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					Since 1921, the Heart of Illinois United Way has brought together people from
business, labor, government, and health and human services to address conditions
in our community.

Our Mission:      To increase the organized capacity of people in central
                  Illinois to care for one another.

Our Vision:       To create a strong, safe and healthy community while providing
                  the best return for the community’s charitable investment.

        The Heart of Illinois United Way is:
        An Open and Accountable Community Leader
        We are committed to responsibly and sensibly managing our organization and the funds entrusted to us.
        Our funding practices are fair, reasonable and appropriate to our mission. While operating with a level of
        integrity that inspires the highest level of trust, we maintain a standard of excellence and accountability
        by fairly and accurately disclosing information.

        Respectful and Inclusive
        We treat our investors, community partners and stakeholders with the highest level of respect while
        striving to be a model of diversity, fairness, teamwork and collaboration. From recipients of agency
        services, to our donors, staff and families, board of directors and volunteers, we recognize the
        dignity, uniqueness, and intrinsic worth of every person in our community.

        Proactive at Advancing the Common Good
        We are the leader in a process that reinforces community stability while moving forward to create
        lasting change. Creativity and innovation are instrumental to how we continually evaluate and
        respond to community needs. Underneath everything we are, underneath everything we do, we
        are all people - connected, interdependent, united. It is not about helping just one person at
        a time, but more about how, united, we can change systems that help us all.

        An Advocate for Volunteerism
        We are a volunteer driven organization that depends upon thousands of volunteers annually to
        reinforce and move our mission and vision forward. This vibrant, competent and diverse group is
        one of our most powerful forms of philanthropy. Through community volunteerism and leadership,
        we are mobilizing a dedicated, united team of advocates working to advance the common good
        and create positive, lasting community change.
Impactful, Sustainable & Efficient

 Michael D. Stephan             Andrew V. Herrera
 President                      Chair, Board of Directors

 Through strength and experience, the Heart of Illinois United Way
 continues to be the shortest distance between community investment
 and a stronger, healthier region. As the largest non-governmental funder
 of health and human care services in central Illinois, we are dedicated to
 ensuring the people of our community have access to vital health and
 human care programs.
 Last year, we celebrated our 90th annual campaign. Every year, since
 1921, central Illinois residents have put their trust in the United Way to
 provide an exceptional return on their charitable investments. Through
 times of economic stability and uncertainty, our organization has decades
 of experience bringing people together to care for one another.
 In 2010, United Way volunteers and donors went above and beyond to
 increase their support of the campaign. Because of central Illinois’
 long-standing tradition of generosity, we raised $8,755,637 which will
 help more than 1,100 people throughout our community - each and
 every day. As we build upon the incredible accomplishments of past
 campaigns, we will continue to expand our base of support funding
 outcomes that are making a positive difference in peoples’ lives.
 Whether it’s a new book for a child in preschool, tutoring for young adults
 so they can graduate, a warm meal for a senior, or a safe home in time
 of need - the Heart of Illinois United Way will carry on the tradition of
 investing in local programs that are having the greatest impact in our
 Thank you for living united.
                The Heart of Illinois                                       2010 $8.755
           United Way raised more
        than $8.7 million in 2010                                 2009 $8.611
       for vital health and human
                                                                                                2008 $9.744
        care programs throughout
                    Peoria, Tazewell,                                                  2007 $9.321
       Woodford, Marshall, Stark,
             and Putnam counties.                           2006 $8.525

More than 88 cents of every dollar raised through the Heart of Illinois United Way
campaign supports programs serving the community.

       . . . of the Heart of Illinois United Way’s annual
       budget funds the Community Impact Fund, youth
       initiatives and donor choice. Fundraising and
       administration costs are less than 6% each.

     Community Impact Fund = $4,381,885
       Heart of Illinois United Way’s competitive
       grant process evaluates program outcomes
       and financial viability - ensuring that
       United Way contributions make the
       greatest impact in the community.

     Contributions = $2,259,369
       Donor choice allows individuals and
       corporations to designate contributions
       to any of the 45 United Way Partner
       Agencies in central Illinois, regional United
       Ways and other non-profits, such as the
       Combined Federal Campaign.

     Youth Initiatives = $250,000
       Heart of Illinois United Way funds two youth         2010-2011 Fiscal year numbers are based upon the 2009 Campaign
                                                                                results with distributions beginning July 2010.
       initiatives: Success By 6 and Community in
       Schools (formerly PACES).
 The Heart of Illinois United Way works every day to create a strong, safe and healthy community while
 providing the best return for charitable investments. The return on these investments is illustrated
 through the leveraging of additional grants, the human resource impact of volunteer hours, in-kind
 donations and much more.

          Every $1.00 in United Way Grants = An Additional 71¢
          For every dollar United Way invests in our Community Impact Fund, central Illinois health
          and human care agencies are able to leverage $0.71 in State and Federal grants - totalling
          more than $3.1 million in 2010.

                                 Volunteer Contributions = $337,500
                                 From raising money to reviewing grants, it’s estimated that local volunteers
                                 contribute upwards of 22,500 volunteer hours each year to United Way. At $15
                                 an hour, this makes a significant human resource impact on central Illinois.

                                 Day of Caring Food Drive = $163,100
                                 Our 2010 Food Drive brought in 70,000 pounds of food resulting in 46,600 meals
                                 for people in need throughout central Illinois. An average meal costs $3.50.

                                 Success By 6 Reading Program = $272,900
                                 More than 30,000 books are given to children of low-income families each year.
                                 Purchased at rates of $2/book or less, this saves $4-10 off cover prices.

                                 Prescription Drug Savings Card = $57,914
                                 In 2009, our United Way began distributing FamilyWize Prescription Drug cards
                                 throughout central Illinois. Since its launch, more than 5,600 people have saved
                                 $89,558 on prescriptions.

                                 In-Kind Donations = $214,055
                                 Includes donations to support events (such as prizes, facilities, transportation
                                 for GEN U’s Mad Dash and Day of Caring); plus, donated billboards, print ads,
                                 television spots and more from local media.

                                                                                 (FY 2011)
In 2010-2011, 96 programs at 45 partner agencies received funding through
the Heart of Illinois United Way’s Community Impact Fund. This competitive grant
process focuses on four impact areas:
    YOUTH                          FAMILIES
    SELF-RELIANCE                  HEALTH
The Heart of Illinois United Way uses a multi-year grant approval process that provides
stability and continuity to partner agencies while providing volunteers time to evaluate
and measure program outcomes over a three-year process.
Performance measurement is integral to the effectiveness of the Community Impact Fund
as it systematically evaluates whether or not a program is making an impact on the
clients being served.

The Heart of Illinois United Way implemented a new strategic plan in 2008.
The primary goal: position the organization as the leader in solving the health
and human service needs of our community.
The United Way’s Community Impact Fund has been
                                                                  Outcomes are not just
re-aligned over the past few years to meet this expectation.
                                                                  visions or goals; they
The primary focus of the strategic plan is for the United Way
to continually assess community needs and establish               are specific changes or
community outcomes. This process involves focusing                benefits that include
on many factors such as:
                                                                  changes in knowledge,
	 §	ECONOMIC CONDITIONS                                           attitudes, values, skills,
	 §	NEIGHBORHOOD CONDITIONS                                       behaviors or conditions.
Over the past few years, leaders in the health and human care industry have
worked alongside United Way Community Impact Fund volunteers to implement
steps for successful outcome management. In 2010-11, Phase 3 is underway.
PHASE 1: Align funded programs under existing impact areas (completed 2008-09)
PHASE 2: Select indicators to measure outcomes for impact areas (completed 2009-10)
PHASE 3: Pilot measurement procedures; modify and implement
Volunteers continually assess outcome measurement, making necessary adjustments
to ensure United Way funded programs are creating a positive impact on the clients
they serve. This strategic process is improving the quality of life in our community by
addressing identified critical needs.
                                            The Heart of Illinois United Way collects data on the
                                            programs and initiatives we fund through our grant
                                            review process. These demographics provide a
                                            snapshot of the people who have accessed United
                                            Way funded programs within the past year.

                  65 +      0-4
58,617                              5-17





7,426     WHITE

                      AFRICAN-AMERICAN                         Other/Unknown includes Asian, Native
                                                                      American and unreported race.
                        Jon Williams, Chair                    Bonnie Hester                          Dave Pardieck
                        Commerce Bank                          Community Volunteer                    Bradley University
                        Sandra Adkins                          Duane Heward                           Diane Pflederer
                        Community Volunteer                    Community Volunteer                    Children’s Hospital of IL
                        Troy Alexander                         Tony Howard                            Mary Rasmussen-Berry
                        Orenda International                   Methodist Medical Center of Illinois   Lincoln Office LLC
                        Rita Ali                               Keith Hubble                           Joan Rice
                        Illinois Central College               Thrivent Financial for Lutherans       Interiors by Joan
                        Michele Anderson                       Bob Hultgren                           Tom Rowen
                        South Side Trust & Savings Bank        Community Volunteer                    Proctor Hospital
                        Kevin Anderson                         Dianna Hunter                          Sid Ruckriegel
                        PNC                                    CEFCU                                  Sidal, Inc.
                        Robert Anderson                        Tricia Johnson                         Roseanne Runyon
                        OSF Saint Francis Medical Center       PNC                                    Community Volunteer
                        Darrin Autry                           Jill Johnson                           Jeff Ryva
                        Commerce Trust Group                   RLI                                    Husch Blackwell Sanders, LLP
                        Roger Aylward                          Alan Kenworthy                         Amy Sajko
                        Community Volunteer                    Caterpillar Inc.                       Commerce Trust Group
                        Rick Bentley                           Jan Kepple                             Brooke Spellman
                        CEFCU                                  The F&M Bank                           ABT Associates, Inc.
                        Jeffrey Bogdan                         Erica Kottabi                          Karen Stecher
                        Federal Companies                      PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP             American Red Cross - Blood Services
                        Deb Bowers                             Dan LaHood                             Ann Strasma
                        Community Volunteer                    Caterpillar Inc.                       Caterpillar Inc.
                        Donna Campbell                         Ben Lambert                            Bala Thirunavukarasu
                        Heritage Bank                          Caterpillar Inc.                       Caterpillar Inc.
                        Michelle Carrothers                    Rosie Langfels                         Hazel Thomas
                        OSF Saint Francis Medical Center       Community Volunteer                    Community Volunteer
                        Erik Christian                         Kevin Largent                          Sue Tolliver
                        Dunlap School District                 Ameren                                 Advanced Medical Transport
                                                                                                      of Central Illinois
                        Abby Clark                             Jan Leonard
       More than 80     Davis & Campbell LLC                   Two Rivers Professional                Connie Tomczyk
                                                               Development                            Community Volunteer
    volunteers from     Connie Colvin
                        City of Peoria                         Yvonne Long                            Pam Tomka
 diverse community                                             Peoria Housing Authority               Washington District Library
                        Cheryl Dawson
          segments      Heartland Bank & Trust Co.             Meghan Lundeen                         Aili Tran
                                                               Peoria Housing Authority               Caterpillar Inc.
      evaluate local    Tom Drucker
                        RLI                                    Lon Lyons                              Clay Unes
programs to ensure                                             Commerce Bank                          Commerce Bank
    that the donor’s    Robin Durdel
                        Illinois Mutual                        Shirley McQuirter                      Joe VanFleet
     contribution is                                           Illinois Central College               VanFleet Law Offices
                        Chuck Fabish
making the greatest     Community Volunteer                    Andrea Meyers                          Jay Varadarajan
                                                               CEFCU                                  Community Volunteer
   impact possible.     Lillie Foreman
                        Mark Bill’s School                     Dave Milstead                          Jean Wade
                                                               Ameren                                 Busey Bank
       Each of these    Kelly Frick
                        Methodist Medical Center of Illinois   Mark Miskell                           Emily Wilburn
   volunteers spend                                            RSM McGladrey, Inc.                    VanFleet Law Offices
  hundreds of hours     Becky Gantt
                        Sivertsen Reporting Service            Charlie Morgan                         Kristen Williams
monitoring financial                                           Community Volunteer                    Advanced Technology Services, Inc.
                        Judi Gentry
        information,    Community Volunteer                    Erik Mueller                           Suzanne Williams
                                                               The F & M Bank                         Cullinan Properties, Ltd.
 reviewing program      Rick Gentry
                        Vonachen, Lawless,                     Murali Natarajan                       Kathy Williamson
   services, meeting    Trager & Slevin                        RLI                                    South Side Trust & Savings Bank
    with agencies to    Mark Hamilton                          Jon Neidy                              Jennifer Yates
  discuss outcomes      AFFINA                                 Bradley University                     Caterpillar Inc.
         and visiting   Katrina Heigert                        Tim Neuhauser                          Christine Zak-Edmonds
                        Community Volunteer                    Heiser Insurance Group                 Community Volunteer
     agencies to see
                        Larry Hendricks                        Greg Padesky                           Jennifer Zammuto
  services in action.   Community Volunteer                    Advanced Technology                    Caterpillar Inc.
                                                               Services, Inc.

   United Way funds distributed to the Youth Impact Area support programs that positively, and sustainably, affect
   the lives of youth in at-risk environments. Youth outcomes, established per the United Way’s 2012 Strategic
   Plan, focus on three areas - child development, youth development and prevention/intervention.

      CHILD DEVELOPMENT                            YOUTH DEVELOPMENT                       PREVENTION/INTERVENTION
Programs funded under child                 Programs funded under youth                   Programs funded under
development use age-appropriate             development use learning activities and       prevention/intervention use
skills, taught in safe and nurturing        goal setting, taught in safe, constructive    school-based activities and
environments, to:                           environments, to:                             education to:
 improve social/emotional well-being        §	achieve grade-level academic success        §	improve social/emotional well-being
 increase school readiness                  §	increase knowledge and life skills          §	increase knowledge and positive
                                                                                             behaviors towards health, nutrition,
                                                                                             substance abuse, mental health,
HEART OF ILLINOIS UNITED WAY                HEART OF ILLINOIS UNITED WAY                     safety and violence
                                                                                          HEART OF ILLINOIS UNITED WAY
90% or more of families will find           85% or more of youth will achieve             2012 STRATEGIC PLAN GOALS:
safe, affordable childcare                  academic success in core subject
                                            areas of reading and math                     85% or more of youth will show
85% or more of youth will demonstrate
social and academic skills needed           85% or more of youth will increase            knowledge of healthy life skills
for school readiness                        knowledge and problem solving skills          related to nutrition, substance abuse,
                                            related to nutrition, substance abuse,        safety, violence prevention, etc.
                                            mental health, safety, violence               70% or more of youth will increase
                                            prevention, etc.                              skills leading to positive behavior
                                            70% or more of youth will show an             changes due to knowledge gain
                                            increase in skills leading to positive
                                            behavior changes related to
                                            decision-making and problem solving

                              American Red Cross- Central Illinois Chapter      (Peoria) Friendship House of Christian Service
                              Big Brothers Big Sisters                          Girl Scouts of Central Illinois
                              Boy Scouts of America- W.D. Boyce Council         Neighborhood House
        2010-2011             Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Peoria, Inc.        The Salvation Army
     YOUTH IMPACT             The Center for Prevention of Abuse                TCRC, Inc.
                              Common Place                                      Tri-County (Peoria) Urban League
        PROGRAMS              Crittenton Centers                                Greater Peoria Family YMCA
      PROVIDED BY:            FamilyCore                                        Youth Service Bureau of Illinois Valley
                                                                                YWCA of Peoria

   United Way funds distributed to the Family Impact Area support programs that sustainably strengthen the lives
   of families in at-risk environments. Family outcomes, established per the United Way’s 2012 Strategic Plan,
   focus on four areas - case management, crisis services, parenting skills and legal support.

CASE MANAGEMENT                    CRISIS SERVICES                 PARENTING SKILLS                    LEGAL SUPPORT
Programs funded under          Programs funded under             Programs funded under             Programs funded under legal
case management use            crisis services ensure families   parenting skills ensure           support ensure stability and
counseling to:                 receive immediate response        successful parenting is           security for families through
§	achieve a stable lifestyle   when dealing with a crisis.       achieved through                  legal support.
§	develop life skills                                            support and/or training
                               HEART OF ILLINOIS                 for family members.               HEART OF ILLINOIS
HEART OF ILLINOIS              UNITED WAY 2012                                                     UNITED WAY 2012
UNITED WAY 2012                STRATEGIC PLAN GOALS:             HEART OF ILLINOIS                 STRATEGIC PLAN GOALS:
STRATEGIC PLAN GOALS:                                            UNITED WAY 2012
                               Clients will receive response     STRATEGIC PLAN GOALS:             75% or more of clients
80% or more of clients         within 90 minutes                                                   will report understanding
will demonstrate life                                            75% or more of clients            legal advice
management skills              95% or more of clients will       will demonstrate adequate
                               experience crisis resolution      interpersonal skills              98% or more of clients
70% or more of clients                                                                             will experience legal case
will show improvement                                            Clients will show 25%             resolution
in presenting issues                                             positive behavior change

                               American Red Cross- Central Illinois Chapter     Prairie State Legal Services, Inc.
         2010-2011             Catholic Charities Diocese of Peoria             The Salvation Army
      FAMILY IMPACT            The Center for Prevention of Abuse               Tri-County (Peoria) Urban League
         PROGRAMS              Crittenton Centers                               YWCA of Peoria

    United Way funds distributed to the Self-Reliance Impact Area support programs that help individuals
    in at-risk environments build a sustainable level of self-sufficiency in the community. Self-Reliance
    outcomes, established per the United Way’s 2012 Strategic Plan, focus on four areas - housing,
    job training/supportive employment, independent living support and education.

        HOUSING                         EMPLOYMENT                   INDEPENDENT LIVING                   EDUCATION
Programs funded under            Programs funded under job          Programs funded under           Programs funded under
housing achieve self-reliance    training/supportive                independent living achieve      education achieve
by providing affordable          employment achieve                 self-reliance through optimal   self-reliance through
supportive housing.              financial and/or employment        independent living support.     knowledge and/or
                                 stability through:                                                 improved living skills.
HEART OF ILLINOIS                                                   HEART OF ILLINOIS
UNITED WAY 2012                  §	job preparedness                 UNITED WAY 2012                 HEART OF ILLINOIS
STRATEGIC PLAN GOALS:            §	job training                     STRATEGIC PLAN GOALS:           UNITED WAY 2012
                                 §	support services                                                 STRATEGIC PLAN GOALS:
90% or more clients will                                            90% of clients will remain
obtain emergency housing         HEART OF ILLINOIS                  independent utilizing           Clients will increase
                                 UNITED WAY 2012                    basic life resources            knowledge of life skills
75% or more of housed            STRATEGIC PLAN GOALS:                                              by 75%
clients will continue to be
housed for at least one year     50% or more of clients will                                        50% or more of clients
                                 find employment                                                    will show positive life
                                                                                                    skills change
                                 75% or more of employed
                                 clients will continue to be
                                 employed at least one year

                                 50% or more of continuously
                                 employed clients will increase

                                Catholic Charities Diocese of Peoria             PARC
          2010-2011             The Center for Prevention of Abuse               The Salvation Army
                                Common Place                                     South Side Office of Concern
      SELF-RELIANCE             Community Workshop and Training Center           TCRC, Inc.
             IMPACT             (Peoria) Friendship House of Christian Service   Tri-County (Peoria) Urban League
          PROGRAMS              Human Service Center                             We Care, Inc.
                                Illinois Valley Center for Independent Living    YWCA of Peoria
       PROVIDED BY:             Neighborhood House

        United Way funds distributed to the Health Impact Area support programs that foster a sustainable,
        healthy community by promoting optimal health for at-risk populations. Health outcomes, established per
        the United Way’s 2012 Strategic Plan, focus on two areas - focus areas: health education/prevention and
        health treatment/services.

             EDUCATION/PREVENTION                                                   TREATMENT/SERVICES

Programs funded under education and prevention achieve            Programs funded under treatment and services achieve healthy
healthy lifestyles by:                                            lifestyles through:
§	increasing knowledge of health and nutrition                    §	medical healthcare
§	providing access to physical fitness                            §	oral care
§	addressing root socio-cultural causes of underage               §	vision care
  pregnancy, sexually transmitted diseases and substance abuse    §	behavioral health care (mental and substance abuse)

HEART OF ILLINOIS UNITED WAY 2012                                 HEART OF ILLINOIS UNITED WAY 2012
STRATEGIC PLAN GOALS:                                             STRATEGIC PLAN GOALS:

70% of clients will increase health knowledge                     50% or more of clients will comply
                                                                  with health treatment goals
Clients will indicate a 20% positive behavior change
                                                                  80% or more of compliant clients
Clients will increase physical fitness by 25%                     will improve overall health
70% of clients will increase knowledge
                                                                  50% or more of clients will comply
of high-risk health behaviors
                                                                  with mental health treatment goals
Clients will show a 25% positive behavior
change towards high-risk health behaviors                         60% or more of clients will abstain
                                                                  from substance abuse

                             Alzheimer’s Association, Central Illinois Chapter   Hult Center for Health Education
        2010-2011            American Red Cross- Central Illinois Chapter        Human Service Center
                             Arthritis Foundation, Greater Illinois Chapter      Mental Health Association of Illinois Valley, Inc.
    HEALTH IMPACT            Cancer Center for Healthy Living, Inc.              Pearce Community Center
        PROGRAMS             The Center for Prevention of Abuse                  Planned Parenthood Heart of Illinois
     PROVIDED BY:            Children’s Hospital of Illinois                     Saint Francis Community Clinic
                             Community Workshop and Training Center              TCRC, Inc.
                             Easter Seals- UCP                                   Greater Peoria Family YMCA
                             Heartland Community Health Clinic                   YWCA of Peoria
     Pam Tomka, Chair
    Washington District
                                   The Heart of Illinois United Way’s early childhood initiative, Success By 6®, is a
             Patti Bash            community-based committee of business leaders, educators and early childhood
         Hult Center for           advocates brought together to develop solutions for children of central Illinois.
       Health Education
                                   In 2008, a reading program was created to improve literacy skills by
              Kim Dixon            providing more than 3,000 area children a new book each month.

   Nathan Domenighini              The Heart of Illinois United Way’s Success By 6® Reading Program targets
         Home Instead              children ages three to six in Peoria, Tazewell and Woodford counties.
           Senior Care

         George Evans              Children and families in the
         Archer Daniels            Success by 6® Reading Program . . .
      Midland Company              §	receive a new book each month for their home library
         Dawn Gersich              §	increase access to early learning information
  Peoria Public Schools            §	attend child-parent literacy activities
         Bonnie Jones
                                   Success by 6® Reading Program . . .
            Head Start             §	reaches 83 childcare sites and 143 classrooms
       Brian Peterson
                                   §	provides more than 3,200 new books per month
   VanFleet Law Offices            §	has distributed more than 88,000 books since 2008
          Brenda Smith             In 2010, Illinois Mutual selected the Success By 6®
        ICC - Child Care           Reading Program to be a part of their centennial
                                   celebration. Company employees selected and
              Erin Stout           sponsored the book, If You Give a Pig a Party (pictured
          Peoria County            above) and spent hundreds of hours volunteering
          Bright Futures           in classrooms throughout the area.
      Suzanne Williams             The book, Do Something in Your Community (pictured
Cullinan Properties, Ltd.          above), was sponsored by PNC as part of the 2010 Day
                                   of Caring event. Hundreds of volunteers helped children learn
                                   about the importance of giving back to their community.

 The primary goal of Success By 6® is to ensure that all children, from birth to age six, are healthy, safe, nurtured and ready to succeed.

                                             Success By 6 Getting Ready for School Calendar

                                             Since 2006, the Heart of Illinois United Way has distributed more than 125,000 “Getting Ready
                                             for School” calendars. From monthly learning themes to daily activities, the calendar is full
                                             of activities, suggested books and a variety of resources. They are available free of charge to
                                             preschools, child care centers, social service agencies, schools, libraries, pediatrician offices,
                                             and more throughout Marshall, Peoria, Putnam, Stark, Tazewell and Woodford counties.
A collaboration between Peoria Public Schools and the Heart of Illinois United Way partner
agencies, Community in Schools has established a full-service substance abuse, violence
prevention and mental health program for students in kindergarten through high school.

    Community in Schools (CIS) focuses on drug and alcohol abuse among students, which often
    results in problems such as violence, anger, physical and mental health issues. Students then
    bring these issues to school, interfering with learning and the classroom environment.

    In 2010, the Heart of Illinois United Way partnered with Bradley University’s Institute for
    Principled Leadership to manage the program within District 150.
    Heart of Illinois United Way partner agencies bring on-site, direct services to:
    §	Garfield Primary
    §	Trewyn Middle School
    §	Manual High School
    Key Components of the Community in Schools Program:                                                  ATTENDANCE
    §	Prevention and Intervention                                                                        INCREASE AT
    §	Mental Health Screening and Counseling
                                                                                                         CIS SCHOOLS
    §	Substance Abuse Prevention
    §	Abeyance Case Management                                                                          A ‘community school’
                                                                                                        is a partnership
    Tools Used Throughout the Community in Schools Program:                                             between community
    §	Student curriculums focusing on prevention and education with
                                                                                                        residents, businesses,
      testing to measure impact
                                                                                                        social service
    §	Training and education of school personnel resulting in school-wide coordination
    §	Parent and family education                                                                       agencies and public
    §	Screenings for substance abuse, suicide prevention and mental health issues                       entities who work
    §	On-site individual counseling, support groups and small group counseling                          together to support
                                                                                                        their school - its
    United Way Partner Agencies Involved in Community in Schools:                                       students, families,
    §	The Center for Prevention of Abuse                                                                and community.
    §	Children’s Home Association of Illinois
    §	FamilyCore
    §	Human Service Center
    §	Mental Health Association of Illinois Valley, Inc.

                 “Our United Way made the decision to invest in a program that is important not only to the health
                  and wellness of our students, but to our entire community. Many of the Chicago-area community
                school programs are now looking at how well our model is working,” Julie Schifeling, Director of the
                         Office for Teaching Excellence & Faculty Development at Bradley University, said.
 As the people, businesses and organizations of central Illinois continue to regain financial
 stability, their generosity and support of the 2010 Heart of Illinois United Way Campaign
 raised more than $8.755 million.

 “So many organizations implemented best campaign practices in 2010. With visible
 leadership support, enthusiastic employee coordinators, and a team of incredible United Way
 volunteers, it’s not surprising that many area campaigns hit it out of the ballpark.” - Mark
 Spenny, 2010 Campaign Co-Chair.

 Throughout 2010, Heart of Illinois United Way employee coordinators, campaign cabinet
 volunteers and campaign ambassadors spent countless hours increasing central Illinois’
 support of United Way. Because of their efforts, 49 organizations increased their contributions
 to the United Way by more than 20 percent.

 Over the last two years, our United Way partner agencies have collectively lost more than $9.4
 million in state and federal dollars. We know our annual campaign cannot fill this gap - but
 as we move ahead, we know our campaign success is more critical than ever.

  L-R: Lori Filock, Methodist Medical Center; Judi Gentry, Community Volunteer; Lonnie Whisker, Tri-County Urban League; Aili Tran,
  Caterpillar Inc.; Jon Stegmaier, River City Construction; Mo Dalhoumi, ADM; Michelle Carothers, OSF Healthcare System; Lore Baxter,
  Peoria Fire Department
                                Campaign Chairs                 Combined Federal Campaign
                                Mark and Renee Spenny           John Raschke
                                CEFCU                           U.S. Attorney’s Office
                                Campaign Vice-Chairs            Victoria Fikenstadt
                                Bill and Paula Cirone           USDA ARS NCAUR
                                Federal Companies
                                                                Finance, Insurance & Real Estate
                                Business Development            Tom Bardwell
                                Bill Cirone                     Morgan Stanley Smith Barney
                                Federal Companies
                                                                Paul DiGiallonardo
                                Bill Springer                   Morgan Stanley Smith Barney
                                Caterpillar Inc.
                                                                Dean Heinzmann
                                Campaign Ambassador             First State Bank of Illinois
                                Jim Hefti                       Legal
                                Advanced Technology             Bob Gates
                                  Services, Inc.                Kavanagh, Scully, Sudow, White
                                                                  & Frederick, P.C.
                                Laraine Bryson                  Leonard Sachs
                                Tri-County Urban League, Inc.   Howard & Howard Attorneys PLLC
                                Paul Macek                      Henry Vicary
                                Proctor Hospital                Caterpillar Inc.
                                Pillars Society                 Manufacturing and Construction
                                Bernie and Teresa Koch          Kevin Carter
                                River City Construction, LLC    Community Volunteer
                                Tocqueville Society             Mike Keene
                                Jim and Katie Owens             Ameren
                                Caterpillar Inc.
       Thank you to our         Volunteer Training
 2010 Campaign Chairs,                                          Patti Bash
                                Erica Baird                     Hult Center for Health Education
Mark and Renee Spenny           Caterpillar Inc.
                                                                Joan Krupa
                                CAMPAIGN DIVISIONS              Community Volunteer
           Heart of Illinois    Caterpillar Inc.                Andrew Rand
                                Kylene Anthony                  Advanced Medical Transport
              United Way’s
                                Jennifer Zammuto                  of Central Illinois
        Campaign Cabinet        Caterpillar Foundation
                                                                Retail and Commerce
              is a group of     Accounting                      Brenda Dunbar
        community leaders       Chris Atkinson                  CEFCU
                                Clifton Gunderson LLP
              dedicated to                                      Jo Mangieri
                                Dennis Bailey                   Ameren
       making a difference      Clifton Gunderson LLP
                                                                Service Industries
         in central Illinois.                                   Anne Fox
                                Architects and Engineers
           Each year, they      Gary Davis                      American Red Cross
                                Farnsworth Group, Inc.            -Central Illinois Chapter
            work tirelessly
            to support the      Eric Hansen                     Dave Pardieck
                                Crawford Murphy & Tilly, Inc.   Bradley University
                  efforts of
                                Business Services               Union Treasuries
            our campaign.       Gary Anna                       Michael Everett
                                Bradley University              IBEW #34
                                Al Black
                                A T & T Inc.
    COMPANY                                       CEO                        CAMPAIGN COORDINATOR
 1. Caterpillar Inc.                              Doug Oberhelman            Kylene Anthony
 2. Ameren                                        Scott Cisel                Holli Willmert
 3. Methodist Medical Center of Illinois          W. Michael Bryant          Lori Filock & Kelly Frick
 4. CEFCU                                         Mark Spenny                Jennifer Quine
 5. OSF Healthcare System                         Kevin Schoeplein           Michelle Carrothers & Delmar Smith
 6. RLI                                           Jonathan Michael           Greg Tiemeier
 7. PNC                                           Doug Stewart               Kim Dixon
 8. Komatsu America Corp.                         Rod Schrader               Cathy Aronhalt
 9. Advanced Technology Services, Inc.            Jeff Owens                 Greg Padesky
10. Howard & Howard Attorneys PLLC                Theodore Eissfeldt         Leonard Sachs

                                                TOP 10 TOTAL CONTRIBUTIONS: $6,142,278

 In 2010, Caterpillar Inc., CEFCU and Methodist Medical Center of Illinois sponsored a $250,000 Challenge
 Grant offering a dollar-for-dollar match towards any new or increased giving to the Heart of Illinois United Way.

               New and increased employee campaigns totaling more than $332,520
               New and increased corporate gifts totaling more than $126,560
               New or increased individual gifts (donors outside of employee campaigns) totaling more than $31,220

 Each year, the Heart of Illinois United Way has full-time Campaign Ambassadors sponsored by area organizations.
 Loaned to the United Way to help with the campaign, they are vital to our campaign success.

                                                          2010 AMBASSADORS & SPONSORS:
                                                          Back Row (L-R):
                                                          Art Oakford sponsored by Ameren
                                                          Carole Hill sponsored by Methodist Medical Center of Illinois
                                                          Bud Lowe sponsored by Ameren
                                                          Ron Hale from TCRC, Inc.
                                                          Front Row (L-R):
                                                          Nicole Campen sponsored by Advanced Technology Services, Inc.
                                                          Melissa Wireman from CEFCU
                                                          Rosemary McCullough sponsored by Caterpillar Inc.
                                                          Moriah Mitckes from CEFCU
                     2010 AWARD WINNING CAMPAIGNS
GOLD                                                IBM                                                  Heartland Community Health Clinic
Advanced Medical Transport of Central Illinois      Illinois Federation of Teachers                      JC Penney Company, Inc.
Advanced Technology Services, Inc.                  Illinois Mutual                                      Kohl’s Department Store – Peoria
Alter Recycling                                     Illinois National Bank                               Larson and Darby Group
Alzheimer’s Association, Central Illinois Chapter   Komatsu America Corp.                                Lutheran Social Services of Illinois
Ameren                                              Labor Council of West Central Illinois               Macy’s
American Red Cross – Central Illinois Chapter       The Labor Paper                                      Mass Mutual Financial Group
Archer Daniels Midland Co.                          Lincoln Office LLC                                   Merrill Lynch – Bank of America
Baumgarten Distributing Co., Inc.                   MACTEC Engineering & Consulting, Inc.                Neighborhood House Association
Bearing Distributors, Inc.                          Mental Health Association of Illinois Valley, Inc.   Nixon Insurance Agency Inc.
Boy Scouts of America – W.D. Boyce Council          Methodist Medical Center of Illinois                 PARC
Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Peoria, Inc.          Midas Auto Service Experts                           Peoria Public Schools
Bradley University                                  Morgan Stanley Smith Barney                          PolyOne Corporation
Brewers Distributing Co.                            OPEIU #9                                             Regions Bank
Burklund Distributors, Inc.                         Par-A-Dice Hotel Casino                              Robert W. Baird & Co., Inc.
Busey Bank                                          Pearl Companies                                      Soy Capital Bank & Trust
Cancer Center for Healthy Living                    Peoria Chiefs Baseball Club                          Traders Insurance Agency Corp.
Caterpillar Inc.                                    PNC                                                  United Health Group
CEFCU                                               Prairie State Legal Services, Inc.                   We Care, Inc.
Center for Prevention of Abuse                      PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP                           WEEK-TV
Central Illinois FRIENDS of PWA, Inc.               Proctor Hospital                                     YWCA Peoria
City of Peoria: Human Resources , Legal Dept.       PSA-Dewberry Inc.                                    Youth Service Bureau of Illinois Valley
Clifton Gunderson LLP                               Quality Quest for Health
Commerce Bank                                       River City Construction, LLC                         BRONZE
Common Place, Inc.                                  R.K. Dixon Company                                   American Family Insurance
County of Peoria: County Admin., Auditor’s          RLI                                                  American TV & Appliances
  Office, Recycling & Resource Conservation         RSM McGladrey, Inc.                                  Arthritis Foundation, Greater Illinois Chapter
Crawford Murphy & Tilly, Inc.                       Schnucks Supermarket                                 Bradfield’s Computer Supply
Crittenton Centers                                  South Side Office of Concern                         Central Illinois Agency on Aging
Easter Seals                                        South Side Trust & Savings Bank                      Children’s Home Association of Illinois
Enterprise Rent-A-Car                               Springfield Electric Supply Co.                      City of Peoria: Planning & Growth, Public Works
Erie Insurance Group                                Target                                               Comcast
The F & M Bank                                      Tazewell County Resource Centers, Inc.               Community Workshop and Training Center Inc.
FamilyCore                                          The Salvation Army                                   County of Peoria: City/County Health
Farnsworth Group, Inc.                              Thompson Electronics Co.                                Dept., Finance Dept., State’s Attorney’s
Federal Companies                                   Tri-County Peoria Urban League, Inc.                    Office
FedEx                                               Tri-County Regional Planning Commission              Cullinan Properties, Ltd.
First Mid-Illinois Bank & Trust                     Turf Solutions Group                                 Data Management Inc.
First State Bancorporation                          United Parcel Service                                Dr. Pepper Snapple
FMC Corporation                                     Vonachen Lawless Trager & Slevin                     Goodwill Industries of Central Illinois, Inc.
Foth Infrastructure & Environment, LLC              Vonachen Services Inc.                               Gordmans
Peoria Friendship House of Christian Service        Wells Fargo Advisors                                 Green Chevrolet
Habitat for Humanity, Greater Peoria Area           West Central Illinois Building                       Human Service Center
Hallmark Metamora Fixture Operations                   & Construction Trades Council                     Illinois American Water Co.
Hanson Professional Services, Inc.                  Westervelt Johnson Nicoll and Keller, LLC            JP Morgan Chase & Company
Hasselberg Williams Grebe Snodgrass                 Greater Peoria Family YMCA                           Kroger
  & Birdsall                                                                                             Lutheran Hillside Village
Hawk Agency, Inc.                                   SILVER                                               Metamora Telephone Co.
HCH Administration                                  AAIM Employer’s Association                          Pearce Community Center
Heartland Bank & Trust Co.                          Associated Bank                                      Peoria Journal Star
The Heartland Partnership                           AT&T Inc.                                            Sanders Tools and Supplies, Inc.
Heart of Illinois United Way                        Auto-Owners Insurance Co.                            SMG/Peoria Civic Center
Heyl Royster Voelker & Allen, PC Attorneys          Bergner’s at Grand Prairie                           TimesNewspapers
Hobart Corporation                                  Big Brothers Big Sisters                             The Timken Co.
Howard & Howard Attorneys PLLC                      Callender & Co.                                      TJ Maxx
Hult Center for Health Education                    Catholic Charities Diocese of Peoria                 Traders Realty Corp.
Husch Blackwell Sanders LLP                         Central Illinois Bank                                UAW# 974
IBEW #34                                            Girl Scouts of Central Illinois                      Workers United #16
                                                                   2010 CORPORATE GIFTS
$25,000+                                            $2,500 - $4,999                                          Otto Baum Company, Inc.
Advanced Medical Transport                          Baumgarten Distributing Co., Inc.                        Pearl Companies
   of Central Illinois                              Busey Bank                                               Peoria Metro Construction, Inc.
Ameren                                              Data Management Inc.                                     PolyOne Corporation
Archer Daniels Midland Company                      Enterprise Rent-A-Car                                    Sanders Tools and Supplies, Inc.
Caterpillar Inc.                                    Hawk Agency, Inc.                                        SIDAL, Inc.
CEFCU                                               HCH Administration                                       Springfield Electric Supply Co.
Federal Companies                                   Heartland Bank & Trust Co.                               Steamfitters #353
Howard & Howard Attorneys PLLC                      IBEW #34                                                 Target Store #871
Illinois Mutual                                     Illinois Piping Corp.                                    The F&M Bank
Komatsu America Corp.                               JC Penney Company, Inc.                                  The Quality Connection
Methodist Medical Center of Illinois                Keystone Steel & Wire Company                            Vonachen Services Inc.
PNC                                                 Peoria County Bar Association
RLI                                                 Peoria Disposal Company                                  $500 - $999
                                                    Proctor Hospital                                         American Postal Workers Union
$10,000 - $24,999                                                                                            Aventine Renewable Energy, Inc.
Advanced Technology Services, Inc.                  $1,000 - $2,499                                          Bergner’s at Grand Prairie
Bielfeldt Foundation                                Alcast Company                                           Best Buy
Commerce Bank                                       Alexander Travel, Ltd. - Carlson Wagonlit Travel         Burklund Distributors, Inc.
JP Morgan Chase & Company                           Amalgamated Transit Union Local 416                      Country Club of Peoria
Morton Community Bank                               Associated Bank                                          Davis Insurance Agency
O’Brien Steel Service Co.                           Bradfield’s Computer Supply                              FedEx
Peoria Journal Star                                 Clifton Gunderson LLP                                    Hanson Professional Services, Inc.
River City Construction, LLC                        Crawford Murphy & Tilly, Inc.                            Laborers #165
                                                    De Hater Inc.                                            McBride & Shoff Machine Shop
$5,000 - $9,999                                     Dr. Pepper Snapple                                       Metamora Industries Inc.
Altorfer Inc.                                       Engineering Design & Development Inc.                    N.E. Finch Co.
AT&T Inc.                                           Farm & Fleet of Morton                                   Philippi-Hagenbuch, Inc.
Erie Insurance Group                                Farnsworth Group, Inc.                                   Prairie Farms Dairy Inc.
First Mid-Illinois Bank & Trust                     FMC Corporation                                          R. K. Dixon Company
Hallmark Metamora Fixture Operations                Getz Fire Equipment Co.                                  Sam’s Wholesale Club
Illinois American Water Company                     Green Chevrolet                                          Schnucks Supermarket
Morton Industries, LLC                              Hagerty Steel & Aluminum                                 Spence Tool & Rubber Co.
South Side Trust & Savings Bank                     Hein Construction Co.                                    State Farm Companies Foundation
Thrivent Financial for Lutherans                    Heyl Royster Voelker & Allen, PC Attorneys               The Timken Co.
West Central Illinois Building                      Hobart Corporation                                       UFCW #536
   & Construction Trades Council                    Labor Council of West Central Illinois                   Union Retiree Council of West Central IL
Westervelt Johnson Nicoll & Keller, LLC             Macy’s                                                   United Facilities, Inc.
                                                    Metamora Telephone Co.                                   Wal-Mart Supercenter #3460
                                                    Oper. Engineers #649                                     Wiegand and Storrer, Inc.

 CAMPAIGN PACESETTERS                                       Last year, 45 organizations helped us kick off our 2010 United Way campaign,
                                                            raising more than $1.2 million.

    Advanced Medical Transport of Central Ilinois       Easter Seals                                           Par-A-Dice Hotel Casino
    Alzheimer’s Association                             FamilyCore                                             Pearce Community Center
    American Red Cross - Central IL Chapter             Federal Companies                                      Peoria County Employees
    Big Brothers Big Sisters                            Girl Scouts of Central Illinois                        Peoria Friendship House of Christian Services
    Boy Scouts of America - W.D. Boyce Council          Habitat For Humanity - Greater Peoria Area             Planned Parenthood of Illinois
    Boys & Girls Clubs of Peoria Inc.                   Heart of Illinois United Way                           Prairie State Legal Services, Inc.
    Cancer Center For Healthy Living                    Heartland Community Health Clinic                      Proctor Hospital
    Catholic Charities Diocese of Peoria                The Heartland Partnership                              River City Construction, LLC
    CEFCU                                               Howard & Howard Attorneys PLLC                         RLI
    Central Illinois FRIENDS of PWA, Inc.               Hult Center for Health Education                       The Salvation Army
    Children’s Home Association of Illinois             Human Service Center                                   Tazewell County Resource Centers, Inc.
    Commerce Bank                                       Lutheran Social Services of Illinois                   Tri-County Peoria Urban League, Inc.
    Common Place, Inc.                                  Mental Health Association of Illinois Valley, Inc.     We Care, Inc.
    Community Workshop & Training Center, Inc.          Methodist Medical Center of Illinois                   Greater Peoria Family YMCA
    Crittenton Centers                                  Neighborhood House Association                         YWCA Peoria
                    2010 PILLARS SOCIETY
                     In 2010, the Heart of Illinois United Way’s Pillars Society raised $2,684,483 and
                     increased its membership base to a total of 1,227 members. Pillars Society
                     membership includes individuals and couples whose annual gifts total $1,000 or more.

                      2010 PILLARS SOCIETY SPONSORS
                         Robert W. Baird & Co., Inc.
                         Caterpillar Inc.
                         Clifton Gunderson LLP
                         Cullinan Properties, Ltd.
                         Federal Companies
                         Heyl, Royster, Voelker & Allen, PC Attorneys
                         Howard & Howard Attorneys PLLC
                                                                           Pillars Society Chairs
                         Illinois Eye Center                               Bernie and Teresa Koch
                         Illinois Mutual                                   River City Construction, LLC
                         VanFleet Law Offices

                       TOCQUEVILLE SOCIETY - GIFTS OF $10,000 +
                       Tocqueville Society membership represents gifts of $10,000 or more. In 2010, the Society’s
                       membership increased to a total of 39 members - raising a record $784,686.

                                Sid & Flo Banwart            Annette & John Heller         Bill & Kathy Rohner
                                Glen & Polly Barton          Duane F. & Pauline            Jean Rothberg
                                Dr. Stephen & Patti Bash        (Polly) J. Heward Estate   Leonard W. Sachs
                                Bielfeldt Foundation         Keith & Michelle Hubble       Randall & Lisa Schrock
                                Jeff & Sue Bogdan            Dr. Michael Leonardi          William & Deborah Sharpe
                                Jim & Deb Bowers             Stu & Nancy Levenick          Nancy Snowden
                                Paula & Michael Bryant       Kay & Michel McCord           Sally & Skip® Snyder
                                Bill & Paula Cirone          Jonathan & Sharon Michael     Mark & Renee Spenny
                                Scott & Susan Cisel          Diane & Doug Oberhelman       Bill & Margie Springer
                                Michael & Margee Cullinan    Joe & Marge O’Brien           Harriett & Gene Swager
                                Saverio M. Fato              Jim & Katie Owens             Joe & Shannon VanFleet
Tocqueville Society Chairs
                                Steve & Bonnie Gosselin      Dave & Zan Ransburg           Bob & Karen Viets
Jim and Katie Owens
                                Mark & Terry Hanback         Ed & Ann Rapp                 Steve & Lyneve Wunning
                                                                                           Thomas & Jean Wyman
DU SABLE PLATINUM                        Bruce & Deborah Simmons            James S. Millar                 Gene & Becky Doubleday
$7,500 - $9,999                          Keith & Cathy Steffen                & Mary Lou Balmer-Millar      Dennis & Susan Emerson
Bill & Kira Kwon                         Michael & Karen Stephan            Michael & Marianne Moll         Scot & Kelly Fairfield
Carl Spence                              Trudy & Gary Stroup                Alison & Joe Morrissey          Bob & Judy Gallagher
                                         Patrick Urich & Brooke Spellman    Gary & Carol Nelson             Greg & Jinny Gauger
DU SABLE GOLD                            Brian & Carol Weber                LaFrank Newell                  David M. Glassman
$5,000 to $7,499                         2 anonymous                          & Toni Belcher-Newell         Terry & Nan Goff
John & Sharon Amdall                                                        Dr. & Mrs. A.J. Novotny         Steven & Dodie Gomer
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas J. Bluth               ROUENSA GOLD                       Dr. & Mrs. W. Edward Null       John B. Gossett
David & Dawn Bozeman                     $2,500 to $3,499                   Gerald & Christine Palagallo    Betty & Frank Grimsley
Dale E. Burklund                         Carole & Owen Ackerman             David & Sherrie Pardieck        Jon W. Gruebele
Paul & Colleen DiGiallonardo             Sandy & George Andrews             Roberta M. Parks                Bob & Sandy Gunter
Theodore L. & Paula Eissfeldt            Barb & Gary Anna                   Rachelle & A.J. Parn            Robin & Jim Hadley
Bob & Jean Gilmore                       Dennis & Marcy Bailey              Jim & Julie Quigg               Diana J. Hall
Joanne K. Glasser                        Erica Baird                        Mike & Cheryl Quine             Marsha M. Hausser
Rob & Marilee Grove                      Dan & Sue Baker                    Mike & Valerie Renner           Jacob & Lea Ann Heuser
Hans & Lucy Anne Haefeli                 Will & Mimi Ball                   Brian W. & Deborah G. Ruddell   Steven & Bev Hoffman
Bill & Theresa Heidrich                  Tom & Courtney Bardwell            Gregory T. Russell              Tony & Carrie Howard
Stephen J. Heine                         Dr. & Mrs. Robert A. Bauernfeind   Jason & Beth Sage               Katie & Tom Jenkins
  & Karen L. Kendall                     Richard A. & Joan S. Benson        Kevin & Lisa Schoeplein         Jill Corlene Johnson
Dr. Sam & Dr. Sharon Kherat              Alan and Lois Boaz                 Rod & Kim Schrader              Corinne & David Jones
William R.                               Don & Mary Brennan                 Scott & Karen Sorrel            Wallace Kuester
  & Kathleen M. Kohlhase                 Thomas H. Callan                   Alice & Kyle Spitzer            Ted & Joan Krupa
Mark & Marla Miskell                     Mike & Cindy Carr                  Dave Templin                    Lynn & Penny Kunkle
Craig Nelson and Phillis DeWitt          E.C. Chapman                       Craig & Ilean Thompson          Cletus Kurtzman
Tim & Mary O’Brien                       John & Jill Cheek                  Mark & Chery Thompson             & Mary Ann Dombrink-Kurtzman
Stan & Jean Ogden                        Kevin & Jackie Colgan              Mrs. Richard N. Ullman          Laurie & Rex Linder
Jim & Sherri Parker                      Mr. & Mrs. David E. Connor         Tana & Kent Utley               Bill & Becky Lindholm
Gerard and Elizabeth Rickert             Douglas Craw and Vicki Frank       Mr. & Mrs. Jay R. Vonachen      Tracy C. Litzinger
Barbara & George Schaefer                Dan & Sherry Daly                  Warren M. Webber                Paul Macek
Ed & Karen Scott                         Kerry & Stacy DelVecchio           Mr. & Mrs. H. Curtis White      Paul & Dianne Mathes
Tom & Joy Spurgeon                       James & Melody Dickerson           Larry & Andrea Wilken           Cliff & Ruby Mayoh
Doug & Vicky Stewart                     Brian & Melinda Doerfler           Bob & Irene Williams            Jeff Millar & Colleen Ensley
Russ & Pat Waldschmidt                   Joe & Joany Dondanville            Timothy L. Williams             Louis P. Milot & Lisa Y. Wilson
Curt & Joan Wegener                      Mary Etrick                          & Teresa Kitson               Gail & Robert Muir
Craig & Gayle Young                      Cindy & Bill Fischer               Susan K. Yoder                  Patrick & Lana Murphy
2 anonymous                              Bob & Jacque Flint                 Michael & Gail Zeller           Elliott Murray
                                         Paul & Patty Gaeto                 5 anonymous                     Joe & Michelle Needham
ROUENSA PLATINUM                         Brian & Patricia Gareau                                            Dave & Debbie Orr
                                         Georgia & Chris Glynn              DE TONTI PLATINUM               Leslie Paulson & Steve Pierz
$3,500 to $4,999                                                                                            Gerry & Marilie Pfeiffer
Roger & Jan Arnold                       John Goddard                       $2,000 to $2,499
                                           & Karoline Seitz-Goddard         Zach & Molly Ament              Gerd & Jeff Prewett
Ken & Leslie Baer                                                                                           Andrew A. Rand
Gary & Vicki Baumgarten                  Steve & Karen Graham               Robert G. Anderson
                                         Dr. & Mrs. Gerald Grawey           David & Vicki Bailey            Jim Runyon & Mary Peifer
James & Susan Buda                                                                                          Rich Rushing
Jim & Marci Carballido                   Rhonda G. Haffner                  Dennis C. Baker
                                         Rebecca & Allen® Hagen             Chris & DeLynda Barber          Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Schneider
Mark A. Davis                                                                                               Kevin & Carol Sears
Peter Donis                              Sharon & Mark Harman               Helen & Bill Barrick
                                         Jim & Lisa Hefti                   Wes & Stacey Blumenshine        K. Robert Sebens
Keith & MaryAlice Erickson                                                                                     & Robert Sheldon
Steve & Sandy Fisher                     Joseph B. Hemker                   Gerald Blunier
                                         Kathy & Andy Herrera               Kenneth A. Bradshaw             Nancy & Jeffrey Shelton
Mr. & Mrs. Gerald Flaherty                                                                                  Jim Sibley
Carl R. George                           Mike & Jean Hettel                 Warren & Bonnie Breitbarth
                                         Susan Heun                         Janice M. & Stephen R. Brown    Steven & Nancy Sicher
Dr. & Mrs. Michael J. Gibbons                                                                               Ted & Katie Simison
Dean A. & Sara J. Heinzmann              David & CJ Higgins                 Mary & Larry Brown
                                         Ron & Cindy Jensen                 Tom Buzzell                     Jeffrey G. & Susie Sorenson
Lance & Annastasia High                                                                                     Dave & Deb Stegall
Derick & Aisling Hinderliter             Robert A. Johnson                  Ron & Michelle Carrothers
                                         Dr. & Mrs. Jim Knost               Jan Christiansen                Daniel & Nicole Swiggett
Gary & Barb Hodel                                                                                           Bob & Karen Taylor
John & Victoria Hoelscher                David Koehler & Nora Sullivan      Ralph & Jane Converse
                                         Bill and Diane Kohlhaas            Steve & Carol Daggs             Mr. & Mrs. Donald Ullman
Timothy J. & Patricia Howard                                                                                George & Karen van Hoorebeke
Bob & Cameron Kagy                       Kent Koshkarian                    Todd A. Davis
                                         Len & Maureen Kuchan               Dan & Diane Day                 James & Donna Varda
Bernie & Teresa Koch                                                                                        Mia & Bram Zadoks
Dean & Theresa Lake                      Eric Larsen                        Andrea Dean
                                         Michael R. & Cherlyn Lied          Dr. & Mrs. James R. DeBord      Michael & Karen Zichterman
Pam & Jerry Murrell                                                                                         Bonna & Wayne Zimmerman
Maryln & Chuck Rager                     Lois & Tom Mayer                   Bob & Lauri Dewey
                                         Patrick M. McCarthy                Mrs. Richard Dill               13 anonymous
Jeffrey A. Sadowski
Paula & Barry Shook                      John T. McConnell                  Kevin Doglio
                                         Honorable Robert H. Michel         Keith & Gail Donner

*Indicates Founding Member   ®Deceased
DE TONTI GOLD                        Kyle & Nicole Gorden             Bill & Pat Rinehart             Steven & Ethel Applegate
$1,500 to $1,999                     Keith Graff                      Debbie & Tom Ritschel           Roger Armstrong
William & Marylean Abney             Chuck & Virginia Grawey          Mike & Leah Rochford & Family   Chris Atkinson
Bill & Debra Adams                   Lisa S. Gretchko                 Donna Calef Rosser              Joni & David Augustine
William & Pamela Albers              Charlie & Pattie Grier           Drs. John & Jackie Ruthman      Bill Axelrod & Brenda Wilner
Fred & Tilley Allen                  Paul & Kara Grove                Kay L. Ryan & John F. Ryan      Mr. & Mrs. Roger L. Aylward
Martha & Henry® Allovio, Jr.         Mike & Sharon Gulley             Dave & Deb Schings              Mead & Shelly Babcock
Fred Ananias                         Melody & Adam Hales              Greg & Kathy Schlink            Bonnie Bach
Jeff & Michele Anderson              Tom & Joan Halperin              Mrs. Clifford E. Schneider      John M. Baggett
Kevin & Shelley Anderson             Jill & Dave Harlan               Tom & Kathy Seymour             Jess A. Bahs
Steve & Tomi Backlund                Sarah Havens                     J. F. Shaner                    Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey D. Bailey
Jim & Lou Baldwin                    Dick & Mary Heller               Rick & Sue Sharp                Rick & Jeanne Ballor
Alice & Rick Barbour                 Ed & Deb Hoeferlin               Dr. & Mrs. Michael Shekleton    Gary & Barbara Baner
Wayne E. Baum Family Foundation      Harry & Nancy Honings            Dave & Karen Shoemaker          James & Constance Barr
Bob & Linda Beckman                  Bill & Bev Hungate               Tom & Lauri Shoemaker           Jim & Carole Barr
Nicholas J. Bertschy                 Walt & Debra Hupe                Dan & Nancy Silverthorn         James Thomas Bartelme, Jr.
  & Lucinda K. Uphoff                Michael Hutchins                 Patrick Sloan                   Bret & Heidi Bauer
Al & Beth Black                      Frank W. & Julianne Ierulli         & Donna Augustyn-Sloan       Tobey Beagle
Dick & Brigitte Blaudow              George & Jeannine Jacob          Stacy E. Smith                  George B. Beasley
Michele D. Blubaugh                  Tom & Sally Jester               Kris & Steve Spencer            William & Elizabeth Beckman
John & Renee Bolden                  Don & Kim Johnson                John & Barb Sperry              John & Jean Bellisario
Chris & Jim Bollwinkle               Perry & Pamela Johnson           Howard M. Steele                Randall & Diane Bendtsen
Anthony & Carol Brody                Scott & Barbara Johnson          Ms. Jacqueline Stevenson        Sandra & Michael Beneventi
Rick & Judy Brown                    John & Diane Jordan              William J. Stuckert             Bud J. Bennington
Elton & Laraine Bryson               Kevin Karcher                    Dan & Deanna Sundell            Tim & Janet Bertschy
Robert & Violet Bushell              Alan Kenworthy                   Jeanne M. Sweet                 Theresa & Martin Best
Cathy & Stan Butler                  Dawn Kershaw                     Edward M. Szynaka               Paul Bierma
John & Carmen Butte                  Joe & Jodi Knapp                 James & Marcia Tarabori         Vicki & Jeff Bilsland
Keith & Deb Butterfield              Jerry & Laura Kolb               Carol & Terry Thorstenson       Matthew Binkowski
Brent & Rachel Clark                 Sudhakar & Geetha Kolli          Mick & Deb Threw                Tom Binns
George & Nanette Clay                Dr. & Mrs. George J. Kottemann   Sue Tolliver                    Ruth Bittner
Dave & Kathy Cole                    Lisa LaConte                     W. Eric & Lori Turner           Kip & Joette Blakesley
Ron & Cyndi Colgan                   Chris & Julie Lagacy             Joan L. VanGelderen             Mr. & Mrs. Frederick® C. Bodtke
Jim & Ruth Collins                   Trudy & Michael Landwirth        Sean & Debbie Vanslyke          Mark A. & Martha Bogdanowicz
Karen & Jim Cote                     Christopher & Sandra Larson      Joseph Van Wassenhove           Bryan & Meredith Boland
Joe & Carol Crocker                  Steve & Tina® Larson             Mike & Vicki Vernon             Jeffrey R. & Jane M. Bonick
Beth & Ed Cullen                     Monique Liard                    John & Deanna Walenta           Rebekah Bourland
Mo Dalhoumi                          Doris E. Lilly                   Dee & Monte Walker              Diana & Rick Bowman
Karen & Jerry Datzman                James & Crystal Luckey III       Michael Watson                  Jeffrey & Elana Bowman
Dr. Alan & Mary Ellen DeBord         Dennis R. Mack                      & Nancy Blume-Watson         Jack & Mary Brady
Emil & Jan Deissler                  Donna & Jon Marcacci             Michael & Rebecca Weber         Chris & Monica Brandt
Dr. & Mrs. Thomas Doolittle          Keith & Linda Martin             David H. Welch                  Henry J. Brennan
Shannon Duvendack                    Chris & Ronda Mathewson          Jerry & Kim Wienzierl           John & Angie Brock
Shawn & Jacqueline Earle             Rick & Joanne Mellor             Sharon K. Williams              Beth Bromley
Michael & Phyllis Edwards            Jeff & Brenda Menke              Scott & Kim Wiseman             Barbara Brown
Pat & Gladys Elwood                  Doug A. Miller                   Greg Woith                      Bob & Linda Brown
Dennis & Paula Ewald                 Greg & Laura Miller              Paul & Barbara Wroblewski       Kathy & Bob Brown
Paul Fager                           Randall & Andrea Mooberry        25 anonymous                    Maegan J. Brown
Eric & Shelly Fasnacht               Suzanne & John Mooney                                            Mark P. Brown
Jim & Sally Fassino                  Alec R. Morris                   DE TONTI SILVER                 Mike & Beth Brown
Brian & Karen Flaherty               Randy J. Nash                    $1,000 to $1,499                Kathleen Bryant
Tom Frake                            Tim & Faith Neuhauser            Andy & Chris Aberle             Margo Bubb
Kelly & Randy Frick                  Anamarie Neumiller               Mr. & Mrs. Akin Ajilore         Linda K. & Timothy Buck
Adrian D. Fulks                      Dick & Nancy Neumiller           Barrett D. Albert               Roger I. Buie
Richard Furkert                      Ken Nolte                        David Allan                     Harold & Martha Burdess
Robert & Susan Gaddis                Richard Oncken                   Doug & Mary Allan               John Burger
Mary Gensel                          Fergal O’Shea                    Jeff & Jean Allen               Dorene L. Burkhalter, M.S.
Richard & Judith Gentry              Jeff & Sally Owens               Ray Allen                       Rex P. Burras
Tom & Danelle Geraci                 Susan E. Padley                  Ryan & Emily Alwood             Richard R. & Sheryl L. Burritt
Mike & Barb Getz                     Mrs. Theodore H. Page            Dean W. Amburn                  Eric & Becky Bursott
Jim Gibson                           Tom & Pat Pelger                 Brian P. Anderson               Charles & Judy Bush
David & Linda Gill                   Randy & Susan Peterson           Harold & Edith Anderson         Patsy & Ron Butler
Loren D. Gill                        Ed & Nancy Rainville             Jim Anderson                    Rob & Patti Cairncross
Jonathan & Amy Ginzel                Greg & Robin Ramsay              Dr. & Mrs. Rick Anderson        Susan K. Campbell
Joe & Lea Glad                       Brad A. Rayle                    Gustaf R. Andreasen             Stephen & Jen Cantrell
Debbie & Doug Godke                  Mike Render                      Christopher S. Andrzejak        Rob & Susan Carbone

*Indicates Founding Member   ®Deceased
James D. & Kathleen M. Carey   Dr. & Mrs. Joseph T. Emanuel       Becky Haider                          Laura M. Johnson
Kent & Kathy Casey             Trent K. English                   Samuel J. Haidle                      Michael A. Johnson
Kevin & Betty Casey            Shelley & Marianne Epstein         Ron & Carol Hale                      Dr. Kimberly Johnston
Sandra Casey                   Dr. John & Becky Erwin             Janice & Kevin Hall                   Robert D. Johnston
Joyce & Michael Cashman        Mike & Ginny Everett               Julia Hall                            Daetta & Chuck Jones
Gregory A. Cerulo              Steve & Linda Fairbanks            Todd & Renae Hall                     Mike Jones
Jeffrey P. Chalmers            Jim & Sharie Farrell               Brad & Mindy Halverson                Steve Jones
Sue Clark                      Thomas M. Farrell                  Julie & Paul Hammond                  Pushpa & Paul Joseph
Roger & Dana Clayton           Michael O. Fawaz                   Vaughn & Sherri Hanna                 Ronald Jost
Tom & Lori Clements            Joseph G. Feehan                   Eric & Celeste Hansen                 Jeremy Kaiser
Diana N. Close                 Thomas & Nancy Feldman             Mark D. Hansen                        John F. Kamin
Rick & Sally Cloyd             Pete & Sally Fenner                Mark Hardesty                         Julie A. Kapp
Dave Cochran                   Jim Ferguson                       JoAnn Harlan                          Jill H. Karana
Ed Coleman                     Gifford Fickel & Estella Vallejo   Ken & Karen Harrell                   John & Kathy Karson
Jerry & Shellie Coleman        Mr. & Mrs. Jordan A. Fifield       Paul & Jill Harris                    Kenneth Katch
David B. Collins               Lori Filock                        Andrea S. Hart                        Rich & Sarah Keith
Rex Comerford                  Kevin D. & Christine A. Finson     Barbara & Michael Hartnett            Philip M. Kellstedt
Zayna Connor, PhD              CJ & Sarah Fisher                  David Haslett                         K. Kemnitz
Rick & Mary Conrady            Shane L. Fisher                    Patrick & Patty Hatfield              Daniel Kennedy
Bryan P. Cooley                Karl Flower & Stephanie Prokop     Jason & Kimberly Hauer                Joe & Pat Kennell
John Coon                      Eric & Julie Fluga                 Richard & Laura Havran                Colleen & Mike Keough
Sam & Tanya Cooper             Gregory & Anne Folley              Rob & Karyn Hawbaker                  Jan & Gene Kepple
Ann & James Corkery            Steve Forney                       Randy & Robin Hayles                  Jean Kestner
Dean Edward Costello           Steve & Anne Forret                Matthew S. Hefflefinger               Samuel J. Kieffer
Tammy Couchman                 Brad & Krissie Foster              Patricia D. Hegwood                   Roger Kilpatrick
Eric Coulter                   Joe & Anne Fox                     Richard & Judy Helm                   Scott & Kathy Kincaid
Royal & Kathy Coulter          Christopher M. Francis             Paul & Denise Henderson               Jess & Tamara Knight
Dr. Joe & Linda Couri          Eric & Kathy Franz                 Scott & Magdalena Heppner             Dennis & Beth Koch
Allen Covington                Melanie T. Frazier                 Martha Herm                           Jack & Jill Koch
Dave Crandall                  David & Janet Frederick            Richard J. Hermann                    James A. Kohl
Josh & Trina Croland           Allen & Michelle Funk              Paul & Colleen Herzog                 Terry D. Kohlbuss
Jan & Tim Cunningham           Michael Gable                      Shirley & Brock L. Hessing, Sr.       Kris & Erica Kottabi
M/M Christopher Curfman        John & Jan Galbreath               Bob & Mary Hill                       Kevin Kraft
Rob & Monti Currier            Barbara A. Galik                   Nicholas & Vicki Hill                 Linda Kraemer
Kathy & Joe Cutt               Gail & Steve Garrison              Mike & Misti Hoffman                  Timothy E. Kraepel
Mark & Janelle Dalbey          Bob & Lisa Gates                   Leo & Sally Hojczyk                   Karen & Greg Kremer
Jim & Marti Dallmeyer          Daniel P. Gavin                    Jim Holthe                            Jon D. Kreucher
Catherine Dare                 Matt & Dena Gaw                    Bill & Connie Holtke                  Martha A. Kreucher
Tracy & Matthew Daugherty      James H. Geary                     Rich & Kathy Holtman                  Kurt L. Kroening
Curt & Farrell Davies          Henry Getz                         Todd & Dawn Holzinger                 John & Debbie Kuester
Elizabeth Davis                Rusty & Darcy Gibson               Jeffrey A. Hoover                     Dr. & Mrs. John Kugler
Gary & Lisa Davis              Steve & Diane Gibson               Harold & Sandy Hoskins                Kevin E. Kyle
Kevin Davis                    Michael D. & Roberta Gifford       David & Karen Hostetler               William & Vicki Laird
Seth & Sylvia Davis            Lynn Gillespie                     Jay & Mary Houvenagle                 Roger W. Lakin
Gary & Susan Decker            Barbara J. Glawe                   Kristopher K. Hulliberger             David M. LaPrairie
Greg DeGrazia                  Regg Glawe                         Thomas P. Huntington                  Curtis Laster
Byron DeHaan                   Jim & Susie Gleich                 Dan Ibrahim                           Grenita Lathan
Mike & Kathy DeTrempe          Donna Goelz                        Michael & Gail Illuzzi                Ginger C. Lawrence
Joseph J. DeVito               Darin M. Goode                     Wayne C. Inman                        Henry P. Lee
Ann Dickerson                  Kristy & David Gorenz              Wyatt J. Istvan-Mitchell              Representative David R. Leitch
Martha & William Diebold       Trevor & Heather Graham            Wes Jacobson                          Jack & Kathy Leson
Jason E. & Danny Dill          John A. Grassi                     Steve & Mary Lou Jaeger               Sean & Maureen Leuba
Mary C. Dirkes                 Robert E. Graziani                 Kathy Jaegle                          Gary LeVar
Joanne Dixon-Folck             Jeff & Cindy Greene                Dr. Salim & Nafis Jaliwala            Jeff Lickiss
Rick & Darlena Dokey           Conrad Grembowicz                  Julie & Kurt Jamison                  Jim & Deb Light
Carl & Marsha Dolson           Elizabeth Griebel                  Steven Janda                          Janice Lin
Mrs. Michael B. Downing        Dave & Kris Griffith               Brad & Kate Jansen                    Carol Linett
Douglas Drake                  Dr. & Mrs. Thomas Gross            Jay & Joan Janssen                    Eric H. Lipsitt
Kathleen M. Dudley             Seshadri Guha                      Kelli S. Janssen                      Jim & Sue Lock
Steve & Mary Duitsman          Mike Guilfoy                       John & Sue Jasinski                   Kevin Lockhart
Lou Anne & Scott Dulaney       James & Susan Gulley               Brian & Karen Jensen                  John D. Logan
Barbara Duncan                 Peg & Paul Gutgesell               Elizabeth L. Jensen                   Thomas P. Logue
Tim Dunton                     Matthew C. Haake                     & David L. Wentworth II             Eng Seng Loh
Barbara Duryea                 Roxanne & Jim Haayen               Peter & Polly Johnsen                 Anthony J. Long
Kenny & Amy Eathington         Renna Hadsall                      Don & Barb Johnson                    Brian & Marcia Lough
Brent & Renee Eichelberger     Brice & Robin Hahn                 Douglas R. Johnson                    Mark A. & Sheila Ludolph
Brad A. Elward                 William & Laurie Hahn              Keith & Norma Johnson
                                                                                                    *Indicates Founding Member   ®Deceased
 Kevin & Sarah Lueschow                Stephanie N. Olsen                  Ann & Dave Sandoz                   Steven & Morene Thompson
 Dianna & Douglas Luman                Eugenia E. & Alexius B. Olson       Diana Satterfield                   Richard & Diane Thorn
 Alf & Kathy Lusher                    Lu & Gail Ori                       Mr. & Mrs. Brian & Ronda Savage     Brett W. Tilly
 Bill & Kathie Lutz                    Nick & Nancy Owens                  Jason W. Scales                     Kelley & Brad Tilly
 Michael R. Lyons                      Greg & Jackie Padesky               Mickey & Larry Scheffki             Janet Tomlins
 Cal & Kathy MacKay                    Kathy Pagel                         Mark & Lysa Scheirer                Hugh F. Toner III & Nancy Higgins
 Brian & Janis Makiney                 Travis & Julie Painter              Sheila Scherder                     Sandra Traicoff
 Kent & Heidi Malone                   Bill & Rebecca Pape                 M. J. Schettler                     Jeff & Trudi Turnbull
 James J. Manning                      Vance Parkhurst                     Kathryn Schindler                   David A. Turner
 Joe & Ann Marie Markun                David & Victoria Parkinson          Thomas D. Schlink & Ami Dean        Robin L. Turner
 Jennifer Marshall                     Andrew Parmelee                     Kim Schmeilski                      Brad & Michelle Ungurait
 Maggie Martino                        Craig & Christine Parr              Mary Schmidt                        Craig & Lynn Unrath
 Robert & Carol Masek                  David J. Patterson                  Mr. & Mrs. D. Schneider             Lisa Uphoff
 Lesley & Mark Matuszak                Rogene Paullo                       Kenneth Schorr                      Kate & Perry Van Beek
 Charles Maubach                       Randall & Carla Payne               Janet Scott                         Rick & Emma Vandeveer
 Paul & Dawn Mauschbaugh               Jack Pearl                          Barbara & Robert Sehring            Jim Vergon
 Ken & Amy Mauser                      Tate Pearson                        William M. Shay & Mardona K. Shay   Mike & Donna Verheyen
 Tom & Kelly McConnaughay              Terese Peck                         Michael J. Sheehan                  Pat & Tracey Vickerman
 Jim & Gina McConoughey                Brenna D. Pelerin                   Dolores Sheen                       Alan & Jean Vieck
 Liz McCoy                             Curt & Becky Pence                  Jim & Jill Sherman                  Jim & Kelly Voelker
 Rosemary McCullough                   Dave Perkins                        Steve Sherwood                      Dr. & Mrs. Fritz Volmar
 Brad McCully                          Mike & Betsy Pershing               James Shin                          Matt & Lesley Vonachen
 Dustin R. McDougall                   Gary A. Peters                      Lore & John Siefken                 Sedric & Kim Waguespack
 Lisa McGonagle                        Donna Phillips                      Rick & Debbie Simon                 Charles & Giann Walker
 The McGuires                          Terri Pierpont                      Trent Simpson                       Terry & Becky Walker
 Tom McIntyre                          Randall S. Pierson                  Dave & Connie Sinn                  Thomas H. Walters
 Michael E. McKee                      Jeff Polonus                        Rod Skewes                          Michael Waltrip
 Tom & Lin McLaughlin                  Tim Popp                            Pam Slaby                           Mr. & Mrs. James Warfield
 Karen McMullen                        Gayle & Jack Porter                 David Slagle, MD & Harry Gunn       Mr. & Mrs. William Waters
 Dan McNaught                          James Porter                        Janice Sligar                       Jerry Wear
 James & Tiffany McNeely               Don & Winnie Pratt                  Wayne & Diane Slone                 Zach & Carolyn Weaver
 Charles Menke                         Murvel & Mary Ann Pretorius, Jr.    Matthew Smith                       Duane Weeks
 Laura & Roger Meyer                   John R. Pusey                       Linda Smutz                         Michael Weinkauf
 Ryan & Sara Michels                   Dr. & Mrs. Harrison C. Putman III   Dr. & Mrs. Carl W. Soderstrom       Michael J. Weise
 Richard M. Miettinen                  Joe Pycz                            James & Nancy Sowards               Denise Welch
 Dr. & Mrs. Chris & Dawn Miles         Terrence & Joann Quinn              Allan & Carole Spangler             Doug & Julie Weston
 Edward & Sonya Miles                  Dr. & Mrs. Ronald Rabjohns          Jeanine & Steve Spain               John & Gina Wetzel
 Mrs. Patricia A. Miller               Daniel Raetchi                      Dan & Carol Spellman                Michelle M. Wezner
 Dr. & Mrs. Tim Miller                 Dr. Donald E. & Laura L. Rager      Mr. & Mrs. Daniel A. Spurgeon       Chris White
 Clifton Mitchell                      Dr. & Mrs. Ameel G. Rashid          Natasha Stallard                    Denise Wikoff
 R. Saleha Mohamedulla                 Paul & Patricia Reardon             Jim & Janet Steider                 R. Carl Wilbur
 Amy Moore-McKee                       Maureen Reilly                      Rob & Cathy Stevenson III           Robert Wilkins
 Austin P. Moore                       Steve & Diane Reiss                 Drake & Patricia Stockert           Jonathan & Kristin Williams
 Jim & Paula Moore                     Susan & Clay Reitz                  Kelli A. & William Stokes           Chris E. Willis
 Barbra J. Moran                       Paul & Cheryl Resnick               Nancy Komer Stone                   David & Brenna Willitt
 Matt & Paula Morch                    Keith & Cindy Reynolds              Gregg & Patricia Stoner             Chris & Kayrn Winkel
 James & Judith Moroz                  Steven & Shelley Riney              Trudy Stoner                        Mr. & Mrs. Clete Winkelmann
 William C. Morris                     Jim Ritthaler                       James R. Storck                     Timothy E. Winship
 Dorian & Holly Mosack                 Doug & Pam Roberts                  David C. Storlie                    Wendy Wirth
 David & Louise Mueller                Clarence Robinson                   Jim & Jo Stowell                    John A. Wise
 Wendy & Mike Murphy                   Robert W. Rodgerson                 Dr. Kip & Ann Strasma               Timothy M. Wittebort
 Mark & Jeanette Murray                Dirk & Heather Roecker              Gregory & Marilyn Strickfaden       Bob & Kelly Wojda
 Sunil Musilreddy                      Craig & Diane Rogers                Bob & Mary Alice Strodel            Zach Woods
 Dr. Michael & Beth Namanny            Johna G. Rollet                     Mr. & Mrs. Kirk Stuaan              Matthew B. Woodworth
 Suba & Murali Natarajan               Tom & Carol Romanowski              Shirley & Joseph Sudow              Susan & Kenneth Wozniak
 Nancy Neel                            Dave & Peggy Rose                   Jim & Debbie Sullivan               Bill & Maddy Wright
 Kimberly & Stephen Neible             Glenn R. Ross                       Cay & Tony Svob                     Jan Wright
 Ned & Dee Dee Neuhaus                 J. Phillip & Mary E. Rous           Rick & Janice Swan                  James R. Yee
 Michelle M. Noe                       Sid Paul Ruckriegel                 Loren & Dr. Margaret Swanson        Andrew & Celia Yeo
 Dale & Brenda Noel                    John & Mary Ruff                    Michael T. Swanson                  Mr. & Mrs. Murray M. Yeomans
 Mr. Gauthan                           Tom Ruffner                         Steve & Cindy Swanson               Brian & Melissa Yoder
   & Mrs. Shobha Nookala               Shane & Julie Russell               Kirk E. Sweetland                   Helen P. Young
 David North                           Robin R. Rutherford                 Billy Talley                        Andrew M. Zach
 Michael Nosbisch                      Sally A. Rutledge                   Chris & Kim Taluc                   Michael & Tamara Zachman
 Jerry & Teresa Nuese                  Jeffrey & Debbie Ryva               Matt & Kelly Taphorn                Rick Zehr & Jenny Clyatt
 Chris & Amy Ober                      Linda & John Sahn                   Tobin & Heather Taylor              Ed & Lisa Zell
 Julie O’Donnell                       Mitch Salem                         Brent & Lynne Teubel                Jeannette Zerfowski
                                       Genda E. Saletzki                   Jeff & Tammy Thomas                 Steve & Sandy Zmuda
*Indicates Founding Member ®Deceased   Michael & Lori Samp                 Nathan & Erin Thomas                120 anonymous
                                        ACTIVE COMMUNITY CIRCLE
                                       The Active Community Circle recognizes individuals and families who contribute
                                                            $500 to $999 annually to the Heart of Illinois United Way.

Dorothy Abbott                   Robert Currey                Sam Harper                   Matt & Heidi Mamer          Victoria L. Sauter
Ramona M. Aberle                 Jennifer J. Curtis           Linda Hartley                Dr. Denise Mammolito        Edward F. Schanzle
Linda L. Abts                    Penny Daniels                Michael Harvey                 & Mr. James McClure Jr.   Mr. & Mrs. Tony Schierbeck
Dr. & Mrs. James K. Adams        Patricia D. Davis            Jennifer L. Hazelman         Julie A. Marconi            Ryan Schmidgall
Scott Adkins                     Stacy Davis                  Bret D. Heavrin              Mathew Matney               Marleen Schmidt
Wilma Alkhafaji                  Mr. & Mrs. Erick D. Dawalt   Carol A. Hedeman             Rick McCann                 Mr. & Mrs. Kevin D. Schneider
Laurie E. Allbritton             Melinda DeBuysere            John Hestrom                 Matt McCarrell              Martha E. Schuster
Bonnie L. Allen                  Mark A. DeSantis             Debra Highley                Cathy McCord                Mr. & Mrs. Allin Schweitzer
Lynessa Alonso                   Scott L. DeSplinter          Frank & Carole Hill          Shawn McGlynn               Jeffrey R. Secord
Gail Amundson                    Tom Dluski                   Loren Hodge                  Kevin McLaren               Melinda See
Jimmy M. Andrews                 Randy Downard                Diane Hofer                  Jim McQuellon               Theresa Shimmin
Neduvelil A. Antony              Charles & Jill Drier         Mark Hoffmire                Deborah Mead                Jennifer L. Shriber
Robert W. Applen                 James & Robin Durdel         Kacey Hofreiter              Javier Mendez               Ron Sievers
Michael Ary                      Tommie Durham                Randy Hoppe                  Doug Mercer                 Kathi G. Simmons
Darrin A. Autry                  Kay K. Dye                   Pamela A. Howe               Nancy J. Mermelstein        Jamelle Skelton
Michael Bailey                   Brandy Dyer                  Mr. & Mrs. Robert Hultgren   Denise Merriman             Geoffrey Smith
Michael E. Bailey                Lorraine A. Easton           Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Hunsley    Patty Merschbrock           Hazel L. Smith
Pam Balfanz                      Robert J. Eckhart            Linda K. Hunt                Dan Meyer                   William E. Soliday
Mary E. Ballowe-Hill             Kenneth L. Eichorn           Dianna Hunter                Anna Miller                 Paul W. Sommer
Richard Bargon                   Laura Eschelbach             Mr. & Mrs. Walter Jacob      Brooke Miller               Karen Stecher
Robert L. Barlow                 James Evenhuis               Johnathan A. Jason           Kathleen Miller             Jana & Jeff Stevens
Mr. & Mrs. Bob Barnard           Christopher J. Everts        Caius Jennison               Timothy F. Miller           Scott Stevens
Mr. & Mrs. Brice A. Baumgarten   Doug Fehr                    Candy Johnson                Dennis J. Morgan            Pauline A. Stevenson
Bonnie Beachler                  Rhonda L. Ferguson           Glen Johnson                 Roy Morley                  Ray & Martha Stillson
Troy & Jennifer Behnke           Ralph Fishman                Tricia Johnson               MaryAnne Morrow             Jeff Svihra
Diane Bendtsen                   James P. Flannelly           Traci Johnston               Douglas W. Myers, Sr.       Robert & Deborah Swank
Paul Benes                       Joe & Nancy Fleming          Mark W. Joseph               Sharon Nagai-Phelps         Jerry Sweet
Rick Bentley                     John P. Flynn                Brian & Toni Jurgensen       James W. Neubert            H. Randall Swenson
Elizabeth Berardi                Linda Fondren                Christine Kahl               Andy & Lindsay Nevitt       James J. Taylor
Bernard Biagini                  Linda M. Foster              C. Colleen Kalb              Melissa Nichols             Ryan Taylor
Sarah & Christopher Bigger       Mr. & Mrs. Fred Foutz        Adam Kammeyer                John Nicoara                Tonya Taylor
Pamela A. Biles                  Mr. & Mrs. Douglas Frank     Elizabeth Kane               James A. Northrup           Ty Taylor
Steven E. Bishop                 Jacqueline J. Frank          Julie L. Kasap               JoAnn Olson                 Patti Thornton
Ward Bivens                      Andrea Frederick             Herbert E. Kasube            Ron & Kathy Olson           Janet E. Timian
Joyce E. Blank                   Kathleen K. Freeman          Marsha Keith                 William P. O’Malley         Carol D. Turbett
Barbara Bonds                    Trenchard French             Brad Keller                  Michael O’Neil              Mr. & Mrs. John A. Turner
Suzette Boulais                  Patrice Fuchs                LaToy Kennedy                Toni Orwig-Strode           Daniel E. Urbaniak
Shawn Bradley                    Timothy Fulton               Michael G. Kennedy           Patti E. Overcash           Carol J. Van Winkle
Dean Brauer                      James E. Gardner, Jr.        Joseph S. Kessling           Deborah R. Owen             James H. Vonderhaar
Mary Breeden                     Toby Ann Gardner             Linda Keyser                 Diane V. Patterson          Connie Voss
Chad W. Brown                    Joseph Garrett               Jennifer L. Klobnak          S. Linn Perkins             Renee’ Waitkus
Jack & Peggy Brunner             David Gast                   Thomas C. Kniola             Charles C. Perrin           Lisa M. Wakeley
Mr. & Mrs. Jon Burklund          Suzanne M. Gehrig            Tamra Kohlman                Christine Perry             Belinda Waller
Mary E. Burroughs                Phillip Gelato               L. Christopher Kummer        Diane M. Pflederer          Jason Ward
Erin Callahan                    Ellen George                 Sean LaBounty                Karen L. Picek              Paul Wayvon & Rosemary Power
Donte Cantrell                   Mr. & Mrs. John Getz         Carol L. Ladwig              Judith C. Pickens           Norma J. Weaver
Jan Carroll                      Mr. & Mrs. Ken Getz          Adam J. Lagocki              Michael Pickerill           Mary T. Webster
Dr. & Mrs. Prentiss Carter       Joseph Giddan                Camellia J. Lahart           Arun C. Pinto               Jane & Nick Weede
Anthony Chambers                 Martha H. Giebelhausen       Janet M. Lange               Carl Powell                 Martha Weissbaum
Lori Cheek                       Barbara Gillespie            Richard & Sharon Lansdowne   Mr. & Mrs. Robert A. Quin   Michael D. Welch
Sam Cigelnik                     Cynthia L. Gilmer            Theresa Lara                 George K. Randall           Scott Welch
Sara Clauser                     Shane Gilmore                Scott Lawson                 Melanie Rapp                Rose M. Werner
Charlene B. Clemens              Ellen & John Gorman          Joy L. Ledbetter             John Rassi                  Steve Whittemore
Jeffrey D. Clendenin             Patricia Hagenbuch           Diane E. Leighton            Susan Reitz                 Dyana Williams
Kathleen Close                   Cynthia Hale                 Kay Leitner                  John Richmond               Robin A. Winskas
Stephen Cohen                    Margaret K. Hall             Scott & April Leopold        Keri Rickey                 Donald S. Wiseman
Jeremy Coile                     Rich Hallam                  Keith Lippert                Judith Ritchie              Joe Wolford
Willie Collier                   Todd Haller                  Brian Ludwig                 Angela M. Roberson          Dr. & Mrs. Robert Wombacher
Christopher A. Connor            Joseph & Rita Hancock, Jr.   Lori Luncsford               Andrea L. Roberts           Lawrence E. Wood
Judith Conover                   Elizabeth Hansen Brethorst   Lon Lyons                    Rhawnie Roberts             Brett Yemm
Janelle Conway                   Kenneth J. Harbaugh          Lauren Malmberg              Michael Robinson            Mark York
Stephen & Margaret Cranford      Heather M. Harper            John Malmevik                Cori A. Rutherford          Peggy Zibert
                                                                                                                       553 anonymous
                                                                  Nathan Thomas, Chair
                                                                  Bradley University

                                                                  Lindsay Nevitt, Chair
                                                                  OSF Healthcare System

                                                                  Randon Gettys
GENeration United (GEN U) is a Heart of Illinois United Way       Michelle Lane
initiative offering young leaders in central Illinois the         HunzekerTrane
opportunity to connect with others while emphasizing civic        Denise Merriman
responsibility to better understand how to address our            CEFCU
community’s needs.                                                Sarah Vogler
                                                                  (Peoria) Friendship House
Founded in 2009, GEN U targets energetic leaders                  of Christian Service
ages 23-45 (or anyone young at heart) who:                        Lisa Wakeley
                                                                  Heart of Illinos United Way
	§	are passionate about volunteering
	§	want to connect with like-minded individuals                   SERVE
                                                                  Kristin Kern, Co-Chair
	§	represent businesses or organizatons that want                 Pink Sugar Boutique
   to build a stronger, united community
                                                                  Jill Vogel, Co-Chair
                                                                  Pearl Companies

                                                                  Sarah Dicce
    GEN U provides social and professional networking             Beth Reusch
                                                                  Greater Peoria Family YMCA
    opportunities through a variety of fun, interactive, and
    informative events such as Taco & Trivia nights, wine         Anne Howerton
    tastings and the 1st annual GEN U Mad Dash which              Hult Center for Health
    raised more than $15,000 for Heart of Illinois United Way!
                                                                  Niki Scherrer
                                                                  Clifton Gunderson LLP
    Year-round volunteer projects are organized to allow          Adam Shaw
                                                                  Hagerty Steel & Aluminum
    participants to assist with needs in their community and
    make a difference. Last year, GEN U volunteers helped         Meghan Watters
    with agency clean-up days, hands-on activities with           Monroe Elementary
    youth, agency special events, and many more - providing
    nearly 1,000 hours of service.                                LEAD
                                                                  Kyle Gorden, Co-Chair
                                                                  Federal Companies
    Businesses are highlighted by GEN U when they offer           Aili Tran, Co-Chair
                                                                  Caterpillar Inc.
    their young leaders opportunities to be an integral part of
    United Way efforts. Our 2010 GEN U Companies are:             Lea Ann Heuser
    	 §	Advanced Technology Services                              Heart of Illinos United Way
    	 §	Ameren                                                    Nathan Thomas
    	 §	Federal Companies                                         Bradley University
    	 §	Morgan Stanley Smith Barney
    	 §	Pricewaterhouse Coopers, LLC
                                                                     GEN U MAD DASH
                                                           $15,000 FOR UNITED WAY
In 2010, this first-time event had 25 teams racing against the clock to solve clues and navigate
a series of challenging activities centered around learning the work of United Way first-hand.
Teams raced from CEFCU Center Stage in vehicles provided by Illinois Chevy. They had to decipher
clues and decide which challenges to take on and which ones to skip before making it to the finish
                  CEFCU Grand Prize Winners: Team Shawn Carmany
                  2nd place: Lambda Chi Alpha
                  3rd place: Trifecta
                  Team Spirit Winners: The Dream Team and The Boys and Girls Clubs
With the support of teams and sponsors, the first Mad Dash raised more than $15,000 for the 2010 Heart of
Illinois United Way Campaign. For more info, including the upcoming 2011 event, visit

                                                                         V6 SPONSORS
                                                                         Federal Companies
                                                                         CEFCU (Grand Prize Sponsor)
                                                                         Illinois Mutual
                                                                         Lite Rock 107

                                                                         4-CYLINDER SPONSORS
                                                                         River City Construction
                                                                         Mutual of America

                                                                         POST-PARTY SPONSORS
                                                                         Alexander’s Steakhouse
                                                                         Brewers Distributing
     Each year,
     thousands      2010 DAY OF CARING
  of volunteers
                    In 2010, a record-breaking 540 volunteers
  work in some
                    collected and sorted food, read to children, served
capacity for the
                    warm meals, helped with crafts at area schools,
Heart of Illinois   and improved playgrounds, gyms and
   United Way.      more . . . all part of the Heart of Illinois
                    United Way’s annual Day of Caring.
  From helping
                    More than 50 area companies and organizations
with workplace
                    participated in the Day of Caring Food Drive,
    campaigns,      bringing in more than 70,000 pounds of food
   volunteering     (35 tons)- the equivalent of 46,000 meals - to
for GENeration      help people in need.
  United, Youth
                    The event would not have been possible
      United for    without the help of our sponsors:
Central Illinois
  or our annual
 Day of Caring,
      to serving
        on grant
review panels,
   helping with
   labor events
  or overseeing
    finance and
marketing, our
 volunteers are
  invaluable to
the success of
   our mission.
                             HOOT GIBSON AWARD
                             The Horace J. “Hoot” Gibson award recognizes unsung heroes who have spent
                             countless hours working to help others. The award is in memory of “Hoot” Gibson,
                             former manager of the Peoria IBM office for many years and a very active volunteer
                             for the Heart of Illinois United Way.

                             Deb Bowers has been a volunteer for the Heart of Illinois United Way since the early 1990’s.
                             She has been instrumental to ensuring United Way contributions are making the greatest
                             impact within the community through her volunteer work on the United Way’s allocation
              Deb Bowers     panels.
 2010 Hoot Gibson Honoree
                             She has been an integral part of the United Way’s strategic planning and has helped
                             the United Way move forward as the community leader at addressing the critical health
                             and human care issues facing central Illinois. Bowers has also served on the board of
                             directors, the campaign cabinet and as a campaign ambassador.

The United Way’s youth service committee is comprised of students from area high schools, colleges
and universities who participate in volunteer activities and learn about the grant review process.

  Bradley University         Morton High School
  Katherine McGinn, Chair    Macaela Bennett
                             Taylor Harrison
  Dunlap High School
  Claire Anderson            Notre Dame High School
  Michael Gibbons            Anne Marie O’Neill
  Rachael Morrissey          Rachel Thompson
  Rachel Sassine
  Faith Streitmatter         Peoria Heights High School
                             Brooke Barkley
  Limestone High School      Haley Owen
  Kelsey Kauffman
  Deanna Lawson              Richwoods High School
                             Erin Cealey
  Manual High School
  Kerishena Deal             Washington High School
  Grace Figgers              Dan Nulty
                             Carly Slagel
  Metamora High School
  Travis Ahrens
  Matt Stephan
Al Black, Chair                                  Dave Chapman
AT&T Inc.                                        UAW #974

Mark Bourland                                    Marty Clinch
TCRC, Inc.                                       IBEW #34

Martha Diebold                                   Mike Everett
Methodist Medical Center of Illinois             IBEW #34

Cindy Ardis Jenkins                              Terry Freeman
Children’s Home Association of                   UAW #974
                                                 Bob Gunter
Janice Kepple, Past Chair                        APWU
The F&M Bank
                                                 Sandy Gunter
Lisa Nelson                                      APWU
Adams Outdoor Advertising
                                                 Marty Helfers
Lisa Prather                                     West Central Illinois Building
The Center for Prevention of Abuse               and Construction Trades Council

Mary Rasmussen-Berry                             Todd Holzinger
Lincoln Office LLC                               IBEW #34

Karen Stecher                                    Bob Lawless
American Red Cross - Blood Services              Steamfitters #353

H Wayne Wilson                                   Darrin Lindee
Wilson Visual Enterprises                        Boilermakers #60

                                                 Dan Silverthorn
                                                 West Central Illinois Building
Paul Fager, Chair                                and Construction Trades Council
JP Companies
                                                 Richard Stoneburner
Pete Fenner
                                                 IBEW #21
Caterpillar Inc.
Gail R. Garrison                                 Gayla Walker
Ameren                                           CWA/TYPOS
Michelle Hubble
PricewaterhouseCoopers, LLP
Gerd B. Prewett
Community Volunteer
Mark Scheirer
Heartland Bank & Trust Co.
Tom Schlink

The Heart of Illinois United Way’s Finance
Committee oversees the financial operations
of the organization. Each year, an independent
accounting firm audits our financial records.
A copy of the complete report for 2010-2011
fiscal year will be made available.
              Andrew V. Herrera                          Kevin J. Anderson                      Stuart L. Levenick
                                                         PNC                                    Caterpillar Inc.
              Board Chair
              Illinois National Bank                     Robert G. Anderson                     Paul E. Macek
                                                         OSF Saint Francis Medical Center       Proctor Hospital
              Dan J. Silverthorn
                                                         W. Michael Bryant                      Ken Mauser
              Past Chair                                 Methodist Medical Center of Illinois   Peoria Journal Star
              West Central Illinois
              Building and                               William T. Cirone                      Katherine McGinn
                                                         Federal Companies                      Bradley University
              Trades Council                             William J. Comstock                    Mark Miskell
                                                         Sheet Metal Workers #1                 RSM McGladrey, Inc.
              Mark A. Spenny                             Michael T. Everett                     Timothy D. Neuhauser
              Renee L. Spenny                            IBEW #34                               Envision Insurance Group
              Vice Chairs,
              Resource Development                       Gail R. Garrison                       Stan E. Ogden
                                                         Ameren                                 Ameren
                                                         James W. Hefti                         Andrew A. Rand
              Paul A. Fager                              Advanced Technology Services, Inc.     Advanced Medical Transport
                                                                                                of Central Illinois
              Treasurer                                  Dean A. Heinzmann
              JP Companies                               First State Bank of Illinois           Leonard W. Sachs
                                                                                                Howard & Howard Attorneys PLLC
                                                         Martin J. Helfers
              Jonathan A. Williams                       Steamfitters #353                      Marjorie A. Springer
              Vice Chair,                                                                       Community Volunteer
              Community Investment                       Joseph T. Henderson
              Commerce Bank                              Community Volunteer                    William F. Springer
                                                                                                Caterpillar Inc.
                                                         Timothy J. Howard
              Alan R. Black                              Howard & Howard Attorneys PLLC         Nathan P. Thomas
              Vice Chair, Marketing                                                             Bradley University
                                                         Deveraux R. Hubbard
              & Communications                           St. Paul’s Baptist Church              Joseph B. VanFleet
              AT&T                                                                              VanFleet Law Offices
                                                         Michelle R. Hubble
                                                         PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP
              Janice K. Kepple
              Secretary                                  Roger L. Kilpatrick
              The F&M Bank                               Morton Unit School District 709

                                                         Bernard J. Koch
                                                         River City Construction, LLC

Board members volunteering at TCRC, Inc. for Day of Caring
                        Michael D. Stephan

                               Darla Ardis
       Fund Distribution-Outcome Specialist

                            Pam S. Balfanz
                          Finance Assistant

                           Pamela Biles
             Data Management Coordinator

                             Mary L. Brown
 Vice President, Finance and Administration

                            Gina Y. Edwards
Vice President, Marketing & Communications

                          Linda S. Fondren
                        Executive Assistant

                                Beth Hardy

                       Maggie M. Heppner
              Success By 6 Project Manager

                          Connie J. Higgins
Vice President, AFL-CIO Community Services

                           Don E. Johnson
      Vice President, Community Investment

                        Alison B. Morrissey
      Vice President, Resource Development
                      Stephen D. Peterson
                      Campaign Associate      UNITED
                      Lauri C. Shoemaker
            Resource Development Manager      WAY
                         Lisa M. Wakeley
         Campaign Information Coordinator
       Alzheimer’s Association, Central Illinois Chapter                                             Habitat for Humanity, Greater Peoria Area
       American Red Cross - Central Illinois Chapter                                                 Heartland Community Health Clinic
       Arthritis Foundation, Greater Illinois Chapter                                                Henry Community Ambulance Service
       Big Brothers Big Sisters Heart of Illinois                                                    Hult Center for Health Education
       Boy Scouts of America - W.D. Boyce Council                                                    Human Service Center
       Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Peoria, Inc.                                                    Illinois Valley Center for Independent Living
       G.W. Carver Association, Inc.                                                                 Lacon-Sparland Emergency 52 Ambulance Service
       Cancer Center for Healthy Living, Inc.                                                        Lutheran Social Services of Illinois
       Catholic Charities Diocese of Peoria                                                          Mental Health Association of Illinois Valley, Inc.
       The Center for Prevention of Abuse                                                            Neighborhood House Association
       Central Illinois FRIENDS of PWA, Inc.                                                         PARC
       Children’s Home Association of Illinois                                                       Pearce Community Center
       Children’s Hospital of Illinois                                                               Planned Parenthood of Illinois
             at OSF Saint Francis Medical Center                                                     Prairie State Legal Services, Inc.
       Common Place, Inc.                                                                            Saint Francis Community Clinic
       Community Workshop and Training Center, Inc.                                                  The Salvation Army
       Creve Coeur Community Center                                                                  South Side Office of Concern
       Crittenton Centers                                                                            Tazewell County Resource Centers, Inc.
       Easter Seals-UCP                                                                              Tri-County (Peoria) Urban League, Inc.
       FamilyCore                                                                                    We Care, Inc.
       (Peoria) Friendship House of Christian Service                                                Greater Peoria Family YMCA
       Girl Scouts of Central Illinois                                                               YWCA Peoria
       Goodwill Industries of Central Illinois, Inc.                                                 Youth Service Bureau of Illinois Valley

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