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Online Medical Consultation

With the Internet now a forefront for most Americans and
more and more families now having a personal computer in
their home with an active Internet connection, we are
seeing more and more people searching out information and

This includes those seeking answers from the medical
community. With the price of travel at an all time high,
many doctors are now providing online medical consultations
instead of making patients or those seeking information
drive to a far away doctor.

This also gives us access to doctors all around the world
at the touch of a finger.

Many people who are diagnosed with a medical condition
decide to seek out a second opinion before proceeding with
a medical procedure. Though these doctors cannot prescribe
drugs unless they are over the counter, recommendations can
be made and many doctors can provide you with a solution to
your problem or a second opinion.

Be aware though that these consultations are often not
free. But the cost is usually minimal, anywhere from
$15-$25 depending on how fast you need a response. These
low rates are possible because of the number of doctors
available and the number of people seeking help.

Some websites that offer online medical consultations have
over one thousand doctors available for consultations.

These include many from the United States and Britain and
there information available about each different doctor and
their specialty.

These online medical consultants can provide us with a
sense of relief and comfort, offering added knowledge to
what our doctors have told us, or providing information to
the contrary in the case of looking for a second opinion.
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