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									                                                                                                        Advising Overview
                                                                                                         Day 1 – Session 1

                                                                                               General Information
                          Welcome to Your                                                    Undergraduate Education
                      Academic Advising Session!                                             Immediate Resources
                                                                                             What’s New in College
                                                                                             University Core Curriculum
                                                                                             Summer B Program
                                                      Undergraduate Education                FIGs Program
                                                      PC 249, (305) 348-2892

       Undergraduate Education                                                                The Academic Advising Center
                                                                                                Advising is Teaching and Learning!

  Undergraduate Education is the Central Hub for                                           We help you...
  lower-division students entering the University.                                           Navigate your first 30 credits
                                                                                             Understand the University
    Guide students through their transition.                                                 Core Curriculum philosophy
    Enable students to succeed!                                                              & requirements
    Strengthen our undergraduate programs!                                                   Develop a personalized
                                                                                             academic plan
                                                                                             Learn to gather accurate
              YOUR Undergraduate Education Support Offices:                                  information
    Academic Advising Center (UP/BBC) ♦ Center for Academic Success
                                                                                             Enhance your educational
Student Athlete Academic Center ♦ Academy for the Art of Teaching ♦ ROTC
  Invitational Scholars ♦ National Student Exchange ♦ Education Abroad                       experience

                                    Advising Center                                              What’s New in College?
                   Center for           PC 249           Registrar’s
                                                          PC 130
                    GL 120
                                                                                          University Culture…
      Disability                                                                            Less Structured Environment
      Resource                                                     Financial Aid
       Center                           YOUR                          PC 125                Greater Freedom
       GC 190                         Immediate
                                                                                            Larger Population

        Housing and
                                                                Parking &
       Residential Life                                           Traffic
        UP Towers                                              Blue Garage                  Learning How Things Work
                                                                                            Time Management
                           Int’l Student         Health
                           and Scholar          Services                                    Being on Your Own
                             Services        Health Services
                              GC 355            Complex                                     Knowing What You Want

         Succeeding in College                               Succeeding in College

                    Take Responsibility for                              Be an Active Student…
                       Your Education…
                                                                      Stay on top of your assignments!
                 Attend Class
                                                                      Use professor office hours
                 Meet with an advisor regularly
                 Keep all your academic records                       Utilize Teaching Assistants (TA’s)
                (e.g. academic/degree audit)                          Seek help early
                 Stay informed – keep a calendar                      Put forth your maximum effort!
                                                                      (Good standing – minimum 2.0 GPA)
                 Use campus resources

 The UCC is much more than a check-off list!
                                                              Summer B Philosophy

                                                       Opportunity to prepare for Fall courses
                 more challenging
               upper-division courses                  Admission based on high school
                                                       GPA and SAT/ACT scores
                 creative expression
                                                       Over 1200 students are admitted for
                 communication skills                  the Summer B program
                 critical thinking skills              Courses:
                 interpersonal growth                       UCC (English Comp., Social Inquiry, Art)
                                                            Math and/or English review
              diverse courses and topics
Foundation for academic and professional excellence!

 First Year Interest Groups (FIGs)                                Advising Overview
                                                                     Day 1 - Session 2

   Learning communities of 25                             Detailed Information
   students taking classes together.
                                                        University Core Curriculum
   Sections based on student
   needs and interests.                                 Plan of Study
                                                        Choosing Your Major
   Faculty work together to
   connect course content.                              Selecting Courses

   Eases transition to FIU and                          FIGs Program
   increases student success!                           Preparing for Registration

Sample of Four Years in College                                                      University Core Curriculum (UCC)

                                                                                      Only courses listed can be used to
                                                                                      meet UCC requirements!
                               120 Credits                                            Courses make up 36 credits of the
                                                                                      120 credits you need to graduate.

                                                                                      Courses should be taken at FIU during         Click for UCC
           60 Credits                                60 Credits
         Lower Division                             Upper Division                    the first two years.

                                                                                      ENC 1930, MAT/MGF 1996 and MAC 1105 may be
36 Credits
                    24 Credits
                                          36 Credits               24 Credits
                                                                                      required. These are electives, not UCC courses.
   UCC                                   Requirements              Electives
                     Electives                                                        Some courses have prerequisites (catalog).

                         Math Tracks                                                                            ALEKS
                                                                                                      Math Placement Test

 Science &
                           Business                  Non-Science
Engineering                                                                            You should have taken ALEKS
                                                MGF 1106, MGF 1107                     prior to Orientation.
 MAC 1105                  MAC 1105
                                                   or MTG 1204

              MAC 1114                   MAC 2233                STA or PHI or CGS
                                                                                      ALEKS results in combination with SAT/ACT
                                                                                      scores will be used for placement.
                           MAC 2311                   STA 2023
                                                                                       Score is only valid for 4 months!
                                         MAC 2312

                                                                                                                                         Back to UCC

         What is a Plan of Study?                                                               Using the Plan of Study
   A guide that is used together                                                                                If YOUR major requires a specific
   with the University Core                                                                                     course from a UCC category, take
                                                                                                                that course! If you take another
                                                                                                                course from the same category, it
                                                                                                   plan of
                                                                                                    study       will count as an elective.
   Shows which courses (if any)
   from the UCC are required                                                                                    Some majors require
   and/or recommended for                                                                                       Pre-requisites. These courses
   every major.                                                                       Click for plan of study
                                                                                                                must be completed before being
                                                                                                                admitted into your major.
   Guides students through the                                                                                  Some programs require 9-24
   first 60 credits.                                                                                            elective credits to complete your
                                                                                                                first 60 credits.

           Choosing Your Major                                           Summer B Courses
 Explore YOUR…
   Interests, skills, abilities, hobbies,
                                                                  Students choose courses from a specified list
    lifestyle, strengths & weaknesses                             based on test scores and major.
   Ideal job (knowledge, tasks,
    environment, education required)                              Students enroll in a total of 7 credits.
 Take Action!
                                                                                  Courses Available
   Take University Core Curriculum courses
   Visit Career Services (www.fiu.edu/~career)                      First Year Experience       SLS 1501
                                                                    English Composition         ENC 1930 or ENC 1101
   Consider general areas of interest                               Quantitative Reasoning      MAT 1996 or MGF 1996
    (Science, Business, Non-Science)
                                                                    Social Inquiry              PSY 2012 or SYG 2000
   Explore majors via the FIU website (ex: business.fiu.edu)        Arts                        MUH 1011, MUH 2116,
   Meet with an Advisor to discuss more options                                                 SPC 2600, or THE 2000

                        Group 1                                                     Group 2

Courses Available                                              Courses Available

 SLS 1501 (1)                                                   SLS 1501 (1)

 ENC 1101 (3)                                                   MAT 1996 or MGF 1996 (3)

 PSY 2012, SYG 2000,                                            ENC 1101, PSY 2012,
 MUH 1011, MUH 2116,                                            SYG 2000, MUH 1011 or
 or SPC 2600 (3)                                                MUH 2116 (3)

                        Group 3                                                     Group 4

Courses Available                                              Courses Available
 SLS 1501 (1)                                                    SLS 1501 (1)
 ENC 1930 (3)                                                    ENC 1930 (3)
 MUH 1011 or MUH 2116 (3)                                        MAT 1996 or MGF 1996 (3)

            Registering for FIGs                                        Planning for Fall Registration
                           Choose 3 FIGs from your group’s             Balance your schedule
                                                                        For every hour spent in class, you should dedicate 2-3 hours
                           options                                      to studying on your own

                           Register with Peer Advisors after           “Full time” means 12 credits
                           the advising session
                                                                       Continue your ENC/Math courses
                                                                        ENC 1930 in Summer = ENC 1101 in Fall*
                           You will be officially registered a
                                                                        ENC 1101 in Summer = ENC 1102 in Fall*
                           few days after Orientation and               Register for appropriate Math course*
                           receive a FIG Hold                            *Pending passing grades!

                           Please check additional holds.              Satisfy UCC requirements/use Plan of Study
                           You will not be registered until            Use elective credits to explore areas of interest
                            these holds are removed!

     Advising and Registration                                                      Advising Overview
                                                                                   Day 2 – Final Session
 Homework – REQUIRED!
       Pull Plan of Study
       Identify classes and alternatives for registration              Advising and Registration
       View Schedule of Classes (http://my.fiu.edu)
                                                                        Undergraduate Catalog
      Check Panthersoft                                                 Additional Resources
      Sample Holds (UUC, RIM, IMI)
                                                                        Important Dates!
 Payment Options                                                        Advising / Signing of Forms
     Drop Box, Panthersoft (e-check, credit card
     with 2% fee—Visa not accepted), and                                Registration
     Cashier’s Office (long lines)
     Last day to pay: June 23

        Undergraduate Catalog
                                                                                             Career Services
          Your Academic Contract with FIU!                                                      GC 230

What is in the catalog?                                                       Pre-Law
                                                                                                                  Campus Life
                                                                                                                   GC 2240
     FIU History/Accreditation                                                ECS 411

     University Policies/Procedures
     Grading System                                                                           Additional
     Academic Programs/Requirements
       (Majors, Minors, Certificates)
     Course Descriptions/Prerequisites                                        Advisors
                                                                                                                Education Abroad
                                                                                                                    DM 441
     Resources                                                              OE 212 & 216

     Academic Calendar
                                                                                             National Student
    NOTE: The Catalog is available online at: http://catalog.fiu.edu                              PC 249

           Common Reading                                                     Important Dates!
             Funny in Farsi by Firoozeh Dumas                Registration: August for Fall and/or Spring, November for Spring,
                                                                   April for Summer. Academic Calendar: http://registrar.fiu.edu
                   Book received at Orientation                    Prior to Registration
                   Assignment – read prior to the                     Clear holds
                   start of the semester                              Identify potential courses
                                                                      Meet with Academic Advisor
                   All freshmen will participate
                   during First-Year Experience                    Official Registration
                                                                      Register for classes using PantherSoft
                   Opportunity to share diverse
                   cultural and international                      Payment Deadline
                   perspectives                                       Courses will be dropped if payment
                                                                      deadline is not met

  Important Dates continued…                                                  Important Dates!
                                                                                                                        Click for form

Drop/Add Week
  First week of each semester!                                  Class Schedule Available                  Orientation
  Drop or add courses without penalty.
                                                                Official Registration                     Orientation
Official Drop Deadline
  Deadline to drop a course with “DR” grade.                    Payment Deadline                          June 23
  Cannot add courses after add/drop period – only drop!
  “DR” grade not calculated in GPA.
  Courses with “DR” considered an attempt.                      Drop/Add Week                             June 24 – July 1
  On third attempt, student charged additional $600.
  Students are solely responsible for dropping courses via      Official Drop Deadline                    July 17
  Panthersoft. Otherwise, courses remain on transcript!


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