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    KEEPS!                                                                          l
         SPECIALISTS in SHIRTS to order, as well
    as all Men's Wear, such as Hosieryt Under-wear,                                     THE LENOX
    Tailor-made Suits, Rain Coats, etc., all at                                         Boylston and Exeter Streets
    popular prices.
         Laundry Called for and ODelivered                                              250 ROOMS                                      I25     BATHS
                                                                                        All        with           Outside Exposure
    KEEP MFG.            CO., Makers of Keeps' Shirts
                 156 TREMONT STREET                                                     FIRE PROOF                           EUROPEAN               PLAN
                                                                                        Long Distance Telephone in Every Room

    S-maort Straw Hats                                                                  FROM NEW YORK AND THE WEST
                   -      r
                         o- Students                                                    Check Baggage to the Back Bay Station, Two
                                                                                        Blocks from the Lenox
    Write for MR. TRIGGS OF THE STRAW PATCH.                  He will                   FROM THE                  NORTH                 AND         EAST
    come by return mail and tell you all about the fashionable Straw
                                                                                        Subway Cars via Park Street Direct to the Lenox
    Hats for Igo4.
               College Bands for Students
                                                                                        C.          A.          GLEASON
       GEO. L. GRIFFIN & SON                                                        I
      FASHIONABLE           HATTERS        TO YOUNC          MEN
           404 Washington Street, Boston, Mass.                             ,C_4n                    turb                         Be   BL    c-se      -   -.   rr

      iotelI             fottingham                                         Gifts for all Occasions
                                                                                                   14-kt. Gold
    ¢oples square, I3ach xav, voston                                                               Sterling Silver
                                                                                                   Artistic China and Glass

               Two minutes' walk to Hunt-
                                                                            cPrizes for all Games
                                                                                                   Gold, Silver andBronze
               ington Ave. station of B. &
               A. R.R. and N.Y., N. H.                                                             Jewelry for Mfen
                                                                                                    Umbrellas and Opera Glasses
               & H. R.R. o o
                                                                            qPrices for all 5Purses
                                                                                                   Our Stronghold, $1 to $10
    Patronage of Tech Students is solicited
                 in our Cafe.                                                                               ~PE~dB7ttA                                               II

         Private Rooms for Parties                                                  MAKERS AND FINDERS OF THE                                       UNUSUAL
                                                                                               Established 1822

               Jfranki - I. G'3race, lDgor.
                                             In writing advertisers kindly mention THE TECH.

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