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					                                                Presented by Daniel Toriola

     Link popularity and link relevancy are the two primary factors in the way that most search engines determine
       rankings. The object is to have more inbound text links than your competitors without going overboard.
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                                       Internet Marketing - Building Traffic with Blogs
                                                            By Media Precision

    Once your search engine optimisation campaign is in place, and you begin to see traffic to your
website increase, branch out and capitalise on easy internet marketing to market your business
As with social networking websites, blogs draw people from far and wide and give a new perspective
on your target audience. Get your name out there! Apply this easy internet marketing activity and
ensure that all your friends and family are dropping your company advert on relevant blogs they
subscribe to. Then do a search and find out what blogs are discussing the kind of products you sell.
Subscribe to these blogs, comment on posts, and mention your company or your site on all posts
relevant to your target audience. Once you’ve done this, encourage friends, family & followers to do the
same. Let them get behind you and make supportive comments to your posts. Be careful that you don't
look like you're spamming, though. You need to be relaxed and natural. Be clear about what you say
about your web site and if you would like to maximize this space to create traffic, you must begin with a
generic name, e-mail account and make the opening speech under that name.
Then, after your supporters have posted, in agreement with your blog post, log on as your company
name. Be bold, but not offensive. Let subscribers know that you've seen the positive comments made
on these niche related blogs, and that you wanted to check it out personally. Give thanks to the other
posters for their assertions and back up and use this as an online marketing opportunity, a chance to
show your potential customers what great pride you have in your business concern. Blog subscribers
will see this dialog box as your true desire to be the very best in your specific area and will take
account the time you took to thank your loyal clients.
 It may take some time to get to get results from this simple online marketing activity, but it's time well
spent. You'll drive traffic in throngs to your website by using blogs.

This article written by Media Precision SEO Nottingham. Media Precision are UK based online
marketing consultants, specialising in search engine optimisation. Other media precision articles,
including Ten Steps of SEO can be found at their blog

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                                            Presented by Daniel Toriola

           One Of The Best Ways To Get Free Training To Make Your Business Successful
                                                        By Glenn Buckman

 If you have an internet business, then you have to find free training to help you make your business a
success. In order to make money online with any business, you have to have traffic to your business.
This is why it is so important for you to get free internet marketing training because without it, you will
always struggle to make even a few dollars. This article is going to tell you about one effective method
of learning what you need to know.

So, what is the one way that is effective for getting the free training you need? It is blogs; you want to
do a search with any major search engine and look for internet marketing blogs. Then go through the
results and find a handful that you can use to start reading; believe it not, but you can learn a lot from
reading free blogs. The more blogs that you find and spend time reading, the more you will learn.

When you are looking for free training online, there are a couple of things that you want to remember.
This also applies to finding blogs that you can use to learn from. Here are the important things that you
need to keep in mind.

One: When you are looking for free internet marketing training, it is a good idea to first research to find
out who the internet marketing gurus are. When you can learn from the people that have been
successful, you will know that you are getting free training that will actually work to help you build your
business. You won't have to just hope that it works.

Two: Use blogs to learn from, but remember that you want to only learn one marketing method at a
time. This way you don't get confused, plus you can get that one method working to bring in traffic for
you before you start learning and implementing another one.

Keep these two important things in mind when you are looking for blogs that will give you the free
training that you need. Blogs are all over the internet and you need to make sure you take advantage
of them to get all the free internet marketing training you can. The more you are willing to learn, the
more success you will find with your business. So, get started finding those blogs today to help you get
the education you need.

Glenn Buckman is a successful full-time internet marketer from Chandler Arizona where he lives with
his wife Oksana.   He is the founder of Synergy Cashflow Systems, LLC, a business dedicated
to educating online marketers in the newest techniques making the learning curve much shorter.
Check out our website at

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                                                 Presented by Daniel Toriola

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