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                                      :: Virgo Zodiac Sign, Virgo Astrology, Virgo Horoscope                                                                       Zodiac signs / Horoscope signs
 2012 Yearly Astrology
                                       Virgo: This is the Sixth sign of Zodiac. They are of medium height, round and beautiful face, bright and                    Aries               Taurus
 Detailed Life Reading                 brown hair and beautiful skin. They have logical and intellect bent of mind ready to serve others. They
 Ask a Question                        feel happy to help others. They are good decision maker and choose best and right path that will be                         Gemini              Cancer
 Horoscope Matching /                  good for themselves and for others. They are balanced in their approach neither so aggressive neither                       Leo                 Virgo
 Compatibility                         so emotional. They are down to earth but if situation demands aggressiveness they never hesitate to
                                       become so. They know ground realities and by judging that make future plans. They never want to sit                         Libra               Scorpio
 Love Transits Astrology
                                       idle but they want to explore new things. They love reading, writing. They do not overreact to things.                      Sagittarius         Capricorn
 Child / Baby Horoscope                They cannot be persuaded easily not because they are aggressive but because firstly they look
                                       positive and negative shades and then reach their own decisions.                                                            Aquarius            Pisces
 Career Horoscope
 Business Report                        Ads by Google               Virgo Zodiac                       Love Sign                     Virgo Sign
 Financial Status Report                                                                                                                                                    Yearly Horoscope
 Partnership Compatibility                                                                                                                                         Aries               Taurus
 Medical / Health                      Strength points:                                                                                                            Gemini              Cancer
 Birth Time Rectification
                                                Helpful                                                                                                            Leo                 Virgo
 Gemstone Report
 Vedic Astrological Remedies                                                                                                                                       Libra               Scorpio
 Vastu (Vastu)                                  Straight forward                                                                                                   Sagittarius         Capricorn
 Sade Sati Readings                             Good Learner
                                                                                                                                                                   Aquarius            Pisces
                                                Highly intellectual
 Muhurta                                        Intelligent
 Varshphal                                      Graceful                                                                                                                   Monthly Horoscope
 Travel Report                                  Good resource management
 Online Chat Consultation                       Good communication                                                                                                 Aries               Taurus
                                                Efficient orator
                                                                                                                                                                   Gemini              Cancer
                                                                                                                                                                   Leo                 Virgo
 Free Yearly Horoscope                 Weak points:
 Free Monthly Horoscope                                                                                                                                            Libra               Scorpio
 Zodiac Signs                                   Difficult to persuade                                                                                              Sagittarius         Capricorn
                                                Too much thinking
 Zodiac Horoscopes                                                                                                                                                 Aquarius            Pisces
 Compatibility Chart                   Zodiac Sign Lord: Virgo sign lord is Mercury. As Mercury bestows intelligence, intellect, knowledge,
                                       high thinking power. That is why Virgo are highly knowledge and masters in there subject.

  Indian Astrology History             Career Virgo can look for:As Virgo are good in speech, communication, intellect and have logical
  Zodiac Symbols                       bent of mind. All those areas which require these qualities are the best place to work for Virgo. They
                                       can make their mark in service sector (BPO), publishing sector, as content writer, freelance writer,
  Birth (Natal) Chart
                                       banker or an economist. As Virgo love to help others they can perform well in any NGO also.
                                       Diseases which Virgo are prone to: There can be some nervous or digestion problems to Virgo.
                                       They should eat food good for digestion. They should take special care of their intestines and for liver.
                                       They should avoid taking coffee or any item that has high caffeine in it. In order to avoid acidity they
                                       should use garlic in their diet. They should also take care of their hair and of their skin. Proper
                                       nourishment and conditioner to be used for hair and for skin.

                                       Compatibility Signs: As people of this astrology sign (Virgo) are balanced and works with logical bent
                                       of mind. Virgo's are passionate for their loved one and for their partner and in return expects same.
                                       They are compatible with Taurus and Aquarius.

                                       Element: Virgo element is Earth. Earth can nourish plants and take proper care of flora and fauna. It
                                       provides stability ground so that Nature can flourish. But sometimes earth can shake in form of earth
                                       quakes in order to teach a lesson. In same way, Virgo nourishes and love to help people but can also
                                       take the form of aggression to balanced things in perspective.

                                       Modality:Virgo had dual modality means they can adapt to situation with ease , though they does not
                                       persuaded easily but once they judge things rightly then they can change to situation as demanding.                                           Are            you
                                                                                                                                                                                     compatible with
                                       Benefic or malefic effects: It all depends upon Birth chart, how well Virgo and Mercury are placed in                                         your     partner?
                                       horoscope. If they both are well placed, then one will serve others; help them out in adverse situation.                                      Get            our
                                       Use their logical bent of mind with stability. One will be highly intelligent and that will be shown in any                                   horoscope
                                       area of life whether it would be work place or any area of life. One will never say die and will work in                                      matched for to
                                       right direction.                                                                                                                              know level of
                                                                                                                                                                                     compatibility with
                                       Malefic effect: If Virgo and Mercury are badly placed then one will give wrong advice to people. One                                          your love partner.
                                       calculation may go wrong or his advice is taken in wrong way. One career will also be affected. Mind
                                       will have tensions. As Mercury represents sister so relations with sisters may also be affected.

                                       Caution: Balancing your emotions is important.

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