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Vol. LIII                    No. 14                                    THE UKRAINIAN WEEKLY               SUNDAY, APRIL 7, 1985                                                       25 cents

                            ХРИСТОС BOCKPEC -                                                                      CHRIST IS RISEN                                         Ж

                                                                                                          House Speaker appoints Mica, Hertel
            "The feast of all feasts
     Easter greetings from the Ukrai­                - including His Beatitude Major
                                                                                                          to Ukrainian famine commission
  nian Catholic hierarchy in the United             Archbishop Josyf. Bishops Gregory                        WASHINGTON           House Speaker        The executive branch appointments
  Slates of America.                                Chomyshyn, Nykyta Budka. Mykola                       Thomas P. O'Neill Jr.. on March 28         were announced by President Ronald
                                                    C h a r n e t s k y , Ivan L a t y s h e v s k y .    named two Democratic             House     Reagan on February 12. Named were:
  Very R e v e r e n d and R e v e r e n d          Father Petro Verhun. the apostolic                    members to the Commission on the           Surgeon General C. Everett Koop, of
  Fathers. Venerable Sisters. Dear                  visitator. and later. J o s a p h a t                 Ukraine Famine.                            the Department of Health and Human
  Brothers and Sisters in Christ:                   Kotsylovsky and Hryhoriy Lakota;                         The appointees arc Reps. Dan Mica       Services: Gary L. Bauer of the
     "Christ is risen from the dead. He             the same fate befell our hierarchy in                 of Florida (14th District) and Dennis      Department of Education: and Howard
  conquered death by his death and to               Carpalho-Ukraine and Slovakia,                        M. Hertel of Michigan (14th District).     Eugene Douglas of the Department of
  those in the graves he granted life."             viz.. Bishops Pavlo Goydych and                       Rep. Mica was named chairman of the        State.
      Mankind has never witnessed, nor              Teodor Romzha, and tolled death's                     committee.
  vill it ever, a day so sad and                    knell of the Ukrainian Catholic                          The appointments are in keeping with       Pam Jackson of the House Speaker's
  depressing as Good Friday; on this                Church in the occupied territories of                 the Ukrainian famine bill which            Office in Washington told The Weekly
  unforgettable day the forces of evil              hammer-and-sickle government.                         stipulates that the commission include     that House Minority Leader Rep.
  unjustly condemned, sentenced to                      What was the crime of our                         four members of the House (two             Robert H. Michel of Illinois is soon
  death by crucifixion and finally                  bishops? On good Friday the Jews                      Democrats and two Republicans) and         expected to propose the Republican
  interred the Creator of life and the              accused the innocent Lamb of God                      two senators (one Democrat and one         members of the commission. The two
  Savior of the world, Jesus Christ, the            before Pontius Pilate that "we caught                 Republican), in addition to three execu­   Republicans, as provided in the famine
  Son of God and our Lord. When they                this man misleading our people"                       tive branch members and six public         bill, are to be named by the speaker of
  sealed his grave and protected it with            ( L u k e 23:2). A like perverse                      members selected from the Ukrainian        the House in consultation with the
  a guard, the enemies of Christ                    reasoning was employed in 1945 by                     community.                                 minority leader.
  convinced themselves that they had                representatives of. the atheistic
  liquidated the Savior and hacLwritten             o c c u p y i n g forces—when                 they
  the final chapter of his life.
      But a miracle occurred. "A miracle
                                                    condemned our bishops. When
                                                    attempts to force them to deny the                    300 show support for Shukhevych;
                                                    Church^their faith and allegiance to
  defying description. Defying death,
  Christ is risen." On the third day, the            the successor of St. Peter failed, and
                                                     when our hierarchy                     steadfastly
                                                                                                          10 arrested in peaceful protest
  Son of God victoriously emerged
   from the grave alive, glorified and no           adhered to Christ and his truth, they                           by Bohdan Faryma                 deGenova declined to prosecute more
   longer able to be shackled by                     became innocent, entombed victims.                                                              than 1.700 protesters arrested in front of
  suffering and death. The glorious day             "If they persecute me, they will                         W A S H I N G T O N - Ten Ukrainian     the South Afrrtan Embassy during a
  of his resurrection has become a most              persecute you. t o o " is the somber                 students were arrested in front of the     similar non-violent demonstration.
   fortunate and festive time for                    truth Christ spoke in John 15:20.                    Soviet Embassy on March 29 during a          "The South Africans (protesters)
   humanity. For it is truly "the feast of              Satan's forces employed prisons,                  demonstration in support of Ukrainian      were there for 10 minutes. We were
  all feasts, the festival of all festivals."        concentration camps and every                        dissident Yuriy Shukhevych. The 10 are     there for eight hours." Myron Wasylyk.
  Our Savior restored life to those                  d e g r a d a t i o n i m a g i n a b l e in an      to appear in court on May 1 1.             director of the Ukrainian National
  entombed in the graves. "Let us                    attempt to break the resolve of our                     Meanwhile, U.S. Attorney Joseph                   (Continued on page 16)
   adore the Lord's holy resurrection."              hierarchy.             But t h e         bishops,
   for by his cross "joy filled the world"           strengthened by the power of the
  and in the liturgy we "praise his                  risen Christ, heroically endured these
   resurrection because he, though                   dark hours. By their faith, fortitude
   crucified, conquered death by his                 and finally their blood and death,
   death."                                           they e n h a n c e d the U k r a i n i a n
      Christ's ultimate conquest of evil             Catholic Church with the aureole of
   is ever present in the history of the             martyrdom.
   kingdom of God on earth. It is                        The atheistic occupants closed the
   constantly renewed in the life of the             doors to all Ukrainian churches,
   mystical body of Christ, in the life of           seminaries and publishing houses.
   the Church. The joyful conquest of                They forbade all printing of religious
   our Savior over his enemies rein­                 literature. They branded as enemies
   forces the faith and hope of                      those priests who remained loyal to
   Ukrainians both in the free world                 the Church. They sealed the Church's
   and especially in our native land                 grave and crowned their own perfidy
   behind the Iron Curtain on the                    with the "Synod of Lviv" which
   m o u r n f u l a n n i v e r s a r y of t h e     history             will   regard          as a
   crucifixion      and       burial ol the          contemptuous parody of lawful
   Ukrainian       Catholic Church             in    church government.
   western Ukraine. Forty years have-                    Christ's resurrection assures us
   long passed since April I I . 1945.                that our underground Church in
   w hen the atheistic occupants arrested             Ukraine will rise to a new life. Our
   the Ukrainian Carkoik hierarchy                              (Continued on page 10)                                                                                              fBohdan Faryma

                                                                                                                 Demonstrators call for Yuriy Shukhevych`s release from the USSR.
                                                           THE UKRAINIAN WEEKLY         SUNDAY, APRIL 7, 1985                                                                   No. 14

                                                                                        Sakharov may resign USSR academy
                                                                                           M O S C O W - Soviet physicist and          Soviet slander." She has been seeking
                                                                                        human-rights activist Dr. Andrei D.            permission to go abroad for treatment
                                             Chronicle of                               Sakharov has reportedly told the Soviet
                                                                                        Academy of Sciences that he will resign
                                                                                                                                       of a heart condition.
                                                                                                                                          In saying that he would quit the
                                             the Catholic Church                        as a member by May 10 unless
                                                                                        something is done about his banishment
                                                                                                                                       Academy        of S c i e n c e s ,
                                                                                                                                       approximately 300 members are the

                                             in Ukraine                                 in Gorky and about his wife's health,
                                                                                        reported The New York Times.
                                                                                                                                       elite of the Soviet scientific world. Dr.
                                                                                                                                       Sakharov, 63, proposed to sever his last
                                                                                           Dr. Sakharov has been restricted to         official link to the Soviet system.
                                                                                        Gorky, a city of more than I million on           Dr. Sakharov. who helped develop
                                                                                        the Volga River, since January 1980.           Soviet nuclear weapons, was made a full
                                                                                        apparently to stop him from issuing            member of the academy in 1953. at the
     Tjif following excerpixjire   from      Satanists. locked her in the cellar!                                                      unusually young age of 32. His message
                                                                                        public statements in Moscow during
 Issut V(i h .; the Chronicle a/ the         Maria received a warning that they                                                        was viewed by his friends as a last \
                                                                                        that year's Summer Olympics in the
 Cathulit      Church m Ukraine, an          (she and her husband) would be                                                            appeal to his fellow academicians, who
                                                                                        Soviet capita!
 underground       publication   whit h      taken into custody within a month                                                         have maintained a public silence
                                                                                           His wife. Yelena Bonner, has also
 made its appearance in January 19X4         and tried lor the umpteenth time.                                                         regarding his case
                                                                                        been restricted to the city for the last 11
 hui has onl\ recenth reached the               I krainians! Remember that there
                                                                                        months after being convicted of "anti-                    (Continued on page 10)
  II esi Thin far, civil! issues have        are men and women believers who
 made theii wa\ out of Ukraine. The          believe totally in out Catholic
 Chronicle is published in sannvdav
 tnrm by the Initiative Group for the
                                             Church and in Ukraine: pray, pray
                                             everyday, and eternally God will           Jews told to reapply for visas
 Defense ol Believers and the Church.        come in the aid ol crucified Ukraine:
 which was founded in IVH2 to pro­           the tears and blood of those                  WASHINGTON                Do/ens of         effect or had been asked to reapply.
 mote the legalization o/ the Ukrai­         murdered, murdered in the prisons          Jewish families, including several that           Mr. Goodman said there was no
 nian Catholic Church, which has             and camps for their faith and for          had     been refused     permission to         conclusive evidence so far that exit v isas
 been outlawed since 1946.                   Ukraine, has not been shed in vain!        emigrate for years, have been told in          would be granted. But he noted that in
                                                " Information has been received         recent days by the authorities in              the past, Soviet authorities usually
  ` e I he April 17. 1984. edition of        about Ukrainian political prisoner         Moscow to reapply for exit visas,              granted visas when they called in long­
 the newspaper Zakarpalska Pravda            Pavlo Kampov. groundlessly                 reported The New York Times.                   time applicants.
 carried an article by H. Danyluk            imprisoned in a labor camp in                 Jerry Cioodman. executive director of          The exit visas are given for travel to
 tilled "Bookkeeper in a Cassock."           Russia. P. Kampov is gravely ill. but      the National Conference on Soviet              Israel, but in previous years about half
 Shortly before the article appeared, a      w hen his parents sent this ailing man     Jewry, said people in Moscow had told          of those with such visas haveendedupin
 brigade ol militiamen and KGB               medicine, camp authorities                 his office that beginning last week.           the United States.
 broke into the home of a Ukrainian          confiscated it. telling Kampov that        Jewish families were asked to come to             Mr. Goodman said 97 Jews were
 Catholic priest, the R c \ . Oleksander     he will die there. Pavlo Kampov is         the Soviet visa office. Mr. Goodman            allowed to leave the Soviet Union last
` lovt. and carried out a complete           being held illegally on the territory of   said the families cither had been told         month and 896 were allowed to leave in
 "pogrom." destroying a number ol            the Russian SKSR. where they are           that their visa applications were still in     all of last year. The number of Jews
  bonks from the priest's private            preparing a fate similar to that of        шввншааяяавявваамвааввввавшввнаш               permitted to leave has fallen sharply
 Iibiary and illegally confiscating          Oleksiy Tykhy. (Mr. Tykhy. an                                                             since 1979. when it reached a peak of
  nearly 400 volumes. The priest was
  read the statute dealing with
                                             imprisoned member of the Ukrainian
                                             Helsinki Group, died of stomach
                                                                                        Izvestia calls for                             more than 50.000.
                                                                                                                                          Mr. Goodman said there were many
 "religious cults" and was fined 50
  rubles. Ol course there was no
                                             cancer last year following surgery.J
                                             Eventually. Kampov^ found himself
                                                                                        ideological discipline                                    (Continued on page 11)
  mention ol this m the Danyluk              in a ISbor camp hospital. The doctors
 article, or thai the villagers were         tola him that they had no medicine.           BOSTON        - Izvestia, the official
 indignant about the actions (crimes)        but if his parents sent some they          Soviet government newspaper, called            Romanov praises
 ol the militiamen. In this way, the         could begin treatment. (Yosyp)             for strict ideological discipline last week
 Transcarpathiao village ol Zastavne         Terelia sent medicine, but no one          in a reallirmalion of the principles
                                                                                        outlined by the new Soviet leader.
                                                                                                                                       Hungary's reforms
 witnessed the everyday "work" of trie       knows il thc\ will be given to the
  militia and the KGB. which daily toil      patient                                    Mikhail Gorbachev, reported The                    BU D A P E S I . Hungary -           Soviet
  in і he sphere ol atheism But the most                                                Christian Science Monitor.                     Politburo member Grigori Romanov
  frightening thing is that among the                Letter from Kampov                   ` 1 he newspaper's editorial also urged a    expressed approval on March 26 of
  books were some published in Rome                                                     purge ol all "alien elements."                 H u n g a r i a n e c o n o m i c reforms to
       this is where the dog is buried fan      G l o n to ,lesus Christ!                  Izyestia noted that the only way to         Hungary's 13th Communist                  Party
  idiomatic expression!! A prayer lot           Ciood day. my dear friends I yearn      expand the USSR's wealth and increase          Congress and indicated that the
  non-believers, a Bible lor voting,         to meet you il just once in our native)    its security was t h r o u g h o r d e r . ,   Kremlin sought similar practices,
  people and others. I his is what the       land belore I die. But this is no more     organization,         discipline        and    r e p o r t e d T h e C h r i s t i a n Science
  regime lears! Ukrainian Catholics          than a wish, a yearning. It's only         management responsibility.                     Monitor.
 supposedly have the right to pray and       talk... Ciod. how many times have I            The Monitor reported that Western              Speaking of Soviet economic "tasks
  fulfill their religious needs openly.      turned to the authorities ol the           diplomats have said they believe the           ahead." Mr. Romanov emphasized
  But il a person merely lulfills those      USSR and the Ukrainian SSR                 newspaper's strong words echoed the            economic modernization, broadening
  needs at home            for this he is    asking them to return me to Ukraine        thinking of the' new Kremlin leader,           of c o m p a n i e s ' a u t o n o m y , m o r e
  punished                                   even as a captive. But all in vain...      who is seen as a protege of the late Yuri      participation             by w o r k e r s   in
     " On June 15, in the village ol         How many torments have I accepted          Andropov.                                      management             and       remuneration
  Dovhe in the Transcarpathian               trying to get transferred to my naTivc        He was closely associated with Mr.          according to performance
  region. 1 ,. Yu. Yu. Starosta of the       land!... I am now in a hospital 1 have     Andropov's campaign to introduce                   Mr. Romanov's praise of Hungarian
  militia attacked, in broad daylight.       heart and lung ailments and over-all       widespread reforms and an anti-                reforms is noteworthy because Hungary
  Catholic Maria Trykur. who two             weakness. I wrote my sister Maria          corruption drive in an attempt to              has greatly decentralized its economy
  months ago returned from a Soviet          asking her to ask you to help get          increase economic efficiency.                  and allowed limited private enterprise.
  labor camp, grabbing her by the hair       medicine But to date she has been
 and dragging her like a corpse-             unable to fulfill my request but. in
  through the center of the village to       truth, she is already a woman of
  his office lor a "talk." During this       retirement age. Or maybe she
 "talk." Yu. Starosta screamed that
  the militia would knock down her
 house and. if need be. he would rape
                                             doesn't care... Yet. I have been a
                                             prisoner for so long that only my
                                             father and mother still remember me.
                                                                                                                    Ukrainian Weekly
  her; "and nothing would happen to          Y'osyp. do me a favor, don't send that                                      FOUNDED 1933
  me." the criminal said. Maria Trykur       photograph          I am blind. My left
                                                                                            Ukrainian weekly newspaper published by the Ukrainian National Association Inc., a
 and her husband surrendered their           eye is completely blind, and the right
                                                                                                   non-profit association, at 30 Montgomery St., Jersey City, N.J. 07302.
  passports to Communist authorities,        has 10 percent vision.
                                                                                                                 (The Ukrainian Weekly - USPS 570-870)
  noting at the time that they did not          I don't want to die in a strange              Also published by the UNA: Svoboda, a Ukrainian-language daily newspaper.
  want anything to do with a regime          land! One wants to believe in the
  that represses Catholics.                  impossible, to believe that late will
      Maria Trykur has already served        smile on me and they will transfer me         The Weekly and Svoboda:                                               UNA:
  three terms in Soviet labor camps,         to a labor camp in Ukraine and there                   (201) 434-0237, 434-0807, 434-3036                            (201) 451-2200
  and her husband. My khailo Trykur.         I will go to my rest... Everything
  live. The Communists have taken the        around me is foreign, even the air I          Yearly subscription rate: J 8 , UNA members -    J5.
  Trykurs'children and placed them in        breathe. The head of the camp told
  a boarding school, where they lore         me that I am here to my death                 Postmaster, send address changes to   Editor: Roma Hadzewycz
  away their crucifixes, forced them to      "you will not leave here alive..."            THE UKRAINIAN WEEKLY                  Associate editor: George Bohdan Zarycky
  condemn their parents and. when               I kiss and embrace you. May God            P.O. Box 346                          Assistant editor: Natalia Dmytrijuk
                                                                                           Jersey City. N.J. 07303
   Maria's daughter"t-alled the teachers                (Continued on page 13)
No. 14           '    -                           ^             THE UKRAINIAN WEEKLY          SUNDAY, APRIL 7,1985                                                                       3

Jewish congress charges Ukrainians, Biaggi bill seeks monitoring
Baits block OS/ investigations      of media portrayal of ethnics
     NEW YORK - The World Jewish                  should be brought to justice, but it           WASHINGTON - Rep. Mario
 Congress charged on April 2 that more            should not involve cooperation with         Biaggi (D-N.Y.) is seeking co-sponsors                              ^Ktft V
 than 30 "mainstream" Ukrainian and               Soviet war criminals."                      for a bill that would establish a
  Baltic emigre groups are attempting to             A WJC report alleged the following:      clearinghouse in the Federal
 block the U.S. government's                         " Representatives of the Baltic and      Communications Commission to
 investigation of alleged Nazi                    Ukrainian communities have been             monitor the portrayal of ethnic and
 collaborators, reported the Associated           lobbying for a statute of limitations on    minority groups on radio and
  Press.                                          war crimes prosecutions, for the            television.
     The vice president of the WJC,               elimination of the Office of Special           The bill, HR 1607, was introduced in
  Kalman Sultanik, said that the WJC's            Investigations and for repeal of a 1978     the House on March 20. In a March 27
 own investigation had disclosed "a               law permitting the deportation of Nazi      letter asking colleagues to co-sponsor
 widespread campaign, fraught with                war criminals.                              the bill. Rep. Biaggi wrote that the
 a n t i - S e m i t i s m , to d e r a i l the      " Members of Congress have been          purpose of the clearinghouse "is to
 government's pursuit of war criminals."          deceived by these groups into helping       provide a specific and specialized office
     Eli Rosenbaum, a former Justice              Nazi war criminals. (In January, Sen.       within the FCC to maintain records on
  Department lawyer who now serves as a           Alfonse D`Amato said he had been            complaints and grievances filed
 consultant to the Jewish organization,           duped into writing a letter of support      regarding radio and television
  noted that the campaign had intensified         for a Long Island man facing                (including cable television)
  in the last six months.                         deportation for concealing his alleged      programming which unfairly depicts
     "These are not fringe groups, these          role in the executions of 1,000 people in   ethnic and minority groups."
  are mainstream groups with hundreds             a Nazi concentration camp.)                    According t'o the congressman, the
  of thousands of members," said Elan                e Newspaper advertisements and           FCC received some 614 complaints, an
  Steinberg, a WJC spokesman.                     articles have urged potential witnesses     average of 1.5 a day, in fiscal year 1984
     However, spokesmen for the                   not to cooperate with OSI investigators.    about unfair depiction of racial, ethnic                   Rep. Mario Biaggi
  Ukrainian and Lithuanian communities               Israel Singer, executive director of     or religious groups.
  strongly denied the WJC's charges,              the World Jewish Congress, told the AP         At the present time, the FCC has a          groups and conduct an annual
  pointing out that their communities'            that the emigre groups' campaign is         combined complaint bureau and public           conference to focus public attention on
  opposition to the Justice Department's          partially motivated by the "fear that the   affairs office where more than 13              the issue.
  Office of Special Investigations centers        prosecutions .are exposing the... fact      different types of complaint categories           "It is my hope that this bill will help to
  on the use of Soviet-supplied evidence.         that Hitler's annihilation of 6 million     are registered. The Biaggi measure             promote a greater sensitivity on the part
      I he AP quoted Mykolas Drunga,              Jews was carried out not by the             would set up a separate office, the            of the media and the FCC relative to the
  associate editor of Draugas. a                  Germans alone, but rather with the          Ethnic and Minority Affairs                    coverage and depiction of ethnic and
і Lithuanian newspaper in Chicago, as             extensive collaboration of Lithuanians,     Clearinghouse "to both compile data            minority groups," Rep. Biaggi wrote to
  saying; "Our campaign is not anti-               Latvians, Ukrainians. Estonians and        and to work to help promote a more             colleagues. "Television and radio have
  Semitic. We believe Nazi war criminals          other Europeans."                           positive portrayal of these groups by          an enormous influence on day-to-day
                                                                                              television and-radio." according to the        life in the United States and that
                                                                                              congressman's letter.                          influence should be used to promote
Baits discuss deportation issue                                                                  In addition to preparing information
                                                                                              related to the depiction of minorities on
                                                                                                                                             more positive and accurate images of
                                                                                                                                             ethnic and minority groups."
    WASHINGTON - The Joint Baltic                 three considerations: I) that the           radio and television, ihe clearinghouse            Rep. Biaggi went on to say that a
 American National Caramittee                     American government" tias` mdiscrirrrF      would carry out an educational                 broad-based coalition of ethnic groups,
 (JBANC) on March II issued a                     nately accepted Soviet evidence to          program encouraging a positive                 including the Ukrainian National
 background paper to all the members of           prosecute cases against former Baltic       portrayal of minorities and ethnic             Association, supports his legislation.
 Congress, discussing the issue of                nationals who are now American
 deporting Baltic nationals to the USSR.          citizens: 2) that naturalized citizens in
    An urgent appeal was included in the
 paper by concerned Baltic Americans
                                                  these cases do not in fact enjoy the full
                                                  scope of the Constitutional protection
                                                                                              Shukhevych defense actions continue
 requesting congressional officials to            of due process of law; 3) and that people
 intercede in the cases of Baltic nationals       who fled the brutal and illegal Soviet      with congressional letter, lobbying
 ordered deported to the Soviet Union             occupation of Estonia, Latvia and
 after being stripped of their U.S.               Lithuania for political reasons during          NEWARK. N.J. - Actions on                     Meanwhile, members of Americans
 citizenship for allegedly concealing             the World War II are now in danger of        behalf of Ukrainian political, prisoner       for Human Rights in Ukraine traveled
 their activities during World War II.            being shipped back to the USSR."             Yuriy Shukhevych are continuing to            to Washington on April 3 to solicit
    The concerned citizens emphasized                The JBANC went on to say that            draw a t t e n t i o n . New Jersey            support for Reps. Guarini and
 that they are not opposed, in principle,         deporting any individual to the Soviet       Congressmen Frank Guarini (D) and             Rinaldo's appeal to Mr. Gorbachev.
 to the retroactive quest for moral justice       Union makes the Western world's              Matthew Rinaldo (R) are circulating a         The AHRU group concentrated its
 in the attempt to seek out and prosecute         protest against Soviet injustices           "Dear Colleague" letter in the House of        efforts on the congressional contingent
 genuine Nazi war criminals.                      meaningless.                                 Representatives, urging the legislators       that left on April 4 for a visit to the
    The paper stated in part: "Our                                                             to sign a special message to Mikhail S.       Soviet Union on the invitation of
 concerns are based on the following                                                          Gorbachev, general secretary of the            Volodymyr Shcherbytsky. first
                                                  Humphrey named                               Central Committee of the Communist
                                                                                               Party in the Soviet Union, urging him to
                                                                                                                                             secretary of the Communist Party
                                                                                                                                             of Ukraine. The recent visit by
 Reagan scores                                                                                 release Yuriy Shukhevych from internal        Mr. Shcherbytsky. who headed a Soviet

 forced relocation
                                                  to Helsinki Commission                      exile and allow him to emigrate to the
                                                                                               United States.
                                                                                                                                             delegation of Supreme Soviet members
                                                                                                                                             to the United States, was cut short due
                                                     WASHINGTON - Sen. Gordon J.                  This action is being supported in a        to the, death of Premier Konstantin
    WASHINGTON -               President           Humphrey, (R-N.H.) was named a             joint effort by the Ukrainian Students         Chcrnenko.
  Ronald Reagan, speaking on March 25              member of the Commission on Security       Association of Michnowsky (TUSM)                  The congressional delegation to
 before a group of businessmen and                and Cooperation in Europe, commonly         and Americans for Human Rights in              Moscow is' headed by Speaker of the
 others from Central American                     called the Helsinki Commission.              Ukraine (AHRU) through letters,               House Thomas O'Neill (D-Mass.) and
 countries, accused the Nicaraguan                   The senator pledged to use the           telegrams, phone calls and visits to           includes such prominent congressmen
 government of employing "Stalin's                position to "help document and discuss      congressional offices."                        as House Minority Leader Robert
 tactic" in relocating thousands of               the human-rights violations being              This joint congressional letter states in   Michel (R-Ill.). DanRostcnkowski(D-
 citizens who do not support the regime.          committed every day by the Soviets in       part: "The imprisonment of Yuriy               III.) and Silvio Conte (R-Mass.).
    The president further noted that              Afghanistan. We must raise the human-       Shukhevych has attracted worldwide                An AHRU contingent, led by Ihor
 forced relocation had been used by the           rights issue to help pressure the Soviets   attention. Many international human-           Olshaniwsky. who was elected president
 Soviets in Ukraine.                              to withdraw their occupation force."        rights groups have urged that he be            at AHRU`s annual meeting on
    "How many times have we seen this                "The Soviets have turned the             released, and President Reagan has             Saturday. March 30. hand-delivered a
 pattern of forced relocation repeated —          agreement signed in Helsinki into a         prominently highlighted Yuriy`s plight         prepared appeal to the departing U.S.
 in the Ukraine, in Vietnam, in                   cruel joke. The Soviets must withdraw       on many occasions. As members of               delegation in Washington asking its
 Cambodia, Afghanistan, Angola.                   from Afghanistan. The world is              Congress we want to add our voice and          members to raise Soviet violations of
 Ethiopia. Cuba and elsewhere?" he                beginning to look in horror at the Nazi     appeal for his freedom."                       human rights and non-compliance with
 asked.                                           tactics used by the Soviets. The                It concludes: "Your intervention to        the Universal Declaration of Human
    President Reagan went on to say:              atrocities must stop. The Helsinki          free Yuriy Shukhevych and allow him            Rights and the Helsinki Accords.
 "And yet. because we are such a trusting         Commission must refocus attention on        to come to the United States for medical          AHRU`s appeal stated in part: "We
 people, anxious to believe others and            what is occurring inside Afghanistan."      attention would be greatly appreciated         are especially disturbed about
 believe that they share our hopes and            Sen. Humphrey said.                         by the American people. Soviet action          persecution of Ukrainians who.
 our dreams, some still find it hard to              The United Stales, the Soviet Union.     on this matter will be viewed as an            although representing only 20 percent
 look reality in the eye. or to rouse             Canada and 32 European countries            indication of your new leadership's            of the population of the Soviet Union,
 themselves even when our most vital              signed the agreement in 1975 in             respect lor the rights of free expression      constitute more than 50 percent of
 interests are threatened."                       Helsinki. Finland.                          and human dignity."                                      (Continued on page 10)
                                                              THE UKRAINIAN WEEKLY           SUNDAY, APRIL 7,-1985                                                            No. 14

  Morrison scores president's Helsinki report                                                            Statement and appeal
    WASHINGTON - Rep. . Bruce                  activists, yet little attention is paid to
 Morrison (D-Conn.), in a March 21             them in the president's report," Rep.                          of UNA Supreme Auditing Committee
 letter to Assistant Secretary of State        Morrison wrote. "While Ukrainians                   The Supreme Auditing Committee of the Ukrainian National Association,
 Richard Bun, criticized a presidential        constitute over 40 percent of all political     composed of John Hewryk, Nestor Olesnycky, Anatole Doroshenko,
 report to the Commission on Security          prisoners in the Soviet Union, the               Bohdan Hnatiuk and the Very' Rev. Stephan Bilak, on March 18 - 22
 and Cooperation in Europe for failingto       report fails to mention Ukrainian               conduced a review of 1984 UNA operations.
""detail the plight of Ukrainians in the       dissidents."                                        Under review were UNA assets, bookkeeping, the Soyuzivka resort,
 Soviet Union."                                                                                organizing activity, the Ukrainian National Urban Renewal Corp., all
    The letter referred to the 17th                 The congressman went on to score           departments of the Home Office and its auxiliary divisions.
 Semiannual Report by the President to          the report for neglecting to mention the           As a result of its review, the Supreme Auditing Committee confirms the
 the CSCE. The report, which reviews             fate of the Ukrainian Helsinki Group,         following:
 compliance with the 197S Helsinki              by far the largest citizens' group in the          1. The Ukrainian National Association celebrated its 90th anniversary in
 Accords, is actually drafted by the State       USSR set up to monitor Soviet                  1984. This anniversary was noted with celebrations in the United States and
 Department. The last report contained          compliance with the Helsinki                   Canada.
 virtually no mention of Ukraine in the         agreement. He said that the members of             2. In Г984 UNA assets increased by 52,384,260, bringing the total assets
 section dealing with the USSR.                 the group "have - received extremely           to 552,134,655.
   "As you know, the past six months            harsh treatment and particularly long              3. The Ukrainian National Association enrolled 2,190 new members in
 have witnessed the deaths of three             terms of imprisonment for espousing             1984 for a total of 59,706,000 of insurance despite the fact that earnings for
 prominent human- and national-rights           principles of democracy and freedom."          that period were limited. The over-all amount of members' insurance
                                                                                               coverage rose to 5165,120,295. The average insurance coverage for this period
                                                                                               was 51,657. This success is attributed above all to branch secretaries, as well as
  American who spent 18 years                                                                  to the new inexpensive term and ADD insurance policies introduced by the
                                                                                               recording department.
  in Soviet labor camps dies                                                                      4. The Ukrainian National Urban Renewal Corp. (UNURC) had income
                                                                                               of 52,422,921, an increase of 5184,451 over 1983. Rent collected from tenants
    JERSEY CITY, N.J. - Victor                    the Stalinist purges and. after              increased by 5163,854. Also, the corporation's expenditures increased slightly
 Herman, an American born of                      interrogation and torture, was sent to a     in 1984, which UNA Supreme Treasurer Ulana Diachuk details in her
 Ukrainian parents, who went to the               slave labor camp without a trial. He said    reports.
 Soviet Union in 1931 as a teenager and           he had never relinquished his American          5. At the time of the audit, the internal loan from UNA members
 returned to the United States in 1976           citizenship and never joined the             (promissory notes) for the UNURC exceeded 54,823,350. This is evidence of
 after spending 18 years in labor camps          Communist Party.                              the members' understanding and confidence in the UNA leadership.
 and in exile in Siberia, died of a heart            Mr. Herman was pardoned in 1956              6. The Soyuzivka resort continues to successfully function as a Ukrainian
 attack on March 25, The New. York               under Nikita S. Khrushchev's review of       cultural center, featuring the finest artistic talents during the summer season,
 Times recently reported. He was 69             "offenses" of the Stalin era and was          and it continues to be an attractive center for Ukrainian youths.
 years old and lived in a Detroit suburb.        finally able to return to the United             7. As regards the Svoboda Press, the Supreme Auditing Committee calls
    Born in Detroit, Mr. Herman began           States 20 years later. In the years since     upon district and branch officers, and all UNA members to support the
 his 45-year exile in the Soviet Union           his pardon he earned a doctoral degree       Supreme Assembly in promoting UNA publications — Svoboda, The
 when he was a 16-year-old automobile            in foreign languages and taught jryhe^ —Ukrainian Weekly and Veselka.
 worker. His father, a Communist Party           Soviet republic of Moldavia.                      Furthermore, the Supreme Auditing Committee confirms that:
 labor organizer in the auto industry,               Mr. Herman was the author of                 " The Ukrainian National Association, its Supreme Assembly and
 was one of 300 workers who, with his           "Coming Out of the ice." the story of his      Executive Committee consistently work toward the goals long ago
 family, went to the Soviet Union under          imprisonment and exile, which was the        established and codified in the UN A by-laws, as well as in accordance with the
 a contract between the Ford Motor Co.           basis for a CBS television film in 1982.     decisions of the UNA conventions and the Supreme Assembly meetings.
 and a Soviet company to build an                    After returning to the United States,        ' The Ukrainian National Association continues to Support cultural,
 automobile factory in Gorky.                    Mr. Herman spent the next year almost        religious, educational and youth organizations, as well as central
    After years in which he made a name         exclusively on efforts to get his family      organizations, such as the World Congress of Free Ukrainians, the Ukrainian
 for himself as a star athlete and a prize-      out of the Soviet Union. His two             American Coordinating Council and the Ukrainian Canadian Committee.
 winning stunt pilot and parachutist, the       daughters, Svetiana. then 25. and                 ' Members of the Supreme Assembly and UNA members actively
 younger Mr. Herman was caught up in            Janna. 20. were finally reunited with         participate in Ukrainian community life, leading and supporting actions in
                                                 their father in New York City in May         defense of the human and national rights of Ukraine.
  Obituary                                        1977. But it was another year before Mr.        " The Ukrainian National Association, its Supreme Assembly and
                                                 Herman's wife. Galina. and her mother        members give their full support to the Ukrainian nation in its battle and
                                                were allowed to come to the United            attempt to realize the idea of a free and independent democratic Ukraine.
 Theresa Palkaninec                             States.                                           The Supreme Auditing Committee calls on all UNA members to support
                                                                                              President Ronald Reagan's administration, which has taken up the defense of
 of Coral Springs                                                                             those persecuted in the USSR, and to take measures to inform the president
                                              Bilyk to promote                                of the particularly horrifying persecution of Ukrainian political prisoners in
                                                                                              the USSR.                   ^
                                                                                                  The Supreme Auditing Committee calls on UNA members to inform the
                                              Dolot memoirs                                   governments of the United States and Canada that accusing the entire
                                                                                              Ukrainian nation of Nazi collaboration during World War II is groundless
                                                    JERSEY CITY. N.J. - Andrij Bilyk          and based primarily on Soviet disinformation.              QA.
                                                of Alexandria. Va.. author of the                 The Supreme Auditing Committee calls on the entire UNA membership
                                               "Effective Media Relations" column in          and the Ukrainian community in the United States and Canada to defend
                                                The Weekly, has been named media              Ukraine's name and honor.
                                                coordinator of the famine book project            The Supreme Auditing Committee calls on the entire UNA family to join in
                                                for the Harvard Ukrainian Studies             the general actions in defense of youth in the Ukrainian SSR - in particular,
                                                Fund.                                         the brave political prisoners: to mobilize U.S. and Canadian public opinion,
                                                    Mr. Bilyk`s goal is to attract the        during this, the U.N.-proclaimed International Year of Youth.
                                                attention of the national media to the            In 1988, Ukrainians will mark the historic millennium of Ukrainian
                                                book by M iron Dolot called "Execution        Christianity. All UNA members should take part in the commemorative
                                                by Hunger:The Hidden Holocaust."He            events planned by the metropolitans of Ukrainian Churches to mark this
                                              .is also trying to find Ukrainians in           great event with dignity.
                                               various cities to implement local public           Only nine years separate us from the UNA's 100th anniversary. During
                                               relations programs built around the            these hundred years, many Ukrainian institutions were organized, existed for
       Theresa Dorogi Palkaninec               famine book and to contact a                   a brief time and were disbanded. The Ukrainian National Association
                                               substantial portion of the news media in       continues to exist and grow thanks to the devoted work of the sons and
     CORAL SPRINGS. Fla. - Theresa             any given city.                                daughters of UNA`ers.
  Dorogi Palkaninec died on March 16                Those interested in working on this           In this pre-convention year, the Supreme Auditing Committee calls on
 at the age of 60. Memorial services were      project in their cities may contact Mr.        branch secretaries and other officers to do everything possible to increase
  held March 27 in Chesnut Hill. Pa.           Bilyk at P.O. Box 9653. Alexandria. Va.        UNA membership.
     She is survived by her husband.           22304.                                            The Ukrainian National Association has always been a defender of the
  Michael Palkaninec. of Chesnut Hill,         1"           і     -   -   -                   rights of its members, the Ukrainian communities in the United States and
  three daughters. Natalka Harkins.
                                                                                              Canada, and the Ukrainian nation in Ukraine.
- Christina Liebsterahd Irka Palkaninec.       Correction
  and ;i `n. Victor Michael Palkaninec.                                                           A detailed report on the annual audit, including "proposals,
  one brother who jives in Czecho­                                                            recommendations and resolutions, will be presented in May by the chairman
                                                    In last week's (March 311 issue of 1 he   of the Auditing Committee during the annual meeting of the UNA Supreme
  slovakia, two sisters from Zakarpattia.       Weekly, the story on page 3 headlined
  l,'kraine. and a granddaughter.                                                             Assembly.
                                               "Canadian MPs ol Ukrainian descent                                  1-or the Supreme Auditing Committee:
     Funeral services were held March 18        honored by community" inadvertently
  in Coral Springs. Contributions in Mrs.      appeared without a byline. The stor\                      John Hewryk. chairman                      Bohdan Hnatiuk, member
  Palkaninec's memory may be made to           was written by Mykhailo Bociurkiw. a            Nestor Olesnycky, vice-chairman The Very Rev. Stephan Bilak. member
 Save the Children Federation. 54              f`inadian correspondent lor The                   Anatole Doroshenko, secretary                    Jersev Citv. March 22. 1985
 Wilton Road. Wesiport. Conn. 06880             Weekly.                                     A
No. 14                                                        THE UKRAINIAN WEEKLY            SUNDAY, APRIL 7, 1985                                                                 5

                                              them in some way during the war.                upon by President Roosevelt at Yalta.      postage stamp to commemorate the
Saving Jews                                            Larissa Zaleska Onyshkevych            Stalin asked that three or at least two    millennium of Poland's baptism
                                                                 Lawrenceville, N.J.          Soviet republics be admitted to-the        as a Christian nation. The five-
in Ukraine                            ^                                                       United Nations. He confessed to            cent stamp depicts a white, crowned
                                                                                              Roosevelt that the Ukrainians were         Polish eagle on a red shield with a white
Dear Editor:
   The recent discussion of Ukrainian-       Ukraine and                                      causing him trouble, and, in order to      cross, the dates "966-1966," and the
                                                                                                                                         words "Poland's Millennium."
                                                                                              appease them, he would have to get a
Jewish relations brings to mind my
experience as a small child in western       United Nations                                   U.N. membership for them. Roosevelt           I have written to the president of the
                                                                                                                                         United States and received word that
Ukraine. It was during the Nazi                                                               was flattered that a strong man like
                                              Dear Editor:                                    Sta.lin admitted a weakness, and he        the postal administration would
occupation. In the city ofStryi, where we        1 was greatly perturbed to read in The                                                  "consider" a stamp commemorating
used to live, 1 happened to have                                                              agreed to the U.N. membership of the
                                              Ukrainian Weekly (March 3) that the             Ukrainian and Byelorussian republics.      Ukraine's millennium. However, a
wandered off alone and was met by a           UACCouncil was planning to protest                                                         unified Ukrainian effort for such a
couple of Jewish militiamen together                                                             From the very start the Soviets have
                                              the expulsion of the Ukrainian and              been using the presence of Ukrainian       stamp would surely force the. U.S.
with two German soldiers. The Jewish          Byelorussian Soviet socialist republics                                                    government to issue one. If they did it
militiamen identified me as Jewish. I                                                         and Byelorussian republics in the
                                              from the United Nations. As far as I            United Nations to their advantage.         for the Poles, they can do it for the
protested that I was Ukrainian. The           understand, the introduction in the U.S.                                                   Ukrainians.
militiamen repeated that they knew that                                                       What possible advantage for the
                                              Congress of a bill which would include a        Ukrainian cause could there be in the         Such a stamp would not only pay `
I was Jewish; I was taken with them.          proposal of such expulsion is now being
Along the way we were met by a                                                                continuous presence of Soviet Ukraine      tribute to the religious foundations
storekeeper who knew me well. When            considered by some senators and                 in the United Nations? The Soviet          America was settled on, it would also^
the Germans questioned him, and he            representatives. The proposal would             Ukrainian puppets in that international    honor the Christians of the world. More
identified me by name and nationality, I      emphasize that the Ukrainian and                body help perpetuate the notion that the   importantly, it would stand as a
was let go with the comment: "You can         Byelorussian Soviet republics are not           Ukrainians are happy to be in union        monument Ц) America's freedom as the
go. We have filled our quota of               independent nations and, therefore, the         with Russia and do not really want         millions of Ukrainians who live under
Ukrainians for the day."Thus my name          United States should reduce its                 independence.                              the atheistic tyranny of the Soviet
was not added to the list of Jews who `       financial contribution to the United               The intention of the U ACC to protest   Union will not be able to celebrate this
perished at the hands of the Nazis.           Nations until these republics become            the explusion of Soviet Ukraine from       blessed event.
                                              independent.                                    the United Nations borders on political                            Petro Matias/ск
   Despite this occurrence with the              I believe it is a splendid idea. If such a   insanity. 1 believe that we should                                   Paterson, N.J.
Jewish militiamen, my family continued        bill were passed and the U.S.                   support the idea of such expulsion and
to hide a Jewish girl, disguising her as a    government were to bring this matter up         do everything possible to bring the
Ukrainian maid. Also, when one of the         for' discussion in the U.N. General             debate over Ukraine'ssovereignty to the    Ukrainian settlers
representatives of the Ukrainian              Assembly, what a golden opportunity             forum of United Nations.
committee asked for volunteers to help        this would betobringtothe attention of                                  Roman Legedza      in Brazil
save Jewish children, my family was           the world the violations of Ukraine's                                   Wichita, Kansas
                                              sovereignty by the Soviet regime.                                                          Dear Editor:
willing to take this risk and take a
Jewish girl from the ghetto intojour                                                                                                        I refer, to the interesting article by Dr.
family. I went with my mother to the            The UTN7 membership of thf
                                              Ukrainian and Byelorussian SSRs is an
                                                                                              "The millennium                            Anthony J. Wachna on a visit with
prearranged meeting place to meet "my                                                                                                    Brazil's Ukrainians.
sister," but her mother changed her          anomaly and a farce. The USSR
                                             delegation in the United Nations
                                                                                               and stamps                                   Immigration to Brazil from Ukraine
mind, and did not want to part with her                                                                                                  had commenced considerably before
child. We never evenlcnew the last name      represents the entire union, and yet              Dear Editor:                              1895 when Prof. Joseph Oleskiw visited
of these people, and could notfindout if     the two republics are represented                   1988. the thousandth anniversary of     Brazil. His visit to Brazil convinced him
they were saved in some other way.           separately. It is a clear case of double re­     the baptism of Ukraine as a Christian      of the.unsuitability of the circumstances
                                             presentation. On the other hand, it is a         nation, is rapidly approaching. The        of settlement for Ukrainians which led
   For my family's good deeds to total       well-known fact that the delegation of           Ukrainian community is planning many       him to write booklets that led to the
strangers we do not expect any thanks.       these two republics do not represent the         events to commemorate that sacred          shift of Ukrainian immigration from
But neither do we expect any                 people of Ukraine and Byelorussia,               occasion. Our greatest efforts, however,   Brazil to Canada. Oleskiw thus was
undeserved and unjust accusations of         but serve only as a mouthpiece of                should also be directed towards letting    responsible for the large Ukrainian
Ukrainians -\ia relation to Jews.            Moscow and provide additional votes              the world know of our great                Canadian community of today.
Especially when/every other Ukrainian        for the Soviets.                                 anniversary.
family that I know, at the risk of their        The U.N. membership of Soviet                   On July 30, 1966, the United States                              J. B. Gregorovich
own lives, was hiding Jews or helping         Ukraine and Byelorussia was agreed              government issued a commemorative                                             Toronto

The role of today's youths in the Ukrainian                                                                            community
   Text of an address by Mykhqilo Bociurkiw, past                The Ukrainian Canadian Students' Union (SUSK)             position in that within its ranks are found members of
president of lhe. Canadian Ukrainian Students Union,          was established in 1953. It has grown into an                all Ukrainian youth organizations, as well as students
delivered on March 16 at the national conference of           "organization involving some 2.000 students in 18 post-      who join SUSK with little or no previous organiza­
the Ukrainian Canadian Committee.                             secondary institutions across Canada. Basically the          tional experience.
                                                              aims of SUSK are: I) to be involved with the growth              In my mind, the role of youth in the Ukrainian
   Before proceeding. I would like to first express my        and development of the Ukrainian community: 2) to            community is multi-faceted. 1 think that SUSK`s scope
thanks to the organizers of this conference for the           develop the leadership skills of its members: and. 3) to     of activities and interests is a good indicator of the
opportunity to be here. I certainly have found very,          monitor and publicize political developments in              diversity of young people's abilities.
stimulating the deliberations to date, and I will do my       Ukraine.                                                         But. I'm sure that many of the students here know
best to add something as well.                                   During most of the past decade. SUSK has been             all too well the intense demands that a heavy course
   1 must tell you at the outset that it might have been      among the most active Ukrainian community                    load may bring: students are forced to live almost
more prudent on my part to address you in the                 organizations in Canada and has become a leader              schizophrenic lives as they move from one community
Ukrainian language, after all. this is a conference of        among students of Ukrainian and other backgrounds.           to another. During the academic year, they do not
the Ukrainian Canadian Committee.                             In and of itself, this is a remarkable accomplishment        have a lot of time on their hands. In accordance with
   But 1 could not have hoped to convey to you all of         for a broad-based, volunteer organization in a diverse       community norms, they continue to sing in Ukrainian
my thoughts on this topic in Ukrainian. I'm not               community. Other ethnocultural communities have              choirs, dance in Ukrainian dance troupes, teach
hesitant to admit to you that I find myself among the         few. if any. comparable examples of youth                    Ukrainian school and fill the upper ranks of Ukrainian
estimated 50 to 75 percent of Ukrainian-Canadian              organizations that have been as successful in                youth organizations. The rest of their waking hours
youth between the ages of 15 and 24 who cannot speak          managing to adapt and mobilize its members.                  might be spent in the library or in heated discussions
fluent Ukrainian. Although those of us who find                                                                            about the community.
ourselves in this category acknowledge the importance                                                                        - But. as time passes, we find that an increasing
of preserving the Ukrainian language, we do not feel           ... our community is not    adequately                      number of students begin to place a lower priority on
that this should act as a barrier to our full participation    equipped   to defend itself from dis­                       extracurricular activities - such`as working in the
in the Ukrainian community.                                                                                                Ukrainian community. I suppose its's not surprising to
   1 -have been invited here today to speak about a very       torted, inaccurate and     sensationa­                      learn that students are now concentrating on
important topic: the role ol youth in the Ukrainian                                                                        developing their careers.
community. To begin with, I say to you that 1 have             lized news    reports...                                        Unemployment levels among Canada's youth
never felt that one should discuss this issue without                                                                      remain alarmingly high at 18.7 percent, and young
being frank about it. Perhaps some of my personal               SUSK`s most recent activities include: conferences         people account for 40 percent of all of Canada's
opinions will spark controversy. Therefore. I might           on human rights and multiculturalism. leadership             unemployed. Stattstics'Canada counts as many as
add. that the views that'I express today are not              skills-development workshops, demonstrations in              540.000 Canadians between the ages of 15 and 24 ;is
necessarily those of the national executive of the            defense of Ukrainian political prisoners, lobbying           being officially jobless.
Ukrainian Canadian Students' Union (SUSK).                    campaigns directed at federal and provincial govern­             Many students have graduated from university with
   1 would. However, like to sav a word about SUSK            ments, and myriad other projects.                            high marks and yet are unable to find meaningful and
before I uet to the matter at hand.                             SUSK. as an organization of students, is in a unique                         (Continued on page 12)
6                                                       THE UKRAINIAN WEEKLY      SUNDAY, APRIL 7, 1985                                                             No. 14

     Ukrainian Week Ї                                                                        Faces and Places
                                                                                                      by Myron B. Kuropas

                   Time of great joy
       For Christians everywhere Easter is a time of great joy, a symbol of       Ryan letter: insult to Ukrainian community
    hope fulfilled, as it marks the end of man's spiritual journey from the           In his letter to The Ukrainian Weekly      statement that would have no doubt
    Garden of Eden to the Garden of Gethsemane. ending in the                      criticizing Prof.. Taras Hunczak`s            come as a surprise to the millions of
    atonement of the cross       the final'reconciliation of God and man.         'review of his book. Allan A. Ryan Jr.         Ukrainians who suffered and died
       As a man, Jesus embodies this journey, and as the Son of God, he            does nothing to dispel my suspicions          because of the Hitlerite belief that all
    brings us to its glorious end. As we celebrate Holy Week, we see not           regarding his motives. On the contrary.       Slavs were untermenschen'. Mr. Duker
    only the divine aspect of Jesus, but also His humanity. Praying to God          1 am more convinced than ever that in        also condemned the Ukrainian
    the Father in the Garden of Gethsemane shortly before he was                    Allan J. Ryan this country has a new         Insurgent Army for killing what he
    betrayed, Jesus suffered the agony of self-doubt, of questioning the            brand of McCarthyism. His letter,            defined as "pro-Allied partisans." in
    purpose of His life on earth, much as we suffer to understand the               moreover is an insult to Ukrainian           reality. Bolshevik partisans determined
    meaning of our lives and seek guidance from God. But as the Son of             Americans.                                    to return Stalinist rule to Ukraine.
                                                                                       Mr. Ryan claims that he never             Although Mr. Duker sent his article to
    God, Jesus was praying for our sins, not His own. for the redemption of        intended to "generalize the guilt of          every representative in Congress, only
    mankind, for an end to the alienation that began long before in                individual criminals - be they                one commented upon it in the
    another garden - the Garden of Eden.                                            Ukrainian, Latvian, Lithuanian or            Congressional Record.
       The cross, then, firmly anchored in the earth and pointing toward           others - to their nation as a whole."            Another Ryan source is "America
    heaven, symbolizes the reconciliation of God and man, the ultimate             Not true. Anyone who has read Ryan's          and the Survivors of the Holocaust" by
    unity of the temporal with the spiritual, the exemplification of man's         book knows that Ukrainians are                Leonard Dinnerstein.
    oneness with God.                                                              savaged in the text with quotations              Unlike Mr. Duker, Mr. Dinnerstein
       The miracle of the Resurrection not only confirms this                      describing them as "brutal." "bestial"        concedes that "almost all of the non-
    reconciliation, but eternalizes it, offering salvation to all who are          and "bloodthirsty." Mr. Ryan wasn't           Jewish East Europeans refused
    willing to accept Christ's life. His teachings and His love. As nature         writing about individual Ukrainians           repatriation because they hated and
                                                                                   when he cited these pejoratives, he was       feared communism and their
    renews itself in the spring, magnificently illustrating the concept of         writing about "the Ukrainians."               governments had been taken over by the
    transmutation and rebirth in the physical world, so too Easter - - t h e -        Sure Mr. Ryan admits that it would         Communists." Having accepted that
    story of the meaning of Christ's life, death and Resurrection - should          be wrong to conclude "that a majority        premise, Mr. Dinnerstein then goes on to
    renew our spiritual life and help us understand its meaning. Indeed, it        of Ukrainian, Baltic and Volksdeutsche        claim that Jewish Americans (especially
    is a time of great joy. Christ is Risen.                                       immigrants had taken part in the atro­        the American Jewish Committee)
                                                                                   cities" but he adds an ominous qualifier.     lobbied hard on behalf of the Displaced
                                                                                   "The number who had actually taken            Persons Act of 1948 only to discover
          Combatting stereotypes                                                   part in the persecution of Jews, Mr.
                                                                                   Ryan writes, "as opposed to those who
                                                                                                                                 that in its final form the DP Act
                                                                                                                                 discriminated against Jews and favored
                                                                                 'had merely been sympathizers was               Baits and Ukrainians who had
       On March 20. without much fanfare. Rep. Mario Biaggi (D-N.Y.)               almost certainly a small part -               tormented the Jews. That came about.
    introduced a bill that would create a special clearinghouse in the             although no one will ever know how            Mr. Dinnerstein argues, because of
     Federal Communications Commission to monitor the depiction of                small"(emphasis minej. Is the primary          anti-Semitic sentiment among many
    ethnic and minority groups on television and radio. The bill, HR 1607,         purpose of that open-ended statement          Americans and some influential
    would provide a separate bureaucratic channel within the FCC for               to convince the reader that very few          congressmen.
    ethnic groups to relay any grievances relating to radio or TV                  Ukrainians were involved in Nazi war             Mr. Dinnerstcin`s documentation for
     programming. The aim of the bill is primarily to combat ethnic.              crimes, or is it a subtle attempt to instill   this bold assertion is mixed.
     religious'and racial stereotyping and misinformation, as well as to           in the reader the notion that the                Much solid evidence is provided from
     promote a greater sensitivity on the part of the media relative to the        Ukrainian community has countless             American Jewish Committee (A.IC)
                                                                                  "closet" Nazis who might never be              files to substantiate the AJC role in
    coverage and depiction of ethnic and minority groups.                         exposed?                                       creating the Citizen's Committee on
       Clearly, it is high time for such legislation. In a "Dear Colleague"         " Mr. Ryan accuses Prof. Hunczak of          Displaced Persons (CCDP). а погк/
    letter asking congressmen to co-sponsor his bill. Rep. Biaggi noted           being "quite irresponsible" in accusing        denominational group of dislinguishtu
    that the FCC had received some 614 complaints in fiscal 1984                   him of "a deliberate distortion of            Americans who lobbied on behaffof the
    concerning the portrayal of minorities and ethnics. Despite advances           historical evidence." Prof. Hunc/ak.          Displaced Persons Aft                 M r.
    in civil rights, much of today's television programming is still rife with     however, is right on target. 1 have           Dinnerstein carefully det/ils` how the
    stereotyping, particularly in the areas of race and religion. I he            checked Mr. Ryan's source and the              AJC provided most of the\fu tiding for
    clearinghouse would, as envisioned, promote greater public awareness           reference is to the ^bloodthirstiness" of     the CCDP. how the AJCv^alienated
    of this and related issues.                                                   the Volksdeutsche, not to Ukrainians           American Zionists (who wantechk`w isli
                                                                                  as Mr. Ryan writes in his book.                DPs to go to Palestine, not America
       The legislation could also conceivably help the Ukrainian                      1 have also checked some of Mr.            and how the CCDP worked with the
    community, which currently is facingihe loathesome prospect of being           Ryan's other sources, especially those         Truman White House and Congress to
    branded with the broad brush of collaborating with the Germans. We            he cites to support his outrageous             pass the DP bill.
    need only recall the way Ukrainians were depicted some years ago in           allegation that "it was the deliberate            Mr. Dinnerstein also provides some
    the NBC miniseries "Holocaust." in which one of the characters makes           policy of the United States to encourage      convincing evidence regarding anti-
    the outrageous statement that Ukrainians killed more Jews than the             the immigration, and then to ignore the       Jewish feelings among Americans in
    Nazis. More recently, similar broad-based aspersions were cast against         presence, of Nazi war criminals among         general (mostly polls) and certain
    Ukrainians on several radio and television news/interview shows.               us..." None of Mr. Ryan's references in       influential congressmen whose remarks
       There are also instances of misinformation, some subtle, some               this regard substantiate that charge, and     regarding Jewish DPs could be easily
    overt. For example, the TV series "The Unknown War," now on PBS,               to me that is also a torm ot distortion.      interpreted as anti-Semitic.
    which deals with World War If on the Eastern Front, makes                         Mr. Ryan cites an obscure article by          Mr. Dinnerstein falls short, however,
                                                                                   Abraham Duker titled "Admitting               in his efforts to substantiate his
    constant references to "Russians" fighting Nazis and the destruction of        Pogromists and Excluding" Their
    "Russian" cities, while most of the fighting took place on Ukrainian                                                         assertion that few Jewish DPs came to
                                                                                   Victims" which appeared intheOctober          America because the DP legislation
    territory. A recent show on religion in the Soviet Union failed to men­        1, 1948, issue of The Reconstruclionist.      favored Baits and Ukrainians.
    tion the outlawed Ukrainian Catholic Church.                                   According to Mr. Duker, "many, if not            M r. Dihncrstein's own statistics show
       As of March 21, one day after it was introduced, the bill had no co-        most, of the non-Jewish DPs are former        that, whereas Jews numbered
    sponsors, according to a spokesman from Rep. Biaggi`s Washington               German collaborationists, past killers,       between 20 and 25 percent of the DPs at
    office. Though that in itself is not unusual, it would nevertheless be         present fascists, anti-Semites, potential     any given moment, some 40 percent of
    helpful if members of the Ukrainian community wrote their                      pogromists, and coup d' etatists" who         the DPs admitted to the United States
    representatives in the House asking them toco-sponsor the Biaggi bill.         refused to be repatriated because they        between October 30, 1948. and March
    Its passage would ensure that, at the very least, Ukrainians would have        feared " t o face well-deserved               22, 1949. were Jews. How can that be
    a specific bureau to which grievances could be addressed. The UNA              punishment at home." Aside from the           construed as discrimination? Sure, the
                                                                                   fact that this was' the standard line of      percentage of Jewish immigrants
    has gone on record in support of the legislation, and we encourage             America's Communists during the DP
    other Ukrainian organizations and individuals to work for its                                                                dropped to 26 percent between March
                                                                                   debate of the late 1940s. Mr. Duker's         22. 1949. and February 17. 1950. 21
    adoption. The issue of defamation and misinformation is clearly an            expertise in this matter is best revealed      percent between February 17 and
    extremely pressing concern for our community.                                  in his contention that Ukrainians "were       December 31. 1950. and to 16 percent
                                                                                   placed by the Nazis in. the same              between Januarv I and June 30. 1952.
                                                                                   categories as the racial Germans...." a                (Continued on page 13)
 No. 14                                                      THE UKRAINIAN WEEKLY            SUNDAY, APRIL 7, 1985                            ;                                      7

            Effective Media Relations                                                             Yosyp Terelia's^ Easter message:
                                      by Andrij Bilyk

                         P.O. Box 9653, Alexandria, Va. 22304                                       "arise ... for right to live"
                                                                                                  Below is the lex/ of the Easier          energy in order to turn back the
                                                                                               pastoral written by Yosyp Terelia on        perdition that is threatening us...
 TUSM's D.C. demonstration: on the mark                                                         April 12, 1984. that appeared in issue        Today the nation needs people
    Give the Ukrainian Students                                                                 NoAofthe Chronicle of the Catholic         who could find within themselves the
                                                   TUSM understood lite opportunity,            Church in Ukraine, an underground
 Association of Michnowsky a near-              and it was ready. In fact, in calls to the                                                 courage and the strength to cry out
 perfect nine for its demonstration in                                                         journal published by the Initiative         aloud about our predicament, which
                                                media on the day of the protest, its            Group Jor the Defense of Believers
 front of the Soviet Embassy on Friday,         members informed the press that                                                            is full of tragedy.
 March 29.                                                                                      and the Church.                               Today's Russian rulers like to
                                               TUSM's protest was similar in its non­
    Though 10 persons were arrested,            violent nature to the protests at the                                                      separate the concepts of "Catholic"
there was no violence and no one was                                                             Today the Church of Christ is             and "Ukrainian." Why do the rulers
                                                South African Embassy - and that,             celebrating the radiant Resurrection.
charged with resisting arrest, as was the       therefore, the treatment of those                                                          emphasize so much the separateness
case in a recent demonstration in New                                                          A great injustice arose in its time, as     of the Catholic from everything
                                               arrested should be equal under the law.         happens today as well. Jesus Christ,
York City (The Ukrainian Weekly,               To ensure that it made its point. TUSM                                                      Ukrainian - from everything by
 March 17).                                                                                    the Savior of the world, the only Son       which a Catholic lives and in the
                                                hired a spokesman - an attorney               of God, was condemned at one time
    In fact, the seven women and three         who worked out the details of the arrest                                                    name of which he struggles? Jesus
men of TUSM (the Ukrainian acronym                                                             by human enmity to indignity and            said, "Blessed are you when they will
                                                with the police beforehand.                   suffering by the entire Jewish people,
of the student group's name) who gave             (As it turned out. four protesters                                                       dishonor you, when they will
themselves up for arrest - i n true non­                                                      and was condemned to death and                persecute you. when they will falsely
                                               arrested at the South African Embassy          crucified, and took away death for us
violent civil-rights style - may have set       were reported to have been processed                                                       say all kinds of evil words against
a precedent for all such future non­                                                          all in order to redeem the human race        you, for my sake. Rejoice and be
                                                through the 3rd Police Precinct in 10 to      from its sins...
violent arrests at the gate of the Soviet       15 minutes and did not have to post                                                        glad: for great shall be your reward in
Embassy. (The 10 were charged with              bail while TUSM members had to                   In the affairs of God, the                heaven" (Matthew 5: 11-12). For he
"congregating within 500 feet of an            wait six to seven hours and had to post        redemption of the human race, the            who shall suffer death for the faith/
embassy.")                                     bail. Consequently, this part of the story     death on the cross, which took place         will be called a martyr; to bear the
   That's because the TUSM leadership          is continuing. In the Tuesday, April 2,        on Golgotha, was the last act which          cross for the faith means that you
responsible for the demonstration -            issue of the Washington Times,                 brought about the center of our faith        bear the cross also for your own
staged to publicize the plight of              TUSM's a t t o r n e y , J. Andrew             and moral renewal. We are                    captive people.
long-time dissident Yuriy Shukhevych           Chopivsky, is quoted as saying: "We            Christians! As in the earliest times of         At all times when one or another
— took the time to analyze how such            just think it's unjust that the U.S.           persecution of Christians, we are            people would fall into ruin' and
arrests were being handled at the South        attorney is giving favoritism to jnore^        experiencing the same decline as             captivity, its leaders would
African Embassy.                                popular causes."")                           —onee-did Rome before its fall. With          emphasize morality and ethical
   They reasoned and asked: If                    The story the protesters wanted to tell     pressure and physical destruction,           culture. When the Poles fell into
people, including dignitaries such as          was told by the press. And, The                today's Communist rulers are waging          captivity, they founded societies for
Jesse .1 ackson. can-be routinely arrested     Washington Post, aided by a press kit          a mortal struggle against Christians.        moral renewal -           the Philaret
at the gates of the South African              developed by TUSM, did a good job.             What is this about? What is the              Society, the S/.ubrawcy. and in the
Embassy ` and face no prosecution --                                                          reason for this?                             final years before they achieved
                                                  Thus, the lead of The Washington
then why couldn't the same thing                                                                 When social life is undermined at         freedom, the Ethical Society. For
                                                Post story read: "Ten persons who were
happen at the Soviet Embassy?                                                                 its foundation, when general                 us. such an ethical-moral society is
                                                protesting the Soviet Union's inhumane
                                                                                              disintegration nears its end. when           our Church. And it is. therefore, not
                                               treatment of a Ukrainian human and
     The several hours spent talking with                                                     there is no strengthening by any             strange that the authorities persecute
                                               political rights activists were arrested
 demonstrators and police at the South                                                        fruitful idea, a human being has             the Ukrainian Catholics with such
                                               yesterday afternoon outside the Soviet
  Mncan Embassy paid off handsomely                                                           before him no calming thought, not           severity. We must remember that the
                                               Embassy, police reported."
  for TUSM - but not without some                                                             the slightest ray of hope which would        strength of a people lies in its mass,
                                                  The Post story also said that TUSM
 additional luck. Who could`ve                                                                free a human being from virtual              not in its territory. But this mass
                                                President Petro Shmigel. carrying a
  predicted, lor example, that two days                                                       perdition — the only light ol the sun        must be healthy, not de-nationali/ed
                                               petition on behalf of Shukhevych, was
-bcfuie the TUSM demonstration, on                                                            of truth upon humanity is the idea ol        and lacking its own desire lor life...
                                               allowed to enter the embassy to
  March 27. The Washington Post, in an                                                        Jesus Christ, who suffered on the               I oday we are divided between
                                               personally deliver the petition.
 editorial, would question the police and                                                     cross for us. What must we do? The           different nations, and each one ol
                                               According to the Ukrainian National
  the courts about the fairness of not                                                        time when our people has fallen              them gives us good fortune only if it
                                               Information Service, inside Mr.
  prosecuting over 1.500 persons arrested                                                     under the blows of the Communist             wishes to. Let us remember that not
                                               Shmigel spoke about Mr. Shukhevych
 at the South African Embassy, while a                                                        warriors against God is also a time ol       one of the occupant nations will give
                                               and Russification. "We sympathize
  U.S. citi/en from Cambodia was being                                                        great trial. The Church's task is to         us any freedom, any moral
                                               with you." he was told. However, the
  prosecuted lor exercising her civil rights                                                  give the correct orientation in the          correction, for to them we are worse
                                               Soviet representative would not accept
  in Iront of the Soviet Embassy?                                                             given situation, to explain the threat       than slaves. Therefore, only we musi
                                               the petition. So. Mr. Shmigel gently
    The Post editorial asked: Is there one                                                    of the moment, to teach the people          ^carry through the reform       only we!
                                               inserted it between the buttons of the
 justice lor "liberal" protests and another    representative's shirt. At that point. Mr.     how to conduct itself in this difficult         The time has come to see the light
 justice for per/sons espousing                Shmigel was asked to leave, but the            hour, how one must not lose spirit           and. not sparing our strength, to
 "conservative" causes? That editorial,        petition remained inside the embassy.          and how to develop the greatest              arise for the sacred right to live.
  the moment \y appeared, cast a                   In addition to practicing effective
 precedent-setting aura around                 media relations in the nation's capital.      New release
     lichever Croup would next                 TUSM representatives in sorne^cities
           tate at the Soviet Embassy. It
 was a douh,lejedged sword, however.
     \Vhatever\lhe next group was, it
                                               invested their energies^nTTelivcring
                                               their press kit and (discussing the           Munich-based socio-political journal
                                               Shukhevych case with the media in the             MUNICH - Vidnova. a new journal            must become the responsibility of those
 would have tot (I) be aware of this           cities where they live. Once in the            edited by Jaroslaw Pelenski. was             circles in the diaspora who understand
 opportunity: (2'\age its demonstration        capital, they called the Washington-           released here recently.                       hat otherwise creative deliberation will
 bv cop.Mng thosesvwho demonstrate             based representatives of their home­              In a brief introduction to ihe first      oe reduced to considerations of literary
 daily at the So.nh AM`ican Embassy. By        town papers to reinforce the fact that         issue of the magazine, dated                 and ethnic phenomena.
 the same token, violence at the Sc                  vas a local story as well.               summer-fall 1984 us editors explain             The editors go on to suggest that
  Embassy would have аІІоугеїЦгіе |               On the bottom line, in Washington           why they believe such a publication is       Ukrainians are sorely in need of a new
 and the c e r t s to coplout o'` 'his vital   on March 29. TLSM was a credit to the          necessary.                                    ndependent organ in which various
 issue of eoual treatment.                     cause of a free Ukraine                          They note that the liquidation of          м)сіо-political ideas and undirected
                                                                                              Ukrainian representation in the              conceptual problems can be proposed;
                                                                                              Communist Party of Ukraine in the            consequently, the magazine, Vidnova
             NOT CE TO PUBLISHERS                                                             1970s as well as the continuing
                                                                                             dispersion of the Ukrainian community
                                                                                                                                              The first issue focuses on the 100th
                                                                                             in the diaspora, has checked the              anniversary of the Ukrainian women's
                lAND AUTHORS                                                                 development of Ukrainian cultural and
                                                                                             socio-political thought.
                                                                                                                                           movement. It includes three articles by
                                                                                                                                          -one of the movement's founders,
       It is The Ukrainian Weekly s policy to run news items and for reviews                    "At critical moments in the histories      Natalia Kobrynska, a look at the
    of newly published books, booklets and reprints, as well as records                      of enslaved or forcibly dependent             niovement`s 100-year history, an
    arutprtfrnirefssues of periodicals, only after receipt by the editorial                  nations, socio-political thought has          examination of the needs of today's
   -oifices of a copy of the material in Question.                                           served as the means by which these            woman and the First act of a play,
       News item`, sent without a copy of the new release will not be                        nations preserve self-awareness and           "Marta." by Dmytro Nykolyshyn.
    published                                                                                their identities, and helped in the              To subscribe in the United States.
       Sent new reposes and information (where publication may be риг–                       planning of their future aspirations."        write to Dora Horbachevsky, 111
    chasec co?'. ere to: The Editor, The Ukrainian Weekly, 30 Montgo­                        the editors write. However, they conti­       Presidential Blvd.. Suite '243. Bala
    mery St., Jen my City, N.J. 07302.                                                       nue, if a nation is under autocratic rule,    Cynwyd. Pa. 19004 (S5 per issue. SI8
                                                                                             then continuing socio-political thought                 (Continued on page 10)
                                                                       THE UKRAINIAN WEEKLY                SUNDAY, APRIL 7, 1985                                                              No. 14

 MUSIC NOTES                                                                                               Art scene: Martyniuk's paintings
                                                                                                           on display   in'Connecticut
  Can't find it -                             can't buy it
             by Oles Ku/ys/лп                   are relatively inexpensive and readily
                                                available. They make the product
   How many of us have gone through             visible and accessible. Since numerous
the following ordeal?                           studies have proven that record
   An a d v e r t i s e m e n t for a new       purchasers are often impulsive, take
Ukrainian record release appears in The         advantage of this by not forcing your
Weekly          or a n o t h e r   Ukrainian    customers to search for records and
periodical, or perhaps you hear about           tapes.
such a release from a Iriend or relative.          " Feature new releases by placing
You make your way to the local                  them in an area where customer traffic
Ukrainian bookstore or gift shop and            is greatest. An attractive sign or poster
proceed to the area where records are           with perhaps a few explanatory or, at
"displayed." (To refer to such an area as       least, a t t e n t i o n - g r a b b i n g p h r a s e s
a "record department" would be far too          wouldn't hurt either.
gracious.) More often than not the                 " Run weekly sales on slower moving
display copies are stacked in unsightly         items, or, similarly, offer a discount to
cardboard boxes in no particular order,         purchasers of more than one record. It
and you are forced to flip through every        seems to me that the increased volume
record to find the one that you are             of sales would justify a slightly lower
looking for. or any other new release           profit margin on each individual item.
that might interest you. Even if you do            " Display records according to
have the time and patience to per­              categories of interest, i.e., "classical" in
severe, the end result is. invariably,          one section, " p o p " in another, "folk" in
"jacket shopping" - that is, trying to          yet another, etc. It is very frustrating,
locate record jackets that you hadn't yet       for example, for an enthusiast of choral
come across in similar "hunts." The             music to have to wade through 50 pop
records found on inventory shelves are          albums, before he finds just one
no help citherV They are usually                example of what interests him.
stacked side by side with the edges                " If a performing artist or group has
facing out. and even the most                   released more than one album, keep
enthusiastic shopper would invariably. -them together, soThartrie`cTKidrneTis"
go blind trying to read the minuscule          aware of the entire catalogue at once.
print on the edges. You must resort to             " Keep an inventory card behind
pulling each record out. one by one, in        each set of records, with the title of the
order to identify it.                           record and name, address and or phone
   If cassettes are your preference, you        number of the distributor written or
are indeed in a hopeless situation. These       printed on the card. When a record is
are usually piled in an even more               sold out. it is immediately evident, and a
haphazard fashion on one bookshelf or           re-order can be placed without delay. A
some other equally               inappropriate customer frustrated                         by t h e
fixture.     Without the corresponding          unavailability of a particular record will
record jacket to refer to, the trouble is      either go elsewhere to purchase it, or
hardly worth it.                               give up and forget about the record
   Sometimes a salesperson will be able        completely.
to assist you. But even the most                   ' The card cited above can serve a                                     "Delphinium" (1984, acrylic) by Larysa Martyniuk.
knowledgeable one cannot be expected           dual purpose. If it is slightly taller than
to have the entire inventory on the tip of                                                                    F A R M I N G T O N . Conn.     Larysa        Ms. Martyniuk's work is included in
                                                the record jacket itself, the title of the
his tongue. Thus, when a customer                                                                          Martyniuk. ' a n artist residing in           several permanent collections, among
                                                record or name of the performer can be
inquires "what's new on the market?"                                                                       Woodbridge. Conn., will be exhibiting         them the Hunt Institute lor Botanical
                                                written on the protruding portion
usually, the same three or four releases                                                                   her recent paintings at Tribcca Gallery       D o c u m e n t a t i o n . Carnegie Mellon
                                                making it easier for the customer to see
are recommended and sold, while the                                                                        in Farmington.                                 University and the Unitersity of
                                               exactly what's in the display rack.
other 90 percent lie idly on the dusty                                                                        The large canvases executed in             Connecticut Collection of Contem­
                                                   " Above all, play Ukrainian music in                                                                   porary Art.
shelves. In the more rare case of the                                                                      acrylics depict realistic florals set
                                               the store. Customers will often ask what
frustrated record enthusiast described                                                                     against imaginary landscapes. The                The artist has participated in various
                                               music is being played and take an
above, an inquiry regarding a specific                                                                     artist, concerned with sharp visual           solo and group exhibitions, including
                                               interest in the record. Often I have
record or cassette will result, most                                                                       images i m p o s e d on        idealized      the Connecticut Painters and'Sculptors
                                               visited a Ukrainian bookstore or gift
often, in a duplication of the "hunt" shop only to hear an American or                                     backdrops, creates a world of mystical        Annual at the Stamford Museum, the
already conducted by the shopper, this                                                                     quality.                                      Connecticut Women Artists Exhibits,
                                               C a n a d i a n r a d i o p r o g r a m played
time by the salesperson — and often                                                                           The exhibit, which opens to the            the Fabcr Birren Color Award Show,
                                               through the store's speakers. This seems
with similar results.                                                                                      public on Saturday, April 20. will also       and the New Haven Paint and Clay
                                               to me to be not only a poor advertising
                                                                                                           include several works on paper. These         Annual Juried Exhibits.
   The end result is indeed disastrous for technique, but a contradiction in
the Ukrainian recording industry.                                                                          small watercolors are utilized by the            The Tribeca Gallery is located at 768
                                                              (Continued on page 11)
Records don't sell, because potential                                                                      artist primarily as studies for the larger    Farmington Avc.. and the exhibit will
customers are not even aware that they                                                                     canvases.                                     be on view through June 8.
are available. Retailers reduce or even         In the press
discontinue their o`.ders. because the
inventory remains stagnant for years.                Survey of                                             UNWLA announces two competitions
Producers and performers (who often
must finance their own releases), are
reluctant to invest the S 10,000 or rrtore           "lost" Kiev                                              JERSEY       CITY. N.J. -
                                                                                                            Ukrainian National Women's League
                                                                                                                                                 The     scholarships will he granted for studies at
                                                                                                                                                         accredited           U . S . or Canadian
needed to record an LP and                                                                                 of A m e r i c a recently a n n o u n c e d   universities. Categories should be
manufacture cassettes, because they               JERSEY          CITY. N.J.                     The       deadlines and contest rules for two           specified in letters of introduction.
have no guarantee of at least recouping catalogue of "The Lost Architecture of                             competitions.                                     The amount of the scholarship will be
their investment, not to mention               Kiev" exhibit was reviewed in the winter                       To qualify for the Eva Stashkiw            determined by the judging committee
making even a marginal profit. And             19X4 issue of the Slavic Review, an                         Scholarship Fund, applicants should           on an individual basis.
worst of all. Ukrainian record buyers American quarterly of Soviet and East                                fulfill one of three requirements:                Only UNWLA members who joined
and listeners are forced to listen to the      E u r o p e a n s t u d i e s , by W i l l i a m            individuals should hold degrees in            the organization at least one year prior
same records over and over again for           Brumfield ofTulane University.                              journalism, languages, library sciences       to submitting their entry need apply.
lack of variety and new releases. What            In his review. Mr. Brumfield noted                       or museum sciences and must show that         The deadline for applications is April
develops is a vicious circle that benefits that the hook by I itus I). Hewryk.                             they plan to utilize their knowledge of       30, 1985.
no one.                                        produced to accompany an cxiuoitiuu                         the Ukrainian language in their                   The Committee for the Lesia and
   Although I do not claim expertise in at The Ukrainian Museum in New                                     professional work; applicants should          Petro Kowaliw Fund, which is under
either marketing or retail, the following York, is an "excellent survey of 'lost'                          have university approval for work on a        t h e a u s p i c e s of t h e U N W L A .
suggestions seem to be only logical and        Kiev."                                                      doctorate in the various fields of            announced literary contests in the
practical.                                        "We now have not only a wealth of                        UKrainian studies, or in comparative          following categories: fiction in the form
         l o r d and cassette display racks illustrative material concerning l lie                         studies of literature, history, sociology,    of a short-story or novel based on a
                                               destroyed architectural landmarks but                       music, etc.: applicants should have a         historical theme: scholarly work on a
   Oles Kuzyszyn          is a musician anil also a wcll-rcscarehed survey of the                          scholarly       work accepted          for    historical subject (monograph).
music critic. He is a member of the tskra       circumstances Ol their destruction."                       publication.                                      Entries io both categories should be
hand.                                           wrote Mr, Brumfield.                                          In thi first am! ;cond categories.                    (Continued on page.11)
No. 14                                                          THE UKRAINIAN WEEKLY        SUNDAY, APRIL 7, 1985                                                         9

                            The Ukrainian pysanka: truly a                                                          magical-object
         by Yaroslava Surmach Mills                  only be disposed by the three          style and colors. While symbols      period, by setting aside the
                                                     holy elements, by being buried,        were often similar, they were        smoothest best-shaped eggs. It
      This article originally appeared in            burned by fire, or on Easter M o n ­   combined in countless different      was essential to have six eggs,
    The Weekly several years ago.                    day by being floated on flowing        patterns.                            each of which had to be the first
                                                     waters, to let the Blazhenni, the        Rituals and prayers^ empha­        laid egg of a young hen. At
                                                     mythical g o o d men w h o live        sized the importance of making       sunrise on Monday of Holy Week,
       In the past, when a Ukrainian                 beyond the Sunday Waters,              pysanky. Preparing the dyes was      these eggs were cracked against
    w o m a n sat d o w n to her solemn              know that Easter has come.             usually done in secret. In the       a budding tree and the yolks kept
    task of decorating Easter eggs,                                                         Carpathian mountain region, the      for as long as the decoration
                                                       Pysanky were made in all parts
    she made a sign of the cross and                                                        Hutzul women began their work        lasted. Before evening of the
                                                     of Ukraine, but each region and
    whispered, " w i t h God's help."                                                       during the middle of the Lenten             (Continued on page 16)
                                                     often each village had its o w n
    Then she could proceed with
    confidence. With her simple
    stylus, called a kistka, she "wrote"
    on the egg with melted wax,
    dividing the ovoid shape into
    several areas. With a succession
    of dye baths and the addition of
    ancient symbols drawn with the
    wax, the egg took on its powerful
    magical qualities and became a
    revered object, a pysanka.
       To insure its benevolence, the
    decorator dared not stray from
    the proscribed time, method,
    colors or symbols in making a
    pysanka. To do so would be to
    weaken the pysanka's power to
    ward off evil.
       Even by itself the unadorned
    egg was a magical object. It was
    the source of life, a symbol of
    fertility. It was all the more
    powerful when representing t b e -
    sun-god floating in the universe,
    whose return each spring was a
    celebrated event. The agrarian
     people of Ukraine worshipped the
    sun-god Dazhboh, (literally " g o d -
    who-gives")           and the           spring
    equinox ("when the earth was
    reborn") was the most important
    festival of the year.
       With the advent of Christianity
    in Ukraine, in 988 A.D., eggs
    continued to play a Central role in і
    the yearly celebration of Christ's
     resurrection. Many symbols of
     the old sun worship survived, and
     appeared on the eggs in manifold
    variations. Discs with radiating
    straight lines, curved lines of
     hooks are easily recognizable.
     But more subtle forms appear as
     well: the swastika, triquetrum and
    eight-pointed star also symbolize
     the life-group sun.
       A cock's crow announces the
     daily return of the sun, and thus it
     too is represented along with the
     solar symbols, though in a highly
     stylized form such as the cock's
     comb. Other birds are also
     associated with the sun. The
     m u c h - r e s p e c t e d s w a l l o w is
     depicted         by its      outstanding
     feature, its tail. The horse,
     representing the mythical team oi,
     eight which pulls the sun's chariot
     across the sky is also important.
     The meander, or the endless line
     (Bezkonechnyk), encircling the
     egg signifies eternity.                 Such
     designs were f o u n d on ceramic
     eggs on the pottery unearthed in
     the burial mounds of the Neolithic
     Period (5000-2500 B.C.). Traces
     of egg shells were also found.
        In Ukraine two types of Easter                 Over 300 pysanky, on loan from The Ukrainian               This is the first year the women have sponsored an
     eggs were mostly widely known.                  Museum in New YorkCity, are currently on displayatthe     exhibit of pysanky. It has, according to branch
     The term pysanka (plural:                       Port of history Museum here in Philadelphia. Sponsored    members, been very successful, attracting thousands of
     pysanky) comes from the verb                    by Branch 67 of the Ukrainian National Women's League     curious museum-goers. Pysanka-making demonstra­
     pysaty, to write, since designs are             of America, the exhibit also includes an array of         tions at the museum have also been very popular. The
     written on the egg and dyed in a                "rushnyky," Ukrainian ritual cloths.                      exhibit at the Port of History Museum, located in Penn's
     batik process. Pysanky are never                  In connection with the exhibit, which runs from March   Landing, near Philadelphia's historic Society Hill, has
     cooked or eaten The krashanka,                  15 through April 20, the women's branch is selling        been featured in Philadelphia's newspapers, on local
     from kraska, meaning color, is a                pysanky posters designed by Zenon Feszczak (pictured      radio shows and on "Good Morning America.''
     hard-cooked egg dyed a solid                    above), with all proceeds going to The Ukrainian
     brilliant color which can be eaten              Museum. The branch, a loyal benefactor of the museum,        The poster may be purchased for S4 at the Port of
     and is used in Easter games                     has, for the past four years, sent out Easter greetings    History Museum, Ukrainian stores in Philadelphia, as
     among children. The shells can                  soliciting donations for the museum.                       well as from Rranch 67 members.
10                                                        THE UKRAINIAN WEEKLY          SUNDAY, APRIL 7, 1985                                                             No. 14

                                           Pathologist scores use of paper gowns, drapes in surge
     EDUCATIONAL                               JERSEY CITY. N..I. - Dr. Муго–            have no malice against the big compa­         afterwards Bronx administrators asked
     LOANS                                  slaw Dragan. a pathologist who prac­         nies." Dr. Dragan said oT the critics         him to leave.'.
                                            tices in Stamford. Conn., is waging a        who have said he has scores to even.             Dr. Herbert Rose, Bronx VA as­
     A fraternal service                    campaign against the use of paper            "The discussion of costs does not             sociate chief of staff for research, said
                                            drapes and gowns in operating rooms          interest me: there is no cost that can be     that Dr. Dragan`s research proposal
                                                                                         attached to human life."
     to UNA members                         where they can be potentially fatal, the
                                            Gannett News Service recently reported.         His first study of foreign-body re­
                                                                                                                                       was turned down because it was flawed.
                                                                                                                                          But at least one other study has
                                               Dr. Dragan told Gannett reporter         action to disposable drapes, conducted         corroborated some of Dr. Dragan`s
                                            Eljen Hale that his research shows that     during an 18-month period in a 300-bed         findings. In May. a group of five
     The loan will bear a. modest           at least 500 patients die each year and     New York hospital, was published May           Oregon surgeons reported finding 24
     interest rate of З”/о a year only f    5.000 to 10.000 need new operations         25, 1979. in the Journal of the American       cases of wood-fibre-caused reactions
     on loans made. Interest will           because of complications caused by           Medical Association.                          and one death.
     accumulate during the period           disposable surgical drapes and gowns.           But the article was cut from its              In 1974, Clementine Havenor, the
     of schooling and be paid during           He also said his research has been       original four pages to one after ad­           wife of one of Dr. Dragan`s colleagues.
     repayment period.                      suppressed and attempts have been           vertisers complained to the medical            Dr. Engle Havenor of New York,
                                            made to discredit it. but he remains        journal. Dr. Dragan said. He added that        underwent surgery for colon cancer.
                                            convinced that wood fibres used in the       magazine editors said they would print        She had two more operations after that,
                                            fabrics "shed" into open wounds more        the full article only if he would put up       not because of her cancer but to remove
                                            than cotton fabrics do and cause a          more than 5100,000 in escrow to cover          thick tangles of tissue that mysteriously
                                            "foreign-body reaction" — an intense        the cost of lost advertising.                  enveloped her intestines.              і
                                            and quick response to something alien           Ms. Hale noted that the Journal's
                                            in the body.                                officials, who said makers of disposable          It took specialists in Chicago to
                                               The reporter noted that paper drapes     drapes don't often advertise in their          determine that the dense adhesions were
                                            and surgical gowns are big business:        journal, denied the charge.                    caused by a microscopic bit of lint from
                                            SI60 million last year alone. And the           Two years ago. Dr. Dragan tried to         the paper drapes used in the operating
                                            names in the industry are formidable:       conduct a survey of lint-caused in­            room. That bit of lint set off a reaction
                                            Johnson ft Johnson. Proctor and             fection at the Bronx Veterans Ad­              that led to two further major operations
                                            Gamble. Kimberly-Clarke. duPont and          ministration Hospital in New York. His        in a woman already weakened by a
                                            the C. H. Dexter Corp.                       preliminary review of slides revealed at      serious disease. In 1976, Mrs. Havenor
                                              "1 am not a corporation hater and I       least 40 cases and two deaths. Soon            died.

                                            Pittsburgh Festival                         Shukhevych...                                  those whose lives exemplify the struggle
                                                                                                                                       for human rights and human dignity."
        Children up to 4V4 years of                                                               (Continued from page 3)                Spokesmen for AHRU and TUSM
     age who enroll for 515,000 of
     insurance will be guaranteed a
                                            chaiinMULjfilectecL                         -Soviet political prisoners. Not only are
                                                                                         they given the maximum sentences
                                                                                                                                       have called upon the Ukrainian
                                                                                                                                       American community members to
     (5,000 educational loan. Should          PITTSBURGH - Lee Grimm has                 under the Soviet Criminal Code but in         contact their congressmen and urge
     they enroll for S25.000 of in­        been elected chairman of the Pittsburgh     ' many cases, after having served their         them to sign the joint letter to Mr.
     surance, they will be guaran­         Ukrainian Festival to be held at the          sentences, are rearrested on trumped-up       Gorbachev on behalf of Ukraine's
     teed a loan of 57,500.                University of Pittsburgh campus on            charges to serve new terms of                 "eternal prisoner," Mr Shukhevych.
        Juvenile members age 5 to          September 28-29.                              incarceration."                               The deadline for signatures is April 17,
     10 enrolled for 515,000 of new           Also elected to the committee were            The message also asked the                 when the letter is due to be sent.
     insurance will be guaranteed a        Nickolas C. Kotow and Steve Kapeluck.         congressmen to raise the case of Mr.
     54,000 Educational Loan. If           vice-chairmen: Yaroslav Hodowanec.
     enrolled for 525,000 of protec­       treasurer: and Irene Grimm, secretary.
                                                                                         Shukhevych. who has spent 33 years in
                                                                                         imprisonment and internal exile, and to        "The feast..."
     tion, they will be guaranteed a          The festival will include cultural         ask Soviet officials for his release on the            (Continued from page 1)
     loan of 56,000.                       displays, workshops, mini-perform­            grounds ot Article 100 of the RSFSR            Church today is entombed in
                                           ances, food, a concert and dance, with        Code of Criminal Procedure: The                catacombs, but it will resurrect anew
        The protection herein re­
                                           proceeds going to the Ukrainian Na­           Illinois Branch of AHRU has been               because Christ promised life to those
     ferred to must be under UNA P-
                                           tionality Room being planned at the           actively involved in this action by            in the tombs.
     20 Certificate.
                                           University of Pittsburgh. Dr. George          urging its congressmen. Reps. Rosten-             On this sad anniversary ol our
        A formal notice that loan is
                                           Kyshakevych serves as the chairman of         kowski and M ichel. to act forcefully on       Church's burial, we lift our hands
     guaranteed, will be sent with
                                           the nationality room committee.               behalf of Mr. Shukhevych while in the          upward to heaven in the psalmist's
     Certificate of Protection when
     it is issued.
                                              The Rt. Rev. Andrew Beck and Msg"r.        USSR. A telegram and telephone cam­            prayerful petition. "Let God arise
                                           Michael Poloway serve as honorary co-         paign was organized by the Illinois            and scatter his enemies: let those who
        Certificate must remain in
                                           chairmen ot the festival committee.           activists and a similar action was             hate him run away in defeat"(Psalm
     good standing with all
     assessments and dues paid                                                           undertaken by the Yuriy Shukhevych             82:2). Let us beseech Christ, who
                                                                                         Committee and AHRU branch in Cali­             vanquished death and Satan, to
     until Edu-cational Loan is
     granted a n d throughout              Munich-based...                               fornia.                                        come to our assistance and remove
     repayment period.                             (Continued from page 7)                  In a statement from its chairman.           the cumbersome rock blocking the
        Certificate must be assigned       annually); in Canada - DmytroFedyk,           Paul G. Kirk Jr., the Democratic               entrance to the grave of our Mother
     to UN A during the period of the      22 Allanhurst Drive. Apt. 102.                National Committee also joined this            Church. May he hasten the day when
     loan and its repayment. Either        Islington. Ontario M9A 4J6 (S6 per            action by declaring: "We are proud to          the bells ol Easter will joyfully ring
     parents or guardian must              issue. S22 annually); in Germany -            express our concern and our                    out and announce once again that
     guarantee repayment of loan if        Roxane Sajuk. Vidnova Verlag GmbH,            indignation over the treatment of those        truth prevails and our dear brothers
     juvenile is,under age 21 when         Leopoldstrasse 85/1, 8000 Munchen 40,         like Yuriy Shukhevych in Ukraine and           and sisters in Ukraine will bask in the
     loan is granted.                      (12 Dm per issue. 42 Dm annually); and        around the world. And, we join in              resurrection ot freedom.
         Educational Loans will be         in France - Irene Popowycz. 3, Villadu        expressing oursinceresoiidarity with all          "I his is our wish ior our dearly,
     made over a four-year period          Bel Air. 93800 Epinay s/Seine (25 F per                                                      beloved in our far, distant native
     only for tuition to the college or    issue, 85 F annually).                                                                       land. And for you, our dear brethren
     institution of higher learn-ing.                                                   Sakharov...                                     in this great iand ol freedom, we praj
         Repayment of loan begins                                                                (Continued from page 2)                that )our faith will increase, that
     three months following gra­                                                           In 1975, Dr. Sakharov was awarded            your hope be strengthened and,
     duation of applicant and must                                                      the Nobel Peace Prize for his human-            rekindled by love, we rriaj embrace
      be fully repaid over a maximum                                                    rights activities. One year later, his wife     one another and recognize our
     of 20 equal quarterly install­                                                     became a co-founder of the Moscow               brother in one extended Christian
      ments.                                                                            Helsinki Group, which was established           family:
         Should period of education                                                     to monitor Soviet compliance with the              We wish you a pleasant holv day,
     for which loan was secured be                                                       1975 Helsinki Accords on human rights          Christ is risen! Our Church shall also
      reduced or terminated the re­                                                     and security in Europe.                         rise! Given this 25th day of March,
     payment period will begin im­                                                         Last May Dr. Sakharov began a                1985. the Feast of the Annunciation
      mediately.                                                                        hunger strike to support his wife's             of the Mother of God.
                                                                                        efforts to go abroad for medical
                                                                                        treatment. He was eventually taken to a                        Stephen
     For information contact                                                            hospital where, according to relatives in        |  Metropolitan-Archbishop ot
                                                                                        the United States, he quit his hunger                       Philadelphia
     the U N A m a i n office:
                                                                                        strike after six or seven weeks of forced                       Basil
                                                                                        feeding. He returned to his Gorky                       Bishop of Stamford
     3 0 Montgomery St.                                                                 apartment in September.                                       Innocent
     Jersey City, N.J. 0 7 3 0 2                                                           In November, he was visited briefly           Bishop of St. Nicholas in Chicago
                                                                                        by junior colleagues from the academy.                         Robert
     (201) 451-2200
                                                                                        A similar visit occurred several weeks           Bishop ol St. Josaphai in Parma
                                                                                        ago. The Times said.
No. 14                                                   THE UKRAINIAN WEEKLY         SUNDAY, APRIL 7, 1985

Parish fetes
priest's fifth                                                Notes on people
                                                                                    curtain of overtone waves, "came to him
                    -                      Becomes president                        out of the blue." noted the reporter.
                                           of computer firm                            Mr. Melnyk was living in Paris in the
                                                                                    early 1970s and was accompanying a
                                                                                    troupe of contemporary dancers as the
                                              ALLENTOWN. Pa.               Jerome
                                                                                    members did their exercises. The music
                                           Kindrachuk of Allenlown has acquired
                                                                                    he was playing, neither rhythmic nor
                                           a management interest in Computrol
                                                                                    terribly melodic, became the. basis for
                                           Engineering Inc.. the Alleniown-bascd
                                                                                    his own unique style of performance.
                                           computer engineering firm which owns
                                                                                       "It was just the right combination of
                                           the franchise rights to Computerland
                                                                                    circumstances." said Mr. Melnyk. Since
                                           stores in Allentown. Reading and
                                                                                    those days he has found the music he
                                           Wilkes-Barre, Pa. Mr. Kindrachuk will
                                                                                    composes and plays to be spiritually
                                           become president of the firm.
                                                                                    releasing while containing a kind of
                                              Previously Mr. Kindrachuk was healing quality.                                               Kristina Katreczko
                                           manager of the tax department for           "1 do not play to entertain." said Mr.
                                           Ernst A Whinney's local office, serving Melnyk while discussing the effects of        will go on to compete for the National
                                           clients in manufacturing, construction, continuous music on the body. "I want         Miss T.E.E.N title-Zn Albuquerque.
                                           publishing, health care, banking and people to experience this music."                N.M. in November. Contestants must
                                           data management. Ernst A Whinney is                                                   be 13 to 18 years of age. maintain a В or
                                                                                       Although Mr. Melnyk makes his             better average in school and should
                                           one of the "big eight"accounting firms.
                                                                                    home in Paris, Stockholm and                 participate in the Volunteer Service
                                              Instrumental in introducing micro­ Winnipeg, the wandering lifestyle has
                                           computers into the Ernst A Whinney or­ more to do with being unable to afford         Program of Miss T.E.E.N.. a program
                                           ganization. Mr. Kindrachuk is an accommodation in one place. The                      which involves teens across the nation
                                           expert in management and information pianist ends up living with friends.             in community or civic work.
                                           systems and authored in-house com­                                                       Miss Katreczko is the daughter of
                                                                                       "My own salary amounts to                 Mr. and Mrs. Jurij Katreczko. attends
                                           puter training manuals as well as
                                                                                    something like 52,000 a year," he told       Ukrainian school in New Haven.Conn.,
                                           computer programs. He has also been
                                                                                    the reporter. "That's not enough money       and is a member of the Eternal Echo
                                           associated with the Internal Revenue
                                                                                    to live. People should know that.            bandura ensemble, the Holy Trinity
                                                                                    People should know what an artist has        Ukrainian Orthodox Church choir in
                                              Mr. Kindrachuk graduated with to do to survive."
                                           honors from Bentley College, holds an                                                 Bridgeport. Conn., and Plast. She is
                                                                                       Despite financial unhappiness. Mr.        also a member of UNA Branch 59.
                                           M.B.A. from Suffolk University, and-is a Melnyk said that he remains committed
                                           certified public accountants He—is- to "creating the most beautiful music I
                                           treasurer of the Pennsylvania Institute can create."
         The Rev. Taras Chubenko           of CPA as well as of the Don Ritter for                                               UNWLA... і
                                           Congress re-election committee. He is                                                         (Continued from page 8)
   CARTERET. N.J.- The Rev.Taras           past president of the Allentown Lions Netter makes team                               at least 100 typewritten pages,
Chubenko. pastor of St. Demetrius          Club and vice-president of the Estate                                                 submitted in triplicate and may be in
Ukrainian Orthodox Cathedral,              Planning Council, and serves on the          JERSEY CITY. N.J. -             Daria    either Ukrainian or English.
celebrated the fifth anniversary of his    board of trustees of the Baum School Klachko. the starting center forward on             Short stories or novels published in
ordination on February 10 and was          and Community Systems Itjc,               the New Providence High School
                                                                                                                                 1985 may be entered, as well as
honored a month later at a luncheon                                                  basketball team, was recently named to
                                                                                                                                 scholarly works published in 1986.
given by his parishioners on March 10.                                               the all Union County girl's first team
                                                                                     as a starting center. Earlier, she was         The deadlines lor submissions are
                                                                                     selected Girl Athlete of the Week by the    December 31. 1985, for fiction and
   The Rev. Chubenko was born                                                                                                    December 31, 1986. for the scholarly
December 5. 1946. in Ellwangen. West                                                 Star-Ledger, a New Jersey-based daily
                                                                                     newspaper.                                  work.
Germany, and emigrated to the United                                                                                                For more information write lo:
Stales in 1951. eventually settling with                                                Miss Klachko. 17. a 5'l ("senior, has
                                                                                     been averaging 20 points and 11             Ukrainian National Women's League
his parents in Allenlown. Pa. He
graduated from the Allentown                                                         rebounds per game lor her team and has      of America. 108 Second Ave., New
Cornmunit) College and Technical                                                    a shooting rage of 15 to 17 feet. She is a   York. N.Y. 10003. Submissions should
Institute, worked some time lor the                                                  resident of Murray Hill. N.J                be sent to the same address.
Western Electric Co. and served in                                                      A member of the National Honor
Korea after joining the army.                                                       Society. Miss Klachko plans HI major in       Can't find it.
                                                                                     pre-dcniistrv in the fall and continue                (Continued from page 8)
   After his discharge, the Rev.                                                     playing basketball. She is the daughter
Chubenko received degrees in                                                                                                     purpose. Even non-Ukrainian shopper`
                                                                                    of Wolodymyr and Luba Klachko. and           expect and appreciate an "ethnic
marketing and psychology from Pcnn                                                   is a member of UNA Branch 27 in
State University which led him to a                                                                                              ambience" when visiting an ethnic gill
                                                                                     Newark. N.J.                                store. Of course. Ihis requires additional
career in business.
   In 197x he entered the Si. Sophia                                                                                             effort on the part of the retailer. But
Ukrainian Orthodox Seminary in                                                                                                   doesn't the mark-up ol anywhere
South Bound Brook. N.J.. was                                                                                                      between 50 and 100 percent per record
ordained to the deaconatc one year later                                                                                         justify this effort'' And wouldn't the
and into the priesthood in 1980 by                                                                                               increase in sales volume benefit the
Metropolitan Mstyslav. Later that year                                                                                           performing artist, producer distribu`
                                                    Jerome Kindrachuk                                                            tor,retailer and shopper alike? I think it
he was made pastor of the St. Demetrius
Cathedral and in November 1982 he            Mr. Kindrachuk is a U.S. Army                                                       would. But most importantly, it would
was awarded a gold pectoral cross and      veteran and was decorated for service in                                              allow the Ukrainian record industry to
elevated to the rank of proto-pricst.      Vietnam.                                                                              expand and improve in quality, serving
                                             He is the son of Mr. and Mrs.                                                       as a worthy exponent of our rich,
   During -the five years of his           Michael Kindrachuk of Glen Spey.                                                      cultural heritage for all the world tosec.
appointment to St. Demetrius               N.Y.
Cathedral, he oversaw the renovation of
the cathedral and church center.                                                                                                 Jews told.
   Besides serving his parishioners, the                                                                                                  (Continued from page 2)
Rev. Chubenko is the chaplain of the       Pianist profiled                                                                      factors to encourage speculation about
Carteret Fire Department, a member of         WINNIPEG - Lubomyr Melnyk. a                                                       an easing of Soviet emigration policy.
the Mayor's Advisory Council, the .        pianist and composer whose work                                                       In the past, he said, such moves have
Carteret Ministerial Association, and      critics have described as "irridescent"                                               come when the Kremlin sought better
Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 2314.        and as having "spiritual intensity," was                                              relations with Washington.
He works with the Boy Scouts and local     recently profiled in the Winnipeg Free                   Daria Klachko                   In addition to the expectations of a
parent-teacher organizations. He is also   Press by reporter Doug Whiteway.                                                      meeting between President Ronald
a member of the Danny Traschler
Memorial Fund, the New Jersey-'
                                              The internationally known musician,
                                           who graduated with a degree in
                                                                                      Pageant participant                        Reagan and Mikhail Gorbachev, the
                                                                                                                                 Soviet leader, a trade delegation headed
Pennsylvania Bee Keepers Association       philosophj from Oueen's Unjversit) in         HUNTINGTON. Conn. - Kristina            by Commerce Secretary Malcolm
and the Airplane Owners and Pilots         Kingston. Ont.. plays a self-              Claudia Katreczko. 17. has been se­        Baldridge is to begin talks in Moscow in
Association.                               developed technique he reicrs to as        lected to compete in the 1985 Con­         May. The T imes said.
  The Rev. Chubenko is marrie'd to         "continuous music." I his method, the      necticut T.E.E.N. pageant which will be       The United Stales has made it clear
Mary Ann Knappcnberger. a registered       playing of arpeggios extremely fast.and    held in Hartford. Conn., on August 2-4     that any easing ol trade restrictions
nurse. They have four sons. Taras. Eric.   continuously with the sustain pedal        at the Parkview Hilton Hotel.              would depend in part on the emigration
Gregory and Peter.                         which provides "an cvei-changing              The winner of the state, competition    question.
    12                                                         THE UKRAINIAN WEEKLY           SUNDAY, APRIL 7, 1985                                            ^                No. 14

                                                                   inviting young people to contribute ideas and opinions      doing things. We have the people, the experience, the
    The role of today's..                                          when preparing briefs and pos lion papery today, we         competence and the specialized skills to put the
                   (Continued from page S)                         have students enrolled in many specialized areas of         Ukrainian community back into the forefront of
  stable work. Many ol'them begin to feel frustrated and          study: law, communications, journalism, political            lobbying groups in Canada.
  ripped-off. Bleak employment prospects translate to             science, linguistics, etc.).                                    The material benefits that wouldflowfrom utilizing
  little opportunity after several years invested in univer­         The numerical growth of the Ukrainian community           our best talent are simply too important and valuable
  sity and the humiliation of over-staying one's welcome          depends on welcoming Canadian-born Ukrainians                to ignore.
  at home.                                                        who are consciously and continually seaching for their          At this point, 1 would like to bring my presentation
     1 believe that you. the professionals and leaders of         roots. Can we afford to turn away young Ukrainians          to a close. But before concluding. 1 would like to make
  our community, are in a position to introduce                   who speak little Ukrainian or speak it poorly; who do         a proposal to you for establishing an influential and
  remedial measures in order to mitigate the severe               not fully understand why Ukraine should be free, let          sophisticated lobbying mechanism in the Ukrainian
  problems caused by youth unemployed and high                    alone want to fight for it; who have not graduated            community.
 tuition fees incurred by our students.                        , from the traditional Ukrainian youth organizations               As many of you know, we are currently facing a
     For example. I don't see why our numerous credit             such as SUM or Plast; who do not approve of the             grave crisis concerning the reported collaboration of
  unions refuse to establish scholarship funds for                archaic framework of the community or those who             Ukrainians with the Nazis during World War II.
  Ukrainian students entering university. It now costs            have not achieved social, political orfinancialsuccess.     Looking back at the events which have transpired over
 well over SI.000 annually for a student to enroll in an             For example, let us consider for a moment the            the past few weeks, it has become abundantly clear to
 undergraduate arts program. This does not include               consequences of appointing a Canadian-born                   us that our community is not adequately equipped to
 living expenses and the cost of books. The total bill for       executive director for the UCC. Moreover, let's take a       defend itself from distorted, inaccurate and
 a student attending a university away from home may             closer look at Dr. Manoly Lupul`s proposal of making         sensationalized news reports disseminated by the
 be between S2.000 and S3.000. perhaps more. A                   at least 80 percent of the UCC Executive Canadian-           Canadian media.
 scholarship could provide many \oung Ukrainian                  born. I think that commitment, enthusiasm and                    Of course, we are fortunate to be able to rely on such
 Canadians with the opportunity ю go to university.              experience should be prerequisites for membership on         people as Victor Malarek of the Globe and Mail for
 We know that our students are capable ol academic               the UCC executive and not one's loyalty to one to the        setting the record straight. But we can't expect Mr.
 excellence, and we should not allow skyrocketing cost-          "big six" organizations in the UCC.                          Malarek to compromise his journalistic integrity nor
 of-living or tuition fees stand in their way.                       Today, ladies and gentlemen, I have addressed you        can we rely on one person to defend a 600,000-member
     But we can't stop there. I'd like to see the                on what 1 believe to be a serious topic: our community.     community.
 professionals in our community provide Ukrainian                I believe that to come through out present crisis with           What we desperately need to deal with such
 students with career-enhancing work.experience. As              some hope of preserving the things that are of greatest      occurences is a national Ukrainian information and
 many of you know, a university degree is no longer a            importance to both young and old, our community              lobbying office located in the nation's capital. This
 passport to the- working world. Students need                   leaders must do some clearer thinking-than they have        office would be mandated to respond to false and
 experience to meet today's requirements of employers.           done in the past. I am convinced that within the UCC        damaging reports in the media and it would house a
    Your support may be delivered by cooperating with            there is a lot of wishful thinking and much misleading      staff of professional lobbyists and researchers who
 federal and provincial governments through wage-                illusion.                                                   could lobby government officials on pressing issues in
 subsidized employment programs. In this way, our                    One of the biggest illusions is that we can preserve    the Ukrainian community. It would have a paid staff
 \outh may better acquire the practical experience and           the unity of our community by centralizing power            and executive director and it would have to be
 marketable skills necessary to respond to unstable              among the "big six" organizations in the UCC.               located in close proximity to Parliament Hill and the
 labor market conditions and demand.                                 1 find this configuration extremely dubious. Unity      National Press Building.
    Youth unemployment is far too high,' and                     in our community has to be based on some sense of               A Ukrainian community information and lobbying
combating it. therefore, should be made a priority in            common purpose, other than consolidating power for          office in Ottawa would be valuable not only because of
 our community. Youth cannot succeed alone. You, the             political purposes or striving for a fatter bank account.   the possibility of establishing regular contact with
 members of our community, have a responsibility.               There has to be a desire by all of us to live and work       federal government officials, but also because it could
 You must attempt to break down the barriers facing              together with mutual respect in order to achieve things     prepare for visits by foreign heads of state to Ottawa.
 \oung people and convince your colleagues-in the                that our community values.                                  The nation's capital is a meeting place for provincial,
 business community to make their fields more                        Indeed, Ukrainian youth — and especially students       national and international delegations. For example,
accessible to young people.                                      in SUSK — have been among the most persistent, and          this spring it will play host to delegates from around
    In addressing the topic of the role of youth in the          at times the most outspoken, critics of the policies of     the world attending the Experts Meeting on Human
 Ukrainian community, I must acknowledge the                     the UCC. If young people were given a role in               Rights. Furthermore, we must take into account that
important contribution which I think SUSK has made              developing community priorities, they might help us          the international wire services have offices in Ottawa
over the past decade and a half.                                 make these priorities more workable and would feel          and most Canadian television and radio stations have
    With us today are members of the Ukrainian                  inclined to support them.                                    reporters based there.
Canadian Committee, the Ukrainian Community                         To date, 1 think that many of the problems in the             Finally, we do have qualified people in our com­
 Development Committee and the Ukrainian                         UCC - problems which have only served to alienate           munity to staff the Ottawa office. It's just a matter
Canadian Professional and Business Federation. I                youth - may have been avoidable.                             of mustering the funds and determination to make this
often wonder whether these organizations realize the                 For example, a young colleague of mine, who             bold project a reality. 1 have been sold on this idea for
\aluable contribution which SUSK hasjnade towards               recently reviewed many of the programming and briefs         quite some time now and today I am prepared to pro­
their growth and survival. As I mentioned, one of               prepared by the UCC, concluded that many problems            pose a prime location in Ottawa for the establishment
SUSK's responsibilities is to develop the leadership            in the UCC have arisen for the most basic reason: the        of this office. We've talked and talked about
skills of its members so that they may someday assume           left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing..        establishing an office in Ottawa at countless UCC
leadership positions in the Ukrainian community.                    One classic example of the UCC's ineptitude              conferences and congresses and now is the time to act.
And today, former SUSK activists are visible on the             occurred earlier this year, when the UCC submitted a             We can no longer afford to continue to debate the
executives of our central organizations: as in the UCC.         brief on multilingual broadcasting to the Canadian           merits of this idea while the reputation of our
the UCDC and the UCPBF.                                         Radio-Television and Telecommunications                      community is being eroded by those hostile to our
    A few SUSK alumni who immediately come to                   Commission.                                                  deepest convictions. How many more articles about
mind are: Andrij Semotiuk, Roman Serbynn. Myron                     As someone who is familiar with regulatory bodies        Ukrainians collaborating with the Nazis will it take
Spolsky, Andrij Makuch. Bohdan Krawchenko.                      and the Canadian broadcasting system 1 found that            before we move to set up a body which would publicly
Halya Kuchmij and Marijka Hurko. These people                   the UCC brief was poorly written and extremely               defend our interests? Or when are we going to be able
have contributed a great deal to our community, while          ambiguous. The arguments contained in the brief were          to lobby against government legislation which
at the same time distinguishing themselves in the               not based on current trends in the broadcasting indus­       discriminates against Ukrainian and other
mainstream of Canadian society: in law. business, the           try. Furthermore, the brief did not take into account        ethnocultural groups?
media and in the academic world. I would speculate              the demands imposed by the Canadian Broadcasting                 In conclusion. 1 want you to know that 1 do not wish
that many of them credit SUSK with providing them               Act nor the legal limitations currently in place. Put        to leave Winnipeg labelled as a harbinger of bad news.
with the confidence and skills to succeed in the               simply, the brief should never have been submitted in         Rather. I would like to leave you with an inspiring
professional arena.                                            the form that it was.                                         passage from an article which appeared in the most
    International Youth Year constitutes an ideal                   There is no excuse for such an embarrassing and          recent edition of Student newspaper. Titled "Don't
opportunity for adopting a new approach to young                potentially damaging incident. We have the                   Blame Youth for the Decline of the Ukrainian
people. And. each of you in this room has a responsibi­        experience and availability of resources in our               Hromada." the article was written by l.ida Hvo/da
lity to listen to young people, to take note of their           community to more forcefully influence the decision-         who is an MAstudent in psychology in Syracuse, N.Y.
aspirations and to encourage them to participate fully          making process in Ottawa and the provincial capitals          The last paragraph of the article. I found, provides us
in all aspects of our community and Canadian society.           of this country. And according to informed sources,          with a glimmer of hope for the future:
    For example, during last night's plenary session, the       the UCC's submission to the CRTC was not an                      "Since historically Ukrainian people survived
UCC representative from St. Catharines. Ontario,                isolated incident. On countless occasions, the UCC           Mongol invasions. Russian-made famines and
underscored the importance of initiating special                has spoken on behalf of the Ukrainian community to           German genocides, then. I feel, such a will to survive is
projects to commemorate International Youth Year.              government and has wrccklcssly forfeited any oppor­           proof that despite some setbacks, our identity, lan­
Some of the initiatives you may wish to consider,               tunity to gain concessions from them. I would think          guage and heritage will live on. including in the
include: a) inviting young people to speak at                   that when the UCC drafts a brief, speaks to a Minister       "hromadas" for generations to come. The question is.
community conferences and seminars (this panel is a            of the Crown or responds to questions from the media,         what use of our "Ukrainianism" the Ukrainian youth
good example and I congratulate the UCC for inviting            that it will call upon the most talented and articulate      will be able to make in assisting the Ukrainian nation
us to this conference): b) involving young people in all        people in our community to complete the task.                in its struggle for independence, consolidation, many-
areas of decision-making in the UCC and UCDC: c)                    We desperately need to adopt a professional way of       sided growth and development."

                          THE UNA: MORE THAN AN INSURANCE COMPANY.                                                                                                                I
!                                                                                                                                                                                 I
No. 14                                                           THE UKRAINIAN WEEKLY       SUNDAY, APRIL 7, 1985                                                                               13

                                                                                                                                                   tended to serve a definite purpose." As
                                                  And if sometimes e\erythingdid not        Ryan letter...                                         anyone familiar with that period knows,
  Chronicle...                                    go according to God's will, we                     (Continued from page 6)                       the strongest charges regarding the
                                                                                                                                                  "Nazism" of all DPs came from the
         (Continued from page 2)                  (nevertheless) aspired to love, to         but why is that necessarily an indication
   help and protect you.                          God's, salvation. The,result of our        of discrimination? An equally plausible               Soviets.
                                       Yours.     past relations is the Ukrainian            explanation is that Israel became a                      What I believe we have in the Duker-
                                Pavlo Kampov      Catholic Church in Vienna, St.             nation-state in 1948 and more Jewish                  Dinnerstein-Ryan sequence is a
                                June i t ; 1984   Barbara's. Today, Ukrainians arc           DPs decided to go there after that date.              progression built upon half-truths that
                                                  like orphans scattered around the             Mr. Dinnerstein argues that the                    runs something like the following.
                                                  world beyond Moscow's reach. This          original DP legislation discriminated                    While reviewing documents
                                                  nation (Ukraine), which has thethird       against Jews because the eligibility cut­             presented at the Nuremberg war trials.
   Letter      to    Austrian       Catholic      largest population in Europe, is           off date for DP status was December 22,               Mr. Duker discovers convincing
                    Committee                     bloodied and plundered, reduced in         1945, a date when /nany Jews had still                evidence that some Ukrainians were
                                                  culture and development, ridiculed         not made it to the DP camps. The fact of              involved in the killing of Jews during
       Mr. Chairman:                              and crippled; but there is a God who       the matter is that the date discriminated             Hitler's occupation of Ukraine. Mr.
       Peace and God's blessing on you            sees all, and there is a hard-working      against Baits and Ukrainians as well. It              Duker also discovers the activities of the
   and the Austrian nation!                       and sincere people that believes in the    is interesting that when subsequent                   Ukrainian underground (Ukrainian
       In connection with events that             future and, with hope in its heart, in     legislation moved the eligibility date to             Insurgent Army- UPA)and, in keeping
  - unfolded around the tragic question           the Lord God, Jesus Christ.                April 21,1947, the number of Ukrainian                with Soviet views, concludes that its
   as to the matter of the Ukrainian                 The Moscow government has put           and Baltic DPs admitted to the United                activities were anti-Allied. Being a Jew
   Catholic Church. I want to express             out a new circular about the total        States increased while the number of                   of a certain persuasion (for such Jews
    my thanks to you personally and to            annihilation of the Ukrainian             Jews decreased.                                       "Ukrainian" is synonymous with
    Austrian Catholics for your                   Catholic Church. We are beyond the            Mr. Dinnerstein`s argument that the               "pogromist"), Mr. Duker accepts the
   solidarity and Christian love for the          law. The government and the militia        preference given to "agriculturists" in              Soviet allegation that Ukrainians who
   enslaved Ukrainian nation and our              can do all they want with Ukrainian        the original legislation discriminated                refused to return to Ukraine after the
    blood-soaked Church.                          Catholics. Hence, on June 15, in the       against Jews (because they were urban                war ended were war criminals.
       Both the righteous and sinners are         village of Dovhe in the Transcar-          dwellers) and favored Ukrainians                     Outraged by the number of Ukrainian
    indebted to God. From the former.             pathian region, militiaman Yu.             (because they were farmers) is also                   DPs seeking admission to the United
    God expects piousness and good                Starosta, in broad daylight, attacked      faulty. First of all, most Ukrainian DPs             States, Mr. Duker pens a scathing
   deeds, and from sinners, repentence.           Ukrainian Catholic Maria Trykur in         were not farmers but urban dwellers like             article condemning the DP Act for
    And we, Christians, continueiy pray           the center of town and dragged her to      the Jews. Secondly, it is a fact that when            providing a haven for "Nazis." At the
    and through good deeds ask God to             headquarters by the hair. O, blind and     the agricultural preference was removed              time he first expressed them, Mr.
    forgive our tormentors and to soften          dumb people! There was no hero to          by subsequent legislation, the number                 Duker's views received little serious
    their petrified hearts... God's will,         protect -the woman Catholic... They        of Jews admitted to the United States                attention.
    forever! Jesus said, go among the             know that anyone who raises a voice        actually decreased.                                      Some 30 years later Mr. Dinnerstein
    wolves of the world, which means              of protest will not escape                    As for the argument that DPs from                  begins his research on Jewish
    that not only must we pray, but also          punishment.                                E a s t e r n E u r o p e were Nazi                  involvement with the Displaced
    take an active part in life and strive to                                                collaborators, Mr. Dinnerstein                       Persons Act. Analyzing data that
                                                     One (Ukrainian Catholic) Church                                                              suggested Jews were discriminated
    the limits of our strength to create          activist, who was imprisoned in a         j)redicateshis entictjase on a series of
    good and sow the seeds of love                                                           random statements made by various                    against, Mr. Dinnerstein discovers Mr.
                                                  labor camp"in Vynriytsia, was for two                                                           Duker and others who alleged that most
   among the evil of this crippled                months led out into the cold, doused       people who represented a very small
    world...                                                                                 percentage of those who were familiar                Ukrainian and Baltic DPs were "Nazis"
                                                  with water and kept outside in the                                                              and concludes that DP legislation was
       The Ukrainian Catholic Church is           snow and rain so that he would             with the DP situation. Included in this
                                                                                             number are. of course, such people as                specifically designed by anti-Semitic
    living through a terrible time of             recant and voluntarily remove a cru­                                                            congressmen to keep Jews out and to
    persecution and repression. A day             cifix from his neck: but when they         Mr. Duker (whose blanket indictment
                                                                                             of non-Jewish DPs was described as                   bring anti-Semitic Ukrainians and
  .does not go by durijigi which a                saw, that their efforts were ip vain                                                             Baits in.
    Catholic is not arrested, beaten or           they sentenced him and locked him          "dangerous generalization" by William
                                                                                             Haber, the Jewish advisor to the U.S.                    Enter Mr. Ryan. Anxious to vindi­
    fined because we pray in our own              up in Mordovian labor camps. He                                                                 cate his increasingly questionable
    language and believe in our blessed           wrote about this in an open letter to      Army in Europe), Dr. R. Gogolinski-
                                                                                             Elston. London director of the National              management of the OSI. Mr. Ryan dis­
    Holy Father in the Vatican. Our               the head of the KGB, Yuri                                                                       covers Mr. Dinnerstein and decides to
    nation has for over 60 years suffered         Andropov. (The writer is almost            Catholic Welfare Conference (NCWC).
                                                                                             who argued that "all" Ukrainian DPs.                 write a book. Picking up where Mr.
    unheard of abuses of the faith of our         certainly referring to Yosyp Terelia,                                                           Dinnerstein left off. Mr Ryan alleges
    forefathers at the hands of the               who wrote such a letter to Mr.             had been Nazis, and DP Commissioner
                                                                                             Harry N. Rosenfield who, while he                    that the U.S. government not only let
    Communist rulers in Moscow. We                Andropov in 1976.J                                                                              known Nazi DPs in. it also did every­
   are compelled by the atheist                      We constantly hear; "Take and           couldn't quite accept Mr. Gogolinski-
                                                                                             Elsion`s assessment of "all" Ukrainians              thing in its power to protect them. To
    Communists to believe in those gods           crucify Him!" But the day of                                                                    hype his book. Mr. Ryan further alleges
    in which they themselves do not               resurrection will come and we believe      being Nazis, laughingly told Mr.
                                                                                             Dinnerstein that "maybe only 90                      that some "10.000 Nazis" are living in
    believe: we are forced under the              that this day is not far off.                                                                   the United States despite the fact that as
    threat of a death sentence into                  With respect and love, your             percent were." At no point in his book
                                                                                            does Mr. Dinnerstein adequately deal                  late as 1981 he argued that there were no
    Russian Orthodox churches and are.            brother and servant greets you and a                                                            more than "some 480." (See The Jewish
    in practice, not allowed to even drag         free Austria.                              with the fact that every DP had to
                                                                                             undergo a series of very careful security            Veteran, January-bebruarv-March
    out a miserable existence. And that is                                Vasyl Kobryn                                                            1985.)
    why tears of happiness and a scintilla                           Lviv. June 7. "l9`84   checks and that on January 20, 1950. a
                                                                                             special subcommittee of the House                        Sloppy research predicated upon
    of human joy bathe our hearts when                                                                                                             shaky analysis based upon inflammatory
    we hear that there is a nation -                (Mr. Kobryn is the head of the          Judiciary Committee concluded that all
                                                                                            allegations regarding fraudulent                      exaggeration does not a case make. 1
    sincere and Catholic        that endures      underground Initiative Group in                                                                  repeat, Mr. Ryan's behavior is
    our pain as its own. Once we were             Defense of Believers and the              statements or forged documents by DPs
                                                                                            "can be safely classified either as rumors             reminiscent of McCarlhyism. and his
    together, forming one united state.           Church. I                                                                                        letter toThe Ukrainian Weekly is an in­
                                                                                            or deliberate misrepresentations in­
                                                                                                                                                   sult to all Ukrainian Americans.

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14                                                 THE UKRAINIAN WEEKLY    SUNDAY, APRIL 7, 1985                                               No. 14

     The Secretariat of the Central Jubilee cfj)
     Committee of the Millennium of        /WftfoA
     Christianity in Ukraine               ЧГШЧГ
     Needs and Wants You!               va   j | ,^–ET^
                                                                                                            988-1988 U i
     Our Celebration is so enormous. . .the plans require your involvement

                  We appeal to all Ukrainian Catholic Organizations the world over for
                  the love of our Faith. We appeal to every diocese — Bishops, Religious,
                  and lay people; every Ukrainian - Parish Organization, Men's Clubs,
                  Ladies' Leagues, Sisterhood, Youth, Young Adults; every Ukrainian
                  Professional and Business Club.

     JUBILEE COMMITTEE. The fee is S25.00 for each of the vears                          ALL MILLENNIUM MEMBERS.
            1985, 1986. 1987 and 1988. This fee of S25.00 can be paid on
     a yearly basis or in one sum of SI00.00.                    і
                                                                            IT'S A TIME OF SPIRITUAL RENEWAL and the Millennium
     A Gold Membership Card will be -issued to all dedicated                Secretariat has prepared a body of inspirational literature to
     members, sanctioned with the Blessings of His Grace, Most              come into the homes of our faithful to prepare the way for the
     Rev. Maxim Hermaniuk, Millennium Chairman, and bearing                 spiritual celebration of our millennium.
     the signatures of:
                Bishop Michael Hrynchyshyn, C.Ss.R.                         IT'S OUR HERITAGE. Won't you help? Three hundred people
                    Millennium Secretary General                            have become supporting members of the Central Jubilee
                  Rev. Thaddeus Krawchuk, C.Ss.R.                           Committee, we all of us ask you to join us in the celebration of
                     Assistant Secretary General                            our spiritual heritage. A millennium comes one in a thousand
                         Millennium Executive                               years. One in ten generations has the opportunity to par­
                                                                            ticipate in a millennium. Please, take advantage of this oppor­
                                                                            tunity. - `
     A TRUE STORY -       988 A.D.
        Long ago and far away a great prince decreed that his people
     would be baptized in the river that ran through their beautiful
     country. . .and a great people became a Christian nation. A fairy
     tale? No. This is the true story the Ukrainian nation became     THE MILLENNIUM INSPIRATIONAL READING PACKAGE
     Christian in 988 A.D. St. Vladimir the Great, grandson of the holy     Memories of a Mother (on the early life of Metropolitan Andrew
     Saint Olga, baptized his people in the Dneiper River.                       Sheptytsky)
     1988 - TODAY WE ARE PREPARING to celebrate 1000 years                  On the Millennium Crossroads
     of Ukrainian Christianity, Ukrainians everywhere in the free           The Pilgrim Icon
     world, in their parishes, clubs, organizations, and all people         Our Christian Heritage - first and second editions
     of goodwill-are preparing themselves and their communities             Christian Marriage 8c Family Life
     to honour our Millennium of Christianity.                              Renewal Through the Eucharist
                                                                            The Need for Penance and Reconciliation
                                                                            Faith, Hope and Love - These Three
     THE CENTRAL JUBILEE COMMITTEE OF THE MILLENNIUM                        Prayer - Servant of God Andrew Sheptytsky, OSBM
     SECRETARIAT asks your support in preserving and                        The Holy Father's Message to the Ukrainian Community on the
     celebrating our great Ukrainian heritage.                                   occasion of His Visit to Canada, September, 1984

                  MILLENNIUM APPLICATION                                    M.I.R.P. ORDER FORM
                                                                                 THE MILLENNIUM INSPIRATIONAL READING
     Name: —                                                                                 PACKAGE - S25.00

     \ddress:-                                                               Name:--:


     Amount:                                                                 Amount:-
     Please send to: Millennium Secretariat Central Jubilee Committee
                    233 Scotia Street                                       Please send to: Millennium Secretariat Central Jubilee Committee
                    Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada                                             233 Scotia Street
                    R2V 1V7                                                                Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
     NOTE: Official Receipts for income tax purposes will be issued.                       R2V IV7                                 . -
No. 14                                                     THE UKRAINIAN WEEKLY             SUNDAY, APRIL 7, 1985

                                          Young UNA'ers                                                                                                         TREASURE OF THE
                                                                                                                                                                  GOLDEN LORE
                                                                                                                                                        ..The road to slavery of body and mind
                                                                                                                                                        starts with exchanging the trutti tor
                                                                                                                                                        comfort"                     Eider Sage

                                                                                                                                                        Box 4 2 2              D u b l i n . Ohio 4 3 0 1 7

                                                                                                                                                       ; Cititax                                Corp.
                                                                                                                                                                                  if      tai     return
                                                                                                                                                                p r e pa і
                                                                                                                                                                2nd \ ,                                . t-002S

                                                                                                                                                                 W H Y TAX Y O U R S E L F
                                                                                                                                                                   Let ЄХРЄГ..;Г.СЄ Л0". Il`' H)U
                                                                                                                                                               M i c h a e l Zaplitny. E A. C.F. P
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Twin sisters Christina Ann and Lisa Marie Remick. 22                                                                                                     909 Union Street. Brooklyn. N.Y. 11215
months old in the photo above, are the youngest members of            Little William Deoniz Kus/nir and his older brother, I)awyd                                     (718) 622-1560
UNA Branch 238 in Boston. Their parents are Robert and                Andrij, are the newest members of UNA Branch 83 in
Joyce Remick. and their grandparents are Michael and Anne             Philadelphia. The two are sons of Wasyl and Virginia                                            REAL ESTATE
Remick. Anne Remick is the financial secretary of Branch              Kus/nir, and the grandsons of Andrij and Fawrosia Kus/nir.
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                                                                                                            Stefan Tur
                                                                                                             Photographs, prints and sculptures.
                                                   And if you're luck) enough to
                                              miss the ruin, ii might help you                                         April 6 t o 14,1985
Stephen William Lewitzke is shown             plant a few shade              Jp  ^
with his proud mom, Natalie (nee                                 ТакеДЦ–                                  Ukrainian Artists Association Gallery
Kovch). He recently joined UNA                                  . stockV^                                136 2nd Ave. New York City, 4 th floor
Branch 183 in Detroit thanks to his                             тДтегіса.                                   G a l l e r y h o u r s ; Sat. t- Sun. v.oo-S:oo.    T u e s . - F n . b.oo         S:oo
      mother and father, СГЯІЕ.
16                                                            THE UKRAINIAN WEEKLY        SUNDAY, APRIL 7, 1985                                                            No. 14

     Ukrainian pysanka... d e a t h of oraEasteri l for the Dead,
                                            ch d.         During
                                                                                                        PREVIEW OF EVENTS
              (Continued from page 9)           which takes place a week after
 same day, at least two kistky were             Easter, pysanky and special                   April 7, 13, 14                      885-2360, ext. 69. Also on Saturday,
 made. These were the wax-                      foods were left at grave sites so                                                  after a cocktail party beginning at
 writing instruments which                      that the living could share them              NEW YORK: The Ukrainian 7:30 p.m., the Prometheus Male
 consisted of a tiny tube or funnel            with their ancestors.                          Institute of America. 2 E. 79th St.. Choir will perform. Cost: SI0 per
  made of thin metal attached                       Since the women took great                will hold Easter egg-decorating person; cash bar. The public is
  (some used a piece of straw or a             care to keep to the proper                     demonstrations, live arid on film cordially invited. For tickets call the
  feather) to a small stick. A char­           authentic designs their mothers                Sundays at 1 -6 p.m. and Saturday at number above. On Sunday, ap
 coal-filled clay pot banked with               had taught them, and thus assure               10 a.m. - 6 p.m. Admission: alumni brunch will follow services in
 ashes was used to heat a small                victory over evil, many of the old             voluntarv donation. For more Manor's chapel in the Academic
 container of beeswax and several              pysanky designs have survived.                 informat'ion call (212) 288-8660.    Building.
 kistky. Dyes were made ready. To              From the simple two- or three-
 begin her design, after the proper            color linear designs of the                   April 20                                 May 4 - 26
 prayer and blessing, the woman                northern region, Pidliashshia, to
 test-dipped the flow of wax on her            the very intricate, multi-colored             TOMS RIVER, N.J.: The                    DETROIT: The U k r a i n i a n
 t h u m b and then proceeded to               ones of the Hutsul mountaineers,              Ukrainian-American Club of Ocean         Bandurist Chorus under the
 " w r i t e " the basic lines on her egg.     from the green and                red         County will hold a Spring                direction of Wolodymyr Kolesnyk
 When lines and areas planned to               "Shistrozh," six hollyhocks sun-              Anniversary Dance at the Knights of      will give concerts in 16 cities in
 be white were detailed, the egg               image of Poltava in eastern                   Columbus hall. Whittier and              western Canada and the United
 was lowered into the first and                Ukraine, to the floral abstract free          Tennyson avenues. A buffet will be       States. The tour is dedicated to
 lightest dye. When removed and                patterned design of mid-western               served, and music will be provided by    Hryhory Kytasty who died a year
 dried, more wax was applied                   Sokal, to the fascinating "Sorok              the Amour band beginning at 8 p.m.       ago. Tickets- are available in
 when the design called for the                Klyntsiv," 40 or 48 triangles                 The public is cordially invited.         Ukrainian bookstores and credit
 preservation of that color, and the           arranged in an ail-over pattern               Donation: SI5. For tickets and more      unions.
 egg was placed in a darker dye.               found in many regions, each                   information, please call Ann Lichko
 These steps were repeated until               pysanka was directly inspired by              at (201) 240-0354.                          PREVIEW OF EVENTS, a listing
 the final color was attained, after           the design of some long-for­                                                           of Ukrainian community events open
 which the wax was melted off and              gotten ancestor.                                                                       to the public, is a service provided
 the pysanka was finished.                        -Jn- relatively recent times, many"        April 1 9 - 2 1 "                        free of charge by The Weekly to the
     After c h u r c h one was given to        changes have crept into this once                                                      Ukrainian community. To have an
 the village priest, and the others            sacred ritual. By making the                  JENK1NTOWN,            Pa.: Manor        event listed in this column, please
 exchanged among relatives and                 kistky fireproof, they can be                 Junior College. Fox Chase Road and       send information (type of event,
 friends. A girl of marriageable age           heated over a candle and dipped               Forrest Avenue, will hold a Spring       date, time, place, admission, spon­
 would give one to a boy she                   into solidified beeswax. In some              Fling/ Alumni Homecoming                 sor, etc.), along with the phone
 favored, letting him know that she            cases the candle has been                     Weekend. On Friday at 7:30 p.m.          number of a person who may be
 would welcome matchmakers.                    supplanted by electricity and an              there will be a president's reception    reached during daytime hours for
 Pysanky were kept in the home to              electric kistka has come into use.            for alumni in the Basileiad Library.     additional information, to: PRE­
 protect it from elements and turn             Chemical dyes of unlimited hues               On Saturday at 9 a.m. - 4 p.m. there     VIEW OF EVENTS, The Ukrainian
 away serious illness. It was                  have replaced the more subtle                 will be а Пса market. To reserve a S10   Weekly, 30 Montgomery St., Jersey
 believed that they could make a               natural dyes, often              with         space call Непе Newborn at (215)         City, N J. 07302.-
 childless woman fertile; they                 discordant and garrish results.
 could also return a lost love. They           But the biggest change has come
                                                                                                                                      and around the world."
 were buried in the fields to insure
 a good harvest, and placed in
                                               about with the introduction of
                                               non-traditional and inappropriate          300 show.                                      Referring to former President John
                                                                                                                                      F. Kennedy, he said: "Twenty-five years
 mangers            and under nests to         designs. Realistic           flowers,               (Continued from page 1)
                                                                                                                                      ago, a young, brilliant leader of the
 increase the fertility of animals             objects        and scenes        have      Information Service, said in reference to
                                                                                                                                      Democratic Party declared that we will
 and fowl, and put under the                   changed the character of the               the time the arrested students were held    pay any price, bear any burden, meet
 beehive for a good supply of                  pysanka. The more agreeable                by police.                                  any hardship, support any friends
 honey.                                        designs and patterns adapted                  The seven women and three men were       oppose any foe in order to assure the
     If an adult died during the               from Ukrainian embroideries are            taken to the Second District Police         survival and success of liberty."
 Easter period, a pysanka was                  recent innovations. Perhaps this           station, where protesters arrested at the
 placed in his grave. This was done            change is inevitable, but is it still a    South African Embassy also were being                  March to embassy
 throughout the year upon the                  pysanka?                                   processed.
                                                                                                                                         The d e m o n s t r a t o r s , carrying
                                                                                                     300 demonstrators                placards saying "Help Free Yuriy
                                                                                                                                      Shukhevych" and "Free Ukraine." then
                                               VOA to air                                     About 300 Ukrainian Americans had
                                                                                           gathered in Lafayette Park opposite the
                                                                                                                                      marched to the Soviet Embassy. There
                                                                                                                                      they sang patriotic songs and shouted
     A UNA                                     Easter service                              White House demanding that Mr.
                                                                                          Shukhevych. who has spent 33 years in
                                                                                                                                      slogans such as "Free Shukhevych -
                                                                                                                                       Free Ukraine" and "Unchain Ukraine."
                                                  LOS ANGELES              This year's    Soviet labor camps and in internal exile,   while Peter Shmigci. national president
     insurance policy                          Easter services at St. Andrew's             be allowed to emigrate with his family     of TL'SM. went into the embassy to
                                               Ukrainian Orthodox Church in Los           to the United States. '                     deliver a letter demanding that Mr.
     is an investment                          Angeles will be broadcast by the Voice        "While some inroads have been made       Shukhevych be allowed to emigrate
                                               of America via satellite to l;kraine.      toward increasing public awareness          with his family to the United States.
     in the Ukrainian                            Services will begin at 6 a.m. on
                                               Sunday. April 14. and will be broadcast
                                                                                          concerning fShukhevych`sJ case, the
                                                                                          fact, remains that thel, continues to
                                                                                                                                         Nine other students were standing in
                                                                                                                                      front of the gates to the embassy and
                                               the same day at 7 - 8 a.m. The church's     languish and suffer behind the bars of
     community                                 pastor is the Very Rev. Stephen НаІІіск–   Soviet prisons and concentration camps
                                                                                                                                      peacefully demonstrating. They were
                                                                                                                                      joined by Mr. Shmigel and shortly
                                               Holutiak. and the choir director is        completely blind and in extremely poor      afterwards arrested for unlawfully
                                               Hryhory Hallick-Holutiak                    physical health" said Mychajlo             congregating within 500 feet of an
                                                                                           Halatyn. spokesman of the Ukrainian        embassy.
                                                                                          Student Association of Michnowskv
                                                                                          (I'USM), the organization that
                                                                                          sponsored the protest.
                                                                                              l.inas Kojelis. associate director of   UYL-NA reunion
                       SAGA OF UKRAINE                                                    the Office of Public Liaison at the White
                                                                                           House, represented President Ronald        slated for September
                                AN OUTLINE HISTORY                                         Reagan at the demonstration. "1 come
                              Vol 1 -    The Age of Royalty                               here this afternoon," he said, "not only      CLEVELAND - The Ukrainian
                              Vol 2 -   The Age of Heroism                                to offer you the president's best wishes,   Youth League of North America will
                                        (in English!                                      but 1 come to offer much more - his         hold its Reunion II here at the
                                                                                          full support and the support of those of    Cleveland Hilton South Hotel during
                                                                                          us who have the honor of being part of      the weekend of September 6-8.
                                                                                          his administration."                          The program for the reunion will
                                                                                             Paul G. Kirk Jr.. chairman of the        include a welcome party, a session of the
                                                                                          National Democratic Party, in a             Ukrainian Heritage Foundation of
                                                                                          statement read by Ulana Jurkiw to the       North America, and a banquet and ball.
                                                                                          demonstrators, iaid. "We are proud to          The Reunion II committee is chaired
                                                                                          express our concern and our                 by Gene Wolosyhyn: Helen Shipka is
                                                                                          indignation over the treatment of those     vice chairperson. Ben Lemischuk.
                                                                                          like ї uny Shukhevych in the Ukraine        treasurer. Estelle Woloshyn. secretary.

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