The following information is provided to assist with understanding
the vast number of opportunities your child has in obtaining
financial assistance for his/ her post-secondary education.
Scholarships can be broken down into 4 broad categories:
            1)   Canada Wide
            2)   School Specific
            3)   Program Specific
            4)   Churchill Specific


The following awards represent some of the scholarships/ awards
and other forms of financial assistance available to students
across Canada. They are not attached to specific provinces;
however, some awards have criteria that apply to certain student
groups. In some cases, only the name of the organization and
their website is listed. If you plan on applying to any of these, it
is very important to contact the sponsor to verify the application
process and timelines.

       AWARD NAME                           DESCRIPTION
4-H Scholarships                Available through 4-H; download applications
                                from website; applicants must be 4-H members
Co-operators Scholarships       10 awards of $1000.00 each based on personal
                                background, goals, ambitions, community
                                involvement & interest/knowledge of accident
                                prevention on the farm/home; essay required;
                                deadline June 20th

FCC 4-H Scholarship Program     1 award of $1500.00 awarded to 1 student from
                                each province(1 national winner at $2000.00);
                                 selection based on project plans that improve
                                 safety, reduce hunger or enhance their
                                 communities; deadline April 1st

Ivomec 4-H Scholarships          Valued at $1000.00; available based on
                                 community & volunteer involvement; applicants
                                 must submit an original work with documented
                                 originals (typed essay, video, website, speech on
                                 audio; apply by May 1st
TD 4-H Agriculture Scholarship   Up to 10 valued at $2000.00 each available to
                                 students entering agriculture/ agri-business
                                 programs; selection based on academic
                                 achievement, career plans & 4-H involvement;
AMMSA- Aboriginal Multi-Media    Large variety of bursaries & other forms of
Society                          awards are listed through the AMMSA; see
Athlete Assistance Program       $6000.00- $13 200.00 annually + tuition; for
                                 athletes already (or potentially) among the top
                                 16 athletes in the world for competition at
                                 major international sporting events; high
                                 performance athletes are identified by the
                                 Provincial/National Sport Organization in their
                                 applicable sport & must meet sport-specific
                                 requirements as outline by them; see
AUCC Scholarship for Students    10 awards of $5000.00 each (may be
                                 renewable); Canadian citizens or have lived in
with Disabilities
                                 Canada for at least 2 yrs. As permanent
                                 residents who are disabled; apply online at
Basilicata Cultural Society      2 awards of $3000.00; must be of Basilicata
                                 origins (at least one grandparent) & residing in
                                 Canada; essay part of application; deadline April
                                 30th; (905) 850 1070
Burger King Scholars Program     Approx. 1500 awards of $1000.00 each (Canada,
                                 U.S., Puerto Rico); cumulative average of 67% or
                                 higher; works part-time an average of 15
                                 hrs./week 40 weeks/yr.; participation in
                                 community and/or extra-curricular activities;
                                 financial need; receive written nomination &
                                 signature from school official& employer
                                 recommendation; one nomination/school; due
                                 December 15th;contact
CAB Canada Scholarship Program $2500.00 value; strong leadership qualities,
                               willingness to assist others in the industry &
Jim Allard Award
                                      genuine enthusiasm for a career in Canadian
                                      broadcasting; application + 500 word essay; due
                                      June 30th;
CAB Canada Scholarship Program        3 awards of $1500.00; strong leadership
Ruth Hancock Award                    qualities, willingness to assist others, genuine
                                      interest in broadcasting career, community
                                      involvement &/or volunteer work; application +
                                      500 word essay; due June 30th;
CAL Callahan Memorial Bursary         $6000.00 (bursary/ bursaries); must be a
                                      son/daughter or legal ward or persons who
                                      derive their principal income from the Pipeline
                                      Industry & whose employers are members of
                                      this association; due Sept. 30th; download
                                      application at
Canada Student Loans Program          60% of assessed need to a max. of $210.00/wk
                                      or $275.00/wk. for students with dependents;
                                      also Canada Access Grants for dependent
                                      students from low-income families( covers 50%
                                      of tuition to a max. of $3000.00 without
                                      exceeding federal assessed assistance; must be
                                      taking at least 60% of a full-time course load;
                                      courses at least 12 wks. Long within timeframe
                                      of 15 consecutive weeks;
Canada Millennium Excellence          711 local awards of $4000.00; 241 provincial
Awards                                awards of $4000.00; 100 national awards of
                                      $5000.00 renewable for up to 3 additional
                                      years; demonstrated leadership & motivational
                                      skills, commitment to serving & improving
                                      community, ingenuity & talent for implementing
                                      new ideas, ability to maintain solid academic
                                      record; application includes several short essay
                                      questions, letter of reference & official
                                      transcript; due January 19th;
Canada Millennium Bursaries           Represents 95% of the awards distributed by
                                      the Foundation; valued from $1000.00 to
                                      $4000.00 with $3000.00 being the average;
                                      demonstrated merit & financial need (as
                                      determined through the Canada Student Loan
                                      Assessment process; due Feb. 15th for fall
                                      entrance & Oct. 15th for January entrance;
Canada- Official Language             Up to $2000.00; available for students who are
                                      taking at least 60% of their courses in French;
Fellowship Program                also bursaries available for students taking a 5
                                  week summer immersion course; download
                                  application from or (807) 343
Canadian Armed Forces Plans       Dept. of National Defense sponsors programs of
                                  university education for selected young
                                  men/women who have potential of becoming
                                  officers in the Canadian Armed Forces;
Canadian Association of           21 scholarships of $500.00; based on
Principals Leadership Award       demonstrated outstanding leadership
                                  (school/community); must be in top 20% of their
                                  class academically; essay part of application; due
                                  March 31st;
Canadian Federation of            8 awards ranging in value from $1500.00 to
Independent Grocers Nation        $8000.00; for students entering specified
                                  university programs; candidates must be
Scholarship Program
                                  sponsored by independent Grocery Store that is
                                  a CFIG member; selection based on academic
                                  achievement, awards & extra-curricular
                                  involvement; due May 31st;
Canadian Hard of Hearing          2 awards of $1000.00; for students who are
Association                       hard of hearing, deafened oral deaf; selection
                                  based on academic achievement, determination
                                  to cope with hearing loss & community
                                  involvement; due January 31st;
Canadian Hospitality Foundation   Valued at $1000.00- $3500.00; for students
                                  enrolling in a select group of universities
                                  offering hospitality-tourism or food service-
                                  hospitality related degree programs; awards
                                  based on aptitude & interest in the food
                                  services & accommodation industries, financial
                                  need, scholastic record, interpersonal skills,
                                  leadership & potential future in industry; due
                                  April 1st; online application at
Canadian Medical Hall of Fame     2 awards valued at $1000.00 (renewable for up
Great-West Life, London Life &    to 4 yrs.); for students entering a health or
                                  medical sciences program; selection based on
Canada Life
                                  academic achievement (minimum 85%), financial
                                  need & the interest in a career in medicine or
                                  health sciences; due June 15th; application forms
Canadian Merit Scholarships       Up to $75 000.00 (over 4 yrs. Of study) with up
                                  to 30 National Award recipients; finalist awards
                                  of $2500.00 for approx. 40 finalists not
                                  selected for National award, & provincial awards
                                  of $1500.00; must be attending selected
                                  universities; due Oct 20th for sponsored
                                  applicants & Nov. 4th for direct pool applicants;
Canadian Paraplegic Association   2 awards of $2500.00; available to students
                                  with spinal cord injuries; selection based on
                                  academic standing & financial need; due August
Canadian Printing Industries      $1250.00 (variable # of awards); applicants
Scholarships                      must be enrolled in the 1st year of printing
                                  management or technical program; minimum 80%
                                  high school average + commitment to pursuing
                                  career in printing industry; due June 30th;
Canadian Sanitation Supply        8 awards of $2000.00; high level of academic &
Association Scholarship Program   leadership standards; due June 1st; download
                                  application from
Canadian War Museum History       5 awards of $1000.00; candidates must be
                                  entering a degree program in history; application
                                  + 2000 word essay; due March 31st;
Canwest Mediaworks System         3 awards available: Aboriginal: up to $10,000.00
Broadcasters of the Future        + 4 month internship at a Global TV studio;
                                  Physical Disability: up to $15,000.00 + tuition
                                  for 1 yr. of radio/TV broadcasting or journalism
                                  program + 3-4 month internship at a Global TV
                                  station; Visible Minority: up to $4500.00 for 1
                                  yr. of educational assistance toward a
                                  broadcasting career; 1 800 387 8001
CIBC & Youthvision Scholarships   30 awards of $35,000.00; up to $4000.00/yr.
                                  of tuition for up to 4 yrs.; summer internship
                                  support of up to $2000.00 while in high school &
                                  up to $4000.00/yr. while in university; for
                                  grade 10 students enrolled in a mentoring
                                  program with Big Brothers/ Big Sisters or the
                                  YMCA; due September;
Dominion Institute Great          $2000.00 award; completion of 1500 word essay
Canadian Questions Essay          on specified topic; due May 15th;
Epilepsy Scholarship Awards       30 awards of $1000.00; for students under care
                                  of a Canadian physician for treatment of
                                  39 bursaries of $750.00 & 64 scholarships of
Foundation for the Advancement
                                  $2000.00- $2500.00; for aboriginal students;
of Aboriginal Youth Bursaries &   based on contributions to community & family,
Scholarships                      academic performance, career goals, leadership
                                  qualities; download application from
                        ; includes teacher recommendation
                                  + reference letter from community member; due
                                  October 14th
Girl Guides of Canada             10 awards of $1500.00; well-rounded person
                                  who is active member of Girl Guides of Canada;
                                  selection based on contributions to community,
                                  citizenship & involvement in variety of activities;
                                  application + 2 letters of reference;
Greyhound Canada Scholarships     10 scholarships of $2500.00; graduating high
                                  school students with minimum average of 80%;
                                  provide transcript to nearest Greyhound Depot;
                                  due May 6th;
House of Commons Page Program     40 positions valued at $12,000.00 + travel costs;
                                  accepted into selected universities; ability to
                                  speak both official languages; due December 5 th;
Harmony Scholarships              10 awards of $1000.00; demonstrated
                                  leadership in organizing activities to promote
                                  social cohesion & diversity in Canada; application
                                  + 2 reference letters; due June 30th;
Imperial Oil Higher Education     Fill tuition & other compulsory fees; renewable
Awards                            for up to 4 years; must be son/daughter of
                                  Imperial Oil Ltd. Employees, annuitants or
                                  deceased employees; minimum 70% high school
                                  average; due September; contact Higher
                                  Education Awards Administrative Management
                                  Services, 412-829 Northwest Rd., Kingston, ON
                                  K7P 2N3
Harry Jerome Scholarships         6 awards of $2000.00; black African or Black
                                  Caribbean student who is Canadian citizen or
                                  permanent resident; selection based on high
                                  academic achievement, financial need &
                                  recognized contribution to the Black Community;
                                  application + references; due May 30 th;
Kin Canada Bursaries              Variable # of bursaries of $1000.00;
                                  demonstrated qualities of citizenship; due
                                    February 1st;
Learning Disabilities Association   $1000.00; must be diagnosed with a documented
of Canada (Carol Thomson            learning disability; application + 200 word
                                    outline describing impact of disability,
Memorial Fund Scholarship)
                                    involvement in activities, future goals; due May
Lemaire Co-operative Studies        $1000.00- $3000.00; students who have been
                                    involved with co-operatives & who can
                                    demonstrate reasonable knowledge &
                                    understanding of co-operative principles & their
                                    applications; eligible candidates must take a
                                    minimum of 1 course of studies about co-
                                    operatives; due March 31st; http://coop-
Leonard Foundation Financial        140 awards of $1000.00- $1500.00; preference
Assistance                          will be given to sons/daughters of ordained
                                    clergy, licensed elementary or secondary school
                                    teachers, Canadian military personnel, grads of
                                    Cnd. Military College, members of Engineering
                                    Institute of Canada; applicants are expected to
                                    obtain employment during free time & must
                                    participate in athletic, fitness or military
                                    activities; application + nomination; due March
Carol Anne Letheren Leadership      $1500.00 for 3 years; female student entering a
& Sport Scholarship                 program in Business, Sports Management,
                                    Marketing or physical education fields; selection
                                    based on academic performance (min. average of
                                    85%), demonstrated leadership & personal
                                    values; application + letter of reference; due
                                    March 30th;
MADD Canada Bursary Fund            Up to $2000.00; Canadian students who have
                                    had a parent/ guardian killed in an impaired
                                    driving related crash; due May 31st;
Mattinson Endowment Fund            1 award of $2500.00; for students who are
Scholarship for Disabled            Canadian citizens diagnosed with a documented
                                    permanent disability; due June 15 th;
Students (AUCC)
McDonald’s Employee                 9 valued at up to $5000.00/ yr. for 2 academic
Scholarships                        years totaling up to $10,000.00; for hourly paid
                                    employees of McDonald’s (must continue working
                                    minimum 15 hrs./wk. during non-academic
                                    periods throughout the 2 year scholarship);
                                    must have at least 6 months continuous
                                    employment at McDonald’s at time of
                                application; applications available from store
                                managers; due April
Mensa Canada Scholarship        2+ awards from $750.00 - $1000.00; selection
Program                         based on essay that outlines your goals & steps
                                taken to achieve them; due Jan. 31 st;
                                applications at
Monsanto Canada Scholarships    50 awards of $1500.00; applicants must be
                                entering program in agricultural sciences or
                                forestry; award based on academic excellence,
                                leadership & keen interest/ involvement in
                                communities; application form + 2 reference
                                letters. Transcript, acceptance letter from
                                university & essay; due July 15th;
Lindsey Morden Claim Services   1 award of $1000.00; applicants must have a
Ltd.                            parent or immediate relative employed in the
                                insurance industry; selection based on financial
                                need, scholastic attitude & athletic promise; due
                                July 31st; (780) 424 3320
CN Educational Awards Program   5 awards of $1500.00 available to Inuit, status
                                or non-status Indians or Metis students
                                entering a program that leads to a career in
                                transportation; deadline June 1st;
Petro Canada Education Awards   5 awards of $5000.00 available to native
for Native Students             students of Canadian or Inuit ancestry entering
                                programs where studies can be applied in an
                                industrial setting in the oil & gas industry;
                                selection based on financial need, academic
                                performance & potential;
Special Bursary Awards-         Available to Canadian resident Aboriginal
Aboriginal Health Careers       individuals who are either of First Nation status
                                or non-status, Metis or Inuit; applicants must be
                                studying a branch of health sciences; application
                                form, statement of financial need, proof of
                                Aboriginal ancestry, current transcript, 2
                                assessment reports, letter of introduction,
                                resume/ CV, recent photo & confirmation of
                                admission into the post-secondary program; due
                                Feb. 17th;
Bursary Awards- Business,       For Aboriginal individuals who are studying in
Science & General Education     the fields of business, science, law, engineering,
                                info. tech., education, social work & social
                                sciences; due June 1st;
Bursary Awards- Fine Arts       For Aboriginal students studying visual/ media
                                arts, music, theatre, dance; due March 31st;
National Aboriginal Special      Valued at $10,000.00;
Youth Award
National Union of Public &       5 awards of $1500.00; must be a child/foster
General Employees Scholarships   child of a member; application + essay; due June
Navy league & Royal Canadian     Varying value; for serving & former Royal
Benevolent Fund Scholarship      Canadian Sea Cadets; applications due June 30th;
Padgett Business Services        From $500.00 - $2000.00; for dependent child
                                 of a business owner who employs fewer than 20
                                 people, owns at least 10% of the stock or capital
                                 in the business & is active in day-to-day
                                 operations of the business; selection based on
                                 academic record, extracurricular/community
                                 activities, future scholastic/career plans; due
                                 March 1st;
Phi Delta Kappa International    Varies from $500.00 to $5000.00 (payable over
                                 4 years); for students who are members of PDK;
                                 selection based on academic standing, essay,
                                 letters of recommendation& leadership
                                 activities; due February 1st;
Petro-Canada Olympic Torch       Tuition support of $1500.00/year; member of a
                                 Canadian national team in a Pan American,
Athletic Scholarship Fund
                                 Paralympic, winter/summer Olympic; due May 1st;
                                 download applications from
Public Service Alliance of       12 awards valued from $1000.00 to $4000.00;
Canada                           available to PSAC members & their children;
                                 selection based on scholastic achievement,
                                 community and/or union involvement & union
                                 involvement of parents; application + essay; due
                                 August 15th;
Queen Elizabeth II Aiming for    Max. $3500.00 annually; designed to recognize
the Top Scholarships             students who have shown academic excellence at
                                 the high school level & to assist them with
                                 financial needs; amounts determined based
                                 university application & you must apply for
                                 OSAP to be considered;
RBC Aboriginal Student Awards    5 awards of$4000.00 annually (to a maximum of
Program                          4 years); open to all status & non-status Indians,
                                 Inuit or Metis; should express interest in
                                 pursuing a banking career; due Jan. 31st;
RBC Royal Bank Financial         10 awards of $2008.00; must maintain minimum
Lifeskills Scholarships          grade average of 65% in high school; must
                               illustrate some involvement some/all of:
                               community leadership, extracurricular activities,
                               special endeavours or circumstances, volunteer
                               service; application + transcript & sample work
                               you’ve done in the past year; due May 12 th;
RCGA Foundation Scholarships   Variable amounts (may be renewable); golf
                               proficiency & academic achievement; application
                               + official transcript for past 2 years, reference
                               form completed by principal, 3 letters of
                               reference, typed personal letter outlining
                               academic & golf achievements, goals & career
                               objectives; due June 30th ;
Scotiabank “Rock The Bottom    5 awards of $1000.00; play a game on-line,
                               creatively design new rock band member; due
                               December 15th;
Scouts Canada Scholarships     Up to 25 awards valued at $1500.00; must be
                               currently active & registered member of Scouts
                               Canada; selection based on Scouting history,
                               leadership in scouting, community leadership,
                               scholastic achievements, attitude, aptitude &
                               letter of reference; due April 1st; download
                               application from
Soroptimist Foundation         Various awards available to women; due Dec.1 st;
St. John Ambulance Bursary     Variable amount; must be a Community Services
                               volunteer or an instructor with St. John
                               Ambulance, or earned Grand Prior’s Badge; must
                               be entering a program in nursing; due March
TD Canada Trust Scholarships   20 awards of up to $60,000.00 (payable over 4
                               years); demonstrated outstanding community
                               leadership & possess the academic skills to
                               successfully enter & complete university; for
                               someone who tackles local challenges & works
                               hard to make a difference; application + 500
                               word essay, 3 letters of support, letter of
                               recommendation from school, transcript, 250
                               word essay describing personal circumstances;
                               due Oct.31st;
Terry Fox Humanitarian Award   20 awards of up to $7000.00 (renewable for up
Program                        to 4 years); involvement in voluntary
                               humanitarian work; must maintain satisfactory
                               academic standing & continued involvement in
                               voluntary humanitarian & community work; due
                                 Feb. 1st;
Miller Thomson Foundation        200 awards of $1000.00; high level of academic
                                 achievement, positive contribution to school
                                 through extracurricular activities & community
                                 involvement; application + letters of
                                 recommendation, school recommendation form,
                                 transcript & letter detailing why you are a
                                 suitable candidate for receiving one of these
                                 awards; due March 31st;
Top 20 Under 20 Awards           20 awards of up to $2000.00; must be under
Program                          age of 20 as of December 31st prior to applying;
                                 significant level of achievement, innovation &
                                 leadership; due Jan. 20th;
Toyota Earth Day Scholarship     15 regional awards of $5000.00 each;
                                 demonstrated outstanding environmental
                                 commitment, community services & leadership
                                 (cannot be an employee or immediate family
                                 member of an employee of Toyota & its dealers);
                                 application + essay, school reference, community
                                 reference & transcript; due Jan. 31st;
Wal-Mart Canada Community        3 awards of $4000.00 (payable $1000.00/year
Scholarship Program              for 4 years); application + essay; due Jan. 31st;
Wendy’s Classic Achiever         10 awards of $2000.00; 20 awards of $1000.00;
Scholarship Awards               180 awards of $500.00; demonstrated
                                 commitment to academic achievement (minimum
                                 average of 70%), extracurricular involvement &
                                 community service; due December 29th;
Xerox Canada Aboriginal          8 awards valued at $3000.00 each (renewable
Scholarships                     for up to 4 years); Canadian citizen & resident;
                                 must be Treaty, Status or non-status Indian,
                                 Metis or Inuit & entering a program in
                                 technology or business; academic achievement,
                                 community involvement; application + 2 letters
                                 of reference; due June 30th;
                                 (select “Community Relations”)
Zonta International Foundation   1 award of $1000.00; 2 awards of $500.00;
                                 evidence of active commitment to volunteerism,
Young Women in Public Affairs
                                 leadership & dedication to advancing the status
                                 of women worldwide; application + 2 letters of
                    COLLEGE AWARDS

        AWARD NAME                                 DESCRIPTION
Canada Millennium Scholarship          711 local awards of $4000.00; 241 provincial
Award                                  awards of $4000.00; 100 national awards of
                                       $5000.00 renewable for up to 3 additional
                                       years; demonstrated leadership & motivational
                                       skills, commitment to serving & improving
                                       community, ingenuity & talent for
                                       implementing new ideas, ability to maintain
                                       solid academic record; application includes
                                       several short essay questions, letter of
                                       reference & official transcript; due January
Canada Millennium Bursaries            Represents 95% of the awards distributed by
                                       the Foundation; valued from $1000.00 to
                                       $4000.00 with $3000.00 being the average;
                                       demonstrated merit & financial need (as
                                       determined through the Canada Student Loan
                                       Assessment process; due Feb. 15th for fall
                                       entrance & Oct. 15th for January entrance;
Garfield Weston Merit                  25 national awards of tuition waiver +
                                       $8000.00 stipend; for Canadian citizens
Scholarship for Colleges
                                       finishing high school & entering a 2 yr. or more
                                       long program; minimum average of 75% in
                                       courses required for college program; due
                                       April 3rd;
Queen Elizabeth II Aiming for          Max. $3500.00 annually; designed to
                                       recognize students who have shown academic
the Top Scholarships
                                       excellence at the high school level & to assist
                                       them with financial needs; amounts
                                       determined based university application & you
                                       must apply for OSAP to be considered;
Scotiabank “Rock The Bottom            5 awards of $1000.00; play a game on-line,
                                       creatively design new rock band member; due
                                       December 15th;

Adapted from: Harris, Brian. Scholarship: 10th Edition, 2007.
                           Canadian Cataloguing in Publication Data,
                           Burlington, Ontario, 2006.

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