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					                         University of Massachusetts Amherst
                                                                                                                Spring 2006

Newsletter of the
Department of Computer Science


Barto named
                           A stimulating idea
IEEE Fellow                         esearch sometimes takes unexpected
                                    turns. Professor Andrew Barto has stud-
                 page 3
                                    ied learning in machines and animals since
Popplestone                the late 1970s. A founder of the Department’s Au-
                           tonomous Learning Laboratory, Barto is known
memorial                   for pioneering work that made one type of learn-
endowment                  ing—reinforcement learning—a major component
                           of modern machine learning research. Although
established                he has always been interested in the psychology
                 page 3    and neuroscience of animal learning, Barto makes
                           no claims to being either a psychologist or a neu-
                           roscientist. With some exceptions, Barto and his
                           students have justified their algorithms on the
CIIR students              basis of how well they solved problems or on their
receive Microsoft          mathematical properties. For the most part, the             A simulated “playroom” designed to
                           work has fallen squarely under the heading of arti-        experiment with intrinsically motivated
Fellowships                ficial intelligence and engineering, not psychology                  learning methods.
                 page 9    or neuroscience. The surprise is that an algorithm                                continued on page 2

Radar network                Three faculty receive CAREER awards

developed                            ssistant Professors         ment Chair Bruce Croft.            velop sensing techniques that
                 page 5              Oliver Brock, Deepak           Brock received the NSF          provide feedback to robots
                                     Ganesan, and Erik           CAREER award for his pro-          about their surroundings.
ALUMNI                       Learned-Miller have each            posal “Motion Capabilities for        At the low end of the fre-
                             received five-year National         Autonomous Mobile Manipu-          quency spectrum, he pro-
Whereabouts of               Science Foundation (NSF)            lation.” His project explores      poses an application of tech-
our Ph.D. alumni             Faculty Early Career Devel-         the challenges involved in         niques from active learning
                             opment (CAREER) program             making robots independently        and utility theory to global
           pages 6 & 7
                             awards, the NSF’s most pres-        mobile in various environ-         motion planning. These tech-
Distinguished                tigious award for new faculty       ments. Efforts in both industry    niques permit the exploita-
                             members. Robot navigation,          and academia have led to quite     tion of structure inherent in
Alumni Award to              data gathered from smart sen-       advanced humanoid robots           any real-world motion plan-
P. Anandan                   sors, and self-taught computer      and mobile manipulators, said      ning problem to increase the
                page 10      vision systems are the focus of     Brock, but there are still many    efficiency of motion plan-
                             their CAREER grants.                factors that constrain these       ning, said Brock. The result-
                                 “Getting three CAREER           machines from fully operating      ing planning methods will
SAVE THE DATE                awards in one year is outstand-     in the everyday world. Brock       satisfy the feedback require-
Computer Science             ing, and indicates the quality of   will investigate generating        ments of autonomous mobile
Homecoming 2006              our junior faculty,” said Distin-   robotic motion under these         manipulation.
Friday, October 20           guished Professor and Depart-       various constraints and will de-            continued on page 4
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                                                                                                                                                       Robin Popplestone memorial Andrew Barto

A stimulating idea . . . . . . . . . . . .   (from page 1)
                                                                                                                 Light off
                                                                                                                 Music on
                                                                                                                                                                                                         elected as an
developed by Barto’s research group, the Temporal Difference                                                     Noise off
                                                                                                                                                         endowment established
(TD) algorithm, is currently a leading model of the activity of                                                                                                                                          IEEE Fellow
                                                                              Light off
dopamine neurons in the brain and is the basis of research being                                                             Light on                    rofessor Emeritus Perceptual Robotics. In 1990,

                                                                              Music on                                       Music on
done by neuroscientists around the world.                                     Noise on                                       Noise off                        Robin John Popple- Popplestone was selected as                       rofessor Andrew
   The brain’s dopamine system has long been associated with                                                                                                  stone’s wife Kristin a Founding Fellow of the                        Barto is among a select
reward learning and reward-related behavior. A 1992 Journal of                                                           Light on                      Morrison established an American Association for                            group of recipients for
Neurophysiology paper from the laboratory of Wolfram Schultz,                                                            Music off                     endowment in Professor Artificial Intelligence (AAAI)                 one of the Institute of Electri-
at the University of Fribourg in Switzerland, presented data                                                             Noise off                     Popplestone’s name. These in recognition of his seminal               cal and Electronics Engineers’
showing the electrical activity of dopamine neurons observed         A graph                                                                           generous endowment funds contributions to AI. Due to                  (IEEE) most prestigious hon-
in animals performing several learning tasks. The dopamine           showing all                                                                       will support a graduate stu- illness, he retired in 2001              ors, election to IEEE Fellow.
                                                                                                                                         Light off
neurons showed bursts of activity in response to an unexpected       the states                                                          Music off     dent “Popplestone Fellow” as an Emeritus Professor,                   This honor is in recognition
                                                                                          Light on
reward (e.g., a morsel of food). As learning progressed, the         of the               Music on                                       Noise off     for each academic year. The and returned to Glasgow,                  of Barto’s contributions to
activity of these neurons moved earlier in time to when the ani-     playroom.            Noise on                                                     first award will be presented Scotland to be near his fam-            reinforcement learning meth-
mal received a stimulus that regularly predicted the upcoming                                                                                          this fall.                     ily and the sea. Popplestone           ods and their neural network
reward. Moreover, if an even earlier reward-predicting stimu-        problem as well,” suggests Barto.                                                     “We greatly appreciate died on April 14, 2004 after               implementations.
lus was introduced, the neurons shifted their activity from the          Reinforcement learning is based on the common-sense idea                      Kristin’s generosity in es- a 10 year battle with cancer.                Each year, following a rigorous evaluation procedure, the
later to the earlier stimulus. When the reward did not arrive as     that if an action is followed by a satisfactory state of affairs,                 tablishing this fund,” said He was 65. For more on his                IEEE Fellow Committee chooses from those with an extraor-
expected, the neurons decreased their activity. It looked very       or an improvement in the state of affairs, then the tendency to                   Distinguished Professor and career, go to www.cs.umass.               dinary record of accomplishments in the IEEE fields of interest
much like dopamine neurons were part of a system that learns         produce that action is strengthened, that is, reinforced. In some                 Department Chair Bruce edu/csinfo/announce/robin-                     for its highest grade of membership. The total number of IEEE
to anticipate upcoming rewards.                                      cases, the consequences of actions cannot be evaluated until a                    Croft. “What a wonderful popplestone.html.                            Fellows selected in any one year does not exceed one-tenth per-
   Encouraged by neuroscience colleagues familiar with his           sequence of actions has been completed, for example, a reward                     way to honor                                      Anyone              cent of the total voting Institute membership.
group’s research, Barto gave a talk at a 1994 Woods Hole work-       may not arrive until the completion of a multi-step task. This                    Robin’s con-                                   wishing to                Barto’s research interests center on learning in both machines
shop devoted to models of information processing in the basal        makes learning the best decisions much harder because it is                       tributions to                                  contribute             and animals. He has been developing learning algorithms that
ganglia, a group of brain structures that include a major collec-    difficult to tell how the decisions in the sequence contributed                   the Depart-                                    can send do-           are useful for engineering applications while overlapping with
tion of dopamine neurons as well as structures that receive input    to the outcome. “The challenge with reinforcement learning,                       ment. He is                                    nations to:            the field as studied by experimental psychologists and neuro-
from them. His talk was a brief tutorial on the TD algorithm and     which has a very long history in both psychology and artificial                   truly missed                                   Dept. of Com-          scientists. He has also had a long interest in artificial and real
an explanation of how the algorithm’s behavior was remark-           intelligence, has always been the difficulty of making it ef-                     by all who                                     puter Science,         neural networks. Most recently he has been working on three
ably parallel to the behavior of the dopamine neurons observed       ficient enough to be useful in practice, especially in the case of                knew him.”                                     UMass Am-              projects. The first focuses on extending reinforcement learning
in Schultz’s laboratory. This and another talk by neuroscience       delayed reward,” noted Barto. “The TD algorithm, which is a                           In 1985,                                   herst, 140             methods so that agents can autonomously construct hierarchies
colleagues also suggested how a reinforcement learning system        descendant of a method used by Arthur Samuel in his famous                        Popplestone,                                   Governors              of reusable skills. The second, being conducted in collaboration
using the TD algorithm might be implemented by the neural            checkers playing program of the 1950s, addresses this problem                     one of the                                     Drive, Am-             with neuroscientists and developmental psychologists, involves
circuitry. These talks resulted in the earliest publications, in a   by forming predictions of future reward so that learning can                      early pioneers                                 herst MA               modeling how animals learn motor skills. The third applies
1995 book based on the workshop, discussing the correspon-           proceed on the basis of predicted reward instead of waiting for                   in robotics                                    01003-9264.            machine learning methods to intelligent tutoring systems.
dence between dopamine neuron activity and the TD algorithm.         the actual rewards.”                                                              and computer                                   Make checks               Barto is currently co-director of the Autonomous Learning
                                                                                                                                                                            Kristin Morrison and
Since then, many other researchers, both neuroscience experi-            Reinforcement learning systems using TD methods have                          programming                                    payable to             Laboratory. He received the 2004 IEEE Neural Networks So-
                                                                                                                                                                             Robin Popplestone
mentalists and theorists, have developed the connection in many      been responsible for some impressive applications, and they                       languages,                                     UMass Am-              ciety Neural Networks Pioneer Award for fundamental work
interesting new directions. Although discrepancies between           have also brought important aspects of the learning and search                    joined the faculty of UMass herst Computer Science and                on reinforcement learning. He is a Fellow of the American As-
dopamine neuron activity and the TD algorithm’s behavior have        methods of artificial intelligence together with methods widely                   Amherst as a Professor of note Popplestone Endowment                  sociation for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) and a member
emerged, the view that the brain’s dopamine system operates in       used in control engineering and decision theory. In particular,                   Computer Science and Di- or go to                   of the American Association for Artificial Intelligence and the
accordance with the principles of reward prediction as laid out      efforts by many researchers have shown that the TD algorithm,                     rector of the Laboratory for csinfo/donate.html.                      Society for Neuroscience.
in the computational theory of reinforcement learning from           and algorithms like it, are closely related to methods for solv-
Barto’s group has become the “standard”—though not entirely          ing stochastic optimal control problems. Consequently, there
uncontroversial—view of dopamine neuron activity.                    are now well-established connections leading from stochastic                    A stimulating idea . . . . . . . . . . . . (from page 2)                sounds. The agent has an eye, a hand, and a visual marker (seen
   What is surprising in all of this is that while the work in       optimal control and decision theory, through computational                                                                                              as a cross hair in the picture). Even though the agent receives a
Barto’s group was always inspired by animal learning and             reinforcement learning, to the brain’s dopamine system. These                   salient stimulus like a sudden change in lighting or a sound,”          “real” reward only when the monkey makes a sound, it gener-
neural mechanisms, and some of their work did explicitly             connections provide a basis for a lot of interdisciplinary cross-               said Barto. “This would make sense from a computational                 ates for itself intrinsic reward when it makes noticeable events
model animal behavior, for the most part their work remained         fertilization that promises to yield significant advances in coming             perspective if—in addition to their alerting effects—stimuli like       occur unexpectedly, such as unexpectedly turning on the lights.
computational. What mattered was the ability of an algorithm         years. For example, since the dopamine system plays a key role                  these acted as temporary rewards to drive exploratory activity          Ph.D. student Özgür Simsek created a revealing representation
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      ,   ,
to efficiently solve useful and difficult learning tasks, not its    in the action of most addictive drugs, researchers are beginning                aimed at discovering what was going on; in other words, if they         of the playroom state space (figure on page 2). The dots, each
ability to reproduce animal behavior or neural data. In fact,        to explore new models of drug addiction based on these com-                     were the basis of curiosity.” In one computational study of this        representing a different state of the playroom, show clusters
the TD algorithm appeared nearly ten years before the results        putational theories.                                                            idea, Barto teamed up with former Ph.D. student Satinder Singh,         with the property that transitions between clusters are much
from Schultz’s laboratory, forming a key part of the 1984 dis-           But the dopamine system is much more complicated than any                   now a professor at the University of Michigan, to see if it was         rarer than transitions within clusters. It is these between-cluster
sertation of Barto’s first Ph.D. student, Richard Sutton, who is     of these models. Barto’s most recent interest is related to the fact            possible for an artificial agent to learn a hierarchy of skills using   transitions that generate intrinsic reward, while the overall goal
now leading a group of reinforcement learning researchers at         that predictors of events of obvious biological value, like the                 what they called intrinsically motivated reinforcement learning,        is to reach a single specific state (shown as the blue dot in the
the University of Alberta. “So the TD algorithm did not result       ingestion of food, are not the only stimuli that excite dopamine                where unexpected salient events generate rewards. Shown in the          left-most cluster). “Our goal,” says Barto, “is to eventually show
from an effort to model the activity of dopamine neurons. It was     neurons. “They also respond to stimuli not directly related to                  figure on page 1 is a simple simulated “playroom” containing a          that intrinsically motivated reinforcement learning is a route to
instead the result of trying to solve a computational problem.       basic biological needs at all, for example, to an unexpected                    light switch, a ball, a bell, movable blocks that are also buttons      a truly open-ended form of machine learning. Maybe we’ll learn
The correspondence exists because nature has had to solve this                                                      continued on page 3              for turning music on and off, and a toy monkey that can make            something about the brain, too.”
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                                                                FA C U LT Y                                                                                                                                        RESEARCH

CAREER awards . . . . . . . .         (from page 1)
   “To obtain adequate feedback about the state of the environ-
ment, we will be developing novel sensing and modeling tech-
                                                                            Ganesan joined UMass Amherst in 2004 as an Assistant Profes-
                                                                        sor and leads the Sensor Networks Research Group. He received
                                                                        his Ph.D. in Computer Science from the University of California,
                                                                                                                                                  Weather tracking radar                                                    storms, such as tornadoes, after
                                                                                                                                                                                                                            they fall to earth.

                                                                                                                                                  network developed
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                D C A S , h o w e v e r, u s e s
niques to provide perceptual information,” said Brock. To address       Los Angeles. Ganesan’s research interests include systems, net-                                                                                     large numbers of low-power
motion constraints that require high-frequency feedback, he plans       working and data management issues in sensor networks.                                                                                              Distributed nodes with short

to combine multi-objective control methods with planning ap-                With his CAREER project, Learned-Miller aims to develop                       he new 50-foot-tall tower atop Orchard Hill on the                beams that overcome the
proaches for constraint satisfaction. These planning methods            computer vision systems that are largely self-taught. Using mod-                  UMass Amherst campus houses the prototype unit for                earth’s curvature. These tiny
overcome the susceptibility of control-based motion generation          ern learning techniques, it is now possible to teach computers                    a new radar network that can beam into a critical blind           DCAS radars are Collabora-
to local minima. Ultimately humanoid robots should be able to           visual concepts through example based learning. “But this process         spot of the atmosphere that conventional radar systems cannot             tive in the sense that they can
safely and reliably perform human-level tasks by themselves in          is time consuming and arduous,” said Learned-Miller. Often                currently monitor, promising to transform the way human beings            cooperate to target their beams
unstructured environments.                                              large data sets must be manually collected. Machines typically            monitor weather and track storms.                                         on one weather pattern—a
   Brock joined the Computer Science faculty in 2002 and co-            do not take advantage of previously learned knowledge when                   “The MA1 radar, and the dense network of radars that CASA              tornado, for instance—thus
directs both the Laboratory for Perceptual Robotics and the             performing new tasks. And when confronted with a new situ-                is developing, are exciting on many fronts,” said Distinguished           triangulating on it and follow-
Bioinformatics Research Laboratory. He received his Ph.D. in            ation, systems fail catastrophically. The goal of this research is        Professor Jim Kurose, CASA Associate Director. “From a Com-               ing its course with the precision
Computer Science from Stanford University. His current research         to make it dramatically easier to teach vision systems new skills,        puter Science standpoint, they represent a new breed of data-             of storm chasers in mobile
focuses on robotics, autonomous mobile manipulation, motion             and to design machines that can learn tasks faster by leveraging          driven, networked, sense-and-response systems. The project is             units. The DCAS nodes are
planning, and structural biology.                                       previously learned knowledge.                                             intellectually exciting in that it brings together computer scientists,   also Adaptive because they’re
   Ganesan’s proposal “Addressing Data and Energy Manage-                   A central tenet of this work is that it is impractical to train vi-   radar engineers, meteorologists, atmospheric scientists, sociolo-         engineered to be rapidly recon-
ment Challenges in Hierarchical Sensor Networks,” garnered his          sion systems one problem at a time, acquiring large training sets         gists, and end-user specialists.”                                         figured in response to quickly
CAREER award. In earthquake prone areas, sensors embedded in            and developing training paradigms for each task to be learned.               As part of a DCAS (Distributed Collaborative Adaptive Sens-            changing weather.
buildings to monitor vibration levels could predict if the building     There are many scenarios in which training data are severely              ing) radar network, the unit being tested on Orchard Hill can                 “This will monitor lower-
was becoming unsafe and inform people inside, but only if that          limited. And ideally, computer systems should be adaptive, and            sense the lower three kilometers of the atmosphere—the crucial            atmospheric weather for 20 Radar network tower being
information is stored properly, modeled accurately and easily           not have to be prepared for each new task, especially when these          area where storms actually form. For the first time, DCAS tech-           miles around,” explains David installed on UMass Amherst
accessible, said Ganesan.                                               new tasks are similar to previous ones. Some specific areas of in-        nology can follow weather disturbances with the accuracy of an            McLaughlin, director of CASA. campus
   His project tackles prediction techniques and storage systems        vestigation include learning to recognize any particular car or face      eye-witness emergency manager on the ground. When deployed in             “It will allow us to test the functionality of the low-power radar
for data from such sensors. It takes a fresh look at challenges in      from a single example, simply by watching other cars or faces as          the field, DCAS radar networks will provide emergency managers            concept, the signal processing, and its communications. It’s the
sensor networks in light of recent technology trends and experi-        they move about; developing software for robots to continuously           with an invaluable new tool to save lives, carry out evacuations,         sensing part of the operation.”
ences in pilot deployments. Technology trends indicate that the         explore the visual world and the interactions between vision and          evaluate potential flooding, and direct the emergency flow of                 DCAS radars are expected to usher in a new era in very low
capacities of flash memories will continue to rise while their costs    the other senses; and learning to recognize typewritten text in a         traffic.                                                                  power, very low cost radar designs. “This new radar transmits less
and energy consumption continue to plummet, said Ganesan. This          font never seen before, without any training examples of that                DCAS radar is the brainchild of the National Science Founda-           than one-tenth the power of a light-bulb,” says doctoral student
will make it possible to equip sensor nodes with energy-efficient,      font. The common thread in these efforts is that they relieve the         tion (NSF) funded Engineering Research Center for Collaborative           Francesc Junyent, one of 10 CASA engineers (more than half of
high-capacity flash memory storage. In addition, pilot deploy-          burden on the teacher of the computer. The final goal is to develop       Adaptive Sensing of the Atmosphere (CASA), a partnership among            them graduate students), who created the first DCAS prototype.
ments have shown that scalable sensor network architectures will        computers that can be taught simply and rapidly, and that can             19 different institutions including UMass Amherst, the University         “Ultimately, we’ll be able to make these radars using low-cost
be hierarchical, and comprise hundreds of resource-constrained          explore on their own.                                                     of Puerto Rico Mayaguez, the University of Oklahoma, Colorado             microwave and digital chips the same way we currently make
sensors but only tens of resource-rich sensor proxies. This moti-           Learned-Miller joined the Department in 2004. He received             State University, Raytheon, Vaisala, Vieux and Associates, and the        computer boards.”
vates the need to develop methods to exploit resources at proxies       his Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from             National Atmospheric and Oceanic Administration.                              The work has been funded by a $17 million NSF grant, $5 mil-
while respecting constraints at sensors.                                the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. His research interests            The six-foot-tall apparatus sits atop the CASA tower encased           lion from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and $18 million
   Ganesan’s research includes the design, prototyping and evalu-       can be broadly categorized as applying ideas and methods from             in a golf-ball-shaped radome of fiberglass and coated with a hy-          from CASA’s industry and university partners. Recent funding
ation of archival storage subsystems for sensor nodes, algorithms       machine learning to problems in machine vision.                           drophobic substance that repels water, thus protecting the radar          includes $2.5 million from the state of Oklahoma, $650,000 from
to enable efficient access of large distributed archival sensor data,       The CAREER program recognizes and supports the early                  from the elements. Its antenna is nearly 50 times smaller than            Colorado State University and $100,000 from NASA.
and compression techniques for efficiently retrieving such data.        career-development activities of those teacher-scholars who are           each conventional high-power NexRad system now used by the                    This completed DCAS network will track touched-down
“This research will address systems issues as well as analytical un-    most likely to become the academic leaders of the 21st century.           National Weather Service.                                                 tornadoes more precisely than ever before possible, cut down on
derpinnings of a hierarchical sensor storage architecture and has       Previous Department faculty CAREER award recipients include                  “This step is the verification of our prototype,” says Michael         the high percentage of false alarms and comprehensively map
strong ties to the fields                                                                                              Micah Adler (2002),        Zink, head of the Technical Integration Thrust for CASA. As soon          the thermodynamic state of the lower atmosphere. According to
of embedded systems,                                                                                                   Emery Berger (2004),       as the unit proves itself during its test phase, a four-radar DCAS        CASA consultant Luko Krnan, DCAS networks could even help
distributed systems and                                                                                                Mark Corner (2005),        network could be saving lives in the field by this spring in one of       emergency managers with rainfall and flooding prognostication
signal processing,” said                                                                                               Brian Levine (2001),       Oklahoma’s tornado alleys. The four-node testbed began rising             related to hurricanes such as Katrina.
Ganesan. Additionally,                                                                                                 Sridhar Mahadevan          above the southwest Oklahoma plains in January 2006, and will
his project proposes                                                                                                   (1995; awarded at          be operational by April of this year. Other test beds will be oper-
an uncertainty-driven
energy management
                                                                                                                       Univ. of S. Florida),
                                                                                                                       Kathryn McKinley
                                                                                                                                                  ated by the CASA collaborators in Colorado and Puerto Rico.
                                                                                                                                                     Today’s measurements of the lower three kilometers of at-
                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Homecoming 2006
architecture that unifies                                                                                              (1996; now at UT-          mospheric soup—swirling wind fields and super-cells that spit               The next annual Computer Science Homecoming event will
energy optimization                                                                                                    Austin), Prashant She-     out tornadoes—are severely limited by existing technology. The              be held on Friday, October 20, 2006. We want to host an
across sensing, commu-                                                                                                 noy (2003), Ramesh         system in use today features long-range high-power radars that              event that appeals to all of our alumni and friends, so we’d
nication, routing, data                                                                                                Sitaraman (1997), and      scan a 200-kilometer radius above cloud level. Their high-power             like to hear from you. Contact us at
processing and query                                                                                                   Shlomo Zilberstein         waves shoot straight toward the surrounding horizons, thus the              with your suggestions on what type of Homecoming event
processing tasks.                                                                                                      (1996).                    curvature of the planet prevents these units from sensing the lower         would entice you to attend. Find more on Homecoming at
                                   Oliver Brock              Deepak Ganesan               Erik Learned-Miller                                     atmosphere. Current technology is also relatively insensitive to  
6   ◆   Significant Bits, Spring 2006                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Significant Bits, Spring 2006                      ◆   7

CALIFORNIA                              UMass Amherst Computer Science Ph.D. Alumni                                                      Mia Stern, Advisory
                                                                                                                                          Software Engineer,        MISSISSIPPI                Ming Xiong, Member          David Skalak, Sr. Data       Frank Klassner, Assoc.     Thomas Wagner,             Daniel Figueiredo,

                               Where are they now? Here’s where…
Poornima Balasubra-                                                                                                                       IBM Research              Eric Hansen, Assoc.        Tech. Staff, Bell Labs,      Mgmt. Analyst, IBM           Prof., Villanova U.        Program Manager,           PostDoc Fellow, EPFL,
 manyam, Researcher,                                                                                                                                                 Prof., Mississippi        Lucent                      Peri Tarr, Res. Scientist,   Steven Levitan, Prof.,      DARPA                      Switzerland
                                                                                                                                         William Verts, Asst.
 U. of Cal. Davis                                                                                                                         Prof., UMass Amherst       State U.                  NEW MEXICO                   IBM TJ Watson                U. of Pittsburgh          WASHINGTON                 M. Timur Friedman,
Supratik Bhattacha-                                                                                                                                                                                                        Zhongfei Mark Zhang,         Yanxi Liu, Assoc. Res.                                 Asst. Prof., Université
                           Naghi (Maram Nagen-        Yuan-Chieh (Randy)         MARYLAND                  Frank Glazer                  Rukmini Vijaykumar,        MISSOURI                   Subhasish Mazumdar,                                                                 John Dolan, Sharp           Pierre et Marie Curie,
 ryya, Res. Scientist,      dra) Prasad, V.P. Eng.,    Chow, Prof., U. of                                                                 Princ. Member, Tech.                                  Assoc. Prof., New           Assoc. Prof.,                Prof., CMU                 Labs
 Sprint Lab                                                                      Steven Bradtke, co-       Warren Greiff, Princ.                                    Alan Garvey, Assoc.                                     Binghamton U.                                                                      France
                            Autonomy                   Florida                    Founder, Proteus Tech.    Eng., Mitre                   Staff, Verizon             Prof., Truman State U.     Mexico Inst. of                                         Tuomas Sandholm,           Joshua Grass
Richard Brooks, Sr.                                                                                                                                                                             Mining & Technology                                      Assoc. Prof./CTO,                                    Stephen Hegner, Prof./
                           Toni Rath, Soft. Eng.,     Arthur Karshmer,           Bob Krovetz, Princ.        Corporation                  Steven Vinter,             Margaret Thompson,                                     NORTH CAROLINA                                          Daryl Lawton, Retired,      Sr. Lecturer, Umea U.,
 Mgr., Genetech, Inc.       Google                     Prof./Chair, U. of                                                                 OpenWave                                             Darko Stefanovic,                                         CMU CombineNet
                                                                                  NLP Eng., CodeRyte       Yechezkal (Steven)                                        Instructor, Pediat-                                   Jeff Clouse, Sys.                                        Microsoft                  Sweden
Brian Burns, Scientist,    Debra Richardson,           South Florida                                        Gutfreund, Chief             Fuxing Wang,                rics, School of Med.,      Asst. Prof, U. of           Architect, Republic         Bhuvan Urgaonkar,
 AI Ctr., SRI Intl.                                                              Dawn Lawrie, Asst.                                                                                                                                                      Asst. Prof.,              Joseph McCarthy, Pres-     Ren-Hung Hwang, As-
                            Dean, School of Info.                                 Prof., Loyola College     Scientist & Founder,          President, Co-founder,     Washington U.              New Mexico                  Mortgage Insurance                                      ident, Interrelativity
                                                      GEORGIA                                                                                                                                                                                            Pennsylvania State U.                                 soc. Prof., Natl. Chung
Shenze Chen, Tech.          & CS; Prof., U. of Cal.                                                         Kesser Tech. Grp.             Primeon, Inc.                                        Lance Williams,             Sushant Patnaik, Dir.
 Staff, Hewlett-Packard                               Ronald Arkin, Regent’s     Tim Oates, Asst. Prof.,                                                            NEBRASKA                                                                                                       Jitendra Padhye,            Cheng U., Taiwan
                            Irvine                                                U. of Maryland,          Martin Herbordt, As-          Xiaoguang Wang, Sr.                                    Assoc. Prof., U. of         Struc. Rates                SOUTH CAROLINA              Researcher, Microsoft
                                                       Prof., Georgia Inst. of                                                                                      Matthew Dwyer, Prof.,       New Mexico                                                                                                    Bipin Indurkhya, Prof.,
Jefferson Coelho, Soft.    Penelope Sibun,             Tech.                      Baltimore Co.             soc. Prof., Boston U.         Soft. Eng., Cognex                                                                Trading, Wachovia           Martha Steenstrup,          Research
 Design Eng., Agilent                                                                                                                                                U. of Nebraska                                                                                                                            Tokyo U. of Agricul-
                            Researcher, Xerox                                    Matt Schmill, Re-         Alfred Hough, Program          Corp                                                 Victor Yodaiken, CEO,        Securities                   Res. Professor,           Morningstar Poe             ture and Tech., Japan
 Tech.                      Palo Alto Res. Ctr.       HAWAII                                                Mgr., IAVO Research          Charles Weems, Assoc.      NEW HAMPSHIRE               FSM Labs                   Anita Raja, Asst. Prof.,      Clemson U.
                                                                                  searcher, U. of Mary-                                                                                                                                                                            Stephen Soderland,         Sharad Jaiswal, Tech.
Jeffrey Conklin, Direc-    Andrew Singer, CEO,        Philip Johnson, Prof.,      land, Baltimore Co.       & Scientific                  Prof., UMass Amherst      Edward Fisher, Oracle      NEW YORK                     U. of North Carolina
 tor, CogNexus Inst.                                   U. of Hawaii                                                                                                                                                                                     TEXAS                       Res. Scientist, U. of      Staff Member, Bell
                            Rapport, Inc.                                                                  Tom Kalt                      Robert Whitehair,          Joydip Kundu, Sr. Mgr.                                  Charlotte                                               Washington                 Labs, Lucent, India
                                                                                 MASSACHUSETTS                                                                                                 Eric Brown, Res. Staff                                   Brendon Cahoon,
Christopher Connolly,      Jeff Teeters, P-T          Daniel Suthers, Assoc.                               Charles Kohl, Soft.            Chief Res. Officer/        Soft. Dev., Oracle         Member, IBM TJ             Robert St. Amant,
 Comp. Scientist, SRI                                  Prof., U. of Hawaii       Scott Anderson, Lec-                                                                                                                                                    Researcher, Intel         Vijay Sundaram, Soft.      Anders Jonsson,
                            teaching, Soft. Dev.,                                                           Dev. Mgr., X-Rite, Inc.       Founder, River Logic,     Lory Molesky, Sr.           Watson                      Assoc. Prof., North                                     Dev. Eng., Microsoft       Visiting Prof., U.
 Intl.                      Consulting                                            turer, Wellesley College                                Inc.                                                                              Carolina State U.           Leonidas Fegaras,
                                                      IDAHO                                                Ralf Kohler, Sr. Soft. Eng.                               Researcher, Oracle,       Claire Cardie, Assoc.                                     Assoc. Prof., U. of       Robert Williams, Soft.      Pompeau Fabra, Spain
Jay Corbett, Sr. Soft.     Leonard Wesley, Prof./                                Krishnamoorthy             Advisor, McKesson            Thomas Williams, V.         Inc.
                                                      Lynn Ruggles, Sr. Eng.,     Arvind, Architect/                                                                                            Prof., Cornell U.          OHIO                          Texas Arlington            Developer, Microsoft      Yillbyung Lee, Prof.,
 Eng., Google               President, San Jose                                                                                           Pres./Chief Eng.,         Zachary Rubinstein,
                                                       Hewlett Packard            Consulting Eng.,         Susan Lander,                                                                       Aaron Cass, Asst. Prof.,    Fred Annexstein,             Ann Goodman                                            Yonsei U., Korea
Michael Duff, PostDoc,      State U./Intellex                                                               President, BBTech             Millivision                Asst. Prof., U. of                                                                                            WASHINGTON, D.C.
                                                      ILLINOIS                    EnteraSys Networks                                                                                            Union College               Assoc. Prof., U. of         Donald House, Prof.,                                  Chi-Jen Lu, Asst. Res.
 U. Cal. Irvine            COLORADO                                                                                                      Beverly Woolf, Assoc.       New Hampshire                                          Cinncinati                                             Rahul Simha, Assoc.
                                                                                 Jonathan Bachrach,        Victor Lavrenko, Sr.                                                                Madirakshi Das, Sr.                                       Texas A & M                                           Fellow, Inst. of Info.
Rabi Dutta, Patent                                    Shashidhar Buluswar,                                  PostDoc, UMass                Res. Prof., UMass                                                                                                                         Prof., George              Science, Academia
                           Charles Anderson,           Assoc. Partner,            Res. Scientist, MIT                                                               NEW JERSEY                  Res. Scientist,            Andy Podgurski, Assoc.       Manfred Huber, Asst.        Washington U.
 Agent, Konrad Raynes       Assoc. Prof., Colorado                                                          Amherst                       Amherst                                               Eastman Kodak               Prof., Case Western                                                                Sinica Taiwan
 & Victor                                              McKinsey & Co.             CSAIL                                                                             B. Badrinath, Prof,                                                                  Prof., U. of Texas
                            State U                                                                        Benyuan Liu, Asst.            Jinxi Xu, Scientist, BBN                              Bryan Horling, Soft.         Reserve U.                                             WYOMING                    Mauricio Marengoni,
Tom Fawcett, Senior                                   Ugo Buy, Assoc. Prof.,     Duane Bailey, Prof.,                                                                Rutgers U.                                                                          Arlington
                           J. Ross Beveridge,                                     Williams College          Prof., UMass Lowell          Ping Xuan, Asst. Prof.,                                Eng., Google               Roger Thompson,                                         Howard Turtle, Presi-       Prof., Universidade
 Research Scientist,                                   U. of Illinois                                                                     Clark U.                  Tian Bu, Member,                                                                    Larry Lefkowitz, Exec.
                            Assoc. Prof., Colorado                                                         Dirk Mahling, CTO,                                        Tech. Staff, Bell         William Hesse, Asst.         Consulting Soft. Eng.,                                  dent, CogiTech Group       Presbiteriana
 Stanford U.                                          Norman Carver,             Lisa Ballesteros, Asst.                                                                                                                                                 Dir. Bus. Solutions,                                  Mackenzie, Brazil
                            State U.                                              Prof., Mt. Holyoke        WebGen Systems               David Yates, Asst.          Labs, Lucent               Prof., Clarkson U.          OCLC                         Cycorp, Inc.
Zhengzhu Feng, Soft.                                   Assoc. Prof., Southern                                                             Prof., Bentley College                                                                                                                   CANADA
                           Tim Chamillard, Asst.                                  College                  R. Manmatha, Res.                                        Peter Burt, Sr.Tech.       Robert Jacobs, Prof.,       OKLAHOMA                                                                           Sue Bok Moon, Asst.
 Eng., Google                                          Illinois U.                                                                                                                                                                                      Kenneth Overton, Dir.,     Suprakash Datta,            Prof., KAIST, Korea
                            Prof., U. of Colorado,                               Daniel Barrett, Sr. Tech.  Asst. Prof., UMass           Xiaoqin Zhang, Asst.        Dir., Vision Tech.,        U. of Rochester                                          E-Systems, Ctr. for
Mahesh Girkar, Oracle       Col. Springs              David Lewis,                                                                        Prof., UMass Dart-                                                               Amy McGovern, Asst.                                      Asst. Prof., York U.,
                                                                                  Mgr., VistaPrint          Amherst                                                  Sarnoff                   Ping Ji, Asst. Prof.,        Prof., U. of Oklahoma        Advanced Elec.             Toronto                   Anandan Padmanab-
Tom Gruber, CTO &                                      Consultant                                                                         mouth                                                                                                                                                                han, Managing Dir.,
                           Amer Diwan, Asst.                                     Daniel Bernstein, Sr.     Ruth Maulucci,                                           Davey (Yong-Qing)           City U. of New York                                      Imaging
 Founder, RealTravel.       Prof., U. of Colorado,    Kishore Swaminathan,                                                                                                                                                 OREGON                                                  Randy Ellis, Prof.,         Microsoft Research
                                                                                  PostDoc, UMass            MOCO, Inc.                   MICHIGAN                    Cheng, MCI                Damian Lyons, Assoc.                                     Sharad Saxena, Tech.        Queens U., Ontario
 com                        Boulder                    Researcher, Accenture                                                                                                                                               Edward Epp, Sr. Soft.                                                               India
                                                       Tech. Labs                 Amherst                  Marie Meteer, Vice            Mohammad Dadashza-         Jody Daniels, Eng.,         Prof, Fordham U.                                         Fellow, PDF Solutions     David Forster,
Vijaykumar Gullapalli,     Bruce Draper, Assoc.                                                             President, BBN                                                                                                  Eng., Intel                                                                       Justus Piater, Asst.
 Sr. Design Consult.,                                                            Malini Bhandaru, Princ.                                  deh, Prof., Oakland U.     Lockheed Martin           J. Antonio Medina,                                       Raj Wall, Senior            Proprietor, Mentor
                            Prof., Colorado           INDIANA                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Prof., U. of Liege,
 Synopsis                                                                         Soft. Eng., Covergence, Technologies                   Laura Dillon, Prof. &      Zihui Ge, Tech. Special-    Associate, Morgan          Balaji Krishnamurthy,         Mgmt., Metanalogy          Soft. Sys., Ontario        Belgium
                            State U.                  Antony Hosking, As-         Inc.                     Alan Morse, Dev. Staff                                                               Stanley                     President, LogiStyle
Althea Iberall, Indepen-                                                                                                                  Dept. Chair, Michigan      ist, AT&T Research                                                                 Matthew Wright, Asst.      Mohammad Gha-
                           Adele Howe, Prof.,          soc. Prof., Purdue U.                                Coach, Ab Initio              State U.                                                                         Timothy Sheard,                                                                    Balaraman Ravindran,
 dent Contractor                                                                 Carla Brodley, Prof. &                                                             Oscar Gonzalez-Go-         Paul Nagin, President,                                    Prof., U. of Texas at      vamzadeh, Postdoc          Asst. Prof., IIT
                            Colorado State U.                                     Dept. Chair, Tufts U.     Software Corp.                                                                      Chimborazo LLC              Assoc. Prof, Portland        Arlington
Mohan Kamath, Sr.                                     IOWA                                                                               Edmund Durfee, Prof.,       mez, Tech. Staff                                                                                               Fellow, U. of Alberta      Madras, India
                           Alexander Wolf, Prof.,                                                          Daniel Neiman, Dir.,           U. of Michigan             Member, Bell Labs,                                     State U.
 Tech., Bus. Proc.                                    Ralph Bunker, Adjunct      Carol Broverman,                                                                                              Erich Nahum, Res.                                        Wei Zhao, Sr. Assoc.       Theodore Perkins,          Narendran Sachindran,
                            U. of Colorado,                                       Corp. Mgr. Med.           Tech. Dev., River                                        Lucent                     Staff Member, IBM          Suresh Singh, Prof.,          VP for Res./NSF Div.
 Mgmt., Oracle              Boulder                    Assoc. Prof., Mahari-                                                             David Haines, Sys.                                                                                                                         Asst. Prof., McGill U.,    Res. Staff Member,
                                                       shi U. of Mgmt             Informatics, Partners     Logic, Inc.                   Res. Programmer,          Alan Kaplan, Lead           TJ Watson                   Portland State U.            Director, Texas A &        Montreal
Anton Leuski, Res.         John Woods, Retired,                                                            Brian Pinette                                                                                                   James Stanley                                                                       IBM Research, India
                                                                                  Healthcare                                              U. of Michigan             Scientist, Panasonic      Gleb Naumovich, Assoc.                                    M and NSF                 Doina Precup, Asst.
 Assoc., U. of S. Cal.      TRW                       KANSAS                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  IN MEMORIAM
                                                                                 Daniel Corkill, Res. Sci- Thomas Probert,               Jonathan Shapiro,           R&D                        Prof., Polytechnic U.      Bryant York, Prof.,          UTAH                        Prof., McGill U.,
John Lowrance,                                        Raymond Niehaus,            entist, UMass Amherst     Founder; CTO,                                                                                                   Portland State U.                                                                 Jane Hill
 Program Director,         CONNECTICUT                                                                                                    Asst. Prof., Michigan     Rakesh Kumar, Tech.        Bojana Obrenic, Assoc.                                   Sneha Kumar Kasera,         Montreal
                                                       Assoc. Prof., U. of                                  LydiaLearn                    State U.                   Director, Sarnoff                                                                                                                        Karen Huff
 SRI Intl.                 Andrew Cromarty,            Kansas                    Robert Crites, Sr. Scien-                                                                                      Prof, Queens College,      PENNSYLVANIA                  Asst. Prof., U. of Utah   Richard Sutton, iCORE
                            Strategic Consult.                                    tist, Unica Corp.        Srinivas Ravela,              Satinder Singh, Assoc.      Research Ctr.              City U. of NY                                                                       Chair, Reinforce.         Rolando Lara
Roger Mailler, Comp.                                                                                        Postdoc, MIT                                                                                                   Kevin Ashley, Prof.,         Ellen Riloff, Assoc.                                  Fred Lenherr
                            Partner, Robert Fran-     KENTUCKY                   Gordon Dakin, Sr. Pro-                                   Prof., U. of Michigan     Zhihong Lu, Sr. Tech.      Ron Papka, Researcher,       Law & Intell. Syst.,                                    Learn., U. of Alberta
 Scientist AI Ctr.,                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Prof., U. of Utah                                    Jack Porterfield
 SRI Intl.                  ces Group                 Michael Bradshaw,           grammer, Crystaliz       Scott Reed, Sr. Soft. Ar-     Elliot Soloway, Prof.,      Consultant, IBM            Lehman Brothers             U. of Pittsburgh
                                                                                                            chitect, Avacoda, LLC                                                                                                                       VIRGINIA                   MEXICO                     James Schmolze
                           John Ridgway,               Visiting Asst. Prof.,     David Day, Res. Scien-                                   U. of Michigan            Ramesh Nagarajan           John Prager, Res. Scien-    Joseph Beck, Sys. Scien-
Eric McCall, Eng.,                                     Centre College                                                                                                                                                                                                              Francisco Cervantes-
 Yahoo!                     Visiting Asst. Prof.,                                 tist, MITRE Corp.        Khashayar Rohani-             Zhenlin Wang, Asst.         (ECE), Res. Staff,         tist, IBM TJ Watson         tist, Carnegie Mellon       Peter Bates, Chief
                            Wesleyan U.                                                                     manesh, Post Doc, CS                                     Bell Labs                                                                           Architect, AOL             Perez, Prof., Instituto
                                                      Christopher Jaynes,        Jayanta Dey, Member                                      Prof., Michigan                                      Daniel Rubenstein,           U. (CMU)                                                Technologio
Fanya Montalvo                                         Assoc. Prof., U. of                                  & AI Lab, MIT
                           Bing Wang, Asst. Prof.,                                Tech. Serv., GTE Labs                                   Technological U.          Gerald Pocock               Assoc.Prof.,               Jamie Callan, Assoc.         Helen Gigley, Coord.,       Autonomo de Mexico
Jasmina Pavlin, Dept.       U. of Connecticut          Kentucky                                            Michael Rosenstein,                                                                                                                           Human Sys. Integ.,                                   For a list in alphabetic
                                                                                 Christopher Eliot                                       Terry Weymouth,            Ramachandran Ram-           Columbia U.                 Prof., CMU                                                                        order and a map show-
 Mgr., Analysis &                                                                                           Postdoc, MIT                                                                                                                                 Off. of Naval Research    OVERSEAS
 Control Tech., Intel      DELAWARE                   MAINE                      Claude Fennema, Prof.,                                   Assoc. Res. Scientist,     jee, Disting. Member,     Sambit Sahu, Res.           Panayiotis Chrysanthis,                                                            ing the geographic
                                                                                  Mt. Holyoke College      Chia Shen, Assoc.              U. of Michigan             Tech. Staff, Bell          Staff Member, IBM           Prof., U. of Pittsburgh     Eva Hudlicka, Presi-       John Cavazos,              locations of our Ph.D.
Cristobal Pedregal-        Keith Decker, Assoc.       Suad Alagic, Prof., U.                                                                                                                                                                                                        Research Assoc.,
                                                       of S. Maine                                          Dir./Sr. Res. Scientist,                                 Labs, Lucent               TJ Watson                                                dent, Psychometrix                                   alumni, go to www.
 Martin, Consult.           Prof., U. of Delaware                                Victor Firoiu, Sr. Eng.,   Mitsubishi Electric          MINNESOTA                                                                         Robert Collins, Res.          Assoc.                     U. of Edinburgh,
 Member Tech. Staff,                                  David Briggs, Assoc.        Alphatech                                                                         Harpreet Sawhney,          James Salehi, Financial      Scientist, CMU                                                          
                           Inigo J. Thomas, Dir.,                                                           Res. Lab                     Abhishek Chandra,           Tech. Staff/Lab                                                                    Marty Humphrey,             Scotland, U.K.
 Oracle                     Tech. Solutions, Dia-      Prof., U. of S. Maine     Hideo Fujii, Publisher,                                  Asst. Prof., U. of                                    Trader, Self-Employed      David Hildum, Proj.                                                                alumni/phdwhere06.
                                                                                                           H. Shrikumar, CTO &                                       Leader, Sarnoff           Henning Schulzrinne                                       Asst. Prof., U. of        Steven Dropsho,            html. We apologize
Jeremy Pickens, Res.        mond State Port Corp.     Bruce MacLeod, Prof.,        Ama River Publishing     Founder, IPSIL, Inc.          Minn.-Twin Cities          Research Ctr.                                          Scientist, CMU                   Virginia               Researcher, EPFL,
                                                                                                                                                                                                (ECE), Prof. & Chair,                                                                                         if we have omitted
 Scientist, FX Palo        FLORIDA                     U. of S. Maine                     Lixin Gao,                                     Zhi-Li Zhang, Assoc.                                                              Stephen (J.S.)                                           Switzerland               anyone or have incor-
 Alto Labs                                                                                                 David Stemple, Prof.                                     Subhabrata Sen,             Columbia U.                                                     John Tan, Tech
                                                      Charles Welty,                       Assoc. Prof.,    Emeritus, UMass               Prof., U. of Minn.-        Sr.Tech. Staff Member,                                 Judd, Lecturer,                       & Mgmt.          Kousha Etessami, Lec-      rect career details.
                           Jeffrey Bonar, Founder                                           ECE Dept.,                                    Twin Cities                                          Sharad Singhai, Sr. Soft.    U. of
Jay Ponte, Res.             and Chairman, Jump-        Prof./Chair,                                         Amherst                                                  AT & T Labs –                                                                               Consultant,        turer, U. of Edinburgh,   Please send updates to
 Scientist, Google                                     U. of S. Maine                      UMass Amherst                                                                                        Eng., Sandbridge Tech.      Pennsylvania
                            Start Wireless                                                                                                                           Research                                                                                    ICF Consulting     Scotland, U.K.  
8   ◆   Significant Bits, Spring 2006                                                                                                                                                                                               Significant Bits, Spring 2006               ◆   9

                       Undergraduate Matt Marzilli takes
                                                                                                                                                                                                            A W ARDS

                         research project by STORM                                                                                                       Two Microsoft Fellowships go to CIIR students

C                                                                                                                                             M
                                                                                                                                                        icrosoft Research has selected Center for Intelligent     Extraction and Synthesis Laboratory
        omputer Science un-         Services), Lori Clarke (CS Pro-     the prototype to get it ready to   actual class,” said Marzilli.                Information Retrieval (CIIR) doctoral students Aron       student, and Metzler, an Information
        dergrad Matt Marzilli       fessor), Norm Sondheimer (co-       show to Rainey and the NMB.           Marzilli and CS gradu-                    Culotta and Don Metzler as Microsoft Research Fel-        Retrieval Laboratory student, will be
        has spent much of his       director of the UMass Amherst       Marzilli not only provided the     ate student Dan Gyllstrom          lows in recognition of their research accomplishments. According    honored during an awards ceremony
spare time for the last few         Electronic Enterprise Institute),   behind-the-scenes program-         went to Washington D.C. to         to Microsoft, “competition for the Fellowship was extremely         in Microsoft’s Redmond, Washing-
months helping the National         and Ethan Katsh (Legal Studies      ming, but also continues to        train NMB mediators to use         intense.” They received over 150 very highly qualified appli-       ton facility.
Mediation Board (NMB) de-           Professor). This diverse team is    refine the prototype based         STORM, and came back with          cants from across the United States and Canada for 22 awards           Culotta is interested in machine
cide how to use computers to        attempting to gain insight into     on input from Rainey and           pages of comments and ideas        in 2006.                                                            learning techniques applied to
facilitate labor-management         such fundamental issues as          the evaluations of prototype       for enhancements. This will           Both Culotta and Metzler are among ten specially funded Mi-      language processing tasks such as
dispute resolution. His efforts     where computers can facilitate      testers, including faculty and     help point the way to using the    crosoft Research (MSR) Fellows sponsored by Live Labs, a new        information extraction, co-reference
focus on developing STORM,          the dispute resolution process      students from Legal Studies        LASER process definition lan-      research partnership between MSN and MSR that focuses on ap-        resolution, social network analysis,
a prototype tool developed          and where face-to-face interac-     and the Isenberg School of         guage and STORM to support         plied research for Internet products and services at Microsoft.     and data mining.
as part of a National Science       tions are better.                   Management -- even Marzilli        the various negotiation process       The two-year Fellowships cover 100 percent of tuition and           One of Culotta’s current research
Foundation-funded project,              When the team realized          family members that Matt re-       definitions needed by NMB.         fees, provide a stipend for living expenses and include an al-      projects is the development of a
aimed at studying how pro-          the need to stimulate NMB’s         cruited to test the prototype.     “I’ve never written a program      lowance for attending professional conferences and seminars.        system that will extract relations be-
cess definition and analysis        thinking by creating some-             The STORM prototype             before that really mattered. But   Each fellowship recipient also gets a TabletPC and is invited to    tween people and organizations from
technologies can help build         thing “real,” Marzilli stepped      (named for NMB’s “brain-           real people are depending on       participate in a 12 week paid internship. Culotta, an Information   the Web and perform data mining to
trust between parties to labor-     in to create a prototype that       storming” process) enabled         STORM,” said Marzilli. “It is                                                                          discover informative patterns and
management disputes.                provides a visceral sense of the    Rainey to see important            a great experience using what                                                                          hidden connections between entities.
   The NMB, established in
1934, is responsible for re-
                                    look and feel of a computer ne-
                                    gotiation intermediary. Work-
                                                                        advantages over current com-
                                                                        mercial products. For example,
                                                                                                           I know and applying it to the
                                                                                                                                              Corporate Support                                                   Applications of this research include
                                                                                                                                                                                                                  uncovering fraud and corruption,
solving all labor-management        ing with Clarke and Osterweil,      Rainey can now visualize how          While working on STORM               he Department receives support from a wide range of            and enabling Web search over im-
disputes in the transportation      Marzilli, a dual Computer           different process variations       this past summer, Marzilli              companies including recent contributions from IBM, Sprint,     plicit information.
industry (airlines and rail-        Science and Physics major           can use automation to support      also held a full-time physics      Sun Microsystems, BBN Technologies, Nortel Networks, Veri-             Culotta’s previous work includes
roads). While many disputes         in his junior year, designed a      human negotiators in differ-       research position. As shown        zon, Honeywell, and some that are described below.                  an interactive information extraction
deal with collective bargain-       prototype. “Matt is a great         ent ways, suggesting different     by his 3.9 grade point aver-          Intel provided funding to Associate Professor Eliot Moss         system that uses machine learning
ing agreements, NMB is also         example of one undergrad            variants for future research       age, Marzilli has no problems      in support of his research on transactional memory. Associate       techniques to help users quickly train Aron Culotta (top) and
charged with minimizing work        whose research ability stands       and refinements to STORM.          juggling his dual majors. “I       Professor Prashant Shenoy also received a gift from Intel for his                                                    Don Metzler
                                                                                                                                                                                                                  an extraction system and efficiently
stoppages. As the industry and      out. He provides a strategically    Rainey has shown STORM at          chose physics, because, like       research on Internet data centers.                                  correct any errors in its output. He received an honorable mention
volume of its disputes continue     important piece of the research     national conferences and has       computer science, I find it           UpToDate, a leader in the market of providing point-of-care,     for Best Paper Award at the 2004 American Association for Artifi-
to grow, the number of NMB          project,” noted Clarke.             used it in teaching classes to     challenging,” said Marzilli.       clinical information to health care professionals throughout the    cial Intelligence Conference for his paper “Interactive Information
mediators is not keeping pace,          With guidance from LASER        both UMass Amherst students        “Physics is another disciplined    world, recognized the work of Distinguished Professor Bruce         Extraction with Constrained Conditional Random Fields.”
so NMB constantly seeks new         software engineer Sandy Wise        and to professional media-         and mathematical way of            Croft and Associate Professor James Allan with a gift to the           Culotta’s advisor is Associate Professor Andrew McCallum.
ways to facilitate dispute reso-    on how the prototype’s user         tors. “It was one of the most      thinking, though computer sci-     Center for Intelligent Information Retrieval.                          Metzler’s primary research interests are machine learning,
lution. The UMass Amherst           interface should look, Mar-         exciting experiences for me to     ence is my first love.” For his       In a collaboration with Dublin City University Professor Alan    information retrieval, and their intersection. In particular, he is
team suggested that NMB             zilli worked primarily on his       see students in front of forty     educational accomplishments,       Smeaton and University of Buffalo Professor Venu Govindaraju,       interested in applying statistical techniques to retrieve and model
start by studying their pro-        own to build the new system.        computer screens all with the      Marzilli received a campus         Research Assistant Professor R. Manmatha received funding           various types of data, such as text and images. He is also inter-
cesses. “NMB is very interest-      Sondheimer helped fine tune         STORM interface during an          nomination for the 2006 Barry      from Google for their research project on information retrieval     ested in question answering and web retrieval.
ing to those of us who study                                                                               M. Goldwater Scholarship to        from handwritten manuscripts.                                          One of Metzler’s current research projects is with Indri, an
processes, because theirs are                                                                              be awarded by the Goldwater                                                                            efficient, scalable open-source search engine. Indri synthesizes
very rigorous and formalized,                                                                              Foundation later this spring.                                                                          and enhances the Lemur (UMass Amherst and CMU collabora-
but incorporate quite a bit of
flexibility,” said Professor Lee
                                                                                                           “One can identify only a hand-
                                                                                                           ful of young people who can
                                                                                                                                               Radio star                                                         tion) and InQuery (developed by UMass Amherst) search tools
                                                                                                                                                                                                                  to provide state-of-the-art indexing and search capabilities. His
Osterweil, the NSF project
PI. “Many might think such
processes are difficult to define
                                                                                                           add value to your research,
                                                                                                           and can also go off and do
                                                                                                           great things with the knowl-
                                                                                                                                                N    ational Public Radio Puzzlemaster Will Shortz
                                                                                                                                                     quizzed undergraduate Jeff Terrace, a computer science
                                                                                                                                                and mathematics major, during the national Sunday radio
                                                                                                                                                                                                                  research focuses on the development of the underlying retrieval
                                                                                                                                                                                                                  model and query language.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Metzler is also working to develop a better understanding of
formally and automate, but we                                                                              edge they gained. Occasionally,      show on Nov. 27. Terrace was one of only five people out of
                                                                                                                                                                                                                  how phrases and other textual features can be used to improve
believe our process definition                                                                             they can really make an impor-       almost 100 entries who solved the initial challenge perfectly.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                  search results, especially on terabyte-sized collections of docu-
language does indeed provide                                                                               tant difference to the world.        He created a three-by-three square composed of the symbols
                                                                                                                                                                                                                  ments. Metzler received the Best Student Paper Award at the 2005
flexibility with rigor, and is                                                                             Matt is in a good position to be     of nine chemical elements in which each of the three rows
                                                                                                                                                                                                                  ACM Special Interest Group in Information Retrieval (SIGIR)
thus a strong basis for defining                                                                           one of this small group,” said       across and each of the columns down spells a word. For his
                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Conference for his paper “A Markov Random Field Model for
and automating NMB’s online                                                                                Osterweil. Clarke concurred,         radio appearance, Terrace had to name familiar two word
                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Term Dependencies.”
dispute resolution systems.”                                                                               “Matt has a nice future ahead        phrases or names in which the first word ends in the letter
                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Distinguished Professor Bruce Croft, who chairs the Depart-
   In addition to Osterweil,                                                                               of him. He has already shown         “o” and the second word starts with “p.” An example that
                                                                                                                                                                                                                  ment of Computer Science and directs the CIIR, is Metzler’s
the team includes Dan Rainey                                                                               an aptitude for research, and        Terrace answered correctly was the name of an Italian ex-
                                         Matt Marzilli (left) points out some of STORM’s latest                                                                                                                   advisor. “This is quite an honor for Aron and Don,” said Croft.
(NMB Director of the Office of                                                                             this is just a start for him.”       plorer of the Far East: Marco Polo. Terrace can be heard at
                                                 refinements to NMB’s Dan Rainey.                                                                                                                                 “We are very proud of their accomplishments.”
Alternative Dispute Resolution                                                                                                        
10   ◆   Significant Bits, Spring 2006                                                                                                                                                                                             Significant Bits, Spring 2006             ◆   11

Anandan receives Distinguished Alumni Award                                                                                                  Faculty News
                                                                                                                                             “Analyzing Myopic Ap-
                                                                                                                                                                               ■  Associate Professor Eliot
                                                                                                                                                                               Moss is the Program Chair
                                                                                                                                                                               for the 2006 International

                                   T   he University of Mas-
                                       sachusetts Amherst
                                   Alumni Association will
                                                                       an assistant professor of
                                                                       computer science at Yale
                                                                       University where he built the
                                                                                                             In 2005, Anandan was
                                                                                                          named the managing director
                                                                                                                                             proaches for Multi-Agent
                                                                                                                                             Communication,” by gradu-
                                                                                                                                                                               Symposium on Memory Man-
                                                                                                                                                                               agement, to be held in Ottawa
                                                                                                                                                                                                                 was the key-
                                                                                                                                             ate student Raphen Becker,        in June. ■ Associate Professor    note speaker
                                   present a Distinguished             computer vision group from         of Microsoft Research India. A     Professor Victor Lesser, and      Prashant Shenoy will serve as     at the 12th
                                   Alumni Award to Dr. P. Anan-        the ground up. He later joined     central issue being explored in    Professor Shlomo Zilber-          Program Chair for the World       International
                                   dan (Ph.D. ’87) on April 3          Sarnoff Corporation, work-         the new lab is the basic ques-     stein, received the Best Paper    Wide Web 2007 conference.         Conference
                                   during ceremonies at the Mas-       ing as a research manager          tion of how information tech-      Award from the 2005 IEEE/         ■ Assistant Professor Oliver      on High
                                   sachusetts State House.             directing projects in airborne     nology can be made accessible,     WIC/ACM Intelligent Agent         Brock received a nomination       Performance
                                      The award is being be-           video surveillance and video       affordable, and relevant to the    Technologies Conference           for the campus-wide Out-          Computing
                                   stowed on Anandan for his           stabilization technology.          rural populations of emerging      held in Compiègne, France.        standing Academic Advisor         (HiPC’05) in
                                   professional achievement.           He then served seven years         markets such as India.             ■ Graduate student Xiao-          of the Year (OAAY) Award.         Goa, India.
                                   After graduating from UMass         at Microsoft Research as a            Anandan will also give a        tao Liu, Associate Professor      Winners will be announced in      During their
                                   Amherst (advised by Profes-         senior researcher where he         presentation on April 6 as part    Prashant Shenoy, and Assis-       May. ■ Along with co-authors      visit to India,
                                   sors Allen Hanson and Ed            worked primarily in the areas      of the Department’s distin-        tant Professor Mark Corner        Lilla Zollei, Eric Grimson, and   he and his wife
                                   Riseman), Anandan became            of computer vision and video       guished lecture series.            won the Best Paper Award at       William Wells, Assistant Pro-     Susan got a
                                                                                                                                             the ACM Multimedia 2005           fessor Erik Learned-Miller re-    chance to pet
                                                                                                                                             Conference in Singapore for       ceived a Best Paper Award for     an elephant.
  High tech teaching                                                   example problems
                                                                       on the fly,” noted
                                                                                                                                             their paper “SEVA: Sensor-
                                                                                                                                             Enhanced Video Annotation.”
                                                                                                                                                                               their paper “Efficient Popula-
                                                                                                                                                                               tion Registration of 3D Data”
                                                                                                                                             At the same conference, the       at the Workshop on Computer
  T   his past fall, Associate Professor Eliot Moss changed
      his teaching style to use a Tablet PC in the classroom.
     “In the past, for the compiler course, I relied mostly on
                                                                       Moss. “There’s a
                                                                       lot that I hope to
                                                                       explore over the next
                                                                                                                                             paper “SensEye: A Multi-tier
                                                                                                                                             Camera Sensor Network”
                                                                                                                                                                               Vision for Biomedical Image
                                                                                                                                                                               Applications: Current Tech-
                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Visitor News
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Lavery will work half-time
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     for CESD.
  writing on acetate overhead sheets with colored markers,”                                                                                  authored by graduate student      niques and Future Trends.         Victor Emanuel UC Cetina, a
                                                                       few semesters as I be-                                                                                                                                                        Student News
  said Moss. “Compared with using PowerPoint or PDF based                                                                                    Puru Kulkarni, Assistant Pro-     The workshop was held at the      Ph.D. student at Humboldt
                                                                       come more familiar
  presentations, this kept the interaction at a better pace for stu-                                                                         fessor Deepak Ganesan, and        2005 International Confer-        University in Berlin, Ger-
                                                                       with the technology                                                                                                                                                           The first annual undergradu-
  dents to absorb and take notes, and was much more spontane-                                                                                Shenoy was a Best Student         ence of Computer Vision, in       many, is a Visiting Scholar
                                                                       and work it into my                                                                                                                                                           ate award recipients for 2005
                                                                                                                                             Paper Award finalist. ■ Sami      Beijing, China. ■ Associate       working with Professor An-
  ous and interactive.” But he added that it had its drawbacks         courses.”                                                                                                                                                                     are Mark Gruman (AI), Mat-
                                                                                                                                             Rollins, Assistant Professor of   Professor Andrew McCallum         drew Barto.
  because there was no easy and cost-effective way to provide             Moss received his                                                                                                                                                          thew Brandwein (Security),
                                                                                                                                             Computer Science at Mount         gave an invited talk at the
  color copies of the overheads to the students. “With the             Tablet PC as part of                                                                                                                                                          Subhash Patel (Theory), An-
  programs on a Tablet PC, I can post the notes to a Web page          the UMass Amherst
                                                                                                                                             Holyoke College, joined the       Neural Information Processing     Research News                       drew Tolopko (Networking),
                                                                                                                                             Department as an Adjunct          Systems (NIPS 2005) Work-
  for all the students to download and view. They really like it       TEACHnology Fel-                                                                                                                          Gideon Mann joined the In-          Bradley Hawkes (Software),
                                                                                                                                             Assistant Professor. ■ The        shop on “Bayesian Methods
  because they know that they don’t have to duplicate what I am        lows program, ad-                                                                                                                         formation Extraction and Syn-       and James Cipar (Systems).
  writing in their own note taking, but can concentrate on their                                                                             Indian Institute of Technology    for Natural Language Process-
                                                                       ministered through                                                                                                                        thesis Laboratory as a Senior       Each of the honorees gradu-
  own remarks, and focus more on the material,” said Moss.                                                                                   (IIT) Madras selected Profes-     ing.” He also gave an invited
                                                                       the Center for Teach-                                                                                                                     Postdoctoral Research Associ-       ated in 2005 with a B.S. in
     While it seems a small step, this change in presentation                                                                                sor Krithi Ramamritham for        Broad Area Colloquium
                                                                       ing. “I am grate -                                                                                                                        ate this fall. ■ Daniel Bernstein   Computer Science. ■ Gradu-
                                                                                                                                             a 2006 Distinguished Alumni       talk at Stanford University
  technology made a big impression on the students, as shown           ful for the Dean’s Tablet PC class notes example                                                                                          (Ph.D. ’05) is a Senior Post-       ate student Benessa Defend
  by anonymous student course evaluations. “I like the use of                                                                                Award. He is the head of          Computer Science depart-
                                                                       support in providing the funds for the Tablets, and for the                                                                               doctoral Research Associate         received an NSF East Asia
  the tablet PC; it worked much better than PowerPoint would                                                                                 the School of Information         ment entitled “Information
                                                                       TEACHnology Fellows program in bringing faculty together                                                                                  in the Resource-Bounded Rea-        and Pacific Summer Institutes
  have,” wrote one student. “The tablet is GREAT -- I can learn                                                                              Technology at IIT Bombay          Extraction, Social Network
                                                                       to master the technology and wrestle with all the issues of                                                                               soning Research Group. ■ Dr.        (EAPSI) grant to spend this
  and not take my own notes,” wrote another.                                                                                                 and an adjunct professor in       Analysis and Joint Inference.”
                                                                       pedagogy that it brings,” added Moss. “Most instructors are                                                                               Norman Sondheimer joined            summer at Kyushu University
                                                                                                                                             our Department. ■ Professor       ■ Assistant Professor Emery
     The Tablet also includes the capability to markup Power-          conservative about introducing new technology, especially                                                                                 the Laboratory for Advanced         in Japan working on RFID
  Point, Word, or PDF documents during a presentation. “You                                                                                  Shlomo Zilberstein joined the     Berger recently released a
                                                                       in courses they feel already work well. This has been a great                                                                             Software Engineering Re-            security. ■ CIIR graduate
                                                                                                                                             Editorial Board of Annals of      program called DieHard that
  can do more than just emphasize or comment, you can leave            experience, showing that careful use of new tools can make a                                                                              search (LASER) as a Research        student Mark Smucker and
  intentional blank space for writing things down or solving                                                                                 Mathematics and Artificial        automatically makes programs
                                                                       good course even better.”                                                                                                                 Scientist. ■ The Center for         his wife Anne welcomed the
                                                                                                                                             Intelligence. ■ Associate Pro-    less buggy and more secure
                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Computer-Based Instructional        arrival of their son Leo Mark
                                                                                                                                             fessor Brian Levine became an     from a hacker attack. More at
                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Technology (CCBIT) has a            on December 20. ■ PRISMS
                                                                                                                                             Associate Editor of IEEE/ACM
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     graduate student Tom Heydt-
New information theory course                                          theory to real data and practical problems. In addition to learn-
                                                                       ing basic results about entropy, mutual information, and coding
                                                                                                                                             Transactions on Networking.       diehard/.                         new name and a new loca-
                                                                                                                                                                                                                 tion. Now called the Center         Benjamin and his wife Ava
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     are the proud parents of their
A   ssistant Professor Erik Learned-Miller will be teach-              theory, the class will address the statistical issues in estimating                                                                       for Educational Software De-
    ing a new graduate course, Applied Information Theory,             these quantities from data samples, a topic often omitted from          In Memoriam                                                       velopment (CESD), the group
                                                                                                                                                                                                                 reports to John Dubach, the
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     daughter Ivy Frost, born on
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     December 30.
in the fall. “Information theory is finding more and more              information theory courses. “I hope that this course will give
                                                                                                                                               James G. “Jim” Schmolze (Ph.D. ’86), 52, of Newton, MA,           campus’ Chief Information
applications in modern research,” said Learned-Miller. “It is          students the basic tools they need to use information theoretic
fundamental to signal processing, but is becoming an essential         methods in their research, and give them strong intuitions about        died on February 27th of complications from cancer. Jim           Officer, and is located in the      Staff News
                                                                                                                                               was an Associate Professor of Computer Science at Tufts           Lederle lowrise. CCBIT/CESD
tool in machine learning, networking, and even in such areas           these very powerful tools,” added Learned-Miller. “I am work-                                                                                                                 Working with the Informa-
                                                                                                                                               University. His specialty was Artificial Intelligence. He was     staff who have moved to Led-
as computer vision and databases.” Unlike many traditional             ing currently with Professors Don Towsley, Deepak Ganesan,                                                                                                                    tion Extraction and Synthesis
                                                                                                                                               Department Chair of Electrical Engineering & Computer             erle include David Hart, Mat-
information theory courses, which are heavily theoretical and          Micah Adler, and others to make sure that the course addresses                                                                                                                Laboratory, Adam Saunders
                                                                                                                                               Science at Tufts from 2000-2002. Jim loved skiing, hiking,        thew Mattingly, Cindy Stein,
proof-oriented, his course will focus on applying information          the needs of a broad range of research areas.”                                                                                                                                was promoted to Software
                                                                                                                                               traveling, snorkeling, and scuba diving with his family.          and Stephen Battisti. Rachel        Engineer I.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                       NONPROFIT ORG.

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