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F-17, Nandpuri,                                                       e-mail: hardayal_mit@yahoo.co.in
Civil Lines,                                                          Contact No: +91 9351447589
Hawa Sadak,
Jaipur, Rajasthan


As Sen. Software Engineer Experienced in creating wide range of Web2 based site and Portal. A self
trained professional. Able to work on own initiative as well as a part of a team. Proved leadership in
managing, developing and motivating teams to achieve their objectives. Superior analytical, design and
problem solving skills. Dedicated to maintaining high quality updated standard. Continuous and quickly
learn new technologies. Currently implementing many new technology and applications like complex
architecture of fully dynamic portal with sub site creation facility for user from admin, iPhone applications,
video streaming etc.


* Became an expert on Web2 Portal with new technologies for web development.
* Motivate the whole team towards positive and standard development environment.
* As a Sen. Software Engineer established a strong team leadership with Project and direct
communication with clients. As a Senior Software Engineer, learned new technology everyday and also
implementing them in different options.
* Implementing new tools and strategic component to frequently changing business logic and highly
dynamic and sophisticated information.


Since Oct 2007 working as Sen. Software Engineer in Systweak Inc (Systweak dot com) creating
corporate web application and rich CMS Portals with all new technologies.

2006- 2007 Oct Worked as Senior Web Developer in Retina -X Studios LLC (System utilities based
company, most popular product of company- Ace Spy earned the coveted #1 position in popularity on
Tucows.com System Monitoring and has recently gained several media attention including in Digit,
Computer Shopper, and PC Pro etc.)
. Handling very large records driven, web analysis applications on LAMP.
Retina- X has own more than 10 big web Application with different fields, many of them are top ranking
site in their respective field, eg. SniperSpy dot com.

2004 – Started career as Programmer after done the Post Graduate Degree in Information Technology in a
small but growing web development firm (Planet Web Solutions (P) Ltd, Jaipur). Created web
applications for company, different clients Using PHP, ASP, Oracle, MySql, SQL Server etc.


M.Sc (IT)                               MANIPAL IT EDUCATION                            2004

Oracle Certified Professional (OCP)     Oracle Inc.                                     2005
Diploma in Web Technology               STG, Jaipur                                     2001


EXPERTIES IN                            ASP, (ASP.NET), C#, LAMP (PHP, Mysql, Apache, JS, Ajax…)
OPERATING SYSTEM USED                   Linux (Red Hat), Windows 9x/NT/2K/2003, DOS
WEB SERVER USED                         Apache, IIS
LANGUAGE USED                           C#, PHP, ASP, (ASP.NET), PL\SQL, VInterDev, HTML
SCRIPTING LANGUAGE USED                 Java Script, and RMAN script, VB script (with ADO, IIS & MTS)

RDBMS USED                               MySql, PgSql, Oracle 9i, SQL Server 2000/2005, Ms-Access
TOOLS & TECHNOLOGY USED                  jQuery, Ajax, Smarty, PEAR, DB_Table, Html Quickform, SOAP,
                                         SSL, Different CMS, Google GWT, xml, Curl etc..
Database Utilities                       Import/Export
Database GUIs Tools                      Oracle Enterprise Manager
                                         TOAD (Tool for Oracle Application Development)
                                         Sql Creator (GUI for Managing Various Databases)
                                         DB Artisan, BMC Patrol
PROJECT MANAGEMENT METHOD                Agil (scrum, xp), PhpCollab

TRANSACTION API                          PayPal Verisign, Pay Seal (ICICI), Authroze.Net, Money bookers,
                                         QBMS, Tpro, UPS, FedEx, DHL

EXPERIENCE                               5+ yrs


Web Based Development:

Project:                        Spyware Library (http://www. processlibrary.com/)
Client:                         Uniblue
                                 Project Profile:
                                Installation: oracle on windows
                                Created Tables, Constraints, Indexes, Synonyms, Views.
                                Created users and roles for privilege management.
                                Managed Storage Structures in a Table.
                                Rebuilding Index and Extending the database storage capacity by creating
                                new tablespaces & adding data files.
                                Database Administration (Managing the Database objects, Managing the
                                memory structure)
                                Performed ongoing tuning of the database instances and Backup-Recovery
Team Size:                      20
Tools and environment:          PHP, AJAX, C#, ASP.NET, XML, Oracle 9i, SQL Server-2005, Windows 2003

Spyware Library is an informative guide for everyone who wants to check all the infections caused by a
spyware. This resource library contains complete listing of all the infections made by a spyware at various
locations, may it be files or registries. It’s a proven junction for people intending to manually remove
these infections, use the library as a reference material to study such infections, need research assistance,
or want to enhance their knowledge in this field. Free accessibility to such an easy and comprehensive
library including easy-to-understand presentation is an aide to even an amateur in this field.


Search: With the vast database of more than 1100,000 detections you will find information on almost all
of the prevailing spyware. Search on spyware can be carried on Spyware Name, Spyware Variants,
Category, Filenames and Registries. The outcome shows all the traces of the spyware found either in files
or registries, the link to the access the spyware details and its severity. Spyware listing can be additionally
seen in alphabetical order. This eases the job of searching a spyware on name by simply scrolling through
their names.

Spyware Details: Complete listing of malicious files and registries, pertaining to a spyware, are displayed
sophisticatedly. Categorized in tabs, you can screen through individual files and registries sections or
access spyware entries from the combined section. The files section lists the exact path at which the
infection is made along with the name of file, while the registry contains the detected registry hive,
registry key, value name and value data. Additional details of a spyware include the category to which the
spyware belongs, its severity and a brief explanation on how it can infect your system. Thus, it is a
complete informative section on any spyware.

Recent Threats: Threats that are launched recently are displayed under it. Thus, we keep you regularly
updated on the new spyware that are aired, to help you protect from their infection.

Project                      Web and highly enriched CMS based Portals. eg. Www dot
                             louisebrooksphotography dot com, www dot sportsvids dot com, Www
                             process library dot com, www dot jewelsforme dot com , www dot
                             detectent dot com, www dot eurodiving.dot com and many others.
                             [These web based portals have many type of inputing and reports facility
                             including invoice, logistic, trade, orders, payments besides highly
                             dynamic admin by which a admin can create or change the whole site’s
                             design and also can create sub sites which can dynamically connect
                             totally different database and procedures besides localization and huge
                             user based data mining.]

Role                         Sen. Software Engineer [Full SDLC handling with coding]
Utilized                     ASP, C#, PHP, MySql, JS, Curl, HTML, CMS, PEAR, Db_Table, Html_Form,
                             SOAP, Ajax, GWT etc. with Apache and PayPal integration etc.

Project                     www dot capitalfm dot co dot ke, dot myyearbook dot com, www dot
                            tonymulcahy dot com, www dot metrowize dot com , dot autoselect dot
                            com and many more mainly financial portals and sites.
                            [www.sniperspy.com, www.stealth-email.net/stealth_email/, www.mobile-

Role                         Senior Developer
Utilized                     PHP, ASP, SqlServer, MySql, JS, Curl, HTML, Ajax etc. With Apache and

Project:                    Project Management System.
Role:                       Developer
Utilized:                   ASP, SQL Server 2k, Windows 2000

Project management System providing better services for any software company and its employees to
maintain employee's daily task, their status, their working details and reports.

Other Jewellery Based Projects:


                             PERSONAL PROFILE

CURRENT SALARY              ND (inform on process)
Expected Salary             Negotiable
Time to leave               2 Week
Language Known              English, Hindi (Native)
Location Preferred          Anywhere

                                                      Thanking you. Yours faithfully -

                                                                                   Hardayal Singh


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