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					RIFT 1.6 New 5-man Dungeon Walkthrough: Upper Caduceus Rise (Boss Guide)

Hello everyone, here is a walkthrough for Upper Caduceus Rise, one of the
new T2 dungeons introduced with Patch 1.6.
Zugthak - Difficulty - 5/10

Stomp ability - Melees & tanks must get out or they take massive damage
and knockback.
Trog adds, untankable, they are non elite. 3 of them can be up at a time.
Kill it.
Water spirit pops up during the fight, these have a blue circle around
them and whoever steps into it gain 3 abilities. Protect the Water Spirit
and use the remove Thick Hide ability (leftmost).
Zugthak is the first boss in this T2 expert dungeon. You will see him
right away after entering Upper Caduceus.
He comes with three adds called Trogs, these are not tankable but are non
elite and do not hit for much. They must be killed by your DPS as they
can deal damage to the friendly Water Spirit that pops during the fight.
They will respawn throughout the fight.
He gets a Thick Hide ability that reduces the damage he takes from
players. This must be removed via an ability gain from the friendly Water
Sprit that pops during the fight.
Periodically throughout the fight, Zugthak emotes - Zugthak prepares to
grind you under his heel! This is the warning that Zugthak will cast his
Stomp ability. Melee and tanks must get away from the named or take on
quite a lot of damage and be knocked back.
Also, a friendly Water Spirit will pop during the fight. This Water
Spirit has a blue circle around him. Standing in that circle will grant
the player 3 abilities - Remove Thick Hide, Kill Trog, and Immune to
Stomp. These share a cooldown (1 minute and 5 seconds) so we found it was
best to remove Thick Hide and focus on burning down the Trogs and then
named. Melee dps might find it helpful to utilize the Stomp immunity
after you strip Zugthak of his Thick Hide.

(From the left)
Lash Wave - Removes Zugthak's Thick Hide
Trog Stomp - kill the targeted Trog.
Water's Grace - You become immune to Zugthak's Stomp and your melee
attacks do more damage
Healing - Fairly simple this fight. You may need to top off the tank and
melee dps if they do not get out when Zugthak does the Stomp ability.
Tanks do not take a lot of damage on this fight otherwise.

Snuggles - Miniboss - Difficulty - 3/10

Snuggles is actually a spider! (Trion has a great sense of humor!). He
comes with a bunch of adds that can be pulled separately away from him
and killed. He is mostly a tank and spank fight except he has a cleave
ability called Venom Spray if you are standing in front of him that will
one shot anyone other than a tank.
He drops a chicken pet!!
Rodiafel - Difficulty - 7/10

Chomp - puts a red circle on the ground where it will lits up and hurt
anyone standing in it.
Molten spray - fire looking DoT on the tank, can be cleansed.
Lava Torrent - nasty DoT placed on two players in the party, do nasty
damage if not cleansed.
Unstable Temperature - Rodiafel goes underground and puts a pulsing
yellow circle on all party members. Do not stack on each other and avoid
the fire red circles.
This boss is hidden underground when you first meet him. Once you engage
him, he will come out of the ground. There are two phases - aboveground
and underground.
Aboveground is where all the action takes place. He will start off with
Chomp - which will place a fire circle on the ground that you must avoid.
He will follow this with Molten Spray, a DoT he puts on the tank that can
be cleansed. Then he will cast Lava Torrent, a nasty DoT that is placed
on two party members that must be cleansed ASAP. Finally, he casts
Unstable Temperature and goes underground for the underground phase.
During the underground phase, players will gain a yellow circle around
them. Try not to overlap each other with the circles and avoid the red
circles he put on the ground. This stage is very AoE heal intensive.

Rodiafel will come aboveground shortly and the fight repeats until he is
Healing - This fight is AoE heal intensive with a big cleanse component
to it. AoE cleanse comes in handy here. You also have ground AoEs to
avoid while trying to keep the rest of the group alive. Yikes!

Captain Black Spit - Difficulty - 5/10

Puts AoE on the ground that you must avoid.
Bile Breath - Frontal spray that will kill anyone in front of him. Make
sure to turn him away from the party and never let him turn away from
Boss from summon adds from time to time.
This boss is called Black spit because he drinks and spit black stuff
that will kill anyone but the tank! Make sure he is never facing the rest
of the party.
He will emote something like "Scrape yerselves off the deck you mangy
dogs and fight!". This will summon an add to him. Tank can pick it up and
just AoE it down along with the boss.
When the emote Captain Black Spit flies into a grog induced rage!
appears, be prepared! Shortly after that emote, he will cast Bile Breath,
a channeled spell that will kill anyone in front of him but the tank.
Tank will also take large chunks of damage during this time.

Next, the boss will say Drink up, me hearties!, this is the cue for the
2nd add.
After 2 rounds of adds and 1 round of Bile Breath, you will get another
emote - Player is getting sloshed! This is accompanied by the boss saying
Bottoms up, Ascended. This is an effect on the tank that will prevent
him/her from doing anything. This effect cannot be cleansed but only last
for a couple seconds.
The rest of the fight is a repeat of the above.

Headhunter Kulir and Disciple Varash - Difficulty 6/10

Headhunter will cast Magma Tempest - a fire aoe on himself that can be
interrupted. Failure to interrupt will cause him to gain stacks that
increase his damage output.
Dance of Ashes and Prey on the Weak are two abilities from Headhunter
where he randomly port to a group member and whack them.
Incendiary Artillery is an ability from Disciple that will put a red AoE
on the ground.
Tank need to have aggro on both mobs at the start. Headhunter cast an
ability called Magma Tempest that can be interrupted. Failure to do so
will cause a knockback to everyone around the Headhunter and he will gain
stacks that increase his damage output during the duration of the Magma
Tempest (boss lits himself on fire).
Throughout the fight, Headhunter will randomly port to someone in the
group and whack them. He has two abilities that does this. One of them.
called Prey of the Weak, will be preceded by an emote called Player's
Blood will stain the leaves.
Disciple is fairly annoying as he will cast Incendiary Artillery that
will put ground AOEs that you need to avoid. Tank need to have aggro with
him at the start as he is a ranged mob and will whack other group members
with his autoattack called Slingshot.
The strategy we used was having an interrupter on the Headhunter to
prevent the Magma Tempest from going off. Rest of the DPS burned down the
Disciple first and then finished off the Headhunter.
Healing: Tank damage is minimal. AoE heals is a must here as party
members could get damaged from Disciple's AoE or Headhunter's whack a

Cinderstorm - Diffculty - 8/10

Cinder Storm - Must LOS it or you will die
Mote of Flame - Orbs that slowly turn around in the circle - getting hit
by it won't kill you but will cause you to take some damage and will slow
DPS race - he will cast two Cinder Storm and then you need to move into
the storm and kill him before the lasers kill you.
Cinderstorm is a DPS check fight that requires to LOS one of his
abilities. When the fight beings, Motes of Flame will spawn that will
turn around the room in a counter-clockwise fashion. Getting hit by it
will damage you and slow you down, potentially killing you for his next

Cinderstorm's ability that you must LOS is called Cinder Storm. Whne he
casts this, the ground will pulse and you have a few seconds to run to a
pillar and get out of LOS. A good spot is shown below.
After two Cinder Storms, the boss will change to his next phase. You must
move from your LOS position and move into the room as lasers will come up
all around the room and slowly move into middle. Touching the laser will
kill you. It is a DPS race from this point on.

Caduceus - Difficulty - 10/10

Magma Blast - A dot placed on three players, must be cleansed asap.
Earth Rumbles - Spikes appear on the ground. Just eat it.
Tectonic Distrubance - Everyone must stack behind boss or he will port
around to people in the group and whack them.
Caduceus is the last boss in the dungeon. If you have good dps, you can
ignore most of the mechanics and this boss just become a straight burn
with cleansing.
Everyone should stack behind the boss on this fight as this will make
certain mechanics a lot easier.
He will cast Magma Blast from time to time on three players that must be
cleansed asap (stacking will make AoE cleanse work here). In between
Magma Blast, there will be also an emote called The earth rumbles. Spiky
things appear on the ground but they don't really hurt so can be ignored.
After about two magma blast and an earth rumbles emote, he will cast
Tectonic Disturbance. Bascially, he will port to whoever that is far away
from him and smack them. He will turn jump into the air and land a
distance away and do a knockback to all party members.
Erupted Core and Erupted Ember will also spawn this phase. Tanks will
need to pick up the Erupted Core. If you have good dps, you can choose to
just DPS down the boss and ignore the Erupted Core and Erupted Ember. If
not, the you might need to AOE down the Core and then target the Erupted
Embers and kill them.
Healing: Lots of AoE heals on this fight. Must be quick with cleanse to
remove Magma Blast. The part with Erupted Core/Erupted Ember can be nasty
to heal through as everyone is taking damage.

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