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					           Technology Council of Upstate New York Meeting Minutes
                                November 13, 2008 (9:00am – 11:15am)

In attendance:
   Tom Battley (NY Photonics)                             Sue Laluk (Digital Rochester)
   Josh Bouk (Digital Rochester)                          John Lawyer (MACNY)
   John Erbland (HTBC)                                    Mike Mandina (FAME)
   Heather Erickson (MedTech)                             Jay Martinez (GRE)
   Frank Geraci (Printing Industry Alliances)             Lisa Moretto (Rochester Engineering Society)
   Mike Haugh (HTR – MEP)                                 Tim Scahill (Pariemus)
   David Hessler (HTR)                                    Robert Seem (Cornell Ag and Food Tech Park)
   Steve Isaacs (Cornell Ag and Food Tech Park)           Jeff Valentine (Pariemus)
   Anna Jensen (New York AgriDevelopment Corp.)

This meeting picked up where we left off on October 16 by exploring the merits of the three collaboration
opportunities noted in bold below.

               Business development and matchmaking
               Workforce needs
               Stronger connectivity between the business-to-academic research community
               Explore multi-company purchasing opportunities of commonly sourced goods (e.g.,
                natural gas and electric supply)
               Cross-organization leadership and professional networking
               Enhanced marketing and promotion of regional tech capabilities and assets in
                cooperation with associations, tech networks, and their members

Multi-Entity Purchasing Consortium

John Lawyer provided an overview of MACNY’s Purchasing Consortium. Programs have been developed
for the purchase of electricity, natural gas, office supplies, industrial supplies, and more. Additional
information can be found at .

John indicated that approximately 50MW of electricity are currently being purchased on an aggregate basis
by its participating members. Typically, a small to medium size manufacturing company can attain savings in
their utility purchases that equal or exceed their annual membership fees for MACNY. It is difficult to quantify
such savings on a percentage basis, since they vary from company to company.

For additional information on this program, please contact John Lawyer at

Cross-Organization Leadership and Professional Networking

Several individuals commented that they have found a networking reception by itself to be an insufficient way
of attracting business leaders and technology professionals. It is most effective when incorporated as
part of an event, learning program, or roundtable.

While the meeting participants generally acknowledged that cross-organization networking should be
encouraged as a way to build a more interconnected technology community, it must be done selectively with
networks whose interests and capabilities may be supportive of one another’s business (e.g., end product
manufacturers, software companies, precision manufacturers, and optics companies).
Enhanced Marketing and Promotion of Regional Tech Capabilities and Assets

Tom Battley shared some background on how the Rochester Regional Photonics Cluster (RRPC) began to
promote the photonics industry in the Greater Rochester area several years ago. He highlighted the
following marketing tactics that were deployed by RRPC, and which now have been extended to New York
              Co-locate Rochester area companies at key industry exhibitions, such as Photonics West
                 and SPIE Defense, Security and Sensing
              Attracted SPIE’s Optifab Expo to the Rochester area, which is now held every two years at
                 the Rochester Riverside Convention Center
              Actively support the Optical Society of America’s Frontiers in Optics / Laser Science
                 Conference, which is now held every two years at the Rochester Riverside Convention
The outcome of these actions is that a major optics conference is now held in Rochester every year, with
Optifab and OSA held on alternating years. In addition, the co-location of booths at Photonics West and
other conferences has developed awareness and understanding of the breadth and depth of the photonics
industry in Upstate New York.

John Lawyer shared with the group that a regional marketing and promotion initiative has been launched in
Central New York. It is referred to as New York’s Creative Core , and is
being actively supported by the following partners.
John noted that we should comprehend efforts such as these, if we intend to pursue regional marketing and
promotion as a focus initiative.

Selection of 2009 Collaborative Initiative

Each TCUNY participating entity was asked to identify and rank the top 3 initiatives from the list of six that
were discussed in the October 16 and November 13 meetings. The results are summarized as follows:

                                                           Total # of Votes          Actual Results**

           Business development and matchmaking                    5                3,1,1,1,2

           Workforce recruitment and attraction                    7                1,3,2,3,3,3,3

            Stronger connectivity between the business-            1                2
            to-academic research community

           Multi-entity purchasing consortium                      2                1,3

           Cross-organization networking                           6                3,2,2,3,2,2

           Marketing and promotion of Upstate New York’s 10                         2,2,1,1,1,1,2,1,2,1
            technology capabilities and assets

** Highest priority is represented by a 1; followed by 2 and 3

The group identified Marketing and promotion of Upstate New York’s technology capabilities and assets as
the focus initiative for 2009. At the next meeting to be held on January 15, we will begin to develop
near-term goals and objectives, and a tactical plan for this initiative. We’ll explore low cost ways to
leverage our network of networks in promoting the industries, tech capabilities and assets throughout
Upstate New York.
Next Meeting

Date:              Thursday, January 15, 2009
Time:              9:00am – 11:15am (with an informal networking reception from 8:30am – 9:00am)
Location:          High Tech Rochester
                   Lennox Tech Enterprise Center
                   150 Lucius Gordon Drive
                   West Henrietta, New York 14586

    11-13-08 Meeting Agenda

1. Introduction                                                                                       9:05am – 9:15am

2. Open Discussion on Three Opportunities Not Yet Discussed                                           9:15am – 10:15am

        How can we leverage our respective networks to enhance the promotion and marketing of Upstate
         NY technology capabilities and assets for the benefit of local companies?

        What are some effective actions we could take to enable more cross-organization leadership and
         professional networking?

        What are some of the opportunities where the aggregate needs of several companies working
         together can lead to more cost-effective sourcing of goods and services, such as natural gas or
         packaging materials?

3. Prioritization and selection of 1 - 2 two initiatives for 2009 actions                             10:15am – 11:00am

4. Summary and Next Steps                                                                             11:00am – 11:15am

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