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The Top Ten Internet Casinos


									   Martin J. Silverthorne

   The Top Ten
Internet Casinos

The Top Ten Internet Casinos!
COPYRIGHT © 2005 Silverthorne Publications Inc.

ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Without limiting the rights under
the copyright reserved above, no part of this publication may be
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transmitted, in any form or by any means (electronic, mechanical,
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permission of both the copyright owner and the publisher of this
book, except for inclusion of brief quotations in a review.

Address all inquiries to the publisher:
Silverthorne Publications, Inc.
7200 Montgomery Blvd. NE, Suite 172
Albuquerque, New Mexico 87109
United States of America

        Manufactured in the United States of America.

The material contained in this book is intended to inform and
educate the reader and in no way represents an inducement to
gamble legally or illegally.
About this Report. . .

This report is designed to be used as part of the extensive course
on playing and beating online casinos described in the manual
Beat the Internet Casinos. The complete manual is available
online and may be downloaded in the next five minutes if you like.

Just click here to get your own copy of what has been called "the
ultimate guide to beating the online casinos."
Quick Checklist Before You Play Online

Here is a list of items to check before deciding to deposit cash with an
online casino:

1. Find a casino with a sign up bonus. There is no point in playing in
any e-casino which does not give you at least a 10 percent bonus.

2. Check to see if the casino is licensed. Appendix 5 of Beat the
Internet Casinos lists unlicensed e-casinos.

3. See if the e-casino is listed as a licensee of a major software brand.
Appendix 3 of Beat the Internet Casinos. This table lists the major
software brands and their URLs.

4. Review some of the resources I have shown you to see if any obvious
problems, such as numerous consumer complaints, are apparent.
Appendix 2 in Beat the Internet Casinos shows a number of Internet
resources you can use to get the latest information.
5. Check the lists of sites to avoid. Appendix 4 in Beat the Internet
Casinos has a list of sites to avoid as of the time this book went to press.
But don't forget to check some of the other references I have given you
as situations change very quickly on the Internet.

6. Visit the e-casino's web site. Verify the current amount of the bonus
offered. If the bonus is given as a percent, is there a limit on the dollar
amount? What games are offered? We will only be interested in playing
certain games and the casino must offer them to remain in contention.
Are there transaction fees? How much are they.

7. Find out if the e-casino is audited? If the auditor is a large, well
known firm, so much the better.

8. Visit the e-casino's "about us" page giving information about the
operators. If it doesn't have one, you may want to check the WHOIS
database to get more information on the principals.

9. Find out who processes the credit card transactions. Not all sites
show this information, but it is very helpful when you have played in
dozens of casinos and are trying to reconcile your records.

Download the software and play some of the games without depositing
any money. If you are still not quite certain about the e-casino or if you
have any problems or questions with the software, try e-mailing or
phoning the e-casino. If you can't reach someone now, don't even think
about depositing a nickel with them.
How We Determined the
Top Ten Web Casinos

       We found what we think are certainly ten of the world's best
online casinos.

       We took the bonuses paid by the casinos, the software
offered, the casino's reputation and the casino's payback
percentages into consideration in coming up with this list.

      We admit to some subjectivity, in that we picked casinos
where we have played and have had good experiences.

        Please note that we are not affiliated with any of these
casinos. Most web sites that recommend online casinos are
affiliates of the casinos and are paid a portion of the money lost by
players. While our recommendations are somewhat subjective,
they are in no way influenced by any compensation received from
the casinos we recommend. We certainly would not recommend a
casino where we are paid a percentage of your losses. Besides, if
you use our system, you won't have very many losses. In fact, you
will be a net winner playing online.
Top Ten Internet Casinos

Casino            Payout   Deposit Bonus
Aces High         96.99%   $50 Free
Caribbean Gold    NA       $75 Free
Casino-on-Net     97.94%   $200 Free
Casino Tropez     98.47%   $75 Free
Club Dice         97.72%   $225 Free
English Harbour   NA       $100 Free
Golden Rivera     97.60%   $100 Free
River Nile        96.88%   $150 Free
Silver Dollar     96.41%   $100 Free
Windows Casino    97.82%   $200 Free
Aces High Casino

Bonus: Get $110 free when you deposit $100 or more

Year Started: 2001

Registered Owner of Domain: Aces High Casino Ltd.

Contact: 24/7 toll free phone and email

Audited by Third Party? Yes, return to player rate verified by

Games Offered:
- Low Limit
- High Limit
- Multi Hand
- European
Cyberstud Poker
Scratch Card
Red Dog
Sic Bo
Video Poker

Payment Methods: Credit Card, FirePay, ACH, Bank draft, Wire

Software Provider: Microgaming

Size of Download: 6.78 MB

Country of License: Curacao

Review: Established in 2001. Has 55 interactive games,
including six progressive jackpots. Transactions are facilitated
by Proc-Cyber Services, a well-known and established cash
Caribbean Gold

Bonus: Get $75 free with a $75 or greater deposit. Also, 10%
bonus for wired funds and Western Union deposits.

First Year in Operation: 1998

Countries of License: Antigua and Barbuda

Registered Owner of Domain: English Harbour, New Ventures
Inc., St. John's, Antigua, West Indies

Contact: 24/7 toll free phone support line and email

Games Offered:
Progressive Slots
Progressive Caribbean Stud Poker
Straight Slot

Payment Methods: Credit Cards, Firepay, ClearChex, Money
Orders, Bank Drafts, Wire transfer, Checks

Software Provider: OddsON Inc. New software Sept/2001

Download of software required: Yes

Size of Download: 1 MB or 9 MB

Review: Caribbean Gold is one of the older and more
established online casinos. It is owned and operated by the
English Harbour Group, which also operates English Harbour
and Silver Dollar.

The casino's operating practices have been acclaimed by a
number of organizations and it has a reputation for honesty and
prompt customer service.

Bonus: Get 20% on your deposit up to $200 free.

Year Started: 1996 (first net casino)

Country of License: Antigua

Registered Owner of Domain: Cassava Enterprises, Ltd., P.O.
Box W352, St John's, Antigua

Contact: 24/7 email and fax with a 30 minute response time

Audited by Third Party? PriceWaterhouseCoopers reviews
Casino-On-Net's payout percentages
Games Offered:
Video Poker

Payment Methods: Major credit card, Bank draft, Wire transfer

Software provider: Proprietary

Download of Software Required: Yes

Size of Download: 8.6 MB

Review: This casino is one of the first casinos to be established
online. It has had over 1,200,000 downloads since its launch in
1996. With its outstanding free-download software, the games
offer a virtual reality sensation with the look and feel of real

Players have the choice of a private table for personal enjoyment
or an open table, which can be shared with up to two friends with
a unique live chat facility between players.
Casino Tropez

Bonus: 100% Match Bonus up to $75 Free
Wire transfers - 10% bonus

Comp Program: Receive comp points worth $1 for every
$1,000 wagered.

Year Started: 2001

Registered Owner of Domain: Global Interest Gaming Ltd.,

Contact: 24/7 by email and by toll free phone
Casino Tropez
P.O. Box W992 Woods Center
St. John's, Antigua West Indies
Audited by Third Party? Yes, return to player rate is audited
and verified by PriceWaterhouseCoopers.

Games Offered:
Video Poker
Pai Gow Poker
Red Dog Poker
Casino War
Sic Bo

Payment Methods: Credit Card, ClearChex, NetTeller, Citadel
(ACH), FirePay, Wire Transfers

Software Provider: PlayTech

Download of software required? Yes

Size of download: 4.1 MB

Country of License: Antigua
Review: The Casino Tropez managers and employees are
committed to providing fair gaming and good customer service.

This casino is owned and operated by Global Interest Gaming,
Ltd., a registered company on the island of Antigua. It is one of
the leading online casinos.
English Harbour

Bonus: 100% Match Bonus up to $100 Free

Comp Program: Players points, 1 pt for every $1 bet

Year Started: 1998

Registered Owner of Domain:
English Harbour Entertainment Ltd.
11 Old Parham Road
St John's, Antigua West Indies

Contact: 24/7 toll free phone support and email

Audited by Third Party?
PriceWaterhouseCoopers audits games and the results are posted
on English Harbour's web site.
Games Offered:
Video Poker
Caribbean Stud (progressive)

Payment Methods: Major Credit Card, Firepay, ClearChex,
Western Union, Bank draft/money order, Wire transfer, check

Software Provider: OddsOn

Download of Software Required: Yes

Size of Download: 10.2 MB (complete casino - great for

Country of License: Antiqua & Barbados

Loyalty Program/Slot Club: Yes, 0.1% cash rebate

Review: You really can't go wrong with this casino. It offers
good games, great support and a decent comp program.

The casino used to use software by Microgaming but switched to
OddsOn last year.
Golden Riviera

Bonus: 100% deposit bonus up to $100 Free

Year Started: 2000

Languages: English, French

Contact: 24/7 toll free phones and email.

Audited by Third Party? Yes, return to player rate is audited
and verified by PriceWaterhouseCoopers.

Games Offered:
Slots (also progressive slots)
Video Poker

Payment Methods: Credit Card, Neteller, PrePaidATM, Wire
Transfer, Check

Software Provider: Microgaming

Download of Software Required? No. You can choose to
download or play flash games. (I suggest download.)

Review: Golden Riviera is a popular and well-trusted online
casino. Their support is good and their payout rate is high -
almost 98%.
River Nile Casino

Bonus: 100% Match Bonus up to $150 Free

Year Started: 2002

Languages: English and French

Contact: 24/7 toll free telephone and email

Audited by Third Party? Yes. The payout percentages are
audited and verified by PriceWaterhouseCoopers.

Games Offered:
Video Poker

Software Provider: Microgaming

Download of Software Required? No. You can choose to
download or play flash games. (I recommend that you

Review: Nice bonus program and great software are traits of
this casino. They also offer great support and a VIP Club that
can increase your bonuses and comps. An advantage of the VIP
Club is that your winnings get paid into your PayPal account
within 24 hours.
Silver Dollar Casino

Bonuses: Silver Dollar Casio will match your initial deposit by
100% up to a maximum of $100.

10% bonus on wire transfers

First Year in Operation: 1998

Country of License: Antigua and Barbuda

Software Provider: OddsOn Inc.

Games Offered:
Video Poker
Progressive Island Stud Poker

Payment Options: Major Credit Card, Firepay, Western Union
(non U.S. only), Money order, Wire Transfer (10% bonus on all),
Bank Draft

Download of Software Required? Yes.

Size of Download: 1 MB or 9 MB

Review: This is a good casino. It's biggest drawback is that it
doesn't offer Baccarat. However, the 10% bonus on all wire
transfers is worth checking into.
Windows Casino

Bonus: 20% free on your deposit up to $200

Year Started: 2000

Software Provider: Windows Casino Inc.

Payment Methods: Credit Card, FirePay, CompECash, Western

Download of Software Required? Yes

Contact: Real time chat and email

Audited by Third Party? No. Games certified by the Electronic
Gaming Commission.
Games Offered:
- American
- European
Video Poker
Caribbean Poker
Pai Gow Poker
Red Dog
Let 'em Ride
Tri Card Poker

Service/Support: 24/7 Toll free phones, Fax, email, AOL
Instant Messenger and ICQ

Review: The software developed by Windows Casino is very
technologically advanced.
Best parts of casino - 20% bonuses on deposits of $100 or more.
If you make payments by Western Union, Windows Casino will
add 20% bonus to your account, even if it is not your initial

Wagering requirements are only four times the bonus amount in
order to withdraw it.
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