; Short Hair Styles and Hair Straighteners
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Short Hair Styles and Hair Straighteners


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									                                                Presented by Daniel Toriola

   Proper hair care should be part of your daily routine. This is to ensure that you look good. This can also prevent
       hair loss. Although it is normal to shed some hair daily as part of hair growth cycle, some people may
                                            experience abnormal hair loss.
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                                             Short hair styles and hair straighteners
                                                            By Stephen Hall

   Short hair styles similar to the ones that men usually wear, are preferred by most as it is very easy
to take care. If your hair is straight then there is no problem of wind messing it up or when you wash
your. Applying hair gel not necessarily becomes essential because if your hair without any product
looks good then applying gel will not make any great difference. Short hair style is really good and
manageable. But the problem lies with those who have curly and wavy hairs. For them it may be tricky
to manage their short wavy or curly hair if they are completely ignorant of how to take care of it

There are other short hair styles like “bob” that too do not take much of your attention if your hair is
straight but the difficulties arises if you have wavy hair. So in that case you need to straighten your
hair. Although messy hair style is in the fashion today and they are most popular with the emo boys
and guys but such hair styles are not for all. Another short hair styles is with “bang” but that too look
goods when your hair is straight. What if you are not born with straight hair? You are still lucky to have
born in an era with so many inventions that is making the impossible possible.

If you are finding difficult to manage your short and curly hair then there are so many hair straighteners
for you available both offline and online shop. Besides hair straightener there are other technique that
involves the use of chemicals and it is very time consuming that aims to straighten hair. But
straighteners proves to be the best option over the other options as it does not involve the use of hash
chemicals on your hair and escape time consuming trips to salon. You can get the shiny, glossy and
pin straight hair with super quality hair straightener.

It is really overwhelming to choose the right hair straightener from among the hair straighteners from
different brands. It is confusing to choose from among the ceramic, Tourmaline, or an Infrared hair
straightener. If you ask me then you should go for one that produces ions when heated and hair
straightener that have ceramic or tourmaline coated plates produce negative ions on heating, and that
gives your hair a smooth and relaxing look. You should also ensure that your hair straightener is of
right size and it will produce optimum results on your hair. For your short hair the most popular sizes
are 1-1/4" and 1-1/2 inch that is easy to handle and are more versatile. The bottom line is that you
should always go for the brand that offers you less time straightening experience devoid of snagging or
breaking during the process. Avoid purchasing heavy weighted hair straightener instead look for a
sturdy, light-weighted, ergonomically-designed one, which is also offered at competitive price. Hair

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                                              Presented by Daniel Toriola

straighteners from GHD and CHI are just doing wonders on every hair they are applied on. So if you
haven’t bought one for you then go and get one for you and enjoy the different hair style that you have
always desired.

For more details please visit http://www.hairstraightenersiron.com

The professional chi iron, chi straightener and chi flat iron you can get here with attractive price.

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                                               Presented by Daniel Toriola

                        Hair Straightener – Is The High Temperature Safe For Your Hair?
                                                             By Paton Jackson

 Hair straighteners are more popular than ever. I use a Sedu hair straightener, most of my friends do
and if you still don’t use a hair straightener I certainly recommend using one. But does this high
temperature straightening technique safe for our hair? Well, not necessarily. Actually, could be
destructive and totally ruin our hair. Read on to find the best tips for using a hair straightener and
maintaining a healthy hair:

1. Check the heat distribution of the hair straightener – Some hair straighteners, mostly those with
metal plates, have an uneven temperature among the surface of the plates. You hair could be severely
damaged if one end of the plate will have a temperature of 180c and the other of 210c. Sedu hair
straightener and other straighteners with ceramic plates usually have an even distribution of the heat.

2. Check the quality of the temperature control function – Hair straighteners with ceramic plates usually
heat up and cool down quickly, what gives you a better control. You should also make sure that you
can choose from a wide selection of temperatures.

3. A low temperature is not effective- A hair straightener which has a max temperature of about 150c
will be less effective – Your hair style may not last through the day.

4. Do not use the hair straightener when you don’t need it – Using the hair straightener on a daily basis
may harm your hair. Try giving your hair a day off at least once a week.

5. Use hair oils to protect your hair – An excessive use of the hair straightener may dry your hair out.
Use oils to protect your hair.

6. Use Hair straighteners with advanced technologies such as infra red radiation and ionic technology
– These technologies protect your hair and can even improve the condition of your hair. Hair
straighteners like the Sedu hair straighteners which have both technologies will keep your hair in the
best condition.

Hair straighteners are as safe as any other hair style treatment – Use them wisely and carefully and
enjoy the feeling of a straight smooth hair.

911 Corp. has executed a research to find the best hair straighteners. The result and more information
about hair straighteners could be found on
http://www.911stophairloss.com/Sedu%20hair%20straightener.htm - The Sedu hair straightener site –
You must try it.

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                                                  Presented by Daniel Toriola

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