California State University, Long Beach by 290Xj5Xn


									                          California State University, Long Beach
                          College of Health and Human Services
                                     School of Nursing

                     Directed Project/thesis Completion Checklist

1. Review Project/thesis format                                     Date _________

2. Review online Thesis Office Checklist                            Date _________

3. Obtain editor/typist                                             Date _________

4. Complete Thesis Author Login Online Submission Form              Date _________

5. Confirm Submission Deadline date                                 Date _________

       Submission Deadline _________________________

5. Provide copy of final project to each committee member at        Date _________
   least three weeks prior to Submission deadline.

5. Obtain document box (bookstore) for project submission           Date _________

6. Obtain final signatures                                          Date _________

7. Follow on-line guidelines for final submission                   Date _________

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