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					                                                                                                 Liturgy of the Eucharist
                                                                                 Saturday: 4:30 PM; Sunday: 7:30, 9:00, and 10:30 AM; 4:00 PM
St. Anthony of Padua Catholic Church                                                               12:00 noon (Español)
                                                                                         Daily Masses and Communion Services:
                                                                                            Monday-Friday 6:45 AM & 9:00 AM
                                                                                             Novena to St. Anthony of Padua
                                                                                           Tuesdays following the 9 AM Mass
                                                                                         Novena to Our Mother of Perpetual Help
                                                                                          Wednesdays following the 9 AM Mass
                                                                                             Adoration of Blessed Sacrament
                                                                                             1st Fridays – 4:00 PM to 7:00 PM
                                       Serving the Community for 127 Years

                                                                                               Sacrament of Reconciliation
                                                                                       Saturday 3:30-4:00 PM, Reconciliation Room

                                                                                  February 12, Sixth Sunday in Ordinary Time
                                                                                    251 Franklin St.• Hightstown• NJ 08520
                                                                                    Phone 609.448.0141• Fax 609.448.8878

                                                                                             True Love
                                                                             “For God so lo V ed the world,
                                                                                  That he g A ve
                                                                                     His on L y
                                                                                    Begott E n
                                                                                         So N
                                                                                            T hat whoever
                                                                                  Believeth I n Him
                                                                                     Should N ot perish,
                                                                                   But have E verlasting life.”
                                                                                               John 3:16

                                                                                  "I pray that you ... may have pow-
                                                                                    er to grasp how wide and long
                                                                                   and high and deep is the love of
                                                                                     Christ" (Ephesians 3:17-19).

                                                                     SCRIPTURE READINGS FOR THE WEEK
  MONDAY              Feb. 13                                 Mon, Feb. 13 Jas 1:1-11; Mk 8:11-13
  6:45 am             Elaine Suhocki                          Tues. Feb. 14: Jas 1:12-18; Mk 8:14-21
  9:00 am             Dolores Scanlin
                                                              Wed. Feb. 15: Jas 1:19-27; Mk 8:22-26
  TUESDAY             Feb. 14                                 Thur. Feb. 16: Jas 2:1-9; Mk 8:27-33
  6:45 am             John Paul Geijer
  9:00 am             Gilman Cyr                              Fri. Feb. 17: Jas 2:14-24, 26; Mk 8:34 — 9:1
                                                              Sat. Feb. 18: Jas 3:1-10; Mk 9:2-13
  WEDNESDAY           Feb. 15
  6:45 am             Mary F. Chircop                         Sun. Feb. .19: Is 43:18-19, 21-22, 24b-25; Ps 41;
  9:00 am             Carmela Giraldi                         2 Cor 1:18-22; Mk 2:1-12

 THURSDAY             Feb. 16                                                    Building Campaign
  6:45 am             Caroline & Frank Mandarano
  9:00 am             Exequiel Matos Jr.                      Building Campaign: There are still pledge commitments
                                                              which have not been completed. In these difficult times we
  FRIDAY              Feb. 17                                 truly appreciate those who contribute to paying off the mort-
  6:45 am             Communion Service                       gage balance. Thank you for all your continued contributions
  9:00 am             John Guidice                            to the building capital campaign.

                      Feb. 18                                 The Mass Offerings for February 5: $14,454.25Your dona-
                      Josephine Zahorchak                     tions are very important to help St. Anthony of Padua continue
  4:30 pm
                                                              the good work in the parish and the community.
   SUNDAY             Feb. 19
   7:30 am            Mary B. Hynes                                           Bishops Annual Appeal
   9:00 am            Jean Meisberger
  10:30 am            Lynn Weed
                                                              Each year the Bishop seeks the support of all the members of the
  12:00 noon
                                                              diocese to further the work of our ministries. Each of us has a vital
   4:00 pm            Stella Lombardi
                                                              part in all we do in Christ’s name, and we can all share in all we do
                                                              with a gift to the Bishop’s Annual Appeal. When we make a gift to
         Pilgrim Cross Schedule—February 2012                 the appeal, we follow the command that we are One Family, Our
                 Sunday, 10:30 AM Mass                        Family in Christ with every fiber of our lives. This year St. Anthony
                                                              of Padua’s share of the goal is $63,000. Pledged amount to date
               Rev. Patrick J. McDonnell, Pastor              is: $15,240, and the paid-to-date figure is: $10,173
Assisting Priests: Msgr. Hugh Ronan, Deacon: Tom Garvey                         The Bishop’s Appeal in Action
Assisting Deacon: Michael Scannella
To reach our office staff, please call 609-448-0141                                       Department of
                                                                                          Multicultural Ministry
For emergencies only x 30                                                                 The Department of Multicultural Min-
Assistant to the Pastor: Sheila Conway x 25                                               istry will bring attention to the most
Nutritional Counseling                                                                    pressing needs and concerns of the
                                                                                          various cultural communities, and
Director of Christian Religious Education:
                                                                                          will assist parishes and diocesan
Deacon Dave Shapiro x 28
                                                                                          offices as they address the needs
Secretary: Ximena Bustamante x 29                                                         that are identified. The council will
Sacrament Secretary: Deacon Michael Taylor x 32                                           have representatives from the Black                                                 Catholic, Filipino, Haitian, Hispanic
Director of Music Ministries: Quentin Marty 448-3944                                      and Portuguese, Korean, Polish and
                                                                                          Eastern European communities.
Parish Accountant : Richard Gavila x 10                                     Altar Server and Candidates… Information Meeting —
Operations/Facilities Coordinator: Guy Conway x 23                Sunday, February 12 at 11:30 am until 12:30 pm, Room 4
Helping Hands Coordinator: Judy Abramovitz
609-443-3573                                                              Saturday, Feb. 18th—8:30 am– 11:00 am
Bulletin Editor/Admin. Assistant: Janice Marino x 11                     University of Medical Center at Princeton,                                         253 Witherspoon St, Princeton—Free Mammograms
Trustees: Timothy Kelty · William Horn                                  Appointment Required — Call 609-497-4275
Parish Office Hours:
Mon-Thur: 9AM - 4PM, Fri: 8AM -3PM                                    Please — Do Not
Email:                                      Bring Food
Visit our website @                      Or Beverages into
                                                                        the Church!                 Wheelchair Accessible
                                                                                             Linda Dey Johnson, George Apuzzo, Philip
          2012 – 6th Sunday in Ordinary Time                                                 Balzano, Eugene Ritter, Allison Simonetti
                                                                                             Zangrilli, Victoria Palumbo, Peggy Schiller,
Gospel reading - Mark 1:40-45                                                                Pat Schiiller, Eleanor Schuler, Ruth Gurdak,
Lepers and others afflicted with similar diseases were supposed to                           Lauren Myers, Cindy Darvin Vega, Rose-
set themselves apart from everyone else. This was the rule in Jesus’                         marie Cody, Darlene & William Gardener Jr.,
time. Given this, it must have taken great courage and boldness for            Tom Hagerty, Betty Lou Koch, Anthony Langere, Ania
a leper to approach Jesus in the way Mark tells us. This would have            Corebello, Shirley Marianacci, Stacy Perlongo, Annette
been a dramatic encounter for anyone who witnessed it, the kind                Santoro, Tim Kelty, Bishop O’Connell, Thomas Fox, Ger-
where people would have gasped at the audacity of the leper. The               aldine McHugh, Eileen Mead, Father Ray Lukenda, Joan
leper’s statement shows that he already has faith in Jesus’ healing            Shakiro, Bob Princiotta, Florence Donohue, Michael Fal-
powers. Jesus is moved by the sight of the man and heals him. The              cone, Nunzia DeStefano, Dominique DeStefano, and Ted
healings that Jesus performs are signs which indicate the break-               Misura
through of God’s kingdom of love, forgiveness and healing into the             Intentions will be published for four weeks and then
world. Jesus has come to share in our human condition and to re-               removed, unless the requestor calls to extend it.
                                                                               If you wish prayers for family and friends, please call
deem us from all evil and suffering, from both sin and disease.                448-0141 x 11.
After healing the man Jesus instructs him to tell no one of his heal-
ing. This is another example of the concept of the Messianic Secret           Pro Life Ministry
in Mark’s gospel. The Messianic Secret refers to those New Testa-             The group meets on the 4th Thursday of each month, at 7:00 PM,
ment passages, most notably in the Gospel of Mark, where Jesus                for an hour of prayer in the chapel, before the tabernacle. A busi-
commanded his followers to not reveal to others that he is the Mes-           ness meeting follows. Please help our efforts to collect much
siah. Why would Jesus, at the start of his public ministry, do such a         needed donations for Birthright. They especially need baby wash,
thing?                                                                        baby shampoo and infant diapers. You may place these items in
Theologians are divided into two camps. One proposes that the                 the baskets that are in the gathering space before or after Mass.
secrecy theme was not truly a historical part of Jesus' ministry but          Please do not donate baby formula or Desitin as these items can-
rather it was a theological addition added by the writer of the Gos-          not be used. For more information about the Pro Life Ministry,
pel of Mark. This argument states that the author of the Gospel of            please contact Pete Haas at 609-448-3082.
Mark had to come up with a convincing explanation for why Jesus               Are you pregnant and need help? Birthright is here to help.
did not seem like a messiah during the course of his life. By em-             Location: 49 East Main Street, Freehold, NJ 07728. Telephone:
phasizing secrecy in his gospel, Mark could simultaneously claim              732-462-2888. For more information:
that Jesus was the messiah but that very few knew it until after he
had died, and that his messiahship was only fully revealed through            Do you know about Project Rachel? Project Rachel is a net-
his resurrection.                                                             work of caregivers, including priests, mental health professionals
                                                                              and others who provide one-on-one care to those struggling after
Others believe that Mark's portrayal of Jesus was largely historical          involvement in an abortion. Project Rachel is primarily a healing
and that the portrayal of Jesus as a sometimes reluctant, taciturn            network connecting those in need with counseling and with the
Messiah was a historically accurate depiction. This point of view             sacraments, right in the heart of the Church.
does not attempt to explain why Jesus would have behaved this                 To contact Project Rachel in the Diocese of Trenton call 609-406-
way.                                                                          7435.
Clearly, there are aspects of the person of Jesus as he is portrayed in       For information on Project Rachel resources, go to:
the four gospels which may be puzzling to us today and for which     or and for infor-
there are no simple, conclusive explanations, and the Messianic               mation about Rachel’s Vineyard retreat weekends go to:
Secret is one of these.                                             
Steve Pavone, RCIA Team Leader                                                Spiritual Adoption Update – Week Four
                                                                              Even at this early stage of my life, my neural tube has formed and
                    CHILDREN’S EASTER CHOIR                                   it will develop into my brain and spinal cord. My heart and my
HEY KIDS! JOIN ST. ANTHONY’S EAST-                                            circulatory system are quickly forming also. Already I have the
            ER CHOIR!                                                         foundation for thought, senses and feeling! I am wonderfully
                                                                              made. Thank you God! Won’t you please remember to pray
The Easter Choir will sing at the 10:30 AM                                    each day for me? “Jesus, Mary and Joseph, I love you very much.
Mass on Easter Sunday, April 8th. Kids in                                     I beg you to spare the life of the unborn baby, that I have spiritu-
GRADES 4 AND ABOVE are invited to sing.                                       ally adopted, and all unborn babies, in danger of abortion.”
Choir practice is on Thursday evenings from                                   Thank you for praying for me!
7:00 to 8:00 PM in the church. Our first
rehearsal is Thursday, February 23rd. Come sign up at the re-                 Our Spiritual Adoption Cradle
hearsal. Parents are invited to attend. For more information                  Please visit our Spiritual Adoption Cradle be-
contact Quentin Marty at 609-448-3944.                                        fore the statue of Our Lady of Guadalupe in the
                                                                              back of our church. The cradle is a symbol of
            SAVE THE DATES!                                                   our prayer commitment and the care of the
             February 25 – February 29                                        Blessed Mother, who under the title of Our
              Spend Some Time This Lenten Season                              Lady of Guadalupe, is the Patroness of the Unborn. We welcome
               With: The Franciscan Friars of the Renewal                     you and your family to pray for your “spiritually adopted” baby in
               At: Saint Gregory the Great Church                             this special area of our church. Thank you.
                  Enjoy Music, Coffee – Become Inspired
               Have Fun with Family and Friends
              Or call 609-587-4877 for more details


            Religious Education News                                       EAT SMART with Sheila Conway
                                                                           (Consult your Physician before making any changes to your exercise or diet
As we review this year’s Religious Education Schedule, we hope
that some of you will look deeply into your heart to see if being a
catechist might be a way of expressing your faith, and fulfilling          ( Cooking even a simple hot breakfast can
the mission of the church, by evangelizing to the young children          seem like too great an investment of precious time when you’re
of our parish. If you find that you might have time and would like        rushing to get out the door in the morning. But when day turns to
to assist in the program, please give the Religious Education Of-         night, even the most time-consuming breakfast is still quicker than
fice. There is a training program required before you begin. The          most things you can whip up for dinner. With minimal cleanup,
parish will pay all the expected costs for the training. –                easy ingredients, and comforting flavors, breakfast for dinner
Pray on this…                                                             makes the perfect meal swap for a healthy evening nosh.
                                                                          Meals Trading Places: Breakfast for Dinner
Vacation Bible School is coming to St. Anthony the week of July           Ode to an Omelet — There is no bet-
23rd through July 27th. The registration form is listed on the Web-       ter fridge-cleaner-outer than making a
Site under Religious Education. We will be accepting children             giant omelet to share. Whisk together
from the age of 4 and up.                                                 eggs or egg whites with a little milk to
Summer Religious Education Program                                        form your egg “base,” then scrounge
Please be aware that we will not be running a Summer Program              the fridge for whatever you can find.
this year. All Catechesis will be given between September and             Spinach, mushrooms, onion, cheese - even chopped, leftover deli
May of the school year. Also, registration for September will be          cuts or roasted veggies from last night’s dinner will do the trick.
held in March or early April. More information will be forthcom-          With a side of whole wheat toast and fruit, you’ve got a complete
ing.                                                                      meal in a flash.
                                                                          Open-Faced Egg Sammy—Really beat from a tough day? The
Family Liturgy, Sunday February 26th at the 9:00 AM Mass, we              good news is, a balanced, hot meal really doesn’t get any easier
will be acknowledging all 2nd & 3rd Grade Students from the Reli-         than this: Prepare two eggs any style and set them aside. Toast up
gious Education Program. Please plan on bringing your child to            a whole wheat English muffin, lay a bed of baby spinach on top,
Mass. Please make every effort to attend Mass every week.                 then layer the eggs on top of that. Top with pre-shredded Swiss
Social Concerns                                                           cheese and pop under the broiler to melt the cheese. For a quick
We will continue to accept “ShopRite” gift cards, dry rice &              veggie side, halve a tomato and sprinkle with salt and pepper and
beans, instant mashed potatoes, cereal, canned vegetables, juice,         broil while you melt the cheese on your sandwich. Et voila! Din-
instant oatmeal, and canned fruit. Please leave on the Gym Stage          ner is served.
or at the Religious Education Office.                                     Go South of the Border — Want to make breakfast for dinner
                                                                          Mexican? Scramble up a couple of eggs with two tablespoons of
   One-Side of Duplex Home for Rent on Maxwell Avenue                     cheddar cheese and layer into a whole wheat wrap with canned
   Three Bedroom, One-Bath Unit, Contact: Jose Lopez                      black beans, sliced avocado, and plenty of salsa. Add a melon
       Monday to Friday, Between: 8 AM and 3 PM                           wedge and a glass of milk and dinner is done!
                 at: (609) 448-0141, ext. 31
                                                                          Host a Pancake Supper — Pancakes - who doesn’t love them?
                                                                          Make yours healthier by choosing a 100% whole wheat mix, then
                 March 17, 2012 - Save the Date!                          embellishing them with extras. Add veggies by grating in carrots
                  The Knights of Columbus Council 6284 is de-             or zucchini, or tossing in mashed sweet potato or a dollop of
                  lighted to present our annual St. Patrick’s Day         canned pumpkin. Instead of traditional syrup, top with sliced fruit,
                  Dinner Dance on Saturday, March 17 at 7:00              or even make your own fruit compote topping by blending what-
                  p.m., in the Parish Hall. Please join us for an         ever frozen fruit you have on hand with a few teaspoons of sugar
                  evening of music, dancing and traditional Irish         and apple juice to thin. Serve with fruit and turkey bacon for the
fare, as well as raffles for cash and prizes. Proceeds benefit the        ultimate cozy meal.
Council’s many Church, community and youth programs.                      Double Take: Breakfast Pizza- — Toss aside the pepperoni and
Tickets are $35; for tickets and information, please call Tony            cheese and make way for breakfast for dinner faves on your pie.
Humphreys (448-8229), Rich Gavila (449-7824), John Burns                  Dice tomatoes, onion, and pepper and sprinkle on top of a ready-
(443-1536) or Joe Prykanowski (448-0542).                                 made pizza crust along with four scrambled eggs, leftover meat,
                                                                          and whatever cheese you please. Slip it all into the oven and heat
                                                                          until the cheese melts. A simple green salad mixed with orange
                                                                          sections and dried cherries makes a great side to serve, too.
                                                                          The Bottom Line — After a long day, breakfast for dinner
                                                                          satisfies your need for a quick-to-the-table meal, and also
                                                                          gives you great family-pleasing comfort food, while still
                                                                          keeping it healthy. A win-win for all of your goals!

                                                                          Super Tax Day—Twin Rivers Library
                                                                          Friday, February 24th 9:30-4:00
                                                                          276 Abbington Drive, East Windsor, NJ
                                                                          By Appointment Only— 443-1880
                                                                          Free Tax Preparation for singles and
                                                                          Families making less than $50,000
                                                                          Note: Immigrants without a social security number will
                                                                          be assisted

                                                                           Music Ministries— Join St. Anthony’s Choir (10:30 AM
      Social Justice Corner Feb. 12, 2012                                  Mass). Sing in the Contemporary Choir (9:00 AM Mass). Canta
                                                                           en el Coro Latino (12:00 Mediodia) Lend your voice and tal-
 Moved with pity, he stretched out his hand…(Mark 1:40)                    ents to the Children’s Christmas and Easter Choirs. Ring in our
In Mark’s Gospel, a leper came to Jesus and begged for healing.            Handbell Choirs. Play your instrument as a soloist or in an
Moved with compassion, Jesus reaches out, touches and heals the            ensemble. Become a Cantor and Leader of Song. Get involved
leper. We, as the Body of Christ, are asked to continue demonstrat-        and share your love of music! See Quentin Marty after Mass,
ing God’s limitless compassion.                                            or call 609-448-3944. For the Contemporary Choir call Cathy
There is a play, The Gold-Crowned Jesus written by a South Korean          Doyle at 609-448-6120. For the Spanish Choir call Nelson
poet, Kim Chi Ha who had been tortured and jailed for his criticism        Rivera at 609-443-9683
of oppression in South Korea. In the book Compassion by Henri              __________________________________________________
Nouwen, the author quotes a scene from The Gold-Crowned Jesus
                                                                           Prayer Shawl Ministry. Prayer shawls are available, at no
in which a leper approaches Jesus who is imprisoned in concrete by
                                                                           charge to ill parishioners, their families or friends. To request a
government, church and business officials. The leper asks Jesus
                                                                           prayer shawl call Rosemarie Farkas at 448-6971 or Rosalie
what he can do to free Jesus from his concrete prison.
                                                                           Danek at 448-8431. You can help our ministry by donating
“What can be done to free you, Jesus, to make you live again so that
                                                                           soft yarn (3 skeins of a color) or money for supplies.
you can come to us?” and Jesus replied: “My power alone is not
enough. People like you must help to liberate me. Those who seek
only the comforts, wealth, honor and power of this world, who wish         RCIA Ministry: If you are an adult (16 years and over) and
entry to the kingdom of heaven for themselves only and ignore the          would like to become a Catholic, or if you have been baptized
poor…cannot give me life again. Only those, though very poor and           but have not received the sacraments of Holy Eucharist and
suffering like yourself, who are generous in spirit and seek to help       Confirmation, please call one of the RCIA team members:
the poor and wretched can give me life again. You have helped to           Rosemarie Constable (609-448-0974); Steve Pavone (732-446
give me life again. You have removed the gold crown from my head           -7661) or Deacon Tom Garvey (609-443-5699).
and so freed my lips to speak. People like you will be my libera-          __________________________________________________
Jesus is not a plaster statue with a gold crown. He promised never         The Green House: The Green House receives and distrib-
to leave us. In John 14:11-13, Jesus promised, “whoever believes in        utes gently used, washed and folded clothing on Saturdays,
me will perform the same works as I do myself, he will perform             from 9:00am to 11:00am. Please use small bags for clothing
even greater works…” As a community, we can perform great                  so it is easy for us to pick up and carry. Saturdays from
works including over-coming discrimination and racism which often          9:00am to 11:00am are the ONLY days and times we receive
lead to poverty and hunger.                                                clothing. As always, thank you for your donations and cooper-
Lenore Isleib Social Justice Committee                                     ation. Anyone interested in volunteering to help sort and dis-
(609) 448-6470                                            tribute clothing on Saturday mornings from 9:00am to
                                                                           11:00am, should contact Barbara McGeachen at 448-8399.
              Ministry Announcements
Anthonians. St. Anthony of Padua Parishioners — Men and                         King’s Kids—The next King’s Kids programs will
women 50 years and older are welcome to join our Senior                         be held at the 9 and 10:30 Masses on February 19,
Club, “Anthonians.” We meet in the community room on the                        March 18 and April 1 (Palm Sunday). For more
1st Tue. of the month, at 1:00pm. Check the bulletin for any                    information or to receive e-mail reminders about
changes in dates/times. Please call Theresa (Terry) Sirawsky                    King’s Kids contact Joanne & John Tyne, Rain-
at 448-2848, or come to the meeting and see what our club             
is all about.

Bereavement Ministry. Have you suffered the loss of some-
one you love? Are you having difficulty coping? Do you feel
angry with or abandoned by God? If any of these questions
apply to you, rest assured that you are not alone. We meet                            <<< Altar Rosary Society Announcement>>>
and talk to people in our parish, who have experienced loss-                  In February the Altar Rosary Society is sponsoring the Birth-
es; we help you find peace of mind and soul. Won’t you help                   right Baby Shower in cooperation with the Pro-Life Commit-
him find you? Please contact the parish office at (609) 448-                  tee. Birthright helps women who choose to keep their babies.
0141 ext 25 or Deacon Mike Scannella at (609) 658-4483,                       To make a monetary donation, please make check payable to
and let God begin his work with and in you.                                   Birthright and send to: Birthright, P.O. Box 685, 49 East Main
_________________________________________________                             Street, Freehold, N.J. 07728.
Knights of Columbus Hightstown Council 6284. We                               ITEMS NEEDED— Diapers, sizes: newborn, 1, 2, 3,
welcome any interested men of the parish to join us. To learn                 (especially sizes 4 &5), baby shampoo, baby oil, cotton balls,
more about our charitable work– please call Richard Gavila                    baby wash, baby lotion, hair brush sets, baby wipes, baby
@ 609-578-0446. We are looking to provide more support to                     towels & wash cloths, receiving blankets & baby blankets,
the parish in addition to our many charitable projects.                       newborn baby buntings, and clothing, sizes up to 24 months
_________________________________________________                             (all clothing must be new).
                                                                              PLEASE NOTE— They do not accept: baby powder, toys,
                                                                              stuffed animals, or baby pacifiers. Please place items in the
During mass, small children who need to visit the re-                         baby shower box in the church foyer all during February.
stroom or water fountain, should be accompanied by an                         Thank you in advance for your contributions.
adult. Thank you for your cooperation!


                                                         VI DOMINGO ORDINARIO
Lecturas para esta semana Levítico 13,1-2.44-46; 1 Corintios 10,31-           DEPARTAMENTO DE MINISTERIOS CULTURALES
11,1; Marcos 1,40-45                                                         El Departamento de Ministerios Multiculturales llama la atención
Jesús no fue un curandero, vivió una vida centrada en el servicio al         hacia las necesidades y preocupaciones más opresivas de las
reino de Dios en la relación con los hermanos. Haciendo una lectura          varias comunidades culturales y asiste a las parroquias y oficinas
integral de los relatos evangélicos o una sana Cristología descubri-         diocesanas cuando quieren satisfacer las necesidades que se iden-
mos un hombre totalmente libre, orientado a vivir el proyecto de             tifiquen. El concejo tendrá representantes de las comunidades:
Dios en todas sus relaciones, hombre lleno de ternura, sana alegría y        católicos Negros, filipinos, haitianos, hispanos y portugueses,
misericordia. La sanación integral brotaba de su manera de ser.              coreanos, polacos y europeos del Este.

Marcos nos muestra aquí la compasión por un doblegado y postrado             LA ADORACION AL SANTISIMO es el primer viernes del mes
por la enfermedad, y todas las consecuencias de marginación y                de 3 a 7:00 pm.
desprecio que ella traía. Como todos los enfermos, este también era          DESEA SOLICITAR UNA INTENCION E INFORMACION
considerado impuro y reducido a ser como un muerto andando. Con              PARA LOS BAUTIZOS.
la curación no solamente queda sano sino que es integrado a la vida          Las intenciones y registraciones se realizaran los días miércoles
de la sociedad como una persona digna. Como signo y muestra de               de 10 a 12 am en la Oficina de la parroquia para más información
tal purificación es enviado a presentarse al templo con los sacerdo-         comunicarse con Judith Cortez al 609-336-7249 y la charla pre-
tes como lo manda la ley de Moisés.                                          bautismal es el primer domingo del mes a la 1:00pm en el salón
Esta presentación se convertía en un testimonio de lo que estaba             23.
sucediendo en la vida de quienes se acercaban a Jesús. Estaba rom-           NECESITA INFORMACION PARA MATRIMONIOS. Puede
piendo las barreras que confinaban a los despreciados a vivir de ese         comunicarse con Joseph Sbarra al 732-841-0006 (habla español)
modo para siempre. El acto de curarlo limpiándole, tocando a su
                                                                             NESECITA INFORMACION SOBRE QUINCIANEROS Poner-
persona, es un acto de misericordia para el enfermo y de critica a las
                                                                             se en contacto con Dinora García al 609-802-9783.
costumbres culturales y religiosas de su tiempo. Los discípulos
están siendo testigos de la gran novedad que trae Jesús en su perso-         A LAS PERSONAS INTERESADAS EN PONER ANUNCIOS
na y en su forma de proceder.                                                EN EL BOLETIN Por favor comunicarse con el Dr. Avalos al
                                                                             (609) 371-2435 o con Alberto Billini al 908-670-3630 con una
                                                                             semana de anticipación.
                                                                             EL GRUPO DE ORACION CARISMATICO MASADA. Les
                                                                             invita a reunirse todos los sábados de 6:00 pm a 8:00 pm en los
                                                                             salones 23 y 25 en el edificio de Educación Religiosa. También
                                                                             nos puede acompañar los sábados en la mañana de 6:00 am a
                                                                             8:00 am en la iglesia.
                                                                             Está embarazada? Necesita Ayuda? Estamos en 49 East Main
                                                                             Street, Freehold NJ 07728.
                                                                             Conoce a alguien que ha tenido un aborto? SI a la adopción, NO
                                                                             al aborto. Proyecto de Rachel puede ayudar. Llama 609-406-
                                                                             7400 ext. 5592.
El FR. RICARDO BENITEZ estará ofreciendo el servicio de confe-               EL GRUPO MARIANO. Invita a unirse al rezo del Santo Rosa-
sión y consejería el jueves 15 de Febrero de 7 a 9 pm. Por favor             rio, todos los lunes, a las 7:30 p.m. en la Capilla. Además, puedes
trate de asistir.                                                            llevarte la imagen, de la Santísima Virgen María Peregrina, a tu
LOS SERVICIOS EL MIERCOLES DE CENIZA SERAN:                                  casa por una semana, para orar el Santo Rosario en Familia para
12:00 mediodía, 3:00pm, 4:30pm, 7:00pm, y 8:30pm en español                  mas información puede comunicarse con Carlos Gavilanes (609)
MAMOGRAFIAS GRATIS. El sábado 18 de Febrero de 8:30 –
11:00 am en la clínica de Princeton. Para inscribirse por favor lla-         RICA (Rito de Iniciación Cristiana para Adultos). Es un proceso
mar al (609) 497-4275.                                                       gradual de educación en la Fe para jóvenes mayores de 16 años y
La detección y el tratamiento temprano son la clave para ponerle fin         adultos que no han recibido los sacramentos de Bautizo, Primera
al cáncer.                                                                   Comunión o Confirmación. Interesados comunicarse con la Sra.
PREPARACION DE TAXES GRATIS: Viernes 24 de Febrero de                        Carmen Franco al (609) 655-2878, después de la 8 p.m.
9:30 -4:00 pm. Para solteros y familias que ganen menos de                   PARA LAS PERSONAS INTERESADAS: En rentar el gimna-
$50.000 al ano. Esto será en la biblioteca de Twin Rivers. Solo con          sio para cualquier evento como bodas, bautizos, primeras comu-
cita por favor llame al 609-443-1880.                                        niones etc. Puede ponerse en contacto con Sheila Conway al
Nota: Personas inmigrantes sin numero de social serán asistidos.             (609) 448-0141 ext. 25.
LA PANADERIA DE SAN ANTONIO Tendrá a la venta pan de
nueces, pan italiano, pan de chocolate etc., el primer domingo de
cada mes.                                                                      Durante la misa, los niños pequeños deberán estar
                                                                             acompañados por un adulto cuando vayan al baño, o a
                                                                                la fuente de agua. Gracias por su cooperación.
Se renta una casa—Localizada: Maxwell Avenue
Tres cuartos, un baño
Interesados, contactar: José López—(609) 448-0141, ext.31
Lunes a Viernes de 8 AM A 3 PM

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