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					Unit 9
Teaching Objectives
1. Enlarge vocabulary
2. Talk about changing status of the
  family structure
3. Learn to read for types of reading
  comprehension questions
4. Learn to write about charts and

Section A Premarital Agreements
Section B Is the Traditional Family
          Structure at Risk
Section C A Male Nanny
   Section A

Premarital Agreements
      Table of Contents
Background Information
Warming-up Activities
Text Analysis
Vocabulary and Structure
Vocabulary Testing
    Premarital agreements
Premarital agreements or prenuptial agreements are
  binding legal contracts between two people who
  intend to marry each other.
       Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis
Born on July 28, 1929, Jacqueline
Bouvier Kennedy was first lady of
the United States during the
administration (1961-1963) of her
first husband, John F. Kennedy. She
had been a newspaper reporter and
photographer before their marriage
in 1953. She was riding beside
President Kennedy when he was
assassinated in Dallas, Texas, on
Nov. 22, 1963. In 1968 she married
the Greek shipping millionaire
Aristotle Onassis.
Aristotle Onassis
                    Born on January 20, 1906,
                    Aristotle Onassis was a Greek
                    shipping millionaire who
                    accumulated a fortune of
                    more than $500 million. Born
                    of Greek parents in Turkey,
                    he went to Buenos Aires in
                    1923 and became a telephone
                    operator there. Soon Onassis
                    established a tobacco import
                    business, and by 1930s he
                    bought unused freighters at
                    low prices and by the end of
                    World War II had amassed
                    great wealth in shipping.
                    After the war he increased his
                    shipping fleet by purchasing
                    surplus wartime freighters.
   The American Academy of Marriage Lawyers

  Its official name is the American Academy of
Matrimonial Lawyers.
 Warming-up Activities

1. Say something about your ideal husband or wife.

2. There are many campus lovers in our university,
   can you imagine the future of their love story?

3. Would you ask for a prenuptial agreement
   before your marriage? Why or why not?
Reference for Answering Questions (1)
1. an ideal husband:
  tall, handsome, wealthy, healthy, smart, hardworking,
   non-smoker, soft-spoken, tolerant, considerate,
   laborious, honest
    an ideal wife:
    pretty, slim, fashionable, passionate, sociable,
   hospitable, independent, tender, elegant

2. playmate, emptiness, follow the lead of one’s
  classmates or friends, experience (v.&n.), say
  farewell to each other, pursuit one’s own aim, each
  goes his or her own way
Reference for Answering Questions(2)

3. it depends, bathe oneself in, the last thing sb. should
   do, take sth. out of, true love, must (n.), save… from,
   shed light on, result in, let there be, prevent a
   terrible marriage.
     Comprehension of the Test (1)
1. Please list three crazier clauses of prenuptial agreements
   according to the text.
   First, the future husband wanted to be sure that he could
   keep his treasured ice-cream collection if his marriage
   failed. Second, a woman wanted to make clear who would
   walk the dog. Third, one man wanted to be entitled to a
   divorce if his future wife gained more than 15 pounds once
   she married him.

2. What is a prenuptial agreement?
   A prenuptial agreement, or prenup, negotiated by lawyers
   and sighed before a marriage, is mainly designed to deal
   with financial problem when divorce is insisted on by one
Comprehension of the Test(2)

3. Why has signing prenups become popular in the US
   since the early 1980s?
   Because more and more states began passing laws
   based either on “splitting evenly” or on “whatever a
   judge thinks is ‘fair’”.

4. What are the three situations calling for premarital
   First, a wealthy man who has been stung once may
   want to avoid such future problems. Second,
   protecting children from a previous marriage is a
   strong reason. Third, when one future partner is
   extremely rich while the other is poor.
Comprehension of the Test(3)

5. What kinds of problems can prevent a premarital
   agreement from being enforced in court?
   First, and language mistakes in a prenup, even a
   misplaced preposition, can be disastrous. Second, a
   prenuptial agreement signed under pressure can
   cause problems. Third, there can be a dispute over
   premarital accords if a couple decides to divorce
   while living abroad, or when they have different

6. How do British courts view prenuptial agreements?
   Prenuptial agreement are almost ignored by British
   courts because English law says that circumstances
   of a marriage aren’t static, and therefore a judge
   should decide how financial assets will be divided.
    Comprehension of the Test(4)

7. According to the lawyers, why do more and more
   American people begin to accept prenuptial agreements?
    For one thing, divorce rate in the U.S. is very high, which
   is often accompanied by money problems. For another,
   laying bare all one’s finances can sometimes save a
   couple from a terrible marriage.

8. Why is there still hope for the couples who signed a
    Because many people just put it in a drawer and never
   look at it again after signing an agreement.
Text Analysis (1)
Main idea of the text

     The author gives the reader a detailed
 exposition of what prenups are, who needs
 prenups, what points to be taken care of
 before signing prenups, and how people
 evaluate prenups.
      Text Analysis (2)
Main Idea of Each Part
                   A general introduction of prenups:
     Part I        What are prenups and how they are
  (Paras. 1-4)

    Part II           This part is about who needs
  (Paras. 5-8)                   prenups.

                  This part deals with what points
     Part III
  (Paras. 9-14)
                  should be taken care of when one
                  goes into a premarital agreement.

    Part IV
                  This part is about possible
 (Paras.15-16)    evaluations of prenups.
   Vocabulary and Structure

bind           to make no mistake about
               to make/hit the headlines
division       to call for
shield         to be in line for
               to be stuck under one’s
cite           nose
forge          to have no/little/some/
               much bearing on
dispute        to shed/throw/cast light on
circumstance   upon

1. Typical patterns for the exposition of sth. / sb.

2. Typical patterns for emphasis on the
bind v. (1)
1) hold (people or things) together; unite 联合,
  Many things bind us (together).
   Our patriotism has bound us to the motherland.
2) tie tightly 捆绑,捆扎
  Bind the thief to the seat with the rope lest he should
   She bound (up) her hair.
bind (2)
3) force sb. To obey, esp. by a law or a promise
   I was bound by this agreement.
   The agreement binds him to repay the debt in full
  within three weeks.
     division n.
1) dividing or being divided 分开,划分
  We insist on a fair division of the profits.
   The river forms the division between the heavy
  industrial and light industrial areas of the city.
2) one of the parts or groups in which a whole is
  divided 部门
  Which division of the company do you work in?
   His brother works in the foreign division of the
 shield vt./n.
1) Protect from harm; defend from criticism,
  attack, etc. 保护,防护,庇护
   The prisoner shielded his eyes with his hand when he
  walked out of the cave.
  Jennie put her hand over her eyes, shielding them
  from the sun.
2) 防护物,护罩,盾(状物)
    cite v. (1)
1) mention, esp. as an example in a statement,
  argument, etc. 引用,引证
  The judicial minister cited the latest crime figures as
  proof of the need for strengthening of the comprehensive
  administration of social public order.
   The mayor cited the latest unemployment figures as a
  proof of the need for more investment.
2) praise (sb. in the armed forces) publicly because
  of their bravery (军队中由于勇敢)通令嘉奖
   It is a great honor for a soldier to be cited for bravery.
cite v. (2)
cite & quote
forge vt.
1) make or produce, esp. with some difficulty 锻
  forge a sword/a chain/an anchor

2) make an illegal copy of sth. in order to cheat
  forge a banknote/ will/signature
dispute n./v. (1)
1) a serious argument or disagreement 争端,分
   Dispute occasionally occur between the union and
  the management.
   The firm is involved in a legal dispute with a rival
2) to argue or disagree with someone 争论,争吵,
   The lawmakers disputed over the need for new taxes.
   The main facts of the book have never been disputed.
dispute (2)
dispute, argue, debate& quarrel
dispute, argue, debate和quarrel都有“争论”或“辩论”
circumstance n.
an event connected with what is happening or
   has happened 环境,情况
in/under circumstances 既然这样;在这种情况下
I wanted to leave quickly, but under the circumstances
   (my uncle has just died) I decided to stay another
Maybe under these circumstances we may say that man
   can conquer nature.
     make no mistake about

Make no mistake about
your priority at school.
You should concentrate
on your study instead of
traveling from one
scenic spot to another.
    make/hit the headlines

Such disasters as air
crashes, earthquakes
and regional blood-
shed conflicts often
make the headlines in
our life.
    call for

The information age
calls for dramatic
changes in people’s
economic and social
     be in line for

As a result of our
scientists’ untiring
efforts, our country is
in line for a major
重大突破。 in
cross-breeding of rice.
      be stuck under one’s nose
(某物) 被放到面前

This journalist lost his
bearings when large
sums of money were
stuck under his nose.
     have no much bearing on
与······无 / 几乎没有 / 有一些 / 有很大关系

关; 但勤奋对成功更为重要。
It is true that one’s success
has some bearing on his
intelligence; but diligence
counts more to it.
   shed light on
使更容易理解 / 使人了解

A good teacher should
have the ability to shed
light on the abstract and
complex problems so
that students can easily
understand them.
 1. Typical patterns for the exposition of sth. / sb.

原句: A typical candidate for a prenuptial
agreement is a man who has accumulated
considerable wealth, has already been stung
once, and wants to reduce his exposure to
己日后的麻烦。 (L. 25)
future problems.
1) A typical / ideal candidate for sth. is one
   (sth.: the presidency, the partnership in my
   life, the job, the position, the title, etc.)
  Typical patterns for the exposition of sth. / sb.
应用:a. 管理岗位的理想人选是把雇员更多地
An ideal candidate for the
position of management is
one who treats his
employees more as friends
than as subordinates and
gives more spiritual than
material incentive to them.
Typical patterns for the exposition of sth. / sb.

                         A typical candidate
                         for my lifelong
                         partnership should be
                         one who is good at
                         reading others’ minds,
                         ready to devote, and
                         faithful to her love.
      Typical Pattern
原句:Another situation that calls for premarital
agreements occurs when a potential spouse has ,
or is in line for, great inherited wealth or a
family business, especially if the future partner
has little or nothing at all. (L. 34)

2) Another/A situation/problem that calls for/ is
   well worth…occurs when…, or…, especially
   题是,······或······, 尤其是······
      Typical Pattern
应用:a. 另一种值得我们关注的情形是,许多

 Another situation that calls for our concern
occurs when many women see marriage as a
springboard for them to better their fortunes
or as the sole opportunity for them to raise
their social status, especially if they are good-
looking but distressed with poverty.
      Typical Pattern

A problem that calls for the parents’ vigilance
occurs when your child has developed or is
developing a dislike for study, especially if he/she
could not lift himself/herself out of the failure in
an important exam.
     Typical Pattern
原句:That can lead to “ court-shopping”, since
what matters is the law of the country where
the couple is getting divorced. (L. 58)
这就可能导致 “逛法庭” 的现象,因为问题的
2) Sth./Doing sth. can lead to/result in…, since
   what matters (to sb.) is…某事/ 做某事可
   能导致······, 因为(对某人来讲)问题的关
     Typical Pattern
应用:a. 溺爱孩子可能导致他/她的人生一
 Spoiling your child can
lead to no achievement in
his/her life, since what
matters is that you foster
his/her hunger for
comfort as well as
dependence on others.
     Typical Pattern
应用:b. 党内腐败可能导致亡党,因为问题的

The corruption within
the Party can lead to the
fall of the Party, since
what matters is no room
for honesty and justice
in a society where
corruption is popular.
2. Typical patterns for emphasis on the conditions

 原句:But even when both parties have signed
 such an agreement, it can be impossible to
 enforce it in court if proper guidelines have not
 been followed. (L. 37)

 1) Even when/if …, it can/could (still) be
    (im)possible/hard etc. to do sth. if (not)…
    即使·······,如果(不)······,还是(不)可能 / 很
Typical patterns for emphasis on the conditions


 Even when we have acquired much
 knowledge on graduation, it could still be
 very difficult for us to be in line for greater
 success in our careers if we don’t continue
 our efforts in study.
Typical patterns for emphasis on the conditions
  Even if you have
 formed a happy family,
 it can still be impossible
 to make your happiness
 lasting if you fail to add
 more love and care to
 your marital life.
    Vocabulary Testing (1)
Ⅰ Choose the one that best completes the sentence.
1. It has direct ______ upon the subject.
   A. relation        B. relationship
   C. connection      D. bearing

2. There is no ______ to the house from the main road.
   A. access        B. avenue
   C. exposure      D. edge

3. The shy girl felt _____ and uncomfortable when she could
   not answer the teacher’s questions.
   A. amazed           B. awkward
   C. curious          D. amused
Vocabulary Testing (2)
4. Without proper lessons, you could _____ up a lot of
   bad habits when playing the piano.
   A. keep      B. catch
   C. pick      D. draw
5. This article ______ for more attention to the problem
    of cultural interference in foreign language teaching
    and learning.
   A. calls       B. cares
   C. applies     D. allows

6. We can not _______ all the magazines together.
   A. route    B. draw
   C. thread   D. bind
Vocabulary Testing (3)
7. Several words have been _____ from the letter by
   the editor.
   A. omitted      B. added
   C. rid          D. deleted

8. ______ difficulties we may come across, we’ll help
   one another to overcome them.
   A. However          B. Whenever
   C. Wherever         D. Whatever

9. They’re interviewing three _____ for the post of sales
   A sponsors               B candidates
   C advocates              D opponents
Vocabulary Testing (4)
10. Harry was _____ by a bee when he was collecting
  the honey.
   A scratched            B bitten
   C stuck                D stung
Fill in the blanks with the phrases given below. Change
the form where necessary.
insist on /upon draw up under sb’s nose lead to
end up throw/cast light on call for break out   lay bare
argue over/about   take advice   store away

1.These discoveries may ______________ the origins
                                throw/cast light on
   of the universe.
2. If you don’t work hard, you’ll _________________
                                                  end up
3. He ______________ her staying in London for
        insisted on/upon

   another couple of weeks.
4. He was asked to _______________ proposals for
                               draw up
   reforming the law.
5. An argument ____________ in the classroom
                        broke out

   between the children.
Fill in the blanks with the phrases given below. Change
the form where necessary.

    insist on /upon draw up under sb’s nose lead to
end up throw/cast light on call for break out    lay bare
       argue over/about   take advice  store away

6. The institution _________ immediate action.
                     calls for

7. Every aspect of their private life has been _________.
                                                   laid bare

8. The children are _____________ which TV program
                     arguing over/about
   to watch.
9. She is a manager who is good at ___________ from
                                         take advice
   the staff.
10. Squirrels are ____________ nuts for the winter.
                     storing away
How to write an essay based on a chart or a table? (1)
I How to describe a chart or a table?

                   a pie chart

   a chart
                   a line chart

                   a bar chart
Sentence patterns in a pie chart writing
Sentence patterns in a pie chart writing
1. These two pie charts show the differences between
   two groups of…
2. The first point to note is the huge increase (in the
   number of)…
3. According to the graph,…
4. The proportion of…
5. There was a slight recovery…
6. The graph shows the percentage of…
7. Perhaps the most telling feature of the chart is the
   dominance of…
Sentence patterns in a line chart writing
  Sentence patterns in a line chart writing
1.There was a (very) slight/small/slow rise/increase.
2. There was a steady rise/increase.
3. There was a (very) marked/large/steep/sharp/rapid
4. The bold graph shows that the percentage of … is
   almost … in the early morning but it gradually rises up
   to … percent at 8 am and remains the same for the next
   two hours.
5. Unlike …, the peak percentage of … is at …, which is
   about … percent.
6. Company B’s profit rose steadily from … to …, whereas
   that of Company A fell slightly.
7. The number of … reached more than … in …(year,
   month, etc.)
Sentence patterns in a bar chart writing
     Sentence patterns in a bar chart writing
1.This bar chart displays the numbers of…
2.The chart reflects several trends.
3.But……We see a different trend emerging.
4.When we compare…,we see…
5.This suggests increased …for … in …
6.It reflects the great differences that exist between…
7.These figures were overwhelmingly greater than the
   corresponding figure of…
8.It can be seen from the chart that the number is
9.In all locations, A outnumbered B…
SentenceFor this partin a are allowed thirty
Directions: patterns you bar chart writing
minutes to write a composition on the topic
Student Use of Computers. You should write at
least 120 words and base your composition on
the chart and the outline given below
Average number of hours a student spends on the
computer per week





                    1990   1995   2000
         Model writing
     It is obvious in the graphic/table that the rate/number/amount of Y
has undergone dramatic changes. It has gone up/grown/fallen/dropped
considerably in recent years (as X varies). At the point of X1, Y reaches
its peak value of ….

     What is the reason for this change? Mainly there are … reasons
behind the situation reflected in the graphic/table. First of all, …(the first
reason). More importantly, …(the second reason). Most important of
all, …(the third reason).

    From the above discussions, we have enough reason to predict what
will happen in the near future. The trend described in the graphic/table
will continue for quite a long time (if necessary measures are not taken).
   Writing          参考范文
                    Student Use of Computers
      Students tend to use computers more and more nowadays.
Reading this chart, we can find that the average number of hours a
student spends on the computer per week has increased sharply. In
1990, it was less than 2 hours; and in 1995, it increased to almost 4
hours; while in 2000, the number soared to 20 hours.
   Obviously computers are becoming more and more popular. There
are several reasons for this. First, computers facilitate us in more
aspects of life. Also, the fast development of the Internet enlarges our
demands for using computers. We can easily contact with friends in
remote places through the Internet. Besides, the prices of computers
are getting lower and lower, which enables more students to purchase
    Along with the time spent on computers, there arise some problems.
The most serious one is that many students are spending so much
time playing PC games so that they ignore their studies. It is urgent to
let the students use computers in a proper way.
         Section B

Is the Traditional Family Structure
             at Risk
     Table of Contents

Reading Comprehension

Vocabulary Study

Vocabulary Test
 Reading Comprehension (1)
Answer the following questions according to the text.
1. Where is the structure of the family life undergoing
   extreme changes?
   Around the world, in both rich and poor countries.

2. What are the reasons accounting for marriages dissolving
   with increasing frequency?
  Abandonment, separation, divorce or death of a spouse.

3. How many unmarried mothers exist in the north of Europe?
   The number reaches as many as a third of all births.
Reading Comprehension (2)
4. What is the possible problem of the children in single-parent
   They are more likely to be overtaken by poverty than those
   who live with two parents, largely because of the loss of
   support from the fathers.

5. Who tend to work longer, both at home and on the job,
   men or women?
   The Population Council report says women around the
   world tend to work longer hours than men, both at home
   and on the job.
Reading Comprehension (3)
6. Why are women forced to enter the work force?
    To give their children an adequate life; high rates of
   inflation forces them to earn money as well.

7. What is the result of a reduction of their public education
   budget in many developing countries?
   Parent should pay for school fee, uniforms, transportation
   and supplies without the support from the government.

8. Which country is one apparent exception to the general
   trend? Why?
   Japan. Because single-parent households and unmarried
   mothers have remained relatively rare there.
Vocabulary Study
    Words       Expressions

    dissolve    serve as
    overtake    be related to
    maintain    by the time
   contribute   care for
   adequate     bring about
    inflation   in particular
     scrape     to the point
  dissolve v.
1) (cause to) come to an end (使)结束,(使)解体
   The Assembly dissolved.
   The king dissolved the Parliament and called for a new

2) be absorbed by a liquid 溶解
   Water dissolves salt.
   Heat dissolved the candle into a pool of wax in a few
dissolve away 溶解掉
dissolve in 溶解入
dissolve into 溶解;溶解成
dissolve out 分泌出,溶解掉
     overtake v.
1) (of sth. unpleasant) reach suddenly and
  unexpectedly 突然降临,意外侵袭
   A storm overtook the children.
   The campers were overtaken by a sandstorm.
2) go beyond by being a greater amount or degree;
  come from behind and pass 追上,超过
  The car overtook the truck.
   Make sure the road is clear ahead of you before you start
  to overtake.
   maintain vt.
1) make sth. continue in the same way or at the
  same standard as before 维持,保养
  This ancient tower is well maintained.
    Britain wants to maintain its position as a world power.
2) make a level or rate of activity, movement etc.
  stay the same 保持
  It is important to maintain a constant temperature inside
  the greenhouse.
   This is the most efficient way to build up and maintain a
  reasonable level of physical fitness.
   contribute v.
give money, help, ideas etc. to something that a lot
   of other people are also involved in 捐献,贡献
Air pollution contributes to some kinds of diseases.
Every member of the team contributed to the victory.

contribution n. 捐款,捐献(物),稿件
contributive a. 有助的,促成的
contributor n. 捐款人,贡献者,投稿人
adequate a.
enough in quantity or of a good enough quality
  for a particular purpose 足够的,令人满意的
an adequate description of the situation 对形式的恰当描
adequate, enough & sufficient
inflation n.
a general continuous increase in prices 通货膨胀
Inflation erodes the purchasing power of the families
   with lower income.

check/combat/counter inflation 控制通货膨胀
inflation of language 夸大其词
runaway inflation 无法控制的通货膨胀
boiling inflation 恶性通货膨胀
chronic inflation 长期通货膨胀
   scrape v.&n.
1) to remove (an outer layer, for example) from a
  surface by forceful strokes of an edged or rough
  instrument 刮,擦
  The boy fell and scraped the skin off his knee.
   The workers scraped the wallpaper
    off before painting the wall.

2) the act or sound of scraping 刮,擦,刮擦声
   I heard the scrape of his chair as he shifted in his seat.
    serve as

serve as: perform certain duties; fulfil the
purpose of 担任······;作······用,起······作

1. 他任公司的顾问。
   He serves as an adviser to the company.

2. This may serve as a warning not to
   drive so fast.
     be related to

 be related to: be connected or associated with

1. The fall in the cost of living is directly
1. 生活费用的下降直接与油价下跌有关。
   related to the drop in the oil price.

2. 我跟他是姻亲关系。 marriage.
   I am related to him by
    by the time

by the time: when 到······的时候

1. By the time this letter reaches you I will
1. 你收到这封信时,我已离开了这个国家。
   have left the country.

2. By the time we got to the museum it was
2. 等我们赶到博物馆时,已是日近黄昏了。
   nearly dark.
     care for

care for: nurse or attend (esp. someone old or
sick); look after 照看,看护

1. Do you enjoy caring for small children
  while their mothers are at work?

2. Uncle Dick is very good at caring for sick
2. 迪克大叔照顾生病的动物很在行。
    bring about

bring about: cause to happen 使发生

1. Education is the only method of bringing
1. 教育是改变全世界人口状况的惟一办法。
   about changes in world population.

2. 科学给我们的生活带来许多变化。
2. Science has brought about many changes
  in our lives.
phrases of “bring”
bring about 引起,产生,导致
bring back 把······带回来,使复原
bring down 击落,减少,降低
bring forward 提出,提前
bring in 引入,带进
bring out 取出,显示,出版
bring up 抚育,养大
     in particular

in particular: 1. especially 特别地,尤其 2.
special or specific 特别的

1. 我特别喜欢这本书,虽然其他的书也非常
1. I liked this book in particular although the
  有趣。 were very interesting too.

2. Everybody says it is worth seeing but I find
  nothing in particular about that place.
     to the point

to the point: to a degree that 达到······的程度

   She has come to the point where she can’t
1. 对于他的恶习,她已到了再也无法忍受的
   地步了。 bad habit any longer.
   stand his

2. His addiction to drugs has come to the
2. point where he can’t do without it even for
   a single day.
Vocabulary Testing(1)
Complete each of the following sentences with the
   proper form of the word given in brackets.
1. ______________ (accept) by their peer group is
   important to most youngsters.
2. The visit to Germany gave them ________ (expose)
   to the language.
3. He seemed to take my silence as an ____________
   (invite) to talk.
4. Each child must obtain the __________ (sign) of his
   or her parents.
5. I don’t have to ________ (justification) myself to you
   or anyone else.
6. I know she doesn’t want her hair cut, not even
   _______ (trim) at the moment.
Vocabulary Testing(2)
8. I enjoyed the movie we saw last night; it was very
   ____________ (entertainment).
9. He has ________ (urgent) to act and not wait.
10. She is a real expert on art, so I feel completely
   __________ (adequate) whenever I talk to her about
Fill in the blanks with the phrases given below. Change
the form where necessary.
 in particular   to the point    serve as bring about
 contribute to   relate to       vary from by the time
 scrape by        care for    instead of   go on to

1. His comments were brief and _____________.
                                     to the point

2. She ___________ a major change in the way her
        brought about
    company designs its products.
3. We are hoping to _________ $100 _____ the new
                        contribute          to
    wing of the hospital.
4. She had ___________ a model for several painters.
                served as
5. He _______ his current troubles _____ the same
        related                           to
    problem from his unhappy childhood.
6. Both of their families ___________ on very small
                             scraped by
     Fill in the blanks with the phrases given below. Change
     the form where necessary.

   in particular    to the point    serve as bring about
      contribute to    relate to       vary from by the time
       scrape by         care for    instead of   go on to

7. Why did you recommend him for the job ____________?
                                                in particular
8. ______________ the train reached its destination there
        By the time
   was nobody left in the dining car.
9. Uncle Dick is very good at __________sick animals, and
                                caring for
   that is why neighbors usually turn to him for help when
   their pets fall ill.
10. We should propel history forward _________preventing it
                                         instead of
   from progressing.
Section C

A Male Nanny
Reading Comprehension (1)
Choose the best answer to each of the following

1.Which of the following statements is true
  according to the passage? C

A. The author doesn’t like watching Sam, but he
   needs the money to pay for school.
B. The author’s experience with kids is no better
   than that of any high school girl who watch
C. Many nannies regard the author as Sam’s
   father while he is Sam’s male nanny.
D. The author has the conventional idea that man
   is abnormal to be a nanny.
Reading Comprehension (2)
2. The message of the story is ___________.

A. that it’s hard for a man to be a nanny
B. that it’s easy for a man to be a nanny
C. that conventions kill creativity
D. that creativity comes from struggling against
  Read the text first and then provide short
  answers to the following questions.
3. What does the word “nanny” mean in the passage?
   It means “ baby-sitter”.

4. What does Sam’s mother think of the author?
   In Sam’s mother’s eyes, the author is Sam’s best

5. What is the author’s attitude towards the
   conventional idea that man is abnormal to be a
   The author is critical of the conventional idea that
   man is abnormal to be a nanny.

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