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  Volume 4, Issue 1 | February-March 2011

                                             St. patrIck
                                            'Why Baltimore?' at B.M.I.

                                            tOp DESSErtS

                                                  10 Questions
2 SoBo Voice February-March 2011
pUBLIShER’S NotE                                                    coNtENtS
It’s been a long, cold winter and yet we still have sev-
eral weeks to go before the daffodils and crocuses start
to poke their heads up in the parks and tree boxes
around our neighborhood. The last days of winter
certainly bring some sunshine into our lives with the
Super Bowl, Valentine’s Day and St. Patrick’s Day, all
events we celebrate by upping our caloric intake in the
form of cheese, chocolate and Guinness, respectively,
                                                              Publisher's Note                    4
which of course helps to make us feel good, albeit
until we step on the scale.                                   What's Happening?                   6
The Ravens once again made us proud to live here.
The purple fever that takes over when we have a good
season brings a certain sense of community to many            BMI
people in Maryland, but for those of us in SoBo, where
we can walk out of our front doors and easily see the
stadium and hear the roar following a touchdown,
there is an extra sense of pride in our city that just does
                                                              Antiques                          12
not exist to that magnitude in the eight or so months a
year when football is on hiatus.
                                                              Learning to Draw
Valentine’s Day, while cliché-filled and Hallmark-
branded, is still a great excuse for plowing through a
box of expensive truffles. Scooter Holt’s humorous dia-
tribe in this issue is all about February 14.
                                                              Fitness                           16
The great thing about St. Patrick’s Day is that it reminds
us that at some point we were all new to this coun-
                                                              Vet                               18
try, and on March 17 we’re all just a wee bit Irish. The
Murphys and Doyles won’t be the only ones out enjoy-
ing a pint.                                                   Sobo Home                         20
And just like the Irish that came to America, many of
the people now living in South Baltimore moved here
from other locals, both foreign and domestic. We’ve
                                                              Runnebaum Report                  22
moved here for jobs, for a desire to live in a thriving
urban environment, to be closer to culture, good food
and a landscape with water. Sure, life in the city is not
always easy. Parking woes, crime and property taxes
                                                              10 Questions                      28
are constant plagues. But the abundance of museums,
restaurants, ever-improving schools, and a steady in-
flux of people that could live anywhere but choose
                                                              St. Patrick                       32
Baltimore make it a fun and exciting place to live, and
for many families, a place to raise the next generation
of tax-paying, Thai food-loving citizens.                     Desserts
I wish each of you Happy Festivus, Happy Valentine’s
Day and Happy St. Patrick’s Day. May your pint glass
always be full and your wig always purple.
                                                              Shove It!                         38

Will Runnebaum

                              covER photo By NIcKy LUBIS
                             Nicky Lubis, a resident of downtown Baltimore, is an award-winning
                             photographer looking to capture the beauty of urban landscapes through
                             architectural shots and street scenes. With his journalistic style, he also cap-
                             tures thoughtful compositions that spotlight relationships between people
                             and their surroundings. Browse more of Nicky's exquisite work online at:
                   , or contact him for photo sessions at

4 SoBo Voice February-March 2011                                                                       5
                                                                                          March 13
                                                                                          Mt. Vernon                                                  Feb. 13
                                                                                                                                                    Ram's head
                                                                                         St. patrick's
                                                                                         Day parade                                                  MilkShake

    Founder & Publisher
    Will Runnebaum                                                              Feb. 6
    Editor-in-Chief                                                            Lutheran
    Claire R. Mullins                                                        Bach Concert
    Editorial Contributors
    Carole Baker
    Marie Gallagher Resurreccion                                                                                                                                      February 26
                                                                                                                                                                  Federal hill, Fest-Of-All
    Rob Goodman, DVM
    Scooter Holt
    Dr. Lori
    Bill Mangham
                                                                                                               February 19
    Claire R. Mullins

                                                                                                            8x10, project Object
    Will Runnebaum
    Andrea Shelby

    Ann Wiker

    Creative Director
    Michelle Preast
    Nicky Lubis
    Bill Mangham
    Claire R. Mullins
    Rebecca May
    Print Management Consultant
    Linda J. Dragonuk
                                                          FEBrUarY                                                                                               MarcH
    443-690-4241                                          Sunday, February 6,                                                                                    Saturday, March 5                                  Sunday, March 13                          2011 at 4pm                                                                                            at 1-4pm                                           at 2pm
                                                          Bach Concert Series at Christ Lutheran                                                                 Meet the Artist: Lonnie Millsap!                   St. Patrick’s Day Parade
                                                          Church, 701 S. Charles Street                                                                          Artist talk & Book Signing FREE w/ Museum          Kicks off in Mt. Vernon and comes to Pratt
                                                          Cantata 5: Wo soll ich fliehen hin by                                                                  Admission (Books will be available for             and MarketPlace
                                                          J. S. Bach Toccata and Fugue in d (Dorian)                                                             purchase) Ever wanted to meet a real-live
    926 Light Street, 1st Floor — Rear
                                                          by J. S. Bach Guest choir: Friends School                                                              visionary artist? Now is your chance! Come by
    Baltimore, MD 21230                                   Chamber Choir. FREE.                                                                                   the American Visionary Art Museum & meet           Sunday, March 27                                                                                                       Lonnie Millsap (one of the artists featured in     at 4pm                                                                                                                                            the current exhibition What Makes Us Smile?),      Bach Concert Series at Christ Lutheran Church,
                                                                                                                                                                 shake his hand and watch him draw some of          701 S. Charles Street. Passion by Hollis Thoms
Sobo Voice is an independently owned and operated
bi-monthly magazine serving the residents and neigh-
                                                          Saturday, February 12                                                                                  his cartoons. Hang around to hear his story,       - WORLD PREMIERE! In an homage to J. S.
                                                          at 3pm                                                                                                 and have him sign your copy of My                  Bach, Maryland composer Hollis Thoms has
borhoods of Maryland’s South Baltimore Peninsula.
The publication prints 12,000 copies of each issue        Concert at Enoch Pratt Free Library Light                                                              Washcloth Stinks!                                  drawn upon the Gospel of John and that of
and professionally distributes to 8,000 households        Street Branch. "Te quiero" is in the air as Son                                                                                                           Nicodemus to tell the story of the trial and
and offers a 2,000 bulk copy distribution to the high     Tres performs beautiful Mexican love songs.         Saturday, February 19                              Sunday, March 6                                    death of Jesus as seen through the eyes of
rise residential buildings and businesses of the South                                at 8pm                                             at 4pm                                             Nicodemus. $30 general admission, $15
Baltimore Peninsula. “SoBo Voice” is a trademark of                                                           Project Object featuring Mike Willis and           Bach Concert Series at Christ Lutheran Church,     students.
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terial. All material contained in each issue has been
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8 SoBo Voice February-March 2011 9
                                                                                                                                                                                             'WHY BaltIMOrE?'
                                                                                                                                                                                at the Museum of Industry

           he Baltimore Museum of Industry is         harbor attracted the people who settled here     occurring against a backdrop of social and      There were also entrepreneurs and investors     created to take advantage of the geographic        documents various other industrial uses up
           pleased to announce the completion         and then resulted in the industries by which     economic turmoil and growth.                    who created the atmosphere for business         location.                                          to and including its 30 year history as the
           of a new orientation exhibit at the        Baltimore became an American industrial                                                          and industrial innovation here. While many                                                         home of the Baltimore Museum of Industry.
           museum. Through grants from the            powerhouse.                                      Baltimore was known as a national               of these people were native born a greater      Included in the exhibit are black and white
     federal Institute for Museum and Library                                                          manufacturing city, unlike the one product      number were from Europe by way of the           photos of old Baltimore businesses as well         The area will also house our expanded
     Studies, the Maryland Historic Trust and         The industrial revolution arrived in Baltimore   towns of Detroit or Pittsburgh. An amazing      Locust Point immigration center.                as period footage of industries at work            Museum Shop and a new visitor reception
     the Maryland Heritage Areas Authority this       in the late 1700s with water-powered flour       number of products were manufactured here                                                       in Baltimore. In addition the exhibit will         desk. We invite you to stop in and see what’s
     exhibit will prepare the visitor for what they   and textile mills. Steam power generated         everything from straw hats to bottle caps, to   Another critical factor in Baltimore’s growth   showcase images of ships under construction        old but very new at the BMI!
     will see at the museum.                          by coal accelerated industrial growth. This      steel to ships.                                 was the large natural harbor. It was the        at Bethlehem Steel as well as a wall that traces
                                                      growth exploded in the 1860s and lasted                                                          Atlantic coast’s westernmost port, which        the 150 year history of the Platt Cannery          By Carole Baker,
      This exhibit guides you to the answers to       into the 1970s. It was a time of progress and    Thousands of people moved to Baltimore          meant that goods shipped from here traveled     Building in which the BMI is housed. This          Deputy Director of the
      the question “Why Baltimore?” Visitors will     struggle, of sudden wealth and great poverty     during the industrial age. These people were    less over land and were therefore less costly   building has survived since the 1870s when         Baltimore Museum of Industry
10    learn how February-March 2011
     SoBo Voice the geography of Baltimore and its                                                     absorbed into the workforce as the city grew.   to deliver. In the 1820s the B&O Railroad was   it was rebuilt after a fire, and the exhibit                            11
                                 . Lori
            Art & Antiques by Dr

                                                                                                                                                       Jackie Kennedy didn’t order new china during
                                                                                                                                                       her years in the White House, but the collectibles

         Place Settings
                                                                                                                                                       marketplace provided Kennedy enthusiasts with
                                                                                                                                                       salt and pepper shakers featuring the famous First
                                                                                                                                                       Couple worth $175 to $250.

          1950 to 2000
                                                                                                                                                       The Clinton Presidential china service commemorates
                                                                                                                                                       the 200th anniversary of the White House. First Lady
                                                                                                                                                       Hillary Rodham Clinton supervised the creation
                                                                                                                                                       of each individual piece. The design incorporates
                                                                                                                                                       architectural motifs found in the State Dining Room,
                                                                                                                                                       East Room, and Diplomatic Reception Room.
                                                                                                                                                       Breaking with tradition, it features views of the
                                                                                                                                                       White House instead of the Presidential Seal. The
                                                                                                                                                       300 place settings were donated by

WithPresidential chinaupon us, likesparks
          President’s Day           a review
       of Presidential place settings
interest.                  is much      your
                                                  A big surprise when it comes to Presidential
                                                  china is that First Lady Jackie Kennedy didn’t
                                                  order any. She redecorated with vigor, had
                                                                                                   a deep devotion for the history of the White
                                                                                                   House, she often used existing china from the
                                                                                                   Harrison, Lincoln, and Hayes services.
                                                                                                                                                       the White House Historical Association at a cost of
grandmother’s china. The china service is         a deep devotion to the history of American
ordered to mark a big occasion or celebration     furnishings, and knew the ins and outs of        In 1966, Lady Bird Johnson worked very closely      The Bush White House adopted a two-china policy:
like a wedding (or an inauguration) and pieces    good taste and design, but she ordered no        with Tiffany and Company on the newest              one a traditional Lenox gilt-edged formal style with
are added to the set as time goes by. When it     new china during the Kennedy years! In the       china design. Mrs. Johnson combined her             a green basket-weave border for formal dinners
comes to the china sets ordered to be used by     White House, the Kennedys used the Truman        main cause, the beautification of the country’s     and one set for the residence called the Magnolia
American heads of state, the Presidential china   china with the Eisenhower service plates for     landscape, with the history of Presidential         Residence China Service for informal ones. Intended
collection is varied and fascinating.             state dinners. While Mrs. Jacqueline Kennedy     china. The china features the eagle motif           for casual use, the informal set cost $74,000 and
                                                  was known to be of impeccable taste and had      first designed for the Monroes along with           referenced the oldest tree, a magnolia tree dating
                                                                                                   American wildflower images. There were over         back to the Jackson era, on the White House lawn.
                                                                                                   forty different wildflowers painted on different
                                                                                                   pieces of china. And, she had dessert plates        The official George W. Bush State china by Lenox
                                                                                                   made featuring the state flower of each state.      had a total price tag of $492,798 and consists of
                                                                                                   Manufactured by Castleton China, Inc., the new      320 fourteen-piece place settings. The design was
                                                                                                   service cost $80,028. It would accommodate          inspired by a French dinner service with an eagle
                                                                                                   140 guests which is the number of guests the        motif believed to have been owned by President
                                                                                                   State Dining Room currently seats. This was         James and Dolley Madison. Dolley Madison was
                                                                                                   the first time that a service was purchased         said to be a fabulous hostess, so who better to model
                                                                                                   with non-appropriated government funds. The         your contemporary china after than her?
                                                                                                   White House Historical Association funded
                                                                                                   the project.                                        White House china is, like all collectibles, a sign
                                                                                                                                                       of the times. The styles, designs, and shapes of the
                                                                                                                                                       china reflect what was in vogue throughout history
                                                                                                                                                       of the Presidents.
                                                                                                     The styles, designs, and
                                                                                                        shapes of the china
                                                                                                                                                       Ph.D. antiques appraiser, author, and award-
                                                                                                    reflect what was in vogue                          winning TV personality, Dr. Lori presents antique
                                                                                                                                                       appraisal events nationwide and hosts antique-
                                                                                                       throughout history
                                                                                                                                                       themed cruises. As seen on The Tonight Show and
                                                                                                         of the Presidents.                            The Daily Show, watch Dr. Lori weekdays on the
                                                                                                                                                       national TV morning show Daytime. Visit www.
                                                                                                                                             ,, or call
                                                                                                                                                       (888) 431-1010.
                                                                                                   The first State Dinner of the Reagan
                                                                                                   administration, held in 1981, made First Lady
                                                                                                   Nancy Reagan realize that there was not a
                                                                                                   complete set of any one pattern that could
                                                                                                   serve all of the guests. Albeit necessary, public
                                                                                                   criticism ensued when it was announced that a
                                                                                                   new service would be ordered from Lenox. Each
                                                                                                   19 piece place setting featured red banding as
                                                                                                   it was Mrs. Reagan’s favorite color. The set
                                                                                                   served 220 people and cost $210,399.

12   SoBo Voice February-March 2011                                                                                                                                                                   13
     tO DraW…
     aS an aDUlt
     With a mom, two grandmothers             instead of what she actually sees.
     and two great aunts who paint, my        And her drawings will lose some of
     daughter can’t help but be interested    the style and charm that they have
     in art. She draws on every piece         now.
     of paper she can get her hands on,
     which is a problem when she’s sitting    Good drawings show shadows and
     at my desk with my work papers. As       lines and texture as they actually
     soon as she was able to hold a pencil,   appear. Observation plays as much
     she was scribbling and then drawing      a part as manipulating the drawing
     lines for the sheer excitement of        tool. In the adult drawing classes that
     seeing her arm movements make a          I offer, several different exercises are
     mark on paper. She started closing       used to encourage students to draw
     her lines to make simple shapes and      what they see. Students are asked
     by age two, like most other children,    to turn an image upside down and
     she realized some of her lines and       then copy it. Grids are drawn over
     shapes could represent things she        images on paper to break down
     sees in the world around her. A          the subject matter into manageable
     circle on a rectangle can be a tree. A   sections. Students draw from models
     triangle on a square can be a house.     while staring at the model instead
     By four her drawings were starting       of at their paper. These exercises are
     to show more details: eyebrows and       also meant to make the students less
     eyelashes in her portraits, leaves on    inhibited and more free with their
     her trees, whiskers on her animals.      drawing. I encourage students to lose
     Now she’s almost six, and she stares     themselves in their own work instead
     at objects and scenes around her         of comparing their products to those
     then copies them as she sees them.       of the students around them. And I
     She’s more careful with her art and      constantly remind them when they
     as a result, her pictures are more       say that they have no artistic talent
     realistic. I wish I could keep her on    that they can be taught the skills of
     this observation track for the long      drawing and painting.
     term because that would give her the
     best chance at being a good artist.      I recently asked another drawing
     Unfortunately somewhere along the        instructor, Sarah Eargle, how she
     line, someone might tell her “this is    teaches beginners. She responded,
     how to draw a house” or “this is what    “It is important for beginning students
     a face should look like.” When that      not to become frustrated with what is
     happens she’s likely to start drawing    often a challenging process. Initially,
     what she knows should be there           I encourage my students to divorce
                                              Continued on page 35

14   SoBo Voice February-March 2011                                               15
     Valentines Day

     WItH YOUr FItnESS FanatIc

                  Valentine’s Day… chocolate,
                  stuffed teddy bear, flowers? Not
                  very thoughtful for your Fitness
                                                        athletic socks, a matching yoga mat and towel
                                                        set, a titanium balance bracelet… you get the
                                                        idea. Get creative and before you know it, the
                                                                                                            The promise of future wellness and a fruitful
                                                                                                            life together is an unparalleled gift. Of course,
                                                                                                            you have to write a few lines explaining
                                                                                                                                                                      the promise of future wellness and a
     Fanatic better half! Does it seem romantic to
     give excessive calories and a new opportunity
                                                        gym bag will be full of fun stuff.                  the (very thoughtful) reason behind the
                                                                                                            present, but since when is writing a love note      fruitful life together is an unparalleled gift.
     for stress and guilt on a special day? Does it     If you are looking for originality, consider a      instead of buying a lame one off the shelf
     seem original to give something Hallmark told      weekend get away that has an active element         an unreasonable proposal? A few sessions
     you was “cute”? Does it seem sweet to give         to it. A hiking trip, a white water rafting ride,   as a couple with a personal trainer, a pair of
     dead allergen-ridden plants? No, no and no.        a ski lift to a local resort, a biking trail that   rock climbing classes, a month of salsa or
     How about stress reduction, originality and        begins or ends at a romantic spot. These do         hip hop dancing classes, some tennis lessons
     the promise of wellness instead… Read on           not need to be expensive to be thoroughly           for two….the list is endless. The point is
     for some innovative ideas on how to buck the       romantic and original. For example, putting         simply to present a plan where both of you
     Hallmark tradition and make Valentine’s yet        some thought into a day of hiking and laying        will be learning something new, something
     one more opportunity to connect and support        out the proposed itinerary complete with            that is active and good for you, fun and
     your beloved on your joint journey to a better,                                                        completely new to one or both of you. Be
     healthier place.                                                                                       sure you don’t just buy a chance to exercise
                                                            the idea of starting                            for your significant other, lest they get the
     For stress reduction, let’s talk about exercise.                                                       idea you really want them to lose weight….
     There are several fitness gadgets that are not        something together                               this could really backfire! A good way to
     just gimmicks- they really do work! Ideal                                                              circumvent this unfortunate possibility is to
     for runners of any experience level, whether         that results in a future                          make your participation part of the gift. The
     your loved one is a beginner or a marathoner,                                                          idea of starting something together that results
     is Nike+iPod. It’s like having a personal           of trying out new things                           in a future of trying out new things is very
     trainer with you at every mile. This includes                                                          romantic and promising.
     a wireless in-shoe sensor and a receiver that         is very romantic and
     attaches to your iPod, displaying information                                                          In the end, you really can’t go wrong if
     on time, distance, pace and calories burned                 promising.                                 you have spent some time focused on the
     on the screen. You can even sync your iPod                                                             recipient, involve some element of effort
     to transfer workout data to your computer to                                                           and thoughtfulness, and present the gift with
     evaluate performance. This kit is only about       a selected location for a picnic lunch may          sincerity. Remember to be original, don’t
     $30 and requires Nike+ shoes and an iPod           not cost more than $20, but the idea of             stress your partner out, and promise a future
     Nano. Another good pick is a cool heart rate       going somewhere, even for a day, will seem          together that is healthy and fun…. then do
     monitor that is also an attractive sport watch     decadent and super thoughtful. A day spent          it again for the next 70 Valentine’s Days
     with GPS, pace, speed and distance tracking.       together will be remembered much longer             together….
     Timex IronMan makes some stylish versions          than a box of stale chocolates. Now, you can
     that are easy to program and fun to use,           get as crazy as you want with the budget in         By Andrea Shelby,
     ranging in price from $60 to $300. Beyond          the opposite direction and book a multi-day         Owner and GM, Federal Hill Fitness
     running, a nice sports bag stuffed with little     trip to a fabulous destination with many
     fitness goodies, like a Kleen Kanteen reusable     fitness activities in store, but these days when    NB: If you do end up buying some flowers
     water bottle, a pack of antimicrobial wipes,       so many people are hurting, why overspend           to go along with your fitness gift, at least buy
     some hydration gels in interesting flavors,        when a little time dedicated to planning out a      them at the Cross Street Market and keep it
     some fun                                           fun day can mean so much?                           local!
16     SoBo Voice February-March 2011                                                                                                                                                         17

                                                Common plants are
                                               potentially poisonous
                                                   to your pets

                                           Hundreds of plants have been identified as potentially being toxic in
                                           sufficient amounts to cause harmful effects in animals. Parts of these plants
                                           that can be harmful to pets can include seeds, nuts, roots, pods, leaves,
                                           bulbs, fruit, flowers, pits, stems, berries, sap and even bark.

                                           Below is a list of many common plants which could produce a toxic
                                           reaction in animals.

                                       ·     Aconite                 ·   Elderberry            ·   Mountain Mahogany
                                       ·     Arrow Grasses           ·   Elephant's Ear        ·   Mustard Seeds
                                       ·     Atropa Belladonna       ·   English Ivy           ·   Narcissus
                                       ·     Autumn Crocus           ·   Bittersweet           ·   Nicotiana
                                       ·     Azaleas                 ·   False Flax            ·   Nightshade
                                       ·     Baneberry               ·   False Hellebore       ·   Oak Leaves
                                       ·     Bird-of-Paradise        ·   Fan Weed              ·   Oleander
                                       ·     Black Locust            ·   Field Peppergrass     ·   Philodendrons
                                       ·     Bloodroot               ·   Foxglove              ·   Pokeweed
                                       ·     Box Plant               ·   Holly                 ·   Poinsettia
                                       ·     Buckeye                 ·   Horse Chestnut        ·   Poison Hemlock
                                       ·     Buttercup               ·   Horse Nettle          ·   Rattle Box
                                       ·     Caladium                ·   Hyacinth              ·   Rhododendron
                                       ·     Carolina Jessamine      ·   Iris                  ·   Rhubarb
                                       ·     Castor Bean             ·   Jack-in-the-          ·   Rosary Pea
                                       ·     Chinaberry Tree         ·   Pulpit                ·   Sago Palm
                                       ·     Chock Cherries          ·   Jatropha              ·   Skunk Cabbage
                                       ·     Christmas Berry         ·   Jerusalem Cherry      ·   Smartweeds
                                       ·     Christmas Rose          ·   Jimsonweed            ·   Snow-on-the-Mountain
                                       ·     Common Privet           ·   Lantana               ·   Sorghum
                                       ·     Corn Cockle             ·   Laurel Leaves         ·   Star of Bethlehem
                                       ·     Cowbane                 ·   Lily of the Valley    ·   Velvet Grass
                                       ·     Cow Cockle              ·   Lupines               ·   Wild Black Cherry
                                       ·     Cowslip                 ·   Manchineel Tree       ·   Wild Radish
                                       ·     Daffodil                ·   Matrimony Vine        ·   Wisteria
                                       ·     Day Lily                ·   Mayapple              ·   Woody Aster
                                       ·     Death Camas             ·   Milk Vetch            ·   Yellow Jessamine
                                       ·     Delphinium (Larkspur)   ·   Mistletoe             ·   Yellow Oleander
                                       ·     Dumbcane                ·   Monkshood             ·   Yellow Pine Flax
                                       ·     Dutchman's Breeches     ·   Moonseed              ·   Yew
                                       ·     Easter Lily             ·   Morning Glory             continued on page 22

18    SoBo Voice February-March 2011                                                                                19
  art & antIQUES
                                                      L         ocated in the heart of
                                                                Historic Federal Hill, this
                                                      home is the marriage of historic
                                                      charm and modern convenience.

      On Henrietta Street
                                                      With its towering front façade, grand
                                                      Palladian entrance, crown moldings,
                                                      rich oak and cherry hardwood floors,
                                                      this home has it all.
                                                      Designed for comfort and style, each
                                                      level of this renovated three bedroom,
                                                      two bath, 1875 townhouse offers an
                                                      urban retreat setting. The private rear
                                                      courtyard and deck are shaded by
                                                      mature plants and trees providing a
                                                      Charleston-like feel.
                                                      As with many of our gorgeous Sobo
                                                      Homes, it’s the lifestyle that provides
                                                      the most enjoyment. Walking distance
                                                      to shopping, sports, restaurants, the
                                                      Inner Harbor and some of the best
                                                      neighbors around!

                                                      By Bill Mangham, Co-Founder
                                                      Marcus-Boyd Realty

 Listing photography courtesy of Marcus-Boyd Realty
20 SoBo Voice February-March 2011                                21
22   SoBo Voice February-March 2011   23
                                              VET continued on page 18

                                      A toxic reaction can include a mild to
                                      very serious version of any individual or
                                      combination of the following symptoms:

                                        • Loss of appetite
                                        • Excessive/unusual drooling
                                        • Vomiting: with or without blood
                                        • Diarrhea: with or without blood
                                        • Rash or irritation
                                        • Lethargy
                                        • Loss of coordination
                                        • Tremors or seizures
                                        • Labored breathing
                                        • Sensitivity to light
                                        • Organ failure
                                        • Loss of consciousness
                                        • Non-responsive behavior
                                          (conscious but unaware)
                                        • Coma
                                        • Death

                                      Immediate Measures to take
                                      • Call your veterinarian or local emergency
                                      animal hospital immediately and describe
                                      your pet’s symptoms the best that you can.

                                      • Try to identify what plant, which part of
                                      the plant, and how much of the plant your
                                      pet may have eaten or come in contact
                                      with in order to tell your veterinarian. This
                                      could save valuable time in determining the
                                      treatment needed for your pet.

                                      • Try to determine when it was eaten (or a
                                      reasonable time frame).

                                      • Follow any directions your veterinarian

                                      • Never treat your pet on your own without
                                      the advice of your vet.

                                      • Take your pet in immediately for treatment
                                      unless otherwise advised.

                                      • Bring all or as much of the plant with you
                                      that you can to your veterinarian or animal
                                      hospital for identification purposes.

                                      For more information on plants, foods or
                                      other products that can be harmful to your
                                      pets, please visit

                                      Rob Goodman, DVM, can be reached
                                      at Everhart Veterinary Hospital

24   SoBo Voice February-March 2011                                            25
                                    FeDeRAL hiLL

                                      "Federal Hill Cooks!” features more
                                    than 200 recipes from South Baltimore
                                     peninsula residents, old and new, as
                                       well as recipes from local favorite
                                          chefs and business owners.

                                               ORDER NOW AT

26 SoBo Voice February-March 2011                                     27

                                                                             for Spencer horsman
                                      On a cool night last Halloween weekend, a young, blond man             David Copperfield in Vegas. Thus is the life of Spencer Horseman.
                                      dangled headfirst from a crane 50 feet above South Charles
                                      Street to the delight of thousands of people that came to watch        Horsman, 24, and his father Ken own and operate Illusions. Ken
                                      him escape from not just one, but two straightjackets. A week          Horsman serves as emcee at the hour-long magic and comedy
                                      later he was in the emergency room after his harness failed            shows that take place every Friday and Saturday night. Every other
                                      during a performance in front of a packed house at Illusions           Thursday is stand-up comedy night featuring local comedians. The
                                      Bar and Lounge and he fell, resulting in a gash on his forehead        bar, straight out of the 1920s vaudeville era with warm red and
                                      that required 16 stitches. The doctor that sewed him up had            black leather décor, antique lighting fixtures and dark wood, will
                                      been to see the show in the past. His act has been seen on The         celebrate its fourth anniversary in March. It was voted one of the
                                      Late Show with David Letterman and he’s performed alongside            top nine speakeasy bars in the USA by CNN Travel.

                                                  So did he ever consider                         What do you do                      Horsman wryly points out, has been known
                                                  going into another line or                      on your days off?                   to pluck people from obscurity and give
                                                  work, say, accounting, or                       He does private and corporate       them roles in a film.
                                                  was magic his destiny?                          events, both locally and out of
                                                  He says he was born and raised                  town. When I mention that a                     Speaking of movies, who
                                      in the business and started doing magic        friend of mine who had hired him a few                       should play you in the movie
                                      at the age of four. He likes the term          years ago for a huge corporate opening                       about your life?
                                      ‘entertainer’ since it encompasses acting,     in Louisville, Kentucky says hello he talks                  “Ed      Norton!”      he     says
                                      movement, comedy and clowning (which           about what a great experience it was: he                     enthusiastically. “He did magic
                                      didn’t catch on as he hated the makeup).       had done the regular Friday night show at        well in ‘The Illusionist’ and he’s formally
                                      He says if he was not doing this, he’d work    Illusions, flown to Louisville early Saturday,   trained as a theatre actor so he gets the need
                                      in the field of medical forensics, having      set up his act, took a quick nap, performed      to do it right the first time around.” Norton
                                      befriended some Secret Service officers in     high straightjacket escape high in the air in    is a fan of magic, and on top of it, he’s
                                      a college forensics class that allowed him     front of an estimated 10,000 people, flew        from the Baltimore area, so he’d get local
                                      access to the handwriting analysis and         home Sunday morning and performed that           nuances and dialect easily.
                                      counterfeit money areas of their workplace.    evening for the Governor and his family at                                     Continued on page 30
                                      That’s his backup plan, he says with a grin.   a private function. Hobbies include swing
                                                                                     dancing and watching classic movies.
                                                  What is a typical
                                                  day like for you?                            Where do you see
                                                  He says he works most days.                  yourself in twenty years?
                                                  Aside from the rehearsals and                Still dangling over
                                                  tweaks he makes to his show he               Charles Street?
                                      also does the “day to day work of owning                 “This is my home base,” he says
                                      a bar: the cleaning, paying the bills, doing   looking around the bar. He loves what he
                                      inventory, press and publicity.” (During our   does and thinks his own show in Vegas
                                      interview, Horsman, bundled in a wool coat     would be great. In addition he wants to
                                      and sporting wingtip shoes, apologetically     travel more, and Europe and Asia are at
                                      answered the phone and took reservations       the top of his list. He took time off after
                                      for that evening’s performance.)               graduating from Park and went to Japan,
                                                                                     performing 146 shows in two months.
                                                 Did you have to over-
                                                 come a fear of heights,                        His favorite thing
                                                 claustrophobia or other                        about Baltimore?
                                                 elements in your show?                         “It's home. My family is here.
                                                 He laughs easily and explains                  Baltimore’s a small big city, as
                                      that while he’s “not a thrill-seeker I don’t              they say.”
                                      scare easily either.” While attending The
                                      Park School he took full advantage of the                Which celebrity would you
                                      Challenge Course on the school’s large                   most like to perform for?
                                      verdant campus. He would zip line off of                 No question it would be writer/
                                      trees and repel headfirst off the school.                director Tim Burton who shares
                                      He’s always been pretty comfortable with                 Horsman’s appreciation for
                                      a challenge.                                   vaudeville humor and theatrics, and as
28   SoBo Voice February-March 2011                                                                                                                        29
                                    Continued from page 29

                                                 Do you have pets? Maybe plants?
                                                 Neither. Turns out he’s allergic to things
                                                 with fur, hence no rabbits popping out of
                                                 hats in the show.

                                                 Any plans for
                                                 Valentine’s Day?
                                                 “Single Awareness Day, as I call it,” he
                                                 corrects. (He feigns disappointment when
                                                 I tell him that term is the topic of Scooter
                                    Holt’s column in this issue, his thunder stolen.)
                                    Whatever you choose to call it, he’ll be working—
                                    Illusions has a big event scheduled for the February 12
                                    show—and he points out that the bar has a solid track
                                    record when it comes to romance. Not only was it
                                    voted ‘Best First Date Bar’, but he’s has three marriage
                                    proposals happen at the bar (he worked the ring and
                                    the boyfriend into the act each time) and one wedding
                                    take place there.

                                    By Claire R. Mullins

30 SoBo Voice February-March 2011                                                        31

                                                                                                                                                             iRiSh CAR BOMBS

                                                St. pAtRiCk                                                                                                  if you’re inclined to stay home and
                                                                                                                                                             avoid the St. paddy’s day crowds
                                                                                                                                                             but still want to enjoy a taste of the
                                                                                                                                                             emerald isle on March 17, here’s the
                                                                                                                                                             recipe for an irish Car Bomb. note
                                                                                                                                                             that this is not for the faint of heart

                                                     the MAn, the DAy,                                                                                       as it must be consumed right away. if
                                                                                                                                                             you want something sippable, avoid
                                                                                                                                                             this and choose chardonnay.

                                                        the DRinkS                                                                                           	
                                                                                                                                                                 •	3/4	pint	Guinness®	stout
                                                                                                                                                                 •	1/2	shot	Bailey's®	Irish	cream
                                                                                                                                                                 •	1/2	shot	Jameson®	
                                                                                                                                                                   irish whiskey

                                                                                                                                                             in a shot glass, pour the Bailey's first,

       t. Patrick, the globally-celebrated patron    world. Americans have been acknowledging            year for alcohol consumption. Irish beer and        and	top	with	Jameson.	Pour	Guinness	
       saint of Ireland, was born in Wales in        St. Patrick's Day since it as first celebrated      whiskey—sometimes served together—are               into	a	pint	glass		3/4	of	the	way	full	
       385 AD. Far from being a saint, until he      in Boston in 1737. Today we celebrate by            on tap for the celebration Sarah Clark, GM          and let settle. Drop the shot glass
 was 16 he considered himself a pagan. Sold          wearing the color green, having parades,            at MaGerk's Pub on Cross Street, confirms           into the guinness and drink the
 into slavery by a group of Irish marauders that     and consuming Ireland’s been known export,          that Guinness drafts and Irish Car Bombs—a
                                                                                                                                                             whole thing right away or you’ll wind
 raided his village, he escaped after six years      Guinness.                                           combination of Guinness, Bailey’s Irish cream
 and went to France where he studied in the                                                              and Jameson whiskey—are their most popular          up with an undrinkable mess.
 monastery for a dozen years. He returned            I spent a semester on the west coast of Ireland     drinks on St. Patrick’s Day. In addition, they
 to Ireland to convert the country’s pagans to       during college and decided, along with several      will be serving green beer, a popular holiday
 Christianity.                                       of my fellow expats, to travel to Dublin at the     staple.
                                                     last minute to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. Being
 Much to the distain of the Celtic Druids, Patrick   typical college sophomores, our group of eight      Scooter Holt of The Row House says he expects
 was hugely successful at winning converts,                                                              that the Irish Car Bombs will be “flying out
 and they had him arrested on many occasions.                                                            door like last year.” In addition they will again
 Nonetheless he traveled throughout Ireland,             the truth comes                                 take over Gittings Street and have a huge party
 establishing monasteries, schools and churches
 which helped him in his conversion of the                out when the                                   tent with pit beef, turkey and plenty of Irish
                                                                                                         beer to raise a toast and proclaim Sláinte!
 Irish to Christianity. He died on March 17 in
 461 AD and that day has been commemorated
                                                          spirit goes in.                                By Claire R. Mullins
 as St. Patrick's Day ever since.

 Much Irish folklore surrounds St. Patrick's
 Day yet little of it is actually true. He is
                                                     or so arrived with no hotel reservations, little
                                                     money and even less common sense. We                    it's the first drop
 often said to have driven all the snakes
 from Ireland, but actually snakes were never
                                                     walked in pouring rain from one hotel to the
                                                     next, bickering mightily, but finally locating
                                                                                                            that destroys you;
 native to Ireland. Theologians speculate that       the last unoccupied room in the city. It had             there's no harm
 this is a metaphor for the conversion of the
 pagans to Christianity. Originally celebrated
                                                     two double beds and a sink. The loo and
                                                     shower were down the hall. I recall a parade,
                                                                                                              at all in the last.
 as a Catholic holy day, St. Patrick's Day has       and lots of ‘whiskey and red’ (grenadine),
 evolved into more of a secular holiday and          but far less hullabaloo than would be found
 is acknowledged throughout much of the              in most given American cities on March 17.
                                                     There was no green dye dumped in the River
                                                     Liffey, no gaudy plastic shamrock necklaces.
      Daylight comes                                 Just lots of drunk Americans being watched

        through the                                  with amusement by stoic Irishmen.

      drunkard's roof                                Americans love to go to the extreme in every
                                                     instance we are able, and St. Paddy’s Day is no
         the fastest.                                exception. Locally, several watering holes are
                                                     gearing up for one of the biggest nights of the

32 SoBo Voice February-March 2011                                                                                                                                                                 33
                                               Continued from page 14

                                    themselves from any sort of judgment about the quality
                                    of their drawings. More important than the quality of a
                                    student’s work is the number of drawings completed. Like
                                    anything, learning to draw is achieved through practice.
                                    So with beginners I am more focused on getting them to
                                    enjoy the magical and rewarding experience of drawing
                                    rather than the finished product.“ Both Sarah and I have
                                    noticed that adult art students tend to be much more
                                    critical of themselves than younger art students and part of
                                    the challenge of teaching adults is undoing some of their
                                    own inhibitions about creating art.

                                    On the other side, one of the most rewarding parts of
                                    teaching art is watching the happy surprise on my adult
                                    students’ faces when they discover what high-quality art
                                    they’re capable of making. It’s the same pure happiness
                                    that appears on children’s faces when they realize that
                                    they can draw! For more information about adult drawing
                                    classes and other art classes for all ages, please visit

                                    By Ann Wiker

34 SoBo Voice February-March 2011                                                           35
                          Getting	Your	Just
                                                                                                                                         the WinteR
                          There’s no need to leave South Baltimore in search of sweet
                          treats for your Valentine. From chocolate crabs to decadent                                                    BlahS…
                          cupcakes there’s something for everyone just around the corner.                                                Winter has the reputation of being the ‘blue
                                                                                                                                         season’ or for many of us, the ‘blah season.’
                                                                                                                                         With shorter days, and longer and colder nights,
                                       Midnite Confection’s has                                       For something warm and             it is no wonder that people may experience
                                       cupcakes in rich flavors                                       luscious visit Ruben’s Crepes
                                                                                                                                         SAD – Seasonal Affective Disorder. The winter
                                       using Madagascar vanilla,                                      for made-to-order desserts
                                                                                                                                         blues can impact our diet, our sleep patterns,
                                       organic carrots, lemon                                         with your choice of Nutella,
                                                                                                                                         our energy and our outlook on life. According to
                                       and pineapple. Editor’s                                        strawberries, bananas,
                                       favorite: the signature                                        cinnamon, marshmellows             National Mental Health Institute, 1 in 6 people
                                       black velvet with cream                                        and more. And they’re open         will have depression at some point in their lives
                                       cheese frosting. The shop                                      until 3am! 1043 South              and 1 in 20 will be diagnosed as clinically
                                       offers special flavors                                         Charles St.                        depressed.
                                       available for a limited
                                       time around the holidays,                                      RUBen'S                            Fortunately, there is something we can do about
                                       so pop in and see what’s                                                                          it, naturally. Times have changed and we no
                                       new. 1051 S. Charles St.                                       CRepeS                             longer have to depend on prescription drugs to
                                                                                                                                         help us get through the season. People are now
                                                                                                                                         turning to natural solutions such as massage and
                                                                    Dangerously Delicious Pies                                           acupuncture to lift their moods.
BeRgeR COOkieS                                                      has taken the iconic Berger
Happy Valentine’s Day,                                              Cookie and created the                                               Massage is one modality which can help beat the
Hon! Berger Cookies have                                            Baltimore Bomb, a pie chock                                          winter blahs. No longer viewed as just a luxury,
been snacked on since                                               full of cookies that melt into                                       the therapeutic benefits of massage are many.
1835 when Henry Berger                                              the vanilla chess filling. It’s
                                                                                                                                                    Specifically for depression, massage
emigrated to the United                                             genius, and like everything
                                                                                                                                                    actually creates physiological
States from Germany and                                             else at Rodney Henry’s shop,
                                                                                                                                                     changes in our bodies which will
set up a bakery in East                                             it’s freakin’ delicious. 1036
Baltimore. His three sons                                           Light St.                                                                        increase serotonin and endorphins
all became bakers as well,                                                                                                                           and as a result we will feel better.
and the cookie were sold
in the city’s open markets,                                         DAngeROUSLy                                                          Another therapy recognized for its benefits in
                                                                                                                                         treating depression and mood is Acupuncture.
as they are today. At Cross
Market visit Mama’s One
                                                                    DeLiCiOUS                                                            Sessions involve a lot of one-on-one attention.
Stop Bakery and other                                                                                                                    This combined with the needling provides the
stalls that have stacks of                                                                            Residents of Locust Point          individual with a tailor made session. This fosters
the indescribably rich                                                                                have been blessed with             a sense of well-being and an uplifted attitude.
shortbread-like fudge-                                                                                a cupcake shop in their            After a treatment, individuals tend to feel clear-
topped cookies. And at                                                                                backyard since the Baltimore       headed, at peace, renewed and revitalized.
$0.70 each, they’re an                                                                                Cupcake Company opened
affordable indulgence.                                                                                there nearly a decade              Although one may notice positive effects
                                                                                                      ago and then Caroline’s
the SWeet ShOppe                                                                                      Cupcakery opened in its
                                                                                                                                         immediately after one massage session or
                                                                                                                                         acupuncture treatment, it is recommended that
                                    The Sweet Shoppe in Cross                                         space last spring. The Death
                                                                                                                                         for long-term benefits, monthly appointments
                                    Street Market has a huge                                          By Chocolate, Pink Wonder,
                                                                                                                                         are the way to go. By scheduling in advance,
                                    selection of chocolates,                                          Champagne Popper and
                                                                                                                                         you are more likely to keep your appointment,
                                    from cheery cordials to                                           Kiss Cupcakes will all be
                                    buttercreams and nut                                              available during extended          you will have something to look forward to and
                                    clusters. But what could be                                       business hours on Feb 13           you will improve your coping skills to manage
                                    cuter than a box of chocolate                                     and 14. 1433 E. Fort Avenue.       the winter blahs. And before you know it, spring
                                    crabs, in dark, white and                                                                            will be right around the corner!
                                    milk chocolate? These will      CAROLine'S CUpCAkeRy                          By Claire R. Mullins
                                                                                                                                         By Marie Gallagher Resurreccion
                                    tide you over until the
                                                                                                                                         Owner of The Healing Path,
                                    summer crabs come in.
                                                                                                                                         Massage & Wellness Center

36 SoBo Voice February-March 2011                                                                                                                                                       37

                                                               Flowers & Your

                                                              Shove It

                                           actually started doing a little “Valentine’s   Pick your socks up off
                                           Day” homework after the bar closed,            the floor.
                                           thinking I could spout off all these
                                           cute historical facts about it, and the        It’s a simple thing, boys. And you’d be
                                    more I dug the more ill I became. Oh sure,            surprised how far it goes. If you really want to
                                    there’s interesting little snippets about Roman       get crazy, throw a load of laundry in. That’ll
                                    culture, and how St. Valentine actually got           have her reeling for weeks.
                                    his name, but the most repugnant part of it
                                    stemmed from a more modern movement of                Fix the garbage disposal like
                                    pseudo-intellectual PC freaks that decided            you promised to do three
                                    to rename the holiday “Singles Awareness
                                                                                          months ago.
                                                                                          Hey, you don’t have to do it yourself. Call
                                    Now, on the sliding-scale of liberalism,
                                                                                          someone. The fact that you bothered to
                                    I’m somewhere between “Gay Marriage”
                                                                                          interrupt your oh-so-important Ravens game
                                    and “Complete-and-Utter-Anarchy”, and
                                                                                          to actually make something happen around
                                    even I can’t possibly stomach this one. No
                                                                                          the house is a sign of true love these days.
                                    kidding—if I had my way, we could marry
                                                                                          Believe me, these ladies will take what they
                                    goats, drink naked in the streets, and every
                                                                                          can get at this point.
                                    narcotic known to man would be dispensed
                                    out of newspaper boxes on every corner.
                                    HOWEVER…. I have absolutely no tolerance              Plan a trip and don’t tell her
                                    for “political correctness.”                          where you’re going.

                                    Why? Simple. In relation to this holiday, I           Yeah, that means an entire weekend. And
                                    certainly don’t need some goodie-two-shoes            someplace without a damn television. Just
                                    reinforcing the fact that I’m single and alone.       pack your bags and start driving. You’ll be
                                    I know it; I’m extremely cognizant of it, thank       forgiven for quite a lot after that one. I mean,
                                    you very much. I came to terms with the fact,         we’re talking homicide forgiveness.
                                    a long time ago, that a gay man in Federal Hill
                                    with political views bordering on apocalyptic         Ladies: Give him a pass on
                                    chaos wasn’t going to be on the top of the            something he dreads doing.
                                    dating list. I refuse to participate but, as
                                    usual, I have some advice for you if you              Men really don’t need much. It’s not what
                                    do. This applies to all of you procrastinators        you give them, it’s what you don’t make them
                                    hauling ass to Cross Street Market in search          do that makes them thrilled. A pass on dinner
                                    of that last existing flower arrangement. This        with the in-laws, a completely interruption-
                                    applies to you dim light bulbs that take your         free game day, you name it. Well, there
                                    significant other out to the obligatory dinner        are some things you could give them that’ll
                                    on the busiest restaurant night of the year—          make them happy, but hey, this is a family
                                    and then remain silent through the whole              magazine.
                                    thing. Do something useful for a change…              By: Scooter Holt
38 SoBo Voice February-March 2011                                                                                                     39   40

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