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                                                Research the Biotechnology of Obagi
                                                                 By Aria Scherer

   The head resultant of distinct new discernments of the actual maturating process of the skin and self
sustenance functions medical researcher of Obagi have been able to develop a line of merchandises
that functions effectively beneath the surface of the skin. As it turns out, the skin is truly an intricate
organ with indeterminable intimate microbiological functions and processes.

Skin: A Complex Organ

The skin is literally loaded with chemical and substances, many of them it produces itself and without
them your skin will look and feel just more likely like a piece of usual shoe leather. In fresh skin these
vital substances occur in abundance but as skin maturates or becomes over exposed to the suns
deleterious rays it's power to produce or store these substances is diminished.

Going Deep Down the Skins Surface

Many of the skin treatments in the Obagi line up of new age applied science treatment wares are
formulated to work under the skins protective surface layer. By chemically engineering substances to
bypass this surface layer, these substances are then able to function on a cellular level with actual
human skin tissue.

Replacement Therapy: End Result of Obagi Biotechnology

The final result, is a type of renewal therapy that livens the skin with essential substances and nutrients
that it needs to work and keep itself right again. For case, why do only old people get age spots? Why
don't young people have crinkles around their eyes?

Treating Age Spots and Wrinkles

The age spots are due to a depletion of these essential chemical substances in discreet areas that the
skin requires to regulate its pigment content. By replenishing these substances, the skin can then
properly regulate what it is that is inducing the age spots. Its the same method that Obagi skin care
merchandises use to deal with wrinkles on the face neck hand and arms also.

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                        Consise Review of the Obagi Medical Skin Management Program
                                                               By Trevor Price

The Obagi skin care system is a prescription-strength line of skin care products that can only be
prescribed by a physician, like a dermatologist. The product is designed to rejuvenate and expedite
skin cell growth.

However, can it really do everything it says it will? Are you better off with chemical or laser treatments?
For a high level review and the answers to these questions, keep reading.


Obagi isn't cheap. Because it's a prescription strength system, it can sell for as much as $300 for the
full system. Most users will find it isn't covered by their medical plan either, meaning the expense is
treated as cosmetic and out of pocket. Many consumers opt for procedures like chemical peels
instead, which are comparable in price, but may last longer.

Quality of the Product

Because the Obagi skin care system is FDA-approved, it has to meet a high level of standards with a
minimum amount of prescription levels. The product is well made, but can seriously irritate some skin
types resulting in redness, a rash or other forms of irritation.

Before you use Obagi, it's important that you understand how to use the product and to consult with
your dermatologist. The product isn't your standard over-the-counter AHA cream - it has prescription
levels and is therefore very strong.

How Easy is it to Use?

Obagi's skin care line involves six steps - which seems like an incredible amount of work on a nightly
basis. Each step must be done in the right order with the appropriate amount of product. And, to
maintain results, you need to keep it up. Overall, using the Obagi system has a big learning curve and
may not be worth the effort.


Most patients using the Obagi systems are pleased with the end results, especially those using the
six-week rejuvenation system. However, most customers will find that once they stop using Obagi, their
skin problems return within one or two months.

The second significant disadvantage to the product is the process of getting to the end result.
Essentially, Obagi is a chemical peel that works by removing the old, outer layer of skin and all the
dead skin cells associated with it. Through that process, the patient will experience red, flaking skin.

The Last Word

Overall, the Obagi skin care system is a well made product, but probably not the best option for people

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looking for a permanent acne or aging solution. Most patients are likely better off opting for a laser or
chemical, in-office treatment with their dermatologists.

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