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					                                                       June 8, 1997—Special Edition #1

Administrator                                                                                                   Interview: Britta Phillips
Lesley Aeschliman                             year will be as good at this first year has                       by DéAnna Gegenheimer
      It’s hard to believe that it’s been a   been!                                                                    Hi, all you Jem fans. We know that
whole year since I first started the Truly    ADOBE ACROBAT FILES
                                                                                                                Britta Phillips is the singing voice of Jem,
Outrageous! Mailing List. But some-                      The Truly Outrageous! Anniversary Issue is an          right? Well, recently this little songbird
times it’s harder for me to believe just      Adobe Acrobat file. This document was arranged for the            opened up to let us know a little bit more
                                              standard 640x480 monitor, but you can “zoom in” to ex-
how much this list has grown and              amine something more closely with the magnifying glass            about herself and her work on the show.
changed during that time. When Truly          tool, above. Your left and right arrow keys will allow you               Thanks for joining us, Britta. It’s
                                              to navigate forward and back through the pages. Also,
Outrageous! 1.1 was distributed on            there should be a table of contents on the left hand side.        been a long time since your work on
June 4, 1996, there were only nine peo-       If you do not see it, select one of the layout controls at top    Jem. It must have been such a blast
ple subscribed to the list…but now, a                    This Anniversary Issue should print out very           getting paid to do what you love to do
year later, there’s about 300 people that     nicely from any printer, but bitmapped images (photos)            best. How did you first hear about sing-
                                              have been reduced to screen resolution to save space.
receive these digests.                        All artists have been credited in the event you should wish       ing on the Jem show?
      I’d like to thank all of you for your   to contact one of them by private e-mail to request a higher             My father had worked with Anne
                                              resolution image.
support and involvement with this mail-                                                                         Bryant for many years and was told that
ing list. If it wasn’t for you, this list     Acrobat is a trademark of Adobe Systems, Incorporated.            they were looking for a singer for the
                                              Jem and the Jem logo are trademarks of Hasbro, Incorporated and
wouldn’t be what it is today!                 Sunbow Entertainment. This document is an unendorsed fan maga-    voice of Jem. They were looking for
      And here’s hoping that this next                                                                          someone who was not a professional
“jingle” singer.                                                                           They told me about a CD they released
       How did they decide on you?                                                         for dogs (songs about dogs for dogs and
       They had everyone auditioning                                                       dog owners/lovers) when I saw them at
record the Jem theme song. The “Truly                                                      my father’s wedding last June.
Outrageous” theme song you hear on                                                                 What were your recording ses-
the show is my audition.                                                                   sions like?
       Do you know if they hired the sing-                                                         I don’t read music, so Ford would
ing voice or the speaking voice first for                                                  sit at the piano with me and sing the
the show?                                                                                  song. He and Anne would also fill me in
       I don’t know…Sorry.                                                                 on what the corresponding storyline was
       Did you have any input on the                                                       for that episode. I would memorize it as
songs, or help to write any of them?                                                       quickly as possible and begin record-
       Anne Bryant and Ford Kinder did                                                     ing. It took approximately one hour per
all of the writing. Ford also did some                                                     song.
singing for the male characters. Occa-                                                             How many songs did you do in a
sionally I would improvise a little em-                                                    day?
bellishment, but usually stuck to their                                                            At least two and up to six.
specific arrangement.                        Britta Phillips                                       Did you know any of the musi-
       When you sang songs that in-          Original photo courtesy of Britta Phillips    cians that played while you sang?
cluded other singers (i.e. the Misfits or                                                          My father played a lot of the mu-
the Stingers) did you actaully record with   Holograms and Misfits. I’m forgetting         sic on keyboards, using MIDI, samples
them?                                        someone…                                      etc…I met some other players, as well
       No. We always recorded one at a              (My guess would be that Ford might     (most of them acquaintances of my fa-
time. I would usually lay down the initial   have been the singing voice of Riot, but      ther). Ford did most of the piano music.
voice track and they would go from           Britta cannot confirm this as she never               Were there any songs you liked
there. They did record the background        recorded with the other singers.)             in particular, or hated?
vocals all at once. The Holograms and               How did you all get along?                     I didn’t enjoy hitting some of the
the Misfits were the same singers.                  I was friendly with all of them, but   excruciatingly high notes in some of the
       Who were they?                        they were quite a bit older than I was so     songs, but I don’t recall actively hating
       Ellen Bernfeld was Pizzazz and        we didn’t spend much time together. I was     to sing any of them. The songs that
also sang backup vocals as a Misfit and      21 at the time. My father is still friendly   stand out in my mind are “Only Me and
a Hologram. Ford was at least one of         with Ellen Bernfeld and has played in         the Music”, “Only the Beginning”, “We
the regular male characters. Florence        bands of hers since Jem. She and Anne         Can Make a Difference”, “Happy End-
Warner sang background vocals for the        Bryant had a band together for a while.       ings”, “Shangri-La”, and “Jazz Has.”
“Jazz Has” was fun because I got to try         again. Why did they never go back and
a slightly different singing style.             correct it?
       On the cassette tapes, it says the              Hmmmmmm…I believe it was
music is a product of Wild Star/Star Wild       suppose to create some realism.
Music. Do you know who they are?                       What sort of benefits did singing
       I assume it must be Anne Bryant          on the show have for your career?
(music primarily) and Ford Kinder (words               It never really had an impact on
and melody primarily). Unless they sold         my career. My short-lived acting career
the rights to someone else.                     was in a different genre and after that, I
       Did you also sing for the commer-        never volunteered the information about
cials?                                          Jem or my acting experience while pur-
       Yes.                                     suing a record deal with Belltower.
       The Glitter ‘n’ Gold Jem theme was              Okay, I’m confused. Why would
not used in the show. Are there any other       you not credit yourself as the singing
songs that you might have recorded that         voice of Jem? It would seem that a big
were not used?                                  job like that would get people’s atten-
       Not that I know of.                      tion. Did you ever use it as a credit on
       Any funny or amusing stories you         your résumé?
remember about any songs?                              I did include Jem on my résumé
       Ah yes…There was that time I in-         as an actor for a while, but it wasn’t re-
sisted on singing an entire song in Latin.      ally relevant to the style of music that
       In the song “Let’s Not Forget the        Belltower was doing.
Past” with Bobby Baily, there is a bit of a            Are there any similarities between
flub in it. You started a bit early with your   what you sing now and what you did as
singing, stopped, then started the song         Jem?
       Just some timbral similarities         your singing voice is to Samantha                ways trying to get me to sing the Jem
since it is my voice, but I was singing       Newark‘s speaking voice? Some people             theme for them.
“in character” at the time so it sounds       still can’t believe they are two different             Do you ever give in?
very different to me in spirit. I also sing   people.                                                I have, on rare occasion, been
quite a bit lower in register these days              I never really thought about it. They    persuaded to parody myself for a few
and my voice has matured a bit so it          did a good job, but she doesn’t really           seconds.
doesn’t sound as much like a kid.             sound like my speaking voice.                          You mentioned your little brother.
       Have you ever sung any Jem                     Do you know it’s been said that you      Tell us about your family.
songs in a concert (or anywhere else),        look like Jem?                                         My sister’s name is Inga, and
or wanted to?                                         Ha! No I didn’t. Of course, my           she’s 32 and lives in New York city with
       I have not. I wanted to do a dark,     grandmother says so, but that’s her job…         her husband. My brother, Webb, is 18
slow version of the Jem theme when                    So, you didn’t do any of the             years old. He will be going to Stanford
Belltower played at my little brother’s       photoshoots for the merchandise pack-            in the fall (ohh, hear that all you single
high school last year since most of the       ages?
kids knew that I was the voice of Jem,                Nope.
but I had some resistance from the other              Do you have any of the dolls?
band memebers.                                        I have one. Jem, of course. My
       (Ohhhh, wouldn’t that sound            grandmother bought me one. My dad
cool?)                                        bought one, too. He still has his, too. I am
       Have you ever watched the              not very familiar with them, and I had no
show?                                         idea there were so many until I had a look
       My manager videotaped the first        at the “Truly Outrageous!” digest.
few episodes for me to watch. It came                 How did you first hear about the
too early in the morning for me. It tick-     huge following of Jem? How do you feel
les me to hear my voice coming out of         about that?
Jem.                                                  I’m amazed and pleased. I suppose
       Who were your favorite charac-         I first heard about it from my little brother.
ters?                                                 Do/did people ever recognize you
       I like the Misfits                     as the voice of Jem?
       (Why am I not surprised?)                      No, not unless someone tells them.
       Did you ever get a chance to do        I’ve always been anonymous as the voice
any voice-over work for the show?             of Jem. The only person that ever really
       No, just singing.                      cared was my little brother’s best friend.
                                                                                               Britta Phillips
       Did you ever realize how close         (We care!) People that do know are al-           Photo courtesy of Britta Phillips
ladies out there). I’m the oldest…34 in           ally the case with young actors starting
June. I also have 2 ex-step sisters, Daria        out, I naively assumed I was right for the
and Anuta, 21 and 24, who live in L.A.            part. I believe this possitive attitude is the
        Did your “fame” ever cause con-           reason I got the role.
flicts with your family?                                 How was it decided that you would
        No, never. Since I’ve always been         sing the song “Mr. Big Stuff”?
anonymous as the voice of Jem, it never                  I think it was written into the script
interfered with anything at home.                 that way.
        When you are able to put aside                   Now, after all of this, you joined the
the music, acting, and the whole career,          band Belltower. How long were you a part
what do you like to do?                           of the group?
        I enjoy reading—mostly works of                  Seven years.
philosophy, criticism and biography, and                 We know you have a great album
the occasional novel or short story. I also       out there called, “Popdropper” which was
work out with weights and jog regularly.          recored in England, right? How was your
        Now, after Jem, we know you did           tour there?
the movie “Satisfaction.” How did you                    It was a great experience person-
like it?                                          ally and professionally. People are gen-
        It was a lot of fun. Not terribly chal-   erally able to sustain more interesting
lenging, but fun. I have fond memories            conversation due, I suppose, to less fre-
of everyone in the cast. I was particu-           quent television watching. I think the Eng-
larly close with Scott Coffey and Julia           lish value the art of conversation more

                                                                                                   “Jem & Jerrica” (detail) by Brenna Nelson
Roberts. I kept in touch with them for a          than “most” Americans and have a great

couple of years, but we all moved so              attention span. They do, however, lack the
many times that we eventually did lose            energetic optimism that is one of the best
each other.                                       features of American culture. I enjoyed liv-
        How did you get the part?                 ing there for almost three years, but I’m
        My manager lied to an agent and           glad to be back in the States.
said I was this great actress. The pro-                  What did you miss the most?
ducers of the movie were looking for                     My family and my dog…Taco Bell!
actors that had some musical talent so                   Jumping back to Jem; after it had
they sent me on the audition. Being that          been a part of your life for almost three
it was my first audition and I had not yet        years, did you feel saddened when you
been rejected over and over, as is usu-           knew the series was ending?
                                                    It was a great job...But I was pretty   Shonali Bhowmik. They have been best
                                            busy with other projects so I didn’t wal-       friends since the fourth grade and
                                            low in self-pity.                               formed the band about three years ago.
                                                    Do you miss singing in the Jem          It’s well crafted pop-rock. I just recently
                                            style?                                          joined since Belltower disbanded last
                                                    I can’t say that I do. I even have a    summer, and am playing bass and sing-
                                            hard time listening to the things I did a       ing a little bit. Darren Dodd is the sole
                                            year ago. I think that this is common           male member and plays drums. The CD
                                            among singers/musicians.                        will be released on Vel Vel records this
                                                    Was it a lucrative career for you?      fall, and we’ll be making a video and
                                                    I had to join the screen actors guild   touring this summer. I’m also working
                                            after I got hired. So, I made the scale         on a project of solo material. It’s still in
                                            wage which was more than enough to              the pre-production stages, but I’ll keep
                                            support myself.                                 you posted.
                                                    If someone was interested in doing             I really hope she does. Thanks
                                            voice-over work, or singing for a series        again to Britta for giving us a little in-
                                            like this, what advice would you give           sight on her life. We wish you the best
                                            them?                                           of luck!
                                                    I was in the right place at the right
                                            time and was lucky that they were doing         A Gap in the Collection
                                            open auditions. If my father hadn’t been        by Jason
                                            in the business I never would have known               How was I to know that Lesley
“Jem & Jerrica” (detail) by Brenna Nelson

                                            about it, so I have mostly him to thank.        was going to include dolls in her poll?

                                            The best advice I have is to record a demo      Well, anyway, for those who contributed,
                                            tape of different singing styles and send       I thought I’d go ahead and post the re-
                                            them all over to jingle houses and adver-       sults. Here are the dolls that were most
                                            tising companies. They also want people         wanted, plus, just for fun, I thought I’d
                                            that can sight read music. I’ve been told       include which songs would be available
                                            that it’s very difficult to break into.         on the cassettes packaged with the
                                                    What plans do you have for you          dolls:
                                            musical career in the future?                          1) TECHRAT—A bit of a surprise,
                                                    Right now I am with a band called       at least to me, but a logical choice con-
                                            Babyfat. There are two other female             sidering his appearance. That wild hair
                                            singer/guitarists, Michelle DuBois and          plus his flashy outfits would have trans-
lated perfectly to doll form. My funniest
vote came from Chad S. who voted for
“Don’t Touch Me Techrat—similar to
Tickle Me Elmo, but when you touch
him, he starts shaking and hisses ‘Don’t
touch me!’” I laughed for days over that!
      Cassette: “Hollywood Jem
Theme”, “Gimme a Gimmick” and “It
Takes a Lot.”
and RAPTURE)—I thought for sure that
these guys would take the top spot, but
it was very close! I guess that goes to
show that you can never be too sure
about anything. Still, there was a lot of
demand for these bad girls and boy, with      “Synergy” computer model by Matt Willson (
Minx being slightly more popular. Riot
would come with his hi-tech Synthaxe,                 4) SYNERGY COMPUTER—You’d               green stockings, orange gloves, boots
Minx with Entropy, her synthesizer, and       think since Synergy appeared most often         and headband, and would include a TV
Rapture with a guitar.                        in her big computer form that Hasbro            camera and microphone.
      Cassettes:                              would have produced her before a doll of              Cassette: “Hollywood Jem
      Riot—“The Stingers Theme”,              her holographic version and certainly be-       Theme”, “Now!”, “This Is Farewell.”
“Take It Or Leave It”, “Let Me Be.”           fore something like the New Wave                      Honorable mentions—
      Minx—“The Stingers Theme”,              Waterbed. A number of people suggested                Graphix—proposed Misfit ally
“Perfect Match”, “It’s a Hard, Hard Life.”    special features, like a built-in cassette      (like Clash), who would design the
      Rapture—“The Stingers Theme”,           player or working lights. Dan suggested         group’s artwork. There were plans to
“Under My Spell”, “Destiny.”                  making room for the Synergy doll to sit         introduce her on the cartoon at the same
      3) REGINE CESAIRE—This                  inside. I figured since this would be a large   time as Regine and Astral.
lovely fashion designer would make a          accessory that there would not have been              Eric Raymond—The Misfits’
stunning doll with her cappucino skin,        a cassette included.                            sleezy manager.
like Raya’s and ultra blue hair like Aja’s.           5) LINDSEY PIERCE—Somebody                    Craig Phillips—Aja’s hunky boy-
      Cassette: “Hollywood Jem                has to interview Jem and her friends (and       friend and Stormer’s brother.
Theme”, “Believe In Yourself”, “Straight      foes)! She’d come wearing that same                   Others worth mentioning came
From The Heart.”                              outfit she always wore—the orange dress,        from Chad S. (see TECHRAT, above)
include:                                                                                    tion Site” at
      Kick the Plant Rio                                                                           Light has some wave-like proper-
      Laser Suit Misfits—guaranteed to                                                      ties. A pebble tossed into a pond pro-
blind your child within ten minutes of                                                      duces a small circle of ripples in much
playing.                                                                                    the same way that a light ray produces
      The Limp Lizards—with cassette                                                        reflections (ripples) when it strikes an
featuring “Broken Glass” and “I’m Okay.”                                                    object. Two pebbles dropped into a
      Well, let’s see how these results                                                     pond near each other produce interfer-
compare to Lesley’s! Thanks to every-                                                       ence patterns where the ripples pass
one who participated!                                                                       over each other. Holography is a way
                                                                                            to record those interference patterns
The Whole Picture
                                                                                            from a three-dimensional object.
by Matt Willson
      During the development of the
Jem TV series, writer Christy Marx re-
searched real-world holography in or-         Christy Marx
der to establish a technical base for         Photo courtesy of Christy Marx
Synergy’s holograms. Although many of
the episodes violated the technical limi-           Then in 1963 American scientist
tations set forth in the Jem Bible (a tech-   Emmett Leith introduced lasers to holog-
nical guide for scriptwriters), even the      raphy. The work of George Stoke (who
original premises were far beyond cur-        coined the term “holography”) and others
rent holographic technology. So, what         quickly led to the development of the vari-   (Figure 1) The two circular patterns above rep-
is holography?                                ous types of holography we know today.        resent light waves spreading out from two
      The term “hologram” comes from          The laser price code readers in a super-      points. The area where they cross over forms
                                              market are a form of holography. And          what is known as a Moiré pattern. You will
the Greek roots for “whole” and “image.”                                                    notice some non-circular patterns in that area,
And in 1947 British scientist Dennis          “side-looking”, or “synthetic aperature”
                                                                                            but that is only an illusion. In fact, the straight
Gabor conceived of a way to record truly      radar, which can produce photographic         lines of your computer monitor’s screen (if you
three-dimensional images. Unfortu-            quality images from hundreds of miles         are viewing this Acrobat file on your compu-
                                              away, is another example.                     ter) create even more Moiré patterns by “cross-
nately, Gabor did not have access to the
                                                    (I will not dump a lot of math and      ing over” the circular patterns. Use the mag-
precision light sources (lasers) neces-                                                     nifying glass tool to zoom in and out until you
sary to make optical holograms. (At that      physics on you here, but if you wish to       see the four-petalled flower pattern. Like a
time, holograms were limited to maser         know about holography in more detail,         Moiré, a hologram is really only a series of
images and the nascent technology of          there are numerous books available and        fine lines on film, but produce other patterns
                                              even Web sites, like “A Hologram Produc-      when viewed properly.
      The basic set-up for recording a        works in a similar way. Music is mixed in
hologram is shown in figure 2. A laser is     with a “carrier frequency.” When you tune                                          OBSERVER
used as a light source because it is a        a radio, you are selecting a frequency to
type of precision light with high coher-      “filter out,” or remove—known as hetero-
ence (which means that it produces very       dyning—so that all you have left is mu-         (Figure 3)    “VIRTUAL” OBJECT
clean “ripples” in our pond). The laser       sic.)
                                                      The three dimensionality of holo-       fire on a sailing ship.
  LASER                                       grams is very real and not limited to a sin-           You can buy various types of holo-
                                              gle perspective such as other parallax-         grams from many card and novelty
   BEAM                LENSES                 based “3D” images (lenticular screens,          shops, or perhaps from your favorite
  SPLITTER                                    polarized glasses, etc.). Unfortunately, all    science museum’s gift shop. Many
                                              holographic technologies known to this          credit cards now carry a “rainbow holo-
                                              author require some filter (such as the         gram” which is visible in normal daylight.
        OBJECT                                hologram shown in figure 3) between the         You can order the necessary compo-
                                              viewer and the image. That is, there does       nents to make your own holograms from
                                              not yet exist a “free-standing” hologram        many places—such as Edmund Scien-
                                              like the ones R2-D2 used in the “Star           tific Company of New Jersey. (The
(Figure 2)         FILM                       Wars” movies. And since holograms are           above is not meant as an endorsement
                                              made from light, they usually require a         of Edmund Scientific, and the author
light is evenly divided into two paths by     darkened setting to be visible. So, opaque      has no connection to them.)
a “leaky” mirror known as a beam splitter     holograms, like Jem, are not yet possi-
(some light goes through, some                ble.                                            Interview: Patricia Alice Albrecht
bounces off). One beam will act as a                  But who knows what the future may       by DéAnna Gegenheimer
reference while the other is used to illu-    bring? A true hologram projector should                Many actors will tell you that it is
minate a 3D object. The light bouncing        be able to cancel light where it is not         more fun to play the “bad guy” because
off the object carries the “fingerprint” of   needed, the way Synergy was shown to            it is a role with fewer constraints. But
that object. That “fingerprint” will cause    work in the Jem series. Right now that          that does not mean that such roles are
interference patterns when it encoun-         looks like a pretty tall order to fill. Some    easy—they require a performer with a
ters the reference beam.                      inventor may find an embarrassingly sim-        certain…Pizzazz!
        When the developed hologram is        ple technique that we’ve overlooked in the             When did you first hear about the
held up in front of another coherent light    same way that Dennis Gabor made use             Jem auditions? What was the audition
source, a three-dimensional image of          of known physics when he proposed holo-         like?
the original object can be seen on the        grams. Perhaps individual atoms might be               I first heard about the auditions
other side of the “window.” (A radio          “excited” into emitting light like St. Elmo’s   through Rita Vennari, my agent at
Sutton, Barth and Vennari. All I knew          blessed with looking and sounding
was that it was a reading for a new show.      younger than most people my age, so to
I thought little of it because at that time    get this show was a gift from the great
I auditioned frequently and this was just      spirit. Of course now that I’m a mother of
another shot at it. I do recall being very     a two year old and starting menopause,
hungry. Wally Burr had had us read and         gravity is setting in...Need I say more?
re-read and re-read. It was a long audi-               How were voice sessions held?
tion and when I read for the part of           Were you with the other cast memebers
Pizzazz, I was so angry and hungry, my         during recording?
angst just kind of came out very authen-
        Did you know you were reading
for the part of Pizzazz? And did you
know what a trouble maker she was
before you got the part?
        I did know I was reading for the
part of the antagonist, but I didn’t know
how important she was to the show. Like
most auditions, I do my job, go home
and forget about it. If a call comes in
stating that I got the part, I think,
wow...Now what was it for and what did
I do?
        Did you do any crazy, fanatical
things to get the part? Pizzazz has quite
the over-active personality.
        I didn’t do anything unusual for the
audition. My dark side is usually kept
so well hidden that when it has a legal
chance to fly...The energy that comes
out of me feels perfectly awful.
        About how old were you when you
worked on the series?                          Excerpt from the comic “The Real Pizzazz” by Brenna Nelson
        I think in my mid thirties. I am       (
      The cast read ensemble for epi-       younger people.
sodes. This helps to maintain continu-              How did the group click as a whole?
ity and the right energy levels needed              As a whole, the group got along
for the action in the show. Wally Burr      well. I liked everyone. Charlie Adler is
would make us run lines and scenes          wonderfully funny. I think of him on
over and over and over again until he       occassion and wish him well. In a way, I
got exactly what he wanted. I recall, one   felt like we were kind of like a little pseudo
show, when Samantha (Jem) wasn’t in.        family. We worked together for a long
Wally asked me to read her lines. I did     time. I admired Sue Blu and all the great
hers as well as my own and we must          work she has done in the area of voice-
have been there for at least four hours.    over education. Bobbie Block moved to
Wally insisted I give Jem’s lines the       San Francisco, I think. Cindy had a sweet
same energy that Samantha would.            daughter, Touchi, I think her name is and
Doing that as well as Pizzazz’s lines,      I think they moved back to Chicago.
plus the other characters that we did       Catherine Blore is still in L.A., I think. I
meant I was doing at least four different   would see her occassionally at auditions
characters.                                 and exchange big hugs. Michael just com-
      I remember going home that night      pleted an interesting art show in Glendale.
and crying. I was so exhausted because      So, it seems to me he’s following his
I thought I couldn’t keep up with the       heart’s dream. I continued to keep in touch
demands made upon me. It was a turn-        with Linda Dangcil. She, by the way, was
ing point. Anyone who thinks that for a     one of the Tiger Lilie’s group in the Peter
moment acting is an easy profession is      Pan movie with Mary Martin. She was a
clueless. It takes amazing stamina and      child then, but is still as charming today.
strength of moral and physical charac-      Jack Angel was a mench. I respected
ter. No wonder most of it is done by        them all.
       How similar/different is your per-                                                  husband is pursuing his song-writing ca-
sonality with your character?                                                              reer and I am promoting an anthology.
       As I mentioned, Pizzazz would be                                                    I’ve been published in: Wind Eyes, A
me at my worst. Obviously, something                                                       Woman’s Reader & Writing Source. I
I’m quite capable of, but work on not pro-                                                 plan to use it to secure teaching posi-
jecting into the world.                                                                    tions as I am scheduled to teach at
       Did you ever watch the show?                                                        Nashville Tech in the fall. I still act in
Which episodes were your favorites?                                                        commercials and voice-over jobs when
       I watched the show once or twice.                                                   they come up. I paint watercolors and
       There was quite a bit of competi-                                                   have turned some into greeting cards.
tion between Jem and Pizzazz when the                                                      Anyone interested can order them and/
Stingers enter the series. Did you feel                                                    or my book via this e-mail address. As
the same when a new set of principals                                                      for personal messages, I regret I can-
joined the show?                                                                           not keep up on any correspondance. As
       I don’t remember the Stingers                                                       you see, this has already taken me way
coming into the show. Sorry. ( S h e                                                       too long to get back to you.
                                               “Dreamy” by Joe Bushardt
doesn’t remember Riot? Wouldn’t he be          Submitted by Denton Matthews                       I appreciate your sweet dedica-
crushed!)                                      (                        tion to Jem, DéAnna, and recommend
       I heard that Wally Burr is quite the                                                that you and and those reading this al-
character. Can you recall any amusing          your Jem days curled your hair. I hope      ways follow the leadings of your heart.
stories about him?                             that was a good sign:)                            —Blessings,
       Wally, as I said was a drill ser-             Working on the series was a great           Patricia Alice Albrecht
geant of a director. He’d drill until he got   experience for me. I liked the cast and
it exactly the way he wanted it and            technicians.                                       It seems that Patricia is, and we
sometimes that meant ten takes. Have                 What have you done since then?        wish the best for her. I personlly wish to
you ever tried sceaming for five seconds             Since the show, I’ve married Bruce    extend my graditude for her participa-
long, tough and loud ten times ten times       Michael Miller and we are the amazed        tion in this project for the fans of Jem. If
ten…?                                          parents of Forest, whose birthday is July   there are any persons interested in her
       (Ouch, I can just picture Patricia      18th. He’ll be three. Keeps us hopping.     books or greeting cards, you may con-
having to do that scream Pizzazz was           Recently I moved to Nashville where my      tact me via private e-mail
famous for, but over and over…not a                                                        <>, and I will
pretty sight!)                                                                             pass on the request. By her request that
       The last time we heard from you,                                                    you’ve read above, she wishes to have
you had mentioned that the reminder of                                                     no personal messages at this time.
“How Does It Feel To Be                               The Presidential Dilemma (1 vote or 2%)          SONGS
                                                      Riot’s Hope (1 vote or 2%)                       ~~~~~~
Popular?”                                             The Talent Search (1 vote or 2%)                 MUSIC IS MAGIC (best Jem and the Holo-
by Lesley Aeschliman                                  Truly Outrageous! (the first five episodes) (1   grams song) Total votes cast - 65 out of 64
       During the duration of time the            vote or 2%)                                          (approximately 102% of the respondents)
voting booth was open, I received a to-
                                                  WHO APPROVED THIS? (worst storyline idea)            #1 When It’s Only Me And The Music (9
tal of 64 votes. 46 ballots were submit-
                                                  Total votes cast - 55 out of 64 (approximately       votes or 14%)
ted by TRULY OUTRAGEOUS! Mailing                  90% of the respondents)                              #2 Can’t Get My Love Together (5 votes or
List subscribers (or approximately 72%                                                                 8%)
of the ballots), while 18 ballots (approxi-       #1 Journey Through Time (12 votes or 22%)                She’s Got The Power (5 votes or 8%)
mately 28% of the ballots) were submit-           #2 Intrigue At The Indy 500 (5 votes or 9%)          #4 Who Is He Kissing (4 votes or 6%)
                                                     Journey To Shangri-La (5 votes or 9%)             #5 Falling In Love With A Stranger (2 votes
ted by non-subscribers.                           #4 The Presidential Dilemma (4 votes or 7%)          or 3%)
                                                  #5 Hot Time In Hawaii (3 votes or 5%)                    Jealousy (2 votes or 3%)
EPISODES                                             Renaissance Woman (3 votes or 5%)
~~~~~~~~~                                                                                                  It Depends On The Mood I’m In (2 votes
                                                  #7 Adventure In China (2 votes or 4%)                or 3%)
WHAT AN INTERESTING CONCEPT! (best                   The Treasure Hunt (2 votes or 4%)
storyline idea) Total votes cast - 61 out of 64                                                            Love Is Here (2 votes or 3%)
                                                  #9 Beauty And The Rock Promoter (1 vote or               Music Is Magic (2 votes or 3%)
(approximately 95% of the respondents)            2%)                                                      Nightmare (2 votes or 3%)
                                                     Britrock (1 vote or 2%)                               Time Is Runnin’ Out (2 votes or 3%)
#1 Out Of The Past (8 votes or 13%)                  Broadway Magic (1 vote or 2%)
#2 Midsummer Night’s Madness (7 votes or                                                                   Twilight In Paris (2 votes or 3%)
                                                     Danse Time (1 vote or 2%)                             We Can Make A Difference (2 votes or
11%)                                                 The Fan (1 vote or 2%)
#3 The Day The Music Died (6 votes or 10%)                                                             3%)
                                                     Father’s Day (1 vote or 2%)                       #14 Believe In Yourself (1 vote or 2%)
#4 The Fan (4 votes or 7%)                           A Father Should Be (1 vote or 2%)
#5 Alone Again (3 votes or 5%)                                                                             Broadway Magic (1 vote or 2%)
                                                     Glitter And Gold (1 vote or 2%)                       Come On In, The Water’s Fine (1 vote or
    The Bands Break Up (3 votes or 5%)               Hollywood Jem (1 vote or 2%)
    One Jem Too Many (3 votes or 5%)                                                                   2%)
                                                     Homeland, Heartland (1 vote or 2%)                    Deception (1 vote or 2%)
    The Stingers Hit Town (3 votes or 5%)            The Jazz Player (1 vote or 2%)
#9 Adventure In China (2 votes or 3%)                                                                      Glitter ‘n’ Gold (1 vote or 2%)
                                                     The Jem Jam (1 vote or 2%)                            First Love (1 vote or 2%)
    The Beginning (2 votes or 3%)                    The Middle Of Nowhere (1 vote or 2%)
    Father’s Day (2 votes or 3%)                                                                           Friend Or Stranger (1 vote or 2%)
                                                     Music Is Magic (1 vote or 2%)                         How You Play The Game (1 vote or 2%)
    Glitter And Gold (2 votes or 3%)                 Old Meets New (1 vote or 2%)
    In Stitches (2 votes or 3%)                                                                            I Believe In Happy Endings (1 vote or
                                                     The Princess And The Singer (1 vote or 2%)        2%)
    The Music Awards (2 votes or 3%)                 The Rock Fashion Book (1 vote or 2%)
    Roxy Rumbles (2 votes or 3%)                                                                           I’ve Got My Eye On You (1 vote or 2%)
                                                     The Stingers Hit Town (1 vote or 2%)                  Let The Music Play (1 vote or 2%)
    Scandal (2 votes or 3%)                          The World Hunger Shindig (1 vote or 2%)
#17 Britrock (1 vote or 2%)                                                                                Like A Dream (1 vote or 2%)
    Broadway Magic (1 vote or 2%)                                                                          Love Is Doin’ It To Me (1 vote or 2%)
    A Change Of Heart (1 vote or 2%)                                                                       Love Will Show The Way (1 vote or 2%)
    Danse Time (1 vote or 2%)                                                                              Only The Beginning (1 vote or 2%)
      People Who Care (1 vote or 2%)                                                                 THE DAY THE MUSIC DIED (worst Jem and
      The Real Me (1 vote or 2%)                                                                     the Holograms song) Total votes cast - 54 out
      Runnin’ Like The Wind (1 vote or 2%)                                                           of 64 (approximately 84% of the respondents)
      She Makes An Impression (1 vote or 2%)
      Something Is Missing In My Life (1 vote or                                                     #1 I’m Takin’ A Train (5 votes or 9%)
2%)                                                                                                  #2 I Believe In Happy Endings (3 votes or
      To The Rescue (1 vote or 2%)                                                                   6%)
      We Can Change It (1 vote or 2%)                                                                    Jazz Has (3 votes or 6%)
      You Already Know (1 vote or 2%)                                                                    KJEM (3 votes or 6%)
      You’re Always In My Heart (1 vote or 2%)                                                           People Who Care (3 votes or 6%)
                                                                                                         Straight From The Heart (3 votes or 6%)
MUSIC IS MAGIC (best Misfits song) Total                                                             #7 Flowers In My Hair (2 votes or 4%)
votes cast - 63 out of 64 (approximately 98%                                                             Hollywood Jem (2 votes or 4%)
of the respondents)                                                                                      How You Play The Game (2 votes or 4%)
                                                                                                         Let The Music Play (2 votes or 4%)
#1    Universal Appeal (9 votes or 14%)                                                                  Music And Danse (2 votes or 4%)
#2    I Am A Giant (6 votes or 10%)                                                                      Open A Book (2 votes or 4%)
#3    It Takes Alot (5 votes or 8%)                                                                      Set Your Sails (2 votes or 4%)
#4    Designing Woman (4 votes or 6%)                                                                #14 Beat This (1 vote or 2%)
      Lovesick (4 votes or 6%)                                                                           Can’t Get My Love Together (1 vote or
      We’re The Misfits In Hawaii (4 votes or                                                        2%)
6%)                                                “The Stingers” by Brenna Nelson                       Come On In, The Water’s Fine (1 vote or
#7 Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (3 votes or 5%)            (                   2%)
    Who Is She, Anyway? (3 votes or 5%)                                                                  Dear Diary (1 vote or 2%)
#9 I Like Your Style (2 votes or 3%)                    There Ain’t Nobody Better (1 vote or 2%)         Freedom (1 vote or 2%)
    Takin’ It All (2 votes or 3%)                       Top Of The Charts (1 vote or 2%)                 Here Comes Trouble (1 vote or 2%)
    Welcome To The Jungle (2 votes or 3%)               Trapped! (1 vote or 2%)                          I’m Coming From Behind (1 vote or 2%)
    We’re Off And Runnin’ (2 votes or 3%)               You Gotta Be Fast (1 vote or 2%)                 It Depends On The Mood I’m In (1 vote or
    You Oughta See The View From Here (2                                                             2%)
votes or 3%)                                       MUSIC IS MAGIC (best Stingers song) Total             Love’s Not Easy (1 vote or 2%)
#14 Abracadabra (1 vote or 2%)                     votes cast - 47 out of 64 (approximately 73% of       Love Unites Us (1 vote or 2%)
    Congratulations (1 vote or 2%)                 the respondents)                                      Midsummer Night’s Madness (1 vote or
    Free And Easy (1 vote or 2%)                                                                     2%)
    Gimme A Gimmick (1 vote or 2%)                 #1 Destiny (19 votes or 40%)                          Puttin’ It All Together (1 vote or 2%)
    How Does It Feel (1 vote or 2%)                #2 Under My Spell (6 votes or 13%)                    Rockin’ Down Through Time (1 vote or
     I Love A Scandal (1 vote or 2%)               #3 Mind Games (5 votes or 11%)                    2%)
     I’m Gonna Hunt You Down (1 vote or 2%)           Take It Or Leave It (5 votes or 11%)               She Makes An Impression (1 vote or 2%)
     Jack, Take A Hike (1 vote or 2%)              #5 Let Me Be (4 votes or 9%)                          She’s Got The Power (1 vote or 2%)
     Listen Up (1 vote or 2%)                         Perfect Match (4 votes or 9%)                      Take The Time (1 vote or 2%)
     Makin’ Mischief (1 vote or 2%)                #7 It’s A Hard, Hard Life (3 votes or 6%)             There’s A Melody Playin’ (1 vote or 2%)
     Outta My Way (1 vote or 2%)                   #8 Stingers Theme (1 vote or 2%)                      To The Rescue (1 vote or 2%)
                                                                                Twilight In Paris (1 vote or 2%)              #3 Destiny (4 votes or 12%)
                                                                                Who Is He Kissing (1 vote or 2%)                 Mind Games (4 votes or 12%)
                                                                                                                              #5 Are You Feeling Alright (3 votes or 9%)
                                                                            THE DAY THE MUSIC DIED (worst Misfits song)          It’s All In The Style (3 votes or 9%)
                                                                            Total votes cast - 55 out of 64 (approximately    #7 Under My Spell (2 votes or 6%)
                                                                            86% of the respondents)                           #8 It’s A Hard, Hard Life (1 vote or 3%)
                                                                                                                                 Take It Or Leave It (1 vote or 3%)
                                                                            #1 We’re The Misfits In Hawaii (13 votes or
                                                                            24%)                                              FASHIONS AND DOLLS
                                                                            #2 Makin’ Mischief (5 votes or 9%)                ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
                                                                            #3 Free And Easy (3 votes or 5%)                  IT’S ALL IN THE STYLE (best fashion) Total
                                                                                Star Spangled Fantasy (3 votes or 5%)         votes cast - 48 out of 64 (approximately 75%
“The Holograms” (detail) by Brenna Nelson (

                                                                                Surprise! Surprise! (3 votes or 5%)           of the respondents)
                                                                                Winning Is Everything (3 votes or 5%)
                                                                            #7 Gimme A Gimmick (2 votes or 4%)                The fashion that received the most votes was
                                                                                It Takes A lot (2 votes or 4%)                the Flip Side Fashion named “Gettin’ Down To
                                                                                Jack, Take A Hike (2 votes or 4%)             Business” (this received four votes or 8%). In
                                                                                Lovesick (2 votes or 4%)                      second place was a tie between the fashion
                                                                                Queen Of Rock And Roll (2 votes or 4%)        named “Just Misbehavin’” and the fashion
                                                                                You Oughta See The View From Here (2          named “Permanent Wave” (they received three
                                                                            votes or 4%)                                      votes each or 6%). In third place were the
                                                                            #13 Abracadabra (1 vote or 2%)                    Glitter ‘n’ Gold fashion named “Fire And Ice”,
                                                                                Ahead Of The Game (1 vote or 2%)              the fashion named “We’re Off And Runnin’”,
                                                                                Congratulations (1 vote or 2%)                the fashion named “Music Is Magic”, and
                                                                                Designing Woman (1 vote or 2%)                Jem’s original outfit (these each received two
                                                                                I Am A Giant (1 vote or 2%)                   votes or 4%).
                                                                                I Like Your Style (1 vote or 2%)
                                                                                I Love A Scandal (1 vote or 2%)               The following fashions received one vote
                                                                                Let’s Blow This Town (1 vote or 2%)           apiece (or 2%):
                                                                                Listen Up (1 vote or 2%)                      * Glitter ‘n’ Gold Jem
                                                                                Outta My Way (1 vote or 2%)                   * Midnight Magic
                                                                                Universal Appeal (1 vote or 2%)               * Moroccan Magic
                                                                                Who Is She, Anyway? (1 vote or 2%)            * Stormer’s outfit during “I Am A Giant”
                                                                                You Gotta Be Fast (1 vote or 2%)              * Rock ‘n’ Roses
                                                                                                                              * Glitter ‘n’ Gold Jem and the Holograms
                                                                            THE DAY THE MUSIC DIED (worst Stingers            * Jem’s outfit from “Broadway Magic”
                                                                            song) Total votes cast - 34 out of 64 (approxi-   * Jem’s Mardi Gras outfit
                                                                            mately 53% of the respondents)                    * Gold Days, Diamond Nights
                                                                                                                              * Stormer’s jumpsuit from “Glitter ‘n’ Gold”
                                                                            #1 Stingers Theme (9 votes or 26%)                * Pizzazz’s mini blue dress with the ruffle
                                                                            #2 Let Me Be (7 votes or 21%)                     * Jem’s straight pink dress with feathers at the
                                                 fashion contest
                                                 * Award Night
                                                 * Twilight In Paris
                                                 * Gold Rush
                                                 * Runnin’ Like The Wind
                                                 * Roxy’s original outfit

                                                 FASHION VICTIM (worst fashion) Total votes
                                                 cast - 46 out of 64 (approximately 72% of the

                                                 There was a tie at first place between the Glitter

                                                                                                       “The Holograms” (detail) by Brenna Nelson (
                                                 ‘n’ Gold Fashion named “Purple Haze” and the
                                                 fashion named “Outta My Way” (they received
                                                 four votes or 9%). In second place was a tie
                                                 between the fashion named “It All Depends On
                                                 The Mood” and the fashion named “Rock
                                                 Country” (they received three votes each or
                                                 7%). There was a tie at third place between
                                                 Clash’s original outfit, Pizzazz’s original outfit,
                                                 the turquoise Flip Side Fashion with orange
“Tears in the Rain” by Joe Bushardt              lightning bolts, and Rio’s yellow and white
Submitted by Denton Matthews                     jumpsuit (they received two votes apiece or
(                             4%).

feet and two shoulders, one strap                The following fashions received one vote
* City Lights                                    apiece (or 2%):
* 24 Carat Sound                                 * Rio’s original outfit
* Like A Dream                                   * Rhythm & Flash
* Let The Music Play                             * Rio’s outfit during “This Is Farewell”
* You Gotta Be Fast                              * Pizzazz’s “Universal Appeal” outfit
* Jetta’s original outfit                        * Pizzazz’s outfit for the “In Stitches” version of
* Electric Chords                                the “Designing Woman” video
* Shana’s original outfit                        * Orange balloon pants, white top with splatter
* Jem’s brown glitter dress with fur stole and   paint (2nd year On Stage Fashion)
trim                                             * Jem’s orange dress she wears with green
* Pizzazz’s black blazer and yellow dress with   fishnet pantyhose and matching hat
gloves                                           * Rio’s yellow and pink pantsuit
* Sophisticated Lady                             * Jamie (Jerrica’s third identity in “Midsummer
* Jerrica’s outfit in “Broadway Magic”           Night’s Madness”)
* Pizzazz’s long black coat that was in the      * Virtually anything The Misfits wore
* Friend Or Stranger
* You Gotta Be Fast
* That royal outfit The Stingers modeled
* Midnight Magic
* most of the Misfits, especially Stormer
* Roxy’s original outfit
* Only The Beginning
* Glitter ‘n’ Gold Rio
* Most things worn by Pizzazz
* Jerrica’s original blue and white suit
* That teal & yellow one with the stars and that
horrendous headband!
* Pizzazz’s “clown” collar outfit in “We’re Off
And Runnin’”
* that long blue shirt Jem was wearing in “Like
A Dream”
* Kimber and Stormer’s fashion taste when
they became a duet

HAIR WITH FLAIR (character with the best
hair color and style) Total votes cast - 57 out of
64 (approximately 89% of the respondents)

#1 Danse (9 votes or 16%)
    Jem (9 votes or 16%)
#3 Aja (8 votes or 14%)
#4 Kimber (6 votes or 11%)
    Stormer (6 votes or 11%)
#6 Clash (4 votes or 7%)
#7 Raya (3 votes or 5%)
    Shana (3 votes or 5%)
#9 Pizzazz (2 votes or 4%)
    Rapture (2 votes or 4%)
#11 Jerrica (1 vote or 2%)
    Jetta (1 vote or 2%)
    Roxy (1 vote or 2%)
    Synergy (1 vote or 2%)
    Techrat (1 vote or 2%)

BAD HAIR DAY (character with the worst hair          “The Misfits” by Brenna Nelson (
color and style) Total votes cast - 58 out of 64
                                               cast - 57 out of 64 (approximately 89% of the   Interview: Michael Sheehan
                                               respondents)                                    by DéAnna Gegenheimer
                                               #1  Eric Raymond (13 votes or 23%)
                                                                                                       Have you ever wondered who that
                                               #2  The Stingers (11 votes or 19%)              guy is behind the voice of Rio? Well,
                                               #3  Riot (8 votes or 14%)                       some of you already know that Michael
                                               #4  Techrat (7 votes or 12%)                    Sheehan is the fabulous voice of Rio
                                               #5  Lindsey Pierce (6 votes or 11%)             Pacheco, but who is he really? In the
                                               #6  Minx (4 votes or 7%)
                                               #7  Craig Phillips (2 votes or 4%)              following interview, you’re going to find
                                               #8  Jacqui Benton (1 vote or 2%)                out that this single (well, not really, he
                                                   The Limp Lizards (1 vote or 2%)             is dating, but he’s not married) sensi-
                                                   Mrs. Bailey (1 vote or 2%)                  tive artist is a well versed, down to earth,
                                                   Rapture (1 vote or 2%)
                                                   Separate Jem and Jerrica dolls (1 vote or
                                                                                               great guy who is thrilled to find out about
                                               2%)                                             the huge following of Jem fans.
                                                   Synergy as an actual computer playset (1            Michael, thanks for taking the time
                                               vote or 2%)                                     to entertain some of your fans. Let’s start
“She’s Got the Power” by Joe Bushardt
Submitted by Denton Matthews
                                                                                               off with some easy questions about the
                                               UNIVERSAL APPEAL (best doll) Total votes
(                           cast - 58 out of 64 (approximately 91% of the   show. How did you first hear about cast-
                                               respondents)                                    ing for the show?
(approximately 91% of the respondents)                                                                 Casting comes almost always
                                               #1 Glitter ‘n’ Gold Jem (10 votes or 17%)       through agents. My agent submitted me
#1  Danse (10 votes or 17%)                    #2 First edition Jem/Jerrica (7 votes or 12%)
#2  Jem (9 votes or 16%)                       #3 Jetta (5 votes or 9%)
                                                                                               to Marvel/Sunbow as a possible voice
#3  Shana (8 votes or 14%)                         Synergy (5 votes or 9%)                     for Rio and I went to Wally Burr’s studio
#4  Clash (7 votes or 12%)                     #5 Clash (4 votes or 7%)                        with other actors to read for the part.
#5  Kimber (4 votes or 7%)                         First edition Kimber (4 votes or 7%)        The casting was fairly quick. I read the
    Pizzazz (4 votes or 7%)                        Raya (4 votes or 7%)
    Rio (4 votes or 7%)                                                                        initial audition and then had a call back.
                                               #8 Aja (3 votes or 5%)
#8 Roxy (3 votes or 5%)                            First edition Shana (3 votes or 5%)         I think I knew I had the role within a
    Video (3 votes or 5%)                          Stormer (3 votes or 5%)                     week.
#10 Jem/Jerrica (1 vote or 2%)                 #11 Danse (2 votes or 3%)                               Did you know you would be audi-
    Jetta (1 vote or 2%)                       #12 Ba Nee (1 vote or 2%)
    Lindsey Pierce (1 vote or 2%)
                                                                                               tioning for the the part of Rio? Or were
                                                   Flash ‘n’ Sizzle Jem (1 vote or 2%)
    Raya (1 vote or 2%)                            Pizzazz (1 vote or 2%)
                                                                                               you just trying to get anything available?
    Stormer (1 vote or 2%)                         Rama Llama (1 vote or 2%)                           All actors will basically read for
    Techrat (1 vote or 2%)                         Rio (1 vote or 2%)                          anything. I did know that I was up for
                                                   Rock ‘n’ Curl Jem (1 vote or 2%)            “Rio” because of the breakdown in the
WHERE ARE THEY? (best character that               Roxy (1 vote or 2%)
should’ve been made into a doll) Total votes                                                   cast list. My voice was too light for Eric,
                                                   Second edition Shana (1 vote or 2%)
and at the time he was the only other                                                                                   children to deal with, we were out by
male voice being cast, as I remember.                                                                                   five. I mention dealing with children as
The casting director (who may have also                                                                                 sometimes they are more difficult to
been Wally Burr) knew my voice and as                                                                                   read with, but we seldom had kids there.
I had just completed doing the                                                                                          Adults who sounded like kids (usually
“Flintstones” as the voice of Bamm                                                                                      women playing little boys and girls when
Bamm, I had a bit of reputation coming                                                                                  necessary) did that duty. I am still in
into the audition.                                                                                                      touch with Linda Dangcil and Patricia
       (Michael also informed me he was                                                                                 Alice Albrecht. I see Charlie Adler now
the voice of Ken for a Mattel project. I                                                                                and then and also Sue Blue. I was at a

                                            “The Holograms” (detail) by Brenna Nelson (
guess he is unfamiliar with the rivalry                                                                                 memoral service with Bobbi Block (now
between Jem and Barbie. We will have                                                                                    Samantha Paris) on saturday. A mutual
to correct him on this, won’t we?)                                                                                      friend/voice coach passed away and
       How old were you when you                                                                                        she came down from San Francisco for
worked on the project?                                                                                                  the memorial.
       Rio was about twenty or so for the                                                                                       (Bobbie Block update: Bobbie
series. Just beyond ‘teen years and so                                                                                  Block changed her name to Samantha
I used my twentysomething voice.                                                                                        Paris for professional reasons. She cur-
       (Notice how he avoided giving his                                                                                rently runs a voice talent agency and
real age Jem fans? I’ll leave the guess-                                                                                teaches voice-over lessons for actors
ing up to you. I have no idea!)                                                                                         in the business. She lives in the San
       Was is easy to work with the other                                                                               Fransico area.)
cast memebers?                                                                                                                  Samantha Newark was only
       Almost to a person, voice actors                                                                                 about eighteen or so when she played
are generous and an amazing group to                                                                                    Jem/Jerrica. She was tall and pretty and
work with. They are funny and sponta-                                                                                   drove a little car that had SING SAM on
neous and the true professionals can                                                                                    her license plate. She was not a pro-
pick up a script and after one read                                                                                     fessional voice-over gal at the time and
through, with some input from the story                                                                                 I don’t know if she did any other voice-
board and the director, come up with                                                                                    over work after our show. Wally liked
interpretations that make the script fly.                                                                               Samantha because she never argued
Our cast was no exception. We would                                                                                     with him.
arrive about one or so in the afternoon                                                                                         (After Jem, Samantha went on to
and if there were no questions and no                                                                                   establish her singing career. She can
be heard singing the song “In Your           ing stories you remember from anyone?
Eyes” in the Japanese anime project                   See above. Amusing stories? Well,
A-KO. Currently, she is said to be work-     to tell some of what went on would break
ing on an album to be released in the        the voice-over actor’s code. Some of the
spring of ‘97.)                              most talented of us are the most bizarre.
        How many recording sessions          Let’s just say that sexual innuendo and
would it take to finish one episode?         such helped to keep our sessions light
What would be a typical day for record-      and silly.
ing?                                                  (Does that surprise any of you?
        See above. One session for one       Knowing the acting business, it doesn’t

                                                                                             “The Holograms” (detail) by Brenna Nelson (
22 minute show. We raced through the         surprise me in the least:))
shows and had a ball doing it. See                    Have you seen any of the epi-
above for a typical day. One thing I         sodes? Which ones were your favorites?
didn’t mention is that we would do a                  I’ve seen them all and liked them
session in segments. For instance, if I      all. It’s been a long time, but when, in the
didn’t come on until page seven or so,       second batch, we had Minx and Riot and
I could go into the lobby of the studio      that crew come in, I think I liked some of
and study my script and have a cup of        that tension and more dangerous stuff, as
tea, knowing that it would take about        it seemed the producers were taking
twenty minutes to get to my part.            some risks that were going beyond stand-
Sometimes it was slow going because          ard cartoon fare.
the director, Wally, wanted a particular              Speaking of Riot, how did you feel
sound and it would take a few takes to       when he was added to the show?
get it. As Wally’s significant other is my   (Townsend Coleman is the voice of Riot.
theatrical agent, I can’t say a lot about    For those of you who are unfamiliar with
criticism that Wally has earned. The         his current work, you can hear him as the
best part is that he is a pal of over        voice of the Tick. Definitely not the soft,
twenty years and was very, very gra-         sultry voice of the alluring Riot!)
cious to me when he and Kristine at-                  I was a little jealous of Townsend
tended my art exhibit. He and I met that     when he first came on board as Riot. He
night on a totally different level of con-   is, in fact, a great guy and a fine talent. I
necting.                                     don’t know why I felt the way I did…just
        Are you still friends with cast      that my character was a little insecure, I
members after all this time? Any amus-       guess, and maybe I was afraid he’s actu-
ally taking over for Rio.                     it’s me and I’d forgotten about the job.       realize the strong following of men out
        (I would say that’s exactly what             How did friends react to your voice     there, but don’t worry, I’ll let him know
Christy was aiming for when she added         being a part of a “soap opera” cartoon?        you exist.)
them on to the show. Poor Michael, we                In my business all of the people who            And maybe they wanted to keep
still love you!)                              are pals are simply thrilled when some-        the male aspect less powerful to show
        I loved his work on the Tick and      one is working. Most of them were not          the girls who were fans that they (the
was disappointed when I wasn’t chosen         actually fans of Jem! But when we would        girls at home) could be glamourous and
to play Arthur, the Tick’s sidekick. Rob      talk about work and I got to say that I had    strong with out all the help that men of-
Paulsen, I think, took over for Mickey        a series, all were very happy. It’s a tough    ten are given credit for? And…The
Dolenz as Arthur, the Moth.                   business and, as you know, when you            villian, Eric, was truly a jerk, maybe as
        (Wow, from the Monkeys? Way           have a good job, it’s a thrill.                another political comment about men?
cool!)                                               Like the rest of us, did you ever get           How similar/different is “Rio” from
        Kath Souci is a very pretty           frustrated that “Rio” was sometimes an         your real personality?
woman, and as Minx, I found her a fine        idiot when dealing with both Jerrica and               I am much more hip and hand-
talent.                                       Jem? (Personally, I thought Jerrica was        some! But, he has better hair!
        Does it feel strange to hear your     way better and that Rio was such a nerd                [Editor ’s note: Maybe not,
voice on television, but not see your-        for not seeing it:))                           Michael. I saw Rio listed in the “How
self?                                                This was one thing that drove me        Does It Feel To Be Popular?” poll just
        This is an interesting question.      nuts. Only Rio didn’t know about Jem/          before this interview. Michael was no-
I’ve been on the air since I was in col-      Jerrica. He was so naive and, as you say,      ticeably absent from the “bad hair day”
lege and have heard myself a lot. My          an idiot. I constantly and quietly com-        responses.]
ego loves it and the one story that           plained that he was the only one who                   What have you been working on
comes to mind is when the lady I was          didn’t know and apparently a dodo for not      in the years since Jem was discontin-
going with about the time we did Jem          guessing. I think that (did we discuss         ued?
was at the gym and into the ladies            this?) he was sort of like Lois Lane to                I’m an artist and, as I told you,
dressing room was piped radio station.        Superman. Only Lois (in the old shows          have just closed a six week exhibit of
One of the commercials I’d done for           and comics) was truly in the dark about        my artwork at the local municipal gal-
Knudsen’s Yogurt was on and two girls         Clark. I wanted Rio to be less of a dummy      lery in Glendale, CA. My work is rather
were near my lady in the locker room.         and even though he was good about help-        ecclectic. I do installation art (site spe-
They commented on how much they               ing the girls out of a jam now and then,       cific stuff with found objects and ‘ideas’)
liked my voice! What an ego trip. And,        he was excluded and kept pretty shallow.       as well as assemblage, video and Po-
my lady was flattered for me, too. Some-      Obviously, it was a girl’s show.               laroid color transfer photography. The
times it’s funny to hear a cartoon or a              (Now guys, don’t get ruffled feath-     highlight of my recent show was 101
spot with a familiar voice and realize that   ers over this comment. Michael doesn’t         riverstones installed on redwood plat-
forms with velvet bags on a 300 square       bers of the cast. I was promised that the    the 99 Cent Store, I found a funky doll
foot wall. One hundred of the stones         main characters could be done. I was pre-    in a funky dress with funky boots
were carved with Chinese calligraphy.        pared to pay for them, too, and give them    and...Rio’s head!!!!!!!Arrrrrrrrrrg!!!!!!!
Another piece was 109 test tubes with        to the others as a gift. Never heard back           (Anyone care to fill him in on this
germinating sunflower seeds that             from the studio and don’t have a charac-     one, or should we sweep it under the
commerated van Gogh’s painting ‘sun-         ter model of Rio nor of any of the others.   rug and hope it doesn’t pop up again to
flowers’ which was painted in 1888.          I do have a Rio doll… All new and in the     insult all of us Jem fans out there?)
        Were you told when the series        box.                                                Well, that’s about it folks. Thanks
was going to end? How did it feel know-             (Fear not fellow Holograms, I have    again to Michael for taking the time to
ing three years of life was about to come    informed Michael of our recent discus-       spend with us. We wish you the best of
to an end?                                   sions of available cels, and we are cur-     luck with your art career.
        Doing the series was great fun.      rently working on obtaining a few. If you
As we met only once or twice a week          have any leads about this, please con-
for a few hours, it’s not like one might     tact      me     via    private     e-mail
imagine for an on-camera television          <> Thanks)
show. Most of us had other work going               When the Jem dolls came out, I
on at the same time and it was fun to        used to go to toy stores all over L.A. and
come and do the show. We were all a          ask for them. Ironically, the people who
little sad, but after the last show, we      coordinated the doll deal made Jem and
basically just hugged each other, know-      the gang larger than Barbie and her gang.
ing that we’d see each other on audi-        I think that if they had been wiser, they
tions and on other cartoons. There was       would have made Jem the same size so
a party, as I recall. We just enjoyed the    the girls (and guys) could have comingled
day. It did not feel as though anything      the costumes and interacted the charac-
was ‘coming to an end’ interesting that      ters.
you use the phrase ‘three years of life             (I know he’s right about this one!)
was about…’                                         As it worked out, Mattel just made
        I guess we all knew that we had      Barbie and the Rockers to sort of offset
done good work and that we could be          the rock and roll competition of Jem and     Starlight
proud of it. We had dolls made of the        the Holograms and as the series went off,    by Matt Willson
characters to remind us of our show.         so did Jem and the whole line of dolls.            Ten years ago my sister asked me
The only regret that comes to my mind               (Much to our disappointment!)         to make a pair of Jem star earrings for
is that I contacted the studio (Marvel, I           Another irony is that a while back,   her. After experimenting with several
think) to ask for cels for the fellow mem-   in a bargain store we have here called       designs I finally came up with one which
is easy to make, inexpensive and totally                                                      emery boards.
self-contained. (As a prop-maker, I have                                                             Buff the stars with fine steel wool
no qualms about trailing wires hidden                                                         (or the buffer from the kit) to remove the
by costuming, but jewelry is another                                                          protective coating. Use the “resist ink”
matter.)                                                                                      pen from the kit to mark the electronic
       This project is not tough, and you                                                     traces on one side of the star. The ink
can afford to mess up several times                                                           will be copper when you are through.
since the parts are cheap. If you know                                                               Soak the stars in the ferric chlo-
a hobbyist, all the better—you can bor-                                                       ride “etchant” to remove unwanted cop-
row his X-acto razor saw. If you don’t,                                                       per. This will take about 15 minutes, and
have patience and “Believe in Yourself.”                                                      remember to agitate, or rock the soak-
       You are free to ad-lib any part of                                                     ing tray continuously. Put on a good al-
this project if you have a better idea, or                                                    bum, and make sure you’re wearing
simply need to use a substitute. I will                                                       safety glasses. I’ll bet you liked to splash
give some part numbers from Radio                                                             in the tub as a kid, and you’re no differ-
Shack, but any good hardware store                                                            ent now. The etchant solution is not ter-
should have most of this stuff. Any other                                                     ribly dangerous—it will make your skin
supplies (small saws, putty, etc.) can be                                                     itch, or at least give you some good
found in hobby shops.                                                                         yellow stains if you spill it on yourself. I
       I made the earrings just big                                                           like to use an unfolded paper clip to turn
enough to hide a CR-1616 lithium cell.       brous and rough. You want the solid plas-        the stars over every few minutes. The
Lithium button-cells are usually 3 volts     tic board, and Radio Shack does sell             etched stars will be clean plastic with
and have an excellent power curve (they      those separately, if necessary.                  some copper lines where you used the
last a long time).                                  Trace two of the Jem star patterns        “resist ink” pen. Buff the ink off.
       The base of the earrings is cut       onto the PC board and cut them out. Be-                 Now to prepare the stars for the
from PC board plastic which is the stuff     lieve it or not, this is the most tedious part   LEDs (light emitting diodes) which will
that you find in all electronic devices.     of the project. A very fine-toothed saw, like    be installed. Most LEDs are coaxial so
Radio Shack sells a kit with everything      X-acto’s jeweler’s saw or their razor saw        that both connections (known as leads)
you need (cat. no. 276-1576), but try to     make very clean cuts. A small vice is pref-      come out the same end. It would be
check out the board included with the        erable for holding the board while you           possible to use such LEDs, but a lot
kit. You want an undrilled one, of course,   work, and try not to make any deep               more difficult. Radio Shack may have
which is what this particular kit is all     gouges in the copper surface of the PC           surface mount LEDs from time to time,
about. More importantly is the smooth-       board. (A paper towel in the vice can help.)     but you may have to check the yellow
ness of the board—some are very fi-          Smooth the edges with needle files or            pages for a better stocked electronics

   BOTTOM VIEW                       ACTUAL SCALE
                                                            L.E.D. AND ELECTRONIC
                                                           SYMBOL (NOTE NEGATIVE
                                                                LEAD MARKER)


      TOP VIEW
(L.E.D. PLACEMENT)                                               AVOID BATTERY

                 JEM AND THE JEM LOGO
                                               Solder the leads down qucikly because
                                               small devices like this LED don’t enjoy a
                                               lot of heat. File the bumps of solder down
                                               a bit so that your work is clean.
                                                      The LED leads and the groove can
                                               be filled in with a fine putty. I recommend
                                               Squadron Green Putty from your local
                                               hobby shop. And don’t be such a
                                               Kimber—let the stuff dry before you try to
                                               sand it down!
                                                      The stars will need a clip to com-
                                               plete the electrical contact and to hold the
                                               battery. The contacts from a 1/4-inch

store. (The surface mount LEDs are
fairly common.)                                                                               battery. If the clip is too tight, the exces-
       Drill the lead holes in the stars and                                                  sive stress may crack the copper trace
connect them across the face of the star                                                      off the plastic star. (Back to square one!)
with a grove just big enough to help hold                                                     And remember to file any rough
the LED. You can use the point of a                                                           edges—someone will be wearing these!
number 11 X-acto blade in place of the                                                               Excessive heat from a soldering
fine drill bit, but work carefully. I used a                                                  iron can ruin the trace. So, apply a blob
Dremel high-speed motor tool to cut the                                                       of solder to the contact area first. Then
groove.                                                                                       (while holding the clip in a gloved hand)
       The cathode, or negative lead of                                                       heat up the clip to make it receptive to
the LED usually has some kind of mark-                                                        solder, and hold it into place. (I put a
ing (a cross on the lead, a silver spot                                                       tab of masking tape around one end of
on the LED body, etc.) You can also test       headphone jack (Radio Shack no. 274-           the clip to help hold it by.)
the LED by holding the leads around the        312) are an excellent choice because you              Home stretch!
lithium cell. Yes, that brilliant red light    know they will stick to solder, they are              Cover the face of the earrings with
will be what people see coming from the        made for electrical connections, and the       Scotchlite reflective tape, and trim the
earring! Anyway, the cathode fits in the       metal has excellent springiness. Cut the       excess with a razor blade. Even though
center hole. You may need to extend            contact off and bend it into a flat S-turn     the earrings have an LED, this reflec-
the other lead with a short bit of wire.       with just enough “grip” to hold down the       tive tape, like a road sign, will do neat
things in flash photos. I sealed the
edges of the tape from lifting up by ap-       Truly Outrageous! Anniversary
plying a small bead of cyanoacrylate                        Issue
adhesive (Crazy Glue). The capillary         Executive Editors: Lesley Aeschliman
action will draw the glue in. Wipe off any                   and
excess, and be careful of the reflective                Shannon Muir
tape. You may also chose to paint the                Editor: Matt Willson
edges of the earrings gold.
       The last step is to apply an ear-          A special note of thanks to
ring post. You might have to trim one                Patricia Alice Albrecht
edge of the contact pad to make it fit
                                                       Britta Phillips and
along one of the star’s points. The ear-
ring is turned on simply by pushing the
                                                       Michael Sheehan
battery under the clip on the back. (Un-           for sharing their thoughts
like common light bulbs,LEDs are po-                         with us,
larized, and will only work one way.)                   to Christy Marx
       Each battery will run an earring          for her regular visits with us,
for eleven hours straight. Guys, earrings                 and to all the
like this make it very easy to find your        Truly Outrageous! Jem Digest
date in a big crowd, and wearing them             subscribers who made this
out in public can give you plenty of neat            Anniversary possible.
anecdotes to tell your friends. (My sis-
ter was almost bagged by concert hall
                                                       Happy Anniversary!
security who saw the earrings from a
distance and thought she was bootleg
videotaping the concert.)
       It’s showtime!

                                               Jem is a trademark of Hasbro, Incorporated and
                                               Sunbow Entertainment. This Anniversary Issue
                                               is an unendorsed fan magazine.

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