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Brian D. Weinstein


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									614 First Avenue, Fourth Floor
Seattle, WA 98104

        Brian D. Weinstein
        Senior Counsel


        PDF Bio

        Brian Weinstein returns to the practice of law as “Senior Counsel” to Bergman, Draper and
        Frockt after having served in the Washington State Senate. Brian got his start in asbestos
        litigation straight out of law school in 1981, when he became one of the early pioneers in the
        field. He eventually served as senior partner to the predecessor of this firm before entering

        During the last 30 years, Brian has achieved numerous significant verdicts, favorable appellate
        results and advantageous settlements on behalf of working men and women suffering from
        mesothelioma, lung cancer, asbestosis and other asbestos related diseases. Brian has long been
        recognized as one of the nation’s leading trial attorneys and a Super Lawyer by Washington Law
        and Politics.

        “A lot of the guys I went to school with just wanted to work on mergers and acquisitions or make
        a killing in real estate,” Brian recalls. “But I had no interest in joining the corporate world. In
        fact, just the opposite; I knew I wanted to use my law degree to hold corporations accountable
        when they make dangerous products, or pollute the environment or take advantage of working
        men and women just trying to support their families. Trying cases for people injured by asbestos
        exposure has allowed me to do that.”

        After one four-year term, Brian decided not to run for re-election and to return to his law
        practice, representing families affected tragically by asbestos and mesothelioma. Still, he
        continues his commitment to public service in the Seattle area.


        Juris Doctorate, University of Texas Law School
        Bachelor of Arts, Economics, University of Wisconsin,-Madison (with Honors)
American Association for Justice
Tacoma-Pierce County Bar Association
Washington State Association for Justice
Washington State Bar Association

Recognition, Awards & Honors
Pike Place Market Foundation
        Former Director of Board
Public Stadium Authority
        Appointed by Governor Gregoire, 2009

Verdicts & Victories
Brian has amassed an impressive record as a trial lawyer working for asbestos victims, achieving
many multi-million dollar verdicts on behalf of his clients. The National Law Journal recognized
Brian in 1991 for his participation in that year’s largest jury award in the United States, a $91.3
million verdict for 45 plaintiffs in the New York Asbestos Powerhouse Litigation. In federal
court in Texas, Brian was one of the first lawyers to win a verdict on behalf of a worker whose
exposure to asbestos had caused his colon cancer, a disease which many manufacturers have
claimed is not caused by asbestos. Brian also won a successful verdict in Texas on behalf of the
wife of an insulator who developed asbestosis as a result of her exposure to the asbestos brought
home on her husband’s clothing. Brian’s many other successes include important published
decisions by trial and appellate courts across the nation. His impressive record includes the

Trial Verdicts
    •$6,500,000 verdict in Illinois state court for six plaintiffs suffering from non-malignant
       asbestos disease; verdict affirmed on appeal.
    •$3,450,000 verdict in single asbestosis case tried in federal court in New York, with
       45% of the verdict was assessed against the lone trial defendant, a asbestos insulation
       manufacturer; verdict affirmed on appeal.
    •$3,000,000 and $1,500,000 verdicts in Texas state court on behalf of one plaintiff
       suffering with mesothelioma and one widow whose husband had died of the disease
       before trial.
    •$2,199,000 verdict in state court in St. Louis Missouri against an asbestos insulation
       manufacturer for a widow whose husband died of lung cancer caused by asbestos
    •$2,000,000+ verdict for five plaintiffs with asbestosis and one with lung cancer in New
       York Asbestos Powerhouse Litigation in which the cases of 47 plaintiffs were
       consolidated in a year long trial in federal court with an aggregate jury verdict of
    •$2,500,000 verdict in federal case in Georgia on behalf of four plaintiffs with mild
       asbestosis; verdict reduced by the trial court to $1,250,000, which was affirmed by the
       Eleventh Circuit.
    •$1.6 million verdict in Texas state case for a mesothelioma victim who was exposed to
       asbestos as a sheet metal worker.
   •$1, 074,000 verdict for a single plaintiff with asbestosis in New York federal court; case
    settled shortly after verdict.
   •$965,000 verdict in Texas federal court on behalf of four Spanish speaking plaintiffs
    with mild asbestosis who testified through an interpreter at trial.

Appellate Victories
 •Aguirre v. Armstrong World industries, Inc., 901 F.2d 1156 (5th Cir. 1990) (affirmed
  award of punitive damages against a successor corporation).
 •Foster v. Johns Manville Sales Corp., 787 F.2d 390 (8th Cir. 1986) (reversed trial court’s
  grant of summary judgment on statute of limitations).
 •Meehan v. Celotex Corp., 466 So.2d 1100 (Fla. 3d D.C.A. 1985) (reversed trial court’s
  grant of summary judgment applying Florida borrowing statute to bar a New York
  plaintiff from maintaining action in Florida courts).
 •Copeland v. Armstrong Cork Corp., 447 So.2d 908, reh. den. 447 So.2d 922 (Fla. 3d
  D.C.A. 1984) (granted right to plead under theory of market share liability).
 •Brown v. Armstrong World Industries, Inc., 441 So. 2d 1098 (Fla. 3d D.C.A. 1983)
  (reversed trial court’s grant of summary judgment on statute of limitations).
 In 2004, Brian decided it was time to try his hand at politics, in which he has held a life-
  long interest. That year, he was elected to the Washington State Senate to represent the
  41st legislative district, which includes several communities near Seattle, including
  Mercer Island and Bellevue. While in the Senate, Brian continued to advocate for the
  benefit of working families, focusing on consumer rights issues and pubic education.
  Brian was the chairman of the Consumer Protection and Housing Committee and a
  member of the Judiciary Committee and the Early Learning and K-12 Education
  Committee. He was instrumental in passing laws that have led to several successful
  reforms in Washington’s schools. Brian authored legislation to punish insurance
  companies that unreasonably deny coverage claims or benefits. He also worked to pass a
  new law imposing a fiduciary duty on mortgage brokers toward borrowers – quite timely
  in the current sub-prime crisis.

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