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          your                              JAMES F. HUMPHREYS
                                                             ASSOCIATES L. C.

                               yor wUl;rnes F Humphreys & Associates Attorney
                                    - L
                                      .      .                                                           SPRING 2007-

                                                                               Individuuh who worked
                                                                               at industrial sites, on
                                                                               Nuvul ships, on boilers,
                                                                               or ut consm/ction sites

Health Alert: Are You At Risk for

Mesothelioma is a very aggressive cancer caused by          James F. Humphreys and Associates, LC, strives to help
previous exposure to asbestos. Asbestos is a mineral        working people who worked hard for their companies
that has been used in over 3,000 products. Individuals      and were rewarded with life-long injuries or early death.
who worked at industrial sites, on Naval ships (see back    We continue, as your law firm, to fight everyday to get
page), on boilers, or at various construction sites were    the compensation that your family and you deserve.
commonly exposed to asbestos. Asbestos is not harm-
ful if it is completely undisturbed. However, many folks    We have a team of knowledgeable and dedicated staff
who worked at particular job sites disrupted this harmful   who care about helping clients who suffer from asbes-
product at the direction of their employer. For example,    tos-related diseases, including mesothelioma and lung
asbestos can be disturbed by cutting and/or installing      cancer. We encourage you to let others you worked
asbestos-containing products (such as pipe insula-          with know to contact us if they have mesothelioma or
tion, gasket or packing materials, brake materials, etc).   lung cancer.
Other ways to be exposed to asbestos include wear-
ing clothing or gloves made with asbestos, or simply
being in an area where employees are working with
asbestos-containing products and inhaling the fibers.       www.jfhumphreystv. com
Many employers, suppliers and manufacturers knew
that asbestos-containing products were harmful and
                                                            www.jfhumphreys. com
could be deadly. Sadly, many lives could have been
saved and hard working Americans not harmed if
employers, work-site owners, and manufacturers and
suppliers of asbestos-containing materials would have          James F. Humphreys &Associates
 warned and protected workers. These companies could           United Center, Suite 800        304.347.5050 Phone
and should have offered protective measures they               500 Virginia Street East        800.442.1161 Toll Free
                                                               Charleston, West Virginia 25301 304.347.5055 Fax
knew about to reduce or possibly eliminate workers'
                                                               Office Hours:
exposures to asbestos dust.
                                                               Monday - Friday 8:OOam - 6:OOpm & By Appointment
Asbestosis, Pleural Plaques and Other Asbestos Diseases 

Asbestosis and Pleural Plaques are non-malignant or          asbestos lawsuits have met with one of our staff in
non-cancerous diseases of the lung that result from          your home or at our office for what is called a Product
exposure to asbestos dust. Asbestosis is a scarring          ldentification Interview. This is an interview where we sit
of the lung tissue which occurs after long-term, heavy       down with you and discuss your work history and verify
exposure to asbestos. Pleural Plaques attach to the          the asbestos-containing products you recall working
outer wall of the lung, depressing the lung. Some indi-      with. Many more of you will be contacted in the com-
viduals exposed to asbestos dust later develop cancers,      ing months for one of these interviews. The purpose
including mesothelioma, lung cancer, or cancers of the       of these interviews is to maximize our ability to get you
gastrointestinal tract (including the larynx, pharynx and    compensation from the companies who contributed to
colon). It is crucial for you to contact us immediately if   your asbestos exposures and your asbestos disease.
you develop an asbestos-caused cancer.                       To be successful in this effort, we must present spe-
                                                             cific medical and product exposure information for you
Asbestos was widely used in many industrial products,        to prove that specific companies harmed you. If you
including, but not limited to, cement, brake linings, roof   are asked to meet with us for a Product ldentification
shingles, flooring products, textiles, and insulation.       Interview, please do your best to meet and work with us
When asbestos fibers are released into the air, they may     so we can get you the most compensation we possibly
be inhaled or swallowed, and can cause serious health        can for your asbestos-related disease.
problems and even death. Many of you with pending

                                                                      Did You Know?
   Asbc                                                               Asbestos was widely wed in
                                                                      many industrialproducts....
                                                                      When asbestososfibers are
                                                                      released into the air, they may
                                                                      be inhaled or swallowed and
                                                                      can cause serious health
                                                                      problems and even death.
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                                                                                                          "Protectjng Your Rights"

  M O N S M O UPDATE: Were 
Yoa Deadky Toxins?
  Qun DecefmQsr I T ,
  Aam~iatee,LC,dmg @%h% associated munsei,
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                                      ,James F. Hulm,pt-rreys t

                 hwt Ira l%€narnCounty Circuit Court

                      - %he h and property of

                            M.V., mmerning tadc eon-

                               AlTl&cs Company, A h 0
                                                        -    -
                                                                             In addition to the property damage and medical moni-
                                                                             toring class action tawsuit in Putnam County, the
                                                                             Humphreys firm also filed a personal injury lass adion
                                                                             lawsuit in Kanawha County on behalf of all of those
                                                                             persons who have developed a disease or other illness
                                                                             from their exposure to dioxin.

                           tifly ytsars. The primary k i n                   The types of illnesses associated with dioxin exposure
                      by Ws ~hmit dioxin causedby
                          6           b                                      include: cancers such as respiratory cancers, mul-
                M.a: Chembi cakd 2,4,%T, which was                           tiple myeloma, prostate cancer, brain cancer, thyroid
                        @ ckxdty d&bnt widely used                           cancer, and chronic lymphocytic leukemia; skin
                                                                             disorders such as chlormne and porphyria cutanea
                                                                             t a d ; biochemical liver-test abnormalities, elevated
  F -%&@ a @ 3
     r          m - M            m padwed 2,4,5-T and                        blood lipids, and fetal injury; hormonal, neurologic,
  Fdwaea                                                                     and immunologic injuries such as thyroid problems;
  qiwe w&i& c a m to rest in the houses, schools,                            respirzhory problems; genetic, reproductive, and
  W        m ar-ld inside the people of the Nitro area.                      dweiopmental dkcts such as autism; type 2 diabetes;
  h k z m and            defendants cmiinued ta disperse                     spina bifida; and, non-hodgkin's lymphoma, hodgkin's
  M n h tike air by burning di~xin-laden and con-
           b                                  so#                            lymphoma, and soft tissue sarcoma.
  4 h ttgarea mii and waterways by dumping barrels
     m ai-
  d d b i n in sea kmdfills. Th9 extent of this wnhrnina-                    Any person who lived, worked, or attended school
  tion WEB, &sixwered thraqh extensive Mood, soil, and                       within five miles of the Nitro plant for at least one year
  indcm attb drust Wing by experts. This lawsuit seeks                       or who presently owns property within five miles of the
                 for thle damage cause.d t local property,
                                          o                                  plant can be part of one or both of these lawsuits. If
  =    d T as f r?medid mitwing," wHkh would pro-

               o                                                             you or a loved one would like to sign up to participate,
  w& imedkzd testing to. arm residen%s determine if
   -                                        $0                               please contact the Charleston office of the Humphreys
  they were hjtaed by their mpmwre to dioxin from the                        firm at 1-800-442-1161. Both lawsuits are being led by
                                                                             experiencedclass action litigation attorney Tom Urban.
United Center, Su~te 800
500 Virginia Street East
Charleston, West Virginia 25301

304.347.5050 Phone
800.442.1161 Toll Free
304.347.5055 Fax

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Defective Products
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Chemical Exposure
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These are only some of the types of
cases we handle. We represent
victims in all types of serious injury
and death cases. Please call us for
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 Navy Ship Personnel Could Be Victims of Asbestos Exposure 

Did you ever sail on, serve on, or repair a military ship   -   are investigating the possibility of getting individuals
built in the Western part of our country? Or, did you           compensation from the asbestos companies who
ever attend basic training in a United States Navy              provided asbestos rnaterals to these ships and Naval
Training Center in the state of California? If so, please       sites or who disturbed those asbestos materials, expos-
contact our office at 1-800-442-1161 and let us know            ing servicemen and servicewomen to asbestos dust.
the name(s) of the ships you worked on and the                  If we can determine with certainty which companies are
approximate dates you were on the ship(s); or, the              respansiblefor theseexposures, we will do all we can do
name of the California city where you attended Naval            to get them to compensate victims of these exposures.
training and the approximate year(s) you were there. We

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