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									         THE GUILD OF MOTORING WRITERS                                                                      SEPTEMBER 2010
THE END OF JOURNALISM                                          GOING UP IN                              BRIGHTER FUTURE FOR
AS WE KNOW IT?                                                 THE WORLD                                CAR AND VAN SALES

DISTURBING TRENDS IN PUBLISHING                                YOUR OWN CAR DAY                         FORECASTS HAVE BEEN IMPROVED

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Why it’s important to keep the
lines of communication open
       Representatives from the Association of Motoring             MANUFACTURERS’ INVITATION lists, test vehicle insurance
    Writers Groups and the Motor Industry Public Affairs            age limits and travel facilities were all on the agenda at the
                                                                    AMWG/MIPAA meeting, which took place recently at Laleham, near
        Association got together in August at a meeting             Staines in Surrey.
  organised by MIPAA general secretary Heather Yaxley.                 Journalists need to ensure they provide press officers with cuttings
 The gathering, kindly sponsored by Nissan, was chaired             of their work as PR staff are given quotas to meet with regard to
                                                                    ‘bums on seats’ and copy produced as a result.
   in turn by MIPAA chairman Gabi Whitfield and Guild                  Since fewer manufacturers make use of cutting agencies, journalists
      chairman Charlotte Blight, who reports for Update             should be responsible for providing copies of their reports. This can also
                                                                                     work in the writer’s favour if he or she is supplying outlets
                                                                                     agencies might not cover. Cuttings help PR officers justify
                                                                                     their decisions, so it’s in all our interests to oblige. MIPAA
                                                                                     would also appreciate being kept up to date about
                                                                                     writers’ outlets.
                                                                                       If an individual felt overlooked, MIPAA acknowledged
                                                                                     that he or she should contact the manufacturer to find
                                                                                     out why. The Guild asked to be informed if any of its
                                                                                     members respond in an unprofessional manner.

                                                                                     Impact on the brand
                                                                                     It was also explained that the journalists included on
                                                                                     a launch varied according to where the PR team
                                                                                     considered a particular product would receive the most
                                                                                     exposure to provide the greatest impact. PR offices have
                                                                                     to judge which customers will have an impact on the
                                                                                     brand and choose publications accordingly.
                                                                                        AMWG said consistency would be helpful and all
                                                                                     agreed transparency was desirable. If you’ve been
                                                                                     dropped by a certain brand, or have never been
                                                                                     approached, contact the press office to find out why.
GUILD PHOTOGRAPHER Jeff Bloxham shoots a picture – not an uncommon                      Addressing the issue of insurance age limits, the Guild
occurrence – but the shot he’s taking is of a 'grid' consisting of examples of       requested that insurers whose upper restriction is lower
every Lotus Formula One car made. This unique event took place at Snetterton         than the age of any given working journalist should
as part of the Classic Team Lotus day held in June. PICTURE IAN WAGSTAFF             explore the legal implications on the grounds
                                                                                                                          Continued on page 3


                       PRESIDENT Nick Mason
                 CHAIRMAN Charlotte Blight           IS IT TIME TO SAY GOODBYE
                          DEPUTY CHAIRMAN
                                                     TO SKILL, ARTISTRY AND
              Chris Wright deputy@gomw.co.uk         PRIDE IN YOUR WORK?
                     HONORARY TREASURER
        Michael Ford hontreasurer@gomw.co.uk         TWO OR three occurrences of late have set me thinking. One is this. In an
          HONORARY DEPUTY TREASURER                  exercise that had quite an effect on motivation, I’m informed that journalists
                                 Matthew Carter      at a publishing house were told to consider themselves ‘content providers’,
                        GUILD SECRETARIAT            and the job of their employer was to ‘monetise that content’.
               40 Baring Road, Bournemouth,
                                Dorset BH6 4DT       No more journalism, then. It’s all about making money on the production line.
                              Tel: 01202 422424      No room for skill, artistry or pride in your work.
                             honsec@gomw.co.uk       Here’s the other thing. There’s quite a lot of anecdotal evidence that
      GENERAL SECRETARY Patricia Lodge               hobbyists are replacing bona fide independent motoring editorial. It’s
                          generalsec@gomw.co.uk      apparent in pieces that include such phrases as: “The inside smells nice and
                 LEGAL HELPLINE CONTACT              new.” I have also seen articles in the press where the typeface has been
           Richard Aucock. Tel: 07967 823529         reduced so the full, unadulterated release can be fitted into the space
                            helpline@gomw.co.uk      between the ads.
                           PUBLICITY OFFICER
              Sarah Bradley press@gomw.co.uk         It seems decent spelling and grammar, industry knowledge, fact- and source-
              MENTORING CO-ORDINATOR                 checking and unbiased reportage are no longer necessary. You can rite as bad
  John Kendall john.kendall3@btopenworld.com         as wot u want as long as the results is provided free.
      Guy Loveridge merchandise@gomw.co.uk           More recently, MediaGuardian reported on the rise of the Media Robot. It’s a
                          YEAR BOOK EDITOR           system of reporting in which the human is unnecessary. Articles are drawn
 Colin Dawson, Avebury Lodge, Rusper Road,           from a combination of statistics (as for sports results) and stock phrases
                  Ifield, West Sussex RH11 0LR       which are applied by the machine to create the text for the reader to behold.
     Tel: 01293 538253 yearbook@gomw.co.uk           Automated content is, apparently, on the increase.
          COMMITTEE committee@gomw.co.uk
Richard Aucock, Jeff Bloxham, Sarah Bradley,         So what does one do? Give up, and let the robots/hobbyists take over, or
               Peter Burgess, Matthew Carter,        compete with amateurs to provide copy for free in the knowledge that at
                Colin Dawson, Anthony Lewis,         least it’s coverage, and you’re producing decent work?
    Guy Loveridge, John Kendall, Chris Thorp,
                             VICE PRESIDENTS         What are your thoughts? Are we becoming redundant, or am I being
                                     John Blauth     wildly pessimistic?
                              Graham Macbeth,                                                 CHARLOTTE BLIGHT, Chairman
                       HONORARY MEMBERS
                          HRH The Duke of Kent
                        Alexander Lord Hesketh
                               The Earl of March
                                    Johnny Bute
                           BENEVOLENT FUND
               Administrator Elizabeth Aves
                     benfundadmin@gomw.co.uk       Material for inclusion in next month’s Update should be sent to
     Tel: 0207 737 2377. Fax: 0207 737 3966        the Editor to arrive no later than Tuesday 14 September.
                          Trustees John Blauth,
              John Blunsden, Matthew Carter,       EDITORIAL CONTACT INFORMATION
                   Ray Hutton, Janet Wilkinson     Editor Colin Dawson
                                                   Office Avebury Lodge, Rusper Road, Ifield, West Sussex RH11 0LR.
                  Donations can be made via        Tel 01293 538253. Mobile 07976 875454. Email update@gomw.co.uk
                  www.justgiving.com/gomw          Produced for The Guild of Motoring Writers by 4-Zone Ltd.

2    September 2010                      T                                                                           www.gomw.co.uk

Bring Your Own Car Day                                                                          Don’t miss your chance to
                                                                                                enter the Guild Awards
goes up in the world                                                                            WITH THE addition of two new categories and a
                                                                                                total of more than £21,000 in prize money, there’s
IF YOU haven’t already booked your                                                                              never been a better time to enter
place on the Guild’s Bring Your Own Car           Come and                                                      The Guild of Motoring Writers
                                                  meet the
Day on Saturday 4 September there’s               fastest                                                       Awards. The new accolades are
now an extra reason why you should                man on                                                        the PFPR Editor of the Year and
get your entry in immediately – the               land!                                                         the RM Auctions Classic Writer
chance to take to the skies.                                                                                    of the Year. Both carry prize
   Adding to the fun on Saturday                                                                                money of £1,000.
evening will be the opportunity for                                                                                There have also been other
Bring Your Own Car Day participants to                                                                          changes to reflect the way in
take a hot air balloon flight, weather             There’s nothing like seeing the              which Guild members work today. The Mitsubishi
permitting, and raise some money for            English countryside from a hot-air              Motors regional award is now designed to
BEN in the process.                             balloon basket and we’ve worked out             encourage, recognise and reward a regional
   A group of local enthusiasts – all           the timings so you won’t miss the Hog           motoring journalist for an innovative way of
experienced pilots – will be flying their       Roast, the band – or the chance to meet         adapting to fresh challenges, including the use
hot-air balloons from Central Farm in           special guest world land-speed record           of online outlets and new media. And the long-
Long Marston early in the evening and           holder Andy Green. Book your place              standing Rootes Gold Cup – supported by
– subject to suitable weather conditions        now and don’t miss this chance to get           Peugeot – will now recognise outstanding
– have offered to give BYOC Day                 aloft. Please get your entry in as soon         achievement by a Guild member in the world of
participants the chance to fly with them.       as you can.                                     motorsport, either writing about or competing in
The cost, per passenger, will be just £50          For all information, contact Peter           motorsport at any level.
with all proceeds going to BEN.                 Burgess: peter@motoringresearch.com.               The flagship award – Journalist of the Year –
                                                                                                again carries £3,000 in prize money and is backed
                                                                                                by Renault UK and the Guild itself.
 In search of Bruce Hudson...                                                                      All Guild members are eligible to enter the
 DOES ANYONE recall automotive author Bruce A Hudson? A member of the                           awards. Entry forms are available to download
 public is trying to contact him with technical questions about a book he wrote                 from www.gomw.co.uk. Closing date for entries is
 some time ago. The book is called British Light Cars 1930-1939. If anyone recalls              30 September 2010. Entries should be sent to the
 Bruce Hudson and knows of his whereabouts, please contact Honorary Secretary                   Honorary Secretary, Chris Adamson at 40 Baring
 Chris Adamson who will pass on the information (for contact details, see page 2).              Road, Bournemouth, Dorset BH6 4DT.

AMWG/MIPAA meeting                        From page 1           phone contact opt in/out choice on booking forms.            In attendance
                                                                   AMWG also made the point that while it understood
of ageism. MIPAA will report that this was suggested, and       the need to keep costs down by using economy travel, the     Charlotte Blight (Guild),
said its members were willing to consider testers on a          use of airport lounges was invaluable to remain              Sue Baker (Southern),
case-by-case basis.                                             ‘connected’ while waiting for flights and so on.             Derek Black (Ulster),
   On driver forms, where manufacturers cover 'spouses'            Finally, AMWG asked if local-interest stories could be    Tony Lewis (Western)
automatically, it should read 'spouse or civil partner' or a    flagged up among regional press, and examples were           Ian Donaldson (Midland),
term be included in the document stating 'spouse shall          cited where such a release missed opportunities for local    Huw Thomas (Welsh),
include civil partner'. Non-civil partners – of whatever sort   exposure. This was also taken on board.                      Chris Wright (Fleet
– will then know where they stand.                                 It was a constructive meeting, with a recurring           Street); Gabi Whitfield
   Turning to fuel costs, manufacturers had been reluctant      message from our counterparts in press offices for our       (MIPAA chairman),
to cover these because the system had been abused in            members to keep the lines of communication open.             Gethin Bradley (MIPAA
the past. As with upper age limits for drivers, MIPAA was          MIPAA members are under more pressure than ever to        hon life-president),
open to suggestion and requested that individuals contact       justify their decisions, and anything we can do to help      Heather Yaxley
manufacturers to discuss the matter.                            can only work well for us all in the long run. It might      (MIPAA secretariat),
   On the subject of travel, AMWG pointed out it could be       involve a little straight talking and the result might not   Debbie Shields (GM),
extremely useful to have telephone communication with           always be the one we would like; conversely, it could be     Janet Wilkinson (SMMT),
delivery drivers. Due to the Data Protection Act this is not    extremely productive. So there’s every reason to ensure      Ben Sayer (Prodrive).
customary with all manufacturers and not everyone likes         we continue to maintain strong and healthy relationships.
the idea. But AMWG hopes to see the introduction of a           After all, communication is our business.

www.gomw.co.uk                                                                                                      T          September 2010        3

                                                            Automotive archives forged
                                                            into one massive resource
                                                            ESTABLISHING AN archive takes many             South African motor manufacturers,
                                                            years of hard work, but this is precisely      supporting these companies in the launch
                                                            what Guild members Anne Hope of                of their new models, while also
                                                            Motor Industry Archives (MIA) and Glen         contributing to corporate presentations.
                                                            Smale of Automotive Research had been             The combined MIA and Automotive
Steve Hughes: a trio of outlets                             doing independently. Recently Anne,            Research collections provide an
                                                            wanting to take a less active role in the      international archive service consisting of
Steve clocks up a hat-trick of                              industry (see story below), felt that Glen’s   several thousand motoring books, more
north-east motoring editorships                             work in this field mirrored her own and
                                                            so decided that it made sense to bring
                                                                                                           than 10,000 motor magazines, and
                                                                                                           hundreds of thousands of press and
GUILD MEMBER Steve Hughes has been appointed                these archives together under one roof,        private photographs, slides, digital and
motoring editor of Trinity Mirror North East, which         creating one very substantial resource.        other images. This joint resource also
includes his two former newspapers, the Newcastle              Anne Hope, who is a Guild Life              contains videos, films, CDs, DVDs, and
Evening Chronicle and Journal.                              member, began accumulating                     electronic records, and is continually
   In addition to these two north-east daily                documentation and industry records in          acquiring new material.
publications he is also appointed motoring editor of        the 1960s, and having cut her journalism
the Teesside Gazette, which is the third major daily        teeth on The Sun, she was soon put in          Dawn of the industry
newspaper in Trinity Mirror’s North East portfolio.         charge of the newspaper’s library. When        These combined resources form one of
   Steve was motoring editor of the Newcastle-based         The Sketch closed its doors, she was           the largest archives of worldwide motor
Evening Chronicle and also the Journal daily morning        offered the newspaper’s motoring records       industry related material in the UK. Most
newspaper before becoming the main news content             and archives; MIA was born and has been        material is held in its original paper
provider for Driving Force, which was initially part of     growing rapidly ever since.                    format, with some items dating back to
Trinity Mirror. Driving Force is now an independent            Even after her husband, Marcus              the dawn of the motor industry. These
operation that continues to provide a service to            Jacobson MBE, Chief Engineer of the            resources are used mainly for research
Trinity Mirror.                                             Automobile Association for 17 years,           and reference by the motor publishing
   Steve’s appointment as motoring editor of the            passed away in 2003, Anne continued to         industry, writers, graduates, students,
Teesside Gazette follows the retirement of David            build the archives drawing on her wealth       universities, colleges, private individuals,
Whinyates, who had held the position for many years.        of knowledge and her many contacts.            vehicle restorers and ‘petrol-heads’.
The appointment as motoring editor of three of the             Glen Smale was born in South Africa            A website – www.virtualmotorpix.com
UK’s largest regional daily titles, as well as associated   and has nurtured a lifetime interest in the    – is under development to act as a
Trinity Mirror North East publications and on-line          automotive industry. Putting this passion      doorway to this vast archive, while the
content, is in the form of a negotiated contract.           into practice, Glen founded Automotive         Facebook and Twitter also feature regular
   Contact details are: Steve Hughes, Motoring Editor,      Research in 1994. For years he supplied        update: just look under Virtual Motorpix.
Trinity Mirror North East, Rivermede, 110 Runnymede         information and imagery to most of the                              I MARGAUX SMALE
Road, Ponteland NE20 9HL. Email:
steve@stevehughes.demon.co.uk. Tel: 01661 872630.
Mob: 07739 173720.                                          Wedding bells in Wokingham for Anne
                                                            CONGRATULATIONS TO Anne Hope and Tom Smith who tied the knot on 10 August.
                                                            Guild life member Anne and Tom, who have known each other for about two years,
Who was Cambrian?                                           decided to get married in the Wokingham Registry Office, Berkshire.
                                                               Anne’s late husband, Marcus Jacobson MBE who was the Chief Engineer at the
DOES ANY Guild member know the identity of                  AA for 17 years, sadly passed away in 2004 after three happy decades of marriage.
a motoring journalist who wrote under the                   Following Marcus’s death, Anne found herself alone in a large
pseudonym of ‘Cambrian’ in the 1950s and 1960s              house for several years before meeting Tom, with whom she
for the publications Autocar and Motor?                     shares a strong interest in books.
  We have been contacted by a member of the                    The wedding ceremony was followed by a reception                  RM Auctions
public who was an apprentice at Austin in the 1950s         at the ‘Two Pops’ public house in Finchampstead Road,        THE Managing Director of RM
and would like to make reference to an obituary             Wokingham, and was attended by around 20 friends              Auctions is Max Girardo, not
‘Cambrian’ wrote for the Motor Trader in 1967.              and family. The happy couple then left for a short break     Girado, as stated in the story
  If you know who ‘Cambrian’ was or is and his              in London before starting their new life together where        on page 3 in last month’s
whereabouts, please contact the honorary secretary          they hope to find a new house in the Wokingham area.           Update. We apologise for
Chris Adamson who will forward the information.                We wish Anne and Tom everything of the best for their               this error.
                                                            future life together.

4    September 2010                  T                                                                                       www.gomw.co.uk
Best business cars identified by                                                              NEW BOOKS BY GUILD MEMBERS

Guild member’s online magazine                                                                BANGERNOMICS BIBLE, the latest book from James
                                                                                              Ruppert, aims to tell the reader everything
                                                                                              he or she needs to know about how to
WHAT DO the Audi TT, VW Golf and Fiat         good running costs. The full list of awards     save money when buying and running a
500 all have in common? According to          results, which range from the best city car     car. For those looking for sound advice
Business Car Manager – the online             through to the best executive, are              on buying secondhand Bangernomics
automotive magazine for small companies       presented in a special Best Business Cars       Bible is said to explain in plain English
edited by Guild member Ralph Morton –         supplement, available at                        how to buy a safe, durable used vehicle
they are the Best Business Cars in their      www.BusinessCarManager.co.uk.                   while saving money.
respective sectors.                              “These vehicles epitomise everything            This second edition of the title has
   These models, plus eight more, have        that a business car should be: they are         been completely updated and is
been voted the ultimate machines for          desirable, with low everyday running            backed up by free lifetime support from the
company owners and their staff searching      costs and company car tax, all backed by        www.bangernomics.com website. It even offers the
for that illusive blend of desirability and            manufacturers who offer decent         chance to earn a Bangernomics proficiency certificate
                                                       business driver support,”              for those who complete the whole ‘crash course’
                                                       Ralph explains.                        and buy a car they are totally happy with.
                                                           The Best Business Cars             Bangernomics Bible. Publisher: Foresight Publications
                                                        supplement is said to break new       Price: £8.99. ISBN: 978-0-9559529-1-3.
                                                        ground in the business/fleet          See: www.bangernomics.com.
                                                         market in the way it is presented.
                                                         “It provides a magazine-style        BENTLEY – A Legend Reborn by Graham Robson
                                                         experience but with all the          details the history of Bentley, one of Britain’s most
                                                         benefits of digital media in a       distinguished and charismatic marques, covering its
                                                          richer reading environment          long and turbulent history from its creation in 1919
                                                          designed for viewing online,”       to the present culture under Volkswagen ownership
                                                           Ralph adds. “We believe it         and the unveiling of the new 205mph Continental
                                              represents a significant step forward.”         GT Supersports.
                                                                                                  This second edition of Graham Robson’s book – the
                                                                                              first to trace the tenuous link between the company's
Guild 2011 Annual General Meeting date correction                                             founder, WO Bentley, and its modern entity – includes
PLEASE NOTE that the Guild’s next Annual General Meeting will take place on                   a historical overview of the marquee together with
THURSDAY 12 MAY 2011 and not 24 May as stated in the August issue of Update.                  expert insight into the company, its owners and key
The venue will be the Morgan Motor Company.                                                   personnel as well as interviews with a chief executive
                                                                                              and technical directors. In addition, there are technical
                                                                                              specifications, driving impressions and illustrations of
  Helen’s move is the sweetest thing                                                          every model, with specially commissioned photographs
                                                                                              of preserved models from the 1920s to date.
 HELEN FRASER, most likely more well          the UK’s most experienced chocolate             Bentley – A Legend Reborn (2nd Edition). Publisher:
 know to members as Helen Mound,              tutors learning to hand-dip fresh               Haynes Classic Makes Series. Hardback. RRP: £19.99.
 has resigned from the Guild to pursue        ganache, roll soft melting truffles and         ISBN: 978 1 84425 491 0.
 a new career – as a chocolatier! As a        mould chocolate figurines.
 motoring writer and former BBC Top              Spurred on by a desire to specialise         COLIN CHAPMAN – Inside the Innovator, Karl
 Gear presenter, Helen (pictured below)       in fresh handmade chocolate, she has            Ludvigsen’s latest book, gets to grips with the legend,
 spent 15 years travelling the world to       formed The Dove Valley Chocolate Co,            digging deep into the psyche of Chapman and his cars
 test drive new cars and interview            using the brand name Cocoa Mama                 to explore and expose the motivations that drove this
 racing drivers, and dined in some of         (www.cocoamama.co.uk). Where                    mercurial genius.
 the world’s finest restaurants along         possible, uses produce local to her                Using his library, interviews and a
 the way.                                     hometown in The Dove Valley, Suffolk.           thematic approach, Karl Ludvigsen
    In 2002, she completed a Diploma             Helen says she delights in creating          has produced a 400-page book
 in Professional Cookery. Helen                   new unique recipes and welcomes             densely packed with information and
 studied the artisan way of                         any suggestions.                          interpretation on Colin Chapman’s
 creating chocolate centres,                            Update is sure many former            career and related material.
 using the fine-quality, ethically                    colleagues in the Guild will            Colin Chapman – Inside the Innovator.
 sourced ingredients. She spent                       wish Helen every success in             Publisher: Haynes. Hardback. 188
 time working with some of                              her new career.                       colour and 367 B&W illustrations. RRP £35.00.
                                                                                              ISBN: 1 84425 413 5.

www.gomw.co.uk                                                                                                 T          September 2010              5

The picture becomes brighter
for car and van registrations
SMMT media manager Jonathan Visscher explains why this year’s vehicle sales look more promising than previously

I Industry increases       FULL-YEAR forecasts for the 2010 new car and van               UK new car and van registration volumes 2009-2011
                           markets have been revised upwards by the Society of
       its forecasts for   Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) on the back              Forecasts 2009           2010         2011        2012
     2010 car and van      of better-than-expected demand through the first half           New cars 1,995.0         2,018.0     1,967.9     2,068.6
    markets following      of 2010. Despite July’s figures showing the first dip in        % change -6.4%           1.2%        -2.5%       5.1%
                           new car registrations for a year, SMMT’s improved               on previous
           higher than     forecast has increased the full year outlook by 94,000          year
    expected demand        units since its last projection made in April this year.        New vans 186.4           211.2       227.9       216,000
                              In 2009, the Scrappage Incentive Scheme provided a           % change -35.6%          13.3%       7.9%        11.1%
                           much-needed boost to the new-car market and helped              on previous
I Full-year new car        to underpin growth, confidence and stability –                  year
 market anticipated        protecting production facilities, retail outlets and the
to increase by 1.2%        800,000 people employed by the UK automotive                   SMMT revises its forecasts on a quarterly basis through a
                           industry. Without the scheme and other supportive              panel of industry market analysts
       to more than        policies, the market was forecast to bottom out at an
         two million       annual volume of 1.75 million or below that of last            demonstrating the industry’s enhanced stability.
                           year. However, the success of the scheme last year                Vehicle manufacturers remain cautious while the
                           masks the underlying trends in the 2010 market.                economic recovery continues to gather momentum.
      I Total new van                                                                     Recovery will be restrained by weak private sector
          registrations    Monthly new car registrations, 2008-2010,                      confidence and a long programme of public debt and
    expected to rise by    including SIS volumes and outlook                              huge spending reductions. Private demand is expected
                                                                                          to weaken during the second half of the year.
         13.3% above                                                                      However, the return of sustained growth in demand
        2009 volumes                                                                      from large fleet buyers may help to offset this.
                                                                                             So while for the remainder of the year, SMMT
                                                                                          expects figures to fall in direct comparison with the
                                                                                          latter months of 2009, the reality is a stability that will
                                                                                          set the market in good stead for 2011. And as we look
                                                                                          ahead to next year, there are certainly still challenging
                                                                                          conditions with industry looking to government to
                                                                                          support R&D in addition to enhancing access to
                                                                                          affordable finance and credit to allow private
                                                                                          investment in new technology.
                                                                                             With the assistance of the Automotive Council, the
                              As the above chart demonstrates, with the                   UK automotive industry has the potential to extend its
                           scrappage boost split out from the total number of             position as a world leader for low carbon technology
                           registrations, it is clear that the 2010 registration levels   and to enhance its standing as a prime location for
                           are the same or better than every month in 2009,               international investment.

Diary                      4 Sep Guild Bring Your Own Car Day, Bucks/Herts.               2 Oct MCC Edinburgh Trial.
Email Information          22 Sep Halcyon’s Lunch, Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese,               14 Oct SMMT Test Day. South-West, Bath Race Course
for inclusion on              Fleet Street, London.                                          (by invitation).
relevant events to:        23 Sep SMMT Test Day, Wetherby, West Yorkshire (by             9 Dec Guild Annual Dinner & Awards, RAC, London.
update@gomw.co.uk.            invitation).                                                Jan 2011 MCC Exeter Trial

6     September 2010              T                                                                                           www.gomw.co.uk

Ford Team Jill to run Cardiff half                                                                                        MIA makes
                                                                                                                          the case for
marathon in aid of Marie Curie                                                                                            motorsport
                                                                                                                          to Parliament
SIX FORD runners are training and fundraising for the                                                                     THE MIA (Motorsport
Cardiff half marathon in support of a Guild member                                                                        Industry Association)
Robin Roberts who is raising money in memory of his                                                                       recently took leading
wife Jill, who died of cancer last year.                                                                                  employers from the
   Ford Team Jill was formed at the October 2009 at Jill’s                                                                motorsport industry to
funeral, when Ford’s UK press office team members                                                                         meet key members of
decided to sign up for the 2010 Cardiff half marathon                                                                     the British Parliament to
and raise funds for Marie Curie Cancer Care.                                                                              highlight the value and
   The team was founded by Bob Wright, his wife Bev                                                                       importance of the
and Oliver Rowe, who have since been joined by the           Ready for the off: James, Oliver and Dan                     industry to the new
press office’s Dan Jones, Oliver’s brother James and Bob’s                                                                coalition Government.
friend Rory Stone. Marie Curie Cancer Cure, whose nurses     the family has been since her death, by the support given    The new Government
looked after Jill at Holme Towers, Penarth, has already      by her professional and personal friends. They are raising   has made it clear that it
benefited from donations in her honour and the runners       much needed funds for charities for which she had            sees high-technology
will add to this amount.                                     particularly strong affinities.”                             engineering, focused
   Ford Team Jill is now seeking sponsorship for Marie          Jill worked in PR in Cardiff and Newport for more than    on exports, as key to
Cure ahead of the race on 17 October. Launching its          20 years. Testimony to her professional skills and           Britain’s future.
www.justgiving.com/fordteamjill webpage, team captain        personal commitment was widespread and included                 MIA members
Bob Wright said: “We want to match the £4,500 raised         support from celebrity comedian Steve Coogan as well as      showcased their products
so far in memory of a lovely natured, ever-cheerful lady.    the late Princess of Wales for a 1997 charity breast         and their diversity to MPs
We appeal to Ford colleagues in Essex, Wales and             cancer awareness campaign.                                   and Peers in a ‘Gallery of
elsewhere, our industry colleagues and the journalists we    I REMEMBER TO support Guild chairman Charlotte               Motorsport Excellence’
work with – many of whom fondly remember Jill – to dig       Blight, who is also raising money for Marie Curie            within the Royal Court at
deep in support.”                                            Cancer Care on the Ladies’ Challenge Driving Day in          the House of Lords. More
   Robin, who lives near Ford’s Bridgend engine plant,       September (Update, August).                                  than 60 MPs accepted an
said: “Jill would have been heartened and touched, as        Visit: www.justgiving.com/heelsonfire.                       invitation to the MIA
                                                                                                                          summer reception at the
                                                                                                                          Lords, hosted by the
Time to book your place for September’s Halcyon’s lunch                                                                   former President of the
FOLLOWING A successful spring event, the next Halcyon’s lunch will take place on World Car-Free Day –                     MIA, Lord Astor of Hever.
Wednesday 22 September 2010. MIPAA members, friends and colleagues – old and new – are welcome to attend                     “We are not seeking
the reunion lunch at Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese, Fleet Street, London.                                                       hand-outs, just strategic
  Cost is £30 per person for a three-course lunch including coffee and VAT, with a cash bar from midday. To book,         and tactical support,”
go to: www.mipaa.com. Follow the link in the right hand menu for online booking and card payment. Alternatively,          said the MIA’s CEO
contact MIPAA general secretary Heather Yaxley: hyaxley@supanet.com; Tel: 01722 711295.                                   Chris Aylett.

 New face in Kia press office                                 MAIL BOX
 GEORGINA KEITH has joined Kia Motors UK press
 and PR team on a one-year placement. Georgina               Guild’s legal service proves invaluable
 spent the past two years at Bournemouth
 University studying Public Relations and wanted to          I’M WRITING to thank the Guild for            and I’m hoping the matter is on its way
 enhance her knowledge as press and PR assistant.            legal services rendered regarding             to a satisfactory conclusion.
    Georgina, 20, said: “The opportunities and               pursuit of a significant amount of               I would have paid for this service, but
 experience that I can gain at Kia are incredible.           unpaid invoices.                              was delighted to learn that part of my
 I hope that with my two years of studying at                   Alan Williams of Pipers was able to        Guild membership includes an hour’s
 Bournemouth, I can bring some creativity and                take a cool look at the situation and         free legal help. It really is invaluable to
 knowledge to Kia and that will help me adapt                propose suitable recovery letter wording      be able to tap into an expert who
 quickly to the fast-paced automotive industry.”             and payment proposals.                        knows what needs to be done without
    Georgina can be contacted on 01932 832079                   We now have achieved two                   over reaction and with an eye on the
 or by email: gkeith@kia.co.uk.                              significant ‘stage’ payments (out of a        result needed.
                                                             proposed four in total) from the debtor       Peter Morgan, Marlborough, Wilts.

www.gomw.co.uk                                                                                                 T          September 2010             7
THE GUILD OF MOTORING WRITERS                                                                                     SEPTEMBER 2010

    APPLICATIONS FULL MEMBERSHIP                                                             MANUFACTURERS’ INSURANCE
                                                                                             AGE RESTRICTIONS
                                                                                             Information kindly supplied by the
    Current Lead Researcher, SupplierBusiness
                                                                                             Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders
    Office Supplier Business, IHS Automotive, 133 Houndsditch, London
    EC3A 7BX. Tel 02031593299. Email matteo.fini@supplierbusiness.com.                       MAKER                  LOWER LIMIT UPPER LIMIT
    Home 36 Blythe Road, London W14 0HA. Tel 02076 031535.                                   Alfa Romeo                   21         70
    Mobile 07552 604632. Born 16 September 1981. Career Master of Science Degree             Aston Martin2                25         70
    in Automotive Engineering from the Polytechnic of Turin. In 2004 worked for GM-Fiat      Audi                         25         80
    Worldwide Purchasing analysing sourcing strategies. In 2007 took part in an internship   Bentley                      25         70
    at SupplierBusiness eventually joining the company in February 2009. Writes for the      BMW2                     21 or 251      70
    weekly newsletter and monthly SupplierBusiness Analysis on subjects including            Chevrolet2               22 or 251      75
    purchasing strategies, production and localisation of carmakers, and the relationships   Chrysler                     21         70
    between carmakers and suppliers, as well as providing reports on international motor     Citroën2                 21 or 251      70
    shows and conferences. Airport Heathrow. Interests Travel, history, macro-economics      Daihatsu             NO CARS ON FLEET
    and web design. 1st referee Steven Wingett (GM). 2nd referee Edmund Chew (GM).           Ferrari                      25         75
                                                                                             Fiat2                        21         70
    JAMIE FRETWELL                                                                           Ford                         25         75
    Current Staff Writer, Auto Express                                                       Honda                    18 or 251      78
    Office Auto Express, 30 Cleveland Street, London W1T 4JD. Tel 02079                      Hyundai                      21         70
    076212. Email jamie_fretwell@dennis.co.uk. Home Flat 8, Lucida Court,                    Infiniti Europe              25         75
    534-536 Whippendell Road, Watford, Herts WD18 7QH.                                       Isuzu2                       21
    Mobile 07769550085. Born 6 April 1988. Career Bournemouth University Journalism          Jaguar3                      28
    Course (2006-2009). Work experience with Loaded magazine, Fire Radio, Listed             Kia2                         251        75
    magazine, NME and Auto Express. Joined Auto Express products desk in 2009.               Land Rover3             21, 25 or 281
    Currently writing road tests, product group tests, reviews, previews, news and a         Lexus2                       21         70
    weekly column. Airport Luton. 1st referee David Johns (Editor, Auto Express).            Maserati2                    25         70
    2nd referee Charlotte Blight (GM).                           GM denotes Guild member.
                                                                                             Mazda2                  21 or 251         80
    I COMMENTS or objections on membership proposals to General Secretary                    McLaren Automotive CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE
    Patricia Lodge no later than 12 noon on Monday 13 September.                             Mercedes-Benz2             25             70
                                                                                             MINI2                   21 or 251         70
    ELECTED FULL MEMBERSHIP                                                                  Mitsubishi3                               70
    ADAM SLOMAN and MARTIN WARD. Details in the August issue of Update.                      Nissan                21, 25 or 301    70 or 751
                                                                                             Perodua                    25             70
    MEMBERSHIP UPDATES                                                                       Peugeot                 21 or 251         75
    JOHN BALL, who has been a full member for more than 50 years, has requested a            Porsche3                   25             70
    move to the Retired membership listing.                                                  Proton                     21             70
                                                                                             Renault                    251            75
    ALAN CATHCART has a new email address: siral@alancathcart.net.                           Rolls-Royce3               25
                                                                                             Saab                       25             75
    JAMES MANN has informed us that his email address has not changed (as stated in          SEAT                       25             80
    the Year Book mid-year supplement) and remains: jim@jamesmann.com.                       Škoda                      25             80
                                                                                             SsangYong          NO INFO AVAILABLE
    HELEN MOUND has resigned from Full membership (see page 5).                              Subaru2                 21 or 251
                                                                                             Suzuki2                    21             70
    DAN GILKES has new contact details: Essential Press Ltd, Glebe Lodge, Church Lane,       Toyota2                    21             70
    Barnham, Suffolk IP24 2NB. Tel: 01842 898473. Email: dangilkes1@mac.com.                 Vauxhall                   251            75
                                                                                             Volkswagen                 25             80
    ANDREW MARRIOTT has a new address: Furnace Edge, Little London Road, Horam,              Volvo                 17, 19 or 211       70
    East Sussex TN21 0BJ. Tel: 01435 813 892.
                                                                                             1: Depending on model. 2: Check with press department
    PHIL WHITE has moved. His new address is: Viale IV Novembre 224, 62012 MC Italia.        3: Further conditions apply
    He has no landline at present but his UK and Italian mobile numbers are:
    (UK): +44 (0)7767 887494; (Italy): +39 349 849 7808.                                     I Please note that manufacturers may have different
    His email remains: philipwhite7@googlemail.com.                                          insurance cover for events or launches.

8      September 2010                   T                                                                                   www.gomw.co.uk

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