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                                                                                           PLEASE JOIN US
 March 2004 • Vol 9. No. 1• • 415.499.1116x115

 Together We Can Make a Difference                                                          Thurs. April 1
                                                                                            11am –10pm

                                W       e have been talking for several issues now about
                                        the economic instability and "unknown" of our
                                  services, supports, and the service delivery systems.
                                                                                            Chevy’s Greenbrae*
                                                                                            * Download Chevy’s
                                  We at Casa Allegra Community Services want to hold        flyer at,
                                  true to our values of integrity, caring, courage and      pick one up in the
                                  perseverance. We need to work together with our           office, or call 415-499-
                                  community to keep us strong.                              1116, ext 499, and we
                                      Casa Allegra Community Services is very excited
                                  to announce our new recycling business. Recycle your
                                                                                            will mail you one.
                                  used cell phones and empty printer and toner              Wed. April 14
                                  cartridges with us. We are asking for your trash, not     River Rock Casino
                                  your cash!                                                Geyserville
                                      Not only will you help CACS continue to do what
we do best which is to provide people with developmental disabilities a life designed       Reservations required.
around their individual wishes and qualities, but you are helping the environment.          Please complete
     Kevin, Elijah, Krystal and others are gung ho to volunteer their time and efforts      registration form on
to get this off the ground. They are busy putting together packets, educating the           page 3 and return by
community, delivering and picking up recycling supplies throughout Marin. The goal          April 10.
is to have enough accounts to hire these guys so they can get paid for their hard work
and exuberance as entrepreneurs and ambassadors of Casa Allegra and the                     Thurs. April 22
environment.                                                                                3:30 – 6:30 pm
     We really need your help and it is so easy. Take a moment to fill out the sign up      Earth Day
sheet inside on page 7. Think about the connections you have in your neighborhood           Environmental Fair
and work place. Ask yourself who uses ink jet and toner cartridges. Canvas your
neighborhood for used cell phones. Did you know the average family has 3 used cell
                                                                                            CACS Booth,
phones? We will do the work with the companies and people who sign up to make               Northgate Mall.
the process effortless.                                                                     Sat. May 8
     Together we can make a difference in the lives of people with developmental            Marin Human Race
disabilities and the environment.
                                                                 ~Chris Bonfiglio           Marin Civic Center

                         Time to Lace up Those Running Shoes
                The 22nd Annual Marin Human Race is Saturday, May 8th
                                                              support for our community of individuals who are
J  oin CACS and over 100 other nonprofit organizations.
   This is no ordinary race – this is a happening. The
grounds at the Marin Civic Center provide the beautiful
                                                              developmentally disabled. So join us in the race, or join
                                                              with us in raising much needed funds to keep our clients
setting for this four mile run/walk.                          safe and healthy.
    Entertainment of all kinds can be found at the start          We welcome your help by participating in the race,
and finish line and along the race route itself. Last year    assisting our clients along the route, staffing our booth
we enjoyed a barbershop quartet, a teenage accapella          and/or helping with our picnic after the race.
group, drummers, Wings of Song and more. Walking,                • To participate in planning or on race day, call Jane
rather than running, is a great way to enjoy the sights           Scurich at 415-499-1116 x 499 or Debbie Falvey at 415-
and sounds, and all levels of participation are                   499-1116 x 323.
encouraged.                                                      • To sponsor a participant, please send your donation in
    While it’s a fun and happening event, it is also the          the enclosed self addressed envelope, attn Human Race,
major fundraiser for Casa Allegra Community Services.             or log on to, click Network for
Proceeds from the Human Race allow us to continue our             Good and donate via credit card.
29 year history of providing exemplary, individualized
                Terry Nevin Celebrates 20 Years as RN for CACS
                                                               always searching for the most effective treatment to
                                                               meet each individual’s needs.
                                                                   When she’s not busy consulting with the ever
                                                               growing circle of therapists, pharmacists, general
                                                               practitioners and specialists, Terry puts her Master
                                                               Gardener skills to work around the gardens of each
                                                               home, adds a bit of artistic flair to decorating bedrooms
                                                               and is a readily available friend to all, family and staff
                                                               alike. JR and Joe often enjoy dinner with Terry’s family
                                                               and friends. A great net worker, Terry is instrumental in
                                                               receiving many wonderful donations of furniture and
                                                               funds to assist CACS.
T  erry Nevin was recently honored for her twenty year
   commitment to Casa Allegra, serving as the RN for
the individuals receiving residential services.
                                                                   A woman with unlimited energy, Terry just returned
                                                               from a medical mission to Peru where she assisted
    While Terry’s job description is for less than a full      volunteer physicians performing surgery for children
time position, the reality is that her pager is always with    with orthopedic needs. In her spare time she is on the
her and rings frequently at all hours of the day and night.    planning committee for the Breast Cancer Fashion Show
No stranger to emergency rooms, Terry is always there          in September and is Mother-of-the-Bride for Nicole’s
for our residents when help is needed. Terry oversees          upcoming wedding.
the medical needs and charting for twenty people,                  Thanks for the countless contributions you have
insuring the latest medical instructions are followed,         made to CACS in the past twenty years, Terry!

                        Whatever happened to... Alison Falvey?
                                                               in her active life to participant in the Novato Mother's
                             A     lthough    Alison
                                   formal employment as

                              co-director of CACS in 2002,
                                                               Club, organize daily activities for her own two children,
                                                               her many nieces and nephews, and also to stay involved
                              she did not leave the years      in enriching the lives of others, including people from
                              of friendships she developed     Casa Allegra. JR enjoys holidays with the Falveys and fun
                              far behind.                      and games with Toula and Ikaria, Larry has monthly dinner
                                  Alison left her mark at      dates at the Falvey’s and Alison shares her love of
                              Casa Allegra Community
                                                               swimming with Lupe.
                              Services. Her direct, yet
                              supportive manner, attention         As Alison and Tim await the birth of their third child,
                              to detail, work ethic, and       we wish them well and are blessed with her invaluable
                              personnel and residential        support.
manuals will never be forgotten. We will always be
grateful for her walks in the rain when she was seven
months pregnant or her midnight drives to help residents
settle down.
    Alison is currently our most active volunteer and has
been instrumental in the success of our annual                     BOARD OF DIRECTORS
participation in the Human Race, the Staff Appreciation
                                                                   Jacki Anderson          President
Dinner, and the Holiday Party. Alison took on the role of          Margaret Farley         Secretary
Santa’s assistant and shopped for Christmas gifts for all of       Peter Murphy            Treasurer
the folks in our residential settings. She recently helped         Larry Mason • Gretchen McMenimen
plan and prepare Terry Nevin’s 20-year celebration                 Ann Newman • Sue Peters
luncheon. Parents love to hear that familiar English accent        ADMINISTRATIVE STAFF
when she calls to organize parent efforts for various
                                                                   Chris Bonfiglio         Executive Director
                                                                   Debbie Falvey           Administrative Assistant
    When Alison decided to retire from service to Casa             Ole-Jan Hafstad         Director of Residential Services
Allegra, she made a commitment to keep in touch with               Jo Maynard              Director of Supported Living
some of the people who she knew would feel her absence             Daniel Reichling        Director of Day Services
the most and most needed a "significant other" in their            Jane Scurich            Director of Development
lives. She is part of a working "extended family" (aka                   ARTICLES CONTRIBUTED BY STAFF
circle of support) for both Janette and Joe. She finds time              LAYOUT AND DESIGN:
    2                                                                            Casa Allegra Community Services
                                                             young adults who have been visiting Head Start
              Dusty’s Puppets                                classrooms in San Rafael and Novato, with the support
                                                             of CACS day program staff. Dusty had an idea. She
                                                             gathered together some Sesame Street, Muppet, and
                                                             Disney character puppets, along with recorded music, to
                                                             produce a series of short puppet shows to present to the
                                                             children. Now it's a weekly event, with a different show
                                                             each time.
                                                                 Dusty wanted to take her idea further. She found
                                                             some additional character puppets on eBay to expand
                                                             her repertoire. She has performed for birthday parties
                                                             of children 1-4, including that of one of her housemates,
                                                             Lexie, age 1. She did a show for a large group of
                                                             enthusiastic children at the Matrix/Harley Toy Run in
                                                             December. Her supported living housemate arranged
                                                             for some performances for the children in day care at the
                                                             Y. Dusty presented one of her shows for a women's
                                                             group to which her mom belongs, and everyone was so
                                                             excited that they gave referrals to preschools and day
                                                             care groups which would be interested.
                                                                 This is how a microenterprise is born !
                                                                 If you are interested in having "Dusty's Puppets"

D    usty is a young woman who has always enjoyed
     "being on stage." From the time that she was a little
girl, she has loved to perform for an audience. She has
                                                             perform at a young child's party, contact Dusty's
                                                             housemate Angela at 472-7079 for a brochure. If you
                                                             would like a performance for any group of children
also shown a real skill for manipulating hand puppets to     during the hours of the CACS day program, contact
make you believe that the characters are really talking or   Daniel Reichling at the CACS office. In the near future,
singing. Dusty has Down syndrome, and uses her unique        look for Dusty to open a stall at a Farmers' Market,
sense of humor to bring smiles to children's faces           where she will entertain the children and perhaps sell
throughout the community.                                    puppets. Coming soon: Dusty's Puppets web site at
     Recently, this has all come together for Dusty. As a'spuppets/.
Casa Allegra volunteer, she has been one of several

                        Please Join Us
        at the River Rock Casino Wednesday, April 14
Meet us at the CACS office
4340 Redwood Hwy, Suite 121 San Rafael
                                                             PLEASE RESERVE A SPACE FOR ME ON THE
Your package price of $20.00 per person                      RIVER ROCK CASINO TRIP
     • Round trip transportation on our own private          NAME:_______________________________________
       luxury motorcoach which will leave San Rafael
       promptly at 11:30 AM and arrive in the                Number in party: _____________________________
       beautiful Alexander Valley at 1 pm
                                                             Phone: ______________________________________
     • $20 cash back
     • An All-You-Can-Eat Buffet, open until 2 pm            My check for $ _____________________ is attached
     • FREE membership to River Rock Casino
       Players Club
     • 5 hours of Las Vegas style gambling including         Do you have questions? Please call Jane Scurich
       blackjack, three card poker, pai gow poker,           @ 415-499-1116 x 499.
       and state-of-the-art slots
                                                                Return reservation and payment to:
     • We will leave the casino at 6 pm and be back
                                                                   Casa Allegra Community Services,
       in San Rafael by 7:30 pm                                    4340 Redwood Hwy, Suite 121
                                                                   San Rafael, CA 94903

   March 2004                                                                                                    3
                     The Mall at Northgate Kicks Off
           CACS Cell Phone/Inkjet and Toner Cartridge Recycling
H   ave you been to the Mall at Northgate lately? Don’t miss the fantastic exhibit case showcasing CACS in the
    hallway between Rite Aid and the movie theatres. We want to thank Sandra Kim, Marketing Manager at the Mall
and The Macerich Company for supporting our recycling efforts.
    From February 22 through Earth Day, April 22, shoppers can bring empty ink jet and toner cartridges to The Mall
at Northgate Guest Services kiosk. Unwanted cell phones will be accepted at Radio Shack, Cellular World and One
Touch Wireless store locations within The Mall at Northgate. Shoppers donating cell phones will also receive a
special discount offer.
    On Earth Day CACS will be participating in an environmental fair hosted by The Mall from 3:30 – 6:30 PM, so stop
by and visit us!

    CACS Signs Up With ebay Lister

Clean out your closets and raise money for Casa Allegra Community Services!
AuctionDrop™ provides a simple and convenient way for people to sell on eBay, and will turn your unwanted
household items into cash donations that fund important programs at our organization!
Donating through the AuctionDrop Fundraising Program is so easy. Just identify household or collectible items that
you would otherwise put in the garage or sell on consignment, and take them to your nearest AuctionDrop store.
Tell your AuctionDrop advisor that you want CACS to receive the net proceeds of the sale, and AuctionDrop will do
the rest. AuctionDrop lists your items on eBay and sends the net sale proceeds to our organization as a tax-
deductible cash donation on your behalf!
What can I donate?
Select items that have an estimated eBay value of at least $50 and weigh less than 150 lbs. Certain items, such as
weapons and those containing hazardous materials, are not allowed.

                                                                                             ST D!
How can I donate?
Fundraising through AuctionDrop is year-round, and there is no appointment necessary.
The nearest AuctionDrop location is:
               Montecito Shopping Center
               219 3rd St., San Rafael.
                                                                                            U E
                                                                                           J DD
               Open 7 day a week, Hours Mon - Sat 10 - 6, Sun 10 - 5.
               IT’S TAX TIME! Donate For Charity processes vehicle donations for
               nonprofits. They arrange for vehicle pickup, handle DMV issues, sell
                                                                                       V E H I C L E
               the vehicle at auction, and distributes the net proceeds to CACS.      D O N AT I O N
               You’ll help CACS and receive a receipt entitling you to deduct the     call DONATE FOR CHARITY
               fair market value of your vehicle as a tax deduction.                   toll free 866.392.4483

                           Register for eScrip, the no cost to you fundraiser.
                           Visit, click on eScrip and register or
                           Call for registration forms and further information at 415.499.1116 x499.

 C A C S                  W I S H                  L I S T             ALL DONATIONS ARE TAX DEDUCTIBLE
      American Airlines Travel Miles
                                                           Recliner Chair
      Computer Printer
                                                           Restaurant Gift Certificates
      Dishes – Plates, Cups
      Health Club Memberships
                                                           Sporting Event Tickets
      Movie Tickets
                                                           Theater Tickets
      Museum Admission Tickets

       4                                                                        Casa Allegra Community Services
                 CACS Holiday Party Dec. 2003
             I t has become a well-known fact that the Sunday before
               December 25th is Casa Allegra Community Services’
             Holiday Party. Once again, Marin Catholic graciously
             provided the cafeteria for our celebration.
                  We were delighted to welcome the National Charity
             League to help us. Teams of mothers and daughters
             arrived early to decorate the trees, walls and tables. Fresh
             teams arrived to assist us at the party, serving, and
             bussing tables. Students from MC and Marin Academy
             helped with beverages and clean-up.
                  Lynn Holbrook, mother of ACS client Jonathan
             Holbrook, along with his godmother, Lonnie Suhrke,
             planned and prepared a delicious dinner and gorgeous How old is
             dessert buffet.
                  Residents, family and friends old and new began
             arriving. Mia looked beautiful and Elija, so handsome. It
             was so good to see and hear Michael Valcour sing, and to
             welcome his family who traveled down from Sacramento.
             What a voice!
                  Eileen Falvey the co-founder of Casa Allegra
             Community Services and her son Mikel were up from
             Southern California.
                  The atmosphere was great; the spirit of the holiday
             time clearly present. It is amazing that a party of 150
             could feel like a wonderful family event. The generosity of
             parents completely paid for this terrific evening, truly a
             marvelous gift in this financially challenged year.
                  Our popular DJ, Skip Heil, arrived with sparkling
             lights, a fog machine and a great sound system. The
             dance floor was definitely the place to be! I only wish I
             could dance like Eny and Michael!
                  Smiling clients departed with a Secret Santa gift,
             candy canes and a special treat from board member,
             Anne Newman.
                  A huge thank you to the holiday committee, families
             and friends of Casa Allegra Community Services who
             made the party such an evening to remember.

March 2004                                                                     5
Mr. & Mrs. Walter A Adams
Mr. & Mrs. John Allen                   OUR MOST RECENT GRANTS AND DONATIONS                                         In memory of Steven Douglas
                                                                                                                     Shelaugh Lucia
Mr. & Mrs. R. C. Amore                  Mr. & Mrs. Ray Gomez              Carol Price                                Ray & Ning Douglas
Dawn Anderson                           Mr. & Mrs. Frank Goodall          Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Quinlan
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Bechelli              Mr. & Mrs. Jacques Gosselin       Linda Ratner and John Tinloy               In memory of Jim Early
Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Beckner               Mr. & Mrs. Don Grant              Kathy Riordan                              James and Leone Andrews
Ellen Bennett                           John Grant                        Karen S Robidoux
Dr. & Mrs. William Berger               Mr. & Mrs. Milton Greenfield      Mr. Eric Roby                              In memory of Liam J Falvey
Mr. & Mrs. Bernard S Berkowitz          Irmelin Hafstad                   Mr. John Rumsey                            Tim Falvey
Mr. & Mrs. Dave Biggio                  Mr. & Mrs. William Haley          Judith Sanford
Mr. & Mrs. Harvey Birch                 Bob & Dorothy Hancock             Jeanne Santangelo                          In memory of Mr. John McMullen
Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Black                Steve Haramis                     Mr. & Mrs. Jim Sauve                       Mr. and Mrs. James R. Nelson
Charles Bloomer Jr.                     Linda B Haskett                   Karen Schurig                              Chapman and Cutler LLP
Mr. & Mrs. Albert Bonfiglio             Michael Haskett                   Mrs. Louis Scurich                         William M. Libit
Rich Bonfiglio                          Deidra Head                       Michael & Jane Scurich
Mr. & Mrs. Graham Bray                  Mr. & Mrs. Philip Henry           Bill & Judith Ann Sherman                  In memory of Thomas Montgomery
Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Bruciati              Mr. & Mrs. Rodney Heschong        Mr. & Mrs. William G Sloan                 Michael & Kay McCarthy
Mary Jane Burke                         Rick & Lu Hoadley                 Mr. & Mrs. Robert L Sobel
Thomas J and Shane T Burris             Johnathan & Lynn Holbrook         Richurd & Patti Somers                     In memory of Ann Mullen
Calico Corners                          Lisa Hopkins                      Clara Solvason                             Peter & Jane Murphy
Mr. & Mrs. John Callan                  Mr. & Mrs. Charles Hood           Mr. & Mrs. Rick Spencer
Paul & Barbara Camera                   Mr. & Mrs. Dan Hoskins            Barbara Stephens                           In memory of Alexa Sobel
Nancy Chandler                          Elizabeth G Huntington            Pati Stoliar                               Rita Berkowitz
Kim Chandler                            Mr. & Mrs. Jeff Jelniker          David Stolich                              Rob Sobel
The Club Club                           Mr. & Mrs. Alan Johnson           Dr. & Mrs. Barry A Stricker
Valerie Colman                          Richard Kapp                      Mr. & Mrs. Wilfred Swalberg                In memory of Mary Stolich
Mr. & Mrs. Arthur Comings               John Kiefer                       Mr. & Mrs. Karl Szemeredi                  Peter & Jane Murphy
Mr. & Mrs. William Cook                 Mary S Kmak                       Laura S Targgart
Mr. & Mrs. Randy Cookston               Gregory J Kolb                    Joyce Thornton                             In honor of Michael Birch
Pamela Covillo                          David and Ginger Koel             Mr. & Mrs. Gary Towslee                    Jeff & Laura Jelniker
Mr. and Mrs. James Coyle                Mr. & Mrs. David Kortman          Janice Tremblay
Aldo & Robert Cozzi                     Marcia Kuvara                     Mr. & Mrs. James Triplett                  In honor of Jeff and Julie Brand
Mr. and Mrs. John Cozzi                 Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Lamb           Mr. and Mrs. George Vaio                   Ron and Susan Ernst
Mr. & Mrs. John F Craemer               Dr. & Mrs. Richard Lannon         Anne Voisinet
Fred Craves and Vicki Soulier           Mr. & Mrs. Robert Laur            Mr. & Mrs. Steven White                    In honor of Ning and Raymond
Jean Cullin                             Dr. Donald E Leisey               Mr. & Mrs. Gregory Whitfield               Douglas
Mr. & Mrs. William Cunningham           Madalin Levie                     Mr. & Mrs. John Wirth                      Alice G. Perry
Mr. & Mrs. Daniel Daly                  Shelagh Lucia
Mr. & Mrs. Jean-Jacques De              Carol Makela                                                                 In honor of Dusty Dutton
Shadarevian                             David Marin                       Businesses and In-Kind Donations           Frank & Lois Goodall
Mr. & Mrs. Ken Della                    Mr. & Mrs. Jim Martin             AuctionDrop
Christine F Devlin and Michael Grogan   Len Mayfield                      Calico Corners                             In honor of Terry Nevin’s 20th
Robert K Ditmore                        Mr. & Mrs. Noel McCarthy          Mill Valley Theatre Company                Anniversary with CACS
Keith & Susan Dotto                     Helen McGowan                     Friends of Marin Center                    George and Marilyn Monardo
Mr. & Mrs. Ray Douglas                  Ms. Patricia McGrath              San Francisco Ballet                       Eileen Falvey
Paul L Drew and Peggy R Peak            Mr. & Mrs. Michael P McGrath      Center Stage at the Osher Marin JCC
Kevin Dunlop                            Jack & Gretchen McMenimen         Theatre Unlimited                          In honor of Scott Murphy
Mr. & Mrs. Dale Dutton                  David B McMullen and Edward A     The Marin Ballet                           Charles & Marcella Hood
Mr. & Mrs. William Eades                Ortiz                                                                        Len Mayfield
Walter J Eager                          Mr. & Mrs. Rick Molinar           Grants                                     Joan Murphy
Mr. & Mrs. Ron Earnst                   Mr. & Mrs. George Monardo         The Carl Gellert and Celia Berta Gellert   Kathy Murphy
Don Eddlemon                            Mr. & Mrs. Rudolph Monte          Foundation                                 Greg & Mary Whitfield
Mr. & Mrs. David Eichel                 Chris & Ann Morrison              Garth Brooks Teammates for Kids
Sylvia Espinsoza                        Mr. & Mrs. Patrick Murphy                                                    In honor of Julia Peters
Mr. & Mrs. John Evans                   Mr. & Mrs. Daniel M Murphy        In memory of Rocky Aitken                  Brian & Kate Miller
Mrs. Florence Falvey                    Peter & Jane Murphy               Jacquelyn Aitken
Mr. & Mrs. Allan Farbstein              Mr. & Mrs. Robert Nealon                                                     In honor of Krystal Tremblay
Paul Farbstein                          Ermina O'Brien                    In memory of Irene Carlson                 Valerie Colman
Margaret Farley                         Mr. & Mrs. Napoleon Olegario      Bostelman
Rosemary Fellows                        Mr. & Mrs. James Parrinello       James and Leone Andrews                    In honor of Andy Woo
Brynda Foster                           Mr. & Mrs. Harold Pennington                                                 Brynda Foster
Eileen Frain                            Penelope Pera                     In memory of Michael Cicanese              Karl & Nelly Szemerdi
Edith Gardin                            Mr. & Mrs. Allen Peters           Ray & Sharon Gomez
Mr. & Mrs. James Gillespie              Mr. & Mrs. Eugene Peters

Teammates for Kids Grant                                        T  he Garth Brooks, Teammates for Kids Foundation recently
                                                                   honored Casa Allegra Community Services with a $10,000 grant
                                                                to be used for the health and educational needs of our clients. We
                                                                would like to thank Teammates for Kids and some special people
                                                                who were instrumental in guiding us through this grant process.
                                                                    Peter Murphy and his son Scott, a long time resident at Devon,
                                                                were hanging around the Aptos golf course clubhouse and had a
                                                                chance meeting with Ron Wickum, a dentist in Aptos where the
                                                                Murphy’s live. Ron inquired about the nature of Scott’s disabilities.
                                                                    Ron and many dentists are part of the Teammates organization
                                                                and fundraise for them. Ron encouraged CACS to apply for a grant
                                                                and he personally forwarded our request to the national
                                                                organization. As they say, the rest is history.
                                                                    Thanks Ron, from all of us at CACS.
        Peter Murphy, Scott Murphy, Ron Wickum

          6                                                                                            Casa Allegra Community Services
        Businesses Partnering with CACS in our Recycling Program
Allstate Insurance Agency                 Frank Howard Allen                       Nancy Chandler Graphics
Alzheimer's Association                   Gentle Care Agency                       National Cleaners
Arcadia Healthcare                        Golden State Financial                   Niz Brown Realty
AuctionDrop                               Golden State Lumber                      Oceanic Realty
Bay Area Computer Training                Johnson Hershey Coorporation             Pacific Union
Brookside Winery                          La Plaza Mgmet Office                    Peg Copple & Associates
Cagwin, Seymour & Hamilton Realtors       Lexus of Marin                           Poor Anne's Press
Capri Marketing Company                   LITA (Love is the Answer)                Prandi Property Management
Caroline Barnes & Associates              Margaret Farley Law Offices              Primary Mortgage Co.
Center for Volunteer and Nonprofit        Marin Capital Corporation                Real Estate Magazines
          Leadership of Marin             Marin Pet Hospital                       Robert B. Ingram Law Office
Coldwell Banker                           Marin Symphony                           San Rafael Chamber of Commerce
Compex Legal Services, Inc.               Masterplan H.R. Mgmt                     Silver Screen Video
Cooks Collision                           Matrix                                   Smith & Smith
Copy Express                              Melissa Bradley Real Estate              Spencer and Associates
Country Club Bowl                         Michael Miller Farmers Insurance Group   The Graphic Source
Ethelynne Bates Health Insurance Agency   Mill Valley City Hall                    The Mall at Northgate
Family Services Agency                    Mill Valley Optometry                    Tim's Treads
First American Title Company of Marin     Mill Valley Refuse

   • Cell phones contain toxic materials such as arsenic, lead and zinc
   • Half a gallon of oil is conserved for every laser cartridge returned. With the United States
     consuming approximately 700 million gallons of oil a day, we are helping to conserve a valuable
     natural resource. Remember – oil is a non-renewable fossil fuel, and it can not be remade.
   • Every year over 300 million cartridges are thrown away. In terms of weight, that is equivalent to
     over 30,500 African Elephants!

   Sign me up to recycle my cell phones, toner and ink cartridges with
   Casa Allegra Community Services.
   Business:     ———————————————————
   Contact Name:          ————————————————
   Phone:      ————————————————————
   Email: —————————————————————

   Address: ————————————————————

   I would like collection materials (Please check)

       __ prepaid envelopes to mail printer cartridges

       __ prepaid FedEx boxes to return toner cartridges

       __ prepaid labels to ship used cell phones

       __ collection box for my office

   Fax to: 415-499-0575 or mail to 4340 Redwood Hwy, Suite 121, San Rafael, CA 94903
   Or, visit or website at to download cell phone shipping labels.

    March 2004                                                                                                      7
                                                                             NONPROFIT ORGANIZATION
                                                                                U.S. POSTAGE PAID
                                                                                 SAN RAFAEL, CA
                                                                                  PERMIT NO. 150
4340 Redwood Highway, Suite 121
San Rafael, CA 94903
Return Service Requested

       w w w. c a s a a l l e g r a . o r g

             Casa Allegra Community Services (CACS), a nonprofit agency, has been providing
             services for adolescents and adults with disabilities and their families in Marin County
             since 1975. CACS supports individuals through four separate but integrated services:
             • Residential care is provided in three homes located in San Rafael neighborhoods.
             • Community Living Services (CLS) provides support in the person’s
                home or apartment.
             • Adult Community Services (ACS) offers non-site
                based opportunities in education,
                                                                               LI  ST: Human Ra for
                employment and community activities.                   DO up for                 tic
             • Community Inclusion for Adults (CIFA)            TO ign                  th e at
                offers non-site based education and              1.S ean out p
                                                                                       o          er
                community services and meets the                  2.Cl tionDr ed ton thgate
                therapeutic needs of the clients.                     Auc cle us t Nor com.
                                                                   c       s y    p        a          .
                                                              3.Re tridge choolpo
              Casa Allegra Community Services:
                                                                 car    at s   ar      g
                                                                  Shop e old c CS usin
                                                               4. nat
                      415.499.1116x115                                        CA    e.
                  w w w. c a s a a l l e g r a . o r g          5.Do nate to nvelop
                                                                 6.Do losed

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