                                                     into the recycling bin or compost pile [left photo].

                                    18    RVA   C RE ATIVIT Y         C ATALOG              Powered by Venture Richmond | VentureRichmond.com

                                                                                                                   r I V E r F rO n t CA nA L wA L K
Reimagine a river.
The James River flows through Downtown and for years has been
known as a wonderful recreational river with Class II and IV rapids in an
urban setting. More recently, Dominion and partners have reimagined
the river as a backdrop to innovative community events—Dominion
Riverrock that mixes athletic competitions and entertainment (www.
dominionriverrock.com, with various partners) and RVA Fireworks on
the James (with MWV). Both are perfect examples of community groups
and corporations joining together creatively to promote Downtown.

      Fashion new values and perspective from historical events.
Our nation will soon commemorate the 150th anniversaries of two of the major events in American history: the Civil
War and the end of American slavery.

These anniversaries offer Richmond a unique opportunity as well as a special responsibility. As the former capital
of the Confederacy and as a center of the nation’s slave trade, our city can help Americans better understand our
shared history.

The Future of Richmond’s Past is a collaborative effort among leaders of Richmond’s historical societies, museums,
commissions, cultural and tourism organizations, and educational institutions to frame the upcoming sesquicenten-
nial years in which our city and the nation will commemorate the anniversaries of the Civil War and Emancipation. It
sponsors public programs and special events and inclusive conversations to advance a better understanding of our
city’s shared history. Dr. Edward L. Ayers, University of Richmond President and Christy Coleman, president of the
American Civil War Center [above photo] are two of the leaders championing this initiative.

        RVAcreates.com                                       RVA        C RE ATIVIT Y   C ATALOG                19
B r OA D S t r E E t

                                   B r OA D S t r E E t
                                                                                            BLACK IrIS MuSIC
                                                                                            Unite indie bands with corporate brands
                                                                                            and budding musicians with massive exposure.
                                                                                            Creating tunes for commercials, film, and television,
                                                                                            Black Iris Music has contributed scores to advertising
                                                                                            campaigns for such behemoths as Apple iPad, Audi and
                                                                                            Toyota [ photo below ]. Recently, their label released
                                                                                            singles from notable independent bands such as Guards
                                                                                            and Oberhofer. “We stay very connected to our under-
                       gHOStPrInt gALLEry                                                   ground roots, and that helps us stay in touch with and
                       & gHOStPrInt gALLEry tAttOO                                          even ahead of current music trends,” explains Creative
                       Put your own spin on the family business.                            Director Jonathan Fuller.
                       “Perhaps most surprising on our list is the city of Richmond, Va.,   www.blackiris.tv
                       which averages about 14.5 tattoo shops per 100,000 people—
                       and that’s just within the city itself.” Such was msnbc.msn.com’s
                       assessment of Richmond’s ranking third in the website’s “The top
                       10 most tattooed cities in America.” Fittingly housed within an
                       art gallery, one notable parlor, Ghostprint Gallery Tattoo, stands
                       out among others and Thea Duskin stands out among tattooists.
                       Through a lengthy process of collaboration with her clients, this
                       skilled portraitist and specialist in art reproduction creates the
                       elaborate designs that merit her popularity among discriminat-
                       ing seekers of indelible body art. Geraldine Duskin, Thea’s mother
                       who also curates the Ghostprint Gallery [top photo], has been
                       a twentieth-century decorative and fine arts dealer for the past
                       three decades.
                       www.ghostprinttattoo.com | ghostprintgallery.com

                       20       RVA        C RE ATIVIT Y              C ATALOG              Powered by Venture Richmond | VentureRichmond.com
                                                                                                                                            B r OA D S t r E E t
    ArtBuSInESS rICHMOnD & tHE ArtS AnD CuLturAL DIStrICt
    Develop the synergy between art and commerce.
    Recognizing that arts, culture and en-    Arts and culture at every level are          his intentions to create an Arts and
    tertainment can be catalysts for eco-     critical to the future of our city,” Jones   Cultural District (ACD) in Downtown
    nomic development and revitaliza-         said. Through ArtBusiness Richmond           Richmond “The City’s arts and cul-
    tion, Mayor Dwight C. Jones initiated     a city-wide loan fund of $2 million          tural organizations are among our
    ArtBusiness Richmond—a program            was made available to stimulate the          greatest assets,” Mayor Jones stated
    designed to transform under-utilized      revitalization of Richmond’s neigh-          regarding the proposed ACD. “Arts
    and distressed property into viable       borhoods and promote permanent               and culture at every level are critical
    commercial and residential spaces.        job creation for low and moder-              to the future of our city.” The pro-
         While accommodating new              ate income residents by helping to           posed arts and culture district will
    businesses and residents, the em-         bridge the credit gap for indepen-           help promote the improvement of
    phasis is also to continue to grow the    dent real estate developers and              the city’s urban core by leveraging
    arts and cultural vibe in Downtown.       smaller employers.                           arts and culture for their maximum
    “The city’s arts and cultural organiza-         At his State of the City Address,      economic development and revital-
    tions are among our greatest assets.      Mayor Dwight Jones announced                 ization benefit.

                                                                                    LIFt CArEgIVIng
                                                                                    Compile an online comprehensive
                                                                                    resource for family caregivers.
                                                                                    After conducting countless interviews and re-
                                                                                    searching generational trends, Katie Gilstrap and
                                                                                    Ted Ukrop put together a plan to bring practical
                                                                                    solutions, trusted services and helpful advice to
                                                                                    those caring for aging parents or relatives. Gil-
                                                                                                                     strap was struck by
                                                                                                                     the overwhelming
                                                                                                                     feeling of isolation
                                                                                                                     reported by care-
                                                                                                                     givers. “They felt
                                                                                                                     they had nowhere
CAnDELA BOOKS + gALLEry                                                                                              to go,” explains
Curate exhibits and publish complementary art editions.                                                              Gilstrap, who left
Founded by photographer Gordon Stettinius, Candela Books+Gallery rec-               First Market Bank when it was bought by Union.
cently opened on Broad Street in the Downtown Arts District. Candela                “I felt that there was a real opportunity to build a
Books is publishing fine art photography books and will be bringing na-             resource that served this rapidly growing com-
tionally known photographic talent to Richmond to exhibit in their newly            munity with expert and actionable advice, trust-
renovated gallery space.                                                            ed local service providers and helpful tools.”
candelabooks.com                                                                    www.liftcaregiving.com

       RVAcreates.com                                         RVA         C RE ATIVIT Y                C ATALOG                      21
A r O u n D t Ow n

                          nEAr rOCKEttS LAnDIng
                          Evolve children’s fantasies
                          into a line of lyrical accessories and furnishings.
                          From princess palaces to cowboy corrals, PoshTots creates fanciful
                          spaces where pint-sized dreamers can rest and play. Channeling the
                          creative bounty of childhood imagination into world-class interior
                          design, Andrea Edmunds and Pam O’Hallaron cater to the unique
                          fancies of children the world over. “Celebrating its eleventh year,”
                          Founder/CEO Edmunds explains, “PoshTots has grown into the ‘chil-
                          dren’s room designer of choice’ for set decorators, interior designers
                          and style-conscious parents in Hollywood and around the globe.”

                     22      RVA         C RE ATIVIT Y                  C ATALOG                   Powered by Venture Richmond | VentureRichmond.com
                    jAC K S O n wA r D                                                     CEntEr CIty
                                                  tHE HIPPODrOME                                                   525 At tHE
                                                  tHEAtEr & tAyLOr                                                 BErry BurK

                                                                                                                                          A r O u n D t Ow n
                                                  MAnSIOn                                                          Restore a
                                                  Rejuvenate an historic                                           Downtown
                                                  entertainment venue with                                         corner to its
                                                  meticulous renovation and                                        former glory
                                                  contemporary music acts.                                         with a fresh
                                                 Jackson Ward’s historic theater,                                  take on New
                                                 the Hippodrome, has undergone                                     American
                                                 a renovation that is part of an in-                               cuisine and
novative approach to redevelopment. Developer Ron Stallings packaged four                                          ageless style.
buildings, including “The Hip,” into one mixed-use development with 28 apart-                                       Poised to open in
ments above, which allowed him to get financing in a challenging economy. The                                       April by cofound-
result is a stunning renovation of The Hip which is opened for concerts, meetings                                   ers Thomas Haas
and events and the Taylor Mansion, which has a restaurant and Speakeasy on the         and Taylor Hasty, 525 at the Berry Burk will ca-
first floor with apartments above. The Mansion-five26 “Southeastern Cuisine”           ter to a broad range of appetites and budgets
Restaurant and The Speakeasy at The Mansion have opened and are serving up             while paying homage to the lively and el-
some savory food and sophisticated fun.                                                egant past of its site at Grace and 6th Streets.
www.thehippblog.blogspot.com                                                           Haas explains, “We envision our restaurant
                                                                                       as a meeting place that bridges the gap be-
                    M O n rO E wA r D                                                  tween ‘Old Richmond’ society and the newer
                                                                                       ‘RVA’ movement that seeks to define the next
                                                                                       chapter in Richmond’s storied history.”

                                                                                       Pioneer the renaissance of a shopping
                                                                                       district and set a standard for social
                                                                                       consciousness in the dining industry.
                                                                                       With Chef Jason Alley behind the new eat-
                                                                                       ery’s small plate Southern dishes, Pasture’s
                                                                                       fare promises to please. But the nascent E.
                                                                                       Grace St. venture is also a model of ecologi-
                                                                                                                         cally   mind-
                                                                                                                         ful business
                                                                                                                         practice. Tak-
                                                                                                                         ing great care
                                                                                                                         to serve Fair
                                                                                                                         Trade Certi-
                                                                                                                         fied organic
                                                                                                                         sodas and to
                                                                                       order from vendors within a limited shipping
                                                                                       area, Pasture also reduces packaging waste
                                                                                       by eliminating bottles and cans (with the ex-
 SOunD OF MuSIC rECOrDIng StuDIO                                                       ception of wine) and serving only draft beer at
 Embrace new technology while staying true to classic recording                        its lovely bar fashioned from reclaimed wood.
 methods and good old-fashioned savvy.                                                 “We’re trying to function as green as pos-
 “We know how to make records,” explains Miguel Urbiztondo of Sound of Music,          sible,” Alley explains. The restaurant location
 whose high-quality work has drawn well-known artists from around the globe.           is the first project funded by Mayor Dwight C.
 Currently in production with DC solo artist Harris Face, with Alan Weatherhead        Jones’ ArtBusiness Richmond initiative. The
 as engineer, the studio anticipates upcoming showcases such as live recordings        revitalized retail space, that formerly housed
 by the likes of Kaat and Daan, indie rock musicians from Holland. Of the studio’s     the Montaldo’s women’s clothing store, is
 recent relocation to its beautiful home on Foushee St., Urbiztondo says, “I’m per-    part of a $1.5 million adaptive historic tax
 sonally inviting everybody to come see our new facility.”                             credit rehabilitation project.
 www.soundofmusicrva.com                                                               pasturerva.com

        RVAcreates.com                                        RVA        C RE ATIVIT Y                C ATALOG                    23
                                   VCu’S MuLtI-SCHOOL COLLABOrAtIOn
                                                                                                      ing. Caskey, along with a group
                                                                                                      of students and other volunteer
                                                                                                      faculty, provided the girls with a
                                                                                                      comfortable and stylish selection
                                                                                                      of dresses as they awaited their
                                                                                                      separation surgery. The girls also
                                                                                                      received bumble bee Halloween costumes they wore for
                                                                                                      a party at the World Pediatric Project.

                                                                                                                               Another effort was a plaster body
                                                                                                                               casting mold created by Morgan
                                                                                                                               Yacoe, a senior in VCU’s Depart-
                                   A team of Virginia Commonwealth University pediatric                                        ment of Sculpture. Yacoe and VCU
                                   surgeons made headlines this past November with the                                         Sculpture graduate Kristi South
                                   successful separation of the 19-month-old conjoined                                         collaborated with Rhodes to devel-
                                   twins Maria and Teresa Tapia of the Dominican Repub-                                        op an accurate mold of the twins

                                                     Solve a multifaceted challenge through multiple
                                                         perspectives, skill sets and disciplines.
                                   lic. The first surgery of its kind at the Children’s Hospital      that assisted plastic surgeons in determining the best
                                   of Richmond at VCU, the 20-hour procedure was led by               way to cosmetically care for them after separation.
                                   David Lanning, M.D., Ph.D.—associate professor in the
                                                            VCU Department of Surgery and             In addition, Audrey Kane, a VCU occupational therapist
                                                            surgeon-in-chief—along with an            and certified car seat technician, designed a special car
                                                            additional 45 physicians and pe-          seat large enough to accommodate the twins for com-
                                                            diatric subspecialists who volun-         fortable vehicle travel. As a result, the twins did not need
                                                            teered their time. As amazing as          to depend on ambulance transportation and could even
                                                            the operation was, it was only            safely take part in other activities such as play dates and
                                                            part of the story.                        a visit to a garden.

                                   In the months leading to the surgery, several schools              “It’s made me very proud to be part of this organiza-
                                   in VCU rallied to support the twins transition. This in-           tion to see everybody rise to the occasion and deliver
                                   cluded a dress-making workshop led by Kristin Cas-                 the care with such a high level of expertise and in a
                                   key, associate professor and interim assistant chair of            compassionate way,” said Lanning.
                                   VCU’s Department of Fashion Design and Merchandis-                 www.vcu.edu

                                                                                 CrEAtEAtHOn On CAMPuS
                                                                                 Combine brainstorming and mentoring
                                                                                 to build portfolios and nonprofits.
                                                                                 A 24-hour, work-around-the-clock creative blitz during which student teams
                                                                                 provide non-profit marketing services on a pro bono basis, Createathon On
                                                                                 Campus launched in 2007. Since then, 264 volunteers have served 46 nonprof-
                                                                                 its—delivering projects valued at over $700,000—all to help organizations
                                        meet their missions. Students can be involved at a variety of levels. Team leaders enroll in a semester-long spring course
                                        where they learn account management, leadership skills, strategic and project development, all while serving one non-
                                        profit client. Team members commit to the 24-hour creative blitz held during spring break. Local professionals and
                                        faculty mentor the participants to develop and produce a wide range of work with inspiring and fulfilling results for both
                                        the community and the students.

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                                                                                  VIrgInIA COMMOnwEALtH unIVErSIty
tHE IngEr & wALtEr rICE
CEntEr FOr
Build a stone-age home
for a prehistoric species
along the James River.
Virginia Commonwealth University’s
Rice Center joined with community
and corporate partners to embark on
a landmark project to restore the At-
lantic sturgeon to the James River. If
the project succeeds, it could be a bell-
wether signaling that the ecosystem
of the James, and perhaps the entire
Chesapeake Bay, is taking a turn for
the better.

The ambitious effort began with piles
of rocks. The rocks—more than 2,000
cubic yards of them donated by Gooch-
land County-based Luck Stone Corp.—
were dropped from a barge into the
James River near Presquile National
Wildlife Refuge in Chesterfield County
to form a 300-foot-long artificial stur-
geon reef, the first of its kind for the
Chesapeake Bay watershed and the en-
tire East Coast.

It is hoped that the Atlantic sturgeon,
a fabled prehistoric species of fish
that has been sighted in the area, will
spawn and deposit their eggs on the
reef. Sturgeon merit an historic foot-
note in Virginia history, because they
are credited with being a critical food
source that helped the Jamestown
colonists survive when there was little
else to eat.

The Inger and Walter Rice Center for
Environmental Life Sciences is Virginia
Commonwealth University’s field sta-
tion devoted to a broad array of en-
vironmental research, teaching and
public service. Located on 494 acres
along the historic James River, midway
between Richmond and Williamsburg,
the Rice Center is rich in natural and
cultural resources. The center has a va-
riety of aquatic and terrestrial habitats
that provide many research and educa-
tional opportunities.

        RVAcreates.com                      RVA   C RE ATIVIT Y   C ATALOG   25
                                                                                                                                                                        Develop a national
V i rg i n i a B i o te c h n o l o gy r e s e a rc h Pa rk
                                                                                                                                                                        data center for
                                                                                                                                                                        organ donations
                                                                                                                                                                        and a memorial
                                                                                                                                                                        to honor donors.
                                                                                                                                                                    United Network for Or-
                                                                                                                                                                    gan Sharing (UNOS) is
                                                                                                                                                                    the private, non-profit
                                                                                                                                                                    organization that man-
                                                                                                                                                                    ages the nation’s organ
                                                                                                                                                                    transplant system under
                                                                                                                                                                    contract with the federal
                                                                                                                                                                    government. Launched
                                                                                                                                                                    on October 25, 1999, the
                                                                                                                                                                    UNOS online database,
                                                                                                                                                                    called UNettm system,
                                                                                                                                                                    contains data regarding
                                                                                                                                                                    every organ donation
                                                                                                                                                                    and transplant event
                                                                                                                             occurring in the United States since 1986. UNOS headquarters
                                                                                                                             at BioTech features the National Donor Memorial, which honors
                                                                                                                             America’s organ and tissue donors [photo].

                                                                                                                             Gather a braintrust to determine the causes and trends
                                                                                                                             of public health patterns by identifying risk factors for
                                                                                                                             disease and targets for preventive medicine.
                                                                                                                             Venebio integrates the expertise of a global network of scientists
                                                                                                                             in a broad range of biomedical fields and uses strategic collabora-
                                                                                                                             tion and comprehensive project management to deliver start-to-
                                                                                                                             finish problem solving in epidemiology, biomarker discovery, de-
                                                                                                                             velopment, and validation as well as clinical trials. Venebio recently
                                                              VIrgInIA DEPArtMEnt                                            completed a study for the Healthcare Division of MeadWestvaco
                                                              OF FOrEnSIC SCIEnCE                                            Corporation (MWV) to evaluate the real-world effectiveness of
                                                              Pioneer DNA technology to solve crimes.
                                                                                                                             MWV’s Shellpak® brand reminder packaging in improving long-
                                                              In 1989, Virginia became the first state to use DNA evidence
                                                                                                                             term medication adherence. Venebio designed and conducted
                                                              to win a capital-murder conviction. That same year, it also
                                                              became the first to create a DNA databank for testing fel-
                                                              ons. Located in BioTech Two, the department has access to
                                                              nearly 1,200,000 fingerprint cards and to a database with
                                                              more than 34,000 unsolved latent prints [photo below].

                                                                                                                             a retrospective analysis of anonymized prescription dispensing
                                                                                                                             data for more than 3 million adult Walmart pharmacy patients.
                                                                                                                             The results of the study were compelling: use of calendar blister
                                                                                                                             packaging alone, unaccompanied by any instructions to patients
                                                                                                                             or pharmacists about how to use it or its purpose, was associated
                                                                                                                             with significant improvement in both refill adherence and persis-
                                                                                                                             tence compared with loose pills in vials.

                                                              26        RVA          C RE ATIVIT Y             C ATALOG              Powered by Venture Richmond | VentureRichmond.com
                            Provide a personalized
                            method of diagnosing disease—
                            as well as create 650 new jobs

                                                                                                                                           t r A n S P O r t A t I O n I n n OVA t I O n
                            for the region.
                            Mayor Dwight C. Jones announced
                            the expansion of Health Diagnostics
                            Laboratory, Inc. (HDL) in the Virginia     [ Standing second from right ]: the administrator of the
                                                                       grant, Dr. George Flowers and students gather in front of
                            BioTechnology Research Park.        In
                                                                       an electric vehicle (Chevy Volt) that Dominion drove over
                            just two years, the company has            that day for a class demonstration.
grown to more than 300 employees, and now has a major ex-
pansion planned. “This $68.5 million capital investment and 653        j. SArgEAnt rEynOLDS
net new jobs will bring HDL’s employment to over 950 employ-           COMMunIty COLLEgE
ees and makes HDL a major employer in the City of Richmond,”           Anticipate innovation and train
said Mayor Jones [shown in photo with Tonya Mallory, B.S., M.S.        the transportation technicians of tomorrow.
HDL President, CEO and Co-Founder ]. “This is a great example of       J. Sargeant Reynolds Community College was recently
the importance of cultivating our existing business base, and we       awarded an $800,000 grant from the National Science Foun-
are proud that HDL has chosen the City of Richmond to expand           dation for the development of new automotive courses fo-
and grow their business.” HDL, a CAP accredited leader in health       cusing on Accident Avoidance Systems and Autonomous
management, offers a comprehensive test menu of risk factors           Controlled vehicles. Today’s vehicles have advanced safety
and biomarkers for cardiovascular and related diseases. As an          features such as back-up cameras, self parking, and lane de-
added value, patients receive a personalized overview of their         parture notification systems. Further advances are planned
risk factors along with intensive counseling from expert Health        that will permit vehicles to operate autonomously with
Coaches at no additional cost, improving compliance and en-            minimal input from the driver. As these new systems are
hancing satisfaction.                                                  incorporated into vehicles, the automotive industry must
www.hdlabinc.com                                                       deal with developing and maintaining qualified technicians.
CuPrOn                                                                 The grant will allow JSRCC to maintain its position of pro-
Access the restorative and antibacterial nature                        viding leading edge automotive education to its students.
of copper to create health and beauty products.                        As manufacturers rapidly move toward new and advanced
Copper is an essential nutrient in the human body. It also effec-      electronic systems, JSRCC will be able to provide highly
tively kills many species of bacteria, fungus, dust mites and virus-   qualified graduates for these emerging technologies.
es. It has been used for health, wellness, and antimicrobial purpos-   reynolds.edu
es for thousands of years, dating back to the ancient Egyptians,
                                                                       BIKE SHArrOwS
Romans and Aztecs. Cupron’s Copper Oxide Technology can be
                                                                       Apply street art that guides motorists and
embedded into textiles, polymers and other substrates to activate
                                                                       bicyclists through shared streets and avenues.
wellness and beauty products. In the medical arena researchers
                                                                                                                 Adding to RVA’s
have also documented copper’s value in stimulating the produc-
                                                                                                                 growing reputation
tion of hemoglobin (red blood cells), collagen and other key pro-
                                                                                                                 as a mecca for bi-
                           teins that help stabilize skin layers and
                                                                                                                 cycle enthusiasts, in
                           promote wound healing.
                                                                                                                 November the City
                           In cosmetic applications copper im-
                                                                                                                 of Richmond began
                           proves the look and appearance of
                                                                                                                 installing the first of
                           skin—thus the creation of copper-laced
                                                                                                                 approximately       80
                           pillows and gloves and sleep masks
                                                                                                                 lane miles of bike
                           to reduce the appearance of wrinkles
                                                                                                                 sharrows that will be
                           from aging. Cupron’s socks were given
                                                                                                                 placed along specif-
                           to the Chilean miners on day 36 when
                                                                       ic corridors in the city. The pilot corridors include Meadow
                           they were trapped in the mines, playing
                                                                       Street from Broad Street to Cary Street and Harrison Street
                           a major role in protecting the miners’
                                                                       from Broad Street to Idlewood, representing about three
                           feet and helping enhance their well-
                                                                       miles of bike sharrows thus far. Sharrows are shared lane
being. Also Cupron supplies anti-microbial socks to soldiers of
                                                                       markings that are utilized to improve bicycling conditions
the Israel Defense Forces (IDF). The IDF became the first army in
                                                                       on roads where designated bike lanes are either infeasible
the world to order anti-microbial socks based on the innovative
                                                                       or inappropriate due to traffic conditions. This simple, yet
copper-based technology that, in addition to its anti-microbial
                                                                       visible way of improving conditions for bicyclists also rein-
activity, also has skin-enhancement qualities.
                                                                       forces safe and appropriate bicycling habits, which in turn
                                                                       make bicyclists more predictable in mixed traffic conditions.

        RVAcreates.com                                         RVA      C RE ATIVIT Y                 C ATALOG                     27

                                            Dovetail Construction Company’s new headquarters is the
                                            first building in the US that is listed on the National Register of
                                            Historic Places, is certified LEED Platinum and net zero energy.

                           ArCHItECturAL ExCELLEnCE
                           Building on our architectural legacy.
                           Some of the most creative and innovative spaces Downtown are the adap-
                           tive re-use of some of RVA’s architectural gems. The historic rehabilitation
                           of so many of the old buildings Downtown has created a unique, authen-
                           tic sense of place. Here are some examples of those transformations:
                           [ Clockwise from top left ]
                           Dovetail Construction Company Headquarters,
                           designed by Walter Parks Architects.
                           The Commons at Plant Zero, designed by SMBW.
                           American Civil War Center, designed by 3 North.
                           The Hippodrome Theater and Taylor Mansion, designed by BAM Architecture.
                           Miller & Rhoads building designed by Commonwealth Architects
                           ( photo credit: Lee Brauer ).
                           The Power Plant at Lucky Strike, a joint venture development
                           by Macfarlane Partners, Property Results and Odell Associates.
                           Canal Crossing, designed by Baskervill.

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