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					                                                                           December 2008

                                             A publication of the Central Intergroup Office
                                              of the Desert serving the Coachella Valley.

      Central Intergroup
      Office of the Desert
     35-325 Date Palm Drive
            Suite 134
     Cathedral City CA 92234
                                                              Step Twelve
 Open 9 a.m. to 8 p.m., Mon.-Fri.
  10 a.m. to 2 p.m., Sat. & Sun.            Having had a spiritual awakening as the result of these Steps,
                                             we tried to carry this message to alcoholics, and to practice
 West Valley 760·324·4880                                  these principles in all our affairs.
 East Valley 760·568·4004
       Fax 760·324·4851
Web site:                          Tradition Twelve

                                                    Anonymity is the spiritual foundation of all our
                                                   Traditions, ever reminding us to place principles
                                                                 before personalities.

      Intergroup Meeting
1st Thursday of the month, 7 p.m.                        Concept Twelve
   Board of Directors Meeting               The Conference shall observe the spirit of A.A. tradition, taking
3rd Thursday of the month, 6 p.m.          care that it never becomes the seat of perilous wealth or power;
                                                that sufficient operating funds and reserve be its prudent
       General Service, District 9         financial principle; that it place none of its members in a position
      1st Sunday of the month, 4PM
              Fellowship Hall
                                             of unqualified authority over others; that it reach all important
            45940 Portola Ave.                   decisions by discussion, vote, and whenever possible,
               Palm Desert                     substantial unanimity; that its actions never be personally
      Mailing Address: P O Box 3684           punitive nor an incitement to public controversy; that it never
         Palm Desert 92261-3684
                                           perform acts of government; that, like the Society it serves, it will
       Hospitals & Institutions                     always remain democratic in thought and action.
 Last Wednesday of the month, 6:00 p.m.
              Fellowship Hall
            45940 Portola Ave.
               Palm Desert
      Mailing Address: P O Box 1843
            Palm Desert 92261

  Mid Southern California Area (MSCA)
  P O Box, 51446, Irvine CA 92619-1446
      Web site:

The General Service Office, P O Box 459,
     Grand Central Station NY 10163
 Web site:    Service - an act of helpful activity; help; aid: to do
                                           someone a service.
                                Desert Lifeline, December 2008

      Central Office Activity
                                            Central Intergroup Office of the Desert
         for September
                                                      Board of Directors
      We are Responsible!
                              August                          Chairman: SherAli J.
                                                             Vice Chairman: John E.
Meeting Info                     266                         Treasurer: Rebecca K.
                                                              Secretary: Wendy B.
12 Step Calls                     10
Visitors                         117                                  Directors
                                                                      Garrett D.
Literature Sales                 137                                   Jim D.
Al-Anon                            14                                  Mike B.
                                                                       Paul A.
Other 12 Step                      19
                                                                       Paul R.
Misc.                              51
                                                         Desert Lifeline Editor: Jim K.
Business                           32
                                                             Office Manager: Jim K.
Answering Service
                                            Letters to the Editor or Articles for the Desert Lifeline
12 Step                            9        must be received by the 15th of the month for consideration of
                                                      publication in the following month’s issue.
Meeting Info                      16
                                                  Please submit your material for The Desert Lifeline to:
Other                              0                     Central Intergroup Office of the Desert
                                                           35-325 Date Palm Drive, Suite 134,
TOTAL:                           672                           Cathedral City, CA 92234.

               Birthday Celebrations

Maryann A              16                                            Helene H                       26
Wendy B                16                                            Ruth F                         43
Pat S                  23
Jerry G                28

                           We thank all of the birthday celebrants for their
                    contributions to the Central Office Birthday Club.
                                         Desert Lifeline, January 2007
                                       Desert Lifeline, December 2008

           NEW MEETINGS & MEETING CHANGES                                October Website
New Meeting:
La Quinta, Friday, 7:00 AM, No Rules, Francis Hack Park,           Highest # of sessions in a day: 172
77865 Ave Montezuma D
Idyllwild, Sunday, 5:00 PM, Living Sober, Spiritual Learning       Highest # of hits in one day: 8,944
Center, 54423 Village Center Dr. D                                    Avg. sessions/day: 137.68
Yucca Valley, Thursday, Noon, The Solution Group, Fairway Mo-           Avg. hits/day: 6,536.68
bile Estates, 55524 Yucca Trail C D                                      Total sessions: 4,268
Palm Springs, Tuesday, 10:00 AM, Seniors in Sobriety, 801 E               Total hits: 202,637
Tahquitz Canyon Way, Suite 202 C D
Location Change:                                                  Session: A series of Hits to your site over a
La Quinta, Thursday, 12 Noon, How’s Your Now, Francis Hack           specific period of time by one visitor.
Park, 77865 Ave Montezuma C W D
Palm Springs, All meetings, 6:00 PM, The Solution, 1111 N Palm    A 'Hit' is simply a successful request to your
Canyon Dr, Palm Springs SP                                         web server from a visitor's browser for any
                                                                  type of file, whether an image, HTML page,
Time Change:                                                      an MP3 file, or any other type. A single web
Palm Desert, Sunday, 6:30 AM, Attitude Adjustment, PDCC Rec        page can cause many Hits -- one for each
Hall, 77800 California Drive D                                          image included on the page, etc.

     Change is               Please visit us at:
     inevitable        Maps now available for most meetings …..Check it out!

                                   October Web Site Hits

  We need a volunteer to be the publisher of the Desert Lifeline. The job requires
        5—10 hours per month—usually in the 2nd and 3rd weeks of the month.
  Skills required are Microsoft Publisher. If interested, contact Central Office at
                 760.324.4880 or email

                                              Get involved!

                                       Desert Lifeline, December 2008

                         October VOLUNTEERS – Central Office

Ann T                      Jerry G                                           Phillip F
Brenda F                   Jill J                                            Rebecca K
Dallas E                   Jim D                                             Steve C
Dave O                     Kathy P                                           Steve P
Dennis H                                              Lynda B                Stuart H
Don P                                                 Mike B                 Suzy & Bob A
Dorit R                                               Pat W                  Tony M
Eric McD                                              Paul A                 Tracy M
Gene S                                                Peggy M

            DESERT LIFELINE                               Please mail the Subscription
            Subscription Form                             form with your annual
 Name:     _____________________________________
                                                          subscription fee of $20 to the
                                                          address on the front of the
 Address: ______________________________________          Desert Lifeline for your
                                                          Central Intergroup Office.
 City:     _____________________________________

 State:    ___________     Zip code: ____________
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  Phone:   ____________________________________                  DESERT LIFELINE
  Home Group: ________________________________                  delivered to your mail
                                                                   box each month.

                             Book of the month!

                         Daily Reflections
                   Normally $7.20 — this month $6.00

                                        Desert Lifeline, December 2008

                           November Puzzle Solution

                                             Step Twelve

             Having had a spiritual awakening as the result of these Steps,
                     we tried to carry this message to alcoholics,
                   and to practice these principles in all our affairs.

Step twelve is the way we manifest our sobriety in our environment. My sponsor says that we “carry the
message and not the alcoholic”. I love that line, because it gives me permission to work my program in
a non-codependent manner. I can knock myself out trying to give away to reluctant sponsees what I
have worked so hard to learn from steps one through eleven, or I can give it way to the members of AA
and other sponsees and people who seem to want what I have on a more casual but consistent basis.

My experience in AA has taught me to keep my spiritual awakening current by having a daily conscious
contact with God. If I don’t, I have difficulty carrying the message, as well as difficulty practicing the
principles in all my affairs. However, the steps and the fellowship make it very easy to go back to
square one and to talk with another alcoholic, preferably a sponsor, about whatever is upsetting me.
Then step twelve becomes a privilege for me, because I find the most satisfaction in giving away the
                                                                                         Continued on page 7

                    Desert Lifeline, December 2008

               December Puzzle

                                                     Unscramble the letters to
                                                     find the appropriate word

   Puzzle answers will appear in next month’s Desert Lifeline.
You can also find them on our web site —

          The Ones We’ve Lost
                  Frank P. Dean
                    1940 - 2008
                   26 Years Sober

                                          Desert Lifeline, December 2008

                                           Tradition Twelve

                   Anonymity is the spiritual foundation of all our Traditions,
                   ever reminding us to place principles before personalities.

The lead paragraph of the 12/12’s (p. 184) analysis of tradition twelve explains this tradition succinctly,
“the spiritual substance of anonymity is sacrifice.”

A.A.’s founders believe that willingness to make these sacrifices reminds us “to place principles before
personality,” as stated in Tradition Twelve.

True humility is so basic to A.A. and we have learned that anonymity is humility at work. We need to
exercise that humility to ourselves, to our loved ones, to our community at large, among fellow
alcoholics and before the general public.

As stated in the penultimate paragraph of the 12/12 Chapter on Tradition Twelve (p. 187) in A.A., “each
of us takes part in the weaving of a protective mantle which covers our whole society and under which
we may grow and work in unity.”

Anonymity is the foundation of A.A. just as the Traditions are the glue that makes A.A. a fellowship of
humility and gratitude.

Connie Z
Stepping Stones, Palm Desert

                        Don’t confuse getting into action with getting into activity!
                                   I hit bottom and then slid for awhile.

Coninuted from page 5

precious gift that I have been given of learning how to stay sober under any and all conditions, and in
keeping my side of the street clean through the use of the steps, so that I am content with my life.

A spiritual awakening does not mean I will be perfect, but rather responsible to myself to do the right
thing. I will not know what the right thing is if I am not sober. As a result of having both sobriety and a
God in my life, I am available to work the steps on a daily basis. Step twelve is the reward I receive as a
result of doing the steps, both spiritually and with other people, because I get to find happiness in my
relationship with my higher power as well as my relationships in service to my fellow man. Funny how
that works. It is the opposite of what the world tells us to do, and yet it is the most satisfying lifestyle I
have discovered. I find that the quality of my surrender determines the quality of my contentment with life
and those around me.

Anne M
Attitude Adjustment Group, Palm Springs

                                                        Desert Lifeline, December 2008

                                                          Concept Twelve
    The Conference shall observe the spirit of A.A. tradition, taking care that it
never becomes the seat of perilous wealth or power; that sufficient operating funds
and reserve be its prudent financial principle; that it place none of its members in a
 position of unqualified authority over others; that it reach all important decisions
     by discussion, vote, and whenever possible, substantial unanimity; that
            its actions never be personally punitive nor an incitement to
    public controversy; that it never perform acts of government; that, like the
     Society it serves, it will always remain democratic in thought and action.

Concept 12 is Article 12 of the Conference Charter. The Warranties of Article 12, Bill W. wrote, are "a
series of solemn undertakings which guarantee that the Conference itself will conform to A.A.'s Twelve
Traditions." He also wrote that "all of them are counsels of prudence -- prudence in personal
relatedness, prudence in money matters, and prudence in our relations with the world about us."

Prudent is defined in Webster's Dictionary as: 1) capable of exercising sound judgment in practical
matters; 2) cautious or discreet in conduct; circumspect; not rash; 3) managing carefully and with
economy. I love Bill W.'s definition: "For us, prudence is a workable middle ground, a channel of clear
sailing between obstacles of fear on the one side and of recklessness on the other."

The Twelve Steps show us how to practice prudence in our individual lives. The Twelve Traditions allow
us to practice prudence at the group level. Concept 12 ensures that prudence will be observed at the
Conference level.

Rebecca K
Sunrise Celebrators, Palm Desert

              Reprinted with permission, AA Grapevine                      Reprinted with permission, AA Grapevine

                                        Desert Lifeline, December 2008

                              CENTRAL INTERGROUP OF THE DESERT
                                      INTERGROUP MINUTES
                                        October 2, 2008

   John called the meeting to order with the S erenity Prayer.

                                               Board Members

       Chairman:      SherAli J.-Absent
       Vice Chairman: John E.
       Secretary:    Wendy B.
       Treasurer:     Rebecca K.


       Jim D.          Paul A.        Mike B

       Also Present:
       Jim K., Office Manager         Fran G., Special Events

       27 people were in attendance

STATEMENT OF PURPOSE: John read the Reason for Central Office and passed around the 12 Traditions
to be read by attendees.

INTRODUCTION OF NEW ATTENDEES: Tracy-Saturday night speaker meeting, Fellowship Hall -P.D.,
Randy-Desert Cities Young People in Alcoholics Anonymous (AKA DCYPAA)

MINUTES: Wendy read the minutes for September 4, 2008. Upon motion duly made and seconded, the
minutes were approved as presented.

TREASURER’S REPORT: Rebecca presented the Monthly Financial Report for August 2008. Upon
motion duly made and seconded, the Financial Report was approved with the following correction: 2 month
period is from 7/1/0“8”.

MANAGER’S REPORT: Jim reported on the following:
  A. Please sign in at the door. This is used for calling with the meeting reminder and also used for the
     election eligibility determination. Also, please take any Desert Lifelines to your meeting location if
     the rep isn’t here tonight.
  B. Thanks to Lee F for Step 10, Garrett D for Tradition 10 and Homer A for Concept 10. Jane T.
     volunteered for Step 11, Tony C. for Tradition 11, and Stewart H. for Concept 11.
  C. Book of the month – this month is Dr. Bob and the Good Oldtimers – A biography, with recollections
     of early A.A. in the Midwest - usually $8.50, this month only $7.50.
  D. I attended the Annual Central Office / Intergroup / AAWS Seminar last week in Edmonton. The
     attendance was smaller this year – only 98 Central offices / Intergroups represented. This was due it
     was felt to a combination of the economy and the problems of getting into Canada. Some of the
     highlights were:

               Outreach – most offices have more participation at Intergroup and a larger number of g roups
                contributing than we do. One office held their intergroup meeting in different areas to help
                get support.
               Some people are specifying AA in their United Way contributions. This is good for cash to
                central offices, but there is no way to tell if the contributor is an AA member or not. Some
                offices send back these contributions.
               Some offices have “gift cards” available for purchase so t hat people can give to friends or
                sponsees for gifts.

                                         Desert Lifeline, December 2008

              Some groups have an “ask it basket” at their intergroup meetings to encourage interaction,
               similar to our question and answer item at the end of our meeting.
              Some offices have regular get-togethers for their volunteers to show their appreciation. It was
               stressed over and over again by AAWS and others that Central Offices really are on the front-
               line of AA with the handling of 12 step calls, etc.
              Big changes coming at AAWS and General Service office. There is a record number of
               trustees rotating off – lots of “new blood”. The current general manager is leaving at the end of
               the year after a 10 year term. The new manager should be chosen by the end of November.
              I attended a discussion of compensation for Central Office / Intergroup managers. It was very
               eye-opening that the compensation and benefits other central offices are getting is higher and
               better than ours.
              Over 30,000 books & literature orders are processed each year at GSO. 10% of the orders are
               handled by the secure web site for office and intergroup managers, but this counts for 30% of
               the dollar volume. 45% of the web orders and 75% of the phone orders are paid by credit card.
               There were 12,000 phone orders last year. All orders are shipped within 24 hours of
              All videos will now be on DVD – no more VHS. All audio will now be on CDs – no more audio
              Made another suggestion to repackage the Big Book on CD and to have only the first 164
               pages in the packaging, resulting in a lower price.
              Book prices are going up next July – possibly by $1.00. No idea if all books or just selected
               books will be affected. This is due to increasing costs at GSO.
              Grapevine prices will also be going up next year. The Grapevine depends solely on
               subscriptions and book sales – there are no contributions from the groups. Due to increased
               costs (postage, paper, etc.) they must increase prices. They are also looking to no longer
               produce the “special” prison issue that is produced without staples. The reason is that they’ve
               found no increase in sales for that issue over other issues. There is a survey for H&I to send
              The Grapevine has a new book – “Beginners’ Book” which is composed of stories from prior
               issues of the AA Grapevine. The Grapevine has over 60,000 articles in their digital archives.
               You can get a membership online to access these archives.
              The site committee has selected St. Louis as the conference spot for 2010. Next year it will be
               in Rochester, New York. Many attendees, including several of the GSO people, would like
               Palm Springs to bid for 2011. This would take a commitment from the AA community here for
               things like… hospitality room, rides, etc.
              The group voted to have a secured web site which would require login. . I was elected as
               chairman of the web site committee.
              Recordings of the sessions will be available within a few weeks. You would have to listen to
               these recordings at the office – the material may not leave the office.

SPECIAL EVENTS: Final meeting for the Gratitude dinner was tonight before the IG meeting. Please make
sure you return all money for ticket sales (or return unsold tickets) no later than October 25. We will need to
know how many tickets are sold, because we must give a guarantee to Shenandoah. This count is very
important because if we guarantee more than we have actually sold then we still have to pay for them and we
would lose money. Thank you everyone for your support. We will also be having a traditions play and still
need 2 more cast members. If you are interested please contact John E. or Central Office.

 OUTREACH COMMITTEE: Tony C. reported that he already has a committee formed and they will start
“reaching out” soon.

WEBMASTER: Jim K. reported on the following:
    Stats for September
    Highest # of sessions in one day-176
    Highest # of hits in one day-5,144
    Average sessions-125
    Average hits-3,085
                                           Desert Lifeline, December 2008


  A. New Board members- The Board approved Garret D. to replace Kara S. and Paul R. to replace Bertha
     G. Upon motion duly made and seconded the intergroup reps voted and approved this decision.

  A. It was brought up and discussed why the Men’s banquet is scheduled so close to the Gratitude dinner.
     Answer-Gratitude month is November and Men’s banquet set their own date.
  B. Suggested donations from groups-where they should go and how much. Answer-there is a pamphlet on
     this giving suggestions but it is up to the individual group.
  C. Why are there only speakers for one meeting listed in the Desert Lifeline. Answer -they are the only ones
     that notify Central Office. Others may do so also if they notify Central Office in time for printing.

H&I/G.S. Dist. 9 REPORTS:
   H & I- Rebecca reported that they too are moving forward on outreach. Panels are going well. She will
      bring forms next month if anyone would like to sign up for a panel, the form also shows what facilities
      need panels.
   G.S. Dist. 9- Tracy reported that G.S. is planning to place advertising in the Sun Line buses- Example…
      “ Is alcohol a problem” They would like to use Central Office phone number and URL address. After a
      long discussion it was decided that Tracy would take suggestions back to the G.S. meeting on Sunday
      and bring the results back to the Board meeting on the 16 th. The Board will take a vote on it at that time.
      They would like to have this up and going before the holidays.


Upon motion duly made and seconded, the meeting was adjourned followed by the Lord’s Prayer.

NEXT INTERGROUP MEETING:              November 6, 2008@ 7:00 PM
NEXT BOARD MEETING:                   October 16, 2008 @ 6:00 PM

Respectfully Submitted,

Wendy B.

              My sponsor pointed out to me that my elbow bends the same way
                          for the telephone as it does for a drink!


          There are a lot of statistics floating around today about AA's success rate
         then and now. The only statistic I need to know is that 100% of the people
                        who don't take a drink today won't get drunk!!!


The paths God has taken me on have been an interesting journey. Not probably what I
would have picked, but I'm sure glad that God is God and up to the challenge of me! ;-)

Desert Lifeline, December 2008


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