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					The Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation
A Culture of Innovation
A Message from Dr. Ben Neel and Dr. Mary Gospodarowicz

As one of the top 5 cancer research centres
in the world, The Princess Margaret is a
powerhouse of scientific talent and intelli-
gence. But intelligence alone will not
So a major focus for the past two years has
been to provide our award-winning clini-
cians and scientists with a highly fertile
working environment. We call it a culture
of innovation.
To ensure that new insights and discoveries
about the disease do not remain behind labo-
ratory doors or in patient files, our facility has
been infused with a new collaborative spirit to
ensure that researchers and clinicians lever-
age one another’s knowledge and under-
standing. We like to think we have taken the
‘buddy system’ to a whole new level!
This year we completed a strategic planning exercise that serves as a blueprint to focus and further mobilize our team of
cancer warriors. We can’t do it all, but in our many areas of excellence, we are world-leading. Focusing on the following
themes will greatly increase our capacity to translate the science of cancer into practice.
Basic science research that leverages our access to a large patient population – capturing information and cancer
specimens from as many patients as possible in order to conduct important research that will lead to new insight and
understanding of the disease.
Image-guided therapies – developing and employing advanced medical imaging technology to allow for the precise
removal and destruction of tumours, while sparing healthy tissue.
New drugs and therapies – ensuring our patients have access to the most promising new drugs and treatments by
pioneering our own new therapies, plus investing in the people, space, and procedures needed to run clinical trials and
evaluate promising new therapies developed in other facilities.
In addition to an ambitious program of research, education, and patient care, we strive to do more. Our challenge is not
only to strive for excellence, but also to transform patient care by investigating and implementing new models of care
involving patients and their families.
To share our knowledge and experience, and to accelerate the progress in the fight against cancer, we are embarking on
new partnerships and collaborations that will benefit our patients, our communities and the world.
Thank you for your financial support of the hospital. With your continued support, we remain very optimistic that we will

Dr. Ben Neel, Research Director                              Dr. Mary Gospodarowicz, Medical Director
Ontario Cancer Institute and                                 Cancer Program
The Campbell Family Cancer Research Institute                Princess Margaret Hospital/UHN
Princess Margaret Hospital/UHN
In Our Lifetime
It may seem like we've been fighting this fight forever. But we haven't.
There was a time, not long ago, when cancer was a death sentence. And the treatment
was dreaded almost as much as the disease. We've seen that change in our lifetime, at
The Princess Margaret.
We've seen the entire process of cancer care forever altered. We've seen radical mastectomies
become lumpectomies. We've seen the precision of image-guided therapies spare more
healthy tissue. We've seen undreamed-of advances at the cellular level and revolutionary work
in healing beyond the body.
All in our lifetime. All at The Princess Margaret.
We've seen a provincial cancer hospital become one of the world's top 5 cancer research
centres. We've seen our people grow beyond a thousand. We've seen leading researchers,
from all over the world, leave their homes to come here. Because this is where they believe
the fight will be finished. In our lifetime.
Yes, we are still losing people to cancer. But imagine if Terry Fox were diagnosed today. He
would be much less likely to lose his leg and he could live to continue the fight. That’s how
far we’ve come, and that’s how fast.
It may seem like we'll be fighting this fight forever. But we won't. Because we're closing in.
We have the momentum. We have the talent. And we have the passion. This is the front line.
We are Canada's cancer warriors. But we can't do it alone.
The world needs to hear The Princess Margaret message. So share it at every opportunity
with anyone who will listen.
It's a simple message, really. But it's a message of incredible power: we are conquering
cancer at Canada's cancer research centre, The Princess Margaret. In our lifetime.

                           The Princess Margaret

                                                                 The Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation   1
    Our Vision. Our Passion. Our Ambition.
    A Message from the President & CEO and the Chairman of the Foundation Board

                                                                  Our vision, our passion, and our ambition is to CONQUER
                                                                  CANCER IN OUR LIFETIME. The Princess Margaret Hospital
                                                                  (PMH) is one of the top 5 cancer research centres in the world,
                                                                  and it has the scientific and the human capital to make this
                                                                  phrase more than just words. To CONQUER CANCER IN OUR
                                                                  LIFETIME is our one and only purpose, and the motivation
                                                                  that drives us forward.
                                                                  Every 8 minutes in Ontario, someone is diagnosed with
                                                                  cancer. Globally, 7 million people died from cancer last year.
                                                                  Given current statistics, nearly 40 percent of women and
                                                                  45 percent of men will develop cancer in their lifetime. These
                                                                  statistics are frightening, but they will not stand. The scientific
                                                                  and clinical achievements at The Princess Margaret and our
                                                                  new Campbell Family Cancer Research Institute will change
                                                                  these statistics for Canadians and for the world.
                                                                  Sadly, nearly every Canadian has a personal story about
                                                                  cancer. But these stories bring us together and have created a
                                                                  community of supporters that goes well beyond metropolitan
                                                                  Toronto. Our ambition and our reach also go well beyond
                                                                  Toronto and Canada.
                                                                 Thanks to your support, a record $66.5 million in net fundraising
                                                                  revenue was raised this past year and is being used to create a
    Paul Alofs and Neville W. Kirchmann
                                                                  tomorrow where we hope cancer can be treated as a chronic
    disease. Whether you made a donation, volunteered at a fundraising event, or purchased a lottery ticket, your efforts are fund-
    ing breakthrough cancer research and innovation. We are truly grateful for each and every contribution—it is the ‘power of
    many’ that will finish the fight.
    Major Gifts and Planned Giving raised close to $30 million this year—a record achievement. We are extremely grateful to
    long-time donors, the Muzzo Family, who made a $5 million commitment to purchase and maintain a surgical robot which
    will be a key component of our GTx (Guided Therapeutics) research program. We were also honoured to receive a
    bequest of $3.5 million from the Estate of Edward (Ted) L. Donegan. This generous gift was recognized through the
    naming of Dr. Ben Neel’s lab. PMHF Board member, Tom Ehrlich, spearheaded a successful new program called Invest
    in Research. The group has committed $1 million and has already issued grants to two deserving research programs.

    Other highlights include:
    • $7.5 million from the late Audrey Campbell and her daughters Linda, Gaye, and Susan in support of The Campbell
      Family Institute for Breast Cancer Research
    • $3 million in honour of the late Al Hertz to support an urgent care unit within the new Chemotherapy Centre
    • $1.5 million commitment from the Westaway Foundation to establish a Chair in Ovarian Cancer Research
    • $1 million from Neville and Lorraine Kirchmann to establish the Kirchmann Family Chair in Neuro-Oncology Research
    • $1 million commitment from Jim Kinnear and Bridgette Eansor to support the highest priorities of the hospital

2    2008 Report to Our Donors
• $1 million commitment from Bruce Galloway in support of head and neck cancer research
• $1 million from Greenpark to establish the Greenpark blood transfusion unit within our new Chemotherapy Centre
• $1 million from Andrew Gucciardi and Family to support a cell therapy program
• $1 million commitment from Jon and Nancy Love to establish the Love Chair in Prostate Cancer Prevention Research
Unfortunately, we had to say good-bye to a number of our supporters this year. Audrey Campbell was a visionary donor,
and her compassion for people will live on at the new Campbell Family Cancer Research Institute which her daughters
continue to support. We will also miss Elizabeth (Liza) Samuel, a very successful businesswoman and horse breeder. Liza
believed strongly in giving back to her community, and the radiation and imaging programs at PMH were areas she
generously supported.
A record 5,521 walkers joined together for the fifth annual Weekend to End Breast Cancer—an amazing event that is
emotional and inspiring from beginning to end. This year $17.4 million (gross) was raised by Walkers for breast cancer
research at The Campbell Family Institute. This brings the five-year total for the Toronto event to over $60 million. Once
again we held Impact events at the hospital to give Walkers the opportunity to meet and hear from the scientists and
doctors whose research they are funding.
In fiscal 2008, we announced our newest event—The Ride to Conquer Cancer—a 200+ km two-day cycling journey from
Toronto to Niagara Falls that took place the weekend of June 20 to 22, 2008. Response to our campaign for riders was
tremendous, with registration closing much earlier than anticipated. The Ride raised a record $14 million (gross) which will
be reported in the 2009 fiscal year revenues.
Our Community Giving team continues to execute a large number of programs with great efficiency. In our Tributes and
Memorials area, we received 14,275 gifts totaling $1.4 million, and the number of partners in our Partners for Hope
monthly giving program grew by 30 percent. Our annual Dove appeal concluded this year with a very moving ceremony in
the hospital atrium where over 7,000 doves were dedicated and $540,000 in donations were gratefully acknowledged.
Once again, our Special Events department and their team of volunteers put on an incredible variety of events. Now in
its fourth year, the Mindy Kirsh Bridge for the Cure Tournament raised $94,000. The Kelly Silverstein Memorial Golf
Tournament raised over $100,000 for leukemia research, the Michelangelo Gala, organized by the Dell'Elce family, raised
$288,000 for testicular cancer research and treatment, and Joe’s Team (of 233 everyday people!) raised $400,000 in a sprint
triathlon for translational research for head and neck cancer. In total, $5.2 million was raised through the creativity and
energy of this dedicated group of participants, volunteers and donors.
We continue to benefit tremendously from the collective wisdom of a fully-engaged Board of Directors with a wealth of
business and healthcare experience. This year we are fortunate to have Tom Ehrlich, Maureen Shaughnessy Kitts and
Jürgen Schreiber join our Board, and we look forward to their ideas and counsel.
In closing, we would like to express our gratitude to the many people who take the time to share their stories. You inspire
us in the work we do here at the Foundation, and your stories inspire others to maintain the momentum in our quest to
CONQUER CANCER IN OUR LIFETIME. To each and every one of our supporters, donors, and ambassadors, we owe you
our sincere thanks.

Paul Alofs                          Neville W. Kirchmann
President & CEO                     Chairman

                                                                                    The Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation   3
                                The Princess Margaret

            One of the Top 5 Cancer Research Centres
                           in the World
4   2008 Report to Our Donors
 Setting a New World Standard of Care
 for Lung Cancer
 If Dr. Frances Shepherd was a football player                                                            • Dr. Geoffrey Liu, Alan B. Brown
 collecting Super Bowl rings instead of scien-                                                              Chair in Molecular Genomics
 tific awards, she would have run out of fingers
                                                                                                          • Dr. Ming-Sound Tsao, M.
 on which to wear them long ago. But she has
                                                                                                            Qasim Choksi Chair in Lung
 devoted her career to improving the lives of
                                                                                                            Cancer Translational
 patients who have lung cancer, the leading
 cause of cancer death in the Western world.
 Almost 400 Canadians die of lung cancer                                                                  • Dr. Thomas Waddell, Chair in
 every week. Despite these bleak statistics,                                                                Regenerative Medicine
 Dr. Shepherd believes she and her team are                                                                 Priority Platform
                                                     Dr. Frances Shepherd (seated centre) and
 winning their battle against this malignancy.       members of her lung cancer team
                                                                                                    Other ‘draft picks’ include
 Dr. Shepherd led a North America-wide study of                       Dr. Heidi Roberts who heads up the Lusi Wong Early
 chemotherapy administered after surgery that resulted in             Detection Program that has already screened over 4,000
 an unprecedented 15 percent improvement in the survival              Canadians for lung cancer. Dr. Natasha Leighl focuses on
 rate for lung cancer at 5 years, and changed practice world-         new drug treatments, the economics of lung cancer
 wide. She was also the principal investigator of a global trial       therapy and treatment decision-making in advanced
 that showed for the first time that a molecularly-targeted           cancer. Drs. Anthony Brade and Andrew Hope are studying
 agent could prolong survival in patients with end-stage lung         the interaction of chemotherapy and radiation as well as
 cancer who had no further options for treatment.                     radiation lung injury, while Drs. Andrew Pierre and Marc
                                                                      De Perrot are leading the minimally-invasive lung cancer
 Playing the role of coach and quarterback in the Lung
                                                                      surgery and mesothelioma programs respectively.
 Cancer site group at PMH, Dr. Shepherd has helped to
 raise the funds to recruit other scientific superstars to
                                                                         Awards & Recognition
 her cause.
                                                                         Dr. Frances Shepherd
 These include:                                                          • Order of Ontario
                                                                         • International Association for the Study of Lung
 • Dr. Andrea Bezjak, Addie MacNaughton Chair in Lung
                                                                           Cancer (IASLC) Scientific Award
   Cancer Radiation Therapy
                                                                         • Premier’s Summit Award in Medical Research

Honouring an Older Brother
Steven Hoffman had a zest for life and an unbreakable rock ‘n roll spirit
It’s not often that fundraising events for Princess Margaret Hospital are held in the Big Apple, but Robby
Hoffman wanted to celebrate the life of his brother Steven, and raise money for the hospital where Steven
received such exceptional care.
Steven was an American who built a successful career in the music business. In 1994, he moved to Toronto,                      Steven and Robby Hoffman
and worked with several well-known bands, including The Tea Party and Rush.
In 2001 at the age of 36, Steven (a non-smoker) was diagnosed with non-small cell lung cancer—a very aggressive type of cancer
that claimed his life two years later.
In May 2007 Robby organized a rock concert in New York City to pay tribute to Steven and all that he had done for the music
business. Over 500 friends, family and guests gathered at The Canal Room on West Broadway to enjoy performances by multi-
platinum recording artists Extreme and special guests Evolution and Valentine.
The concert and silent auction raised over $100,000 for the hospital’s world-class lung cancer program. The Steven Hoffman
Fellowship in Molecular Genomics has been established at The Princess Margaret, and it will fund research into this disease which
is not just a disease of smokers.
Visit to view a photo gallery, online tributes, and video of the Steven Hoffman Tribute Concert.

                                                                                                The Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation           5
    Making it to the Global ‘Short List’ in
    New Drug Development
    The potential from a partnership of visionary and
    committed donors with the scientists, clinical and
    translational researchers at Princess Margaret
    Hospital is boundless. Since its inception six years
    ago, PMH’s Robert and Maggie Bras and Family
    New Drug Development Program, led by
    Drs. Malcolm Moore, Lillian Siu and Amit Oza, has
    become a top tier drug development centre
    consistently chosen by pharmaceutical companies
    and large government agencies for testing the most
    promising new cancer drugs.
    Princess Margaret Hospital is the only non-U.S.
    site to receive both a phase I grant and a phase II
    contract from the U.S. National Cancer Institute.
    The Ontario Cancer Institute, the research arm of
    PMH, has also made major investments in new technology                   myeloma patients. Drug recycling is highly efficient, as
    that facilitates ‘computer-aided’ drug design. Medicinal                 the toxicity and side effects related to the use of the drug
    chemists work with molecular and structural biologists to                in humans is already well-understood.
    visualize and synthesize drugs that will bind to and defeat              Across PMH, over 350 clinical trials of new therapies are
    the different types of cancer.                                           taking place.
    ‘Drug recycling’ is an approach that is yielding fruitful                Visit for videos and more information
    results for cancer patients. Here, off-patent drugs are                  on cancer drug development.
    screened and tested to see what effects they have on
    cancer targets. Dr. Aaron Schimmer’s lab discovered that
    a drug called clioquinol, previously used to treat intestinal
                                                                               Awards & Recognition
    parasites, may be a new therapy for cancer. Dr. Schimmer                   Dr. Aaron Schimmer
    has partnered with a pharmaceutical firm in Montreal to                    • Royal College Medal in Medicine
    re-make this ‘old’ drug. Within the year, he will launch a                 • Top 40 Under 40
    clinical trial that will test the drug on leukemia and                     Dr. Lillian Siu
                                                                               • National Cancer Institute Phase I Grant

Melissa’s Generous Spirit Lives On
                                 Arlen Katzman is motivated by the memory of his daughter Melissa every day, and much of that motivation
                                 he directs to raising money for cancer research at The Princess Margaret.
                                 ‘Arlie’, as his friends call him, lost Melissa to cancer in 1991 when she was only 31 years old, and already
                                 thriving in her career as the Buying Director for his sporting goods and casual apparel stores. He hates
                                 the thought of that happening to anyone else. So, doing what he does best, he has harnessed his
                                 highly successful retail operation to raise funds for the development and testing of new cancer drugs.
                                 Arlie created a line of clothing named after his daughter, and $1 from the sale of every item in the
                                 Melissa line goes to The Melissa Ann Katzman Cancer Research Fund. This initiative, combined with
                                 special fundraising efforts during the Christmas season, has added up to over $1.7 million in donations.
                                 Arlie is very proud of the way that every member of his staff has embraced the
                                 fundraising drive and made it part of the value they incorporate into their store culture.

6    2008 Report to Our Donors
  Building the Breast Cancer ‘Dream Team’
The Momentum Continues for The Weekend to End Breast Cancer
                                                 The Weekend to End Breast Cancer—a 60km two-day walk through the streets of
                                                 Toronto—marked its 5th year and again delivered the power, the emotion and the
                                                 determination to conquer this disease. 5,521 Walkers raised an amazing $17.4 million
                                                 (gross) for The Campbell Family Institute for Breast Cancer Research at The Princess
                                                 Margaret, which is home to over 130 dedicated researchers and support staff, led by 10
                                                 principal investigators who are recognized leaders in the field of breast cancer.
                                                 WEBC supports critical areas in basic scientific breast cancer research led by Dr. Tak Mak,
                                                 clinical care enhancements led by Dr. David McCready, and the world-recognized survivorship
                                                 program led by Dr. Pam Catton.
                                                 Commitments for 2007 funds include:
                                                 • $5 million to The Campbell Family Institute for Breast Cancer Research
                                                 • $1.7 million for breast MRI equipment
                                                 • $1.2 million in continued support of The WEBC Survivorship Program

A WEBC commemorative sculpture now               • $700,000 to support the breast tumour bank and database
stands outside the hospital. It celebrates
                                                 • $500,000 to support clinical trials
the event’s amazing fundraising efforts and
honours the many women and men who               • $250,000 to support breast cancer prevention studies led by Drs. Norman Boyd and Lisa Martin
have bravely fought breast cancer.

  One of the reasons it is so                                                                         • Dr. Hitoshi Okada, a specialist in
  important to be ‘best in field’ is                                                                    signaling biology and how cancer
  to attract the top people, who                                                                        cells ‘communicate’, joined the team
  in turn make an institution ‘best                                                                     after his medical training and doctoral
  in field’. This is a reinforcing                                                                      studies at Tohoku University in Japan
  cycle that Dr. Tak Mak has used,                                                                      and Columbia University
  along with critical funding from
                                                                                                      These talented scientists, along with
  the Campbell family and The
                                                                                                      many others, are working alongside
  Weekend to End Breast Cancer,
                                                                                                      world-leading surgeons and clinical
  to build a world-class multidisci-
                                                                                                      researchers such as Dr. David McCready,
  plinary team of breast cancer
                                                                                                      Dr. Anthony Fyles, and Dr. Mark
  research specialists at The
                                                                                                      Clemons to ‘translate’ their findings in
  Campbell Family Institute for
                                                                                                      the laboratory into clinical trials and new
  Breast Cancer Research.
                                                                                                      programs designed to detect the dis-
                                              Dr. Tak Mak (standing centre) with his team of
  • Dr. Pam Ohashi, who leads       principal investigators                                           ease earlier and to prevent it altogether.
    the effort to harness the
                                                                                   Visit for more
    body’s own immune system to attack tumours, trained
                                                                                   information on the research and the researchers at The
    under Nobel Laureate Rolf Zinkernagel, and has received
                                                                                   Campbell Family Institute for Breast Cancer Research.
    numerous scientific awards for her work
  • Dr. Mona Gauthier, who is working on a ‘signature’ to
    determine an individual’s risk for developing breast
    cancer, joined the team after completing her post-                                 Awards & Recognition
    doctoral training at the University of California
                                                                                      Dr. Tak Mak
  • Dr. James Pan, who heads the drug discovery and                                   • Order of Ontario
    development effort, joined the team after holding                                 • Premier’s Summit Award for Medical Research
    research and management positions at several leading                              • Tier I Canada Research Chair
    pharmaceutical companies

                                                                                                      The Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation     7
       Image-Guided Therapy: Providing Clinicians
       and Surgeons with ‘X-ray’ Vision
       Dr. David Jaffray leads the Radiation                                                 worked more by looking through
       Physics team at PMH and says that “the                                                a rear-view mirror,” explains
       traditional approach of doing research                                                Dr. Jaffray.
       in an ivory tower is being challenged
                                                                                             Given that approximately 50 per-
       in a place like Princess Margaret
                                                                                             cent of all cancer patients receive
       Hospital.” He has forged strong
                                                                                             radiation treatment, this technology
       relationships with the medical devices
                                                                                             is improving the quality of life for a
       industry to ensure that the new products
                                                                                             very large number of people.
       they produce reflect the discoveries
       taking place in the clinics and laborato-                                             Working closely with Dr. Jonathan
       ries of PMH and meet the needs of                                                     Irish, Chief of Surgical Oncology at
       individual patients. Several imaging                                                  PMH/UHN, and his team, the Guided
       and therapy companies have chosen to                                                  Therapeutics group is now integrat-
       co-locate projects in Dr. Jaffray’s lab                                               ing this technology into operating
       which testifies to the level of innovation                                            rooms, so that surgery can also be
       they see.                                                                             more precise and less invasive.

       Cone-beam computed tomography                                                         Dr. Jaffray has been the driving force
       (CBCT) is now employed in all of the radiation labs of         behind four licensed technologies and 12 invention disclo-
       PMH. It allows therapists to see a patient’s tumour in ‘real   sures since he joined PMH in 2002.
       time’ and then apply radiation treatment that is accurate to
       within a millimetre. This means that most healthy tissue is
       spared and the side effects for the patient are minimized.       Awards & Recognition
       This new generation of imaging equipment means that              Dr. David Jaffray
       radiation therapists can now do their work by “looking out       • Medical Imaging Industry Top 10
       front and seeing their target ahead where they previously        • Inventor of the Year (UHN TDC Office)

Guided Therapeutics Combined with New Robotic Technology Makes
Powerful Medicine
A very generous gift from the Muzzo family has launched PMH into an exciting new era of surgical oncology.
In order to make surgery less invasive and allow patients to recover more quickly, PMH surgeons are now able to use robotics
technology that allows them to perform complex surgery to remove tumours. Our expertise in guided therapeutics is being
married with technology provided through the newly-acquired da Vinci Surgical System, enabling our surgeons to sit at a
console and direct the robot’s actions using ‘joysticks’ or foot pedals.
Studies have shown that this type of minimally invasive surgery results in reduced
toxicity, decreased treatment time, and overall better outcomes for the patient.
This important technology is also being used to train new surgeons and to
develop and test new procedures. One of the most exciting applications of the
new technology may be ‘telesurgery’ where a skilled surgeon could perform
surgery on a patient thousands of kilometres away by operating the controls of
a robot in that location.
“We are very proud to be affiliated with such a world-class facility and to be able to
contribute to such leading edge technology with the potential to directly impact a
patient’s recovery in a very difficult time,” says Marc Muzzo.

   8    2008 Report to Our Donors
Prostate Cancer: Leading the Way on
Individualized Treatment
Harry’s Spring Run-off Supports Prostate Cancer Research
                     Harry Rosen is synonymous with ‘the well dressed man’, but, for the past several years, the clothier has put
                     its name and energy behind an event that is focused on prostate cancer—something that now affects 1 in 6
                     Canadian men from all walks of life.
                     Over 4,000 runners participated in one of the 5K or 8K runs held in early April and, together with corporate
                     sponsors, they raised over $340,000 for prostate cancer research at The Princess Margaret. Dr. Rob Bristow
                     accepted the cheque on behalf of PMH and explained that, “Events like this are so important to raise aware-
                     ness of prostate cancer, including the importance of regular screening tests for men and the various treatment
                     strategies that now exist.”

                                                                                            Dr. Robert Bristow, head of the PMH
                                                                                            Prostate Cancer Research
                                                                                            Program, and his team are working
                                                                                            on a cancer cell repair program.
                                                                                            Focused primarily on prostate
                                                                                            cancer that develops in younger men,
                                                                                            his lab is developing tests to detect
                                                                                            faulty DNA repair along with new
                                                                                            drugs that can fix the DNA repair
                                                                                            machinery in order to prevent and
                                                                                            treat prostate cancer in these men.
                                                                                             A new form of treatment called
                                                                                             photodynamic therapy (PDT) is
                                                                                             being investigated through a series
                                                                                             of clinical trials led by Dr. John
                                                                                             Trachtenberg, the Fleck/Tanen-
                                                                                             baum Chair in Prostatic Diseases
                                                                                             and Director of the Prostate Centre.
Drs. Robert Bristow, Neil Fleshner, and John Trachtenberg                                    Drugs that become active when
                                                                                             exposed to light are injected into
Prostate cancer, like most cancers, is highly individualized.      the bloodstream. They are then activated by laser light
New tests and targeted therapies are being developed at            that is delivered via thin optical fibres that are inserted into
PMH that will provide men with appropriate treatment               the prostate tumour.
choices depending on their age, family history and aggres-
                                                                   Other individualized diagnostics or therapies include:
siveness of their cancer.
                                                                   genetic fingerprinting of patients, image-guided and
Dr. Neil Fleshner, head of Urology at PMH, leads the               laparoscopic surgery, molecular-targeted drug therapies,
research into prostate cancer prevention. This includes            image-guided external beam radiotherapy, and MRI-
chemoprevention which is the use of drugs or micronutri-           guided brachytherapy (in which radioactive seeds are
ents to prevent cancer growth. Clinical trials are on-going        precisely placed in the prostate to deliver a balanced dose
at the hospital to validate the effectiveness of certain           of radiation over a six month period). Measuring the side
chemopreventative agents. Dr. Fleshner’s team is also              effects and quality of life for men receiving hormone therapy
looking for ‘biomarkers’ that identify individuals at higher       and chemotherapy are a high priority.
risk for the disease and the best candidates for the chemo-
                                                                   Visit for further information on the
preventative drugs and supplements.
                                                                   services and programs at the PMH Prostate Centre.

                                                                                        The Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation     9
     STTARR Innovation Centre: Taking
     Radiation Medicine to New Heights
     STTARR stands for ‘Spatio-Temporal Targeting and Ampli-                 tumour metabolism to adapt current radiation therapy and
     fication of Radiation Response’, and the large investment               to develop new radiotherapy treatments. Additionally, they
     in this new facility reflects that PMH is a world leader in             are developing new tests and therapies to overcome
     radiation oncology. PMH operates North America’s largest                resistance to
     radiation therapy facility—employing 37 radiation oncologists,          radiotherapy and
     30 physicists, and 150 therapists that work collaboratively to          chemotherapy
     treat over 8,000 patients per year.                                     with molecularly-
                                                                             targeted drugs.
     The STTARR Centre brings together scientific leaders in
     molecular biology, radiation physics and imaging technology             Drs. Robert
     to keep raising the bar on the effectiveness of radiation               Bristow, David
     treatment in curing cancer.                                             Jaffray and
                                                                             Michael Milosevic
     In the past 5 years, radiation treatment has become much
                                                                             are the lead investigators at STTARR, and together with
     more precise thanks to the integration of sophisticated CT
                                                                             their teams, they have already created a rich test environ-
     imaging technology with the treatment systems. STTARR
                                                                             ment with state-of-the-art equipment that is also
     will further the mission of making radiation treatment more
                                                                             accessible to other scientists and researchers.
     precise and less toxic, and it will also study the results of
     radiotherapy at the molecular level to gain insight on why              Visit for videos and more information on the
     certain cells are more resistant to radiation.                          STTARR Innovation Centre.
     PMH researchers have focused considerable effort on
     understanding tumour microenvironments and tumour                         Awards & Recognition
     metabolism. Blood flow to tumour cells is quite different                  Drs. Mary Gospodarowicz, Brian O’Sullivan
     than it is for normal cells, and therefore tumour cells are                and Bernard Cummings
     often ‘hypoxic’ or starved for oxygen. At STTARR, the                      • Fellows of The American Society for Therapeutic
     researchers want to exploit this new understanding of                        Radiology and Oncology

        A World-Class Biobank—Fuels the Research Team
                                                   In a cancer research centre where the promise is to learn something from each
                                                   patient in order to improve treatment for the next patient, the heart of the oper-
                                                   ation is a pathology department that is analyzing tumour specimens, making
                                                   diagnoses and storing the specimens so they are available for future study.
                                                   Today, with over 200 types of cancer, ‘tumour banks’ have had to become more
                                                   sophisticated. At The Princess Margaret, thousands of patients are treated each
                                                   year, and the large majority of them are pleased to ‘donate’ their tumours as well
                                                   as their blood, urine, DNA and other tissue samples for research purposes.
        Dr. Sylvia Asa, Pathologist-in-Chief and
        Dr. Patricia Shaw, Medical Director of     The term ‘biobank’ is now used to describe the repository for all patient samples
        UHN’s Biobank                              that are collected, stored and associated by means of a computer system with
                                                   patient data such as gender, age and medical history (but not patient name).
        To support the high volume of patient samples needed for research and testing of potential new drugs and thera-
        pies, PMH’s system needs significant upgrading to be more efficient. We are now raising funds to create a Cancer
        Biobank Core Laboratory. The funds will be used to secure:

        • a new computer system that allows samples and associ-             • high-throughput equipment for rapid extraction of
          ated information to be organized and tracked efficiently             DNA and proteins from large numbers of samples
        • new digital imaging equipment                                     • additional space to house the bank

10    2008 Report to Our Donors
 Cancer Stem Cells: Pioneering a New
 Approach to Cancer
Ted Donegan—A Noble Man
                         In October of 2007, the Foundation celebrated the vision and generosity of Mr. Ted Donegan, the
                         highly-respected former chairman and managing partner of Blake Cassels & Graydon, who died of
                         cancer in late 2006.
                         The laboratory of Dr. Ben Neel, Director of The Campbell Family Institute, was named the E.L. (Ted)
                         Donegan Stem Cell Signaling Laboratory. In this lab, world leading scientists are studying how cancer
                         stem cells (believed to be the root of cancer malignancies) communicate with other cells and how
                         their ‘growth’ is activated.
                         John Phillips, a good friend of Mr. Donegan and one of the co-executors of his will, was on hand at the
                         naming ceremony. He commented several times that “Ted would have loved this.”
                         Mr. Donegan left a bequest of over $3 million to be used for cancer research at Princess Margaret
                         Hospital. On the invitation to the naming ceremony, the words of David Trueblood were used to
                         express our gratitude for this generous gift:
                                           “It takes a noble man to plant a seed for a tree that will
                                           someday give shade to people he may never meet.”

                                                                          The idea that only the cancer stem cells within a tumour can
                                                                          support the cancer leads to new ways of thinking about the
                                                                          treatment and eradication of the disease. For starters, it
                                                                          provides a logical explanation for why cancer so often
                                                                          recurs, even when treatments such as surgery, radiation
                                                                          and chemotherapy seem to shrink or eliminate tumours.
                                                                          New drugs and therapies that specifically target cancer
                                                                          stem cells (which appear to be quite resistant to today’s
                                                                          standard therapies) are a priority.
                                                                          One of the most impressive things about the cancer stem
                                                                          cell research project led by Dr. Dick is the cross-institu-
                                                                          tional collaboration that has been achieved. Dr. Dick’s
                                                                          team of principal investigators includes top scientists from
                                                                          the Ontario Cancer Institute at The Princess Margaret, as
                                                                          well as the Hospital for Sick Children (HSC), Toronto
 Drs. Ben Neel (OCI/PMH), Tom Waddell (TGRI/TGH), Peter Dirks (Hospital   General Hospital and McMaster University.
 for Sick Children), John Hassell (McMaster) and John Dick (OCI/PMH)
                                                                          Visit for videos and more
 The Princess Margaret is extremely proud of the role                     information on cancer stem cells.
 played by our scientists in discovering that not all cells
 within a tumour are equal. Some cells, now referred to as
 cancer stem cells, are much more likely to sustain tumours                 Awards & Recognition
 than others. Drs. James Till and Ernest McCulloch discov-                  Dr. John Dick
 ered stem cells at The Princess Margaret in the early                      • Premier’s Summit Award for Medical Research
 1960’s, building the foundation for Dr. John Dick and oth-                 • Diamond Jubilee Award (NCIC)—shared with
 ers who are focusing on identifying and understanding the                    Drs. Till and McCulloch
 source and the behaviour of cancer stem cells, the only                    • GHA Clowes Memorial Award (AACR)
                                                                            • Donald Metcalf Award (ISEH)
 cells that can perpetually self-renew, in tumours.

                                                                                              The Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation   11
     Collaboration with Global and Local
     Collaboration is a required ‘fuel’ for a research and teach-      Medical Director of the Cancer Program at PMH/UHN.
     ing hospital, especially one                                                     By having access to other cancer patients,
     on a mission to conquer                                                          PMH researchers will also have the oppor-
     cancer in our lifetime.                                                          tunity to expand clinical trials and tumour
     Our scientists and health-
     care staff invest                                                                    On an international level, a partnership
     considerable energy                                                                  was formed this year with Centre di
     co-authoring papers and                                                              Riferimento Oncologico in Aviano, Italy.
     participating in associations                                                        This partnership will enhance academic
     and on boards. There is a                                                            and research opportunities, as well as give
     recognized responsibility to                                                         both partners access to one another’s ‘best
     share new discoveries, to stay current with the discoveries       practices’ in clinical trials and patient care.
     of others in the same field, and to raise the standard of
     care for all cancer patients.                                       Awards & Recognition
     PMH has also developed formal partnerships to facilitate             Dr. Ben Neel
     collaboration on an institutional basis. An excellent example        • MERIT Award (NIH)
     is the partnership established in April 2007 with Southlake          • Tier I Canada Research Chair
     Regional Health Centre. Southlake is establishing a major            Dr. Richard Hill
     cancer centre, including surgery, chemotherapy, and radia-           • Robert L. Noble Prize
     tion facilities, to serve the very fast-growing York region of       Dr. Shereen Ezzat
     Ontario. “Good partnerships need to be win-win in order              • Royal College CSCI Distinguished Scientist Award
     to really thrive, and this partnership with Southlake will           Dr. Alastair Cunningham
     allow their cancer team to benefit from our clinical,                • Dr. Rogers Prize for Excellence in Complementary
     research and education programs, while we enhance those                and Alternative Medicine
     programs by testing them and implementing them in a                  Dr. Linda Penn
     new setting with new staff,” offers Dr. Mary Gospodarowicz,          • Tier I Canada Research Chair

Asbestos Workers’ Associations Support PMH Mesothelioma Research Program
                                                  Mesothelioma is an aggressive form of cancer that is almost always caused by
                                                  previous exposure to asbestos and is almost always fatal. Malignant cells develop
                                                  in the mesothelium which is a protective lining that covers most of the body’s internal
                                                  organs. The most common site is the outer lining of the lungs and chest cavity.
                                        Thanks to the financial support of associations and unions in Ontario representing
                                        workers who may have had asbestos exposure, Princess Margaret Hospital has
                                        developed an extensive screening and early detection program. Almost 700 work-
                                        ers have been screened to date. Tests that look for mesothelioma ‘markers’ in the
                                        blood have been very helpful in finding the disease early in people at risk for the
disease. Low Dose Computer Tomography (CT) scans are also a key tool in monitoring high risk populations.
The donor support also enables researchers to investigate and test new treatments for the disease, including treatments that
take advantage of the human body’s own immune system. Recently, PMH researchers discovered that the presence of certain
immune cells called CD8+ lymphocytes are associated with a better outcome in mesothelioma patients. So techniques that can
stimulate these immune cells could become a potential treatment.

12    2008 Report to Our Donors
Our Stories Unite Us

Elizabeth Taylor                                             Keith Hautala
I have never felt like a number …                                                Dr. Irish came in and greeted me
Dr. Gullane always takes the time                                                with his memorable line of intro-
to talk with me before surgery. He                                               duction: “My name is Jon Irish, and
makes me feel so comfortable,                                                    I want you to know that you’re not
and that is half the battle.                                                     going to die.” I held onto those
                                                                                 words in the moments leading up to
                                                             my surgery and in the difficult times through recovery.

Shameer Esmail
                    After my bone marrow transplant,
                                                             Stan Stanczuk
                    my family members could only see         What impressed me was the indi-
                    and talk to me through a glass           vidualized process set up just for
                    window. But while I was physically       me and addressing my type of
                    isolated, I never felt alone at          cancer. I had appointments with a
                    Princess Margaret. Every day the         dentist, a nutritionist, and a hear-
nurses would come in for blood work and then the             ing specialist because my
doctors would check up on me. I was always a top priority.   treatment would impact my body
                                                             in so many ways.

Deb Maskens                                                  Joanna Severino
                  When you are lucky enough to               During my transplant at PMH, I was treated in a room
                  receive the best treatment available       which opened to a view of the hospital’s rooftop garden.
                  from caring physicians and health          During the procedure my husband
                  care staff, you feel empowered to          and niece released a butterfly into
                  support others and help them with all      the world while I watched. It was a
                  the questions and anxiety that you         powerful moment, and in memory, I
                  once felt about your disease.              now run the Wings of Hope project,
                                                             an annual contest for students invit-
                                                             ing them to express their feelings of
                                                             hope for cancer patients.
Cameron Campbell
After I had radiation therapy for plasmacytoma, a tumour
in the bone, I was given the ‘all clear’. But following my
three-month check-up, the specialists diagnosed me
with multiple myeloma, a                                     Elena Ruggero Callucci
bone marrow cancer that is
                                                                                     The receptionist at Princess
treatable, but not yet curable.
                                                                                     Margaret told me to put on my
It was like someone had set
                                                                                     army boots and my army pants and
an 800 lb gorilla in front of
                                                                                     come back ready to fight, and I
me. After asking questions of
                                                                                     would get through it. She was right.
my doctor, fortunately that
gorilla did shrink to some-
thing that I knew I could

 Visit to read more about these patients and their experiences at Princess Margaret Hospital.

                                                                                 The Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation   13
     Special Events

     1st Annual CMK Golf Tournament   Cruising for a Cure              Harry's Spring Run Off to Fight
     A Journey to Heal                Design 4 A Difference                Prostate Cancer 8K & 5K
     A Night in the Past for a Cure   Drawing the Line Comic Book      Heidi's Golf Classic
         in the Future                Ernie Tourney                    Hi Ho Silver Golf Tournament
     Alli's Journey                   F.A.C.E. (Firefighters Against   Hunt for the Cure
     Bartley's Bleachers                  Cancer's Existence)          In support of Carie's Fund
     Bike for Cancer Research -       Machado Event                        (Carie Elgar)
         Brett Salter Tribute         First Annual Paola Colozza       Issie's Quest
     Brave Heart Life Party               Fund for Drug Discovery      John Fortney & Garren Anthony's
     Breast Cancer Project                Golf Tournament                   Annual Cocktail Party
     Breast Friends Ball              FishON TV - Celebrity Fish       John Koshan Memorial
     Cabin Fever Calendar                 Tournament                       Golf Classic
     Caccavella Family Reunion        Friends for Life Gala            Judy Taylor Golf Tournament
     Canadian Computer Classic        Gail's Fun Run                   Julie Hinton Calendar
         Golf Tournament              Gary Warner Memorial             Kelly Silverstein Memorial
     Charles Krowitz Woodchuck            Golf Tournament                  Golf Tournament
         Golf Classic                 Get Rec'd                        Laugh Lines
     Chocolate Festival               Graham Sanborn Junior/           Life Over Lymphoma Gala
     Commingle                            Senior Invitational          Lifford’s Boys’ Night Out

14    2008 Report to Our Donors
Long Way Down - Canada to          Rallying Against Cancer               The BOSS Benefit
   the Coast                          Hardcore (RACH) Annual             The Chocolate Ball
Looped for Life                       Baseball Tournament                The Jack B. Elie Memorial
Lorn Roast Event                   Ratech Golf Tournament                   Golf Tournament
Lucky Power Memorial               Rebecca's Hope Charity Cruise         The Joe’s Team Triathlon
   Golf Tournament                 Ride for Heart/Ride for Ed            The Mad Hatter's Walk
Lynne Bahen Golf Tournament        Rob Penny Memorial Slo-Pitch          The Mindy Kirsh Bridge to
Maple Downs Ladies Annual             Tournament                            the Cure
   Pro-AM Tournament               Robert Bras & Family Charity          The Pink Bedroom Party
MIA Golf Tournament                   Golf Tournament                    The Toronto Fashion Show
Michael Dickinson Grey Cup         Rogers Cup Tennis                     There and Back
   Golf Tournament                 Ross Forfar Memorial Golf             Three Days - A Film Event
Michelangelo Gala                     Tournament                            for Cancer
Moto Amoré                         See The End

Most Wanted Fashion Show in        Single Mingle                         Toronto Fire Fighter Calendar
   honour of Concetta Guglietti    Skate4Cancer (S4C)                    Toronto Fire Fighter Magic Show
Oakville Italian Invitational      Spotlight Tribute                     Toronto Marathon
   Golf Tournament                 Stayin' Alive Disco Party             Triumph International
Panda Bear Walk                    Steven Hoffman Tribute Concert for    Uptown Golf Challenge
Pedicure for the Cure                  Lung Cancer Research              Valle Peligna Socio-Cultural
Pencer Gala - Viva Las Vagas       Strike Out for Cancer                     Association Dinner
Pencer Golf Tournament             Susan Risenman and the Beth           Van Stone Cancer Care
Power2Cure                             David Fashion Show                    Foundation Children's
Pull for a Cure Ultimate Frisbee   Swing into Spring                         Holiday Party
   Tournament                      Taylor Cup Pond Hockey                West End Boys Calendar
Purple Vogue                           Championship                      Wyatt Pellew Tennis Tournament
Race Against Cancer                Testicle Festival                     Yard Sale for the Cure

                                                                        The Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation   15
     Special Events
     This is no ordinary Joe…he’s inspired an extraordinary team
     Many of us wonder how we would react to a cancer diagnosis, and after hearing Joe Finley’s
     story, most people hope they would respond with the courage and determination that he
     has. This cancer survivor, diagnosed in 2004, continues to fight his battle with the disease
     today, and he fights with a strong conviction that cancer can be conquered.
     Despite the physical and emotion toll of his ongoing treatment, Joe fulfilled a life-long goal
     in August 2006 by completing his first triathlon—an impressive feat for a conditioned athlete
     let alone a cancer patient.
     Joe is also passionate about raising funds for cancer research. In the fall of 2006, he
     approached the Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation with the idea of forming a triathlon
     team, and Joe’s Team was created. The goal of the team—mostly first-time triathletes—is to
     achieve personal success while raising money to support head and neck translational cancer
     research at PMH. Their inaugural event was held in Muskoka, Ontario in the summer of 2007.
     Collectively, 233 hugely enthusiastic participants raised over $400,000.
     Visit for more information on the team, the 2008 event and an inspiring video.

     Hockey the way it was meant to be played
                                                                     More than 150 hockey players laced up their skates on
                                                                     beautiful Sparrow Lake just north of Orillia for some old-
                                                                     school 4-on-4 pond hockey in memory of Judy Taylor who
                                                                     lost her battle against cancer in 2003. The three-day round
                                                                     robin event raised $58,000 for sarcoma research, a rare and
                                                                     aggressive type of cancer that can arise in muscles, bones,
                                                                     nerves and blood vessels.
                                                                     This was the third Taylor Cup Pond Hockey Championship—
                                                                     a special way for hockey players to pay homage to their
                                                                     Canadian roots through old-time shinny while raising money
                                                                     for a good cause and remembering a good friend.
                                                                     Visit for photos and further background.

     Preparing for the Brazilian Ball
                            Princess Margaret Hospital was honoured to be the last beneficiary personally chosen by Brazilian Ball
                            founder Anna Maria de Souza who passed away in September 2007. Anna Maria had already chosen
                            PMH as the recipient for her 42nd Brazilian Ball,
                            and after receiving compassionate care at PMH by
                            an amazing nursing staff, she specifically
                            requested that the nurses be honoured at the Ball
                            and benefit from the funds raised.
                          The amazing trio, Shirley Domelle, Holly Miklas,
     and Martha Shaw, agreed to serve as the co-chairs of the event.
     Wanting to ensure that Anna Maria would be proud, they worked
     tirelessly to make the 2008 Ball the best ever.
     The 2008 Ball is also fortunate to have two generous couples serving
     as Honourary Chairs. Jim and Bridgette Kinnear made a $1 million
     donation to support the highest priorities of the hospital, and Neville
     and Lorraine Kirchmann made a $1 million gift to establish the
     Kirchmann Family Chair in Neuro-Oncology Research.

16    2008 Report to Our Donors
New Initiatives
Ticket buyers come out to hear how PMH uses lottery funds
                                                              “The funding received from the lotteries is critically impor-
                                                              tant to the cancer research taking place at The Princess
                                                              Margaret.” These were the words from the Director of
                                                              Research at PMH, Dr. Ben Neel, at a Saturday event held in
                                                              the hospital to thank lottery ticket purchasers and to pro-
                                                              vide insight on the research that the lotteries are enabling.
                                                              Dr. Jonathan Irish, Chief of Surgical Oncology at Princess
                                                              Margaret Hospital, showed the attendees how exciting
                                                              advances in image-guided technology and robotics are
                                                              starting to be employed in cancer surgery for greater preci-
                                                              sion and quicker recovery.
                                                              Since 1996 when the PMH lotteries were first launched,
                                                              almost $170 million has been raised in undesignated fund-
                                                              ing. While all funds received are important and put to
                                                              excellent use, ‘undesignated’ funding is essential, as it can
                                                              be used for the highest priorities of the research centre.
                                                              “Often,” says Dr. Neel, “the funds are used to buy new
                                                              leading edge equipment, but just as often they are used to
                                                              pay salaries for our graduate students who keep critical
                                                              tests and experiments running at all hours.”

Ride to Conquer Cancer—is on the mark!
The Foundation is always investigating and considering new fundraising opportunities, and one that has been in the plan-
ning stages for over two years is The Ride to Conquer Cancer. The first annual two-day Ride took place on June 21-22,
2008 starting out at Toronto’s Exhibition grounds and finishing up over 200 km later in spectacular Niagara Falls.
Registration for the Ride closed well ahead of schedule and 2,850 riders completed the two-day trek. Riders came
together from 16 U.S. states and eight provinces to raise funds for The Campbell Family Institute at The Princess
Margaret! The Ride will make a signif-
icant contribution to the 2009
fundraising total for the Foundation
thanks to the enthusiastic effort of the
riders, crew, volunteers, sponsors, and
generous donors.
Special thanks go to Swiss Chalet who
signed up early as the presenting spon-
sor and promoted the Ride extensively.
There was tremendous support from
hospital staff—over 100 University
Health Network employees partici-
pated in the event. Hundreds of other
doctors, researchers, nurses and sup-
port staff lent support to the Ride
promotion activities and made gener-
ous donations in support of riders. To
register for the 2009 Ride, visit

                                                                                  The Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation   17
     Our Donors
     The following donor lists show actual gifts received and pledge payments made during the fiscal year April 1, 2007 to March 31, 2008.
     ✦   denotes donors whose giving includes an estate gift

     $5,000,000+                             Allan Kerbel and Family          I.U.O.E. Local 793                 Jack Digital Productions Inc.
     The Campbell Family                     James S. Kinnear and Bridgette   Mary Isabella Keemar✦              JE Fininvest Inc.
                                                Eansor                        Mary Legris (Legree)✦              Kay Foundation RBC Private
     $1,000,000 - $4,999,999                 Maria Kiors✦                     Bartlett H. and Sandra Ryder          Counsel Inc.
     Edward Lawrence Donegan✦                The Matthews Family                 MacDougall                      Khodkar Investments Inc.
     Susan E. Grange                         A. Bruce McKelvey                McMaster University                Kinross Gold Corp.
     Neville Kirchmann and Family            Michael Albert Garron            Menkes Family                      Paula Kirsh and Family
     The Muzzo Family                           Foundation                    Merck Frosst Canada                Mary Irene Hazel Langford✦
                                             Charles Franklin Miller and      Pearson Canada Social              Esther and John Loewen
     $500,000 - $999,999                        Donna Marie Piper Miller✦        Committee                          Family
     In Honour of Al Hertz                   Michael V. Plachta✦              Pfizer Canada Inc.                 C. Donald Logan
     Betty Mendelssohn                       PreMD Inc.                       Jane Poulson✦                      Maple Leaf Foods Inc.
        Kalmanasch✦                          RBC Foundation                   Ronald Rein                        Mechanical Industry Advisory
     OSI Pharmaceuticals                     Roche                            Runner's Choice                       Committee (MIAC)
        Foundation Inc.                      Schering Canada Inc.                Promotions/RCP Int.             Jim Meekison and Carolyn
     PMH Radiation Oncologists               Samuel Sivitz✦                   Derek B. Russell                      Keystone
     Kevin M. Sullivan and Family            Allan Slaight and Emmanuelle     S.O. Asher Consultants Ltd.        National Bank Financial
     The Gerry and Nancy Pencer                 Gattuso                       sanofi-aventis                     New York Fries South
        Brain Trust                          John William Stone✦              SGNC Charitable Trust                 St. Burger Co.
                                             Joey and Toby Tanenbaum          Stuart and Wendy Smith             Newport Partners Holdings LP
     $250,000 - 499,999                      Sherry Taylor Drew               The Brascan Foundation             Gwen Ng
     Adelson Medical Research                TD Bank Financial Group          The Cadillac Fairview              Ortho Biotech
        Foundation                           The Bank of Montreal                Corporation                     Paladin Labs Inc.
     Bram and Bluma Appel                    The Posluns Family Foundation    The John David and Signy Eaton     Pharmaceutical Partners of
     Edna M. R. Clark✦                       The Westaway Charitable             Foundation                         Canada Inc.
     John and Myrna Daniels                     Foundation                    THE QUILT: A Breast Cancer         Philips Medical Systems
     Anna-Liisa and Graham                   Jack and Anne Weinbaum and          Support Project                    Canada
        Farquharson                             Family                        Bardya Ziaian                      PMH Dental Associates
     Giovanni and Concetta                   Florence Kathleen Wilson✦                                           Helaine and Lionel Robins
        Guglietti Family Foundation          Herbert Allan Wilson✦            $25,000 - $49,999                  Ida Sarah Rubinoff✦
     In Honour of Melissa Ann                Yamana Gold Inc.                 Anonymous (3)                      Sceptre Investment Counsel Ltd.
        Katzman                                                               A Night In The Past For A Cure     Shannon Walton Charity Golf
     Jon and Nancy Love                      $50,000 - $99,999                   In The Future                   Sherman Foundation
     Ontario Pipe Trades Council             Anonymous (1)                    AGF Management Ltd.                Shorcan Brokers Ltd.
     Scotiabank                              6172792 Canada Inc.              Alli's Journey                     Starfield Lion
     The Al Hertz Family                     Abraxis BioScience Inc.          Amgen Canada                       In Honour of Ann Storfer
        Foundation                           The Asaro Family                 Howard L. Banting                  Teck Cominco Ltd.
     Germaine Maria Van Overloop✦            Marvin and Linda Barnett         Helen Isobell Bell✦                The Henry White Kinnear
     Family and Friends of Lusi              Barrick Gold Corporation         Blake, Cassels & Graydon LLP          Foundation
        Wong                                 Ben and Hilda Katz Charitable    BML Group of Companies             The Tecolote Foundation
                                                Foundation                    Brian Domelle Enterprises Ltd.     The University of Texas
     $100,000 - $249,999                     Canadian Brain Tumour            Canadian Partnership Against          MD Anderson Cancer Center
     AstraZeneca Canada Inc.                    Consortium                       Cancer Corp.                    Travos Automotive Inc.
     Hugh Balders                            Arthur and Harriett Cohen        Cara Operations Limited            Trio Roofing Systems Inc.
     Karen and Bill Barnett                  Magdalena Paulina Collins✦       Vito Colucci                       Anne Nitsa Vasoff✦
     Herb and Fran Binder and                Barry and Sue Cooper             Con-Drain Company (1983) Ltd.      Verax Inc.
        Family                               CTVglobemedia Inc.               Lyla Ada Crossley✦                 Florence Vuckson
     David and Paula Butterfield             Domenic and Bernisea             Dr. Jay Charitable Foundation      Florence and Mickey Winberg
     Canadian Cancer Society                    Dell'Elce                     Dynamic Fund Foundation            Young & Rubicam Ltd.
     CIBC                                    Ernst & Young                    Morton and Gail Eisen
     Cheong Chu Chan                         Front Street Capital             Paul Fortin                        $10,000 - $25,000
     Charles and Marilyn Gold                Janice Fukakusa and Greg         Gluskin Sheff + Associates Inc.    Anonymous (5)
        Family Foundation                       Belbeck                       Great-West Life, London Life and   1196780 Ontario Inc.
     Dick Aldridge Pancreatic                Michael and Libby Goldgrub          Canada Life                     Leonard and Marcy Abramsky
        Cancer Foundation                    Elizabeth D. Hamilton            Al and Malka Green                 Mollie Adamson
     Dr. Geoffrey R. Conway                  Hbc - the Bay, Zellers, Home     Cathy Hale                         Advanced Care Technologies Inc.
        Memorial Foundation                     Outfitters                    Paul Herbert Halpern✦              Agnico-Eagle Mines Ltd.
     James Edmondson✦                        Debbie Hertz                     Harry Rosen Inc.                   The Alofs Family
     Bruce Galloway                          Elise Hertz                      Highland Hotel Ltd.                Keith Ambachtsheer and
     Greenpark Homes                         Joan Pui-Ying Hosang             HSBC Bank Canada                     Virginia Atkin
     The Gucciardi Family                    Glenn Hunnings                   Invar Building Corporation         James B. Archer-Shee

18       2008 Report to Our Donors
Arista Homes                      Primo I. Di Luca                   LSC Garment                            SunSmart Melanoma Foundation
Hazel May Arnold✦                 Tara Douglas                       Angela and James Machado               Kazimiera Supczak
Asbestos Workers Local 95         Paul Dykeman                       James Mandarino                        Sydney and Florence Cooper
Avon Canada Inc.                  E. and G. Odette Charitable        Manulife Financial                        and Family
Axia Corp.                           Foundation                      Markham Executive Suites Inc.          T.G.H. Otolaryngology
Bacchus Medical                   Tom and Karen Ehrlich and          Masters Insurance Ltd.                    Research Group Inc.
   Communications Inc.               Family                          Mattamy Homes Ltd.                     TELUS
Bailey Metal Products Ltd.        Elsevier Inc.                      McCarthy Tetrault Foundation           Stanley Tessis
A. C. Baillie                     Alexander and Florence             James Samuel McCleary✦                 The Beauty Supply Outlet
Lawrence Barakett                    Epstein                         James McClocklin                       The Buchan Family Foundation
Robert and Francine Barrett       Fallsview Casino Resort            Tom and Lynn McCulloch                 The Co-operators General
James E. Barlett                  Nina and Robert Farquharson        Robert McFarland                          Insurance Co.
Tammy Baruch                      Fiera YMG Capital                  McGill                                 The Great Gulf Homes
Rose Baum                         Financial Services Department      McKesson Information                      Charitable Foundation
David M. Beatty                      U of T                             Solutions                           The Kaitlin Group Ltd.
Bob and Diann Bell                Firefighters Against Cancer's      Mediaedge Communications Inc.          The Laurier Group
Bellville Rodair International       Existence Foundation            Randy D. Mellon                        The Mariano Elia Foundation
Bennett Jones LLP                 Forbes & Manhattan Inc.            Mercedes-Benz Canada Inc.              The Neziol Group
Helmut Beretz✦                    Friends for Life - Cathy's Gala    Josephine Napravil                     The Roel C. Buck Family
Frances Marie Binns✦              Friends for Life                   Needle Art                                Foundation
Terry Blair                       G.A Paper International Inc.       Robert Nelson                          The Rudolph P. Bratty Family
Janet L. Bomza                    Mary Veronica Gallagher✦           New Solutions Financial Corp.             Charitable Foundation
Bondfield Construction            Yola and Emilio Gambin             Robert Newby                           Gai Thomas
   Company Ltd.                   Linda George✦                      Novadan Capital Ltd.                   Ticketmaster Canada
Bernard Borshay✦                  Leonard Frederick Gladding✦        Ogilvy Renault                         Toronto Firefighters Association
Brampar Building Supplies Ltd.    Golden Bull Estates Ltd.           Ontario Council of Painters            Torys LLP
Jamie and Leah Bras               Bernard Goldgrub                   Desmond and Pamela O'Rorke             Transcore Link Logistics Corp.
Maggie Bras                       C. Warren and Barbara              Jean Elizabeth Oswald✦                 Trinity Development Foundation
Lydia Braun✦                         Goldring                        Ozmosis Research Inc.                  Triumph International (Canada) Inc.
Timothy Breadner                  David and Bonnie Goldstein         Ozz Electric Inc.                      Tuchman Family Foundation
Brown Window Corporation          Kim Gonneau                        Paradigm Capital Inc.                  United Wish For Life
B-Strong Fund                     Senator Jerry and Carole           Patene Building Supplies Ltd.          M. John Van Toch
Sonia Byrne                          Grafstein                       Patrick Hodgson Family                 Roy Veel-Hansen✦
Evelyn C. Byworth✦                Grand Priory of Canada O. S. J.       Foundation                          Vibro-Acoustics
Cabin Fever (Cancer Fund)         Elizabeth Elva Gray✦               P.J. Daly Contracting Ltd.             Vision Group
Cadbury Adams Canada Inc.         Annabella Blair Grieve✦            The Family of Bill Podolak             Peter von Schilling
Canadian Breast Cancer            William Gurevsky                   P.O.I. Business Interiors              Sheila Waengler
   Foundation - Ontario Chapter   H.J. Pfaff Motors                  PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP             Walk For A Cure Dinner
Canadian Retinoblastoma           Tracy A. Hackett                   Progarammed Ins. Brokers Inc.          Peter and Kimberlee Wallace
   Society                        Robert Hagerman                    Chris S. Purkis                        Walmart Canada Corp.
Canadian Tennis Association       Hugh Hanson                        Pusateri's Fine Foods                  Simon Warga
Cancer Care Manitoba              Kathy Harder                       Shane Quinlan                          Marion Jean Wellwood
   Foundation                     David and Melanie Harris           R.A.C.H. (Rally Against Cancer         Westmont Hospitality Group
Cancer Care Ontario               Marianne Harris and Brian             Hardcore Baseball)                  Kathryn White
Canso Investment Counsel Ltd.        Laramie                         Resolute Funds Ltd.                    Michael and Shari Wilson
Carpenters Union                  Heenan Blaikie SRL/LLP             Rexdale Food Specialties Ltd.          Richard Wookey
CCTFA/Look Good Feel Better       The Heiberger Family               Riedel Crystal of Canada               Xtreme Wheelbase Group of
CGC Inc.                          Heidi Golf Classic                 Jo-Ann E. Ritchie                         Companies
Eleanor G. Chapman                Ada Elizabeth Hill✦                Melissa Rizzi                          Yard Sale for the Cure
Charles Krowitz Woodchuck         Andrew and Leslie Hoffman          Rogers Group of Companies
   Golf Classic                   Hudson Bay Mining & Smelting       Corey Rosen                            $1,000 - $9,999
Barbara Chow                         Co. Ltd.                        RSM Richter                            Anonymous (76)
Kan-Yan Chow                      Hugo Boss Canada Inc.              Stephen and Sharon Sandler             1100586 Alberta Ltd.
William and Inge Christie         IBM Canada Employees and           Peter and Christine Schmidt            1114164 Ontario Inc.
Danny Chu                            Retirees                        Scott Morris Architects Inc.           1139913 Ontario Inc.
Esther and Jack Cole and          Investors Group                    Jeffrey Shaddick                       1267989 Ontario Inc.
   Family                         James Waters Investments Ltd.      Shipp Corp. Ltd.                       1280987 Ontario Ltd.
Conundrum Capital Corp.           Janssen-Ortho Inc.                 Simona and Alex Shnaider               1321804 Ontario Inc.
Betty Cragg                       JBS Foundation Inc.                Shoppers Drug Mart                     1540411 Ontario Ltd.
Stephen Craig                     Daryl Katz                         Esther Shub✦                           1583381 Ontario Inc.
Culinary Destinations Ltd.        Jack Kay                           Randi Silverstein                      20/20 Auto Collision Inc.
G Mark Curry                      Martin Kelman                      Julien Skuza                           2034665 Ontario Ltd. O/A 1st
David and Kate Daniels            Hassanali and Noorbanu             Linda Elizabeth Smithers✦                 Choice Parking Mgt
Davies Ward Phillips &               Lakhani                         Soberman LLP Chartered                 2047068 Ontario Inc.
   Vineberg LLP                   Mary-Elizabeth Lane                   Accountants                         2096400 Ontario Inc. O/A
Davis & Henderson Ltd.            Leon's Insulation Inc.             Stantec Consulting Ltd.                   Louis Black
Delaney Capital Management Ltd.   In Honour of Lai Chun Liu          Stayin' Alive                          2138183 Ontario Ltd.
Paolo D'Elia                      Local 67 - United Association of   Paul M. Stein                          2295113 Canada Inc.
Deloitte & Touche                    Journeymen & Appr.              Strachans s.a.                         3TP LLC
Scott Dewar                       Sheila and Syd Loftus and Family   Sunlife Financial                      4 Star Drywall (99) Ltd.

                                                                                            The Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation             19
     4646 Dufferin Street Inc.        Lesley Alboini                         Anodyne Advertising Inc.             Average Joe's Contracting
     570108 BC Ltd.                   Brian Albrecht                         Ansar Financial & Investment         Nancy Avison
     6419909 Canada Inc.              Alden Print Management Inc.               Services Inc.                     Aviva Canada Inc.
     A & M Heat Treating Ltd.         Anthony C. Alderson                    Antares Management Solutions         Riza Axelrod
     A & W Food Services of           Constantina Alexakis                   Kelly Anthony                        Roberto Axelrod
        Canada Inc.                   Isabel Alexander                       Rosalind J. Anthony                  Michael Aymong
     A.B.M. Tool & Die Co. Ltd.       J. A. Alexander                        Anton Manufacturing                  E. Ayranto
     A.D.P. Canada Co.                Laura Alexander                        Antrim Mechanical Ltd.               A-Z Capital Corp.
     A. Reale Realty Ltd.             Lauren Alge                            Frank Apollo                         B & D Insulation Inc.
     A.T.M. Janitorial Service        Algoma Orchards                        Harry Appelton                       B.A. Himel Family Foundation
     Yolanda Aarons                   Algonquin Power Trust                  David and Susan Applebaum            B.P. Interiors Inc.
     Abacus Architect Inc.            Mohammad Alkari                        Eleanor Appleby                      B.C. Music and Consulting
     Abbott Laboratories Ltd.         Roger Allaby                           Trevor and Lynda Appleby             Brian Babcock
     Abcon Outdoor                    Allan and Susan Fenwick                John and Rita Appugliesi             Cheryl Babcock
     Hilary Abell                        Charitable Foundation               John Aquino                          Bace Holdings Inc.
     Able Engineering                 Allan Window Technologies Ltd.         Roman Arbesman                       Salah Bachir
     Paula Abramczyk Cazes            John Allan                             Edie and Walter Arbib                Michael Badham
     Bernard Abrams                   All-Connect Logistical Services Inc.   Michael Arbus                        William F. Badke
     Mona Ackerman                    Allen Edmons Shoes                     Frances Archambault                  Baelda Holdings Ltd.
     Actionware                       Allen Etcovitch Associates Ltd.        Ardis Archer                         Jeff Baer
     Active Environmental             Chania Allen                           Architectural Precast Systems Inc.   Annette Bagby
        Contracting Inc.              Clive and Barbara Allen                Lisa Ardito-Wright                   Kathie Baggett
     Christine Activears              Elizabeth Allen                        Argo Development Corp.               Aubrey Baillie
     ACXSYS Corp.                     Monique Allen                          Mary Argue                           James C. Baillie
     Adam J. Brown Professional       Nadine Allen                           Aris Painting and Decorating         Marsha Baillie
        Corp.                         Alliance Atlantis                      Donald C. Armour                     Wilbur N. Baily
     Costa Adamopoulos and               Communications Inc.                 Bob Armstrong                        Donald Bainbridge
        Christina Lebesis             Allphase Clinical Research Inc.        Charles and E. L. Armstrong          Kristen Baird
     Amber Adams                      Allstar Wood Waste & Recycling Ltd.    Jo-Ann Armstrong                     Musarat Bajwa
     Don Adams                        Allstate Foundation of Canada          Kate Armstrong                       Baker & McKenzie LLP
     Pauline Adams                    Brian Allum                            Mary Pat and Bob Armstrong           Baker Real Estate Corp.
     Robert Adams                     Paula Almeida                          Robert G. Armstrong                  Baker, Scheider, Larry Ginsler
     Ronald J. Adams                  Al's Ride                              ANAF-York Unit 383                   Anne Baker
     Peter and Nora Adamson           Stephen N. Altbaum                     Rob Arnott                           Lynn Baker
     Annette Addison                  Altus Helyar                           Arromba Trim & Supply                Margaret Anne Baker
     Renee Addison                    Altwood Garage Doors Ltd.              Arrow Truck Sales                    Michael A. Baker
     Rob Adelson                      Isabel Alves-Vettoretto                Arsenault Architect Inc.             Yvonne Baker
     The Ades Family                  Farid Amarshi                          Art Lofranco Ltd.                    Joanne Baker-Forth
     ADP Canada                       Jim Ambrose                            Arthur I. Indursky                   Raff and Frank Baldesarra
     Adrenalin                        Kelly Ambrose                          Asbestos Workers Local 58            Maureen Baldino
     Harry Adrouni                    Amca Sales Ltd.                        ASC Public Relations                 Samantha Baldwin
     Advance Tile and Floor           Gerdau Ameristeel                      Kimberly M. Ash                      Helen G. Balfour
        Covering (Toronto) Ltd.       Steven Ames                            Stewart Ash                          Zsoka Balla
     Advanced Innovations Inc.        Amici Di Padre Pio                     Pierre Ashcherl                      William Ballard
     Advantage Crombie Kennedy Inc.   Amirault - Marquee Productions         Charles Ashley                       Balmar Petroleum Ltd.
     Adworks Mailings Service Inc.    Amisol Company Ltd.                    Ashmount Capital Corporation         Ernest L. Balmer
     Aecon Construction &             Amanda Amorim                          Ask Cosmetics Inc.                   Robert Balthes
        Materials Ltd.                Rui Amorim                             Janet Asmus                          Rita and Steven Banach
     Aero Plastics Ltd.               Amper Management Services Ltd.         Clifford Asness                      Marilyn and Robert Banack
     Fakhri Aghaei                    Amtech Interiors Inc.                  Aspen Ridge Holdings Inc.            Glen Bandiera
     Agi-Traffic Technology           Jeanette Anbinder                      Cheryl Aspinall                      Michael Bang
     Kim Agnew                        Ancaster A.M. Rotary                   ASR Canada Ltd.                      Jay Banks
     Agueci & Calabretta              David Anderson                         Asset Inc.                           Jordan Banks
     David Aiello                     Frederick Anderson                     Association House                    Doug Bannister
     AIG Life Insurance               Maureen Anderson                       Dan Atack                            Sarah Banquier
     Susan Aiken                      Michele Anderson                       Lorraine Athaide                     Rose Bantini
     AIM Trimark Investments          William and Lorna Anderson             Graham Atkinson                      Sharon Baptista
     Aimco Solrec Ltd.                Peter Anderson                         Atlantis Restoration Services Ltd.   William Barakett
     Air Transat                      Andiamo Thunder Bay Inc.               Atx Inc.                             Barbara and Harvey Wolfe Family
     Ajax Professional Firefighters   Jose Andino                            Carl Aub                                Charitable Fdn.
        Assoc.                        Zoran Andreevski                       Bob Auerbach                         John A. Barford
     Aker Kvaerner Metals             Andrew's                               Eleanor Augusteijn                   Marilyn Barker Paulson✦
     Al Palladini's Pine Tree Ford    Andy & Beth Burgess Family             Aurelian Resources Inc.              Gregory Barnes
        Lincoln                          Foundation                          A.C. and Signy Austen                Margaret Barnes
     Ken Alanen                       Judy Anga                              Automated Interiors Inc.             Mike Barnes
     Alarmforce Industries Inc.       Angco Investments Inc.                 Automatic Coating Ltd.               Wendy Barnes
     Alastair & Diana Gillespie       Christina Anger                        Automotive Transportation            John Barnett
        Foundation                    Claire Angus Caplan                       Service Superintendents           Jennifer Barr
     Gino Alberelli                   Ann and Mike Rosenthal Family          AV Classic Tile Contractors Ltd.     Lynda M. Barr
     Alberta Cancer Board                Foundation                          Avant Garde Real Estate Ltd.         Barricade Traffic Services Inc.

20    2008 Report to Our Donors
Barrick Gold                          Benjamin's Park Memorial        Lorna Blumen                           Brass Hill Investments Ltd.
Douglas and Kathryn Barrington           Chapel                       BMI Group Inc.                         Michael Braudo
John and Betty Barrons                Benkar Shoes Inc.               Giselle Bodkin                         Paul Braun
Veronica Barror                       Bennett Equipment Services      Gordon J. Bogden                       Breakwater Resources Ltd.
Tamara Barry                          Bryan C. Bennett                Edera Bohman                           David Breda
Nathalie Barsoumian                   Catherine Bennett               Boiler Inspection & Insurance Co.      Bregman & Hamann Architects
Charles Bartello                      Paul Bennett and Catherine      Boland Foundation                      Joanne Brem
Ingrid Bartels                           Olsen                        Greg A. Boland                         Bremormac Management Ltd.
Jacqueline Barten                     Paul Bennett                    Monica Bolland                         John Brennan
Rich Bassett                          Barbara Benoliel                Bolton Railings Inc.                   Shlomo Brenner
Bathe & McLellan Building Materials   Pam Bentley                     Roman and Christine Bolubash           William and Mari Brereton
Al Bauer                              Richard and Krysyna Benyak      Bomanite Toronto Ltd.                  Rita Bresler
Baxter Corp.                          Alexandre and Janna Ber         Mike Bondy                             Neil Bresolin
Bay St. Document Systems              Gay Berger                      Debbie Bonfield                        Brian Isherwood & Assoc/
Baycliffe Homes                       Doris Bergeron                  Rosemary Bonfield                         Isherwood Geostructural En.
Bayer HealthCare                      Berkim Construction Inc.        Daniel Bonneau                         Brickworks Communications Inc.
Averil Bayes                          Tim and Candace Bermingham      Penelope S. Bonner                     Bridgepoint Hospital
Bronwen Baylis                        M. Barbara Berner               Laura Bonofiglio                       Bridgewood Carpentry Ltd.
Glen Bays                             Wendy Berney                    Lisa Bonofiglio                        Brigadoon
Baywood Homes                         Howard Bernstein                Book Club Moms Markland                James Briggs
Edwin L. and Elaine Beallor           Kevin Berry                        Woods                               Brimstone Holdings Ltd.
Mary Beamish                          Steve Bertran                   Larry and Kathleen Bookman             J. Paul Brisbois
Woodbridge Foam Corporation           Roger Berube                    Wendy Bordman                          Richard Brissenden
Jane Bean                             Beth Sholom Synagogue           Maria Borg                             Judy Brisson
James Beattie                         Better Iron Works Ltd.          Patrick Borg and Nancy Olive           Bristol-Myers Squibb Canada
Sally K. Beattie                      Betz Pools Ltd.                 Paul and Theo Marie Borg               David I. Bristow
Dave Beatty                           Janice Bezanson                 Eric Bornstein                         Robert Bristow
Roland Beauregard                     BJH Canada                      Robindra N. Bose                       Timothy Bristow
Beaver Group Inc.                     Bialik Hebrew Day School -      Maria Bosnjak                          British and Commonwealth
Beaverhall Homes Ltd.                    Senior Division              Boss Promotions                           Women's Club (Brussels)
Stephen Bebis                         Bianchi Presta Barristers &     Boston Pizza International             John Brittain
BECC Construction Group Ltd.             Solicitors                   Boston Scientific Hong Kong            George C. Britton
Marc Bechard                          Nunzio Bianchi                  Jane Botsford                          Quentin Broad
Cesar Bechbache                       Norman Biback                   Larry Boughton                         David Broadhurst
Rafik Bechbache                       Bob Bickerton                   Tanya Boulton                          Marilyn Broderick-Johnson
Graham Beck                           Fred Bidwell                    Debbie Bourke                          Michael Brook
Tom Beckett                           Karen Bigiel                    Sherry Bourne                          Brookdale Treeland Nursery
Deborah Beckman                       Kim Bildfell                    Tony Bourque                           Tom Brooke
Ann F. Bedard                         Diana Billes                    Winston and Avreille Bow               Tracy Brouwer
Kelly Bedard                          Lenny and Evie Binder           Walter M. and Lisa Balfour             Brovi Investments Ltd.
Johana Beeharry                       Joanne Binnington                  Bowen                               David A. Brown
Glenda Behrend                        Biopharm Management Inc.        Jeffrey Bowles                         Douglas Brown
Karen Beier                           BIOX Corporation                Suzanne Bowley                         Fiona Brown
Chris Belanger                        Nili Birshtein                  Geoffrey Bowman                        Gary, Gail, Jody and Amy Brown
Tracey Belford                        Dave Bishop and Anna Bishop     Bowne of New York                      Heather Brown
Bell Air Excavating & Grading Ltd.    Paul Bissette                   Joan and Richard Boxer                 Howard Brown and Kimberly Cohen
Bell Canada, Employee Giving          Peter Bissonnette               Walter Boyd                            Jeanette Brown
   Program                            Jordon Bitove                   Boys' Co. Stores                       Joyce E. Brown
Bell Canada                           Black & Mcdonald                Melissa Bozh                           Marcelline Brown
Barbara Bell                          Dave Black                      Steve Bozicevic                        Maria T. Brown
Doug Bell                             Donald W. Black                 B.P. Foundation Inc.                   Violet, Sharon, and Janice Brown
Kansas Bell                           Heather E. Black                Judy Braaten                              and Brian Ravok
Lindsay Bell                          J. Black                        Peter Braaten                          Brigid Browne
Mark Bell                             Richard and Claudia Black       Gordon Brace                           Brown's Guardian Pharmacy
Michele Bell                          Blackmont Capital               Margaret Bracken                       Christine Bruce
Paul Bell                             Leigh Blake                     Brad Lamb Realty                       Jim and Anna May Bruce
Thomas Bell                           Peter Bland                     Paul and Wendy Bradbury                Susan Bruce
John Bellamy                          Blantyre Public School          Sandy Bradfield                        Brusan Heating & Air
Belleville Sports and                 John and Anne Blasman           Dave Bradley                              Conditioning Ltd.
   Entertainment Corp.                Frances Blau                    Sally B. Braff                         Bill and Kelly Brush
Bellio Masonry Inc.                   Susan Blazecka                  John Braive                            Diane Bryant
Eva Bellissimo                        Donald Blenkarn                 David Brand                            Buchan Family Foundation
Alexis Belluomini                     BLG Foundation                  Brandon Communications                 Tina Buchan
Belmont Glass                         Jim Bliangas                    Giselle Branget                        Roma and Jack Buchman
Belmont Meat Products Ltd.            Block 33 West Properties Inc.   Branksome Hall                         Brock Buckingham
Belor Construction Ltd.               David and Molly Bloom           Constance Brannigan                    George Buckley
Belrock Construction Ltd.             Blue & White Alumni Hockey      Chris Branov                           J.B. Buckley
Jenny and Hyman Belzberg                 Club                         Branthall Ltd.                         Robert Buckley
Greg Beneteau                         Blueprinting In Bolton          Jason and Jane Bras                    Thi Bui

                                                                                             The Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation          21
     Builders' Supplies Limited II       Canadian National                   Rick Cavanagh                         C.I. Investments
     Bulk Transfer Systems Inc.          Canadian Pacific Railway            Siobhan Cavanaugh                     Antonio Cianfarani
     Bull Wealth Management Group Inc.   Canadian Precast Ltd.               C.A.W. Local 222                      Franca Cicco
     Sharon Bullied                      Canadian Press/Broadcast News       C.A.W. Local 973                      Frank Ciccolini
     Lorna Bulloch                          Ltd. Emp. Charitable             Joseph Cazes                          John Cieslak
     Martin Bumbulis                     Canadian Prostate Cancer            C.C. Coatings                         Chad Cieslik
     Claire-Anne Bundy                      Network                          C.C.I. Custom Furnishings Inc.        Joe Cimicata
     Kim Buntain                         Canadian Tech Air Systems Inc.      Cedar Infrastructurre Products Inc.   Cini Interior Demolition
     Glen Buott                          Canadian Ultimate Players           Celestica International Inc.          Andr'ee Ciofani
     Burgess Farms Inc.                     Association (CUPA)               Centerra Gold Inc.                    John P. Cipressi
     Kim Burgess                         Canadian Union of Public            Sebastien Centner                     Nancy Cirillo
     Pam Burgess                            Employees                        Central Huron Secondary               Ciro Excavating & Grading
     Burgundy Asset Management Ltd.      Canamould Extrusions Inc.              Student Council                    Citrolad Canada (Juices) Inc.
     Angie Burkitt                       Cancer Care Manitoba                Centreline Interiors Inc.             Citywide Home Inspectors
     Miriam Louise W. and Charles        Cancian Construction Ltd.           Centrum Renovation & Repair Inc.      Raffaela Civello
         R.B. Burnett                    Matt Candel                         Centura Tile                          CJE Services Inc.
     Steve Burnett                       Meaghan Candy                       Century Grove Homes                   Gloria Clamen
     Bruce Burnham                       Erin Cann                           Century Room                          Clan Macfarlane Pipe Band
     Latham and Patty Ann Burns          Larry Cann                          Joseph Cerasuolo                      John and Lynn Clappison
     Burrows Clothiers                   Anne-Marie and Robert Canning       Ceridian Canada Ltd.                  Catherine Clark
     David Burt                          Andy Jones Canplex                  Paul Cesario                          Ethyle I. Clark✦
     Tye Burt                            Frank Cantoni                       Tony Cesta                            Jeff Clark
     Jolyon Burton                       Capital Canada                      C.F.S. Food Source Inc.               Krista Clark
     Helen Bush                          Capital District Health Authority   Chad Management Group                 Libby Clark
     Suzanne Bushfield                   Capital North Commerical Realty     Vera Chadwick✦                        Maurice Clark
     Business Funding Group Inc.            Corp.                            Nancy Chafee                          Kim Clarke
     Derrick Bussey                      Bruce Caplan                        Robert Chafee                         Megan Clarke
     Rose Bussoli                        Mark Caplan                         Leanne Chamberlain                    Classic Care Pharmacy
     Michelle Bustos                     Caterina Capone                     Linda Chambers                        Classic Excavating Inc.
     Lisa Butcher                        Capp, Shupak Barristers &           Margaret Chambers                     Anna Cleary
     Geoffrey E. Butler                     Solicitors                       Philip Chan                           Ronald and Lynnette Clegg
     Ronald Peter Butler                 Joseph Caramadre                    Tak Chan                              Arlene Clemmens
     Marion Buttars                      Bruno Carbone                       Gigi Chang                            Mark Clemons
     George and Martha Butterfield       Robert Carew                        Yu Chang                              Climatizer Insulation
     William C. Buttimer                 Debra Carey                         Murray J. Chant                       Lynn Clinton
     Natalie Buttle                      Wendy Caricari                      Jessica Chapman                       C-Living Inc.
     Buttonwood Real Estate              Carlson Wagonlitt Victor Travel     Larry Chapman                         Tom Closson
     Jennifer Byers                      Stephanie Carlson                   Charities Aid Foundation America      Graham Clow
     C.I.N.I. Interior Demolition        Carmen L. Guglietti Lumber Inc.     Charleston Homes                      Clublink Corporation
     C.U. Advertising                    Marlene Carmichael                  Chartwell-Seniors Housing Reit        C.M.I. Canada Inc.
     C.I. Consulting                     Carrick Design                      Chatelaine Lighting Supply Ltd.       C.M.S. Companies
     C.W. Shasky & Associates Ltd.       Sue Carrinton                       Chat-Win Services Inc.                C.M.S. Consulting Inc.
     Paul Cabral                         Beverly Carroll                     Raphael Chee                          C.N.C. Machine Service & Sales Ltd.
     Cachet Estate Homes                 Veronica Carruthers                 Dallas and Linda Cheevers             James Coatsworth
     Isabel Caetano                      Christopher A. Carson               Chemfab Industries Inc.               Cobalt Pharmaceuticals Inc.
     Tim Cain                            Mary Carson                         Peter Chen                            Coca-Cola Ltd.
     Tracy Cairns-Sharpe                 Deborah Carter                      Alice Cheng                           Allan Cockburn
     Caisse Centrale De Reassurance      Ruth Carter                         David Chernos                         Coco International Inc.
     Gino Caldarola                      Catherine Carton                    Chesswood Income Fund                 Anne Coffey
     Luciano Calenti                     Carwin Service Centre               Lollins and Anna Cheung               Gerard H. Cohen
     Norma J. Callum                     Casco Inc.                          Pauline M. Cheung                     John Cohen
     Calsper Developments Inc.           Timothy Casgrain                    Bradford Chin                         Jordan and Lori Cohen
     Cameo Fine Cabinetry                Casino Rama                         William Chinery                       Judith and Marshall Cohen
     Anne M. Cameron                     Casino Vacations Inc.               Chinese Canadian Times Weekly         Maurice Cohen
     Ruth Cammalleri                     John and Mary Cassaday              Chippewas of Mnjikaning First         Mortimer Cohen
     Camp Manitou                        Cassidy & Co Architectural Tech        Nation                             Sharon Cohen
     Ambrose Campana                     Lori Castagna                       Marilyn Chisholm                      Sheila Cohen
     Charles Campbell                    Dave Castell                        Andrew Chiu                           Sidney L. Cohen
     Linda Campbell                      Castello Properties Inc.            Peter Chiu                            Stephen and Roslyn Cohen
     P. James Campbell and Janice May    Castlepoint Investments Inc.        Chocolate On Castro                   Mircea Z. Cohn
     Victor and Mary Campbell            Phyllis Caston                      Katherine Chornoboy                   Ted Coker
     Brian R. Campkin                    Antoinette Catalfamo                Christ The King Secondary             Coldwell Banker Gary
     Canac                               John and Pamela Catricala              School                                Baverestock Realty
     Canada Life                         Lori Catteau                        Alexander and Saralee Christ          Thomas Coldwell
     Canadian Alliance Terminals Inc.    In Honour of W. Manson Catterson    David and Valerie Christie            Cole & Partners
     Canadian Dawn Inc.                  Charles Catton                      Cecilia Christoff                     Jai Cole
     Canadian Hospital                   Debbie Catton                       John Chu                              Kim Cole
         Specialities Ltd.               Bob Caughell                        Anne F. Church                        Michele Cole
     Canadian Institute of Mining        Vito Cavallo                        John Church                           Catherine Colebatch

22    2008 Report to Our Donors
Cathy Colelli                       David Coriat                       David Csumrik                          Jesse Davidson
Colgate-Palmolive                   Frank Cornacchia                   Edwin Cueto                            Ken Davidson
Bethann Colle                       Anne Cornellier                    Luciano Cugini                         Michael Davidson
Colleverde Investments Inc.         Cornproducts International         Diane Culbert                          Linda Davies
Colliers International Hotels       Ferruccio Corrente                 Jeffrey Cullen                         Davis LLP
Trudy Collins                       Costa Building Supplies Ltd.       Alan and Lisa Cumber                   Ann Davis
Daniel Collison                     Fatima Costa                       Harold Cumming                         Charles and Cheryl Davis
Colormark Ltd.                      David Cote                         Joseph Cundari                         Jody L. Davis
David S. Colville-Reeves            Leslie Coules                      Cuneo Interiors                        Wayne Dawe
Debbie Comartin                     Heather Coulter                    Cheryl Woodyatt Cunningham LLP         Douglas Dawson
Comas MFG Inc.                      Richard and Debra Coulton          Angie Cunningham                       Lisa Dawson
Combined Insurance Company          Charles Coupal                     Curd Inco Ltd.                         Daybar Industries Ltd.
   of America                       Shelly Courneya                    John Curran                            DC Foods (2110) Inc.
Comdev Ltd.                         Sheila and Jack Courtemanche       Elizabeth Currie                       De Beers Canada Inc.
Dino Comegna                        Lesley Cousins                     Ann Curry                              Anthony De Fazekas
Commercial Telecom Group Inc.       Frank Couto                        Lynn Curtin Lange                      A. Victor De Jardine
Company Raysearch Laboratories Ab   James Coutts                       Daniel Cusimano                        Honor and Michael de Pencier
Artisan Complete                    Jessie E. Coutts                   Custom Renovations Ltd.                Frank de Vries
Wallace R. Compton                  Lisa Covey                         Cutco Foundation Inc.                  Paul de Vries
Computerized Medical Systems Inc.   Olga and Warner Cowan              Cutler Forest Products Inc.            Thomas Dea
Comstock Canada Ltd.                Sandra Cowan                       Mike Cybulski                          Deaj Holding Corp.
Comtech Credit Union                Jim Cowans                         David and Stacey Cynamon               Dean Wm. Ashley Ltd.
Lionel F. Conacher                  Barbara Cowl                       Caron Czorny                           Deberadinis Building and
ConAgra Foods Canada Inc.           Victoria Cowling                   D.G. Kemp Orchards Ltd.                    Development Ltd.
Conair Consumer Products Inc.       Bonnie L. Cox                      D. Zentil Mechanical                   Nicole Debeyer
Concepts On Wheels Inc.             Wendy Cragg                        D.F. Haslam Management Ltd.            Peter Debiasio
Concord Paving                      Paul and Elvi Craig                Beatrice Da Silva                      Mark and Paul Debrone
Condor Properties Ltd.              Robert Craig                       David Da Silva                         Maddalena DeCarlo
Con-Elco Ltd.                       Patricia Cranmer                   Gordon Dabbs                           Kristi Decastro
Cones N Cakes                       Jim Craven                         Leanne Dabbs                           Deeley Harley-Davidson Canada
Confederation Freezers              Deborah Crawford                   Christina Dabrowski                    Marion Deem
David and Valerie Conforti          Edward H. Crawford                 Dabsko Inc.                            Susie DeFazio
Con-Ken Construction Corp.          Elizabeth and Noel Crawford        Fern Daiter                            Nelida DeFino
Mary J. Connacher                   Rosemary Crawford                  Dakin News Systems Inc.                Carla Degasperis
Connect Five Ltd.                   Frank and Sheelagh Creaghan        Elizabeth Dalbello                     Jim DeGasperis
Anne Connell                        Sara Creaghan                      Mary Dalbo                             Wendy Degasperis
Conros Corp.                        Creative Childrens Montessori      Kevin Daley                            Michael Degroote
David Constable                        School                          Iside Dallan                           Chris F. Deibel
Con-Strada Construction Inc.        Gordon R. Creber                   Kevin Dalton                           Paulene Deifel
Ben Conte                           Credit Valley Imaging Associates   Randy Dalton                           Marlene Del Zotto
Continuous Colour Coat Ltd.         William Crerar                     John and Lynn Daly                     Sandra and Leo Del Zotto
Contract Funding Group Inc.         Anne Marie Crescenzi               Eleanor Damant                         Delbridge Contracting Ltd.
Contract Pharmaceuticals Ltd.       Enrico Crescenzi                   Sara D'Amond                           Delso Group Of Companies
Eunice and Jim Cook                 Creststreet Capital Corp.          D'amore Construction (2000) Ltd.       Brenda Deline
Ian Cook                            Bert Crestview Investment Corp.    Daniel and Elizabeth Damov             Geno Della Rocca
Kate Cook                           John and Mary Crocker              Dan Lawrie Insurance Brokers Ltd.      Perry N. Dellelce
Russ Cook                           Ian and Beth Croft                 Leslie and Anna Dan                    Del-Ric Integrated Construction
Steve Cook                          Tanya Croke                        Kevin Dancey                           Deltro Electric
Andrew Cooke                        Roger Croker                       Yogesh Dandiker                        Catherine Deluce
James Cooke                         Angela Cronin                      Maria D'Angelo                         Joseph Deluce
M. Wilma Cooke                      Christine Crook                    Ilham Daniel                           Dino J. Delzotto
Cooksville Interiors                Janice Crook                       Gary Daniell                           Elvio Delzotto
Cooltech Air Systems Ltd.           Howard M. Crosby                   Ronald Daniels                         George and Katherine
Kenneth Coombs                      Murray Cross                       Ema Dantas                                 Dembroski
Neil and Linda Cooney               Norman and Grace Cross             Michael P. Danziger                    Jeremy DeMello
Brian Cooper                        Peter A. Crossgrove                Deborah D'Arcy                         Sherri Demers
Gail and Irving Cooper              Irma Crothers                      Graham Dare                            John Demik
Jack Cooper                         Pete Crouse                        Dark Side                              Denbok Landscaping
Lorraine and Joel Cooper            Elaine Crowley                     Serge Darkazanli                       Jill Denham
Randy Cooper                        Crown Metal Packaging              Darkhorse Espresso Bar                 David Denison
Coopers Iron & Metal Inc.              Canada LP                       Juliana Darling                        Jennifer Dennis
Kenneth and May Copland             Florence E. Crozier✦               Archibald R. Dash                      Jillian Dennis
Joan and Frank Copping              Cruickshank Construction Ltd.      Dave's World                           Jeannine M. D'entremont-Farrar
Coppley Apparel Group               Eileen Cruickshank                 Monica Daviau                          Donald Denz
Cesidio Coppola                     Michael Cruickshank                David Currie Hike of Hope              Mary Depaoli
John Corallo                        Lori Cruise                           Foundation                          Derek Dermott
Wendy E. Corbett                    Michael Crump                      David Leeder Middle School             Dersean Investments Ltd.
Corby Distilleries Ltd.             Ken Crystal and Lynn Posluns          (Cookies For Cancer)                Jeremy Desai
Peter Corcoran                      C.S.C. Appraisals                  Belinda David                          Carol Desbiens
Core Architects                     C.S.G. Security Inc.               Brian Davidson                         Designer Fabric Outlet Ltd.

                                                                                              The Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation         23
     Frantois Desjardins                Downsview Kitchens Ltd.             Brian Edgeworth                 Peter and Diane Ewens
     Jean and Berthe Desjardins         Downsview Plumbing Ltd.             Edward Favot Chartered          Excellon Resources Inc.
     Jean-Guy Desjardins                Catherine Doyle                        Accountant                   Exco Technologies Ltd.
     David Deslauriers                  Deborah Doyle                       Edwards Builders Hardware       Exis Capital Management Inc.
     Lisa Desmarais                     Shannon Doyle                       Effort Trust                    E. & J. Gallo Winery Canada Ltd.
     John Deveaux                       Dr. Robert Nevin Dentistry          Tom and Karen Ehrlich           F.E.D. Construction
     Robert Devenyi                        Professional                     Jennifer Eisen                  Fackoury's Building Supplies
     Michael Deverett                   Julie Drabble                       Robert Eisen                    Gordon Fahner
     Mark and Alicia DeVincenzo         Drain-Tite Ind.                     Wendy Eisen                     Michael and Nanci Fair
     Dew Engineering And                Rosa Drake-Tate                     Paul Eisfeld                    Noel Faller
         Development Ltd.               Dranco Construction Ltd.            Eisses Bros. Excavating         John Fantegrossi
     D.G.I. Supply (Div. of Do All      Kristi Draper                       Amir Ekmali                     Agnes Faraci
         Canada)                        Lisa Draper                         Elaine Tennyson Enterprises     John Farano
     Harpal Dhinsa                      Drawing the Line                    Electrotech                     Mary Farenholtz
     Sukhjit Dhinsa                     Queta Dregely                       Elgner Group Investments Ltd.   Ross M. Farewell Jr.
     Etien D'Hollander                  Alyce Dretn                         Roger and Nadia Elgner          Helen Farintosh
     Leslie D'Hollander                 Ian Drever                          Elia Associates                 Patricia Farncombe
     Peter and Anna Di Giuseppe         James Drinkwater                    Eljer Plumbingware              Patricia Farquharson
     Enzo Di Iorio                      Margaret Driscoll-Horner            David Elliott                   Glenn Farrar
     Marianne Di Pede                   D.R.M. Associates Corp.             Heather Elliott                 Fasken Martineau DuMoulin LLP
     Rita Dias✦                         D.R.N. Commerce Inc.                Amr Elmaraghy                   Suley Fattah and Julie-Ann Eng
     Barwell B. Dibben                  Marco Drudi                         Peter Elsenaar                  Faye Clack Communications Inc.
     Mara DiBiase                       Dryco Building Supplies             Carolyn Elston                  Robert A. Fear
     Dino Dicienzo                      Ken Drysdale                        Cathy Elwartowski               Rick Fearnley
     William and Huguete Dick           Drywall Acoustic Lathing &          Embassy Suites 2095527          Luciano Fiorini Fed Construction
     Heather Dicker                        Insulation Local 675                Ontario Ltd.                 FedEx Canada Ltd.
     Jim Dickson                        Du Toit Allsopp Hiller              Embury Company                  Heather Fedyck
     R. Dickson                         Steven Duenkler                     E.M.C. Group Ltd.               Noor Feerasta
     Dicrete Construction Ltd.          Dufferin Construction Company       Boge Emc                        Joseph Fehrenbach
     Amir Didonato                      Dufferin Peel Association of        E.M.D. Pharmaceuticals          Malcolm Feigen
     David Dies                            Principals and Vice Principals   Delia Emeid                     Bernard Feinstein
     Emanuel DiFalco                    David Dulberg                       Emerson Foods Inc.              Farhad Feizi
     Rina DiLeonardo                    Angela Duldhardt                    David Emerson                   David Feldberg
     Dillon Opticians Ltd.              Chino Dumalag                       Enbridge Inc.                   Joel Feldberg
     Ian Dillon                         Mark DuMont                         Endeavour Marketing             Mark Feldman and Alexandra
     Joe Dillon                         Duncan Drywall                      Lily Ender✦                         Hoy
     Tim A. Dillon                      Adele C. Duncan                     Luise Enderle                   Fellmore Electrical Contractors Ltd.
     Michael Dimatteo                   Dundas Kitchen Centre Ltd.          Enel Investment Company         Maria Fera
     Maria Dimitrakoudis                Steve R. Dunk                       Engage Animal Health Corp.      Warren Fergus
     Dan Dimtsis                        Donald James Dunlop                 Anne England                    Sarah Ferguson
     Dinetz Restaurant Equipment Ltd.   George Dunn                         Bruce English                   Kathleen Fernandez
     Joan Dinning                       R. William Dunn                     Entertainment One               Lina Fernandez
     Felicia Dipierdomenico             Dunpar Developments Inc.            Environics Communications       Fernbrook Homes Ltd. Phase 5
     Kelly Dixon                        Mike Dupuis                         Gloria Epstein                  Ferrari Maserati of Ontario
     Jeffrey Di                         Michael N. Durisin                  Philip Epstein                  Anita and Roy Ferrari
     Jason Dodge                        Marc Durocher                       Equilease Corporation           Robert Ferrari
     Dofasco Inc.                       Ian Durrell                         Julia Erichsen                  Heather Ferreira
     Rick Doktor                        J. F. Durst                         Erin Park Lexus Toyota          Tara Ferron
     Dole Foods of Canada Ltd.          D'urzo Demolition Inc.              Peter Erlendson                 Jill Fewster-Yan
     Dolente Concrete & Drain Co.       Joe Dwek                            Harry Erlich                    Howard Fialkov
     Lynne Dominico                     Ken Dwyer                           Lisa Erlick                     Fiber Connections Inc.
     Domti Engineering                  Donna Dyke                          Ermenegildo Zenga               Inez Marguerite Fidler✦
     Kim Donaghy-Boyd                   Philip J. Dykshoorn                 Erosion Control                 Vicki Fiddler
     Donald Construction Ltd.           Dynamic Policy Consulting Inc.      James Estey                     Fidelity Investments
     Jill Donaldson                     Dynatec Corp.                       Wilfred M. Estey                Fielding Chemica Technologies Inc.
     Doncaster Consolidated             Paul Dyon                           Jim Estill                      John Fielding
     Donland Concrete & Drain Inc.      E & S Mechanical Ltd.               Clare Estlick                   Paul Findlay
     Doug Donnelly                      Eagles Nest Golf Club               Etobicoke Sheet Metal           Isobel M. Findley
     Greg Donnelly                      Earle M. Jorgensen (Canada) Inc.    EUROfase                        David N. Finkelstein
     Michael Dorfman                    Kenneth Eastman                     Martha Eustace                  John Finkle
     Shelby Dorfman                     EasyTel Canada Corp.                Blanche Isabel Evans✦           Joe Finley
     Nick Doroszkiewicz                 Naomi Ebata                         Mary Evans                      Judy Finley
     Bob Dorrance                       Ecco Shoes Canada Inc.              Robert Evans                    Karen Finnemore
     Lynn and Cameron Douglas           Ecolab                              Evel                            Firehall Pizza Co.
     John Douma                         Ian Eddy                            Everbrite Industries Ltd.       Margaret Firlotte
     Cathy Downard                      Edenbrook Homes                     Everest Supply Inc.             First Capital Realty Inc.
     Beth and Michael Downey            Bryan Edgar                         Janice Everett                  First Choice Auto Salvage Ltd.
     Downsview Heating & Air            Barbara Edgecombe                   Joanne Everett                  First Financial Underwriting
         Conditioning Ltd.              EdgeStone Capital Partners LP       Kara Evershed                   First Lady Coiffures

24    2008 Report to Our Donors
Firstbrook, Cassie & Anderson Ltd.   Foxbridge Golf and Country         Guiseppina and Pierino Gabriele        Brian Gibson
Firstservice Corporation                Club                            Richard Gadd                           Susan Gibson
Michael Firth                        Foxwood Inc.                       Craig Gagliano                         Lynda Gidge
Lynn J. Fisch                        Mary Grace Franchino               Daniel Gagnon                          Cheryl Giffin
Susan Fischer                        John Francis                       Stephan Gagnon                         Gift Craft Ltd.
Ed Fisher                            Lynn Francis                       James Gaiger                           Sandra Gilchrist
P.L. Fisher                          Maryann Francis                    Pat Galat and Angie Pace               Catherine Gill
Joseph Fishman                       William Francis                    William Galbraith                      Joseph Gill
Ugo Fisico                           Roy and Joan Frankel               H. B. Gales                            Gillespie Building Consultants Inc.
Kevin Fitzgerald                     Franklin Templeton Investments     Garnet Gall                            Jonathan Gillingham
Robin Fitzgerald                     Riana Frankruyter                  Trish Gallagher                        Ken Gillis
Scott Fitzgerald                     Fraser Milner Casgrain             Peter Gallant                          Mervyn Gillson
Andree Fitzhenry                     Alfred William Fraser              Bill and Carmen Galle                  Pamela Girard
Robert Fitzhenry                     Charles Fraser                     Carla Galli                            Don Girotti
Sean Fitzhenry                       David Fraser                       Norma Galli                            Brian Giroux
Judy Flanagan                        James I. Fraser                    Charles Galway                         Roger Giroux
Paul Flanagan                        Jocelyn Fraser                     Cheryl Galway                          Richard Gladden
Steve Flannery                       Katharine Fraser                   Mark Gamble                            Jack Glasier
Violet Flawn                         Peter L. Fraser                    Dieter Gamm                            Barb Glassford
Jim and Margaret Fleck               R.K. Fraser                        Gap Foundation Program                 Richard Glatt
Julie Fleet                          Sue Fraser                         Ed Garber                              Chris Glavin
Daniel Fleming                       Enzo Frati                         Harold Garber                          GlaxoSmithKline
Sarah Fleming                        Frechette Lawncare                 Cindy Gardener                         Donna Gleave
Mark Fletcher                        Freed Corp.                        Jeremy Gardiner                        John Gleeson
Flex-N-Gate Division of Ventra       Joseph Freedman                    Peter F. Gardner                       Kurt Gemser
Flora Di Menna Designs Inc.          Harvey and Miriam Freedman         Sarah Gardner                          Karen Glenn-Auslander
Claire R. Floriet                    Sherri J. Freedman                 Garfinkle, Biderman LLP                Global Precision Molds Inc.
Lynne Flory                          Freedom International Brokerage    Michelle Gariepy                       Linda Glover
Fluxgold Izsak Jaeger LLP               Company                         James Garland                          Albert Glowicki
Doug Flynn                           Freeway Transportation Inc.        Garmor Holdings Ltd.                   Lillian and Norman Glowinsky
Patricia Fogarty                     Elizabeth Freitas                  William Peter Garnham                  Joe Glube
Wanda Fogarty                        Roberta Freitas                    Chris Garofalo                         Louise Godfrey
Fogler Rubinoff LLP                  Lynn Frenette                      Caroline Garon                         Peter Godsoe
Lui Fogolini                         Herbert Frieberg                   James Garrow                           Jacques Goedike
Kevin Fong                           Joseph and Linda Fried             Gartner Lee Ltd.                       Lionel and Mary Goffart
Luis Fonseca                         Alan and Janice Friedman           David Gartshore                        Gold Park Homes
Forecast Inc.                        Edward Friedman                    Sean Garvey                            Frank Gold
Forest Hill Homes (Maple) Ltd.       Randolph Friedman                  Bruno and Renate Gass                  Patti Goldberg
Forest Hill North Auto Collision     Mark Friend                        Gather Investments Ltd.                GoldCorp.
Forest Park Homes (GM) Inc.          Garth Friesen                      Pierre Gattuso                         Golden Gate Homes Inc.
Nancy Forfar                         Harvey Frisch                      Joanne Gauthier                        Golden Hammer Renovations
Anita Forgie                         Ron Frisch                         Gazzola Paving Ltd.                    Joanne Golden
Rose Forgione-Weese                  Edith Friskney                     GE Canada                              Gerald and Naomi Goldenberg
Forkworx Lt.                         Brent Frith                        Sigrid GE Healthcare                   Shawn and Lori Goldenberg
Maria Forlini                        Mary-Anne Frith                    Karen Gehring                          Golder Associates Ltd.
Joe Formusa                          Front Line Concrete Construction   Steve Geist                            Golder Associates Pastetec
Pascal Forotti                       Nick Frost                         Gem Campbell Terrazzo & Tile Inc.      Gary Goldfarb
Forrest Group                        Renay Frost                        Gemcross                               Goldhart & Associates
Helen Forrest                        Harvey and Leah Fruitman           Genesis Banquet & Convention           Kevin Golding
Deborah Forster-Yeudall              Colin Fruman                          Centre                              George Goldlist
Archie Forsyth                       Eileen and Larry Fryer             Gentile Contracting Ltd.               Norman Goldman
Theresa Forti                        Helen Fujiki                       Georgina Botique                       Ori Goldman
Fortis Law Professional              Mary Fuller                        Tina Georgiou                          Trish Goldman
Forum Development                    Ross E. Fullerton                  Gerald A. Boyko Dentistry              Wendy Goldman
Foster Hewitt Foundation             Funeral Sanitation Sevices            Professional Corp.                  Tom A. Goldspink
Neil Foster                          Alistair Fung                      Geranium Corp.                         Goldstein Financial Consultant
Paula Foster                         Johnny Fung                        Michael Gerard                         Lesley Goldstein
Robert and Julia Foster              Melissa Furlano                    Martin Gero                            Garry Gonneau
Patricia Fothergill-Robinson         Miranda Furtado                    Myra Gerow                             Sarah Gonzales
Meadwestvaco Foundation              Patricia Furtado                   Denise Gervais                         Eric Goode
The Carol & Howard Bernick           Phillip Fusco                      Get Rec'd Committee                    David Gooding
    Supporting Foundation            Fusion MD                          Giancola Aluminium                     Elizabeth Gooding
Jillian Fountain                     Future Formulations Inc.              Contractors Inc.                    Marty Goodison
Four Seasons Drywall Systems         Fybon Industries Ltd.              Cora Gianfriddo                        Grace and Gilbert Goodman
    and Acoustics Ltd.               G.K. Industries Ltd.               Graham Gibb                            Goodmans LLP
Dwight Fowler                        G.M.P.                             Joyce and Harry Gibbard                Ida Goodreau
George Fowlie                        Douglas G. Mackay                  Randall Gibbs                          Donald and Patricia Goodwin
Joy Fox                              G. Wallace F. McCain               Paul Gibney                            Crawford and Eve Gordon

                                                                                               The Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation             25
     John M. Gordon                       Kelly Grieve                      Sarah Hanly                      Philippa Heritage
     Merritt E. Gordon                    Jason Griffin                     Hannah's Closet                  Janet and Peter Herman
     Brian Gore                           Peter Griffin                     Cortney Hansen                   Michael H. Herring
     Peter Goring                         Griffith Property Services Ltd.   Hanson Brick Ltd.                Miles Hershberg
     Harry and Sara Gorman                Marilyn J. Griffiths              Jason Hanson                     Rivette Herzig
     Howard Gorman and Rachel             Mary Griffiths                    Tennys and Douglas Hanson        Dave Heslop
        Rafelman                          Jerry Grillo                      Harbern & Associates Inc.        Suzanne Hesselink
     Mary Gospodarowicz                   Richard Grodecki                  Harbour Sixty Steakhouse         Rachel Hetherington
     Stephen Goudge                       Melanie Groeneveld                Heather Hardie                   Terry Hetherington
     Elena Gough                          Ben Grosman                       Hardwall Construction            Chris Hewat
     Judith A. Gould                      Jeanette and Harvey Grosman       Kimberly A. Harney               Marion Hewlett
     Milli Gould                          Gross Machinery Group             Lynne Harris                     Brian Hewlitt
     Tracey Gould                         Wendy Grosso                      Rob Harris                       Joan R. Hickey
     Jean-Guy Goulet                      Ground Floor Industries Inc.      Ruth Harris                      Highcastle Homes
     Suzanne and Michael Gourley          Ruth and Oscar Grubert            Valerie Harris                   Highlands of Durham Games
     Christopher Govan                    GTA Logistics                     Michael Harrison                 HiHo Silver Resources
     Susan Gower                          Wendy Gualtieri                   Robert Harrison                  Lawrence and Elyse Hildebrand
     Gowling Lafleur Henderson LLP        Robert Guarino                    Russell Harrison                 Lori Hill
     Jennifer Goyeau                      Guelph Paint & Bumper Supplies    Susanne A. Harrison              Jim Hillborn
     Grafikom LP                          Brian Guenther                    Maria Harrison-Edge              Harold Hillier
     Ann Graham Calderisi                 Patricia and Frank Guenther       Annette Hartley                  Andrea K. Hillman
     Graham Munro Charitable              Nancy Guenther                    Hartmarx Corp.                   Hilroy
        Foundation                        Sylvia Guenther and Richard       Harvest Marketing                Mike Hilson
     Adrienne Graham                         Hennessey                      Harvey Kalles Real Estate Ltd.   Marinka Hilton
     Jennifer Graham                      Guglietti Brothers                Daniel Harvey                    Gerry Himes
     Laurie Graham                        Michael Guglietti                 Teresa Harvey                    Rob Hindley
     Norm and Veda Graham                 Phone Guide                       Brad Harvie                      Patti Hinschberger
     Robert Graham                        Guild Electric Ltd.               Nancy Haston                     Roy and Joan Hintsa
     Tom Graham                           Gerry Guilfoyle                   Haultec Sales Inc.               Allen and Celia Hirsh
     William and Gwendolyne               Guiltant Inc.                     Haultec Trailers Ltd.            Hitech Structures Inc.
        Graham                            Jo-Anna Gurd                      David and Lenore Hawkey          Lok Shan and Lilli Ho
     Granny's Poultry Co-Operative Ltd.   Tom Guzzo                         Anne Hawkins                     Timen P.Ho and Ling H. Ho-Lai
     Cheryl Grant                         Michael Hagerty                   Cecil Hawkins                    Winnie Ho
     Peter Grant                          Haggart Ave. Roofing Ltd.         Elaine Hawkins                   Yueh Sung Ho
     Rosemary Grant                       Eudy Halberstadt                  Mark Hawkins                     Kim Hoben
     Trudy Grant                          Andrea Hales                      Mary Diane Louise Hawkins✦       Arthur Hock✦
     Graphic Groove Inc.                  Jody Hales                        Laura Hawthorn                   Tim and Lana Hockey
     Alexander Gray                       Brandon Haley                     Joyce M. Hay                     Hockley Valley Resort
     Erin Gray                            Douglas Hall                      Stephen Hay                      Greg Hodgins
     Mary Gray                            G. Ellen Hall                     A. Ruby Hayashi                  Lorraine Hoefler
     Monica Gray                          Heide Hall                        Anne Hayes                       Sarah Hoffe
     Great Gulf Homes Charitable          Kathy Hall                        Beatrice Hayman                  Jack L. Hoffman
        Foundation                        Sheila Hall                       Arden R. Haynes                  Jeffrey Hoffman
     Greater Toronto Sewer &              Wes Hall                          Bill Haynes                      Marilyn Hoffman
        Watermain Contr. Assoc.           Hallmark Meeting Concepts Inc.    Haywood Securities Inc.          Ed Hoffmann
     Green Diamond Oil Corp.              Jessica Hallwood                  Hazco Environmental Services     Ronnie Miller
     Green Ginger Two                     Halmaxx Consulting Group          Douglas Hazelton                 Helena Hoier
     Ashleigh Green                       Abbi Halpern                      Healings from the Heart          Dan Holaco Installations Ltd.
     David Green                          Halton Chemical Inc.              Frank Heaps                      Richard Holbrook
     Dianne Green                         Halton Forming (1992) Ltd.        Heat & Frost Insulators &        Marilyn Holden
     Donald B. Green                      Halton Hills Radiator And Tire       Asbestos Workers Local 119    Jean Holland
     Fiona M. Green                          Service                        Heathwood Homes (Erin Mills) -   Leslie Holland
     Jean Green                           Derek Ham                            West                          Brent Hollister
     Lindy Green and Howard               Hamblet's Roofing, Siding, and    Andrew Hebden                    Karyn Hollyoak
        Sinukoff                             Windows                        Howard Heiber                    Christina Holmes
     Alan Greenberg                       Angie Hamilton                    Heidelberg Canada                James Holmes
     Carol Greenberg                      Heather Hamilton                  Andrew Heideman                  Marion V. Holmes
     Francis Greenburger                  Lynda C. Hamilton                 Carolyn Heimbecker               R. Brian Holmes
     Gwen Greene                          Ross Hamilton                     George and Linda Heller          Edward Holowchuk
     Lynda Greenham                       Heather and Ross Hamlin           Brian Hellyer                    Lucie Tuck Homburger
     Avi and Irina Greenspoon             Richard and Nancy Hamm            Margaret E. Henderson            Home Depot Canada
     Greenville Metals Inc.               Hammer On Construction Ltd.       Valerie Henderson                Homewood Corp.
     Dan Greenwood                        Jaqueline Hammond                 Hengab Investments Ltd.          Jean Hon
     Greg Miller Restoration              Blake Hampton-Davies              Joe Henn                         Iain and Mary Ann Hood
     Mary E. Gregg                        Faisal Hanafi                     Henri Vezina Inc.                Dawn Hoogstraten
     Joel and Ruth Greisman               Danielle Hanc                     Deborah Henry                    Ronna Hoogstraten
     Gresta Ltd.                          Anne Handelman and Family         Richard Henry                    Elizebeth Hoover
     Laura Gridel                         Claire Haney                      Janko and Adrianne Herak         Michael Horan
     Bruce and Penelope Grierson          Sandra Hanington                  Susan Herbison                   Janice Horne

26    2008 Report to Our Donors
Joe Horne                             John and Tracey Ing                    Edith Jewett                          Katherine Kay
John H. Hough                         Ingersoll-Rand Canada                  Michael A.S. Jewett                   Pat Kearse
Bonnie Houghton                       Kathie Ingham                          Jewish Federation of                  Dolores Keating-Mallen
House of Metals Co. Ltd.              Inglewood Firefighters Association        Metropolitan Chicago               Debra May Kee
Edythe May Houston✦                   Glenna Ingold                          Ashley Jimenez                        David Keeley
James Houston                         Inmet Mining Corp.                     JO'H Private Label Inc.               C. Patrick Keeley
Mary Hovnanian                        Eric and Candace Innes                 John H. Reynolds Prof. Corp.          Roland Keiper
Diana Howard                          Institutional Equity Traders           Murray John                           Stan Keith
Lynn Howard                               Association                        Johnson Controls                      Richard Kelch
Tom Howarth                           Inter Mechanical Contracting Ltd.      Johnson Family Fund                   Irene Kelleher
Gloria Howe                           InterContinental Toronto               Carla Johnson Roorda                  Stephen Kelleher
Paul Howse                            International Financial Data           Donald and Anna Johnson               Anne Keller
Susan Howson                              Services Ltd.                      Elspeth A. Johnson                    Elizabeth Keller
Wendy Howze                           I.P.M. Hose & Fittings                 Beatrice M. Johnston                  Terry Kellett
Iris Hoytema                          Adi Irani                              Bette and Albert Johnston             Colleen Kelly
Anne Hrychuk                          Iron Gate Cellarage Inc.               Colleen and Brian Johnston            Michael Kelly
Vincent Hsu                           Christine Irvine                       Harry Johnston                        Kenaidan Contracting Ltd.
Donna Hudson                          Craig Irwin                            Eric Jolivet                          Andrew Kenins
Hudson's Bay Co.                      Lynn and Arnold Irwin                  Allison Jones                         Kenmark Ski Shop
Kathy Hue                             Michelle Irwin                         Anne-Marie Jones                      Mike Kennedy
Hugessen Consulting                   Kristian and Margaret Isberg           David Jones                           Thomas Kennedy
John W. Hughes                        iSkin Inc.                             Merri Jones                           William J. Kennedy
Siu Woon Hui                          Island Edge Inc.                       Rob and Denise Jones                  Suzette L. Kennelly
Edna Hulse✦                           Itravel 2000                           Warwick O. Jones                      Helen Kennerney
Elaine Hulse                          Ivanhoe Cambridge Inc.                 Charlie Jordan                        Paul Kenny
Nicolaas J. Hulst                     Ivor M. Hughes, Barrister &            Sean Jordan                           Peter Kenny
Charles Humphrey                          Solicitor                          Jord-Zac Construction Ltd.            Roberta Kent
Lois Humphrey                         J&F Waste Systems Inc.                 Diana Joseph                          Sally and Martin Kent
Mona Humphries                        J.A. Manufacturing                     Michael Joseph                        Steve Kent
William B. Humphries                  J.D. Factors                           Susy Joseph                           Ina Kerklaan
Anne Hung                             J. Harry Grossman                      Barry Joslin                          Neil Kernaghan
John Hunkin                           J&M Tire International Inc.            Rudy Joss                             Andrew T. Kerr
R. Neil and Ann Hunking               J. Walter Thomposon Co Ltd.            Vesna Jovanoski                       Carolyne Kerr
John and Julie Hunt                   J.A.K. Electrical Contractors Ltd.     Slavoljub Jovovic                     Norman Kerr
Linda Hunt                            J.B. Aluminum Products Ltd.            Mary Joyal                            John Kerrigan
C. Lindsay and Susan Hunt             J.D. Smith and Sons                    Cameron Joyce                         Jack Keslassy
Wendy Hunt                            J.D.S. Accufinish Ltd.                 Sandra Joyce                          Geoff Ketcheson
Hunter Keilty Muntz & Beatty Ltd.     J.E. Panneton Family Foundation        Paul Judge                            Raza Khan
Shirley Hunter                        J.J. Mechanical Contractors            Charles Juravinski                    Nicole Khoury
Angela Hupalo                         J.M. Cordares Holding N.V.             Sam Juravsky                          K.I.K. Operating Partnership
Norma and John Hurl                   J.R. Property Services                 Dona Justice                          Mary Kilworth
Mary Hurley                           David and Sandra Jackson               Jessica Jutzi                         David Kim
Liz Hurst                             Marjorie E. Jackson                    Rebecca Jutzi                         Richard Kim
Zareen Hussain                        Sheri Jackson                          J.V. Building Supply                  Kimberly-Clark Inc.
Ann Hustis                            Barbara Jacob                          K.I.K. Operating Partnership          Kelly Kimel
Rob Hutchinson                        Peter Jacobs                           K.J. Beamish Co. Ltd.                 Stacey Kimel
John M. H. Huxley                     Marzieh and Gholamali Jajarmi          Joel Kadish                           Warren and Debbie Kimel
Hybrid Turkeys                        Shawn Jalili                           Jarrod Kahn                           Andrea, Carolyn and Christopher
Hyde Construction                     James B. Lewis Barrister & Solicitor   Darren Kaine                              Kinch
Calvin Hyderman                       Mark James                             Mukesh Kakkar                         Kinesphere Corp.
Hyundai                               William James                          Steven Kakuk                          Jeffrey King
I Love Rewards Inc.                   Larry Jamieson                         Christine Kalkanis (PTRS)             Pam King
I. Domingues & Sons Ltd.              Mary J. Jans                           Elise and Harvey Kalles               Susan and James King
I.R.P. Industrial Rubber Ltd.         Kees Jansen                            Michael S. Kalles                     KingSett Capital
Celeste Iacobelli                     Rhonda Jansen                          Horst Kaminski                        Kingswood Carpentry Ltd.
Iamgold Corp.                         Cam Janssen                            John Kaminsky                         David Kinnear
Mary Iantorno                         Carlos Jardino                         Steven Kaminsky                       Kinray Inc.
Natalie Iantorno                      Jasper Construction Corp.              Harry Kaner                           Barbara Kioussis
Peter Icely                           Harbi Jebo                             Kansas Bacon Basketware Ltd.          Kathy Kirby
Rick Ierullo                          Jeff Dueck Consulting                  Cathy Kaplansky-Gold                  Perry Kirchhof
Illinois Tool Works Foundation        C. Jenkins                             Kapp Contracting Inc.                 Jill Kirchmann
Imedex Inc.                           David Jenkins                          Hassan al Kari                        Alan F. Kirchner
IMPAC Medical Systems Inc.            Matthew Jenkins                        Pearl Karimalis                       Joel Kirsh
Impact Elactrical & Mechanical Ltd.   Nicole Jenkins                         Collen M. Karir                       Bram Kissoon
Imperial Coffee & Services Inc.       Carolyn Jensen                         May and Fred Karp                     Maureen Shaughnessy Kitts
Imperial Trim Supply Ltd.             Scott Jensen                           David and Barbara Karron              Henry Klecan
Brian Imrie                           Jermark Plumbing & Mechanical          Katherine Newman Design               Frank Klemenchuk
Industrial Alliance                       Services Ltd.                      Jean Kavanagh                         Marlene Klewans
Inform Brokerage Inc.                 Janis Jessop                           Louise S. Kawasaki                    K.L.M. Planning Partners Inc.

                                                                                                   The Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation         27
     K.M.H. Cardiology & Diagnostic   Labelcraft                        Leader Plumbing & Heating Inc.   Sean Lippay
        Centres                       Melina Laberge                    Julia Ruby Lean✦                 Colin Lipson
     John Knebel                      Lise Labontt                      Debrah Learn                     Jeffrey Lipson
     Marilyn Kneller                  Umberto Lacapruccia               Lease Administration Corp.       Kenneth M. Lipson
     George Knight                    Kristine Laco                     Andre Leblanc                    Marcia Lipson
     Jamie and Betty Knight           Ladies Auxiliary of The Royal     Bruce LeBoff                     Lipton, Wiseman, Altbaum &
     Joann Knight                        Canadian Legion                Frank Lecce                         Partners
     Knightstone Capital              Lafarge Paving & Materials Ltd.   Keith Leckie                     Stephen Lister
        Management Inc.               Stephane Laframboise              Harley Ulster and Cindy Leder    Liteworks Lighting Productions
     Richard Knopp                    Paul Laframboise                  John Lederer                     Mary Lou Little
     Henry and Marilyn Knowles        Danielle Lafreniere               David Lee                        Jacqueline Livie
     Suzanne Knowles                  Moni Lagonia                      Edmund Lee                       Liza Homes
     Gerald Knowlton                  Wai Chiu Lai                      Esther Lee                       Lloyd Carr-Harris Foundation
     Theo Kocken                      Michael Laine                     Lillian Lee                      Samantha Lloyd
     Jim Kocsis                       Cindy Laing                       Martin J.G. Lee                  L.N.R. Corp., Broker
     Josie J. Kocsis                  Jane Laishes                      Nancy Lee                        Winnie Lo
     Kodak Canada Inc.                John Laishes                      Olivia Daisy Lee✦                Loblaws
     Rudy and Rita Koehler            Judy Laitar                       Shawna Lee                       Peter Lobraico
     Markus Koehnen                   Marguerite Lake                   Andrew LeFeuvre                  Luana Locke
     Olga E. Koel                     Lakeland                          Lefroy Harbour Resorts Inc.      Nancy Lockhart
     Dana M. Koeppel                  Lakeview Homes                    Jay A. Lefton                    Audrey Loeb and David Ross
     Monty and Isabella Koffman       Lalonde & Assoc. Inc.             Tony Legault                     Diane Loeb
     Adrienne Kolbuc                  Andre Lalonde                     Legendary Motocar Company Ltd.   Lorraine and Donald Loeb
     Vesna Kolenc                     Desmond Lam                       Elizabeth Legge                  Naomi Loeb
     Eliot and Carolyn Kolers         Sabina Lamanna                    Daniela Leggieri                 Peter Lofquist
     Edward Koncewicz                 Jean-Marie Lamothe                David Leggieri                   David Lofranco
     Rudolf and Katalin Koncz         Nadine B. Lamothe                 David LeGresley                  Sheila Loftus
     Jacques M. Konig                 Marta Lamoureux                   Ann L. Leibel                    Marion Logie
     Alkis Kontos                     Eric Lanaus                       Abel Leigh                       Lisa Logue
     Didi Koo                         LanCorp. Construction Co. Ltd.    Natasha Leighl and Harton        Kit Ching Anna Loh
     Sybrand Koole                    Darwyne K. Lang                       McKay                        Karl Lohnes
     Jennifer Kopplin                 Kimberly Lang                     Doug Leitch                      Lombard Canada Ltd.
     Ilona Kopriva                    Michael J. Lang                   Anitra Leksers                   Lombardi Publishing Corp.
     Saul and Myrna Korman            Nancy Lang                        Kevin Leon                       Marija Loncar
     Korn/Ferry Canada Inc.           Tara Langevin                     Joseph Leonard                   Ida G. Long
     Vadym Korsh                      Wanda Langevin                    Marcel Leroux                    Julius Long
     Glenn Kosick                     Julie Langham                     Eddie Leschiutta                 Angela Longland
     Paul Koster                      Judith and Bruce Langstaff        Julia E. Leslie                  Mary Anne Longo
     Sharon Kostiloff                 Ray Lannello                      Shawn Leslie                     Longo's Family Charitable
     Sandra Kosziwka                  Lanno Torelli LLP Chartered       Michael Lester                      Foundation
     Robert Koturbash                    Accountants                    Kara Levesque-Eyre               Vera Longstreet
     Cathy Koulougliotis              Jim LaPier                        Louis Levin                      Linda Loparco
     Jason M. Koulouras               Brian G. Laramie                  Denise Levine                    Luigi Lopardo
     Marina Kovrig                    Vasco Larcina                     Joy Levine                       Claudia Lopez
     Gordon Kozak                     Mary Larin                        Benjamin Levinter                Alison D. Lorenowicz
     Ron Kozak                        Paul LaRose                       Inna Levitan                     Lorenzo Investment Ltd.
     KPMG Foundation                  David Latreille                   Jacquelyne Lewis                 A.B. Lorriman
     Michelle Kraemer                 Jonathan Latsky                   Kevin Lewis                      Isabel Losch
     Bernard Kraft                    Fraser and Heather Latta          Paula Lewis                      Lou Dawson Ltd. General
     John Krall                       Francine Lattanzio                Lexmark Canada                      Contractors
     Christina Kramer                 Clarence Lau                      Liberty Development Corp.        Ronald C. Loucks
     Shari Kravis                     Polly Lau                         Quinn Liddicoat                  Louis Vuitton Canada Inc.
     Hans Kreder                      Sharon Lavoie                     Irwin Liebman                    Tony Lourenco
     Kretschmar Inc.                  Deborah Law                       Joan Liepin                      Lovat Inc.
     KRG Children's Charities         Shelagh Lawes                     Alex Lifeson                     Graham Love
     David Krieger                    LawPro                            Lifford Wine Agency              Nancy Love
     Hermine Kujat                    Lawrence Zimmerman Barrister &    Liftow Ltd.                      Pat Love-Forester
     Georg Kulakowsky                    Solicitor                      Robert Lightbody                 Vicky Low
     Fu Kuo                           Moira and James Lawrence          Limen Group Ltd.                 Steven and Linda Lowden
     Kal Kuronen and Lois Topham      Lawrence-Paine & Associates       Jane L. Lind                     Mary Ann Lowen
     Bill Kurtin                      Debra Lawson Bridgewater          Brett Lindros                    William Lowry
     Kurtz Orchards                   Karen Lawson                      Catherine Lindsay                Teresa Luchetta
     John Kuruvilla                   Kelly Lawson                      Bob Lindsay                      Lucille S. Mellian
     Susan Kuzmyk                     Cori Lawson-Roberts               John Lindstrom                   Christopher Luckhardt
     L&M Truck Parts                  Saley Lawton                      Link Charity Canada Inc.         Oscar Lueugo
     L.V. Lomas Ltd.                  Michael Lay                       Alison H. Linton                 Karen Lukas
     L.A. Ads                         Deborah Lazarakos                 Lauren Linton                    For Donald Lunau
     La Huerta Imports                Michel Le Page                    Lions Club                       Don Lunau's Family
     Michael La Patriello             Huu Le                            Joan Lipa                        Kristie Lutes

28    2008 Report to Our Donors
L.V. Lomas Ltd.                   Scott Malcolm                      Heather Mason-Wood                      Keith Mcintosh
Scott Lyall                       Paul Malette                       Mary Massaro                            Melanie Mcintosh
Richard Lyall                     Randy Malinsky                     Nadia Massaroni                         Laura McIntyre
Carol Lynde                       Angelo Malone                      Yvonne Mast                             Linda Eileen McIvor✦
M.L.W. Masonry Ltd.               Ida Mammone                        Master Concrete & Interlocking          Robert McIvor
M.A.M. Group Inc.                 Kathy Mance                        Masters Tae Kwon Do                     Adrien Mckay
Cheong Kou Ma                     Anna Mancuso                       Randy Masters                           Ainslie Mckay
Peter Mac Neill                   Lillian Mandel                     Mat 4Site Engineers                     Vena E. McKay
Mike Macbain                      Carrol Mandryk                     Karl Matar                              McKeller Structured Settlements
Danielle and James MacDonald      Parmjit Manhas                     Matera Carpentry Contractors Ltd.       James McKenzie
Dorothy MacDonald                 Edward Mann                        Joan Mathieu                            Patricia McKeown
Jack MacDonald                    Steven Manolis                     Irving and Esther Matlow                Elizabeth Mckibbin
Paul Macdonald                    Stephen Mansfield                  Matrix Packaging                        Bonnie Mckinlay
Pip MacDonald                     James Manson                       Mary Matthews                           Drew McKinnon
Sara MacDonald                    Maple Leaf Frozen Bakery           Nancy Matthews                          John McLaine
Sherri MacDonald                  Maple Leaf Sports &                Deb Matthews-Phinney                    John Mclaughlin
Susan G. MacDonald                    Entertainment Ltd.             Geoffrey Matus                          Maureen Mclaughlin
Eve and H. Macdougall             Maple Lodge Farms Foundation       Maurice Joseph Weisfeld & Louis         Brian M. Mclean
Ross Macdowell                    Gillian Mapp                           Weisfeld Charitable Foundation      Daryl McLean
Norman A. Maceachern              Ariston Marble                     Roxane Maurice                          Elizabeth McLean
Ronald L. and Diana MacFeeters    David Marchant                     Frank May                               Gordon McLean
Bruce and Barbara MacGowan        Marciano Beckenstein LLP           Jessie May                              Katie A. Mclean
Kimberley MacGregor               Fred Marcus                        Mark Maybank                            Marilyn Mclean
Mach II Press                     Mardave Construction (2007) Ltd.   Mayfair Electric Ltd.                   Norma McLean
Jaime Machado                     Vince Mariani                      Maystar General Constructors Inc.       Mclennan Sales A Division of
Jimmy and Melissa Machado         Marilyn Hosang                     Harold McAdam                               Emco Corp.
Anne Macinerney                   Nicole A. Marin                    Peter McAdam                            Stacy Mclennan
Don Macintosh                     Daniele Marinelli                  Sarah Mcalpine                          Mcleod & Richmond Ltd.
Michael Mackasey                  Luciano Marino                     MCAP Leasing                            Brent McLeod
Ann and Douglas Mackay            Maritime Ontario                   Ron McArthur                            Susan McLeod
Loren Mackay-Loder                Mark Belford Couture Corp.         McAsphalt Industries Ltd.               John McManus
Nancy MacKellar                   Allan Mark                         Bev McBain                              McMillan Binch
Mackenzie Financial Corporation   Market Wise                        H. Mcbain                               Brian McMillan
Bill MacKenzie                    Marketing Concepts Group           Jim Mccabe                              Joyce Mcmillan
John MacKenzie                    Markey Financial Services Inc.     Mccain Foods Ltd.                       Kora Mcmillan
Kenneth Mackenzie                 Drew Markham                       The Honourable Margaret McCain          Lilian Mary McMillan✦
Murray MacKenzie                  Ian Markham                        Jillian McCallum                        Richard Mcmillan
Pat MacKenzie                     Joshua Markham                     Brad McCann                             Chuck Mcmullan
William Mackenzie                 James V. Marko                     Daniel Mccarthy                         Joseph McNaboe
Mary Lenore Mackie✦               Marks Work Wearhouse Ltd.          Amanda McCloskey                        George McNally
Janet MacKinnon                   Duncan Marks                       Heather McConnell                       John McNally
Laura Mackisoc-Johnston           Silvia Marques                     Gordon McCreary                         Bride McNamara
Ted Macklin                       Ellen Marr                         John McCrindle                          Janice McNamee
William MacLaren                  Gerald and Helen Marr              Debbie McCue                            Marjorie McNeil
Dianne MacLean                    Mar-San Contractors Ltd.           Laura McCutcheon                        Ross McNeil
Fionnuala MacLean                 Grant Marshall                     Elizabeth M. McDermid                   Jack McNulty
Marion MacLean                    Maureen Marshall                   Doug McDonald                           David McPake
Robert Maclellan                  Paula Marshall                     Lynn McDonald                           Norman Mcphedran
Norm MacLeod                      Sharon Marshall                    William L. McDonald                     Vicki McPherson
Eric MacNeil                      Teresa Marshall                    McDonald's Restaurants of               Jennifer McQuestion
Scott MacNicol                    Martin Air Heating & Air               Canada Ltd.                         McRae Engineering Equipment Ltd.
Iain Macphail                         Conditioning Services Ltd.     Maria and Peter McDonnell               Leigh Mcswan
Audrey M. MacPherson              Martin Daniel Interiors            Donald J. McDougall                     Ian and Edythe McSweeney
Connie Macpherson                 Carla Martin                       Raymond McDougall                       M.D.F. Mechanical Ltd.
John and Janet Madden             Chuck Martin                       Katie Mcdowell                          M.D.M. Business Solutions Inc.
Husein Madhavji                   David Martin                       Phillip A Mcdowell                      Alice Meadus
Magna International Inc.          Keith and Jennifer Martin          Elizabeth Mceachern                     Mechanical Contractors
Wendy Mahas                       Nicola Martin                      Robert McEwen                               Association of Toronto
Matthew Mahoney                   R. W. Martin                       Dale Mcfadden                           Medi Group Inc.
Stephanie Mahoney                 Roy Martin                         Duncan Mcfadgen                         Medical College of Wisonsin
Gord Maikawa                      Tracy Martin                       Jennifer Mcfarlane                      Medical Pharmacies Group Inc.
Marcella Mailing                  Cathy Martino                      Timothy McGillion                       Medicsight Plc
George Maimonis                   Madeline Martino                   Patricia McGowan                        Medtronic of Canada Ltd.
Mainland N.S. Building and        Martinrea International Inc.       Gerard McGrath                          Lori Meek
   Construction Trades Council    Gioseppe Mascia                    Kerry McGrath                           Rosemary Meier
Maizis & Miller Consultants       Emerson Mascoll                    Ellen McGregor                          Sandra Meinig
Major Air Systems Ltd.            Greg Mason                         Kimberley McInnis                       Lynne Meisner
Miklos Nick Majors                Jane Mason                         Ann Marie McIntosh                      Attilio Melatti
Tak W. Mak                        Sandra Mason                       Bruce McIntosh                          Nick Melatti

                                                                                             The Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation          29
     Laurie Melbourne                    Bruce Mitchell                     Lynda Motschenbacher              N.E.I. Construction
     Luciano Melito                      David Mitchell                     Moulding & Millwork               Debbie Neil
     Theresa Mellis                      Sean Mitchell                      Mount Sinai Hospital              Stephen R. Neil
     Diane Mellor                        Lynn Mitchelson                    Mountain Province Diamonds Inc.   Nelson Arthur Hyland
     Maisie Melo                         Miwel Construction Ltd.            Gregory Paul Mountjoy                 Foundation
     Jordan Melville                     Bruce Miyashita                    Orest Moysey                      Beth Nelson
     Peter Mendell                       M.K. Family Foundation             Fern Mozersky                     Elizabeth Nelson
     Stephen Menich                      Bob Mktest                         M.P.D. Control Systems Inc.       Jill and Reed Nelson
     Mephisto Canada Inc.                Mnd Properties Inc.                Adam Kowaltschuk                  Donna Nesbitt
     Peter Merath                        Dana E. Mockford                   MRG Media Inc.                    Ian Ness
     Mercedes-benz Maple                 Modern Niagara Toronto Inc.        MSA-Mine Safety Appliances        Melissa Ness-Thomas
     Joanne Mercer                       Neda and Ata Moeini                MSH Dept. of Surgery AEF          Judy Nestmann
     Margaret and Bruce Mercer           Kim Moes                           M.T.C.G. Inc. Associates          Linda Netten
     Peter Meredith                      Barbara Moffatt                    M-tech Engineering & Mgmt         Renata Neufeld
     Philip Meretsky                     Nooshin Mohtashami                    Services                       Michael Neuman
     Jon Merglesky                       Dirk Molenaar                      M.T.O. Metal Products Ltd.        Louisa Newbury
     Emily Merigioli                     Barry Monaghan                     Ingrid Mueller                    Diane Newell
     David Merkel                        Dan Monaghan                       Mike Mueller                      W. Douglas Newland and Family
     Noma Merklinger                     Monco Produce Inc.                 Katrina Muir                      Darrell Newman
     Jodi Merner                         Paul Monczka                       Patricia and Thomas Muir          Jodi and Jamie Newman
     Hivi Merogi                         Desmond Monks                      Jim Mulholland                    Philip Newman
     Salvino Merola                      David Montanera                    Sue Mulholland                    Catherine Ng
     Mitchell Merowitz                   Montecassino Hospitality           Mulvey & Banani                   Tommy Ng
     Cindy Merrigan                         Group Inc.                         International Inc.             Van Nguyen
     Theresa Mersky                      Monteleone Fashions                Kathleen and Stanton Mulvihill    Niagara Waste Systems Ltd.
     Ali Mesgarzadeh                     Rino Montemarano                   Munich Reinsurance Company of     John Nichol
     Jesse Metcalfe                      Bruce Moody                           Canada                         Debbie Nicholas
     Metro Compactor Services Inc.       Jefferson Mooney                   Municipal Mechanical              Tara Nicholls
     Metro Painters (2004) Ltd.          Diane Moore                           Contractors Ltd.               Marie Nichols
     Susanne Meyer                       Jean Moore                         Linda Munk                        Robert Nicholson
     Margot Micallef                     Malcolm Moore                      Alex Murphy                       Nick and Lynn Ross Charitable
     Vincent A. Micallef                 Susan Moore                        Dennis J Murphy                       Foundation
     Carmen S. Miceli                    Sandra Moores                      K. Joan Murphy                    Judith M. Nicoll
     Caterina Miceli                     Doreen Moosa                       Murray & Company Ltd.             Thomas Niehaus
     Vel Miculinic                       Gary and Alessandra Morassutti     Murray Demolition                 Michelle Nielsen
     Ingrid Mida                         Monika Moravan                     Kenneth Murray                    Survivor Night
     Anthony Miezlaiskis                 More Than a Handful                Neil and Gonny Murray             Allen Nightingale
     Lazo Mikijelj                       Lucy Moreira                       Sandra Murre                      Alice Niles
     Milano Foods and Biscuits Ltd.      Lisa Moretto                       Keshava Murthy                    Warren Nimchuk
     Milestone Insurance Agencies Ltd.   Morgado Masonry Ltd.               Mur-Wall Concrete Forming         N.I.R. Services, LLC
     Marc Milgrom                        Joe Morgado                        Freda Ariella Muscovitch          Niran Construction Ltd.
     Mirjana Milicevic                   Lori-Ann Morgado                   Richard Mutiger                   Nisker Associates Inc.
     Michelle Miljour                    Manuel Morgado                     Muzik                             Janet Nobbs
     Greg Millard                        Michael Morgado                    Myer Salit Ltd.                   Beverly Nobes
     Miller Paving Ltd.                  Zurita Morgado                     Andy Myers                        J. Howard Noble
     Jason Miller                        David Morgan                       William Myers                     Peter Noble
     Julie Miller                        Russell Morgan                     George Myhal                      Nobleton Lions Club
     Lynn Miller                         Morgante Menswear Ltd.             Diane Myles Reid                  Edwena Nolan
     Robert Miller                       Robert Morisset                    N&V International Inc.            Roger Normandeau
     Cecilia M. Mills                    Karen Morley                       Laura Nadalini Bayer              Sandra Normoyle
     Dennis Mills                        Amy Morrell                        John Nagel                        Dorothy A. Noronha
     Millwork Home Centre                Carrie Morrell                     Sarah Nagel                       Norstar Securities Int'l Inc.
     Millwright Local 2309               Morris A.Hazan Family Foundation   Carol Nagy                        North City General Insurance
     Elizabeth A. Milne                  Karen Morris                       Penny Nakos                           Brokers Ltd.
     Lindsay Milne                       David E. Morrison                  Vasiliki Narolahakis              North Gate Farms Ltd.
     David Milovanovic                   Pierre Morrissette                 Bhavna Narsai                     North Star Electric
     Sarah Milroy                        David Morrissey                    Cynthia Nash                      North Star Homes Inc.
     Mimico Group Inc.                   David Morritt                      Shirley Nash                      North York Chrysler Jeep Dodge
     Mark Mincer                         Jen Morrow                         Mike Natale                       Northam Realty Advisors Ltd.
     Myles B. Mindham                    Robert Morrow                      Nathan and Lily Silver Family     Northcott Silk Inc.
     Sylvia Mindo               Financial              Foundation                     Northeastern Pool Distributors
     Kenneth Miner                          Services Corp.                  National Home                     Northeastern Elementary School
     Joseph and Sylvia Minialoff         Howard Morton                      Navigo Financial Solutions Inc.   Northwest Toyota
     Leslie Minion                       James C. Morton                    Joseph Nazitto                    Northwood Mortgage Ltd.
     Clive and Fran Minto                Morty's Pub                        Wendy Neal                        Melissa Norton
     Florence Minz                       Louise Morwick                     Neamsby                           Nortown Plumbing Ltd.
     John Miron                          Mosaic Group                       Bruce Near                        Heather Norwood
     Mississauga Private School          Charles Moses                      Joyce and Ronald Near             Novartis Corp.
     Mitchell Fire Fighters Nevada       The Moshoian Family                Barry and Louise Needler          Novartis Oncology

30    2008 Report to Our Donors
Vic Novikov                          Yetta Orfus                              Graziella and Beppino Pasquali          Andy and Julie Plata
Kerri Novitsky                       Orion Capital Corp.                      Mark Passi                              Player Consultants
Novocol Pharmaceutical of            Orion Hardware Corporation               Marcello and Filomena Paternostro       Michael Pley
   Canada                            Orr Insurance Brokers Inc.               Eric L. Paterson                        Heather Plow
Novopharm                            William Orr                              Patrick and Barbara Keenan              Bruce Plummer
Novx Systems Inc.                    Jennifer Osburn                             Foundation                           Donald Plummer
Stephen Noxon                        Osi Hard Surfaces                        David Patterson and Anne                P.M.A. Brethour Real Estate
N.S.A.B.P. Foundation Inc.           Gordon P. Osler                             Patterson                               Corp. Inc.
NuCorp.                              Paula Osmok                              R. Anne Patterson                       P.M.C. Management Inc. O/A
Jason Nuform Mfg. Inc.               Josie Ostermann                          Eleanor and Laurence Pattillo           First Choice Parking
Catherine Nullmeyer                  Peter O'Sullivan                         David Pauli                             Scherezade Pocha
Lisa Nussbaum                        Gilles Ouellette                         Bozena Pawlaczek                        David Polinsky
David Nuttall                        Kevin Overstrom                          Neil Payne                              Annamaria Polla
E. Nymark                            Marie José Overweel                      Jocelyn Pearce                          Murray H. Pollitt
Richard Nytko                        Susan Owen                               Peter Pearce                            Polytarp Products
Oak Park Community Pharmacy          Amit M. Oza                              Andrea Pearson                          Julie Popp
Oakdale Kitchens Inc.                P.L.M. Group                             M.E. Peart                              Port Royal Mills Ltd.
Oakville Executive Golf Course       P&H Foods                                Bill Peckford                           Lynn Porter Zechner
   Roofing Ltd.                      P. Gabriele & Sons Ltd.                  Shana Peddle                            Dennis Porter
Oakville Italian Invitational Open   P.O.R.C - Pilot Office Recreation Club   Maria F. Pedrosa                        Lee Porter
Oakwood Retirement                   Rocco and Teresa Pace                    Peel Mutual Insurance Company           Shawn Porter
   Communities                       Pacific Construction Services            Pelham Community Church                 Sherry Porter
Vigmond Oatley                       Paddon + Yorke Inc.                      Holly Pencer Bellman                    Sandy Posluns
Katherine Obando                     Kim Page                                 Gary Penhale                            Jean Charles Potvin and Lucie
Jamie O'Born                         Christopher J. Paige                     Caroline Pennington                        Marion
Thomas Obradovich                    Paint Depot O'Connor Inc.                Edwin and Deanna Peranson               Powell Contracting Ltd.
Jeffrey O'Brian                      Julia Paisley                            Ashley Pereira                          Allan Powell
Jane O'Brien                         Pal Benefits Inc.                        Eric Pereira                            Crystal A. Powell
Moira and John O'Bryan               Lucie and Joe Pal                        Perlane Construction Inc.               David J. Powell
Brian O'Byrne                        Palace Arms                              Morris Perlis                           M. Hope Powell
O.C. Convention Centre               G. Palazzo                               Paula Perri                             William Powell
Richard Ochshorn                     Bernice Palef                            Dorothy Perry✦                          Power Centres Inc.
James O'Connor                       Nancy Paling                             Lincoln Persaud                         G. Edmund King
Linda O’Connor                       Robert Paling                            Tara Petch                              Eric Power
Robert O'Connor                      Joan Paliwoda                            Laura Petconi                           Jennifer Powers
Nadia Octave                         Pall (Canada) Ltd.                       Peter & Paul's Baskets                  PPG Canada Inc.
Wendy Odell                          Cinzia Palleschi                         Peter Kiewit Sons Co.                   Precision Contracting
Tara O'Doherty                       Scott Palmer                             Peter Paul Charitable Inc.              Rachel Press
Odyssey America Reinsurance          Michael Palmisano                        David C. Peter                          Prestige Exteriors Inc.
   Corp.                             Jason Pampena                            Lynda Peters                            Prestige Toys Ltd.
Allan and Lesley Offman              Demetrios and Maria Panagakos            Jonathen Petra                          Z. Cathy and Ian Preston
Maureen Ofield                       Panalpina Inc.                           Sharlee S. Petruzzi                     Maurice and Donna Preston
Alanne O'Gallagher                   Carson Panaro                            Alex Pettes                             David Price
Leslie Ogilvy                        Nick and Loretta Pantaleo                Marcello Pettinella                     Elizabeth Price
Ichiro Ogino                         Irene Pantalone                          Colin Pewarchuk                         Martha Price
William O'Hara                       Tracey Panucci                           Phazer Electric                         Primo Mechanical Inc.
Jennifer Okum                        Paola Colozza Fund for Drug              Philip A. Ernst                         Deirdre Pringle
Kevin O'Leary                           Discovery                             Philips Electronics Ltd.                Paul Pritchett
Laurel Oliphant                      Al Paonessa                              Phillips, Hager & North                 Private Giving Foundation
Marco Oliveira                       Paradise Homes Corp.                        Investment Management Ltd.           Pro Con Building Supplies Ltd.
Graham Oliver                        Anna Pargana                             Andrew Phillips                         John and Jennifer Prober
Cathy Ollerhead                      Janis Parker                             Nuhan Huy Phung                         Estelle Probert
Edward Olsen                         Tracey L. Parker                         Livany Pialis                           Procom Consultants Group Inc.
Ronald Olsen                         Nancy Parkhill                           Picture Perfect Renos                   Procter & Gamble Inc.
Ian O'Malley                         John Parkinson                           John Piecuch                            Professional Respiratory
Robert Omnilumen                     James Parks                              Donald Pierce                           Progressive Fixture Solutions
Onare Salon Corp.                    Trent Parks                              Sandra Pierce                           Propeller Graphics &
Murray O'Neil                        Par-Pak Ltd.                             Jennie Pilat                               Advertising Inc.
Lorie O'Neill                        K. Parr                                  Anna Pileggi                            Prospectors and Developers
Ontario Acoustic Supply Inc.         Angelo Parravano                         Piller Sausages &                          Association of Canada
Ontario Medical Oncology             Parrish & Heimbecker Ltd.                   Delicatessens Ltd.                   Ronald Prosserman
   Association                       Nicole Parsons                           Karen Piluk                             Paul Proudlock
Ontario Sewer & Water Construct      Paulette Susan Parsons                   Charles Pineo                           Joseph Provenzano
On-Trac Auto & Equipment             Robert Parsons                           Pink Poker Tournament                   Lucy Provost
   Services Ltd.                     Andrew Partington                        Pioneer Construction Inc.               Robbie Pryde
OPG Employees' & Pensioners'         Marshal and Tina Partnoy                 George Pirie                            Michael A. Psaki
   Charity Trust                     Party Inc.                               Ward and Diana Pitfield                 Public Safety
Liz Ord                              Mary Pasceri                             Pivnick Family Foundation               Jean Pucyk
Noreen O'Reilly                      Ricardo Pascoe                           P.J. Mars Investments Ltd.              Craig and Annette Pullman

                                                                                                      The Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation        31
     Heather Pultz                       Michael Reed                       Donna Rizzi                    Rhonda Ross
     Betty Jane Punnett                  Reefer Sales & Services            Giovanni and Elizabeth Rizzo   Robert and Gloria Ross
     Nick Puopolo                        Janice Reeves                      Roadside Paving                Ruth Ross
     Lorie Purdie                        Lynda Reeves                       Cory Robb                      Sara Ross
     Barbara Purdy                       Richard L. Reeves                  Lorraine Robbie                Lynda Ann Rosser
     Debra Purdy                         Regal Crest Homes                  Robert E. Young                Samuel Rothstein
     Judy Purkis                         Aaron Regent                          Construction Ltd.           Rolando Roti
     Scott Purkis                        Registered Nurses Association of   Kent Roberts                   Lisa Rotondo
     QEII Foundation                        Ontario                         Lisa Roberts                   Laura Rotundo
     Anthony Qu                          Manuel Rego                        Rick Roberts                   Mildred Rounding
     Quadrant Asset Management           Andria Reich                       Jane Robertson                 Cynthia Rowden
     Quality Custom Blending Ltd.        Mark Reich                         Lloyd J. Robertson             Rod Rowe
     Quality Rugs of Canada Ltd.         Margaret W. Reid                   Lydia Robertson                S. Jane Rowe
     Queue Systems                       Michelle Reid                      Jean-Nil Robichaud             Royal Performance & Branch
     Susan J. Quevillon                  Patricia Reid                      Lucie C. Robichaud                Fundraisers
     Dan Quick                           Richard and Shirley Reid           Raymonde Robichaud             Royal Trust Company
     Lisa Quindamo                       Rick Reid                          Robins, Appleby & Taub LLP     R.S. Construction & Contracting
     William and Cynthia Quinn           Terri Reid                         Andrew Robins                  Melanie Ruby
     Howard Quon                         William G.Reid                     Elizabeth (Beth) Robinson      Frank Ruffolo
     George Quong                        Bill Reilly                        Kathryn Robinson               Anne Ruhl
     Quorum Technologies Inc.            Florence Reilly                    Michael Robinson               Jeane Velma Rumble
     R.A.N. Bonnycastle                  John Reilly                        Moira Robinson                 Tatum Rusak
     R. Howard Webster Foundation        Ross Reimer                        Robert and Susan Robinson      Russell Investments Canada Ltd.
     R. Slomka and Associates Ltd.       Sandy Reinhardt                    Terrance Robinson              Linda Russell
     R.L.G. Consulting Service           S. Rolf Reininghaus                Joan Roblin                    Pauline Russell
     Howard Raber                        Reitmans (Canada) Ltd.             Carol Robson                   Val Russell
     Anton and Ilana Rabie               Richard J. Renaud                  Marilyn G. Robson              David and Annamaria Russo
     Maria Racco                         Rescon                             Cristina Rocca                 Maria Helena Russo
     David H. Race                       Research Capital Corp.             Fernando Rocco                 Mike Russo
     Paul Radden                         Research in Motion Ltd.            Roche Rockettes                Robert Russo
     Mark Radwanski                      Residential Construction Council   Diane Roche                    Phyllis and Jack Rutherford
     Elaine and Don Rafelman                of Central Ontario              Murray Rochon                  Leslie Ruttan
     Josephine Ragona                    Residential Framing Association    Larry Rock                     Ihor Ruzycky
     Thomas F. Rahilly                   Josh Resnick                       Rockford Tile Contractors      Dianna Ryan
     Satish Rai                          John Reucassel                     John Rody                      Edward A.J. Ryan
     Oskar Rajsky                        Reuven International Ltd.          Edith Roellin                  Jennifer Ryan
     Ralph and Roz Halbert               Todd Reybroek                      Roff Logistics Inc.            Leslie Ryer
     Richard Ralph                       Dirk and Anne Reyneveld            Rogers Communications Inc.     S & C Electric Canada Ltd.
     S.Ford Ralph                        Joyce Reynolds                     Jennifer E. Rogers             S & R Mortgage Group
     Frank and Sharon Ramagnano          Barry Reznick                      Stephen Rogers                 S.A. Sugar Management Inc.
     Maitreyi Raman                      Gordon Rhodes                      Taire Roke                     S.R.T. Medical Staff
     Sarika Ramnarine                    Gabrielle Richards                 Rolana Investments Ltd.        Jacquelyn A. Saad
     Melodie C. Ramsay                   George Richards                    David Roland                   Saberwood Homes
     Melissa Randazzo                    Richardson, Tatangelo LLP          Ian Roland                     Samuel J. Sable
     Rankin Construction                 Ray Richardson                     Adolph Rolin                   Shawn Sabourin
     Tatjana Sabados Rapid Gear          Douglas Richmond                   Olga Rolling                   Susan Sacchi
     Rapini's Ristorante Ltd.            Nina S. Richmond                   Katherine and Frank Rolph      Saddlebrook Management
     Bev Rapson                          Rick Macleod Investments Inc.      Melanie Rolston                   Consult Inc.
     David Rashkovan                     Don Rideout                        Roman Metal Fabricating Ltd.   Gerald Sadvari
     Karyn Rasmussen                     June Kathleen Ridley✦              John Romaniuk                  Sage Investments Ltd.
     Ratech Electronics Ltd. In Honour   Dianne Ridout                      Nellie Root                    Sam Saladino
        of Frank A. Rago                 Marsha Rifkin                      Annie Ropar                    Christina Salazar
     Neil Rau                            Paul Riganelli                     Julie Rosart                   Tag Sales
     Pasquale and Gina Raviele           Right Mortgage                     Barrie Rose and Family         Al Saley
     Robert S. Rawlings                  Nancy Riley                        Claire-Ann Rose                Salida Capital
     Stephen Rawn                        Joe Rinaldi                        W. Brian Rose                  Denis Salmon
     Ray Plastics Ltd.                   David Rinaldo                      Andrea Rosen                   Salstar Logistics
     Raymond James Ltd.                  Rita and Larry Rinaldo             Family and Friends of Ethel    John Salt
     R.B.C. Real Estate Markets          Martha Rindfleisch                    Rosen                       Bianca Salvacion
     R.B.H. Inc.                         Michelle Risi                      Leonard Rosenberg              Mark Salvador
     Nadia Rea                           Barb and Ced Ritchie               Deanna Rosenswig               Marc Samit
     Ready Bake Foods Inc.               Susan Ritchie                      Lori Rosenthal                 Frank Sammeroff
     Gary Reamey                         Ana Rittinger                      Ronald Rosenthal               Samuel J. & Jean Sable Family
     Red Alder Ltd.                      Robert Ritzer                      Michael Rosicki                   Foundation
     Red Label Vacations                 River Oaks Medical                 Ross Windows & Doors           Samuel Sarick Ltd.
     Red Meets Pink Foundation              Pharmacy Ltd.                   Calum Ross                     James Samuel
     Tony Reda                           River Realty Development           David Ross                     Nerissa Samuel
     Anthony Reddy                          (1976) Inc.                     John Ross                      Samuelsohn Ltd.
     The Ernest Redelmeier Family        Louise Rivett                      Mike Ross                      Sanatan Mandir Cultural Centre
     RE-DO-IT Renovation Inc.            Lori Riviere                       Nancy R. Ross                  Diane Sanders

32    2008 Report to Our Donors
Harry Sandhu                      Rocco Sebastiano                      Robert Silver                         Bev Sokol
Mike Sandrock                     Kathleen Secenj                       Sheldon Silverberg                    Wendy Sokoloff
Terran Sandwith                   Sedgwick Canada Inc.                  Vivian and Sheldon Silverberg         Solex Resources Corp.
Giancarlo Sansalone               Karen Sedore                          Louis and Roslyn Silverstein          Solmar Development Corp.
Family and Friends of Tito        Larry Seeley                          Lise Silverthorne                     Solutions Corporate Law Clerk
   Sansalone                      Segal Communications Inc.             Rebecca Simington                        Services Inc.
Sanscon Construction              Donald Segal                          Simon Zucker & Associates             Steven Sonego
Nelson Santo                      S.E.I.                                Cecconi Simone                        Jay Sonshine
Lydia Santucci                    Val Seibert                           Charlene Simone                       Sony BMG Music (Canada) Inc.
Bev Saracino                      Som Seif                              John and Hedy Simonyi                 Paul P. Soong
Inge Sardy                        Christopher Seip                      Jennifer Simpson                      Sora Construction Ltd.
Bob Sargent                       Ato Sekyi-Otu                         Kara Simpson                          Antonio Sorrenti
Sandra Sargent                    Selectronic Technical Services Inc.   Marilou Simpson                       Maria Sousa
Mahleej Sarkari                   Richard Self                          Lawrence Sinclair                     Murray Souter
Saskatchewan Building &           Frank and Red Selke                   Mary Sinclair                         Spectrum Healthcare
   Construction Trades Council    Gary Selke                            Murray Sinclair                       Marion and Don Spencer
Karen A. Sauro                    Sellco Leaseholds Ltd.                Scott Sinclair                        Thomas R. Spencer
Louise Savard                     Paul Semak                            James Sinegal                         Stephen D. Sperling
Bruce Savid                       Semple Gooder Roofing                 Sylvie Singer                         Jeff Spinks
Adam Savio                        Peter Senst                           David Singh                           Sharon Spires
Lorraine Savio                    Sentrex Communications Inc.           Harcharan Singh                       Tammy Spofford
Roger and Magella Savoie          Sentry Select Capital Corp.           Sawan Singh                           Harold and Sari Springer
Richard Savoury                   Michael and Lally Sepiashvili         Ron Sirkis                            Sprott Asset Management
S.C.A. North America              Toni Servello                         Peter Sirrs                           Eric and Vizma Sprott
   Canada Inc.                    Service Results Technology Inc.       David and Elizabeth Sisam             Nancy Sprott
Andy Scace                        Joanne Setterington                   Gino Sisera                           Daryl Sproule
Donald Scale                      Katherine Seymour                     Margaret Sisley                       Laura Squeo
Tammy Scanlon                     Shadowcorp Investments Ltd.           Megan Sisson                          G. Wayne Squibb
Anthony D. Scarpino               Gloria Shank                          Skandarajah Surveying Ltd.            Madeline and Joseph Srebot
Michael Scauzillo                 John Shannon                          Alfred and Claudette Skeene           Hindupuram Sriharsha
Schaeffer & Associates Ltd.       Elaine Shantz                         Kim Skinner                           S.R.K. Consulting
David Schaeffer                   Kerry Shapansky                       Linda Sky Grossman                    S.R.T. Med-Staff
Schafer, Wood & Associates Inc.   Raj Sharma                            Sky Homes Corp.                       St. Basil The Great College
Scharf Realty Ltd.                Satyendra Sharma                      Kenneth Sky                              School
Ron and Irene Schelfhaut          Bryan Sharpe                          Skyway Canada Ltd.                    Jerry St. Denis
Lisa J. Scheller                  L. Peter Sharpe                       Meagan Slack                          St. Lawrence Cement Inc.
Richard and Wendy Schimel         Shaw Charitable Donation              Gary Slaight                          St. Martin Secondary School
Ronald Schindler                     Committee                          Gregory Slaight                       St. Benedict Catholic Secondary
Eric Schnell                      Martha and David Shaw                 Brian Slaman                             School
Rosemarie and Rolf Schoene        Murray Shaw                           Carol Slavens                         St. George Church On The-Hill
Paula Schonberger                 Virginia Shaw                         Julie Slinger                         St. Lawrence Cement Inc.
Elisabeth Schramm                 T. Gerry and Patricia Sheehan         Bram Slipacoff                        St. Stanislaus-St. Casimir's Polish
Stephen Schulte                   Shell Canada Products                 Joanne Sloane                            Parishes Credit Union
Laura Schultz                     Stanley and Donna Shenkman            Faida Smale                           S.T.A. Communications Inc.
Karl A. Schulz                    Marie Shepherd                        Smart Centres                         Helen Allen Stacey✦
Schumacher Family Foundation      Gail Sheppard                         Margaret Jean Smeall✦                 Anthony Staffieri
Gerald Schwartz and Heather       Paula L. Sheppard                     Donald Smillie                        Christopher Stafford
   Reisman                        Bradley and Cindy Sherman             Angela Smith                          Mary Patricia Stagg✦
Pauline Schwartz                  Susan Sherman                         Barbara Smith and Dan Sullivan        William Stallon
Alan Schwarz                      Sherritt International Corp.          Barbara Smith                         Stampede City
Charles and Mina Schwarz          Sherway Warehousing Inc.              Dianne Smith                          Standard Broadcasting
Ronald and Joanne Schwarz         Theresa Sherwood-Karakatsanis         Julie Smith                              Corporation Limited
Gerd Schwarzkopf                  Henry and Gloria Shewchuk             Michele Smith                         Standard Imaging
Sam Scola                         Richard Shibley                       Nigel Smith                           Standard Securities Capital
John Sconza                       Lorraine Shields                      Reta C. Smith                         Katarina R. Stanisic
Scott Capital Group Inc.          James Shier                           Ryan Smith                            Jo-Anne Stansfield
Scott Wilson Roscoe Postle        Christopher Shippen                   Scott Smith                           Star Personnel Inc.
   Assoc Inc.                     Harold Shneer                         Stephen Smith                         Starbucks Coffee Canada
Deanna Scott                      Philip Shnier                         Wendy Smith                           Barbara Stark
Joanne Scott                      Bonnie Shore                          Smurfit-MBI                           Helen Stark
Timothy Scott                     Fred Shore                            Tom D. Smyth                          Shannon Stark
Jennifer Scott-Wood               Yasmin Shroff                         S.N.C. Lavalin Engineers &            Starplex Scientific
Scrapalicious Inc.                Gary Shuchat                             Constructors Inc.                  Jerome Starr
S.C.S. Consulting Group Ltd.      Cheryl Shuster                        Robert Snell                          Starship Logistics Inc.
Se Ce Apparel Co. Ltd.            Sico Inc.                             Ralph and Danny Soberano and          Ken Stathakis - The Octagon
Diana and Paul Sealy              Hinda B. Silber                          Family                                Restaurant
Anna Searles and Joanne           Silver Family Charitable              Ray Sobeski                           Taylor Statten
   Guarnaccia                        Foundation                         Social Housing Services Corp.         Chris Stavro
Sears Canada Inc.                 Florence and Al Silver                Societa Femminile Friulana            Gaye and Andy Stein
David Sears                       Jeffrey Silver                        Sofina Foods Inc.                     Rodeen Stein

                                                                                              The Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation             33
     Victoria Stein                        Mary Switzer                       Ken Teslia                              The Philip Smith Foundation
     Ronald S. Steinberg, Paula            Jacqueline Syer                    Frank Teti                              The Rasch Foundation
         Brockman and Susan Caplan         Joseph Syh                         Robert Tetley                           The Rogan Foundation
     Joseph and Elaine Steiner             William A. Szego                   Nicole Tevlin                           The Rotman Family Foundation
     Bonnie Stephen                        Brenda Szonok                      The Acorn Development                   The Royal Canadian Legion
     Sterling Group of Funds               Karen Szonok                         Corporate                                General Wingate Branch 2
     Maria Elena and Peter Stern           TD Bank Financial Group            The Aesthetic School of Canada          The Rubinet Faucet Co Ltd.
     Alan Stevens                          T. Verk Trading Inc.               The Allstate Foundation of Canada       The Samuel Family Foundation
     Lynnette Stevenson                    Kim Chi Ta                         The Beer Store                          The Sleeman Brewing & Malting
     Dennis Stewart                        Joan L. Taaffe                     The Bermuda Department of                  Co. Ltd.
     James Stewart                         TACC Construction Ltd.               Tourism                               The Sonshine Family Foundation
     James K. Stewart                      Megan Taeuschel                    The BLG Foundation                      The Subak Family Foundation
     Kathleen Stewart                      Mohamed Tahir                      The Brookfield Foundation               The Taylor Group Boston
     Morag L. Stewart                      Muriel Tait                        The Butcher Shoppe                      The Torgan Group
     Sally Still                           Neil Tait                          The Car Company of Canada               The Toronto Blue Jays Baseball
     Marc St-Jean                          Rick Tait                          The Carlton Lounge                         Club
     S.T.L.A. Inc.                         Richard and Glenna Talbot          The C.G. & B. Group Inc.                The Toronto Wholesale Produce
     Howard and Jean Stockford             Tam Electric                       The Charitable Gift Funds                  Association
     David and Ilse Stockwood              James Tam                            Canada Foundation                     The U.S. Silver Corp.
     Cara Stoddart                         Vincent Tam                        The Charles Norcliffe Baker &           The Village of Wentworth
     Jane Stodgell                         Robert Tamburini                     Thelma Scott Baker Foundation            Heights
     William Stone                         John Tamming                       The Coach                               The Walker Lynch Foundation
     Stonehaven Financial Group            Lawrence and Judith Tanenbaum      The Corp. of the City of Brampton       The W.Z.M.H. Partnership
     Stoney View Farms                     William Tang                       The Cumis Group Ltd.                    The Young Family Foundation
     Michael Storfer                       Tank Truck Transport               The D.H. Gales Family Charitable        Denise Theroux
     Stornoway Diamond Corp.               Tapps Cottage Eatery                 Foundation of Toronto                 Corinne Thibert
     Howard and Vivian Stotland            Gabriele Tar                       The Daniels Corp.                       Alan Thomas
     Stracor Inc.                          Keith Tarala and Joanne Tarala     The David Geffen Foundation             Karin Thomas
     Henning & Traute Strait               Anna Tarantino                     The Effort Trust Company                Michelle Thomas
     Strategic Charitable Giving           Shelley Tarnowski                  The Etobicoke Church of God             Wiliam Thomas
         Foundation                        Judith Tatar                         (Seventh Day) Charity                 Thompson, Roach & Hughes
     George Stratis                        Bill Tatham                        The Fairfield Classic Collection Ltd.      Consulting Inc.
     Louis Strauss                         Joanne Tatone                      The Frances Tanenbaum                   Douglas Thompson
     Strellmax Ltd.                        Robert Tattersall                    Charitable Foundation                 Edward E. Thompson
     K. Strobele                           Martin and Ruth Tauber             The Frum Foundation                     Heather Thomson
     Harvey Strosberg                      Taxi Canada Inc.                   The Granary Foundation                  Susan Thomson
     Christine Strumos                     Jayson Tayco                       The Hazel McCallion Charitable          Thelma Thomson
     Kathy Strumos                         Pina Tayco                           Fund                                  Thomson-Gordon Group
     Cindy Stuart                          Stacey Tayco                       The Hudson's Bay Centre                 Faye Thorek
     Earl Stuart                           Taylor Mccaffrey LLP               The Ice Men                             Thorncrete Construction Ltd.
     Shannon and Micheal Stuart            Ashley Taylor                      The Jacobs Foundation                   Newell Thornton
     Studio 49 Inc.                        David and Georgia Taylor           The Jodamada Foundation                 Lori Thorpe
     Bob and Jennifer Sturgess             Garth Taylor                       The Kiervin Family Foundation           Richard Thorpe
     Rick Sturino                          Kenneth and Joan Taylor            The Kirkwood Group                      Threshold Pharamaceuticals Inc.
     Barbara Stymiest                      Lee Taylor                         The Kololian Foundation                 Thunder Road Capital
     Paul Sudolski                         Lori Taylor                        The K.V.G. Group Inc.                   Mary Tibando
     Barbara and Harvey Sugar              Philip Taylor                      The Lance Howard Group                  Tice River Estates Inc.
     George Sugar                          Shelly L. Taylor                   The Law Society of Upper                Tickner and Associates Inc.
     Iris Sugiyama                         Whitney Taylor                       Canada                                Tila Tequila
     Jim Sugiyama                          William Taylor                     The Leonard & Felicie Blatt             Alison Tiley
     Kaizer Suleman                        T.B.W.A. Toronto                     Foundation                            Sheila E. Tilotta
     Terrence Sullivan                     Team Chrysler                      The Les and Minda Feldman               Tim Hortons
     Irene Summers                         Team Truck Centres                   Charitable Foundation                 Audrey Timoll
     Summit Marketing Canada Ltd.          Team Vincent Motor Sport           The Litho Colour Services               Timothy's Coffees of the
     Summit Trust                          Technical Source Services          The Man of Yorke                           World Inc.
     Summit Veterinary Pharmacy Inc.       Techniweld Corp.                   The Margaret Ann and Donald S.          Tippet-Richardson Ltd.
     Sunnybrook and Women's                Tecmotiv Corp.                       McGiverin Foundation                  Phil Tishler
         College Health Sciences Centre    Teknion Form Inc.                  The Marilyn Van Stone                   Judith Title
     Sunrise Sencor Living of Erin Mills   Ian Telfer                           Foundation                            Elias Toby
     Sunshine Int'l. Imp. Exp. Inc.        Marianne Teminski                  The Martin Family                       Toddglen Services Ltd.
     Laila Suppa                           Tenen Investments Ltd.             The Master Insulators Association       Janis Todd-Gollan
     Support Our Boobs                     H.A. Teodoro                         of Ontario Inc.                       Lucy Todish
     George Surdykowski                    Martin Teplitsky                   The Met Inc.                            Jonathon Toll
     Susan K. Hess                         Arnold Tepperman                   The Mushroom Man                        Susan Tom
     Brian Sutton                          Teranet Inc.                       The Norman and Margaret                 Nivea Tomas
     Robert Sutton                         Martha Terdik                        Jewison Charitable Foundation         A K. Tomasik
     Linda Swainson                        Terrasan Enviromental Solutions    The Oak Stair Ltd.                      Lori Tome
     Laurie Swan                           Terrazzo, Tile & Marble Guild of   The Orokawa Foundation                  Laurie Tomiuk
     Staci Swanson                            Ontario Inc.                    The Orthotic Group                      Brian A. Tomlinson
     Cheryl Switzer                        Tesari Charitable Foundation       The Phelps Group Inc.                   Anne-Marie Tompkins

34    2008 Report to Our Donors
Philip Tonge                          Trukat Ltd.                         Vantage Insulation Ltd.                 Karen Wash
Marj Tonner                           Truserve Groundscare Inc.           Donna Varley                            Water Menu Inc.
Dean Topolinski                       Georgia Tsoumbris                   John Varley                             Joye Waterhouse
Valerie Toppi                         T.S.X. Group                        Kathy Varley                            The Wateman Family
Tora Foundation                       Richard S. Tucker and Lily Dabby    Toni Varone                             Jan Waterous
Tor-Con Construction Co.              Stacy Tucker                        Dawn Vaskor                             James A. Waters
Philip Torno✦                         Gillian Tuffin                      Louie Vassilakos                        Leslie L. Waters
Toro Aluminum                         Howard Turk                         William Vastis                          Marjorie V. Waters
Robert Torokvei                       Blaz and Mira Turkovic              Vaughan Irrigation                      Phyllis and William Waters
Toromont Industries                   Kathy Turlinski                     W. Vaughan                              Ron Waters
Toronto & Area Road Builders          Angi Turner                         Herbert Veisman                         Watson Building Supplies Inc.
   Association                        Scott Turner                        Marie Carmen Velasco                    Jeff Watson
Toronto Central Dental Hygiene        Jayme Miles Turney                  Vickie Velji                            John and Josie Watson
   Society                            Rob Turnpenny                       Vella (Walking On A Cloud)              Watt International Inc.
Toronto Hydro Employees'              Turolight                           Loriann Vella                           Debbie Watters
   Charity Trust                      Shelley B. Tushinski                Mimma Venema                            Lucy Waverman
Toronto Police Association            Gail Tustin                         Venetor Equipment Rental Inc.           Wawanesa
Toronto Redi Mix                      Robert and Diana Tweedy             Venture Communication                   John Weatherall
Toronto Rehabilitation Institute      Twin Cities Dry Storage Ltd.        Verax Solutions Corp.                   James Webb
Toronto Rock Lacrosse Club            TX Delar Investments Ltd.           Veriteq Instruments Inc.                Tanya Weber-Bateman
Toronto Stamp Inc.                    Tyco Electronics Canada Ltd.        Almas and Zul Verjee                    Doug Webster
Joshua Torres                         Samantha Tyndall                    Subodh Verma                            Leslie Weekes
Torsub Franchise Srcs Inc.            Susan Typert                        Chantelle Vermette                      Dileeni Weerasinghe
Gino Toscani                          UBS Securities Canada Inc.          ViDesktop Inc.                          Lorne Weil
Total Credit Recovery Ltd.            Greg and Nicky Uchiyama             Village Masonry Construction Inc.       Jason Weiler
Mia Toth                              UHN Research Operations             Nick Villani                            John Weiler
Tournigan Gold Corp.                  Ultramar Ltee                       Darlene Vincent                         Lawrence Weinberg
Alistair Toward                       Uniboard Canada Inc.                Teri Vincent                            Jodi Weinholdt-Sharpe
Town Shoes                            Unilever Food Solutions             Vincor Canada                           Deborah Weinstein
Peter G. Townley                      United Association of Plumbing      VIP Men's Wear                          Joel Weinstein
Townwood Homes Inc.                       and Pipe Fitting Local 46       Viper Marketing Group Inc.              Lucy Weinstein
Dan Trabucco                          United Independent Operators Ltd.   Virtual Logistics Inc.                  Percy Weinstein
Jane and John Trachtenberg            United Synagogue School             Vision Transportation Systems Inc.      Susan and Arthur Weinthal
Trader Corp.                          Universal Studios Canada Inc.       Sonia Vitorino                          John G. Weir
Train Trailer Rentals Ltd.            Universal Truck Sales               Vivian and David Campbell               Robert Weir
Trane Canada-Division-Wabco           Universal Workers Union Local 183      Foundation                           Susan Weisbarth
   Standard Trane                     University of Toronto Press         Nicole Vlahos                           Terese Weisberg
Transamerica Life Canada                  Incorporated                    Milan and Catherine Voticky             Meri Rae Weisman
Transcontinental Printing G P 2005    University of Toronto               Darko Vranich                           Scott and Allison Weiss
Transglobe Property Management        Upper Canada Soap & Candle          Dave Vyse                               Andrea Weissman
Transpower Utility Contractors Inc.       Makers                          W.R Macleod Holdings                    Margaret Weisz
Traugott Building Contractors Inc.    Tony Ursini                         Wachovia Securities                     Steve Weisz
Travelers Guarantee Company of        V. Hazelton Men                     Stephen and Suzanne Waddams             Michael Wekerle
   Canada                             V. Lucks Dentistry Prof Corp.       Henry and Sylvia Waks                   Margo H. Welch
Corinne Travis                        Cynthia Vaillancourt                Jeff Walderman                          Maggie Weller
Traynor's Bakery Wholesale Ltd.       Harish Vaishnav                     Lionel and Sandra Waldman and           Mark Wellings
Rae Tregunna                          Valeant Canada Ltd.                    Family                               Beverley Welsh
Sandra Trehub                         Nancy Valenza                       Mark and Elana Waldman                  Laurel Welsh
Sandy Trelford                        Charles and Wilma Vallance          Glenn Walker                            Patricia Welsh
Sandi Treliving                       Valle Foam Industries               Larry Walker                            Colleen Welter-Gavey
Marilyn Trentos                       Valle Pligna Socio-Cultural         Michael Walker                          Weltex Canada Inc.
Frank Trevisan                            Association                     Shannon Walker                          Richard Wengle
Trican Masonry Contractors Inc.       Timothy Van Alstyne                 William Walker                          Jennifer Werry
Tri-Canada Industries Ltd.            Kim Van Gennip                      Doug Wall                               Neville Wesson
Tricon Capital Group Inc.             Rin Van Hemert                      Janine Wallace                          Westdale Properties
Tridel Corporation                    Dorothy Van Oordt                   John H. Wallace                         Janine Westera
Trident Catering 1095020              Carrie Van Stralen                  Wallenstein Feed Charitable             Western Goldfields Inc.
   Ontario Ltd.                       Susan Vance                            Organization                         Western Mechanical Electrical
Trident Elevator Company Ltd.         Tom Vandeloo                        Craig S. Walters                           Millwright Service
Greg Trieloff                         Carmela Vandenburg                  Ruvan P. Waltman                        Jim Westlake
Stanislav Trigubski                   Vandenbussche Irrigation &          Mary Wands                              Weston Flooring Ltd.
Nga My Trinh                              Equip. Ltd.                     Laurel Ward                             Westpalm Development
Tinistar Co.                          Carol Vander Zaag                   Lorraine Ward                              Corporation
Trinity Plastics Products Inc.        Sonja Vanderboor                    Padraig and Marian Warde                Scott Wetmore
Triple Metal Products Ltd.            Jill Vanderburg                     Sinclair Wardrop                        Cathy Whelan Molloy
Steven F. Troster                     Jack Vanderkooy                     Eric Wargalla                           Brad White
Judy Trotter                          Jeanne Vanderpryt                   Warnaco of Canada Company               Colleen White
Trow Associated Inc.                  Judy Vanparys                       Brian Warner                            Suzanne White
Diane Truesdale                       Mary Vanstone                       John Warwick                            William White

                                                                                                  The Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation       35
     Daryl Whiteside                   Bruce Winter                      Karen I. Woolley                   Ginette and Donald J. Young
     Lindsay Whyte                     Cindy Winterle                    Darrell Woolnough                  Jane Young
     Rita Wieland                      Paul Winters                      Woolwich Dairy Inc.                John Young
     Yvonne Wiens                      Wireless Systems Solutions Inc.   Serge Woon                         Evelyn Yu
     Joe A. Wightman                   Wirtgen America Inc.              Michael Worb                       Yusen Air & Sea Service
     Jennie I. Wildridge               Howard Wise                       Worleyparsons HGE                     (Canada) Inc.
     Lesley Wilkins                    Kenneth Wise                      Alan Wortzman                      Stella Yusko
     Ann Wilkinson                     Lauren Wise                       Cheryl Wren                        Z. Retall Marketing Inc.
     Colm Wilkinson                    Lynda Wise                        Donald A. Wright                   Linda Zadow
     Lindsay Wilkinson                 Fern and Herb Wisebrod            Elizabeth Wright                   Mike Zafirovski
     Robert Wilkinson                  Jack and Nan Wiseman              Heather Wright                     Kathy Zahakos
     Gord Willcocks                    Shelley Wishart                   Karen Wright                       Jeffrey Zahn
     Williams Telecommunications       Stephen Witchell                  Nora Wright                        Jennifer Zakrzewski
     Bryn Williams                     Witty Walkers                     Gillian E. Wu                      Victor Zamin
     Leslie G. Williams                Tonia Wojciechowski               Justin Wu                          Mitchell Zamojc
     Olive Williams                    David and Mary Wolf               Wyeth Consumers                    Zaterdag Inc.
     Robert C. Williams                Gary Wolfe                           Healthcare Inc.                 Chris Zavitz
     Robin Williams                    John Wolfe                        Wyeth Pharmaceuticals              Zayma Realty Holdings
     Torberne Williams                 Henry and Esther Wolfond          Donald Robert Wylie✦               Frank Zechner
     Brandon Williamson                Mark Wolnik                       Mitchell Wywiorski                 Gerald Zeit
     Tracey Willis                     Wolters Kluwer Health             X.L. Insurance Company Ltd.        Sue Zelko
     Christopher and Georgiann Wills   Isabella Shuk Ling Wong           Xerox Canada                       Grace Zeng
     Willson International             Kan Sum Wong                      Deb Nenonen Xstrata Copper         Zentil Property Management Inc.
     Kerry Wilneff                     Lori Woo                          Xstrata Nickel                     Jason Zerafa
     D. Jean Wilson                    Bonnie Wood                       X.Y. Media Ventures Ltd.           Zetmaster Ltd.
     Gary Wilson                       Bruce and Mary Wood               Minnie Yack                        Julie Zier
     James C. Wilson                   Janette M. Wood                   Yamaha Motor Canada Ltd.           Cheryl Zilli
     Karen Wilson                      Karen Wood                        Marlene G. Yaworski                Lawrence and Linda Zimmering
     Margaret Wilson                   Natalie Wood                      Jenny Yee                          Alysia Zimmerman
     Marnee Wilson                     Woodbine Entertainment Group      Kane Yee                           Tracy Zingone
     Shelagh E. Wilson                 Woodbridge Lumber Inc.            Yogen Fruz World-Wide Inc.         Helen Zinkargue
     WilsonArt Canada                  John M. Woods                     York Downs Golf & Country Club     Gary Hyde Zippo Canada Sales
     Andrew C. Wilton                  Nancy J. Woods                    York Marble Tile & Terrazzo Inc.   Edward and Mary Ziraldo
     Jack and Judith Winberg           Woodstone Floors                  York University Foundation         Terry Zive
     Wind Garden Construction          John A. Woodward                  Yorkwest Plumbing Supply Inc.      Eric Zoebelein
     Eric Windeler                     Barry Woodyard                    Arnold Young                       Zoran Real Estate Ltd.
     Windfields Farm Ltd.              Mari-Jayne Woodyatt               Carole Young                       Andrea Zsigmond
     Sandy Winick                      Woolgar Vanwiechen Ketcheson      Christine Young                    Carole H. Zucker
     Heather Winslade                     Ducoffe LLP                    D. Michael Young                   Michael Zuckerman Honickman

     We are very grateful to the following firms who have generously donated their skills, products and materials.
     92.5 JACKfm                       Colgate                           Kaitlin Group                      Swiss Chalet Rotisserie & Grill
     104.5 CHUM FM                     CTV                               Kraft Canada                       The Globe and Mail
     BNN (Business News Network)       EastDell Estate Winery            McWhirter and Associates           The National Post
     Boisset Canada                    Fandor Homes                      Naked Creative                     The Toronto Star
     Canadian House and Home           Ford Canada                       Resolve Corporation                The New Country 95.3 FM
     CIBC                              Frito Lay                         Six Degrees Medical Consulting     VIA Rail Canada
     Citytv                            Greenpark Homes                   Sobeys                             Vickie Rowden
     Coca-Cola Bottling Company        IBM                               Steam Whistle Brewery              Y&R

        Dove Campaign—Spreading Hope
                                                      The Foundation’s very successful and inspiring Dove Campaign is now
                                                      entering its eighth year, and each year it is harder to tell who is more
                                                      inspired—the donors who respond to the Dove package or the
                                                      Foundation staff who receive the Dove dedications returned by mail
                                                      or posted on our Web site.
                                                 This campaign is about hope—something hard to find if you just read
                                                 the daily headlines related to cancer. “But if you read stories about
                                                 people who have been treated for cancer at PMH, you can’t help but be
        inspired by their courage and by their deep appreciation for the outstanding care they have received,” says Lynn
        Douglas, Vice President of Community Giving.

36    2008 Report to Our Donors
Research Chairs

Chair                                                                                           Chairholder
An endowed Chair is the highest honour in academic life, prestigious for Chairholder and donor alike. Princess Margaret
Hospital is committed to fostering academic excellence and each endowed Chair enhances our ability to attract and
retain leading researchers, educators and trainees. Our Chairholders are recognized internationally for superior academic
achievement, experience and success in teaching and research.

The AMGEN Chair in Cancer Research                                                              Dr. Robert Rottapel
The Bartley-Smith/Wharton Chair in Radiation Oncology                                           Dr. Brian O'Sullivan
The Daniel E. Bergsagel Chair in Medical Oncology                                               Dr. Ian Tannock

PMH-held Chairs at University Health Network
Alan B. Brown Chair in Molecular Genomics                                                       Dr. Geoffrey Liu
The Ronald N. Buick Chair in Cancer Research                                                    Dr. Chris Paige
Butterfield/Drew Chair in Breast Cancer Survivorship                                            Dr. Pamela Catton
M. Qasim Choksi Chair in Lung Cancer Translational Research                                     Dr. Ming Tsao
J. Douglas Crashley Chair in Gynecologic Cancer Research                                        Dr. Joan Murphy
Dr. Mariano A. Elia Chair in Head and Neck Cancer Research                                      Dr. Fei-Fei Liu
Anna-Liisa Farquharson Chair in Kidney Cancer Research                                          Dr. Michael Jewett
The Orey and Mary Fidani Family Chair in Radiation Physics                                      Dr. David Jaffray
Gattuso Chair in Breast Surgical Oncology                                                       Dr. David McCready
The JCB Grant Chair in Oncologic Pathology                                                      Dr. Jeremy Squire
The K. Y. Ho Chair in Prostate Cancer Research                                                  Dr. Malcolm Moore
The Alan and Susan Hudson Chair in Neuro-Oncology                                               Dr. Abhijit Guha
Kirchmann Family Chair in Neuro-Oncology Research                                               To be appointed
Lee K. and Margaret Lau Chair in Breast Cancer Research                                         Dr. Norman Boyd
The Harold and Shirley Lederman Chair in Psychosocial Oncology and Palliative Care              Dr. Gary Rodin
The Love Chair in Prostate Cancer Prevention Research                                           To be appointed
The Addie MacNaughton Chair in Thoracic Radiation Oncology                                      Dr. Andrea Bezjak
The Philip S. Orsino Chair in Leukemia Research                                                 Dr. Mark Minden
OSI Pharmaceuticals Foundation Chair in Cancer New Drug Development                             To be appointed
RBC Financial Group Chair in Oncology Nursing Research                                          Dr. Doris Howell
Kevin and Sandra Sullivan Chair in Surgical Oncology                                            To be appointed
Joey and Toby Tanenbaum/Brazilian Ball Chair in Prostate Cancer Research                        Dr. Gang Zheng
The Scott Taylor Chair in Lung Cancer Research                                                  Dr. Frances Shepherd
The Robert E. Wharton Chair in Head and Neck Surgery                                            Dr. Patrick Gullane
The Robert E. Wharton Chair in Reconstructive Plastic Surgery                                   Dr. Stefan Hofer
The Weekend to End Breast Cancer Chair in Breast Cancer Research                                Dr. Tak Mak

The Gloria and Seymour Epstein Chair in Cell Therapy and Transplantation                        Dr. Armand Keating
The Fleck/Tanenbaum Chair in Prostatic Diseases                                                 Dr. John Trachtenberg
Scott/Whitmore Chair in Hematology and Gene Therapy Research                                    To be appointed

                                                                                  The Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation   37
     JCB Grant Society
     Membership in the JCB Grant Society is offered to donors who have included The Princess Margaret Hospital Founda-
     tion in their will or have made a future or life income gift. These special friends of the Foundation have made the fight to
     conquer cancer part of their own personal legacy.
     The JCB Grant Society is named after the distinguished Toronto professor of anatomy, Dr. J.C. Boileau Grant, the author
     of Grant’s Atlas of Anatomy. Princess Margaret Hospital has a special connection with Dr. Grant. His widow, Anne Catriona
     Robertson, left us a bequest of the Atlas when she died in 1982. With the annual royalty payments, The Princess Margaret
     Hospital Foundation has created the JCB Grant Chair in Oncologic Pathology, a $2.2 million endowed chair, as well as a
     major named endowment fund.
     The Grant family’s example is important to us: they have left an important legacy with a creative gift, and they have
     improved our ability to conduct leading-edge cancer research. Through the JCB Grant Society, we pay tribute both to
     the Grant family and to each donor who has confirmed a planned gift to The Princess Margaret.

     Violet Adair                    Christopher A. Carson              Michelle Fuss                  Jeff Karl
     Scarlat Albright                Eleanor G. Chapman                 Anthony Fyles                  Diane Karnay and Stuart Bollefer
     Bruce Alexandor                 Margaret E. Chapman                Kathy Gallivan                 Carla Keel
     Omar Ali                        Paul Chen                          Monica L. Gaudry               Grace Kelly
     The Alofs Family                K. Carol Christian                 Marilyn Gazey                  Nora Kent
     Keith Ambachtsheer and          Eero T. Chrons                     Ian Gibbard                    Andrea Kinch
        Virginia Atkin               Joyce K. Chung                     Harry and Joyce Gibbard        Neville and Lorraine Kirchmann
     Loretta and Etienne Amestoy     Valerie and James Clark            Shirley Goldenberg             Paula Kirsh
     Roger Anderson                  Anne Clements                      Lillian Gordon                 Veronica Kollar
     Shirley Arnold                  Julie A. Colosimo                  Ethel Gorlick                  Selwyn & Pippa Kossuth
     Norman K. Ashurst               Luciano and Paola Colozza          In Honour of Beryl Elizabeth   Sherry Kou
     William Badke                   Antonio Crescenzi                      Trimming-Green             Margaret, Audrey and
     Wilbur N. Baily                 Janice S. Crichton                 Carol Greenwood                   James Laidler
     Jan Balledux                    Barry Crookes                      Christopher G. Guest           Marjorie M. Lampkin
     Katharine Barilla               Irene Crowe                        Cathy Hale                     Harold Lane
     Yee Y Bell                      Beryl Cruse                        Elizabeth D. Hamilton          Colin Languedoc
     Francesco Benichasa             Enola Czech                        Doris Hansen                   Jocelyne Laniel
     Roslyn and Bernard Bennett      Fern Daiter                        Helen Phebe Hatton             James and Moira Lawrence
     Shirley Bennett                 Julie Davis                        Sharyl Haynes                  Barry Lebow
     Beulah Besharah                 Jean Davison                       Lenard Haywood                 Joan and Bob Lehman
     Rita Bette                      Mary Dawkins                       Suzanne Hearn                  Kathleen D. Leslie
     Aruna Bhatnager                 Joyce H. Denyer                    Robert I. Hendy                Charles E. Letman
     Rosa Bianca                     Tim Devlin                         Grant Hern                     Benjamin T. Libman
     Donald and Pamela Bierstock     Joseph Di Geso                     Mildred Herzog                 Daniel Lichtman
     Catherine Blackburn             Daniela Di Giantomasso             Joan Hickey                    Meryl Lindale
     Dorothea and Philip Bloom       Wilson G. Dow                      Barbara Hill                   Irene M. Lloyd
     Frank Bosco                     Jessie L. Dowling                  Timen Ho and Jessie Ho         Audrey Loeb and David Ross
     Robindra N. Bose                Maurice Drieu                      Frances M. Holland             Margaret Jane Logan
     Olive Boudreau                  Diane Drotos                       A. D. Holt                     Marija Loncar
     Geoffrey Boyes                  Ernest J. Dupuis                   Joan Pui-Ying Hosang           Maria Loschiavo
     Mary Brandon                    Joao J. Dutra                      Margaret J.H. Howitt           Rita Louidor
     Harold and Fredelle Brief       Linda Ecclestone                   Dr. Huie                       Charles MacAllister
     Beverley A. Briggs              Naomi Eisenberg                    Peter and Dalit Hume           John Macdonald
     Rob Bristow                     Margaret Ellis                     Glenn Hunnings                 Mr. and Mrs. John D. Mackay
     Bill and Gail Brown             Leola English                      Jeannine Hutty                 William MacLaren
     Ruth M. Buchanan                Audrey Ennis                       Nicholas B. Imming             John and Gail MacNaughton
     Joan and Jack Burkholder        E.R. Epps                          Tommasino-Timpano Iozzo        June Mansfield
     Reta M. Burrows                 Margaret A. Evered                 C. H. Jackson                  John C. Marshall
     David and Paula Butterfield     Patricia Ewart-McLean              Joan I. Jackson                Robert Martin
     Laura and Sven Byl              Roy A. and Elizabeth J. Fawcett    Simon L. Jackson               Frances I. Masefield Acheson
     Donald R. Cade                  Madeline Fielding                  Margaret Jenkins               Antonio and Seli Masegosa
     Fausto Carbone                  Leland J. Fisher                   Agnes Jenkinson                Dana Maslic
     Gail Carman and Dave            Patricia K. Ford                   Nancy Jennings                 Aureade Massey
        Hollingworth                 Josie, Jeanne and Archie Forsyth   Elspeth A. Johnson             Jean Matlow
     Dorothy Carr                    Jake E. Fowell                     Fran Johnston                  Reginald Matson
     K.C. Carruthers and Michelle    Sandra J. Frost                    Barry Jones                    Doris McCartney
        Cranston                     Larry and Eileen Fryer             Lee-Anne Kant                  Joyce L. McCathie

38    2008 Report to Our Donors
Janice McDonald            Aimee M. O'Connor                Therese Roy                             Earl Gingerich
Frances R. McDowell        Manuel Oliveira                  Marci J. Rubinoff                       Jackie Tuffin
R. A. Guy McGuire          Galina Ozols                     Barbara E. Russell                      Aubrey George Tullett
William George McIntyre    Marshal H. Partnoy               Ruth E. Russell                         Pat Nichols and Bob
Elizabeth McLean           John Patterson                   Patricia Sauerbrei                         Tundermann
Kenneth A. McLean          Colleen Peacock                  James H. (Bert) Scott                   Belal Uddin
Paul McNab and Mary        Brian Pecic                      Frank and Red Selke                     Peter Van Harmelen
    Collins-McNab          Constance Peters                 Idola G. Semple                         John and Tess Van Netten
Beverly McRae              Stan and Helen Petrowski         Anne Shanahan                           Joseph Vannot
Elizabeth Meldrum          Robert L. Pidgeon                Naju B. Shroff and Keki B. Shroff       Lou Vigoda
Louis Michael              Gertrude Piggott                 Antonio Sicilia                         Nancy J. Vivian
Rosa M. Milano             Margaret Pollard                 Margaret Simmons                        Florence Vuckson
Barbara Jean Miles         Sofia Polyanovsky                Graham T. Skells                        John Paul Watman
George Miljevich           Margaret Porteous                Linda Sky Grossman                      Lisa L. Weaver
James Miller               Mary E. Porter                   Sheila Smith                            Sophie Weimert
Patricia Miller            Karen M. Potter                  Thomas Smith                            Vanessa Wellwood
Ruth M. Miller             M. Hope Powell                   Helen Stark                             Lawrence Wert
S. Milne                   Clare Price                      Annabelle Stephens                      Hazel Westlake
Rita and George Misner     Eleanor Pridham                  D. Eleanor Stephenson                   Mary E. Whitaker
John K. Mitchell           Hilda Pruuli                     Ian Stobart                             Clyde Shepard Whitham
Lois Mitchell              Linda Puma                       Elsa and Ted Stringer                   Linda Whyte
Carla Monk                 Abel Quintal                     Shannon and Micheal Stuart              Charles T. Wilson
Doris J. Moore             Robert S. Rawlings               Ann D. Sutton                           Debra Wilson
Harold A. Morden           Bernie Rees                      Dorothy Sutton                          Sharon Wilson
Eleanor Morgan             Florence Reilly                  Jean M. Swanson                         Mary Winter
Brad Morris                John Reilly                      Richard F. Tayler                       Jonathon Wisebrod
Carol Morrison             Gladys Rennie                    Tina Tehranchian                        Susan McLean Woodburn
Miriam Mozes               Edna Reynolds                    Helen Tennyson                          Donald and Janice Woodley
June Murdoch               Heather Richardson               Irmgard Theegarten                      Ethel M. Woods
Freda A. Muscovitch        Lionel and Helaine Robins        Gai Thomas                              Betsy Wright
Margaret & William Myers   Charles H. and Kathleen          Nelson Tilander                         William A. Wright
Jill and Reed Nelson          A. Robinson                   Frederick Tiley                         Morden S. Yolles
Susan Newman               Betty Ross                       Joan Tilt                               Ginette Young
Doris Noftall              Annice H. Rothbart               June and Joseph M. Tkach                Chung-Fu Yu
Priscilla Ralph-Norris     Coleman Rotstein                 Mildred Trachtenberg                    Valentina Zatskoy Loper
Pamela and Donald North    Ross and Gwenda Roxburgh         Jerry Trestik

     Ida Rubinoff—Quintessential Lover of Life
                                     Ida Rubinoff was treated for leukemia at The Princess Margaret for more
                                     than two years. Very soon after becoming a patient, Ida learned that not all
                                     treatment-related costs are covered by provincial health plans, and she saw
                                     that many of her fellow patients needed help to pay for everything from
                                     prescription drugs to cab fare to the hospital.
                                     To help meet this need, Ida and her husband, Phil, made a gift of $25,000
                                     to establish the Ida Rubinoff Patient Support Fund. With generous support
                                     from family, friends and business colleagues, the fund grew past their initial
                                     goal of $250,000 and is now heading toward their revised goal of $500,000.
                                     Sadly, Ida passed away in June of 2007 at age 71. But she had been
                                     inspired by reports from hospital staff about the difference her fund was
                                     making in the lives of her fellow patients and left a further bequest to the
                                     fund in her will. Ida and Phil made a difference and hope that others will do
                                     the same.

                                                                                    The Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation   39
     Named Expendable Funds
     ABC Group Donation Fund                            Eve Corrigan Cancer Research Fund                   Lily Silver Magic Castle Fund
     ABC Group Inc. Ambulatory Infusion Pump Fund       Fire Fighters' Cancer Research Fund                 Linda and Marvin Barnett Fund
     Abraxis BioScience Fellowship Fund                 Frank A. Ragona Fund                                Lisa Coristine Brave Heart Fund
     Adelson Foundation Fund for Ovarian                Freed Family Fund                                   Lorne T. Wickerson and Rona Tattersdill Fund
        Cancer Research                                 Friends for Life Fund                               Lusi Wong Lung Cancer Early Detection
     Agnico-Eagle Research Fund                         Friuli Cancer Research Academic Exchange                Research Fund
     Ajax Lions Club Prostate Centre Fund                   Program Fund                                    Marilyn Barker Paulson Fund for Children with
     Allan Kerbel Trust Fund                            Gadler, Lam, Pellegrino Palliative Care Fund            Brain Cancer
     Alli's Journey Fund                                Gail Gordon Oliver and Family Fund for Breast       Marilyn Ricci Cancer Pain Control Fund
     Amelia Plastina Breast Cancer Research and             Cancer                                          Marilyn Van Stone Foundation Fund
        Equipment Fund                                  General Electric Canada Inc. Fund                   Mary Hooey Education Fund
     Ann and Irving Storfer Lymphoma Research Fund      George A. Cohon Fund for Reconstructive Surgery     Master Insulators Association of Ontario Inc. Fund
     Anna-Liisa Farquharson Kidney Cancer                   for Prostate Cancer                             Max Tanenbaum Garden Fund
        Research Fund                                   Gerald M. Soloway Prostate Cancer Research Fund     Max Tanenbaum Sculpture Garden Fund
     Asaro Family Lymphoma Fellowship Fund              Gerald Siegel Fund for Pancreatic Cancer Research   McDermott Patient Education Fund
     Ask Ethel Fund                                     Gerry & Nancy Pencer Brain Trust Fund               Menkes Family Innovation Fund in Thoracic
     Barrie Rose Fund                                   Gerry Ruby Fund                                         Surgical Oncology
     Barry and Susanne Cooper Family Fund               Gift of Life Fund                                   Merrill Lynch Fund
     Ben and Hilda Katz Charitable Foundation Fund      Gift of Love (G.O.L.F.) Fund                        Michael Albert Garron Fund
     Bette Johnston Cooperative Student                 Giovanni and Concetta Guglietti Family              Michael J. Dickinson Endoscopic Equipment Fund
        Scholarship Fund                                    Cancer Fund                                     Michael Ryan Leal Fund
     Betty Mendelssohn Kalmanasch Medical               Greenberg-Ritchie Fund                              Michael Wise Memorial Fund
        Research Fund                                   Greenpark Blood Transfusion Unit Fund               Muzzo Family Minimally Invasive Surgical
     Betty Meretsky Patient Care Fund                   Gucciardi Family Fund for Cell Therapy                  Oncology Program Fund
     Blaine Richard Stein Fund                          Gyne Committee Events Fund                          Muzzo Family Robotics Program Fund
     Bram Appel Fund for Molecular Diagnostics in       Harley Ulster and Cindy Leder Multiple Myeloma      Nadi Meir Fund
        Ovarian Cancer                                      Research Fund                                   Nathan and Sara Goldlist and Family Fund
     Bras Family New Drug Development Program           Harold Niman Prostate Research Fund                 Opthalmology Leslie Estate Fund
     Brian Ellies Esophageal Cancer Prevention Fund     Harry Littler Cancer Research Fund                  Oskar Ascher Schmidt Charitable Foundation Fund
     Brian Pendleton and Chad Goldman Ovarian           Hatch Family Fund                                   Pamela Mary Hosang Ovarian Cancer
        Cancer Fund                                     Helen and Irving Davis Fund                             Research Fund
     Bruce Galloway Fund in Head and Neck               Hibiscus Fund for Hope                              Patricia J. Myhal Pancreatic Cancer Research Fund
        Cancer Research                                 Hogarth Family Foundation Fund for                  Patrick Avison Memorial Fund
     Bush International Fellowship Fund                     Brachytherapy Research                          Patrick Moore Leukemia Research Fund
     Cabin Fever Event Fund                             Ian Lawson Van Toch Cancer Informatics Fund         Paul and Rhonda Krandel Fund
     Campbell Family Institute for Breast Cancer        Ice Sports Centre Etobicoke Tournament Fund         Pearl Banks Fellowship in Melanoma Research and
        Research Fund                                   Ida Rubinoff Patient Support Fund                       Patient Care Fund
     Canary Foundation Fallopian Tube Project Fund      Ilario Caranci Leukemia Research Fund               Penny Benjamin Fund for Caregiver Relief
     Carmel Derdaele Breast Cancer Research Fund        Isabel Koffman Fund for Pancreatic                  Philip Mincer Fund
     Charles and Marilyn Gold Family Foundation Fund        Cancer Research                                 Philip Orsino Cell Therapy Translational
     Charles Krowitz Burkitt's Lymphoma Research Fund   J. David and Jan Crichton Fund                          Research Fund
     Concetta Guglietti Most Wanted Fund for            J. Richard and Dorothy Shiff Fund                   Phyllis Hantho Breast Cancer Research Fund
        Gynecological Cancer                            Jack and Esther Cole and Family Prostate            Pollen/Reinholdt Fund for Cancer Research
     Cure for Lung Cancer Team Fund                         Centre Fund                                     Pusateri's Adult After Care Fund
     Daniel Alan Sheehan Brain Tumour Research Fund     Jack and Rose Wine Leukemia Research Fund           R. M. Saggar Fund
     Daniel Roncari Prostate Cancer Research Fund       Jack Elie Memorial Tournament Fund                  Race Against Cancer Fund
     David and June Anne Melnik Prostate Patient        Jack Weinbaum Prostate Prevention Fund              Ralph Fisher Fund
        Support Fund                                    Jacqueline Seroussi Foundation Fund                 Rebecca's Hope Leukemia Research Fund
     David and Paula Butterfield Ovarian Cancer         James Kinnear Fund                                  Richard Wookey Prostate Cancer Research Fund
        Database Fund                                   Jane and Peter Eby Fund                             Robert V. Brady Award Fund
     Derek Russell Fund for Clinical Trials Nursing     Janet Rosen Fund                                    Roche Fellowship in Drug Development
     Desmond and Pamela O'Rorke Drug                    Jennifer Evanshen Fund                              Ronald Buick Symposium Fund
        Development Fund                                Joe's Team Fund for Translational Research          Ronald Dunn and Ingrid Gadsden Fund for the
     Diane Lanthier Nursing Care Fund                   Joey and Toby Tanenbaum Radiation                       Benefit of Nurses on 14A
     Dick Aldridge Pancreatic Cancer Research Fund          Oncology Fund                                   RSM Richter Breast Cancer Research Fund
     Domenic Dell'Elce Fund                             John Finlay Oncology Fund                           Samuel Family Foundation CT/PET Centre
     Donald J. Young Fund                               John Fortney Party Fund                                 Research Fund
     Donati Family - St. Michael's Majors Ovarian       John L. Hickey Fund                                 Samuel Manu-Tech Inc. Fund
        Cancer Fund                                     John Steinberg Fund                                 Sandra Foyston Patient Education Fund
     Dr. Addleman Memorial Lecture Fund                 Joseph H.M. Wood Chemotherapy Research Fund         Sanofi-Aventis Fellowship Program Fund
     Dr. Annie Smith Bear Fund for Ovarian Cancer       Journey to Heal Fund                                Sara Ferlito Fund
     Dr. Geoffrey R. Conway Chemotherapy Fund           June Anne and David Melnik Breast Cancer            Shirley Auslander Peace Angel Fund
     Dr. J. Bacher Golf Tournament Fund                     Research Fund                                   Slavens Family Fund
     Edie and Eric Yolles Cell Therapy Research Fund    Laugh Lines Fund                                    Spring Fund in Honour of Frank and Brenda Spring
     Elana Waldman Fund                                 Laura Kathleen Gray Research Fund                   Stephen Duviner Pancreatic Cancer Research Fund
     Elsa and Ted Stringer Fund                         Lee China Exchange Fund                             Steven Hoffman Fellowship in Molecular
     Estelle Craig Family Fund                          Levelling the Playing Field Fund                        Genomics Fund

40    2008 Report to Our Donors
Named Endowed Funds
Sue Bristow Leukemia Fund                             The Beckie Fund for Breast Cancer Research      Tito and Maria Sansalone Fund
Suncor/Sunoco Gynecologic Oncology Fund               The Lo Family Fund for Leukemia Research        Toronto Fashion Show Fund
Susan Grange Advanced Simulation Program Fund         The Nicole Nardi Fund                           Vera Frantisak Fund
Susan Grange IMRT/BART Fund                           The Philip Lavorgna Life Over Lymphoma Fund     Weekend to End Breast Cancer Event Fund
Tara Fund                                             THE QUILT Breast Cancer Survivorship Fund       Wharton Fund for Head and Neck Cancer Research
Taylor Family Patient Education Fund                  The RACH Fund                                   Yasmin Bhaluani Ovarian Cancer Fund
The Al Hertz Urgent Care Facility Fund                The Zoe Springer Memorial Fund
The Alofs Family Fund                                 Thomas Bata Donation Fund

Those Supporting Programs                             Deirdre Clement Research Fund                   Mindy Kirsh Endowment Fund
Robert and Maggie Bras and Family New Drug            Dong Luong Huynh Research Fund                  Nizar and Gulzar Kanji Fund
  Development Program                                 Donna Steinberg Lung Cancer Research Fund       Norman Latowsky Leukemia Fund
                                                      Dorothy Gordon Buck Endowment Fund              Pak Heng Chu Research Fund
Those Supporting Chairs
                                                      Dr. Jane Poulson Breast Cancer Research Fund    Paola Colozza Fund for Drug Discovery
Please see page 37 for a complete listing of Chairs
                                                      Dr. Joseph K. McConnon Fund                     Paul MacDonald Fund
Those Supporting Professorships                       Eckler Research Endowment Fund                  Pearl Banks Family Endowment in Melanoma
Helen M. Cooke Professorship Fund                     Edie and Eric Yolles Research Fund                 Research and Patient Care Fund
                                                      Edward E. Wise Research Fund                    Philip and Terry Browman Ovarian Cancer
Those Supporting Fellowships
                                                      Eleanor and Burnett Thall Research Fund            Research Fund
Al Hertz Family Foundation Fund
                                                      Elizabeth Duke Research Fund                    Philip Lavorgna Life Over Lymphoma
Asaro Family Lymphoma Fellowship
                                                      Elma Pearl Pinder Research Fund                    Endowment Fund
Dr. Patrick Gullane Fellowship Fund in Surgical
                                                      Enid Hildebrand Cancer Research Fund            Philip Torno Cancer Research Endowment Fund
                                                      Ernest A. and Evelyn C. Byworth Trust for       Reid-Weston Family Leukemia Research Fund
Edith Kirchmann Fellowship
                                                         Research Fund                                Roy Arthur Fawcett Cancer Research Fund
George Knudson Memorial Fellowship
                                                      Fielding Family Research Fund                   Ryder MacDougall Family Fund
Gerald and Sheila Hatch Fellowship
                                                      Florence Winberg Endowment Fund                 Shawn's Miracle Fund
Helena Lam Fellowship in Cancer Research
                                                      Freda Ariella Muscovitch Ovarian Cancer         Shiraz Bagli Memorial Fund for Basic Research in
Michael V. and Wanda Plachta Fellowship
                                                         Research Fund                                   Ovarian Cancer
Mildred Goldberg Fellowship
                                                      Gail Eisen Pancreatic Cancer Research Fund      Shirley Mak Breast Cancer Research Fund
N. B. Keevil Fellowship in Translational Research
                                                      George and Kathleen Vice Research Fund          Spooner Family Endowment Fund
Oberlander Fellowship in Lung Cancer Research
                                                      Gerry and Nancy Pencer Brain Tumour Centre      Susan E. Crerar Ovarian Cancer Early
Steven Hoffman Fellowship in Molecular
                                                         Endowment Fund                                  Detection Fund
                                                      Gibson Clinical Research Fund                   Sylvia Jaychuk Pancreatic Cancer Research Fund
Those Supporting Lectureships                         Girling/MacLellan Research Fund                 TD Fund for Medical Discovery
Bierstock Family Lectureship in Prostate Cancer       Glenn and Marilyn Hunnings Fund in              Teddy Orenstein Research Fund
Dr. Clifford Ash Lecture                                 Haemopoiesis/Lymphopoiesis Research          Tehmi Boman Shroff Fund in Multiple
Drs. Vera Peters and R.S. Bush Lecture in Radiation   Guthrie Family Fund                                Myeloma Research
   Oncology                                           Gwendolyn H. Riding Research Fund               Terry Watson Research Fund
E.A. McCulloch Lectureship                            Harley Ulster and Cindy Leder Multiple          Tony Pennella Fund
Jeremy A. Oliver Palliative Care Endowment Fund          Myeloma Fund                                 Val Trypuc Sarcoma Research Fund
Philippa Harris Annual Lecture                        Harold E. Yeo Research Fund                     Valerie Dickson Fund
Wharton Lectureship in Head and Neck Cancer           Harry and Eleanor O'Neill Research Fund         W.J. Collins and J.A. McNab Research Fund
Those supporting awards and prizes                    Helen V. Crawford Research Fund                 Walter B. Pape Fund
Abate Radiation Therapy Prize                         Honourable Willard Z. Estey Fund                William and Dorothy Drevnig and Family Ovarian
Fritz Spiess Research Award                           Hubert B. Sceats Research Fund                     Cancer Research Fund
Gerald Kirsh Humanitarian Award                       JCB Grant Cancer Research Fund
                                                                                                      Patient care, education and other funds
Harold E. Johns Research Prize                        Jean E. McCulloch Research Fund
                                                                                                      Ask Ethel Fund
Robert G. Matthews Cancer Research and                Jean E. Smith Research Fund
                                                                                                      Dr. Joseph Neil Monteith Dunsmore Fund
   Education Fund                                     Joanna Lai Fund
                                                                                                      Gladys M. Davis Patient Services Fund
The Rabbi Joseph and Doris Kanner Fund                John and Esther Loewen Family Fund
                                                                                                      John Russell Koshan Hibiscus Fund for Hope
                                                      John Purkis Fund for Lung Cancer Research
Those supporting cancer research                                                                      Junior League of Toronto Pediatric Radiation Fund
                                                      Joseph Lorne Garvin Research Fund
Abraham, Ethel and Jackie Richmond                                                                    Lynn King Palliative Care Fund
                                                      Katharine S. McLeod Research Fund
   Research Fund                                                                                      Max Tanenbaum Music Program Fund
                                                      Kevin M. Sullivan Fund
Adele E.G. Curry Research Fund                                                                        Monica Wright Roberts National Breast Cancer
                                                      Khurshed Sanjana Multiple Myeloma
Albert Edward Rostern Mesothelioma                                                                       Endowment Fund
                                                         Research Fund
   Research Fund                                                                                      Morris and Marcia Kwinter Fund
                                                      Leslie Zeev Mozes Fund
Ann Rom Research Fund                                                                                 Morrissey-Copping Palliative Care
                                                      Lyndsay, Joey and Sam Lyons Fund
Barbara Sharpless Breast Cancer Research Fund                                                            Endowment Fund
                                                      M. Ann MacMillan Research Fund
Barrick Gold Corporation Prostate Research Fund                                                       Pencer Centre Patient and Family Advisory
                                                      Margaret Mary Vivian Endowment Fund
Bartley Bull Clinical Research Fund                                                                      Committee Fund
                                                      Margaret Pollard Research Fund
Beatty Biological Research Fund                                                                       Phyllis Smith Nursing Education Fund
                                                      Marion H. McRobert Research Fund
Bulhoes Head and Neck Fund                                                                            Robert Visagie Bone Marrow Transplant Fund
                                                      Mary C. Conway Research Fund
C. Victor Secrett Research Fund                                                                       Sylvia and Louis Lockshin Patient Education
                                                      McDowell-Silcox Family Research Fund
Catherine M. Wanless Research Fund                                                                       Program Fund
                                                      Melissa Ann Katzman Cancer Research Fund
Cohen and Morrison Pathology Research Fund                                                            Vera McDermott Patient Education Fund
                                                      Mildred Eady Research Fund
Dalia McKiee Endowment Fund

                                                                                                     The Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation            41
     March 31, 2008
     The accompanying financial statements of The Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation were prepared by management in
     accordance with generally accepted accounting principles.
     Management is responsible for the integrity and objectivity of the financial statements and has established systems of
     internal control which are designed to provide reasonable assurance that assets are safeguarded from loss or unauthorized
     use and to produce reliable accounting records for the preparation of financial information.
     The Board of Directors is responsible for ensuring that management fulfills its responsibility for financial reporting and
     internal control. The Board exercises its responsibilities through the Investment Committee, composed of members of
     the Board, who meet regularly with representatives of management and with the external investment managers and
     consultants, to monitor the performance of the investment portfolio. The Audit & Accountability Committee comprised
     of members of the Board and the community, meets regularly with management to monitor the financial activity of the
     Foundation together with the functioning of the accounting and control systems. This Committee also meets with
     management and the external auditors to review the results of the auditing activity.
     The external auditors have conducted an independent audit, in accordance with generally accepted standards, and have
     expressed their opinions on the financial statements. Their report outlines the nature of their audit and their opinion on
     the fairness of the financial statements of The Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation and the accounting principles fol-
     lowed in management’s preparation thereof.

     Neville W. Kirchmann                                       Paul Alofs
     Chairman, Board of Directors                               President & CEO

     John H. Bowey, FCA                                         Asha Raheja, CMA
     Chair, Audit & Accountability Committee                    Treasurer

42    2008 Report to Our Donors
                           AUDITORS' REPORT

To the Members of
The Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation

We have audited the balance sheet of The Princess Margaret Hospital
Foundation as at March 31, 2008 and the statement of revenue, expenses and
changes in fund balances for the year then ended. These financial statements are
the responsibility of the Foundation's management. Our responsibility is to
express an opinion on these financial statements based on our audit.

We conducted our audit in accordance with Canadian generally accepted auditing
standards. Those standards require that we plan and perform an audit to obtain
reasonable assurance whether the financial statements are free of material
misstatement. An audit includes examining, on a test basis, evidence supporting
the amounts and disclosures in the financial statements. An audit also includes
assessing the accounting principles used and significant estimates made by
management, as well as evaluating the overall financial statement presentation.

In our opinion, these financial statements present fairly, in all material respects,
the financial position of the Foundation as at March 31, 2008 and the results of its
operations and its cash flows for the year then ended in accordance with Canadian
generally accepted accounting principles.           As required by the Canada
Corporations Act, we report that, in our opinion, these principles have been
applied, on a basis consistent with that of the preceding year.

Toronto, Canada,
May 26, 2008.
The Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation
Incorporated under the laws of Canada

                                 BALANCE SHEET

As at March 31

                                                        2008               2007
                                                            $   [000's]      $

Cash [note 3]                                         43,714           35,531
Accounts receivable                                       75              117
Deferred expenses [notes 9, 10, 11 and 12]             8,297            5,900
Investments, at market [note 4]                      239,500          230,950
Capital assets, net [note 5]                             156              172
                                                     291,742          272,670

Due to University Health Network [note 15]            17,350              14,738
Accounts payable                                       1,224               1,268
Deferred revenue [notes 9, 10, 11 and 12]             26,940              22,070
Total liabilities                                     45,514              38,076

Fund balances
General Fund
  Unrestricted                                         3,009            1,114
  Invested in capital assets                             156              172
                                                       3,165            1,286
Restricted Fund [note 6]                             133,945          125,800
Endowment Fund [note 7]                              109,118          107,508
Total fund balances                                  246,228          234,594
                                                     291,742          272,670

See accompanying notes

On behalf of the Board:

                                  Director       Director
The Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation


Year ended March 31

                                                                     General Fund                Restricted Fund        Endowment Fund                        Total
                                                                   2008        2007             2008         2007       2008       2007               2008              2007
                                                                     $      [000's]     $        $      [000's]   $       $      [000's]     $          $     [000's]    $

Fundraising, net [note 8]                                         5,059               3,689    28,564        26,730     6,187              6,066     39,810        36,485
Weekend to End Breast Cancer, net [note 9]                           —                   —     12,966        13,246        —                  —      12,966        13,246
Lotteries, net [note 10]                                             —                   —     13,714        15,270        —                  —      13,714        15,270
                                                                  5,059               3,689    55,244        55,246     6,187              6,066     66,490        65,001
Investment income (loss) [note 13]                                4,245               5,590     2,642         4,376      (415)               (16)     6,472         9,950
                                                                  9,304               9,279    57,886        59,622     5,772              6,050     72,962        74,951

Fundraising and administrative [note 15]                          6,188               6,195       503           306        —                  —       6,691         6,501
Excess of revenue over expenses before grants                     3,116               3,084    57,383        59,316     5,772              6,050     66,271        68,450
  Ontario Cancer Institute/Princess Margaret Hospital [note 15]      —                    3    54,637        54,512        —                  —      54,637        54,515
Excess of revenue over expenses and grants for the year           3,116               3,081     2,746         4,804     5,772              6,050     11,634        13,935

Fund balances, beginning of year                                   1,286             899      125,800       118,468   107,508        101,292        234,594       220,659
Interfund transfers [note 14]                                     (1,237)         (2,694)       5,399         2,528    (4,162)           166             —             —
Fund balances, end of year                                         3,165           1,286      133,945       125,800   109,118        107,508        246,228       234,594

See accompanying notes
The Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation

                                           [in thousands]

March 31, 2008

The Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation [the "Foundation"] is incorporated under the Canada
Corporations Act. The Foundation was established to solicit, receive and maintain funds and to
apply these funds to improve and enhance cancer research, professional education and patient care
activities provided by the Ontario Cancer Institute/Princess Margaret Hospital ["OCI/PMH"],
which are part of the University Health Network ["UHN"].

The Foundation is a public foundation registered under the Income Tax Act (Canada) [the "Act"]
and, as such, is exempt from income taxes and able to issue donation receipts for income tax
purposes, under Registration Number 88900 7597 RR 0001. In order to maintain its status as a
public foundation registered under the Act, the Foundation must meet certain requirements within
the Act. In the opinion of management, these requirements have been met.

The financial statements of the Foundation have been prepared in accordance with Canadian
generally accepted accounting principles. The following summary of significant accounting
policies is set forth to facilitate the understanding of these financial statements:

Fund accounting
In order to ensure observance of the limitations and restrictions placed on the use of resources
available to the Foundation, the accounts of the Foundation are maintained in accordance with the
principles of fund accounting. Accordingly, resources are classified for accounting and reporting
purposes into funds. These funds are held in accordance with the objectives specified by the
donors or in accordance with directives issued by the Board of Directors [the "Board"]. Transfers
between the funds are made when it is considered appropriate and authorized by the Board. To
meet these objectives of financial reporting and stewardship over assets, certain interfund transfers
are necessary to ensure the appropriate allocation of assets and liabilities to the respective funds.
These interfund transfers are recorded in the statement of revenue, expenses and changes in fund

For financial reporting purposes, the accounts have been classified into the following funds:

[a] General Fund

    The General Fund accounts for the Foundation's general fundraising, granting and
    administrative activities. The General Fund reports unrestricted resources available for
    immediate purposes.
The Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation

                                          [in thousands]

March 31, 2008

[b] Restricted Fund

    The Restricted Fund includes those funds where resources are to be used for an identified
    purpose as specified by the donor, as stipulated by the fundraising appeal or as determined by
    the Board.

[c] Endowment Fund

    The Endowment Fund includes those funds where either donor or internal restrictions require
    that the principal be maintained by the Foundation on a permanent basis.

Investments and investment income
The investments of the Foundation are recorded at market value. Publicly traded securities are
valued based on the latest bid prices and pooled funds are valued based on reported unit values.
Short-term securities are valued based on cost plus accrued income, which approximates fair
value. Investments that are not publicly traded are valued based on the latest valuations provided
by external investment managers. Transactions are recorded on a settlement date basis and
transaction costs are expensed as incurred. Investment income, which consists of dividends,
interest, income distribution from pooled funds, realized and unrealized gains and losses, is
recorded as revenue in the statement of revenue and expenses.

Investment income earned on Endowment Fund or Restricted Fund resources that must be spent
on donor-restricted activities is recognized as revenue of the Restricted Fund. Investment income
subject to donor restrictions stipulating that it be added to the principal amount of the endowment
is recognized as revenue of the Endowment Fund. Unrestricted investment income earned on
Endowment Fund, Restricted Fund and General Fund resources is recognized as revenue of the
General Fund.

Translation of foreign currencies
The cost of investments, revenue and expenses denominated in foreign currencies are translated
into Canadian dollars at the transaction date. The market value of investments and other monetary
items denominated in foreign currencies are translated at the year-end rate.

Revenue recognition
Donations are recorded on a cash basis since pledges are not legally enforceable claims.

Donor-restricted donations for endowment purposes are recognized as revenue in the Endowment
Fund. Other donor-restricted donations are recognized as revenue of the Restricted Fund.
Unrestricted donations are recognized as revenue of the General Fund.
The Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation

                                           [in thousands]

March 31, 2008

Lottery revenue, Weekend to End Breast Cancer revenue and other events are recognized net of all
related expenses in the fiscal year in which the program is concluded. Revenue and expenses
related to lotteries for which prize draws take place and events that take place subsequent to the
year-end are deferred.

Grant recognition
Grants are recognized when payable.

Contributed goods and services
Contributed capital assets that are transferred to UHN are recognized at their fair market value in
the financial statements. Other contributed goods and services are not recognized.

Capital assets
Purchased capital assets are recorded at cost less accumulated amortization. Donated capital
assets are recorded at fair value at the date of contribution.

Amortization is provided on a straight-line basis over the estimated useful lives of the assets as

Office equipment                           10 years
Computer hardware and software              3 years

Financial instruments
The Foundation is subject to market, currency and interest rate price risks with respect to its
investments. To manage these risks, the Foundation has established a target mix of investment
types designated to achieve the optimum return with reasonable risk tolerance.

Employee future benefit plans
The Foundation participates in a multi-employer defined benefit pension plan and a non-pension
defined benefit plan sponsored by UHN. Contributions to these plans are expensed when due.

Use of estimates
The preparation of financial statements in conformity with Canadian generally accepted
accounting principles requires management to make estimates and assumptions that affect the
reported amounts of assets and liabilities and the disclosure of contingent assets and liabilities at
the date of the financial statements and the reported amounts of revenue and expenses during the
reporting period. Actual results could differ from those estimates.
The Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation

                                          [in thousands]

March 31, 2008

Change in accounting policies
Effective April 1, 2007, the Foundation adopted the recommendations of CICA 3855: Financial
Instruments – Recognition and Measurement and CICA 3861: Financial Instruments – Disclosure
and Presentation. CICA 3855 establishes standards for recognizing and measuring financial
instruments, including the accounting treatment for changes in fair value. As required by CICA
3855 and consistent with the accounting policy for investments used to prepare the prior year's
financial statements, investments continue to be presented at fair value. As permitted by CICA
3855, the Foundation's other financial assets and liabilities continue to be presented at amortized
cost which approximates fair value. The adoption of CICA 3855 and 3861 did not have a
significant impact on the financial statements in the prior or current year.

Future changes in accounting policies
The CICA has issued two new standards, CICA 3862: Financial Instruments – Disclosures and
CICA 3863: Financial Instruments – Presentation, which enhance the abilities of users of
financial statements to evaluate the significance of financial instruments to an entity, related
exposures and the management of these risks.

The CICA has also issued a new accounting standard, CICA 1535: Capital Disclosures, which
requires the disclosure of qualitative and quantitative information that enables users of financial
statements to evaluate the entity's objectives, policies and processes for managing capital.

These changes in accounting policies, which will be adopted effective April 1, 2008, will only
require additional disclosures in the financial statements.

Cash consists primarily of amounts held for the Restricted Fund and net funds received in advance
related to lotteries and events to be held during the next fiscal year.
The Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation

                                         [in thousands]

March 31, 2008

Investments consist of the following:
                                                      2008                         2007
                                           Market                        Market
                                            value              Cost      value              Cost
                                                 $               $           $                $

Short-term investments                     13,289             13,289      10,518           10,539
  Canada/Provincial                        23,903             22,677      30,526           30,208
  Pooled                                    6,518              6,382          —                —
  U.S. and other government                    —                  —        4,450            4,479
  Corporate                                89,026             89,131      78,373           78,247
                                          119,447            118,190     113,349          112,934
  Canadian                                 23,818             15,820      24,875           14,489
  U.S. and other foreign                   29,126             33,876      33,299           31,274
                                           52,944             49,696      58,174           45,763
Units of pooled hedge funds                53,820             54,285      48,909           48,918
                                          239,500            235,460     230,950          218,154

The weighted average yield and average term to maturity for the fixed income securities are as
                                                     2008                          2007
                                        Weighted            Average     Weighted       Average
                                        average             term to     average         term to
                                         yield              maturity     yield        maturity
                                           %                 [years]        %             [years]

Short-term investments                    3.83                 0.1         4.96               0.2
Canada/Provincial bonds                   3.72                10.4         4.19               7.3
U.S. and other government                 6.12                 4.4         4.45              10.1
Corporate bonds                           5.27                 8.5         4.77              10.8

Investments are managed as two pools:

•   Investments related to the Endowment Fund are invested as follows: short-term investments -
    1% [2007 - nil], equities - 50% [2007 - 55%], bonds - nil [2007 - nil] and hedge funds - 49%
    [2007 - 45%].
The Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation

                                            [in thousands]

March 31, 2008

•   Investments related to the General and Restricted Funds are substantially invested in short-term
    investments and bonds.

Capital assets consist of the following:
                                            2008                                     2007
                                                          Net                                   Net
                                       Accumulated       book                 Accumulated      book
                               Cost    amortization      value       Cost     amortization     value
                                 $            $              $         $              $          $

Office equipment               230           147             83       230            127        103
Computer hardware
  and software                 309           236              73      227            158         69
                               539           383             156      457            285        172

Amortization expense recorded in the accounts is $98 [2007 - $75]. Capital asset purchases were
$82 [2007 - $56].

The Restricted Fund consists of funds available for spending that are restricted by donors or the
Board for the following purposes:
                                                                             2008              2007
                                                                               $                 $

Donor-restricted balances
Restricted for research purposes                                           102,944           103,022
Restricted for purchase of capital assets                                    8,214             4,965
Restricted for patient support and other                                    20,682            16,023
                                                                           131,840           124,010

Internally imposed restrictions
Restricted for research purposes                                             1,942             1,515
Other                                                                          163               275
                                                                             2,105             1,790
                                                                           133,945           125,800
The Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation

                                            [in thousands]

March 31, 2008

The Endowment Fund consists of externally restricted contributions received by the Foundation
where the endowment principal is required to be maintained intact. The Endowment Fund also
includes internal resources transferred by the Board to the Endowment Fund, with the intention
that the principal be maintained intact. The investment income generated from assets held for
endowment purposes must be used in accordance with the various purposes established by the
donors or the Board.

Major categories of restrictions on fund balances are as follows:
                                                                          2008                2007
                                                                               $                $

Externally imposed endowments
Endowments, the income from which must
  be used for research purposes                                          79,295              78,937
Endowments, the income from which must
  be used for other restricted purposes                                  12,783              12,825
                                                                         92,078              91,762

Internally imposed endowments approved by the Board
Funds restricted for research                                             9,767              10,153
Funds restricted for other purposes                                         784                 835
Unrestricted funds                                                        6,489               4,758
                                                                         17,040              15,746
                                                                        109,118             107,508

                                       General Fund           Restricted Fund      Endowment Fund
                                      2008      2007          2008       2007        2008    2007
                                        $           $           $        $            $         $

Fundraising revenue
  Annual programs                    3,404       1,689       10,981   10,116          296       665
  Major gifts and bequests           2,389       2,286       21,302   20,276        5,891     5,401
                                     5,793       3,975       32,283   30,392        6,187     6,066
Less direct program costs              734         286        3,719    3,662           —         —
Net fundraising                      5,059       3,689       28,564   26,730        6,187     6,066
The Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation

                                          [in thousands]

March 31, 2008

During the year, the Foundation held a fundraising event, the Weekend to End Breast Cancer.
Financial results are as follows:
                                                                          2008               2007
                                                                             $                  $

Revenue                                                                 17,415              17,841

Logistics                                                                3,277               3,242
Marketing and other                                                      1,172               1,353
                                                                         4,449               4,595
                                                                        12,966              13,246

As at March 31, 2008, costs of $1,066 [2007 - $1,105] incurred and revenue of $1,859 [2007 -
$3,141] received during the year ended March 31, 2008 associated with the event to be held in
September 2008 have been deferred and recorded in the balance sheet. The results of the event
will be recorded as revenue and expense in the financial statements for the year ending March 31,

During the year ended March 31, 2008, the Foundation held three lotteries [2007 - three lotteries].
Financial results are as follows:
                                                                          2008               2007
                                                                             $                  $

Revenue                                                                 66,632              70,613

Prizes                                                                  28,433              32,165
Marketing and other                                                     24,485              23,178
                                                                        52,918              55,343
                                                                        13,714              15,270
The Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation

                                          [in thousands]

March 31, 2008

Prior to March 31, 2008, the Foundation committed to carrying out the spring 2008
Princess Margaret Hospital Home Lottery [the "Home Lottery"], which was completed during
May 2008 with net proceeds of approximately $8,600. As at March 31, 2008, costs of $4,322
[2007 - $4,562] incurred and revenue of $18,255 [2007 - $18,412] received during the year ended
March 31, 2008 associated with the Home Lottery have been deferred and recorded in the balance
sheet. The results of the Home Lottery will be recorded as revenue and expense in the financial
statements for the year ending March 31, 2009. The Foundation has a standby letter of credit of
$13,155 that expires on June 30, 2008 obtained in connection with the Home Lottery.

The Foundation is the beneficiary of the Brazilian Ball [the "Ball"] held May 24, 2008. As at
March 31, 2008, costs of $754 incurred and revenue of $1,982 received during the year ended
March 31, 2008 associated with the Ball have been deferred and recorded in the balance sheet.
The results of the Ball will be recorded as revenue and expense in the financial statements for the
year ending March 31, 2009.

In connection with the fundraising efforts for the Ball, a grant of $15,000 was announced by the
Province of Ontario to support The Anna Maria de Souza Knowledge Transfer Centre for
Oncology Nursing [the "Centre"]. This grant may be paid by the Province of Ontario directly to
OCI/PMH over five years.

The Foundation has launched a new fundraising event, Ride to Conquer Cancer [the "RIDE"], to
be held in June 2008. As at March 31, 2008, costs of $2,117 incurred and revenue of $4,668
received during the year ended March 31, 2008 associated with the RIDE have been deferred and
recorded in the balance sheet. The results of the RIDE will be recorded as revenue and expense in
the financial statements for the year ending March 31, 2009.

[a] Investment income earned on the Foundation's assets consists of the following:
                                                                          2008               2007
                                                                            $                   $

    Interest, dividends and realized gains                              16,164              10,244
    Net change in unrealized gain (loss) on investments                 (8,757)                537
                                                                         7,407              10,781
    Less investment management and custodial fees                          935                 831
                                                                         6,472               9,950
The Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation

                                         [in thousands]

March 31, 2008

[b] Investment income is allocated among the funds based on the Foundation's capital
    preservation policy. This policy has the objective of protecting the real value of the
    endowments by limiting the amount of earned income available for spending and requiring
    the reinvestment of any income earned in excess of this limit. This preservation of capital is
    recorded as revenue of the Endowment Fund for externally endowed funds. For internally
    endowed funds, the preservation of capital is recorded as income of the General Fund and
    transferred to the Endowment Fund in the statement of revenue, expenses and changes in fund
    balances. In any year, should net investment income not be sufficient to fund the amount
    required for spending, the amount that is to be made available for spending is funded by
    accumulated reinvested income. However for individual funds without sufficient reinvested
    income, endowment capital is transferred to the Restricted Fund for this purpose. This
    amount is expected to be recovered by future net investment income.

    Currently, the income available for spending is set at 5% of the market value of the
    Endowment Fund balances. An additional 1% is recorded in the General Fund to cover
    administrative costs.

    Investment income recorded in the Restricted Fund represents income earned on endowments
    where the donor has stipulated that the income must be used for restricted purposes or where
    there are agreements requiring income to be allocated to restricted funds.

[c] Gains and losses arising from the sale of donated investments that fund specific endowed or
    restricted funds are recorded in these funds.

[d] In 2008, investments held for endowments incurred an investment loss of $415. As a result,
    no investment income was available for preservation of capital, to make available for
    spending or to cover administrative costs. With respect to externally endowed funds, the
    funds available for spending of $4,555 were transferred from the Endowment Fund to the
    Restricted Fund and the amount available to cover administrative costs of $910 was
    transferred from the Endowment Fund to the General Fund. With respect to internally
    endowed funds, the shortfall of funds available for spending of $810 was transferred from the
    Endowment Fund to the Restricted Fund and the amount available to cover administrative
    costs of $233 was transferred from the Endowment Fund to the General Fund.

    In 2007, investment income of $3,559 was earned on investments held for endowments. An
    amount of $984 was recorded as General Fund revenue to cover administrative costs. No
    investment income was available for preservation of capital of endowments and there was a
    shortfall in the amount available for spending. With respect to externally endowed funds, the
    amount available for spending of $2,179 was recorded as Restricted Fund revenue and the
    shortfall of $2,004 was transferred from the Endowment Fund to the Restricted Fund. With
    respect to internally endowed funds, income of $421 was recorded as General Fund revenue
    and transferred to the Restricted Fund. The shortfall of funds available for spending of $347
    was recorded as a transfer from the Endowment Fund to the Restricted Fund.
The Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation

                                            [in thousands]

March 31, 2008

[e] In 2008, the Board approved transfers from the General Fund totalling $2,346 to the
    Endowment Fund and $34 to the Restricted Fund. These transfers relate to internally
    endowed bequests and changes in the designation of funds as directed by donors or the Board.

    In 2007, the Board approved transfers totalling $2,517 to the Endowment Fund with $2,273
    from the General Fund and $244 from the Restricted Fund relating to internally endowed
    bequests and changes in the designation of funds as directed by donors or the Board.

Transfers between funds consist of the following:
                                        General Fund          Restricted Fund      Endowment Fund
                                       2008      2007         2008       2007        2008    2007
                                        $            $             $           $       $          $

Board and donor approved
  re: fund restrictions [note 13[e]] (2,380)     (2,273)           34      (244)    2,346       2,517
Allocation of investment
  income in accordance
  with Board policy [note 13[d]] 1,143             (421)      5,365        2,772    (6,508)    (2,351)
                                     (1,237)     (2,694)      5,399        2,528    (4,162)       166

[a] During the year, the Foundation funded the following projects carried out at the OCI/PMH
    and UHN:
                                  General Fund               Restricted Fund                Total
                                 2008      2007              2008       2007         2008        2007
                                   $            $              $           $           $          $

    Equipment                       —           —           2,984        7,373      2,984       7,373
    Research                        —            3         48,139       44,639     48,139      44,642
    Construction of centres
      within the hospital           —           —           3,514        2,500      3,514       2,500
                                    —            3         54,637       54,512     54,637      54,515

[b] UHN provides certain services to the Foundation and pays some expenses on behalf of the
    Foundation. The Foundation reimburses UHN for all direct costs associated with services
    provided and expenses paid. Administrative expenses include a charge of $102 [2007 - $103]
    paid to UHN for office space and service fees.
The Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation

                                          [in thousands]

March 31, 2008

[c] The Foundation pays certain common expenses on behalf of affiliated foundations and is
    reimbursed for these expenses. In addition, the Foundation reimburses affiliated foundations
    for those common expenses incurred by these foundations on behalf of the Foundation.

[d] Salaries, benefits and certain other expenses are paid by UHN and are reimbursed by the

[a] As at March 31, 2008, the Foundation approved plans to make a research grant of $18,000 to
    OCI/PMH which will be expensed during the year ending March 31, 2009.

[b] The Foundation has also committed to provide a grant of $10,000 for the fit-out of research
    space in the MaRS Discovery Tower. As at March 31, 2008, total payments of $5,000 have
    been made in connection with this commitment.

[c] The Foundation has received a claim for damages. The Foundation considers this claim to be
    without merit and is defending it.

During 1997, the Foundation negotiated an agreement in which a grant of $3,300 from the
Foundation to the University of Toronto [the "University"] was matched equally by the
University and the Ontario Government through the Ontario Student Opportunity Trust Fund.
This established a $9,900 endowment to be held by the University for the benefit of graduate
students studying with University faculty members located at the hospital facilities and engaged in
cancer research.

The following financial results for the year ended April 30, 2008 were reported by the University
to the Foundation:
                                                                    Endowment         Expendable
                                                                      Fund               Fund
                                                                          $                 $

Balance, at market value, as at April 30, 2007                          13,542                   515
Investment loss                                                           (245)                   —
Transfer to Expendable Fund                                               (467)                  467
Student awards                                                              —                   (397)
Balance, at market value, as at April 30, 2008                          12,830                   585
The Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation

                                       [in thousands]

March 31, 2008

A separate statement of cash flows has not been presented since cash flows from operating,
investing and financing activities are readily apparent from the other financial statements.
The Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation
Statement of Revenue, Expenditure and Grants
                                           2004      2005         2006              2007                2008
    Net Revenue

Where our Revenue Comes From                                 How our Revenue is Used
     Fundraising                         20,396     27,584       31,134           36,485              39,810
     Weekend to End Breast Cancer         8,543     10,891       12,187           13,246              12,966
     Lotteries                           13,101     19,906       18,581           15,270              13,714
                                         42,040     58,381       61,902           65,001              66,490
      Investments                        14,800      7,220       15,452            9,950               6,472
    Total Net Revenue                    56,840     65,601       77,354           74,951              72,962

    Overhead Expenses                      3,700     4,325        5,890             6,501              6,691
    Overhead Expenses/Net Revenue          6.5%      6.6%         7.6%              8.7%               9.2%

    Net                                  53,140     61,276       71,464           68,450             66,271

     Building                                        1,498        7,000            2,500               3,514
     Research                            24,431     27,712       35,483           43,942              47,439
     Education                              650        700          700              700                 700
     Equipment                            4,892      2,368        2,399            7,373               2,984

    Total Grants                         29,973     32,278       45,582           54,515             54,637

    Transfer to Fund Balances            23,167     28,998       25,882           13,935             11,634

    Fund Balances
      Endowments                         79,454     87,302      101,292          107,508            109,118
      Restricted                         85,425    106,583      118,468          125,800            133,945
      Unrestricted                          900        892          899            1,286              3,165
                                        165,779    194,777      220,659          234,594            246,228

    Held By University of Toronto        11,189     11,553       12,797           14,057              13,415

    Total Capital                       176,968    206,330      233,456         248,651             259,643

                                    Fundraising                                                                Research

                                    WEBC                                                                       Building

                                    Lotteries                                                                  Equipment

                                    Investments                                                                Education

                                                                          The Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation        59
     Change in Leadership
                                               Neville Kirchmann, who has served The Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation
                                               in many capacities, will complete a two-year term as Chairman of the Board on
                                               October 2, 2008.
                                               Mr. Kirchmann’s relationship with the Foundation is a unique and significant
                                               one. It began when he joined the Board of Directors in 1996. In 1999 he was
                                               asked to run the Foundation for a three-month interim period which turned
                                               into four years. Mr. Kirchmann had previously been president and CEO of
                                               Coca-Cola Beverages, and the Foundation took full advantage of his strong
                                               business background.
                                               During his tenure at the Foundation, the very successful lottery program
                                               expanded from one to two lotteries, the Weekend to End Breast Cancer was
                                               launched, and there was effective clarification on governance and the different
                                               roles of the board and foundation management.
                                               Mr. Kirchmann has also been a generous donor and personal supporter of the
                                               hospital. His gifts have led to the creation of The Edith Kirchmann Fellowship
                                               in Psychosocial Oncology in honour of his late first wife, and the Kirchmann
                                               Family Chair in Neuro-Oncology Research.
                                               Both Mr. Kirchmann’s physical endurance and his fundraising talents were most
                                               recently showcased as he rode 200km in the inaugural Ride to Conquer Cancer
                                               leading a team that raised over $44,000.
                                               Mr. Kirchmann’s successor is Keith Ambachtsheer who joined the Board in
                                               November of 2001, and has served as Chair of the Investment Committee.
                                               Mr. Ambachtsheer is President of KPA Advisory Services, and a global
                                               thought-leader in the pensions and investment field. He is the author of three
                                               books, and has received a number of awards recognizing his professional
                                               contributions to the field in Canada, the USA, and Europe. Most recently, he
                                               received the CFA Institute’s prestigious James R. Vertin Award for his research
                                               contributions “notable for their relevance and enduring value to the invest-
                                               ment profession”. He has also received the University of Toronto Arbor Award
                                               for volunteer service in founding the International Centre for Pension
                                               Management at the Rotman School of Management. He is a past President of
                                               the Association of Canadian Pension Management, and has served on a
                                               number of boards of directors in both the for-profit and volunteer sectors.
                                               The Foundation looks forward to a continuation of strong board leadership
                                               with Mr. Ambachtsheer at the helm.
     Board of Directors Update
     The Foundation wishes to thank Kevin Sullivan who has completed his term on the Board. Kevin contributed his many
     talents and considerable financial support on behalf of the Foundation in a wide variety of ways, most recently leading a
     team that raised over $370,000 in the Ride to Conquer Cancer. Kevin and his wife Sandra established the Kevin & Sandra
     Sullivan Chair in Surgical Oncology at The Princess Margaret with a generous donation of $1 million. Fortunately, the
     Foundation will continue to benefit from Kevin’s leadership and energy. He and Sandra have agreed to be the honourary
     co-chairs of the 2009 Ride to Conquer Cancer.

60    2008 Report to Our Donors
The Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation
(as of March 31, 2008)
Board of Directors                              Board Committees
Neville W. Kirchmann – Chairman                 Audit and Accountability             Investment
Keith P. Ambachtsheer – Vice-Chairman           Chair: John H. Bowey, FCA            Chair: Keith P. Ambachtsheer
Lloyd Atkinson                                  Members:                             Members:
Dr. Robert Bell                                 Terry Bacinello                      Lloyd Atkinson
John H. Bowey, FCA                              Andrew Callum                        Stephen M. Goldhar
David Butterfield                               Nizar E. Kanji                       Marianne Harris
Tom Ehrlich                                     Neville W. Kirchmann                 Neville W. Kirchmann
Stephen M. Goldhar
Dr. Mary Gospodarowicz                          Breast Cancer                        President & CEO’s
David P. Harris                                 Chair: Candace Innes
Marianne Harris                                 Members:
                                                                                     Advisory Committees
Candace Innes                                   Dr. Robert Bell                      Development Committee
Chris Jordan                                    David Butterfield                    Chair: David Butterfield
Nizar E. Kanji                                  Dr. Pamela Catton                    Members:
Maureen Shaughnessy Kitts                       Dr. Mary Gospodarowicz               Lloyd Atkinson
Dr. Benjamin Neel                               Carole Grafstein                     Tom Ehrlich
Dr. Christopher J. Paige                        Neville W. Kirchmann                 David P. Harris
Wendy C. Posluns                                Dr. Tak Mak                          Karim Kanji
Jürgen Schreiber                                Dr. David McCready                   Patrick Keeley
Betsy Wright                                    Dr. Benjamin Neel                    John Lamacraft
Dr. Catherine Zahn                              Dr. Christopher J. Paige             Brent Norton
                                                                                     Ford Ralph
Officers                                        Governance                           Philip Smith
                                                Chair: Betsy Wright
Paul Alofs                                                                           Lottery
President & CEO                                                                      Chair: Candace Innes
                                                Nizar E. Kanji
Asha Raheja                                     Neville W. Kirchmann                 Members:
Treasurer                                       Wendy C. Posluns                     Chris Jordan
                                                Dr. Catherine Zahn                   Neville W. Kirchmann
Margo C. Clarke
                                                                                     Maureen Shaughnessy Kitts
                                                Human Resources and
                                                Chair: David P. Harris
                                                Dr. Robert Bell
                                                Neville W. Kirchmann
                                                Betsy Wright

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