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									                                        Mohamed Magdy
                    55 Ryad Street New Maadi --- Cairo, 27044484 / 0168841354

December 25, 2010


I am graduating in August 1999 with a Bachelor of engineering in system and computer

With my 12+ years of experience as software engineer / technical team lead / system analyst /
software architect/ Integration Consultant, I have successfully completed more than 18 projects in
different business domains (Education / ERP / DSS / Banking / Telecom, CMS)

During my work I do many activities like:

1 – Planning.

2 – Presentation.

3 – Team building.

4 – Team coaching.

5 – System Design / Architect.

6 – System Implementation / Training / Consulting.

My last career position in ITS Company as software designer, team leader and software architect
allowed me to practice the following practically in life with more than 4 major Sites in the region:

1 – Object Oriented Analysis and Design using UML.

2 – Software Architect for 3 Telecom Products.

3 – Implementing for the SOA mechanism in more than 4 countries (Kuwait / Nigeria / Sudan/
KSA, Bahrain)

Although my resume provides a summary of my background and experiences, I would like to
meet with you in person to discuss the opportunities with your company that meets my

I can be reached at (016) 8841354 / 27044484 or

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Sincerely, Mohamed Magdy.
                 55 RYAD ST REET NEW M AADI MAADI
  PHONE     27044484 / 0168841354 • E-MAIL MMAGDI@HOTMAIL.COM

                          MO H A M E D        M AG D Y

                 Date of Birth : 22/8/1975

                 Nationality: Egyptian

                 Marital Status: Married (two children)

                 Military Service: Exempted


                 1994 – 1999
                 Faculty of Engineering
                 Graduated from Al-Azhar University
                     Major: System & Computer Department
                     Grade: Good
                     Graduation Project: Building Newsgroup and Marketing Catalog
                     Project Grade: Excellent
                     Description of the Project: Making Web Portal to serve an e-
                     commerce site Of any marketing catalog, including building
                     newsgroup module with the ISAPI extension DLL files using VC++
                     Tools: VC++, ASP, HTML, JavaScript, Access

                 Institute of National Planning
                    Certified from the institute in Oracle Developer Program
                    Certified from the institute in Oracle DBA Program

               Information Technology Institute
                    The Cabinet Information and Decision Support Center (IDSC)
                    Major: Information technology Diploma
                   Graduated from the Software Skills Development Program (9
                   Graduation Project: Building Web Portal [Semsar] with online
                   negotiation (Voice and Chatting)
                   Description of the project: Building Real State portal for Egyptians
                   abroad to search, navigate, negotiate for there selections.
                   Features Of The Site: Online Decoration, Navigation and
                   browsing with virtual reality System
               Tools used: JSP, Servlets, Java, applet, VB6, VRML

                        Object Oriented Analysis & Design (OOAD) using UML

                     Course provided by Learning Tree (

                        IBM Rational Process Training (IBM Egypt)

                        IBM Rational Software Architect Training (IBM Egypt)

                        Certified Business Process Track (CBP) (EMAK Academy)

                        Oracle J2EE / SOA Training track (Oracle Middle East)

Integration Solution Engineer [ITS-GBS] 1/6/2010 till now

Working with different positions in the Enterprise team:

       Integration Solution Engineer:

        Acting as integration architect for projects based in Bahrain / KSA / UAE.

        Building an ESB based solution to integrate BANNER education ERP solution with
        different enterprise solutions like MODLLE/ BLACK BORED.

       Analysis / Design for Correspondence system built for UAE government, using
        DOCUMENTUM Content Management System.

       Solution Architect:

        Transferring Oracle Forms based Solutions to be J2EE based solutions

       Enterprise Solutions Integration Engineer:

        Building SOA based solutions to integrate different enterprise domains within telecom
        operators, higher education organizations.

Telecom Consultant[ITS]
1/5/2009 till now

Responsible for building ESB / SOA based solutions for Operators using FUSE ESB.
Building Adapters for communication with Network Elements in SUDNA, Nigeria, Kuwait.
Sharing in building standard Data Model using Shared Information Model (SID)

System Analysis & Technical Team Leader [ITSoft]
(1/7/2006 till now)
       Technical Team leader for the CRM project in the telecom department.
       CRM requirements gathering from Kuwait Branch.
       Develop telecom products for ZAIN Group / Etisalat Nigeria.
       Software Designer using UML tools like IBM RSA.
       Attend UML Training from .
       Responsible for leading 13 developer and designer for the company telecom product.
       Tools used: IBM RSA, Oracle SOA AS 10g, Oracle Jdeveloper 10g.

System Analysis & Technical Team Leader [Integrated Visions]
(15/5/2004 till 1/6/2006)
Playing Different roles in Integrated Visions:
       Technical Project Manager
        For one of the biggest ERP Solutions in the middle east, this         project designed
  to be on the international standards to fit in the international markets.
      Tools used: Oracle 10g Database, Oracle Application Server 10g, Oracle

       Software Designer for URAAP One of the biggest single authentication Passports on
        the World market, used to single identifies users over e-commerce and e-
        governmental solutions.

       Technical Team Leader and Module & Components Provider for IV-Market Place
        portal, writing and leading team of programmers for complete the e-commerce portal
        for both the G15 and IV-Market Places.
        Tools used: OfBiz Portal Solution Framework, J2EE, Eclipse, ant and, FTL.

       Database Mapping Solution Developer for INFOBRAIN (Database mapping solution),
        in this project I was the analysis and design and coding person in it, this project
        include traveling to Jordan for integrating two modules with sister company in Amman
    Tools used: Oracle Jdeveloper9i, Microsoft IIS, SQL Server 2000, and XML.

       Technical Team Leader For Business Process Management Solution
        This project contain Three main modules:
         Workflow Engine, Digital Repository Management, User Security Module.

Software Engineer in Ractors Company
Playing Different roles in Ractors: (under the .NET technology)
       Technical Project Manager for one of the biggest download portals on the net ShareQ , responsible for launching the site and developing cycle ,
        supervising junior and senior developers implementing the site, Tools used : ASP
        ,SQL Server 2000,VB6.
       Software Designer for Export Net, One of P&G (Procter & Gamble Egypt), involved in
        Designing the Database schema for the project and developing and implementing the
        Security module in the project, Tools used: C#, ASP.Net, SQL Server 2000,
       Module & Components Provider for AAW                  (Arab Alliance for Women) , responsible for building add on modules On the GDP
        (General Dynamic Portal) , building the Article module and the Media Module , Tools
        used : VB.Net , ASP.Net , SQL Server 2000 , JavaScript.
       E-Commerce Solution Developer for Finnmer (Norway site for e-commerce services)
        Tools used: Microsoft Commerce Server 2000, SQL Server 2000, and VB.Net.
                 Java Technical Team Leader in Informatique Company
                 Working as Java & Web technical Tem Leader for the following
                  projects: (Under The J2EE Technology)
                        NOP (National Post Organization) Building the NOP Portal for
                         its document Flow and connecting all branches within the
                         portal    Tools used: JSP, Oracle 9i, Java Beans, OC4J,
                         Oracle Jdeveloper9i.
                        MOE (Ministry Of Education) Building the
                         MOE Portal for the E-Gov project that connects all the
                         schools in Egypt with the MOE, Tools used: J2EE
                         Technology, Oracle Jdeveloper9i, BC4J, Oracle9i Database,
                         Oracle9i Application Server, Java Beans, and JSP.
                         Deploying under Sun Solaris Unix Operating System
                       Travel Agency Portal     in this project I worked as system
                        analysis and S/w designer, DB Designer and developer for
                        the whole project as I worked alone in it. I used new
                        technologies and Framework for it , Tools used : Oracle
                        Jdeveloper9i , Oracle9i DB , OC4J , Struts Framework , JSP.
                 Software Engineer in ValueSys (Networks Valley)
                        ValueHR (Human Resource Package Solution)
                          Member OF team developing 9 Modules for the Solution
                         (personal, time and attendance, payroll. Etc) responsible for
                         developing the backend triggers and procedures using oracle
                         DB, building the front end with JSP, Html, and JavaScript.
                          Oracle Technology using JDeveloper9i
                         Oracle9i DB, Linux Operating System, JSP, Java Beans.

                 Software Developer in MNS (Middle East Network Solution)
                 Involved in the following projects:
                        E-Tamima
                       Using the Microsoft Commerce Server to build the online
                     Commerce Portal for Tamima Cooperation that includes all the
                     catalogs and categories and products for Tamima.
                     Microsoft Commerce Server, SQL Server, ASP.
                         MIST (Online Broker)
                        Developing the MIST portal gateway to handle the online
                      Broker business.
                      Oracle8i DB, ASP.


                     Building Interactive Tutorial for C, C++, and VC++ using
                     Multimedia Tools and VC++, VB.
                     Building Accounting System for clothing store using Oracle Server
                     7 and Developer 2000
                     Instructing for several Education Centers (League Technology,
                     IBM Authorized Center (IS&S, CBS), RITI)


                     Software Development languages (Java, C#, VB.Net)
                     Web Development (IIS, Tomcat, OC4J, HTML, ASP, ASP.Net,
                     Java Script, JSP & Servlet)
                     Technologies: .Net Technology, J2EE, EJB, Struts Framework
                     Database Management (Oracle8i, Oracle9i, MS SQL Server 7,MS
                     SQL Server 2000,MySql)
                     IDE worked ON: Oracle JDeveloper9i, Visual Studio 6, Visual
                     Studio .Net.
                     Oracle DBA Certified from Institute of National Planning
                     Operating Systems worked with (Windows 2000,WindowsXP
                     Windows NT, UNIX, Sun Solaries, Mandrack Linux, REDHAT


                 Arabic: Mother Tongue
                 English: TOEFL with score (517)

                 French: Beginner Level.
                Leadership, Presentation, Negotiation

                FGF (future generation foundation) .NET track

                Oracle Developer Master (ICL)

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