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© 2011 The   Weekly News of Cooke County
                                                                                   of Cooke County
Volume 8, Number 28                                                            Cooke County, Texas                                                                  December 7, 2011

                  The Weekly News reaching more than 17,000 Cooke County households each week.

King   Candidates begin filing for
Topics March primary ballot spots
     by Keith G. King
                                      By Kit Chase                          Springer, Muenster, Fred Skeen,           No one has filed with the Texas        you must be a U.S. citizen, be a
                                      Senior Staff Writer                    Wichita Falls, Paul Braswell, For-      Democratic Party for any of these       resident of the county, be 18 years
  The Muenster Historical Com-        The Weekly News                       estburg; District 13 U.S. House         offices at press time.                    old (you may register at 17 years
mission’s annual bake sale will                                             of Representatives, Mack Thorn-           During the primary election,          and 10 months) and not a convict-
begin at 8 a.m. Saturday (Dec.        GAINESVILLE – Local federal,          berry, Amarillo; U.S. Senator,          ballots will be available for the       ed felon unless a person’s sentence
10) at Fischer’s Meat Market at       state and county candidates began     Glenn Addison, Magnolia, Tom            Democratic and Republican pri-          is completed, including any pro-
304 N. Main St., in Muenster.         filing for places on the March 6       Leppert, Dallas; Texas Railroad         mary races. However, voters can         bation or parole and not declared
  All proceeds will benefit the        Texas primary election ballot Nov.    Commission, Warren Chisum,              only vote in one of the primaries.      mentally incapacitated by a court
Muenster Museum.                      28.                                   Pampa, Christi Craddick, Austin,          The last day to register to vote in   of law.
  For more information, call             The final day to file as a can-      Roland Sledge, Houston; and             the primary is Feb. 6, 2012 and the        You can register to vote at the
940.759.4788.                         didate is Dec. 15. To become a        Texas Railroad Commission (un-          first day of early voting is Feb. 21,    Tax Assessor-Collector’s Office at
                                      Republican or Democratic party        expired) Barry Smitherman (in-          2012.                                   212 E. California St., in Gaines-
                                      nominee for a local or state office,    cumbent).                                 To be eligible to register in Texas   ville.
                                      a candidate must file an applica-
  The Federal Migratory Duck          tion for a place on the ballot with
Stamp is available at the Gaines-     the county or state party chair.
ville Post Office at a cost of $15.        Cooke County candidates who
                                      filed with the Cooke County Re-
                                      publican Party at press time in-
                                      clude Precinct 1 commissioner,
  The Texas Country Christmas         Gary Hollowell (incumbent);
Show will be from 3 to 7 p.m.         Precinct 3 commissioner, Al
Friday to Sunday at the Gaines-       Smith (incumbent), Alan Brit-
ville Outlet Shops.                   ain; tax assessor-collector, Billie
  The musical show will be part       Jean Knight (incumbent); Cooke
of the Gainesville Outlet Shops       County Attorney, Tanya Davis
Second Monday Trade Days that         (incumbent), Ed Zielinski; 235th
will be going on from 8 a.m. to 6     District Judge, Janelle Haverkamp
p.m. Friday to Sunday.                (incumbent); Cooke County Dis-
  The show will feature music         trict Attorney, Janice Warder (in-
from Mary Fay Jackson, Mike           cumbent); Cooke County Sheriff,
Culpepper, The Mercy Song             Terry Sawyer, Jim Carter, Ken
Quartet of Dallas, Branson artist     Fogus; Precinct 1 constable, Chris
Sue Ann O’Neal and The Arm-           Watson, Carl Rickert; and Pre-
strongs – family singers.             cinct 4 constable, Dick Roth (in-
  The concerts are free, but a sug-   cumbent).
gested $10 donation will be ac-          Cooke County Democratic
cepted.                               Party chairman Ron Melugin did
                                      not respond to The Weekly News by
                                      press time.
                                         Candidates filing with the Texas
  John David Hunter currently is      Republican Party at press time in-
serving in the military in Afghan-    clude District 26 U.S. House of
istan and is part of a Civil Affairs   Representatives, Michael C. Bur-
Team to help the local residents      gess, M.D., (incumbent), Lewis-        County Christmas tree – Cooke County Precinct 2 Road and Bridge employee Leon Gibson deco-
make adjustments for the trans-       ville; Texas District 30 senator,      rates the 20-foot tree on the east side of the Cooke County Courthouse last week. A tree lighting
fer of the United States from the     Craig Estes (incumbent), Wichita
                                      Falls, Jim Herblin, Prosper; Texas     ceremony will be held during the annual Gainesville Area Chamber of Commerce Christmas parade
region.                                                                      Thursday. The tree lighting ceremony will be before the parade that starts at 6 p.m. (Staff Photo)
  Since he works closely with         District 68 representative, Drew
them, he has realized that there
is a need – a need that will help
both the Americans and the Af-
ghans. He decided to ask for
school supplies.
  Hunter, the son of Dale and
Sammie Hunter of Gainesville, is
                                      Mental Health Center unveils
relying on his parents to set up
things back home for the drive.
  Sammie said that Curves of
Gainesville at 406 N. Grand
Ave., has agreed to be the drop-
                                      new name, new sign Dec. 1
off point.                             By Kit Chase                          ability” instead.                       TCC executive director Tony Mad-        yer, TCC board member Jackie
  The school supplies need to         Senior Staff Writer                      Maryland Sen. Barbara Mikul-          dox, Gainesville Mayor Jim Golds-       Crisp and TCC community rela-
be generic without characters         The Weekly News                       ski wrote a law referred to as Rosa’s   worthy, Cooke County Judge John         tions director Pauline Cawthon,
or Christmas symbols. And also                                              Law that received support from          Roane, TCC chairman R.D. Caw-                (Continued on Page 7)
needed are backpacks and small        GAINESVILLE – The Cooke               Congress and President Barack
chalk boards with chalk. Mon-         County Mental Health Center at        Obama signed Senate Bill 2781 on
etary donations are also wel-         319 N. Dixon St., in Gainesville      Oct. 5, 2010. The law called for all
comed.                                center unveiled its new name and      legislation and regulations to use
  An Avon fundraiser will be          sign Texoma Community Center          language that respects the dignity
held to help fund the shipping        (TCC) Dec. 1.                         of each person.
costs. For information about             The Cooke County Mental              Texas supported House Bill
this fundraiser, call Sammie          Health Center board of trustees,      1481, co-sponsored by Sen. Judith
at 940.665.2870 or Denna at           part of the Mental Health and         Zafferini and Rep. Vicki Truitt and
940.668.7444.                         Mental Retardation Services of        was signed by Gov. Rick Perry dur-
                                      Texoma, changed the agency’s          ing the 82nd Legislature session.
                                      name as part of the national move-      TCC commits itself to provid-
                                      ment called Respectful Language       ing quality services for persons
  The annual Christmas Home           for People that is concerned about    with mental and developmental
Tour of South Gainesville will be     the negative use of “mental retar-    disabilities.
from 4 to 8 p.m. Saturday (Dec.       dation” and use “intellectual dis-      Helping to unveil the sign were
  The tour will feature several
homes in the Historic South
Gainesville Neighborhood, two
of the neighborhood churches
and the restored Santa Fe Depot.
  Tickets are $10 each and are
                                      Missing Georgia man’s body
                                      discovered east of Muenster
available at the Gainesville Area
Chamber of Commerce, Mor-
ton Museum of Cooke County,
Anana’s and Amelia’s Attic.
  The tour will begin on South
Dixon Street and end at the San-      By Kit Chase                          in a field Nov. 18 possibly were         room.                                   that he went hiking and Marchi
ta Fe Depot.                          Senior Staff Writer                    Marchi’s. However, forensic iden-          Law enforcement officials have a       may have been dehydrated,” Cart-
  For more information, call          The Weekly News                       tification has not been determined       video from the Wal-Mart parking         er said. “We believe his body may
940.665.1983 or 940.665.2831.                                               until DNA samples can be con-           lot that shows Marchi returning to      have been taken by coyotes.”
                                      MUENSTER – The missing At-            firmed.                                  his truck to brush his teeth. A tree       Carter said that the campsite was
                                      lanta, Ga., musician Steven Marchi       Marchi’s 1998 pickup truck           obscured him leaving his truck and      near a dry waterway and the recent
                                      identification and clothes were dis-   was found in an impound lot in          the parking lot.                        rains may have moved Marchi’s re-
  North Central Texas College         covered by Cooke County Sheriff’s      Gainesville earlier in November            “We believe he took off hiking        mains to the field north of Lindsay.
vice president of instruction Dr.     Department investigators Friday       where it had had been for 32 days.      and set up a campsite in the field          Cooke County investigators Jus-
Brent Wallace will present “A         in a field northeast of the Highway    Marchi was last seen leaving his        off 82,” Carter said.                    tin Patterson, Cody Patrick and
simple Christmas” at 7 p.m. Sat-      82 rest stop near Muenster.           townhome Aug. 12 and friends say           Deputies discovered the camp-        Ron Pettigrew led the investiga-
urday (Dec. 10) in the First State      Chief deputy Jim Carter said        Marchi took nothing to indicate         site, clothing, a backpack, tooth-      tion finding the campsite.
Bank Center for the Performing        that foul play is not suspected in    he was leaving for long. His cell       brush and identification belonging          Marchi had just finished his first
Arts.                                 Marchi’s death and the skull, ver-    phone and guitar, which he took         to Marchi.                              album in August and was about to
     (Continued on Page 6)            tebrae and jaw bone discovered        everywhere, were left in his bed-          “It was during the heat wave         promote it when he vanished.
 2    The Weekly News of Cooke County, December 7, 2011                                                                                       

Grand Jury indicts four for
injury to a child in September
By Kit Chase                    der were arrested Sept. 28 by       Vanoy Kermit Green, Jr.,       Sept. 20, 2011.                    substance June 14, 2011.              Eva Ann Rodriguez, 25,
Senior Staff Writer              Gainesville Police Depart-       21, was indicted for the first        Lori Diamond, 42, was              Daniel Kerby, 37, was           was indicted for the state
The Weekly News                 ment. Johnny Lee Alexander       degree felony offense of ag-       indicted for the third degree      indicted for the third de-         jail felony offense of theft
                                and his wife, Matilda Alex-      gravated sexual assault of a      felony offense of driving           gree felony offense of driv-        of property with two prior
GAINESVILLE – The               ander were arrested Sept. 30     child July 15, 2011.              while intoxicated March 29,        ing while intoxicated with         convictions Sept. 4, 2011.
Cooke County Grand Jury         in Chico by the Wise Coun-          Elton Wade Rodgers, 51,        2011.                              a child passenger July 23,            Dewell Dolan Sanders,
issued 35 indictments dur-      ty Sheriff’s Department.          was indicted for the second          Wesley Ray Easley, 22, was      2011.                              64, was indicted for the
ing November that included      Johnny Lee Alexander and         degree felony offense of           indicted for the third degree         Robert Lindley, 36, was         third degree felony offense
three indictments of first de-   Matilda Alexander are the        sexual contact with a child       felony offense of unlawful          indicted for the third de-         of driving while intoxicated
gree felony offense of injury    parents of Johnny Lee Alex-      Sept. 18, 2010.                   possession of a firearm Aug.        gree felony offense of as-          three or more times Sept.
to a child, 4-year-old Nathan   ander.                              David Keith Tyler, 31,         26, 2011; and was indicted         sault strangulation Sept. 24,      16, 2011.
De Alejandro of Gainesville,       Johnny Earl Alexander,        was indicted for the third        for the state jail felony of-      2011.                                 Roy Lee Snider, 52, was
who later died with severe      28, and Catrina Maldona-         degree felony offense of as-       fense of possession of mari-          Lloyd Alexander McDon-          indicted for the state jail fel-
burns to his body.              do, 34, were indicted for the    sault against a family mem-       juana Aug. 26, 2011.               ald, 26, was indicted for the      ony offense of evading arrest
   The Weekly News of Cooke     first degree felony offense of     ber with a prior conviction          Colby Ryan Gray, 27, was        first degree felony offense of       July 12, 2011.
County reported earlier that    injury to a child Sept. 10,      June 12, 2011.                    indicted for the third degree      possession of a controlled            Lyndsie Ann Spaulding,
the Gainesville Police De-      2011.                               Dallas Arthur Newman,          felony offense of failure to        substance May 19, 2011.            20, was indicted for the state
partment responded Sept.           Johnny Lee Alexander,         23, was indicted for the first     stop and render aid June 9,           Diana Rose MaGouirk,            jail felony offense of posses-
24 to 913 Dover Drive in        58, and Matilde Medina Al-       degree felony offense of ag-       2011.                              32, was indicted for the sec-      sion of marijuana Aug. 26,
Gainesville on a call about     exander, 58, were indicted       gravated assault Sept. 7,            Sabrina Harris, 21, was         ond degree felony offense of        2011.
a child not breathing. De       for the first degree felony       2011.                             indicted for the state jail        aggravated assault Sept. 8,           Treena Cox Spelding, 50,
Alejandro was pronounced        offense of injury to a child         Ashli Brooks, 22, was          felony offense of credit card       2011.                              was indicted for the third
dead at North Texas Medi-       Sept. 21, 2011.                  indicted for the state jail       abuse Aug. 26, 2011.                  Kenneth Millhollon, 30,         degree felony offense of
cal Center. De Alejandro           Other indictments by the      felony offense of securing            Ashley Greene, 27, was          was indicted for the en-           driving while intoxicated
was transported to the Dal-     Cooke County Grand Jury          execution of a document by        indicted for the state jail fel-   hanced second degree felony        July 26, 2011
las County Medical Exam-        follow.                          deception May 8, 2009.            ony offense of evading arrest       offense of theft of property           Ronnie Lee Thomason,
iner’s Office for an autopsy.        Paul Allen Booker, Jr., 29,      Kevin Michael Clark, 30,       April 30, 2011.                    Aug. 29, 2011.                     Jr., 35, was indicted for the
His injuries included burns     was indicted for the first de-    was indicted for the state jail      Lydia Gale Jones, 47, was          Terra Lynn Newton, 47,          state jail felony offense of
covering large portion of his   gree felony offense of aggra-     felony offense of credit card      indicted for the third degree      was indicted for second de-        fraudulent possession of
body that reportedly were       vated sexual assault April 4,    abuse Aug. 7, 2011.               felony offense of driving           gree felony offense of driv-        identification July 6, 2011.
sustained Sept. 10.             2011; and was indicted for          Christopher Lee Covert,        while intoxicated June 14,         ing while intoxicated with            Loren Nicole Wages, 25,
   Nathan’s mother, Catrina     the second degree felony of-     27, was indicted for the state    2011; and was indicted for         a child passenger July 24,         was indicted for the second
Maldonado and her boy-          fense of sexual contact with     jail felony offense of unlaw-      the state jail felony offense       2011.                              degree felony offense of se-
friend Johnny Earl Alexan-      a child April 6, 2011.           ful use of a motor vehicle        of possession of a controlled         Anita Kay Patterson, 45,        curing execution of a docu-
                                                                                                                                      was indicted for the state jail    ment by deception Jan. 15,
                                                                                                                                      felony offense of possession        2008.
                                                                                                                                      of a controlled substance
                                                                                                   First snow – Cooke                 Sept. 14, 2011.
                                                                                                   County residents woke
                                                                                                   to a winter wonderland
                                                                                                   Monday morning with
                                                                                                   thick flakes of snow
                                                                                                   falling in a line from
                                                                                                   Gainesville to Decatur.
                                                                                                   Temperatures will re-
                                                                                                   portedly remain chilly
                                                                                                   through the week. A
                                                                                                   penguin yard ornament
                                                                                                   on California Street is
                                                                                                   decked out for the cold
                                                                                                   weather and the upcom-
                                                                                                   ing holiday season.
                                                                                                               (Staff Photo)
                                                                                                                                        H tiedays
Valley View drug lab                                                                                                                   Facial Rejuvenation: Cosmetic Surgery:
                                                                                                                                       • Laser Skin Tightening            • Breast Augmentation
found by deputies                                                                                                                      • Foto Facial™ treating
                                                                                                                                         uneven skin tones,
                                                                                                                                                                          • Liposuction
                                                                                                                                                                          • Mommy Makeover
By Kit Chase                    County warrant for parole                                                                                red and brown spots              • Tummy Tuck
Senior Staff Writer              violation to serve Martin-                                                                             • Botox®                           • Liposculpting
The Weekly News                 dale and a warrant for a sec-                                                                          • Juvederm™/ Radiesse®             • Over 50 Makeover
                                ond individual. Reportedly                                                                             • Melange Peel
                                                                                                                                       • DOT Therapy Skin
County Sheriff’s Depart-
                                Martindale said the second
                                person had left.                     Dinner S
                                                                     Di     Specials $20.95
                                                                                i l $20 95                                               Rejuvenation: treating
ment deputies discovered a         “The deputies asked Mar-                                                                                ne lines/wrinkles              Legs:
drug lab Friday in the home
of Kenneth Dillon Martin-
                                tindale if they could search
                                the residence for the indi-
                                                                    Monday: Chicken Fried Steak for 2                                    age spots and scars              • Varicose Veins -
                                                                                                                                       • Restylane®/ Perlane®               Endovenous
dale, 39, at 2209 CR 332,
southwest of Valley View.
                                vidual and he said ‘yes,’”
                                Carter said. “That’s when
                                                                    Tuesday: Pork Tenderloin                                           • Lip/Cheek Augmentation             Laser Therapy
   Martindale was arrested      they found the drug lab in                   or Chicken for 2                                          • Stem Cell Facelift               • Spider Veins -
                                                                                                                                         (Fat Transfers)                    Sclerotherapy
                                                                    Wednesday: Sirloin Steak for 2
and charged for the first de-    his bedroom and upstairs.
gree felony offense of manu-     Various stages of manufac-
                                                                    Thursday: Rainbow Trout for 2
facturing a controlled sub-     turing were in evidence.”
stance, Penalty Group 1.           At press time, Martindale                                                                             GIFT CARDS Available • FREE Consultation!
   Sheriff’s     Department
chief deputy Jim Carter said
that deputies had a Denton
                                was in custody at the Cooke
                                County Justice Center with
                                his bond set at $150,000.
                                                                         Each Special Served from 5-9 p.m.
                                                                    includes 2 Vegetable Choices (Baked Potato                              1-866-4NewYou
                                                                            counts as 2), Salad & Drink.

                                                                   All Inclusive Plate Lunch
                                                                         Includes Side Orders, Salad & Drink.

  6 SCREEN ALL DIGITAL CINEMA                                     Friday & Saturday Night Prime Rib                                        Cosmetic Surgery, Laser & Vein Center
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                940 / 665-9999

                                                                   Christmas Parties!                                                   Daniel K. Morris, DO, FACOS
                                                                                                                                                                                  from 4 to 7 p
                                                                                                                                        Triple Board Certified
                                                                            The Main Street Pub                                         American Osteopathic Board of Surgery
                                                                  216 W. Main Street • Gainesville, Texas                               Member American Academy of Cosmetic Surgeons

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Weekly News of Cooke County is a locally-owned publication.       940.665.0733                                                                                                          The Weekly News of Cooke County, December 7, 2011                          3

Area obituaries
    June Kuykendall
                               endall of Wilbur, Wash.;
                               grandchildren and spouses,
                                                              Larry Davis of Gainesville;
                                                              mother, Lynn McCallister
                                                                                             He married Barbara J. El-
                                                                                             more June 25, 1962 in
                                                                                                                                Contributions may be
                                                                                                                                                               Robert Neal Estes
   June Kuykendall, 70, of     Kasey and Natasha Kuyk-        of Newark; daughter and        Pottsboro.                       made to the Kevrick Jack-        Robert Neal Estes, 77, of
Valley View died Nov. 28       endall, Kelli and Dwayne       son-in-law, Natasha and          Lynn E. Davis was an           son “Win One, Save One,”      Gainesville died Nov. 29 at
at Texas Health Presbyte-      Crisp, Kimberly, Kolby,        Josh Pardue of Gaines-         industrial mechanic and          c/o First State Bank, P.O.    his residence.
rian Hospital Denton.          Kevin, Kaylee, Kamree,         ville; son, Shawn Wier of      retired from Johnson &           Box 10, Gainesville, Texas,      Services were held Dec. 2
   Services were held Nov.     Kenadee, Kaden and Ka-         Gainesville; brother, Mike     Johnson.                         76241-0010.                   at the Gordonville Church
30 at the Prairie Point        leb; great-grandchildren,      Richardson of Gainesville;     Survivors                                                      of Christ with Gene Deck-
Church of the Nazarene         Kamden, Rowdy and Be-          nephew, Dale Richardson          Lynn E. Davis is survived                                    ard officiating. Burial was
with the Rev. Larry Wright     audy; sister and brother-in-   of Gainesville; and sev-       by his wife, Barbara J. Da-                                    in Liberty Cemetery. Ar-
and the Rev. Ricky Kerr        law, Sue and Travis Sutton     eral family members and        vis of Collinsville; son, Erik                                 rangements were under the
officiating. Burial was in       of Rosston; sister-in-law,     friends.                       W. Davis of Whitesboro;                                        direction of the Meador
Perryman Cemetery under        Tommye Hargrove of De-         Donations                      brother and sister-in-law,         Allen Wayne Dutton          Funeral Home of Whites-
the direction of the Clem-     catur; and brother-in-law,        Contributions      may      Phillip A. and Jane Da-          Services                      boro.
ent-Keel Funeral Home of       Ross Sutton of Rosston.        be made to NASCOGA             vis of Sherman; sister and         Allen Wayne Dutton,            Pallbearers were Heath
Gainesville.                     She was preceded in          Federal Credit Union in        brother-in-law, Ann and          30, of Whitesboro died        Marrow, Tommy Ridle-
   Pallbearers were Sheriff’s   death by her parents, Jace     Gainesville.                   Delbert Clountz of Potts-        Nov. 30 at his residence.     huber, Matthew Leonard,
Department deputies.           and Helen Poyner; sisters,                                    boro; and several nieces           A memorial service was      Austin Estes, Richard Way,
   Honorary      Pallbearers   Betty Poyner and Brenda                                       and nephews.                     held Dec. 3 at the Meador     David C. Estes and Greg
were sheriffs.                  Kay Sutton; and nephew,                                         He was preceded in death       Funeral Home Chapel with      Anderson.
History                        Darin Sutton.                                                 by his parents, Vernon and       the Rev. Doyle Henderson         Honorary       Pallbearers
   June Kuykendall was                                                                       Dorothy Davis.                   officiating. Arrangements       were Clovis Webb, Chuck
born June 23, 1941 in                                                   Pamela                                                were under the direction of   Nichols, Jake Anderson
Muenster to Jace and Hel-                                           Jean Swinden                                              the Meador Funeral Home       and Dennis Deckard.
en Pilgreen Poyner. She                                       Services                                                        of Whitesboro.                History
graduated from Forestburg                                        Pamela Jean Swinden,                                         History                          Robert Neal Estes was
High School and married          Michelle Ann Davis           56, of Gainesville died Nov.                                      Allen Wayne Dutton          born Oct. 27, 1934 in
Kenneth Kuykendall Jan.        Services                       28 at North Texas Medical           Kevrick Deandra             was born Dec. 22, 1980        Gainesville to Aubrey J.
31, 1959.                        Michelle Ann Davis, 47,      Center in Gainesville.             Jackson-Hubbard              in Norwich, England to        and Mildred Lee Greer Es-
   June Kuykendall retired     of Gainesville died after         A private memorial ser-     Services                         Angela Seaton and Loyd        tes, Sr. He married Mary
from the Cooke County          a courageous battle with       vice will be held at a later      Kevrick Deandra Jack-         Wayne Dutton. He lived        Elizabeth Barnett May 3,
Sheriff’s Department after      cancer Nov. 24 at her resi-    date. Cremation was under      son-Hubbard, 21, of              in the United Arab Emir-      1956 in Gainesville.
serving 25 years.              dence surrounded by her        the direction of the Clem-     Gainesville died Nov. 26.        ates for several years with      He was a member and
   She enjoyed playing vol-    family.                        ent-Keel Funeral Home of          Services were held Dec. 3     his parents.                  Deacon at the Gordonville
leyball and spending time        A memorial service was       Gainesville.                   at the First Baptist Church        Allen Wayne Dutton          Church of Christ.
with her teammates. She        held Dec. 4 at the Wood-       History                        in Gainesville with Sheldon      graduated from Whites-           He worked for National
also enjoyed riding horses     bine Baptist Church with          Pamela Jean Swinden         Ballatt officiating. Burial        boro High School in 1999,     Supply-Armco Steel for 30
and was a member of the        the Rev. Wiley Sullivan        was born Aug. 6, 1955 in       was in Fairview Cemetery         where he was a member of      years. He was a member of
Gainesville Riding Club.       officiating. Arrangements        Sacramento, Calif.             under the direction of the       the National Honor So-        the Sherwood Shores Vol-
She liked to ride four-        were under the direction of    Survivors                      Clement-Keel          Funeral    ciety and field captain of     unteer Fire Department for
wheelers on the farm and       the Dalton & Son Funeral          Pamela Jean Swinden is      Home of Gainesville.             the high school band. He      more than 20 years, serving
feeding the fish. She was       Home of Lewisville.            survived by her son, Jesse     History                          attended Texas A&M Uni-       as assistant fire chief.
a member of the Prairie        History                        Stacey of Seattle, Wash.;         Kevrick Deandra Jack-         versity in Galveston and      Survivors
Point Church of the Naza-        Michelle Ann Davis was       father, Calvin L. Thomp-       son-Hubbard was born             College Station.                 Robert Neal Estes is sur-
rene.                          born Sept. 22, 1964 in         son of Gainesville; broth-     Jan. 30, 1990 in Gaines-           In 1998, he attained the    vived by his wife, Mary
Survivors                      Kansas City, Mo. She at-       ers, Calvin Lee Thompson       ville to Wendy Jackson and       rank of Eagle Scout with      “Beth” Estes of Gaines-
   June Kuykendall is sur-     tended Gainesville High        of Gainesville and Glenn       Anthony Hubbard. He              Troop 66 and enjoyed trips    ville; sons and daughters-
vived by her husband,          School. She married Larry      Thompson of Auburn, Ca-        graduated from Gainesville       to Canada and Philmont        in-law, Michael and Kim
Kenneth “Ott” Kuykend-         Davis Dec. 26, 2006.           lif.; and three grandchil-     High School in 2008 and          Scout Ranch.                  Estes of Gainesville and
all of Valley View; son and      Michelle Ann Davis was       dren.                          was the 2007-2008 power-           He was a member of the      Jon and Angie Estes of
daughter-in-law,     Kenny     a housewife and enjoyed                                       lifting district champion.       First United Methodist        Gainesville; daughters and
and Laure Kuykendall of        the outdoors and her dogs.                                       He enjoyed football,          Church in Whitesboro.         sons-in-law, Rebecca and
Valley View; sons, Ricky       Survivors                                                     baseball, basketball, at-        Survivors                     Mark Leonard of Carroll-
Kuykendall of Burneyville,       Michelle Ann Davis is                                       tending church and spend-          Allen Wayne Dutton is       ton, Cindy and Bill Francis
Okla., and Jeffrey Kuyk-        survived by her husband,                                      ing time with his friends        survived by his parents,      of Lawrenceburg, Tenn.,
                                                                    Lynn E. Davis            and family.                      Loyd and Angela Dutton        and Lora and Tommy
                                                              Services                          He was a member of            of Whitesboro; brother        Ridlehuber of Gainesville;
                                                                 Lynn E. Davis, 69, of       the Key Club and coached         and sister-in-law, Mark       12 grandchildren; seven
    North Central Texas College                               Collinsville died Nov. 29      Boys Club football. He was       and Heather Dutton of         step-grandchildren;       14
       PUBLIC HEARINGS                                        in Collinsville.
                                                                 A private memorial ser-
                                                                                             employed at MFG Manu-
                                                                                                                              Auburn, Ala.; uncle, Les-
                                                                                                                              ter Dutton of Collinsville;
                                                              vice will be held at a later   Survivors                        aunt, Wanda Dutton of         brother, A.J. Estes, Jr., of
    1. Regarding Taxation of Goods in Transit                 date. Cremation arrange-          Kevrick Deandra Jack-         Collinsville; aunt and        Aubrey; brother and sister-
    2. Moving Board Elections to May of                       ments were under the           son-Hubbard is survived by       uncle, Linda and Audie        in-law, David Carroll and
       Odd-Numbered Years and Extending Terms                 direction of the Meador        his mother, Wendy Jackson        Cunduff of Collinsville;       Vikki Estes of Gainesville;
                                                              Funeral Home of Whites-        of Lewisville; father, Antho-    great-aunt, Jane Dutton       sister, Margaret Wald of
       of Incumbent Regents.                                  boro.                          ny Hubbard of Gainesville;       of Whitesboro; and several    Anderson, Mo.; and several
                                                              History                        step-father, Louis Clark,        cousins.                      nieces and nephews.
            Friday, December 9, 2011                             Lynn E. Davis was born      Jr., of Denison; grandpar-         He was preceded in             He was preceded in
      4:00 p.m. in Room 103, Board Room,                      Dec. 16, 1941 in Col-          ents, Wilmer Jackson of          death by his grandparents,    death by his parents; two
           NCTC Gainesville Campus                            linsville to Vernon A. and     Gainesville, Floyd Jackson       Loyd and Veda Dutton and      grandchildren; one great-
                                                              Dorothy Graham Davis.          of Gainesville, Rita Hub-        George and Jean Seaton.       grandchild; and sister,
                                                                                             bard of Gainesville and Bil-     Donations                     Joyce Malinowsky.
                                                                                             ly Joe Douglas of Ardmore,         Contributions may be        Donations
                                                                                             Okla.; God-parents, Lilton       made to the Home Hos-            Contributions may be
                                                                                             and Stephanie Lawson;            pice of Grayson County,       made to the Gordonville
                                                                                             brother, Zachary Moreno          P.O. Box 2306, Sherman,       Church of Christ.
                                                                                             of Sherman; sister, Adriann      Texas, 75091.
                                                                                             Hubbard of Gainesville;
                                                                                             brother, Caleb Roberts
                                                                                             Hubbard of Gainesville;
                                                                                             niece, Aliyah Hubbard                                               Find more
                                                                                             of Sherman; and several                                           Area Obituaries
                                                                                             aunts, uncles and cousins.                                          on Page 8

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 4      The Weekly News of Cooke County, December 7, 2011                                                                                                                          

Mark Shields

A plea to Republicans
By Mark Shields                               The American presidency                    four citizens believe that                  campaign will be all about             Kroc develop Walmart and       Obama stewardship. The
                                            is the center of American                    the country is “seriously off                Gingrich and his manifest              McDonald’s.”                   race will be all about Gin-
“No man is good enough                      political power. A presi-                    on the wrong track,” the                    shortcomings – political,                Of his current and third     grich, and Gingrich will be
to be president,” wisely ob-                dent can do for the nation                   incumbent’s record ought                    public and personal. Amer-             wife Callista, Gingrich        rejected overwhelmingly
served Abraham Lincoln,                     and for the future great                     to be fully, freely and hon-                icans like their presidents            told ABC News this week,       by the voters. We will not
one of the nation’s greatest,               good or great harm – and,                    estly criticized and debated                to have both confidence                 after comparing her ear-       debate or decide what we
“but someone has to be.”                    sometimes, both. Presiden-                   in the campaign.                            and modesty. Forget that               lier to Nancy Reagan in        need to do, what sacrifices
  Americans’ choice of a                    tial elections really do mat-                  That will                                              Newt has in               the Allen-Thomas book,         we must all make, what
president is truly the most                 ter. Just ask any African-                   not happen                                               the past com-             that “she (Mrs. Gingrich)      pain we must endure for
personal vote that any of                   American who was drafted                     in 2012 if the                                           pared himself             actually describes herself     the common good. Barack
us will ever cast. We are far               into the U.S. military after                 Re p u b l i c a n                                       favorably to              as being a cross between       Obama will never be held
more likely to vote strictly                President Harry Truman                       Party nomi-                                              Charles De                Nancy Reagan and Laura         accountable. He will get a
on issues – whether taxes,                  signed Executive Order                       nates        for-                                        Gaulle, Mar-              Bush, with just a slight bit   free ride to a second term,
education or the environ-                   9981 in 1948, which be-                      mer House                                                garet Thatch-             of Jackie Kennedy tossed       and the nation will resolve
ment – when choosing                        gan the desegregation of                     Speaker Newt                                             er and Ronald             in ...”                        nothing.
our representative in Con-                  the armed forces.                            Gingrich for                                             Reagan. This                 Forget that Gingrich is       This is a plea to my Re-
gress or the Senate. But the                  The presidential election                  president.                                               week, in “The             the only House speaker in      publican friends and rela-
higher the office, the more                   of 2012 demands a seri-                      There would                                              Right Fights              U.S. history to be disci-      tives: For your own sake
important the candidate.                    ous public debate about                      be no ur-                                                Back,” a new              plined by his House col-       and for the good of the
  We want to know of a                      what kind of country we                      gently need-                                             e-book      by            leagues in both parties for    country, please do not
presidential candidate not                  want our children to live                    ed      debate                                           two outstand-             violating tax rules and to     nominate Newt Gingrich.
simply the voting record                    in, about what we want the                   about what                                               ing journal-              be fined $300,000. Forget         To find out more about
or the position papers, but                 federal government to do –                   went right and what went                    ists, Mike Allen and Evan              that he has more skeletons     Mark Shields and read his
instead what kind of a per-                 and not to do – and about                    wrong in Barack Obama’s                     Thomas, Gingrich spoke of              in his closet than does the    past columns, visit the Cre-
son, parent, spouse, friend,                who should pay for it. Ev-                   first term or what changes                   his unflagging confidence                lab at the Harvard Medical     ators Syndicate Web page
colleague, ally or adversary                ery presidential re-election                 must be made, whether                       even as his own 2012 cam-              School.                        at
the nominee really is. Gen-                 campaign is, by defini-                       Obama wins re-election or                   paign cratered last summer:               If Gingrich is nomi-          Distributed By Creators.
erally, before we vote for                  tion, a referendum on the                    he doesn’t.                                 “I told somebody at one                nated, there will be no        Com
somebody, we have to first                   incumbent president’s re-                      Why? Because if Gingrich                  point, ‘This is like watch-            debate and, consequently,        Copyright 2011 Mark
like that somebody.                         cord. When three out of                      is the GOP nominee, the                     ing (Sam) Walton or (Ray)              no accountability for the      Shields

Mona Charen

Where Ron Paul is right
By Mona Charen                              no denying the immedia-                        But Friedman poses                        legal. Police sources have             a small competitor to at-      acknowledged the possibil-
                                            cy and intimacy of video.                    challenges to conservatives                 estimated that as much as              tempt to import drugs. This    ity that legalization might
Five years ago last month,                  Wouldn’t we have loved to                    as well as liberals. He op-                 half the property crime in             ensures that only the big      result in some increase in
Milton Friedman died at                     click on Edmund Burke,                       posed, for example, the                     some major cities is com-              operators with large fleets     drug addiction. There was,
age 94. To the very end,                    Alexander Hamilton or Ci-                    war on drugs. That’s right.                 mitted by drug users.”                 of planes, heavy weapons,      after all, an uptick in alco-
the Nobel Prize winning                     cero and watch them talk                     Friedman was for legaliza-                     Drug money, such as                 et cetera can compete.         holism after Prohibition
economist was astute,                       about their ideas? If you do                 tion of all drugs, not just                 booze money during Pro-                  Prohibition makes it un-     was repealed. But not all
tireless and wonderfully                    dip into the Friedman oeu-                   marijuana.                                  hibition, has corrupted                necessarily cumbersome for     victims are created equal.
avuncular. Thanks to the                    vre, start with his exchange                   It’s a posi-                                             countless               cancer patients and others     The child, Friedman notes,
Internet, his commentar-                    with Phil Donahue!                           tion embraced                                              police, Drug            to receive painkillers and     who is killed in a drive-by
ies on subjects ranging                       Nothing would be easier                    by only one                                                Enforcement             other drugs. A misplaced       shoot-out between drug
from greed, to slavery, to                  than to invoke the great                     candidate for                                              Administra-             fear of addiction some-        gangs is a total victim. The
the Great Depression myth                   Friedman as the sage of lim-                 president,                                                 tion agents,            times leads doctors and        adult who decides to take
and many other topics, can                  ited government. He was                      Ron        Paul.                                           border pa-              other healthcare provid-       drugs is not.
be enjoyed forever.                         certainly that. If he were                   Congressman                                                trol agents,            ers to underprescribe pain       Let’s stipulate that some
   Of course, great thinkers                commenting on America’s                      Paul      holds                                            prosecutors             medicine. Meanwhile, any       unknown number of
have been recording their                   current predicament, he                      some       ludi-                                           and judges.             high schooler can score        Americans will become ad-
thoughts in books for mil-                  would doubtless prescribe                    crous views.                                               Drug crime              whatever drugs he wants        dicts after legalization, who
lennia. And Friedman was                    a radically smaller public                   He seems to                                                has blighted            on the way to gym class.       otherwise would not have.
no exception. But there’s                   sector.                                      believe, for                                               many neigh-               Harvard economics pro-       We must ask whether the
                                                                                         example, that                                              borhoods.               fessor Jeffrey Miron esti-      terrible price we are now
                                                                                         if we were                                                 A m e r i c a’s         mates that if drugs were       paying – in police costs, in-
                                                                                         just nicer to                                              appetite for            legal and taxed, the U.S.      ternational drug control ef-

Where to write                                                                           the Iranians, we wouldn’t
                                                                                         need to fret about their ac-
                                                                                         quisition of nuclear weap-
                                                                                         ons. Still, Paul deserves full
                                                                                                                                     drugs has encouraged law-
                                                                                                                                     lessness and violence in
                                                                                                                                     many neighboring coun-
                                                                                                                                     tries, most recently in Mex-
                                                                                                                                                                            and state treasuries would
                                                                                                                                                                            receive $46.7 billion in
                                                                                                                                                                            added revenue, while sav-
                                                                                                                                                                            ing $41.3 billion in expen-
                                                                                                                                                                                                           forts, border security, fore-
                                                                                                                                                                                                           gone tax revenue, overdose
                                                                                                                                                                                                           deaths, corruption and vio-
                                                                                                                                                                                                           lence – is worth it.
U.S. Sen. Kay Bailey                        4326                                         credit for endorsing drug                   ico, where its drug violence           ditures.
Hutchison                                   Web site: http://burgess.                    legalization.      Friedman                 is spilling north.                       What is the downside          Copyright 2011 Creators.
284 Russell Senate Office                                               would approve.                                 Because illegal drugs are           to legalization? Friedman      Com
Building                                    Phone: 202.225.7772                            Governments in the                        unregulated, their purity is
Washington, D.C. 20510-                     Fax: 202.225.2919                            United States, federal and                  unknowable – accounting
4304                                                                                     state, spend an estimated                   for thousands of overdose
Web site: www.hutchison.                    U.S. Rep. Mac Thornberry
                                                                                                                                                                               The Weekly News
                                                                                         $41.3 billion annually to                   deaths and injuries. Since                                  13th District (western                       prevent people from in-                     we maintain drug prohibi-
Phone: 202.224.5922                         Cooke County)                                gesting substances we deem                  tion to protect people from
Fax: 202.224.0776                           2457 Rayburn House Office                      harmful, though many un-                    their own foolish decisions,                                          of Cooke County
                                            Building                                     safe ingestibles – you know                 those overdose deaths must
U.S. Sen. John Cornyn                       Washington, D.C. 20515-
517 Hart Senate Office
                                            Web site:
                                                                                         the list – remain legal. Half
                                                                                         of all federal prisoners are
                                                                                                                                     weigh in the balance, too.
                                                                                                                                        Drug prohibition, Mil-                           Letter policy
Washington, D.C. 20510-                     thornberry                                   serving sentences for drug                  ton Friedman pointed                    The Weekly News of Cooke County invites its readers to
4302                                        Phone: 202.225.3706                          offenses, along with 20                      out, keeps the price of                 submit letters to the editor. Letters should include the
Web site: www.cornyn.sen-                   Fax: 202.225.3486                            percent of state prisoners.                 drugs artificially inflated               author’s name, address and daytime phone number. No                                                                                    In 2009, there were 1.7                   and amounts to a favor                  letter will be printed without confirmation from the au-
Phone: 202.224.2934                         Texas Gov. Rick Perry                        million drug arrests in the                 by the government to the                thor. Letters should be brief and to-the-point.
Fax: 202.228.2856                            PO Box 12428                                U.S. Half of those were for                 drug lords. “The role of                Lengthy letters may require condensing. Confirmed let-
                                            Austin, TX 78711-2428                        marijuana. As David Boaz                    the government is to pro-               ters will be printed as space allows. Letters that are not
U.S. Rep. Michael Burgess                   Web site: www.governor.                      and Timothy Lynch of the                    tect the drug cartels,” as he           signed, contain personal attacks or ask that the author’s
26th District                                                       Cato Institute noted, “Ad-                  provocatively phrased it.               name be withheld will not be printed.
1224 Longworth House Of-                    Phone: 512.463.2000                          dicts commit crimes to pay                  Due to our interdiction ef-                  Letters to the Editor will be printed without correc-
fice Building                                Fax: 512.463.1849                            for a habit that would be                   forts, Friedman explained,              tions of spelling or grammar. Inappropriate language will
Washington, D.C. 20515-                                                                  easily affordable if it were                 it’s enormously costly for              be removed.
                                                                                                                                                                                  Published letters reflect only the opinion of the au-
                                                                                                                                                                             thor and not the opinion of The Weekly News of Cooke
                                                  Current U.S. Deficit                                                                                                             Letters should be submitted to:

                       $15,103,770,487,687.95                                                                                                                                         The Weekly News of Cooke County
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                                                           so each citizen’s share of this debt is $48,440.89. The National
                                                           Debt has continued to increase an average of $3.99 billion per                                                    or e-mail letters to:
                                                           day since September 28, 2007!*                                                                            

 watch                                                                                              U.S. Deficit, July 12, 2004
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                                                                                                                                                                             mail. The Weekly News reserves the right to accept or re-
 * Information obtained from the U.S. Department of the Treasury. Population figures from the U.S. Bureau of the Census’ Population Clock. Figures as of December 5, 2011.    ject any comments for any reason.                                                                                            The Weekly News of Cooke County, December 7, 2011                              5

Howell Ranch recognized by TFLH
for continuous agriculture production
Editor’s note –The following is   Judge Robert Dillard in Au-       streets in Saint Jo are Howell
the last a series about Cooke     gust 1861.                        and Boggess streets.
County farms recognized Nov.         Before the Civil War the          “The story says that Jo-
3 by the Texas Family Land        political issues in Missouri      seph Howell had quit drink-
Heritage (TFLH) program           caused Robert Dillard and         ing,” Rodney Howell said.
for continuous agriculture        his brother Joseph to move        “He was believed to be an
production for 100 years or       to Texas. Robert Dillard          avid opponent of alcohol.”
longer. The Fisher Farm and       bought 370 acres at Sivells          Joseph Howell owned a
Corcoran Ranch also were rec-     Bend near the Red River to        general store located across
ognized.                          raise cattle, corn, oats, hogs,   the street from a saloon
                                  chicken, wheat, horses and        owned by Boggess. During
By Kit Chase                      hay. A large log house was        the course of their business
Senior Staff Writer                built under the trees and         a name for the town was dis-
The Weekly News                   its cement hearth stone can       cussed and Boggess report-
                                  be seen today. Robert Dil-        edly said to Joseph Howell,
SIVELLS BEND – The                lard and his wife Sara had a      “Well you’ve turned into
Texas Family Land Heritage        daughter Elizabeth “Bettie”       such a Saint, let’s call the
(TFLH) program honors             and a son George.                 town Saint Jo.”
the history of the men and           On Nov. 28, 1867, Bet-            Today, Joseph Howell’s
women who settled Texas           tie married Civil War vet-        great-great-grand         niece
and their descendants who         eran James Houston “Huse”         Donna Howell-Sickles owns
continue the agriculture tra-     Howell who was from Rhea          and operates an art gallery in
dition. The Howell Ranch          County, Tenn. He served           Saint Jo.
on CR 402 in northeast            in the Confederate Cavalry           On Jan. 16, 1869 “Huse”
Cooke County recently was         before moving to Texas. His       and Bettie Howell bought
recognized for five genera-        brother, Joseph Howell was        the ranch from her parents.
tions of continuous agricul-      the name sake for the town        Their children were John
tural production.                 of Saint Jo in Montague           Robert, Kate, Pree, R.S.,
   Today, Rodney Houston          County.                           Boss Houston and Thomas
Howell and his wife Marga-           As legend has it, Joseph       J. Alexander “Boomer.” After
ret own and operate a reg-        Howell and Irb H. Bog-            Boomer was born, the fami-
istered Angus cattle ranch,       gess bought a tract of land       ly story says that “Huse” and
Lone Star Angus, on land          that included the Head of         Bettie had a major disagree-
that was first settled by Rod-     Elm settlement later known        ment, so that he saddled his
ney’s great-great grandfather     as Saint Jo. The two main         favorite horse and rode away
                                                                    never to return, leaving Bet-
                                                                    tie to operate the large ranch
        Virendra K. Agarwal, MD, MACP                               and later with help from her
        Board Certi ed in Internal Medicine                         son Boss.
        AKA Dr. Victor                                                 In 1919, Boss Howell
                                                                    built the current house and
              Complete Healthcare for Adults                        in 1927 acquired the ranch
             • Diabetes • High Blood Pressure • High Cholesterol    from Bettie. “All the lum-
                                                                    ber to build this house was
             • Heart Disease • Seizures • Women’s Healthcare
                                                                    brought out from Gaines-          Family history – The Texas Family Land Heritage (TFLH) program recognized the
             • Abdominal Disorders • Arthritis                      ville by two mules and a
             • Skin Disease • Depression • Anxiety                  wagon,” Rodney’s mother           Rodney Howell Ranch near Sivells Bend for continuous agriculture production for
             • Panic Attacks • Weakness • Physical Exam             Pauline Howell said. “So he       100 years or longer. Pictured left to right are Margaret Howell, Rodney Howell, Pau-
             • Heart Monitor • Vaccinations • Stress Test           kept those mules until they       line Howell and Brett Howell. Today, Rodney and his wife Margaret own and operate
                                                                    died.”                            Lone Star Angus on land first settled by Rodney’s great-great-grandfather Judge
       Accepting All Insurances, Medicare & Private Pay                “He hired carpenters that      Robert Dillard in August 1861.                                          (Staff Photo)
                                                                    started the house and then
                NTMC Medical Of ce Bldg.                            he didn’t like the way it was        During the 1920s Boss          Marietta, Okla., across the      a degree,” Pauline Howell
                1902 Hospital Blvd, Suite E                         going so he fired them and         Howell married Anna Lang-         Red River. Gainesville was       said. “That was when the
                                                                    he and his hired hands fin-
                                                                                                      ford and their children are       several hours away because       junior college was across
                                                                    ished the house,” Rodney          Betty Sue, William Houston        roads were not very good.        the street from the old high
                                                                    Howell said.                      and Anna Lou.                        “When they went out they      school.”
                                                                                                         Boss Howell bought sev-        went on horseback to Mari-          In 1981, Rodney Howell

                                                                                                      eral tracts of land in the        etta,” Rodney Howell said.       married Margaret David-
                                                                                                      early 1900s. He was able          “He had a bay mare. She          son and they have two sons,
                                                                                                      to pay for the land by sell-      was the hardest swimming         Brett Houston and Brady

     OF MUENSTER, Ltd.
                                                                                                      ing 30 pairs of mules trained     horse you’d ever seen. They’d    Dillon. In 2001, Rodney
                                                                                                      and ready for work. After         go upriver to swim the hors-     Howell acquired the ranch
                                                                                                      World War I, returning sol-       es. He said the horse rode       that is now 856 acres.
                                                                                                      diers from the war were able      high out of the water and he        Margaret was raised in Fort
  Great Selection • Great Prices • Great People                                                       to buy mules for farming.
                                                                                                         “In 1925, Boss was farm-
                                                                                                                                        would set his legs over the
                                                                                                                                        saddle horn and end up in
                                                                                                                                                                         Worth and when she moved
                                                                                                                                                                         to the Howell Ranch she had
 FINANCING FOR EVERYONE                                                                               ing 1,400 acres, which was
                                                                                                      an enormous operation for
                                                                                                                                        Oklahoma with kakis as dry
                                                                                                                                        as can be.”
                                                                                                                                                                         to face rattle snakes, copper
                                                                                                                                                                         heads and howling coyotes.

           Managers Specials
                                                                                                      the time,” Rodney Howell             Houston Howell mar-           Brett and Brady attended
                                                                                                      said. “In 1926, we had a land     ried Pauline Pierce and their    Sivells Bend School where
                                                                                                      boom out here and he sold         children are Donna Carol         their mother was a teacher
                                                                                                      200 of his 1,400 acres for        and Rodney Houston.              and their father, grandfather
       2008 Chevrolet                   2010 Ford Flex                 2010 Ford Edge                 $200 an acre. Dad said that          “The story I heard was that   and great-grandfather served
            1500                             SEL                          Limited                     during the Depression you         during the drought of 1956       on the school board.
                                                                                                      could buy the land for $15.”      they (Houston and Pauline)          Brett Howell has an MBA
                                                                                                      The sales allowed his family      decided a little off-farm in-     from The University of Tex-
                                                                                                      to have better finances than       come might be helpful so         as and works at Calpine En-
                                                                                                      most during the 1930s.            they went back to school,”       ergy in Houston and Brady
                                                                                                         In 1942, Boss’s son Hous-      Rodney Howell said. Pau-         Howell is attending South
       $10,995                          $22,995                        $24,995                        ton Howell and his two sis-
                                                                                                      ters inherited 400 acres each.
                                                                                                                                        line and Houston traveled
                                                                                                                                        to North Texas University to
                                                                                                                                                                         Texas College of Law in
  2010 Dodge Ram 2500              2010 Mercury Mariner               2010 Ford Fusion                Houston and his sister Anna       get teaching degrees while          The Howell Ranch will
  Mega Cab, 4x4, Leather                 Limited                                                      Lou bought out their sister       their children were still        qualify for the 150 year
                                                                                                      Betty Sue’s land and divided      young.                           TFLH recognition next
                                                                                                      the 1,200 acres. Houston             Pauline Howell is a re-       year and is filled with fam-
                                                                                                      and his wife Pauline then         tired school teacher and         ily photos, memories and
                                                                                                      had 600 acres and in 1974         taught her last 10 years in      memorabilia from almost
                                                                                                      bought 250 more from              the Gainesville Independent      150 years. The people and
                                                                                                      the original Joseph Dillard       School District. She is now      the land have lived through
       $37,900                          $19,900                        $17,900                        Place.
                                                                                                         When Houston Howell
                                                                                                                                        a gardener devoting her time
                                                                                                                                        to Irises.
                                                                                                                                                                         troubled times and survived
                                                                                                                                                                         war, Indian raids, economic
                                                                                                      was a young man, the closest         “I had been to the junior     changes, weather and hard
        200 F d
        2005 Ford 500                 011 F d Explorer
                                     2011 Ford E l                  2007 Chrysler Aspen
                                                                      0 Ch l A                        town for entertainment was        college, but I didn’t have       work.
                                          Limited                     Limited, Loaded

   2001 Ford Taurus SES
                                       1995 Ford F-150
                                                                      2010 Ford Escape
                                                                                                        RJS BRANDING IRON
                                                                           Limited                                “WHERE MAKING FRIENDS IS OUR BUSINESS”
                                                                                                         - SEASONALLY ROTATING MENU & FOOD
         $5,995                          $4,995                        $20,995                           - HAPPY HOUR MON-FRI 4-7PM &
   2003 Mercury Grand
      3 Merc ry Grand
  Marquis Only 55k Miles
                                   2011 Ford F-150 Super
                                           d F-150 Supe
                                      Crew, 4x4, XLT
                                                                      2007 Dodge Ram
                                                                         5.9L Diesel                     FRI-SAT 10PM-12AM

                                                                                                       HOURS OF OPERATION
         $8,995                         $29,900                        $34,995                         11AM-11PM
                                                                                                       FRI-SAT                             THE HOLIDAY SEASON IS AMONG
      OVER 100 VEHICLES IN STOCK                                                                       11AM-12AM
   1005 E. Hwy 82 • P. O. Box 40 • Muenster, TX 76252                                                                                  US…BOOK YOUR PARTY NOW!!! CONTACT
           Hours: M-F 8am-5pm Sat 8am-2pm                                                              5PM-11PM                        MARISA AT (940) 668-8024 OR
      940-759-2244 • 940-665-2281 • 800-215-4605                                                                                       RJSBRANDINGIRON@GMAIL.COM
 6    The Weekly News of Cooke County, December 7, 2011                                                                                           

Grazing methods at Dixon Ranch
maintained herds during drought
By Kit Chase                   and the land,” Tuggle said.     had some grasses show up               so we basically maintained            you get this method rolling   dation chairman is Clint
Senior Staff Writer             “Years of experience and        that we didn’t know were               the numbers that we had               it’s great.”                  Josey, foundation president
The Weekly News                emerging research show          out there until they were              instead of trying to grow                The Dixon Foundation       is Robert Potts and general
                               that well-managed grazing       given an opportunity to                anymore through this                  has five working ranches in    manager is Robby Tuggle,
LEO – High stock graz-         with dense herds actually       grow – like eastern gamma              drought.                              North Texas and West Tex-     and ranch managers are
ing methods utilized at the    enhances the landscape.”        grass,” Tuggle said. “It’s a             “For this technique to              as with more than 15,000      Jerry Baggs, Danny Parker
Dixon Ranch in Leo have           Alfalfa hay is provided      native grass, but it’s so pal-         catch on, agriculture has             acres. The ranches provide    and Casey Wade.
succeeded in maintaining       when the grasses are dor-       atable for cattle that it gets         to be a full-time job and             grass-finished meat that is       For more information,
cattle and sheep produc-       mant during the winter.         eaten out. It’s a high end             in this day and age most              certified organic and cur-     visit
tion through one of the        “We’re         supplementing    grass.”                                people that work in farm              rently sold at local Whole    or e-mail jsamford@dixon-
worst droughts.                the pasture not the cows,”         High-stock grazing and              and ranch do it part time,”           Foods markets.      
   The Texas drought has       Tuggle said. “All we’re do-     multiple species grazing will          Tuggle said. “This is la-                The Dixon Water Foun-
forced many livestock pro-     ing is giving the cow what      allow the sheep to graze on            bor intensive. You have to
ducers to aggressively cull    she doesn’t get out of the      grasses the cattle will not            move animals every day,
herds and send calves to       pasture. They are in pret-      utilize and the cattle will            you have to have water and            www.
market early and in many       ty good shape for going         graze on grasses the sheep             you have to keep your fence
cases, ranchers had to liq-
uidate entire herds because
                               through a drought. They
                               aren’t skinny and they
                                                               will not utilize. “They are
                                                               mowing the grass like you
                                                                                                      up. You can’t just turn 20
                                                                                                      cows in on so many acres
of lack of grazing, hay or     aren’t fat. It’s been a tough   do your yard,” Tuggle said.            and if there’s water in the                                                          .com
water.                         time probably since they’ve     The rewards are thicker,               pond they’re okay. Once
   “As of right now we have    been keeping the history        stronger grass cover with
not sold any producing         (of weather conditions in       higher litter and soil organ-

                                                                                                              PACK 'N' MAIL
livestock, females that were   Texas).”                        ics. The ranch is certified
old enough to have calves,”       The livestock moves          organic and does not use
Dixon Ranch general man-       through a series of fenced      fertilizers or pesticides.
ager Robby Tuggle said.        and gated paddocks and             For the protection of the
“We have not had to get        will graze approximately        sheep, Anatolian shepherd
into our cow herd at all.”     three times a year in one       dogs guard them from coy-                                               The Packing Pros
   The Dixon Ranch is lo-      paddock in rotation.            otes and other predators.
cated in Leo and owned by         At one time cowboys on       “They live with the sheep                                We take the hassle out of shipping!
the Dixon Water Founda-        horseback drove the cattle      and do a very good job of
tion. Founded in 1994 by       down the dusty county           protecting them,” Tuggle                         FED EX                                            US Mail
the late Roger Dixon, the      roads from one area to an-      said.                                             UPS                                          Packing Materials
501(c) (3) foundation pro-     other until the increase of        The Dixon Water Foun-                         Boxes                                          Mailbox Rental
motes healthy watersheds       heavy truck traffic prohib-       dation promotes healthy                      Passport Photos                                         Fax
through good landscape         ited the cattle drives. The     watersheds through land
management and has five         fences on either side of the    management to ensure                       Document Shredding                                       Notary
ranches throughout Texas.      road kept the cattle con-       the availability of water re-                    Copies
   Tuggle said that an in-     tained on the road. How-        sources for now and future
tense grazing conservation     ever, the sheep were never      generations. Good ground
system is utilized on 1,800    walked down the road be-        covered in grass helps wa-
acres on two ranches in        cause they would escape         ter infiltration and keeps
Cooke County, one in Leo       through the barbed wire         top soil from eroding into
and one south of Muen-         fences.                         the waterways.                           121 N. GRAND AVE / GAINESVILLE, TX 76240
ster. Approximately 340           “They’d be all over the         “Our mission statement
cattle and sheep are grazed    country if we let them go,”     is to improve infiltration                 PHONE 940-665-1188 / FAX 940-665-1099
together on 20 acres at no     Tuggle said. “The whole         through good land man-                                       9:00 am - 5:30 pm M-F & 10:00 am - 2:00 pm Sat
more than two days at a        herd moves through these        agement,” Tuggle said.
time before moving to the      paddocks to give us the         “We have a drought strat-
next 20 acres. The method      recovery period that we’re      egy that we put into place.
sustained the livestock dur-   looking for,” Tuggle said.      If we don’t have rain by a
ing the drought.                  The variety of grasses       certain day in June we start
   “One of the key ways in     in the pastures are native      thinking about destocking.
which we distinguish our       prairie grasses that have       This year we weaned our
land management approach
from other conventional
                               not been seeded and in-
                               clude big bluestem, little
                                                               calves early and we didn’t
                                                               keep any heifers over that                                                     Restaurant
methods is that we evalu-      bluestem, switch grass,         we normally keep for re-
ate and consider the needs     Indian grass and eastern        placement females. That
of both our grazing animals    gamma grass. “ W e ’ v e        kept our numbers down

                                                                                                                               1221 N. Grand Ave. / Gainesville
                                                                                                            Over 100
                                                                                                                                       (940) 665-8919                                   No MSG
                                                                                                                                       Monday - Sunday 11am - 10pm
                               Fe Depot and the Shep-          or to schedule an appoint-
                               herds will head to the          ment, call 940.665.6397.                       Lunch Buffet M-Sat 11am-4pm $6.29
                               church from the former
                               Lindsay Elementary School
                               on South Denton Street.                                                        Dinner Buffet M-Thurs 4-10pm $8.99
 by Keith G. King
                                                                 The Gainesville Chap-
                                                               ter No. 1123 Order of the                        Friday - Saturday 4-10pm $11.99
                                 The Christian Gather-
                                                               Eastern Star will host the
                                                               annual Christmas Dinner
                                                                                                          We are serving Crab Legs on Friday & Saturday Night

(Continued from Page 1)
                               ing Church in Valley View
                               will present a live Nativ-
                                                               from 5 to 7 p.m. Saturday
                                                               (Dec. 10) at the Masonic
                                                                                                                   All Day Sunday 11am-10pm $8.99
                               ity Scene from 5 to 7 p.m.      Lodge at 207 W. Elm St.,                 To Go orders of $25 or more Get 2 FREE Egg Rolls.
  Dr. Wallace will pres-       Dec. 17 at the church on        in Gainesville.                             $30 or more Get 1 FREE Fried Crab Rangon.
ent traditional Christmas      the Valley View Square.           The cost of the home-
carols and hymns on the
                                 All church groups are en-
                               couraged to send a caroling
                                                               cooked meal is $5 and the
                                                               public is welcome.
                                                                                                                Senior Discount - 65 & Over - 10% OFF
  The event is free and do-    team. The event is free and                                               Reserve our Party Room for Parties or Large Groups!
nations will be accepted to    refreshments will be pro-
benefit the Cooke County        vided.
Home Hospice “Light Up           For more information,                                           Consultations are always free!
a Life.”                       call Carole Mitchell at

  The annual live Nativity
Scene at the First Presbyte-     The Texas Department
rian Church in Gainesville     of State Health Services
will be from 6 to 9 p.m.       will offer immunizations
Saturday (Dec. 10) and         and flu vaccinations during
Sunday (Dec. 11).              December.
  The event has been on          Appointments will be
the east lawn of the church    available in Gainesville at                                 Mention this ad for
for more than 25 years.        715-D E. California St.,
  Mary, Joseph and the
donkey will travel to the
church from the Cooke
                               Thursday (Dec. 8), Dec.
                               12 and Dec. 15. Times
                               available are 9 to 11 a.m.
                                                                 $500 OFF   Must start by 12/20/2011 , not valid with an other promotions
County Courthouse, the         and 1 to 4 p.m.
Wisemen from the Santa           For more information
                                                                                         2022 W. Hwy 82 / (940)665-9715 / i n f

                                                               Dr. John Webb, O.D.
                                                                                                                                                Most Medical
                                                                                                                                                & Vision Plans
                                                                           940-668-7500                                                               Monday - Friday
                                                                940-668-7254 • 888-237-0756                                                        9am - 12pm/1pm - 5pm
                                                                311 E. California St. / Gainesville, TX                                             Saturday 9am - 1pm                                                                                                    The Weekly News of Cooke County, December 7, 2011                           7
                                                                                Business news                                                 was held for Renaissance Care Center, in Gainesville
                                                                                                                                              Dec. 5. Renaissance Care Center provides extended-

                          Ladies                                                Sole’renity Grand Opening set
                                                                                                                                              stay nursing care to seniors with varying levels of dis-
                                                                                                                                                For more information, call 940.759.2228.

                        Fall Special                                            GAINESVILLE – Sole’renity Day Spa & Nail Lounge will
                                                                                hold a Grand Opening from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Thursday
                                                                                                                                              Blue Ostrich ribbon cutting held
                                                                                (Dec. 8) at 200 S. Dixon St., in Gainesville.
                         Ladies play 2 for the                                    Rhonda Mordecai is the owner and operator with 20
                                                                                                                                              SAINT JO – The Gainesville Area Chamber of Commerce
                                                                                                                                              recently held a ribbon cutting for Blue Ostrich Winery
                       price of 1 on Tuesdays &                                 years experience as a nail technician and supportive cli-
                                                                                entele said that her “vision and passion for this industry
                                                                                                                                              and Vineyard located north of Saint Jo on FM 2382.
                                                                                                                                                The Blue Ostrich Winery tasting room is open and for
                       Thursdays thru December                                  for women of all ages and men has inspired me to open
                                                                                Sole’renity to provide care and therapy from your soles
                                                                                                                                              more information, call 940.995.3100.
                                                                                up with a commitment to the highest quality in products       Wind Energy Services expand
                                                                                and sterilization techniques.”
                                 Gainesville                                      Services offered include skin care, body treatments,
                                                                                massage therapy, nail enhancements, nail art, Minx, man-
                                                                                                                                              GAINESVILLE – Wind Energy Services (WES) of
                                                                                                                                              Gainesville specializes in repair of wind blades, nacelles
                                    Golf                                        icures and pedicures, waxing, tinting, spa packages and
                                                                                spa memberships.
                                                                                                                                              and nose cones and will expand services to meet the needs
                                                                                                                                              of wind farm operators.

                                  Course                                          A portion of the membership fees will be donated to
                                                                                local charities.
                                                                                  For more information, call 940-580-3570.
                                                                                                                                                 WES anticipates doubling its workforce and seeks ap-
                                                                                                                                                 WES has created planned maintenance programs tai-
                                            940-668-4560                        Ribbon cuttings set in Muenster
                                                                                                                                              lored to a variety of operator needs and includes inspec-
                                                                                                                                              tion, corrective repairs, restoration and preventative mea-
                                                                                                                                              sures. Programs are scheduled during low-wind seasons to
                                                                                MUENSTER – The Muenster Chamber of Commerce                   minimize loss of production revenue.
                                                                                will host a ribbon cutting for Luminous Looks at 10 a.m.         Researchers show that during the lifecycle of a turbine,
                                                                                Dec. 2.                                                       repair costs are less with scheduled maintenance programs
                                            Get all the                           Luminous Looks’ owner Leah Hess invites the public
                                                                                for the ribbon cutting ceremony at The Little Theater
                                                                                                                                              than on an emergency call basis.
                                                                                                                                                 The company seeks candidates to fill positions for on-
                                            discounts                           Mall, 213 N. Main St., suite 207, in Muenster.                site team leaders, project manager and composite repair
                                                                                  The Muenster Chamber of Commerce December mixer             technicians and anticipates 25 or more new employees in
                                            you deserve.                        will be at 5 p.m. Dec. 14 at the Bartush Land and Cattle      the next six months.
                                                                                Company on CR 417.                                               For more information, visit www.windenergyservice-
                                                                                  A Muenster Chamber of Commerce ribbon cutting     

                                                                                                                                              The Machinators won the second place game award Nov.
      Jim Goldsworthy, Agent
        113 E California Street
         Gainesville, TX 76240
          Bus: 940-665-7777
                                            FREE Discount Double Check.
                                            It’s a quick and easy way to make
                                            sure you’re saving all you can.
                                            Like a good neighbor,
                                                                                School news                                                   19 during the Texas Best Regional Championship.
                                                                                                                                                The competition was held in Garland.
                                                                                                                                                Earlier, the Machinators won the first place BEST
                                                                                                                                              award during the North Texas Best Hub competition
                                            State Farm is there.
                                            CALL ME TODAY.

                                                                                High-tech learning at Edison                                  and then competed against Whitewright during the Re-
                                                                                                                                              gional Championship for the first place Game Award.
                                                                                GAINESVILLE – New educational technology at Edi-                “We came in second place out of 56 teams, which
                                                                                son Elementary School provides early learning proficien-       represents several hundred schools,” Sacred Heart prin-
                                                                                cy skills and long distance training for staff.                cipal Rafael Rondon said. “A magnet high school came
                                                                                  Edison library received 10 iPods from the Gainesville In-   in third place. Knowing that really puts things into per-
                                                                                dependent School District Education Foundation that are       spective.”
                                                                                available at the Edison library for students and teachers.
                                                                                  Students use the iPod touch to develop and reinforce        Muenster elementary food drive
0901085                        State Farm, Bloomington, IL
                                                                                early literacy skills and math concepts.
                                                                                                                                              MUENSTER – The Muenster Elementary School Stu-
                                                                                GISD Foundation awards grants                                 dent Council held a two-week cereal drive in October

Cookie Wonderland                                                               GAINESVILLE – The GISD Education Foundation
                                                                                awarded more than $16,000 for student educational
                                                                                                                                              for the Sacred Heart food pantry, according to a report
                                                                                                                                              by MESC reporter Alex Batha.
                                                                                                                                                A total of 189 boxes were collected from pre-kinder-

   Saturday, Dec. 17 th
                                                                                support programs.                                             garten to sixth grades. Mrs. Hellman’s fifth grade home-
                                                                                   Edison Elementary campus received a Math in Mo-            room collected the most cereal with 40 boxes.
                                                                                tion program grant, funds for two iPads, a fine arts grant
                                                                                for kindergarteners and funds for first graders to attend      MISD students, teachers of month
St. Paul Episcopal Parish Hall                                                  a play in May.
                                                                                   Chalmers Elementary School campus received funds           MUENSTER – Muenster Independent School District
               415 California St.                                               to buy owl pellets and a lab activity for the Frank Buck      October Students of the Month were Jori Magee, Devon
              Gainesville, TX 76240                                             Zoo during the spring semester, funds for a second grade
                                                                                field trip to the Elm Fork Education Center in Denton.
                                                                                                                                              Brinkley and Braeden Hacker.
                                                                                                                                                October Teachers of the Month were Molly Sicking
                                                                                   Lee Elementary School campus received funds for the        and Deanna Hellman.
                      9 am - ???                                                fifth grade annual trip to Leeper Lake in Love County,
                                                                                funds for 10 iPod touches and math programs.                  Wildcats make All District team
                                                                                   Gainesville Middle School campus received funds for a
Join Us for our Annual Homemade                                                 field trip to a Civil-War re-enactment in Denison and funds    CALLISBURG – Callisburg High School students se-
   Christmas Cookie Bonanza!                                                    for a field trip to the Holocaust Museum in Dallas.
                                                                                   Gainesville High School campus received funds for sci-
                                                                                                                                              lected to the 2011 All District offensive football squad
                                                                                                                                              were MVP Clay McKenzie, Allen Eugster, Dakota
You select from our wide variety                                                entific calculators and funds for a women’s study class.       Tinney, Colton Holder, Jeffery McClinton and Logan
                                                                                                                                              Smithson; and named to the defensive team were Jacob
of cookies and ll a bag for $10                                                 Sacred Heart Robotics wins                                    Barton, Shawn Paynter, Colton Holder, Allen Eugster,
                                                                                                                                              Dakota Tinney and Dusty Taylor.
   20% of Proceeds go to VISTO!                                                 MUENSTER – The Sacred Heart School robotics team

                                                                                                              Mental Health Center
                                                                                                              unveils new name,
  business is
                                                                                                              new sign Dec. 1
 big business                                                                                                 (Continued from Page 1)         razors, laundry detergent,      support self-determination
                                                                                                                                              facial tissues, paper towels,   for person with mental, in-
                                                                                                              and TCC staff members            dish washing liquid, staple     tellectual and developmen-
     to us                                                                                                    Holly Booth, Maria Clayton      and canned foods. Cash          tal challenges.
                                                                                                              and Valerie Henscheid.          donations will be accepted         A 24-hour, toll-free crisis
                                                                                                                TCC seeks Christmas           to buy these items or other     line for anyone experienc-
                                                                                                              donations for clients that      needed items for clients.       ing a mental health crisis is
                                                                                                              include shampoo, bath             TCC serves people in          available at 877.277.2226.
                                                                                                              soap, deodorant, toothpaste,    Grayson, Fannin and Cooke          For more information
                                                                                                              toothbrushes, mouthwash,        counties who have mental        or to make a donation, call
                                                                                                              body lotion, toilet tissue,     challenges with a mission       903.957.4865.
                                                                                                              hair spray, shaving cream,      to provide services that im-
                                                                                                              cotton swabs, disposable        prove the quality of life and

                                                             State Bank
                201 Main St., Muenster
               201 NN. Main, Muenster                                              Gainesville
                                                                  1601 W. Hwy. 82, Gainesville
                                                                   1601 W. Hwy.
                  940-759-2257                                         940-665-7900                                 Garland Arts Center Brownlee Auditorium, 300 N. Fifth St., Garland, Texas
                                                                                                                 Tickets are $33 (Adults), $15 (12 & under), Group rates $24 for groups of 20 or more.
                                                                                                                       Tickets available at Box Of ce or call 972-205-2790 for reservations
                                                                                                                          The show starts at 7:30 p.m. and runs approximately 2 hours
 8     The Weekly News of Cooke County, December 7, 2011                                                                                                                                         

Area obituaries Continued                                                                                                                                                                                                               Helping
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Handy Man Service
(Continued from Page 3)            Kuhn of Lindsay; great-           Gainesville.                     grandchildren,     Anthony                                                    versity Christian Church.                      940-727-8084
                                   granddaughter,        Addison     History                          Wayne Bahnick of Arling-                                                      She enjoyed traveling with
                                   Booher of Denton; sister,            The Rev. Elwood “Woody”       ton, Susan Diane Poore and                                                    her friends.
   Joe Emanuel Buck                Nancy Norcross of Gaines-         Spencer Poore was born           husband Brian Carrell of                                                      Survivors                                   NO JOB TOO BIG
Services                           ville; brother, William Buck      Feb. 12, 1922 in Haverhill,      Arlington, Amanda Grace                                                         Carolyn Ann Davis is sur-                        no job too small
  Joe Emanuel Buck, 69, of         of Fort Lauderdale, Fla.; and     Mass., to Edwin and Lucy         Poore of Oak Cliff and                                                         vived by her cousin, Gordon
Gainesville died Dec. 3 at         step-sisters, Patsy Owensby       Brown Poore. He married          Sybil Lockhart of Arlington;                                                  Smith of Gainesville and his                 New or Remodel Constr.
his residence.                     of Mesquite and Billie Nich-      Ruth Grace Webster Sept. 3,      great-grandchildren, Shelby                                                   family; and many friends.
  A private memorial ser-          ols of Gainesville.               1948.                            Bahnick and Nicholas Bah-                                                     Donations                                          Electrical
vice was held Dec. 6. Ar-             He was preceded in death          He graduated from Cor-        nick; and daughter-in-law,                                                      Contributions may be                             Plumbing
rangements were under the          by his parents, Bailey Buck       nell College and then from       Debra Smelcer Poore of                                                        made to Humane Society                            Honey Do’s
direction of the Geo. J. Car-      and Willie Jo Grundy; and         Bangor Theological Semi-         Gainesville.                                                                  of North Texas, 1840 E.                     Home Theater Installation
roll & Son Funeral Home of         step-father, W.B. Grundy.         nary. He graduated with             He was preceded in death                                                   Lancaster Ave., Fort Worth,
Gainesville.                       Donations                         advanced degrees in Music        by his parents, Edwin and                                                     Texas, 76103-2124.                          Computer & Network Setup
History                               Contributions may be           History and Sacred Music         Lucy Poore; siblings, Me-
  Joe Emanuel Buck was             made to the Southern Care         from SMU.                        lissa, Malcolm and Hayden;
born Dec. 4, 1941 in Noco-         Hospice of Denton, 5800              The Rev. Elwood “Woody”       wife, Ruth Webster Poore;
na. He married Reba Koonce
in Gainesville in 1958.
                                   N. I-35, Suite 200, Denton,
                                   Texas, 76207.
                                                                     Spencer Poore served church-
                                                                     es in Maine, Iowa and Texas.
                                                                                                      and son, Charles Billings
                                                                                                                                                                                       WE PAY CASH FOR GOLD
  Joe Emanuel Buck was                                               He was Pastor Emeritus                                                                                                  Gainesville Gold and Silver
a master electrician and                                             at First United Methodist                                                                                          We Buy Gold and Silver Jewelry broken or not
owned and operated Texoma                                            Church in Gainesville. His
Electric. He was a member                                            service in ministry spanned                                                                                                   Silver and Gold Coins,
of the Masonic Lodge No.            Rev. Elwood “Woody”              more than 60 years.                 Carolyn Ann Davis                                                                   Sterling Flatware and Service Sets
210. He enjoyed fishing and              Spencer Poore                   He enjoyed people, col-       Services
hunting, especially deer.          Services                          lecting stamps, collecting          Carolyn Ann Davis, 76,                                                            Coin Shop, Jewelry and Antique Mall
Survivors                             The     Rev.      Elwood       postcards and music. He          of Fort Worth died Nov. 30                                                              1910 E. Hwy 82, Gainesville Tx
  Joe Emanuel Buck is sur-         “Woody” Spencer Poore, 89,        was a 32nd Degree Mason, a       in Fort Worth.
vived by his wife, Reba Buck       of Gainesville died Dec. 3 at     member of the Lion’s Club,          Graveside services were                                                                      940-612-2271
of Gainesville; daughters          Denton Regional Medical           a veteran serving with the       held Dec. 5 at Fairview
and sons-in-law, Lisa and          Center.                           Army Signal Corp, a teacher,     Cemetery with the Rev. Hu-
Don York of Denton and                A Celebration of Life will     a community volunteer and        bert Wright officiating. Buri-
Denna and Kyle Kuhn of
Lindsay; grandchildren, Sara
                                   be held at 1 p.m. Wednes-
                                   day (Dec. 7) at the First
                                                                     a lifelong student.
                                                                                                      al was under the direction of
                                                                                                      the Thompson’s Harveson                                                                                               Do you need
Booher of Denton, Lauren
McKnight of Gainesville,
                                   United Methodist Church
                                   in Gainesville with the Rev.
                                                                        The Rev. Elwood “Woody”
                                                                     Spencer Poore is survived by
                                                                                                      & Cole Funeral Home and
                                                                                                      Crematory of Fort Worth.                                                                                              design help?
Pete York of Lewisville,           Don Yeager officiating. Buri-       his son and daughter-in-law,     History
Duke York of Denton, Te-           al will follow in Fairview        Ralph Spencer and Patty             Carolyn Ann Davis was                                                                                              We can help with
resa Lausier of Frisco, Bailey     Cemetery under the direc-         McLeroy Poore of Arling-         born Dec. 31, 1934 in
Kuhn of Lindsay, Tanner            tion of the Geo. J. Carroll       ton; daughter, Nancy Poore       Gainesville to Martin and                                                                                             any size project!
Kuhn of Lindsay and Karli          & Son Funeral Home of             Lockhart of Gainesville;         Creola Davis.
                                                                                                         A graduate of Gainesville
                                                                                                      High School, she received                                                         Inserts ~ Flyers ~ Invitations ~ Advertising

Sentences issued
                                                                                                      her B.S. from TCU.                                                                            Just give us a call!!!
                                                                                                         Carolyn    Ann      Davis
                                                                                                      worked as a certified regis-
                                                                                                      tered nurse anesthetist at St.                                                         The Weekly News
                                                                                                      Joseph Hospital for 35 years,                                                     212 W. Main Street ~ Gainesville, TX
                                                                                                      retiring as CRNA director.

for indictments
                                                                                                         She was a member of Uni-

GAINESVILLE – The fol-             five years in a state facility     munity supervision for
lowing sentences were issued       and court costs.                  Dewell Dolan Sanders who
for felony indictments and            Carlos Lecorie Hankins         pleaded guilty to the July
filed in the 235th District         pleaded guilty to the March       18, 2008 third degree felo-
Court.                             3, 2011 state jail felony of-     ny offense of driving while
  James David McCoy                fense of possession of mari-      intoxicated three or more
pleaded guilty to the May          juana and was sentenced           times and he was sentenced
26, 2009 state jail felony of-     to three years community          to five years in a state facil-
fense of credit card abuse and     supervision, a $1,000 fine,        ity, a $1,000 fine and court
was sentenced to 12 months         court costs and restitution.      costs.
in a state facility, court costs      Erlin Eugene Umsted               Jeffrey Keith Skaggs plead-
and restitution.                   pleaded guilty to the April 4,    ed guilty to the June 20,
  Dewell Dolan Sanders             2010 first degree felony of-       2006 state jail felony offense
pleaded guilty to the Sept.        fense of enhanced intoxica-       of criminal non-support and
16, 2011 third degree felo-        tion manslaughter and was         was sentenced to five years
ny offense of driving while         sentenced to 15 years in a        community         supervision,
intoxicated three or more          state facility and court costs.   court costs and $53,919.04
times and was sentenced to            Judgment revoked com-          restitution.

District Court
case action                                                                                                                                                                 Introducing ...
                                                                                                                                                Martha (Marty) Thomas, MD

GAINESVILLE – The fol-               Robert Glen Ham vs.             vorce.
lowing cases were filed and         Janie Sutton Davis Ham –             Timothy Darrll Jones                                                                                Dr. Thomas comes to Cooke County from
decided in the 235th Dis-          divorce.                          vs. Pauline Ann Jones – di-                                                                            Searcy, Arkansas, where she was in practice
trict Court.                         FIA Card Services NA vs.        vorce.
                                                                                                          NTMC welcomes to the medical staff,

                                   Clint D. Britain – contract.         Kimberly Anne Templin                                                                               for five years. She is board certified with the
Cases filed                           In Re: Reneta M. Knabe          vs. Richard William Temp-
  Cooke County, et al vs.          and Greg E. Knabe – fore-         lin – divorce.                                                                                         American Academy of Pediatrics (2008)
Gilbert Warren and Doro-           closure.                             In Re: Kelley Renae Blan-                                                                           and earned her medical degree and
thy Warren – delinquent              Ex Parte: Tony Leon Part-       ton – name change.
taxes.                             ney – writ of habeas corpus.         Ex Parte: Tony Leon Part-                                                                           performed her residency at the University of
  Cooke County, et al vs.            Veronica Deans St. Onge         ney – writ of habeas corpus.                                                                           Arkansas for Medical Sciences and Arkansas
Gladys Louise Hobbs Living         vs. Patrict St. Onge – di-           Cooke County, et al vs.
Trust – delinquent taxes.          vorce.                            Jose G. Morales and Juana                                                                              Children’s Hospital in Little Rock.
  Cooke County, et al vs.            Sharon Denise Johnson           Lara – judgment for the
Freddy Turk and Bobbie J.          vs. David Ray Johnson – di-       plaintiff.
Turk – delinquent taxes.           vorce.                               Cooke County, et al vs.                                                                             Dr. Thomas is Board Certified with the
  Cooke County, et al vs.            Discover Bank vs. Vernie        Milus E. Davis and Hazel
Tennie B. Huffman – delin-          M. Wilson and C.B. Wilson         M. Davis – judgment for                                                                                American Academy of Pediatrics and is
quent taxes.                       – contract.                       the plaintiff.                                                                                          skilled in all general pediatric issues, ADHD
  Cooke County, et al vs.                                               Cooke County, et al vs.
David Bruce Woods and              Cases decided                     G.D. Brackeen and Geneva                                                                               and mental health disorders.
Rebecca C. Woods – delin-            Dalelenia Rae Drake vs.         Brackeen – judgment for the
quent taxes.                       Randall Shane Drake – di-         plaintiff.
                                                                                                                                                                            Gainesville’s newest specialist expands the
                                                                                                                                                                            range and availability of pediatric health
                                                                                                                                                                            services to the residents of Cooke County.
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         All gift recipients will be notified of the donation by way of a gift card.                                                                                          (940) 612-8373 or visit the Medical Staff section of our website,                                                                                                     The Weekly News of Cooke County, December 7, 2011                             9

Gainesville Police Department

Oklahoma man robbed at vehicle
by unknown suspect in Gainesville
GAINESVILLE – Marc                      Other incidents reported to              Bridget Anne Ellis report-      Henry Lanny Brooks re-           Calvin Dion Pipkin, 40,        18, driving under the influ-
Eric Powers, 25, of Oklaho-             GPD follow.                            ed the theft $60 cash and       ported the theft of fuel, lug    possession of a controlled.      ence.
ma City was robbed outside                 Kenya Dawn Borden and               keys, a total value of $130,    cover and wheel cover from         Brittany Gail Banks, 21,          James Dalelee Kennedy,
of his car in the 1900 block            Kacie Rae Brown reported               from a vehicle in the 300       a vehicle, a total value of      organized retail theft, crimi-   19, public intoxication.
of North I-35 Nov. 29 by an             an assault in the 1400 block           block of North I-35.            $222.08, in the 400 block        nal trespass.                       Juan Olivas Rodriguez,
unknown suspect.                        of Belcher Street.                       Derek Allen Sicking re-       of North I-35.                     Charity Sharda Farmer,         20, public intoxication.
   According to the Gaines-                Speed Machining re-                 ported the theft of a GPS         Bobby Ray Lynch re-            22, misdemeanor warrant.            Karrisa Kristine Hodge,
ville Police Department,                ported the theft of a flatbed           unit valued at $250 from a      ported criminal trespass in        Clayton Kendall Bryant,        20, misdemeanor warrants.
a person wearing a black                trailer valued at $1,700 in            vehicle in the 3000 block of    the 300 block of North Cle-      20, misdemeanor warrant.            Anthony Lamonte Per-
hoodie and ski mask ap-                 the 1500 block of North                North Weaver Street.            ments Street.                      Jimmie Allen Douthit,          kins, 22, public intoxica-
proached Powers and de-                 Culberson Street.                        Brandy Nicole Gibson                                           29, misdemeanor warrant.         tion.
manded his wallet.                         James Lewis Andujo re-              reported the theft of a GPS     Arrest log                         J.C. Ritcherson, 75, mis-         James Robert Benton, 30,
   Police did not know at               ported $3,000 damage to a              unit, radar detector and          Patrick Allen Young, 28,       demeanor warrant.                public intoxication.
press time what type of                 vehicle from a hit-and-run             vodka, a total value of $238,   evading arrest.                    James Garrett McMullen,
weapon was used, and did                accident.                              from a vehicle in the 400
not have a better description              Wal-Mart reported the               block of South Grand Av-
of the suspect.                         theft and recovery of a belt           enue.
   The suspect took Powers
wallet that contained $420
and a credit/debit card.
   GPD was still investigat-
                                        valued at $8 in the 1800
                                        block of Lawrence Street.
                                           Enderby Gas reported the
                                        theft of gasoline valued at
                                                                                 Gray Hill Apartments
                                                                               reported $50 damage to a
                                                                               door during an attempted
                                                                               burglary in the 900 block of
                                                                                                               Gainesville receives
ing the incident. No injuries           $150.64 in the 1400 block              East Highway 82.
were reported.                          of West Highway 82.                      Great American Car
                                                                               Wash reported $300 dam-
                                                                               age to a window during an
                                                                               attempted burglary in the
                                                                                                               permits requests
                        Call me today for a complimentary                      1500 block of North Dixon
                         financial and insurance review.                       Street.                         GAINESVILLE – The fol-           cal permit at 1306 N. Cle-       Road.
                                                                                 Nicholas Dewitt Blanton       lowing permit requests           ments St.                           Randy Lovato – mobile
                                   (940) 665 3121                              reported $100 damage to         were received by the City of        Sue Herrington – electri-     home permit at 2212 Mead-
                                                                               a mailbox and post from a       Gainesville.                     cal permit at 603 N. Weaver      ow Lark Lane.
  David Wright                                                                 hit-and-run accident in the        Maria Del Carmen – ac-        St.                                 Daniel Meza – plumbing
 EDWIN WRIGHT                                                                  3900 block of East Broad-       cessory building permit at          Shirley Reiter – electri-     permit at 2014 Greenbriar.
       Wright & Wright
 BOX 796/317 N GRAND Insurance                                                 way.                            811 N. Morris St.                cal permit at 721 S. Grand          Shendra Coleman –
 GAINESVILLE                                                                     Petroflex NA LTD report-          Gainesville Housing Au-       Ave.                             plumbing permit at 1010 E.
        317 N. Grand •
 a085208@allstate.comGainesville                                               ed $125 damage to three         thority – communications            Rebecca Teaford – fence       Main St.
                                                                               pulltapes in the 2300 block     tower antenna permit at 501      permit at 1016 N. Com-              William Brewer – plumb-
 Subject to availability and qualifications.Allstate Life Insurance Company,                                   E. California St.                merce St.                        ing permit at 1506 Olive St.
 Northbrook, Illinois © 2007 Allstate Insurance Company.                       of Airport Drive.
                                                                                                                  Jaime Moreno – construc-         Roy Howser – fence per-          Merlin Wilson – roofing
                                                                                                               tion permit at 3107 E. Hwy.      mit at 1113 Kent.                permit at 107 Line Drive.
                                                                                                               82.                                 Otis Prestage – fence per-       Alfonso Rodriguez-Soto

   There’s no place like
                                                                                                                  Randy Lovato – demoli-        mit at 822 N. Morris St.         – roofing permit at 801 N.
                                                                                                               tion permit at 2212 Mead-           Julia Perez – fence permit    Clements St.
                                                                                                               ow Lark Lane.                    at 1403 Culberson.                  James Brizendine – roof-
                                                                                                                  J.C. Bullard – electri-          B-29 Investments, LP –        ing permit at 816 N. Taylor
                                                                                                               cal permit at 319 Rosedale       mechanical permits at 114        St.
                                                                                                               Drive.                           E. Foreline.                        Boyd Sikes – roofing per-

  Home for the Holidays!
                                                                                                                  Clay Brooks – electrical         Northwest Management,         mit at 619 Ritchey St.
                                                                                                               permit at 1716 Merrywood         Inc. – mechanical permit at         Integrity CPAC Invest-
                                                                                                               Way.                             516 N. Denton St.                ments, LLC – roofing per-
                                                                                                                  Bobby Don Doty – elec-           Boyd Ware – mechanical        mit at 1125 S. Clements St.
                                                                                                               trical permit at 1510 Rice       permit at 715 Lindsay St.           BDH Investments, LLC –
                                                                                                               Ave.                                ARC – mobile home per-        sign permit at 102 N. Grand
                                                                                                                  Emilio Gutierrez – electri-   mit at 1400 Old Sivells Bend     Ave.

                                                                                                               Sheriff logs reports
                                                                                                               GAINESVILLE – The fol-           block of East Highway 82.        2800 block of CR 115.
                                                                                                               lowing incidents were re-           Curtis Franklin Anderson         Joel J. Najera of Gaines-
                                                                                                               ported to the Cooke County       of Lake Kiowa reported an        ville reported a theft in the
                                                                                                               Sheriff’s Department.             animal bite.                     1500 block of CR 263.
            Gainesville                                                                                           Erica Nicole Burns of            Alan Dale Gray of Gaines-
                                                                                                               Glenwood Springs, Colo.,         ville reported a theft in        Arrest log
           940.665.0944                                                                                        reported the theft of a vehi-    the 100 block of San Chez           Michelle Christine Lush-
                                                                                                               cle in the 1000 block of I-35    Street.                          er, 44, warrants.
                                                                                                               Frontage Road.                      James William Haas of            Jeremy Nathaniel Brown,
         Here are just some of the ways we can help at home:                                                      A structure fire-explosion     Odessa reported the bur-         21, warrant.
                                                                                                               was reported in the 8700         glary of a habitation in the

                                                                                                               County Clerk issues
                                                                                                               marriage licenses
   Rely on Angels Care Home Health to keep your                                                                GAINESVILLE – The fol-           County Clerk’s Office.             Mason, 18, Norman, Okla.
    patients or loved ones home for the holidays.                                                              lowing marriage licenses           Zachary Tyrell Edens, 21,        Michael Joseph Lewis, 48,
                                                                                                               were issued by the Cooke         Fairfax, Okla., and Ila Ariel    Edmond, Okla., and Kim-
                                                                                                                                                                                 berly Kay Bishop, 53, Ed-
                                                                                                                                                                                 mond, Okla.
                                                                                                                                                                                   Rockey James Strider, 38,
                                                                                                                                                                                 Oklahoma City and Jennifer
                                                                                                                                                                                 Ann Barcelo, 29, Oklahoma
                                                                                                                                                                                   Joseph Muthara Ndua,
                                                                                                                                                                                 24, Oklahoma City and
                                                                                                                                                                                 Elena Roxanne Leon, 20,
                                                                                                                                                                                 Oklahoma City.
                                                                                                                                                                                   Brian Keith Massey, 29,
                                                                                                                                                                                 Bowie and Elizabeth Mashae
                                                                                                                                                                                 Sorrels, 30, Bowie.
                                                                                                                                                                                   Jimmy Lynn May, 50, Ar-
                                                                                                                                                                                 dmore, Okla., and Loretta
                                                                                                                                                                                 Louise May, 53, Ardmore,
                                                                                                                                                                                   Chad Lane Martin, 45,
                                                                                                                                                                                 Gainesville and Trina Kay
                                                                                                                                                                                 Deeken, 37, Gainesville.

10    The Weekly News of Cooke County, December 7, 2011                                                                           

                                                                                            Classified deadline is 4 p.m. Friday. Payment is required at the time
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    Noah’s                                        Autos                                       For Sale                                 Help Wanted
     Ark                        08 CHEVY IMPALA              06 FORD FOCUS LIKE             For Sale - Firewood                                       Experienced Floral De-
                                66,820 MILES $13,000         NEW! 39,040 MILES              For Sale Seasoned Oak                                     signer for local company
                                @ AUTO TOPIC 940-            $11,500. @ AUTO TOP-           Split and Delivered $100                                  send resume to L L Trust
                                665-2966.                    IC 940-665-2966.               940.367.4372.                                             Po Box 134 Lindsay, TX
                                                     10/26                          10/26                            12/28
                                                                                            7 ft lighted spiral yard tree       Gainesville                                  12/14

                                 KLEMENT FORD                                               $12 each, 7 strands icicle
                                                                                            lights $20, decorations.
                                                                                                                                is currently taking
                                                                                                                                                      CAREGIVERS NEED-
                                                                                                                                                      ED Hourly and 24 hour
                                   OF MUENSTER, Ltd.                                        940.665.5304.
                                                                                                                                applications for a:
                                                                                                                                                      Call M-F 9-5 to schedule
                                                                                                                                                      interview, 940-665-2999
                                             (940) 665-2281                                                                  Service Consultant
                                                                                                                                 (part time)          or 888-665-2992.
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Meet Blaze! Blaze is a
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heeler. She’s a sweet girl                                                                  For Sale. Remington 223
who is a little shy at first,          2003 Ford Windstar - $366/mo.                         ammo $5 a box, mini 14             Clerical support       Classified ads for as low as
but loves people, includ-             2002 Mazda Tribute - $343/mo.                         magazine $10 each call                                    $7.50. Call 940.665.2320.
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home that will keep her                                                                                                       Technology Store.
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busy. Blaze is spayed,                                                                      Quilts by Chris. King,
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chipped, and negative for        *PAYMENTS BASED ON 30 MONTHS WITH $2,000 CASH DOWN
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                                                                                                                             406 E. California St.      & Found
heartworms. Her adop-                                                                                                12/28
                                                                                                                              in Gainesville or
tion fee is $85. Come see       1996 Dodge Grand Car-        1991 Ford Ranger XLT                                             205 N. Walnut St. in    To place a Lost & Found
Blaze today! Noah’s Ark         avan- Auto OD, A/C,          Regular Cab - 5-Speed          Decorated      Christmas              Muenster by:        ad call The Weekly News
Animal Shelter 2501 N.          Power Windows & Locks,       Transmission, 4 cylinder       Tree 6ft $15, 6ft glass                                   of Cooke County and ask
Weaver St.,Gainesville,         Tilt, Cruise.                engine.                        corner cabinet $60, Men           December 30, 2011       the entire county if they
TX - 940-665-9800.                        $
                                            1,90000                   $
                                                                        1,49500             Navy Suit 40/32 $10                                       have seen what you lost!
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Classified ads for as low as                                                                                          11/30

$7.50. Call 940.665.2320.            I-35 @ Broadway             I-35 @ Broadway
                                      Gainesville, TX             Gainesville, TX
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                                                      12/7                           12/7

                                                                                               Texas Parks & Wildlife
    Found                         YOUR CHOICE $9,000 CASH!
Remember that The Weekly
News of Cooke County              06 DODGE CARAVAN                                                                  Fishing report
runs all found animal ads                        (63,349 MILES)
for free in an attempt to
help the owner in locating
their lost family pet. Just
                                   04 FORD MUSTANG                                            Lewisville
give us a call to find out                                                                     Water clear; 61–67 degrees; 7.08’ low. Black bass are good on shallow
more 940-665-2320.                                                                            running crankbaits in shad patterns, white spinnerbaits and swim jigs
                                   @ Auto Topic 940-665-2966                                  along the rip rap near the dam. The shallow bite is good throughout the
                                                                                              day. Later in the day watermelon finesse jigs in the same areas are effec-
The Weekly News                                                                               tive. Crappie are fair on minnows and jigs. White bass are good on slabs.
                                                                                              Hybrid stripers are fair on slabs and Sassy Shad. Catfish are good on pre-
  Covering the
                                YOUR CHOICE $10,000 CASH!                                     pared bait.
  Entire County
                                     04 HONDA CIVIC                                           Ray Roberts
                                                                                              Water clear; 61–66 degrees; 4.78’ low. Black bass are good on 10” blue

                                     04 CHEVY TAHOE                                           fleck worms around channels in the backs of creeks and XCalibur square
                                                                                              bill crankbaits worked around the edges of shallow grass in the backs
                                                                                              of creeks. Crappie are slow on minnows in brush piles around 25 feet.
Missing Great Pyrenees
                                 @ Auto Topic 940-665-2966                                    White bass are excellent on slabs in 35 feet – look for gulls working the
Male, black rimmed ears,
                                                                                              surface and slab under them. No report on catfish.
and Female near CR 155          06 COBALT 88,885             1998 Mercury Mar-
off Club Lake Rd Whites-
boro. Red/Blue collars
                                MILES $9,500 @ AUTO-
                                TOPIC 940-665-2699.
                                                             quis LS 4 Door - Auto,
                                                             A/C, Power Windows               Texoma
                        11/30                                & Locks, Tilt, Cruise,           Water fairly clear; 61–66 degrees; 5.07’ low. The lake is currently experi-
                                                             Leather Seats.                   encing an outbreak of Blue–Green Algae. Please check www.tpwd.state.
LOST DOG From Cal-              The Weekly News of                    $
                                                                        3,90000      prior to planning a trip
lisburg Area 6 month            Cooke County - Clas-             Marler Used Cars             to Texoma. All contact with water by people and animals is prohibited.
old female Bloodhound           sified ads for as low as          I-35 @ Broadway              Boating is allowed, but boaters are cautioned to reduce their speed be-
Last seen Tuesday 11/22                                           Gainesville, TX             cause the spray caused by higher speeds can be dangerous if inhaled.
                                $7.50. Just give us a             (940) 665-8888
                        11/30   call 940.665.2320.                                   12/7

                                                                                                           The Weekly News
                                                             2002 Chevrolet 1500 Ex-
                                                             tended Cab 4x4 - 5.3L
            Legal Notice
                                                             Engine, Auto OD, A/C,
                                                             Power Windows & Locks,                                                        of Cooke County
                                                             Tilt, Cruise, LS Pkg, Alu-
                     NO. PR16786                             minum Wheels, 5,000                                212 W. Main ~ Gainesville, Texas 76240
                                                             Mile Warranty, Low Mile-
                                                             age 66k.
        COUNTY COURT AT LAW                                            $
                                                                        11,90000                     Advertising: 940.665.2320 ~ News: 940.665.0733
       OF COOKE COUNTY, TEXAS                                     Marler Used Cars                                    Fax: 940.665.2162
                                                                  I-35 @ Broadway
 NOTICE TO ALL PERSONS HAVING CLAIMS                               Gainesville, TX                    
        ATAINST THE ESTATE OF                                      (940) 665-8888
                                                             1998 Chevrolet 1500                             Crossword Puzzle Answers
  Notice is hereby given that original Letters Testamen-     Regular Cab Short Bed
tary for the Estate of FRANCES CAROL PARRISH,                - V8 Engine, Auto, A/C,
were issued on November, 3, 2011, in Cause No. 2011-         Tilt, Cruise.
PR16786, pending in the Cooke County Court at Law,                     $
of Cooke County, Texas, to CARLA DIANE PARRISH                    Marler Used Cars
WHITE.                                                            I-35 @ Broadway
   The office of the resident agent for the Independent             Gainesville, TX
Executor and mailing address for mailing of claims is:             (940) 665-8888
         c/o James D. Schull                                                         12/7

         Attorney at Law
         8507 Benbrook Blvd.,
         Suite F
         Benbrook, Texas 76126                                  Piano
    All persons having claims against the Decedent’s
Estate, which is currently being administered, are re-         Lessons
quired to present them within the time and in the man-
ner prescribed by law.                                       Melody’s Piano Studio
  DATED this 18th day of November, 2011.                     now enrolling for January
                                                             2012. 940-768-8055.
James D. Schull, Attorney for the Estate                                            12/28

State Bar No. 24029830
8507 Benbrook Blvd., Suite F
Benbrook, Texas 76126
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 playgrounds & more. 18 hole
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                                                                                                                       5 minutes from Winstar
                                                                                                                                                       Muenster, TX • 940-759-2211
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 15ac Gunter Rd., Whitesboro.                                                              940-736-1966.               0412
 15.540     ACRES.       Mature                   50ac FM 51, Gainesville. 50 Acres
 trees with a pond and good                       with road frontage on 2 sides. Open
 fertilized coastal. $149,500.                    pasture, great location. $295,000.
 Lisa Moden 903-814-7374                          Carrie Chown 940-293-3041               Large 2 Bdrm, 1 Bath, laundry rm. New tile oor &
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                                                                                                                                                                The Weekly News
                                                                                                                                                                        of Cooke County

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 810 North Union Street
 Whitesboro, TX 76273
                                                  4392 FM 2931, Aubrey. Remodeled
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        903-564-9686                              fencing, Pecan trees, creek. Owner
                                                   nance available. $1,350,000.
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12   The Weekly News of Cooke County, December 7, 2011                                                                          

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       Vests • Hats • Gloves • L Johns • Bib Overalls •                                                                        66
                       Insulated Overalls                      $
                                                                   29995 TO $35995                                            Hoodie Coat
       Ladies’ Flannel     Kids’ Sizes    Men’s Hooded
       Hooded Jackets         Also       Thermal Jackets                                                                       $     95
         Style WJ 130       Available       Style J131                                                                         39
              7995                          $

               MEN’S CINCH                                                                   MEN’S SHIRTS
                                                                                                                                                  ENTIRE STOCK
               Vest                                                                                Rack
           5195   & up
                                                                                                30% - 70%                                       Resistol, Stetson, Bailey
                                                                                                   OFF                                            4X – 100X
                                                                                                 20X, Ely,                                          20% OFF
          Hoodies                                                                            Panhandle Slim
           6295                                                                              & George Strait                                          Bailey 2X
                                                                                              Ryan Michael,
                                                        MEN’S COATS                           George Strait
                                                          Cripple Creek                        Troubadour,
                                                                                             and Miller Ranch
                                                       starting at $49& up
                                                                                                 by Cinch
         Special                                             Entire                                 NEW                                     LADIES’
          Rack                                                                                    ARRIVALS                            Western Fashion
         Ladies’                                             Cruel                                       DO
                                                                                                                                      Roper Rock Star ............ $9995
          Coats                                            Girl Jeans                                                                 Durango .................... $12995
            &                                               1000’s                                       Silver,
                                                                                                                                      Ariat Fashion ............. $18995
                                                                                                                                                                      & up

                                                                                                        Miss Me,                      Dan Post .................... $19995
         Hoodies                                           to choose                                  Rock Revival                                                      & up

                                                                                                      and Big Star                    Fashion Toe
          30%                                                 from                                   Jeans & Shirts
                                                                                                                                      Corral Calf ............. $16995
                                                                                                                                                                    & up
                                                                                                   Silver and Miss Me
           OFF                                             1/2 Price                                   Special Rack
                                                                                                        30% OFF

                                                            CHRISTMAS                                                        Affordable
                      Square Toe
                                                           BOOT SAVINGS                                                   Square Toe Boots
                      Work Boots
                                                       Kids’ Boots ................ $3995                                                               Tony
                         Reg. Toe                      Justin Chukkas ...........  74
                                                                                    $   95
                                                                                                Ladies                                                 Lama
                                                                                                                         Durango                      American
                         $       95                    Justin Work Boots ...... $7995 up     Justin Gypsy                $
                                                                                                                                                         14995 & Up
                                                       Twisted X Bombers..... $9995                &
                                                       Ariat All Terrain......... $8995          Ariat
                                                       Ariat Stockman ...... $11995            Fat Baby
                                                                                                                           Justin                           Justin
                                                       Twisted X                                Styles                   Stampede                            Bent
                                                       Buckaroos ............. $16995                                                                        Rail
          Steel Square Toe                             Anderson Bean
                                                                                                10         OFF
                                                                                                                               & Up                     $
                                                                                                                                                           15995& Up

                                                       Horse Power .......... $16995
                                                           Tin Haul Boots
                     Men’s Boots $29995                                                              Ladies’ Boots $29995

         North Texas’ Largest And Most Complete Western Shop For Family and Horse!
                                                                                                             Mon.-Sat., 9a.m.-6:30p.m. • Sunday, 12:30-5:30 p.m.
                                                                     WESTERN WEAR                            Easy Access Off I-35N at Krum Exit • 2 Miles North of
                                                                     & SADDLE SHOP                           University Drive • Front Door Parking • Denton, TX

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