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      Good socks make us look comfortable. Finding and investing in a good pair of boots is important, but you
      might be surprised to find that selecting socks can be even more challenging than finding that perfect boot.
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                                                         The History of Argyle Socks
                                                                    By Jerry Smith

   Now, who would think Argyle socks had much of a history? I found out more about them then I really
expected to find. Argyle socks were very popular in the 1920’s. They were usually over the calf socks
that were worn with knickers or short pants. The word Argyle describes a pattern of two or more
colored diamonds.

Argyles were first seen in Britain. They were worn by members of the Campbell clan. They were from
Argyll, Scotland. The clan became popular when they were mentioned by the Scottish novelist and
poet Sir Walter Scott. The name of the socks became Argyles after the Scottish town.

In the late eighteenth century the knitted pattern was beginning to be adopted by many manufacturers’
as the Argyle Plaid. The socks became known as argyle socks. Their popularity waxed and waned
over the years.

The original pattern of the Campbell clan was the traditional green and white colors. In modern times
the argyle pattern can be any combination of any two colors. Traditionally bright colors have been used
but now just about any color can be used.

Argyle socks are not just for men any longer either. They are now worn by women and kids as well.
Argyle socks for women/girls are now made in a variety of pastel colors as well as the traditional
brighter colors. Argyles for men are also now made with more subdued browns, blues, and other dark

Argyle socks regained popularity in the 1980’s with Preppies. They have been popular with golfer’s as
well. They are generally machine knitted with a light cotton or synthetic fiber for comfort and ease of

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                                          Burlington Socks: A Sock for All Seasons
                                                           By Neil Thompson

 There are so many brands in the market when it comes to men's socks. One of the prominent brands
out there is Burlington. There are so many reasons why one should choose the brand of Burlington
over other brands.

For one thing, the brand is very famous for their argyle collection, along with its trademark logo on the
sides of the socks. The great thing about Burlington argyle socks is the fact that one can avail of its
wide range of vibrant colours. This way, the preferences of just about any man can be accommodated.

Lightweight black and olive argyle socks are popular amongst the male market. Made of 70% premium
wool and 30% polyamide, these socks are handmade all the way from Germany. This particular range
come in one size fits all. Another pair of Burlington argyle socks made of 70% wool and 30%
polyamide come in the colours black, red, and grey.

There are also Burlington socks that come in knee high length. One such model boasts of the colours
black and cocoa, and is medium in weight. Still made in Germany, this pair of socks is made of 75%
acrylic and 25% polyamide. One great thing about this pair is that they look fantastic in leather boots.
This is one reason why there are a lot of men who choose to purchase this particular pair.

Of course, Burlington socks would not be without their counterparts when it comes to winter. There are
thick argyle socks that come in medium weight as well. These socks are still made of 75% acrylic and
25% polyamide, and they come in colours black, pale blue, and charcoal. Thicker argyle socks are the
perfect choice when it comes to battling the chilly season of winter.

Aside from Burlington's trademark argyle socks, the brand also carries athletic, dress, and casual
socks. Whatever type of sock one's preference may be, quality is guaranteed. All Burlington socks
come with Bioguard® treatment. This means that the socks help prevent the growth of bacteria that
causes odour on the sock. Lifetime freshness is a sure thing with Burlington socks.

The athletic type comes in the Cotton Quarter Type, Over-the-Calf, and Crew. The casual type comes
in casual Acrylic Crew and Casual Cotton crew. The dress type comes in Wide Rib Crew, Crew, and
Over-the-Calf. All of these socks come with the premiere quality that is the strongest trademark
Burlington has to offer.

Neil Thompson is a fashion writer who specialises in gifts and accessories. He has a particular interest
in socks, wallets and cufflinks and brands such as Burlington and Simon Carter. For more information
click here: http://www.kjbeckett.com/acatalog/menssocks.html

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