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					            Organization List as of 11/26/01. By 1/14/02 RPA said list had grown to over 100 organizations.

CONVENER:                        Regional Plan Association
UNIVERSITY PARTNERS:             New School University, New York University, Pratt Institute

                                     CIVIC ALLIANCE PARTICIPANTS:
AIA New York                               Independence Community                  NYU Robert F. Wagner Graduate
Alliance for Downtown New York               Foundation                              School
APA NY Metro Chapter                       Institute for Urban Design              NYU Rudin Center for
Architecture Research Institute            J.M. Kaplan Fund                          Transportation Policy and
Association for a Better New York          Landair Project Resources                 Management
Business Labor Community                   Inc.                                    NYU Law School Center for Real
  Coalition (BLCC)                         Lincoln Square B.I.D.                     Estate and Urban Policy
Center for an Urban Future                 Robert J. Milano Graduate               Pace University
Center for New York City Law                 School (New School                    Parks Council
Center for Urban Research                    University)                           Pratt Institute Center for
Century Foundation                         Municipal Art Society                     Community and Environmental
Citizens Budget Commission                 Natural Resources Defense                 Development
Citizens Housing & Planning                  Council                               Prosperity New Jersey
  Council                                  New York Building Congress              Puerto Rican Legal Defense and
Citizens Network for Sustainable           New York Community Trust                  Education Fund (PRLDEF)
  Development                              New York Immigration                    Real Estate Board New York
Citizens Union                               Coalition                               (REBNY)
Columbia University Center for             New York League of                      Rebuild Downtown Our Town
  Urban Research and Policy                  Conservation Voters                     (RDOT)
Commonwealth Fund                          New York New Visions                    Riverside South Planning
Community Board 1                          NOW Legal Defense and                     Corporation
Community Cartography                        Education Fund                        Rockefeller Brothers Fund
CUNY Institute Urban Systems               NY Lawyers for Public Interest          Rutgers University
Design Trust for Public Space              NYPIRG Straphangers                     Surdna Foundation
Environmental Advocates                      Campaign                              Sustainable South Bronx
Environmental Defense                      NYS AFL-CIO                             Take the Field
Environmental Simulation Center            NYU Brennan Center for                  The Parks Council
Fine Arts Federation of New York             Justice                               Transit Workers Union Local 100
Fiscal Policy Institute                    NYU Center for Excellence in            Urbanomics
Five Borough Institute                       New York City Governance              Van Alen Institute
Ford Foundation                            NYU Institute for Civil                 West Harlem Environmental
General Contractors Association              Infrastructure Systems (ICIS)           Action Coalition (We ACT)
Guggenheim Museum                          NYU Institute of Public                 Women in Housing and Finance
Housing First                                Administration

Representatives of the following public agencies have also attended meetings and expressed support:
Empire State Development Corporation, NYC Department of City Planning, Manhattan Borough President’s
 Office, Port Authority New York New Jersey
   C   IVIC   A   LLIANCE       TO   REBUILD DO          WNTOWN         N   EW   Y   ORK
                                     Meeting Schedule

Jan 14: Urban Design, Ben Snow Dining Room, New York University
Jan 28: Memorial, Ben Snow Dining Room, New York University
Feb 11: Green Building and Sustainable Systems, Orozco Room, New School University
Feb 25: Social, Environmental, and Economic Justice, Location TBA
Mar 11: Regulatory, Location: TBA
Mar 25: Economic Development, Orozco Room New School University
Apr 8: Civic Amenities, Orozco Room New School University

All meetings held on Monday mornings at 8:15 AM.

For more information about meeting locations and to RSVP, please contact Petra Todorovich at
212-253-2727 x322 or
                    January 16, 2002

Please note: These meetings are not open to the public. You must get in touch with the contact
person and RSVP ahead of time. Most meetings are capped to 10-12 people.

 Group                     Date & Time     Location              Contact Person
 Urban Design              January 23,     AIA 200               Rick Bell, Rob
                           2002            Lexington Ave.        Lane,
                           8:30 AM                               RSVP to

 Civic Amenities           January 24      902 Broadway,         Mary Hartline in
                           8:30 AM         19th Floor,           Paul Elston’s
                                           Between 20 & 21st     office
 Regulatory                TBA             Real Estate Board     Suzy Moore at
                                           New York              Deborah Beck’s
 Economic                  TBA             TBA                   Chris Jones
 Development                                                     RPA
 Memorial Committee        Civic Alliance TBA                    Petra Todorovich
                           General Mtg                 
                           January 28,
                           8:15 AM
 Social, Economic, &       Thursday,      TBA                    Toya Williford
 Environmental Justice     Jan 24,                               RPA
                           3:00 PM                               212-253-2727
 Green Building & New      Wed, Jan 23rd, Natural Resources      Erika Svendsen
 Technologies              4:00 PM        Defense Council        RPA
                                                                 212-253-2727 324
 Transportation and        Jan 22, 2002    King Juan Carlos      Petra Todorovich
 Circulation/ ESTA         Tuesday         Rm. 53 Wash. Sq.
                           8:00 AM         South
                        Civic Alliance-related Events

DATE       AGENDA           LOCATION            CONTACT               SPONSOR
January    Rebuild          Pace University     Beverly Willis
22         Downtown Our                         bevwillis@architect
8:15 AM    Town (R.Dot)                         .org
January    Culture and      The Graduate        AIA New York          Cultural Affairs
24         Architecture     Center CUNY 365     Chapter (212) 683-    Committee of the AIA
6:00 to    Beyond           5th Ave.,           0023 x21 Cost:        New York Chapter
8:00 PM    September 11     Auditorium          $5.00 AIA
                                                Members/ $10.00
                                                non- members
January    Community        345 Chambers        Paul Goldstein,       Community Board 1
29 6:00    Board 1 Town     Street @            District Manager
to 9:00    Hall             Stuyvesant High     for details
PM                          School
February   Listening to     South Street        center.for.excellence The Civic Alliance to
7                           Seaport                 Rebuild Downtown and
           the City: The
8:00 AM                     Pier 17 Building,   or 212-998-7520       The Center for
           Civic Alliance's
to 2:30                     Third Floor                               Excellence in New York
           First City-Wide
PM         Conversation 89 South Street                               City Governance @
                                                                      The Robert F. Wagner
                                                                      Graduate School of
           Downtown                                                   Public Service
           New York
Week of    Visioning        Throughout the      Darya Cowan at        The Municipal Art
April 11   Process          metropolitan region 212 935-3960 for      Society
April 26 RPA Regional       New York Marriott Karen Chin              Regional Plan
7:30 AM Assembly            Marquis Hotel       212-253-2727          Association
to 3:00                                         x309
PM                                              email:
C   IVIC    A   LLIANCE         W   ORKING         G   ROUPS
   Urban Design: How the district could be redesigned to maximize its livability, beauty, safety and
    convenience. Issues to be addressed would include the layout of streets and public spaces, options to achieve
    density without great building height, and strategies to maximize public safety.
   Economic Development: How the changing economic geography of the region and the global economy
    should guide the design and infrastructure investments for Lower Manhattan and access to the rest of the
    region. How a reconstructed district can best support a city and regional economy.
   Transportation and Circulation: How the existing transit and ferry network could be adapted to make Lower
    Manhattan even more accessible to residential and employment centers across the region. Explore strategies
    to improve pedestrian and transit circulation within Lower Manhattan, including a traffic-free area.
   Regulatory Framework: Mechanisms to expedite the redevelopment of the area, ensure high quality
    planning and design, and to cut through red tape and bureaucratic delays.
   Green Buildings and Sustainable Systems: How the new district can incorporate principals of green building
    design to increase energy efficiency and decrease negative environmental impacts. How public health goals,
    including active communities based on pedestrian lifestyles, can be achieved through sensitive plans.
   Memorial: How the site, which is now a sacred site, as well as one of pilgrimage, can honor both the people
    from 60 countries whose lives were lost and those who struggled to save them as well as the community that
    was ravaged by the process.
   Social and Economic Justice: How the regeneration of downtown can be part of a program that lifts and
    benefits the whole city and metropolitan region. In particular, how the needs of low-income communities
    and workers can be met.
   Civic Amenities: How different uses and activities can rejuvenate Lower Manhattan as a neighborhood and
    destination, such as waterfront access, public space, cultural institutions, and others. How can safety
    concerns, including new design standards and evacuation considerations, be reconciled with a democratic
    society's need for openness and free access to information

Role of Working Groups
1. Reach some consensus on a description of the issue and key principles which should be followed. (Some
groups may meet often, others only once or twice, depending on the issue and who else is doing work on it.)

2. Organize a forum and agenda for one of the next 8 Civic Alliance meetings focused on that topic. The
working group, or the working group’s chairpersons may present to the Civic Alliance or they may ask outside
persons who are working on the issue to present their ideas. (We would like to start with transportation on
December 10, and go on from there with Alliance meetings every 2 weeks or so.

3. Organize a Roundtable on the issues. (Timing of roundtables may depend on several factors -- funding, how
far along other groups are in exploring the issue, etc. -- which may place them before or after the Regional
Assembly on April 26. For some of these areas, we may eventually decide that a roundtable is not warranted,
particularly given funding constraints.)

4. Organize a Panel Discussion at RPA’s Regional Assembly on April 26 and work with NYU for their
conference on January 29.

5. Gather the material and feedback from these forums and sessions and turn it into a section/chapter of the
Development Program.
For a list of working group members, or to join a working group, contact RPA Contact for each group.
These contacts are as of 12/10/02. See Jan. 16, 2002 Meeting Schedule for some updated contacts.

Urban Design
Chairpersons: Rick Bell, AIA, 212-683-0023 x25
Beverly Willis, RDOT, 212-725-7200
RPA Contact: Robert Lane, 212-253-2727 x326

Economic Development:
Chairpersons: Alice Rivlin, New School University
Rosemary Scanlon, New York University
RPA Contact: Chris Jones, 212-253-2727 x321

Transportation and Circulation:
Chairpersons: Elliot Sander, NYU, 212-973-3090
Gene Russianoff, NYPIRG Straphangers Campaign, 212-349-6460
RPA Contact: Steve Weber, 212-253-2727 x303

Regulatory Framework:
Chairpersons: Deborah Beck, REBNY, 212-532-3129,
Jim Tripp, Environmental Defense. 212-505-2100 x304
RPA Contact: Rob Pirani, 212-252-2727 x305

Green Buildings and Sustainable Systems:
Chairpersons: Ashok Gupta, NRDC, 212-727-4462
Rae Zimmerman, NYU, 212-998-7432
RPA Contact: Erika Svendsen, 212-253-2727 x324

Chairpersons: Ray Gastil, Van Alen Institute, 212-924-7000 x2,
Holly Leicht, Municipal Art Society, 212-935-3960
RPA Contact: Marian Imperatore, RPA, 212-253-2727 x317

Social, Environmental and Economic Justice:
Chairpersons: Ron Shiffman, Pratt Institute, 718-636-3486 x3494
Peggy Shepard, West Harlem Environmental Action Coalition, 212-961-1000 x306
RPA Contact: Toya Williford, 212-253-2727 x315

Civic Amenities:
Paul Elston, NY League of Conservation Voters, 212-370-1144 x230,
Nancy Owens, Community Board One,
RPA Contact: Marian Imperatore, 212-253-2727 x317

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