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Meditation For Anxiety Relief


									                                                 Presented by Daniel Toriola

      Stress and anxiety seem to be the new illnesses of the modern age and stress management and stress relief
     therefore assume paramount importance. Stress can adversely affect our relationships with others causing us
                                             to lose healthy relationships.
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                                                      Meditation for Anxiety Relief
                                                              By E&T Marketing

  Over stressed? There will be no doubt you need a effortless stress meditation. Indeed, meditation
can seem intimidating, and finding the time daily may be tough at first. The solution to both problems is
a meditation you can be taught right now, that will take a little to perform every day.

A simple Stress Meditation
You breath through your mouth, it expands your chest. Breath through your nose and you'll notice how
your belly extends. Nose-breathing causes the diaphram to pull air to the base of your lungs. This
delivers a generous dose of oxygen into your bloodstream and brain, and it also tends to relax you.
Breathing through your nose is healthier, and it's the basis of this one-minute meditation.

Here's how it works.
Close your eyes, sigh, and allow the tension to leave your muscles. First you should tense up your
muscles at first, then let loose that tension. At that time release all of your thoughts, as much as
possible, and take four or five slow, deep breaths through your nose, paying attention to your

Can Meditation Be This uncomplicated?
The short answer is, of course. No, you're not likely to move you into a deep meditative state with this
effortless stess meditation. However, there will be no doubt you will get benefits, together with a clearer
mind and a reduction in stress. It helps to develop a "trigger" for your meditation. For instance, do your
four breaths when you get into the car, or else immediately after lunch each day. These triggers are
places or times that remind you, so your meditation becomes a practice. You can say this isn't "real"
meditation, but there's nothing wrong with enjoying the relaxation you'll acquire from this practice. If
you want, you can always pursue deeper meditation later.

Meanwhile, remember that not everything has to be complicated to be of value. Why not try this
painless one-minute stress meditation?

Breathing through your nose is healthier, and it's the basis of this one-minute meditation.

Beating Anxiety - It's All In Your Mind!
Anxiety, Panic Attacks and Depression Relief from a Former Patient.
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                                                Presented by Daniel Toriola

                         Walking Meditation: A Simple Way To Meditate Almost Any Time
                                                                By Carl Walker

 Most Westerners think of meditation as someone sitting down, cross legged with their eyes closed and
probably chanting some kind of mantra over and over again.

But that is only one of the ways that people can practice meditation.

Meditating can also be performed standing up, lying down or walking.

Today, we're going to look at walking meditation. In this situation, the walking itself is the focus of your
meditation, rather than a candle or a mantra or your breathing.

Obviously, depending on where the walking is taking place, you may also need to be aware of other
external influences as well, such as joggers and cyclists.

In a walking meditation, you should concentrate on the actual experience of walking. Notice the
pressure on each foot as it touches the ground and the relief of that pressure as your foot rises again.
Take in the experience of the muscles in your legs. Notice when they tense up and when they relax.
Feel the changes in your toes as they meet the ground. Recognize what is happening to your ankles
as you walk along.

As well as the stress relief that a walking meditation naturally brings, you should also experience a
feeling of energy and invigoration. Walking is a more active meditation than some other types
(although breathing meditations can get pretty energetic as well, if you choose to let them). You also
benefit from the exercise of walking, which is an aerobic exercise in itself. It follows that a walking
meditation can be of overall benefit to your health and can even help keep you fit.

If the thought of sitting or lying down to meditate has put you off in the past, then taking the walking
meditation course could be just the ticket. Give it a try and see how refreshed you feel afterwards!

While you're walking, you could also be doing a breathing meditation from  Find out
much more about meditating at learn about meditation at

Get Instant Relief From Stress & Anxiety
Discover a new, completely different way to meditate that guarantees relief from stress, nervous tension and hidden fears.
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                                                Presented by Daniel Toriola

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