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                                      :: Aries Zodiac Sign, Aries Astrology, Aries Horoscope                                                                      Zodiac signs / Horoscope signs
 2012 Yearly Astrology
                                       Aries:- Aries is the first sign of the Zodiac. They had medium height, well built body, dark hair. Arians                  Aries               Taurus
 Detailed Life Reading                 are aggressive in their approach. Whatever they do they tend to act dominating. They have leadership
 Ask a Question                        skills and like to give orders. They are born leaders. They had lot of energy and vigor to complete                        Gemini              Cancer
 Horoscope Matching /                  there tasks. They had excessive anger and if their commitments are not fulfilled they tend to behave                       Leo                 Virgo
 Compatibility                         indifferently. Aries comes under fiery sign means they had heat inside which can put things into ashes
                                       if that energy goes in wrong way. Arians wants that every things goes by their command. They want                          Libra               Scorpio
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                                       things to be placed in right way. If that does not happen anger is there on their finger tips.                             Sagittarius         Capricorn
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                                       Strength points:
 Business Report
 Financial Status Report                        Aggressive in their approach                                                                                               Yearly Horoscope
 Partnership Compatibility                      Self discipline
                                                Rule makers                                                                                                       Aries               Taurus
 Medical / Health
                                                Dynamic                                                                                                           Gemini              Cancer
 Birth Time Rectification                       Straight forward
                                                                                                                                                                  Leo                 Virgo
 Gemstone Report                                Leadership skills
                                                Good Orator                                                                                                       Libra               Scorpio
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                                                Fast paced
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                                                Decision making
 Sade Sati Readings                             Balanced approach                                                                                                 Aquarius            Pisces
                                       Weak points:
                                                                                                                                                                          Monthly Horoscope
 Travel Report                                  Harsh
 Online Chat Consultation                       Get bored easily                                                                                                  Aries               Taurus
                                                                                                                                                                  Gemini              Cancer
                                                Short tempered
                                                Rash                                                                                                              Leo                 Virgo
 Free Yearly Horoscope
 Free Monthly Horoscope                                                                                                                                           Libra               Scorpio
                                                Early decisions
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                                       Zodiac Sign Lord: Aries Zodiac Sign lord is Mars. Mars is planet of energy and heat. If that heat and
                                       aggression goes into positive way lot can be achieved but if that goes in adverse way results can be
 Compatibility Chart                   harsh.

                                       Career Aries can look for: As Arians had dominating nature they can perform well at Managerial
  Indian Astrology History             level. They are good in all those which demands aggressive approach, fast paced decisions, results to
  Zodiac Symbols                       given in very short period of time. They can also go to become army persons, Police, Para-Military
  Birth (Natal) Chart                  staff, Detectives etc.
  Articles                             Diseases which Aries are prone to: As Arians are short tempered they may have headaches,
                                       seizures, Blood related diseases, Anemia, Thrombosis. They at times feel dehydrated. They should
                                       take Vitamin A rich foods in their diet.

                                       Compatibility Signs: As people of this astrology sign (Aries) are extrovert, straight in their approach.
                                       They wants there partners either those who can understand them at an emotional level or physically at
                                       par with them. If there partners does not understand the moods and feelings clashes will be the part of
                                       life. So by judging this scenario Cancer, Leo and Scorpio signs are well compatible with Aries.

                                       Element: Aries Element is Fire. If fire is well balanced that can provide warmth and heat and if goes
                                       aggressively that can put things in to ashes.

                                       Modality: There Modality is Cardinal. An Aries are self starters. They are aggressive and harsh if their
                                       goals are not realized..

                                       Benefic or malefic effects: It all depends upon Birth chart, how well Aries and Mars are placed in
                                       horoscope. If Mars and Aries are well placed, Person can have all positive points of Aries like He will
                                       outclass all his opponents, He will make a mark of itself. Person will have good chances of buying                                           Are            you
                                       vehicle or house.                                                                                                                            compatible with
                                                                                                                                                                                    your     partner?
                                       Malefic effects: If Aries and Mars are badly placed in horoscope, then person will be too aggressive,                                        Get            our
                                       will not listen to others and end result will be bad. Due to extreme frustration and anger there may be                                      horoscope
                                       an accident.                                                                                                                                 matched for to
                                                                                                                                                                                    know level of
                                       Caution: Arians should control there harshness and anger to succeed in their life.                                                           compatibility with
                                                                                                                                                                                    your love partner.
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