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                                         MARCH 7, 2006
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                                                                   STAMFOR D
                                                                                   WHAT’S INSIDE:
                                                                     4   Jobs, Education and Transportation
                                                                         Are Key Issues for Stamford
                                                                     4   Jobs, Economic Growth and Property Tax Relief
                                                                     4   Master Transportation Plan
                                                                         is Primary Task for Legislators
                                                                     5   Energy for Connecticut’s Future
                                                                     6   The “Best Of” is Chosen at the Taste
                                                                     6   Stronger Economy, More Jobs:
                                                                         The Priority for Stamford and CT
                                                                     7   Welcome New Members
                                                                     8   General Assembly to Consider Multiple
                                                                         Economic Development Matters
                                 Residential Real Estate            8    This Year’s Session

    Michael J. Cacace*                                             10    Job One is Jobs
                                 Buying or selling your home
    Mark P. Santagata                                              10    Leaders focusing on restoring business
    Paul T. Tusch                is often one of the largest             confidence, boosting economy
    Richard S. Fisher
    Ronald E. Kowalski, II       investments you will ever make.   12    Welcome New Members
    Sherwood R. Spelke
    Jane W. Freeman
                                      Make sure your rights are    13    Research Symposium to Address
                                                                         the Impact of Globalization
    Judith Ellenthal             protected.
    Katherine T. Blakeslee
    Alice Ann Fitzpatrick
                                                                   14    Members Making News
    Linda S. Brown*
                                 We can help.                      16    Membership Drive
    Meredith Denecke*
    Keenan McMahon                                                 18    Company Recognition
    Michael B. Thomas
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                           The 2006 Legislative Session:
                           Could Change Be in the Air?
                           As the 2006 Legislative Session was entering its early stages, you could feel the
                       change in the air and it was just more than the kooky New England weather that we
                       were experiencing. This year’s session has seen great debate, conversation and pending
                       legislation about the business community and what the state of Connecticut needs to
                       do to stop the job loss.

                           Speaker of the House James Amann has made job growth one of his main mis-
A MESSAGE FROM         sions in this year’s session. He is energetically working with many of the business
                       organizations and leaders throughout the state. He recognizes the connection between
THE PRESIDENT OF THE   economic development, job growth and a prosperous, well-balanced state.

                           One of the lead issues being debated this year is transportation and how it has
STAMFORD CHAMBER       negatively impacted the state’s business community. You cannot separate business and
                       growth from transportation: they are joined at the hip. A clear majority of the com-
                       merce and industry for the entire state has to come through the I-95 corridor and traffic
                       is killing business. Thankfully the people living outside Fairfield County are finally
                       beginning to realize that transportation is choking Connecticut’s economy. This infor-
                       mation is just too powerful to ignore anymore.

                            So the big question is will all this talk and debate turn into real change during this
                       year’s session? The health and vitality of the business community and its direct link
                       to a working transportation system are important issues for the future of Connecticut.
                       It is important to note that the Hartford Courant did an editorial last month on trans-
                       portation and how it is hurting the state’s economy. This editorial is a clear indication
                       that change can happen and has to be considered a giant step towards getting back on
                       track for the business community.

                          So is real change going to happen this session? Only time will tell.

                        John P. Condlin
                        President and CEO
                        Stamford Chamber of Commerce

       STAMFORD                                                                                                                                      BUSINESS
    Jobs, Education and Transportation Are Key                                                                               Master Transportation Plan is
    Issues for Stamford                                                                                                      Primary Task for Legislators
    S E N AT O R A N D R E W M C D O N A L D                                                                                 R E P R E S E N TAT I V E G E R A L D F O X , III

        The most critical issues facing the Stamford Finance Commission which I believe is, unfortu-                         District 146, General Assembly
    area are job growth, education funding and nately, long on Hartford-area representation and                                  The 2006 legislative session transportation investment in two
    transportation.                                          very short on Stamford and Fairfield County input.              is currently moving ahead at a decades. It was a privilege to work
        Senate Democrats came out early this session A meaningful discussion of this very important                          swift pace with many ideas that in a bipartisan manner with my
    with Senate Bill 1, a comprehensive package of topic has been somewhat sidetracked by the gov-                           will have an impact on Stamford colleagues from Fairfield County
    investments and tax credits designed to retain ernor’s proposal to eliminate automobile taxes, but                       and southwestern Connecticut. I to get this legislation passed in
    and grow Connecticut’s workforce, particularly in at least that has engendered a larger legislative dis-                 will continue to work with my special session. But we all recog-
    high-tech fields like engineering and                               cussion of broader and more equitable                fellow legislators in                               nize it’s not enough.
    biotechnology. One of the highlights of                             property tax reform.                                 the Stamford delega-                                Instead of an annual
    this bill is our intention to phase out                                 Finally, as always, there is the issue           tion on the issues that                             piecemeal approach
    the tax on manufacturing equipment,                                 of transportation. Democratic House                  are most important                                  to transportation that
    which we believe will encourage busi-                               Speaker James A. Amann has proposed                  to our constituents,                                continually has the
    nesses to upgrade their older manu-                                 spending $6 billion to $7 billion over               including education                                 needs of one region
    facturing equipment and invest in new                               the next decade to institute the mass                funding, transporta-                                of the state compet-
    technologies in order to remain efficient,                          transit and highway recommendations                  tion improvements,                                  ing against another,
    competitive and productive. In order to                             as outlined by the state Transportation              and economic devel-                                 we need to embark
    implement this reform, we must also                                 Strategy Board. This long-term approach              opment. I serve on                                  on an overall strat-
    make municipalities whole on any lost                               is coupled with the achingly slow but                the Transportation,                                 egy that will embrace
    revenue as a result of this repeal. We                              nonetheless forward progress of replac-              Judiciary and Planning                              the entire state. This
                                                       Andrew McDonald                                                       &       Development                 Gerald Fox, III year we are uniquely
    have also drafted bills to make better                              ing Shore Line East and Metro North
                                                                                                                             Committees,        and                              situated to build on
    use of our rail lines and deep water ports, and I have rail cars. I also support the establishment of a
                                                                                                                             through these committees I will the momentum of last year’s leg-
    personally lobbied for better use of our I-95 truck freight terminal at Bradley International Airport,
                                                                                                                             focus on areas where the legisla- islation and fully implement the
    weigh stations in order to ensure safer public travel increased incentives for moving freight by rail, and
                                                                                                                             ture can have a positive impact recommendations of the trans-
    along our interstate highways.                           the creation of a commuter line from New Haven                  on Stamford.                           portation strategy board. This 6.2
        Equalizing the distribution of state education to Hartford. Hopefully, some of those initiatives—                        In my opinion, the most billion dollar proposal includes
    funding is another priority, although a final resolu- while not directly aimed at Fairfield County—will                  important task for legislators from 3 billion for the coastal corridor
    tion of this matter will likely not occur this session. have the effect of reducing traffic along our area’s             southwestern Connecticut in this along I-95. All methods for the
    The governor has convened her own Education congested highways.                                                          session is to implement the mas- long term funding of transpor-
                                                                                                                             sive transportation plan offered by tation must be considered, and
                                                                                                                             Speaker Jim Amann. Last year’s we must not let this opportu-

    Jobs, Economic Growth and Property Tax Relief                                                                            1.3 billion dollar initiative repre- nity pass. Surveys have ranked
                                                                                                                             sented the state’s largest capitol Connecticut 50th in job creation
                                                                                                                                                                                                  continued next page
    R E P R E S E N TAT I V E C A R L O L E O N E

        The 2006 General Assembly                   are vital to our future. We are    portation congestion. Meeting         junction with each other, the key                   tion infrastructure needs and to
    is now well underway and given                  looking at many suggestions and    these objectives inspires con-        for us is transportation. There is                  also structure economic growth
    our short time frame (Feb to                    solutions but the trick is to be   fidence and security. However         a plan and it was created by the                    around the improvements.
    May) we have our work cut out                   as fair and equitable                          this all hinges on our    Transportation Strategy Board.                      Providing a plan that incorpo-
    for us. Importantly, we will be                 as possible for all                            infrastructure and        What was lacking was the fund-                      rates all of our transportation
    focusing on the larger issues that              involved.                                      given how we have         ing to get the plan moving and                      requirements versus only one
    will impact our state, but most                     One could argue,                           not invested prop-        into high gear. As vice-chairman                    piece of the puzzle at a time, will
    importantly, Stamford stands to                 as I do, that these are                        erly prior to last year   of the Finance, Revenue and                         prove to the business commu-
    benefit greatly if we accomplish                all related. Economic                          means our transpor-       Bonding Committee as well as                        nity, investors, our citizens and
    what we set out to do.                          growth relates to bet-                         tation needs are at       a member of the Transportation                      constituents that we are serious
        Among the main topics will                  ter jobs in the com-                           a critical stage. The     Committee, I am able to par-                        in rising to the challenge.
    be to generate jobs and econom-                 munities nearer to                             good news is we can       ticipate in both the funding                            Stamford is a great city to
    ic growth while also looking                    people’s homes and                             recover and set the       and implementation of the TSB                       live, work, and play. I am hon-
    to provide property tax relief.                 property tax relief                            stage for growth…         recommendations.                                    ored and grateful to be in a
                                                                                       Carlo Leone
    Affordable housing is also a con-               means more peo-                                but only if we have           Building on the successful                      position where I have the oppor-
    cern and we will continue to                    ple can achieve and retain the     the vision and the courage to         passage of the previous trans-                      tunity to make Stamford even
    assist as many people as pos-                   dream of owning their own          commit long-term and then             portation package, we will be                       better and I only see a brighter
    sible to help them achieve the                  home. Affordable housing allows    implement that vision.                looking to pass a long-term                         future ahead.
4   American dream, and of course,                  people to live where they work,        We realize that even while we     funding proposal that once and
    transportation improvements                     thereby further reducing trans-    work the above projects in con-       for all addresses our transporta-
  STAMFORD                                                                                                                                       BUSINESS
                                       Energy for Connecticut’s Future
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and transportation gridlock is the
main detriment to bringing new         S E N AT O R W I L L I A M H. N I C K E R S O N
business to our state. We simply
can’t afford to wait any longer.           Connecticut needs more ener-                  power at the Millstone plant in Fund, the Connecticut Energy                 the focal point for maintaining a
    On      the      Planning     &    gy-it doesn’t have enough—and                     Waterford.                             Conservation        Management        dialogue with the Federal Energy
Development Committee, I work          it needs an energy policy but                        A proposal is now being float- Board, the Department of Public            Regulatory Commission which
on bills that directly impact munic-   does not have one.                                ed to place a massive liquefied Utility Control and the Energy               sets market rules on the price of
ipalities throughout our state,            Connecticut has a host of                     natural gas supply tanker three Management Division of the Office            electricity relative to natural gas.
including smart growth, zoning,        energy problems. However, pro-                    football fields long in Long Island of Policy and Management.                It could also communicate with
and economic development pro-          posed “solutions” are going in                    Sound, which brings a host of             The new department should          one voice with our neighbors
grams. With neighborhood mas-          the wrong direction. Fairfield                    environmental and security prob- be given the task of doing analy-           in New York and New England.
ter plan efforts under way in the      County has an electric energy                     lems without                                            sis of markets,      Without that our small state is in
Springdale, Glenbrook and South        supply deficit, with demand                       any assurance of                                        pricing, supply,     danger of being squeezed out of
End areas of our city, we have an      growing steadily and sup-                         public benefit.                                         infra str ucture     the energy market by out larger
opportunity to bring about posi-       ply severely constrained. Only                    However, simply                                         and transporta-      neighbors.
tive land use improvements in our      last week Connecticut Light &                     opposing this                                           tion and coming          None of this is intended to
communities. I have sponsored          Power indicated that there is an                  is not enough.                                          up with unified      diminish the role of the Governor
legislation to allow Stamford’s        increased likelihood of blackouts                 An adequate is                                          energy      strat-   and the General Assembly as the
boards to utilize the tool of site     in Southwestern Connecticut.                      needed.                                                 egy. This would      final arbiter on this or any other
plan review. Having served on          Fairfield County’s slow recovery                     It is clear                                          include evaluat-     issue. Rather we should recog-
Stamford’s Board of Finance and        from the blackout of 2003 high-                   that Connecticut                                        ing the potential    nize the reality that a part time
Board of Representatives, I attempt    lights the problem.                               needs an Energy                                         role for emerging    legislature does not have the staff
to remain cognizant of the practi-         However, when two new                         Department                                              renewable tech-      to track the daily changes which
cal impact legislation will have       electric transmission lines                       to sort out this                                        nologies such as     occur in this fast moving field,
upon Stamford’s residential and        were proposed from Bethel and                     jumble and cre-                                         fuel cells, solar    nor does it have the time to step
business communities.                  Middletown to Norwalk there                       ate a compre-                                           energy        and    back from the hurly burly of the
    Although this session is rela-     was a loud “NIMBY” (Not in                        hensive energy                                          wind       power.    legislative calendar and develop
                                                                                                                            William H. Nickerson
tively short in duration, through      My Back Yard) outcry. Electric                    policy. It should                                       Without a prop-      long term strategic alternatives.
diligent and persistent effort the     deregulation enacted in 1998                      incorporate the policy-making erly staffed department function-                  Last session Governor Rell
legislature has an opportunity to      has been a failure and has not                    functions of the welter of “alpha- ing full time in today’s compli-          successfully proposed a major
make permanent changes in the          brought prices down. Instead                      bet soup” agencies which pres- cated field, energy decisions are             transportation renewal plan to
condition of our transportation        the Department of Public Utility                  ently include the Connecticut too often made by narrow inter-                address the clear inadequacies
system and provide a much-need-        Control recently approved a 22%                   Energy Advisory Board, the est groups, including the utilities               in our transportation system. It
ed boost to economic develop-          rate increase. The state is also                  Connecticut Siting Council, themselves.                                      is now time to do the same for
ment throughout the state.             heavily involved with nuclear                     the Connecticut Clean Energy              The department should be           energy.

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    The “Best Of” is Chosen at the Taste
        Imagine walking into the Sheraton Stamford
                                                                                                                                                          13th Annual
    Hotel and being greeted with a glass of champagne
    served by white-gloved waiters, sampling the delica-
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    of Stamford. More than 600 people turned out to
    savor this culinary extravaganza, which was spon-                                                                                                Collyer Catering                           Myrna’s
    sored by Diageo and featured their Smirnoff vodka
    Beaulieu Vineyard wines and their Guinness beer                        Best Display: David Cingari, owner and Melissa DeSousa, gen-                   Crab Shell                          Off the Grill
    line.                                                                  eral manager (center) of David’s Soundview Catering accept the
                                                                           award for Best Display from Joyce Mazur, (l) UBS and chair-
                                                                                                                                                         Crystal Rock                         RG Catering
        “It was a great time had by all,” says Stamford
    Chamber president and CEO Jack Condlin. “This                          person of the Taste of Stamford and Jack Condlin, President and
                                                                                                                                                   David’s Soundview
    is always a very festive night.” We keep the evening                   CEO, Stamford Chamber, at the 13th Annual Taste of Stamford.                                                Robeks Fruit Smoothies
    very light with no business talk…it’s strictly about                                                                                                                                  and Healthy Eats
    eating, drinking and meeting up with friends and                         colleagues. We really have to thank all the exhibi-                 Diageo-Guinness USA
                                                                             tors, the sponsors, and our host hotel for their gener-                                                     Senses at The Westin
                                                                             ous support of this signature event.”                                Dichello Distributors                       Stamford
                                                                                 The hardest part of the evening came when
                                                                             guests had to vote for the Best Display, the Best                     DiMare Pastry Shop                  Sheraton Stamford Hotel
                                                                             Tasting, the Best Beverage and the Best Dessert.                    Domaine Gourmet Deli                           Smirnoff
                                                                             Ballots were distributed and the votes were tallied                     & Catering
                                                                             up. At the end of the evening, the announcements                                                             Stamford Marriott
                                                                             were made. The honors for the Best Display went to                   Emack and Bolio’s Ice                      Hotel & Spa
                                                                             David’s Soundview Catering; the Best Tasting cat-                          Cream
                                                                             egory went to Morton’s–The Steakhouse; Guinness                                                          Stamford Wine & Liquor
                                                                             gained popularity votes for the Best Beverage; and                    Fireside Restaurant
                                                                             DiMare Pastry Shop received Best Dessert category.                                                                 Telluride
                                                                                 Proceeds of the Taste of Stamford benefit the
                                                                                                                                                    Fjord Catering &
                                                                             Stamford chamber program development efforts,                           Yacht Charters                      The Clubhouse Grille
    Best Beverage: Representatives from Guinness accepted the Best           including the Kids Our Future Trust Fund, a not-                            FoodStudio                    The Traveling Vineyard
    Beverage award from Joyce Mazur, (l) UBS and chairperson of              for-profit organization created by the Chamber to
    the Taste of Stamford and Jack Condlin, president and CEO,               raise funds to support educational programs with                       Grade A ShopRite                              Zinc
    Stamford Chambe at the 13th Annual Taste of Stamford.                    the Stamford Public Schools.

                                       Stronger Economy, More Jobs: The Priority for Stamford and CT
                                       R E P R E S E N TAT I V E L I V V Y F L O R E N

                                        Streng t hen i ng                                most burdensome and unfair features of the estate tax—and            Governor Rell also understands the threat of future
                                    Connecticut’s economy and                            phasing it out completely by 2010.                               recessions. She would ameliorate the worst effects of such
                                    creating more jobs must                                  If they become law, Governor Rell’s initiatives will spur    economic downturns by depositing $335 million of the state’s
                                    be the top priority for the                          economic development and job growth.                             anticipated $500 million surplus in the ‘Rainy Day Fund.’
                                    General Assembly in 2006.                                One proposal is of particular importance to the Greater          Her proposed budget shows it is feasible to invest in
                                        But achieving that objec-                        Stamford area.                                                   areas that are critical to Connecticut’s economic future, cut
                                    tive will be next to impos-                              It would streamline the state’s economic development         burdensome taxes on employers that stifle business growth
                      Livvy Floren sible unless we take decisive                         efforts by consolidating and overhauling the various agen-       and hinder job creation, and honor the state’s constitutional
    action during the current legislative session to transform                           cies responsible for fostering economic development, job         spending cap—all at the same time.
    Connecticut into a more business-friendly state.                                     growth and private sector investments.                               Combined with energy tax relief, a job creation tax credit
        Fortunately, we are off to a good start.                                             The Connecticut Development Authority, Connecticut           and mass transportation improvements, Governor Rell’s
        Governor M. Jodi Rell set forth an innovative agenda in                          Innovations, and the Connecticut Health and Educational          comprehensive economic plan should go a long way toward
    her ‘State of the State’ address and challenged the General                          Authority would be merged into a single Connecticut              encouraging business growth and creating jobs in our area.
    Assembly to pass it.                                                                 Finance Collaborative to provide one-stop shopping for               It is now up to the state legislature to respond by sup-
        Her proposals reflect her Republican ideals. They include                        business financing.                                              porting her proposals.
6   business tax relief; reforming the property tax by eliminat-                             The new agency would work closely with a new                     The people of Greater Stamford—and throughout
    ing taxes on personal motor vehicles; and modifying the                              Department of Business and Employment.                           Connecticut—are counting on it.
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      STAMFORD                                                                                                                                           BUSINESS
    General Assembly to Consider                                                                                              This Year’s Session
    Multiple Economic Development Matters                                                                                     R E P R E S E N TAT I V E J A M E S S H A P I R O

                                                                                                                                  Unlike previous sessions                        businesses.
    M I K E FRE I M U TH                                                                                                      where social issues absorbed                            Now, the less good news.
                                                                                                                              much of the Legislature’s atten-                    An FDIC report showed that
        The steady drumbeat of dower         more critical new elements of this      the every increasing cost of energy.
                                                                                                                              tion, the focus of this legislative                 Connecticut was last in the nation
    reports about the Connecticut            effort will be an increased market-     Transmission issues, power plant
                                                                                                                              session will be economic issues.                    in job creation. The silver lining is
    economy from business groups,            ing and outreach program, where         construction fights, aging sub-sta-
                                                                                                                              First, the good news. The State of                  that the poor showing has sparked
    state universities, federal agencies,    there has been little or none in the    tions, ever increasing fuel cost
                                                                                                                              Connecticut projects a surplus for                  the Legislature to focus on jobs
    study institutes, the banking com-       recent past. Southern states have       pass-throughs, federal regulatory
                                                                                                                              the fiscal year in excess of $600                   and the economy in a way we
    munity, and municipal officials          been cherry-picking Connecticut         rulings that will set up dual-pric-
                                                                                                                              million. Through an improved                        haven’t seen for years. There are
    has begun to register in Hartford        companies and there is little or no     ing systems and electric quality
                                                                                                                              economy and increased govern-                       a variety of proposals on the table
    as the General Assembly begins to        balancing of perspectives as to the     concerns for ever more sensitive
                                                                                                                              ment efficiency—yes, it can hap-                    to improve the business climate
    contend with a multitude of eco-         merits of being in Connecticut.         business equipment all are push-
                                                                                                                              pen—the state                                                          in Connecticut.
    nomic development issues.                    Another public policy debate        ing this issue to the forefront of the
                                                                                                                              is blessed with a                                                      As noted above,
        None can be solved overnight         increasingly on the minds of the        economic development debate.
                                                                                                                              second straight                                                        there are plans
    (see transportation or housing).         legislators is the power of eminent         One experiment that is getting
                                                                                                                              surplus year.                                                          to eliminate the
    However, critical administrative,        domain for economic develop-            an airing is the creation of energy
                                                                                                                              The Legislature                                                        corporate sur-
    regulatory and planning changes          ment projects. Last year’s Supreme      improvement districts whereby
                                                                                                                              should, and I                                                          charge. There
    are in the wind. Some are reflec-        Court ruling that re-affirms the        property owners can join a coop-
                                                                                                                              believe      will,                                                     are also propos-
    tive of the need to update and           public sector’s ability to assemble     erative to generate and distribute
                                                                                                                              resist the pres-                                                       als to eliminate
    streamline existing bureaucracies        real estate for commercial proj-        their own energy, purchase power
                                                                                                                              sures to create a                                                      the limited lia-
    (such as the Governor’s proposal         ects designed to increase property      at wholesale and utilize the existing
                                                                                                                              host of new pro-                                                       bility company
    to set up a single cabinet agency).      taxes and employment opportu-           grid as a backup. Microgeneration
                                                                                                                              grams or greatly                                                       tax that hurts
    Others are being forced by court         nities has led to a call to restrict    plants and co-generation systems
                                                                                                                              increase fund-                                                         small business-
    action (eminent domain). Still oth-      or remove this power. The dan-          will be encouraged as a means
                                                                                                                              ing for exist-                                                         es. Moreover,
    ers are in response to the demand        ger here is that the ‘baby will be      to put some control on the ever
                                                                                                                              ing programs.                                                          there appears to
    for creative answers to such esca-       thrown out with the bath water’.        inflating energy problem.
                                                                                                                              Instead, there is                                                      be little support
    lating problems like energy costs        Assembling derelict or abandoned            A variety of other initiatives
                                                                                                                              significant will                                         James Shapiro for proposals
    that are increasingly making             properties is critical if Connecticut   that are being considered include
                                                                                                                              to put our finan-                                                      that while noble
    Connecticut non-competitive with         cities, so reliant on the property      modifications to the state overall
                                                                                                                              cial house in order by placing a                    in intent would have the effect of
    other regions. Finally, the oft stat-    tax, are able to create economic        plan of development to encour-
                                                                                                                              large percentage of the surplus                     drastically increasing the costs
    ed ‘globalization’ of manufacturing      change in depressed urban neigh-        age more transit oriented redevel-
                                                                                                                              in the state’s Rainy Day Fund                       of employers’ providing health
    as well as business services has         borhoods. There are a variety           opment and a plan to authorize
                                                                                                                              to gird against future deficits.                    insurance. Finally, the Speaker of
    yet to finish coursing through the       of reforms regarding monetary           municipalities to establish a dif-
                                                                                                                              Responsible uses of the remaining                   the House has proposed a ground
    state’s economy.                         awards, relocation assistance and       ferent tax rate for vacant property
                                                                                                                              surplus funds have been proposed,                   breaking—and hopefully gridlock
        Within her State of the State        public planning that will increase      than developed property. Within
                                                                                                                              including eliminating the corpo-                    breaking—plan for improving
    Address, the Governor announced          any identified weaknesses of the        the boundaries of Stamford, the
                                                                                                                              rate surcharge on Connecticut                       the state’s transportation infra-
    the consolidation of three state agen-   existing law, but some are argu-        city is pursuing funds for the
                                                                                                                              businesses, adequately funding                      structure. So, even the challenges
    cies, the Connecticut Development        ing for the total elimination of        design of new railroad underpasses
                                                                                                                              the Teacher’s Retirement Fund,                      Connecticut faces have helped put
    Agency, Connecticut Innovations          the power, thereby creating a long      into the South End neighborhood
                                                                                                                              and increasing the property tax                     the Legislature on track to spur-
    Inc. and the Connecticut Health          winter for some derelict areas.         to match recent federal awards;
                                                                                                                              credit to lessen the burdens on                     ring business and jobs in this
    and Educational Finance Authority        Further complicating the debate         for the Mill River restoration; for
                                                                                                                              taxpayers and local governments.                    session. In today’s competitive
    into one and tying it closer to a        is the issue of brownfields, aban-      school construction grants; and
                                                                                                                              Any way you look at it, this is a                   environment, that is where the
    new state Department of Business         doned polluted commercial prop-         for a variety of bond projects such
                                                                                                                              good situation for Connecticut’s                    focus belongs.
    and Employment, that itself will         erties that everyone agrees ought       as Holly Pond restoration and gen-
    replace the existing Department          to be redeveloped. Cleaning and         eral park improvements. At a more
    of Economic and Community                redeveloping these areas can lead       macro level, a variety of tax sur-
    Development. The goal here is to         to urban renewal, optimal use of        charges on businesses are ripe for
                                                                                                                              New Members,                            continued from page 7
    eliminate the confusing patchwork        public infrastructure and reduced       removal and modification to the
    of agencies set up to assist busi-       pressure to develop the open spac-      recently increased estate tax is         Castle Driveway                                     CEO Courier
    ness and to coordinate economic          es of the state. But the wholesale      on the docket. It is clear that the      Bill Jacobson, President                            Jack Rahlyn, Jr.,
    policy making with economic              elimination of the power threatens      state can no longer rest on its long     840 Sherman Ave.,                                   Operations Director
                                                                                                                              Thornwood CT 10594                                  737 Canal St.,
    development project solicitation         our ability to clear title, assemble    time leadership in quality of life       (888) 301-3595                                      Stamford 06902
    and financing. A liaison to all state    parcels and force redevelopment         or education systems. Many other                              (203) 223-3277
    agencies to ensure that they are all     in these older industrial areas. In     states and localities offer compa-                              Fax: (203) 323-7329
    on the same page when it comes to        some ways, this conflicts with the      rable qualities. We’re entering a        Castle Driveway Asphalt Mainte-           
    assisting business locate or expand      states intention to encourage inner     period where structural changes          nance does commercial and resi-           
                                                                                                                              dential projects in Westchester and                 Delivery Services
    is also created that reports directly    city renewal and growth in the          in our way of governing are neces-       Fairfield County. Including Sealcoat-
    to the Governor and is not caught        municipal economic base.                sary and likely. The ‘short’ session
8   up in the day to day line manage-            Perhaps,        nothing      has    of this General Assembly is just
                                                                                                                              ing, Hot crack filling, Infrared, Cut/
                                                                                                                              Patch and Line striping.
    ment of the programs. One of the         Connecticut business so worried as      the beginning.
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        STAMFORD                                                                                                                                           BUSINESS
     Job One is Jobs                                                                                                                  New Members,                                       continued from page 9
     R E P R E S E N TAT I V E D O N A L D S H E R E R
         About 169,000 students attend public high school mer ahead for many graduates.                                          Clarks Hill                                Concorde Funding Group
     in Connecticut and a record 172,700 go to college            Not only graduating students feel the Connecticut
     here. This spring, an estimated 40,000 of them will job squeeze. Fully 37 percent of Connecticut residents                  Service Jeff Zolluccio, President          Darlene Blisha-Lee
                                                                                                                                 765 East Main St., Stamford 06902          1037 E. Putnam Ave.,
     enter the job market. For thousands                                   tell pollsters that jobs and the economy              (203) 324-2575/Fax: (203) 357-8941         Riverside 06878
     of these eager, energetic young people                                are their top concerns—higher than any                                  (203) 637-6339
     entering the world of work, there sim-                                other single issue. That number is up                 Automobile Service • Reliable automotive   Fax: (203) 286-1641
     ply will be no jobs.                                                  from 25 percent a year ago.                           repair and detailing service, serv-
         At most, economists estimate no                                        Facts and figures bear them out.                 ing Stamford since 1961. All work          Mortgages • Mortgage Expert:
                                                                                                                                 guaranteed offering free pick up and       Residential purchase, refinance, new
     more than 18,000 new jobs will be                                     Connecticut has lagged the nation for
                                                                                                                                 delivery. Sunoco fuel. 324-2575 - Ask      construction & home equity
     created in Connecticut from January                                   years in job growth. The U.S. Bureau                  for Jeff
     through December this year. Some                                      of Labor Statistics ranks Connecticut                                                            CTC Communications
     economists predict 2006 Connecticut                                   at the bottom of all 50 states in job cre-            Compass Corporate Housing                  Patrick T. Barras, Business Development Mgr.
     job growth could be as low as 10,000,                                 ation. We rank near the bottom in terms               Eric Fleming, President                    570 Taxter Rd., Elmsford NY 10523
     3,000 or even fewer jobs. About 18,200                                of business climate. Unemployment is                  127 Greyrock Place, Stamford 06901         (914) 789-2055
                                                                                                                                 (203) 325-2355/Fax: (203) 487-0117         Fax: (914) 347-6768
     jobs were created in 2005.                                            at 4.8 percent, up from 4.5 percent a
         Simply put, the Connecticut econ-                                 year ago.                                               
                                                             Donald Sherer
     omy currently is unable to absorb the                                      According to state Labor Department              Corporate Housing • Offering short and     Telecommunications • CTC is a leading
     young people coming out of college and high school, figures, the Connecticut job market is weaker in some                   long-term fully furnished apartments       edge telecommunications company
     as well as other men and women entering or reenter- areas of Connecticut, and only slightly more promis-                    throughout Connecticut, Westches-          delivering voice, data, and internet
     ing the workforce.                                       ing in our southwestern Connecticut. Employment                    ter, Manhattan and New Jersey.             services while focusing on maintain-
                                                                                                                                                                            ing exceptional levels of customer
         Regrettably, many Connecticut young people will in Danbury and Torrington market areas is down                          Concentra Medical Centers                  service.
     be forced to join the ranks of the unemployed. Many from a year ago, while the Bridgeport-Stamford                          Faye Eustache, Health Services Manager
     frustrated graduates will take jobs below their skill region gained 2,800 jobs.                                             15 Commerce Rd., 3rd Fl.,
                                                                                                                                                                            Custom Phone
     levels. Still others will contribute to the brain drain      In this context, the Connecticut state legislature             Stamford 06902                             Craig Gironda, CTO
     of young adults fleeing the state for better prospects has made jobs the number one issue for the 2006                      (203) 940-3903/Fax: (203) 324-9400         10 Norden Park,
     in the West and South. It is going to be a tough sum- session that ends May 3.                                                            Norwalk 06855
                                                                                                                                 Health Services-Occupational • Occupa-     (203) 943-1158
                                                                                                                                 tional healthcare including: Work-         Fax: (203) 866-7090

     Leaders focusing on restoring business                                                                                      ers’ Compensation treatment, drug
                                                                                                                                 screening, physicals and immuniza-
                                                                                                                                 tions, etc.                                Telecommunications • Custom Phone is

     confidence, boosting economy                                                                                                                                            telecommunications company that
                                                                                                                                                                            has been in business for 20 years. We
                                                                                                                                                                            are experts in designing, installing
     P E T E R G I O I A , CBIA                                                                                                                                             and maintaining.

         Leaders from both sides of                      other things, by:                   had no net job growth in the last   repeal the reforms of the workers’         Design 27
     the political aisle in the legisla-                 ■ Phasing out the property tax      decade.                             compensation system that have              Chris Hull, President
     ture say the General Assembly                          on manufacturing machinery           Legislators can restore busi-   made the system fairer, more               75 Coulidge Ave., Stamford 06906
     must take bold action this year                        and equipment                    ness confidence and stimulate       effective and less costly.                 (203) 219-2417
     to help Connecticut’s economy                       ■ Eliminating the corporate tax     job creation by improving three         All of these harmful mea-    
     recover—and they are urging                            surcharge                        key areas affecting business com-   sures, and more, are in the leg-           Architects
     businesses to hold lawmakers’                       ■ Making major investments          petitiveness—costs, the state’s     islature this year and taking up
     feet to the fire to make sure the                      in the state’s transportation    transportation and energy infra-    valuable time in the short, 12-            DeYulio & Fodiman
     work gets done.                                        infrastructure and systems       structures and the skills of its    week session.                              Andrew DeYulio, Partner
         Senate President Pro Tem                        ■ Improving           connections   workforce.                                                Businesses           602 Stillwater Rd., Stamford 06902
                                                                                                                                                                            (203) 324-3109
     Donald Williams (D-Brooklyn),                          between the state’s educa-           But lawmak-                                       can keep track           Fax: (203) 316-8056
     Senate Republican Leader Louis                         tion system and business         ers also need                                         of      develop-         Bail Bondsman • Providing bail
     DeLuca (R-Woodbury), House                             community.                       to reject such                                        ments at the             bond services for over 25 years in
     Speaker James Amann (D-                                 While that bodes well for the   perennial anti-                                       state Capitol by         Stamford, Norwalk, Greenwich and
     Milford), and House Minority                        state’s business community, said    business efforts                                      visiting www.            Darien.
     Leader Robert Ward (R-                              John Rathgeber, president and       as the “pay or                                        cbia. gov, where         Dollar Rent A Car
     Northford) recently spoke to                        CEO of CBIA, “the challenge         play”     health                                      there are con-           Hugh Koellhoffer, President
     about 300 business leaders from                     now is to take the rhetoric and     care tax, “cap-                                       tinual updates           737 Canal St., Bldg. 35A,
     around the state at “Connecticut                    turn it into action.”               tive audience”                                        on legislative           Stamford 06902
     Business Day” at the Capitol.                           Connecticut has the sixth-      proposal that                                         actions      and         (203) 324-9939
                                                                                                                                                                            Fax: (203) 348-7599
         They agreed—mostly—on                           highest business costs in the       would        stop                                     links to your  
     how the state can foster an envi-                   country, transportation and         employers from                                        local legislators        Automobile Renting • Renting cars, mini
     ronment that will encourage                         energy infrastructures that can’t   meeting with                                          and bills affect-        vans, 12 passenger vans, 15 passen-
10   businesses to invest here and cre-                  keep up with demand, a short-       their employees,                                      ing the business         ger vans and cargo vans.
     ate more jobs, including, among                     age of skilled workers—and has      and efforts to                            Peter Gioia community.                                       continued on page 12
                                                  FLAVORS OF NEW YORK’S 9TH AVENUE
                                                     COME TO STAMFORD’S EAST SIDE                                     CHIMY CHURRY
                                               Where do your traveling taste buds yearn to go today?
                                               Poland, Italy, South America, Lebanon, China? Or just to                 STEAKHOUSE
                                               a great American town for some good ol’ barbeque,                       ARGENTINIAN & URUGUAYAN STYLE
                                               Philadelphia cheese steak, or simple fried chicken?                               Gaucho style asado (barbecue)
                                                     Wherever your culinary wander lust takes you,
    shish kebab • hummus • falafel             Stamford’s East Side, with 23 different eateries to choose
shawarma • pizza • salads & sandwiches         from is the next great destination where Fairfield County
                                               residents can sample authentic ethnic cuisine. Like New
                                               York City’s famous 9th Avenue, the East Side restaurants,
                                  Free         delis and specialty food markets are a tribute to our area’s
                                Delivery       ethnic diversity. And, best of all there’s no need for
                                               “frequent eater’s miles” or a New York $30.00 parking fee!
                                   &               Located between exits 8 and 9 off I95 just north of the
                                Catering       highway, Stamford’s East Side offers a plethora of culinary
                                               delights to tease your palate. More than just offering great
                                               food, the East Side restaurants are also among the most
             866 E. Main St.,                  personable and friendly in Stamford. Visiting them you’ll
          (Rte. 1) Stamford, CT                feel just like a visiting Uncle Fred, or Stash, or Enzio, or           Hablamos Español                FREE Delivery
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          of STAMFORD                                                                                                   Restaurant
           Deli ! Grill                                                                                                      Fine Peruvian Cuisine
       Family Owned & Operated
     Catering Large & Small Parties
   Open 6-3 Mon. Fri. and 6-3 Sat.,
   Open 6-4 Mon. --Fri. and 6-2 Sat.
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       Stamford, CT 06902                             ON ANY PURCHASE OVER $1500                                               Tel. 203.487.0166                        11
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        STAMFORD                                                                                                                                                   BUSINESS
           Welcome New Members                                                                                      Community Corner
                                CO N T I N U E D F R O M PA G E     10

     DoubleTree                                    Law Office of Anzelmo Graziosi                      The Stamford Symphony Orchestra performs                      ◆ Friday, March 17, 2:30 p.m.—St. Patrick’s
     Valencia Rainey, Director of Sales            700 Bedford Street, Suite 204,                     the music of “American Legends” on Saturday,                  Day Party; Irish Step Dancers directed by
     789 Connecticut Ave.,                         Stamford 06905                                     March 11 at 8:00 PM and Sunday, March 12 at                   Kathleen Mulkerin Jones
     Norwalk 06854                                 (203) 559-5066                                     3:00 pm at the Palace Theatre. Music Director
     (203) 523-2205/Fax: (203) 523-2292            Fax: (203) 965-0000                                                                                              ◆ Wednesday, March 22, 5 to 7 p.m.—An
                                                                                                      Eckart Preu will lead the Orchestra in a pro-                                                                                                    Artist Reception for Jeffrey Rosenthal, M.D.,
                                                                                                      gram of music by Jennifer Higdon, Michael                 Attorneys                                                                                                        Chief of Plastic Surgery at Bridgeport Hospital,
                                                                                                      Daugherty, Samuel Barber, Charlie Chaplin,
     Hotel • The Doubletree Norwalk is the                                                                                                                          Conn., will be held. An accomplished artist
     newest full service hotel with 265            GTC Networks LLC                                   Frank Zappa, and Leonard Bernstein. The
                                                                                                                                                                    and photographer, Dr. Rosenthal has prac-
     newly renovated rooms. Located con-           Kevin Kiely                                        Greenwich Choral Society and cellist Wendy
                                                                                                                                                                    ticed plastic surgery for more than 20 years
     veniently off I-95 and Route1 close to        15 East Putnam Ave.,                               Warner join the Orchestra. Behind the Baton,
     many Fortune 500 Companies.                                                                                                                                    while producing an eclectic array of paintings,
                                                   Greenwich 06830                                    the Symphony’s popular pre-concert lecture
                                                   (203) 409-9000                                                                                                   drawings, and photographs. Wine and hors
     Dr. Jackie Schiff                                                                                series, takes place one hour before each pro-
                                                                                                                                   d’oeuvres will be served.
                                                                                                      gram when Maestro Preu will share the secrets
     22 White Birch Lane,                          Computer/IT Networking Service Consultant
     Stamford 06905                                Founded in 1990, headquartered in                  and stories behind the music. Sunday’s con-                   ◆ Saturday, March 25, 2 p.m.—Healing Arts
     (203) 322-963/Fax: (203) 322-9639             Greenwich, CT , GTC Networks is a                  cert is followed by a free MusiKids program                   and Music Program with St. John’s Lutheran                              specialist IT services/solution provid-            onstage. Call 203.325.1407 x305 for details.                  Church in Stamford; pianist and flutist
     Psychologists • Dr. Jackie Schiff, is a       er that helps clients plan/build and               The weekend’s performances are sponsored by                   performing
     licensed Clinical Psychologist. She           support their IT infrastructures.                  the NewAlliance Foundation.
     specializes in helping people fi nd                                                                                                                             ◆ Thursday, March 30, 2 p.m.—Dental Health
     relief from chronic pain, Lymes, pre-
                                                   HCS Technology Group                                                                                             Issues Lecture with Dr. Jack DeGrado; will
     pare for surgery and heal faster.             Sam Valencia                                       Sterling Glen of Stamford, an independent                     cover topics such as bite and implants; ques-
                                                   65 High Ridge Rd., Stamford 06905                  and assisted living senior residence, announces               tion and answer session to follow.
     Dress For Success                             (203) 938-3325                                     its March art and music events open to the
     Darryl Manning, Executive Director            Fax: (203) 938-3374                                                                                              All the above listed events will be held at Sterling Glen of
                                                                                                      public and free of charge.
     35 Brentwood Ave., Fairfield 06825                                                                                                   Stamford, located at 77 Third Street, Stamford, Conn. For
     (203) 333-6505/Fax: (203) 333-6599                              ◆ Tuesday, March 7, 4 to 6 p.m.—Purim Party                   more information on cultural and educational events open               Computer Consulting                                with Temple Shir Ami                                          to the public, call 203-327-4551.
     fieldcounty                             Hello World
     Non-Profit Organization • A non-profit or-      Henry DelAngelo, Independent Affiliate
     ganization providing business attire          67 Walbin Court, Fairfield 06824             Jeffrey Cahn, DMD                          Merit Music                                      provides integrated financial and
                                                                                                                                                                                           retirement planning services to both
     & career development programs to              (203) 259-2922                              1435 Bedford St. #1P,                      Polly Keane,Owner                                individuals and business owners.
     women in need who are transitioning                           Stamford 06905                             143 Main St., Norwalk 06851                      Our plans are customized to meet
     into the workforce-Suits to Self-Suf-         henry             (203) 323-2882                             (203) 847-6100                                   your specific needs.
     ficiency.                                      Internet/Marketing Communications                    
                                                                                                                 Entertainment-Musical                            Northrop Grumman
     Franklin Management                           IL Falco                                    Dentists • Dr. Jeffrey Cahn, a caring,
                                                                                                                                          Merrill Lynch                                    Steven Sribnik, Business Development
     Mele Orendorf, Senior Partner                 Vincenzo Cordaro, General Manager           family dentist for patients of all ages,
     363 Fallow Field Rd., Fairfield 06824          59 Broad St., Stamford 06901                has been providing quality dental          Peter L. Berry, Financial Advisor                28 Top of the Ridge Drive,
     (203) 255-5126/Fax: (203) 255-5126            (203) 327-0002                              care in Stamford for over 22 years.        301 Tresser Blvd., Stamford 06901                Scarsdale, NY 10583                           Fax: (203) 967-8315                                                                    (203) 356-8657            
                                                                                               Landfall Navigation                                                                         (914) 725-3494
                                                                                                                                                               Fax: (914) 725-3494
     Management Consulting • Franklin ad-                               Capt. Henry Marx                           Financial Advisors • I offer planning- 
     vises early stage and middle market           Restaurants                                 151 Harvard Ave.,                          based financial advice and manage-      
     companies in the areas of marketing,                                                      Stamford 06902                             ment for individuals and small busi-             Information Technology • Northrop
     sales, planning, IT and funding.              Instant Replay Sporting Goods               (203) 487-0775                             nesses, helping them understand the              Grumman IT provides managed IT
                                                   Steve Terenzio, President                   Fax: (203) 487-0776                        myriad choices available today.                  services, network design, infra-
     Law Office of Joseph Gasparrini                                                  
                                                   1054 Hope St., Stamford 06907                                                                                                           structure management, systems
     20 Brinckerhoff Ave.,                         (203) 322-7502                                           National Association                             integration, data center management,
     Stamford 06905                                Fax: (203) 595-9442                         Marine Service • Landfall Navigation is    for the Self Employed                            hardware and software maintenance,
     (203) 968-8830/Fax: (203) 968-8704                       a Marine Chandlery specializing in         Jack Rutherford, Agent                           and help desk support.                                                                  Marine Navigation and Safety Prod-
                                                   Sports Apparel                                                                         4482 Madison Ave., Trumbull 06611                                                                  ucts and the Marine Training Center        (203) 258-2878/Fax: (203) 268-0688               Northwestern Mutual
     Attorneys                                     International Association                   for professional level education and                           Financial Network
                                                   of Benefits                                  certification.                                               Christopher Healey,
     Goldman Gruder & Woods, LLC
                                                   Carol Deutsch                               Marr & Caruso Realty Group                 Insurance-Health                                 Financial Representative
     Descera Daigle, Attorney                      36 Dubois St., Darien 06820                                                                                                             One Eliot Place Suite 200,
     200 Connecticut Ave, Suite 2F,                (203) 655-0882                              Phil Caruso, Owner                         New American Partners, LLC                       Fairfield 06824
     Norwalk 06854                                                                             2023 Summer St.,
                                                                                                                  Christopher M. Tasik, Financial Planner          (203) 256-2163
     (203) 899-8900/Fax: (203) 899-8915            cpsuccess                 Stamford 06905                                                                              (203) 254-2575
                                                                                                                                          34 Fifth St., Stamford 06905                                                                (203) 326-4590
                                                   Insurance • IAB is a Not-For-Profit as-      Fax: (203) 326-4589 www.
                                                                                                                                          (203) 321-1212 Ext:28                                                                                                                         Fax: (203) 621-3023                    
                                                   sociation that offers Medical/Dental/       marr;
     Attorneys • Law firm specializing in           Rx benefits to Individuals, Families,                                                            Financial Services • We provide expert
12   residential and commercial real               & Businesses through our member-
                                                                                                                                                                guidance for a lifetime of financial
     estate, lending and business entities                                                     Real Estate
                                                   ship plans. Everyone accepted!                                                         Financial Planners • New American                security.
     with a focus on client service.
Research Symposium to Address the Impact of Globalization on Science and
Technology, Human Capital and Cultural Diversity in the World Economy
D O C T O R M I C H A E L E G O , U C O N N S TA M F O R D
    The University of Connecticut             tions that can be investigated by       and two business and corporate       business, government, education,     address common research inter-
Center for Globalization and                  a collaborative process including       experts, with a moderator posing     and commerce in Stamford and         ests and topics. The partnerships
Commerce will present its inau-               research design, data collection        questions to the panel.              other Fairfield County communi-      the Center develops will provide
gural Research Symposium on                   and statistical/data analysis, that         The symposium will begin         ties. The Center provides oppor-     tremendous advantages to UConn
Monday, April 10, at the UConn                would involve both academic             with a keynote speech by Dr. Curt    tunities for faculty exchanges       students upon graduation as they
Stamford Campus in the Gen Re                 researchers and experts from the        Hunter, Dean, UConn School of        and research collaborations with     enter the global economy, and will
Auditorium. The event will begin              business and corporate commu-           Business.                            colleagues at universities around    permit UConn faculty and staff to
with registration at 12:30 p.m., and          nity. Together, they would seek to          The University of Connecticut    the world that will be developed     contribute to the Fairfield County
the formal program starts at 1:00             conduct research that would pro-        Center for Globalization and         through the Stamford Chamber of      community.
p.m. The symposium will conclude              duce outcomes and results that          Commerce is a joint endeavor         Commerce’s worldwide network,            There will be a pre-registra-
with a reception at 5:30 p.m.                 would be distributed to a regional,     between UConn Stamford and the       and will provide students with       tion fee of $25.00, paid prior to
    The Research Symposium will               national and global audience.           Stamford Chamber of Commerce.        opportunities for fieldwork and      April 7, and $30.00 at the door.
bring together scholars from the                  There will be three themes          It was officially approved by        internships.                         For more information and registra-
Storrs and Stamford campuses                  that will be addressed during the       the UConn Board of Trustees              The Center is an important       tion, the following websites can be
of the University of Connecticut,             research symposium:                     in November 2005, and it was         way for the campus to both take      accessed:
and business and corporate lead-              • Impact of Globalization on            established to engage in empirical   advantage of the many resources
ers from Fairfield County to                    Science and Technology                and applied research in a wide       in the community, and to offer the
engage in discussion and dialogue             • Impact of Globalization on
about the impact of globaliza-                  Human Capital
tion on commerce and economic                 • Impact of Globalization on
development.                                    Cultural Diversity
    The goal of the symposium to                  Each theme will be addressed        range of academic disciplines        community the diverse and excel-
identify priority research ques-              by a panel of two UConn scholars,       with global partners in industry,    lent expertise of UConn faculty to

New Members,                        continued from previous page

Olympic Construction, LLC                     RESAVUE Exhibit
Michael D’Elia, Owner                         Douglas Berkowitz, Design Consultant
20 Gleason Ave., Stamford T06902              10 Stran Rd., Milford 06460
(203) 356-0187/Fax: (203) 316-0197            (203) 878-0944                 Fax: (203) 878-3726
Contractors-General • Residential and
commercial general contractor, cus-           doug@resavuecom
tom homes, corporate interiors, ten-          Tradeshow Displays • A full service
ant fit out, additions & renovations.          agency specializing in trade show
                                              displays, pop-ups, custom modulars,
Law Offices of Ellery Plotkin                  banners and wall size graphics that
777 Summer Street, 2nd Fl.,                   get results.
Stamford 06901
(203) 325-4457/Fax: (203) 325-4376            Sanford H. Benjamin, MD                           23 Hoyt St., Stamford 06905
Attorneys                                     (203) 324-2918
                                              Fax: (203) 965-8391
Quorum Federal Credit Union         
David Sribnik, Business Development Manager   Medical Practice, Gastroenterology.
2 Manhattanville Rd., Suite 401,
Purchase NY10577
                                              Shorelands Home Inspections, LLC
(914) 641-3735/Fax: (914) 641-3730            Jerry McSorley, President                             P.O. Box 542,                   Old Greenwich 06870
Credit Union • A FREE benefit for your         (203) 536-2500
company and your employees! We                Fax: (203) 698-2064
offer quality financial products,    
personal service, and unparalleled  
convenience to over 40,000 members            Home Inspectors • We inspect homes
nationwide.                                   for buyers and sellers of residential
                                              homes based upon standards estab-
Rebuilding Together                           lished by the state of CT.
Thomas Cuddeback, Chairman
                                              Smith Barney
945 Summer St., Stamford 06905                Chris Templeman, Financial Advisor
(203) 921-1792/Fax: (203) 921-1792            301 Tresser Blvd. 12th Fl.,                        Stamford 06901                       (203) 967-7067/Fax: (203) 967-7006
Non-Profit Organization              
Our volunteers work on Rebuild-               christian.a.templeman@smithbar-
ing Day (last Saturday in April), on
homes in disrepair owned by low-              Financial Services
income elderly & disabled.                    Financial Planner, Stock Broker.                                                                                                                        13
                                                              continued on page 17
                               Promotion & New Positions                               Employee of the Year.                                  office to Stamford. The relocation was made to
     MEMBERS MAKING NEWS           George N. Bagley was appointed senior vice              Pitney Bowes, a provider of integrated mail
                                                                                       and document management systems, services and
                                                                                                                                              take advantage of the quality businesses in the
                                                                                                                                              area that might be interested in their sophisticated
                               president at Albert B. Ashforth, Inc., Corporate Real
                               Estate Brokerage, a division of The Ashforth Co.        solutions, announced that its FastPac D1500/600        web development, online applications and graphic
                                   Lena Getman joined Buyer’s Capital Real Estate      and DI900/950 inserting systems have each been         design work. Their new address is 2 Eighth Street,
                               as a sales agent.                                       awarded a 2006 Product Design Award by the             Stamford CT, 06905 - Tel 203 316 8700
                                                                                       International Forum.
                               Awards & Recognition                                        The Fairfield County Community Foundation          Anniversary
                                   Attorney Raj R. Mahale, Murtha Cullina LLP,         presented the Maritime Aquarium at Norwalk with            The Amsterdam Hotel celebrates 34 years of
                               has been honored with the “Global Entrepreneur          a $25,000 grant that will allow 300 students from      service to the Stamford and regional communities.
                               of the Year” award. The selection was made by           inner-city public schools in Bridgeport, Norwalk       The hotel has undergone renovations to most of its
                               the Jagatik Marathi Chamber of Commerce &               and Stamford to participate in the Long Island         rooms as well as public areas. The hotel has upgrad-
                               Industries, jointly with Small & Medium Business        Sound Biodiversity Project, which involves field       ed its health and workout facility, and now features
                               Development Centre of India.                            research on the natural and cultural history of Long   updated amenities such as “Senior” designated and
                                   Murtha Cullina LLP also announced that the          Island Sound.                                          handicapped-accessible rooms. The Victoria Room
                               following lawyers were among 27 lawyers from                                                                   is available for meetings, groups, and gatherings.
                               the organization that were featured in Connecticut      Relocation                                             Elections
                               Magazine as “Connecticut SuperLawyers:”                    Roaring Ants Communications, a full service
                                                                                                                                                 The Housatonic Community College Foundation
                                                                                       web development and design studio, moved its
                               Paul G. Hughes—                                                                                                           announced the election of its board of
                               Securities & Corporate Finance                                                                                            directors. Among there were Deborah
                               Paul E. Knag—Health Care                                                                                                  S. Breck, a partner in the law firm
                                                                                                                                                         Pullman & Comley LLC.; Steven
                               Richard “Dick” McGrath—
                                                                                                                                                         M. Gold, a partner in the law firm
                                                                                                                                                         Shipman & Goodwin LLP; and Maria
                                   Stamford   Hospital    named                                                                                          A. Stolfi, first vice president, total
                               Keruzan Macemon, a special proj-                                                                                          rewards and performance manage-
                               ects cleaner in its environmental                                                                                         ment at People’s Bank.
                               services department, as its 2005
                                                                              Dick MdGrath           Paul Hughes           Paul Knag           Raj Mahale

                   BUSINESS LUNCHES
                                  Emme of Capri
                                      Ristorante Italiano
                             227 Summer Street Stamford, CT 06901

                                    Now Opening                                               Specializing in the
     Lunch: Tuesday to Friday • Dinner: Tuesday to Sunday
                                                                                             Best Quality USDA
                                                                                             Dry Aged Prime Beef
                                                                                                                                       We offer Corporate Lunch Discounts
                           Come to Enjoy authentic Italian food and wine.                                                                   Serving 10 to 100 People
                                Receive discounts for your next visit                          “Peter Luger’s without                            Noon till 3 pm
                                                                                                    the attitude’’
                                                                                                                                               Visit our gift shop located upstairs
                                                                                                   -Zagat Survey
                                                                                                                                              RESERVATIONS ARE REQUIRED
                                                                                             OPEN FOR LUNCH AND                                   see the menu at our website
              Layla’s                       FALAFEL                                                   DINNER
                                                                                               Private Room Available
                                                                                                  For Corporate or
                                                                                                                                                or call us for more information
                                                                                                                                               2635 LONG RIDGE ROAD
     Authentic Food of the Middle East                                                            Family Functions
                                                                                                                                                   STAMFORD, CT
     Rated #1 Mid Eastern Food by Ffld. Weekly Magazine 2005                                        reservations                        4 Miles north of the Merritt Parkway at exit 34
                   Delivery 7 days a week
               OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK 11-9:30
                                                                                             914.381.7233                                           203-329-7818
                                                                                                                                       Fax 203-329-7848 •
     Pick-up & Catering 203.461.8004 Fax 203.461.9538                                         974 East Boston Post Rd.
14       936 High Ridge Rd.      Stamford, CT 06905                                           Mamaroneck, NY 10543
Real Estate Professionals
                                                                                                    Betsy Kapica
                                                                                                    Office 203-968-1500
                                                                                                    Cell 914-552-5237
                                                                                                    VM 203-968-0633 X14
                                                                                                         EXCLUSIVE AFFILIATE OF CHRISTIES GREAT ESTATES

        Dena Zarra, GRI
        Specializng in Stamford & Greenwich                                                                  Michelle Dargon
                                                                                                             New & Luxury Homes
        REALTOR®                                                                                             Specialist Realtor

        William Pitt
        Sotheby’s International Realty
        961 Long Ridge Stamford, CT 06902
        t 203.322.1688 Ext. 326 888.258.7488 c 203.943.2357                                                  69 East Avenue, Norwalk CT 06651
        f 203.968.8501 h 203.358.9359                                                                        Bus: 203.846-1611 Fax: 203-857-7841                                                                                   E:mail
                                                                                                               An independently owned and operated member of The Prudential Real Estate Affiliates, Inc.
        Each Office Is Independently Owned And Operated

                                                                       Elite Realty
                                                     Each Office independently Owned and Operated
                                                                   Ken Anderson
                                                    Vice President of Operations
                                                    Multi-Million Dollar Producer
                                     85 Old Long Ridge Road • Stamford, CT 06903
                                                         Stamford: (203) 329-7116
                                                        Greenwich: (203) 661-2801
                                                          Norwalk: (203) 854-2918
                                                            Mobile: (203) 223-1389

       STAMFORD                                                                                                                              BUSINESS
     Membership Drive
         On Tuesday, January 10th, the     offers opportunities to contribute     Organizer. Borderud, Chair of
     Stamford Chamber of Commerce          to the vibrancy of the community       the 2006 Membership Campaign,
     held its Annual Membership            and legislative advocacy.              also serves as Chairperson for the
     Campaign. This was a major                The Stamford Advocate, gen-        Ambassadors Committee.
     undertaking with more than 50         erously donated the use of their           Owners of small businesses
     volunteers contacting local busi-     facility and phones to hold the        and managers of mid to large
     nesses to recruit them for mem-       Drive. Part of the Membership          sized companies should make
     bership into its organization. The    Campaign includes recognizing          time to take advantage of the
     goal for the day was to bring in      the volunteers for their efforts       wonderful networking and educa-
     an additional 75 to 100 members       with prizes donated by our mem-        tional opportunities offered by the
     to its existing roster which is       bers and an awards party, host-        Chamber, said Geri Fortunato,
     currently an approximate 1,600        ed by The Clubhouse Grill, 451         director of membership. It offers
     business members. Membership          Stillwater Road. Chamber recruit-      them the opportunity to develop
     in a chamber is a relatively inex-    ing is a year-round effort, but        new relationships and find out
     pensive way to market your            the campaign offers a feeling of       what others are doing to improve      Members were busy calling their contacts to sign them up for membership in the
     business and make important           enthusiasm among the teams and         their businesses. The day was         Stamford Chamber’s annual drive. Pictured here are Left to Right (Front)—Suzette
     connections, says Jack Condlin,       their captains, as they compete        a wonderful, fun-filled success,      Plank, Suzette Plank Photographing Life; Carol Watt, Better Women’s Health; Peter
                                                                                                                        Sandler, Minuteman Press; Kim Stumpf, Consolidated Tech; Tracy Persson, Media
     President of the Stamford             for prizes and recognition, says       which brought in approximately        Ventures, Inc.; Left to Right (Rear)—Joshua Geraghty, National Legacy Group; Greg
     Chamber of Commerce. It also          Judi Borderud, Personal Financial      80 new members.                       Smith, Merrill Lynch.

                           The Ones Who Made It Happen                                                                                          Thank You
              The following individuals donated their time and energy to recruit new members during the Stamford
            Chamber’s Membership Campaign. This is a fine example of the type of volunteerism that makes the                                for Your Donation
            Stamford Chamber a successful business organization for all members. Please take a few moments to
         review their names and salute their efforts. Please also recognize the commitment made by their employers           The Membership Campaign Committee would like to thank the fol-
                                     who afforded scheduling flexibility and work hours.                                    lowing companies who contributed to or donated prizes for the 2006
                                                                                                                             Membership Campaign. Their efforts helped drive the success of the
                Barbara Barclay, Merritt Staffing                    Kevin O’Connor, Sandler Sales Institute                    campaign and contributed to a friendly competitive rivalry.
               Barry Monies, Computronix, LLC                              Kim Colletto, CT Krav Maga
           Brad Hartmann, Randstad United States                         Kim Stumpf, Consolidated Tech
                                                                                                                                         Agabhumi-The Best of Bali
                                                                                                                                               All Things Floral
                      Brad Yerks, Advocate                            Linda Kuppersmith, CMIT Solutions
                                                                                                                                          Bennett’s Steak and Fish
                 Caitlin Lopez, Fore Restaurant                          Liz Kopyscinski, WGCH Radio
                                                                                                                                      Bobby Valentine’s Sports Gallery
              Carol Watt, Better Women’s Health                          Marc Halpert, Your Best Interest                                          Café Bria
             Nicholas “Coach Nick” Papadopoulos,                   Marc Sullivan, Marc Sullivan Photography                               Columbus Park Trattoria
                         Sky’s the Limit                                   Marcus Lee, Circulent, LLC                         Courtyard Marriott, Boston Historic Copley Square
              Courtney Baroni, Ultimate Staffing                             MaryAnn McGuinness,                                           Crab Shell Restaurant
               Dan Tual, Photographic Memories                             UBS Financial Services Inc.                                    Dale Carnegie Training
           Dr. Brian Yomtov, Advanced Chiropractic                      Matt Abel, Dale Carnegie Training                                  Equinox Fitness Club
               Ernie DiMattia, Ferguson Library                    Mike Feldman, William Raveis Real Estate                              Fairfield Theatre Company
                     Eva Day, One Day LLC                         Mindi Miller, Westchester Family Magazine                                 Federal Hair Stylists
              Francisco Delgado, Morgan Stanley                  Mitch Tublin, Leadership Management Institute                                  Marriott Hotel
          Fred Blumer, Credit Professional Associates                 Peter Helmer, Precision Sales Systems                                      Nagi Jewelers
                           Greg Smith,                                   Peter Sandler, Minuteman Press                                          Nobu Florist
              Merrill Lynch–Private Client Group                       Robert Hunt, Patriot National Bank                                       Red Door Spa
               Harris B Towne, Commerce Bank                                 Rose Lattarulo, Paychex
                                                                                                                                              Reflections Salon
             Jeff Roberts, The Roberts Group R.E.                                                                                             Saks Fifth Avenue
                                                                           Sara Cornwall, Wells Fargo
                     John O’Brien, Printech                                                                                             Schakolad Chocolate Factory
                                                                    Shaun Gagnon, Creative Benefit Planning
            Jolene Kalinowski, ARI of Connecticut                                                                                               Sheraton Hotel
                                                                                Steven Frederick,
           Joshua Geraghty, National Legacy Group                 Wofsey, Rosen, Kweskin & Kuriansky, LLP
                                                                                                                                                 The Advocate
                                                                                                                                               The Royal Green
                 Judi Borderud, Judi Borderud,                                    Suzette Plank,
               Personal Financial Organizer, LLP                        Suzette Plank Photographing Life                                     The Thirsty Turtle
                       Kathryn Humphrey,                               Tim Sheehan, Choyce Peterson. Inc
                                                                                                                                           Wagner’s Fine Luggage
                    Customized Networking                                                                                                  Wineport At Ridgeway
                                                                    Tom Lynch, Everett Hall Associates, Inc.
16          Kevin Manning, A J Mandi & Son, Inc.                                                                                              Zinc Bistro & Bar
                                                                       Tracy Persson, Media Ventures, Inc.
New Members,
continued from page 13

Start U up Office Consultants
Jeff Glick, President
20 Hollow Tree Ridge Rd.,
Darien T06820
(203) 202-9204
Fax: (203) 547-6172
Business Consulting
T-Mobile USA
Jay Kreizer, Nat’l Account Manager
76 Progress Drive,
Stamford 06902
(203) 434-1123
Fax: (203) 328-8957
Telecommunications • T-Mobile is a
provider of wireless voice and data
service for domestic and interna-
tional use.                                                                                                                                 Rosanne C. Begel
The Golf Club at Oxford Greens                                                                                                                  Partner
Steve Keating, General Manager
99 Country Club Drive,
Oxford 06478
(203) 888-1600                                   OperationsInc provides expertise                       Harbour Square                  Tel 203.328.3061
Fax: (203) 888-5173                              in the area of Human Resources.                                                                                    700 Canal Street, Suite 319     Fax 203.328.3062
                                            * Recruitment Management Services (RMS)                     Stamford, CT 06902              email:
Golf Club-Public/Private • Open since
Fall of 2004, the Mark Mungeam-
designed championship layout is              * Sexual Harassment Prevention Training
already one of the state’s best golf
courses.                                            * Exit Interview Outsourcing
                                                                                                        RITA J. THIBAULT
The Mac Doctors                                              * HR Outsourcing                           PRESIDENT

Doreen Hein, President
199 Gregory Blvd. #A1,
                                                               * HR Audits
Norwalk 06855
855-9363                                 To learn more about our portfolio of offerings,                             contact David Lewis, President /Founder
Technology                                        Telephone #: 203-322-0538 l                                SIX LANDMARK SQUARE STAMFORD, CT 06901-2792
Three Seas Liquors                                   Fax #: 203-329-3171 l
Dan Briggs, Manager
587 Elm St.,                                                                       Temporary • Temp to Hire • Direct Hire
Stamford 06902
(203) 324-5988
Wine & Liquor Stores                    Maureen Mackey
                                        Principal/Founder                                                                              Maryann Donovan
Tiger Home & Building Inspections                                                                                                      President
Kara DeLaurentis, Regional Marketing
Manager                                                                                                                                     40 Richards Avenue
70 Strawberry Hill Ave.,                                                                                 1740 Post Road                     Norwalk, CT 06854
Stamford 06902                                                                                           Fairfield, CT 06824                TEL: 203 866-2444
(203) 316-9206
Fax: (203) 245-2065                                                                                      TEL: 203 256-8444                  TEL: 800 283-0087                                                     20 Old Kings Highway South
                                                                                                         FAX: 203 259-8224                  FAX: 203 855-2093                                                               Darien, CT 06820
Home Inspectors • Since 1992, Tiger           Tel: 203.655.1166 ext. 102          
Home & Building Inspections has               Fax: 203.655.0055        Specialists in Permanent and Temporary Staffing
been providing quality compre-
hensive Residential & Commercial
Inspections & Environmental tests
throughout Connecticut.
Tim Coffey Photography
Tim Coffey, Owner
1802 Bedford St.,
Stamford 06905
(203) 325-4599
                                                                                 595 Summer Street     Office Support • Administration • Accounting • Creative Services
                                                                               Stamford, CT 06901                             ComputerTutors
Photographers • Tim Coffey Pho-          Barbara G. Barclay               (203) 325-3799 Ext. 111
tography specializes in corporate
                                         Manager                               Fax (203) 353-1593
photography, weddings and bar/bat                             
                                         Sales & Marketing
Mitzvahs, and family portraits.                                   
                continued on page 18
                                                                                                                 New Members,                            continued from page 18

        Commercial Real Estate Update                                                                            TMK Sports & Entertainment, LLC            Concierge Service • Full concierge ser-
                                                                                                                                                            vices: Errand, Information, Waiting
                                                                                                                 Tamara M. Kettler, President               and Notary Service. House sitting,
                                           by Gregg Glaser                                                       3 River Ave, Suite 2A,                     Personal Shopping, Travel Arrange-
                                                                                                                 Greenwich 06830                            ments, Meeting and Special Event
                                                                                                                 (203) 531-3047/Fax: (203) 531-3048         Planning.
     Virgin Atlantic Relocates                             Inc. in White Plains, NY, have made an applica-
     HQ to Stamford                                        tion to City of Stamford’s Planning & Zoning                        Washington Mutual
                                                           Boards for approval of a 37-story, high-end lux-      Event Marketing • An event marketing
         Virgin Atlantic Airways has signed a 15-year                                                                                                       Carmela Perito, Financial Center Manager
                                                           ury condominium tower in downtown Stamford            company dedicated to providing
                                                                                                                                                            2169 Summer St., Stamford 06905
     lease to move its U.S. corporate headquarters         to be called Park Tower. Planned for the corner       unparalleled service. Event Planning,
                                                                                                                                                            (203) 967-0451/Fax: (203) 967-0460
     to 650 Atlantic Street, adjacent to the Stamford                                                            Event Management, Brand Building
                                                           of Washington Boulevard and Broad Street near                                          
     Transportation Center in the South End. The                                                                 Promotions, Event Representation
                                                           the University of Connecticut and Mill River                                           
                                                                                                                 and Sales, Event Consulting and
     building, to be called “Virgin Atlantic Center@                                                             Public Relations.                          Banks
                                                           Park, the building was designed by architect
     Stamford Station,” was previously occupied by         Costas Kondylis.                                                                                 Weichert Realtors
     Pitney Bowes.                                                                                               Tommy K Vitamins
                                                              “The project is not only going to be a spec-                                                  David B. Wittenberg, Realtor
         Originally built in 1892 by the Blickensderfer                                                          Tom Karagianes, Owner
                                                           tacular addition to the Stamford skyline, but         54 Research Drive, Stamford 06906          1051 Long Ridge Rd.,
     Typewriter Company, the property is on the            will offer an incredible package of public ben-                                                  Stamford 06903
                                                                                                                 (203) 325-9544/Fax: (203) 979-0274
     National Register of Historic Places. Odyssey         efits that will be hugely helpful to the city as it                           (203) 322-8800
     Ventures, LLC of Greenwich purchased the                                                                                Fax: (203) 322-3434
                                                           continues on its path to becoming a 24/7 world-                                        
     property from Pitney Bowes in November 2005           class destination,” said Rich.                        Health & Wellness
     and is undertaking a complete state-of-the-art                                                                                                         Real Estate
                                                               Park Tower’s initial plans call for 185 resi-     TOUR GCX Partners
     renovation of the building to preserve the his-       dences, ranging in size from 1,000-square-foot                                                   Stuart Welkovich, Attorney at Law
     toric character and spirit of the original struc-                                                           Phil Kanfer, Sales Executive
                                                           one-bedroom units to 3,500-square-foot three                                                     33 Oak Street, 2nd Fl.,
                                                                                                                 450 Park Avenue South, 3rd Fl.,
     tures. Once completed, the building is expected       bedroom duplex penthouses. Amenities will             New York NY10016
                                                                                                                                                            Stamford 06905
     to obtain the designation of “Certified Historic                                                                                                       (203) 357-8904
                                                           include high quality finishes, granite counter-       (212) 685-2200 Ext:206
                                                                                                                                                            Fax: (203) 348-8904
     Structure” under the guidelines and in coop-          tops, hardwood floors, top-of-line appliances,        Fax: (212) 685-7171
     eration with the Stamford Historical Society, the                                                 
                                                           designer cabinetry, marble bathrooms and spa-                        Attorneys
     State of Connecticut Historic Preservation &          cious terraces.                                       Golf • With TOUR GCX you will              Women’s Mentoring Network
     Museum Commission and the U.S. Department                 The 7th floor will include a landscaped           gain unique access to play golf and
     of the Interior, National Park Service.                                                                     entertain guests at a variety private      Louise Moss, Executive Director
                                                           deck, an indoor swimming pool, a full-service
        “As a pioneer in new ventures,” said Odyssey                                                             golf clubs.                                141 Franklin St., Stamford 06901
                                                           health club, a clubroom, library, billiards and                                                  (203) 348-3828/Fax: (203) 388-0142
     partner Nicholas P. Kyriakos, “Virgin Atlantic’s      screening rooms and a state-of-the-art security       VJ & C Concierge Service         
     presence in Stamford’s South End can only help        system. Five levels at the base of the building                                                  Non-Profit Organization
     to launch and ensure the success of redevelop-                                                              Cecelia Martinez, Managing Director
                                                           will provide on-site parking. Approximately           65 High Ridge Rd. #348,                    Women’s Mentoring Network
     ment in the South End as it transitions to a          3,000 square feet of retail space will be avail-      Stamford 06905                             promotes economic empowerment
     transit intensive sector of the city.”                                                                      (877) 430-9604/Fax: (877) 430-9604         for disadvantaged women and their
                                                           able at the corner of Washington Boulevard and                                                   families through education and qual-
         Virgin Atlantic will occupy 15,200 of the                                                      
                                                           Broad Street.                                                  ity employment.
     72,000 square foot, three-story building, situ-           The two-year construction project will gen-
     ated on 2.6 acres. The mixed use facility will        erate 500 construction jobs a year, 15 perma-
     offer office and retail space with a two-story
     atrium lobby with north and south entrances.
                                                           nent jobs once completed and add more than
                                                           $1 million per year in property tax revenue for                   Company Recognition
     Construction management is being provided by          Stamford. Once approved, construction will                                    Co m p a nies who a re c o m mit t e d
     commercial and high-end residential contractor        begin this fall and is scheduled to be completed                           t o Sta mford’s Business Co mmunit y
     NPK Building Corp., of Greenwich. Occupancy by        in two years.
     Virgin Atlantic is expected by the end of the year.                                                         Adow Pool Service, LLC                     Brennan & Vlahakis Insurance
     Bank of Ireland Leases 20,359                                                                               Robert (Bob) Zajkowski, Owner              Daniel Brennan, Partner
                                                               Royal Bank of Scotland has filed plans with       393 Glenbrook Rd., Stamford 06906          13 Spring St., Stamford 06901
     Square Feet at First Stamford Place                   the City of Stamford’s Zoning Board for it’s          (203) 357-9723/Fax: (203) 977-7031         (203) 324-6226/Fax: (203) 324-0090
         The Bank of Ireland has leased 20,359 square      12-story, 500,000-square-foot North American                          Insurance Agents & Brokers
     feet at 300 First Stamford Place, noted as the        headquarters on three acres north of Interstate                    Full service home, auto, life, health,
     first major 2006 lease transaction for Fairfield      95. The complex will be home to RBS Greenwich         Pool Service • Maintenance, Renova-        and business insurance agency.
                                                                                                                 tion, Construction.
     County by commercial real estate services firm        Capital, currently located in Greenwich, and the                                                 Cablevision
     Cushman & Wakefield.                                  Scotland-based bank’s North American corpo-           Alliance Limousine                         Chris Klimek
         The Bank of Ireland plans to establish a          rate banking operations, which will move from         Alan Oyugi, President                      28 Cross St., Norwalk 06851
     wholesale financial services branch for its           Manhattan.                                            1011 Hope St., Stamford 06907              (203) 750-5613
     Corporate Banking and Global Markets rela-                The building will be located between              (203) 964-1100/Fax: (203) 325-4949         Fax: (203) 354-0921
     tionships in the U.S. in the Stamford location.                                                                
                                                           Washington Boulevard and Mill River at                  
     The bank signed a long-term lease and will            Richmond Hill Avenue and will include working         Limousine Service                          Internet/Web & Telecommunications Services
     occupy space on the third floor of the building,      space for approximately 3,000 employees, plus                                                    One of the nation’s leading enter-
     owned by W&M Properties, with an agreement            a publicly accessible plaza linking Washington        Bonded Waterproofing                        tainment and telecommunication
     allowing for future growth. The Bank of Ireland                                                             Services, Inc.                             companies, provides advanced cable
                                                           Boulevard with the Mill River Greenway.
     is currently located at 75 Holly Hill Lane in                                                               Louis J. Alloro, President                 TV, high speed internet, digital-
                                                           Construction is expected to begin in mid-2006                                                    voice-over- cable, Lightpath business
     Greenwich.                                                                                                  65 Woodbine St.,
                                                           and should be completed by early 2009. RBS            Bergenfield NJ 07621                        telecommunication.
                                                           expects to move approximately 1,850 RBS to its        (877) 226-6333/Fax:(877) 796-4710
     Park Tower—                                                                                                                                            Capriccio Cafe
                                                           new headquarters from RBS Greenwich Capital,
     37-Stories in Downtown Stamford                       RBS NY and from the continued growth of the             Giovanni Gentile, President/Owner
        Thomas L. Rich of F.D. Rich Co. in Stamford        company. The project is expected to create more       Waterproofing                               189 Bedford St., Stamford 06901
18   and Louis R. Cappelli of Cappelli Enterprises,        than 800 construction jobs in Stamford.
                                                                                                                 Indoor and Outdoor drainage spe-           (203) 356-9819/Fax: (203) 356-9544
                                                                                                                 cialists-french drains, curtain drains,
                                                                                                                 roof drains and sump pumps.                Restaurants
Real Estate Professionals
                                                                                            Edward Judge
                                                                                            Office: 203.321.4240 • Fax: 203.321.4247
                                                                                            Voice Mail: 203.975.2488 • Cell: 203.536.1142
                                                                                            Home: 203.329.2546
                                                                                            877 Long Ridge Rd.
                                                                                            Stamford, CT 06902
                                                                           For mortgage rates, pre-approval, financing - 800.330.5008 Toll Free
                                                                                    INTEGRITY • SERVICE • EXPERIENCE
                                                                              Recently sold homes • 24-hour on-line home evaluation

        Ruth Ann Sbarra                                                   Les Gordon
                                                                          Les Gordon
        Office 203-968-1500                                               Office 203-968-1500
        Cell 203-249-0707                                                 Office 203-968-1500
                                                                          Cell 203-561-3042
        VM 203-968-0633 X22                                               VM 203-561-3042
                                                                          Cell 203-968-0633 x25
        email                    email:

        Leonard Sansone, Jr.
        Broker REALTOR®
        Gold Star

        William Pitt
        Sotheby’s International Realty
        545 Bedford Street Stamford, CT 06901
        t 203.327.2050 Ext. 350 888.242.7488 f 203.327.9685
        c 203-962-8860                                                                                                                        19
        Each Office Is Independently Owned And Operated
                       Junior Achievement of Southwest CT
                  20th Annual Bowl-A-Thon
         Bowlers raising the minimum are eligible for door prizes given out every five minutes.

        WHEN: Saturday, April 29, 2006
         TIME: Three Shifts Available
                (1-3p.m., 4-6p.m., or 7-9p.m.)
       WHERE: Rip Van Winkle Lanes in Norwalk
         COST: $20/Bowler Registration Fee
                (covers cost of lane and shoes)
                $100 pledge minimum per bowler.

     TEAM SIZE: 5-6 People Per Team
     For more information please call Junior Achievement at 203-854-1700


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