; The quality of LG mobile phones even stands up to
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The quality of LG mobile phones even stands up to


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									                                                                    CACCI Profile, May 2006

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    LG reports that -

     The quality of LG mobile phones even stands up to hurricanes. Americans have
reported that in last year's series of hurricanes that hit the United States, namely Wilma
and Katrina, LG mobile phones prevailed. The primary witness to this endurance is an
American named Jason Oliver. In October of last year Mr. Oliver lost all of his property
including his house and his car in the hurricanes hitting the American South. Similarly,
his LG-VX6100 mobile phone was also swept away.

     In March, six months later, Mr. Oliver by happenstance recovered his lost phone.
His neighbor found it in what used to be his backyard and returned it to him. To his
surprise and happiness, Mr. Oliver tried to turn it on and was amazed and delighted to
find that all of the stored pictures and phone numbers and other data were all still there.
Despite being buried in a mess of debris by the hurricane, the phone's integrity was

    The LGE Chocolate Phone is also known as the first Korean phone to gain
recognition in the EU for being environmentally friendly. It meets the TUV PS RoHS
(Restriction of Hazardous Substances) regulations of Germany that make it a 100
percent environmentally friendly product.

    To get the RoHS designation, LGE made the Chocolate Phone's menu key button
aluminum and modified the chroming, eschewed lead and cadmium while maintaining
product quality and made all components of the phone environmentally friendly.

   Under its RoHS ordinance, the EU is banning the use of lead, mercury, and
cadmium in electronic and electrical products from July 2006.

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