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									                  See the Sea Animals at Hana Oceanfront Cottages
One of the most wonderful times of the year on Maui, and particularly in the Hana
area is the arrival of the Humpback Whales and also the Monk Seals who come to sun
themselves. Many potential guests have searched the Internet and have viewed
numerous Hana Vacation Rentals, Hana Vacation Homes, and other Hana
Accommodations searching for the ideal spot to stay. Many of these vacation bound
guests want a Hana Cottage or Hana Accommodations that will be a Hana Oceanfront
Vacation Home so they can catch a glimpse of the incredible sea animals.
As Hana Oceanfront Cottages we are one of the few Hana Vacation Rentals that offers
a Hana Cottage and have two accommodations that are true Hana Oceanfront
Vacation Homes. Sitting on your private lanai on one of our Hana Vacation Rentals
you will be able to catch glimpses of the Humpback Whales playing just off shore. Or
perhaps you will be lucky enough to view a beached Monk Seal coming to shore to
relax, just like the guest who come and stay in Hana at one of Hana’s Vacation
Hana offers many unique type of beaches such as a rare Red Sand Beach, a black sand
beach and golden sand beaches. But finding Hana Vacation Homes, Hana Condo
Rentals, Hana Vacation Accommodations or any other type of Hana Vacation Rentals
that are actually situated at one or near one of these beaches is rare. So many visitors
want to be able to just walk out their door of their Hana Vacation Home or Hana
Rental and within a few minute be able to sink their toes in the sand. A romantic
Hana Cottage or a wonderful Hana Oceanfront Vacation Home is what most travelers
want and that is what they will get at Hana Oceanfront Cottages.
Planning ahead for a Winter Vacation is so important as Hana has very few Hana
Vacation Rentals, Hana Vacation Homes, and Hana Accommodations. To find one that
also is a Hana Oceanfront Vacation Home is rare and things really book up early, say
“Sandi Simoni” owner of Hana Oceanfront Cottages, one of the few Hana Oceanfront
Vacation Rentals. I speak to so many potential guests who are looking for their ideal
Hana Vacation Rental and always ask me when I am already reserved for their dates,
where else can they stay? They inquirer are there any nice Hana Vacation Home or
are there Hana Condo Rentals, or any other Hana Accommodations that I could
I always do assist people in finding their perfect Hana Vacation Rental and Hana
Accommodation if possible. You can view our site at www.hanabythesea.com if you
want to join us at Hana Oceanfront Cottages.
 Hana Vacation Homes is a destination that should be enjoyed for numerous days in order to explore all
that the Hana area has to offer. Hana Beachfront Rentals Two lovely oceanfront accommodations that
offer premium lodging that offers the charm of a romantic inn and yet the luxury of a fine hotel or

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