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					                                                                                          Winter 2006

            The                                                                Post
Newsletter of the AAN Student Interest Group in Neurology Program

        Greetings from the AAN                                 59th AAN Annual Meeting
 Mark your calendars—the AAN Annual Meeting               Medical Students are entitled to FREE
 will be held in Boston, Massachusetts, from              ADMISSION to the AAN Annual Meeting if you
 April 28, 2007 to May 5, 2007. The Annual                are an AAN member or present a student ID
 Meeting is the best place to see the latest scientific   card.
 breakthroughs, education courses, and networking
 opportunities for neurologists from around the           Registration entitles you to free access to:
 world. More than 10,000 people attend the meeting         Scientific platform and poster sessions
 each year. See below for instructions on how to           Plenary sessions
 register.                                                 Opening Party
                                                           Neurobowl®
 Remember to apply for your reimbursement                  Awards Luncheon
 funds. Contact me if you need forms, have content         Exhibit Hall
 for the newsletter, or have anything you would like       Patient Safety Colloquium
 the Undergraduate Education Subcommittee of the           Education Colloquium
 AAN’s Education Committee to consider.
                                                           BRAINS Colloquium
                                                           Guidelines, Practice and Advocacy Open House
         Gloria Barnard
                                                           NINDS Clinical Research Collaboration
         AAN Staff Liaison to SIGN
         Phone (651) 695-2733
         Fax (651) 361-4833                                Integrated Neuroscience
                                                          Medical students also receive a reduced rate for
                                                          educational courses and can check in at the
            Quote of the Month                            Membership Booth first thing in the morning each
                                                          day for free course tickets through the Medical
 The human brain is the last, and greatest,
                                                          Student Rush Line.
 scientific frontier. It is truly an internal
 cosmos that lies contained within our skulls.
 The more than 100 billion nerve cells and                         SIGN Meeting at the
 trillion supporting cells that make up your                       AAN Annual Meeting
 brain and mine constitute the most elaborate
 structure in the known universe.                         The next SIGN meeting will be held in Boston at
                                                          the AAN Annual Meeting on Monday, April 30,
         Joel Davis (from Mapping the Mind:               2007, 5:00 p.m.-6:30 p.m. All SIGN and CO-SIGN
         The Secrets of the Human Brain and               members and students interested in joining a
         How it Works, 1997)                              chapter are encouraged to attend. There will be
                                                          speakers, chapter representatives will share with the
                                                          group what their chapter did during the year, a
2       The SIGNPost – Winter 2006/2007

celebration of SIGN’s 10th anniversary will be held.        The student must be from a registered SIGN
Come and meet your fellow students and make                  chapter and serve as either the SIGN chapter
some valuable contacts. Free, no registration                president or a designated representative.
required.                                                   The department chair is encouraged to provide
                                                             a supplemental grant to the student so that all
         How to Register for                                 expenses can be covered.
                                                            The student must attend the SIGN meeting at
      the AAN Annual Meeting                                 the AAN Annual Meeting in order to receive
                                                             the scholarship. You will be asked to share
If you are an AAN member, you may register, book             your chapter’s activities with the group. The
your flight, and select your hotel in one stop via the       check will be mailed to the student after the
AAN Annual Meeting Website at                                Annual Meeting. Early registration ends March
23, 2007. After that date you will need to register      Application deadline for the Annual Meeting
at the Convention Center.                                Scholarship is February 15, 2007.

Medical students who are not AAN members                 Medical Student Summer Research
should contact CMR (Convention Management
Resources) at or 1-800-          Scholarship—deadline February 15,
676-4226 or you can register on-site at the Hynes        2007
Convention Center. To arrange travel, email or call 1-           The Medical Student Summer Research
877-317-0006.                                            Scholarship program offers SIGN members a
                                                         summer stipend of $3,000 to conduct a project in
Contact Gloria Barnard at or            either an institutional, clinical, or laboratory setting
(651) 695-2733 with questions.                           where there are ongoing programs of research,
                                                         service, or training, or a private practice. Only
           SIGN Scholarships                             applicants from schools with established SIGN
                                                         chapters are eligible to apply. Projects will be
SIGN offers two scholarships to its members:             judge by a panel of experts.
   40 $1,000 Annual Meeting Scholarships
   20 $3,000 Summer Research Scholarships               The AAN will award up to 20 scholarships to first-
                                                         or second-year medical students who have a
The applications are emailed to SIGN advisors            supporting preceptor and a project with clearly
and presidents to distribute to all SIGN                 defined goals. The project is to be conducted
members. If you need an application, contact your        through a US or Canadian institution of the student's
SIGN officers.                                           choice and jointly designed by the student and
                                                         sponsoring institution. Application deadline for
                                                         the Summer Research Scholarship is February
Annual Meeting Scholarship—                              15, 2007.
deadline February 15, 2007
                                                         For both scholarships, the scholarship
Forty $1,000 Annual Meeting Scholarships are             application forms are emailed to faculty
available to SIGN chapter presidents or a                advisors and chapter presidents. Please
designated SIGN representative to cover travel           distribute these applications to all SIGN
costs to attend the AAN Annual Meeting in Boston,        members. A tax form--either W-9 or Statement
which runs from April 28-May 5, 2007.                    of Citizenship (Canada)--should accompany all
Scholarships are awarded by lottery, based on the        applications. Email for
following criteria:                                      forms or if you have questions.
3       The SIGNPost – Winter 2006/2007

        Brain Awareness Week                                          Neurology Now
          March 12-18, 2007                             Sign up for a free subscription to the new magazine
                                                        Neurology Now at This
Brain Awareness Week is an international effort
                                                        is a new quarterly magazine from the AAN for
organized by the Dana Alliance for Brain Initiatives
                                                        neurology patients, their families, and caregivers,
to advance public awareness about the progress and
                                                        which provides accurate and important new
benefits of brain research. The Dana Alliance is
                                                        information about advances in the diagnosis and
joined in the campaign by partners in the United
                                                        treatment of neurological diseases, such as
States and around the world, including medical and
                                                        migraine, Alzheimer's disease, epilepsy, multiple
research organizations; patient advocacy groups;
                                                        sclerosis, and other disorders. It is published by
the National Institutes of Health, and other
                                                        Lippincott Williams & Wilkins.
government agencies; service groups; hospitals and
universities; K-12 schools; and professional
                                                        Neurology Now brings expert advice about
                                                        wellness and disease prevention, new medications
                                                        and therapies, and strategies for coping with
Be sure to check out the Dana website at to help you plan         neurological disorders. Neurology Now provides
                                                        balanced coverage of therapies based on the latest
your Brain Awareness Week activities. There are
games, plans and other resources to download to         developments in laboratory research and clinical
help you spread the word to grade school students       trials.
on things like bike helmet safety, etc.
                                                        The goals are to improve communication between
                                                        patients and their physicians, support disease
You can download the “Neuroscience in the
Classroom” workbook for additional games and            awareness and self-management, and provide public
exercises at            outreach for the AAN.
                                                          AAN Awards and Scholarships
    Neurology Moves to the NRMP
                                                        A full list of available awards and scholarships can
The National Resident Matching Program extends a        be found at
warm welcome to all Neurology training programs,        awards/index.cfm
which will move to the NRMP beginning with the
2007 Main Residency Match. Earlier this year, the       The SIGN Annual Meeting Scholarship to the
Consortium of Neurology Program Directors               Annual Meeting and the SIGN Summer Research
announced that the programs will use both the           Scholarship applications will go out to SIGN
Electronic Residency Application Service                faculty advisors and chapter presidents in
(ERAS®) and the NRMP's Main Match. In                   November so look for them then.
addition, Neurology applicants will be able to take
full advantage of the NRMP's couples' matching          The Medical Student Prize for Excellence in
service, which allows two applicants to link their      Neurology is awarded to one graduating student per
rank order lists so they match into pairs of programs   institution, nominated by the clerkship director. Let
suited to their needs. For information about the        your clerkship director know you are interested in
Main Residency Match, click Residency Match at          this award.
the top of this page, or contact our Help Desk
specialists at 1-866-617-5838 (applicants) or 1-866-                         Trivia
617-5837 (medical schools and teaching hospitals).
For information about ERAS, call (202) 828-0413.        As of August 15, 2006, there are 608 medical
                 …from:            students members of the AAN. In 1998, when
                                                        SIGN was initiated, there were 119 medical
                                                        students. This is a rate of growth of 604% since
4       The SIGNPost – Winter 2006/2007

    AAN Student Loan Program                           Neurology Medical Student Resources
                                                        If you have additions to this list, please send them
Student Loan Consolidation: Spring 2007                               to
Campus Visits
                                                       Introductory texts that may be useful during
AAN’s partnership with Student Assistance              your Neurology Clerkship:
Foundation (SAF) is designed to help members sort      Title/Author:                 Summary (from preface):
through the complex student loan consolidation                                       Inexpensive paperback
                                                       Fundamentals of Neurologic
offerings and select a reputable vendor with                                         book written for medical
                                                       Disease, Demos, 2005.
competitive benefits and excellent customer service    Davis LE, King MK, Schultz,
                                                                                     students with emphasis on
as they make this important financial decision.                                      most important neurologic
Program features include:                                                            diseases.
      Choice of interest rate reduction or                                          An approach to neurology
                                                       Clinical Neurology 6th ed.
                                                                                     based on the presenting
        principal reduction                            Lange.2005. Simon RP,
                                                                                     symptoms or signs,
      Designed to help students earn benefits         Aminoff MJ, Greenberg DA.
                                                                                     developed while teaching
      Never lose benefit once earned                                                in the clinics and wards of
      One loan, one lender, one payment                                             the University of
                                                                                     California, San Francisco.
The interest rates set by the federal government are                                 Provides medical students
                                                       Blueprints in Neurology.
currently 6.54% on Stafford loans. By                                                with a reasonable compact
                                                       Blackwell Science, Inc.
consolidating federal student loans, AAN members                                     review of neurology for
                                                       2002. Drislane FW et al.
                                                                                     practical use, attempting to
and their spouses can lower monthly payments by
                                                                                     clarify without
as much as 60%.                                                                      oversimplifying.
                                                       Introduction to Clinical      Was rated 3.86/5.0 on
AAN is working with the SAF to arrange visits to       Neurology, Third Ed,          clerkship evaluations at U.
select campuses this spring to meet with SIGN          Butterworth Heineman          Iowa. Some students
members and others interested in neurology. If you     2005. Gelb DJ.                commented that “text lacks
would like Student Assistance Foundation staff to                                    organization” while others
come to your campus this spring to discuss the                                       “appreciated the clinical
AAN Loan Program, please contact Kelly Lawton                                        scenarios in each chapter”. or (651) 695-2778.                                                   Some students said they
                                                                                     would “prefer a text that is
                                                                                     more concise, highlighting
For more information about consolidation, visit
                                                                                     the main points”. or call (866) 869-0579
and speak to an expert counselor at Student            Neurology for the Non-
Assistance Foundation                                  neurologist. Fifth Ed.
                                                       Lippincott, Williams &
                                                       Wilkins, 2004. Weiner WJ,
     Advice to Medical Students                        Goetz CG.
                                                       Pocket reference books that may be useful
The “Advice to Medical Students” document on the       during your Neurology Clerkship:
medical student webpage at                             Title/Author:                 Summary:       Massachusetts General         Excellent and
has been revised, and a reference list added. Below    Hospital Handbook of          comprehensive overview of
is the list the Undergraduate Education                Neurology. Lippincott,        hospital-based, inpatient
Subcommittee has compiled for medical students.        Williams & Wilkins, 2000.     Neurology
                                                       Flaherty AW.
If you have additions to this list, please send them   Neurology (House Officer
to                                   Series), Seventh Ed.
                                                       Lippincott, Williams &
                                                       Wilkins, 2004. Weiner HL,
                                                       Levitt LP, Rae-Grant A.
5       The SIGNPost – Winter 2006/2007

Manual of Neurologic           Comprehensive and up-to-       for your Neurology Clerkship:
Therapeutics. Seventh Ed.      date spiral pocket guide       Washington University School of Medicine Links:
Lippincott Williams and        with the latest in treatment
Wilkins, 2004. Samuels MA.     options and concise  
                               discussion on diagnosis.
The Resident’s Neurology       An inexpensive paperback       E-medicine Neurology:
Book. FA Davis, 1997.          that is quite readable.
Devinsky O, et al.
                                                              American Academy of Neurology
On Call Neurology. WB
Saunders, Second Ed, 2001.
Marshall RS and Mayer SA.                                     Whole Brain Atlas:
Neurology Secrets, Fourth                           
Ed. Hanley & Belfus, Inc.,                                    Up To Date
Philadelphia, 2004. Loren A.                        
Neurology Pearls. Hanley &                                    Personal accounts of neurologic disease:
Belfus, Inc., Philadelphia,                                   Title/Author:                   Description:
2000. Waclawik, AJ and                                        Tuesdays with Morrie. M.        An ALS patient is
Sutula, TP                                                    Albom.                          interviewed
                                                                                              throughout the course
Reference texts that may be useful during                                                     of his illness
your Neurology Clerkship:                                     Brainstorms: Epilepsy in
                                                              Our Words – Personal
Title/Author:                                                 Accounts of Living with
Victor and Adams Textbook of Neurology, Eighth Ed.            Seizures. Raven Press,
McGraw Hill, 2006. Ropper AH, Brown R.                        1993. Schacter SC.
                                                              Still Me. Christopher           Autobiography of
Merritt’s Textbook of Neurology, Lippincott, Williams &
                                                              Reeve.                          actor paralyzed by
Wilkins, 1994. Rowland LP.                                                                    C1-C2 injury (see
Neurology in Clinical Practice. Fourth Ed. Butterworth-                                       particularly pp 1-53
Heinemann. 2003. Bradley, W.G. et al.                                                         and 94-145 for his
                                                                                              description of his
Cecil’s Essentials of Medicine - Sections on Neurologic                                       disability and daily
Disease and chapter on Infections of the Nervous System,                                      routine, and his
Sixth Ed, Saunders, 2003. Andreoli, TE, et al.                                                emotional response).
The Practice of Neural Science, McGraw Hill, 1999 Brust       Waist High in the World –       A young woman
JCM. (currently out of print)                                 A Life Among the                wheelchair bound by
                                                              Nondisabled. Beacon             Multiple Sclerosis.
                                                              Press, Boston. 1996. Nancy
Office Practice of Neurology, Second Ed, Churchill            Mairs.
Livingstone, 2003. Samuels, MA and Feske, SK                  The man who mistook his
                                                              wife for a hat: And other
Harrison’s Principles of Internal Medicine.                   clinical tales. Oliver Sacks.
Neurology chapters, Sixteenth Ed., McGraw-Hill                The Diving Bell and the         French journalist with
Professional, 2004. Kasper, DL et al                          Butterfly. Jean-Dominique       “locked-in
Review and/or question books for preparation                  Bauby.                          syndrome”.
for your board or shelf exams:
Underground Clinical Vignettes: Neurology, Classic
Clinical Cases for USMLE Step 2 and Clerkship, 2nd                            Next Newsletter
edition, Blackwell Publishers, 2001. Bhushan, V, et al
NMS Review book, Lippincott Williams & Wilkins;               The next newsletter will arrive in March. If you
Bk&CD-Rom edition, 2002. Rosner, MH and Lazar, AE
                                                              would like to contribute to the newsletter, send
First Aid for the Neurology Clerkship, McGraw-Hill, 2002.     news or articles to
Stead, L
On-line resources that may be helpful

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