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 2012 Yearly Astrology
                                       Sagittarius: - This is the Ninth sign of Zodiac. They are tall, thin with broad head. Sagittarians are                        Aries               Taurus
 Detailed Life Reading                 open minded, religious person. They like journeys as ruling sign lord Jupiter signifies short journeys
 Ask a Question                        and are open to travel. They love to explore new and vivid things. They are always in hunt for                                Gemini              Cancer
 Horoscope Matching /                  exploring something new. They love to express their ideas and share with their friends. They do not                           Leo                 Virgo
 Compatibility                         like getting orders as being in fiery sign. They may have many friends. They are rich in artistic talents.
                                       They speak fastly and they know how to mould things. They love to help other with their suggestions.                          Libra               Scorpio
 Love Transits Astrology
                                       They generally find interest in new things. They love Nature, Mountains, and rivers. Knowledge is very                        Sagittarius         Capricorn
 Child / Baby Horoscope                important to them as that broaden their mind to look things in varied way. They are generally lucky.
                                                                                                                                                                     Aquarius            Pisces
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                                        Ads by Google               Pisces Love                       Love Sign                        Virgo Sign
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 Financial Status Report               Strong points:-                                                                                                                        Yearly Horoscope
 Partnership Compatibility                                                                                                                                           Aries               Taurus
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 Birth Time Rectification                       Artistic
                                                Exploring new things                                                                                                 Leo                 Virgo
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 Online Chat Consultation              Weak points:-                                                                                                                 Aries               Taurus

                                                Talkative                                                                                                            Gemini              Cancer
                                                Jealous                                                                                                              Leo                 Virgo
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 Free Monthly Horoscope                                                                                                                                              Libra               Scorpio
 Zodiac Signs                                                                                                                                                        Sagittarius         Capricorn
                                       Zodiac sign lord: Sagittarius sign lord is Jupiter. Jupiter is giver of luck, knowledge, spirituality,
 Zodiac Horoscopes                                                                                                                                                   Aquarius            Pisces
                                       humanity, religious minded so no matter Sagittarians acquires this attributes from Jupiter. So
                                       Sagittarians with this attributes can rise to higher level and can easily get name, fame and money.
 Compatibility Chart
                                       Career Sagittarius can look for: As Sagittarians, are knowledge store house they can become
                                       Teacher, Philosopher, Manager etc. They are generally good to go in banking, pharmaceutical sector,
  Indian Astrology History             or are working in Management Institutes. They are like light house which shows directions to ships in
  Zodiac Symbols                       hailstorm same way they are masters in giving right advice to their friends and colleagues in difficult
  Birth (Natal) Chart
  Articles                             Diseases which Sagittarius are prone to: As Sagittarians like to travel. They should take special care
                                       of their feet. They should take proper care of their liver, cholesterol. They can prone to diabetes so
                                       they should control there glucose level.

                                       Compatibility Signs: As people of this astrology sign (Sagittarians) love to give advices and like to
                                       travel exploring new things .When other person does not appreciate these things they tend to become
                                       jealous, envious and hazy. They require companion which understands them in right spirits. So Pisces
                                       and cancer are the signs with which Sagittarians are compatible.

                                       Element: Sagittarius element is fire. Fire can be protective as it provides warmth and at same time
                                       uncontrollable fire can devastate things or whole jungle in to ashes. Same way due to this elemental
                                       nature, Sagittarians can be caring, just, and gives helping hand but at same time can be irritative,
                                       harsh, lethargic, jealous when others does not respond to them in right manner.

                                       Modality: Sagittarians modality is mutable which means they can adapt to situations but at their own
                                       terms as they are in fiery sign. If they think that by changing themselves is important for their ideas to
                                       be recognized and to gain knowledge they can changed according to the situation.
                                                                                                                                                                                       Are            you
                                       Benefic or malefic effects: It all depends upon Birth chart, how well Sagittarius and Jupiter are                                               compatible with
                                       placed in horoscope. Qualities of any sign can be changed depends upon how well particular sign is                                              your     partner?
                                       placed and which planets are there in sign acting beneficially or malefically. If Sagittarius and Jupiter                                       Get            our
                                       are placed beneficially, person will gain immense knowledgeable, will be religious, loves to travel and                                         horoscope
                                       explore new things. He/She will be highly intellect and will use intelligence at right time in right                                            matched for to
                                       manner.                                                                                                                                         know level of
                                                                                                                                                                                       compatibility with
                                       Malefic effects: If Sagittarius and Jupiter are badly placed, then person will not like the company of                                          your love partner.
                                       other person as Sagittarians will think that their ideas are not being appreciated and will try to change
                                       path which may be not as smooth and can take them to wrong direction, Feeling of restlessness can
                                       come. They may become bored and lethargic.

                                       Caution: - Listening and sharing go side by side.

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