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									      From the Principal’s Desk...                                                        HOW DO YOU PAY?                                      We would like all return slips back as soon as possible with a YES
                                                                        We will need to have two different pricing structures - one for Year   or NO and if you opt for a tablet the deposit and automatic
                  Mobile Learning Devices
                                                                        8s and one for Year 7s because of their time left at Kaitao.           payment forms need to be completed by Wednesday, March 28th
After much deliberation, investigation and toing and froing we
have come to the end of the decision-making process. We have                          Year 7 options after $100.00 deposit                     so we can place our order.
decided to go with one device and that is the Sony S tablet. We
have selected this device over the others based on the following               Payments            Number of Pay-         Payments End         Thank you all for your patience and understanding over the
specifications:                                                                                       ments                                    important decision which will have a profound effect on your
                                                                                                                                               child’s education.
                                                                         $10.00 per week                  35            January 2013
▸ Dual core fast processor
                                                                         $10.00 per fortnight             35            September 2013         All return slips will go in the draw to win an Android 4.0 7” tablet.
▸ Android 3.1 Candybar means that most applications are free
▸ Resolution 1280 x 800 pixels                                           $20.00 per fortnight            17.5           January 2013                        WHY ARE WE NOT OFFERING
▸ Battery 7.00hrs battery life                                           $50.00 per month                  7            October 2012                           A C HEAPER UNIT??
▸ Touchscreen Capacitive, multi-touch 9.4 inch Trublack display                                                                                1) Cheaper units come from China and we have tested them
▸ System chip NVIDIA Tegra 2                                                                                                                      extensively -
▸ Built in storage 32,000MB                                                    Payments            Number of Pay-         Payments End            a) Some do not allow us to access our school network
▸ Maximum storage 32 GB                                                                               ments
▸ 1 GB ram and 16 GB storage                                                                                                                      b) Some come with illegal software and some without the
                                                                          $10.00 per week                 25            October 2012                 software we will require
▸ Camera 5 megapixels auto focus (reversible)
                                                                          $20.00 per fortnight           12.5           October 2012
▸ Camcorder                                                                                                                                       c) Up to 6 hours per unit would be required by our network
▸ Satellite GPS                                                           $50.00 per month                5             August 2012                  Manager to set the unit up to be able to work in our school
▸ Navigation Yes                                                                      Year 8 options after $200.00 deposit                        d) The school would be required to pay for the units up front
▸ Predictive text input email service                                                                                                                and as a result we could not provide time payments for
                                                                        Payment in full would be more than welcomed.
▸ Bluetooth 2.1                                                                                                                                      parents.
▸ Wi fi                                                                 The Sony S tablet would belong to the student once the final
                                                                        payment is made so the expectation is it would go on your                 e) If a unit failed it would take up to two months for repairs.
▸ USB                                                                   household contents insurance.
▸ Speaker phone, flight mode, compass, voice recorder, universal                                                                                  f) Only comes with a one year warranty and the cost is too
                                                                        Once the units are delivered to school our technician will need a            much to send it back for repair.
  TV remote.                                                            few days to set them up on our network and we will send home a
▸ 3 year replacement guarantee and bag                                  list of appropriate applications for downloading.                         g) Known charging fault and they can become a fire hazard.
                                                                        All units will be engraved if requested.
Retail in the shops for just under $750.00.                             The expectation will be that the units will be taken home each night                 ______________ (R O’Rourke - Principal)
                                                                        to be charged.
Our price $439.00 + GST = $505.00.
The school will be entering a lease-to-own contract with Equico                 IF YOU DO NOT TAKE UP THIS OFFER YOUR
                                                                                                                                               Return Slip : Mobile Learning Devic-
Finance which means there is no capital layout on our part and we
                                                                                  CHILD WILL NOT BE DISADVANTAGED!
will pay the quarterly lease costs as you pay us. Over two years this
will cost about $52 per unit. Total cost $505 + $52 = $557.00                                                                                  We would like to purchase a Sony S               Yes please
                                                                        All classes have computers, digital cameras and access to video
                                                                                                                                                                                                No thanks 
With the help of Grand Circle Travel, our business partners we have     cameras so if your child does not have a tablet they will not be
been able to reduce the price you pay by over $100.00.                  disadvantaged. There will be protocols around the appropriate
                                                                                                                                               Child’s full name: ________________________________________________
                                                                        use of the technology and all families will be required to sign.
               Your capital outlay      $450.00
                                                                        Those parents who have already paid for another unit will have the     Room No: _________
          WOW!!!! An offer too good to refuse I would think!!           option to transfer their money to the Sony S or get a refund.
                                                                                                                                               Signed Parent: _______________________________

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