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					                         The Week in Review
         A Report from the City Manager – Vol. 3, No. 25 – June 25, 2010

Fire Department              Grass Fire Training: Firefighters participated in a
                             grass fire training exercise this week on Austin Road.
The exercise provided live fire training on techniques and skills for battling grass
and other wildland fires.

                        Wildland Live Fire Training – June 23, 2010

Emergency Incidents: We had a total of 96 incidents this week, which included:
Structure Fire-1 Cooking Fire-1, Grass Fires-6, Outdoor Fire-1, EMS-57, Vehicle
Accidents-6, Service Calls-10 and Other Emergencies-14.

Significant Incidents: As is typical for this time of year, the Fire Department was
dispatched to several grass and outdoor fires this week, which included the
     Grass Fire – Kelly Drive, June 17
       Grass fire along railroad right-of way behind Kelly Drive.
     Grass Fire – Williamson Road, June 17
       Large grass and debris fire that encompassed more than 5 acres and
       required a department-wide callback.
     Grass Fire – Oak Street, June 19
       Grass fire in alleyway behind residence
     Grass Fire – North Grant Street, June 20
       Grass fire at a construction site.
     Grass Fire – Pestana Avenue, June 21
       Roadside fire next to an open field.
      Outside Fire – Veach Avenue, June 22
       Mattress on fire near fence in the backyard of a residence.

Vehicle Accidents:
   East Woodward Avenue at Van Ryn Avenue, June 19
      Firefighters were dispatched to a vehicle accident on East Woodward
      Avenue at Van Ryn Avenue on Saturday morning with the report of a victim
      trapped. Upon arrival, they found one vehicle in a field and the other in the
      middle of the roadway. Firefighters extricated the person trapped using the
      “Jaws of Life.” All patients were treated and transported to local hospitals.
      Hazardous fluid spills from the vehicles involved were contained by Fire

                    East Woodward Avenue at Van Ryn Avenue – June 19

      Mission Ridge Drive, June 21
       Firefighters were dispatched to a vehicle accident on Mission Ridge Drive on
       Monday morning, to find two vehicles involved with no injuries; however,
       fluids were spilled on the roadway from both vehicles. Firefighters
       contained the spill and abated hazards before releasing the scene.

                              Mission Ridge Drive – June 21

      Cottage Avenue at East Louise Avenue, June 21
       Firefighters responded to a vehicle accident at the intersection of Cottage
       Avenue and East Louise Avenue on Monday morning, to find a vehicle

       accident with a person trapped. Firefighters used the “Jaws of Life” to
       extricate the driver of one of the vehicles. All patients were treated at the
       scene and transported to a local medical facility. Firefighters also secured
       one vehicle with fluids on the ground, abating the hazard.

                      Cottage Avenue at East Louise Avenue – June 21

Fire Prevention: This week’s Fire Prevention Activities included: Business
Inspections-44, New Construction Inspections-1, Weed Abatement Citations
Issued-253, Weed Abatement Reinspections-60 and Weed Citations Cleared-49.

Fireworks Stands: Final inspections of the fireworks stands are taking place this
week. The sale of “Safe and Sane” fireworks will begin at noon on June 28 and
proceed through midnight on July 4. A list of this year’s non-profit organizations
and the locations of their fireworks stands is listed below:

      2010 Fireworks Stand Locations

        American Legion Post #249
         Northeast corner of East Yosemite and Powers Avenue (near Manteca

        Boys & Girls Club
         1011 S. Main St. (Near Jack-In-the Box)

        Calvary Community Church
         815 W. Lathrop Road (at church’s facility)

        East Union High School Band Boosters
         1280 W. Lathrop Road (Raley’s Shopping Center)

        Freedom Christian Center
         1205 S. Main St. (Near Wal-Mart)

        His Way Recovery House
         1172 N. Main St. (near Save Mart)

        Journey Church of Nazarene
         125-295 W. Louise Ave. (near Orchard Supply)

        Knights of Columbus
         Southeast corner of North Main Street and East Louise Avenue (near
         24-Hour Nautilus)

        Manteca CAPS
         1630 E. Yosemite Ave. (near Wendy’s)

        Manteca Convention & Visitors Bureau
         934 Perimeter Drive (near Best Buy)

        Manteca High Athletic Boosters
         East Yosemite Avenue and Spreckels Avenue (near Del Taco)

        Manteca Historical Society
         600 W. Yosemite Ave. (at Historical Society’s site)

        Manteca Police Officers Association
         Northwest corner of West Yosemite Avenue and Union Road (near

        Northgate Little League
         1077 Milo Candini Drive (Big League Dreams Parking Lot)

        South County Crisis Center
         1241 N. Main St. (near Moose Lodge)

Police Department            The following is a summary of the significant events
                             from the past week:
Drug Arrests: On June 17, the Street Crimes Units made four drug-related
arrests. Those arrests included:
    Responded to 743 Morada Court to assist Detectives in the arrest of a
      suspect involved in a shooting. In addition to that arrest, Officers arrested
      Sammy Lewis Moreno of Manteca for possession of a controlled substance
      (methamphetamine), possession of drug paraphernalia, and a Felon being
      in possession of a firearm (shotgun). He was transported to the County Jail
      on $63,000 bail.

      Served a search warrant at 14436 South Highway 99 in the Raymus Village
       neighborhood. During a search of that house, Detectives found 26.9 grams
       of methamphetamine, a rifle, and $6,693 in cash. Byron Andrew Decena
       and Brandon Andrew Decena, both of Manteca, were arrested. Both were
       charged with possession of a controlled substance for sale.

      Served a search warrant at 1124 E. Alameda St. While giving the knock and
       notice, the suspect, later identified as Victor Manuel Marquez-Gutierrez,
       ran out the back door and over his backyard fence. A brief manhunt was
       conducted, and Detectives found the suspect about a block away. During a
       search of the house, 2.2 grams of methamphetamine was found, as well as
       $111 in cash. Victor was charged with possession of a controlled
       substance, possession of a controlled substance for sale, possession of drug
       paraphernalia, obstructing an officer and an immigration hold. Victor was
       transported to County Jail and held without bail.

      Served a search warrant at 766 Canterbury. During the search, 3.8 grams
       of methamphetamine was found, along with a scale and $491 in cash.
       Ralph Saldana was arrested and charged with possession of a controlled
       substance, possession of a controlled substance for sale and possession of
       drug paraphernalia.

Fight and Stabbing: On June 18 at 11:30 p.m., Police responded to a residence
on Orchard Way regarding a stabbing. There had been a fight between several
subjects at that address, and one of the subjects had been stabbed in the chest.
Friends transported him and dropped him off at Doctors Hospital, leaving that
area after dropping off the injured party. Officers began searching for the vehicle
and located it parked in the 1300 block of Mitchell Way. When Officers attempted
to investigate the vehicle, several subjects exited from the residence at that
location and confronted the Police. Two of the subjects were subsequently
arrested for obstructing an investigation, and one for assaulting an Officer after
he struck an Officer in the mouth. At the Orchard Way residence, Officers found a
subject inside suffering from a traumatic injury to his head. Medics transported
him “Code Three” to San Joaquin County General Hospital. Detectives interviewed
the subject with the head injuries at the hospital. He refused to provide a
statement. He was admitted for observation and surgery for a compound fracture
to his left forearm. They spoke to the stabbing victim at Doctors Hospital,
Modesto. He was uncooperative and said he wouldn’t identify the stabbing
suspect. He is currently listed in serious but stable condition and is expected to
fully recover from his stab wound.

Armed Robbery: On June 23 at 2:18 p.m., Dispatch advised that a subject had
just been robbed at knifepoint in the Food 4 Less parking lot, located at 131
Spreckels Ave. The victim said he was in the parking lot of Food 4 Less when he
was approached by a male suspect. The suspect displayed a knife and stole the
victim’s wallet. The suspect then ran to a vehicle parked near Applebee’s
Restaurant and got into the passenger side. The driver was already in the vehicle.
The vehicle then fled the scene with a witness following. The witness advised that
the suspect was now in a vehicle, and that the vehicle was westbound on the
Highway 120 bypass. The vehicle was described as a 1999 blue or green Chevy
registered to a local Manteca address. The witness was following the suspect
vehicle and gave dispatch updates of the vehicle’s location. Officers found the
vehicle as it was exiting on the South Airport exit from westbound Highway 120.

The occupants were detained until it was determined who was not involved. The
suspect was identified as the passenger in the vehicle. He had the victim’s credit
cards and ID in his pocket when he was taken into custody. The victim’s wallet
was found on the north side of the Highway 120 bypass between Union Road and
Airport Way. The knife was not located. The suspect was positively identified in a
field show-up as being the suspect and taken into custody. Eldarius J. White of
Manteca, was booked at San Joaquin County Jail for armed robbery.

Sweep Operation: On June 23, in response to recent thefts of wire from city and
county street lights, law enforcement agencies from south San Joaquin County
conducted a sweep of individuals on probation for theft and burglary. Three
teams conducted 33 probation searches in Tracy, Manteca and outlying south
County areas. A total of 13 arrests were made for weapons offenses, warrants and
narcotics offenses. News crews accompanied the Manteca team and obtained
video footage from a probation search and the arrest of two suspects.

California Law Enforcement Challenge: The Manteca Police Department has been
notified that we have placed second in our agency’s category in the California Law
Enforcement Challenge. More than 120 Police agencies throughout California
participated in this competition. The Challenge is sponsored by the California
Highway Patrol, in partnership with the International Association of Chiefs of
Police, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the California Office of
Traffic Safety and the California Office of Alcohol Beverage Control. The California
Law Enforcement Challenge is a competition between similar-sized and types of
law enforcement agencies. This award recognizes and rewards the best overall
traffic safety programs in California. The areas of concentration include efforts to
enforce laws and educate the public about occupant protection, impaired driving
and speed. Agencies submit an application that documents their efforts and
effectiveness in these areas. The winning safety programs are those that combine
officer training, public information and enforcement to reduce crashes and
injuries within its jurisdiction.

Office of Traffic Safety Grant: The Office of Traffic Safety has notified the Police
Department that we have been awarded a grant of $97,000 for DUI and seat belt
enforcement. The City was actually awarded more money than it had applied for,
due to Manteca’s history of effective traffic enforcement and efficient grant
management. This grant will pay for overtime for officers to conduct DUI and seat
belt checkpoints, saturation patrols and other enforcement operations.

Public Works          Cost Savings for Recycling Efforts: Staff has previously
                      taken washing machines, dryers, water heaters,
refrigerators, microwave ovens and all other miscellaneous appliances that are
collected by the Solid Waste Division to a recycler in Stockton, who the City paid
to recycle the products. The cost to collect, transport and recycle these materials
historically averaged approximately $6,000 per year. Staff has now found a
recycler who will pick up all of the materials in our yard and not charge the City
anything to recycle them. This will not only save us time, but money.

Cracks/Potholes Filled: The Streets Division is trying a new material called
Polypatch on North Main Street. This material fills larger cracks and potholes
without grinding, and reduces the amount of prep work. Main Street is a test
area, and if this product works as advertised, staff will be using it in residential
areas to perform repairs of the larger cracks and potholes.

                         Streets crews filling cracks and potholes.

Employee Rehired: The Solid Waste Division would like to welcome a new addition
to our staff. Alma Fuertis previously worked in the Community Development
Department, and is now working for Solid Waste. She will be a good addition to
our staff!

Parks and Rec            Independence Day Celebration: The City’s 2010
                         Independence Day Celebration will take place on
Saturday, July 3, at the Big League Dreams Sports Park. The Manteca Parks and
Recreation Department is seeking sponsors and community vendors for the event.
For more information on how you can sponsor the event, or if you are interested
in reserving a booth, please call (209) 456-8600.

Parks Water Conservation: Four new irrigation controllers were recently installed
in the following locations; Paseo West, Dutra Estates, Dutra Estates basin and
the Antigua subdivision’s street landscape area. The controllers are part of a new
central control system, and can be operated and adjusted from a remote location,
which saves time and money. This is the second round of this type of irrigation
controller installation in the past six months. Initial results are that staff has
reduced water consumption by an average of 10% in each area. The new
controllers also have an Auto Evapo-Transpiration (ET) Rate function. An ET Rate
is essentially the rate at which water evaporates from a plant. The controllers
communicate daily with a weather station in Manteca to determine what the ET
Rate is for the day, so staff can automatically adjust the watering time. This
function can also help reduce water consumption and staff time spent on
adjusting watering times.

Manteca Youth Advisory Commission (YAC):
   The Commission is gearing up for the annual Senior/Teen Prom starting at
     6:00 p.m. on June 25 at the Manteca Senior Center. Tickets are $10 per
     person and include a souvenir photo, appetizers, beverages and a fun-filled
     evening of dancing. This year’s theme is Mardi Gras. For more information,
     please call (209) 456-8600.

    The next Youth Advisory Commission meeting will be held on July 8.

Recreation Program Activity Information:
    Recreation staff hosted a Summer Fiesta on June 22. The Therapeutic
     Recreation Social Dance was held at the Golden West Gym. A total of 122
     participants attended the social.

      The Open Gym Program provides a safe and secure place for the youth,
       teens and adults in our community to play basketball and volleyball. On
       June 18, there were 20 participants, and on June 19 there were 14. Open
       Gym volleyball is held on Fridays from 8:00 to 10:00 p.m. for 7th graders
       through adult. Basketball Open Gym is held on Fridays from 6:00 to 8:00
       p.m., and on Saturdays from 6:00 to 10:00 p.m. The fee is $2 per person.

    Staff continues to monitor Independent Contractor classes and seek
       potential contractors to offer classes for the Parks and Recreation
       Department. By seeking additional contractors, the department can
       continue to generate additional revenue and offer classes to a broader range
       of the population. Dance classes have 45 participants, Baton class has 10,
       Toddler Art class has 8, Kids Cooking classes have 16, Yoga class has 14,
       Drum Class has 14, Ballroom Dance has 11, Yoga has 14 and Tai Chi class
       has 10 participants.

    The Little People’s program continues to offer preschool-aged children a
       “playgroup” environment, as well as an opportunity to learn, play and

Development              Building Safety Activities: The Building Safety Division
                         conducted a total of 172 inspections during the week.
The division issued 29 Building Permits, which include: 10 Single-Family
Dwellings, 2 Reroofs, 1 Sign, 4 HVACs, 1 Patio, 2 ICBO patios, 3 Photovoltaic
Systems, 3 Miscellaneous Plumbing, 1 Miscellaneous Mechanical, 1 Siding and 1
Commercial Reroof. A total of 20 applications were received for plan check with
pending building permits. Submitted were: 15 Single-Family Dwellings, 1 ICBO
Patio, 2 Patios, 1 Commercial Remodel and 1 Swimming Pool.

Services                 The City of Manteca welcomed one new employee this
                         week. Joining the City’s team is:
      John Luthey, Jr., Wastewater Plant Operator III, hired June 21.

Welcome to our newest employee!

City Manager’s
Office                   Clarification of Library Hours: At the June 22 Budget
                         Study Session, staff indicated that City is providing
additional funding needed to keep the Manteca Public Library open 18 hours per
week beyond what the County is providing. Although it is true the City did pay for
an additional 18 hours per week for seven years, beginning in the 2001-02 fiscal
year, that additional funding dropped to providing only 8 hours, due to furloughs
imposed by the County on its employees. The County provides funding for the
first 35 hours per week, with the other 8 funded by the City of Manteca. Thus, the
Manteca Public Library will be open 43 hours per week during the 2010-11 fiscal

Coming up next week:
   City offices will be closed next Friday, July 2, as part of the 9/80 work
     schedule, and then on Monday, July 5, in observance of Independence Day.
     Offices will be open next week from 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Monday through
     Thursday, though the Finance Department will still close at 5:00 p.m.

Have a Good Weekend!


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