Why Do I Have Cravings During PMS?

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                                                   How Long Do the Cravings Last
                                                                 By George Key

   Smoking cigarettes is so addicting in part because long-term cigarette use changes the brain
chemistry. Over time, nicotine signals the brain to release dopamine, which is a chemical in the brain
that makes individuals feel good.

After an individual decides to give up smoking, it takes some time for the brain to re-adjust. This period
generally takes between two and three weeks to re-adjust. During this time, individuals will have strong
cravings to start smoking again.

Besides the period that is required for the brain to re-train itself, individuals will also have cravings
related to the nicotine that remains in the body even after people have stopped smoking. It usually
takes nicotine about 100 hours to leave the body. During this time, individuals will have withdrawal
symptoms that will make it difficult to quit smoking.

There are also psychological cravings that will last long past the time that it takes for nicotine to leave
the body and the brain to not associate smoking with pleasure. For some individuals, smoking simply
becomes a habit that has become ingrained in their lifestyles. It will require some thought and creativity
to replace this bad habit with something more healthful. Some ideas include chewing gum, eating hard
candy, going for a short walk, or reading something inspirational.

Quitting smoking is very difficult. Health experts believe that smoking is just as addictive as hard drugs
such as cocaine or heroine. The cravings can be quite intense and are both physical and
psychological. It takes a period of 2-3 weeks before the brain retrains itself not to crave nicotine and
about 100 hours before nicotine is cleansed from the body. This combination makes the first month of
attempting to smoke quite excruciating.

Most people who attempt to keep smoking, usually will try and fail a few times within the first three
months. This is the period of time where the cravings are extremely strong. If individuals know this from
the onset, they will be able to take measures to put safeguards in place so that they don¢t go back to
smoking. They may want to start up a new hobby or exercise program to keep their minds off of the
cravings. If an individual can make it through this period, they should be successful in quitting smoking.
They will need to create a plan prior to them quitting so that they are not overwhelmed when the
cravings hit. If they do this, then they will have a much higher chance of actually kicking this harmful

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                                           Why Do I Have Cravings During PMS?
                                                            By Diana Walker

 Scientists and medical professionals don’t completely understand the causes for PMS and the
cravings that go along with it yet. The general consent is that hormones like progesterone, estrogen
and testosterone are involved, as is the brain chemical serotonin.

The fact is that many women crave certain food, mostly chocolate, sweets and salty / fatty foods like
potato chips during “that time of the month”.

Are PMS Cravings Really Dangerous Or Addictive?

While PMS cravings aren’t particularly dangerous, some of the foods we eat and the amounts in which
we eat them aren’t exactly healthy. Eating several candy bars for example isn’t a good idea. On the
other hand, eating a bite of chocolate, or a handful of chips won’t kill you.

The key is not to let these cravings get out of control, or they can lead to weight gain, obesity and all
the health problems associated with it such as diabetes, heart disease and certain types of cancer.

What Can I Do To Curb My PMS Cravings?

The best way to curb PMS food cravings is to give your body the serotonin it craves without going
overboard on the sugary stuff. Skip the bag of oreos and the pint of ice cream. You can get the same
craving curbing effect by eating complex carbs with a little fat and protein in the mix to slow down the
absorption of the carbs. Good choices are whole grains, beans, lean protein like chicken and rice

Perhaps the best way to cut down on PMS cravings is to change when and how much food you eat.
Keeping your blood sugar level even is your best bet. Try eating six small meals spread throughout the
day. Each of the meals should include some complex carbs, some protein and a little fat to keep your
body satisfied and avoid blood sugar spikes that will only lead to more cravings.

You may not be able to get rid of your PMS food cravings completely but by following the advice
above, you can manage them and gain at least some control over your cravings.

Are cravings running your life? Diana Walker provides natural solutions to cravings, mood swings, and
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