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									May 10, 2010                                         Volume 82                    Issue Number 42 (Online)

Dr. Ballard's Weekly Message                              Tulsa Talons Support TPS!
Greetings. It has been a difficult                        When a perfectly-
time as the district has been                             thrown      spiral
dealing with the allegations                              sails through the
brought against the assistant                             air into the arms
principal at Skelly Elementary.                           of a wide receiver
Let me assure you that we are                             and the Tulsa
totally committed to a safe and                           Talons score a
healthy environment for all                               touchdown, area
students. We will investigate                             schools benefit.
all allegations involving this                            The Talons—the
situation and will take appropriate personnel action.     city’s professional
If anyone has information that might be pertinent         arena football franchise—have partnered with
to this or any other investigation into allegations of    American Fidelity to donate $100 for every touchdown
child abuse, please do not hesitate to contact us.        they score this season.
We are working diligently on the school improvement       Tulsa Public Schools is the first beneficiary and on
grants and I have directed HJ Green to assume this        Thursday, May 6, Talons players presented a check to
responsibility. We just received the regulations and      TPS at Kendall-Whittier Elementary School.
the grant is due May 20. This has the potential to
                                                          The Talons have been in Tulsa since 2000, winning
be a huge grant and has great potential to further
                                                          championships in 2003 and 2007.
our school improvement efforts. Although we still
do not have clear direction from the Oklahoma State
Department of Education in some regulations, we
are making headway. At this time, we are modeling         2010—A PASS Odyssey
our school improvement grant after the Teacher            Here’s some more information on a conference we first
Effectiveness Grant filed with Gates. This initiative     told you about last week. The state superintendent’s
was discussed with the Board of Education at a            Tulsa regional conference, 2010—A PASS Odyssey,
special meeting held on Monday of this week.              is Wednesday, June 16, 8:30 a.m. – 4 p.m. at Fulton
Also discussed at the special board meeting was           Teaching and Learning Academy. It’s open to all
changing the vision statement for TPS and adopting        educators and features a keynote address entitled
core goals. While the core goals were tabled, the board   Integrating 21st Technology Skills into Curriculum,
unanimously approved the new vision statement,            and over 40 break-out sessions presented by classroom
"Excellence and High Expectations with a                  educators.
Commitment to All." The district vision is the            2010—A PASS Odyssey requires dual registration
statement that shapes and directs the organization’s      to receive credit for both TPS records and state
future and should resonate with all members of            department of education records. Use the DK system
the organization. The statement should evoke pride        for your TPS trade-out day and then access the
and enthusiasm from teachers, custodians, students,       master teacher form on the Oklahoma Department
parents, administrators - anyone who has a stake in       of Education’s website, http://apps.sde.state.ok.us/
Tulsa Public Schools. The board selected a vision they    OKPassages/default.aspxx      to register for the
believe will help individuals in (Continued on Page 2)    conference.
Superintendent’s Bulletin                                                                    Page 2

 the district feel part of something much bigger than      Contact Tulsa-Area Senators
 themselves. They changed the vision from "District of     Dan Newberry newberry@oksenate.gov
 Choice" to more accurately reflect the board’s desire
 to promote and improve neighborhood schools.              Mary Easley easley@oksenate.gov
 Board members continue to develop the district's          Judy Eason McIntyre easonmcintyre@oksenate.gov
 core goals, which extremely important as they drive       Mike Mazzei mazzei@oksenate.gov
 the work of the administrative team. Once approved
 by the BOE, the core goals will be the driving force      Gary Stanislawski stanislawski@oksenate.gov
 behind our work. All initiatives should tie directly to   Tom Adelson adelson@oksenate.gov
 the core goals.
                                                           Brian Crain crain@oksenate.gov
 We will follow the mission statement which clearly
 states that TPS will provide a quality learning           Randy Brogdon brogdon@oksenate.gov
 experience every day, for every student, without
 exception. While choice is a good thing and necessary
 to the success of an urban district, it should not be
 the driving force. If every school were excellent, then
 choice to go to a good school would not be an issue.
 Choice would only exist for interest or perhaps an
 academic curriculum.
 We continue to struggle with the budget this week.
                                                           Opportunities for Teachers
 The Oklahoma Legislature still has not reached a          The Think Quest Institute is looking for teachers of
 budget agreement, leaving it very uncertain as to how     the fourth and fifth grades. Think Quest is a learning
 many positions will have to be reduced. The Attrition     workshop involving student/teacher collaboration
 Incentive program fell far far short of the goal, so      and using technology. Organizers are accepting one
 we will be left with no alternative but to reduce staff   social studies teacher from each elementary school
 unless some relief is provided by the legislature.        to become part of a cohort creating project-based
 Following is a list of the legislators who represent      lessons. Participants get a stipend, have access to
 TPS. Please send them a notice requesting that they       a wealth of video conferencing opportunities, and
 do not cut the TPS budget by 10 percent but keep          receive a web cam for use in the classroom. Teachers
 it closer to five percent. That is the only answer for    seeking more information are asked to contact their
 sparing teacher positions.                                school’s principal. Additional questions can be sent to
 Contact Tulsa-Area Representatives                        insttech@tulsaschools.org. The registration deadline
                                                           is May 14.
 Chris Benge chrisbenge@okhouse.gov
  Jabar Shumate jabarshumate@okhouse.gov                   And now here’s something of interest to high
                                                           school general science, chemistry, physics, math and
  Jeannie McDaniel jeanniemcdaniel@okhouse.gov             technology teachers as well as middle school science
  Lucky Lamons luckylamons@okhouse.gov                     teachers. The ASM Materials Camp is a one-week
  Ron Peters ronpeters@okhouse.gov                         workshop showing how to integrate into an existing
                                                           lesson plan low-cost (and no-cost) simple labs and
  Seneca Scott seneca.scott@okhouse.gov
                                                           experiments using everyday materials. Participating
  Sue Tibbs suetibbs@okhouse.gov                           teachers receive a $720 stipend.
  Weldon Watson weldon.watson@okhouse.gov                  Two semester/three quarter graduate credits are
  Eric Proctor eric.proctor@okhouse.gov                    available for an additional cost of about $200. The
  Daniel Sullivan danielsullivan@okhouse.gov               camp is June 28-July 2, 8 a.m.-5 p.m., at Edison
                                                           Preparatory School. You can register on the DK
  John Trebilcock johntrebilcock@okhouse.gov
                                                           system, go to www.tulsaschools.org/depts/pd/
  Eddie Fields eddie.fields@okhouse.gov                    classes.shtm, or visit www.asmfoundation.org.
Superintendent’s Bulletin                                                                     Page 3

                                             Retirement Receptions
                            Grissom Elementary, Sue Norris, 3 p.m. on Tuesday, May 11
                          Jones Elementary, Linda Coleman, 3:30 p.m. on Tuesday, May 11
                     Lewis and Clark Middle School, Anita Gix, 3:45 p.m. on Thursday, May 13
      Eisenhower International Elementary, Lidia Quintana and Phyllis Worthley, 3:15 p.m. on Friday, May 14
                   Bunche ECDC, Ann Fussell and Paula Fleming, 3:30 p.m. on Tuesday, May 18
                     Sequoyah Elementary, Raymond Johnson, Helen Mills, Suzan Pennington,
                           Pat Wheeler and Darla Williams, 3:30 p.m. on Tuesday, May 18
                     Skelly Elementary, Rita Armstrong, Dorothea Dandridge, Lonnis Goswick
                                 and Cathy Somers, 3:30 p.m. on Thursday, May 20
       Salk Elelmentary, Shery Jones, 3:30 p.m. Friday, May 21, Parkview Baptist Church (71st and Sheridan)
                Clinton Middle School, Eileen Brooks and Jill Wilson, 3:45 p.m. on Monday, May 24
                       Byrd Middle School, Nancy Anderson, 3:40 p.m. on Thursday, May 27

 Teachers: Celebrate First Amendment Freedoms
 from Wendy Kleinman, The Oklahoman
 Newspapers In Education will be publishing a series of
 four lessons in The Oklahoman from May 17 through
 May 20 to help you teach your students about the First
 Amendment. The educational lessons and activities will
 highlight the history and examples of the five freedoms;
                                                             TPS Students Say "No" to Bullying (and Earn $$$)
 limits to the rights and the freedoms in schools; the
 public’s right to know and importance of an uncensored      An essay contest on bullying open to Oklahoma
 media; and protecting these rights and comparing            eighth graders was a "cathartic process" for students
 rights in less free countries. The lessons and activities   that participated, according to a TPS principal.
 are suitable and adaptable for most students.               The Oklahoma Association of Chiefs of Police
 You can access these lessons through the electronic         sponsored Why I Should Say No to Bullying and
 edition of The Oklahoman at no cost to your school, as      Violence. On Friday, May 7, Middle College High
 this program is generously sponsored by the Ethics &        School hosted a ceremony and presented awards
 Excellence in Journalism Foundation. You can use these      to the three Tulsa students that authored winning
 lessons in your classroom through computers, a SMART        essays. Reva Loving won $100 for her third-place
 or Promethean board, or by printing and photocopying        entry, Becca Hunt earned a $200 award and second
 them. If you have any questions about how to use the        place, and Leslie Laughlin took home $300 for her
 electronic edition, call 405-475-3606.                      first place composition.
 Open the electronic edition of The Oklahoman each           ”We are a small school that focuses on a one-child-
 day from May 17-20 and flip through the pages until         at-a-time philosophy,” said Kenny Rodrequez, Middle
 you see the lessons clearly labeled "First Amendment        College’s principal. “Some of our students picked
 Freedoms." Lessons are always in the A section on a         our program because they were being bullied at their
 color page, so they're easy to find.                        home school and did not know what to do. We spent
 To check to see if your school has already signed up        a lot of time working with them on these issues and
 for access, go to http://nie.newsok.com and click the       showing solutions they can use for the rest of their
 bright orange "E-Edition Login" button on the right,        lives. We are very proud of our students for their
 then follow the login instructions. Learn more about        honesty and the cathartic process they underwent
 Newspapers In Education at http://nie.newsok.com.           writing these essays.”
Superintendent’s Bulletin                                                                         Page 4

 McLain’s Golf Team: Athletic Prowess, Smarts                  TPS Helps Special Students Plan for Future
                                       These students
                                       are wizards with
                                       a club and in the
                                       The      McLain
                                       High      School
                                       girls’ golf team
                                       made a strong
                                       showing in the
                                       4A state golf
                                       championship at
 Lake Hefner recently, coming in fourth place overall.         More than 30 vendors from colleges, technical institutes,
 The championship also crowns academic winners.                service organizations, learning programs, and more
 Those numbers are tallied by taking a team’s GPA and          assembled in Memorial High School gymnasium for
 dividing by members of the squad. With an average             the first TPS Transition Fair to help special education
 of 3.92, McLain’s                                             students make the transition from the classroom to the
 team was crowned                                              workforce.
 4A academic state                                             Held May 6 at Memorial High School, representatives
 champs.                                                       from area colleges, technical schools and employment
 Coach         Lloyd                                           agencies answer questions of parents and students
 Ware has a unique                                             faced with navigating life after high school.
 method of filling                                             Whitney Students Kick Butts in National Contest
 his team’s roster.
 “I go to the honor
 roll and sign the
 smartest kids in
 school; then I teach
 them to play golf. If you can handle the classroom,
 then learning how to play golf follows. It’s routine,
 rote and repetition,” Ware said.
 The team has won eight tournaments this season. Wow!

                                                               Whitney Middle School students made a powerful
                                     Checkmate!                mark on a national campaign to educate kids about
                                    Braden           Patton    tobacco and garnered the top photography prize.
                                    (left) and Thomas          As part of the national Campaign for Tobacco Free
                                    Hand ponder the            Kids' Kick Butts Day, entrants were instructed to send
                                    pieces during the          a photograph depicting their group's efforts to educate
                                    championship game          the public about the hazards of tobacco. The S.W.A.T.
                                    of the district’s annual   (Students Working Against Tobacco) team at Whitney
                                    chess tournament,          Middle School organized a Numbers Campaign to show
                                    held May 5 at              their school just how deadly tobacco truly is. They
 Skelly Elementary. Patton is a student at Eisenhower          created 16 body bags, body tags and tombstones to
 International School and Hand attends Disney. The             represent the 16 people that die each day in Oklahoma
 competition was grueling and when the dust settled            from tobacco use. Each body tag and tombstone included
 Eisenhower had won the tournament for the third year          a cause of death. More than 400 groups from across
 in a row. A total of nine schools participated.               the country submitted photos for the campaign.
Superintendent’s Bulletin                                                                                                Page 5

                                   Take Me Out to the Ball Game! TPS Night at ONEOK Field

 Oklahoma Teacher of the Year Brian Grimm and Superintendent Dr. Keith Ballard warm up for the first pitch on TPS Night at ONEOK Field on May 7.

 Dr. Ballard, Wilson Middle School Principal Caleb Starr, Alex Starr and Oklahoma Teacher       Owen Principal Angie Teas rallies behind the Tulsa
 of the Year Brian Grimm cheese it up at the Drillers game.                                     Drillers on TPS Night.
Superintendent’s Bulletin                                                                                                Page 6

 TPS Job Opportunity                                                                                     May 11, 3:30-5:00 p.m.
 A vacancy exists in the position below. Those qualified                                                 Elementary      Core   Subject
 and interested in such a position should submit an                                                      Departmental Teacher Leader
 application and resume within five working days                                                         Meeting
 (excluding holidays) of the date of this notice.                                                        Fulton’s Cafetorium
 Catering Manager                                                                                        May 17, 7 p.m.
 Reports to: Catering Director                                                                           Board of Education Meeting
 Minimum Qualifications:                                                                                 ESC Selman Room
 • High school diploma or equivalent
 • Must be certified (or willing to meet certification                                                   May 25, 9:30 a.m.
   requirements) in an approved food safety class                                                        PTA Council Meeting
   necessary to meet Tulsa City/County Health                                                            ESC Selman Room
   Department requirements for a Sanitation Certificate
 • Prefer catering and banquet set up experience, but
   would train
                                                                                                      Requests to distribute materials at TPS
 Duties and Responsibilities:                                                                         sites go through Janice Jones in the
 • Oversees and supervises the district catering operation                                            Public Information Office, 746-6298 or
 • Organizes and directs the processes necessary to                                                   jonesja@tulsaschools.org.
   provide breakfast, lunch, and special requests to
   principal, board members, superintendents, teachers,                       Boy Scouts of America – Sign Up for Cub Scouts!
   PTA’s and students as well as other staff                                  Central Tulsa Soccer Club – League Information
 • Must be able to drive and unload oversized                                 Christ Church – Free Movie, Pizza & Popcorn
   automatic truck/van                                                        Crowell Heights Baptist Church – Summer Kick-Off Party
 • Must have knowledge of nutrition food preparation                          Hutcherson Family YMCA – Summer Swim Lessons
   and ability to supervise employees                                         Lortondale Association – Pool
 • Must be able to work under pressure                                        Mabee Red Shield Boys & Girls Club – Youth Football
 • Must be able to tolerate exposure to higher than                           & Cheerleading & Summer Daycamp
   average room temperature and humidity
                                                                              Metro Tulsa Soccer Club – About Fall 2010 Soccer
 • Must be able to tolerate cleaning supplies and odors
   associated with these cleaning agents                                      Ranch Acres Baptist Church – Saddle Ridge Ranch
 • Respond to parent/teacher questions and concerns                           Tulsa United Soccer – Fall Season Soccer Sign Up
 • Possess basic computer skills necessary to navigate
   within a “Windows” environment
 • Must be able to work some weekends and have a telephone                    Sick Leaves
   and access to transportation to and from work                              The following employees were approved for sick leave
 • Exhibit a customer service attitude                                        donations:
 • Other duties and responsibilities as assigned                                         Paula J. Fleming
                                                                                         Holly C. Hudelson
                        Compensation: Grade 9 (Biweekly)
                                                                                         Charles E. Robinson
                                Date of Notice: 5/3/10
                                                                                         Silvia Saldierna
                                                                                         Sandra L. Wyman
 Free Financial Advice for Educators                                                     Thomas Moody
 Can the federal government take your pension, or                                        Elizabeth Burke
 403B? When can a teacher retire? What is the future                          If you would like to donate a day of your sick leave, please
 of retirement funds? Get real retirement answers in                          request the appropriate form from your site secretary.
 “When can a teacher retire?”summer seminars conducted                        Participation is voluntary and confidential. You can locate
 by Cindy Bear, NEA member benefits representative.                           sick leave donation forms online at www2.tulsaschools.
 Go to the Tulsa Public Schools website and DK the
                                                                              org. Look under the “quick links” section.
 class you want to attend, or call Cindy Bear at (918)
 It is the policy of Tulsa Public Schools not to discriminate on the basis of age, color, handicap or disability, ancestry, national origin, marital
 status, race, religion, sex, veteran status or political affiliation in its education or employment programs and activities. For information, contact
 the Director of Compliance at (918) 746-6357.

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