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Welcome to Flying Co, Virgin Atlantic’s corporate                    CONTENTS
loyalty programme. Flying Co has grown from a
simple concept into a rewarding relationship with
                                                                     3 COLLECT
                                                                         Take your business to new heights
some of the US’s most forward thinking companies.
                                                                         Clock up your company miles

Flying Co rewards both your business and your                        4 CONTROL
company travellers. It’s a win win situation as miles                    Check your account in an instant
are earned on both counts.                                               Maintaining your account
                                                                         Keeping you up to date
                                                                         How to find out more
STAY IN TOUCH                     PHONE
                                                                     5 COMPANY REWARDS
If you have any queries about     1 877 747 8280 for the Flying Co
                                                                         Make your travel budget go further
your Flying Co account...         helpline (lines open 09:00-17:00
                                                                         How to claim your rewards
                                  Monday - Friday)
VISIT                                                                    A few things to remember

                                  WRITE                              6   Virgin Atlantic flights
for full Terms & Conditions       Flying Co                          7   Virgin Atlantic flight upgrades
and FAQs
                                  Virgin Atlantic Airways Ltd.
                                                                     8   Chauffeur driven car transfers
EMAIL                             75 North Water St
                                                                         Clubhouse Invitations
                                                                     9   Ground partners
                                  CT 06854
                                                                     10 Eurostar tickets
                                                                        bmi flights

US edition 04/2009                                                                                            2
                                                      ROUTE                        ECONOMY      ECONOMY       PREMIUM ECONOMY   PREMIUM ECONOMY   UPPER CLASS    UPPER CLASS
                                                                                    (Q,X,N)      (Y,B,L,M)           (K)              (W,S)           (R,Z)          (J,D)
                                                      Boston                      1,307 Miles   2,614 Miles      3,267 Miles       3,921 Mile      3,921 Miles    5,227 Miles
COMPANY MILES                                         New York (JFK/Newark)          1,383         2,766            3,458            4,150            4,150          5,533
Virgin Atlantic flies to some of the                  Washington DC                  1,469         2,938            3,672            4,406            4,406          5,875
                                                      Chicago                        1,582         3,162            3,953             4,744            4,744         6,325
world’s major business destinations
                                                      Miami                          1,772         3,544            4,430            5,316            5,316          7, 088
– including the USA, Far East
                                                      Orlando                        1,734         3,469            4,336            5,203            5,203          6,938
and Africa and your company can                       Orlando to/from Manchester     1,690         3,379            4,224            5,069            5,069          6,758
earn FlyingCo miles on every                          Orlando to/from Glasgow        1,646         3,290            4,113            4,936            4,936          6,581
flight*. Check out the table on the                   Las Vegas                      2,089         4,178            5,222            6,266            6,266          8,355
right to see how many Flying Co                       Los Angeles                    2,180         4,359            5,449            6,539            6,539           8,718
miles your company can earn.                          San Francisco                  2,143         4,286            5,358            6,430            6,430          8,573
                                                      Antigua                        1,635         3,270            4,087            4,905            4,905          6,539
This table shows your earnings                        Barbados                       1,684         3,368            4,210            5,052            5,052          6,736
for flying a round trip between                       Barbados to/from Manchester    1,666         3,330            4,163            4,996            4,996          6,661
                                                      Cuba                           1,865         3,730            4,662            5,594            5,594           7,459
London and any Virgin Atlantic
                                                      Grenada                        1,742         3,484            4,355            5,226            5,226          6,968
destination. To calculate the
                                                      Montego Bay (Jamaica)          1,882         3,762            4,703            5,644            5,644           7,525
mileage earned for a mixed cabin                      Kingston (Jamaica)             1,874         3,748            4,686            5,622            5,622           7,496
round trip, simply add together                       St Lucia                       1,691         3,382            4,228             5,074           5,074          6,765
half of the round trip figure shown                   St Lucia to/from Manchester    1,670         3,341            4,176             5,011           5,011          6,682
in the table on the right.                            Tobago                         1,750         3,498            4,374            5,248            5,248          6,997
                                                      Cape Town                      2,408         4,815            6,019             7,223           7,223          9,630
                                                      Johannesburg                   2,253         4,505            5,631             6,757           6,757          9,010
                                                      Lagos                          1,246         2,492            3,115            3,738            3,738          4,984
                                                      Nairobi                        1,698         3,396            4,245            5,094            5,094          6,792
                                                      Dubai                          1,362         2,722            3,403            4,084            4,084          5,445
                                                      Mauritius                      2,430         4,859            6,074             7,289           7,289           9,718
                                                      Delhi                          1,668         3,335            4,170            5,003            5,003          6,670
                                                      Mumbai                         1,788         3,575            4,470            5,362            5,362           7,150
                                                      Hong Kong                      2,388         4,776            5,970             7,164            7,164         9,552
                                                      Shanghai                       2,288         4,575            5,719            6,863            6,863          9,150
                                                      Tokyo                          2,488         4,976            6,220             7,464           7,464          9,952
                                                      Sydney                         4,262         8,525           10,656            12,787           12,787         17,050
 * Excludes Virgin Holidays booking classes V and H
          Information correct as of January 2009.
                                                      Sydney to/from Hong Kong       1,838         3,676            4,579            5,514            5,514           7,352

 US edition 04/2009                                                                                                                                                         3

Flying Co miles can now be earned on bookings with our hotel, car hire and        CAR HIRE
parking partners, so those business trips will now be even more rewarding.
                                                                                  Your company can earn Flying Co miles on car rental with Avis, Dollar and
Not only will your company travellers earn Flying Club miles for their personal
                                                                                  Hertz at a rate of 10% of the Flying Club miles earned. To find out how many
use when they use one of our Flying Club partners, but your company will now
                                                                                  Flying Club miles your travellers will earn, and for more information on how to
also earn miles at a rate of 10% of the Flying Club miles earned.
                                                                                  book, please refer to the Flying Club section of the website.
Take a look below to see which partners will earn your company miles. To find
out how many Flying Club miles your travellers will earn, and for more
information on how to book, please refer to the Flying Club section of the
                                                                                  PURPLE PARKING
                                                                                  Earn miles and enjoy great discounts for all bookings with Purple Parking.
                                                                                  Available at London Heathrow, London Gatwick, Manchester & Glasgow.

HOTELS                                                                            There are three tailored services for your company travellers to choose from.
Bajan Services                                                                    For more information or to book online please refer to the Flying Club section
Blakes                                                                            of the website.
The Hilton family
Jumeirah Hotels & Resorts
                                                                                  TRAVEL PLUS
Mandarin Oriental
Marco Polos Hotels                                                                Flying Co miles can now be earned on hotel and car hire bookings that you
Marriott                                                                          make online at www.virginatlantictravelplus.com. So whether you're booking
Millennium Hotels & Resorts                                                       an airport hotel for your company travellers, or looking for car hire and a
Morgans Hotel Group                                                               hotel in one of our destinations, why not book it with Virgin Atlantic and earn
The Red Carnation Hotel Collection                                                Flying Co miles for your company at the same time.
Shangri La Hotels and Resorts
Taj Starwood                                                                      Earn 1 Flying Co mile for every £5 spent.
Summit Hotels & Resorts
Taj Hotels, Resorts and Palaces

US edition 04/2009                                                                                                                                             4

TAKE YOUR                              CHECK YOUR                         MAINTAINING
BUSINESS TO                            ACCOUNT IN                         YOUR ACCOUNT
NEW HEIGHTS                            AN INSTANT                         Flying Co miles are valid forever,
When booking a flight for a            With an online account you can     so long as your company maintains
company traveller, and to ensure       do so much from your desktop:      its membership. You can ensure
the miles will be added to your                                           this happens by earning at least
                                       • view and update your company     20,000 Flying Co core miles*
account, please remember to:
                                         and Flying Co account details    between a minimum of two active
• enrol the company traveller          • add and delete Flying Club       travellers during your contract
  into Flying Club                       members from your account        period (this is the equivalent of
• link the company traveller                                              three round trips in Upper Class
                                       • check the latest statement of
  to your Flying Co account                                               to Cape Town or four Premium
                                         your company’s Flying Co miles
                                                                          round trips to San Francisco).
• quote your company traveller’s       • redeem Flying Co miles for
  personal Flying Club membership        Virgin Atlantic reward flights   Your contract period lasts for
  number.                                                                 12 months. It runs to the end of
                                       • modify username and
                                         password details.                the calendar month the year after
Please remind your company
                                                                          you joined, regardless of what day
traveller to quote their Flying Club
membership number at check in
                                                                          of the month that was. For example,     KEEPING YOU                              HOW TO FIND
as well.
                                                                          if you joined Flying Co on 23 January   UP TO DATE                               OUT MORE
                                                                          2009, your Flying Co account would
                                                                                                                  Co Mail, the Flying Co monthly           For more details on how to manage
                                                                          expire on 31 January 2010. If you
                                                                                                                  online newsletter, will keep you fully   your online account, please see
                                                                          don’t maintain your membership,
                                                                                                                  updated on Flying Co programme           the Frequently Asked Questions
                                                                          then you will have 12 months from
                                                                                                                  updates, Virgin Atlantic and             page at:
                                                                          the date of termination of your
                                                                                                                  Flying Co news, routes, rewards          www.virginatlantic.com/flyingco
                                                                          contract to redeem all Flying Co
                                                                                                                  and offers.                              * Excludes bonus miles. For further information, please
                                                                          miles in your company account.
                                                                                                                                                             see Flying Co Terms & Conditions online at

 US edition 04/2009                                                                                                                                                                                          5
MAKE YOUR                               HOW TO CLAIM                                          A FEW THINGS
TRAVEL BUDGET                           YOUR REWARDS                                          TO REMEMBER
GO FURTHER                              It’s easy to claim rewards for your                   Flying Co miles and rewards cannot
Flying Co offers your company a         company travellers. Virgin Atlantic                   be combined with, or added to,
whole range of rewards from:            flights can be booked online, or                      Flying Club miles and rewards.
                                        simply call the Flying Co helpline on                 No Flying Co or Flying Club miles
• Virgin Atlantic flights               1 877 747 8280*.                                      will be earned on Flying Co rewards.
• Virgin Atlantic upgrades              * The agent will need to verify the identity of the
                                                                                              For further information, please see
                                          Flying Co Administrator/Secondary Contact by        the Flying Co Terms & Conditions
• Chauffeur driven car transfers          asking security questions.
                                                                                              online at:
• London Heathrow and Gatwick                                                                 www.virginatlantic.com/flyingco
  Clubhouse invitations
• Eurostar tickets
• bmi flights

For full details of the range of
rewards available, as well as booking
details, please see the pages
that follow.

 US edition 04/2009                                                                                                                  6

Flying Co miles enable company          Company travellers can either
                                                                                         FLYING CO MILES NEEDED
travellers to fly to any of our         receive their ticket via email or
destinations, one way or round          by post (upon request).                          ROUTE TO/FROM LONDON          ECONOMY    PREMIUM ECONOMY   UPPER CLASS
trip, in any class for free*.
                                                                                         Boston                         45,000         67,500         90,000
                                        All reward flights are subject to
                                                                                         New York (JFK/Newark)          45,000         67,500         90,000
HOW TO BOOK                             availability and popular dates may
                                                                                         Washington DC                  45,000         67,500         90,000
                                        be limited.                                      Orlando                        50,000         75,000         100,000
You can book Virgin Atlantic
                                                                                         Orlando to/from Manchester     50,000         75,000         100,000
reward flights online or by             For further details, please see the
                                                                                         Miami                          50,000         75,000         100,000
calling the Flying Co helpline          Flying Co Terms & Conditions online              Chicago                        50,000         75,000         100,000
on 1 877 747 8280. Please book          at:                                              Las Vegas                      50,000         75,000         100,000
your flights at least five working      www.virginatlantic.com/flyingco                  San Francisco                  50,000         75,000         100,000
days before the desired date                                                             Los Angeles                    50,000         75,000         100,000
                                        * The usual passenger taxes, fees, charges and
of departure. If seats are not            surcharges apply and must be paid by each      Cuba                           50,000         75,000         100,000
                                          company traveller.                             Jamaica                        50,000         75,000         100,000
available, we’ll let you know
straight away and arrange                                                                Antigua                        50,000         75,000         100,000
                                                                                         St Lucia                       50,000         75,000         100,000
an alternative date.
                                                                                         St Lucia to/from Manchester    50,000         75,000         100,000
Once we’ve issued a ticket you may                                                       Barbados                       50,000         75,000         100,000
                                                                                         Barbados to/from Manchester    50,000         75,000         100,000
be able to change the date, the
                                                                                         Grenada                        50,000         75,000         100,000
route or class of travel for a fee of
                                                                                         Tobago                         50,000         75,000         100,000
£25 (subject to availability).                                                           Lagos                          40,000         60,000         80,000
                                                                                         Nairobi                        50,000         75,000         100,000
                                                                                         Johannesburg                   50,000         75,000         100,000
                                                                                         Cape Town                      50,000         75,000         100,000
                                                                                         Mauritius                      50,000         75,000         100,000
                                                                                         Dubai                          40,000         60,000         80,000
                                                                                         Delhi                          50,000         75,000         100,000
                                                                                         Mumbai                         50,000         75,000         100,000
                                                                                         Hong Kong                      60,000         72,000         100,000
                                                                                         Shanghai                       60,000         72,000         100,000
                                                                                         Tokyo                          60,000         80,000         100,000
                                                                                         Sydney                         105,000        126,000        180,000

US edition 04/2009                                                                                                                                                7

Have an unforgettable experience on a frequently travelled business         HOW TO BOOK
route by upgrading to Premium Economy or Upper Class, so your
                                                                            You can request a flight upgrade      Flying Co helpline no later than
company travellers can fly in even more comfort and style. Plus, they’ll
                                                                            by calling the Flying Co helpline     14 working days after the flight
save time with priority check in and baggage handling.
                                                                            no later than the day before          has been taken. The miles will
                                                                            departure, on 1 877 747 8280          be re-credited to the
                                                                            Monday to Friday between              Flying Co account.
                                                                            9:00am and 5:00pm.
 FLYING CO MILES NEEDED FOR FLIGHT UPGRADES TO AND FROM THE UK                                                    For further details, please see the
 UPGRADE FROM                               one way            round trip
                                                                            You can call the Flying Co helpline   Flying Co Terms & Conditions online
                                                                            to check whether an upgrade is        at:
Economy to Premium Economy                   10,000                20,000
                                                                            likely to be available. Upgrades      www.virginatlantic.com/flyingco
Premium Economy to Upper Class               20,000                40,000
                                                                            can’t be guaranteed however, and
Economy to Upper Class                       30,000                60,000
                                                                            will only be confirmed at check in.

                                                                            The upgrade will be added into
 FLYING CO MILES NEEDED FOR FLIGHT UPGRADES TO AND FROM SYDNEY              the company traveller’s booking.
 UPGRADE FROM                               one way            round trip   If the company traveller does not
                                                                            receive their upgrade at check in,
Economy to Premium Economy                   20,000                40,000
                                                                            the Flying Co Administrator or
Premium Economy to Upper Class               40,000                80,000
                                                                            Secondary contact must call the
Economy to Upper Class                       60,000               120,000

Flying Co miles can be spent on upgrades when purchasing a qualifying
Economy (Y, B, L, M) or Premium Economy (W,K,S) fare type.

Upgrades are subject to availability and popular dates may be limited.

US edition 04/2009                                                                                                                                      8
CHAUFFEUR                                                                   CLUBHOUSE
DRIVEN CAR                                                                  INVITATIONS
Sit back and relax when travelling between your office or home and the      When travelling in Economy or Premium Economy, relax before your
airport. There’s no need to park, and with Drive Thru Check In*, no need    flight, catch up on paperwork or hold a meeting in the Virgin Atlantic
to queue or worry about dealing with luggage. Chauffeur driven car          London Heathrow or Gatwick Clubhouse, usually exclusively available to
transfers are available at all destinations except Lagos and Nairobi.       Upper Class passengers.

  FLYING CO MILES NEEDED                                                    Our Heathrow Clubhouse is full of stunning features, with service
 One way car transfer to or from the airport                       12,500   designed to feel like a private members club. Take a seat at the 14 metre
                                                                            long cocktail bar, or relax in the new spa.

HOW TO BOOK                                                                  FLYING CO MILES NEEDED

You can book a chauffeur driven                                             Per Clubhouse invitation                                           10,000
car transfer by calling the Flying Co
helpline on 1 877 747 8280.                                                 HOW TO BOOK
Please book at least five working
                                                                            You can book Clubhouse invitations     The Clubhouse invitations will be
days before departure.
                                                                            by calling the Flying Co helpline      sent to the Flying Co Administrator/
Chauffeur driven car transfers                                              on 1 877 747 8280 at least five        Secondary Contact within five
are only available when booking                                             working days before departure.         working days.
an Upper Class flight.
                                                                            One Clubhouse invitation per           For further details, please see the
For further details, please see                                             company traveller is required.         Flying Co Terms & Conditions online
the Flying Co Terms & Conditions                                            Please specify whether company         at:
online at:                                                                  travellers are visiting the            www.virginatlantic.com/flyingco
www.virginatlantic.com/flyingco                                             Clubhouse at Heathrow
                                                                            or Gatwick.
* Available at Heathrow, Gatwick and

                                                                            PRIORITY TREATMENT
                                                                            Cowshed at the Clubhouse and Bumble and bumble treatments
                                                                            in the Heathrow Clubhouse can be booked in advance by calling
                                                                            020 8897 5055. Virgin Touch treatments in the Gatwick Clubhouse
                                                                            can be booked in advance by calling 01293 444 342.

 US edition 04/2009                                                                                                                                       9
EUROSTAR                                                                     BMI FLIGHTS

                                      HOW TO BOOK                            You can fly from most major airports within the UK with our partner
                                                                             airline, bmi.
Travel direct to Paris, Brussels or   You can book Eurostar tickets by
Lille from London Waterloo in less    calling the Flying Co helpline on
than three hours with Eurostar.       1 877 747 8280 at least five             FLYING CO MILES NEEDED
                                      working days in advance of the          UK and Europe (Zone 1)
 FLYING CO MILES NEEDED               desired date of departure. We’ll        Economy Class round trip                                                      12,500
 (Standard return)                    call you back within 48 hours once      Business Class round trip                                                    22,500
Lille                       13,000    we’ve checked availability.             Europe (Zone 2)
Paris                       18,000                                            Economy Class round trip                                                     20,000
                                      A Eurostar voucher will then be
Brussels                    18,000                                            Business Class round trip                                                    40,000
                                      sent to the Flying Co Administrator/
                                                                              Transatlantic (Manchester – Washington DC/Chicago)
                                      Secondary Contact within five
                                                                              Economy Class round trip                                                     45,000
                                      working days. The voucher will
                                                                              New Economy Class round trip                                                  67,500
 FLYING CO MILES NEEDED               need to be exchanged for a ticket
 (First Class return)                                                         Business Class round trip                                                    90,000
                                      at the Eurostar ticket desk on the
Lille                      26,000     day of departure.                      Zone 1: UK, Belgium, France, Netherlands and Republic of Ireland.
Paris                      30,000                                            Zone 2: All other bmi destinations.
Brussels                   30,000     Please note that once a ticket has
                                      been booked it cannot be changed
                                      or refunded. Bookings can be made      HOW TO BOOK
                                      up to eleven months in advance.
                                                                             You can book bmi flights by                          For further details, please see
                                      For further details, please see the    calling the Flying Co helpline on                    the Flying Co Terms & Conditions
                                      Flying Co Terms & Conditions online    1 877 747 8280. Please book your                     online at:
                                      at:                                    flights at least five working days                   www.virginatlantic.com/flyingco
                                      www.virginatlantic.com/flyingco        in advance of the desired date of
                                                                             departure. If seats are not available,
                                                                             we’ll let you know within 48 hours
                                                                             and arrange an alternative date.

 US edition 04/2009                                                                                                                                                  10

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