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Name Class Period Principles of Health Science by jennyyingdi


									Name: ____________________________________________________ Class Period: __________
                      Principles of Health Science Technology Mid Term Review

Health Care Trends

   1. Control the rising cost of health care and                           Wellness

        achieve maximum benefit for every dollar spent.                         A. Geriatric Care

   2. Services provided in patient’s home                                       B. Omnibus Reconciliation Act

   3. Care for the elderly                                                      C. Telemedicine

   4. Federal law regarding long-term care and home health care                 D.    Cost Containment

   5. Use of audio, video, and computers                                        E. Home Health Care

        to provide health care from a distance                                  F. Alternative medicine

   6. Increase awareness of maintaining health and preventing disease           G. National Health Care Plan

   7. Increasingly used to replace or supplement traditional                    H. Pandemic

        medical treatment                                                       I.   Wellness

   8. Ensure that all Americans can get health coverage

   9. Outbreak of disease over a wide geographic area


   1.                   A specific amount of money a patient pays for a particular service. Usually
      paid at the medical office prior to seeing the health care specialist
   2.                   A Fee that an individual pays into the insurance Company monthly for health
   3. ______________The amount paid by the patient for medical services before the
      insurance policy begins to pay.
   4. ______________The practice of attempting to decrease the cost of healthcare while
      improving the quality of care.
   5. ______________A physician, hospital or other health care agency that has an
      agreement with a PPO to provide services at a discounted rate.
   6. ______________A medical condition that the patient had prior to obtaining insurance

Managed Care              Deductible               Preferred Provider        Pre-existing
Premium                   Copayment                Organization
HC Systems

 1. _____ This is a National organization known for its involvement in the    A. ACS (American
      research of disease.                                                       Cancer Society)

                                                                              B. WHO (World Health
 2. _____ This is a federal agency that establishes and enforces standards       Organization)
      that protects workers from job-related injuries and illnesses.

                                                                              C. NIH (National
                                                                                 Institutes of Health)
 3. _____ This is a non-profit agency that is supported by contributions
     and provides employment opportunity for health care workers.

                                                                              D. CDC (Center for
                                                                                 Disease Control and
 4. _____ This agency provides information and tools that people and             Prevention)
     communities need in order to protect their health (health promotion,

disease prevention and preparedness for new health threats).                  E. OSHA (Occupational
                                                                              Safety and Health
 5. _____ This is an international agency that sets global health standards
        while monitoring and assessing health trends.

HC Systems

 1. _____ This facility provides physical therapy, occupational therapy,
      and speech therapy as well as nursing care.
                                                                              A. Home Health Agency

 2. _____ This facility provides assistance and care for mainly elderly
          patients.                                                           B. Laboratory

                                                                              C. Hospice Care
 3. _____ This company provides care in a patient’s home.

                                                                              D. Rehabilitation Hospital
 4. _____ This facility provides special diagnostic tests.

                                                                              E. LTCF (Long Term Care
 5. _____ This service offers care and support to dying, terminally              Facility)
       ill patients who usually have less than 6 months to live.
      Med Term

   1. Medical terms are made of five basic word parts. The five word parts are: prefix, suffix,
      _______________, combining vowel, and combining form.
      a. root word                                            c. regular words
      b. combining words                                      d. none of the above

   2. The foundation of a medical word (which usually indicates a body part) is called the
      a. prefix                                       c. root word
      b. suffix                                       d. combining vowel

   3. You will always be able to find a _____________ in a medical word.
      a. prefix                                              c. combining form
      b. suffix                                              d. combining vowel

   4. Prefixes usually indicate a location, time, or a number.
      a. true                                                    b. false

   5. A prefix will usually need a combining vowel before the next word part.
      a. true                                                  b. false

   6. There can never be more than one root word in a medical term.
      a. true                                               b. false

   7. To understand the meaning of a medical word, you generally start at the suffix and then go to the
      prefix and root word.
      a. true                                               b. false

                                                                                                    Word Bank
   1. The suffix that means “surgical puncture to remove fluid” is ________________.
                                                                                              a. -gram
   2. The suffix ___________ means “stone”.
                                                                                              b. -emia
   3. The suffix ___________ means to “record”.
                                                                                              c. -pathy
   4. _____________ is the suffix meaning “disease or emotion”.
                                                                                              d. -lith

                                                                                              e. --centesis

1. The suffix that means “tumor” is ________________.                                                Word Bank

2. The root ___________ means “artery”.                                                           a. nephr/o

3. The root ___________ means to “kidney”.                                                        b. -itis

                                                                                                  c. arthr/o
4. _____________ is the root meaning “joint”.
                                                                                                  d. -oma

                                                                                                  e. arteri/o
                                                                                                Word Bank
1. This root word means colon or intestine.
                                                                                             a. cervic/o
2. This root word means muscle.                                                              b. angi/o

3. This word means paralysis.                                                                c. my/o
                                                                                             d. col/o
4. This root word means vessel.
                                                                                             e. -plegia

Directional terms
1. A surgeon needs to make an incision to take the appendix out of Mr. Jones. Since the appendix is in
   the rightlower quadrant of the abdomen, the incision would be dividing the body into unequal
   halves. What is theterm that would divide the body into unequal right and left sides?

2. There are two names for the front of the body. One name is ventral and the other name is

3. In which quadrant of the abdomen would you find the gallbladder located?

4. The thoracic cavity contains which organs

5. The nose is _____________________________ to the mouth.

6. The ear is ______________________________ to the nose.

7. There are ____________ dorsal cavities of the body.

8. The foot is _____________________ to the knee.

9. The knee is _________________________ to the foot.

10. The opposite of anterior is ______________________________.

11. The chest is ___________________________ to the head.

12. The index finger is ____________________________to the pinky finger.

13. The pinky finger is ____________________________ to the index finger.

14. The shoulder is _____________________________ to the elbow.

15. The elbow is _______________________________ to the shoulder.

16. The magician wants to saw the lady in the box in half. He would be making an incision that would
    divide her into upper and lower portions. This incision would be called
17. Anatomical positions assumes that the patient is

18. _______________________________________ is the study of structures of the body (“pieces and

19. _______________________________________ is the study of the functions of the structures.


   1. Bone is partially broken in this fracture; bends on one side and breaks on the other.     Word Bank

                                                                                               a. comminuted
   2. In this fracture, bone is splintered or crushed in several places.
                                                                                               b. open
   3. Bone fragment sticks (protrudes) through the skin in this type of fracture.
                                                                                               c. greenstick
   4. One fragment is firmly driven into another.
                                                                                               d. Impacted

Bones Short Answer/ Fill in the blank                                                          e. closed

   1. Ligaments attach bone to ____________________.

   2. What is the function of the skeletal system

   3. How many cervical vertebrae are there?

   4. How many thoracic vertebrae are there?

   5. How many lumbar vertebrae are there?

   6. Name the bones of the skull.

   7. Name the bones of the face.

   8. The bones of the lower body include

   9. The bones of the upper body include
                                                                          Word Bank
1. This muscle elevates the shoulders                                a. Rectus Abdominus
                                                                     b. Masseter
2. This muscles closes the jaw
                                                                     c. Quadriceps
3. This muscle flexes the trunk                                      d. Trapezius
                                                                     e. Hamstrings
4. This group of muscles extends the knee

1. Loss of sensation and voluntary muscle movement due to disease or injury              Word Bank

2. Injury to a joint that involves a ligament                                         a. sprain
                                                                                      b. hemiplegia
3. Paralysis of both legs and the lower part of the body
                                                                                      c. paralysis
4. Paralysis on one side of the body or the other                                     d. paraplegia
                                                                                      e. quadriplegia

1. What does a Physical Therapist do?

2. What does an Athletic Trainer do?

3. What does an Occupational Therapist do?

4. What does a Massage Therapist do?

5. Flexion _____________________ the joint angle .
6. Extension __________________ the joint angle.

7. Suppination turns the palm _________________.

8. Pronation turns the palm ___________________.

9. When you plantar flex, you raise up on your _________________.

10. When you dorsiflex, you come up on your __________________.

11. Draw out a Type 1 lever:

12. Draw out a Type 2 lever:

13. Draw out a Type 3 lever:

Personal Qualities of a Healthcare Worker
True or False:

1. _____ These items can affect whether you are viewed professionally or not: Hair, Shoes, Uniform and

2. _____ Rarely in healthcare, will you become part of a team.

3. _____ It takes from 20 seconds to 4 minutes for someone to form an impression about you based on

4. _____ Tact is having the ability to begin or follow through with a task.

5. _____ Two steps you can use to reduce stress are: STOP what you are doing and take deep

6. _____ You are considered a dependable worker if you show up to work less than 15 minutes late on
most days.

7. _____ Reputation is how you view yourself.
Fill in the Blank: Presenting a Healthy Appearance.

8.   ______________________________ - Helps prevent disease and puts less stress on muscles

9. ______________________________ - An adequate amount of sleep and this item will help provide
energy and the ability to deal with stress.

10. ______________________________ - Maintains circulation and improves muscle tone

11. ______________________________ - These items can seriously affect good health

Matching: Personal Qualities Match the following terms with their definition.

12. _____ Personal Values               a. of sound moral principal

13. _____ Integrity                     b. being able to identify with another person’s feelings, situation,
and motives

14. _____ Competence                    c. things that have a high degree of worth to the individual

15. _____ Empathy                       d. being qualified and capable of performing a task

Matching: Communication.
16. _____ Source                        a. individual who analyzes and interprets the message

17. _____ Message                       b. verbal or nonverbal response the receiver sends to the

18. _____ Feedback                      c. the creator of the message

19. _____ Receiver                      d. verbal or nonverbal stimuli

Completion: Communication. Fill in the word or phrase that completes the sentence.
20. Communication is the act of ________________________________ a verbal or written message.

21. The 5 C’s of communication include: clear, complete, ____________________, courteous, and

22. ____________________________ is unethical when it breaches confidentiality.

23. __________________ ___________________ is used when it is impossible, inappropriate, or
undesirable to speak.

24. Effective listening involves both hearing and ____________________________ the message.

25. One possible ___________________ to communication would be if a patient spoke limited English.

26. _________________________ listening should be used in healthcare when interviewing patients.

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