The Sparkling Turtles by yaohongm


									          The Sparkling Turtles
                    SALT & PEPPER SET
       •( . -          , A treasure for your table
                      in hand-cut full-lead crystal
What a charming sight they make. Twin turtles to spice up your table. One
for salt, one for pepper, both shimmering in Lenox® full-lead crystal.
     The Sparkling Tnrtles Salt dr Pepper Set is a treasure of artistry and crafts-
manship. Elegant-hand cuts add drama to the tortoise shells, while the
turtles' eyes glimmer with emerald-colored gem-
cut crystals.
     The first in'a collection of crystal turtle home
decor by Lenox, The Sparkling Turtles • Salt
& Pepper Set is priced at just $25, payable in:
monthly installments.
     To acquire this imported crystal salt and
pepper set,'complete and mail the Order Form
today. You need send no money now, and Lenox
guarantees your satisfaction. SEARCH

                Original Looney Tunes character
                 sculpture in Lenox fine china
  LOONEY TUNES' famous animated little bird has been
  busy entertaining people for generations. So now he's taking
  a well-deserved beach break in this original sculpture
  by Lenox.
      Dressed in a striking striped swimsuit, bright pink
  sandals, and with sunglasses perched on his head, TWEETY
  is the very picture of beach chic. He also looks ready to play
  a mean game of beach ball toss.
      Sculpted from original Warner Bros. Studios art, Sun 'N
  Fun TWEETY'will be crafted of ivory fine china, hand painted,
  and accented with'24 karat gold. Each imported sculpture
  will bear the Lenox® and Warner Bros. Studios
  names, and be issued with a Certificate,
  of Authenticity. .
       Sun 'NFun TWEETY is available from Lenox
  at just $19.96; Mail .your order today.

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                         Order Form • Mail within 30 days                                                                        Order Form • Mail Within 30 Days
                        , The Sparkling Turtles                                                                                        Sun 'NFun Tweety
                                                                                                         Please enter my order for Sun 'N Fun TWpETYby Lenox, to be crafted of ivory fine china, '
              - - >                SALT & PEPPER SET .                                                   accented with 24 karat gold.
I wish to order The Sparkling Turtles Salt 6-Pepper Set by Lenox, to be crafted of '                         I need send no money now. I will be billed just $19.90* for my sculpture. My satisfaction
full-lead crystal, • '                                                                                   is guaranteed.     . i,    ,       ,
   I need send no money now. I will be billed for my shakers in two monthly install-                     Signature
ments of $12.50* each,                                                                                                                       All ORDERS ARE SUBJECT TO ACCEPTANCE
Signature                                        ,Tel.(                                                                      i                  ,- iPtEASE PRINT CIEARIY
            AIL ORBERS ARE SVJWECT TO ACCEPTANCE                                                         'Address
Name.                •y^* \ >„ *,''' i
                                               PIEA5E PRINT CIEARW                                       City                                                        . State.       -Zip.
Address ,                                                                                            I   Tel,(            )                            . E-mail.

                                                . State-          .Zip.
•Plus $5,98 per set for shipping. Your sales tax will be added.      '                ,,.53809.936   I   * Plus $4.25 per sculpture for shipping. Your sales tax will be added. , , TM&CWBEI5
             Mail to: Lenox • P.O. Box 3026 • Langhorne, PA 19047-9126 <-'" '• > >\                                                                                          1
                                                                                                          ' ', ~* • ' ' ''Mail w Lenox"' P.6; Box 3026 '• Unghorae, PA '1 9047-9*1 26 >' " !«° >'

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