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Coptic Dictionary

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a       b         g         d
e       6         z         /
y       i         k         l
m       n         x         o
p       r         c         t
u       v         ,         '
w       s         f         q
h       j         [         ]
(2b)... Reference to page 2 col b of Crum's Coptic Dictionary, ... etc.
adj     Adjective
adv     Adverb
d.o. Direct Object
def. Definite
f       Feminine Noun
fm      Feminine or Masculine Noun, mostly feminine
gen     Genitive
Gk      Of Greek origin
Gk? Perhaps of Greek origin
Heb Of Hebrew origin
imperat        Imperative

indef. Indefinite
interj Interjection or exclamation
interog Interrogative
Lat     Of Latin origin
Lit.    Literally
m       Masculine Noun
mf      Masculine and Feminine Noun
n,nn Noun
neg     Negative
part Particle
pl      Plural
prep. Preposition
prfx Prefix

pron   Pronoun
Q      Qualitative
sg     Singular
subj   Subject
v.     View (cross reference)
vb     Verb
vbal   Verbal
vbs    Verbs
vi     Intransitive verb
vt     Transitive Verb
w/     With
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Coptic            Coptic             Coptic
Character   Key   Character   Key    Character   Key
                  t       =   t      D       =   D
`       =   `     y       =   y      F       =   F
1       =   1     u       =   u      G       =   G
2       =   2     i       =   i      H       =   H
3       =   3     o       =   o      J       =   J
4       =   4     p       =   p      K       =   K
5       =   5     [       =   [      L       =   L
6       =   6     ]       =   ]      :       =   :
7       =   7     Q       =   Q      "       =   "
8       =   8     W       =   W      z       =   z
9       =   9     E       =   E      x       =   x
0       =   0     R       =   R      c       =   c
-       =   -     T       =   T      v       =   v
=       =   =     Y       =   Y      b       =   b
\       =   \     U       =   U      n       =   n
~       =   ~     I       =   I      m       =   m
!       =   !     O       =   O      ,       =   ,
@       =   @     P       =   P      .       =   .
#       =   #     {       =   {      /       =   /
$       =   $     }       =   }      Z       =   Z
%       =   %     a       =   a      X       =   X
^       =   ^     s       =   s      C       =   C
&       =   &     d       =   d      V       =   V
*       =   *     f       =   f      B       =   B
(       =   (     g       =   g      N       =   N
)       =   )     h       =   h      M       =   M
_       =   _     j       =   j      <       =   <
+       =   +     k       =   k      >       =   >
|       =   |     l       =   l      ?       =   ?
q       =   q     ;       =   ;
w       =   w     '       =   '
e       =   e     A       =   A
r       =   r     S       =   S
                                                    abrem: (2b); n. Something cooked, baked,
a: (1a); First letter of the alphabet;                 ripe.
   a: One;                                          abrilloc: (Gk?); n. The month 'April'.
   a: Thousand.                                     abcwn, aucon: (2b); m. Wild mint.
a: (1a); vbal prfx derived from iri, it             abw: (2a); f. Dragnet, net.
   characterizes:                                   abwk, abok (seldom), f. aboki, pl.
  a. Perfect tense,                                   aboki and sg as pl: (2b); m. Crow.
  b. Pluperfect tense,                                 raven.
  c. Aorist tense.                                  agayartoc = akayartoc - Unclean.
a: (1a); imperat prfx of vbs; lo, nau,              agay/ v. agayoc - Good (f).
   ouwm, ouwn; or alioui, amou and                  agayon v. agayoc - Good.
   derivatives, ari, au.
                                                    agayoc, -on, f. -y/: (Gk); adj. good,
a-, au-: (1a); adv of indefinitness "about",           righteous, noble.
   often with n- prfx.                              agalma: (Gk); Unknown.
a-: (Gk); neg prfx "without, un-".                  agap/, -/c: (Gk); f. Love, brotherly love,
aaf v.(2)af - Fly.                                     love of God, charity, alms, a love feast;
ab v. (2)af - Fly.                                     agap/toc: adj. beloved;
abayra: (Gk); n. Bridge, dam; Lit.                     eragapan: vb. To love.
   'without base'.                                  agap/c v. agap/ - Love.
abakicye: (Gk?); n. Wild gum.                       agap/toc v. agap/ - Beloved.
aban v. aouan - Color.                              agariyonikon: (Gk); n. A kind of tree
abaj/ini, -jini, bajini, -j/ini, -                     fungus.
   j/ni: (3a); mf. Glass, an object of glass,       aggelia: (Gk); f. A message, tidings,
   a thing seen in glass;                              news, word, speech.
   canabaj/ini: m. Glass-blower or                  aggelikenoc: (Gk?); m. English in origin.
   seller.                                          aggeloc: (Gk); m. Angel, messenger,
abba: (Gk); m. Father; a title of respect              envoy.
   given to elderly monks, abbot, or                agg/n: (Gk?); n. Pot, vessel.
   superior of a monastery.                         age, pl. agete: (Gk); imperat of agw=
ab/n v. aouan - Cargo.                                 come!, come on!; interj. come now!
ab/t v. abot - Months.                              agel/: (Gk); Unknown.
abi aban v. aouan - A variety of colors.            ageli, akeli: (Gk); f. A herd of oxen,
abin v. aouan - Cargo.                                 company.
abit: (2b); n. Monday.                              agete v. age - Come (pl)!
abok v. abwk - Crow.                                agia v. agioc - Holy.
aboki v. abwk - She-crow / crows.                   agiazin: (Gk); (w/ er-) vb. To hollow,
abot,pl. ab/t, sg as pl.: (53b); m. Month.             sanctify, purify, consecrate.
aboui v.(1)af - Flesh.                              agiacma: (Gk); A holy place, sanctuary,
abraciwn: (Gk?); n. The abundance of                   holiness.
   grass and plants.
agiacmoc:        (Gk);    m.     Consecration    a/r: (Gk); Air, atmosphere.
   sanctification, holiness.                     ay- v. at- - Un-.
agion v. agioc - Holy.                           ayanatoc:        (Gk);    adj.     Undying,
agioc, -on, f. -a: (Gk); m. Saint; adj.             everlasting, immortal.
   sacred, holy.                                 ayah v. wth - Burden.
agiocun/, -ot/c: (Gk); f. Holiness,              ayetin: (Gk); (w/ er-) vb. To set aside,
   purity.                                          disregard.
agiot/c v. agiocun/ - Purity.                    ay/neoc: (Gk); m. Athenian.
agm/: (Gk); Eruption (on the face), acne.        ay/r v. hay/r - Hammer.
agn/ v. agnoc - Pure.                            ayl/cic, aylucic: (Gk); f. Conflict,
agnia: (Gk); f. Purity, chastity, celibacy.         combat, struggle, contest.
agnoc, f. -n/: (Gk); adj. Pure, upright,         ayl/t/c, aylit/c, aylut/c: (Gk);
   chaste.                                          m. One who struggles, athelete, strong
agora v. agwra - Marketplace.                       person.
agoreoc: (Gk); m. Lawyer, advocate; f.           aylit/c = ayl/t/c - Strong person.
   court.                                        aylon: (Gk); Unknown.
agrammatoc: (Gk); adj. Illiterate; n.            aylovoroc: (Gk); m. Endurer of struugle.
   uneducated or unlearned person.               aylut/c = ayl/t/c - Strong person.
agria v. agrioc - wild.                          aylwvoroc = aylovoroc - Endurer of
agriolakonon v. agrioc - Wild gourd.                struggle.
agrion v. agrioc - Wild.                         ayreu v. atre - Twin.
agrioc, -on, f. -ia: (Gk); adj. Wild, fierce,    ayrioc: (Gk?); n. Thou al-qaada, the 11th
   savage, vehement, harsh;                         month of the Arabic lunar calendar.
   agriolakonon: m. Wild gourd.                  aywr: (728a); n. Hatur, the 3rd month of
agw v. akw - Filth.                                 the Coptic calendar.
agwn: (Gk); m. Agony, struggle, trial,           ai= v. iri - To do.
   battle;                                       aiai, oi (Q): (1b); vi. To increase, advance
   eragwnizecye, eragwn/zecye: vb.                  in age; (Q) great, honored;
   To agonize, fight, struggle                      ---: m. Increase, growth.
agwnict/c,          agwniz/t/c:          (Gk);   aiguptia v. aiguptioc - Egyptian.
   Unknown.                                      aiguptiazecye: (Gk); (w/ er-) vb. To be
agwnoyet/c, agwn/yet/c: (Gk);                       like an Egyptian, to follow the Egyptians,
   Unknown.                                         to speak like an Egyptian.
agwra, agora: (Gk); f. Marketplace,              aiguptioc, f. -ia: (Gk); m. Egyptian;
   place of commerce;                               aiguptogen/c: of Egyptian race;
   agwreuc: m. Vendor.                              aiguptoc: m. Egypt, the Nile.
agwreuc v. agwra - Vendor.                       aiguptogen/c v. aiguptioc - Of
adamac: (Gk); m. Diamond.                           Egyptian race.
adikoc: (Gk); adj. Unrighteous, unjust.          aiguptoc v. aiguptioc - Egypt.
adikia: (Gk); f. Wrong offence, treason,         aik: (3a); m. Consecration of a place;
   injustice.                                       eraik: v. To consecrate;
aetoc: (Gk); m. Eagle.                              [iaik: v. To consecrate.
ait/ma, et/ma: (Gk); m. Request,               akw, agw: (3b); f. Thing destroyed,
   demand, assumption, petition.                 carrion, filth, destruction.
aiou: (19b); n. (w/ er-) means to go or        al: (3a); m. Pebble; hailstone; testicle; spot,
   travel.                                       patch on skin, eruption.
akayoc = agayoc - Good.                        al- v. aloli - Grape.
akayarton v. akayartoc - Unclean.              alabactron v. alabactroc -
akayartoc, -on: (Gk); adj. Unclean,              Alabaster.
   defiled, filthy (in body or mind).          alabactroc, -on: (Gk); m. Alabaster,
(1)akakia, -ac: (Gk); f. Acacia tree.            white marble; a case box or casket made
(2)akakia, -ac: (Gk); adj. Innocence,            of alabaster esp. vessel for perfume.
   simplicity.                                 alableb v. alaplep - To be weary.
akakiac v. (1)akakia - Acacia.                 alak v. halak - Ring.
akakiac v. (2)akakia - Innocence.              alanon: (Gk); A type of plant.
akeli v. ageli - Herd of oxen.                 alaplep, alableb: (671a); vi. To be
akereoc: (Gk?); adj. Meek.                       weary, despondent;
akeroc: (Gk); adj. Ill-timed, unseasonable.      ---: m. Weariness, distress.
ak/c: (3b); m. Girdle, breeches.               alacw]: (6a); pl. Armies.
akia = agia - Holy.                            ala,ictoc: (Gk); adj. Smallest, least;
akilia: (Gk?); f. A type of flies or plants.     poor miserable.
(1)akinoc: (Gk?); f. A worm (?).               alektor v. alektruwn - Cock.
(2)akinoc: (Gk); m. Basil-thyme.               alektruonoc v. alektruwn - Cock.
(1)akl/, kal/: (3b); f. Weasel.                alektruwn, -truonoc, -twr, -tor:
(2)akl/, kal/, akli, alk/: (3b); f. A            (Gk); nn mf. Cock, hen.
                                               alektwr v. alektruwn - Cock.
   pottery vessel used for food or liquid
   storage.                                    alexanarinoc: (Gk); m. Native of
akli v. akl/ - Pottery vessel.                   alexandria.
akm/n: (Gk); adv. Still as yet.                al/yinon v. al/yinoc - True.
akxiwma = axiwma - Honor                       al/yinoc, -on: (Gk); adj. Real,
akolouyia: (Gk); Unknown.                        trustworthy, true.
                                               al/yoc = al/ywc - Truly.
akon/, -/c: (Gk); f. Whetstone, bone.
                                               al/ywc: (Gk); adv. Truely, actually, in
akon/c v. akon/ - Bone.
akraton v. akratoc - Unmixed.
                                               al/i: (4a); imperat of ali=; vi. To mount,
akratoc, -on: (Gk); adj. Unmixed, pure,
                                                 go up, go on, go on board;
   unadulterated.                                --- ehr/i: vi. To mount up, ascend in
akribwc: (Gk); adv. Precisely.
akt/n v. aktic - Ray.                            --- ejen-: vi. To ascend, go up;
akt/r v. aktic - Ray.                            --- eqr/i ejen-: vi. To descend upon.
aktin v. aktic - Ray.                          alyilia: (Gk); m. A type of gum.
aktic, akt/n, aktin, akt/r: (Gk); m.           ali v. wli - Hold.
   Ray, sunbeam; brightness, splendor,         ali: (4b); m. Fenugreek.
aligwn: (Gk?); m. A kind of candy or        aloli, al-, el-, leli-: (54b); m. & sg
   sweets.                                    as pl. Grape, vine;
alil, alili: (6a); m. Field mouse.            alswou: m. Raisen;
alili v. alil - Field mouse.                  bw naloli: f. Vine;
aliyinon = al/yinoc - True.                   lele,/mi: m. Bruise;
alit= v. wli - Hold.                          ma naloli: m. Vineyard.
alioui v. wli - Hold.                       aloj, pl. alwj: (7a); m. Arms (pl);
aliji: (6b); m. Fuller's earth.               knees (pl); shoulder (pl); thigh.
alke, alk/: (5b); m. Last day of the        alou, pl. alwoui: (5a); mf. Youth, boy,
   month.                                     girl, maiden, servant;
alk/ v. akl/ - A pottery vessel.              metalou: f. Time of youth,
alk/ v. alke - Last day of the month.         youthfulness;
alkoproc: (Gk?); m. A brittle metal used      metrefqatebalou: m. Child-
   in making red ink.                         slaying;
alkou: (5b); f. Flask.                        eralou: vb. To be young.
alkou v. elkou - Fruit of sycamore tree.    aloubeh: (3b); n. A white shining spot.
alla: (Gk); conj. But;                      aloubeh v. balmbeh - Bald.
   allakai: But also.                       alva: (Gk); m. 1st letter of the alphabet;
allenoc: (Gk?); m. A certain kind of          alvab/toc, -on: m. The alphabet;
   trees.                                     alvab/tarion: m. Pronunciation
all/goria: (Gk); f. Allegory.                 book, elementary reading book.
all/louia: (heb); Hallelujah, praise        alvab/tarion            v.      alva         -
   God.                                       Pronunciation book.
allogen/c: (Gk); adj. Stranger, of          alvab/ton v. alva - Alphabet.
   another race.                            alvab/toc v. alva - Alphabet.
(1)allo/: (6a); m. Salamandar; an eastern   alwm: (670a); m. Cheese.
   bird.                                    alwou, -oui: (6b); pl. Bunch (of grapes).
(2)allo/: (Gk?); m. A plant.                alwoui v. alou - Youth.
alloki v. allwki - Banana.                  alwoui v. alwou - Bunch.
allou: (5a); f. Eye's pupil.                alwj v. aloj - Arms.
allotrion: (Gk); Unknown.                   alswou v. aloli - Raisin.
allovuloc: (Gk); adj. Of another tribe,     alaji: (6b); pl. Whales.
   foreign, strange; of a different kind.   amaiou v. iom - Seas.
allwk/ v. allwki - Banana.                  am- v. ham- - Craftsman.
allwki, -wk/, -oki: (6a); m. Banana.        amal/j: (7b); vi. Embrace;
alogon v. alogoc - Irrational.                jineramal/j: m. Act of embracing.
alogoc, -on: (Gk); adj. Speechless,         amahi: (9a); vi. To prevail, rule, be in
   unutterable, irrational, absurd.           possession, lay hold on, restrain; vt. To
alo/, -/c: (Gk) f. The aloe.                  grasp, embrace, possess, restrict, detain;
alo/c v. alo/ - Aloe.                         --- ejen-: vb. To rule have power over;
alok: (5b); m. Corner, angle.                 --- nem-: vb. To hold with, support;
                                              --- hijen-: vb. To hold back, detain;
  ---: m. Power, possession;                  (1)amoni: (8a); vi. To prevail, be in
  atamahi: adj. Unrestrained, uncon-             possession, be strong; vt. Seize, possess,
  trollable;                                     detain;
       metatamahi: f. Uncontrolled-              --- ejen-: vb. Same meaning;
  ness, incontinence.                            --- nem-: vb. To support, help;
ame, am/: (55b); f. Hoe (for digging).           --- nten-: vb. To hold, be in possession
ameyuctoc: (Gk); m. A precious stone             of; endure, wait for;
  `Amethyst'.                                    --- hijen-: vb. To overcome;
ameleia: (Gk); n. Character or conduct of        --- hijwf, atsamoni nten-: adj.
  a carelss, heedless or negligent person;       Unrestrained, uncontrollable;
  indeference.                                        metatsamoni nten-: f. Un-
amelec = amel/c - Careless.                      controlledness, intemperance;
amel/c: (Gk); Negligent, careless,               ---: m. Handle;
  heedless.                                      --- nten-: m. Endurance, patience;
amen]: (8b); m. Hades.                                metrefamoni nten-: f. Endu-
ametr/t/ v. ametr/toc - Immense.                 rance;
ametr/t/c v. ametr/toc - Immense.                jinamoni: m. Arrest, restrain.
ametr/toc: (Gk); adj. Unmeasured,             (2)amoni, moni, manou=, manouou=,
  unmeasurable, immense, unnumbered,             menn/t=: (173a); (I) vi. To pasture,
  countless, exhaustless;                        feed; vt. To feed, tend cattle;
  ametr/t/, -/c: Same meaning.                   ma mmoni: m. Place of pasture;
am/ v. ame - Hoe.                                refamoni: m. Shepherd;
am/ v. amou - Come!                              mani n-: Herd of;
am/iri: (56a); f. Inundation, high water.        mani, man-: pl. man/ou, meneu, &
am/n: (Heb); adv. Verily, of a truth, so be      sg as pl.: m. Herdsman, pastor;
  it; amen.                                      (II) vi. To be made fast, come to land,
am/r: (679a); m. Arms, embrace.                  come into port (of ship);
am/ou: (7a); m. Herd (of cattle or sheep).       moni eqoun-: vi. To come in to
am/s: (56a); m. Anvil.                           shore, lie in port; vt. To bring into shore
amiantoc: (Gk); adj. Undefiled, pure.            or port;
amin: (7b); m. Pot (of soapstone).               ma mmoni: m. Harbor.
amici: (56a); m. Dill, anise.                 (1)amre, pl. amr/ou & sg as pl.: (8b); m.
ammoniakon v. ammoniakoc - Am-                   Baker;
  monia.                                         manamre: m. Bakery;
ammoniakoc,, -on: (Gk?); m. A kind of            metamre: f. Art or process of baking.
  plant; ammonia.                             (2)amre: (9a); f. Cleansed, winowed
amn v. mna - Manna.                              (wheat).
amna: (7b); m. Type of herb or perfume;       amou: (7b); vb imperat. Come, come you
  manna.                                         (m);
amnoc: (Gk); m. A lamb.                          am/: vb imperat. Come you (f);
amoi: (675a); interj. Would, o that.             amwini: vb imperat. Come you (pl).
                                              amwini v. amou - Come you (pl).
                                              amse v. se - Carpenter.
(1)an-: (10b); m. lit. The great one of.        anam/i: (524a); m. Precious stone, jewel.
(2)an-, pl. anan-: (10b); Prfx in collective    anan- v. an- - prfx in collective numerals.
   numerals.                                    anantwri v. antwri - Minor.
(3)an: (10b); neg. part. following subj. and    (1)anapai: (12a); f. Hen.
   predicate; not.                              (2)anapai = ia: (12a); m. Valley.
(4)an: (56b); interrog. part., precedes subj.   anapaucic: (Gk); f. Repose, rest, ease.
ana v. wni - Stone.                             anarouhi v. rouhi - Evening
anabaymoc: (Gk); m. Flight of steps,            anar,ia, -ac: (Gk); f. Anarchy, law-
   stair.                                          lessness.
anabat/c: (Gk); m. Horseman, rider              anar,iac v. anar,ia - Anarchy.
   (cavalry).                                   anar,on v. anar,oc - Without begin-
angkazin: (Gk); v. (w/ er-) To force,              ning.
   constrain.                                   anar,oc, -on: (Gk); adj. Without head or
anagkeon: (Gk); Unknown.                           chief, without beginning.
anagk/: (Gk); f. Force, constraint,             anar,wc = anar,oc - Without begin-
   necessity, distress, violence, suffering,       ning.
   compulsion by force.                         anactacic: (Gk); f. Resurrection, awa-
anagnwcma: (Gk); m. A passage read                 kening, standing up; feast of resurrection.
   aloud, lecture, reading.                     anactrov/: (Gk); Unknown.
anagnwct/c: (Gk); m. Reader.                    anatol/, -/c: (Gk); f. The rising of the
anayema: m. An accursed thing, curse,              sun or moon; east.
   excommunication, a person devoted to         anatol/c v. anatol/ - East.
   the devil.                                   anaus v. anas - Oath.
anay/ma: (Gk); m. A votive offering (set        anavora, -ac: (Gk); f. Offering, sacri-
   up in a temple).                                fice; liturgy.
anai: (11a); vi. To be pleasing, pleasant,      anavorac v. anavora - Liturgy.
   grow better;                                 ana,wrin: (Gk); (w/ er-) vb. Act of re-
   ---: m. Beauty;
   rana: vi. To be pleased; vt. To please;
                                                ana,writ/c, -tou: m. Anchorite.
   ranaf: m. That which pleases;
                                                ana,writou v. ana,writ/c - Ancho-
        metranaf: f. Act of pleasing;
        refrana=: f. One who pleases;           anas, pl. anaus & sg as pl.: (12b); m.
        metrefrana=: f. Act of pleasing;           Oath;
        jinranaf: fm. Meaning as last;             metref]anas: f. A swearing.
   ini: adj. Pleasant, always with ctoi =       anahwr v. aho - Storehouses.
   perfume.                                     andro, -w: (Gk); m. Man, human.
anaiw: (218b); f. Peg, stake (for tent ropes    andrw v. andro - Man.
   or ship hawsers).                            anecy/toc: (Gk); Unknown.
anakl/ton: (Gk); Unknown.
                                                anelywn: (Gk?); vb. To rise, walk.
anal/m'ic = nal/'ic - Ascension.
                                                anemro = embrw - Harbor.
anal/'ic: (Gk); f. Feast of ascension,
                                                anz/b: (12a); f. School.
analum'ic = anal/'ic - Ascension.               anyas: (12b); m. Sneeze.
anyemic: (Gk); f. A herb like camomile.        anti: (Gk); prep. Opposite, against, in place
anyera v. hay/r - Hammer.                         of, for the sake of.
any/r v. hay/r - Hammer.                       antigramma: (Gk); f. Duplicate letter.
anyimoc: (Gk?); m. 1st month of the arabic     antigraveuc: (Gk); m. Checking- or
   year.                                          copying-clerk, a public officer.
anyropoc, -ou: (Gk); m. Man, human,            antigrav/, -on: (Gk); f. Written reply,
   body.                                          plea, transcribing.
anyropou v. anyropoc - Human.                  antigravon v. antigrav/ - Plea.
anyupatoc, -ou: (Gk); m. Proconsul.            antidikoc: (Gk); m. Opponent or adver-
anyupatou v. anyupatoc - Proconsul.               sary in a suit.
anyouc: (11b); m. A species of `lizard'.       antikumenoc: (Gk); Unknown.
anikam: (12b); m. A kind of `vitriol',         antilegin: (Gk); vb. (w/ er-) To speak
   metallic sulfate.                              against, gainsay, contradict.
anicon, -ou: (Gk); m. Dill, anise.             antilogia: (Gk); f. Contradiction, contro-
anicou v. anicon - Anise.                         versy.
anict/: (Gk); vb. To raise up, set up, wake    antilogoc: (Gk); m. Contradictory, re-
   up; to raise from the dead.                    verse.
anioui v. ini - Bring.                         antion v. antioc - Opposite.
ankevaloc: (Gk); m. Head, brain.               antioc, -on: (Gk); adj. Set against, face to
ankoki, ankouki, enkoki: (12a); m. 3rd            face, opposite, contrary.
   (ring) finger.                              antl/ma: (Gk); m. Bucket for drawing
ankouki v. ankoki - Ring finger.                  water.
annonna = annwnna - Unknown.                   antoli: (12a); m. Fish-eating bird.
annoser: (12a); m. Wild endive, chicory.       antwri: (12a); m. One of mature age;
annwnna: (Gk); Unknown.                           atantwri, anantwri: m. Minor,
ano/ton v. ano/toc - Silly.                       underage.
                                               anwnna = annwnna - Unknown.
ano/toc, -on: (Gk); adj. Unheard of,
                                               ansiri, an[iri: (12b); m. Species of bean,
   senseless, silly, not thought on.
ano/twc: (Gk); adv. In foolishness, in            phaseolus.
                                               anjwj v. (1)jwj - Head.
anok: (11b); pers. pron. `I'.                  an[iri v. ansiri - Bean.
anom: (12a); m. Skin.                          (1)axia: (Gk); f. Worth, value, amount,
anomia: (Gk); f. Iniquity, sin, lawlessness;      reputation, dignity.
                                               (2)axia v. axioc - Worthy.
   eranomin: vb. To transgress, sin.
                                               axioin: (Gk); Unknown.
anomon v. anomoc - Lawless.
                                               axioc, -ia: (Gk); adj. Worthy, goodly,
anomoc, -on: (Gk); adj. Without law,
                                                  estimable, deserving.
   lawless, impious.
                                               axiwma, -atoc: (Gk); m. Honor,
anon: (11b); pl. of anok, `we'.
anoni: (12a); vi. To live luxuriously or
                                               axiwmatikoc: (Gk); (adj) Honorable,
anocioc: (Gk); adj. Unholy, profane.
                                               axiwmatoc v. axiwma - Honor.
anro v. ro (hanro) - Porch.
apa: (13a); m. Apa (title of reverence).        apodexic v. apodeixic - Proof.
apay/c: (Gk); adj. Not suffering, without       apod/mon, -oc: (Gk); adj. Away from
   passion or feeling, apathetic.                 one's country; m. traveler, tourist.
apantan: (Gk); v. (w/ er-) To meet,             apod/moc v. apod/mon - Abroad.
   encounter, face.                             apoy/k/, -/c: f. Magazine storehouse,
apant/ma: (Gk); f. Meeting, chance.               refuge.
apax: (Gk); adv. Once for all, once, once       apoy/k/c v. apoy/k/ - Refuge.
   only.                                        apokalum'ic = apokalu'ic - Apo-
apax aplwc: (Gk); adv. In general.                calypse.
apar,/: (Gk); f. Beginning of a sacrifice,      apokalu'ic: (Gk); f. Disclosing (of
   primal offering, first fruits.                 hidden springs), uncovering (of the
apac: (17a); adj. Old;                            head), revelation (esp. of divine mys-
   metapac: f. Oldness;                           teries), manifestation; biblical book of
   erapac: vb. To become old;                     Apocalypse.
   jinerapac: m. The process of growing         apokricic: (Gk); Unknown.
   old, aging.                                  apolabin = apolauin - Pleasure.
apat/, -/c: (Gk); Trick, fraud, guile,          apolauin, -aucic: (Gk); f. Act of
   treachery, Deceit.                             enjoying, pleasure.
apat/c v. apat/ - Deceit.                       apolaucic v. apolauin - Pleasure.
apeiroc v. apiroc - Ignorant.                   apoleuyeroc: (Gk?); m. Slave, bondman.
apelpizin: (Gk); v. (w/ er-) To be              apolle: (Gk?); mf. Youth.
   despaired.                                   apollwn: (Gk); m. The god "Apollo".
aperanton v. aperantoc - Infinite.              apologia: (Gk); f. Apology.
aperantoc, -on: (Gk); adj. Boundless,           apomeroc: (Gk); vb (w/ er-) To divide
   infinite, countless, unlimited, endless.       off, separate.
aperaton, -reton: (Gk); Unknown.                aponia = aponoia - Unknown.
apereton v. aperaton - Unknown.                 aponoia: (Gk); Unknown.
apioc, -ou: (Gk); f. Pear tree.                 aporin: (Gk); Unknown.
apiou v. apioc - Pear tree.                     apoctat/c: (Gk); m. Apostate; deserter,
apiroc, apeiroc: (Gk); adj. Inexperienced,        rebel, seceder.
   ignorant.                                    apoctolik/ v. apoctolikoc - Aposto-
apictoc: (Gk); adj. Not to be trusted,            lic.
   disloyal, faithless, disobedient, unbelie-   apoctolikon v. apoctolikoc - Aposto-
   ving, suspicious.                              lic.
aplwc: (Gk); adv. Singly, in one way,           apoctolikoc, -/, -on: (Gk); adj. Apos-
   simply, absolutely, plainly, frankly,          tolic.
   generally.                                   apoctoloc: (Gk); m. Apostle, messenger,
apograv/: (Gk); Unknown.                          messenger from God, ambassador,
apodazecye: (Gk); v. (w/ er-) To bid              envoy.
   farewell.                                    apocunagwgoc: (Gk); m. One expelled
apodeixic, -dexic: (Gk); f. Demonstra-            from the synagogue.
   tion, showing forth, making known,           aprokr/cic = apokricic - Unknown.
   exhibition, publication, proof.              apul/: (Gk); Unknown.
apoun v. (2)apouc - Lame.                     ariymoc, -ou: (Gk); m. Number, arith-
(1)apouc: (14b); m. Bald (from ring-             metic; Numbers (biblical book).
   worm).                                     ariymou v. ariymoc - Number.
(2)apouc, -oun: (Gk); m. Lame, without        ariki: (15a); m. Blame, fault;
   foot or feet.                                 atariki: adj. Blameless;
apovacic: (Gk); f. Sentence, decision,           jemariki: vb. To blame, find fault;
   assertion, judgement.                             ---: m. Fault-finding.
apuroc: (Gk); m. Without fire, cold,          arim, ararim: (15b); n. An edible plant
   cheerless, brand-new, unsmelted.              "saltwort".
(1)ara: (14b); m. Door-ring.                  ariopagoc = areioc pagoc - Arios
(2)ara: (Gk); prep. Since, thence.               pagos.
arabia: (Gk); f. Arabia.                      arioc pagoc v. areioc pahoc - Arios
arabikoc: (Gk); adj. Arabic.                     pagos.
arabioc: (Gk); m. Arabian.                    arictolo,ia, -ac: (Gk); f. A herb used
arab/c: (Gk); adj. Arabic;                       in healing of gaut, it is said that originally
   acpi nremarab/c: f. The Arabic                it was invented to ease the birth process.
   language.                                  arictolo,iac v. arictolo,ia - A
ararim v. arim - Saltwort.                       kind of herb.
arbot v. arbwt - Staff.                       aricton, -ou: (Gk); m. Morning meal,
arbwt, -ot: (702a); m. Wand, staff.              breakfast, luncheon; banquet.
areioc pagoc, arioc pagoc: (Gk);              arictou v. aricton - Breakfast.
   The hill of ares at Athens; Arios Pagos.   arioui v. iri - Do.
aret/: (Gk); f. Goodness, virtue, valor,      arkan/, arkl/: (Gk); f. The bar to which
   excellence.                                   the threads of the warp are fastened.
aresan: (59a); Conditional vbal prfx          arkl/ v. arkan/ - A kind of bar.
   formed from 2nd present + san, sa; if.     aro: (15a); n. Cyperus (tree, or wood).
areh: (707b); vi. To guard, keep;             artemonoc v. artemwn - Pulley.
   --- e-: vb + d.o.;                         artemwn, -monoc: (Gk); m. The foresail
   ---: m. watch, guard;                         of a ship, the pricipal pulley (in a
   ma nareh: m. Watching-place;                  system).
   refareh: m. Watcher, guard;                ar,aioc v. ar,eoc - Ancient.
        metrefareh: f. Watchfulness;          ar,ei: (Gk); f. Beginning.
   jinareh: m. Act of watching, guarding.     ar,eoc, ar,aioc: (Gk); adj. Antiquated,
ar/b, er/b, r/b: (15a); m. Pledge,               ancient, old-fashioned.
                                              ar,/, ar,i: (Gk); f. Beginning, origin,
   deposit (of money).
(1)ar/ou: (15b); adv. Perhaps, if;               foundation, heavenly power, magistrate;
                                                 metar,/: f. Leadership, authority,
   eb/l ar/ou adv. Except.
(2)ar/ou, er/ou: (59a); nn mf. mostly w/
                                                 erar,ecye: vb. To begin, start to
   poss. prfx agreeing in gender and mostly
   in number w/ the subject of the clause;
                                              ar,/aggeloc: (Gk); m. Archangel.
   fellow, companion; each other, together,
   mutually.                                  ar,/gin: (Gk); Unknown.
                                              ar,/diakonoc: (Gk); m. Archdeaconate.
ar,/diakwn: (Gk); m. Archdeacon.              aceb/c: (Gk); adj. Ungodly, unholy, pro-
ar,/epickopoc: (Gk); m. Archbishop.              fane, sacrilegious; m. ungodly one;
ar,/ereuc: (Gk); m. Arch-priest, high            metaceb/c: f. Ungodliness, profanity.
   priest.                                    acyeneia: (Gk); f. Want of strength, weak-
ar,/ylit/c: (Gk); Unknown.                       ness, sickness, feebleness.
ar,/mandrit/c: (Gk); nn mf. Abbot,            acyen/c: (Gk); adj. Weak, feeble, infirm,
   head of a monastery or a convent.             sick.
ar,/cunagwgoc, -ou: (Gk); m. Ruler of         aciai, aciwou (Q): (17b); vi. To be light,
   a synagogue.                                  be relieved, be swift; vt. to lighten;
ar,/cunagwgou v. ar,/cunagwgoc                   ---: m. Lightness, alleviation; Q. hasti-
   - Ruler of a synagogue.                       ness;
ar,/tektwn: (Gk); m. Master-builder,             qen ouaciwou: adv. Lightly.
   architect.                                 aciwou v. aciai - Lighten.
ar,/telwn/c, -ou: (Gk); m. Chief              ack/cic: (Gk); f. Asceticism, exercise,
   publican, chief toll-collector.               practise, training.
ar,/telwnou v. ar,/telwn/c -                  ack/t/c, -ou: (Gk); m. Hermit, monk,
   Chief publican.                               ascete.
ar,/triklinoc: (Gk); m. President of a        ack/tikoc: (Gk); adj. Ascetic, laborious.
   banquet, head-waiter.                      ack/tou v. ack/t/c - Hermit.
ar,i v. ar,/ - Beginning.                     ackoc: (Gk); m. Wineskin, bellow.
ar,iereuc = ar,/ereuc - high priest.          acma: (Gk); m. Song esp. lyric ode, hymn.
ar,ontoc v. ar,wn - Ruler.                    aco: (317a); n. w/] forms vi. to spare,
ar,wn, -,ontoc: (Gk); m. Ruler, com-             refrain;
   mander, chief magistrate, governor.           ]aco: n. Forbearance;
arwma, -atoc: (Gk); m. An aromatic               a[ne ]aco: adj. Without sparing,
   herb or spice; aroma.                         unhindered;
arwmatizecye: (Gk); v. (w/ er-) to spice,        at]aco: adj. Unsparing;
   perfume.                                          metat]aco: f. Unrestrainedness.
arwmatikon v. arwmatikoc - Aro-               acofper: (18b); n. Explained as bitter nut
   matic.                                        (or plant).
arwmatikoc, -on: (Gk); adj. Aromatic.         acpazecye: (Gk); vb. (w/ er-) To
arwmatoc v. arwma - Aroma.                       welcome kindly, greet, salute, kiss,
arwoui, rwoui: (306b); m. Stubble.               embrace.
ars/t, ers/t: (16b); vb. Same as              acpi: (18a); f. Language, speech;
   tarso, `to multiply'.                         remntacpi: m. Eloquent man.
arsin: (16b); m. Lentil.                      accuria: (Gk); f. Assyria.
acron, -ou: (Gk); m. A plant, hazelwort.      accuria v. accurioc - Assyrian.
acrou v. acron - Hazelwort.                   accurioc, f. -ia: (Gk); adj. Assyrian.
acaf: (18b); n. A plant explained as `bark,   actrologia: (Gk); f. Astronomy, astro-
   rind of caper root'.                          logy.
acbol/: (Gk); f. Soot.                        actrologoc: (Gk); m. Astronomer; later -
acoui: (18b); f. Purse, wallet; bag.           aoub/t: (21b); m. Collection, company (of
acouli: (18a); pl. Butterflies.                   persons); (monastic) congregation, mo-
acvalton v. acvaltoc - Asphalt.                   nastery.
acvaltoc, -on, -ou: (Gk); f. Asphalt,          augouctoc, -ou: (Gk); m. Augustus,
   bitumen, pitch, kind of petroleum.             August.
acvaltou v. acvaltoc - Asphalt.                augouctou v. augouctoc - August.
acvoui: (18b); n. 1st year of reign.           au/r, aou/r v. ou/r - About (circa).
acwmatoc: (Gk); adj. Disembodied, in-          auyadikon v. auyadikoc - Stubborn.
  corporeal.                                   auyadikoc, -on, auyat/c: (Gk); adj.
at-, ay- (before liquids): (18b); A neg.          Stubborn, self-willed.
  prfx forming adj.; un-, without;             auyat/c v. auyadikoc - Stubborn.
  metat-: forming f. n.                        aoui aouan v. aouan - Variety of
atamantinon: (Gk); Unknown.                       colors.
atamac = adamac - Diamond.                     aouin, ab/n, abin: m. (ship's) Cargo,
ataouin v. aouin - Without cargo.                 load;
atonon v. atonoc - Weak.                          ataouin: adj. Without cargo.
atonoc, -on: (Gk); adj. Lacking of elas-       aouin v. aouan - Jaundice.
  ticity, weak, slack.                         auic: (19b); imperat. part. Give, bring
atopon v. atopoc - Foul.                          hither; come.
atopoc, -on: (Gk); Out of place, out of        aul/, -/c: (Gk); f. Open court (before the
  the way, disgusting, foul, extraordinary.       house), courtyard, court, hall chamber,
atparaba: (Gk?); adj. Without taking by           abode, dwelling, steading for cattle.
  force.                                       aul/c v. aul/ - Courtyard.
atre, pl. ayreu, atreu: (726b); A              aul/ou: (20b); pl. Part of monk's dress.
  doubled thing, twin; testicles.              auxon: (Gk); Unknown.
atreu v. atre - Twins.                         aur/j=: (16b); n. Limit, end; always with
atrovia, -ac: (Gk); f. Want of food or            suffix of things limited;
  nourishment, atrophy, starvation, diet.         ataur/j=: neg adj. Limitless,
atroviac v. atrovia - Atrophy.                    boundless.
atrovoc: (Gk); adj. Ill-fed, non-viable, ill   autokratwr: (Gk); adv. One's own
  of atrophy.                                     master, free, independent, absolute ruler,
at[ne, a[ne-, at[nou=: (25b); prep.               possessing full powers.
  Without.                                     autourgoc: (Gk); m. Self-working,
at[nou= v. at[ne- - Without.                      husband-man, simple, native.
at[r/n v. a[r/n - Barren.                      aouw, ouw: (62b); f. Pledge, surety;
au- v. a- About.                                  ] naouw: vb. To give as pledge;
aouan, aban: (20b); m. Color; appea-              ,w naouw: vb. To deposit as pledge;
  rance;                                          [i naouw: vb. To take as a pledge.
  aoui aouan, abi aban: Variety                (1)aouw v. ouw - Cease.
  of colors;                                   (2)aouw v. ouw - Cease.
  aouin: m. Jaundice.                          aouwn: vb. imperat. of ouwn, to open.
                                               aujal: (704a); m. Anchor, hook.
aujwl v. jwl - To cover.                          as: (22a); I. interrog. pron. Who, what?;
ave, pl. av/oui: (13b); f. Head: of a living        varies with nim, ou; II. indef. pron. A
  being; metaphor; as title, chief; capital (of      certain, whatever; III. indef. interrog.
  money);                                            part.
  atave: adj. Headless;                           as= v. asi - To hang.
       metatave: f. Headlessness;                 as- (p.c.) v. ws - read.
  erave: vb. To be at the head of, lead.          asai, os (Q): (22b); vi. To become many,
av/t v. avot - Cup.                                  multiply; Q. many;
av/oui v. ave - Heads.                               ---: m. Multitude, amount;
avopi v. avwv - Giants.                              metasai: f. Number, multitude
avot, pl. av/t: (14b); m. Cup, sacra-                refasai: m. Multiplier;
  mental "chalice".                                  ase: f. Multitude.
avovi v. avwv - Giants.                           ase v. asai - Multitude.
avoui v. (1)af - Flesh.                           aseben: (23a); m. Enchanter.
avwt v. evwt - Crocodile.                         aseu: (23a); pl. Astrologers.
avwv; pl. avovi, avopi: (21b); m?.                asi (Q) v. isi - To be hung.
  Giant.                                          asin ncyoi v. a[in - Aromatic plant.
au,aric: (Gk); adj. Without grace or              asira: (23a); f. Chameleon.
  charm, ungracious, thankless, unpleasant,       asiri v. iri - Diligent person.
  disagreeable.                                   asikap v. skap - Cry.
a,at/c: (Gk); m. Agate (precious stone).          asmi v. wsem - Soot.
a,i v. aqi - Sedge.                               (1)af; pl. afoui, aboui, avoui, & sg as
a,rantoc: (Gk); adj. Undefiles, immacu-              pl: (23a); m. Flesh (human or animal),
  late.                                              meat;
a,w, pl. a,woui & sg as pl.: (662b); m.              canaf: n. Meat dealer or seller;
  Magician, wizard;                                  eraf: vb. To become flesh (of con-
  meta,w: f. Magic.                                  secrated bread);
a,wrictoc: (Gk); adj. Not parted, un-                ouemaf: vb. To eat flesh or meat
  divided, inseparable.                           (2)af, aaf, ab: (23b); mf. insect, fly;
a,writoc: (Gk?); adj. Not comprehended,              --- nebiw: n. Honey fly, bee;
  vague, mysterious, endless.                        --- nouhor: n. Dog fly.
a,woui v. a,w - Magician.                         afleli: (741a); f. Lizard.
a'ikon v. a'u,oc - Lifeless.                      afoui v. (1)af - Flesh.
a'ikoc v. a'ukoc - Lifeless.                      afjir: (23b); m. Greedy one of shamful
a'inyon v. a'inyoc - Wormwood.                       gain;
a'inyoc, -on: (Gk); f. Wormwood.                     metafjir: f. Greed of shamfule gain.
a'u,on v. a'u,oc - Lifeless.                      aqi, a,i: (25a); m. Marsh herbage, sedge.
a'ukoc, -on, a'ikoc, -on: (Gk); adj.              aqo=: (25a); interrog. pron. with suffixes
  Lifeless, inanimate, spiritless, faint-            referring to subject of phrase; what,
  hearted.                                           why?
awratoc: (Gk); Unknown.                           aqori v. aqwri - Asp.
                                                  aqwiri v. aqwri - Asp.
aqwm: (25a); m. Eagle; orig. falcon,               ahwr v. (1)aho - Treasures.
   vulture.                                        aje- v. jw - To say.
aqwri, aqwiri, aqori: (23b); m. Asp.               ajo v. (1)ajw - Viper.
aha, ah/: (64b); part. `yes';                      ajo= v. jw - To say.
   a. Answers questions affirmatively,             ajol]: (26a); n. Wagon, cart.
   b. Varies with `ce',                            ajot= v. jw - To say.
   c. Sometimes ce - more emphatic,                ajp, pl. ajpi: (777b); fm. Hour;
   contradictory, answers m/,                        mvnau najp: adv. At the time of,
   d. With conditional icje or eswp, if so,           about the ... hour.
   if indeed,                                      ajpi v. ajp - Hours.
   e. Verily, well then, indeed,                   ajou v. (1)ajw - Viper.
   f. Introduces questions.                        (1)ajw, ajo, ajou, ejw, ejou: (25b);
ah/ v. aha - Yes                                      f. Viper.
ahi: (24a); m. Length, limit of life, life span;   (2)ajw, jo: (753b); m. Crook-back or
   erahi: vb. Pass life;                              haunch back.
   nebahi: n. Long-lived, only with met-           a[in: (744a); m. Scented herb, mint;
   or er-;                                         asin ncyoi = a[in ncyoi: n. Aromatic
   metsarahi: f. Short life;                          plant.
   ersarahi: vb. To be short-lived;                a[ne- v. at[ne- - Without.
   jemahi: vb. To have (find) ling life.           a[ni: (26b); mf. Blemish, stain;
(1)aho, ahor, pl. ahwr & sg as pl: (24b);             ata[ni: adj. Stainless;
   m. Treasure; treasury, store-house;                    metata[ni: f. Stainlessness;
   anahwr: pl. Store-houses.                          era[ni: vb. To be stained;
(2)aho: (24b); n. Dwelling, abode.                    erata[ni: vb. To be stainless;
ahom: (24b); m. only with fi- forming vi.             hia[ni: vb. To cast a stain.
   to sigh, groan;                                 a[r/n, at[r/n: (26b); f. Barren female.
   fiahom: m. Groan, yawn, roar.                   a[o: (753b); m. Armpit.
ahor v. (1)aho - Treasure.
b: (27a); 2nd letter of the Coptic Alphabet;       bar/out v. bar/it - He-goat.
  b, f. b]: the numeral '2'.                       baroc: (Gk); m. A weight, burden, load;
ba-: (28a); used in names of metals, e.g.             adj. heavines.
  barwt 'brass'.                                   barot v. barwt - Brass.
baal: (Heb); m. Baal, an idol of the               baroh: (44b); m. Fodderer.
   Assyrians and the Phoenicians.                  barwt, -ot: (43b); m. Brass, bronze;
babulon v. babulwn - Babylon.                         homt barot: m. A composite
babulwn, -on: (Gk); f. Babylon;                       metal.
  babulwn n,/mi: f. Babylon Egypt,                 barsin: (44a); n. Caulker, caulker's ma-
   lies opposite Giza city east of the Nile.          terial, or act caulking.
baempi: (39a); n. Goat;                            bac= v. ouici - To saw.
   manibaempi: n. Goatherd.                        bacanizin: (Gk); (w/ er-) v. To examin
baymoc: (Gk); m. Step, threshold, rung of             closely, torture, rake.
   a ladder; step or degree of dignity.            bacanoc: (Gk); m. Torture, agony, tor-
(1)bai: (27b); m. Branch of date-palm.                ment.
(2)bai: (28a); m. Night raven; screech-owl.        bacileuc: (Gk); m. King.
bairi v. bir - Basket.                             bacilik/ v. bacilikoc - Royal.
bak= v. (1)bwk - To go.                            bacilikon v. bacilikoc - Royal.
baki: (30b); f. City, town;                        bacilikoc, -on, f. -/: (Gk); adj. Royal,
   va ]baki: m. Citizen;                              kingly, belonging to a king; m. basilica.
   erremnbaki: v. To be citizen.                   bacilic, -icca: (Gk); f. Queen, empress.
bakt/ra v. bakt/ria - Cane.                        bacilickoc: (Gk); m. Princelet, chieftain;
bakt/ria, -ra: (Gk); f. Staff, cane.                  Egyptian cobra
baksar v. sar - Tanner.                            bacilicca v. bacilic - Queen.
bal: (31b); m. Eye;                                bacic: (Gk); f. Step, base, pedestal, foun-
   balbwn: m. Evil eye;                               dation, basement.
                                                   bacn/t v. becn/t - Smith.
   hi noubal: v. Cast a glance (from
                                                   bact- v. bwct - To be dry.
balanoc: (Gk); m. Acorn.                           bacour: (44b); m. Antimony.
balkou: (38a); f. Bottle (for water).              (1)batoc: (Gk); m. Bramble, small tree,
balmbah v. balmbeh - Bald.                            bush.
                                                   (2)batoc: (Heb); m. A Hebrew liquid
balmbeh, -bah, aloubeh: (813a); m.
   Bald-headed person.
                                                   (3)batoc: (Gk); adj. Accessible.
balcamon: (Gk); m. Balsam tree.
                                                   bas- v. bws - To strip.
balh/t v. h/t - Simple-minded.
                                                   bas= v. bws - To strip.
bara/it v. bar/it - He-goat.
                                                   basi: (47a); m. Corps, mummy, a dead
barbaroc: (Gk); m. Babarian, i.e. non-
   greek, foreign; brutal, rude.
                                                   basor: (47b); f. Fox.
bar/it (var. bara/it, bar/out):
                                                   basour: (47b); f. Saw;
   (43b); m. He-goat.
                                                      ro mbasour: n. Saw-edged.
basous: (47b); m. The plant 'rue'.                lau nbeni: n. Cluster of dates;
bah v. ouah - Oasis.                              cerbeni: n. Palm-thorn;
bah- v. ouwh - to put.                            senbeni, sebeni: n. Palm fiber.
bahmi v. ouwhem - To answer.                   benipi: (41a); m. iron;
bahci: (48a); f. Heifer.                          a. as metal;
baji: (512b); n. Blow.                            b. as chains, fetters, sword;
baj/ini v. abaj/ini - Glass.                      c. adj.;
baj/ni v. abaj/ini - Glass.                       ]benipi: vb. To put iron upon.
bajini v. abaj/ini - Glass.                    benn/: (266a); f. Door-post, threshold,
bajrwou = ouejrwou v. ouoji -
                                               benji: (41b); f. elephant's trunk.
bebi: (28b); vi. To bubble, to well up (of a   berber: (42b); vi. Boil;
                                                  --- ebol: vi. To cause to boil, pour
   spring); vt. to pour forth. bring forth,
   rain down;                                     forth;
   refbebi: m. Bringer forth;                     --- epswi: vi. To boil up, over;
       metrefbebi: f. Outpouring;                 ---: m. Boiling heat.
   jinbebi: m. Pronouncing (of a name).        berber- v. borber - To push.
beelzeboul v. belzeboul - King of              berbir: (42b); f. Missile.
                                               berbwr= v. borber - To push.
bel- v. bwl - To loosen.                       bere[woutc: (44b); f. Chariot.; modern
belzeboub v. belzeboul - King of                  'car'.
                                               beri: (43a); adj. new, young; n. new thing,
belzeboul, -boub, beelzeboul:                     young person;
   (Heb); m. Beelzebul, king of demons,
                                                  metberi: f. Newness, youth;
   lord of dung; orig. the Philistine god         mberi: adv. Newly, recently;
   worshipped at Ekron.                           iri nberi: vt. To make new, renew;
belywn: (37b); n. Lion.                           erberi: v. To become new.
belle, f. -/, pl. -eu: (38a); m. Blind per-    berci: (43a); m. Orach (atriplex).
   son.                                        berci]: (43b); m. Basket, bread basket.
   metbelle: f. Blindness;                     bert v. ouert - Rose.
   erbelle: v. To be or become blind, to       bers/ou: (44a); m. Coriander seed.
   make blind.                                 berso: (44a); m. Sinner, malfactor,
belleu v. belle - Blind persons.                  wretched, bad one.
bell/ v. belle - Blind female.                 becywn v. ouocyen - To broaden.
belhwl: (48a); f. Kind of date-palm;           becnate v. becn/t - Smith.
   unripe date; the fruit 'date'.              becn/t, bacn/t, pl. becbate: (44b); m.
belj: (38b); fm. Pottery, earthenware;            Smith.
   erbelj: v. To be made of pottery.           bet- v. bo] - Pollute.
beni v. b/ni - Swallow.                        betbet: (46a); f. A vegetable, common
beni: (40a); f. Date of palm-tree;                pea.
   bai nbeni: m. Palm-branch;                  betc v. bwtc - War.
   ,af nbeni: n. Stem, trunk of palm;          be,e, pl. be,/oui: (30b); m. Wage;
   ]be,e, ]mpibe,e: vb. To pay                     bi]: (495a); vi. To waste away, to dry up.
   wage, reward;                                   bi,ki v. bik,i - A plant.
      ref]be,e: m. Wage-giver, hirer;              bij: (48a); m. Bones used as dice, i.e. dice.
   [ibe,e: vb. To receive wage;                    biji: (48b); vi. To be wrecked.
      [iebe,e: vb. To take at a wage,              bla: (37a); A musical instrument, a type of
   hire;                                              harp or small bell.
   rembe,e: m. Wage-man, hireling;                 blaptin: (Gk); (w/ er-) vb. To diable,
   atbe,e: adj. Wageless;                             hinder, distract, mislead; damage, hurt,
   sebiebe,e: m. Recompense.                          injure.
bes, b/s: (46b); n. Unripe fruit of fig tree.      bo/yeia, -yia: (Gk); f. Help, aid, cure.
besswi v. bws - Naked.                             bo/yia v. bo/yeia - Help.
behbeh: (48a); m. Howling, barking.                bo/yoc: (Gk); m. Helper, auxiliary,
behi: (47b); m. File (iron).                          assistant.
bejbwj= v. ouojouej - To chew.                     boisi: (47a); f. A desert animal, a kind of
beji v. b/j - Falcon.                                 antelope.
bej/n v. be[/n - A rush.                           boki: (31a) n. Verbally in erboki, emboki;
be[/n, -j/n: (48b); n. A rush.                        vi. To conceive, conceive by; vt. to
b/: (28a); f. Grave.                                  conceive (a child);
                                                      mboki: m. Conception; f. pregnant
b/b: (28b); m. Cave, hole, den, nest.
b/k (Q) v. bwk - Gone.
                                                      jinerboki: mf. Conception.
b/l (Q) v. bwl - To loosen.
                                                   bol= v. bwl - To loosen.
b/ma: (Gk); m. Step, pace; raised place or
                                                   bolc v. ouwlc - To lean.
   tribune, tribunal of a magistrate.
                                                   boni v. bwn - Evil.
b/ni, beni: (40a); m. Swallow (a bird).
                                                   bon], fen]-: (41a); f. Gourd, cucumber;
b/t: (45a); m. Palm-leaf; f. rib.
b/] (Q) v. bo] - Pollute.
                                                      [loj mbon]: n . Gourd.
b/tc/ v. bwtc - Female warrior.
                                                   borber, berber-, berbwr=: (657a); vi.
b/s v. bes - Unripe fruit.
                                                      To be loosed, fall to pieces; vt. to throw
b/s (Q) v. bws - To strip.                            down, push;
b/j, beji: (48b); m. Falcon.                          --- ebol: vb. To cast forth;
biki: (31a); n. Horse's strap, girth, nose ring.      --- ehr/i: vb. To cast upon, into;
bik,i, buk,i, bi,ki, bukki: (31a); n. A               ---: m. Expulsion.
   plant or fruit, cyperus esculentus; colt's      bocer v. ouocer - Oar.
   foot.                                           bot- v. bo] - Pollute.
binaj: (41b); m. Dish.                             botan/: (Gk); f. Pasture, fodder, herb,
bini: (40a); f. Crucible, among goldsmith's           weed; botany.
   utensils.                                       botbet v. ouwt - To be green.
bioc: (Gk); m. Lifetime, livelihood, means         botc= v. bwtc - To fight.
   of living, life, vita.                          bosbes v. ouosoues - To strike.
bir, f. bairi, pl. br/oui: (41b); m. Basket
                                                   bof: (505a); m. Lung.
   (of palm-leaves).
                                                   boh v. bwwh - Name of an idol.
bici v. ouici - To saw.
bohi: (47b); m. Dyke, trench.                        --- ebol: vb. To loosen, untie; be
bohi v. ouohi - Fisher.                              melted; be dispersed, scattered; dissolve,
bojbej v. ouojouej - To chew                         nullify; relax, annul (laws); absolve;
bo], bet-, bot-, b/t (Q): (45b); All                 destroy; pay (penalty); go to pieces,
  forms often with f for b; vt. To pollute,          perish; slacken, grow weak, faint; be
   hate, befoul, abominate;                          wearied; be loosened, paralyzed; be
   ---: m. Hateful thing, abomination;               released, die; upset, unhinge; be loose (in
   oi mbo]: vb. To become, be hateful;               conduct);
                                                     --- ebol: m. Loosening, slackening,
   [ibo]: vb. To loathe, abominate;
                                                     solution; release, pardon; annulling (of
   labo]: n. Sodomite.
                                                     magic, demons); weakening, feebleness,
bo] v. bw] - Durah.                                  collapse; dissolution (death);
bo] v. ouwt - Herbs.                                 --- ebol nem-: vb. To be open, free
bo]= v. ouw] - To send.                              with;
brai v. mbrai - Seed of cereals.                     atbwl: adj. Indissoluble, unending;
brehi v. mbrehi - Cart.                              jinbwl: f. Interpretation;
br/oui v. bir - Baskets.                                 --- ebol: m. Loosening, freeing;
broukoc, -,oc: (Gk); m. Locust, or its               ebol: adv. Out, forth, outward;
   wingless larva.                                   menenca ebol: prep. After, beyond,
brou,oc v. broukoc - Locust.                         henceforth; same as icjen ebol;
bukki v. bik,i - A plant.                            ebol je-: conj. Because, for;
buk,i v. bik,i - A plant.                            mbol: adv. Outside, without; spread
bouhi: (48a); m. Eyelid.                             abroad, famed; extant, in existance;
bw: (28a); f. Tree where its fruit is specified      eb/l: adv. Outside of, except;
   as opposed to ss/n (tree in general;              eb/l        je-: w/ vb. Introduces
   probably wood, plantation of trees).              conditional;
(1)bwk, bak=, b/k (Q): (29a); vb.                    cabol: prep. (w/e-); Outside of,
   To go, generally se is used.                      beyond, away from; adv. outside,
(2)bwk, f. bwki, pl. ebiaik and sg as pl.:           without;
   (30a); m. Servant, slave; opposite                saebol: prep. To the outside of, out
   remhe;                                            of; adv. henceforth; to the end, forever,
   erbwk: vb. To serve, labor;                       outwards, finally, utterly, at all;
   iri mbwk: vb. To enslave;                         erebol: vb. To become loosened,
   metbwk: f. Servitude, slavery;                    become free, avoid, escape.
   metbal mbwk: f. Eye service.                   bwn: (39a); adj. Bad;
bwki v. (2)bwk - Servant girl.                       boni: f. Evil, misfortunate;
bwl, bel-, bol=, b/l (Q): (32a); vi.                 ierboni: f. Evil eye.
   To loosen, untie; melt; interpret, explain;    bwrp v. ouwrp - To send.
   weaken, make faint; nullify (order or          (bwct), bact-: (45a); vi. To be dry,
   deed); dissolve, destroy; be immaterial;          parched.
   pay, remit;                                    bwtc, botc=: (46a); vi. To be drawn up
   ---: m. solution, interpretation;                 (for battle), fight;
                                                     --- nem-: vb to fight against;
  ---: m. (battle) Array, war;                 besswi: pl. lit. Secret parts uncovered;
  atbwtc: adj. Impugnable;                     --- ebol: vi. To be naked, revealed; vt.
  refbwtc: m. Warrior;                         to uncover, lay bare, divest of; m.
  erbwtc: vb Array against, make war           nakedness;
  with;                                        jinbws ebol: m. Laying bare,
  betc: n. War;                                display.
  b/tc/: f. Female warrior.                 bwhem v. ouwhem - To answer.
bwwh, boh: (47b); A name of an idol at      (bwhn), ouwhn: (48a); vt. To cover (with
  Alexandria.                                  roof).
bws, bas-, bas=, b/s (Q): (47b);            bwj v. ouwj - To cut.
  vi. To be loosened, undone; (Q) to be     bw], bo]: (45b); m. Durah (a cereal),
  naked; vt. to strip, divest, lay bare,       millet.
  unsheath, despoil, release, give leave;
  ---: m. Nakedness;
  refb/s: m. Naked person;
g: 3rd letter of the Coptic alphabet;               genn/cic: (Gk); f. Birth, engendering,
   g: the numeral 'three'.                             producing.
gabaya, gabay/, gabbaya: (Gk); f.                   genn/t/c, f. -tria: (Gk); m. Begetter,
    Gabbatha, an elevated place or tribunal.           parent, producer.
gabay/ v. gabaya - Gabbatha.                        genn/tria v. genn/t/c - Parent.
gabbaya v. gabaya - Gabbatha.                       genoc, geneoc, genouc: (Gk); m. Race,
gaza: (Persian); f. Treasure, large sum of             stock, kin, offspring, descendant, family,
    money.                                             clan, house.
gazovulakion: (Gk); m. Treasury.                    genouc v. genoc - Race.
gala: (Gk); m. Milk.                                gewgravia: (Gk); f. Geography.
gal/n/, -/c: (Gk); f. Calm, gentle.                 gewgravikoc: (Gk); mf. Geographical.
gal/n/c v. gal/n/ - Calm.                           g/: (Gk); f. Earth, land, soil.
galileoc: (Gk); Galilean.                           gnovoc: (Gk); m. Darkness.
gamoc, gamocun/: (Gk); m. Wedding,                  gnwm/: (Gk); f. Means of knowing, intel-
    marriage, wedlock.                                 ligence, thought, judgement, opinion,
gamocun/ v. gamoc - Wedding.                           intention, verdict.
gar: (Gk); conj. For, because.                      gnwcic: (Gk); f. Knowledge.
geenna: (Heb); f. Gehenna, hades.                   gnwct/c: (Gk); m. The rank of reader in
(1)genea: (Gk?); f. New, recent.                       the Coptic Church; one who knows,
(2)genea: (Gk); f. Race, family, generation,           expert witness.
                                                    goggul/: (Gk); f. Eastern cress.
    offspring, birth-place, age.
geneoc v. (2)genoc - Generation.                    grammateuc: (Gk): m. Secretary, regis-
genecic: (Gk); Origin, source, nativity,               trar, clerk.
                                                    grammatik/: (Gk); f. Grammar.
    generation; the biblical book of Genesis.
gennaioc v. genneoc - Noble.                        grav/, krav/: (Gk); f. The Holy 'Scrip-
genneoc, -naioc: (Gk); m. Noble, excel-                ture', book, writing.
                                                    gumnacia: (Gk); f. Exercise, training,
genn/ma: (Gk); m. That which is produced               maneuvers; gymnastics.
                                                    guptioc, f. -ia = aiguptioc - Egyptian.
    or born, child, product, fruit.
d: The 4th letter of the Coptic Alphabet;             --- napac: f. Old Testament.
  d: the numeral '4'.                                 --- mberi: f. New Testament.
damazin: (Gk) (w/ er-) v. To                        diakonei v. diakonia - Service.
   overpower, tame, subdue, conquer,                diakonia, -ie: (Gk); f. Service, minis-
   overcome.                                           tration, body of servants or attendants;
daneict/c, danict/c, f. daneictia,                     the office of the diaconate.
   danictia: (Gk); Money lender, credi-             diakonoc: (Gk); m. Deacon, servant,
   tor, one who lends with interest;                   attendant, official in religious guild.
daneictia v. daneict/c - Creditor (f).              diakricic: (Gk); f. Separation, dissolution,
danict/c v. daneict/c - Creditor.                      segregation, differentiation, examination.
danictia v. daneict/c - Creditor (f).               diat/ma v. diad/ma - Diadem.
daxic v. taxic - Order.                             didackal/ v. didackaloc - Teacher.
dapan/, tapan/: (Gk); vb. To consume,               didackalia v. didackaloc - Teach-
   use up;                                             ing.
   ---: f. Cost, expenditure, extravagance.         didackaloc, f. -/: (Gk); m. Teacher,
davn/: (Gk); f. White mangrove, a type of              master;
   coral.                                              didackalia: (Gk); f. Teaching,
de: (Gk); part. But, now, moreover, and.               instruction, elucidation, training.
delta: (Gk); The letter 'd'; m. anything            didimoc v. didumoc - Twin.
   shaped like a triangle, esp. island formed       didou: (Gk?); n. Consecration of thought.
   by the mouth of a large river.                   didumoc, didimoc: (Gk); adj. Twin,
decpot/c: (Gk); m. Master, lord, lord of               double, two-fold; n. testicles, ovaries.
   the house, owner.                                dikaioc, dikeoc, -on: (Gk); adj. Just,
deuteronomion,            deuderonomion:               right, upright, righteous, impartial, civi-
   (Gk); m. biblical book of Deutronomy.               lized.
d/miourgoc: (Gk); m. Creator, skilled               dikaiocun/, dikeocun/: (Gk); f. Right-
   workman, handicraftsman, maker, produ-              eousness, justice, rectitude, fulfilment of
   cer.                                                the law.
d/moc, -ciwc, -ciwn, t/mocion: (Gk);                dikact/rion: (Gk); m. Court of justice.
   Public dues, tax.                                dikeoc v. dikaioc - Just.
d/mociwn v. d/moc - Tax.                            dikeocun/ v. dikaiocun/ - Justice.
d/mociwc v. d/moc - Tax.                            dioiket/c v. dioik/t/c - Adminstrator.
dia v. zeuc - Zeus.                                 dioik/t/c, -ket/c: (Gk); m. Adminis-
diaboloc: (Gk); m. Satan, devil, enemy,                trator, governor, procurator.
   slanderous, slanderer.                           dioikin: (Gk?); vb. To follow, chase,
diad/ma, -t/ma: (Gk); m. Band, dia-                    threaten.
   dem, crown worn by kings, fillet.                dioc v. zeuc - Zeus.
diado,oc: (Gk); m. Successor, substitute,           diploic: (Gk); f. Double cloak.
   deputy.                                          dipnon: (Gk); m. Banquet, dinner.
diay/k/: (Gk); f. disposition by will,              diptu,oc, tiptu,oc, tupdi,oc,
   testament, covenant;                                -on: (Gk); m. Difnar - a book that
   includes hymns commemorating the           dopatioc: (Gk); m. Jewelry, precious
   saints of the day in the Coptic Church.       stone.
dickoc: (Gk); m. Dish, disk.                  douloc: (Gk); m. Slave, bondman.
ditioc monac: (Gk?); n. The Arabic            doux: (Gk); m. Duke, prince, king, leader.
   month of Gamada-al-awal;                   doupia: (Gk?); f. A type of old coins.
   --- dioc: n. Gamada-al-akhar or -al-       drakwn: (Gk); m. Dragon.
   thani.                                     dromoc: (Gk); m. Course, race, flight,
diwgmoc: (Gk); m. Chase, pursuit, per-          contest.
   secution, harassing.                       drumoc: (Gk); m. Thicket, desert, wilder-
diwkt/c: (Gk); m. persecutor, pursuer.          ness.
dokim/ v. dokimoc - Trial.                    dunamic: (Gk); f. Power, might, strength,
dokimoc, -/: (Gk); adj. Examination, trial,     authority.
   test.                                      dunatoc: (Gk); adj. Strong, mighty.
doloc: (Gk); m. Cunning, trick, treachery.    durannoc v. tyrannic - Tyrant.
dox v. doxa - Glory                           dwrea: (Gk); f. Gift, present esp. bounty.
doxa, dox: (Gk); f. Glory, honor, pride,      dwron, -oc: (Gk); f. Gift, present, gift of
   repute, opinion;                             honor, votive gift.
   doxa patri: Expression ' Glory be          dwroc v. dwron - Gift.
   to the Father".
doxologia: (Gk); f. Laudation, glori-
   fication, doxology.
e: The 5th letter of the Coptic Alphabet            eggravoc, -on: (Gk); m. Written docu-
    called ei, eie;                                    ment, contract.
    e: The numeral 'five'.                          egkrateia, -tia: (Gk); f. Self-control,
(1)e-, ero=, (2nd pl. erw=): (50a); prep. I.           mastery over, control over; i.e. chastity,
    dat.: to, for, according to, as regards;           asceticism, economy;
    purpose: for, in order to; about, because          egkrat/c: adj. Hold fast, self-con-
    of; from, by means of; direction:                  trolled, strong; i.e. ascete (n).
    towards, to; against; comparison: than;         egkrat/c v. egkrateia - Self-control.
    in adverbial expressions. II. indicating        egkratia v. egkrateia - Self-control.
    direct object with many verbs of sensual        egkwmion: (Gk); m. Encomium, eulogy,
    perception, mental action, and with other          panegyric, laudatory ode, praise.
    vi's. III. coordinating a second vb.            ey- v. et- - Relative prefix.
(2)e-: (52a); vbal prfx. used before nominal        eyaus v. eyws - Ethiopians.
    subject 'ere-'; characterizes the circum-       eybe-, eyb/t=: (61a); prep. Because of,
    stantial, or precedes other auxiliaries            concerning;
    either in subordinate or coordinate                eybeje-: conj. Because;
    clause.                                            eybevai: conj. Wherefore.
eat: (61a); m. End, farthest part.
                                                    eybeou v. ou - Why?.
ebdomac: (Gk); f. A period of seven days,
                                                    eyb/t= v. eybe- - Concerning
    week, the numbr seven.
eben v. asben - Enchanter.                          ey/ v. (1)h/ - forwards.
ebi: (52b); n. Darkness.                            eynikoc: (Gk); adj. Foreign, gentile; m.
                                                       heathen, idol-woshipper, tax collector.
ebiaik v. (2)bwk - Servants.
                                                    eynoc: (Gk); m. Nation, people, caste, tribe.
ebi/n: (53a); mf. A poor, wretched person;
                                                    eymosi v. eyws - Ethiopian (f).
    adj. miserable, wretched;
    metebi/n: f. Misery.                            eyws, f. eyosi, pl. eyaus: (65b); m. An
                                                       Ethiopian person.
ebiw: (52b); m. Honey.
                                                    eiebt v. iebt - East.
eblal/: (Gk); f. Damage, loss, injury,
                                                    eioul, eoul: (77a); mf. Hart, hind.
ebo, pl. ebwou and sg as pl.: (178a); m.            eije: (Gk); prep. Then, for, if.
    Dumb person;
                                                    ekatontar,oc: (Gk); m. A centurion.
    metebo: f. Dumbness;                            ekkl/cia: (Gk); f. Church, assembly duly
    erebo: vb. To become, be dumb.                     summoned, an assembly.
                                                    ekloli v. kelwl - Pitcher.
ebol v. bwl - Out.
                                                    ekmalwcia = e,malwcia - Captivity.
ebrehi v. mbrehi - Cart.
                                                    eko] v. kwt - Builders.
ebr/j (mostly cetebr/j m.): (53b); f.
                                                    ekwt v. kwt - Builder.
ebwou v. ebo - Dumb person.                         el- v. wli - To hold.
ebsi v. wbs - Sleep.                                ela,ictoc: (Gk); adj. Smallest, least; m.
eggravon v. eggravoc - Contract.                       poor, wretched, of low status.
elbiji: (54b); m. An implement of                   atemi: adj. Ignorant, innocent
    irrigation; central shaft of a water wheel        eratemi, oi natemi: vb. To be
    or its circulating cable.                        ignorant, unconscious;
eleon v. (1)eleoc - Mercy.                               metatemi: f. Ignorant, innocence;
(1)eleoc, -on: (Gk); m. Pity, mercy,                 refemi: m. One that knows.
    compassion.                                  emit v. mit - Celery.
(2)eleoc, elewc: (Gk?); Do not!                  emk- v. wmk - To swallow.
eleuyeria: (Gk); f. Freedom, frankness,          emkah v. mkah - To be paiful.
    independence;                                emlaq v. mlaq - To fight.
    eleuyerioc: m. Freeman, liberal.             emmon v. mmon - No.
elevantinon v. elevantinoc - Ivory.              emnote v. mnout - Porter.
elevantinoc, -on: (Gk); adj. Ivory.              emno] v. mnot - Breasts.
elewc v. (2)eleoc - Do not!                      emnout v. mnout - Porter.
elko, elkou, alkou: (54b); m. Fruit of           empsa v. mpsa - To be worthy.
    sycamore.                                    emrai v. mbrai - Seed of cereals.
elkc v. wlk - Corner.                            emrwm v. mrwm - Pillow.
elkou v. elko - Fruit of sycamore.               emc- v. wmc - To dip.
elksai v. wlk - Sneer.                           emci v. wmc - Immersion.
ell/n, -/noc: (Gk); n. Greek, heathen,           emcobi, metcobi: (186b); f. Large needle.
    the ancient name for ancient greece.         emton v. mton - To be at rest.
ell/noc v. ell/n - Greek.
                                                 emou, pl. emwoui: (55b); f. Cat.
ellogimoc: (Gk); n. One held in account
                                                 emwoui v. emou - Cats.
    or regard, in high repute; eloquent
                                                 emsir v. (1)msir - A Coptic month,
elx v. wlk - Corner.                                 'amshir'.
elhem: (150a); vi. To roar (esp. of lions);      emsir v. (2)msir - Pot.
    jinelhem: f. Roaring.                        emsis v. msis - Vengeance.
elh/c: (769b); Exhaustion, panting.              emhau v. mhau - Tomb.
elhwb, elhwp: (149b); Steam vapor.               emhit: (212a); m. North.
elhwp v. elhwb - Steam vapor.                    emjwl v. mjwl - Onion.
eljwb: (55b); m. Heron.                          en: (66b); m. Ape, monkey.
emasw v. maso - Very.                            en- v. ini - To bring.
embon v. mbon - Wrath.                           en= v. ini - To bring.
embrehi v. mbrehi - Cart.                        enage v. enege - To urge on.
embric: (183a); m. New wine, must.               ene-: (56b); vbal prfx. of unfulfilled con-
embrw: (183a); f. Harbor, landing stage on
                                                 enege, enage, enige, /nege: (Gk); vb. To
    sea or river.
                                                     urge on, promote, accuse.
ement: (56a); m. The west.
                                                 energeia, -gia: (Gk); f. Activity, opera-
emyo v. myo - Before.
                                                     tion, function, performance, action.
emyw: (193a); f. Shipwreck                       energia v. energeia - Activity.
emi: (77b); vi. To know, understand;
    ---: m. Knowledge;
eneh: (57a); m. Eternity, age (period of           exwrictia v. exwriazein - Neglect.
   time); adj. eternal; adv. forever, eternally,   eoube- v. oube - Against.
   ever.                                           ep- v. wp - To count.
enkoki v. ankoki - Ring finger.                    epaggelia: (Gk); f. Command, summons,
enkot v. nkot - Sleep.                                announcement, notice, offer, promise.
ennigma: (Gk); m. Riddle, enigma(?)                epantropoc: (Gk); Unknown.
eno,oc: (Gk); vb. To be liable to, subject         epar,ia v. epar,oc - Government.
   to, guilty, liable to the penalty of.           epar,oc: (Gk); m. Commander, governor,
ent/j, nt/j: (233a); m. Plant, weed,                  prefect;
   specifically 'darnel'.                             epar,ia:        f.   Government,    state,
entol/: (Gk); f. Commandment, com-                    province.
   mand, order, ordinance, injunction;             epeid/ v. epid/ - After.
   ]entol/: vb. To order, command,                 epec/t v. ec/t - Downward.
   announce a decision.                            ep/p: n. The 11th month of the coptic year
enouk: (56b); n. A plant.                             'Abib'.
enouoi v. (1)ouoi - Rush course.                   epiboul/: (Gk); f. Plan formed against
en,ai v. n,ai - Thing.                                another, plot, scheme by treachery.
ensasi: vb. To be like gall, bitter;               epigrav/: (Gk); f. Inscription, title of a
   ---: m. Bitterness, gall;                          work, name, ascription of a deed.
   erensasi: vb. To be bitter.                     epide v. epid/ - After.
ensot v. nsot - To be strong.                      epid/, epeid/, epide: (Gk); conj. After,
enhot (Q) v. nah] - Faithful.                         that, since, when; whereas.
enhour v. nhour - To tremble.                      epiyumia, yumia: (Gk); f. Desire, year-
exagin, -goin: (Gk); m. Weight measure.               ning, sextual desire, lust, longing after;
exagoin v. exagin - Weight measure.                   souerepiyumia: adj. Delicious
exapina: (Gk); adv. Sudden.                           desirable;
exdraou, exraou: (Gk); f. Hall, parlor,               erepiyumin: vb. To desire, yearn, lust.
   belvedere, saloon, bench.                       epikalicye: (Gk); (w/ er-) vb. To sum-
execti: (Gk); (w/ er-) vb. To be allowed,             mon, invoke, pray for, invite, call in,
   be possible;                                       appeal to, challenge.
   ---: m. Thing possible, allowed;                epik/c: (Gk?); adj. Humble, meek.
   oukexecti: n. Unlawful, prohibited.             epickopoc: (Gk); m. Bishop, overseer,
exodoc: (Gk); n. The Biblical Book of                 guardian, supervisor, inspector.
   Exodus.                                         epict/m/: (Gk); f. Understanding, skill,
exoricmenoc: (Gk); adj. Banished.                     knowledge, science.
exoucia, -ac: (Gk); f. Power, authority,           epictol/: (Gk); f. Message, order, com-
   freedom, license.                                  mision; letter, epistle.
exouciac v. exoucia - Power.                       epitima: (Gk); f. Rebuke, censure, cri-
exraou v. exdraou - Hall.                             ticism, castigation.
exwriazein: (Gk); (w/ er-) vb. To leave            epitropoc: (Gk); m. Steward, trustee,
   out of thought, neglect;                           administrator, viceroy, executor, guar-
   exwrictia: m. Neglect.                             dian, protector.
epivaneia, -ioc: (Gk); n. Appearance,       erexetazin: (Gk); To examin, approve,
   manifestation, advent, Epiphany (the        prove by scrutiny.
   feast of the Lord's Baptism.)            erepiyumin v. epiyumia - To desire.
epivanioc v. epivaneia - Epiphany.          eretin: (Gk); vb. To ask, plead, beg, be-
eprwsi v. rwsi - Sufficiently.                 seech.
epouei v. ouei - To a distance.             eretikoc v. heretikoc - Heretic.
epouranion v. epouranioc - Heavenly.        er/t, r/t: (58a); vt. To vow, promise,
epouranioc, -on: (Gk); adj. Heavenly.          devote;
epwmic: (Gk); f. Part of the woman tunic       ---: m. Vow. promise.
   that was fastened on the shoulder by     er/ou: (59a); mf. mostly with possessive
   brooches, shoulder-strap; i.e. dress,       prfx. and agreeing in gender and mostly
   garment.                                    in number with the subject of the clause;
epsemmo v. semmo - Abroad.                     fellow, companion; hence an expression
epsi v. wbs - Sleep.                           of reciprocity--each other, together,
epj/ v. j/ - In vain.                          mutually ... etc.
er- v. iri - To do.                         eryewrin v. yewria - To see.
eragapan v. agap/ - To love.                erkay/kin v. kat/,oumen/ - To in-
eragwn/zecye v. agwn - To struggle.            struct.
                                            erkat/,in v. kat/,oumen/ - To in-
eragwnizecye v. agwn - To struggle.
erayetin v. ayetin - To disregard.
                                            erkat/,oin v. kat/,oumen/ - To in-
erane,ecye: (Gk); vb. To bear, withstand.
eranomin v. anomia - To transgress.         erkauma v. kauma - To burn.
erapantan v. apantan - To meet.             erkahc v. kwh - To become custom.
eratnai v. nai - To be pitiless.            erkeleuin v. keleuin - To urge.
eratnah] v. nah] - To be unbelieving.       erkerma v. kerma - To spend.
eratnou] v. nou] - To be godless.           erkermi v. kermi - To become ashes.
erbi v. wrf - Enclosure.                    erkinduneuin v. kindinoc - To venture.
erbin: (58a); m. Papyrus.                   erkl/ronomin v. kl/ronomia - To in-
erbici: (58a); m. Hemp.                        herit.
erbit: (58a); m. Camel's saddle or pack.    erkolazin v. kolazin - To punish.
erbwc: (58a); m. Rope of a single ply.      erkocmein v. kocmoc - To decorate.
ergacia: (Gk); f. Work, business, produc-   erkocmin v. kocmoc - To decorate.
   tive labor, trade, function.             erkour v. kour - To become deaf.
ergact/rion: (Gk); m. Any place in which    erkouji v. kouji - To be few.
   work is done, workshop, factory.         erkw] v. kw] - To circumvent.
ergat/c: (Gk); m. Workman, hermes, esp.
                                            erlampac v. lampac - To illuminate.
   one who works the soil, husbandman,
                                            erlaji v. (2)laji - To importune.
   doer, producer.
ere- v. e- - vbal prfx. circumstantial.     erlitaneuin v. litania - To accept.
ereno,lin: (Gk); vb. To trouble, annoy,     ermagin v. magia - To charm.
   worry about.                             ermakarizin v. makarioc - To bless.
erensasi v. ensasi - To be bitter.
erman: (703a); m. Pomegranate (tree or      ernasth/t v. nsot - To be hard
   fruit).                                     hearted.
ermarturoc v. marturia - To be              ernas] v. nsot - To be protector.
   martyred.                                ernei v. nei - To make time.
ermactiggoc v. mactiggoc - To whip.         erneste v. neste - To become hard.
ermatoi v. matoi - To become soldier.       ern/b v. n/b - To be lord.
ermeyna/t v. nai - To have pity.            ern/cteuin v. n/ctia - To fast.
ermeyre v. meyre - To testify.              ern/vin: (Gk); vb. To be sober, be self-
ermei v. mei - to be lover of.                 controlled, recover oneself.
ermeletan v. melet/ - To meditate.          ernis] v. nis] - To be great.
ermelitan v. melet/ - To meditate.          ernobi v. nobi - To sin
ermeletin v. melet/ - To meditate.          ernoin v. no/ma - To perceive.
ermelin v. mel/ma - To care.                ernou] v. nou] - To be god.
ermelicye v. melicye - To dismember.        ernofri v. nofer - To be profitable.
ermeneut/c v. erm/nia - Interpreter.        ernumvin = ern/vin - To be sober.
ermec v. mici -To bring forth.              ernwik v. nwik - To commit adultery.
ermetanin v. metanoia - To repent.          ero= v. e- - To, against.
ermetanoin v. metanoia - To repent.         eroum/s v. m/s - To be a crowd.
ermesswt v. messwt - To be like a           erounai v. nai - To do kindness.
   plain.                                   erouot, rwout=, rwout (Q): (490a);
erm/ v. (1)m/ - To evacuate dung.              vi. To be glad, eager, ready; Qual. glad,
erm/ v. rimi - Tear.                           fresh, flourishing;
erm/ini v. m/ini - To be marked.               ---: m. Gladness, abundance, zeal;
erm/neuin v. erm/nia - Translator.             qen ouerouot: adv. Gladly, eager-
erm/nia: (Gk); f. Interpretation, expla-       ly;
   nation, translation;                        ]erouot: vb. To give gladness, glad-
   erm/neuin: n. Translator, interpreter;      den, incite.
   ermeneut/c: n. Interpreter.              erparabenin v. parabacic - To trans-
erm/c: (Gk); m. The planet 'Mercury'.          gress.
erm/tarion, ermetarion: (Gk); m. A          erparalalize v. paralal/ - To
   tool or gadget used in torture.             mock.
ermkah v. mkah - To be grieved.             erparanomoc v. nomoc - To break the
ermkah nh/t v. mkah - To be grieved.           law.
                                            erparanomin v. nomoc - To break the
ermlaq v. mlaq - To fight.
ermort v. mort - To grow beard.
                                            erparr/ciazecye v. parr/cia - To dec-
ermpsa v. mpsa - To deserve.
ermton v. mton - To be at rest.             erpeynane v. nane- - To do good.
ermwn: (Gk); n. Mount Hermon in Leba-       erpilazin v. placma - To form.
   non.                                     erpinai v. nai - To do kindness.
ermwoui v. rimi - Tears.
                                            erpirazin v. peiracmoc - To tempt.
ermwou v. mwou - To liquify.
                                            erpicteue v. pictic - To believe.
erna/t v. nai - To be pitiful.
erpicteuin v. pictic - To believe.             ertob, ertop, ertwb: (305a); m.
erpicteuomen v. pictic - To believe.              Measure of grain ... etc.
erplanin v. plan/ - To go astray.              ertop v. ertob - Measure of grain.
erpmsis v. msis - To requit.                   ertw: (305b); f. Span, lit. great hand.
erpoliteuecye v. polemoc - To fight.           ertwb v. ertob - Measure of grain.
erpoleuin v. polemoc - To fight.               ervei, pl. erv/oui and sg as pl.: (298b);
erporneuin v. porneia - To fornicate.             m. temple, sanctuary.
erprepei v. prepi - To be fitting.             ervma v. ma - To succeed.
erprepi v. prepi - To be fitting.              ervmeui v. meui - To remember.
erprepin v. prepi - To be fitting.             ervorin v. vorin - To wear.
erprecbeuin v. precbia - To intercess.         er,arizecye v. ,arizecye - To
erprokoptein v. prokopt/ - To prosper.            grant.
erprokoptin v. prokopt/ - To prosper.          er,eretizin v. ,eretizin - To greet.
erproceu,ecye v. proceu,/ - To pray.           er,ria v. ,ria - To need.
erprocverin v. procvora - To present           er,racye v. ,racye - To employ.
   an offering.                                er'alin v. 'alin - To sing praises
erprov/teuin v. prov/teia - To pro-            erw]: (58b); m. (often),f. Milk;
   phesy.                                         ]erw]: vb. To give milk, suckle;
erracoui v. racoui - To dream                     [ierw]: vb. To get milk, suck;
erremraus v. raus - To become                     ouemerw]: vb. To feed on milk.
Gentle.                                        ers/t v. ars/t - To multiply.
erremhe v. remhe - To become free.             ersis: (59b); m. Chick-pea.
errefmisi v. misi - To be hostile.             ersisi: (59b); vt & vi. (rare) To have
errefmwout v. mou - To become dead.               power, authority;
errefnau v. nau - To become spectator.            ---: m. Power, authority;
errompi v. rompi - To reach year of age.          qaersisi: under authority;
errwmi v. rwmi - To become man.                   [iersisi: vb. To receive authority;
ercebecye v. ceb/c - To worship.                  ]ersisi: vb. To give authority.
ercalpizin: v. calpigx- To blow the            ersrwic v. rwic - To keep vigil.
   trumpet.                                    erswn: (310a); m. Cloak, covering.
erceb/cye v. ceb/c - To worship.               erf- v. wrf - To be apart.
erckandalizecye v. ckandaloc - To              erqot v. rwqt - Wound.
   cause to stumble.                           erqwt v. rwqt - Wounds.
erckandalizin v. ckandaloc - To                erj: (59b); mf. Small bird, chicken;
   cause to stumble.                              erjw: f. larger bird, chicken.
erckepazin: (Gk); vb. To cover, shelter,       erjw v. erj - Chicken.
   protect.                                    er[aumwit v. mwit - To be leader.
ercun,wrin: (Gk); vb. To forgive.              er[imwou v. mwou - Urine.
ercw, pl. ercwou: (302a); f. Told for cattle   ec/t: (60a); m. Bottom, lowest part;
   or sheep.                                      epec/t: adv. To the ground, down-
ercwou v. ercw - Tolds.                           ward;
                                                  capec/t: (on) lower side, below;
   hipec/t: On, to the ground.                  eukairia, eukeria: (Gk); f. Good season,
ecyanecye: (Gk); (w/ er-) vb. To feel,             opportunity, leisure, convenient situation,
    sense.                                         wealth, prosperity.
ecie: (710a); m. Drowned (lit. praised per-     eukairoc, eukeroc: (Gk); adj. Well-timed,
    son); (w/ preceding vb.) To be drowned,        seasonable, convenient (place), rich,
    shipwrecked;                                   wealthy.
    metecie: f. Drowning.                       eukeria v. eukairia - Wealth.
ecken v. cken - Beside.                         eukeroc v. eukairoc - Wealthy.
ecki v. wck - Delay.                            eoul v. eioul - Hart.
ecwou: (61a); m. (mostly as pl.) Sheep;         eulabwc: (Gk); adv. Discretion, caution,
    manecwou: m. Shepherd.                         reverence, piety.
et-, ey-, ete-: (61a); relative prfx. 'Who,     eulog/toc: (Gk); adj. Blessed.
    which is'.                                  eulogia: (Gk); f. Act of blessing, gift,
etesi v. (1)et/si - Crane.                         good or fine language, the blessed bread
et/ma v. ait/ma - Request.                         distributed among the people after
(1)et/si: (61b); f. Rust, mildew.                  communion;
(2)et/si, etesi: (61b); m. Crane.                  eulogicon: adj. Blessed.
eti: (Gk); conj. After, after which, and;       eulogicon v. eulogia - Blessed.
    during, as.                                 euni: (62b); f. Nether millstone, mill.
etia: (Gk); f. Blame, charge, fault             euxenoc: (Gk); m. Kind to strangers,
etioc: (Gk); m. Guilty, culprit.                   hospitable, guest-chamber, in.
etvw v. wbt - Burden.                           euc,/mwn: (Gk); adj. Elegent in figure,
etvwoui v. wbt - Burdens.                          graceful, decent.
                                                euv/mia: (Gk); f. Use of words of good
euaggelia: (Gk); f. Good tidings, the
                                                   omen, auspiciousness, praise panegyric.
                                                euvrat/c: (heb); n. The river Euphrates.
euaggelikoc, -on: (Gk); m. According to
                                                eu,arictia: (Gk); f. Thankfulness, grati-
    the Gospel;
    oubioc euaggelikoc: n. A Gospel-               tude, giving of thanks, Eucharist.
                                                eu,/: (Gk); f. Prayer, vow, wish, aspira-
    like life.
euaggelion: (Gk); m. Good tidings, good            tion;
                                                   proceu,/: f. Prayer;
    news, the Gospel.
euaggelicmoc: (Gk); m. Feast of the                ]eu,/ nkuriak/: The Lord's prayer.
    Annunciation, preaching the Gospel, the     eu,r/ctia: (Gk); f. Ready-use, utility,
    preaching of Good tidings                      serviceableness, service rendered, credit.
euaggelict/c: (Gk); m. Bringer of good          evl/ou, vl/ou: (63a); n. sg. and pl.
    tidings, evangelist, preacher of the Gos-      Vanity, emptiness; adj. vain, empty; adj.
    pel.                                           vainly, in vain;
eugen/c: n. Well born, mark of nobility,           metevl/ou: f. Vanity, emptiness;
    noble minded, generous, noble.                 erevl/ou: vb. To acts vainly, be vain,
eudoxazin: (Gk); (w/ er-) vb. To be                be empty.
    honored, glorified.                         evrai v. mbrai - Seed.
euyenia: (Gk); f. Prosperity, plenty, abun-     evvaya: (Heb); vi. To open, be open.
evwt, avwt: (63a); m or f.. A type of       ehyori v. hyo - Mare.
   crocodile.                               ehywr v. hyo - Horses.
e,malwcia v. e,malwtoc - Cap-               ehi v. hi - On.
   tivity.                                  ehko v. hko - To be hungry.
e,malwtoc, ai,malwtoc: (Gk); f.             ehli v. hli - Anything.
   Taken by the spear, captive, prisoner;   ehlol v. hlol - Darkness.
   e,malwcia: f. Captivity, body of         ehmot v. hmot - Grace.
   captives.                                ehna= v. ehne- - Desire.
e,wmen: (Gk); vb. To have, hold, keep,      ehne-, ehna=: (690a); n. Will, desire.
   have control of.                         ehoou: (730a); m. Day;
ew, iw, ia-, pl. eeu, eheu & g as pl.:
                                               mpiehoou: On, in the day, by day;
   (75b); mf. Ass, donkey;
   ia ntoou: n. Desert, wild ass;              qajen piehoou: Before now;
   ew nchimi: n. She-ass.                      qen piehoou: In day;
ewn: (Gk); m. Eon, age                         erpiehoou: vb. To spend day;
ewnion: (Gk); adj. Lasting, eternal.           voou: The day, today;
es- v. isi - To hang.                              mvoou: Today.
es- v. ws - To read.                           voou mpiehoou: This day.
esau v. esw - Swines.                       ehra= v. ho - Toward face of.
esl/loui v. l/loui - To shout aloud.        ehren- v. ho - Toward face of.
eso, so: (63b); m. Bran.                    ehr/i v. hr/i - Upward.
eso] v. swt - Merchants.                    ehr/ri v. hr/ri - Flower.
este v. sto - To lay down.                  ehr/si v. (1)hros - Weight.
esou, e[ou: (65a); f. Tongs, pincers.       ehros v. (1)hros - To be heavy.
esw, esau, pl. esau: (63a); f. Sow,         ehrw v. hrw - Oven.
                                            ehrwt v. hrwt - Wine-press.
eswp v. swpi - When.                        eht/= v. h/t - Heart.
eswt v. swt - Merchant.                     ehwou v. ehe - Oxen.
ef- v. wfi - To press.                      ejen- v. jw= - Upon.
efracou: (64a); m. A plant -- abrotonum,    ej/ou v. joi - Ships.
   artemisia.                               ejloj v. (2)[loj - Gourd.
efji v. biji - Wrinkle.                     ejou v. (1)ajw - Viper.
eqr/i v. qr/i - Downward.                   ejw v. (1)ajw - Viper.
eqoun v. qoun - Inward.                     ejw= v. jw= - Upon.
ehb/oui v. hwb - Matters.                   ejwrh v. jwrh - Night.
ehbwc v. hwbc - Garments.                   e[loj v. (2)[loj - Gourd.
ehe, pl. eheu, ehwou, eheou: (64a); f.      e[ou v. esou - Pincers.
   Ox, cow.
6: A Greek symbol used to denote the
  numeral '6'. It is pronounced coou.
z: (65a); Sixth letter of the Coptic         z/loc: (Gk); adj. Jealousy, eager rivalry,
   Alphabet;                                    emulation, fervor, zeal.
   z: the numeral '7'.                       z/lwt/c: (Gk); m. Emulator, zealous
zabilon: (Gk?); m. meaning unknown.             admirer or follower, lealous, zealot.
zabiloc: (Gk); n. The arabic month           zizuvon: (Gk); m. Jujube, a tree that bears
   'shawal'.                                    the jujube (zizyphus vulgaris).
zaz: (65b); n. Asphodel.                     zwgravoc: (Gk); m. One who paints from
zakroulli: (Gk); m. Curled at the tip.          life of from nature.
za,ri: (Gk?); Sugar.                         zwmoc: (Gk); m. Soup or sauce to eat with
zenzen: (65b); m. Lizard, chameleon.            meat, fish ...etc.; broth.
zent/cic: (Gk?); n. Fight, debate.           zwn/: (Gk); f. Belt, girdle.
zeuc, zeu, dioc, dia: (Gk); n. Zeus          zwon: (Gk); m. Living being, animal;
   (Roman deity); the planet Jupiter.           zwon s/m: Small animal.
/: (66a); Seventh letter of Coptic Alphabet;         /p v. wp - Belonging to.
    /: The numeral '8'.                              /pi v. wp - Number.
(1)/i, pl. /ou and sg as pl.: (66a); m. House;       /pc: (14b); f. Number.
    household, family;                               /ri: (66b); m. A kind of birds (samman).
    mecqen/i: n. Born in the house;                  /rp, sg as pl.: (66b); m. Wine;
    remn/i, remqen/i: mf. Member of the                 cau /rp: Wine drinker;
    household, domestic, kinsman; monastic              er/rp: vb. To become wine.
    superintendent, warden;                          /toc: (Gk); m. Silver money.
        metremqen/i: f. Kinship.                     /ou v. /i - Houses
(2)/i: (66b); m. Pair, couple.                       /ji: (97b); m. Leek.
/lioc: (Gk); m. Sun.
/mac: (Gk); pers. pron., 1st pers. pl. 'we'.
y: (68a); eighth letter of the Coptic            yebie v. yebio - Humble person.
   Alphabet;                                     yebie- v. yebio - To be humble.
   y: The numeral '9'.                           yebi/out (Q) v. yebio - Humble.
ya v. pa - That which belongs to                 yebio, yebie, yebio=, yebi/out (Q):
yai v. vai - This one.                              (457b); vt. To humiliate; vi. To be
yal: (408a); m. Heap, hillock, hill.                humble, be humbled;
yalacca: (Gk); f. Sea.                              --- ebol: vb. To humiliate;
yalihi: (68b); m. A fruit tree.                     ---: m. Humility.
yamie- v. yamio - To create.                        yebie: m. Humble person;
yami/out (Q) v. yamio - Created.                    jinyebio: m. Humiliation.
yamio, yamie-, yamio=, yami/out                  yebio= v. yebio - To be humble.
   (Q): (413a); vb. To make, create;             yebc v. yibc - Heel.
   ---: m. Thing made, creation;                 yekem- v. ywkem - To pluck.
   refyamio: m. Creator, maker;                  yel/l: (410a); vi. To rejoice;
        metrefyamie-: f. Act of making;             --- ejen-: vb. To rejoice at;
   jinyamio: m. Making, creation.                   ---: n. Joy.
yamio- v. yamio - To create.                     yem- v. ywm - To shut.
yamio= v. yamio - To create.                     yema: (Gk); m. That which is placed or laid
yanno: (69a); vt. To accomplish, perform.           down, hence 'necklace'.
yapen: (423a); n. Cumin.                         yemmo v. tqmo - To warm.
yarmi: (69a); f. Leathern shield, cuirass.       yemc- v. ywmc - To bury.
yas- v. yws - To determine.                      yeni v. y/ni - To grow.
yas= v. yws - To determine.                      yeo v. yeoc - God.
yaf, y/f: (453a); m. Spittle.                    yeodokoc v. yeoc - Mother of God.
yaf=: (69b); meaning unknown.                    yeologia v. yeoc - Theology.
yaq= v. ywq - To mix.                            yeologoc v. yeoc - Theologian.
yaqi v. yiqi - To be drunk.                      yeoprepoc v. yeoc - Divine majesty.
yahem- v. ywhem - To invite.                     yeorimoc v. yewria - Seer of God.
yahem (Q) v. ywhem - Invited.                    yeoc, yeou, yew, yeo: (Gk); m. God;
yahm v. ywhem - To invite.                          cunyeoc, -ou: With God's help or
yahc- v. ywhc - To anoint.                          blessing, as God helps;
yahc= v. ywhc - To anoint.                          yeotokoc, -dokoc: f. Mother of God;
yahc (Q) v. ywhc - To be anointed.                  yeologia: f. Theology;
yba: (399a); m. Ten thousand.                       yelogoc: m. Theologian;
ybai v. youai - Lintel.                             yeoprepoc: m. Divine majesty;
ybal = yb/l - Fold for sheep.                       yeoceb/c: m. God-fearing person,
yb/l: (400b); m. Fold for sheep.                    religious;
yeatron: (Gk); m. Theater, Amphitheater;            yeoviloc, -vile: m. Dear to the
   yeatrikoc: adj. Theatrical.                      gods, God-loving;
                                                    viloyeoc: m. God-loving, pious
yebi v. taibi - Coffin.
yeoceb/c v. yeoc - Religious.              y/ou, you- (439b); m. Wind, breath;
yeotokoc v. yeoc - Mother of God.             hipy/ou: vb. To gasp, expire;
yeoviloc v. yeoc - God-loving.                ceky/ou: vb. To draw breath;
yeou v. yeoc - God.                           nespy/ou: f. Fan;
yerilon: (Gk?); m. Crescent.                  ,ay/ou: m. Window;
yermoc: (Gk); m. Lupine, lupinus albus.       caray/ou: f. Wind.
yerp- v. ywrp - To sew.                    y/s (Q) v. yws - To be determined.
yers, y/rs: (69a); m. Linseed.             y/f v. yaf - Spittle.
yerso, yerso=: (461a); vi. To make         yibc, yebc: (401a); m. Heel;
   heavy, terrify.                            [iyibc: vb. To take by heel, to trip up;
yerso= v. yerso - To terrify.                 metyibc: f. Among courier's tools.
yec, yecic: (Gk); m. Sense, feeling;       yik v. (2)ywk - To spark
   pie nyecic: The five senses.            yinoporon: (Gk); m. Autumn.
yet- v. ywt - To be joined.                yiou/out = ouw - To cease.
yewria: (Gk); f. Viewing, beholding;       yifi: (69b); m. Swelling, tumor.
   eryewrin: vb. To see, watch, contem-    yiqi, yaqi (Q): (456b); vi. To become, be
   plate, witness;                             drunk;
   yewrimoc, yeorimoc: m. The seer of          --- n-: vb. To be drunk with;
   God.                                        ---: m. Drunkness;
yewrimoc v. yewria - Seer of God.              refyiqi: m. Drunkard;
yes- v. yws - To determine.                    jinstemyiqi: m. State of not being
yese v. yws - Neighbor.                        drunken.
yeseu v. yws - Neighbors.                  yl/: (410a); vi. To drip, let drop.
yes/ v. yws - Neighbor.                    yl/li = yl/ - To drip.
yeq- v. ywq - To mix.                      yli'ic: (Gk); f. Pressure, crushing,
yeq v. ywq - To mix.                           oppression, affliction.
yeqywq= v. yoqteq - To confuse.            ylom, pl. ylwm: (411a); m. Furrow,
yeqywq v. yoqteq - to confuse.                 shallow trench.
y/ v. v/ - That one.                       ylwm v. ylom - Furrows.
y/bi v. taibi - Coffin.                    ymaie- v. ymaio - To justify.
y/m (Q), t/m (Q): (413a); vb qual. To be   ymai/out (Q) v. ymaio - To justify.
   sharp.                                  ymaio, maio, mai, ymaie-, ymaio=,
y/m (Q) v. ywm - To be shut.                   maio=, ymai/out (Q): (415b); vt. To
y/n: (69a); m. Sulfur.                         justify, praise; vi. to be justified;
y/ni, yeni: (69a); vi. To sprout, grow.        ---: m. Justification.
y/ra: (Gk); f. Hunting (of wild beasts),   ymaio= v. ymaio - To justify.
   chase, eager pursuit, prey, catch.      ymecie- v. mici - To deliver (birth).
y/rion: (Gk); n. Wild animals;             ymecio v. mici - To deliver (birth).
   niy/rion nagrion: Wild animals.         ym/: (415b); f. Mat (of reeds).
y/rs v. yers - Linseed.                    y/mi v. m/i - Righteous.
y/cauroc: (Gk); m. Store, treasure.        ymic: (68b); pl. Dust.
y/t (Q) v. ywt - To be joined.             (1)yo:(19a); m. Multitude;
   nyo: Many, various.                          yrapc v. ywrp - To sew.
(2)yo: (396a); m. Land, earth.                  yre, pl. yreu: (429b); mf. Kite.
yo nr/] v. r/] - Many sorts.                    yre- v. yro - To cause to do.
yobteb v. tabteb - To invest.                   yre= v. yro - To cause to do.
yoi: (396b); fm. Spot.                          yreu v. yre - Kite.
yok, ywk: (403a); m. Knife, razor.              yresrws (Q) v. ywrs - To be red.
yok v. (1)ywk - Mast.                           yr/b: (410a); m. Blow with foot, kick.
yokem (Q) v. ywkem - To pluck.                  yrim: (69a); m. Quick silver.
yokc= v. youx - To pierce.                      yrir: (413b); f. Oven.
yokc (Q) v. youx - To be pierced.               yro, yre-, yre=: (430a); vi. To cause to
yoktek v. jokjek - To braid.                       do.
yolb= v. ywleb - To defile.                     yronicmoc: (Gk); m. Enthronment.
yoleb (Q) v. ywleb - To defile.                 yronoc: (Gk); m. Seat, chair, throne, chair
yolm= v. ywleb - To defile.                        of state.
yolc (Q) v. ywlc - To be fixed.                 yros: (69a); vi. To stare in astonishment.
yom: (412b); m. Mat (of reeds).                 yresres v. ywrs - To be red.
yom= v. ywm - To shut.                          you- v. y/ou - Wind.
yomc v. ywmc - To bury.                         youai, ybai: (443b); mf. Door-post,
yomc= v. ywmc - To bury.                           lintel.
yomc (Q) v. ywmc - To be burried.               youelo, toulo: (69b); vb. caus. To
yomtem, tomtem, temywm (Q):                       overflow, submerge.
   (417a); vi. To be heavy, oppressed.          youet- v. ywou] - To gather.
yomtem v. tomtem - To darken.                   you/t (Q) v. ywou] - To be gathered.
yonten, tenywn-, tenywn=, ten-                  youyou: (69b); vi. To have the skin disease
   ywnt (Q), tenywn (Q): (420a); vt. To           'Lentigo'.
   be like, liken to; estimate, speculate;      youme: (68b); n. The zodiac sign 'Virgo'.
   throw;                                       yumoc: (Gk); m. Anger, wrath.
   ---: m. Likeness, oracle;                    yuniporic monac: (Gk?); n. A month of
   refyonten: m. Guesser, diviner.                the Arabic calendar 'Rabih al-Awal'.
yotc (Q) v. youx - To be pierced.               yuniporic dioc: (Gk); n. A month of the
yos v. yws - Border.                              Arabic calendar ' Rabih al-Thani'.
yoftef: (69b); vi. To let fall (drop by drop,   youkc v. youx - To pierce.
   rain), drizzle.                              youx, twtc, youkc, tekc-, yokc=,
yoqteq, yeqywq=, yeqywq (Q):                      tokc (Q), yokc (Q), totc (Q), yotc
   (462a); vt. To mix, confuse;                   (Q): (406b); vi. To pierce, bite, be
   ---: m. Mixture, confusion;                    pierced, be studded with nails; vt. to
   metyoqteq: f. Intercourse, society.            pierce, goad;
yoh: (69b); vi. To become bad.                    --- e-: vi. To be driven, smitten into, be
yoh v. ywq - To mix.                              firm; vt. to drive in, point;
yoh v. toh - Chaff.                               --- n-: vb. To inlaid with;
yoh v. tho - To be bad.                           --- qen-: vb. To pierce with;
yran: (69a); m. Tin.                              ---: m. Piercing, pricking, admonition.
youo] v. (2)ywout - Idol.                     ywleb, yolm=, yolb=, yoleb (Q):
youraji: (69a); m. Part of a monastic           (410b); vi. To be defiled, be smirched; vt.
    costume.                                    to defile, pollute;
youc: (69b); m. Point of beard.                 ---: m. Stain, pollution;
yucia: (Gk); f. Burnt-offering, sacrifice.      atywleb: adj. Stainless, unpolluted.
yuciact/rion: (Gk); m. Altar.                 ywlc, yolc (Q): (411a); vi. To be fixed,
youw=: (444b); n. Bosom;                        sunk;
    qayouen-, qayouw=: prep. Be-                --- e-: vb. To be fixed in.
    side, at, with;                           ywm, yem-, yom=, y/m (Q), p.c. yam-
    hiyouw=: prep. Beside, next.                : (412b); vb. To shut mouth, door, or
youwt, f. youo]: (447a); m. Idol, pillar,       eyes;
    shrine.                                     --- h/t: vb. To shut the heart;
youwt= v. ywou] - To gather.                         ---: m. Shutting, hardening of heart;
yw= v. vw= - Belongs to (f).                    ---: m. That which shuts, fence, barrier.
                                              ywmc, yomc, yemc-, yomc=, yomc
ywbi: (68a); n. meaning unkown.
                                                (Q): (416a); vt. To bury;
ywbs, ywsp: (68a); vi. To be astonished,
                                                ma nywmc: m. A burial place.
    stare with astonishment;
                                              ywn: (417b); interrog. adv. Where?,
    --- ebol: vb. Same as ywbs;
                                                whence?, how?;
    ---: m. Influence (astrological).
                                                eywn: Whither?;
ywk v. yok - Knife.
                                                nywn: Where?;
(1)ywk, yok: (69b); m. Mast of ship.
                                                ebol ywn: Whence?;
(2)ywk, toji: (404a); (a) vi. To kindle
                                                vaywn: One from whence?
    (fire), stoke, heat (oven);
    --- ejw=: vi. To kindle fire at, above;   ywri: (424b); n . Willow.
    --- qa-: vi. To kindle below;             ywrp, yerp: (431a); vi. To sew, stich;
    vt. To stoke, heat;                         atywrp: adj. Unsewn;
         ---: m. Fuel;                          ma nywrp: m. Darning needle;
         ma nywk: m. Stoke-hole (of             refywrp: m. Sewer, tailor;
    bath);                                      yrapc, trapc: f. Awl, spike.
         refywk: m. Stocker;                  ywrs, tors (Q): (432a); vi. To be red,
    (b) vt. and vi. To bake;                    make blush;
         ma nywk: m. Bakery;                    yrosres, yresrws (Q): vi. Same
         yik: m. Spark.                         as above.
ywkem, yekem-, yokem (Q): (406a); vi.                ---: m. Redness.
    To pluck, draw, drag;                     ywt, yet-, tat-, y/t (Q), p.c. yat-:
    --- nca-: vb. To pluck at;                  (437b); vi. To be joined, persuaded,
    --- ebol qen-: vb. To draw forth,           agreeable;
    root out, from;                             --- ejen-: vb. To agree upon;
    --- ebol: vb. To draw forth.                --- nem-: vb. To agree with;
ywkc = youx - To pierce.                        vt. To conjoin, mingle;
                                                ---: m. Agreement, mingling;
                                                --- h/t: vb. To content heart,
                                                persuade, satisfy;
  --- nh/t: vb. To consent, agree;                  ]yws: vb. To give orders, take de-
  metyat-: f. Confirmation;                        cision, provide;
  atywt nh/t: adj. Unconvinced,                    refyws: m. Commander, draftsman;
  disagreeing;                                     jinyws: m. Order, disposition;
  jinywt nh/t: m. greement, union.                 yos, yws: m. Border, limit; nome;
ywoui: (443b); m. Shoe, pair of shoes;             province, district, suburb; bishopric;
  atywoui: adj. Shoeless.                               eryws: vb. To be limit, adjacent;
ywout: (462a); n. Name of the first month               ]yos: vb. To adjoin, set bounds;
  of the Coptic Year 'Tut'.                             [iyos: vb. To adjoin;
ywoutc v. ywou] - Assembly.                        yese, yes/, pl. yeseu: mf. Borderer,
ywou], youet-, youwt=, you/t (Q):                  neighbor, that which adjoins.
  (447b); vi. To be gathered, collected; vt.     ywsp v. ywbs - To be astonished.
  gather. collect;                               ywq, yoh, yeq-, yaq=, yeh (Q):
  --- e-: vb. Tto gather to, for;                  (453b); vi. To be mixed, disturbed,
  --- ejen-: vb. To gather upon;                   clouded; vt. to mix, stir;
  --- nem-: vb. To forgather with;                 --- e-: vb. To mix with;
  --- qen-: vb. To gather in;                      --- nem-: vb. To mix with;
  --- ha-: vb. To gather to;                       --- qen-: vb. To mix with (agent);
  --- hi-: vb. To gather at;                       ---: m. Mixture, disturbance;
  --- eqoun: vb. To gather in, collect             atywq: adj. Unmixed, not confused.
  together;                                      ywhem, yahem-, yahm=, yahem (Q):
  ---: m. Gathering, congregation;                 (458b); vi. To knock (on door), summon,
  ma nywou]: m. Place of meeting;                  invite; vt. to summon;
  jinywou]: m. Assemblage;                         --- e-: vb. To summon;
  ywoutc: f. Collection, assembly.                 --- ehr/i: vb. To call up;
yws, yes-, yas-, yas=, y/s (Q):                    ---: m. Calling, convocation;
  (449b); vi. To be boundry, be fixed, be          refywhem: m. Summoner, inviter;
  moderate; vt. to limit, determine, ap-           jinywhem: m. Act of calling.
  point;                                         ywhc, yahc-, yahc=, yahc (Q):
  --- e-: vi. To decide for, ordain to; (Q)        (461b); vt. To anoint;
  to be destined to, about to; vt. to              --- e-: vb. To pour, smear;
  appoint, destine to;                             --- n-: vb. To anoint with;
  --- ejen-: vi. To be appointed over, for;        --- qen-: vb. To anoint with;
  vt. to ordain for, set over;                     ---: m. Anointing;
  --- nem-: vb. To appoint, decide with;           refywhc: m. Anointer;
  ---: m. Ordinance, destiny, affair, fashion;     jinywhc: m. Annointer.
  atyws: adj. Unlimited, immoderate;             yw]: (439b); f. Border, fringe of garment.
  eryws: vb. To set in order, prepare;           yqmo- v. tqmo - To warm.
                                                 yqmo= v. tqmo - To warm.
i: (70a); The ninth letter of the Coptic                   --- ejen-: vb. To come upon, come
    Alphabet;                                         up upon, reach;
    i: The numeral '10', m/t, m/].                    --- hivahou: vb. To come after, go
i, n/ou (Q): (70a); vi. To come, go, be               back;
    about to;                                         jini: m. Coming;
    --- e-: vb. To come to;                                --- ebol: m. Coming forth.
    --- etoot=: vb. To come into the hands        ia: (73a); m. Valley, ravine.
    of;                                           ia- v. ew - Ass.
    --- ehren-: vb. To come against, meet;        ia= v. iwi - To wash.
    --- ejen-: vb. To come upon, arrive at,       iabi: (76b); f. Discharge (from wounds or
    be applicable;                                    sores), pus; sickness, malady.
    --- n-: vb. To come to (of persons);          ial: (76b); f. Mirror.
    --- nca-: vb. To come after, fetch;           iaro v. ior - River.
    --- nahren-: vb. To come before, into         iarwou v. ior - Rivers.
    the presence of;                              iat= v. ier- - Eye.
    --- oube: vb. To come against;                iau: (88a); m. Linen.
    --- sa-: vb. To come to, approach;            iah- v. (1)iohi - Field.
    --- qaten-: vb. To come up to, near           ibi, obi (Q): (76a); vi. To thirst (w/o
    to;                                               object);
    --- ha-: vb. To come to, approach;                ---: m. Thirst.
    --- hijen-: vb. To come up to; come           idwlon: (Gk); m. Phantom, image, image
    upon;                                             of a god, idol.
    --- ebol: vb. To come forth, go forth;        ie: (74a); part. Then (in conditional clauses);
    be displayed;                                     unless, without;
         ---: m. Coming forth;                        ---: interj. Well then, surely (to
    --- ebol e-: vb. To come forth to                 strenghthen next word);
    (places, things);                                 ---: conj. Or whether ... or.
    --- ebol qen-: vb. To come forth              ieb, i/b: (76a); m. Hoof, claw, nail.
    from;                                         ieb v. iop/ - Craft.
    --- ebol hiten-: vb. To come                  ieb- v. iop/ - Craft.
    through, come forth from, quit.               iebt: (76b); m. The east;
    --- ey/: vb. To come forward, progress;           capeiebt: On the east side.
    --- epec/t: vb. To come down;                 iebswt v. iop/ - Merchandize
         ---: m. descent;                         ielel, elel: (77a); vi. To shine, glitter;
    --- epswi: vb. To come up, go up;                 ---: m. Brightness.
    ---: m. Advancement;                          iep- v. iop/ - Craft.
    --- eqr/i: vb. To come down, descend;         ier, iat=: (73b); n. Eye and its sight;
         ---: m. Coming down;                         mel, ier-: vb. To look upon;
    --- eqoun: vb. To come in, enter;                 ] nier-: vb. To see, deserve;
    --- ehr/i: vb. To come up;                        naiat=, niat=: vb. Blessed is
                                                      (are) + personal pronoun;
      metnaiat=: f. Blessedness.              iop/, iopi, ieb, i/b, iep-, iev-, ieb-: f.
ieratik/ v. ieratikoc - Priestly.                  Craft, art, occupation;
ieratikoc, hieratikoc, f. -/: (Gk); m.             iebswt: f. Trade, merchandize;
    Priestly, sacerdotal.                               eriebswt: vb. To trade;
iev- v. iop/ - Craft.                                   metiebswt:            f.      Trading,
i/b v. ieb - Claw.                                 merchandize;
i/b v. iop/ - Craft.                               ievouwi: f. Tillage, tilled land; produce
i/c (Q) v. iwc - To hasten.                        of tillage;
imi = emi - Knowledge.                             erieb, eri/b (hi/b): vb. To
(1)ini, en-, en=; imperat. anioui,                 spin.
    anit=: (78b); vt. To bring bear;          iopi v. iop/ - Craft.
    --- e-: vb. To bring to, bring for;       ior: (82a); m. Canal;
    --- erat=: vb. To bring to, bring              qaior: m. Canal bank;
    before;                                        jinior: m. Place of ferry, ford; ferry-
    --- ejen-: vb. To bring upon; liken to,        boat; ferryman;
    cmpare with;                                        erjinior: vb. To ferry over, ford
    --- n-: vb. To bring to (of persons);          river, cross sea or land;
    --- nahren-: vb. To bring before;                           aterjinior: adj. Not to be
    --- sa-: vb. To bring to;                      crossed, inaccessible;
    --- ha-: vb. To bring to (of persons;          iaro, pl. iarwou: m. River, lit.
    --- hijen-: vb. To bring upon, carry           great canal; steam,
                                                        viaro: m. The Nile.
    --- ebol: vb. To bring out, put out,      iorem (Q) v. iwrem - To stare.
    publish;                                  (1)iohi, iah-: (89b); m. Field;
    --- eym/]: vb. To bring into midst,            ceyiohi: f. A measure of tilled land.
    recall;                                   (2)iohi = ohi - (90b); Fold.
    --- epec/t: vb. To bring down;            (3)iohi: (90b); n. Water wheel.
    --- epswi: vb. To bring up, raise up;     io] v. (1)iwt - Fathers.
    --- evahou: vb. To bring back;            iri, ra, er-, ai=, oi (Q), imperat. arioui,
    --- eqr/i: vb. To bring down;                  ari-, arit=: (83a); vi. To act;
    --- eqoun: vb. To bring in, put in;            become, befall; do; vt. to make; make
         ---: m. Reception, reciept;               fruit, bear fruit; pass time; make (total);
    --- ehr/i: vb. To bring up;                    amount to;
    --- hith/: vb. To bring forward;               refiri: m. Maker, doer;
    jinini, jinen=: mf. Bringing;                  metrefiri: f. Doing, making;
(2)ini, oni (Q): (80b); vt. To resemble, be        jiniri: m. Act of doing.
    like;                                          asiri: n. Diligent person;
    ---: m. Likeness, aspect.                           metasiri: f. Activity, diligence;
(3)ini: (81a); f. Thumb; great toe.                tase iri: vb. To do more, increase
(4)ini: (81a); f. Carpenter's axe, adze.           doing.
iom, pl. amaiou: (77a); m. Sea; trench,       ic: (85a); interj. Behold, lo, here is (w/noun);
    conduit; wine press.                           since, ago;
   --- h/ppe,          h//pe ic: Same              iwc, i/c (Q): (86a); vi. To hasten, be urgent;
   meaning (w/pron, vb).                               refi/c: m. One that hastens;
ic,uroc: (Gk); m. Strong, powerful,                    iwc, i/c: m. Speed, diligence.
   forcible, violent, severe, vigorous,                qen oui/c: adv. Diligently, hurriedly.
   mighty.                                         (1)iwt, pl. io]: (86b); m. Father;
icje, icjek: (63b); conj. If, as if, as it were.       atiwt: adj. Fatherless;
icjek v. icje - If.                                    eriwt: vb. To become father;
icjen: (772b); prep. From, since.                      metiwt: f. Family, fatherhood;
iten: (87b); m. Ground, earth, dust, rubbish.          qeniwt: n. Relative on the father's side,
ioulioc: (Lat); n. The month July.                    uncle.
iounioc: (Lat?); n. The month June.                (2)iwt: (87b); m. Barley.
iw = ew - Ass.                                     iwou ì v. iwi - To wash.
iw v. iwi - To wash.                               iw]: (87b); f. Dew;
iwi, iw, ia-, ia=, iwou (Q): (75a); vi. &              metsariw]: f. Poverty of dew.
   vt. To wash;                                    is: (88a); f. Urine.
   --- ebol: Same meaning;                         isi, es-, as=, asi (Q): (88a); vt. To
   ayiwou: adj. Unwashed;                              hang, suspend, crucify;
   eiw ebol: m. Washing;                               --- e-: vb. To hang upon;
   iatot= nca-: vb. To despair of,                     --- nca-: vb. To hang from;
   renounce.                                           --- epswi: vb. To hang up;
iwrem, iorem (Q): (84b); vi. To stare, be              --- ehr/i: vb. To hang up;
   astonished, dumbfounded;                            vi. (mostly qual.) To be hung, depend;
   --- nca-: vb. To stare after;                       --- ejen-: vb. To hang over, threaten;
   --- ebol: vb. To wonder, expect;                    --- ebol: vb. To hang out, overhang;
   --- eqoun: vb. To look intently;                    --- epswi: vb. To hang up;
   --- ehr/i: vb. To look intently;                    --- ehr/i: vb. To hang up;
   ---: n. Look.                                       jinisi: m. Hanging, crucifixtion.
iwrh: (84b); vi. To see, perceive;                 isjek = icje - If.
   ---: m. Sight, vision;                          ift v. wft - Nail.
   metiorh: f. Sagacity;
                                                   iq: (89a); m. Demon.
   jiniwrh: n. Vision, power to see.
k: (90a); Tenth letter of the Coptic                 kakia: f. Badness, vice, cowardice, dis-
   Alphabet;                                         honor, ill-repute.
   k: The numeral '20'.                           kakceht v. ceht - Leper.
kabai: (99a); pl. Cages, baskets of wicker        kakti v. kakyi - Louse.
   work;                                          kakourgoc: (Gk); adj. Doing ill, mis-
   kabait/c: n. Maker of baskets.                    chievous, knavish;
kabait/c v. kabai - Maker of baskets.                ---: m. Malefactor, criminal.
kabai v. (1)k/bi - Jar.                           kakwi v. kakoi - Mucus.
kayaroc: (Gk); adj. Clean, spotless, pure.        kakhraf v. kwk - Bare-faced.
kayartoc, -on: (Gk); adj. Pure, clean,            kal, keli, kel-, kal-: (103b); mf.
   good, righteous;                                  mostly as pl., Bolt; knee; other joints -
   akayartoc v. a-section (unclean).                 thighs, ankles; limb, trunk;
kayedra: (Gk); f. Seat, headquarter.                 kalankah, -keh: m. Elbow;
kayiroc: (Gk); m. Turtle.                            kelouonjf: n. Jawbone;
kayicma: (Gk); m. Part on which ine sits,            hamkalankah: n. Bolt-smith, smith.
   seat.                                          kal- v. kal - Knee.
kayolikoc, -on, -/: (Gk); adj. Universal,         kalamickoc: (Gk); m. Reed, branch of a
   catholic, .                                       candlestick, rod.
kayouriwn = kactorioc - Of castor.                kalamoarwmatikoc: (Gk); m. Sweet
kai, ke: (Gk); conj. And.                            flag, acorus calamus.
kain/ v. kainoc - New.                            kalamvo, pl. -vwou and sg as pl:
kainoc, kenoc, kain/, ken/: (Gk); adj.               (105a); f. Hill.
   New, fresh;                                    kalamvwou v. kalamvo - Hills.
   ]kain/         diay/k/: The new                kalankah v. kal - Elbow.
   Testament.                                     kalankeh v. kal - Elbow.
kaici v. kwc - Shroud.                            kalap/i: (105b); pl. Quails.
kaitoi, ketoi, keti, kaitoige, ketige:            kal/ v. akl/ - Weasel.
   (Gk); conj. And indeed, and further, and       kal/ v. kalwc - Good.
   yet.                                           kalyarioc: (Gk?); m. Merchant, vendor
kaitoige v. kaitoi - And indeed.                     of cloth.
kak- v. kwk - To peel.                            kalon v. kalwc - Good.
kakbak v. kwk - With bare eyes.                   kaloc v. kalwc - Good.
kak/ v. kakoc - Evil.                             kalouki: (103a); m. Young camel or ox.
kakyi, kakti, ,akyi: (102a); f. Louse.            kalp- v. kwlp - To steal.
kakia v. kakoc - Vice.                            kalt-: (106a); vb p.c. To be hairless or
kakkamau v. ,akkamau - Small night                   bald (on front of head).
   owl.                                           kalumma: (Gk); f. Head-cover, hood,
kakoi, kakwi: (101b); m. Mucus of nose.              veil.
kakoc, -on, -wc, -wn: (Gk); adj. Bad,             kalwc, -oc, -/, -on: (Gk); adj. Beautiful,
   ugly, base, evil, pernicious;                     fair, good.
   kak/: adj. Evil bad;                           kam: (108a); m. Reed, rush.
kamara: (Gk); f. Anything with an arched        kacb/t: n. Rib-bones;
    cover, covered carriage, vaulted cham-      kacro: f. Jaw-bone;
    ber.                                         ---: m. Stone, pip (of fruit: grapes),
kaminoc: (Gk); f. Oven, furnace, kiln.           gourd.
kampi: (110b); f. Cricket, cockroach;        (2)kac: (120a); m. Carat (a coin).
    sparrow, finch.                          (3)kac: (Gk); part. Even, so that.
kan: (Gk); part. Even if, even.              kacamon, -wn: (Gk); m. Honey suckle.
kaneon, kanoun: (Gk); m. Basket of reed      kacb/t v. (1)kac - Rib-bones.
    or cane, bread basket.                   kacia: (Gk); f. Cassia, cinnamon.
kannabic: (Gk); f. Hemp, cannabis sativa.    kackerat v. kackeratice - Half a carat.
kanoun v. kaneon - Basket.                   kackeratice, -rat: (Copt-Gr?); m. Half
kanoun: (Gk?); m. A musical instrument.          a carat (weight measure).
kanoufi: (113a); m. A fish, babus, bynni.    kacro v. (1)kac - Jaw-bone.
kanwn: (Gk); m. Rule, standard, scheme,      kactanon: (Gk); f. Sweet chestnuts.
    model.                                   kactorioc: (Gk); adj. Of or belonging to
kap: (113a); m. String of harp or similar        castor.
    instruments, thread, string, strand;     kactron: (lat); m. A fortified palace, fort-
    masi ntepikap: m. Plumb line;                ress.
    cankap: Rope-maker, rope-seller.         kat v. kw] - Basket.
kapnoc: (Gk); m. Smoke.                      kat- v. ka] - To understand.
kapso v. kapsw - Sandy land.                 kata: (Gk); prep. In accordance with, in
kapsw, -so: (114b); n. Sand (waste)              answer to.
    land.                                    katabacic: (Gk); f. Descent, steep
karap/p, -pip: (117a); m. Hoopoe.                ground, declivity.
karapip v. karap/p - Hoopoe.                 kataklucmoc: (Gk); m. Flood, deluge,
kardia, -iac: (Gk); f. Heart, inclination,       inundation.
    desire, mind.                            katakrima: (Gk); m. Condemnation,
karyalloc v. kartalloc - Basket.                 judgement, punishment, fine, damage.
kari: (115a); f. Gullet, belly.              katalalia: (Gk); f. Evil report, slander.
karoukion: (lat); m. Carriage.               katameroc: (Gk); m. Katameros, lection-
karpoc: (Gk); m. Fruit, seed, offspring,         ary in the Coptic Church.
    benefit.                                 katanixic: (Gk); f. Stupefaction, bewilder-
kartalloc, -aloc, karyalloc:                     ment; i.e. piety, godliness.
    (Gk); m. Basket with pointed bottom.     katantan: (Gk); vb. To come down,
kartaloc v. kartalloc - Basket.                  arrive, come upon.
karouc: (117b); n (adj). Curled (of hair).   katapetacma: (Gk); m. Curtain, veil,
karj- v. kwrj - To break off.                    esp. the veil of the temple; table cover.
karjsai v. kwrj - Broken-nosed.              kataponticmoc: (Gk); m. Drowning.
(1)kac: (119b); m. Bone;                     katarakt/c, -rrakt/c: (Gk); m.
    mer-, morkac: m. Bone setter;                Waterfall, cataract.
    erkac: vb. To become bone (through       katarrakt/c v. katarakt/c - Water-
    sickness);                                   fall.
katacarx: (Gk); m. Parents in the flesh,         erkahi: vb. To become earth, dust;
   family.                                       remnkahi: m. Man of earth, earth-
katactacic: (Gk); Unknown.                       born.
katagoria: (Gk); f. Accusation, charges.      kahke- v. kwh - To be healed.
kat/,/ceoc v. kat/,oumen/ - In-               kahkh v. kwh - To hew out.
   struction.                                 kahc v. kwh - Custom.
kat/,/cic v. kat/,oumen/ - In-                kaji: (134b); m. Pitcher, bucket.
   struction.                                 ka], p.c. kat-: (123a); vi. To know, un-
kat/,oumen/, -menoi: (Gk); pl. Cate-              derstand;
   chumens;                                       ---: m. Knowledge, understanding;
   kat/,/ceoc, -,/cic: n. Instruc-                atka]: n. Ignorant person; adj.
   tion, preaching, sermon;                       ignorant;
   erkat/,in, -t/,oin, -y/kin: vb.                     eratka]: vb. To be ignorant;
   To instruct, give a sermon, sermon.                 metatka]: f. Ignorance;
kat/,oumenoi v. kat/,oumen/ -                     remnka]: m. Man of understanding;
   Catechumens.                                   refka]: m. Same meaning;
katmic: (129a); m. Egyptian mulberry.             ]ka]: vb. To instruct;
katoa v. katw - Boat.                             jemka]: vb. To find understanding;
katoc: (Gk); m. Water-wheel.                      jinka]: f. Understanding;
katouli: (129a); m. Mallow.                       kath/t: n. Knowledgeable, wise
katw, katoa: (123b); f. Boat, skiff.              person; adj. knowledgeable;
kauma, kaucon, -oc: (Gk); m. Burning                   erkath/t: vb. To be wise;
   heat, fever, heat;                                  metkath/t: f. Understanding.
   erkauma: vb. To burn, kindle.              kbwou v. ,bob - Coolness.
kauri v. (1)kour - Deaf.                      ke, pl. ke,wouni: (90b); mf. Another; adj.
kavai: (130a); pl. Egyptian partridge.            other, different;
kavaji: (130a); m. Part of date-palm, lit. adj. Any other;
   leaf of fiber, stump of branch.                keouai: adj. Another;
kas, kes-: (130a); mf. Reed as stalk,             ke- +def art.: Also, even;
   measure, pen, shin-bone, staff, plough-        ,et, f. ,e]: m. Another;
   pole, spike, paling;                           --- + art or demonst.: The other, this
   ---: f. Reed bed, plantation.                  other.
kas- v. kws - To break.                       ke v. kai - And.
kas= v. kws - To break.                       kebi v. (2)k/bi - Honey cake.
kasou: (130b); pl. A type of fish.            kedric, ketri: (Gk); f. Fruit of syrian
kasouli: (131a); m. Desert fruit.                 ceder.
kah v. keh - Arm.                             kedroc: (Gk); f. Representation of a ceder
kah= v. kwh - To smooth.                          cone; ceder tree.
kahi: (131a); m. Earth, soil; earth (opp.     keiric]mw v. kurioc - Leader.
   sea), land, country; district, province;   kek- v. kwk - To peel off.
   atkahi: adj. Without ground, off the       kekc v. kwc - To strip.
   ground;                                    kel, k/l: (102a); m. A fish.
kel- v. kal - Knee.                          kenoc v. kainoc - New.
kel- v. jwl - To return.                     kente: (112b); m. Fig;
kelebin: (102b); m. Axe, pickaxe.               bw nkente: f. Fig tree;
keleli: (103b); f. Snorous wooden board         iah nkente: m. Fig garden.
   struck to assemble congregation.          ker: (114b); m. Haunch, thigh.
keleue v. keleuin - To urge.                 kera: (Gk); f. Coulter.
keleuin, keleue: (Gk); (w/ er-). To urge,    kerameuc, keramewc: (Gk); m. Potter,
    drive on, exhort, bid, order, request.      maker of pottery.
keli v. kal - Knee.                          keramewc v. kerameuc -Potter.
kelka: (102b); m. Lump, pustule, blister.    kerax: (Gk); m. Axe, hoe.
kelloj: (104b); pl. Puppy, whelp; buffalo.   kerat, keratce: (Gk); m. Carat.
kelol v. (1)kelwl - Jar.                     keraunoc: (Gk); m. Thunderbolt, thunder
keloli v. (1)kelwl - Jar.                       and lightning;
kelp v. kwlp - To steal.                        hikeraunoc: vb. To thunder, make
kelou: (102b); vt. To loosen, slacken.          lightning.
kelouonjf v. kal - Jaw-bone.                 kerix: (Gk); m. Public messenger, envoy,
kelvaj: (106a); n. Truffle.                     herald, auctioneer.
(1)kelwl, koulwl, kelol, f.                  kerma: (Gk); m. fragment, coin;
    keloli,        ekloli: (104a); m.           faikerma, referkerma: m. Trea-
    Pitcher, jar;                               surer;
    ,lol: m. Same meaning.                      erkerma: vb. To spend, change
(2)kelwl: (104a); pl. Curling hair.          kermi: (117a); mf. Ash, soot, dust;
kelfi: (106a); pl. Eyelids.                     erkermi: vb. To become ashes, dust.
kelj v. kwlj - To blend.                     kerc, ,erc: (117b); m. A fish 'synidintis
kemkem: (109a); vi. To strike, beat a           schal'.
    musical instrument; make a repeated      kerf- v. kwrf - To destroy.
    sound.                                   kerhe: (119a); m. Bald person;
    ---: m. Drum, cymbals;                      metkerhe: f. Baldness.
    refkemkem, referkemkem: m.               kerj- v. kwrj - To break off.
    Drummer, player of cymbals.              kerjkac v. kwrj - Broken bone.
kemto v. kim - Earthquake.                   kec- v. kwc - To prepare.
ken=: (111b); n. Bosom, genital parts.       keckwc v. kockec ebol - To extend.
keneviten: (113a); n. A kind of a loaf or    kectwnarioc: (Gk); m. Tormentor, tor-
    cake;                                       turer.
    kenevit/c: n. Baker.                     ket- v. kwt - To build.
kenevit/c v. keneviten - Baker.              ket- v. kw] - To turn.
ken/ v. kainoc - New.                        keti v. kaitoi - And indeed.
keni, keniwout (Q): (111b); vi. To be fat,   ketige v. kaitoi - And indeed.
    sweet;                                   ketoi v. kaitoi - And indeed.
    ---: m. Fatness, sweetness;              ketri v. kedric - Fruit of syrian ceder.
    ]keni: vb. To make fat, salve, anoint.   keouou: (129b); n. Crude war.
keniwout (Q) v. keni - To be fat.            kevalaion v. kevaleon - Chapter.
kevaleon, -leoc, -laion: (Gk); m.                  jinkim: fm. Movement;
    Chapter, section.                              kemto: m. Moving of the earth,
keval/, -leon: (Gk); f. Head, extremity.           earthquake (= monmen).
kevaloc, kevaroc: (Gk); m. A species of         kinamwmon, kinna-: (Gk); m. A superior
    mullet.                                         kind of cassia, cinnamomum cassia;
kevaroc v. kevaloc - Species of mullet.             cinnamon.
kes- v. kas- Pen.                               kindinoc, kundinoc: (Gk); m. Danger,
keh, kah: (131b); n. Arm;                           hazard, venture;
    ]keh: vb. To smite;                             erkinduneuin, kundineuin: vb.
    senkeh: n. Blow, buffet.                        To be daring, run a risk, make a venture,
keh (Q) v. kwh - To be familiar.                    be in dire peril, engage in war, venture.
kehke- v. kwh - To be healed.                   kinnamwmon v. kinamwmon - Cin-
kehni: (113a); f. Porch, shrine.                    namon.
(1)k/: (92a); f. River-bank.                    kitwn v. koitwn - Bed-chamber.
(2)k/, k/c, koc, kon: (Gk); A relative suffix   kifi: (54a); f. Breast.
    in Greek words.                             (1)ki]: (123b); f. Double drachma, equal
k/b (Q) v. kwp - To be doubled.                     to one-half stater;
(1)k/bi, kabi: (99b); f. Jar, pitcher.              jecki]: n. Half a ki] or one drachma.
(2)k/bi, kebi: (99b); m. Honey cake.            (2)ki], ref-: (124a); n. Player, gambler.
k/k (Q) v. kwk - To strip off.                  klamvwnia v. kolovwnia - Resin.
k/kc v. kwk - Strip.                            klaroc: (Gk?); n. Among birds.
k/l v. kel - a fish.                            klacma: (Gk); m. Fragment, morsel,
k/moc: (Gk); m. Muzzle, gag.                        lesion, rupture.
                                                klaft, ,laft: (106a); f. Hood, cowl
k/n: vb.
                                                    (mostly of monks).
k/ncoc: (Lat); m. Census, poll tax.
                                                kl/, ,l/: (102a); m. A vessel for liquids.
k/poc: (Gk); m. Garden, orchard, plan-
                                                kl/ma: (Gk); m. Twig or branch, esp.
                                                    uine-twig, cane.
k/c v. (2)k/ - Relative suffix.
                                                kl/ronomia: (Gk); f. Inheritance, pro-
k/c (Q) v. kwc - To dress.
                                                    perty, possession;
k/t (Q) v. kwt - To build.                          kl/ronomoc: m. Heir, esp. heir in
k/toc, kutoc: (Gk); m. Sea monster, huge            possession;
    fish, i.e. whale.                               erkl/ronomin: vb. To inherit.
kibwtoc, kubwtoc: (Gk); f. Box, chest,          kl/ronomoc v. kl/ronomia - Heir.
    cover, Noah's ark, ark of covenant.         kl/roc: (Gk); m. That which is assigned by
ki/, [iie: (803a); m. He-goat.
                                                    lot, lot; clergy; legacy, inheritance,
kiyara, kuyara: (Gk); f. Lyre, thorax.              heritable estate.
kim: (108a); vi. To move, be moved;             kl/cic: (Gk); f. Calling, summon, invita-
    --- e-: vb. To move, touch, make sign           tion, calling in religious sense.
    to;                                         klinate: (Gk); vb. To cause to lean, scope
    vt. To move;                                    or slant, i.e. bow.
    ---: m. Movement;                           kliji: (108a); m. Part of a bird.
    atkim: adj. Immovable;                      klomlem v. [lomlem - To be twisted.
klwili: (104a); f. Caul, secundina.              kolj= v. kwlj - To bend.
knikiji: (111b); f. A vessel or measure for      kolj (Q) v. kwlj - To bend.
    liquids.                                     kom/, komi: (110b); m. Gum.
kob= v. kwp - To fold.                           kom/c: (Lat); m. Governor, prince, count.
kobh: (100a); n. Sinew, cord.                    komi v. kom/ - Gum.
koi: (92b); f. Field;                            komopolic: (Gk?); n. Suburb, village,
    ma nkoi: m. Plain;                              town.
    remnkoi: m. Husbandman, farmer;              koinia: (Gk); f. Dust, sand, ashes, quick-
koidwn v. koitwn - Bed-chamber.                     lime, plaster, stucco.
koim/t/rion, kim-: (Gk); m. Sleeping             kon v. (2)k/ - Relative suffix.
    room; bedroom, burial place.                 koniza, konuza: (Gk); f. A kind of medi-
koinoc, -on v. koinwnia - Common.                   cine, fleabane, inula viscosa.
koinwnia: (Gk); f. Communion, associa-           konuza v. koniza - Fleabane.
    tion, partnership;                           kopria: (Gk); f. Dunghill, rubbish heap,
    koinoc, -on: adj. Common, general,              refuse, manure.
    ordinary.                                    koprit/c, -/n: (Gk?); n. Trash-carrier.
koitwn, -on, kitwn, koidwn: (Gk); m.             kopcin: (Gk?); m. Gypsium.
    Bed-chamber.                                 kops (Q) v. kwps - To bow down.
koihi v. kwih - Sheath.                          korban: (Heb); m. Gift, votive offering for
kok= v. kwk - To peel.                              the service of God.
kol= v. jwl - To return.                         korbi v. ,robi - Sickle.
kolazin: (Gk); (w/ er-) vb. To check,            kori: (115b); n. Skylight, trap-door.
    chastise, punish.                            koriandron, koliantron: (Gk); n.
kolakeia, -kia: (Gk); f. Flattery, fawning.         Coriander, coriandrum sativum (plant or
kolakia v. kolakeia - Flattery.                     seed).
koliantron v. koriandron - Coriander.            korkc: (115b); n. An iron instrument.
kolkel: (103a); n. Clay, mud.                    koroc: (Heb); m. Kor (a dry measure).
kollarion: (lat); m. Ring, collar.               korten, ,orten: (117b); m. house-leek.
kolovwnia, klamv-, kalabonia:                    korou: (115b); m. A coin (probably less
    (Gk); f. Colophonian gum, resin.                than a carat).
kolp= v. kwlp - To steal.                        korf= v. kwrf - To cancel.
kolp (Q) v. kwlp - To steal.                     korf (Q) v. kwrf - To cancel.
kolpoc: (Gk); m. Bosom; bay, gulf.               korj= v. kwrj - To cut down.
kolpc v. kwlp - Theft.                           koc v. (2)k/ - Relative suffix.
koltaq: (106a); m. Colocasia, water              koc= v. kwc - To bury.
    plant.                                       kockec ebol, keckwc=: (121b); vt. To
kolumb/yra, kwl-: (Gk); f. Place of                 stretch out, extend.
    diving, swimming pool, reservoir, cistern,   kocm/cic v. kocmoc - Arrangement.
    baptismal font.                              kocmokratwr: (Gk); m. Lord of the
kolh (Q) v. kwlh - To strike.                       world, ruler of the planet.
kolhot v. koulhot - A fish.                      kocmoc: (Gk); m. World, government,
kolht v. koulhot - A fish.                          universe, order; ornament, decoration;
   erkocmein, -min: vb. To decorate,              metkouji nh/t: f. Discourage-
   ornament;                                  ment;
   kocm/cic: f. Ordering, arrangement,        noukouji: adv. A little;
   adornment, dignity.                        oukouji: adv. Somewhat, rather;
kot= v. kwt - To build.                       nkekouji, kekouji: adv. Yet a little;
kot= v. kw] - To turn.                        qa-, qath/ noukouji: adv. A
kot v. kw] - turn.                            little before;
kot v. kw] - Wheel.                           satnoukouji, satkekouji: adv.
kot v. kw] - Basket.                          Almost;
kotc v. kw] - Twist.                          proc oukouji: adv. For a little;
kotci v. kw] - Circuit.                       kata kouji: adv. Occasionally;
kouki v. kwk - Rind.                          kouji...kouji, nkouji...kouji: adv.
koukouvat: (102a); mf. Hoopoe.                Little by little;
koulaji: (108a); pl. A fish.                  erkouji: vb. To be small, be few;
koullc: (101b); f. Hood, cowl of monks.       metkouji: f. Smallness, youth.
koulwl, -wl=, -wl (Q): (130a); vt.         koh, ,oh: (132a); m. Angle, corner, point,
    To wrap, wind.                            top.
koulwl v. kelwl Jar.                       kohlef v. hoklef - Camel-saddle.
koulwl= v. koulwl - To wrap.               kram, krom, krwm: (115b); m. Wild
koulwl (Q) v. koulwl - To be wrap-            safflower, wild parsely.
    ped.                                   krambe v. kramb/ - Cabbage.
koulhot, kolhot, kolht: (107a); m.         kramb/, -be: (Gk); f. Cabbage.
    A fish 'clarias anguillaris'.          kranion: (Gk); m. Skull.
kouper, ,ouper: (114a); m. A plant         kractin, -ic, gractic: (Gk); f. Green
    'lawsonia inermis', henna.                fodder.
(1)kour, kauri: (114b); n. Deaf person;    krikoc: (Gk); m. Ring, link (in a chain),
    ---: adj. Deaf;                           hoop.
    erkour: vb. To become deaf;            kricic: (Gk); f. Decision, judgement, trial,
    metkour: f. Deafness.                     suit.
(2)kour: (114b); n. Blow (probably         krit/rion: (Gk); f. Court of judgement,
    deafening blow), slap;                    tribunal.
    senkour: Same meaning.                 krit/c: (Gk); m. Judge, umpire, the Biblical
koureuc: (Gk); m. Barber, hair-cutter,        book of Judges.
    shearer.                               krokoc: (Gk); m. Saffron, crocus sativus,
kouctwdia: (Lat); f. Guard, custodian,        saffron meadow.
    soldier.                               krom v. kram - Wild safflower.
kouvat: (130a); pl. Carpet, mattress.      krwm v. kram - Wild safflower.
kouji: (92b); mf. Small person or thing,   kte- v. kto - To burn.
    young person, few; adj. small, few,    kt/out (Q) v. kto - To be turned.
    young, younger;                        kto (rare), kte-, kt/out (Q): (127b);
    kouji nh/t: n. Faint-hearted, impa-       caus vb. To turn, surround; Qual. to be
    tient person;                             turned, be around.
kukloc: (Gk); m. Orbit of heavenly bodies,    kwlh, kolh (Q): (106b); vi. To strike,
   revolution, circular motion, sphere,         knock; vt. to strike, clap, hammer in, fix;
   globe.                                       --- ejen-: vb. To strike upon;
kuknoc: (Gk); m. Swan.                          --- n-(dat): vb. To knock for (someone);
kumbalon: (Gk); m. Cymbal.                      --- qen-: vb. To strike upon, in;
kundineuin v. kindunoc - To venture.            --- hiren-: vb. To strike upon, at;
kundinoc v. kindinoc - Danger.                  --- ebol: vb. To knock outwards
kuparicoc: (Gk); f. Cypress, cypress wood       (from within);
   (as timber).                                 --- eqoun: vb. To knock inwards (from
kur v. kurioc - Lord.                           without);
kuriak/: (Gk); m. Sunday.                       ---: m. Blow, knock.
kurinne: (Gk?); n. Cyrene;                    kwlj, kelj, kolj=, kolj (Q), [olj
   kurinneoc: m. A native of cyrene.            (Q): (107b); vi. To bend, be bent; vt. to
kurioc, kur: (Gk); m. Lord, master,             bend, twist;
   guardian, trustee;                           ---: m. Bent state, perversion, depression;
   kuria: f. Lady, mistress, madam;             metkwlj: f. Crookedness.
   keiric]mw: m. Head, leader.                kwlj v. jwlj - To entangle.
kwb: (99a); m. Leaven;                        kwp, kwb, kob=, k/b (Q): (98b); vi. To
   atkwb: adj. Without leaven.                  be doubled; vt. to make double, double
kwb v. kwp - To fold.                           back, fold, close;
                                                ---: m. Double, return, repetition.
kwi: (98b); m. Elbow.
                                              kwps, kops: (114b); vi. To bow down.
kwih, koihi: (132a); m. Sheath; cover, case
                                              kwrs: (117b); vi. To request, persuade,
   containing books.
kwk, ,wk, kek-, kok=, k/k (Q), p.c. kak-
                                              kwrf, kerf-, korf=, korf (Q): (118a);
   : (100b); vt. To peel, strip off;
                                                vt. To bring to naught, cancel, destroy;
   ---: m. Bareness, nakedness;
                                                vi. to be idle, deficient;
   ---: adj. Split, corded;
                                                ---: m. Ceasing, idleness;
   --- ebol: vb. To peel, strip off;
                                                atkwrf: adj. Unceasing.
   kakbal: m. With bare eyes;
                                              kwrj, kerj, korj=, p.c. karj-: (119a);
   kakhraf: m. Bare-faced;
                                                vt. To cut down, break off; vi. to be in a
   kouki: f. Rind, skin;                        broken state;
   k/kc, kekc: f. What is peeled off,           karjsai: adj. Broken nosed;
   strip, scale.                                kerjkac: vb. To break bone;
kwl v. jwl - To return.                       kwc, kec-, koc=, k/c (Q): (120a); vt. To
kwlp, kelp-, kolp=, kolp (Q), p.c.              dress, prepare corpse for burial, bury;
   kalp-: (105b); vt. To steal, rob;            ---: m. Burial, funeral;
   ---: n. Theft, thing stolen;                 refkwc: m. Embalmer;
   ---: adv. Thievishly;                        jinkwc: mf. Burial;
   jinkwlp: m. Robbing;                         kaici: f. Preparation for burial, embal-
   atkwlp: adj. Unstolen, inviolate;            ming; grave clothes, shroud.
   kolpc: f. Theft.                           kwt, ket-, kot=, k/t (Q): (122a); vt. &
kwlumb/yra v. kolumb/yra - Pool.                vi. To build, form;
  ---: (metaphor) vt. To edify, encourage      --- nem-: vb. To go round with, turn
  spiritually; vi. to be edified;              hither and thither; inquire of, dispute
  --- ebol: vb. To build;                      with;
  ---: m. Act of building, thing built;        --- nca-: vb. To go round seeking, seek;
  edification, rule (for edification).             jinkw] nca-: vb. To search
  metkwt: m. Building;                         after;
  ]kwt: vb. To edify;                          --- nten: vb. To seek, beg from;
  [ikwt: vb. To receive edification;           --- cabol n-: vb. To turn about,
  jinkwt: m. Building (process or act);        circumvent;
  ekwt, pl. eko]: m. Builder, mason.           --- ebol: vi. To wander out, round,
kws, kas-, kas=: (130b); vi. To break,         return; to turn away;
  be broken;                                   --- eqoun: vi. To turn, bend inwards;
  --- nca-: vb. To strike upon;                --- ehr/i: vi. To turn, go round;
  ---: vt. To break, split;                    ---: m. Turning round, cicuit, sur-
  ---: n. A breaking.                          rounding; seeking, inquiry;
kwh, kah=, keh (Q): (133a); vt. To make        jinkw]: mf. Turning round, cycle,
  level, smooth, tame; Qual. to be familiar,   inquiry;
  accustomed;                                  kot: m. Cicular motion, turn, visit;
  kahc: f. Custom;                                 hikot, oukot: vb. To throw a
       erkahc: vb. To become custom;           turn, make a move, pay a visit,
  kahkh, ,eh,oht (Q): vt. To hew               encompass, encamp;
  out, smooth;                                     hikot ebol: vb. To pay a visit;
  kahke, kehke: vi. To be healed.                  jinhikot: m. Visit;
kw], ket-, kot=: (124a); vi. To turn, go       kot: m. Wheel;
  around; to go about seeking, seek;           kot, kat: m. Basket;
  --- e-: vb. To surround, seek, visit;        kotc: f. Going round, turning, circuit;
  ---: vt. To turn (often of faces), sur-      twist, knot; crookedness, guile;
  round;                                       erkw]: vb. To make a turn, plan,
  --- ejen-: vb. To turn upon, go round,       circumvent;
  among;                                       cankw]: n. Man of turns, guileful
  --- mmo=: vb. To turn self, return,          person;
  repeat;                                          metcankw]: f. Crookedness,
                                               kotci: f. Circuit.
l: (134a); Twelveth letter of the Coptic         lamaqt v. libi - Gluttonous.
  Alphabet;                                      lampac: (Gk); f. Torch, lamp, any light
  l: The numeral '30'                               source.
la: (134b); m. Envy, slander;                      erlampac: vb. To illuminate, sparkle.
  houla: vi. to slander.                         lamr/t: (143a); n. A herb.
la-: (135a); vb + noun forming adj.              lamwou: (143b); n. Contrary to, beyond
  Possessing, endued with.                          this (?).
la- v. libi - To be mad.                         lamjapt, -jatp: (143b); m. Tar, pitch.
lab- v. libi - To be mad.                        lamjatp v. lamjapt - Tar.
labac, -oc: (137b); n. Aloe wood.                laouo, labo: (147b); mf. Ship's sail.
labo v. laouo - Ship's sail.                     laplep v. alableb - To be weary.
laboi: (136b); f. Lioness; she-bear.             (1)lapci: (144a); vt. To bite, seize.
laboc v. labac - Aloe wood.                      (2)lapci: (144b); Fragment, small portion.
labw v. leban - Ship's hauling cable.            lapt, lebt: (145b); m. Turnip.
laggouriom v. leggerion -                        lac: (144b); m. Tongue; language;
laikoc: (Gk); m. Civilian; layman.                  kelac: m. Other tongue, foreign-
lakamou: (139b); n. The plant 'colocynth'.          tongued.
lakan/, lekan/: (Gk); f. Basin, dish, pot,          lac cnau: Double-tongued.
  pan.                                              lac nkam: m. Splinter, needle of a
lakent: (139b); m. Frying pan, cauldron.            reed.
lakm/, -,m/: (139a); f. Piece, fragment.            va pilac: m. The tongued, among
lakci: (140a); n. Skip, bound.                      weaver's tools.
lakh: (140b); m. Corner, extremity, top;           jaj jojlac: pl. Tongue-cutting.
 jajlakh: adj. Hard-cornered (of                 lac= v. lwc - To bruise.
  stone);                                        lac (Q) v. lwc - To be bruised.
 jwj nlakh: n. Chief corner (of stone).          lau v. lwou - Fringe.
lale- v. lalw - To smear.                        laura: (Gk); f. Alley, lane, passage;
lal/out v. lalw - To smear.                         monastery, laura.
lalo v. lalw - To smear.                         la,m/ v. lakm/ - Piece.
lalouk/n v. laloukin - Betelnut.                 laf: (148b); adj. Pleasant.
laloukin, -k/n: (142a); n. Betelnut (or          lafchimi v. libi - Lecherous.
  ceder).                                        lafwi v. fwi - Hairy.
lalw, -o, lalw-, lale-, lalw=,                   laqem: (149a); m. Trunk, branch, stalk,
  lal/out(Q): (141a); vt. To smear,                 tube.
  paint, overlay.                                laqem (Q) v. lwqem - To be boiling.
lalw- v. lalw - To smear.                        laq/tf v. libi - Greedy person.
lalw= v. lalw - To smear.                        lahwj: (150a); pl. Meaning unknown.
lam: (142a); m. A kind of animal food.           lajan: (151a); m. Moisture.
lam (Q) v. lwm - To be filthy.                   (1)laji: (150b); m. Latrine of ship;
lama,it/c v. libi - Glutton.                        latrine.
(2)laji: (151a); n. Impudent, persistent        lepton, -oc: (Gk); A greek coin of small
   person;                                         denomination; fragment, morsel.
   (w/ er-): vb. To importune                   leps v. (1)lwbs - Fuel.
   metlaji: f. Impudence, persistence.          leuitikoc, -on: (Gk); n. The book of
lajlej: (152b); m. Girder, joint, frame.           Leviticus; levitical.
lajlej v. lojlej - Sickness.                    lesj- v. lwsj - To molest.
la[ou: (151b); pl. Among implements of          leflifi v. loflef - Fragment.
   torture.                                     leflwf= v. loflef - To mortify.
leban, labw: (137b); m. Ship's hauling          leflwf (Q) v. loflef - To mortify.
   cable.                                       leflwft (Q) v. loflef - To mortify.
leb/c: (Gk); m. Kettle, cauldron, basin; an     lehlem v. lehl/m - Flea.
   instrument of torture.                       lehl/m, lel/m, lehlem: (670b); m.
lebt v. lapt - Turnip.                             Louse, flea.
lebs v. (1)lwbs - Fuel.                         lej- v. lwj - To stick.
leggerion, laggouriom: (Lat);                   lejh v. lwjh - To crush.
legewn: (Lat); f. Legion, band of soldiers.     l/k (Q) v. lwk - To be soft.
leitourgia, litourgia: (Gk); f.                 l/l: (140b); m. Necklace.
   Liturgy, public service, service, worship,   l/loui (always w/ es-, s-): (141b); m.
   ministry;                                       Shout;
   litourgoc: m. One who performs a                es-, sl/loui: vb. To shout aloud.
   liturgy, public servant, minister.           l/pon v. loipon - Then.
lei'anon, lu'anon: (Gk); m. Relics of           l/c: (145a); m. Jaw.
   saints or martyrs, remains of the dead.      l/ou: (147a); m. A word relating to war.
leifi: (148b); m. A fish cyprinus niloticus.    libanoc: (Gk); m. Frankincense-tree,
lekan/ v. lakan/ - Basin.                          frankincense; Lebanon.
leklwk (Q) v. lwk - To become soft.             libi, (Q) lobi, p.c. lab-, la-: (136b);
lele: (141a); vi. To wander about;                 vi. To be made;
   --- ebol: vb. To wander forth, about;           ---: m. Madness;
   metreflele ebol: f. Wandering                   --- eqoun e-: vb. To mad toward,
   about.                                          concering;
lele- v. aloli - Grape.                            --- ejen-: vb. To be mad after;
lele,/mi v. aloli - Bruise.                        --- nem-: vb. To be mad after;
lel/m v. lehl/m - Flea.                            --- nca-: vb. To be made after;
lell/m (Q) v. [lomlem - To be                      --- qen-: vb. To be mad through, made
   twisted.                                        mad by;
lenji: (144a); m. Coat of mail, cuirass.           reflibi: m. Madman;
lexikon, -oc: (Gk); m. Dictionary, lexicon;        lamaqt: adj. Belly-mad, gluttonous;
   lit. wordy.                                          metlamaqt: f. Gluttony;
lexikoc v. lexikon - Lexicon.                           lama,it/c: adj. Glutton;
leoc: (143b); n. Earring, bracelet.                lafchimi: adj. Woman-mad, greedy
lepasi: (144b); pl. Trunks of trees.               person;
                                                        metlafchimi: f. Greed, hunger;
       oi nlafchimi: vb. To be hungry,         loipon, -oc, l/pon: (Gk); prep. Hence
   greedy.                                         forward, hereafter; adv. further, then,
liboc, -bwc: (137b); m. Colic.                     well then, finally.
libwc v. liboc - Colic                         lok: (138a); m. Bowl, cup (as a measure);
liyogravion: (Gk); m. Engraving;                   splok: m. A measure containing a
   liyogravoc: m. Engraver;                        lok.
       metliyogravoc: f. Engraving.            lol: (141a); m. Bed, bench;
liyogravoc v. liyogravion -                    lom, lwm, lwmi, lwimi: (142b); m.
   Engraver.                                       Morsel, bit.
lik: (138a); m. Pot, jar.                      lomc (Q): (143a); vi. To be foul, stink.
lil v. [aj- - Bird.                            lox= v. loux - To bite.
lim/n, limn: (143a); m. Portrait, image        lox (Q) v. loux - To be pierced.
   (painted).                                  lops (Q) v. (1)lwbs - To be hot.
limn v. lim/n - Portrait.                      louk: (138b); m. Cheek or corner of
limn/: (Gk); f. Pool of standing water,            mouth.
   marshy lake, mere; lake.                    louklak: (139a); adj. Bad, wicked.
lix: (140a); m. Veil, covering.                loukoji: (140b); A coin 'solidus'.
litania, litaneia: (Gk); f. Litany,            loulwou v. hloulwou - To be
   entreaty,      prayer,     congregational       exalted.
   supplication;                               loux, lox=, lox (Q): (139b); vi. To bite,
   erlitaneuin: vb. To accept, entreat.            pierce;
litourgia v. leitourgia - Liturgy.              ---: m. Bite;
litourgoc v. leitourgia - Minister.             se nloux: m. Piercing wood, splinter.
litra: (Gk); f. Pound (unit of weight).        lout/r: (Gk); m. Washing or bathing-tub,
liji: (150b); n. Bowl, dish.                       laver; baptistery.
lobi (Q) v. libi - To be mad.                  loflef, leflwf=, leflwf (Q),
lobleb: (137b); vi. To feel violent love.          leflwft (Q): (148b); vi. To mortify,
lobs= v. (1)lwbs - To glow.                        become rotten, perish; vt. to make
lobs (Q) v. (1)lwbs - To be hot.                   rotten, destroy;
                                                   --- ebol: vi. Same meaning; vt. To
logikoc: (Gk); m. Intellectual, rational, in
                                                   leflifi: f. What drops off, fragment,
logion: m. The oracular breastplate of the
   high priest or the bishop.
                                               lof (Q) v. lwf - To be insipid.
logicmoc: (Gk); m. Reason, cofession,
                                               loj=: (152b); vt. To hide, pilfer.
   notion, argument, thought, attitude.
logoc: (Gk); m. Word, debate, language,        loj= v. lwj - To stick.
   narrative; Logos.                           loj= v. lwji - To cease.
log,/: (Gk); m. Spear, lance, javelin.         lojlej: (150b); vi. To languish, be sickly;
loimoc: (Gk); mf. Plague, pest;adj.                lajlej: n. Sickness, humility.
   pestilent.                                  lojh= v. lwjh - To crush.
                                               lura: (Gk); f. Lyre, a musical instrument.
                                               lutra: (Gk?); n. Pound or liter.
lu,nia: (Gk); f. Lampstand, candlestick,              ---: m. Softness.
   menorah.                                    lwkem, lokem (Q): (139b); vi. To be
lu'anon v. lei'anon - Relics of the              moist, sodden.
   saints.                                     lwm v. lom - Morsel.
(1)lwbs,         lobs=, lobs (Q),              lwm, lam (Q): (142b); vi. To wither,
   lops (Q): (137b); vi. To be hot, glow;        fade; qual. to be filthy;
   vt. (rare) To burn, heat;                     atlwm: adj. Unfading;
   lobs n,rwm: adj. Glowing with fire,           lwm, lom: m. Filth, witheredness.
   red hot;                                    lwmi v. lom - Morsel.
   ---: m. Glow;                               lwron, -oc: (Lat); m. Sour wine.
   lebs, leps: m. Heating material,            lwc, lac=, lac (Q): (145a); vi. To be
   fuel, twigs, brushwood.                       bruised, crushed; tr. to bruise, crush.
(2)lwbs: (138a); m. Crown, coping,             lwou, lau: (147b); m. Curl of hair, ring,
   battlement (of roof); crown, consum-          link in chain; fringe; bunch, cluster of
   mation, interpretation.                       dates;
(1)lwili, hlwili (once): (669a); vi.             oi nlwou: vb. To be fringed.
   To be borne, float;                         lwsj, lesj-: (148a); vi. To be trouble-
   reflwili: m. Swimmer.                         some, oppressive; tr. to molest, oppress.
(2)lwili: (669a); f. Tail, buttocks.           lwf, lof (Q): (148b); vi. To be insipid.
lwimi v. lom - Morsel.                         lwqem, laqem (Q): (149b); vi. To be
lwihi: (149a); m. Mud, filth.                    boiling, boiled;
lwiji: (151b); f. Cause, excuse;                 ---: (w/ vas) m. Half boiled.
   atlwiji: adj. Without cause;                lwj, lej-, loj=: (150a); vt. To stick,
   ]lwiji: vb. To give cause, excuse;            cleave to; lick.
   jem lwiji: vb. To find occasion,            lwji, loj=: (151b); vi. To cease; recover
  excuse.                                        from sickness.
lwk, (Q) l/k: (138b); vi. To be soft, frosh;   lwjh, lejh-, lojh=: (151a); vt. To
  ---: m. Fresh grain;                           crush; lick;
  metl/k: f. Softness, freshness;                ---: m. Anguish, oppresion.
  leklwk (Q): vi. To become soft;
m: (152a); The 12th letter of the Coptic            may/ma: (Gk); m. Lesson, learning, know-
  Alphabet;                                            ledge, doctrine.
  m: numeral '40'.                                  may/t/c: (Gk); m. Pupil, student, disciple
ma, mai, mou: (153a); m. Place; dwelling            mayoui: (196a); f. Poison esp. serpent's;
  place; chamber; monk's cell; temple,                himayoui: vb. To throw poison.
  shrine, monastery; part, district; duty;            refhimayoui: m. Thrower of poison
  remvma: m. Man of the place, native;              mayrwma: (Lat); f. Matron.
  ma n-: m. Place of, auxillary in transla-         mai v. ma - Place.
  ting Gk words; in prepositional phrases           mai v. ymaio - To justify.
  epman-, pma n- merely indicating                  mai- v. mei - Loving.
  place 'where', direction 'to'; indefinitely       mai/, ma/: (156a); f. Size, age, kind;
  'anywhere';                                         [imai/: vb. To grow in size, increase.
  epma n-: In place of;
                                                    maio v. ymaio - To justify.
  euma: to, In one place, together;
                                                    maio= v. ymaio - To justify.
  kata ma: In different or several pla-
                                                    makar v. makarioc - Blessed.
  sa paima: Up to here, so far;                     makaria v. makarioc - Hapiness.
  hiouma: to, In one place;                         makarion v. makarioc - Blessed.
  mai niben: Every place, everywhere;               makarioc, -on: (Gk); adj. Blessed, happy,
                                                      prosperous, fortunate; late (dead); m. the
  pima etemmau: That place, there;
                                                      blessed dead, the blessed one;
  ,a ma: vb. To allow place, give oppor-              makaricmoc: (Gk); m. Pronouncing
  tunity;                                             hapiness, blessing, giving praise or thanks;
  ervma: vb. To take place of, succeed                ermakarizin: vb. To bless, praise,
  oi nkema: vb. To be elsewhere, separa-              honor;
  ted, unclean;                                       makar: adj. Blessed, happy;
  ]ma: vb. To give place, permit;                     makarit/c: m. One blessed; adj. of
  jemma: vb. To find place, opportunity.              happy memory (late);
ma-: (155b); imperat. of ], To give.                  makaria: f. Hapiness, bliss.
magganon: (Gk); m. A weapon for laun-               makaricmoc v. makarioc - Blessing.
  ching ballistics (arrows or stones), cata-        makarit/c v. makarioc - One blessed.
  pult; crane.                                      makgelloc, magelloc: (Gk); m.
magelloc v. makgelloc - Butcher's
                                                      Butcher's shop.
  shop.                                             makia = magia - Magic.
magia: (Gk); f. Magic;
                                                    maklabi v. manklabi - Meaning un-
  magoc: m. Magi (wise man from Persia),
  enchanter, wizard, magician;                      makrioc = makarioc - Blessed.
  ermagin: vb. To do magic, to enchant, to
                                                    makro: (162b); m. Trough, mortar, among
  charm, charm.
                                                      househould vessels.
magoc v. magia - Magician.
                                                    mala,/ v. molo,/ - Molokhia (edible
ma/ v. mai/ - Size.
malicta: (Gk); adv. Most of all, above all,   marmar: (Gk); m. Marble;
  certainly.                                    marmarit/c: m. Marble mason.
mallon: (Gk); adv. More, rather, the more,    marmar v. mour - Bandage.
  indeed, in truth;                           maron v. mare- - Let us go.
  mallon ehote: Moreover;                     mart/ria v. marturia - Martyrdom.
  mallon de: Much more, rather.               mart/rikon v. marturia - Martyrs'
mallwn = mallon - Rather.                        lives.
mame] v. ouwm - Cancer.                       mart/rion v. marturia - Martyrdom.
mamrah: (169a); pl. Name of the 20th lunar    mart/roc v. marturia - Martyr.
  station; ostriches (?).                     martiria v. marturia - Martyrdom.
man: (169b); (in pavman -yman -               martirion v. marturia - Martyrdom.
  tman), adj. Certain (person or thing).      marturia: f. Testimony, martyrdom;
manecwou v. ecwou - Shepherd.                   marturoc, -t/roc, -turit/c: m.
man- v. (2)amoni - Pastor.                       Martyr, witness;
manganoc = magganon - Catapult.                  ermarturoc: vb. To be martyred;
man/ou v. (2)amoni - Pastors.                    marturikon, -t/rikon: n. Martyrs'
manywrp v. ywrp - Darning needle.                lives, hymns in the honor of the martyrs;
mani v. (2)amoni - Pastor.                       marturion, -t/rion, -tirion: m.
mania: (Gk); f. Madness, rage.                   Martyrdom;
mank- v. mounk - Maker.                          marturologion: m. Life of a martyr,
mankanon = magganon - Catapult.                  martyrology.
mankanwn = magganon - Catapult.               marturikon v. marturia - Martyrs'
manklabi, maklabi: m. Meaning un-                lives.
  known.                                      marturit/c v. marturia - Martyr.
manmon: (176a); m. Orange.                    marturologion v. marturia - Mar-
manou= v. (2)amoni - To pasture.                 tyrology.
manouou= v. (2)amoni - To pasture.            marturoc v. marturia - Martyr.
man[ale: (177b); m. Pick, hoe; winnowing      mac v. mici - Young.
  fan.                                        mac- v. mici - To bring forth.
map, map-: (161a); The numeral 'thirty'.      mac= v. mici - To bring forth.
mappa: (Gk); f. Napkin, Ar. lifafa.           mac- p.c. v. mici - Bearing.
margarita v. margarit/c - A small             maci v. mici - Calf.
  pearl.                                      macte- v. moc] - To hate.
margarit/c: (Gk); m. Pearl, jewel;            mactiggoc: (Gk); m. Whip, flog;
  margarita: f. Small pearl.                     ermactiggoc: vb. To whip, flog or
mare-: (182b); vbal prfx. for the optative;      slash.
  May, let;                                   mactigx: (Gk); f. Scourge, rod.
  maron: Let us go.                           mater: (196a); n. Glue.
mari v. mour - Part of a loaf.                matoi, sg as pl.: (190b); m. Soldier;
mari = meric - Portion.                          ermatoi: vb. To become soldier;
mar/c v. r/c - Upper Egypt.                      metmatoi: f. Soldiery, warfare.
maric v. maurec - Jug.                        (1)mau: (196b); n. The place there;
   mmau: adv. There, therein;                (2)mahi: (211a); m. Flax;
   ebol mmau: adv. Thence;                      ref]mahi: m. Flax-seller.
   etemmau: Who, which is           there;   mahro: (211b); m. Manure.
   demonst. that;                            mahcol, -cwl: (187b); m. File (tool).
   remmmau: m. lit. Man who is there,        mahcwl v. mahcol - File.
   native;                                   mahtot= v. moh - To lay hold on.
   emau: adv. Thither.                       maji, masi: (213a); m. Axe, pick.
(2)mau: (197a); f. Mother;                   ma]: (189a); vi. To be successful, hit the
   senmau: m. Mother's child;                   mark;
   mau mmoni: f. Nursing mother, nurse;         ]ma]: vt. To reach, obtain, enjoy; intr.
   atmau: adj. Without mother;                  attain, consent, agree;
   ---: f. Caul, after birth;                   ---: m. Assent, good pleasure;
maurec, -r/c, maric: (183a); f. Jug, jar.       ref]ma]: m. Obedient person;
maur/c v. maurec - Jug.                         at]ma]: adj. Not agreeing;
ma,era: f. Sword.                                    metat]ma]: f. Unacceptableness.
mas- v. misi - To fight.                     mbai: (177b); m. Spindle.
mas= v. misi - To fight.                     mbon, embon: (161a); vi. To be wrath;
mase v. se - Go!                                refmbon: m. Wrathful person;
masert: (206a); mf. Cable (of palm fibre).      ---: m. Wrath;
masyam v. swtem - Shut.                         ]mbon: vb. To make angry;
masasywou] = masyw] - Comb.                          ref]mbon: m. Causer of wrath.
masyw]: (207b); f. Comb; comb of foot,       mbrai, brai, evrai, emrai: (53a); m.
   metatarsus.                                  Seed (of cereal or other plants).
masi: (201a); f. balance, scale;             mbrehi, embrehi, brehi, ebrehi: (161a);
   pimas nte pikap: m. Plumb line;              mf. Cart.
   ca nmasi: m. Balance maker, seller.       me v. mo - To take.
masi v. maji - Axe.                          mey- v. met- prfx. Forming abstracts.
masi (Q) v. misi - To be fought.             meyaio, metaiw: (161b); n. Carthamus,
mast- v. moust - To examine.                    safflower.
masw (often mmasw): (201b); adv.             meym/i v. m/i - Truth.
   Greatly, very.                            meyre, pl. meyreu: (177a); m. Witness,
masj: (212b); m. Ear; handle of a basket;       testimony.
   ,amasj: vb. To give ear, listen.             metmeyre: f. Testimony;
maqt: (211b); m. Bowels, intestines;            ermeyre: vb. To testify, bear witness;
   atmaqt: adj. Without bowels (of                   --- n-: vb. To testify of, concerning;
   compassion);                                      --- n- (dat-): vb. To testify to;
   sanmaqt: pl. Dysentery;                           --- e-: vb. To testify against, in
   sanymaqt: m. Compassionate person;           respect of, for;
        metsanymaqt: m. Compassion.                  --- qa-: vb. To testify on behalf of;
maqoul: (208a); m. Chisel, pick, anvil.              --- eybe-: vb. To testify concerning;
mah= v. (2)moh - To fill.                            --- ejen-: vb. To testify concerning;
(1)mahi: (210b); m. Ell, cubit (forearm).             --- nem-: vb. To testify to, for;
   ]metmeyre: vb. To bear witness.             menn/t= v. amoni - To pasture.
meyreu v. meyre - Witnesses.                   menra] v. mei - Beloved ones.
mei, m/i, menre-, menrit=, p.c. mai-:          menre v. mei - To love.
   (156a); vt. To love;                        menrit v. mei - Beloved.
   soumenrit: adj. Worthy of love;             menrit= v. mei - To love.
   mai-: p.c. Loving;                          ment: (176a); m. A measure of grain, less
       metmai-: n. Love of;                       than ertob.
       ermai: vb. To be lover of;              mentoi v. men - Yet.
   refmei: m. Loving, benevolent;              mentoige v. men - Yet.
   mei: m. Love;                               mentoike v. men - Yet.
   ]mei: vb. To make love;                     menswt = messwt - Plain
   menrit, pl. menra]: adj. Beloved.           menso] v. messwt - Plains.
mei v. m/i - Truth.                            menhe v. menh/ - After.
mekmek- v. mokmek - To think.                  menh/, -he, -h/=: (177b); (w/ ca-) prep.
mekmouk= v. mokmek - To think.                    After.
mela, melac: (Gk); adj. Dark, black; m.        menh/= v. menh/ - After.
   black ink;                                  mer- v. mour - To bind.
   manmela: m. Ink vessel.                     mer- p.c. v. mour - Binder.
melet/, -/c: (Gk); f. Practice, exercise,      meran, m/ran: (183a); m. Trough; tank.
   lecture, branch or object of study, care,   mareh: (184a); m. Spear, javelin;
   habit;                                        semereh: vb. To blow with spear.
   ermeletan, ermelitan, erme-                 meri: (182b); n. Midday, day.
   letin: vb. to study, read, learn.           meric: (Gk); f. Portion; fate; lot; division,
mel/ma: (Gk?); m. Object of care, beloved        class.
   object, care;                               meroc: (Gk); m. Share, portion, lot.
   ermelin: vb. To care, to be concerned       merre: (183a); m. Red of hair.
   with.                                       merwf: (184a); n. prob. A quantity.
meliaricion: (Gk);                             merqaq v. mour - Necktie.
melicye: (Gk); (w/ er-) vb. To dismember,      mec- v. mici - To bring forth.
   brea.                                       meciteia, -tia: f. Mediation, arbitration,
meloc: (Gk); m. Limb, member, corpse.            negotiation.
mel, ier- v. ier- - To look upon.              mecit/c: m. Mediator, umpire, arbitrator.
melwt: (165a); f. Ceiling, canopy;             mecitia v. meciteia - Mediation.
melh v. moulh - Salt.                          meciw] v. mici - Womb.
men: (Gk); part. Indeed                        mecor/, -wr/, -our/: (186b); n. name of
   men de: On the other hand, on the one         the 12th month of the Coptic calendar
   hand;                                         'Mesori'.
   mentoi, mentoige, mentoike: Part.           mecour/ v. mecor/ - Mesori.
   Yet, nevertheless, of course.               mecwr/ v. mecor/ - Mesori.
menenca- v. ca- - After;                       mecte- v. moc] - To hate.
meneu amoni - Pastures.                        mectenh: (187b); f. Breast;
menk- v. (1)mounk - To make.                     mectenh/t: f. Girdle.
mectw= v. moc] - To hate.                     mestwl = me[twl - Tower.
met-, mey-: (176a); prfx. forming abstract    mesvwni, metsvwni: (213b); mf. ulcer,
  nouns.                                         eruption.
met- v. m/t - Ten.                            messo] v. messwt - Fields.
metaiw v. meyaio - Safflower.                 messwt (menswt), pl. messo],
metania v. metanoia - Repentance                 menso] & sg as pl.: (207b); m. Plain,
metanoia, -nia, matania: (Gk); f.                field.
  Change of mind or heart; repentance,           ermesswt: vb. To be like a plain.
  regret;                                     meh (Q) v. (2)moh - To fill.
  ermetanoin, -nin: vb. to repent,            meh (Q) v. (3)moh - To burn.
  regret, to be sorry.                        mehi: (211a); m. Feather, lancet.
metcobi v. emcobi - Large needle.             mehmouhi: (211b); f. Purslane.
metvwni v. mesvwni - Ulcer.                   me[twl: (214b); m. Tower.
meui: (199a); vi. Tto think;                  (1)m/, mi: (158a); f. Urine;
  --- je-: vb. To think that;                    m/ mmwou: m. Urine;
  --- n-: vb. To meditate (doing), be about      erm/: vb. To evacuate dung;
  to do;                                         ma nerm/: m. Anus.
  --- eqoun e-: vb. To think, design          (2)m/: (Gk); interrog. Do?, did?; whether.
  against;                                    m/i v. mei - To love.
  --- ebol: vb. To think upon, consider;      m/i, mei: (156b); f. Truth, justice; true
  ---: m. Thought, mind;                         person;
  --- nh/t: m. Thought, mind;                    m/i: adj. Truthful, righteous; real,
  metatmeui: adj. Absence of thought;            genuine;
  ]meui: vb. To cause thought; suggest,          meym/i: f. Truth, righteousness;
  remind;                                            refje meym/i: m. Truth-teller;
  jinmeui: m. Thinking, esteem;                  ym/i: m. True, righteous person or thing;
  ervmeui: vb. To have mind of, remem-           tavm/i: m. Truth; adj. true; adv. truely,
  ber;                                           indeed.
       --- je-: vb. To remember that;         m/ini: (170b); m. Sign, mark; signal; wonder;
       ---: m. Remembrance;                      atm/ini: adj. Without mark;
       ]ervmeui: vb. To remind;                  erm/ini: vb. To be marked, remarkable;
       [i     ouervmeui: vb. To get              ]m/ini: vb. To give sign, signify;
  remembrance, be remembered;                    [im/ini: vb. To take sign, augury;
       se nervmeui: m. Remembrance;
                                                     ref[im/ini: m. Augur, diviner.
       refervmeui: m. One who remem-
                                              m/iri v. mour - Bundle.
  ber, remembrancer;
       metrefervmeui: f. Remembrance;         m/n (Q) v. moun - Continuously.
       jinervmeui: mf. Remembrance.           m/n = men- - Indeed.
me,ir v. (1)msir - Amshir.                    m/ni: (172a); adv. Daily, everyday.
mes- v. misi - To fight.                      m/lon v. miolwn - Bitumen.
mesyibc: (207a); m. Hinge (of door).          m/pote: (Gk); adv. Never, on no account,
                                                 perhaps; conj. lest ever.
mest- v. moust - To examine.
                                              m/pwc: (Gk); conj. So that, lest; perhaps.
m/r: (180a); m. Shore of river, opposite          million = milion - Mile.
   shore or bank; prep. to the other side;        militoc: (Gk); f. Red earth, red ochre,
   him/r: prep. On or at the other side;             ruddle, red lead.
   ---: n. On the further side.                   mio=: (158b); w/ suffix miok, pl. miwten,
m/r (Q) v. mour - Bound.                             miwou; vb. To be hale, often implying
m/ran v. meran - Trough.                             gratitude; bravo;
m/rs: (183b); adj. Red, ruddy.                       miok tonou: Much thanks.
m/rqaq = merqaq v. mour - Necktie.                miok v. mio= - Bravo.
(1)m/ci v. mici - Child birth.                    miolon v. miolwn - Bitumen.
(2)m/ci v. mici - Usury.                          miolwn, -on, m/olon: (165a); n. Bitumen
m/ciw] v. mici - Womb.                               extracted from embalmed corpses.
m/t, f. m/]; met-, m/t-: (187b); The              miowten v. mio= - Bravo.
   numeral '10'.                                  miowou v. mio= - Bravo.
m/t- v. m/t - Ten.                                mici, mac-, mec-, mac=, (Q) moci, p.c.
m/ti: (Gk); adv. Used after vbs of fear or           mac-: (184b); vi. To bear, bring forth; vt.
   doubt; in direct questions with vb. to do or      to bear young, beget; Qual. to be newly
   to be;                                            delivered, give suck;
   m/tige: conj. Let alone, much less, not           ---: m. Offspring, generation;
   to mention.                                       belle mmici: n. Born blind;
m/tige v. m/ti - Let alone.                          [ale mmici: n. Born lame;
m/tra: (Gk); f. Womb.                                abot mmici: n. Month of birth;
m/u v. moui - Lioness.                               ma mmici: n. Place of birth;
m/tropolic: (Gk); f. Metropolis, capital             samici: n. First-born child;
   city.                                             metsorp mmici: n. Right or position of
m/s: (202a); m. Multitude (of persons or             first born;
   things), crowd, troop;                            jwm mmici: n. Birth-book;
   --- n- (gen): adj. Many, great;                   ehoou mmici: n. Birthday;
   eroum/s: vb. To be a crowd.                       mici epswi: vb. To bring forth;
m/]: (190b); f. Middle;                              ermec: vb. To bring forth;
   etm/]: prep. To, into midst, between;             mac-, mec-: p.c. Bearing, producing;
   i eym/]: vb. To come before, between;                  macnou]: f. The mother of God;
   qen ym/]: In the midst, between;                  refmici: m. One who bears;
   ebol qenym/]: From out of the midst.              metatmici: f. Barrenness;
m/] v. m/t - Ten (f).                                jinmici: m. Birth, generation;
myo, emyo: (193a); m. Face, presence; in             mac: m. Young (mostly animals or birds);
   face of, before;                                  maci: m. Young animal, calf, bull, cow;
   myo ebol: m. Same meaning.                        (1)m/ci: f. One with child; child-birth;
mi v. (1)m/ - Urine.                                 (2)m/ci: f. Offspring of mony, usury,
miak/c: (162b); pl. Shells, pearl-shells.            interest;
mie v. (2)moui - Lioness.                                 [i eym/ci: vb. To take interest;
mi/ v. (2)moui - Lioness.                                 ] eym/ci: vb. To give at (interest);
milion: (Gk); m. Roman mile.
       tale m/ci: vb. To add interest (to a              ref[imkah: m. Sufferer, apt to
   loan);                                            suffer;
   meciw], m/ciw]: f. Womb; nursing,                 mkah      nh/t: vb. To be pained,
   having given birth;                               troubled at heart;
   mec qen /i: mf. One born in the house;                ---: m. Pain, grief;
   cemici: f. lit. Birth-place, seat; so child-          metatmkah         nh/t: f. Without
   birth, parturition;                               grief;
   ymecio, ymecie-: vt. To bring to birth,               ]mkah nh/t: vb. To grieve, vex;
   act as midwife.                                       ermkah nh/t: vb. To be grieved;
micitopoc: (Gk?); m. Bench, seat, the midst              [imkah nh/t: vb. To be pained,
   of the place.                                     troubled.
mit, emit: (188a); m. Parsley, or celery.         mlaq, emlaq: (165b); vi. To fight,
mitra: (Gk); f. Headband, snood, hood,               quarrel;
   turban, diadem.                                   ---: m. Battle, bttle-array, quarrel;
mitwoui v. mwit - Roads.                             ermlaq ejen-: vb. To fight for, on
misi, mes-, mas-, mas=, (Q) masi:                    behalf of;
   (202b); vi. To fight; to strike;                  refmlaq: m. Fighter;
   --- e-: vb. To fight for, fight bravely;       mmauat=, mauat= (rare): (198b); adj.
   fight against, attack;                            Alone, single; own; pron. self;
   --- ejen-: vb. To fight for, on behalf            mmauatf: adv. Only, merely.
   of, strike upon;                               mmasw v. masw - Greatly.
   --- ehr/i ejen-: vb. to fight for;             mmin mmo=, mmine: (168b); emphasizing
   --- nem-: vb. To fight with, against;             a preceding pron. mostly poss.; Own,
   chide;                                            proper, self.
   --- hijen-: vb. To fight on behalf of;         mmine v. mmin - Self.
   --- ebol: vb. To strike;                       (1)mmon w/ prep. mmont=, mmonta=
   ---: m. Fight, quarrel;                           (rare): (166b); vb. Not to be; w/ mmo=,
   atmisi: adj. Not attacked, unhurt;                not having;
   refmisi: m. Fighter;                              mmonte- (often w/ mmau); vb. Not to
       errefmisi: vb. To be quarrelsome,             have;
   hostile;                                          mmon, emmon: part. No (in answering
   jinmisi: vb. Art of fighting.                     questions); if not, else;
mkah, emkah, (Q) mokh: (163a); vi. To be                 eswp mmon: If not, else;
   painful, difficult, grieved;                          icje mmon: If not, else;
   ---, pl. mkauh & sg as pl.: m. Pain,              sap mmon: Or not, or else, rather.
   difficulty, grief;                             (2)mmon: (169a); adv. Verily, for.
   atmkah: adj. Without pain;                     mmonte- v. (1)mmon - Not to have.
   ermkah: vb. To be pained, grieved;             mna, amn: (Gk); f. Manna - a weight = 100
   ]mkah: vb. To give pain;                          drachmas, a sum of money.
   sepmkah: vb. To receive pain, suffer;          mn/: (174b); adv. There, thither;
   [imkah: vb. To receive pain, suffer;              camn/: adv. Beyond;
       ---: n. Pain, suffering;                      hamn/: adv. There.
mnot, pl. mno], emno] & sg as pl.:                moni v. amoni - To pasture.
  (176b); m. Breast.                              monk v. mounk - To make.
mnot v. mnout - Porter.                           monk= v. mounk - To make.
mno] v. mnot - Breasts.                           monk (Q) v. mounk - To be made.
mnout, emnout, mnot, f. emnoute:                  monkc v. mounk - Crucibles.
  (176b); m. Porter, door=keeper.                 (1)monmen: (176a); vi. To shake, be shaken;
mo, f. me, pl. mwini: (159a); imperat. part.         vt. to shake;
  Take!                                              ---: m. Shaking, earthquake, tempest.
mogic: (Gk); adv. With toil and pain, i.e.        (2)monmen: (176a); adj. Twisted, upside
  hardly, scarcely.                                  down.
moynec v. mton - Case.                            monon: m. Alone, solitary, only, unique,
moi: imperat. of ']' Give!                           single.
moki: (161b); m. Jar, vessel, quiver, container   mor= v. mour - To bind.
  in general.                                     mor- p.c. v. mour - Binder.
mokmek, mekmek-, mekmouk=: (162a); vi.            morc v. mour - Bundle.
  To think, ponder; vt. to meditate, intend;      mort: (183b); f. Beard;
   ---: m. Thought;                                  ermort: vb. To grow a beard, be
  --- ebol: vb. To reflect, ponder;                  bearded;
  jinmokmek: m. Thought, imagination.                sepmort: vb. To shave a beard;
mokh (Q) v. mkah - Difficult.                        mortioc: adj. Well bearded.
molo,: (165a); n. The planet Mars; the            mortioc v. mort - Well bearded
  canaanite-phoenician god of sky & sun.          morv/ (Gk); f. Form, shape, appearance;
molo,eia v. molo,/ - Molokhia (an                    [imorv/: vb. To take a form or shape
  edible plant).                                  moci (Q) v. mici - To be newly delivered.
molo,/, -,eia, mala,/: (Gk); f. An                mock (Q): (186a); vt. To be sharpened (by
  edible plant 'molokhia'.                           whetting).
molq, molq=: (166a); vi. To be hooked             moc], mecte-, mectw=, p.c. macte-:
  into, twisted into, attached to; vt. to            (187a); vt. To hate; p.c. hater of;
  involve, enmesh.                                   ---: m. Hatred, object of hatred;
molq= v. molq -To involve.
                                                     soumoc]: vb. Deserving to be hated.
molh v. (2)moulh - Honey combs.
                                                  moten: (195a); vb rflx. To rest, set at rest.
molh= v. (1)moulh - To make salt.
                                                  moten (Q) v. mton - Satisfied.
molh v. moulh - To make salt.
                                                  mou v. ma - Place.
molj v. moulj - To embrace.
                                                  mou, (Q) mwout: (159a); vi. To die; Qual.
molj= v. moulj - To embrace.
molj (Q) v. moulj - To be embraced                   --- etbe-: vb. To die because of;
monac: (Gk); m. Solitary, alone.                     --- ejen-: vb. To die for, because of;
monact/rion: (Gk); m. Monastery; hermit's            --- n- nten-: vb. To die from, be
  cell.                                              means of;
mona,oc, f. -/: (Gk); m. Monk, f. nun;               --- ebolha-: vb. To die from;
  unique, single.                                    --- qen-: vb. To die by means of;
moni: (174a); f. Nurse; adj. foster-mother.
                                                     --- hiten-: vb. To die through;
   ---: m. Death; plague, pestilence; adj.   moun, mouni, (Q) m/n: (171b); vi. To
   deadly;                                      remain, continue; qual. constantly, con-
   refmou: adj. Dead mortal;                    tinuously;
      metrefmou: f. Mortality;                  --- e-: vb. To remain by, waite upon,
   refmwout: m. Dead person or thing;           continue in;
      metrefmwout: m. Deadness;                 ---: m. Perseverance, continuance;
      errefmwout: vb. To become dead;           jinmoun: m. Perseverance;
   jinmou: m. Manner of dying, death;           --- ebol: vb. To remain, continue; m.
   refiri mvmou: adv. Deadly;                   perseverance, continuance;
   vasmou: adj. Half dead;                          qen oumoun ebol: adv. Con-
   aymou: adj. Deathless, undying, im-          tinually.
   mortal;                                   mouni v. moun - To remain.
      metaymou: f. Deathlessness, im-        (1)mounk, monk, menk-, mounk=,
   mortality.                                   (Q) monk, p.c. mank-: (174b);
mou- v. mwou - Water.                           vt., To make, form; qual. to be made,
moue, mwoui: (160a); m. Light, brightness;      formed, worked;
   ]moue: vb. To shine, be bright;              mank p.c., refmenk-: n. Maker;
       jin]moue: m. Shining, brightness.        ---: m. Thing made, formation, fashion;
mouzeoum v. mouceion - Museum.                  mounk njij: m. Things hand-made;
(1)moui: (160b); f. Island.                         atmounk njij: adj. Not hand-
(2)moui, pl. mwoui: (160b); m f. Lion;          made;
                                                monkc: pl. Place for making, mould,
   moui/, mi/, mu/, mie: f. Lioness;            crucible.
                                             (2)mounk: (175a); vi. To cease, be lacking,
   mac mmoui: n. Young one of lion,
                                                perish; tr. cause to cease, destroy;
                                                ---: m. ceasing, absence, destruction;
(3)moui: (161a); m. Ram.
                                                --- ebol: vb. To cease, destroy; n.
moui/ v. (2)moui - Lioness.
mouki: (161b); f. Ladder.
                                                --- eqoun: vb. To perish;
moulaj: (166b); m. Night raven.
                                                ay-, atmounk: adj. Unceasing,
moulwn: (Gk); f. Mill.
moulq v. molq - Joints.                      mour, mer-, mor=, (Q) m/r, p.c. mer-,
moulqt v. molq - Joints.                        mor-: (180a); vt. To bind, gird, tie;
(1)moulh, molh=, (Q) molh: (165b);              oblige (by oath), adjure; qual. bound, girt;
   vt. To make salt;                            ---: m. band, girth, strap, bundle;
   melh: n. Salt.                               --- eqoun: vb. To bind, join to; m.
(2)moulh, pl. molh: (166a); m. Wax,             obligation, fast;
   honeycomb.                                   --- nem-: vb. To bind with, be at
(1)moulj, molj, molj=, (Q) molj:                enmity with;
   (166b); vi. To enwrap, embrace;              jinmour: m. Binding, that which binds;
   ---: m. Embrace.                             m/iri: f. Bundle;
(2)moulj: (166b); m. Branch.                    mari: f. Part of a loaf, loaf of certain
moumi v. mwou - Spring.                         form;
  marmar: n. Bandage;                                --- eqoun: vb. To call to, cry upon;
  morc: f. Bundle, girdle used as purse;            invite in; summon;
  merqaq: (new) n. Necktie.                         --- eqr/i: vb. To call down (from
mouca: (Gk); f. Music;                              above);
  moucikoc, -on: n. Musical, musician.              jinmou]: m. Calling, naming;
mouceion, mouzeoum: (Gk); m. Museum.                taiemou]: vb. To address word to,
moucer, mouc/r: (184b); m. Strap, band,             greet; n. greeting.
   belt, girdle.                                  mo,loc, mo,louc: (Gk); m. Bar, lever,
mouc/r v. moucer - Strap.                           crowbar, bar or bolt placed across gate i.e.
moucikon v. mouca - Musical.                        lock.
moucikoc v. mouca - Musical.                      mo,louc v. mo,loc - Lever.
mout: (189a); m. Sinew, nerve; pl. joints; sg.    mosi: (203b); vi. To walk, go (on land or
  neck, throat;                                     water); be about to, proceed to;
  mou]: m. (mostly pl.) Neck; shoulder;             ---: n. going, pace, journey;
  sinew; bowstrings; joint.                         --- e-: vb. To go to;
moust, mest-, mast-, most=:                         --- ejen-: vb. To walk upon, go
  (206b); vt. To examine, search out, visit;        toward;
  rflx. examine self, reflect; consider, visit;     --- nem-: vb. To walk, agree, consort
  --- ebol: vb rflx. To consider,                   with;
  ponder;                                           --- nca-: vb. To go after, follow;
  ---: m. Consideration, opinion;                   --- camenh/: vb. To go after, follow;
  metatmoust: f. Thoughtlessness.                   --- cavahou: vb. To go after,
moujt, mojt=, (Q) mojt: (214a); vi. To              follow;
  be mixed; tr. mix;                                --- hivahou: vb. To go after, folloe;
  --- e-, n-, nem-, hi-, qen-:                      --- sa-: vb. To go to;
  vb. To be mixed with;                             --- hi-: vb. To walk on, walk in;
  ---: n. Mixture;                                  --- hivouei: vb. To spread abroad;
  metatmoujt: f. Unmixedness;                       --- qen-: vb. To go, walk in;
  jinmoujt: f. Mixture, intercource.                --- qajen-: vb. To go before;
moujq v. mojq - Girdle.                             --- hijen-: vb. To go upon;
mou]: (191b); vi. To speak, call; vt. call,         --- ebol: vb. To go forth;
  pronounce;                                            jinmosi ebol: m. Going forth;
  --- ejen-, eqr/i ejen-: vb. To                    --- epswi: vb To go up;
  call upon, cry to;                                --- ey/: vb. To go forward;
  --- oube-: vb. To call upon, cry to;              --- eqoun: vb. To go in, approach;
  --- qajen-: vb. To call ahead,                    --- hay/: vb. To go before;
  forward;                                          --- hiy/: vb. To go before;
  --- ha-: vb. To call to;                          aymosi: adj. Pathless;
  --- ebol: vb. To call out (from                   mammosi: m. Place of walking, path;
  within);                                              --- epswi: m. Path upward;
  --- epec/t: vb. To call down (from                    --- eqoun: m. Path inward;
  above);                                               --- hijen: m. Path upon;
   mwit mmosi: m. Road, journey;                      mpate-, mpante-: (179a); vbal prfx. Not
   ehoou mmosi: m. Day's journey;                       yet.
   sv/r mmosi: m. Fellow traveller;                   mpe-, mp=: (178a); vbal prfx. negative of
   jinmosi: m. Going, gait, conduct.                    1st perfect;
most= v. moust - To examine.                            mv/: part. of denial after questions as to
(1)moh: (208a); m. Nest, brood of young;                past events; after jin-, san- 'or'; with
   mahoual, mahbal: m. Nest, dove-                      eswp 'if not'.
   cot;                                               mper v. mvwr - vbal prfx of neg. impera-
(2)moh, mah-, mah=, (Q) meh:                            tive.
   (208a); vt. To fill; fulfill, complete; pay; vi.   mpecnau v. cnau - both together.
   to be full;                                        mpsa, empsa: (179a); vi. To be worthy,
   meh rw=: vb. To fill mouth; seize, bite;             worth; be meet, entitled, obliged; (w/o
   mahtot=: vb. To fill hand, lay hold on;              obj.) be worthy, fitting; it is right, needful;
   mahqa/t=: vb. To fill belly;                         --- e-: vb. To be worthy to;
        ---: m. Satiety;                                atmpsa: adj. Worthless, unworthy;
   --- ebol: vt. To fill, pay; vi. to be full,               metatmpsa: f. Unworthiness;
   filled, paid;                                        ---: m. Worth, fate;
        ---: m. Fulfilment, limit;                      ermpsa: vb. To become, be worthy,
   --- eqoun: vt. To fill up, supplement;               deserve;
        jinmoh eqoun: m. Completion;                  mpsis v. msis - Vengenance.
   ---: m. Fullness, contents;                        mreh in mamreh: (184a); n. 20th lunar
        hanmoh: n. Channels, conduits;                  station.
   mah-: prfx to ordinal numeral to convert           mrom v. mrwm - Pillow.
   to cardinal numbers, lit. filling, completing.     mrost (Q): (184a); vi. To stink.
(3)moh, meh: (210a);                                  mroqt: (184a); n. Pipe-clay.
        --- e-: vb. To burn at, for;                  mrwm, emrwm, mrom: (183a); m. Pillow.
        --- ebol: vb. To burn, glow.                  mcah, emcah: (187b); m. Crocodile.
(4)moh: (210b); vi. To look;                          mtat: (196a); f. Bridle, bit;
   ---: m. Appearance.                                mtath = mtat - Bridle.
moqj v. mojq - Girdle.                                mtau: (196a); n. Wizardry, magic, lit.
mojt= v. moujt - To mix.                                words;
mojt (Q) v. moujt - To be mixed.                        je mtau: vb. To speak magic;
mojq, moujq, moqj: (213b); m. Girdle                    refje mtau: m. Magician;
   of a soldier or monk.                                     metrefje mtau: f. Magic.
mo] v. mout - Neck.                                   mton, emton, (Q) moten: (193b); vi. To
mp= v. mpe- - vbal prfx for neg. 1st perfect.           be at rest, at ease, be relieved (of sick-
mpa= v. mpare- - vbal prfx for neg. pre-                ness); vt rflx. rest self, go to rest, die; qual.
   sent of habitude.                                    easy, hale, satisfied;
mpante- v. mpate - Not yet.                             --- e- (Q): vb. To be easy to;
mpare-, mpa=: (182b); vbal prfx. negative               --- n- (Q): vb. To be easy to;
   of the present of habitude 'sare'.                   --- ejen-: vb. To rest upon, be
                                                        satisfied with;
   --- nh/t: n. Rest, satisfaction;                 er[aumwit: vb. To be leader;
   ---: m. Rest, ease, relief;                    --- ebol: m. Road (of going) out;
   qen oumton: adv. Easily;                       --- eqoun: m. Road (of going) in;
   atemton: adj. Unquiet;                         --- epswi: m. Going up;
   ma nmton: m. Place of resting;                 --- mmosi: m. Track;
   ermton: vb. To be, set at rest, ease;          --- ncini: m. Passage.
   ]mton: vb. To set at ease, content, set a    mwou, mou-: (197a); m. Water; inundation;
   pause;                                         mwou nbebi: m. Fountain;
   [imton: vb. To get rest, be at ease;           mwou ncwrem: m. Torrent;
   metmoten: f. Ease;                             aymwou: adj. Waterless;
   moynec: f. Ease, contentment; facility,          metaymwou: f. Drought;
   opportunity;                                   meh mmwou: vb. To draw water;
       [imoynec: vb. To get relief, satis-          refmeh mmwou: m. Water dra-
   faction;                                        wer;
     qen oumoynec: adv. Easily.                    ermwou: vb. To become water, liquify;
mtotf: (196a); m. Wild rue.                        cermwou: vb. To scatter, distribute
mulion v. milion - Mile.                           water;
mullion v. milion - Mile.                          ]mwou: vb. To give water;
muron: (Gk); m. Sweet oil, chrism oil, per-          ma n]mwou: m. Place of giving
  fume; a sacrament of the Coptic Church.          (forth) water;
mucywt/c: (Gk?); n. Hireling.                      tce mwou: vb. To slake with water;
muctagwgia: (Gk); f. Initiation into the           [imwit: vb. To take, receive water;
  mysteries, mystical doctrine.                       er[imwit: m. Urine;
muct/rion: (Gk); Mystery, sacrament,               moumi: f. Spring, fountain.
  secret, hidden.                               mwoui v. moue - Light.
mv/ v. mpe- - Part. of denial.                  mwoui v. (2)moui - Lions.
mvr/] v. r/] - Like.                            mwout: (201a); vt. To kill.
mvwr: (178b); deprecatory interj. Do it not!,   mwout (Q) v. mou - Dead.
  by no means!, nay!;                           (1)msir, emsir, me,ir: (206a); n.
  mper-: vbal prfx of neg. imperative; do          Name of 6th month of the Coptic Calendar
  not;                                             'Amshir'.
      --- yre-: Let not.                        (2)msir, emsir: (206a); m. Pot, box (for
mwini v. mo - take.                                incense).
mwit, pl. mitwoui: (188a); m. Road, path;       msis, emsis, mpsis: (207b); m. Ven-
  place.                                           geance;
  mwit ni eqoun: m. Entrance;                      iri mpsis, erpmsis: vb. To do
  mwit ni ebol: m. Entrance;                       vengeance; requite;
  ]mpimwit: vb. To give away, occasion;            [imsis: vb. To take vengeance, be
  [imwit: vb. To take road, lead, guide;           avenged;
      ref[imwit: m. Leader, guide;                     ---: m. Retribution;
              metref[imwit: f. Leading,            iri mpsis, erpi[imsis, erou[i-
  guidance;                                        msis: vb. To do vengeance;
   ] nou[imsis: vb. To give requital,      mhot: (212b); m. Shoemaker's last or mallet.
  take vengeance on;                       mjath v. mjaht - Mortar.
  ref[imsis: m. Taker of vengeance,        mjaht, mjath: (214a); f. Mortar.
  avenger;                                 mjoul v. mjwl - Onion.
  note mpsis can replace msis in all the   mjwl, emjwl, mjoul: (213b); m.
  above constructions.                        Onion.
mhal: (665a); m. Servant, slave.
mhau, emhau: (212b); m. Tomb, cavern.
n: (214a); 13th letter of the Coptic Alphabet;              satmetnai: vb. To ask pity,
    n: The numeral 'fifty'.                              charity; n. one asking charity;
(1)n-, mmo=: (215a); part. of; indicating                remnnai, refnai: m. Pitiful, charitable;
    direct object; as, for.                              jinnai: m. Pity, act of pitying;
(2)n-: (215b); prep. With, by; in, to, from;             nah/t, na/t: m. Pitiful of heart,
    w/ebol, cabol from, from out; in, on.                compassionate;
(3)n-, na=: (216a); prep. of dative, To for.                 erna/t: vb. To be pitiful;
na: (217b); vi. +n/ou To go, come;                       meyna/t: f. Pity, charity;
    --- e-: vb. often, To be in the act of                   iri, ermeyna/t: vb. To do
    going to;                                            charity, have pity;
    --- epec/t: vb. To go down;                              ]metna/t: vb. To give charity.
    --- epswi: vb. To go up;                         nai v. vai - These ones.
    --- eywn: vb. To go wither;                      nakhi: (223a); f. Pains of travail, pains in
    --- eqoun: vb. To go in, enter;                      general;
    --- ehr/i: vb. To go up;                             ]nakhi: vb. To be in travail;
    --- eqr/i: vb. To go down;                               ---: m. Travail.
    ---: vbal infix for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd            nam- v. nom - Pine.
    future tenses.                                   nane-, nane=: (227a); vi. To be good, fair;
na- v. (1)pa- - My.                                      nanec: It is good, right;
na- v. (2)pa- - The ... belonging to.                    --- e-: vb. To be better than;
na- v. ne- - Indicating imperfect.                       enane-, eynane: adj. Good, fair;
na= v. (3)n- - To.                                       peynane-, v/ eynane-: n. That
naa, naa=: (218b); nom vb. To be great;                  which is good;
    --- ehote e-: Greater than;                              maipeynane-: Lover of goodness;
    --- qen: Greatest.                                   erpeynane-, iri mpipeynane-: vb.
naa= v. naa - To be great.                               To do good;
nabi v. naui - Spear.                                        refpeynane: m. Doer of good,
na/t v. nai - Compassionate.                             benefactor;
nai, p.c. na-: (216b); vi. To have pity,                              metreferpeynane-:         f.
    mercy;                                               Beneficence;
    ---: m. Pity, charity;                                   ca mpeynane-: n. Doer of good,
    iri, erpinai, erounai: vb. To do                     righteous;
                                                     nane= v. nane- - To be good.
    charity, kindness;
    sounai: adj. Worth of pity; pitiable;            nare- v. ne- - vbal prfx. imperfect.
    [inai: vb. To get pity, take alms;               nat: (229a); m. Loom; web.
    at-, aynai: adj. Pitiless;                       (1)nau, imperat. anau: (233b); vi. To
        er, oi atnai: vb. To be pitiless;                look, behold;
                                                         --- ebol, mbol: vb. To see;
        metatnai: f. Pitilessness;
                                                         metaynau mbol: f. Sightlessness;
    met-, meynai: f. Pity, charity;
                                                         ---: m. Sight. view, vision;
                                                         atnau: adj. Unseen, unseeing.
   refnau: m. Seer; adj. seeing;              nahbioui v. noheb - Necks.
      errefnau: vb. To become seer,           nahem- v. nohem - To save.
    spectator;                                nah/t v. nai - Compassionate.
    jinnau: fm. Sight. vision.                nahm= v. nohem - To save.
(2)nau: (234b); m. Hour, time;                nahra= v. ho, hraf - In the presence of.
    --- nswrp: m. Morning, early hour;        nahren v. ho, hraf - In the presence of.
    --- mmeri: m. Midday, noon;               nah], (Q) enhot (246a); vi. To trust,
    nis] nnau: adj. Great, long time              believe; vt. to believe; qual. trustworthy,
    kouji nnau: adj. Little time;                 faithful;
    --- niben: m. Every hour, always;             --- e-: vb. To believe, trust in; qual.
    qen pinau etemmau: Then;                      trustworthy for, (fit to be) entrusted
    mpainau: Just now, meanwhile, forth-          with;
    with;                                         --- qen: vb. To trust in;
    painau: At this (same) time;                  ---: m. Trust, faith;
    sapinau: Up to the hour;                      metnah]: f. Faith;
    icjen vnau: From the hour;                    aynah]: adj. Unbelieving;
        icjen painau: Henceforth;                     metatnah]: f. Unbelief;
    nynau: interr. When?                              eraynah]: vb. To unbelieve, be
        saynau: interr. Until when?.              unbelieving, be mistrustful;
nauben: (235b); pl. Footsteps.                    sounah]: adj. Worthy of belief.
naui, nabi, nahbi: (235b); m. Spear,          najp: (249b); n. Stone, kernel (of fruit).
    javelin, spike.                           najhi: (249b); f. Tooth.
naukl/roc: (Gk); m. Ship-owner and            ne-, na-: (219a); vbal prfx. for imperfect;
    merchant, sailing master; captain, com-       pluperfect;
    mander.                                       ne-: In nominal cluases, indicating past.
navri: (228a); f. Grain, seed.                ne v. pe - To be.
nase-, nasw=: (236a); vi. To be many,         neb- v. n/b - Lord.
    much;                                     nebahi v. n/b - Long-lived.
    etnase: adj. Many, great;                 neb/i v. n/b - Landlord.
    --- couen=: Price;                        neb/t v. n/b - Man of sense.
nasp- v. nousp - Agitater.                    nebi v. n/bi - To swim.
nasp/ri v. nousp - Scare crow.                nebiahi v. n/b - Landowner.
nast (Q) v. nsot - Being difficult.           nebh/t v. n/b - Man of sense.
nast p.c. v. nsot - Hard of.                  neb] v. noubt - Plait.
nastnoheb v. noheb - Stiff-necked.            nei, n/i: (219a); f. Time;
nasth/t v. nsot - Hard-hearted.                   ernei: vb. To make, reach time;
nasw= v. nase- - To be many.                      ]nei: vb. To give, appoint time.
nas] v. nsot - Strength.                      nekron: (Gk); n. Corpse; adj. dead.
nah= v. nouh - To be shaken.                  nem-, nema=: (169b); prep. With; conj.
nahbef v. noheb - Yoke.                           and;
nahbi v. naui - Spear.                            alla nem: But also;
nahbi v. noheb - Neck.                            w nem-: exclamatory O! or and O!
nema= v. nem- - With.                              ---     ebol     qen-: vb. To awake,
nece-, necw=: (228b); vi. To be beautiful;         arise from;
   eynece-, eynecw=: adj. Beautiful.               --- epswi:vb. To rise up, awake;
necw= v. nece- - To be beautiful.                  --- ehr/i: vb. To rise up, awake;
netb- v. noutf - To loosen.                        jinnehci: m. Awakening, arising.
netf- v. noutf - To loosen.                     nehf v. nouh - What is shaken.
nesp- v. nousp - To agitate.                    nej- v. (2)nouj - To throw.
neste v. nsot - Rough person.                   neji: (252a); f. Belly, womb;
nef: (238b); m. Sailor;                         n/ v. v/ - Demonstrative article (pl).
   nefhith/: m. Pilot.                          n/i v. nei - Time.
nefi v. n/bi - To swim.                         n/b, neb-: (221a); m. Lord, master,
neft- v. noutf - To loosen.                        owner; f. mistress;
neqji v. noujq -                                   atn/b: adj. Lordless;
neh: (240b); m. Oil;                               metn/b: f. Lordship;
   --- keniwt: m. Fat, thick oil;                  ern/b: vb. To be lord;
   --- eynotem: m. Sweet oil;                      nebahi: Long-lived;
   --- efberber: m. Boiling oil;                   neb/i: n. Lord of house, householder,
   --- eyouab: m. Holy oil;                        i.e. landlord, landlady;
   --- nywhc: m. Oil of anointing;                 nebiohi: m. Lord of the field, land-
   ayneh: adj. Oiless;                             owner;
   ma mpineh: m. Oil cellar.                       nebh/t, neb/t: m. Lord of mind,
neh v. nouh - To shake.                            man of sense, sensible man.
                                                n/bi, nebi, nipi, nefi, nibi: (222a); vi. To
neh= v. nouh - To shake.
                                                   float, swim;
neh v. nouh - To be shaken.
                                                   n/bi epswi: m. Floating on surface;
nehbal v. nehb/l - Wine-skin.
                                                   jinnefi: m. Floating, sailing.
nehbel v. nehb/l - Wine-skin.
                                                n/ni: (227b); m. Honeycomb.
nehb/l, nehbel, nehbal: (243b); m.
                                                n/coc, pl. -wc: f. Island.
                                                n/ctia: (Gk); f. Fast, abstainence;
nehp- v. noheb - To yoke a beast.
                                                   ]kouji nn/ctia: n. The little fast,
nehpi: (245a); vi. To mourn, lit. smite self;
                                                   advent, fast preceding the feast of the
   --- e-, ejen-: vb. To mourn for;
   --- ebol: vb. To mourn;                         ern/cteuin: vb. To fast, abstain from
   ---: m. Mourning;                               food.
   iri nounehpi: vb. To make mourning;          n/cwc v. n/coc - Islands.
   [i nehpi: vb. To take mourning,              n/ou (Q) v. i - To have come.
   mourn;                                       n/ou (Q) v. noui - To be coming.
   refnehpi: m. Mourner.                        n/h (Q) v. nouh - To be shaken.
nehci: (245b); vi.To awake, arise; vt.          n/j (Q) v. (2)nouj - To be thrown.
   waken, raise up;                             n/ji = /ji - Leek.
   --- ejen-: vb. To rise against;
                                                nynau v. (2)nau - When.
   --- qen-: vb. To arise from, in;
                                                nyo: pers pron. 2nd pers f sg. You (f).
nyok: pers pron. 2nd pers m sg. You (m).        nkot, enkot: (224a); vi. To sleep,lie down,
nyoc: pers pron. 3rd pers f sg. She.               lie;
nyof: pers pron. 3rd pers m sg. He.                --- e-: vb. To sleep, lie down;
nywten pers pron. 2nd pers pl. You (pl).           --- ejen-, ehr/i ejen-, hijen-,
nywou: pers pron. 3rd pers pl. They.               hi-: vb. To lie upon;
niben: (225b); adj. Every.                         --- qen-: vb. To lie in, on;
nibi v. n/bi - To swim.                            --- n-: vb. To lie in;
nim: (225a); interrog pron. Who ?, What?;          --- nem-: vb. To lie with;
   ---: A certain person or thing; so &            ---: m. Sleep;
   so;                                             atnkot: adj. Sleepless;
   panim, tanim: Belonging to whom.                ma nnkot: m. Place of lying, couch;
nipi v. n/bi - To swim.                            sexual cohabitation;
nis], noj, nouj: (250a); adj. Great,               refnkot: m. One who lies;
   large;                                          jinnkot: m. Act of lying, sleeping.
   --- nrwmi: Grown or old man;                 nobi: (222a); m. Sin;
   --- ns/ri: Elder son;                           aynobi: adj. Sinless, innocent;
   --- ncon: Elder brother;                             metatnobi: f. Sinlessness;
   --- ncwni: Elder sister;                        mainobi: Sin-loving;
   --- e-: Great, old person or thing;             ernobi: vb. To sin, commit sin;
   metnis]: f. Greatness, seniority;                    --- e-: vb. To sin against;
   ernis]: vb. To become, be great; grow           refernobi: n. Sinner;
   old, be of age;                                 [inobi: vb. To bear sin.
        --- e-: vb. To be greater, older        no/ma: (Gk); vb. To apprehend, perceive,
   than;                                           think, consider, reflect, presume, con-
        meternis]: f. Greatness;                   ceive, intend, mean;
   swpi nnis]: vb. To become, be                   ernoin: vb. To perceive, understand.
   great;                                       no/ron v. nouc - Sensible.
nifi: (238b); vi. To blow, breathe; tr. blow;   noini, nwini: (226b); vi. To shake, tremble;
   --- e-: vb. To blow upon;                       vt. shake;
   --- eqoun e-: vb. To blow into;                 ---: m. Shaking.
   --- eqr/i e-: vb. To blow down               nom, nam: (226a); m. Pine, tamarisk,
   upon;                                           cypress.
   --- hijen-: vb. To blow upon;                nomimon v. nomoc - Customary.
   --- nca-: vb. To blow after, upon;           nomicma: (Gk); m. Custom, institution;
   --- ebol: vb. To breathe;                       current coin.
   ---, nif: m. Breath;                         nomoyet/c v. nomoc - Legislator.
   refnifi: n. Blower, blow-pipe;               nomoc: (Gk); m. Law, custom, statute, or-
   jinnifi: m. Blowing;                            dinance;
   sennifi: m. Blow of breath, breathing;          nomoyet/c: m. Lawgiver, legislator;
   ] nifi: vb. To give breath; take breath,        cemnenomoc: vb. To draft law, legis-
   rest, doze;                                     late;
   qamnifi: Difficult breathing.
   paranomoc: m. One against the law;             --- menenca-: vb. To come after,
   criminal;                                      follow;
   erparanomoc, -min: vb. To break                ---     sa-: vb. To come to, reach;
   the law;                                       ---     ha-: vb. To come to, reach;
   anomoc,       atnomoc: adj. Without            ---     hijen-: vb. To come upon, over;
   law, lawless;                                  ---     ebol: vb. to come forth;
   nomimon: adj. Comfortable to law or            ---     ebol e-: vb. To come forth to,
   custom, customary, legitimate.                 against, sue;
nom]: (226a); f. Strength, power; encou-          --- ebol n-(mmo=): vb. To come
   ragement, comfort;                             forth from;
   atnom]: adj. Without strength;                 --- ebol ca-: vb. To come forth
   ]nom]: vb. To fortify, comfort;                from beside, from;
       ref]nom]: n. Comforter;                    --- ebol qajen-: vb. To come
       metref]nom]: f. Comfort, en-               forth from;
   couragement;                                   --- ebol qen-: vb. To come forth
       ---: m. Consolation;                       from;
   jemnom]: vb. To find strength, com-            ---     ebol hiten-: vb. To come
   fort.                                          forth through, from;
noni: (227b); vi. To fall down.                   --- epec/t: vb. To come down;
not= v. nout - To grind.                          --- epswi: vb. To come up;
notarioc: (L); m. Scribe, notary, registrar.      --- eqoun: vb. To come in, enter;
notem (Q): (231b); vi. To be sweet,               --- ehr/i: vb. To come up;
   pleasant;                                      --- eqr/i: vb. to come down;
   noutem: adj. Sweet;                         nouker: (224a); vt. To prick, incise of
       jwit nnoutem: Sweet olive.                 unripe sycamore-figs;
nou= v. vw= - Belonging to                        ---: n. Incision of this fruit.
noub: (221b); m. Gold; money, coin;            noun: (226b); m. Abyss of hell, depth of
   hamnoub: m. Goldsmith.                         earth or sea.
noubt, noutb, noutp: (222b); vt. To            nouni: (227b); f. Root;
   weave;                                         retnouni: vb. To put forth root;
   neb]: f. Plait, tress.                         [e nouni: vb. To take root;
noui, (Q) n/ou: (219a); vi. To go, be going       [ep-, sepnouni: vb. To take root;
   to, about to go; qual. be (in act of)          ---: m. Radish.
   coming, about to come;                      nouri: (228b); fm. vuture; griffon.
   --- e-: vb. (2nd tense) To increase in      nouc: (Gk); m. Mind, sense, wit; reason,
   doing; qual. be coming, be on the road         intellect; thought;
   to;                                            no/ron: adj. Sensible, reasonable.
   --- ejen-: vb. To come upon, to;            nout, not=: (229a); vt. To grind, pound
   --- ehr/i ejen-: vb. To come                   corn &c;
   upon, to;                                      ---: m. Grinding, mill;
   --- nem-: vb. To come with, bring;             ma nnout: m. Milling place, mill;
   --- nca-: vb. to come after, for;              refnout: m. Grinder;
   nwit: m. Meal of any kind.                     (1)nouj: (246b); adj. Lying, false; adv.
noutb v. noubt - To weave.                            falsely;
noutem v. (Q) notem - Sweet.                          meynouj: f. Lie, falsity;
noutp v. noubt - To weave.                            jemeynouj: vb. To say falsehood;
noutf, nouft, netf-, netb-,                                --- e-: vb. To say falsehood
   netft-, noft=: (232a); vt. To loosen,              against;
   dis-solve, settle, make terms for; vi. to be            refjemeynouj: m. Liar;
   relaxed, released;                                      aymeynouj: adj. Without lie;
   ---: n. Relaxation;                                     cameynouj: n. Dealer in, maker of
   jinneft rw=: n. Act of smiling.                    lies.
nousp, nesp-, nosp=, (Q) nosp, p.c.               (2)nouj, nej-, noj=, (Q) n/j: (247a);
   nasp-: (236a); vt. To blow (of wind);              vt. To throw, cast;
   agitate, frighten, overawe; vi. be                 --- nca-: vb. To throw after, cast
   frightened;                                        upon;
   --- ebol ha-: vb. To scare from,                   --- ebol: vb. To cast forth, discard;
   off;                                           nouj v. nis] - Great.
   --- qa-: vb. To be scared away                 nou]: (230b); mf. (any) god; adj. godly,
   from;                                              divine;
   --- qen-: vb. to awake from;                       vnou]: m. God;
   --- ebol qen-: vb. to be scared                    atnou]: adj. Godless;
   from;                                                   eratnou]: vb. to be godless;
   --- qajen-: vb. To be scared by, at;               metnou]: f. Divinity;
   --- ebol: vi. To be scared away; tr.               mainou]: n. God-loving;
   scare away;                                             metmainou]: f. Godliness, piety;
   --- evahou: vi. To be scared back;                 macnou]: f. God-bearing, mother of
   m. fight;                                          God (Virgin Mary);
   nasp/ri= nasp p/ri: m. Scare-                           refmecnou]: n. God-bearer;
   quail, scarecrow.                                  mactenou]: n. god-hater;
noufi v. (Q) nofer - Good.                            ernou]: vb. To be god;
nouft v. noutf - To loosen.                           samsenou]: n. Serving god; god-
nouft: (240a); vi. To swell, be distended.            server;
nouh, noh, neh-, nah=, neh=, (Q) n/h,                      metsamsenou]: f. God-service,
   (Q) neh: (241b); vt. To shake, cast off,           piety;
   set apart, separate; vi. jump;                          refsemsenou]: m. God-serving,
   --- ebol: vt. To shake off, cast out,              pious person;
   set apart, assign; vi. come apart, be              refjvenou]: n. God-bearer.
   loosed;                                        noser: (237a); m. Vulture, falcon.
   --- ebol qen-: vt. To separate                 nosp= v. nousp - To agitate.
   from, out of;                                  nosp (Q) v. nousp - To be agitated.
   nehf, neh: m. What is shaken, or that          nofer (Q): (239b); vi. To be good,
   wherewith is shaken.                               profitable;
nouhi: (242b); f. Sycamore, fig-mulberry.             nofri: f. Good, profit, advantage;
   ernofri: vb. To be profitable;                 jinnohem: m. Salvation, safety.
      --- e-: vb. To be profitable to do      nohem- v. nohem - To save.
   so & so;                                   nohem (Q) v. nohem - To be saved.
          --- n-(dat): vb. To be profitable   nohi v. (2)noh - Rope-maker.
   for;                                       noj v. nis] - Great.
   metnofri: f. Good things;                  noj= v. (2)nouj - To throw.
     metatnofri: adj. Unprofitable-           nojnej: (252b); vt. To reprouach, mock.
   ness;                                      nta= v. (1)nte- - Belonging to.
    noufi: adj. Good.                         (1)nte, nta=: (230a); part of genitive,
nofri v. nofer - Good.                            for greater precision than n-; where
noft= v. noutf - To loosen.                      preceding word had indef. art.; between
(1)noh: (241a); pl. Eyelids.                     two proper names; after foregoing gen.
(2)noh: (241a); m. Rope, cord;                   or after attribute; after strong article;
    sesnoh: n. Twist rope;                       nta=: Indicating possession or owner-
    nohi: m. Rope-maker.                         ship; of + pronoun;
noh v. nouh - To shake.                          ouonta=: vb. There is, have;
noh nrws v. rws - Measuring cord.                mmonta=: vb. There is not, not have;
noheb, nwheb, nehp-: (243a); vt. To               etenta=, petenta=, v/ ete-
   make ready (wagon by) yoking beasts;           nta=: That which is mine, his & c.
   yoke (beasts);                             (2)nte-, te-: (229b); prfx of conjunctive.
   --- eqoun e-: vb. To yoke to, join         nt/j v. ent/j - Herb.
   to;                                        nuktikorax: (Gk); m. Long-eared owl.
   nahbef: m. Yoke; cross beam in loom;       numvioc: (Gk); m. Bridegroom; fiancee.
   nahbi nahboui: f. Shoulder, back;          n,ai, en,ai: (223a); m. Thing in general;
   neck;                                        thing to eat, food; property, belongings;
   sinnahbi: n. Shoulder measure; height        --- niben: Everything (mostly inani-
   of shoulder;                                 mate).
   nastnahbi: adj. Stiff-necked;              nwik: (222b); m. Adulterer;
       metnastnahbi: f. Obstinacy;              ernwik: vb. To commit adultery;
   jarebnahbi: adj. Bare-necked;                     refernwik: m. Committer of adul-
   [acinahbi: adj. High-necked; con-            tery.
   ceited;                                      metnwik: f. Adultery.
   wli ntnahbi: vb. To take off neck;         nwini v. noini - To shake.
   behead.                                    nwit v. nout - Meal.
nohem, nohem-, nahem-, nahm=, (Q)             nwis: (236a); m. Spleen.
   nohem: (243b); vi. To be saved, safe;      nwou]: (235b); n. Swaddling bands.
   vt. Save, preserve;                        nwheb v. noheb - To yoke.
   --- e-: vi. To be saved, escape from;      nswp v. swp - Moment.
   escape safely to;                          nsot, ensot, (Q) nast, p.c. nast-:
   --- ebol: vt. Implying completion;
                                                (237a); vi. To be hard, strong, difficult;
   ---: m. Safety;                              nasth/t: adj. Strong, hard of heart;
   refnohem: m. Savior;
   metnasth/t: f. Hard hearted-               metneste: f. Roughness;
ness;                                         erneste: vb. To become hard.
   ernasth/t: vb. To be hard            nhi- v. hi - On.
hearted;                                nhr/i v. hr/i - Above.
---: m. Hardness, boldness;             nhour, enhour: (245a); vi. To tremble;
qen ounsot: adv. Roughly, hardly;          cause to tremble, be terrible;
]nsot: vb. To make hard (mostly with       ---: n. Shuddering, fear;
h/t), encourage;                           atnhour: adj. Unshakable, immovable.
nas]: m. Strength, strengthener, pro-   nje: (252a); part. preceding nominal subject
tector;                                    in the verbal sentence; occurs more
ernas]: vb. To be protector;               frequently in texts translated from Greek.
neste: m. Hard, rough person;
x: The 14th letter of the Coptic Alphabet;            xulon: (Gk); m. Wood, firewood, timber;
    x: The numeral 'sixty'.                              log beam, post; club.
xenon: (Gk?); n. Insane asylum.                       xuroc: (Gk); n. Medicine, cologne.
xect/c: (Gk); m. Roman measure nearly                 xuct/rioc: (Gk); m. Among instruments of
   equal to 1 pint, used for fluids and grains.         a surgeon.
xmarwout v. cmou - Is blessed.                        xwrictia: (Gk); m. Exile, deportation;
xom/: (Gk?); f. Ruler, base, figure.                    erxwricteuin, -rizin: vb. To exile,
xorgicmoc: (Gk); pl. Magicians,                         deport.
o: (253a); The 15th letter of the Coptic          omolog/t/c v. omologia - Confessor.
    Alphabet;                                     omologia, -goia, homologia: f.
    o: The numeral 'seventy'.                        Agreement, vow, confession;
(1)o, w: (253a); adj. Great.                         omolog/t/c, -git/c,
(2)o: def. art. m. in Greek words only.              homolog/t/c: m. Sponsor, confessor;
obi (Q) v. ibi - To be thirsty.                      eromologin, eromologoin,
obs= v. wbs - To forget.                             erhomologoin: vb. To confess.
obs (Q) v. wbs - To be forgotten.                 omologit/c v. omologia - Confessor.
oeis v. wis - Cry.                                omologoia v. omologia - Confession.
oyen: (Gk); adv. Whence, where, whither.          omoiwc v. omoc - Like.
oi (Q) v. aiai - Great.                           omoc, oumoc, oumioc, omoiwc: (Gk);
oi (Q) v. iri - To be doing.                         Like, resembling; the same; equal;
oikonomia: (Gk); f. Management of a                  likewise, similar.
    household or family, husbandry, thrift,       omc- v. wmc - To dip.
    regulation; economy;                          omc= v. wmc - To dip.
    oikonomoc: m. one who manages a               on: (255b); adv. Again, also, still; further;
    household; manager, administrator,               yet.
    economist;                                    oni (Q) v. ini - To be like.
    eroikonomin: vb. To manage,                   onoma: (Gk); m. Name, title;
    administrate, economize, regulate.               onomati: In the name.
oikonomoc v. oikonomia - Manager.                 onomati v. onoma - In the name.
oikoumen/, oikomen/: (Gk); f. Inhabited           onux v. onu,ion - Onyx.
    region, the world.                            onu,ion, onux: (Gk); m. A kind of onyx (a
oikoumenikoc: adj. Ecumenical, open to the           white precious stone); claw; pig's trotters.
    whole world.                                  ons (Q): (525a); vi. To be astonished,
oili v. wili - Ram.                                  dazed;
okem (Q) v. wkem - To be dark.                       --- ebol: vb. To gape, muse, be in
oktwbrioc: (Gk); n. The month 'October'.             trance.
ol= v. wli - To hold.                             onq= v. wnq - To live.
ol v. wli - To be contained.                      onq (Q) v. wnq - To be alive.
olk= v. wlk - To become bent.                     onh: (13a); m. Yard, court.
olk (Q) v. wlk - To become bent.                  op= v. wp - To count.
oloc/rikoc, olocirikon: (Gk); n. Silk, of         opion: (Gk); m. Opium, poppy-juice.
    silk.                                         opt- v. wbt - To be laden.
olocirikon v. oloc/rikoc - Silk.                  opt (Q) v. wbt - To be laden.
omi: (254b); mf. Clay, mud;                       optacia: (Gk); f. Vision, appearance.
    oi nomi: vb. To become clay, mud;             ops= v. wbs - To forget.
    ouamomi: f. Earth-eater;                      oracic, horacic: (Gk); f. Seeing, the act of
    jajomi: pl. Metal agricultural tool.             sight; vision; appearance.
omk= v. wmk - To swallow.                         orb= v. wreb - To detest.
organon: (Gk); m. A musical instrument,         os= v. ws - To cry.
    organ.                                      osem v. wsem - To be quenched.
org/: (Gk); f. Temperament, mood; anger,        osem (Q) v. wsem - To be quenched.
    wrath; passion.                             osm= v. wsem - To be quenched.
oreb (Q) v. wreb - To be detested.              osj- v. wsj - To smear.
oryinon, oryion: (Gk); n. Of the voice;         osj= v. wsj - To smear.
    high-pitched, shrill.                       osj (Q) v. wsj - To be smeared.
oryion v. oryinon - Shrill.                     of= v. wfi - To press.
oryodox/ v. oryodoxia - Orthodox.               oft= v. wft - To nail.
oryodoxia: (Gk); f. Right opinion,              oft (Q) v. wft - To be nailed.
    orthodoxy;                                  oqt (Q) v. wqt - To be dripped.
    oryodoxoc, -/: m. Orthodox in               (1)ohi, iohi: (258a); m. Yard (of house),
    religion.                                       fold (for cattle, sheep); pasture; flock,
oryodoxoc v. oryodoxia - Orthodox.                  herd.
ormickoc: (Gk); m. Small necklace.              (2)ohi, (Q) ohi: (536b); vi. To stand, stay,
oroboc, orob/: (Gk); m. Bitter vetch.               wait;
orvanoc, f. -/: (Gk); m. Orphan, without            --- e-: vb. To abide by, wait for;
    parents, fatherless.                            --- nem-: vb. To stay with;
orf= v. wrf - To be enclosed.                       --- n-: vb. To wait for, attend to; as,
orf (Q) v. wrf - To be enclosed.                    for;
(1)oci: (256b); m. Loss, damage, fine;              --- oube-: vb. To stand before,
    ]oci: vb. To suffer loss, hurt, be fined.       against;
(2)oci: (257a); n. In pise noci 'tamarisk'.         --- qaten-: vb. To stay with;
ock (Q) v. wck - To be delayed.                     --- hijen-: vb. To stay upon;
ocq- v. wcq - To reap.                              --- cabol: vb. To stay outside;
ocq= v. wcq - To reap.                              --- evahou: vb. To stay behind;
ocq (Q) v. wcq - To be reaped.                      --- eqoun ehren-: vb. To stand
otp (Q) v. wbt - To be laden.                       against;
otp (Q) v. wtp - To be enclosed.                    --- erat=: vb. To stand on foot,
oude: (Gk); neg part. But not; and not, nor.        stand;
okoun: (Gk); adv. Certainly not; therefore;         --- e-: vb. To stand before, against,
    then do you not; but at least.                  attend on;
oul/: (Gk); f. Wound scarred over, scar.                 --- ejen-: vb. To stand upon,
oumioc v. omoc - Like.                              against;
oumoc v. omoc - Like.                                    --- nem-: vb. To stand with;
oun: (Gk); adv. So, then, well, as I was                 --- nahren-: vb. To sdtand
    saying.                                         beside;
ouranoc: (Gk); m. Heaven, firmament of                   --- oube-: vb. To stand against;
    heaven; tent, pavilion; climate.                     --- qaten-: vb. To stand at,
o'wnion: (Gk); m. Salary; pay, allowance,           before;
    fee; wage.                                           --- hijen-: vb. To stand upon, at,
os (Q) v. asai - Many.                              beside;
   ma nohi erat=: m. Pace of       oji: (258b); f. Iniquity; iniquitous person;
   standing;                          metoji: f. Iniquity.
   jinohi erat=: m. Standing.      ojh= v. wjh - To choke.
ohi (Q) v. ohi - To be standing.   o]: (257a); f. Womb.
ohj= v. wjh - To choke.
ojeb (Q) v. wjeb - To be cold.
p: (258a); 16th letter of the Coptic Alphabet;       para: (Gk); adv. Against, opposite; beside,
    p: The numeral 'eighty'.                           near, by; along; past, beyond, alongside.
p-, pi-, v-; f. t-, ]-, y-; pl. ni-, nen-:           parabacic: (Gk); f. Going aside, escape;
  (258b) Definite article m.; the                      error, illusion; overstepping;
  as vocative = O                                      erparabenin: vb. To break the law,
pay/tikon v. pay/tikoc - Pathetic                      overstep, transgress;
payoc: (Gk) m. Emotion, passion; incident,             parabat/c: m. Transgressor, rebel.
  accident;                                          parabat/c v. parabacic - Trans-
  apay/c: adj. Without passion;                        gressor.
  pay/tikoc, -on: adj. Capable of emo-               parabol/: (Gk); f. Parable, proverb,
  tion, impassionate, pathetic; passive.               illstration, analogy; juxtaposition, com-
palaia, palea, palaioc, paleoc:                        parison.
  (Gk); adj. Aged, old, ancient; f. the              paradeicoc, paradicoc: (Gk); m.
  Torah.                                               Paradise, the abode of the blessed; the
palaioc v. palaia - Old.                               garden of Eden; garden, orchard.
palation, pallation: (L); m. The                     paradicoc v. paradeicoc - Paradise.
  palatine hill; palace.                             paradococ: (Gk); f. Tradition, doctrine,
palea v. palaia - Old.                                 teaching.
paleoc v. palaia - Old.                              paray/k/: (Gk); f. Deposit; anything en-
palin: (Gk); adv. Again, once more, in                 trusted to one.
  turn;                                              parakl/toc: (Gk); Paraclete (a title for
  palin on: same as palin.                             the Holy Spirit); comforter, consoler.
pallak/: (Gk); f. Concubine.                         paralal/: (Gk); f. Mockery, insult;
pallation v. palation - Palace.                        erparalalize: vb. To mock, insult.
panagioc, -ia: (Gk); f. All-holy.                    paramon/: (Gk); f. Baramoun, the eve of
pany/r: (Gk); m. Panther.                              a feast; obligation to continue in service;
panim v. va (2) - Belonging to whom.                   endurance.
                                                     paranomoc v. nomoc - Criminal.
panourgia: (Gk); f. Falsification, adultera-
                                                     paraptwma: (Gk); m. False step, slip,
  tion, knavery; deceit;
  panourgoc: (Gk); m. Wicked, deceit-                  blunder; transgression, trespass.
                                                     parackeu/: (Gk); Preparation; the day of
  ful, cunning, knavish person.
paop/ v. pawpi - Babeh.                                preparation before the sabath of the
paopi v. pawpi - Babeh.
                                                     parat/rei: (Gk); vb. To watch closely,
panorgoc v. panourgia - Wicked
                                                       observe; take care; observe carefully.
  person.                                            pardalic,          partalic: (Gk); f.
pantokratwr: (Gk); m. Almighty.
pantwc: (Gk); adv. Absolutely, no boubt;             parembol/: (Gk); f. Encampment; sol-
  by all means; at any rate, definitely,               dier's quarters, barrack.
  positively.                                        paryenia: (Gk); f. Virginity.
paptap v. tap - Unicorn.
                                                     paryenoc: (Gk); f. Virgin, maiden, girl.
                                                     parikia v. paroikia - Sojourning.
parimia v. paroimia - Proverb.                pasonc: (279a); Bashons, name of the 9th
paroikia, parikia: (Gk); f. Sojouring in a        month of the Coptic year.
  foreign land.                               pe= v. va- (1) - Belonging to.
paroimia, parimia, parhoimia: (Gk);           pedec v. ped/ - Shackles.
  f. Proverb; figure, comparison; digres-     ped/, ped/c, pedec: (Gk); m. Fetter,
  sion.                                           shackles; anklet, bangle.
paro'ic: (Gk); f. Fresh tasted (of misery);   peiracmoc, piracmoc: (Gk); m. Test,
  disk on which such meals are served.            trial, temptation;
parr/cia: (Gk); f. Outspokenness, frank-          erpirazin: vb. To tempt, test, seduce.
  ness, freedom of speech,                    pelagoc: (Gk); m. High sea, flooded plain.
  erparr/ciazecye: vb. To be frank;           pelepepen, pepwn: (Gk); m. A kind of
  declare                                         melon; watermelon.
  qen ouparr/cia: adv. Frankly; out-          pelma: (Gk); n. The sole of the foot.
  sponkenly.                                  pent/koct/ v. pent/koctoc - Penta-
parver v. vorper -                                cost.
parhoimia v. paroimia - Proverb.              pent/koctoc, pent/koct/: (Gk); f.
pater v. pat/r - Father.                          Fiftieth, the feast of the Pentacost.
paterec v. pat/r - Father.                    pepwn v. pelepepen - Watermelon.
pateroc v. pat/r - Father.                    peremou v. permou - Lunatic.
pat/r, patroc, patri, pateroc,                periodoc: (Gk); f. Cycle of period of time,
  pater: (Gk); m. Father;                         periodic; orbit of a heavenly body.
  paterec: pl. Fathers.                       perickelic: (Gk); f. Leg band i.e. anklet,
partalic v. pardalic - Leopard.                   bangle.
patri v. pat/r - Father.                      permou, peremou: (269a); n. Lunatic;
patriar,/c: (Gk); m. Father or chief of a         oi mpermou: vb. To be lunatic.
  race, patriarch; title of the bishops of    perc/c: (Gk); m. Persia, Iran.
  Alexandria.                                 petaleion, petalon, petalion: (Gk);
  patriar,ikoc: adj. Belonging to the             m. Leaf; crown of leaves.
  patriarch, patriarchal.                     petalion v. petaleion - Leaf.
patriar,ikoc v. patriar,/c - Patriar-         petalon v. petaleion - Leaf.
  chal.                                       petepet v. petep/p - Hoopoe.
patric: (Gk); Fatherland, country. home-      petep/p, petepet: (276a); pl. Hoopoe.
  town, native land.                          petra: (Gk); f. Rock, boulder; stone.
patci v. vatci -                              peja= v. peje - Said
patroc v. pat/r - Father.                     peje-, peja=: (285a); vb. Said.
patselet v. selet - Bridegroom.               p/ra: (Gk); f. Leathern pouch; wallet.
pa,n/: (Gk); f. Hoar-frost, rime (frozen      p/ri: (267a); m. Quail;
  rain), ice.                                     meciw] mp/ri: f. Flock, brood of
pawni: (236b); Paoni, Baunah, name of the         quails.
  10th month of the Coptic year.              pi v. p- - The.
pawpi, paopi, paop/: (266b); Babeh,           pikiltoc v. poikiltoc - Broidered.
  name of the 2nd month of the Coptic
pinax: (Gk); m. Index, index of authors;      pneumatovoroc v. pneuma - Inspired.
   board, platter, table, tablet.             pod/r/, -/c: (Gk); m. Robe that falls over
piracmoc v. peiracmoc - Temptation.              the feet; parts about the feet, feet.
pictik/ v. pictic - Faithful.                 poi/t/c: (Gk); m. Poet, inventor, com-
pictic: (Gk); f. Trust, faith;                   poser.
   pictoc: adj. Faithful, trustworthy; m.     poikoltoc, pikoltoc: (Gk); Variegated,
   faithful person;                              broidered.
   erpicteuin, erpicteuomen, erpic-           polemict/c v. polemoc - Warrior.
   teue: vb. To believe, be faithful, be      polemoc: (Gk); m. War, battle, fight;
   trustworthy;                                  erpoliteuecye, erpoleuin: vb.
   pictik/: adj. Faithful.                       To fight, make war;
pictoc v. pictic - Faithful.                     polemict/c: m. Warrior;
plan/: (Gk); f. Wandering, roaming; going        poluma,oc, polima,oc: adj.
   astray, illusion; deceit, imposture           Much fighting.
   planoc: m. Vagabond, tramp, impos-         pol/tia v. politeia - Virtue.
   tor, deceiver;                             polima,oc v. polemoc - Much fighting.
   erplanin, [iplan/: vb. To go               polic: (Gk); f. City, country, community.
   astray.                                    politeia, pol/tia, politia: (Gk);
planoc v. plan/ - Impostor.                      Virtue; life, living, the daily life of a
plax: (Gk); f. Flat stone, tablet; photo-        citizen.
   graphic plate;                             politia v. politeia - Virtue.
   refhiplax: m. Floor tile.                  poluma,oc v. polemoc - Much
plax plax: (Gk?); adv. Little by little.         fighting.
placma: (Gk); m. Image, figure; body;         pon/ria: (Gk); f. Bad state or condition;
   erpilazin: vb. To create, form,               wickedness, vice, knavery; baseness,
   produce an image.                             cowardice;
placton, -oc: (Gk); adj. Fabricated,             pon/roc, -on: m. Worthless, kna-
   forged, counterfeit.                          vish, wicked, malicious, base , coward,
plateia, platia: (Gk?); f. Street.               adulterer.
platia v. plateia - Street.                   pon/ron v. pon/ria - Adulterer.
platoc: (Gk); f. Breadth, width; range.       pon/roc v. pon/ria - Adulterer.
pl/g/: (Gk); f. Blow, stroke; stroke of       porneia, pornia: (Gk); f. Prostitution;
   calamity; plague.                             fornication, unchastity;
pl/n: (Gk); prep. Except, save; besides, in      pornoc: m. Fornicator, sodomite;
   addition; but.                                erporneuin: vb. To fornicate.
pneuma: (Gk); m. Spirit; respiration; wind;   pornia v. porneia - fornication.
   pipneuma eyouab: m. The Holy               ponobockoc: (Gk); m. Brothel keeper.
   Spirit;                                    pornoc v. porneia - Fornicator.
   pneumatikon: adj. Spiritual;               pot/rion: (Gk); n. Drinking cup; jar;
   pneumatovoroc: Bearing the spirit,            receptacle.
   inspired.                                  pouni: (263b); f. Anus.
pneumatikon v. pneuma - Spiritual
pragmateut/c: (Gk); m. Business               pronia v. pronoia - Providence.
   representative; agent.                     pronoia, -nia: (Gk); f. Foreknowledge,
praitwrion, pretwrion: (L); m. Official          providence.
   residence of a governor; imperial          prooimion: (Gk); m. Preamble, preface.
   household.                                 proceu,/: (Gk); f. Prayer;
praktwr: (Gk); m. Ececuter, governor.            erprocu,ecye: vb. To pray, plead.
praxic: (Gk); f. Business, transaction;       proc/lutoc: (Gk); n. Stranger, sojourner;
   doing; act; practice.                         proselyte.
prepei v. prepi - To be proper.               prockun/cic: (Gk); f. Adoration,
prepi, prepei; erprepei, -pi, -pin: (Gk);        obeisance, worship.
   vb. To be fitting, proper;                 procopon, procwpon: (Gk?); m. face.
   prepoc: adj. Fitting, appropriate,         procouma: (Gk-Co); adv. Of the place.
   proper.                                    procouc/ou: (Gk-Co); adv. Temporal.
prepoc v. prepi - Proper                      proctagma: (Gk); m. Ordinance, com-
precbeia v. precbia - Intercession.              mand.
precb/t/rion v. precbuteroc - Pres-           proctat/c: (Gk); f. Patron, guardian,
   bytery.                                       intercessor.
precbia, precbeia: (Gk); f. Seniority;        procverin v. procvora - To offer
   dignity; intercession; mediation;          procvora: (Gk); f. Offering;
   erprecbeuin: vb. To intercess, me-            erprocverin, procverin: vb. To
   diate;                                        present an offering, present, offer.
   precbic: f. Eldress; elderly woman.        protom/: (Gk); f. Bust.
precbic v. precbia - Ederly woman.            proton, prwton: (Gk); n. Beginning,
precbuteroc: (Gk); m. Priest; presbyter;         first.
   elder;                                     prwton v. proton - First
   precbuterion: m. Council of elders,        prov/teia, -tia: (Gk); f. Gift of pro-
   presbytery.                                   phecy; prophecy; office of a prophet;
pretwrion v. praitwrion - Imperial               prov/t/c: m. Prophet, interpretor;
   household.                                    teacher;
prinon v. prinoc - Holm-oak.                     'eudoprov/t/c: m. False, lying
prinoc, -on: (Gk); f. Holm-oak, kermes-          prophet;
   oak.                                          erprov/teuin: vb. To interpret, pro-
probl/ma: (Gk); m. Obstacle; barrier;            phecise;
   task; problem.                                prov/tikoc, -on: adj. Prophetic.
prodot/c: (Gk); m. Betrayer, traitor.         prov/t/c v. prov/teia - Prophet.
prodromoc: (Gk); m. Precursor.                prov/tia v. prov/teia - Prophecy.
proyecic: (Gk); f. Offering.                  prov/tikoc v. prov/teia - Prophetic.
prokopt/: (Gk); f. Advancement, pros-         proharecic: (Gk?); m. Motive, desire,
   perity, improvement, promotion; success.      intention.
   erprokoptein,           -tin: vb. To
   prosper, advance, improve.
r: (286a); 17th letter of the Coptic Alphabet;         ---: m. Presence, event.
    r: The numeral '100'.                            racoui: (302b); f. Dream;
    r: The numeral '900'                               erracoui: vb. To have, dream a dream.
ra, ra-: (287a); m. State, condition.                rac]: (302a); m. morrow;
ra- v. ra - Condition.                                 sa rac]: Till tomorrow;
rab/ v. raou/ - Neighborhood.                          qen rac]: On morrow.
rab/out (Q) v. raouw - To be caught.                 rat p.c. v. rwt - To grow.
rak- v. riki - To bend.                              rat=: (302b); m. Foot;
rak= v. riki - To bend.                                [op nrat=: m. Sole of a foot;
raka: (Heb); Expressive of contempt,                   remnrat=: m. Footman;
   ignorant, bad, wretched ... etc.                    mosi nrat=: vb. To go on foot;
raki (Q) v. riki - To be bent.                         ] erat=: vb. To put on foot, shoe;
rakt= v. riki - To bend.                               erat=: prep. To foot of, to;
rakhi v. rwkh - Fuel.                                  qatar=: prep. Under foot, beneath.
ramao v. rwmi - Rich man.                            ratwmi v. twmi -
ramaoi v. rwmi - Rich men.                           raus: (308a); Only with rem-; Mild
ramawi v. rwmi - Rich men.                              gentle person;
ramawou v. rwmi - Rich men.                            metremraus: f. Gentleness
rami: (294a); mf. A fish "tilapria".                   erremraus: vb. To become, be gentle.
ramnoc: (Gk); f. Name of various prickly             ras- v. rwsi - To suffice.
  shrubs; box-thorn, lycium europaeum.               ras= v. rwsi - To suffice.
ran, ren-, ren=: (297b); m. Name;                    rasi: (208a); vi. to rejoice;
  ]ren= &c: vb. To give name, call;                    --- e-: vb. To rejoice at, over;
      --- e-: vb. To give name to;                     --- nem-: vb. To rejoice with;
      --- eqoun: vb. To give in,                        vt. To rejoice at, deride;
  inscribe name;                                        ---: m. Gladness, joy.
  mou] epiran: vb. To call a name,                   ras= v. rwsi - To suffice.
  name, denominate.                                  raq= v. rwqi - To cleanse.
raou/, rab/: (306a); f. Quarter of a town,           raqi (Q) v. rwqi - To be cleansed.
  neighborhood;                                      raqi v. rwqi - Bleacher.
  metremraou/: f. Neighborhood.                      raqt v. rwqi - Cleaner.
raou/out (Q) v. raouw - To be caught.                raqt= v. rwqt - To strike.
raouw, raou/out (Q), -b/out (Q):                     raqt (Q) v. rwqt - To be struck.
  (306a); vi To happen, fall, be subject, be         re- v. (1)ro - Fraction.
  caught;                                            rek- v. riki - To bend.
  --- e-: vi. To fall upon, into; be liable          rekriki: (293a); f. Bending, nodding (of
  for, chargeable with;                                 head in sleep)
  --- qen-: vi. To fall into, suffer;                   [irekriki: vb. To take to nodding,
  --- qa-, qaten-: vi. To happen                        doze.
  (to be) with;                                      rekh- v. rwkh - To burn.
rem- v. rwmi - Man of.                           m/s nr/]: Many sorts;
remhe, f. remh/; pl. remheu, -h/ou:              yo nr/]: Many sorts;
   (297a); m. Free person;                       r/] niben: Every sort, way;
   metremhe: f. Freedom;                         iri, oi mvr/]: vb. To be in man-
   erremhe: vb. To make free, become              ner, likeness, be as;
   free.                                          ] mvr/]: vb. To give means;
remheu v. remhe - Free persons.                   jem r/], pir/]: vb. To find
remh/ v. remhe - Free person (f).                 means;
remh/ou v. remhe - Free persons.                  ouon, mmon r/]: vb. There is, is not
ren- v. ran - Name.                               means.
rem= v. ran - Name.                           ri: (287b); f. Cell, room.
ret- v. rwt - To grow.                        rib/, ribi: (291b); f. Rope with belt (for
res- v. rwsi - To suffice                         hauling ship's cable).
reqt- v. rwqt - To strike                     ribi v. rib/ - Rope.
rejp- v. rwjp - To throw down.                riki, rek-, rak-, rakt=, rak=, raki
r/: (287b); m. Sun.                               (Q): (291b); I. vi. To bend, turn;
   piouwini mvr/: The sun's light.                --- e-: vi. To bend toward, incline;
r/i: (287b); m. A fish "Alestes Dentex".          --- ejen-: vi. To bend toward,
r/icen v. r/ici - Dust                            incline;
r/ici, -cen: (301b); m. Dust.                     --- n-: (dat): vb. To bend to, toward;
r/c: (299b); m. South;                            --- nca-: Same meaning;
   remr/c: n. Man of south, Upper                 --- nahren-: Same meaning;
   Egyptian;                                      --- ha-: Same meaning;
   mar/c: m. Southern Country, Upper              --- hijen-: vt. To bend upon;
   Egypt.                                         --- ebol: vi. To turn from, away;
r/c v. rwic - To be watched.                      --- --- n-: vi. To turn from;
r/t v. er/t - To vow.                             --- --- ha-: Same meaning;
r/t v. rwt - To be planted.                       --- --- hi-: Same meaning;
r/twr: (Gk); m. Public speaker, teacher of        --- --- qen-: Same meaning;
   eloquence, rhetorician.                        --- cabol n-: Same meaning;
r/]: (304b); m. Manner, fashion, likeness;        --- epec/t: vi. To bend down;
   pair/]: In this manner, thus;                  --- evahou: vb. To turn back;
   mvr/]: In form, manner, like as;               --- eqoun: vb. To turn in, toward;
   mpair/]: (Adjectival) of this sort, like       ---: m. Turning, inclination;
   this, thus; (Adverbial) in this manner,            --- mbal: m. Blink, wink of
   thus;                                          eye;
   mpek-, mpefr/] &c: like you, him               atriki: adj. Without turning, unwa-
   &c;                                            vering;
   kata vr/]: According to the man-               csriki: adj. Unbending;
   ner, as;                                       refriki: m. Turner, bender;
   ca nr/]: As;                                   jinriki: m. Inclination, perversion.
   as nr/]: What sort, manner;                rimi: (294a); vi. To weep
   --- e-: vb. To weep about;                    qaren-,         qarw=: Prep. Under
   --- ejen-: vb. To weep about, for;             mouth of; beneath, before;
   --- epswi ha-: vb. To weep                     hiren-, hirw=: Prep. At mouth, door
   toward;                                        of; at, upon;
   --- n: vb. To weep about, for;                     ebol hiren-: From before.
   --- nca-: vb. To weep after;               (2)ro: (290a); m. Strand, ply of cord.
   ---: m. Weeping;                           ro v. rw - Indeed.
   [irimi: vb. To weep;                       rodon, roton, roldion: (Gk); m. Rose.
   erm/, pl. ermwoui & sg as pl.: f. Tear.    royb= v. rwteb - To recline.
   ] erm/: vb. To give tears, weep.           (rokrek) rekrwk (Q): (293a); vi. To be-
rir: (299a); m. Swine, pig;                       come, be putrid or scorched.
    --- ntwou: Mountain, wild swine.          rokh= v. rwkh - To burn.
rita: (305b); nn. a plant.                    rokh (Q) v. rwkh - To burn.
ritiyi: (306a); m. Zodiacal sign "Aquarius"   rokh v. rwkh - Fuel.
(1)ro, re-, rw=, pl. rwou: (288a) m.          roldion v. rodon - Rose
   I. Mouth;                                  rompi: (296b); f. Year;
   ayrwf: adj. Mouthless;                         nourompi: For a year;
   ,w     nrw=, ,a          nrw=: vb. To          nyrompi: This year;
   place, leave mouth, be silent;                 ]kerompi: Next Year;
        --- e-: vb. To be silent toward,          temrompi, terompi: Each year, an-
   about;                                         nually;
        --- epswi: vb. To open mouth              errompi: vb. To reach year of age, send
   upward, lift up voice;                         year.
   ,a rwf: n. Silence;                        romcin: (297a); m. A plant, dematis.
   at,a rw=: adj. Without leaving             rot= v. rwt - To grow.
   mouth shut, never silent;                  roteb (Q) v. rwteb - To be reclined.
   ] rw=: vb. To give mouth, word,            roton v. rodon - Rose
   promise;                                   rouhi: (310b); m. Evening; Adv. at
   ouwn nrw=: vb. To open mouth;                  evening;
   [i rw=: vb. To deprive, prevent,               hanarouhi, anarouhi: f. Same as
   anticipate;                                   rouhi
   jek rw=: vb. To fill mouth, satisfy;       rojp= v. rwjp - To throw down.
   II. Edge of weapon;                        rojp (Q) v. rwjp - To throw down.
   III. Door, gate;                           rw= v. ro - Mouth.
   atro: adj. Doorless;                       rw, ro: (290a); Enclitic part., emphatic or
   va pro: n. He of the door, door               explicative;
   keeper;                                       a) Same, again, also
   hanro, anro, ho nro: m. Porch;                b) Indeed, but;
   re-: m. Part, fraction;                       c) For;
   tere-: m. Part, fraction;                     d) even, at all, at last;
   erw=: Prep. To mouth of; to upon              e) Then (in questions)
   (mostly with verbs of motion;
rwic, rwc, r/c (Q): (300b); vi. To be        rem- &c.: Man (m or f) of, from; prfx
  awake, watch;                             of noun.;
  --- e-: vb. To watch over, keep, be       ref-: Prfx forming agent of vb;
  careful;                                  ramao; pl. ramaoi, -wi, -wou & sg
  --- ejen: vb. To watch over;              as pl: n. Great man, rich man;
  --- n- (dat): To watch, keep on                metramao: f. Riches, wealth;
  behalf of;                                     erramao: vb. To become, make
  --- ebol: vb. To wake up;                 rich.
  --- epswi: vb. To wake up;              rwn: (298b); n. Rampart;
  ---: m. Watch, guard;                   rwous: (306b); vi. To have care for, be
  refrwic: m. Watchman, guardian;           intent on;
  ma nrwic: m. Place of watching;           ---: m. Care, concern; cause of anxiety;
  nau nrwic: f. Time of watch, vigilia;     errwous, oi nrwous: vb. To make
  srwic: vb. To watch, guard;               care, to be anxious;
      ersrwic: vb. To keep vigil.           ouahrwous: vb. To lay care;
rwkh, rekh-, rokh=, rokh (Q): (293a);       firwous: vb. To take care, thought;
  vi. To burn;                                   --- e-: vb. To take care for;
  --- e-: vb. To burn toward, after;             ---: n. Care, anxiety;
  --- nten-: vb. To burn by, through;            jinfirwous: m. Care, anxiety;
  --- qen: vb. To burn with, by;                 fairwous: n. Care-taker, guar-
  --- hiten: Same meaning;                  dian;
  ---: m. Burning, fervor;                       --- qa: vb. Taking thought for;
  refrwkh: m. One who burns, burning;            metfairwous: f. Care, provi-
  rokh, rwkh: m. Fuel, firewood;            dence;
  rakhi: f. Fuel.                           atrwous: adj. Care-free, not liable;
rwmaioc, rwmeoc: (Gk); n. a Roman;          always with er-.
  rwm/: Rome.                             rwc v. rwic - To watch.
rwmeoc v. rwmaioc - Roman.                rwt, ret-, rot=, r/t (Q), p.c. rat-:
rwm/ v. rwmaioc - Rome.                     (303b); I. vi. To grow, sprout, be
                                            covered with a growth as vegetation or
rwmi, rem-: (294b); mf. Man, human
  being;                                    --- ebol: vb. To Grow forth;
  vrwmi mpibal: Pupil of eye;
                                            --- epswi: vb. To Grow upward;
  atrwmi: adj. Without man, friendless;
                                            --- eqoun: vb. To stick in;
  mairwmi: Lover of mankind v. mei -
                                            --- n-: vb. To be overgrown, be
                                            covered with;
  macterwmi: Hater of man v. moc] -
                                            II. vt. To bring forth;
  Hate;                                     ---, pl. ro]: m. Growth.
  metrwmi: f. Humanity;
                                          rwteb, royb=, roteb (Q): (305b); vi.
  errwmi: vb. To become man;
                                            To recline; vt. To make to recline;
      jinerrwmi: m. Act of becoming         ma nrwteb: m. Place of reclining.
  man;                                    rwoui v. arwoui - Stubble.
rwout= v. rwout (Q) -                       rwqt, reqt-, raqt=, raqt (Q):
rwout= v. erouot - To be glad.                (311a); vi. To strike, be struck, fall;
rwout (Q) v. erouot - To be glad.             --- nem-: vb. To lie with;
rwsi, ras-, res-, rast=, ras=,                --- qen-: vb. To cast upon, lie in;
  rasi (Q): (309a); vi To suffice; be         --- epec/t: vb. To struck down;
  concerned, responsible;                     --- eqr/i: vb. To struck down;
  --- e-: vb. To suffice for, be fit to,      vt. To strike, cast;
  responsible for;                            refrwqt: m. Epileptic;
  --- ejen-: same meaning;                    jinrwqt: m. Casting down;
  --- n- (dat): vb. To Suffice for;           ---: m. Stroke, blow, epilepsy;
  vt. To suffice, content;                    erqot, pl. erqw] & sg as pl.: m.
  ---: m. Sufficiency, enough, plenty;        Blow, wound
  ervrwsi: vb. To be, do enough;                  ererqot: vb. To be, become
  qen ourwsi: adv. Moderately.                wound;
rwqi, raq=, raqi (Q): (310b); vi. To              ] erqot: vb. To give wound;
  become, be clean; vt. to cleanse, wash;         [i erqot: vb. To receive blow, be
  ---: n. Cleansing;                          smitten.
  raqi: m. Bleacher, fuller;                rwjp, rejp-, rojp=, rojp (Q): (312b);
  raqt: mf. Cleaner, fuller.                  vi. To be thrown down, sink down; vt.
                                              To throw down.
c: (313a); The 18th letter of alphabet called       cab/ v. cabe - Wise person (f).
    cima;                                           cab/out v. tcabo - To be learned.
    c: The numeral '200'.                           cabo v. tcabo - To learn.
(1)ca: (313a); m. Side, part;                       cabo= v. tcabo - To learn.
    ebol ca-: From the side, from;                  cag/n/: (Gk); f. Large drag-net, hunting
    keca: Other port, apart, elsewhere;                net.
    nca-, ncw=: prep. Against;                      cadanac v. catanac - Satan.
    caca niben: On every side;                      cayeri: (366a); f. Unit of measure (corn &
    caouca, capca: On a side, apart;                   weight.
    hli nca: On any (no) side;                      caymi: (363a); vi. To chew, ruminate;
    meneca-, menencw=: prep. After (of                 --- epswi: vb. To ruminate, bring
   time);                                              up;
       menecwc: Afterward;                             --- ejen: vb. To chew upon (food);
(2)ca: (316a); m., Man + gen. n-, man of,              ---: m. Cud.
    maker of, dealer in.                            cai, caiwou (Q), caie (Q): (315a); vi. To
cabbaton: (Gk); m. The Hebrew Sabath.                  be beautiful;
cabe, f. cab/, pl. cabeu & sg as pl.:                  caie, cai, pl. caiwou & sg as pl.: m.
    (319a); m. Wise person;                            Beauty;
    metcabe: f. Wisdom;                                caie, f. cai/: Beautiful person;
    ercabe: vb. To become, be wise;                    metcaie: f. Beauty;
        jinercabe: m. Becoming wise, in-               ercaie, oi ncaie: vb. To become, be
    struction;                                         beautiful;
    ceb: m. Knowing, cunning person;                   ] mpcai: vb. To beautify, become
        metceb: f. Craftiness, guile;                  beautiful.
    cboui: m. Disciple, pupil, apprentice;          cai (nn) v. cai - Beauty.
        metcboui: f. State of pupilage;             cai v. ci - Fulness.
    cbw, pl. cbwoui & sg as pl.: f.                 cai v. cqai - To write.
    Doctrine, teaching;                             caie (Q) v. cai - To be beautiful.
    atcbw, metatcbw: adj. Without                   caie v. cai - Beautiful person (m).
    teaching, ignorant;                             cai/ v. cai - Beautiful person (f).
    ]cbw: vb. To teach, chastise;                   caiwou (Q) v. cai - To be beautiful.
        ref]cbw: m. Teacher;                        caiwou v. cai - Beauties.
        metref]cbw: f. Teaching;                    cak: (324b); m. Adornment, appearance,
        jin]cbw: m. Teaching;                          capacity;
    [icbw: vb. To get teaching; be taught;             ]cak: vb. To make a show, give
    learn;                                             appearance;
        ref[icbw: m. One taught;                       [icak: vb. To take opportunity, give
        at[icbw: adj. Untaught;                        occasion.
        man[icbw: m. Learning place.                calpiggoc v. calpigx - Trumpet.
cabeu v. cabe - Wise persons.                       calpigx, calpiggoc: f. Trumpet;
                                                       ercalpizin: vb. To blow the trumpet.
calouki: (330b); pl. Fish 'Petrocephalus'.    (1)cat, cet-, c/t: (358b); m. Tail;
calho v. celho - Warm water.                      cbok nc/t: m. Dock-tailed;
cambehi: (330b); f. Testicles.                    c/t: m. Penis.
canabaj/ini v. abaj/ini - Glass seller.       (2)cat: (rare) (359a); m. Dung, excrement.
candalion, -lon: (Gk); m. Sandals.            cat- v. (2)ci] - To sow.
canic: (); w/[i; vb. To doubt.                cat= v. (2)ci] - To sow.
capec/t v. ec/t - Downwards.                  catanac, cadanac: (Gk); m. Satan, the
capca v. ca - Apart.                              devil, adversary, opponent.
capveiroc, -viroc: (Heb); f. Sapphire ( a     cat/r (Q) v. cwter - To be turned.
   precious stone.                            cato v. catw - Fan.
capviroc v. capveiroc - Sapphire.             catw, cato: (360a); Fan.
caragenoc: (Gk?); n. Foreign (used for the    caouca v. (1)ca - Apart.
   unbelieving Arabs)                         ca,ol: (374b); m. Muzzle.
caray/ou v. y/ou - Whirlwind.                 caf: (378b); m. Yesterday.
carakw]: (354b); pl. Wanderers, va-           caf- v. cwf - To be defiled.
   grants.                                    caq v. cqai - Teacher.
carajwf, qara[woutc: (358a); f.               caq= v. cwqi - To weave.
   Hare.                                      caqem (Q): (377a); vi. To be faint, undone,
cargan/: (Gk); f. Plait, braid, basket.           disheartened;
cargani = cargan/ - Braid.                        --- qa-: vb. To faint on the account
carda, -dwn: (Gk); f. A kind of fish,             of.
   pilchard or sardine.                       caqem (Q) v. cwqem - To be sunk.
cardinoc, -dioc, -dion: (Gk); m. Sar-         caqm= v. cwqem - To sink.
   dian stone (a precious stone).             caqot v. caqwt - Treasury.
cardion v. cardinoc - Sardian Stone.          caqwt, caqot: (379b); pl. Treasury.
cardioc v. cardinoc - Sardian Stone.          cah: (379b); m. Awl, borer.
cardonix v. cardonux - Sardonyx.              cah/out (Q) v. cwhi - To be removed.
cardonux, -nix: (Gk); m. Sardonyx (a          cahn/t= v. cahni - To provide.
   precious stone).                           cahni, cehne-, cahn/t=, cenh/out
cardwn v. carda - Sardine.                        (Q): (385b); vi. To provide, supply;
carkikoc v. carx - Carnal.                        --- nca: vb. To provide for;
carx: (Gk); f. Flesh, body; meat; flesh (an       ---: n. Provision, supply;
   object of lust);                               refcahni: m. Manager, orderer;
   carkikoc: adj. Fleshy, lusty, carnal;          ouahcahni: vb. To lay a command,
   katacarx: According to the flesh               bid;
   (relatives).                                        ---: m. Command;
carouki: (354b); m. One bald on temples.               refouahcahni: m. Commander.
carh- v. cwrh - To sweep.                     cahof: (387b); vi. (Q) having harelip.
carh (Q) v. cwrh - To be swept.               cahr (Q) v. cwrh - To be swept.
carjani = cargan/ - Braid.                    cahc, cahc=: (386b); vt. To rub down,
caca niben v. (1)ca - On every side.              pound.
cacel (Q): (258b); vb. Demented.              cahc= v. cahc - To rub down.
cahceh, cahcwh=, cahceh (Q): (386b);              m/s      ncaji: m. Multitude of
  vt. To roll round, rub down, plane.          words;
cahceh (Q) v. cahceh - To be planed.           la caji: adj. loquacious;
cahcwh= v. cahceh - To plane.                  [icaji: vb. To take, accept word;
caht- v. cwqi - To weave.                      jemcaji: (rare) vb. To find word (of
cahoui, chouer-, chouwr=, chouort               complaint);
  (Q): (387a); vi. To curse;                    atcaji: adj. Speechless, unspeakable;
  ---: m. Curse.                                ma ncaji: m. Place of talk, gossip;
  epcahoui: Under curse;                        refcaji: m. Speaker, eloquent person
  ha pcahoui: Under curse:                      houo caji: saying too much;
  [icahoui: vb. To receive curse, be            jincaji: m. Speech, saying, tale,
  cursed;                                       conversation.
  refcahoui: m. Curser.                     (1)ca]: (359a); vb. (Q) To spun.
cahw= v. cwhi - To remove.                  (2)ca]: (360a); f. Fire;
cah]: (387a); vi. To kindle fire, heat;         hica]: vb. To throw fire, set on fire.
  n/ etcah]: pl. Stokers;                   ca] (Q) v. (2)ci] - To be sown.
  --- qa-: vb. To light fire beneath;       ca] v. ci] - Arrow dart.
      vt. To kindle, burn;                  cbe: (321b); m. Door;
  ---: m. Fire;                             cbyaiou v. cobt - Fences.
  hicah]: vb. To put Fire, set alight;      cbok, cobk (Q): (322a); vi. To become, be
  ma ncah]: m. Cooking place,                   small, few;
  kitchen;                                      n/ou ncbok: vb. To go on dimin-
  refcah]: m. Fire lighter, cook.               ishing;
caji: (612b); vi. To speak; vt. To speak,       vt. To make less;
  say;                                          ---: m. Smallness, few.
  --- e-: vb. To speak to, into;            cboui v. cabe - Disciple.
  --- eybe-: vb. To speak concerning,       cbw v. cabe - Doctrine.
  about;                                    cbwoui v. cabe - Doctrines.
  --- ejen-: vb. To speak for, on           ce: (316b); Numeral 'sixty'.
  behalf of, concerning;                    ce-: (316a); Part. m. yea, verily, indeed.
  --- nem-: vb. To speak with;              ce- v. cw - To drink.
  --- n-: vb. To speak in, with;            ceb v. cabe - Cunning person.
  --- nca-: vb. To speak after, against;    ceb- v. cwp - To soak.
  malign;                                   ceba, pl. cebawy: (Heb); m. Solider.
  --- nahren: vb.To speak before, in        cebawy v. ceba - Soliders.
  front of;                                 ceben: (322b); n. Bandage, selvage.
  --- qaten: vb. To speak before;           ceb/c: (Gk); f. Worship, honor;
  --- qa: vb. To speak concerning;              erceb/cye, -becye: vb. To worship,
  --- qen: vb. To speak with (agent),           honor.
  in;                                       cebi, coube-, coub/t=, coub/t (Q),
  ---: m. Saying, word, affair;                 cou/t (Q): (321b); vt. To circumcise;
                                                ---: m. Circumcision;
   atcebi: adj. Uncircumcised;               cemn/t= v. cemni To establish.
     metatcebi: f. Uncircumcisedness;        cemn/out (Q) v. cemni - To be estab-
     oi natcebi: vb. To be uncir-               lished.
   cumcised;                                 cemni, cemne-, cemn/t=, cmont (Q),
   coub/t, coub/out: adj. Well-                 cmot (Q); cemn/out (Q): (337a); vi.
   looking, decent, peculiar.                   To be established; set right, in order. vt.
cebi v. c/bi - Reed.                            To establish, construct, set right; draw
cebte- v. cob] - To prepare.                    up deed; (rare) set up, construct (Bldg.
cebtwt= v. cob] - To prepare.                   &c);
cebtwt (Q) v. cob] - Ready.                     --- e-: vt. To set up for, against;
ceybaiou v. cybaih - Tools.                     fabricate, transorm;
ceir/noc, cir/noc: (Gk); f. Siren (a Greek      --- ejen-: vi. To set, fix upon;
   mythological creature).                      --- nem-: vi. To settle with;
ceiwouni v. ciwouni - Bath.                     --- oute-: vb. To set up between;
cek- v. cwk - To flow.                          --- qen-: vb.To be established in;
cekeh: (330a); vt. To clear out (a house).      ---: m. Confirmation, agreement, put-
cekloc: (Gk?); m. A vessel.                     ting together, adornment;
cekcek- v. cokcek - To pull.                        qen oucemni: adv. Calmly;
cekcik: (330a); nn. Sunny place, room.          atcemni: adj. Unstable;
celcel- v. (2)colcel - To comfort.              mancemni: m. Standing-place;
celcil v. (1)colcel - Orderly.                  refcemni: m. One who sets up, pre-
celcil v. (2)colcel - Consolation.              pares;
                                                jincemni: m. Setting up, depositing.
celcwl= v. (1)colcel - To adorn.
                                             cen- v. cini - To pass by.
celcwl (Q) v. (1)colcel - To be
                                             cen= v. cini - To pass by.
celcwl= v. (2)colcel - To comfort.           cenk- v. cwnk - To suck.
celoupin: (331b); n. little finger           cencen: (345a); vi. To resound.
celho, calho: (333b); n. Warm water.         cent- v. cwnt - To create.
celj- v. cwlj - To smear.                    cenh- v. cwnh - To bind.
cemi: (336b); vi. To appeal, make ap-        cenh/out (Q) v. cahni - To be provided.
   plication:                                cen] v. cwnt - Foundation.
   --- e-: vb. To appeal against, accuse;    cep- v. cwp - To soak.
   --- qa-: vb. To appeal concerning,        cepi: (351a); vi. To remain over, be
   for;                                         remainder;
   --- ejen-: Same meaning;                     --- e-: vb. To remain over from, for;
   --- eybe-: Same meaning;                     --- qen-: vb. To remain over from;
   --- oube-: vb. To appeal against;            ---, c/pi: mf. Remainder.
   ---: m. Petition, accusation;             cepcep v. cobceb - To entreat.
   refcemi: m. Advocate, accuser.            ceptembrioc: (L); m. Month "Septem-
cemidalion: (Gk); m. The finest wheaten         ber".
   flour, flour.                             cer- v. cwr - To scatter.
cemne- v. cemni - To establish.
ceravim: (Heb); pl. Seraphim (angels with           kata c/ou: At times, from time to
    6 wings).                                       time;
cerbnne v. couri - Thorn of date palm.              procouc/ou: For a time;
cerem- v. cwrem - To err.                           sa ouc/ou, sa pic/ou: Until, For
cerm/ v. cwrem - Wanderer.                          a time;
cerouji v. couri - Thistle.                         atc/ou: adj. Timeless;
cervwt: (356b); f. A kind of insects.               erc/ou: vb. To pass time;
cecboh: (358b); f. Place of atonement. vi.          [ic/ou: vb. To pass time;
    To make atonement                               cou-: Used with date of month or
    ---: m. Atonement.                              festival.
cet- v. (2)ci] - To sow.                         c/ou (Q) v. ci - To be filled.
cet- v. cw] - To redeem.                         c/pi v. cepi - Remainder.
cetp v. cwtp - To choose.                        c/r (Q) v. cwr - To be scattered.
cetcwt (Q) v. cotcet - To be projected.          c/t v. cat - Tail.
cetf- v. cwtf - To be pure.                      c/t- v. cqai - To write.
cewouni v. ciwouni - Bath.                       c/fi: (379a); f. Sword, knife.
cef- v. cwf - To pollute.                        c/q (Q) v. cwqi - To be weaved.
cehne- v. cahni - To provide.                    c/qi (Q) v. cwqi - To be weaved.
cehn/out (Q) v. cahni - To be provided.          c/j: (388a); m. Foal (of ass or horse).
ceht: (386b); m. Leprosy;                        c/] v. (2)ci] - To sow.
    kakceht: m. Leper;                           cybai v. cybaih - Tools.
    erceht: vb. To be leprous.                   cybaih, cybai, pl. ceybaiou: pl. Tools,
cejp v. cwjp - To leave behind.                      utensils.
c/bi, cebi: (320b); f. Reed, shin-bone, flute,   cyerter: (366a); vi. To tremble;
    kohl bottle;                                     ---: m. Trembling.
    c/bi nrat=: f. Pipe, stalk of leg, shin      cy/m: (364b); m. Antimony (stibium), kohl
    bone, greave;                                cyi- v. cyoi - Smell.
    c/bi njw: f. Reed for singing, flute.        cyo= v. tacyo - To bring.
(1)c/ini: (342b); mf. Physician, doctor;         cyoi, cyoi-, cyi-, cyu-: (362b); m. Smell;
    metc/ini: f. Physician's craft, skill,           fragrant plant;
    ma nc/ini: m. Place for medical                  cyoinoufi, cyunoufi: Godd smell,
    treatment;                                       perfume;
    refc/ini = c/ini.                                cyoibwn: Bad smell.
(2)c/ini: (343b); f. Granary, bin.               cyoi- v. cyoi - Smell.
(3)c/ini: (343b); f. Ploughshare.                cyrobolon, ctrobolon: (Gk?); m. An
c/mikinyion v. cimikinyion - Apron.                  instrument for astronomical measure-
c/ou cou-: (367b); m. Time, season;                  ments.
    mpaic/ou: At this time;                      cyu- v. cyoi - Smell.
    mpic/ou: At that time, formerly; at the      ci, c/ou (Q): (316b); vi. To be filled,
    time, when;                                      satisfied, enjoy;
    nouc/ou: On a time, once, at times;              cai: m. Fullness, surfeit;
    nc/ou niben: At all times, always;               atci: adj. Insatiate;
      metatci: f. Unsatedness, greed.                   --- ebol qen-: vb. To pass
cibikon: (Ar); nn. Shaban, the 8th month of       out from, through;
    the Arabic calender.                                --- ebol hiten-: vb. To pass
cibir: (Ar); nn. Safar, the 2nd month of the      out from, through;
    Arabic calender.                                    --- ebol hijen-: vb. To pass
cigara v. cikara - Cigaritte.                     by;
cigritia, cugritia: (Gk?); f. The science         --- eqoun: vb. To pass in through;
    of spiritual atheletics.                      --- eqr/i: vb. To pass downward;
cikara, cigara, cijara (Coptic mou-               ---: m. Passing, decline of day, after-
    jar): (Spn); f. Cigaritte.                    noon;
ciki: (328a); vi. To grind, pound;                 atcini: adj. Impassable, not passing;
    wni nciki: m. Grounding stone.                 mancini: m. Passage, path crossing;
ciliwmatougravoc: (Gk); m. Notary.                 jincini: m. Passing by, crossing.
cim, cim-: (334a); m. Grass, fodder, herbs     ciniwou (Q) v. cini - To be passed by.
    (in general;                               cinwoui v. coni - Robbers.
    oi ncim: vb. To be in grass, be green.     ciou v. cou- - Star
cimikinyion, -kunyinon, c/mikinyion:           ciour: (371a); m. Eunuch.
    (Gk); m. Apron, handkerchief.              cip: (318b); m. Tick, insect.
cimikunyinon v. cimikinyion - Apron.           cir: (353a); n. Jar.
cinahbi: (349a); nn. An ingredient in          cir/noc v. ceir/noc - Siren.
    boiling cauldron.                          ciwouni, ceiwouni, cewouni: (369b); f.
cini, cen-, cen=, (Q) ciniwou: (343b); vi.        Bath
    To pass by, through; pass through,            ciwounit/c: n. Bathman.
    across;                                    ciwounit/c v. ciwouni - Bathman.
    --- e-: vb. To pass over to;               cijara v. cikara - Cigaritte.
    --- ejen-: vb. To pass by;                 cifi: (379a); m. Tar; tar tree, cedar.
    --- qaten-: vb. To pass by;                cihi: (379b); vi. To be removed, displaced;
    --- ha-: vb. To pass over to;                  vt. to move, remove self, withdraw;
    --- hi-: vb. To pass by on;                    --- nh/t: n. Derangement of mind.
     --- qen-: vb. To pass through;            (1)ci]: (359a); m. Basilisk.
    --- hiten-: vb. To pass through;           (2)ci], cet-, cat-, cat=; (Q) c/],
    --- ebol: vb. To pass out, away, die;          ca]: (360b); vi. To throw, sow;
    vt. To pass out of, leave;                     --- e-: vi. To throw at, put to;
        --- ebol ejen-: vb. To pass                --- ejen-: vi. To throw, put upon,
    by;                                            add to;
        --- ebol eten-: vb. To pass                --- nca-: vb. To throw after, upon;
    through;                                       --- qa-: vb. To throw, put beneath;
        --- ebol oute-: vb. To pass                --- hi-: vb. To throw, put upon in;
    out through;                                   --- hijen: vb. same meaning;
        --- ebol ha-: vb. To pass,
                                                   --- ebol: vb. To throw out; Q. to
    bring forth from;
                                                   cast forth, lying;
      ---      ebol   qen-: vb. To cast         --- qarat=: vb. To roll below;
   out from;                                    --- qen-: vi. To roll in;
      --- ebol hijen: vb. To cast                 --- ebol qen-: vb. To roll
   out upon;                                    from;
   --- epec/t: vb. To throw down;               --- hijen-: vb. To roll upon;
   --- epswi: vb. To cast, bring up;            ckerakir: n. Steep place, slope.
   --- eqoun: vb. To cast in;                ckerker= v. ckerker - To roll.
   --- eqr/i: vb. To cast down;              ckerkwr (Q) v. ckerker - To be rolled.
   --- ehr/i: vb. To throw up;               ckeuoc: (Gk); f. A vessel or impement of
   ---: m. Thing thrown, seed;                  any kind, utensils (pl).
   jinci]: m. Sowing;                        ck/ma v. c,/ma - Schema.
   cetebr/j: nn. Lightning;                  ck/n/, ckun/: (Gk); f. Tent, booth,
   ca]: mf. Arrow dart.                         tabernacle, tented cover; dome.
ckandalon v. ckandaloc - Scandal.            ckordion: (Gk?); m. Part of the deacon
ckandaloc, -on: (Gk); m. Trap, snare;           garments, Zinnar.
   stumbling-block, offence, scandal;        ckorker: (330a); m. Beer.
   erckandalizin, -zecye: vb. To             ckuy/c, ckuyoc: (Gk); adj. Rude, rough.
   cause to stumble, give offence or         ckuli: (Gk?); Unknown
   scandal; to take offence.                 ckuyoc v. ckuy/c - Rude.
ckav/, -vic, -vi: (Gk); f. Boat, small       ckun/ v. ck/n/ - Tent.
   vessel.                                   ckut/c v. ckutoc - Skin.
ckavi v. ckav/ - Boat.                       ckutoc, -/c: (Gk); m. Skin, hide, leather,
ckavic v. ckav/ - Boat.                         throng; a girdle worn by the monk.
cken, ckent=: (329a); n. Side;               clatlet: (333a); m. Slip, stumbling.
   ecken: prep. Beside;                      clajlej, clejlwj (Q): (333b); vi. To
   ckenho: Good appearance.                     be, make smooth;
ckent= v. cken - Side.                          ---: n. Smoothness.
ckenho v. cken - Good appearance.            cla]: (332b); vi. To stumble, slip;
ckepacma, -coc: (Gk); m. A covering for         --- epec/t: vb. To slip down;
   the body, raiment, veil;                     --- eqr/i: vb. To slip down;
   erckepazin: vb. To cover, protect.           refcla]: m. One that stumbles;
ckepacoc v. ckepacma - veil.                    atcla]: adj. Not stumbling;
ckep/: (Gk); f. Protector, veil, covering,      ---: m. Stumbling, falling.
   tent.                                     cleplwp (Q) v. cloplep - To be torn.
ckeptocun/: (Gk); f. Contemplation,          clejlwj (Q) v. clajlej - To be
   reflection, consideration;                   smooth.
   erckeptin: vb. To examine, consider.      cl/: (330a); f. Coffin.
ckerakir v. ckerker - Slope.                 clifi: (333b); f. Lung.
ckerker, ckerker=, ckerkwr (Q): (329a);      clij: (333b); n. State of being on edge of
   vi. To roll, be rolled;                      teeth.
   --- ejen-: vi. To roll, loll upon; vt.    cloplep, cleplwp (Q): (331b); vt. To
   to roll upon;                                tear asunder.
cmamat (Q) v. cmou - To be blessed.            cmurna: (Gk); f. Myrrh (the gum of an
cmaragdoc, -ktoc: (Gk); m. Emerald.               Arabian Tree).
cmaraktoc v. cmaragdoc - Emerald.              cnau, f. cnou]: (346b); m. Two;
cmarwout (Q) v. cmou - To be blessed.             mpecnau: adv. Both together;
cmau: (342a); m. Dual, (eye) temples,             erb: vb. To become, be two;
   eyelids.                                       ermahcnau: vb. To be second.
cmauat (Q) v. cmou - To be blessed.            cnauh v. cwnh - Bond.
cmah, cmeh: (342a); m. Bunch of fruit,         cnah v. cwnh - Bond.
  flowers.                                     cn/ou v. con - Brothers.
cmeh: (342a); m. (mostly pl.) Herb.            cnou] v. cnau - Two (f).
cmeh v. cmah - Bunch of fruit.                 cnof, pl cnwf & sg. as pl: (348b); m.
cm/: (334b); f. Voice of men, of animals, of      Blood;
  things;                                         atcnof: adj. Bloodless;
  ---: adj. Famed;                                vwn cnof ebol: vb. To shed
  ] cm/: vb. To give voice;                       blood;
  [icm/: vb. To receive sound, listen;            ercnof: vb. To become blood;
       --- e-: vb. To listen to;                  wli cnof: vb. To staunch, mop up
       man[icm/: m. Place of hearing, of          blood.
  trial;                                       cnte: (); f. A condition of the fig (early fig).
       ref[icm/: m. Listener, Obeyer.          cnwf v. cnof - Bloods.
cmont v. cmot - Likeness.                      co= v. cw - To drink.
cmont (Q) v. cemni - To be established.        cobk (Q) v. cbok - To become small.
cmot (Q) v. cemni - To be established.         cobceb, cepcep: (352b); vi. To pray,
cmot, cmont: (340b); mf. Form, cha-               entreat, comfort;
  racter, likeness, pattern;                      --- e-: vi. To comfort.
  iri, oi       ncmot: vb. To have                ---: m. Consolation.
  appearance, be like, be pattern;                refcobceb: m. Beguiler.
  [icmot: vb. To become, be like.              cobt, pl. cbyaiou: m. Wall (of city),
cmou, cmamat (Q), cmauat (Q),                     fence.
  cmarwout (Q): (335a); vi. To bless,          cob], cebte, cebtwt=, cebtwt (Q):
  praise                                          (323a); vi. To be ready, repare, set in
  --- e-: vb. To bless;                           order;
  ---: m. Blessing, praise, gift, bene-           --- e-: vb. To make ready to, for;
  volence, abundance, treasure.                   (Q): Ready;
  atcmou: adj. Without blessing;                  --- e-: vb. To be ready for;
  ]cmou: vb. To give blessing, sacra-             vt. To prepare, set in order;
  ment;                                           ---: m. Preparation, thing prepared;
  [icmou: vb. To take blessing, salute;           furniture;
       --- ejen: vb. To take a sacrament          ercob]: vb. To make preparation;
  for;                                            atcob]: adj. Unprovided;
  jincmou: m. Act of blessing.                    ma ncob]: m. Place of preparing,
cmour: (339b); m. Moustache.                      storage
   jincob]: m. Preparation.                      --- e-: vb. To console for;
coym= v. cwtem - To hear.                        ---: m. Consolation, amusement;
coynef: m. Tool, weapon, arrow;                  ercolcel: vb. To be a, give comfort;
   se ncoynef: m. Stroke, cast of                swpi ncolcel: vb. To become, be
   weapon;                                       comforted;
   coynef n]: m. Weapon for fighting;            [icolcel: vb. To take comfort;
   hi coynef: vb. To cast dart, shoot            refcolcel: m. Comforter;
   arrow;                                        ref]colcel: m. Comforter;
       ma     nhicoynef: m. Place for            celcil: n. Consolation.
    shooting arrows; archery range;           colj= v. cwlj - To wipe.
        refhi coynef: m. Shooter of           comc: (339b); vi. To look, behold;
    arrows; archer.                              --- e-: vb. To look at, consider;
(1)coi: (317b); m. Back of man or beast.         --- ejen-: vb. To look upon, at;
(2)coi: (317b); mf. Wood beam;                   --- nca-: vb. To look after, at;
    ouahcoi: f. Addition of beams.               --- qajen-: vb. To look toward;
(3)coi: (318a); m. a type of trees.              --- ebol: vb. To look forth, expect;
cok, cwk: (325a); m. Sack, sackcloth, bag.          --- ebol qen-: vb. To look
    cok mfwi: m. Hair sacking.                   forth from;
cok mfwi v. cwk - Hair sacking.                  --- epec/t: vb. To look down;
cok- v. cwk - To flow.                           --- epswi: vb. To look up;
cok= v. cwk - To flow.                           --- eqoun: vb. To look in, into;
cokmaji: (329a); m. Long table.                  --- eqr/i: vb. To look down;
cokc v. cwk - To continue.                       --- ehr/i: vb. To look up;
cokcek, cekcek-: (330a); vb. To pull,            ---: n. Looking;
    gather;                                      jincomc: m. Looking, look.
    ---: m. Yawn.                             comt=, comt (Q): (340b); vi. To be
col: (330a) m. Wick.                             stretched, wait; vt. To stretch, bind;
col= v. cwl - To dissipate.                      --- ebol: vb. To stretch, extend.
coli v. couli - Veil.                         comt (Q) v. comt= - To be stretched.
colk= v. cwlk - To join.                      con, pl. cn/ou: (342b) m. Brother;
colp= v. cwlep - To break.                       nis] ncon: m. Elder brother;
colp (Q) v. cwlep - To be broken.                kouji ncon: m. Younger brother;
(1)colcel, celcwl=, celcwl (Q):                  cwni: f. Sister;
    (331b); vt. To adorn;                             nis] ncwni: f. Older sister;
    --- qen-: vb. To adorn with;                      kouji ncwni: f. Younger sister;
    (Q) adorned;                                 ercon: vb. To be brother.
    --- ebol: vb. To adorn;                   coni, pl. cinwoui & sg as pl.: (344b); m.
    ---: m. Adornment;                           Robber;
    celcil: adj. Orderly.                        oi nconi: vb. To be robber;
(2)colcel, celcel-, celcwl=: (332a);             metcinwoui: f. Robber's trade.
    vi. To be comforted, encouraged; vt. to   conk= v. cwnk - To suck.
cont= v. cwnt - To create.                   coub/out v. cebi - Decent.
conh= v. cwnh - To bind.                     coudarion: (Lat); m. Towel, napkin for
conh (Q) v. cwnh - To be bound.                 the dead person.
con]: (346b); m. resin.                      couen, couen=: (369b); m. Value, price.
coou: (368b); n. Six.                        couen- (vb.) v. cwoun - To know.
cop: (349b); m. Occasion, time, turn;        couen- (m.) v. cwoun - Knowledge.
   mpaicop: adv. This time;                  couen= v. couen - Value.
   noucop: Once;                             cou/n v. cwoun - Well known.
   eucop: At one time, together;             cou/t (Q) v. cebi - To be circumcised.
   kata cop: From time to time;              couin v. cwoun - Well known.
   kecop: another time, again;               couli, coli: (330b); f. Veil, covering.
   mpaikecop: Yet once more, again;          coumani: (339a); f. Sexual organs or parts.
   m/s ncop: Multitude of times, often;      couo: (369a); m. Wheat (Brit. corn).
   cop niben: every time, always.            couri: (354a); f. Thorn, spike, dart;
cop= v. cwp - To dip.                           ercouri: vb. To produce, grow thorns;
cor- v. cwr - To scatter.                       cerbnne: Thorn of date palm;
cor= v. cwr - To scatter.                       cerouji: Thistle.
corem: (355a); m. Lees, dregs of wine, oil   courot, courwt: (356b); m. Myrobalan.
   &c;                                       courwt v. courot - Myrobalan.
   atcorem: adj. Clarified.                  coucou: (371a); m. Moment, point, atom.
corem (Q) v. cwrem - To be lost.             couten- v. coutwn - To be upright.
corm= v. cwrem - To err.                     coutwn, coutwn-, couten-, cou-
cormec v. cwrem - error.                        twn=, coutwn (Q): (371a); vi. To be
cort: (356b); mf. Wool of sheep, goat &c.       straight, upright; vt. To straighten,
coc= v. cwc - To upset.                         stretch;
coci v. cwc - To upset.                         --- e-: vt. To stretch (a thing to);
cot= v. cw] - To redeem.                        --- ejen-: vb. To stretch over;
(cotcet), cetcwt (Q): (366b); vb. To be         --- nem-: vb. To be right with;
   shut, projected.                             --- sa-: vb. To stretch to, as far as;
coter (Q) v. cwter - To be twisted.             --- qen-: vb. To be upright in,
cot/r (Q) v. cwter - To be twisted.             stretch with;
cotp= v. cwtp - To choose.                      --- ebol: vb. To stretch out;
cotp (Q) v. cwtp - To be chosen.                --- epswi: vb. To stretch upward.
cotpi v. cwtp - Chosen.                            --- eqoun: vb. To stretch into,
cotf (Q) v. cwtf - To be pure.                  forward;
cou- v. c/ou - Time.                            ---: m. Uprightness
cou- v. ciou - Star.                            qen oucoutwn: adv. Uprightly,
coube- v. cebi - To circumcise.                 forthwith;
coub/t= v. cebi - To circumcise.                metcoutwn: f. Rectification;
coub/t (Q) v. cebi - To be circumcised.         refcoutwn: m. Straightener;
coub/t v. cebi - Decent.                        jincoutwn: m. Uprightness, establish-
coutwn- v. coutwn - To be straight.            atco[ni: adj. Without counsel;
coutwn= v. coutwn - To be straight.              metatco[ni: f. State of being
coutwn (Q) v. coutwn - To be straight.         without counsel; ill-considered;
couwn- v. cwoun - To know.                     refco[ni: m. Counsellor, advisor;
couwn= v. cwoun - To know.                     iri, er co[ni: vb. To take counsel,
covia v. covoc - Wisdom.                       make decision;
covoc, -ia: (Gk); adj. Wise; mf. wise man      [ico[ni: vb. To take counsel, reflect,
   or woman;                                   advise;
   covia: f. Wisdom;                           ]co[ni: vb. To give counsel;
   ercovoc: vb. To be wise.                        ref]co[ni: m. Counsellor.
covroc, -on: (Gk?); adj. Pure, clean.       cpatal/: (Gk); f. Wantonness, luxury.
cof= v. cwf - To defile.                    cpeira v. cpira - Regiment.
cof (Q) v. cwf - To be defiled.             cpekolatwr v. cpekoulatwr -
cohi: (380b); vi. To reprove, correct;         Speculator.
   --- nem-: vb. To dispute with;           cpekoulatwr, -kolatwr: (Lat.); (of
   --- ehr/i ejen-: vb. To reprove             the Roman Imperial Army); Speculator,
   for;                                        scout, executioner, member of the
   ---: m. Reproof, correction;                Imperial body guard.
                                            cperma: (Gk); m. Seed, race, descent,
   refcohi: m. Reprover;
   jincohi: m. Reproval;
                                            cpermologoc: (Gk); m. Pickinh up scraps,
   [icohi: vb. To receive reproof.
                                               gossiping; an idle babbler.
coj, co[: (388a); m. Fool;                  cp/laion, -leon: (Gk); Grotto, cavern,
   ---: adj. Foolish;                          cave.
   metcoj: f. Foolishness, folly;           cp/leon v. cp/laion - Cave.
   ercoj: vi. To be made fool, be fool.     cp/rma = cperma - Seed.
cojen: (388b) m. Ointment.                  cpira, cpeira: (Gk); f. Tactical unit (of the
cojp= v. cwjp - To remain over.                Army); regiment i.e. a group of soldiers.
cojp (Q) v. cwjp - To be left over.         cplag,non: (Gk); pl. Inward parts of the
co[ v. coj - Fool.                             body, wombs, guts.
co[ni: (615b); vi. To take counsel, con-    cpla,non = cplag,non - Wombs.
   sider;                                   cponduloc, cvonduloc: (Gk); m. A
   ---: vb. To take counsel concerning;        type of wood.
   --- eybe-: vb. To take counsel con-      cpora, cvora: (Gk); f. sowing; seed,
   cerning;                                    offspring; fruit.
   --- ejen-: vb. To take counsel upon,     cpoud/, -/c: (Gk); f. Haste, spped, zeal,
   about;                                      effort, earnestness;
   --- nem-: vb. To take counsel with;         ncpoudeoc: adv. In haste, hastily, ear-
   --- nca-: vb. To take counsel after,        nestly, attentively.
   against;                                 cpoud/c v. cpoud/ - Haste.
   --- qa-: vb. To take counsel against,    crah: (358a); n. Example, object of shame;
   about;                                      ercrah, oi ncrah: vb. To display as
   ---: m. Counsel, design;                    example, to put to shame;
crah (Q) v. cwrh - To be swept.                 hictauroc: m. The making of the sign
cremrwm=, cremrwm (Q): (356a); vi.              of the cross;
   To be obscured, dazed, stupefied;           ctaurovoroc: m. Bearing a cross.
   --- qen: vi. To wander, sway.             ctaurovoroc v. ctauroc - Bearing a
cremrwm= v. cromrem - To enforce.               cross.
cremrwm (Q) v. cremrwm= - To be              cterewma: (Gk); m. Firmament, i.e. sky or
   dazed.                                       heaven.
crit: (356b); vi. To glean.                  ctevanoc: (Gk); m. Crown, chaplet,
cromrem, cremrwm=: (356a); vt. To               corona; monetary gift, donation.
   enforce, admonish.                        ctigm/: (Gk); f. Moment, of very small
croft (Q), crwft (Q): (357a); vi. To be         time duration.
   at leisure, unoccupied;                   cti,arion, c],arion: (Gk); m. Thin
   --- e-: vb. To have leisure for, be          tunic, shirt, an ecclesiastical vestiment
   occupied with;                            cti,e v. ctoi,e - Unknown.
   crwft: m. Leisure, perseverance;          ctoi,e cti,e: (Gk); Unknown.
   metatcroft: f. Lack of leisure;           cti,ion v. ctoi,eion - Element
   refcroft: m. Idler;                       ctoi,eion, cti,eion: (Gk); m. Element,
   jincroft: m. Leisure.                        component part, principle
crwm v. cwrem - Unconsciousness.             ctu,emi v. ,mom - Black cumin.
crwft v. croft - Perseverance.               ctwt: (366b); m. Trembling.
ctabla: (Gk); (Lat); m. Stable, posting      cunant/ma: (Gk); m. Chance happening,
   station.                                     encounter with.
ctajoul: (367a); m. Spider.                  cv/i]: (384b); m. Foam of waves or
ctadion, -oc: (Gk); m. Stadia, stade (a         mouth.
   length measurement = 60'-6-3/4").         cvir, pl. cvirwoui & sg as pl.: (351b); m.
ctadioc v. ctadion - Stade.                     Rip; side.
ctay/te v. ctatik/ - To stand up.            cvirwoui v. cvir - Rips.
ctayik/ v. ctatik/ - Static.                 cvotou: (353a); m. Lips, edge, shore.
ctakt/: (Gk); f. Oil of myrrh.               cvrans: (374a); n. Soothsayer.
ctaktoc: (Gk); f. Oil that runs without      c,ai, c,/t=: (328b); vi. To plough;
   pressing.                                    --- n-: vb. To plough with, by means
ctamnoc: (Gk); m. Earthen jar, bottle `for      of;
   wine'; a measure.                            refc,ai: m. Ploughman, one who
ctacia: (Gk?); f. Calendar, almanac.            ploughs.
ctaciact/c: (Gk); m. One who stirs up        c,/t= v. c,ai - To plough.
   sedition, rebel, fanatic.                 c,im: (328b); m. Discolored or gray hair.
ctatik/, -yik/: (Gk); f. Causing to stand,   cw, ce-, co=, p.c. cau: (318a); vb. To
   static; appointment, enthronement;           drink;
   ctay/te: vb. imperat. stand up!              metcau-: f. Drinking;
ctauroc: (Gk); m. Cross;                        ---: m. Drinking, potation;
   erctaurwnin, -ronin: vb. To crucify;         ma ncw: m. Drinking place, bout;
                                                refcw: m. Drinker;
  refce/rp: m. Wine drinker;                      --- nem-: vi. To go forward with; vt.
  atcw: adj. Without drinking;                   to bring together;
  jincw: m. Drink;                               --- nca-: vb. To draw, follow after;
  cwf: pl. Drinking.                             --- qa-: vb. To flow, draw before,
cwb v. cwp - To soak.                            beneath, submit to;
cwbi: (320b); vi. To laugh, play; vt. to         --- hiy/ n-: vb. To lead on, go
   deride, mock;                                 before,
   --- eqoun e-: vb. To laugh at;                --- qajen-: vb. To lead on, go
   --- ejen-: vb. To laugh at;                   before;
   --- nem-: vb. To sport with;                  --- hijen: vb. To draw, flow upon;
   --- nca-: vb. To laugh at;                    --- ebol: vi. To be drawn, come
   ---: m. Laughter, derision;                   forth; vt. to draw forth;
   hwb ncwbi: m. Laughable matter;                    ---: m. Going forth, death;
   iri noucwbi: vb. To make sport,               --- epec/t: vi. To flow down;
   mock;                                         --- epswi: vi. To bring up;
   ma ncwbi: m. Jesting place;                   --- evahou: vb. To draw back;
   refcwbi: m. Jesting, mocker;                  --- eth/: vb. To go forward;
   jincwbi: m. Laughter.                         --- eqoun: vi. To draw, go in; vt. to
cwi: (318b); vi. To become hairless.             draw, lead in;
cwit: (359a); m. Fame, report;                   --- ehr/i: vb. To draw up;
   ---: adj. Famous;                             --- eqr/i: vb. To draw down;
   metcwit: f. Fame;                             ---: m. Drawing, attraction;
   ercwit, oi ncwit: vb. To become, be           refcwk: m. Drawer;
   famous;                                       jincwk: m. Drawing, flowing.
  ]cwit: vb. To be, make famous.               cwki v. cwk - To flow.
cwk v. cok - Sackcloth.                        cwl, col=: (330a); vt. To dissipate, per-
cwk, cwki, cek-, cok-, cok=: (325a); vi.         vert.
   To flow (as water or hair), blow (as wind   cwlk, colk=: (330b); vi. To cleave,
   or smoke), move on swiftly, glide, be         adhere; vt. To make cleave, join.
   drawn; vt. to draw, beguile, gather,        cwlep, colp=, colp (Q): (330b); vi. To
   impel;                                        break, burst; vt. to break, cut off;
   cokc: vb. To continue, start (here); opp.     --- nca-: vi. To tear at;
   of ,ak;                                       --- qen-: vi. To be broken, separa-
       ,ak ebol: vb. To cease, pause             ted from
   (here);                                       --- ebol: vi. To be cut, broken off;
   ---: vb. refl. To draw aside, induce;         vt. To cut off, decide;
   --- e-: vi. To be drawn, flow, tend           --- epec/t: vi. To cut off, fall down;
   toward; vt. to draw to;                       atcwlep: adj. Unbroken.
   --- erat=: vb. To follow after;             cwlj, celj-, colj=: (333b); vi. To
   --- ejen-: vi. To flow, drag upon;            smear, wipe, obliterate;
   approach; vt. To bring upon, to;              -- ebol: vb. To wipe out;
                                                 atcwlj: adj. Unobliterated;
    refcwlj: m. One who wipes out.            cwouhit/c v. cwouhi - White of eye.
cwni v. con - Sister.                         (1)cwp, cwb, cep-, ceb-, cop=: (351a);
cwnk, cenk-, conk=: (344b); vb. To suck.          vi. To dip, soak;
(1)cwnt, cent-, cont=: (345a); vi. To be          ---: m. Dipped, moistened food
    created, founded, created;                (2)cwp: (351a); m. Kohl-stick for appling
    ---: n. Creature, creation;                   kohl to eyes.
    atcont=: adj. Uncreated;                  cwpi: (321b); f. Edge, fringe (of garment).
    maicwnt: m. Loving offspring;             cwr, cer-, cor-, cor=, c/r (Q): (353b);
    refcwnt: m. Creator;                          vi. To scatter, spread;
    ouahmcwnt: m. Re-creation;                    ---: m. Distribution;
    jincwnt: m. Creation;                         --- e-: vb. To spread for, against;
    cen]: f. Foundation;                          --- ehren-: vb. To scatter upon;
        ,w cen]: vb. To lay foundation;           --- nem-: vb. To scatter with, to
                jin,a cen]: m. Laying             upon;
    foundation;                                   --- ebol ha-: vb. To dispel from;
        refhicen]: m. Founder.                    --- ebol: vb. To spread out, abroad,
(2)cwnt: (346a); m. Custom, custom of             prepare.
    women (i.e. menstruation).                cwrem, cerem-, corm=, corem (Q):
cwnh, cenh-, conh=, conh (Q): (348b);             (355a); vi. To go astray, err, be lost; lead
    vi. To be bound, fettered; vt. To bind;       astray, lose;
    --- e-: vb. To bind to;                       --- hi: vb. To stray in;
    mancwnh: m. Place of binding, prison;         --- qen-: vi. To stray in, by reason
    jincwnh: m. Binding.                          of;
    cnauh, cnah: m. Bond, fetter.                 --- hiten-: vb. to go astray through;
cwouben: (369a); m. Grass.                        --- hijen: vb. To stray upon;
cwoun, cwounou, couwn-, couen-,                   --- ebol: vi. To wander forth, about,
    couwn=: (369b); vi. To know;                  be idle; vt. to mislead;
                                                      --- ebol ha-: vi. To stray
    ---, couen-: m. Knowledge;
    cou/n, couin: adj. Well known, famous
                                                      --- ebol qen-: vt. To set
                                                  astray from;
    atcwoun, atcouen: adj. Without
                                                      --- ebol hiten-: vb. To stray
                                                  from, be means of;
        metatcwoun: f. Ignorance;
                                                  --- cabol n-: vb. To send astray
    remncwoun: m. One known, acquain-
    tance;                                        ---: m. Error;
    refcwoun: m. One who knows;
                                                  mou ncwrem: m. Torrent;
    jincouen-: m. Knowing, knowledge.
                                                  atcwrem: adj. Clear, unerring;
cwounou v. cwoun - To know.
                                                  refcwrem: m. One who leads astray;
cwouhi: (374a); f. Egg;
                                                  cerm/: n. Wanderer, vagrant;
    cwouhit/c: f. White of eye;
                                                  cormec: f. Error, wandering;
    cwouhi nkoumari: m. Garden egg-
                                                  crom: m. Unconsiousness.
    plant; crown of head.
cwrh, carh-; cahr (Q), carh (Q),              cwtf, cetf-, cotf (Q): (366b); vi. To be
  crah (Q): (386a); vi. To sweep.                 pure, clear, purified; cause to drip, pour;
cwc, cwci, coci, coc=: (358a); vi To be           --- epec/t: vb. To pour down;
  thrown, upset; vt. to overthrow.                ---: m. What is purified, purity.
cwci v. cwc - To upset.                       (1)cwf: (378b); vt. To strain.
cwtem, coym=: (363b); vi. To hear;            (2)cwf, cef-, cof=, cof (Q), p.c. caf-:
  --- e-: vb. To listen to;                       (378b); vi. To be defiled, polluted; vt. to
  --- eybe-: vb. To hear concerning;              defile, pollute; p.c. (in cafh/t) defiled
  --- n-: vb. To listen to, obey;                 in heart;
  --- nca-: vb. To listen to, obey;               ---: m. Pollution, abomination;
  --- nten-: vb. To hear at hand of,              atcwf: adj. Undefiled;
  from;                                           refcef-: m. Defiler.
  --- qen-: vb. To hear with (ears);          cwf v. cw - Drinking (pl).
  --- hiten-: vb. To hear through,            (1)cwqem, caqm=, caqem (Q): (384b);
  from;                                           vi. To sink, fall down.
  ---: m. Hearing, obedience;                 (2)cwqem, cwqm=: (384b); vt. To pluck,
  atcwtem: adj. Unhearing, dis-                   draw.
  obedient;                                   cwqi, caht-, caq=, c/qi (Q), c/q
       metatcwtem: f. Disobedience;               (Q): (381a); vi. To weave;
       eratcwtem:         vb.     To     be       --- e-: vb. To weave at, be accupied
  disobedient;                                    in weaving (something);
  refcwtem: m. Hearer;                            --- hi-: vb. To weave with;
       metrefcwtem: f. Obedience;                 --- ebol qen-: vb. To weave
       oi nrefcwtem: vb. To be                    from, of;
  obedient;                                       ---: m. Weaving, weaver's craft;
  jincwtem: m. Hearing, report.                   metrefcwqi: f. Weaving.
cwter, cwt/r, coter (Q), cot/r (Q),           cwqm= v. (2)cwqem - To pluck.
  cat/r (Q): (366a); vi. To be turned,        cwhi, cahw, cah/out (Q): (380a); vt.
  twisted.                                        To remove (mostly refl.);
cwt/r v. cwter - To be turned.                    --- ebol n-: vb. To remove from;
cwtp, cetp-, cotp=, cotp (Q), cwtp                --- ebol ha-:vb. To remove
  (Q): (365a); vi. To choose;                     from;
  --- ebol: vi. To choose;                        --- epec/t: vb. To throw down;
  Q. Chosen, exquisite; choicer, better;          --- eqr/i: vb. To withdraw, draw
       --- e: Q. Better than;                     back;
       --- ehote: Q. Better than;             (1)cwjp, sojp (Q): (568a); vt. To pierce.
  ---, f. cotpi: adj. Chosen, elect (person   (2)cwjp, cejp-, cojp=, cojp (Q):
  or thing);                                      (616b); vi. To be over and above, remain
  metcwtp: f. Election, choice, super-            over; vt. to leave over, behind;
  iority;                                         --- e-: vb. To remain over from, out
  jincwtp: m. Lection, choice.                    of;
cwtp (Q) v. cwtp - To be chosen.
   --- ebol n-: vb. To remain over              --- nca-: vb. To ascribe to, inscribe;
   from;                                        write down;
   --- nca-: vb. To remain over behind;         --- sa-:(v. --- erat=);
   --- ebol ha-: vb. To remain over             --- qa-: vb. To write about, report
   from;                                        upon;
   --- hi-: vb. To remain over on, in;          --- qen-: vb. To write in, with;
   --- qen-: vb. To remain over in;             --- hi-: vb. To write on, upon;
     ebol qen-: vb. To remain over              --- hijen-: vb. To write upon, over;
   from;                                        --- ebol: vb. To write outward,
         eqr/i qen-: vb. To remain over         publish;
   in;                                          ---        eqoun: vb. To write in (to
   ---      hijen-: vb. To remain over          palace); inscribe, register;
   upon;                                        ---: m. Writting, letter;
   ---      evahou: vb. To remain over          [icqai: vb. To receive letter;
  behind;                                       metcqai: f. Writing;
  ---: m. Remainder.                            atcqai: adj. Without letters, illiterate
cw], cet-, cot=: (362a); vi. To redeem,         refcekcqai: m. Courier;
  rescue;                                       jincqai: m. Act, form of writing;
  --- nten-: vb. To save from;                  cqi: m. Written copy, diploma;
  --- qa-: vb. To redeem (in                    caq, pl. cqoui & sg as pl.: mf. Writer,
  exchange) for;                                teacher, master;
  --- qen-: vb. To redeem from;                 metcaq: f. Skill.
  ---: m. Ransom, price;                     cqe- v. cqai - To write.
  iri, oi ncw]: vb. To be, make              cq/out (Q) v. cqai - To be written.
  redemption;                                cq/t- v. cqai - To write.
  [icw]: vb. To get ransom;                  cq/t= v. cqai - To write.
  refcw]: m. Redeemer.                       cqi v. cqai - Written copy.
cse: (607b); Impersonal vb. It is fitting,   cqo: (384b); m. Plough-handle.
  right.                                     cqoui v. cqai - Teachers.
csriki v. riki - Unending.
                                             chimi, pl. hiomi: (385a); f. Woman, wife,
cqai, cai, cqe-, cq/t-, c/t-, cq/t=,
                                                female of animals;
  cq/out (Q): (381b); vi. To write;             atchimi: adj. Wifeless;
  --- e-: vb. To write (as acc.), upon,         ma nchimi: m. Woman's place;
  in, to (direction), for;                      erchimi: vb. To become, be wife;
  --- erat= n-: vb. To write to
                                                [ichimi: vb. To take wife.
  --- eten-: vb. To write for, on behalf     chouer- v. cahoui - To curse.
                                             chouort v. cahoui - To Be cursed.
  --- ejen-: vb. To write upon;              chouwr= v. cahoui - To curse.
  --- n-: vb. To write to;                   c[r/h: (389b); m. Quiet, rest.
       --- ebol n-: vb. To write from        c],arion v. cti,arion - Thin tunic
t: (389a); 19th letter of the Coptic Alpha-         ---: m. Circumference.
  bet;                                            takto= v. takto - To go around.
  t: The numeral 300.                             tale- v. talo - To lift.
ta- v. pa- - The ... belonging to.                tal/out (Q) v. talo - Being offered
tabir: (400b); m. Sanctuary.                         up.
tabteb: (401b); vi. To form, compound,            talo, tale-, talo=, tal/out (Q):
  invest.                                           (408a); vt. To lift, offer up, set on (beast,
tavm/i v. m/i - Truth.                              ship); set up (on loom), weave; (Q)
tai: (390a); adv. Here.                             woven; vi. To go up, mount (beast), go
tai- v. pai- - This                                 abroad;
taie- v. taio - To honor.                           --- e-: vi. To go up to, be mounted
tai/out (Q) v. taio - Honored.                      on;
taio, taie-, taio=, tai/out (Q):                    --- ejen-: vi. To be raised upon;
  (390b); vt. To honor, pay respect to,             --- hijen-: vb. To lay upon;
  adorn; (Q) honored, excellent, precious;          --- epswi: vb. To raise, rise up;
  --- nten: vb. To be honered by, with;             --- ehr/i: vi. To rise, raise up;
  ---: m. Honor; complimentary gift;                jintalo: m. Raising.
  maitaio: adj. honor-loving;                     talo= v. talo - To lift.
  ]taio: vb. To give honor, gift;                 tal[e- v. tal[o - To heal.
  [itaio: vb. To receive honor, gift.             tal[o, tal[e-, tal[o=: (411b); vt.
taio= v. taio - To honor.                           To make to cease, heal;
take- v. tako - To destroy.                         --- qen-: vt. To heal from, of;
tak/out (Q) v. tako - To be destroyed.              --- ebol ha-: vt. To desist from;
tako, take-, tako=, tak/out: (405a);                --- ebol hijen-: vt. To make
  vt. To destroy, lose;                             cease of, from;
  --- e-: vt. To lose against;                      ---: m. healing;
  vi. To perish, be lost, destroy, corrupt;         attal[o: adj. Not to be healed,
  --- ehr/i ejen: vi. To perish upon,               unhealed;
  for;                                              reftal[o: m. Healer;
  --- nten: vi. To perish away from;                jintal[o: m. Healing.
  ---: m. Perdition;                              tal[o= v. tal[o - To heal.
  attako: adj. imperishable;                      tame- v. tamo - To tell.
       metattako: f. Incorruption;                tamo, tame-, tamo=: (413b); vt. To
  reftako: m. Destroyer; adj. perishable;           tell, inform;
  jintako: m. Destruction.                          --- e-: vt. To tell + D.O.
tako= v. tako - To destroy.                         --- eybe-: vt. To tell about, of;
takte- v. takto - To go around.                     ---: n. Thing told;
takt/out (Q) v. takto - To be going                 reftamo: m. Teller, informer;
  around.                                         tamo= v. tamo - To tell.
takto, takte-, takto=, takt/out                   tanse- v. taso - To increase.
  (Q): (407b); vt. To put, go around;             tanso v. taso - To increase.
tanso= v. taso - To increase.                tarso, tarso=, tars/out (Q):
tanqe- v. tanqo - To make alive.               (432b); vt. To increase, multiply.
tanqo, tanqe-, tanqo=: (421a); vt.           tarso= v. tarso - To increase.
  To make, keep alive; be alive;             tacye- v. tacyo - To bring back.
  ---: m. Keeping alive, saving;             tacy/out v. tacyo - To be brought
  reftanqo: m. Life giver, savior.             back.
tanqo= v. tanqo - To make alive.             tacyo, tacye-, tacyo-, tacyo=,
taoue- v. taouo - To send.                     tacy/out (Q): (436a); vt. To bring,
taou/out (Q) v. taouo - To be sent.            pay back, repeat; vi. To make to return,
taouo, taoue-, taouo=, taou/out                turn, bring back.
  (Q): (441b); vt. To send; put forth,         --- e-: vb. To return to;
  produce; utter, proclaim, recount; give,     --- ejen-: vb. To turn upon, toward;
  say name; overthrow;                         --- sa-: vb. To return, turn to;
  --- e-: vt. To send to, cast upon; tell      --- ha-: vb. To return, turn to;
  to;                                          --- hijen-: vb. To turn upon, to;
  --- eqoun e-: vt. To send to;                --- ebol: vt. To turn out, reject,
  --- ejen-: vt. To send upon;                 return;
  --- n-: vt. To send to:                      --- ebol ha-: vb. To turn away
  --- nca-: vt. To send after;                 from;
  --- sa-: vt. To send to;                     --- ebol hi-: vb. To turn away
  --- ha-: vt. To sent to;                     from;
  --- qajen-: vt. To send before;              --- ebol hijen-: vb. To turn
  --- ebol: vt. To send forth;                 away from;
  --- epec/t: vt. To send, cast down;          --- eqoun ha-: vb. To turn in to;
  --- epswi: vt. To cast up;                   --- ebol: m. Rejection.
  --- eqr/i: vt. To send, cast down;           --- cabol n-: vb. To turn away
  jintaouo: m. Explanation, recital.           from;
taouo= v. taouo - To send.                     --- evahou: vb. To turn backward;
tap: (422a); m. Horn;                          ---: n. Sending back.
  patap nouwt: m. Unicorn.                     jintacyo: m. Return.
tapro: (423b); f. Mouth;                     tacyo- v. tacyo - To bring back.
tar: (423b); m f(once); Branch, point;       tacyo= v. tacyo - To bring back.
  oi ntar: vb. To have points;               tatci: (466b); f. Foot sole, foot print;
  rat tar ebol: vb. To put forth               se ntatci: f. Blow, kick, stroke of
  branches.                                    foot, foot print;
tarke- v. tarko - To make to swear.            [itatci nca-: vb. To take step after,
tarko, tarke-, tarko=: (430a); vt. To          follow;
                                               at[itatci: adj. Not to be tracked.
  make to swear, adjure, entreat.
tarko= v. tarko - To make to swear.          tath v. taht - lead.
tars/out (Q) v. tarso - To be                tath/out (Q) v. tatho - To be
  increased.                                   restrained.
tatho, (Q) tath/out: (439b) vi. To               tajro, tajre-, tajro=, tajr/out
  impede, restrain;                                 (Q): (462b); vt. To make strong, firm,
  ---: m. Restraint.                                fast; vi. To be strengthened, decided.
tase- v. taso - To increase.                        --- e-: vb. To set firmly on, toward;
taso, tanso, tase-, tanse-,                         --- ejen-: vb. To set, be set, rely
  taso=, tanso=: (452b); vt. To                     upon;
  increase.                                         --- n-: vb. To confirm to;
taso= v. taso - To increase.                        --- qen-: vb. To make firm in, with;
tahe- v. taho - To set up.                          ---: m. Firmness, strength, solidity;
tah/out v. taho - To be attained.                   qen outajro: adv. Firmly, certainly;
tahno: (460a); vt. To hinder; vi. To be             attajro: adj. Unstable, infirm;
  hindered;                                         ma ntajro: m. Firm place;
  --- e-: vb. To hinder from;                       ]tajro: vb. To give strength, confirm;
  --- ebol ha-: vb. To hinder from;                 jintajro: m. Confirmation.
  --- evahou: vb. To set back, repel;            tajro= v. tajro - To make strong.
  --- (n) + at[ne-: adj. Without                 teb- v. (1)twb - To seal.
  hinderance;                                    (1)tebi: (397a); mf. Obole (coin).
  attahno: adj. Unhindered;                      (2)tebi, tepi, tepe: (397a); m. Strip,
  jintahno: m. Hinderance, obstruction.             bandage of linen.
taho, tahe-, taho=, tah/out (Q):                 tebn/, pl. tebnwoui: (400b); m. Beast,
  (455a); vt. To make to stand, set up;             domestic animal;
  meet; catch, arrest; vi. To attain, be able;      ma ntebnwoui: m. Cattle-herd;
  --- e-: vb. To assign to, decide for;             refcans tebnwoui: m. Cattle
  --- ejen-: vb. To set up on;                      breeder.
  ---: m. Setting up, laying hold;               tebnwoui v. tebn/ - Beasts.
  attaho=: adj. Unattainable, incom-             tebc v. (1)twb - Seal's impress.
  prehensible                                    tebt: (401b); m. Fish;
       metattaho=: f. Incomprehensi-                reftahe tebi: m. Fish-monger.
  bility;                                        tekc- v. ywkc - To pierce.
  reftahe-: m. Catcher;                          teli v. tili - Fenugreek.
  taho erat=: vb. To set on foot,                teltel: (411a); vi. To drip, let drop;
  make to stand, establish;                         ---: m. Dripping;
       jintaho erat=: m. Establish-                 tel]li, -tili: fm. Drop.
  ment.                                          teltili v. teltel - Drop.
taho= v. taho - To attain.                       tel]ili v. teltel - Drop.
taht, tath:(462a); m. Lead                       telfi: (411b); f. Kind of lizards.
  oi ntaht: vb. Being leaded.                    tem- v. twmi - To join.
taj: (464a); m. Lump, piece, cake.               temyam: (416a); n. Mule.
tajre- v. tajro - To make strong.                temywm (Q) v. yomtem - To be dar-
tajr/out v. tajro - To be made                      kened.
  strong.                                        temywm (Q) v. tomtem - To be op-
temmo, temo, temmo=: (416a); vt. To          tepe v. (2)tebi - Strip.
   feed, nourish.                            tepi v. (2)tebi - Strip.
   --- qen-: vb. To feed with.               tertwr- v. torter - To thrust in.
temmo v. temho - To set on fire.             tehni: (460b); f. Forehead.
temmo= v. temmo - To feed.                   t/: (392a); adv. There.
temmo= temho - To set on fire.               t/b: (397b); m. Finger, toe.
temmo= v. tenno - To pound.                     se nt/b: m. Blow of finger, finger-
temmho v. temho - To set on fire.               mark.
temo v. temmo - To feed.                     t/b (Q) v. (1)twb - To be sealed.
temho, temmho, themmo, temmo,                t/i= v. ] - To give.
   tmo, tmhe-, temmo=: (417a); vt.           t/it= v. ] - To give.
   To set on fire, kindle; blaze, burn;      t/p (Q) v. (1)twb - To be sealed.
   ---: m. Burning, heat.                    t/r=: (424a); adj. (with suff.) All, whole,
ten- v. twri - Suffix for 2nd pers. pl.         every;
ten- v. twoun - To rise.                        pt/rf: The whole, all (creation);
tenywn- v. yonten - To be like.                 ept/rf: adv. Wholly, at all;
tenywn= v. yonten - To be like.                     piept/rf: m. The whole.
tenywn (Q) v. yonten - To be likened to.     tili, teli: (409b); Fenugreek.
tenywnt (Q) v. yonten - To be likened        timi v. ]mi - Village.
   to.                                       tiou: (440b); nn. Five.
tenn/out (Q) v. tenno - Trodden.             tiqi: (453b); m. Crane.
tenno, tenno=, temmo=, tenn/out              tkac, kac: (407a); m. Pain.
   (Q): (419a); vt. To pound, tread down;    tkbo v. ,bob - To make cool.
   vi. To be beaten, trodden; (Q) Trodden,   tmo v. temho - To set on fire.
   contrite;                                 tmhe- v. temho - To set on fire.
   ---: m. Breaking, contrition.             tob: (422a); m. edge, end, border of gar-
tenno= v. tenno - To pound.                     ment.
tensi v. twns - blow.                        tob= v. (1)twb - To seal.
tenh: (421a); m. Wing;                       tob= v. (2)twb - To repay.
   ertenh: vb. To grow wings, be winged;     tob (Q) v. (1)twb - To be sealed.
   r/t ntenh: vb. To grow wings;             tob v. (2)twb - To repay.
   [itenh: vb. To take wings.                tobc v. (1)twb - Seal's impress.
tenhet- v. tenhout - To trust.               tobf v. (1)twb - Seal's impress.
tenh/out (Q) v. tenhout - To be              tobh= v. twbh - To pray.
   trusted.                                  toi, twi: (396a); f. Part, share;
tenhout, tenhet-, tenhout-, ten-                [itoi: vb. To receive share, be partaker;
   hout=, tenh/out (Q): (421b); vt.             maitoi nhouo: Loving a greater
   To trust, believe;                           share; covetous.
   --- e-: vt. to entrust with;              toi (Q) v. ] - Given.
   --- nem-: vb. To trust to, confide in.    tokc (Q) v. ywkc - To be pierced.
tenhout- v. tenhout - To trust.              tom- v. twmi - To join.
tenhout= v. tenhout - To trust.
tom= v. twmi - To join.                          ---: m. Purity, purification;
tomi (Q) v. twmi - To be joined.                 attoubo: adj. Impure;
tomt (Q) v. (2)twmt - To be amazed.              ma ntoubo: m. Place of purifying;
tomtem, yomtem, temywm (Q):                      mettoubo: f. Purity;
   (417a); vi. To be heavy, oppressed.           jintoubo: m. Purification.
tona v. twnou - Very.                          toubo= v. toubo - To be pure.
tono v. twnou - Very.                          touie- v. touio - To wean.
tonw: (418b); vi. To strike.                   touio, touie-, touio=: (444a); vt. To
tonw v. twnou - Very.                             remove, wean.
tonwou v. twnou - Very.                        touio= v. touio - To remove.
tons= v. (twns) - To threaten.                 toulo v. youelo - To overflow.
tooui, f. hanatooui: (727b); m. dawn,          toun-: (446b); vt. To make to open.
   morning;                                    tounec- v. tounoc - To raise.
   pinau nhanatooui: Time of dawn,             tounoc, tounec-, tounoc-, tounoc=:
   morning hour;                                 (446b); vt. To wake, raise, set up;
  ehanatooui: At dawn, in morning;               --- ejen: vt. To raise upon, incite
  nhanatooui: At dawn, in morning;               against;
  sahanatooui: Till morning.                     --- ebol ha-: vt. To raise from
top=: (422b); vt. To stitch, stop, caulk.        off;
top= v. (1)twb - To seal.                        --- hijen-: vt. To raise upon;
top= v. (2)twb - To repay.                       --- epswi: vt. To raise up;
top (Q) v. (1)twb - To be sealed.                --- ehr/i: vt. To raise up;
topou v. (2)twb - Requital.                      jintounoc: m. Raising.
topc v. (1)twb - Seal's impress.               tounoc- v. tounoc - To raise.
topf v. (1)twb - Seal's impress.               tounoc= v. tounoc - To raise.
torter, tertwr-: (432a); vt. To thrust         touhe- v. touho - To add.
   in, pierce.                                 touho, touhe-, touho=: (448b); vt. To
tot- v. twri - Suffix for 2nd pers. pl.          add;
tot= v. twri - Suffix for 2nd pers. pl.          --- e-: vt. To add to;
totc, kotc, tojc: (407a); m. A thing             --- nem-: vt. To join with;
   firmly fixed; seat, chair; (mod) f. Sofa.     ---: m. Addition.
totc v. ywkc - To be pierced.                  touho= v. touho - To add.
toube- v. toubo - To become pure.              touje- v. toujo - To save.
toub/out (Q) v. toubo - To be purified.        touj/out (Q) v. toujo - Safe.
toubo, toube-, toubo=, toub/out                toujo, touje-, toujo=, touj/out
   (Q): (399b); vi. To become, be pure; vt.      (Q): (448b); vt. To make whole, save; vi.
   To make pure, purify;                         To be safe, saved; (Q) safe, preserved;
   --- e-: vi. To be pure from;                  --- e-: vi. To be saved from;
   --- n-: vb. To cleanse, be pure for;          --- eybe-: vb. To saved for,
   --- ha-: vb. To be pure from;                 through;
   --- qen-: vi. To be pure by, free             --- nten: vb. To be saved from;
   --- ebol ha-: vb. To be saved           (1)twb, twp, teb-, tob=, top=, t/b
   from;                                      (Q), t/p (Q), tob (Q), top (Q):
   --- qen-: vb. To saved in, from;           (398a); vi. To seal;
   ---: n. Saftey, salvation;                 --- e-: vi. To set seal upon;
   reftoujo: m. Health-giver, savior,         --- n-: vi. To seal with, by means of;
   saver;                                     --- qen-: vi. To seal with;
toujo= v. toujo - To save.                    tebc, tobc, topc: f. Seal's impress;
toj= v. twji - To be joined.                  tobf, topf: m. Seal's impress.
tojc v. totc - Seat.                       (2)twb, twp, tob, tob=, top=:
trapc v. yrapc - Spike.                       (398b); vi. To repay, requite;
trim: (430b); m. Trefoil, clover;             --- n-: vi. To repay to;
tcabe- v. tcabo - To teach.                   topou: m. Requital.
tcab/out (Q) v. tcabo - To be taught.      (1)twbi: (397b); n. Name of 5th month.
tcabo, tcabe-, tcabo=, tcab/out            (2)twbi: (398a); f. Brick;
   (Q): (434b); vt. To make wise, teach,      vave twbi: vb. Knead, make bricks.
   show;                                   twbh, tobh=: (402a); vi. To pray, en-
   jintcabo: m. Teaching.                     treat; vt. to entreat, console;
   cabo, cabo=, cab/out (Q): vi. To           --- eybe-: vb. To pray for, con-
   learn.                                     cerning;
tcabo= v. tcabo - To teach.                   --- ejen-: vi. To pray upon, for;
tcaiwou (Q): (434a); vt. To make beauti-      --- nca-: vb. To pray for;
   ful.                                       --- qa-: vb. To pray on behalf of;
tce- v. tco - To give to drink.               ---: m. Prayer;
tc/out (Q) tcio - To be made satisfied.       reftwbh: m. One who prays,
tcio, tcio-, tcio=, tc/out (Q): (434a);       suppliant;
   vt. To make satisfied, state;              jintwbh: m. Entreaty.
   --- qen-: vt. To make satisfied with;   twi v. toi - Part.
   jintcio: m. Satisfaction, repletion.    twic, twici: (433a); f. Piece, rag of cloth,
tcio- v. tcio - To make satisfied.            linen;
tcio= v. tcio - To make satisfied.         twici v. twic - Piece.
tco, tce-, tco=: (434a); vt. To give to    twit: (437b); vi. To mourn;
   drink, slake;                              ---: m. (rare) Lament, dirge.
   --- qen-: vt. To give drink with;       twmi, tom-, tem-, tom=, tomi (Q):
   ---: m. Watering;                          (414b); vi. To join; (Q) to be fitting,
   ma ntco: m. Drinking place;                appropriate;
   reftco: m. Drink giver.                    --- e-: vi. To join, cleave to; (Q) to
tco= v. tco - To give to drink.               be fitting;
tve- v. thvo - To accompany.                  --- nem-: vi. To join with;
tvo v. thvo - To accompany.                   ---: m. Joint, joining;
tvo= v. thvo - To accompany.                  ratwmi: n. joint;
                                              jintwmi: m. Joining;
                                                  vaijintwmi: m. Marriage.
(1)twmt: (416b); vi. To meet, befall.         --- e-: vb. To carry off to;
(2)twmt, tomt (Q): (416b); vi. To be          ---: m. Plunder.
   amazed, stupefied;                       twou: (440b); m. Mountain;
   ---: m. Amazement, stupefaction.           ---: adj; Of the hill, desert; wild;
twn: (418a); m. Dispute, strife;              remntwou: m. Mountain man;
twn= v. twoun - To rise.                      antwou, ho ntwou: m. Mountain-
twna v. twnou - Very.                          ous country.
twno v. twnou - Very.                       twoun, twounou, ten-, twn=: (445a);
twnou, twna, twno, tono, tonw,                vi. To arise fro; vt. to raise, carry;
   tonwou, tona: (418b); adv. Very,           --- e-: vb. To rise to;
   greatly, certainly.                        --- ejen-: vb. To rise upon, against;
(twns), tons=: (421a); vt. To threaten;       --- n-: vb. To rise from;
   tensi: n. Blow.                            --- qa-: vb. To rise from beneath,
twp v. (1)twb - To seal.                      from;
twp v. (2)twb - To repay.                     --- qen: vb. To rise from;
twri: (425a); f. Hand, handle;                --- hijen-: vb. To rise upon;
   tot-, ten-: Suffix for 2nd pers. pl.       --- ebol: vb. Arise;
   iri nautot=, er autot=: vb. To             --- epswi: vb. To raise up;
   do to extent of hand('s capacity),         --- ehr/i: vb. To rise up;
   endeavor;                                  ---: m. Rising, resurrection, what has
   ,w ntot= ebol: vb. To loosen               arisen;
   hand, cease, despair;                      twnf: n. Resurrection;
   ]tot=: vb. To give hand, help;             reftwnf: m. One who raises, incites;
       --- nem-: vb. To give aid to;          jintwnf: m. Rising, resurrection.
       --- ebol: vb. To expel;              twounou v. twoun - To arise.
       ref]tot=: m. Helper;                 twji toj=: (464a); vi. To be fixed,
               metref]tot=: f. Help;          joined; plant;
   septot=: vb. To grasp hand (in             --- ebol: vi. To fix outwardly, set
   greeting).                                 forth, publish.
   catot=: prep. Out of hand, forthwith;    tsmo, stmo, tsmo-, stmo=:
   eten-, etot=, eteny/nou: prep. To          (453a); vt. To make small.
   hand of, to;                             tsmo- v. tsmo - To make small.
   nten-, nte-: prep. In, by hand of, by,   tsouie v. tsouio - To make dry.
   with, beside, from; with for; through,   tsouio, tsouie-, tsouio=: (453a); vt.
   because of, from, away from; to;           To make dry, parch.
   ebol nten-: prep. From;                  tsouio= v. tsouio - To make dry.
   qaten-: prep. Under the hand of;         tqmo, tqmom, yemmo, thmo,
   beside, with;                              yqmo-, yqmo=: (459b); vt. To warm;
   hiten-: prep. By hand of, through, by,     ---: n. Warm thing.
   from;                                    tqmom v. tqmo - To warm.
   ebol hiten-: same as hiten.              themk/out (Q) v. themko - To be
twrp: (430b); vi. To seize, rob;              humiliated.
themko, themko=, themk/out (Q):                   --- hi-: vt. To seat at, on;
  (459b); vt. To ill-use, afflict, humuliate;     --- qen-: vt. To seat in;
  ---: m. Ill-treatment, affliction;              --- hijen-: vt. To seat upon;
  refthemko: m. Punisher.                       themco= v. themco - To seat.
themko= v. themko - To humiliate.               thmo v. tqmo - To warm.
themmo v. temhe - To kindle.                    tho, yoh: (457a); vi. To make or be bad;
themce- v. themco - To seat.                      --- e-: vi. To be worse than;
themc/out (Q) v. themco - To be                   ---: m. badness.
  seated.                                       thve v. jvo - To beget.
themco, themce-, themco=, them-                 thvo, tvo, tve-, tvo=: (461a); vt. To
  c/out (Q): (460a); vt. To make to sit,          cause to reach, bring back, accompany;
  seat;                                           --- e-: vt. To lead forth.
  --- e-: vt. To set in place;                  t[o v. [o - To plant.
  --- ejen-: vt. To seat upon;
  --- nem-: vt. To seat with;
                                          u> ou
u, ou: (467a); The 20th letter;                ouas= v. ouws - To desire.
    u: As numeral = 400.                       ouah, bah: (508b); n. Oasis.
ou- v. ouai - A.                               ouah v. ouwh - To add to.
ou: (467b); Interr. pron. mf. sg & pl. What,   ouah- v. ouwh - To add to
   who?;                                       ouah= v. ouwh - To add up.
  --- e-: What (profit) to me, &c?;            ouahbef, ouahf: (509a); vi. To bark,
  --- n-: Who of?                                 growl (of dogs).
  er ou-: Do what?                             ouahem- v. ouwhem - To repeat.
  eybe ou: Because of what, why?               ouahem= v. ouwhem - To repeat.
  ou mnou: This & that.                        ouahem- p.c. v. ouwhem - Repeater of.
oua: (468b); m. Blasphemy;                     ouaho = (2)aho - Dwelling.
  jeoua: vb. To speak blasphemy;               ouahcahni v. cahni - To lay a command.
       --- e-: vb. To speak blasphemy          ouahcoi v. coi - Addition of beams.
   against;                                    ouahf v. ouahbef - To bark.
       refjeoua:       m.     Speaker    of    oubas, ouas, ouobs (Q): (476b); vi.
  blasphemy.                                      To become, be white;
ouab (Q): (487b); vi. To be pure, holy;           ---: m. Whiteness;
  --- e-: To be pure from, innocent of;           ouwbs: adj. White (w/ pref. n-);
  ou/b: m. Priest;                                     erouwbs: vb. To be white.
       erou/b: vb. To be priest;               oube-, eoube, oub/=: (476a); prep.
       metou/b: f. Priesthood.                    Opposite, toward, against.
ouayi v. wth - Wrap (nn).                      oub/= v. oube- - Against.
ouayni v. ouwtb - Hole.                        ouei, ou/ou (Q): (470a); vi. To be distant,
ouai, f. oui: (469a); n. One, someone;            far reaching;
  nouai ouai: One by one, one after               --- e-: vi. To be far from;
  another;                                        --- n-: vi. To far from;
  piouai piouai: Each one;                        --- ebol ha-: vi. To be far from;
  keoua: Another one;                             --- ebol qen: vi. To be far from;
  metouai: f. Unity;                              --- ebol: vi. To be far off;
  erouai: vb. To be, make one;                    ---: m. Distance;
  ou-: Indefinite article; a.                     epouei: To a distance;
ouam- v. ouwm - Eater (p.c.)                           --- n-: Away from;
ouame] v. ouwm - Cancer.                          hiouei: At a distance;
ouan: (480a); m. Dyke.                                 icjen hivouei: From a far.
ouac= v. ouici - To saw.                       oueinin: (484a); n. Greek;
ouat=: (470a); adj. Alone, self.                  metoueinin: f. Greek (language).
ouateb v. ouwteb - To change.                  ouem- v. ouwm - To eat.
ouathi v. wth - wrap (nn).                     ouem[i v. (2)[i - To suckle.
ouas v. oubas - To be white.                   ouen- v. (2)ouwn - Part.
ouas- v. ouws - To desire.
ouent: (484a); m. Deep, hollow place, hold   oumot, (Q) ouomt: (479b); vi. To
   of ship.                                     become, be thick;
ouerp- v. ouwrp - To send.                      ---: m. Thickness.
ouert, bert: (490a); m. Rose.                ounof: (485b) vi. To rejoice;
ouersi: (491a); f. Watch, watch tower.          --- ejen: vi. To rejoice over, at
ouecyen- v. ouocyen - To broaden.               ---: m. Joy, gladness;
ouecywn= v. ouocyen - To broaden.               maiounof: Pleasure-loving;
ouecywn (Q) v. ouocyen - To be broaden.         erounof: vb. To make joy, to rejoice;
ouet- v. ouw] - To send.                        ]ounof: vb. To give joy.
oueteb- v. ouwteb - To change.               ounou, pl. ounwoui: (484b); f. hour;
oueth- v. ouwth - To pour.                      n]ounou: adv. On the instant, forth-
oues- v. ouws - To desire.                      with;
ouesc- v. ouwsc - To make broad.                qen ]ounou: adv. same as n]ou-
ouesci v. ouwsc - Breadth.                      nou
oueh- v. ouwh - To add to.                      proc ouounou: For an hour;
oueh (Q) v. ouwh - To be added to.              ref,a ounou: Astrologer, caster of
ouehem- v. ouwhem - To repeat.                  horoscopes;
ouej- v. ouwj - To cut.                                metref,a    ounou: f. Diviner's
ouejp- v. ouwjp - To break.                     art.
ouejro v. ouoji - Door post.                 ounwoui v. ounou - Hours.
ouejrwou v. ouoji - Door posts.              ounwou] = nwou] - Swaddling bands.
ouejouwj= v. ouojouej - To chew.             ouobs (Q) v. oubas - To be white.
ou/b v. ouab - Priest                        ouoyb v. ouwteb - To remove.
ou/i: (471b); adv. Indeed, verily;           ouoyn= v. ouwten - To remove.
   je ou/i: For.                             (1)ouoi, nouoi: (472a); m. Rush course,
ou/n (Q) v. (1)ouwn - To open.                  swift movement;
ou/r: (488b); Interrog. pron. How great,        ]ouoi: m. Progress, impetuosity;
   many, much?                                      jin]ouoi: m. on-rush, attak;
   nou/r: By how much?                          ]pouoi, mpouoi, pekoui &c: vb. To
   aou/r, au/r: About (circa);                  go forward;
   epau/r, epab/r: To what extent.                  --- e: vb. To advance toward;
ou/out (Q) v. (1)ouw - To be ceased.                --- ebol qen: vb. To advance
ou/sci v. ouwsc - Breadth.                      forth from;
                                                enouoi = nouoi.
oui v. ouai - one (f).
                                             (2)ouoi: (472b); interj. Woe!
ouinam: (483b); f. Right hand;
                                             (3)ouoi: (473a); m. Husbandman, cultivator
   nouinam: Those on the right;
                                                 of field or vines, farmer;
   --- e-: On right;
                                                 remouoi: m. Husbandman.
   --- qen-: By, with right hand.
                                             ouoki: (477a); m. Dregs of sesame (in oil-
ouici, bici, ouac=, bac: (492a); vi. To
   saw.                                      ouom= v. ouwm - To eat.
oulai: (477a); n. A plant "polium".
                                             ouomt (Q) v. oumot - To become thick.
(1)ouon, ouonte-, ouonta=: (481a) vb.         ouosf (Q) v. ouwsf - To be worn down.
    To be, have;                              ouoh: (19b); conj.; And;
    --- mmo=: Of person or thing                  --- on: conj.; moreover, further.
    having.                                   ouoh v. ouwh - To be (there).
(2)ouon: (482a) pron. Someone, something,     ouohem v. ouwhem - To repeat.
    some;                                     ouohem- v. ouwhem - To repeat.
    keouon: pl. Other ones;                   ouohem (Q) v. ouwhem - To be repeated.
    ouon niben: n. Everyone;                  ouohi, bohi: (509a); m. Fisher.
    oun ouon: vb. (rare), There is one, are   ouoj= v. ouwj - To cut.
    some;                                     ouoj= v. wjh - To choke.
    mmon ouon: There is not one, any;         ouoj (Q) v. oujai - To be whole.
    ouon nca ouon: One after another.         ouojbej v. ouojouej - To chew.
ouonta= v. (1)ouon - To have.                 (1)ouoji: (511a); vb. To bend, twist.
ouonte- v. (1)ouon - To have.                 (2)ouoji: (512b); f. Jaw, cheek;
ouonh= v. ouwnh - To reveal.                      ouejro, pl. ouejrwou: f. Door's
ouonh (Q) v. ouwnh - To be revealed.             jawbone, door-post.
ouonhf: (480a); m. Manager.                   ouojp= v. ouwjp - To break.
ouorp- v. ouwrp - To send                     ouojp (Q) v. ouwjp - To be broken.
ouorp= v. ouwrp - To send.                    ouojouej, ouojbej, ouejouwj=,
ouocer, bocer: (492a); m. Oar.                   bejbwj=: (513b); vi. To chew, crush.
ouocyen, ouecyen-, ouecywn=; (Q)              ouo] v. (1)ouwt - Herbs.
    ouecywn, becywn: (492b); vi. To           oura] v. ourit - Guardians.
    become, make broad; vt. to broaden;       our/te: (491a); f. Foot.
    ---: m. Breadth;                          ouric: (489b); m. a kind of plant.
    --- ebol: vi. To be broad, well           ourit, pl. oura]: (738a); m. Watcher,
    provided; vt. to enlarge.                    guardian.
ouot v. ouw] - It is different.               ouro, f. ourw, pl. ourwou: (299a); m.
ouot= v. ouw] - To send.                         King, f. Queen;
ouot (Q) v. ouw] - To be sent.                   ---: adj. Royal.
ouotb= v. ouwteb - To change.                    metouro: f. Kingdom;
ouoteb (Q) v. ouwteb - To be changed.            erouro: vb. To be king, reign;
ouoten (Q) v. ouwten - To be poured.             iri nouro: vb. To make king.
ouotn= v. ouwten - To pour.                   ourw: (489a); m. Bean.
ouotp= v. ouwteb - To change.                 ourw v. ouro - Queen.
ouotouet v. (1)ouwt - Green.                  ourwou v. ouro - Kings.
ouosem (Q) v. ouwsem - To be bruised.         oucabin: (492a); m. Fennel.
ouosm= v. ouwsem - To bruise.                 outah, pl. outauh: (498a); Fruit;
ouosc (Q) v. ouwsc - To be at ease               atoutah: adj. Fruitless;
ouosoues v. bosbes - To strike.                  er outah: vb. To bear fruit;
ouosoues (Q) v. bosbes - To be                   en outah ebol: vb. To bring forth
    striken.                                     fruit;
ouosf= v. ouwsf - To perish.
   mac outah: Fruit-bearer.                      erouwini: vb. To make, be light, shine;
   ] outah: vb. To give fruit;                      referouwini: m. One who lights,
     jin] outah: m. Condition of                 illuminator;
    fruit bearing.                                      jinerouwini: m. Shining, illumina-
    faioutah: n. Fruit-carrier.                  tion;
outauh v. outah - Fruits.                         ]ouwini: vb. To give light;
oute-, outw=: (494b); Prep. Between,              [iouwini: vb. To take, get light.
    among;                                    (2)ouwini: (40a); n. Harp.
    ebol oute-: From among, between.          ouwlc (rare), bolc: (477b); vi. To lean,
outw= v. oute- - Between.                        be bent, be confounded;
ouvaji: (499a); m. Liver.                     ouwm, ouem-, ouwm-, ouom=, p.c.
(1)ouw + ], aouw + [i, (Q) ou/out:              ouam: (478a); vi. To eat, bite;
    (473b); vi. To cease, stay;                 --- ebol n-: vi. To eat from, of;
    jinouw: vi. To make ceace, release,         --- ebol hi: vi. To eat from, of;
    loose;                                      --- qen: vi. To eat from, of;
        --- qen: vi. To loose from;             --- h/t: vi. To repent;
    at]ouw: adj. Unending;                        --- ejen: vi. To repent of;
    aouw +[i: vi. To bring to an end, delay       ---: m. Repentance;
        --- n-: vi. To wait for.                  ayouwm nh/t: adj. unrepentant;
(2)ouw: (474b); m. News, report;                ouwmqre: f. Belly;
    erouw: vi. To make reply, speak             ouam-: p.c. Eater;
        --- n-: vi. To reply, speak to;         ouame], mame]: f. Gangrene, can-
        --- eqoun, ehren: vi. To reply,          cer;
    speak to;                                     ---: m. Eating, food;
        --- ehr/i ejen: vi. To reply              ayouwm: adj. Not eating, foodless;
    about, reply respecting;                         metayouwm: f. foodlessness;
        --- nahren: vi. To reply, speak           manouwm: m. Eating place;
    before.                                       refouwm: m. Eater, glutton;
        --- oube-: vi. To reply to;               ,ou nouwm, ,ouwm: n. Food;
                ---: m. Reply, verdict;           jinouwm: m. Food.
    aterouw: adj. Without reply;              ouwm- v. ouwm - To eat.
    jinerouw: m. Act of replying              ouwmt: (480a); vi. To be swollen.
(3)ouw (rare): (475a); n. Bud, blossom;       (1)ouwn, aou/b, (Q) ou/n: (482b); vi. To
    ]ouw: vt. To put forth, bring up;             open, be opened
        --- ebol: vt. To put forth;               aouwn: vb imperat. Open;
        --- epswi: vt. To grow, bring             --- e-: vb. To open toward, upon;
    up;                                           ---: m. Opening;
        --- ehr/i: vi. To grow, bring up;         jinouwn: m. Act of opening.
        ---: m. Blossom, sprout.              (2)ouwn, ouen-: (483a); m. Part
ouwbs v. oubas - White.                       ouwns: (485b); m. Wolf.
(1)ouwini: (480a); m. Light;
    ayouwini: adj. Without light;
ouwnh, ouonh=, (Q) ouonh: (486a); vi.           jinouwrp: m. Sending.
  To reveal, be revealed, appear; vt. To    (1)ouwt: (493a); vi. To be raw, fresh,
  show, make clear;                             green; be, make soft;
  ---: m. Revelation, declaration;              ouo], bo]: m. Greens, herbs;
  ayouwnh: adj. Unshown;                        ouotouet, botbet (n), (Q) ouet-
      erayouwnh: vb. To be invisible;           ouwt (n): vi. To become, be green,
  jinouwnh: m. Appearance;                      pallid;
  --- e-: vi. To appear to; vt. To show         ---: m. Greenness, herbs, pallor.
  to;                                       (2)ouwt: (494a); adj. Single, alone, one &
  --- ejen: vi. To appear for, on behalf        same;
  to;                                           ouai nouwt: Single one, each one;
  --- hijen: vi. To appear upon;            ouwteb,          oueteb-,         ouateb-,
  --- n-: vi. To appear to;                     ouotb=, ouoyb=, ouotp=, (Q)
  --- nahren: vi. To appear in the              ouoteb: (496a); A. vi. To change
  presense of;                                  (place), be changed; vt. To pass through,
  --- ebol: vi. To show forth, appear;          remove;
  vt. To show forth, confess;                   --- e-: vi. To change to, into; surpass;
      --- e-: vb. To show to, display to;       --- qen: vi. To change from;
      ---: m. Showing forth, declaration;       --- ebol: vi. To cross over; vt. To
  ayouwnh ebol: adj. Unshown,                   transport;
  invisible;                                        --- e-: vt. To remove to;
      erayouwnh ebol: vb. To be                     --- mmau: vt. To remove thence;
  invisible, inconspicuous;                         --- ebol ha: vt. To remove
  jinouwnh ebol: m. Display.                    from;
ouwrep v. ouwrp - To send.                          jinouwteb ebol: m. Migration,
ouwrp, ouwrep, bwrp, ouorop-,                   death;
  ouerp-, ouorp=: (489a); vi. To send;          --- cabol: vb. To overstep;
  --- e-: vi. To send to;                       --- epswi: vb. To pass upward;
  --- erat= n-: vi. To send to;                 --- eqoun: vi. To pass within;
  --- ejen: vi. To send upon;                       --- e-: vi. To pass, intrude into;
  --- nca: vi. To send after;                   ---: m. Passing over, death;
  --- sa: vi. To send to;                       ayouwteb: adj. Immutable;
  --- qajen: vi. To send toward, to;            B. vi. To transfer, pour;
  --- ha: vi. To send to;                           --- ebol: vi. To pour out.
  --- hijen: vi. To send down upon;             ouayni: f. Pierced place, hole.
  --- ebol ha: vi. To send from;            ouwten, ouotn=, ouoyn=, (Q)
  --- ebol: vi. To send forth;                  ouoten: (497b); vt. To pour;
  --- epec/t: vb. To send down;                 ---: m. Libation;
  --- epswi: vi. To send up;                    jinouwten: m. Act of pouring libation
  --- eqoun: vi. To send in;                    --- ebol: vi. To pour forth;
  remnbwrp: m. Man-sent, messenger,             B. vi. To be pierced;
  refouwrp: m. Man-sent, messenger.                 ---: m. A pierced place, hole.
ouwth, wth, oueth-, ouwth=:                    refouwst: m. Worshipper;
    (498b); vi. To pour (liquid), cast (in     jinouwst: m. Worship.
    mould), draw water;                      ouwsf, ouosf=, (Q) ouosf: (505a); vi.
    --- e-: vi, To pour, melt for;             To be worn down, crushed, vt. perish.
    --- ejen-: vi, To pour for;              ouwsj v. wsj - To smear.
    --- ebol qen: vi, To pour from;          ouwh, ouoh, ouah, oueh-, ouah-,
    ---: m. Thing molten;                      ouah-, (Q) oueh: (505b); vt. To put,
    ma nouwth: m. Melting pot;                 set, be (there);
    refouwth: m. He that pours, cup            --- e-: vi. To set on, add to;
    bearer.                                    ouah tot=: vt. To set hand, add,
ouwth v. wth - Lock.                           repeat;
ouwth= v. ouwth - To pour.                     --- ejen: vi. To set upon, add to;
(1)ouws, oues-, ouws-, ouas-,                  --- n-: vt. To add to;
    ouas=: (500a) vi. To desire, love,         --- nahren: vt. To set before;
    want;                                      --- nca: v refl. (mostly) To put after,
    --- e-: vt. To wish, be ready to;          follow;
    ---: m. Desire, love;                      --- qen: vt. To set, lie in;
    erpouws: vb. To do will;                   --- hiren: vt. To set before;
    ouws nh/t: m. Heart's desire.              --- qayouw=: vt. To set beside;
(2)ouws: (501b); m. Cleft, gap; space,         --- hijen: vi. To rest, alight upon;
    distance;                                  --- ebol: vt. To set down, pause;
    nouesen: Prep. with lack. absence of,      --- hi: vt. To set from, off
    without.                                   --- epec/t: vi. To descend, alight;
ouws- v. ouws - To want.                       vt. to set down;
ouwsem, ouosm=, (Q) ouosem:                    vi. (rare) To be placed, dwell;
    (503a); vt. To knead, bruise; (Q)          --- e-: vi. To dwell by, with;
    kneaded, compounded;                       --- ejen: vi. To dwell upon;
    ---: m. What is kneaded, dough;            --- nem: vi. To dwell with;
    ma nouwsem: m. Kneading place.             --- qa: vi. To dwell beneath;
ouwsc, ouesc-, (Q) ouosc: (503b) vi.           --- hijen: vi. To dwell upon;
    To become, be broad, at ease; vt. to       ma nouwh: m. dwelling-, halting-,
    make broad;                                resting-place;
    ---: m. Breadth;                           jinouwh: m. Act of dwelling, manner
    --- ebol: vi. To spread forth;             of life.
         ---: m. Breadth, extent, ease;      ouwhem, ouohem, ouahem-, ouo-
    ou/sci, ouesci: f. Breadth.                hem-, ouehem-, ouahem=, (Q)
ouwst: (504a) vi. To worship, greet;           ouohem, p.c. ouahem-: (509a); vi.
    --- ejen: vi To do obeisance upon;         To repeat, answer; vt. To repeat, do
    --- hijen: vi. To do obeisance upon;       again, add;
    --- nahren: vi. To worship before,         --- e-: vi. To reply to;
    in presence of;                            --- ejen: vi To reply to;
    --- qa: vi. To worship below, at.          --- n-: vi. To reply to, for;
   --- nca: vt. To respond to;                   --- : m. Separation;
   --- nahren: vt. To respond in the             metatouw] ebol: f. Not being
   presence of;                              separate;
   --- oube: vt. To contradict, object       ouot: impers. vb. It is different.
   --- ebol: vt. To interpret;             ousap: (503a); m. Loan;
   ---: m. Answer, objection, interpre-      ]epousap: vb To give on loan;
   tation                                    [iepousap: vb. to take, get on loan.
  nouwhem: adv. Again                      ouqe: (739b); m Untimely birth.
  atbwhem: adj. Without reponse            ouho v. houo - Greatness.
  jinouwhem: m. Opposition.                ouhor, pl. ouhwr: (510b); n. Dog.
ouwhn v. bwhn - To cover.                  ouhwr v. ouhor - Dogs.
ouwj, bwj, ouej-, ouoj=: (511a); vt.       oujai, Q. ouoj: (511a); vi. To be whole,
  To cut, cut off.                           safe, sound; imperat. as greeting, i.e.
ouwjp, ouejp-, ouojp=, (Q) ouojp:            good bye;
  (513a); vi. To break, be broken;           --- e-: vi. To be saved from;
  ---: m. Breakage, collapse.                --- ebol ha-: vi. To be saved
ouw], ouet-, ouot=, bot=, (Q)                from;
  ouot: (495a); vi. To send;                 --- qen: vi. To be saved by;
  --- e-: Q. Different from, surpassing;     --- hiten: vi. To be saved by;
  --- ehote: Q. Different from,              ---: m Health, safety, weal
  surpassing;                                ---: adj. Health-giving, healthy
  --- oute: vi. To separate between;         metatoujai: f Unsoundness.
  --- ebol: vi. To separate out, send
v: (514a); The 21st letter;                           cavahou: prep. Behind, after;
   v: As a numeral = 500.                             ncavahou: prep. Behind, from behind;
v v. p, pi- - The.                                    hivahou: prep. Behind, after, before;
vai: (259a); Demons. Pron. This one.                     erhivahou: vb. To be behind,
vamenwy: (269a); Name of the 7th month                follow after.
  of the Coptic Calendar, "Baramhat".              vaji v. (1)vwji - Fragment.
vape-: (266b); vi. To knead (clay).                ve, pl. v/oui: (259a); f. Heaven, sky;
vapilac v. lac - A weavers's tool.                    al mve: m. Hail stone;
variceoc: (Gk); m. Pharisee.                          remmve: m. Man of heaven.
varper-(p.c.) v. vorper - Opened.                  vei, v/i: (260a); n. leap; w/vb to take a
varver-(p.c.) v. vorper - Opened.                     leap; leaper, flea.
vacvec: (515b); pl. Wiles.                         vel: (514a); m. Bean.
vat: (273b); f. Knees (pl); foot; leg, shin,       velji: (262b); m. Split, torn cloth, rag;
  thigh;                                              --- nhboc: m. Ragged garment;
  fte vat: Quadruped;                                 ---: adj. Worn, old;
  rat vat: Long-footed; hare;                         ervelji: vb. To become or be ragged
  se nvat: Blow, stamping, kick with                  or old.
  foot;                                            ven- v. vwn - To flow.
  kwlj vat: Bend knee.                             venk- v. vwnk - To draw water.
vatci, patci: (276b); f. Thing divided,            venvwn v. vonpen - To overflow.
  split off, plank.                                venh- v. vwnh - To turn.
vas: (277a); m. Trap, snare;                       venj- v. vwnj - To overthrow.
  ref,avas: m. Trap setter.                        ver- v. viri - To come forth.
vas- v. vws - Division.                            ver- v. vwr - To dream.
vas= v. vws - To divide.                           veriwou(Q) v. viri - To be put forth.
vasi v. vws - Division.                            verk- v. (1)vwrk - To be plucked out.
vasm= v. (vwsem) - Meaning un-                     vervwr= v. vorper - To open.
  known.                                           vervwr(Q) v. vorper - To be open.
vasni v. vwsen - Service.                          vers- v. vwrs - To spread.
vaq- v. vwq - To tear.                             vetvwt= v. votvet - To fall away.
vaq= v. vwq - To tear                              vetvwt(Q) v. votvet - To be fallen
vaqer(Q) v. vwqer - To be charmed.                    away.
vaqri v. vwqer - Drug.                             ves- v. vws - To divide.
vaqt- v. vwqt - To bend.                           veq: (515b); m. Melon.
vaqt= v. vwqt - To bend.                           veq- v. vwq - To break.
vaqt(Q) v. vwqt - To be bent.                      veh- v. voh - To reach.
vahou: (284b); m. Buttocks, hinder part,           veh(Q) v. voh - To be attained.
  back;                                            v/, f y/, pl n/: (260b); demonstrative
  ---: adj. Hinder, past.                             pron; That, pl. those.
  evahou: prep. To back, backward;                 v/i v. vei - Leap.
v/n(Q) v. vwn - To be poured.             vonven v. vonpen - To overflow.
v/rs: (269b); m. red-colored substance.   vonh= v. vwnh - To turn.
v/oui v. ve - Heavens.                    vonh (Q) v. vwnh - To be turned.
v/s(Q) v. vws - To be divided.            vonhc v. vwnh - Change.
v/q(Q) v. vwq - To be broken.             vonj= v. vwnj - To overthrow.
v/qi v. vwq - Fragment.                   vonj (Q) v. vwnj - To be overthrown.
vyonoc: (Gk); m. envy jealousy, spite.    vori, fori: (42a); m. Fish (bouri).
vi: (260a); f. Kiss;                      vori (Q) v. viri - To be proclaimed.
   ]vi: vb. To give a kiss, kiss.         vorin, ervorin: (Gk); To wear, bear
vi/: (514a); f. Sprout, blossom.            constantly.
vin: (263a); m. Mouse;                    vork= v. (1)vwrk - To be plucked out.
   aouan mvin: m. Mouse-colored.          vork v. (2)vwrk - Pallium.
viri, ver-, (Q)vori, (Q)veriwou:          vork v. (2)vwrk - Calf.
  (267a); I. vi. To come forth (light,    vorper, vervwr=, (Q) vervwr;
  blossom &c);                              p.c. varver-, varper-: (515b);
  --- e-: vi. To put forth, announce,       vt. To open, loosen,
  tell;                                   vorc: (515b); vt. To break up.
  --- eybe: vi. To tell of, talk of;      vors= v. vwrs - To spread.
  --- ejen, ehr/i ejen: vi: To            vors (Q) v. vwrs - To be spread.
  come forth, shine upon;                 vorsi v. vwrs - Spread table.
  --- n-: vi. To come forth, shine for;   vocca: (Gk); f. Hole, den.
  --- qaten: vi. To tell to;              votci v. fwji - Leap.
  --- ebol: vi. To come come forth,       votvet, vetvwt=, (Q) vetvwt:
  blossom forth;                            (276a); vi. To fall away.
  --- ebol e-: vi. To come forth for;     voth- v. vwth - To carve.
  --- ebol qen: vi. To come forth         voth= v. vwth - To carve.
  from;                                   voth (Q) v. vwth - To be carved.
  II. vt. To put forth, proclaim;         vosn= v. vwsen - To serve.
  ---: m. Coming, shining forth, tale;    vosn (Q) v. vwsen- To be served.
  jinviri: m. Coming, showing forth.      vosnef v. vwsen - Ordination.
vi]: (276a); f. Bow (arcus).              voqen v. vwqen - Planks.
vl/ou v. evl/ou - Vanity.                 voh, veh-, (Q) veh: (281a); vi. To
voboc: (Gk); m. Fear.                       reach;
voi: (260b); f. Bench.                      --- e-: vi. To attain to;
von= v. vwn - To flow.                      --- epec/t e-: vi. To reach down
volh= v. vwlh - To be wounded.              to;
volhf v. vwlh - Wounded person.             --- epswi e-: vi. To reach up to;
volj- v. vwlj - To deliver.                 --- eqoun e-: vi. To reach, to
volj= v. vwlj - To deliver.                 arrive within;
vonk(Q) v. vwnk - To be transferred.        --- eqr/i e-: vi. To reach down;
vonpen, vonven, (Q) venvwn:                 --- ejen: vi. To reach, come upon;
  (514a); vi. To overflow.                  --- n-: vi. To arrive at;
   ---     qarat=       n-: vi. To reach,        --- ebol qen: vi. To flow out into;
   arrive at;                                   flow out from;
   --- sa: vi. To reach to;                     vt. To pour out;
   --- ebol: vi. To reach out;                  --- e-: vt. To pour into;
  vt. To attain to; to succeed (in doing),      --- ebol: vt. To pour out, pour
  just do, do for once;                         away;
  ---: m. Maturity;                             ven mwou ebol: vt. To pour out
  ma nvoh: m. Goal.                             water; urinate;
voji v. (1)vwji - Fragment.                     atven ebol: adj. Without shedding;
voji (Q) v. (1)vwji - To be broken.             --- ebol ejen: vt. To pour out
vr/s v. vwrs - Thing spread.                    upon;
vrw: (268a); f. Winter;                         --- ebol qen: vt. To pour forth
  ervrw: vb To pass winter.                     into;
vual/: (Gk); f. Cup, bowl.                      --- ebol: m. Ourflow;
vw=, yw=, nou=: (260b); poss. pron.           vwnk, venk-, (Q) vonk: (265b); vi.
  as n mine, his &c.                            To draw, empty out water; vt. To draw,
vwlh, volh=: (261a); vt. To wound;              bail water; transfer, carry;
  vi. To be wounded;
                                                --- epswi: vi. To bring up;
  --- e-: vi. To be wounded, offended           refvwnk: m. Sculptor.
  by;                                         vwnh, venh-, vonh=, (Q) vonh:
  ---: m. Wound;                                (514b); vi. To turn, be turned;
  jinvwlh: m. Change;                           --- e-: vi. To turn toward, to;
  volhf: m. Wounded person.                     --- ejen-: vi. To turn upon, toward;
vwlj, volj-, volj=: (261b); vt.                 --- cabol n-: vi. To turn away
  To deliver, decide, settle an affair;         from;
  voljro: vt. To expand mouse, yawn;            --- qa: vi, To turn from;
  --- nem: vi. To agree, come to terms          --- qen: vi. To turn in;
  with, settle;                                 --- ebol qen: vi. To turn from;
  --- ebol: vt. To reach conclusion,            --- nqr/i qen: vi. To turn in;
  make an end;                                  --- ebol ha: vi. To turn from;
  --- ebol ha: vi. To be freed from;            --- hi: vi. To turn toward;
  --- ebol qen: vi. To be trans-                --- hijen: vi. To turn upon;
  ferred, relieved from; vt. take off, take     --- ebol: vi. To turn outward, away;
  out;                                          --- evahou: vi. To turn backward;
      ---: m. Ease, liberty.                    --- eqoun: vi. To turn into, toward;
vwn, ven-, von=, (Q) v/n: (263a);               ---: m. Turning;
  vi. To be poured, flow;                       atvwnh: adj. Unalterable;
  --- ebol: vi. To be poured out;               jinvwnh: m. Change, alteration;
  --- ebol ejen: vi. To flow out                vonhc: n. Change.
  upon;                                       vwnj, venj-, vonj=, (Q) vonj:
  --- ebol hijen: vi. To flow out               (515a); vt. To overthrow, destroy;
  upon;                                         ---: m. Overthrow, destruction.
vwr, ver-: (268a); vt. To dream,                  mavr/s: m. a kind of sleeping place
  +racou;                                        for the king.
  refvwr nrwmi: m. Dreamer of                  vwrj v. vwrs - To spread.
   dreams.                                     vwth,        voth-,        voth=, (Q)
(1)vwrk, verk-, vork=, (Q) vork:                 voth: (276b); vt. To carve, engrave,
   (268b); vi. To be plucked out, destroyed;     depict (by carving or painting);
   pietverk: m. With wide-set teeth or           ---: m Thing carved, graven, wrought;
   split upper lip;                              refvoth /ou: m. House-carver.
   vt. To pluck, root out;                     vws, ves-, vas=, (Q) v/s:
   --- qen: vt. To pluck from;                   (277a); vi. To be divided, separated; vt.
   --- ebol: vt. To pluck out; vi. To be         to divide;
   plucked out, start out;                       --- e-: vt. To divide at, into;
       --- qen: vt. To pluck out from;           --- ehren: vi. To divide between,
   --- epec/t: vt. To drag down;                 share with;
   ---epswi: vt. To pull up;                     --- ejen: vi. To divide between,
   ---: m. Plucking out.                         share with;
(2)vwrk, vork: (268a); m. Pallium;               --- n-: (dat), vt. To divide for, share
   vork: m. Foal, calf,                          with;
   macvork: m. Mule.                             --- qen: vt. To divide in, among;
vwrs, vwrj, vers-, vors=,                        --- ebol: vi. To separate, part;
   (Q) vors: (269b); vi. To be spread;           --- ebol ejen: vt. To divide
   vt. To spread;                                among;
   --- ejen: vt. To spread upon;                 ---: m. Division;
   --- qa: vi. To spread beneath,                atvws: adj. Indivisible, undivided;
   prepare (couch);                              refvws: m. Divider;
   --- hi: vt. To spread on, in;                 jinvws: m. Division, dividing;
   --- qen: vt. To spread on, in;                vasi, vas-: f. Division, half;
   --- qaten: vt. To spread beside;              ervasi: vb. To be half, be midway.
   --- ebol: vi. To be spread out;             (vwsem) vasm=: (515b); vt. Meaning
   --- ebol e-: vt. To spread to;                unknown.
   --- ebol ejen: vt. To spread on,            vwsen, vosn=, (Q) vosn: (278b);
   over;                                         vi. To do service, serve (as a priest); vt
   --- ebol hijen:vt. To spread on,              to serve, ordain
   over;                                         ---: m. Service;
   vt. To spread out, abroad;                    refvwsen: m. Servant;
   --- epswi: vt. To spread upward;              jinvwsen: m. Service;
   ---: m. Thing spread;                         vasni: f. Service, ordination.
   ma nvwrs: m. Place spread, couch;             vosnef: m. Ordination.
   jinvwrs: m. act of, place of                vwq, vaq-, veq-, vaq=, (Q)
   spreading;                                    v/q: (280a); vi.&vt. To break, burst,
   vorsi: f. Spread table;                       tear;
   vr/s: m. Thing spread;                        --- ejen: vb. To divide between;
   ---   nca: vb. To break (w/emphasis);     [ivaqri: vb. To take drugs, be healed;
   ---   qen: vb. To divide at, into;           man[ivaqri: m. Place of healing.
   ---   ebol qen: vb. To tear out;        vwqi: (515b); m. Shark
   ---   ebol eqoun: vb. To split up       vwqt,      vaqt-,       vaqt=, (Q)
  to, as far as;                             vaqt: (283a); vt. To bend;
  ---: m. Division, piece;                   --- e-: vt. To bend to, toward;
  ervws: vb. To become, be in pieces;        --- n-: (dat) vt. To bend toward, bow
  refveq- refvaq-: m. Divider,                to;
  splitter;                                   ---    mpemyo ebol n-: vt. To
  v/qi: f. Fragment.                          bend, bow before;
vwqen, voqen: (515b); pl. Covering,           --- qa-: vt. To overturn under;
  roofing planks                              --- qaten: vt. To bow before;
(vwqer), (Q) vaqer: (282b); vi.&vt.           --- qa-: (refl) vt. To bow under, at
  To charm, bewitched                         foot;
  vaqri: f. Drug, medicament, medicine;       --- epec/t: vt. To bend down.
  paint, color;                               vwji v. (1)vwji - Fragment.
  ervaqri: vb. To use drugs, heal          (1)vwji, (Q) voji: (285b); vi. To break,
  ]vaqri: vb. To give drugs, heal             burst.
  ref]vaqri: m. Drug-giver, magician;      (2)vwji: (515b); pl. Fish.
      metref]vaqri: f. Magic, wi-
,: (516a); The 22nd letter;                        kbwou: n. coolness;
   ,: As a numeral = 600.                          tkbo: vt. To make cool.
,a- v. ,w - To put.                              ,e- v. (1)qa - Particle of apposition.
,a= v. ,w - To put.                              ,elmi: (516b); f. Unknown.
,ay/ou v. y/ou - Window.                         ,el,a,wf: (516b); pl. abscess, tumor.
,ak: (100b); pl. Part of a bird.                 ,emi v. ,mom - Black.
,ak ebol v. (1)cwk - To pause.                   ,emc v. ,remrwm - Darkness.
,akyi v. kakyi - Louse.                          ,emtc v. ,remrwm - Darkness.
,aki: (101b); m Darkness                         ,ep- v. ,wp - To hide.
   er,aki: vb To be, become dark.                ,er- v. ,wr - To destroy.
,akkamau, kakkamau: (516b); f.                   ,era: (516b); f. Share plough.
  Small night owl.                               ,ere, pl. ,erete: (Gk); greeting.
,al/nouc: (Gk); m. Bridle, harness.              ,ereb v. qereb - Form.
,ame v. ,mom - Black.                            ,erc v. kerc - A type of fish.
,ameu v. ,mom - Black.                           ,eretizin, er,eretizin: (Gk); vb. To
,am/ v. ,mom - Black.                               greet.
,ancrwf: (516b); n. Name of a field pest.        ,erouw v. qrwou - Thunder.
,apso: (114b); m. Immature thorns on             ,et, f. ,e]: (92a); m another.
  palm leaves.                                   ,eh,oh (Q) v. ,oh - To be made
,ara v. qrwou - Sound.                              zealous.
,arabai v. qrwou - Thunder.                      ,eh,oht (Q) v.         (kwh) - To be
,areb: (516b); vb. qual or adj. Lowly,              smoothed.
  abased.                                        ,e] v. ,et - Another (f).
,arizecye, er,arizecye: (Gk); vb. To             ,/ (Q) v. ,w - To be placed.
  give gift, grant, give, remit.                 ,/m (Q) v. ,mom - To be made black.
,arouki: (517a); m. Lizard.                      ,/mi v. ,mom - Egypt.
,arwji: (517a); f. Mallet.                       ,/mi v. ,mom - Hearth.
,ac v. je,ac - In order that.                    ,/p (Q) v. ,wp - To be hidden.
,ackec: (121a); vi. To whisper;                  ,/pi: (114a); f. Vaulted place, cellar,
  ---: m. Whispering;                               canopy.
  ref,ackec: m. Whisperer.                       ,/ra: (Gk); f. Widow.
,at/r: (517b); m. Compass for measuring.         ,/t v. q/t - North.
,ba: (99b); n. Compulsion, forced labor.         ,ift: (517b); m. Plant Pulicaria.
,bob, (Q) k/b, (Q) k/p: (100a); vi To            ,lal: (103a); m. Chain esp. on the neck;
  be, become cool; qual. cool; vt. to make          necklace.
  cool;                                          ,laft v. klaft - Hood.
  ---: m. coolness;                              ,l/: (102a); m. A vessel for liquid.
  ],bob: vb. To make cool;                       ,lo: (102b); m. Vegetable; poison used for
  [i,bob: vb. To get cooling,                       arrows.
  refreshment;                                   ,lol = kelwl - Curling hair.
,lom: (104b); m. Crown, wreath;               ,oh,eh, (Q) ,eh,oh: vt. To make
  iri n,lom: vb. To make a crown,            zealous.
   circle;                                 ,oh v. koh - Angle.
   ],lom: vb. To crown, set a crown        ,oh,eh v. ,oh - To make zealous.
   upon;                                   ,racye, er,racye: (Gk); To make use
       jin],lom: f. Crowning (of bridal      of, act, employ.
   crown);                                 ,remrem: (116a); vi. To murmur, be
  [i,lom: vb. To receive, bear crown.        vexed;
,lomlem: (516b); vt. To crown.               --- e-: vi. To murmur (w/ d.o.);
,lomlem v. [lomlem - To be                   --- e-: vi. To murmur against;
  twisted.                                   --- eybe: vi. To murmur concerning;
,mom, (Q)        ,/m: (109b); vi. To be,     --- ejen: vi. To murmur against;
  become black;                              --- nca: vi. To murmur against;
  ,ame, ,am/, ,emi, ,ameu:                   --- qa-: vi. To murmur against;
  Adj. Black;                                ---: m. Mumrmuring, complaint;
  ---: mf. Black person or thing;            at,remrem: adj. Without complaint;
  ctu,emi: m. Black cumin;                   ref,remrem: m. Murmurer.
  er,emi: vb. To be black;                 ,remrwm (Q): (116b); vi. To be dark;
  ,/mi: m. The black land, Egypt;            ,remtc: m. Smoke, mist, rust;
       remn,/mi: Egyptian;                       ---: adj. Dark;
           metremn,/mi: f. Egyptian              er,remtc: vb. To be smoky, dark;
  nationality or speech                          ses,remtc: vb. To scatter,
  ,/mi: f. Brazier, hearth.                  smoke;
,nau: (112b); m. Sheaf.                      ,remc, ,emc, ,emtc: f. Dark-
,oiak: (133b); Kiahk, name of the 4th        ness.
  month of the Coptic calendar.            ,remc v. ,remrwm - Darkness.
,ol: (556b); m. Hole;                      ,remtc v. ,remrwm - Darkness.
  oi n,ol: vb. To be full of holes.        ,r/ma: (Gk); m. Property, wealth, money.
,ondrit/c: (Gk); f. Flour.                 ,r/ctoc: (Gk); adj. Good, reputable, kind;
,onc (Q)v. (2),wnc - To be stunk.            met,r/ctoc: f. Goodness, kindness.
,op= v. ,wp - To hide.                     ,ria: (Gk); f. Need, necessity;
,orten v. korten - House-leek.               er,ria: vb. To need.
,oc: (517b); n. Eructation, vomiting       ,rim: (517a); m. Edge of the Desert.
,oh: (132b); vi. To be envious, zealous,   ,rictianoc: (Gk); m. Christian.
  emulate;                                 ,rictoc p,c: (Gk); m. Christ.
  ref,oh: m. Zealous person, rival,        ,ro: (115a); m. Shore, further side, limit of
  imitator;                                  the sea.
  ---: m. Envy, zeal;                      ,robi: (516b); mf. Sickle.
  ],oh: vb. To cause envy, make            ,rof: (118b); m. Guile, ambush;
  zealous;                                   ---: adj. Guileful, false;
  hi,oh: vb. Upbraid;
                                             at,rof: adj. Guileless;
                                                 metat,rof: f. Guilelessness;
   er,rof: vb. To be guileful                       --- qarat: vt. To place at feet of,
   ca,rof: m. Maker of guile, deceiver;             before;
   [i,rof, n,rof: vb. To use guile, lie             ---       qaten: vt. To place before,
   in wait;                                         commit to; (Q) To be beside, with;
     [au,rof: m. Deceiver;                          --- hijen: vt. To place, let loose
  jin,rof: m. Snares.                               upon; (Q) To be set over, be upon;
,ros, ,rws: (517a); m. Slap.                        --- ebol: vt. To release, loosen, dis-
,rour: (117a); m. Frog.                             miss, remit, forgive; vi. To become loose,
,rwm: (115a); m. Fire;                              dissolved, be at ease;
  er,rwm: vb. To be on fire, burn;                      ---:m. Freedom, remission, forgive-
  ],rwm: vb. To put fire (to); set alight;          ness;
                                                        at,w          ebol: adj. Without
  hi,rwm: vb. To put fire (to); set alight;
     --- ebol: vb. To throw out fire,
                                                        ref,w ebol: m. Forgiver;
                                                             metref,w             ebol:       f.
  [i,rwm: vb. To take fire.
,rwoun v. ,rwouni - a kind of tree.
                                                        jin,w ebol: mf Forgiveness;
,rwouni, ,rwoun: (517a); f. Tree
                                                    --- epec/t: vt. To put, let down;
   zizyphus, nabk
                                                    --- evahou: vt. To leave behind,
,rws: (517a); m. Wrinkle.
,rws v. ,ros - Slap.
                                                    --- eqoun: vt. To put in, admit;
,ouain: (517b); n. Marble.
                                                    --- eqr/i: vt. To put, lay down,
,ouper v. kouper - A kind of plant.
                                                    aside; (Q) To be laid down, exist;
,ouwm v. ouwm - Food.                               jin,w eqoun: m. Laying down,
,w, ,a-, ,a=, (Q) ,/: (94b); vt.                    what is laid down, nature, fashion;
   To place, appoint, set down, make; have,         --- cabol: vt. To put outside,
   get, keep with (dat); permit, set free; (Q)      exclude.
   be loose, limp, unrestrained, permitted;      ,wk v. kwk - To peel.
   Imper. admit, concede, suppose that;
                                                 (1),wlem, (Q) ,olem: (104b); vi. To
   bequeath; quit, abandon, fail; leave, omit;
   ma n,a-: m. Place for putting;                   hasten;
                                                    ---: m. Haste;
   jin,w: m. Placing, laying down;
                                                    ref,wlem: m. Hasty man;
   ---: m. Loosening, slackness;
                                                    n,wlem: adv. In haste, quickly, soon;
   --- e-: vt. To rely upon;
                                                 (2),wlem: (104b); m. Corner of eye.
   --- ejen: vt. To put, lay upon;
                                                 (1),wnc: (112a); vt. To pierce, slay.
   --- nca: vt. To put, leave behind,
                                                 (2),wnc, (Q) ,onc: (112b); vi. To stink,
       ---: m. leaving behind;                      be putrid; vt. to make to stinke, defile;
                                                    ---: m. Stink.
   --- nten: vt. To put, keep in hand,
                                                 ,wp, ,ep-, ,op=, (Q) ,/p: (113b);
   have entrust to, esteem;
   --- qa-: vt. To place under, on                  vi. To hide, be hidden; vt. To hide;
                                                    ---: m. Hiding, concealment
   behalf of, renounce for; (Q) To be under;
   --- qaren: vt. To place before;                  man,wp: m. Hiding place;
  qen ou,wp: adv. secretly;            ,wra: (Gk); f. District, region, country,
  n,wp: adv. secretly.                   land.
(,wr), ,er-: (516b); vt. To destroy.   ,wric: Prep. Without.
                                       ,wouni v. ke- - Others.
': (517a); The 23rd letter of the alphabet.       'alt/rion: (Gk) m. Book of Psalms,
   ': As a numeral = 700.                           psalter.
'alin, er'alin: (Gk); vb. To sing                 'uvoc: (Gk); f. Election, nomination.
  praises.                                        'u,/: (Gk); f. Soul, earthly life;
'almoc: (Gk); m. Psalm, Christian song              : adj. Without soul.
  of praise.
w: (517a); The 23rd letter of the alphabet.        (1)wli, el-, ol=, (Q) ol; ali,
   w: As a numeral = 700.                             alit=, alioui: (254b); vi. To hold,
w: (517a); interj. O!                                 contain, enclose; vt. (mostly) To take, lay
wb: (535b); m. Lettuce.                               hold of, gather;
wben: (254a); m. Alum.                                --- e-: vt. To bring to;
wbt, opt-, (Q) otp (Q)                  opt:          --- ejen: vt. To bring upon;
   (532a); vi. To be laden;                           --- n-: vt. To bring to;
   --- n-: vi. To be laden with;                      --- nten: vt. To bring from;
   --- qa: vi. To be burdened under;                  --- sa: vt. To bring to:
   vt. To load;                                       --- qa: vi. To hold beneath, support;
   etvw, hetvw, pl etvwoui: f.                        --- qaten: vt. To hold to, beside;
   Burden.                                            --- ha: vt. To hold to;
wbs, obs=, ops=, (Q) obs:                             --- hi: vt. To hold un to;
   (518b); vb. To forget, be forgotten;               --- qen: vt. To hold with, in by;
   --- ebol: vb. To be neglectful;                    --- hijen: vt. To hold upon;
   erpwbs, erp=wbs: vb. To be                         --- ebol: vt. To take away;
   forgetful, forgotten;                                   --- e-: vt. To take out to;
       referpwbs: m. Forgetter;                            --- n-: vt. To take away from;
   ebsi, epsi: f. Forgetfulness, careless-                 --- ha: vt. To take away from
   ness, sleep.                                       off;
       erebsi: vb. To be forgetful;                        --- hi: vt. To take away from off;
       ]ebsi: vb. To make forgetful;                       --- qen: vt. To take away from;
       [iebsi: vb. To be forgetful.                        --- hijen: vt. To take away from
wik: (254a); m. Bread, loaf;                          off;
   canwik: m. Bread-seller.                           --- epswi: vt. To take upward;
wili, oili: (254b); Ram.                              --- eqoun: vt. To bring in, enclose;
wimi: (255b); f. Hook.                                     --- e-: vt. To bring in to;
wipi: (256a); f. Ephah (a measure of grain).               --- qaten: vt. To bring in to, up
wis, oeis: (257b); n. Cry;                            to;
   hiwis: vb. To throw a cry, proclaim,               --- eqr/i: vt. To bring down;
   preach;                                            --- mmau: vt. To take thence, away;
       ---: n. Preaching, announcement.               refwli: m. Gatherer;
       refhiwis: m. Preacher;                         jinwli: m. Gathering.
       jinhiwis: m. Annunciation.                  (2)wli: (522a); n. Striking, blow.
wk: (519b); vi. To go in, sink.                    wlk, olk=, (Q) olk: (522a); vi. To
wkem, (Q) okem: (519b); vi. To be dark,               become, be bent;
   gloomy, changed; vt. To darken, alter;             --- e-: vi. To bend toward;
   --- eqoun e-: vb. To be gloomy                     elksai: vi. To turn up nose, sneer;
   toward;                                            elkc, elx: f. bend, corner.
   ---: m. Gloom, sadness;
   atwkem: adj. Without gloom.
wmk,    emk-,    omk=: (523a); vt. To          --- nem: vt. To number with;
   swallow;                                    --- n-: vt. + Dat.
   --- epec/t: vt. To be engulfed;             --- nten: vt. To count with, for;
   --- eqr/i: vt. To swallow down,             --- qen: vt. To count in, among;
   overwhelm                                   ---: m. Reckoning;
wmc, emc-, omc-, omc=: (523a); vi.             atwp: adj. Unesteemed;
  To be sunk, submerged; vt. To sink dip;      ]wp: vb. To give account;
  --- e-: vt. To sink, dive into, dip;         fiwp: vb. To take reckoning, calculate;
  --- qen: vt. To sink in, into;                  metfiwp: f. Reckoning;
  --- ebol: m. Weakness of sight;                 reffiwp: m. Accountant;
      pjinwmc ebol : m. Immersion;             hiwp: vb. To make reckoning, calcu-
  --- epec/t: vt. To sink down;                lation;
  ---: m. Sinking, dipping, baptism;          jinwp: m. Reckoning, calculation.
  ]wmc: vb. To give baptism, baptize;       wrban: (529a); m. Box tree.
      ref]wmc: m. Baptist;                  wreb, orb=, (Q) oreb: (529a); vt. To
  [iwmc: vb. To give baptism, be              detest, abominate, defile.
  baptized;                                 wrk: (529a); vi. To swear; vt. To swear
  jinwmc: m. Baptism;                         oath, invoke person;
  emci: m. diving, immersion.                 --- e-: vt. To invoked person ad-
wni, ana-: (524a); mf Stone;                  jured;
  ma nwni: m. Stony place;                    --- eybe: vt. To swear oath con-
  mwit nwni: m. Stony place;                  cerning;
  erwni, oi nwni: vb. To become, be           --- ejen: vt. To swear oath upon, as
  as stone;                                   to;
  hiwni: vb. To throw stone, stone.           --- nahren: vt. To swear oath
wnq, onq=, (Q) onq: (525a); vi. To            before, by;
  live;                                       --- nnouj: vt. To swear falsely;
  --- e-: vi. To live on, by;                     refwrk nnouj: m. False swearer;
  --- n-: vi. to live during;                 ---: m. Oath.
  --- qen: vi. To live on, from;            wrf, erf-, orf=, (Q) orf: (528a);
  ---: m. Life;                               vi. To be enclosed, apart, quiet; vt. To
  ma nwnq: m. Place of life;                  restrict, surround;
  jinwnq: m. Way, means of life;              --- e-: vt. To restrict for, as to;
  ref]wnq: m. Life-giver;                     --- eqr/i: vt. To restrict down into;
  sv/r nwnq: m. Who lives with                --- ebol ha: vt. To be secluded
  another; life-time friend.                  from;
wp, ep-, op=, (Q) /p: (526a); vi. To          --- cabol n-: vt. To exclude
  count, esteem;                              from;
  --- e-: vi. To count to; Q. Belonging,      --- eqoun: vi. To shut in;
  related to;                                     ---: m. Surrounding, frame, siege;
  --- eqoun e-: vt. To count in,              ---: m. Seclusion, quietude;
  include;                                    qen ouwrf: adv. Quietly;
  atorb=: adj. Unlimited, boundless;                   metrefwou        nh/t: f. Pa-
  erbi: f. Enclosure, pen esp. for sheep.     tience;
wck, (Q) ock: (530b); vi. To delay, con-      ---: n. Length.
   tinue, be prolonged;                     wous: (257a); m. Gruel (of bread or
   --- sa: vi. To delay till;                 lentils).
   --- hijen: vi. To delay upon;            ws, es-, s-, os=, p.c. as-:
   --- icjen: vi. To delay since;             (533a); A. vi. To cry, announce, sound;
   ---: m. Duration, dealy;                       --- oube: vi. To cry to, across to;
   ecki: f. Delay;                                --- sa: vi. To cry to;
wcq, ocq-, wcq-, ocq=: (538b);                    --- ebol: vi. To cry out;
   vi. To reap, mow, harvest;                           --- e-: vi. To cry out to, for;
   ---: m. Reaping, harvest;                      --- epswi: vi. To cry up;
   refwcq: m. Reaper;                             --- ehr/i: vi. To cry up;
   ocq: m. sickle;                                refes-: m. One who calls, utters;
   hiocq: vb. To wield sickle;                B. vi. To read;
   [aiocq: m. Sickle-bearer, reaper.              --- e-: vi. To read to, on;
wcq- v. wcq - To reap.                            --- hi-: vi. To read in;
wt: (531b); m. Fat.                               ---: m. Reading;
wtp, hwtp; (Q) otp, hotp,                         ma nws: m. Place of, passage for
   hopt: (531b); vt. To shut, enclose,        reading;
   imprison                                       refws: m. Lector, reader;
wth(m), ouwth: (532b); vb. To tie;                hoou nws: m. Day of reading;
   --- e-: vb. To tie upon;                   C. vi. To promise, vow;
   ---: m. Fastened thing or place, lock;         --- e-: vi. To promise to;
   ouathi, ouayi: m. Wrap (on loom);              --- qa: vi. To promise for;
   ayah, pl. ayauh: m. What is bound              ---: m. Promise, vow.
   (upon man or beast); burden;             wsem, osem, osm=, (Q) osem:
       refhiayah: m. Porter.                  (535a); vi. To be quenched, dried up; vt.
wth v. ouwth- To pour.                        To quench;
(1)wou: (62a); m. Honor, glory;               atwsem: adj. Unquenched, unquench-
   ]wou: vb. To give honor, glorify;          able, unslaked;
                                              asmi: f. Thing burnt & quenched; soot;
       metref]wou: f. Glorification;
                                            wsi: (535a); nn. (in mounwsi) rain.
       jin]wou: m. act of glorification;
                                            ws]: (535b); vi. To drag, crawl, flow;
   [iwou: vb. To be glorified.
                                              ---: m. Dragging.
(2)wou: (533a); vi. To be long (in
                                            wsj, osj-, osj=, (Q) osj:
   wou nh/t: vi. To be long-hearted,          (531b); vi. To smear, anoint;
                                              : m. Plastering, anointing.
                                            wfi, ef-, of=: (535b); vi. To press;
       --- e-: vi. To be patient with;
                                              gather, mop up;
       ---: m. Patience;
                                              --- eqr/i e-: vi. To press down
       refwou nh/t: m. Patient person;
wft,   oft=,      hoft=, (Q)       oft:     wqt, (Q)     oqt: (536b); vi. To drip,
  (536a); vt. To nail, fix;                   trickle.
  --- e-: vt. (rare) to nail to;            wjeb, wjef, (Q) ojeb: (540a); vi. To
  --- eqoun e-: vi. To nail into,             become, be cold, frozen;
  onto;                                       ---: m. Cold, frost.
  --- n-: vi. To be nailed, studded with;   wjer: (540a); vi. To become hard, stiff;
  --- qen: vt. To nail in;                    freeze
  jinwft: m. Nailing;                       wjef v. wjeb - To become cold.
  ift: m. Nail, spike;                      wjh, ouoj=, ojh=, ohj=: (540b);
  se nift: m. Blow, wound of nail;            vt. To choke, throttle;
  ]ift: vb. To put, fix nail.                 ---: n. Thing strangled.
s: (540a); 25th letter of the alphabet                 sal v. (1)sol - Molar tooth.
   s: as a numeral = 600                               salauki v. salouki - Wasp.
s-: (541a); imper. vb. To be able, permitted           sale v. [ale - Lame.
s- v. ws - To announce.                                salouki, salauki: (558b); m. Wasp.
sa, saro=: (541b); prep. to, toward                    saloukc v. [aloukc - Scarabaeus
   (persons); to, at (of places, things etc.);            beetle.
   till, at, by, for (time); up to, to length of       sam v. sma - To be subtle.
   in reckoning.                                       samsi- p.c. v. semsi - Worshipper.
sa v. (4)se - By (in swearing).                        san: (568b); conj. Or.
sa- v. qa- - Particle of apposition.                   san- v. swni - Sickness.
sa= v. sare - To.                                      sanaht/= v. h/t - To have pity.
sayoul v. saywl - Ichneumon.                           sanes v. sans - To nourish.
saywl, sayoul: (555a); m. Ichneu-                      sanes- v. sans - To nourish.
   mon.                                                saneus(Q) v. sans - To be nourished.
(1)sai, (Q)saiwou: (542b); vi. To rise (of             sanymaqt v. maqt - Compassionate
   sun);                                                  person.
   ma nsai: m. Place of rising, east;                  sanmaqt v. maqt - Dysentery.
   sai: m. Festival;                                   sant= v. (2)sai - Nose.
   sai o: m. Great festival;                           sanous- v. sans - To nourish.
   ehoou nsai: m. Festival day;                        sanous= v. sans - To nourish.
   ersai, erpsai: vb. To make, keep                    sanoust(Q) v. sans - Well fed.
   festival                                            sans, sanes, sanous-, san-
        ma nersai: m. Place of holding                   es-, senes-, sanous=; (Q)
   festival, church.                                     saneus sanoust: (347b); vi. To
(2)sai, sant=: (543b); m. Nose;
                                                          make live, be alive; Q. nourished, well
   jebsai,          jemsai,         jempsai,              fed; vt. To nourish, rear, tend;
   jefsai: mf Nostrils; lit. leaves of nose;              sv/r nsans: m. Reared with, akin;
   : m. Hook-nosed;                                       ---: m. Nourishment, nursing
   : adj. with cut nose.                                  ma nsans: m. Nursing, feeding
sai v. (1)sai - Festival.
sai o v. (1)sai - Great festival.                         refsans: m. nourisher, nurse;
sairi: (584a); f. Couch, cohabitation,                    jinsans: m. Nourishment, education.
   sheepfold;                                          sap- v. (2)swp - Receiver.
   metsairi: f. Concubitus;
                                                       sar, sar-: (582a); m. Skin.
   er sairi: vb. To lie down;
                                                       sar- v. sar - Skin.
   [i sairi: vb. To take rest.
                                                       sarba: (586a); m. Scorching heat.
sairi v. (1)sari - To smite.
                                                       sare-, sa=: (583a); vbal prfx. of the
sairi v. siri - Small (f).
                                                          Present of Habitude.
saiwou(Q) v. (1)sai - To be shined.                    (1)sari, sairi: (583b); vi. Smite;
saiwou v. (2)sai - Hook-nosed.                            ---: m. Blow, stroke;
sal: (557b); m. Myrrh.
   refswr, refsari: m. Smiter;              sas- v. (1)sws - To despise.
      metrefswr: f. Devilry.                sas- v. (2)sws - To scatter.
(2)sari: (584a); n or adj.; Red.            sas= v. (2)sws - To scatter.
sarke: (586b); m. Lack of water, drought.   sas= v. (3)sws - To level.
saro, sarou: (584a); nn. command(?);        sas- p.c. v. (1)sws - Despised.
   w/] vb. To give command                  sasi v. (sws) - Stroke.
saro= v. sa - To.                           sasni: (608a); vi. To reach, obtain;
sarou v. saro - Command.                      --- e-: vi. To reach to;
sat- v. (1)si] - To demand.                   eratsasni: vb. To fail to obtain;
sat- v. (2)si] - To gush.                     metatsasni: f. Unattainedness;
sat- v. (2)swt - To cut.                      jinsasni: m. Attainment.
sat= v. (1)si] - To demand.                 sast v. sas - Among parts of
sat= v. (2)si] - To gush.                      building.
sat= v. (2)swt - To cut.                    sast= v. swst - To stop.
sat(Q) v. (2)si] - To be gushed.            sast(Q) v. swst - To be hindered.
sat- p.c. v. (1)si] - Extorter.             sasf, f. sasfi: (378a); adj. Seven.
sat- p.c. v. (2)swt - He who cuts.          sasf v. sas - Among Parts of
satboi v. fwi - To tear hair.                  building.
sate-: (573a); vbal prfx. Until.            sasf v. (4)sws - Weaver.
saten v. (2)swt - Excepting.                sasft v. sas - Among parts of
satc v. (2)swt - Ditch.                        building.
(1)sau, sou: (599a); Value.;                safe, f. saf/; pl. safeu, saf-
   atsau:adj. Useless, worthless, ob-          /ou: (610a); m. Desert.
   scene;                                   safeu v. safe - Deserts.
   ersau, oi nsau: vb. To be useful,        saf/ v. safe - Desert (f).
   prosperous, virtuous;                    saf/ou v. safe - Deserts.
       --- e-: vb. To be useful for;        safy v. swft - Impious person.
       --- nem: vb. To be useful with;      safi, (Q) safiwou: (610a); vi. To
   eratsau: vb. To be, make worthless          swell.
   or vain;                                 safiwou(Q) v. safi - To be swollen.
   metsau: f. Usefulness, propriety, mo-    saft v. swft - Impious person.
   desty;                                   safouri: (611a); f. A type of fish.
       metatsau: f. Worthlessness;          saf] v. swft - Impious person.
   ---: vi. To be useful, valuable;         sah: (612a); m. Flame, fire;
   sou: vb. To be worthy of, fit for.          ]sah: vb. To burn.
(2)sau: (600b); m. Measure, extent.         sahl: (612b); Something used as fuel.
(3)sau: (600b); m. Trunk, stump, piece.     sahseh, (Q) sahswh: (612b); vi. To
(4)sau: (601a); m. Male cat.                   be harsh, rough, hardy;
sas, sast, sasf, sasft:                        metsahseh: f. Harshness, severity.
   (604b); pl. Among parts of building      sahswh(Q) v. sahseh - To be harsh.
sas v. (sws) - To strike.                   sbbiw= v. sebi- - To change.
sas v. (sws) - Stroke.                      (1)sbe: (378a); Seventy.
(2)sbe: (603a); m. Persea tree, lebbakh.      sebi-: (551a); p.c. vb. To change, be
sbe v. s/ibi - filth.                           changed;
(1)sbin: (553a); nn. Grain.                     sobi: m. Changed, disguised person;
(2)sbin: (553a); nn. Part of sheep's intes-     hypocrite;
   tines.                                           metsobi: f. Hypocrisy;
sbo] v. sbwt - Rods.                            sebiw(once), sebie-, sebi/t=,
sbw v. (1)sfw - Fable.                          sbbiw=, (Q) sebi/out: vt. to
sbw v. (2)sfw - A measure of length.            change;
sbwbi: (603a); f. Throat.                           --- e-: vt. To be different from;
sbwt, pl. sbo]: (554a); m. Rod, staff.          sebiw: f. Change, exchange, requital;
(1)se, imperat. mase: (544b); vi. To go;            iri, er sebiw: vb. To be instead,
   --- e-: vi. To go to;                        replace;
   --- ejen: vi. To go on to;                       ]sebiw: vb. To give the like,
   --- sa: vi. To go to;                        requite;
   --- qa: vi. To go beneath;                       [isebiw: vb. To take requital, be
   --- qaten: vi. To go up to;                  repaid.
                                              sebie- v. sebi- -To change.
   --- ha: vi. To go to;
                                              sebi/t= v. sebi- - To change
   --- hi: vi. To go on;
                                              sebi/out(Q) v. sebi- - To be changed.
   --- qen: vi. To go in;
                                              sebiw v. sebi- - To change.
   --- hiren: vi. To go to;
                                              sebiw(f) v. sebi- - Change
   --- ebol: vi. To go forth;
                                              sebois: (554b); nn. A term of abuse with
   --- cabol n-: vi. To go forth
                                                privative at-.
   --- epec/t: vi. To go down,                sebt- v. swbt - To change.
   descend;                                   sebseb- v. sobseb - To sharpen.
   --- epswi: vi. To go up, ascend;           sebswb(Q) v. sobseb - To be shar-
   --- eqoun: vi. To go in;                     pened.
   --- eqr/i e-: vi. To go down to;           sebswp(Q) v. sobseb - To be shar-
   --- ehr/i: vi. To go up.                     pened.
                                              sebjw v. (1)swp - To shave head.
(2)se: (546a); m. Wood;
                                              sek- v. swk - To dig.
   se nnoh: m. A land measure (100
                                              sekswk(Q) v. (1)soksek - To be dug.
   hamse, amse; pl. hams/ou,                  sel- v. (1)swl - To despoil.
   ams/ou: m. Carpenter;                      selet: (560b); f. bride;
       erhamse: vb. To be carpenter;            [i selet: vb. To take bride, marry;
       methamse: f. Carpenter's craft,          (rare) marriage;
                                                manselet: m. Place of marriage,
(3)se: (546b); nn. Hundred.                     bride chamber, marriage;
                                                patselet: m. He of the bride,
(4)se, sa: (547a); by (in swearing).
se- v. (sws) - Stroke.
                                                    metpatselet: f. Condition of
seb- v. (1)swp - To shave.
                                                marriage, nuptials.
selem-: (560a); vt. To draw forth.        sennoufi v. sini - Good news.
selem- v. swlem - To smell.               senc: (572a); m. Linen, of fine flax.
selsel: (561b); (rare) vt. To shake (in   sent- v. (1)swnt - To plait.
  sieve), sift.                           sent/c: (573b); Louse's egg.
sels/ili,       sels/li: (561a); m.       sentw: (573b); f. Sheet, robe of linen.
  unripe, sour grapes.                    sentwli,       [entwli: (573b); m.
sels/li v. sels/ili - Unripe grapes.         Unbleached, raw cloth.
self v. slah - Fear.                      senfi, s/ifi: (574a); f. Scale (of fish).
sem v. sma - To be subtle.                senh/t v. h/t - To have pity.
sem/r: (567a); m. Leaven.                 senhin v. hin - Divination.
semmo, pl. semmwou: (565b); m.            ?senho v. ho -
  Stranger;                               sen] v. (1)swnt - Plaited work.
  --- e-: m. Stranger to;                 sep- v. (1)swp - To clip.
  ---: adj. Strange;                      sep- v. (2)swp - To buy.
  epsemmo: m. To strange parts, abroad    sep(Q) v. (1)swp - To be clipped.
  (with verb to go);                      sepswb(Q) v. sobseb - To be shar-
  hi psemmo: in strange parts, abroad;       pened.
  metsemmo: f. Condition of stranger,     sepswp(Q) v. sobseb - To be shar-
  strangeness;                               pened.
  maisemmo: adj. loving strangers,        sephmot v. hmot - To thank.
  hospitable;                             ser- v. swr - To pile up.
  er, oi nsemmo: vb. To become, be        seri v. s/ri - Daughter.
  stranger;                               serp- (vb) v. swrp - To be early.
      --- e-: vb. To be estranged from.   serp- (nn) v. swrp - Earliest.
semmwou v. semmo - Strangers.             sersi: (588b); m. Hilarity, mockery;
semsi, semse-, sems/t=, p.c.                ersersi: vb. To make sport, be light
  samse: (567a); vi. To serve, worship;      hearted.
  p.c. worshipper;                        serswr= v. swrser - To upset.
  ---: m. Service, worship;               set- v. (1)si] - To demand.
  ersemsi: vi. To do service;             set- v. (2)swt - To cut.
  refsemsi: m. worshipper, server;        set= v. (1)si] - To demand.
      metrefsemsi: f. Service;            setswt= v. sotset - To cut.
  jinsemsi: m. Service, religion.         setswt(Q) v. sotset - To be cut.
semse- v. semsi - To serve.               ses- v. (1)sws - To despise.
sems/t= v. semsi - To serve.              ses- v. (2)sws - To scatter.
sems/ji: (568a); vi. To whisper.          ses- v. (3)sws - To make equal.
sen- v. sini - To ask.                    ses- v. (4)sws - To twist.
sen- v. swni - Sickness.                  sesnoh v. (2)noh - Twist rope.
sen= v. sini - To ask.                    sest= v. swst - To stop.
senes- v. sans - To nourish.              sesf- v. (1)sws - To despise.
sennifi v. nifi - Blow of breath.         s/b(Q) v. (1)swp - To be clipped.
sennoh v. (2)se - A land measure.
(1)s/i: (547b); m. Pit, cistern.            syeh: (555a); m. Street.
(2)s/i: (547b); pl. Temples.                syeh v. sye - Ship's mast.
s/ibi: (551a); m. Rust, verdigris;          sy/n: (597a); f. Garment, tunic.
   sbe: nn. Off scouring, filth.            syom v. swtem - Gate.
s/ibi v. s/oui - Altar.                     syorter, syerter-, sterywr=,
s/ifi v. senfi - Scale (of fish).             (Q) sterywr: (597b); vi. To be
s/k(Q) v. swk - Deep.                          disturbed, troubled, in haste; vt. to
s/l(Q) v. (2)swl - Loosened.                   disturb, cause to hasten;
(1)s/m: (563a); (rare) n. Small person,        ---: m. Disturbance, trouble, haste;
   thing, quantity.                            atsyorter: adj. Unperturbed;
(2)s/m: (564a); nn. sign, omen;                    metatsyorter: f. Tranquility;
   +[i: vb. To take omen, divine;              iri syorter: vb. To make distur-
   ---: nn. Augury.                            bance;
   ref[is/m: m. Augur, diviner.                refsyorter: m. Disturber;
s/p(Q) v. (2)swp - Acceptable.                 jinsyorter: m. Disturbance.
s/ri, sou, f. seri: (584a); m. son,         syouit: (598b); nn. Accusation; always
   child; f. daughter;                         with preceding ']' to accuse;
   ats/ri: adj. Without child, childless;      --- e-: vb. Accuse against;
   mets/ri: f. Sonship;                        metsyouit: f. Accusation;
   er s/ri, oi ns/ri: vb. To be                metref]syouit: f. Accusation.
   child.                                   sywt: (555a); f. Rope of palm fibres.
s/t(Q) v. (2)swt - To be cut.               si, si-, sit=, (Q) s/ou: (547b); vi.
s/ou(Q) v. si - To be measured.                To measure, weigh;
s/ou(Q) v. siai - To be long.                  --- e-: vi. To measure as to;
s/ou v. ss/ou - Coriander.                     --- qen: vi. To measure in, with;
s/oui, s/ibi: (601b); f. Altar.                ---: m. Measure, weight;
s/s(Q) v. (1)sws - To be despised.             atsi: adj. unmeasured, immeasurable;
s/s(Q) v. (2)sws - To be scattered.            refsi: m. Measurer;
s/s(Q) v. (3)sws - To be made equal.           kasi: vb. To set measure, limit;
s/s(Q) v. (4)sws - To be twisted.              ]si: vb. To set measure, restrict;
s/si v. (sws) - Strokes.                           at]si: unmeasured;
s/f(Q) v. swf - To be laid waste.              [isi: vb. To take measure, estimate.
s/fi: (610b); vi. To be used, consumed.     si- v. si - To measure.
syam v. swtem - To shut.                    si nnoheb v. noheb - Shoulder mea-
syam/out(Q) v. swtem - To be shut.             sure.
sya] v. sta] - Edge.                        siai, (Q) s/ou: (548b); vi. To be long;
sye, syeh + nqai: (595a); m. Ship's            ---: m. Length;
   mast.                                       si/: f. Length;
syerywr= v. syorter - To disturb.                  ---:vi. To be long, grow.
syerywr(Q) v. syorter - To be dis-          sib]: (553b); vi. To change;
   turbed.                                     --- ehr/i: vi. To change upon;
syerter- v. syorter - To disturb.              --- nten: vi. To change through;
   --- ebol qen: vi. To change from;                  metsvi/]: f. Modesty;
   ---: m. Change;                               svit: vi. To be ashamed;
   atsib]: adj. Unchangeable;                         ---: m. Shame.
   refsib]: m. One who changes;               siri, f. sairi: (585b); adj. Small;
   jinsib]: m. Changeableness, dif-              qelsiri: adj. little, young; m. servant,
   ference.                                      youth.
si/ v. siai - Length.                         sit= v. si - To measure.
si/ v. [i/ - Border.                          (1)sitc: (598b); m. Agnus castus (plant).
sik v. siki - Depth.                          (2)sitc, [itc (often): (598b); pl. Land
siki: (555b); (rare) vi. To dig;                 tortoise.
   sik: m. What is dug, depth.                siw: (549b); f. Pot.
simi: (564a); (rare) f. Row, course.          sisem: (608a); nn. Phantom, shadow.
sini, sen-, sen=: (569a); vi. To seek,        (1)si],      swt,        sat-,       set-,
   ask;                                          sat=, set=, p.c. sat: (594a);
   --- e-: vi. To visit;                         vi. To demand, extort;
   --- eybe: vi. To ask concerning;              --- e-: vi. To demand mulct of;
   --- nca: vi. To inquire for, seek after;      --- qa-: vi. To demand for, con-
   --- nten: vi. To ask of, from;                cerning;
   --- qen: vi. To seek in, among;               satmeynai: vi. To ask charity;
   ---, sen-: m. Inquiry;                        refsi]: m. Demander, exactor.
   sennoufi: m. Good news;                    (2)si], sat-, sat=, (Q) sat:
      hisennoufi: vb. To tell good news;         (594b); vi. To leap, gush, vomit;
   refsini: m. Inquirer, wizard;                 ---: m. Vomit.
   [i mpsini: vb. To get, bring news;         skak: (556a); m. Cry, shout.
   visit;                                     skap: (619a); nn. cry, sound (w/ vb. ws).
   jimi       mpsini,   jempsini: vb. To      skelkil: (556b); m. Curl, bell.
   visit;                                     skw]: (557a); pl. among weaver's
       atjempsini: adj. unvisited, un-           implements.
   relieved;                                  slam v. [lam - To kindle.
   faisini: m. News-bearer, messenger;        slemlem, slemlom=: (560a); vi. To
   jinsini: m. Inquiry.                          breed.
sipi: (576b); vi. To be ashamed; vt. to       slemlom= v. slemlem - To breed.
   shame; make ashamed;                       sl/imi, [l/imi: (560a); m. Cress,
   --- n-: vi. To be ashamed of, at;             nasturtium.
   --- qath/: vi. To be ashamed               slit = slox - Spike.
   before, revere;                            slij = slox - Spike.
   ---: m. Shame;                             sloksi v. slox - Spike.
   atsipi: adj; unashamed;                    slox, sloksi: (563a); m. Sharpened
      metatsipi: f. shamelessness;               thing, spike.
   ]sipi: vb. To give, put to shame;          slof,       [lof: (561b); m. Shame,
   [isipi: vb. To take shame, be ashamed;        disgrace.
   svi/]: m. Modest person;
slwous v.     [lwous - Paralysed      sobseb, sobsep, sopseb, sop-
  person.                               sep, sebseb-; (Q) sebswb,
sl/l: (559a); vi. To pray;              sebswp, sepswb, sepswp:
  --- e-: vi. To pray to, for;           (554b); vt. To sharpen, incite.
  --- ejen: vi. To pray over, for;    sobsep v. sobseb - To sharpen.
  --- sa: vi. To pray to;             soyref v. sotref - Falcon.
  --- qa: vi. To pray about, for;     sok v. swk - To dig.
  --- epswi ha: vi. To pray up to;    sok= v. swk - To dig.
  --- hijen: vi. To pray over;        soki v. swk - To dig.
  ---: m. Prayer;                     (1)soksek, (Q) sekswk: (557a); vt. To
  atsl/l: adj. Without prayer.           dig, pick, hollow.
slol, pl. slwl: (559b); m. Folk,      (2)soksek: (557a); vi. To hiss.
  people, nation.                     sokh, swkh (rare), sokh=: (557a);
slwl v. slol - Folks.                    vb. To dig deep, smite.
slwmb/j: (48b); m. ? cf b/j           sokh= v. sokh - To smite.
slwt v. [lwt - Kidney.                (1)sol, sal: (557b); m. Molar tooth,
slwj v. (2)[loj - Gourd.                 tusk.
sma, sam, sem, (Q) som: (565a);       (2)sol: (557b); m. Bundle.
  vi. To be light, fine, subtle;      sol= v. (1)swl - To despoil.
  ---: m. Finess, subtlety;           solbi v. [olbi - Wool garment.
  som: adj. Light, fine.              solk- v. swlk - To weave.
sme v. smou - Peg.                    solk= v. swlk - To weave.
sm/n, f. sm/ni: (566b); adj. Eight;   solmec, [olmec: (560a); f. Gnat.
  qamne: Eighty.                      solh= v. swlh - To make mark.
sm/ni v. sm/n - Eight.                solh (Q) v. slah - To be afraid.
smou, smoui, sme: (565a); f. Peg,     solh (Q) v. swlh - To make a mark.
  stake.                              som, swm, f. swmi, pl. smwou:
smoui v. smou - Peg.                     (564a); m. Father-in-law, mother-in-law;
smwou v. som - Mothers-in-law.           ersom: vb. To be father-in-law.
snau: (573b); Market.                 som (Q) v. sma - To be subtle.
sne, sn/, pl. sn/ou: (571b); Net.     som(adj) v. sma - Light.
sn/: (572a); f. Garden.               somt, f. som]: (566b); adj. Three.
sn/ v. sne - Net.                     som] v. somt - Three.
sn/ou v. sne - Nets.                  sont= v. (1)swnt - To plait.
snof v. [nof - Basket.                sont (Q) v. (1)swnt - To be plaited.
snouf v. [nof - Basket.               sont (Q) v. (2)swnt - To quarrel.
so: (549b); adj. Thousand.            sonh= v. (swnh) - To deprive.
so v. eso - Bran.                     son]: (573a); f. Thorn tree.
sob= v. (1)swp - To shave.            sop, swp: (574b); m. 4-finger breadth,
sobi v. sebi - Hypocrite.                plam;
sobt= v. swbt - To change.               swp: m. A group of 4.
                                      sop v. (1)swp - To shave.
sop= v. (2)swp - To receive.           sojp (Q) v. cwjp - To be pierced.
sop v. (2)swpi - Cucumber.             so] v. (1)swt - Merchants.
sop (Q) v. (1)swpi - To exist.         so] v. sswt - Pillows.
sop v. [op - Sole.                     sp- v. (2)swp - To receive.
sopc v. (2)swp - Reception.            spe v. (3)swp - Instant.
sopt= v. swbt - To change.             sro v. srw - Menstruation
sopseb v. sobseb - To sharpen.         srw, sro: (586a); f. Menstruation;
sopsep v. sobseb - To sharpen.           er, oi nsrw: vb. To be menstruous.
sor= v. swr - To pile up.              srwic v. rwic - Guard.
sorp v. swrp - First.                  sta], sya]: (598b); m. Edge, fringe,
sorp= v. swrp - To be early.             border (of garment).
sorpi v. swrp - First.                 steko, pl. stekwou: (595b); m. Prison.
sort(Q) v. swrt - To be demented.      stekwou v. steko - Prisons.
sortf v. sotref - Falcon.              stem-: (412a); Negative prefix of the infi-
sorser, serswr=: (589a); vi. To          nitive, conjuctive, causative, conditional,
  upset, overturn;                       temporal.
  ---: m. Overthrow, destruction.      st/= v. sto - To lay down.
sot- p.c. v. (2)swt - He who cuts.     st/out (Q) v. sto - Lying down.
sotem(Q) v. swtem - To be shut.        stmo v. tsmo - To make small.
sotref, soyref, sortf: (598b); m.      stmo= v. tsmo - To make small.
  Falcon.                              sto, sto=, st/=, (Q) st/out:
sotset, setswt=, (Q) setswt:             (792a); vt. To lay down; Q. lying down.
  (599a); vt. To cut, carve, hollow.   sto= v. sto - To lay down.
sotset v. [ot[et - To slaughter.       sou v. s/ri - Son.
sou v. (1)sau - Value.                 sou- v. souo - To flow.
sos, sws, sosou: (605a); mf a kind     soue- v. souo - To flow.
  of antelope.                         souie v. swoui - Dryness.
sos= v. (1)sws - To despise.           souit (Q) v. souo - Empty.
sos= v. (2)sws - To scatter.           soumenrit v. mei - Worthy of love.
sos= v. (3)sws - To make equal.        sounic: (572a); m. Black cumin.
sospi: (); f. Stomach.                 souo, soue-, sou-, souw=,
sost, swst: (608b); m. Hindrance,        souo=: (602a); vi. To flow, pour,
  impediment, key;                       discharge.
  atsost: adj. Without key.            souo= v. souo - To flow.
sost(Q) v. swst -                      sour/: (603b); f. Censer, brazier, altar.
sosou: (609a); m. Pot, jar.            souw= v. souo - To flow.
sosou v. sos - A kind of antelope.     souwou(Q) v. swoui - To be dry.
sosf= v. (1)sws - To despise.          sous/t: (603b); n. Herb eaten by sheep.
sosf(Q) v. (1)sws - To be despised.    sousitc: (603b); m. Whistling, hissing.
sof= v. swf - To be laid waste.        soust: (608b); m. Window.
soft(Q) v. swft - To stumble.          sousou: (604a); vi. To boast; vt. to pride
sohen: (688b); m. Incense.               oneself;
   ---   e-: vi. To boast upon;            swij: (615a); mf. Athlete, gladiator.
   ---   ejen: vi. To boast about, over;   swk, swki, sok, soki, sek-,
   ---   qen: vi. To boast in;               sok=, (Q) s/k: (555a); vi. To dig, be
   ---   hiten: vi. To boast on account       deep dug; Q. deep;
   of;                                        ---: m. Depth.
  ---: m. Boast, pride.                    swki v. swk - To dig.
  ersousou: vb. To boast.                  swkh v. sokh - To smite.
souswousi, swousi: (603b); m.              (1)swl, sel-, sol=: (557b); vi. To
   Sacrifice, offering;                       despoil,
   iri, er swousi: vb. To make                ---: m. spoil, booty;
   sacrifice;                                 jinswl: m. Spoiling.
   manerswousi: m. Place of sacrifice,     (2)swl, (Q) s/l: (558a); vi. To flow;
   altar.                                     s/l ebol: Q. Loosened, paralyzed;
souj v. jouj - Safflower.                     refswl ebol: m. Paralysis;
sv/r, f. sveri: (553a); m. Friend,            niswl: pl. Paralytics.
   comrade;                                swlem, selem-: (559b); vi. To smell;
   --- n, nte: Companion in;                  ---: m. Sense of smell;
   metsv/r: f. Friendship, community;         jinswlem: m. Sense, power of smell.
   er, oi nsv/r: vb. To be friend,         swlk, solk-, solk=: (558b); vi. To
   partner                                    weave, stitch.
sv/ri: (581a); f. Wonder, amazment;        swlpi: (560b); f. Warp.
   ersv/ri, oi nsv/ri: vi. To be           swlh, solh=, (Q) solh: (562a);
   amazed; vt. To marvel at, admire.          vt. To make, impress mark, trace line;
   refyamie          sv/ri: m. Wonder         ---: m. Stake, mark;
   worker;                                    swlhc: n. Line traced.
   [i sv/ri: vb. To be amazed.             swlhc v. swlh - Line traced.
svi/] v. sipi - Modest person.             swm: (564b); m. Summer;
svit v. sipi - To be ashamed.                 h/ nswm: m. Spring.
sw: (549b); m. Sand.                       swm v. som - Father-in-law
(1)swi: (550a); m. What is high, above.    swmi: (564b); f. Cliff, precipice.
(2)swi: (550b); f. Genital organs.         swmi v. som - Mother-in-law.
swbt, swpt, sebt-, sobt=,                  swni: (570b); vi. To be sick, weak.
   sopt=: (554a); vi. To change, be           --- e-: vi. To be sick at, in
   changed;                                   --- nten: vi. To be sick through;
   --- qa: vi. To change concerning;
                                              --- qen: vi. To be sick in, as to;
   --- ebol ha: vi. To change from.
                                              ---, sen-, san-: m. Sickness,
swbs v. swps - Arm.
swbh, swph, swhep, swhp:                      atswni: adj. Without sickness;
   (554b); vi. To be scorched, withered.      ma nn/ etswni: m. Place of the
(1)swis: (374b); m. Pair of animals.
                                              sick, infirmary, hospital;
(2)swis: (605a); m. Dust;                     refswni: m. State of sickness.
   erswis: vb. To become dust.
(1)swnt,         sent-,       sont=, (Q)         ---      sa: vi. To happen to, till;
   sont: (572b); vt. To plait;                   ---      qa: vi. To become under;
   sen]: f. Plaited work.                        ---      qen: vi. To happen in;
(2)swnt, (Q) sont: (572b); vi. To                ---      ha: vi. To befall to;
   quarrel;                                      ---      hi: vi. To befall on, in;
   ma nswnt: m. Place of quarrel.                ---      qaten: vi. To become under,
(swnh), sonh=: (574b); vt. To deprive.           with;
(1)swp, [wp, sop, [op, seb-,                     --- hiten: vi. To become through,
   sep-, [ep-, sob=; (Q) s/b,                    by;
   sep: (550b); vi. To shave, clip;              --- hijen: vi. To befall upon;
   sebjw: vi. To shave head.                     --- mmau: vi. To happen there;
(2)swp, sp-, sep-, sop=; (Q)                     ---: m. Being;
   s/p, p.c. sap-: (574b); vt. To                atswpi: adj. Not being, undwelt in;
   receive, contain, take, buy; Q.               manswpi: m. Dwelling place;
   acceptable;                                   jinswpi: m. Act, state of being;
   --- e-: vi. To accept, restrain self,         eswp: conj. If it befall, if, when.
   take; vt. Take to self, contain;           (2)swpi, sop: (580b); mf Cucumber,
   --- ejen: vi. To receive on behalf of,        gourd.
   for;                                       swpt v. swbt - To change.
   --- n-: vi. To expend on;                  swps (rare), swbs: (582a); m. Arm,
   --- qa: vi. To buy for (price of);            foreleg of animals, shoulder.
   --- eqoun: vi. To accept;                  swph v. swbh - To be scorched.
   --- --- mmau: vi. To take away;            swr, ser-, sor=: (583a); vt. To pile
   p.c. Receiver;                                up, make thick; stop up (wells & c).
   ---: m. Acceptance;                        swrp, serp-, sorp=: (586b); vt. To
   atswp, atsop=: adj. Uncontain-                be early;
   able, limitless;                              --- e-: vt. To be early to, at;
   refswp: m. Receiver;                          swrp: Morning;
   jinswp: m. Receiving, accepting;              sorp, serp-, sorpi: adj. Earliest,
   sopc: f. Reception, entertaintment.           first;
(3)swp,       spe, nswp: (576b); n.              nswrp, nsorp: adv. Early;
   Moment, instant.                                   nsorp, sorp: adv. At first,
swp v. sop - Palm.                               formerly;
(1)swpi, (Q)        sop: (577b); vi. To          icjen swrp: From the beginning;
   become, befall, happen; Q. To be, exist;      er sorp, oi nsorp: vb. To be
   --- e-: vi. To happen for;                    before, first; hasten.
   --- ejen: vi. To befall upon;              swrt, (Q) sort: (588b); vi. To be
   --- nem: vi. To become with;                  demented.
   --- n-: vi. To happen in; to;              swrsi: (589a); m. Wrinkle, furrow (in
   --- n- + e-: vi. To become for as;            skin).
   --- oube: vi. To happen toward;            (1)swt, eswt; pl. so], eso]:
   --- oute: vi. To happen between;              (590a); m. Trader, merchant.
(2)swt,       sw],     set-,     sat-,       --- nahren: vi. To shut before;
   sat=, (Q)         s/t; p.c.   sat-,       --- ebol ha: vi. To shut against;
   sot-: (590b); vb. To cut, slay;           --- eqoun qa: vi. To shut against;
   --- e-: vb. To slay for;                  jinsyam: m. Closing;
   --- ebol: vb. To cut, cut off;            syom: m. Thing shutting or shut, gate.
   --- ejen: vb. To decide upon,           swoui; (Q) souwou, swou: (601b);
   condemn;                                   vi. To be dry;
   --- ebol n-: vb. To cut from;              pwtsouwou: m. What is dry;
   --- ebol hi: vb. To cut from;              Q. dry, stale;
   --- ebol qen: vb. To cut from;            oi nswoui: vb. To be dry;
  p.c. He who, that which cuts, is cut;      jinswoui: m. Dryness, withering;
  ---: m. Thing cut (esp. Sacrifices);       souie: m. dryness, what is dry.
  --- ebol: m. Cutting out, off; ex-       swousi v. souswousi - Sacrifice.
  communication;                           swf, sof=, (Q) s/f: (609b); vi. To
       qen ouswt ebol: adv. sharp-            be desert, laid waste, destroyed;
  ly, shortly;                                ---: m. Devastation, destruction;
  refswt: m. Cutter;                          jinswf: m. Desolation;
  jinswt ebol: m. Cutting off, slay-          safe, f. saf/, pl. safeu: m.
  ing;                                        Desert;
  vi. To be cut short, want, lack;            refpswf: m. Eremite.
  --- e-: vi. To lack for;                 swfy: (611b); m. Hollow of hand, handful.
  --- qen: vi. To be lacking in, in need   swft, (Q) soft: (611a); vi. to stumble,
  for;                                        err; vt. to commit error, err;
  saten: prep. Short of, excepting,           --- e-: vi. To err in, as to;
  minus;                                      --- qen: vi. To err in;
       --- kekouji: excepting a little        ---, soft: m. Error, fault;
  more, almost;                               atswft: adj. Unerring;
  satc: f. Cutting, ditch;                    refswft: m. Erring person;
       hisatc: vb. To make cutting,           saft, saf], safy: m. Iniqui-
  breach;                                     tous, impious person or thing.
               athisatc: adj. Without      swhep v. swbh - To be scorched.
  breech;                                  swhp v. swbh - To be scorched.
               refhisatc: m. Cutter.
                                           (1)sw]: (595a); f. Well, cistern, pit;
swt v. (1)si] - To demand.
                                           (2)sw]: (595a); m. Flour, dough.
swtem, (Q) sotem: (595b); vi. To
                                           (1)sws, ses-, sas-, sos=, (Q)
  shut, be shut;
  syam, (Q) sam/out: vi. To shut;             s/s, p.c. sas-: (375a); vi. To be
                                              despised, humbled; vt. To despise;
       masyam: imperat. form;
                                              ---: m. Shame, contempt, scorn;
  --- e-: vi. To shut upon, against;
                                              refsws: m. scorner;
  --- eron: vi. To shut upon;
                                              ]sws: vb. To despise, scorn;
  --- ehren: vi. To shut upon;
                                                  ref]sws: m. Scorner;
  --- ejen: vi. To shut upon;
                                              [isws: vb. To be scorned;
   swsf,      sesf,       sosf=, (Q)          rempswf: m. Eremite.
   sosf: vi. To be despised, humbled;       sw] v. (2)swt - To cut.
     ---: m. Shame, contempt, scorn.        ss/ou, s/ou: (609a); m. Coriander.
(2)sws,    ses-, sas-, sas=,                ss/n: (568b); m. Tree;
   sos=, (Q) s/s: (605b); vi. To              iah ss/n: m. Grove;
   scatter, spread esp. of oders;             ma nss/n: m. Grove.
   --- ebol: vi. To scatter abroad;         ssot, sswt, pl. so]: (590a); m.
   --- ebol e-: vi. To extend to;              Pillow, cushion, bag.
   --- --- hi: vi. To extend from;          sswt v. ssot - Pillow.
   --- --- qen: To extend forth from;       sswou: (609a); n. Desire;
   sws: m. Fork or rake separating grain      [isswou: vt. To yearn for, conceive;
   from chaff.                                   ---: m. Desire, longing;
(3)sws, ses-, sas=, sos=, (Q)                    ref[isswou: m. One who
   s/s: (606a); vt. To make equal, level,      desires.
   straight;                                (1)sfw, sbw: (610b); f. Tale, fable.
   ---: m. Equality, sameness;              (2)sfw, sbw: (611a); f. Measure of
   --- ebol: m. equality, level.               length, schoenus parasang.
(4)sws, ses-, (Q) s/s: (607a); vi.          (3)sfw: (611a); f. Tomb.
   To twist rope & c;                       sqa] v. sqelt - Pus.
   sasf: m. Weaver.                         sqelt, [qelt, sqa]: (612a); m.
sws v. sos - A kind of antelope.               What is excessive, exudes, humor, pus.
(sws), sas: (374a); vi. To strike;          shij: (612b); (rare) m. Dust.
   sas, sasi, se-, pl. s/si: f.             sjap v. co[ni - Slap.
   Stroke, blow, sore;                      sje, pl. sj/ou: (615a); m. Locust
   ersws, oi nsws: vb. To cover, be         sjemjom v. jom - To be able.
   covered with wounds or sores;            sj/i: (615a); n. Common tale, gossip;
   ]sws: vb. To give a blow.                   er, oi nsj/i: vb. To be talked of.
swsen: (608a); n. Lily.                     sj/ou v. sje - Locusts.
swst, sast=, sest=; (Q) sost,               sjwt v. co[ni - Cord.
   sast: (377b); vi. To stop, be impeded,   s[/n: (615b); m. Garlic.
   hindered;                                s[/r: (388b); vi. To sail on a river or sea;
   --- e-: vb. To be hindered from;            --- e-: vi. To sail to, toward;
   vt. To stop, impede;                        --- qen: vi. To sail in, upon;
   --- e-: vt. To hinder from;                 ---: m. Sailing, voyage.
   ---: n. Impediment.                      s[n/n, [n/n: (618b); vi. To strive,
swst v. sost - Key.                            contend;
swsf v. (1)sws - To despise.                   ---: m. Strife, rivalry;
swf, sof=, (Q) s/f: (609b); vi. To             refs[n/n: m. Quarreller.
   be desert, laid waste, destroyed;        s[or: (619a); vb. To rent, hire.
   ---: m. Devastation, destruction;        s[our: (121b); m. Finger ring.
   jinswf: m. Desolation;
f: (619a); 26th letter of the alphabet            fot- v. (1)fw] - To wipe.
fai v. bai - Night raven.                         fot= v. (1)fw] - To wipe.
fai v. fi - To carry.                             fotc (Q) v. (fwtc) - To be broad.
fai p.c. v. fi - Carrier.                         fotci v. fwji - Leap.
fairwous v. rwous - Guardian.                     foj- v. fwji - To leap.
fent: (623b); mf Worm.                            foj= v. fwji - To leap.
ferfwr= v. forfer - To fall down.                 foji v. fwji - To leap.
fet- v. (1)fw] - To wipe.                         fojc v. fwji - Dance.
fej- v. fwji - To leap.                           fojci v. fwji - Leap.
f/j (Q) v. fwji - To be moved hastily             fo] v. (1)fw] - To wipe.
f/] v. (1)fw] - To be wiped.                      fre: (624a); m. Seed.
fi, fai, fi-, fit=, p.c. fai-:                    fte- v. ftoou - Four
   (620a); vi. To bear, carry, take, arise;       fto v. ftoou - Four
   fitot=: vi. To raise hand                      ftoou, fto, ftou-, fte-: (625a);
   --- e-: vi. To carry to, upon;                     adj. Four.
   --- ejen: vi. To carry upon, for;              ftou- v. ftoou - Four
   --- nem: vi. To agree with, vt. To             foukaci, fokaci: (623b); f. A fish.
   take with;                                     fwe v. fwi - Hair
   --- qa: vi. To bear under, support,            fwi, fwe: (623b); m. Hair;
   tolerate;                                          lafwi: adj. Hairy.
   --- hi: vi. To carry upon;                     fwci: (624a); m. Chisel, knife.
   --- qen: vi. To carry from in, out of;         (fwtc), (Q) fotc: (625a); vb. To be
   --- hijen: vi. To carry upon, for;                 broad, be splayed.
   --- ebol: vi. To take, take away;              fwji, foji, fej-, foj-, foj=,
   --- epswi: vi. To carry up;                        (Q) f/j: (625b); A. vi. To leap, move
   --- ehr/i: vi. To carry up;                        hastily;
   p.c. Carrier;                                      --- ebol: vi. To leap, fall forth;
   atsfai: adj. Unbearable;                           B. vi. To pluck, seize, rob;
       metatsfai: f. Impatience;                      --- ebol: vi. To pull out;
   reffi: m. Bearer, despoiler;                       jinfwji: m. Zeal, violence;
   jinfi: m. Bearing.                                 fojc: nn. Leap, dance;
fi- v. fi - To carry.                                 fotci, votci, fojci: nn. Leap.
fikohi: (623b); f. Among weaver's tools.          (1)fw], fo], fet-, fot-, fot=,
fit= v. fi - To carry.                                (Q) f/]: (624a); vi. To wipe, wipe
fitot= v. fi - To raise hand.                         off, obliterate;
foi: (623a); f. Canal, water conduit.                 --- ebol: vi. To be wiped out,
fokaci v. foukaci - A fish.                           destroyed;
fori v. vori - A kind of fish.                        jinfw] ebol: m. Wiping out,
forfer, ferfwr=: (624a); vi. To fall,                 destruction.
   rush down; vt. To cast off, down.              (2)fw]: (625a); mf Sweat;
  ]fw]: vb. To give, produce sweat.
fw]a: (625a); f. Hinder part of body.
q: (629a); The 27th letter of the alphabet.            qariqaro v. (3)qa - Apart.
(1)qa, ha, sa, ,e: (629a); Particle                    qaro= v. (3)qa - Under.
   of apposition before prnoun or article.             qarw= v. (1)ro - Beneath.
(2)qa: (629b); m. Heel, mark of heel.                  qac= v. qici - To toil.
(3)qa-, qaro=: (632a); prep. under, in,                qat- v. qi] - To rub.
   at; for, in respect of, on behalf of; for (of       qat= v. qi] - To rub.
   price); against;                                    qateb- v. qwteb - To kill.
   ebol qa: Away from;                                 qateb- p.c. v. qwteb - Killer.
   eqoun qa: In beneath;                               qaten v. twri - Beside.
   qariqaro=: refl. pron. Of myself & c,               qatot= v. twri - Beside.
   alone, apart.                                       qaq: (631b); m. Neck.
qae, qaie; f. qa/, qai/; pl.                           qaq= v. (2)qwq - To scrape.
   qaeu: (635a); m. Last thing, end; adj.              qaqou v. (2)qwq - Itching.
   last;                                               qa]: (719a); vi. To flow; vt. To let flow,
   epqae: At the end;
   caqae: at the last;                                    ---: m. Flow, rush of water.
   saqae: Till, at the last;                           (1)qe: (630a); m. Woof.
   atqae: adj. Without end;                            (2)qe: (638b); f. Manner.
   erqae: vb. To be last, be in want;                  (3)qe: (643a); f. Story of house.
        --- e-: vb. To be in want of, lose;            qek v. qwk - To gird.
        aterqae: adj. Without want;                    qek- v. hwki - To scrape.
        meterqae: f. Want.                             qelbi, qelpi: (671a); f. Navel.
qaeu v. qae - Ends.                                    qelebs v. qelibs - Breast plate.
qa/ v. qae - End.                                      qelibs, qelebs: (668a); f. Breast
(1)qai: (630a); nn. Nitre.                                plate.
(2)qai: (630a); m. Breath of nose                      qellibs = qelibs - Breast Plate
(3)qai: (630a); m. Ship's pole, boat, hook.            qello, f. qellw, pl. qelloi:
(4)qai: (635a); m. Winnowing fan.                         (669b); m. Old person, monk;
qaie v. qae - Last.                                       metqello: f. Old age;
qai/ v. qae - Last.                                       erqello: vb. To become, be old.
qaior v. ior - Canal bank.                             qelloi v. qello - Old men.
qairi: (631a); m. Serpent.                             qellot, qelot: (630a); f. Ravine,
qamne: (566b); adj. Eighty.                               Valley, Wadi (incl. water & rocks).
qamnifi v. nifi - Difficult breathing.                 qellw v. qello - Old woman.
qara-: (696b); nn. as distributive prep.               qelmehi: (671a); f. Boat.
qara- v. qrwou - Voice.                                qelot v. qellot - Valley.
qarabai v. qrwou - Thunder.                            qelpi v. qelbi - Navel.
qarat= v. rat= - Beneath.                              qelsiri v. siri - Youth.
qara[woutc v. carajwf - Hare.                          qelqelt: (672b); f. Death rattle.
qaren- v. (1)ro - Beneath.                             qelqol= v. qolqel - To slay.
qelqwl- v. qolqel - To slay.                q/t, ,/t: (717b); m. North;
qelqwl= v. qolqel - To slay.                  --- e-: m. Northward;
qelqwl (Q) v. qolqel - To be slain.           caq/t n-: m. Northern side.
qemi v. qmom - Heat.                        q/t=: (642b); f. Belly, womb.
(1)qemc: (630b); m. A title                 q/q (Q) v. (2)qwq - To be scraped.
(2)qemc: (679a); m. Ear of corn (Wheat).    qyai; (Q) qot, qoy: (722b); vi. To
qemqwm= v. qomqem - To crush.                  become, be fat;
qemqwm (Q) v. qomqem - To be                   qy/: f. Thickness.
   crushed.                                 qy/ v. qyai - Thickness.
qen, nq/t=: (683a); prep. (of place) in,    (1)qir: (696b); m. Road, street, quarter.
  at, on; (of time) in, at, on; by, with;   (2)qir: (697a); m. Stripe, line.
  ebol qen: From in, from;                  qici, qac=, (Q) qoci: (710b); vi. To
  eqoun: adv. Into, toward, at, within;        toil, be troubled, difficult; be wearied,
  eqr/i qen: down in, into;                    suffering;
  nqr/i, nhr/i qen: in;                        maiqacf: adj. Labor-loving;
  qenpjinyre-: when.                           --- eqoun e-: vb. To toil against;
qeni: (630b); vi. To quarrel.                  --- eybe: vb. To toil because of;
qent v. qwnt - To come near.                   --- nem: vb. To toil with;
qent (Q) v. qwnt - To be approached.           --- qa: vb. To toil from, by reason
qer- v. qwr - To destroy.                      of;
qereb, ,ereb: (701b); m. Form,                 --- ha: vb. To toil for;
  likeness;                                    --- qen: vb. To toil in, with;
  +[i: vb. To take form, likeness.             --- nh/t: vb. To be troubled in
qerwou v. qrwou - Thunder.                     mind, disheartened;
qerwou v. qrwou - Boastful talk.               ---: m. Labor, product of labor;
qerqer: (708b); vi. To snore.                  atqici: adj. Unwearied;
qetqet- v. qotqet - To examine.                metmaiqici: f. Love of toil;
qetqwt= v. qotqet - To examine.                ]qici: vb. To give trouble;
qetqwt (Q) v. qotqet - To be                   sepqici: vb. To take trouble, labor,
  examined.                                    suffer;
q/bi v. q/ibi - Shade.                              ---: m. Labor, product of labor;
q/bi v. h/bi - Grief.                          atsepqici: adj. Without suffering,
q/i: (630a); m. Sun.                           sympathy;
q/ibi, q/bi: (657b); f. Shade, shadow;         refsepqici: m. One who labors,
  erq/ibi: vb. To make shadow, over-           suffers;
  shadow;                                           metrefsepqici: f. Suffering;
  [iq/ibi: vb. To be shaded, to take           [iqici: vb. To labor, suffer;
  shelter                                      sv/r nqici: m. Fellow laborer;
q/ibi v. h/bi - Grief.                         jinqici: m. Labor.
q/bc: (658a); m. Lamp.                      qi], hi], qat-, qat=: (719b); vt.
q/k (Q) v. qwk - To be girded.                 To move to and from, rub, whet; flay;
q/k (Q) v. hwki - To be scraped.               atqi]: adj. Unworn, untormented.
qlij v. qrajrej - Tooth ache.                 qre, pl. qr/oui: (701a); fm. food (of
qmom, (Q) q/m: (677a); vi. To be hot;           human); fodder (of beasts);
  ---: m. Heat, fever;                          atqre : adj. Lack of food;
  ]qmom: vb. To give heat, burn;                     metatqre: f. Lack of food;
  [iqmom: vb. To get heat, be warmed;           erqre, oi nqre: vb. To become, be
  qemi: m. Heat, fever.                         food;
qoy (Q) v. qyai - To be fat.                    ]qre: vb. To give food;
qoyb= v. qwteb - To kill.                       [iqre: vb. To take food.
qok: (662b); vt. To smite, crush.             qr/i: (700a); m. Lower part, opp. hr/i;
qok= v. qwk - To gird.                          eqr/i: adv. To below, downward;
qok= v. hwki - To scrape.                       appended to vbs of motion;
qolqel, qelqwl-, qelqwl=,                       nqr/i: adv. Below;
  qelqol=, (Q) qelqwl: (672a);                  caqr/i: adv. Downward, below;
   vi. To slay;                                      ercaqr/i: vb. To be below;
  --- qen: vi. To slay with;                    saeqr/i: adv. Down to.
  ---: m. Slaughter;                          qr/oui v. qre - Food (pl).
  jinqolqel: m. Slaying;                      qrim v. (1)hrim - Bird's claw.
  refqolqel: m. Slayer, gorer.                qrij v. qrajrej - (Tooth) ache.
qomqem, qemqwm=, (Q) qemqwm:                  qro]: (631a); m. Child, young.
  (630b); vi. To be crushed, broken,          qoun: (685b); m. Inward part;
  destroyed; vt. To crush, break, destroy;      eqoun: adv. To inside, inward;
  ---: m. Crushing, fracture, destruction.      caqoun: adv. Inward, inside;
qont= v. qwnt - To come near.                        ercaqoun: vb. To be within;
qor= v. qwr - To destroy.                       saeqoun: Towards innerpart, inward;
qorpc: (631a); f. Handful.                           --- e-: Until.
qort: (631a); m. Madman.                      qrwou, ,ara-, qara: (704b); m.
qoci (Q) v. qici - To be troubled.              Voice, sound;
qot (Q) v. qyai - To be fat.                    atqrwou: adj. Voiceless;
qotqet, qetqet-, qetqwt=,                       cekqrwou: vb. To draw sound, snort;
  (Q) qetqwt: (728a); vi. To inquire,           ]qrwou: vb. To give, utter voice;
  examine;                                      ws, es qrwou: vb. To utter voice;
  --- qen: vi. To inquire in, with;                  refesqrwou: m. Herald
  ---: m. Inquiry, question;                    qarabai, ,arabai, qerouw,
  atqotqet: adj. Unfathomable, un-              ,erouw: n. Voice of sky, thunder;
  searchable;                                   qerouw: n. Great voice, boastful talk;
      metatqotqet: f. Unquestion-                    metqerwou: f. Boastfulness.
  ingness;                                    qrw]: (631b); n. Jugular veins.
  refqotqet: m. Inquirer.                     qwk, qek, qok=, (Q) q/k: (661b);
qrajrej: (708b); vt. To grind (teeth), rub;     vt. To gird, brace (with harness, armor);
  --- eqoun e-: vt. To rub against;             --- n-: vt. To gird with, in;
  qrij, qlij: m. (tooth) ache.                  --- oube-: vt. To gird against;
                                                --- qarat n-: vt. To gird under;
   --- qen: vt. To gird with, in;          qwteb,      qateb-,       qoyb=, p.c.
   --- eqoun: vt. To gird (with              qateb-: (723b); vi. To kill;
  emphasis);                                 --- n-: vi. To kill with;
  ---: m. Girdle, breast plate.              --- nca: vi. To kill (with emphasis);
qwki v. hwki - To scrape.                    ---: vi. To kill with;
qwkh v. hwki - Fleece.                       --- qen: m. Slaughter, murder, thing
qwl v. hwl - To be hoarse.                    slain, corpse;
qwnt, hwnt, qent-, qont=, (Q)                 erqwteb: vb. To slay;
  qent: (691b); vi. To approach, come         refqateb: m. Slayer, murderer;
  near;                                           metrefqateb: f. Slaughter,
  ---: m. Nearness;                           murder;
  atqwnt: adj. Unapproachable;                jinqwteb: m. Act of slaying.
  jinqwnt: m. Act of approaching.          (1)qwq: (631b); vi. To tighten, strengthen;
qwnj: (693b); vi. To entreat, exhort;      (2)qwq, qaq=, (Q) q/q: (742a); vi.
  ---: n. Entreaty.                           To be scraped, itch; vt. To scrape,
qwr, qer-, qor=: (631a); vt. To               scratch;
  destroy.                                    qaqou: m. Scratching, itching.
qwt: (631b); m. Cloth, change of raiment
h: (631a); 28th letter of the Coptic             hap: (693b); m. Judgement, inquest;
   Alphabet.                                       erhap: vb. To give judgement, go to
h- v. (2)h/ - Season.                               law;
ha, haro=: (634a); Prep. To, toward;                ]hap: vb. To give judgement, judge;
   ebol ha-: From;                                    at]hap: adj. Not judging;
   eqoun ha-: Into, unto.                             man]hap: m. Judge;
ha v. (1)qa - Patricle of apposition.                 ma n]hap: m. Judge-chamber,
haami v. hmou - Salt land.                          court;
hay/ v. (1)h/ - In front of.                        hioui    ephap: vb. To cast to law,
hay/r v. ay/r - Hammer.                             condemn;
hai: (636b); m. Husband;                            [ihap: vb. Receive judgement, go to
   athai: adj. Not being husband, hus-              law.
   bandless;                                     haperw] v. erw] - Sucking.
   erhai: vb. To be husband;                     hapi: (696a); n. The god "Apis".
   qahai: Under, having husband;                 haraj, hajar: (708b); pl. Branches.
   hemci nem hai: vb. To dwell with              haro= v. ha - To.
   husband;                                      hat: (713b); m. Silver, silver coin, money
   [i hai: vb. To take husband.                     (f);
hal: (664b); n. w/vb. er- To deceive                athat at[ne hat: adj. Without
halai v. hwl - To fly.                              money, without payment;
halak, alak: (668a); f. Ring, door-                 maihat: m. Money-loving;
   knocker.                                         mankhat: m. Silversmith;
halakmi v. hilakmi - Blear-eyed                     ]hat: vb. Give, pay silver (money).
   person.                                       hajar v. haraj - Branches.
hala] v. hal/t - Birds.                          haji: (744a); m. Snare.
hal/: (667a); m. Miserly person.                 hb/oui v. (2)hwb - Things.
hal/t, pl. hala]: (671b); m. Flying              hboc v. hwbc - Garment.
   creature, bird.                               hboui v. hifoui - Ibis.
halkou: (668b); fm. Sickle.                      hboui v. hof - Serpents.
hallouc: (671b); m. Spider's web.                hbwc v. hwbc - Garment.
halmi: (670b); m. Dung, slime.                   hbwc v. hwbc - Garment.
halwm = alwm - Cheese.                           (1)he: (640a); interj. Ho!
halwouli v. hwl - Flight of birds.               (2)he: (640a); n. Hinder part, back.
ham-, am-: (673b); m. Craftsman,                 he- v. (2)h/ - Season.
   smith.                                        heb- v. (2)hwb - Thing.
hamkal v. kal - Bolt-smith.                      (1)hebi: (655b); vi. To be low, short.
hamnoub v. noub - Goldsmith.                     (2)hebi: (656b); m. Plough;
han-: (685a); Pl. Art. Some. (pl. of ou-).          moulwl nhebi: m. Yoke of plough-
hanarouhi v. rouhi - Evening.                       ing beasts.
hanho v. ho - Away from.                         hebc= v. hwbc - To cover.
hebcw v. hwbc - Garment.                        --- hijen: vi. To sit upon;
hei, h/i, (Q) hiwout: (637a); vi. To            --- evahou: vi. To stay behind;
   fall;                                        --- eqr/i: vi. To sit down;
   ---       e-: vi. To fall upon, into;        --- mmau: vi. To sit there;
   ---       ejen: vi. To fall upon;            ---: n. Excrement;
   ---       nca: vi. To fall from;             is nhemci: f. Urine, excrement;
   ---       qen: vi. To fall into;             ma nhemci: m. Seat, privy, anus;
   ---       qarat=: vi. To fall below;         sv/r nhemci: w/er- vb. To be
   ---       hijen: vi. To fall upon;           assessor;
   ---        ebol: vi. To fall out, away;      jinhemci: m. Manner of sitting,
   perish;                                      dwelling.
   --- epec/t: vi. To fall down;             hemhem: (682b); vi. To roar, neigh (of
   --- eqr/i: vi. To fall down;                 lion);
   ---: m. Fall, destruction;                   ---: m. Roaring, neighing.
   athei: adj. Without falling, indes-       hemhem- v. homhem - To tread.
  tructible;                                 hemhwm= v. homhem - To tread.
  jinhei: m. Act of falling.                 hemj v. hmoj - Vinegar.
hel v. heli - Fear.                          hen- v. (2)hini - To move self.
helem- v. hwlem - To seize.                  hen= v. (2)hini - To move self.
heli, hel: (667a); f. Fear;                  henhen- v. honhen - To bid.
  ]heli: vb. To give fear, frighten;         henhwn= v. honhen - To bid.
  hiheli: vb. To emit fear, terrify.         hep- v. (1)hwp - To hide.
helhel: (672a); vi. To swim, float.          heri, (Q) hourwou: (704a); vi. To
helje v. hloj - Sweetness.                      cease, be still.
helj/u v. hloj - Sweetness (pl.).            herman = erman - Pomegranate.
hem- v. hwmi - To Tread.                     hers- v. (hwrs) - To run a groun.
hemi: (677b); w/er- vi. To steer, guide;     hetvw = etvw - Burden.
  manerhemi: m. Guidance.                    hejhej- v. hojhej - To be distressed.
hemi v. (1)h/mi - Fare.                      hejhoj (Q) v. hojhej - To be dis-
hemi v. (2)h/mi - Dowery of divorced            tressed.
  wife.                                      hejhwj= v. hojhej - To be dis-
hemki: (691a); m. Beer.                         tressed.
hemci: (679a); vi. To sit, remain, dwell;    hejhwj (Q) v. hojhej - To be dis-
  --- ejen: vi. To sit upon;                    tressed.
  --- nem: vi. To sit with;                  (1)h/, h/t=: (640b); f. Forepart, begin-
  --- n-: vi. To sit in;                        ning;
  --- ca, nca: vi. To sit on side;              erh/tc: vb. To make beginning;
  --- qa: vi. To sit under, at;                 ey/: prep. To the front, forwards;
  --- hi: vi. To sit upon;                      cath/: prep. Before, formerly, after-
  --- qen: vi. To sit in;                       ward, henceforth;
                                                    ercath/: vb. To be before, go to
  --- hiren: vi. To sit at, on;
   hay/: prep. In front of, before;              ---: m. Confidence;
   hiy/: prep. To, at front, forward;            --- ebol: vb. To loosen heart,
   icjen h/: From beginning.                 relax, be careless;
(2)h/, he-, h-: (643b); m. Season;                met,ah/t: f. Reason, sense;
   henoufi: adj. Good season, plenty;        er, iri nh/t: vb. To reflect,
   oi nh/: vb. To be in plenty.              criticize, repent, regret;
h/ nswm v. swm - Spring (season).            h/t cemni: m. Heart be established,
h/bi, h/ibi, q/bi, q/ibi: (655a);            mind steadied;
   mf. Grief, mouring;                       ]h/t, nh/t: vb. To pay heed,
   erh/bi: vb. To grieve, mourn.             observe;
h/i v. hei - To fall.                             --- e-: vb. To give mind, devote
h/ibi v. h/bi - Grief.                       self to, give heed to, be careful of;
h/ki v. hko - Poor.                               metat]ht/f: f. Heedlessness;
h/l v. (1)hwl - To be flown.                      jin]h/t: m. Observation;
h/m/ v. (1)h/mi - Fare.                      senh/t, sanh/t, hanht/=,
h/m/ v. hm/ - Pelican.                       sanaht/=: adj. Pitful of heart; vb. To
(1)h/mi, hemi, him/, h/m/: (675b);           have pity;
                                                  atsenh/t: adj. Pitiless;
   f. Fare, freight;
   ]h/mi: vb. To pay fare.                        metsenh/t: f. Pity, mercy;
(2)h/mi, hemi: (676a); m. Dowery of               refsenh/t: m. Compassionate
   divorced wife.                            person.
h/p (Q) v. (1)hwp - To be hidden.         (2)h/t, hy/=, h/t=: (718a); m. Tip,
h/pi v. (1)hwp - Crypt.                      edge.
                                          h/t= v. h/ - Beginning.
(1)h/t, hy/=, eht/=: (714a); m.
                                          h/t= v. (2)h/t - Tip.
   Heart, mind;
   h/t i e-: vb. To come to senses;       h/ou: (729a); m. Profit, usefulness;
   --- nouwt: m. Single heart, one           maih/ou: adj. Profit-loving;
   mind;                                     erh/ou: vb. To profit;
   meth/t: f. Unianimity;                    ]h/ou: vi. To give profit, benefit;
   h/t b: m. Two hearts; adj. Double         jveh/ou: vb. To acquire gain;
   minded;                                   jemh/ou: vb. To find profit, gain;
       erh/t b: vb. To be of two minds,           refjemh/ou: m. One who finds
   be doubtful;                              gain.
   --- nwni, met-: mf. Stony-             h/s (Q) v. hws - To be in distress.
   heartedness;                           hy/= v. (1)h/t - Heart.
   ath/t: adj. Without mind, senseless;   hyo, f. ehyo; pl. ehywr, hyor:
   balh/t: adj. Open, simple-minded;         (723a); m. Horse; f. mare;
   remnh/t: m. Man of heart, wise man;       refnhyo: m. Horseman;
   se nh/t: m. Grief;                        [acihyo, -nhyo: m. One raised on a
   ,w nh/t, ,a nh/t: vb. To set              horse, horse-rider.
   heart, trust;                          hyor v. hyo - Horses.
       --- e-: vb. To set heart upon;     (1)hi: (643a); (rare) vi. To thresh, beat, rub;
   ---: m. Threshing.                              ---:     n. Discussion (leading      to)
(2)hi, ehi, nhi-,         hiwt=: (643b);           confirmation;
   Prep. On, at, in; concering; with; from;        refhioi: m. Ambitious person.
   out of; under, in time of, in presence of;   hip v. hifoui - Ibis.
   at time of; and, or;                         hici: (713a); vt. To spin (weaving).
   hinai: Thus;                                 hit: (718a); m. Pit.
   ebol hi-: From off, from;                    hit= v. hioui - To strike.
   epec/t hi-: Down from off;                   hiten v. twri - Through.
   ehr/i hi: Down from;                         hitot= v. twri - Through.
   nqr/i hi: Upon, in.                          hitot= v. hioui - To lay hand.
hi- v. hioui - To strike.                       hioui     hi-   hit=     hwoui     hooui:
hi alla v. la - To slander.                        (732b); v. To be struck, whetted; vt. To
hiar,/ v. hioui - To make begining.                strike, cast, lay;
hie, hi/, pl. hi/ou: (645b); Rudder;               --- ejen: vb. To strike upon;
   athi/: Adj. Rudderless.                         --- nca: vb. To strike after, upon; for
hiebi v. hi/b Lamb (f).                            emphasis;
hi/ v. hie - Rudder.                               --- qa: vb. to strike beneath;
hi/b, f. hiebi: (652b); m. Lamb.                   --- qen: vb. To strike in, on;
hi/b v. iop/ - To spin.                            --- haten: vb. To strike beneath;
hi/ou v. hie - Rudders.                            --- hijen: vb. To strike upon;
hiy/ v. (1)h/ - To.                                --- ebol: vb. To cast out, put forth;
hik: (661a); m. Magic;                             --- eqr/i: vb. To cast down
   erhik: vb. To bewitch, enchant;                 metathitf: f. Undauntness;
        referhik: m. Wizard, enchanter.            refhioui: m. Smiter, thrower;
hilakmi,        hulakmi,          halakmi:         jinhioui: m. Act of smiting, casting;
   (668b); m. Blear-eyed person.                   hitot=: vb. To lay hand, undertake,
him/ v. (1)h/mi - Fare.                            begin, attempt;
hin: (685a); m. Vessel, cup; liquid measure;           --- e-: vb. To lay hand upon;
   senhin: m. Divination, lit. inquiring of        hiar,/: vb. To make beginning;
   cup;                                            hikl/roc: vb. To cast lots;
        refsenhin: m. Diviner;                     hictauroc: vb. To cast (sign of) cross.
        ersenhin: vb. To be diviner.            hiouma v. ma - In one place.
(1)hini: (689a); vi. To move (by rowing).       hivouei v. ouei - At a distance.
(2)hini, hen-, hen=: (689a); vb. refl.          hiwis v. wis - To proclaim.
   To move self (a) forward, toward; (b)        hiwout (Q) v. hei - To have fallen.
   Backward, away.                              hifoui, hboui, hip: (655b); m. Ibis.
hinim hnim: (691a); vi. To sleep, doze;         hiheli v. heli - To terrify.
   ---: m. Sleep;                               hiho] v. (1)ho] - To cast fear.
   athinim: adj. Sleepless, without sleep.      hi] v. qi] - To rub.
hiomi v. chimi - Women.                         hko, ehko, (Q) hoker: (663b); vi. To be
hioi: (646b); vi. To discuss, dispute;             hungry;
                                                   --- n-: vi. To hunger for;
  meth/ki: m. Hunger, famine;                    [ihmot: vb. To obtain grace, favor;
  h/ki: adj. Poor, n. poor person;                  --- oube: vb. To obtain favor
     meth/ki: f. Poverty;                        against, over;
     erh/ki: vb. To become, be poor.             jemhmot: vb. To find favor.
hl/ji v. hloj - Sweetness.                    hmoj (Q): (682b); vi. To become, be sour;
hli, ehli: (667b); n. used as pron.              hemj: m. Vinegar.
  (positive) anyone, anything, something;     hmou: (676b); m. Salt;
  (negative) nothing; (w/Copt. neg.) no          athmou: adj. Unsalted;
  one, nothing; adv. at all.                     haami, ma nhaami: m. Salt land.
  athli: adj. Without any.                    hmwt v. hmot - Grace.
hliji: (672b); m. Diarrhea.                   hnau: (693a); m. Flowering branch of palm.
hlol, ehlol: (668b); m. Darkness;             hnim v. hinim - To sleep.
  erhlol, oi nhlol: vb. To be-                ho, hra=, hre=: (646b); m. Face;
  come, be darkned.                              hanho: from face, away from;
hloli: (669a); vt. To nurse, carry (child).      ]ho: vb. To put, direct;
hloj, (Q) holj: (673a); vi. To be                swp ho, hra=: vb. To receive,
  sweet, take delight;                           accept;
  --- e-: vi. To be sweet beyond,                fi ho: vb. To raise;
  above;                                         hi pho: vb. To overlook, disregard;
  ---: m. Sweetness;                             [i ho, [i pho, [i mpho: vb.
  ]holj: vb. To make sweet, pleasant;            To take face, respect person, pay heed;
  helje, pl. helj/u: mf. Sweetness;                   ref[i ho: m. The one who shows
  hl/ji: f. Sweetness.                           favor;
hloulwou, loulwou: (672a); Q. To                 [i hra=, [i nhra=: vb. To
  be high, exalted.                              disport, amuse, occupy self, converse;
hlwili v. lwili - To float.                           [i hraf, [i nhraf: m. Dis-
hme: (667a); adj. n. Forty.                      traction;
hm/, h/m/, hum/: (667b); mf.                                  at[ihraf: adj. Without
  Pelican.                                       distraction;
hmot, ehmot, hmwt: (681a); m.                    ]ho: vb. To give face, beseech, en-
  Grace, gift;                                   courage;
  athmot: adj. Graceless, thankless;                  --- ejen: vb. To beseech on be-
  erhmot: vb. To give grace, favor;              half of;
  ]hmot: vb. To give grace, benefit, be          jemho: vb. To find face, be sufficient;
  kind;                                          ehren-, ehra=: prep. Toward face
  ] nhmot: vb. To give as a favor, gift;         of, to, among;
  sephmot: To give thanks;                            --- eqoun e-: prep. In toward,
      --- nten: vb. To give thanks to;           before;
      --- ejen: To give thanks for;              nahren-, nahra=: prep. In the
      atsephmot: adj. Thankless;                 presence of, before.
      refsephmot: m. Grateful person;         hobc= v. hwbc - To cover.
      jinsephmot: m. Thanksgiving;            hobc (Q) v. hwbc - To be covered.
(1)hoi: (651a); f. Heap of grain.                 methortf: f. Appearance.
(2)hoi: (651a); m. Bellows.                     hors (Q) v. (1)hros - To be heavy.
hoker (Q) v. hko - To be hungry.                hors (Q) v. (2)hros - To become cold.
hoklef: (664a); n. Camel saddle.                horj=: (709a); vi. To be heaped up, set in
hokc v. hwki - Scrapper                            order.
holi: (667a); f. Moth;                          hoc: (709a); m. Dung (of animal, birds);
   aterholi: adj. Incorruptible, indis-            erhoc: vb. Let dung.
   tructible.                                   hoc v. (2)hwc - Thread.
holk (Q) v. hwlk - To be twisted.               hocem: (713a); m. Natron (Carbonate of
holki: (668b); m. Catapult.                        soda).
holm= v. hwlem - To seize.                      hot: (718b); m. Sack, bag.
holj (Q) v. hloj - To be sweet.                 hote: (722a); prep. (w/preceding e-) Be-
(1)hom: (674a); m. Shoemaker.                      yond, more than, when.
(2)hom: (674a); n. An implement.                hotp= v. hwtp - To join.
hom= v. hwmi - To tread.                        hotp (Q) v. wtp- To be shut.
homi (Q) v. hwmi - To be trampled.              hotp (Q) v. hwtp - To be joined.
hombe: (691a); m. Spring, well.                 hotp v. hwtp - Chain.
homt: (678a); m. Copper, bronze;                hoter (Q): (726a); vi. To be joined,
   ]homt: vb. To give, pay money;                  doubled.
   erhomt: vb. To become, be copper.            hooui (Q) v. hioui - To be struck.
homhem, qomqem, hemhem-, hem-                   hof, f. hfw, pl. hboui: (740b); m.
   hwm=: (682b); vt. To tread, trample;            Serpent
   --- qen: vt. To tread into;                     [aphof: m. Serpent-catcher.
   --- hijen: vt. To tread upon.                hoft= v. wft - To nail.
hont: (691b); m. Pagan priest.                  hojp=: (743a); vt. To shut.
honhen, henhen-, henhwn=: (693a);               hojhej, hejhej-, hejhwj=; (Q)
   vi. To bid;                                     hejhwj hejhoj: (743b); vi. To be
   ---: m. Command.                                distressed, restricted, narrow; vt. to
hop: (695a); m. Feast, marriage feast, bride-      straighten, compel;
                                                   ---: m. Distress, need.
hop= v. (1)hwp - To hide.                       ho[p=: (744b); vt. To wither, destroy;
hopc= v. hwbc - To cover.                          ---: m. Feebleness.
hopc (Q) v. hwbc - To be covered.               (1)ho]: (720b); f. Fear;
(hopt=) v. hwtp - To join.                         atho]: adj. Without fear;
hopt (Q) v. wtp - To enclose.                          metatho]: f. Fearlessness, impu-
hopt v. hwtp - Chain.                              dence;
                                                   erho]: vb. To be afraid;
horp= v. (2)hwrp - To be wet.
                                                   ]ho]: vb. To give fear, terrify;
horp (Q) v. (1)hwrp - To be asleep.
                                                   hiho]: vb. To cast, put fear.
horp (Q) v. (2)hwrp - To be wet.
                                                (2)ho]: (721b); f. hour, moment;
hort= v. (hwrt)- To seize.
                                                   nouho], qen ouho]: adv. on a
hortf: (704b); m. Phantasm, ghost;
hra-, hrw=: (698a); vb. It is fitting.        hou/ou: (739b); Q. prob. = ou/ou
hra= v. ho - Face.                            houit, f. houi], pl. houa]: (738a);
hre v. hr/i - Upper part.                        m. First; f. Beginning, first;
hre= v. ho - Face.                               er, oi nhouit: vb. To be first.
hresi v. (1)hros - Weight.                    houi] v. houit - First one.
href: (702a); m. Chisel.                      hulakmi v. hilakmi - Blear-eyed
hr/i, hre: (698a); m. Upper part;                person.
  ehr/i: prep. To, above, upward;             hum/ v. hm/ - Pelican.
  ---: n. Person above, superior,             houo, ouho: (735a); m. Greater part,
   magnate;                                      greatness; adj. Greater, more;
   --- ha: prep. Up to;                          --- e-: Beyond, more than;
   --- qen: prep. Up from;                       nhouo: adv. Greatly, very, more;
   nhr/i: adv. Upward, above;                    methouo: f. Abundance, superfluity;
      --- hi: adv. (w/emphasis) on, in;          erhouo: vb. To be, have more; exceed;
   saehr/i: adv. Upward;                             --- e-: vb. To be, have more than;
      --- e-: adv. Up to.                            ---: vb. (+obj. n. or vb. immediately
hr/ri, ehr/ri: (704a); f. Flower.                following) To be the more, do greatly.
hr/si v. (1)hros - Weight.                    hourw=: (737b); vt. To deprive.
(1)hrim: (703a); m. Pelican;                  hourwou (Q) v. heri - To be ceased.
   qrim: Bird's claw.                         houf: (741a); m. Vetch, pulse.
(2)hrim: (703b); m. a plant (artemisia).      hw: (651a); vb. mostly impers., To suffice,
(1)hros, ehros, (Q) hors: (706a);                be enough;
   vi. To be heavy, slow, difficult; vt. To      --- e-: vb. To be satisfied with.
   make heavy;                                hw=: (651b); Pron. of emphasis or contrast.
   --- e-: vb. To be difficult for, beyond;      Self, also, for (+pron.) part; But, on the
   --- ejen: vb. To be difficult upon;           other hand.
   --- n-: vb. To be difficult with, in;      (1)hwb: (652b); vt. To send;
   --- qen: vb. To be difficult in;              remnhwb: m. Man sent, messenger.
   ---: m. Weight, burden;                    (2)hwb, heb-, pl. hb/oui: (653a); m.
   hr/si, ehr/si, hresi: f. Weight.              Thing, work, matter, event;
                                                 mmon hwb: There is not a matter, is
(2)hros, (Q) hors: (530a); vi. To be-
                                                 no business;
   come cold;
                                                 hwb njij: m. Handiwork;
   ---: m. Cold
                                                 erhwb: vb. To do work;
hroub v. hfour - Young fish.
                                                     --- e-: vb. To do work at, on;
hrour: (705b); vi. To be quiet, cease.
                                                     --- ha: vb. To do work for;
hrw, ehrw: (701b); f. Oven, furnace.
                                                     --- qen: vb. To do work in, with,
hrw= v. hra- - It is fitting.
hrwt, ehrwt: (704b); f. Wine press.
                                              hwb v. (2)hwp - Horn.
htop: (725b); m. Fall, destruction.
                                              hwbc,       hwpc,       hebc-,      hobc=,
hou- la v. la - To slander.
                                                 hopc=; (Q) hobc, hopc: (658b); vi.
houa] v. houit - First ones.
                                                 To cover, be covered;
   ---: m. Covering, lid;                      hwlj, (Q) holji: (672b); vi. To em-
   refhwbc: m. Coverer, protector;                brace.
   jinhwbc: m. Act of covering;                hwmi, hem-, hom=, (Q) homi:
   hboc, hbwc; pl. hbwc, ehbwc:                   (674b); vi. To tread, trample, beat;
   mf. Covering, garment; Linen;                  --- n-: vi. To tread with;
        athbwc: adj. Without clothing;            --- qen: vi. To tread with;
   [ihboc, -hbwc: m. Clothing;                    ---: m. Treading, trampline;
   hebcw: f. Garment.                             athwm: adj. Untrodden;
hwimi: (674a); m. Wave;                           manhwb: m. Place of treading;
   erhwimi, oi nhwimi: vb. To be                  refhwm: m. Treader ( of wine press).
   covered with waves, be agitated;            (1)hwn: (688a); vi. To bid, command;
   fihwimi: vb. To throw up waves.                ---: m. Command.
hwiri: (697b); f. Dung (human or animal.       (2)hwn: (688a); n. from vb. go aground in
hwi]: (720b); f. Hyena.                           shallows.
hwki, qwki, qwk, qek-, qok=,                   hwnt v. qwnt - To approach.
   (Q) q/k: (662b); vb. To scrape,             (1)hwp,     hep-, hop=, (Q) h/p:
   scratch;                                       (695a); vi. To be hidden. hide;
   hokc: m. Scraper;                              pet-, neth/p: m. What is hidden,
   vb. To shave, shear;                           hidden thing;
        ---: n. Shaved condition, baldness;       --- e-: vi. To be hidden from;
   qwk: m. Fleece.                                ma nhwp: m. Place of hiding;
(1)hwl, (Q) h/l: (665b); vi. To fly, go;          h/pi: f. Crypt, underground chamber.
   --- ejen: vi. To fly upon, over;            (2)hwp, hwb: (696a); n. Horn.
   --- ebol: vi. To fly forth, go forth;       hwpc v. hwbc - To cover.
        --- ha: vb. To fly forth from;         hwr: (697b); vt. To squeeze out (milk),
        --- qen: vb. To fly forth from;           milk.
   mwit nhwl: m. Approach;                     hwrb: (702a); vi. To be broken.
   jinhwl: m. Flight;                          (1)hwrp, (Q) horp: (703a); vi. To sleep,
   halai: vi. To fly ( of birds or insects);      doze
   halwouli: m. Flight of bird.                (2)hwrp, horp=, (Q) horp: (703b);
(2)hwl, qwl: (666b); vi. To be hoarse.            vi. to be wet, drenched; vt. To wet
hwlem, helem-, holm=: (670a); vi.                 drench;
                                                  --- n-: vi. To be drenched with, in;
   To seize;
   ---: m. Rapine, spoil.;                        vt. To drench with.
                                               (hwrt), hort=: (704b); vt. To seize,
   refhwlem: m. Seizer, ravener, thief.
hwlk, (Q) holk: (668b); vt. To twist,
                                               (hwrs), hers-: (706a); To run (ship)
   roll, braid;
   --- nca: vb. To twist (with em-
                                               (1)hwc: (709b); vi. To sing, make music;
                                                  --- e-: vi. To sing to;
   ---: m. Twist, plait, hook;
                                                  --- qen: vi. To sing in;
   metholk: f. Twisting ( of cord &c).
                                                  --- qajen: vi. To sing before;
hwlf: (672a); adv. Hastily.
   --- epswi: vi. To sing upward;                 --- e-: vb. To be bad beyond, worse
   ---: m. Song, hymn;                            than;
   refhwc: m. Singer;                             pethwou: m. Evil one or thing,
      metrefhwc: f. Singing;                      wickedness;
   jinhwc: m. Singing, song;                      atpethwou: adj. Guileless, unharmed;
   hwc: m. Big drum.                                 metatpethwou: f. Innocence;
(2)hwc, hoc: (710a); m. Thread, cord.             erpethwou: vb. To do evil;
hwt: (718b); (w/er) vb. To make sail,             campethwou: m. Doer of evil.
   float;                                      (2)hwou: (732a); vi. To rain;
  --- e-: vb. To make sail to;                    ---: m. Rain, moisture;
  jinerhwt: m. Sailing, voyage.                   mounhwou: m. Rain, moisture;
hwt/r: (726b); n. Among maladies.                 jinhwou: m. Act of raining.
hwtp, hotp=, (Often hopt=), (Q)                hwoui (Q) v. hioui - To be casted.
  hotp: (724b); vi. To join, attune, be        hwout: (738b); m. Male, gods, husband.
   reconciled, sink;                           hwous: (739b); vi. To abuse, curse.
   --- e-: vi. To join to;                     hws, (Q) h/s: (740a); vi. To be in
   ---: m. Joint, joining, reconciliation;        distress;
   athwtp: adj. Unsinking;                        ---: m. Distress, straits.
   manhwtp: m. Place of sinking (sun),         hwj: (724b); adj. Cold.
   west;                                       (1)hw]: (722a); vi. To rub, bruise;
   methwtp: f. Union;                             se nhw]: m. Wooden Pole.
   erhwtp: vb. To reconcile;                   (2)hw]: (722a); m. Tribute;
   refhwtp: m. Reconciler;                        ]hw]: vb. To pay tribute;
   jinhwtp: m. Union, reconciliation,             athw]: adj. Tax-free.
   sinking of (sun);                           (3)hw]: (722b); n. Necessity. As impers.
   hotp, hopt: n. Thing joined, chain,            vb. It is needful;
   rim.                                           --- e-: vb. If is needful for.
hwtp v. wtp - To shut.                         hfot, hfwt: (696b); Fathom.
hwtf: (728a); vt. To nail.                     hfour hroub: (741a); m. Young fish.
(1)hwou: (731a); vi. (Q), To be putrid, bad,   hfw v. hof - Young fish.
   wicked;                                     hfwt v. hfot - Fathom.
j: (745a); 29th letter of the Coptic              japjip, jafjif, jefjif, jebjip:
   Alphabet.                                         (842b); m. Ant.
jabi- p.c. v. jwb - Feeble.                       jar- p.c. v. [ro - Hard.
jabjib: (760b); n. Small in stature.              jarampo: (786a); n. Plant with edible
jaie v. jaie- - Ugliness.                            leaves, cabbage(?).
jaie-, jaio= (Q) jaiwou: (465b); vt.              jareb- p.c. v. (jwreb) - To cut open.
  To make ugly; disgrace, condemn; Q.             jareb noheb v. noheb - Bare-necked.
  Ugly;                                           jarp- p.c. v. (jwreb) - To cut open.
  jaie, jai/: n. Ugly one, ugliness,              javat: (827b); pl. Fibers of palm tree.
  disgrace;                                       javiji v. japiji - A dry measure.
  metjaie: f. Ugliness, disgrace;                 javoji, japoji: (795a); m. Spine,
  erjaie: vb. To be ugly, disgraceful.               vertebrae.
jai/ v. jaie- - Ugliness.                         (1)jaf: (795b); m. Frost.
jaio= v. jaie- - To make ugly.                    (2)jaf: (795b); n. A disease.
jaiwou (Q) v. jaie- - Ugly.                       jaf- p.c. v. jwf - Burner.
jal: (765b); m. Branch.                           jafi- p.c. v. j/f - To be of kin.
jal/out (Q) v. (1)jwili - To be                   jafjif v. japjip - Ant.
  dwelling.                                       jahni: (798b); f. Baking oven.
jalim: (768a); pl. Chickens.                      jahj, jahjeh, jajh, jaljeh:
jaljeh v. jahj - To strike.                          (798b); vt. To strike, gnash.
jaljou v. jeljou - Bat.                           jahjeh v. jahj - To strike.
jamauli v. jamoul - Camels.                       jaj- v. (1)jwj - Head.
jameuli v. jamoul - She-camel.                    jaj- v. jwji - To cut.
jam/: (770b); f. Calm.                            jaj- p.c. v. jwji - Cutter.
jamoul, f. jameuli; pl. jamauli,                  jajeb- p.c. v. jwjeb - Humble.
  [amauli: (818b); m. Camel.                      jaji: (799b); mf Enemy;
jane v. jon - Low place.                             metjaji: f. Enmity;
jane v. (1)[non - Soft.                              er, oi njaji: vb. To be at enmity.
janeu v. jon - Low places.                        jajiywl: (844a); mf. Coarse linen, tow.
jan/: (773b); f. Hoe.                             jajomi v. omi - Metal agricultural tools.
jan/ v. jon - Low place.                          jajrim: (799b); m. Cliff.
janiji: (777b); m. Plam-fiber (for rope           jajw: (800a); n. Sort of fuel.
  making).                                        jajsai v. (2)sai - With cut nose.
jano: (773b); m. Basket (full of earth).          jajh v. jahj - To strike.
japaji v. japiji - A dry measure.                 ja[au v. ja[/ - Left hands.
japi: (778a); n. w/[i vb. To stray, swerve.       ja[e; pl. ja[eu, [a[eu: (800b); n.
japiji, javiji, japaji: (827b); mf.                  bent, maimed person.
  A dry measure.                                  ja[eu v. ja[e - Maimed persons.
japoji v. javoji - Spine.                         ja[/, pl. ja[au: (800b); f. Left hand.
japjep: (827b); vi. To be hurried, anxious.       (1)je: (746b); m. Spathe of date-palm.
(2)je: (746b); conj. (from jw to say)         jenjen: (824b); vi. To make music with
   Namely; after verbs call or name; before      instrument or voice.
   direct statements or questions; because;   jep- v. [wpi - To seize.
   if, whether; after Gk particles.           jepi: (778a); f. Chip, slice, morsel.
(3)je: (802b); part. Then, therefore, but;    jepro v. jebro - Hamlet.
   again, once more.                          jer-, jor=, (Q) j/r: (781b); vt. To
je- v. (2)jw - To say.                           examin, study.
jebiwou (Q) v. jwb - To be feeble.            jer- v. (2)jwr - To scatter.
jebro, jevro, jepro: (827a); f.               jere v. (2)jw - To mean.
   Farmstead, hamlet.                         jereb- p.c. v. (jwreb) - To cut open.
jebc: (760a); mf. Coal.                       jer/j v. (1)jwrj - Hunter.
jebc- v. jwbc - To bend.                      jerj- v. (1)jwrj - To hunt.
jebsai v. (2)sai - Nostrils.                  jerjer, jerjir: (780b); vi. To be
jebjip v. japjip - Ant.                          wanton, merry; play.
jek- v. jwk - To complete.                    jerji: (830a); f. Filth.
jekem- v. jwkem - To wash.                    jerjir v. jerjer - To be wanton.
jekh- v. joukh - To bite.                     jec- v. joc - Half.
jekjik: (765a); n. Ant or other insect.       jecki] v. (1)ki] - half stater.
jekjwk (Q) v. jokjek - To be braided.         jeu: (793a); vi. To send.
jel- v. (1)jwl - To clothe.                   jevro v. jebro - Hamlet.
jel- v. (3)jwl - To return                    je,ac, ,ac: (764a); conj. That is, in
jeli: (766a); n. Net.                            order that.
jelkec, jelk/c: (768b); pl. Bugs.             jes- v. jws - To pour forth.
jelk/c v. jelkec - Bugs.                      jesc v. jejc - Ingot.
jelfau: (810b); n. Fish (silurus mystus).     jesjws v. josjes - To sprinkle.
jeljel(n), jeljwl=: (815b); vt. To            jefsai v. (2)sai - Nostrils.
   spread to dry.                             jefjif v. japjip - Ant.
jeljou, jaljou, jejou: (824a); f.             jefjwf= v. jofjef - To cook.
   Bat.                                       jefjwf (Q) v. jofjef - To be cooked.
jeljwl=: (770a); vi. To let drip, drip.       jej- v. jwji - To cut.
jeljwl v. jeljel - To spread to dry.          jejeb- v. jwjeb - To be humble.
jem- v. jimi - To find.                       jejre: (800b); m. Sorrel.
jem= v. jimi - To find.                       jejr/c v. jikr/c - Tiger.
jemmo: (771b); vb caus. To be at ease.        jejc, jesc, jojc: (800b); f. Ingot (of
jemtau v. mtau - To speak magic.                 metal)
jemveh: (771b); m. Apple.                     jejou v. jeljou - Bat.
jemsai v. (2)sai - Nostrils.                  (1)j/: (747b); f. Dish, bowl (for food, in-
jempsai v. (2)sai - Nostrils.                    cense)
jemjom v. (2)jom - To be able.                (2)j/: (747b); m. Emptiness, vanity;
jemjwm= v. jomjem - To touch.                    jinj/: m. Emptiness, vanity;
jenevwr: (775a); m. Roof.                        epj/: For nought, in vain.
jenh: (777b); m. Garment.                     j/b (Q) v. [wpi - To be taken.
j/i: (747b); m. Chip, mole (of straw, dust).   jinveh v. jimveh - Blight.
j/k (Q) v. jwk - To be completed.              jinjin: (824b); m. Rocket (plant).
j/l (Q) v. (1)jwl - To be clothed.             jin[wr: (824b); m. Talent (weight or
j/l (Q) v. (3)jwl - To be returned.               coin).
j/n (Q) v. [non - To be smooth.                jir: (780b); m. Brine, small salted fish.
j/r (Q) v. jer- - To be examined.              jicmic: (466a); n. Castor oil plant.
j/r (Q) v. (1)jwr - To be sharpened.           jij: (839b); f. Hand.; (w/iw) vb. To wash
j/r (Q) v. (2)jwr - To be scattered.              hands; (w/ini ejen) vb. To lay hand
(1)j/ri: (782a); f. Threshing-floor.              on.
(2)j/ri, jiniri: (782a); m. Filth.             (1)jiji: (464a); f. Gourd, vegetables.
j/ou (Q): (835a); vi. To be narrow; vt. To     (2)jiji: (800a); vb. (w/ref-) m. Brigand,
   make narrow;                                   robber.
   ---: m. Narrowness.                         ji[wi: (800a); n. Single lock or plait of
j/s (Q) v. jws - Molten.                          hair.
j/f (Q), p.c. jafi-: (795b); vb. To be of      jko, jko=: (763a); vt. To sell, trade,
   kin.                                           spend;
j/f (Q) v. (1)jwf - To be burned.                 ---: m. Cost.
j/f (Q) v. (2)jwf - To be costly.              jko= v. jko - To sell.
j/j (Q) v. (2)jwj - To be roasted.             jo v. (2)ajw - Crook-backed.
j/ji (Q) v. jwji - To be cut.                  jo= v. (2)jw - To say.
ji- v. (1)jw - Wall.                           jobi v. jwb - Weak person (f).
jiiri, jiniri: (782a); m. Pod of carob &       jobc= v. jwbc - To bend.
   other plants.                               jobc (Q) v. jwbc - To be bent.
jikr/c, jikroc, jejr/c: (764a); m.             joi, pl. ej/ou: (754a); m. Ship, boat.
   Tiger, panther.                             joi v. (1)jw - Wall.
jikroc v. jikr/c - Tiger.                      jok= v. jwk - To complete.
jimi jem- jem=: (820a); vi. To find;           jokem (Q) v. jwkem - To be washed.
   jemh/t: vt. To find heart, learn            joker v. jouker - To be seasoned.
   wisdom;                                     jokm= v. jwkem - To wash.
   ---: m. Finding, thing found.               jokci: (765a); m. Crepitus ventris.
   atjimi: adj. Not to be found;               jokh v. joukh - To bite.
   metjimi: f. Existence;                      jokh= v. joukh - To bite.
   refjimi: m. finder;                         jokhf v. joukh - Goad.
   jinjimi: m. Act of finding.                 jokjek, (Q) jekjwk: (765a); vi. To
jimve v. jimveh - Blight.                         prick, brand, braid.
jimveh, jinveh, jimve, jimvoh:                    ---: f. Stamp. brand.
   (771b); n. Blight.                          (1)jol, [al: (765b); m. Wave.
jimvoh v. jimveh - Blight.                     (2)jol, jwl: (810a); m. Flat cake, loaf.
jin-: (819a); vbal pref. forming nouns of      jol= v. (1)jwl - To clothe.
   action, act of, manner of.                  jol= v. (3)jwl - To return.
jiniri v. (2)j/ri - Filth.                     jolbi: (766b); f. Baker's wooden shovel.
jiniri v. jiiri - Pod of carob.                joli: (769a); f. Moth.
jolk= v. jwlk - To be submerged.           jor= v. (1)jwr - To sharpen.
jolk (Q) v. jwlk - To be submerged.        jor= v. (2)jwr - To scatter.
jolh= v. (1)jwlh - To scoop.               jorbec: (785b); f. Small vessel.
jolh= v. (2)jwlh - To clothe.              jori (Q) v. [ro - To be strong.
jolh (Q) v. (2)jwlh - To be covered.       jorh (Q) v. [roh - To be in want.
jolhf v. (2)jwlh - Lattice.                jorj v. (3)jwrj - To be inhabited.
jolj= v. jwlj - To entangle.               jorj= v. (1)jwrj - To hunt.
jolj (Q) v. jwlj - To be entangled.        jorj= v. (2)jwrj - To prepare.
jolj v. [loj - Bed.                        jorj= v. (3)jwrj - To be inhabited.
(1)jom: (770b); f. Cauldron, basin.        jorj (Q) v. (1)jwrj - To be hunted.
(2)jom: (815b); f. Power, strength;        jorj (Q) v. (2)jwrj - To be prepared.
   atjom: adj. Powerless, unable; n.       jorj (Q) v. (3)jwrj - To be inhabited.
   Impotence;                              jorjc v. (1)jwrj - Ambush.
   remnjom: m. mighty man;                 jor]: (829b); f. Knife, sword.
   iri, er jom: vb. To do mighty           joc, jec-: (832a); m. Half.
  deeds, wonders;                          jocem: (832b); m. Darkness, tempest;
  ]jom: vb. To give power;                    atjocem: adj. Without storm, unper-
  ouon sjom: vb. There is power, have         turbed.
  power;                                   jot= v. (2)jw - To say.
  mmon sjom: vb. There is not power,       joth= v. jwth - To wound.
  have not power;                          joth (Q) v. jwth - To be wounded.
  [ijom: vb. To get strength;              jos= v. jws - To pour forth.
  jemjom: vb. To find power, be strong,    josjes, jesjws: (839a); vt. To
  be able.                                   sprinkle;
  sjemjom: vb. To be strong, able.           ---: m. Sprinkling, outpouring.
jomjem, jemjwm=: (818b); vi. To            jof= v. (1)jwf - To burn.
  touch, grope;                            jof (Q) v. (2)jwf - To be costly.
  --- qen: vi. To touch with;              jofjef, jefjwf=, (Q) jefjwf:
  ---: m. Sense of touch;                    (796b); vi. To burn, cook.
  jinjomjem: m. Act of touching.           joj= v. (2)jwj - To roast.
jon: (819b); m. Low, hollow place;         joj= v. jwji - To cut.
  jane, jan/, pl. janeu: mf. Low,          jojeb (Q) v. jwjeb - To be humble.
  hollow place.                            jojc v. jejc - Ingot.
jonc: (822a); n. Might, violence, hardy;   jroj, pl. jrwj: (831b); m. Seed.
  [injonc: vb. To use violence, do evil,   jrwj v. jroj - Seeds.
  vt. to hurt., ill-treat, constrain;      jouker, (Q) joker: (764a); vt. To salt,
       ---: m. violence, iniquity.
                                             season, cure.;
jont (Q) v. (1)jwnt - To be tried.           --- n-: vt. To salt with;
jont (Q) v. (2)jwnt - To be angry.           ---: m. Seasoning.
jop: (778a); vb Q. To be hard, cruel.
                                           joukh, jwkh, jokh, jekh-, jokh=:
jop= v. [wpi - To be seized.
                                             (765a); vi. To prick, bite;
jor= v. jer- - To examine.
  jokhf: n. Goad.                            (2)jw, je-, jo=, jot=; imperat. aje-,
joul: (765b); m. Fragment.                      ajot=, ajo=: (754a); I. vi,vt. To say,
joust: (837b); vi. To look, see;                speak, tell;
  --- e-: vi. To look at, to;                   --- e-: To say to;
  --- n-: vi. To look toward;                   --- nca: To say against;
  --- nca: vi. To look after, at;               refje-: m. Sayer, speaker;
  --- eqr/i: vi. To look down;                  jinjoc: m. Saying, speech;
  --- ehr/i: vi. To look up;                    jere-: To mean;
  ---: m. Look, glance;                         II. vi. Sing;
  manjoust: m. Lookout place;                   ---, pl. jwoui: m., Song;
  refjoust: m. One who sees.                    refjw, pl. refjwoui: m. Singer,
jouf v. (1)jwf - To burn.                       minstrel.
jouj, souj: (840b); m. Safflower, car-       jw=: (756a); m. Head;
   damum.                                       --- nca ca-: Behind head, backward,
jve- v. jvo - To bring forth.                   head down;
jv/out (Q) v. jvo - To be begotten              ejen, ejw=: Prep. Upon, over; for, on
jvi/t (Q) v. jvio - To be blamed.               account of; against; to; in addition to,
jvio, (Q) jvi/t: (778b); vi. To blame,          after;
                                                ebol ejen: Out upon;
   ---: m. Blame;                               qajen-, qajw=: Prep. Before;
   metjvi/t: f. Shame facedness, mo-            icjen qajw=: Since before;
   desty;                                       hijen, hijw=: Prep. lit. on head of;
   jinjvi/t: m. Modesty                         upon, over;
jvo, jve-, thve, jvo=, (Q)                      ebol hijen: From upon;
   jv/out: (778b); vt. To beget, bring          nhr/i hijen: Upon.
   forth; acquire;                           jwb; (Q) jebiwou, jwbi, p.c.
   --- e-: vt. To bring forth for, to;          jabi-: (805a); vi. To become, be
   ---: m. Birth, begetting, possession,        feeble, timid;
   gain;                                        jwb, jwbi, f. jobi: m. Weak
   refjvo: m. Begetter, maker;                  person;
   jinjvo: m. Begetting, generation.                 metjwb: f. Weakness, folly.
jvo= v. jvo - To beget.                      jwb v. jwb - Weak person.
jvoi: (805a); m. Arm (of man), leg (of       jwbi: (804b); f. Leaf.
   beast).                                   jwbi (Q) v. jwb -To be weak.
jvot, jvwt, jvw]: (795a); m. A               jwbi v. jwb - Weak person.
   part of the body whereof there are two;   jwbc, jebc-, jobc=, (Q) jobc:
   thighs, buttocks, testicles.                 (760b); vt. To bend, bow.
jvwt v. jvot - Thighs.                       jwi: (759b); m. Earthen basin.
jvw] v. jvwt - Thighs.                       jwi v. (1)jw - Wall.
(1)jw, joi, jwi, ji: (753b); f. Wall;        (1)jwili; (Q) jal/out, [al/out:
   jinym/]: f. Middle wall                      (807b); vi. To dwell;
                                                --- e-: vi. To dwell at, visit;
   manjwili: m. Dwelling place, station;       jwlk, [wlk=, jolk=, (Q) jolk:
   refnjwili: m. sojourner.                       (768a); vb. To be submerged, over-
(2)jwili, [ale-, jale-, jalw=,                    whelmed.
   [alw=; (Q) [al/out,              ja-        (1)jwlh, [wlh, jolh=: (769a); vi.
   l/out: (808b); vt. To deposit, assign,         To draw, scoop (water, wine).
   entrust;                                    (2)jwlh, jolh=, (Q) jolh: (769b);
   ---: m. Deposit.                               vt. To swathe, clothe, cover;
jwit: (790b); m. Olive tree, olive;               jinjwlh: m. Clothing, vestments;
   bw njwit: f. Olive tree;                       jolhf: m. Grating, lattice.
   iahjwit: m. Olive garden.                   jwlj, kwlj, jolj=, (Q) jolj:
jwk, jek-, jok=, (Q) j/k: (761a);                 (814a); vi. To be entwined, implicated;
   vi. To be completed, be full, end (life);      vt. To entangle, ensnare.
   vt. To complete, finish;                    jwm: (770b); m. Sheet, roll of papyrus,
   ---: m. Completion, end, total;                written document, book; bundle, parcel;
   atjwk: adj. Without end;                       --- nws: m. Reading book.
   refjwk: m. Perfector;                       jwm v. [wm - Garden.
   --- ebole as jwk;                           (1)jwnt, [wnt, [ont=; (Q) jont,
        ---: m. Completion, end, total;           [ont: (775a); vi. To try, test;
   jinjwk ebol: m. Completion, death.             ---: n. Trial;
jwkem, jekem-, jokm=, (Q) jokem:                  at[wnt: adj. Untried, untempted;
   (763a); vi. To wash; vt. To wash, wet,         ma njwnt, -[wnt: m. Place of
   bathe;                                         trial.
   --- e-: vb. To wash in;                     (2)jwnt, (Q) jont: (822b); vi. To be
   --- qen: vb. To wash in, with,                 wroth, angry;
   ---: m. Washing, cleansing;                    ---: m. Wrath;
   manjwkem: m. Washing place;                    atjwnt: adj. unangered, not to be
   jinjwkem: m. Washing.                          angered;
                                                  refjwnt: m. Wrathful person;
jwkh v. joukh - To bite.
                                                  ]jwnt: vb. To cause anger, provoke.
(1)jwl, aujwl, jel-, jol=, (Q)
                                               jwnj: (777b); m. Colocynth.
   j/l: (809a); vt. To swathe, clothe,
                                               (1)jwr, jor=, (Q) j/r: (781a); vt. To
   --- n-: vt. To cover with, in;                 sharpen, whet;
                                                  --- e-: vt. To sharpen to, against.
   ---: m. Covering, cloak.
                                               (2)jwr,     jer-, jor=; (Q) j/r:
(2)jwl: (765b); m. Honeycomb.
                                                  (782a); vt. To scatter, disperse;
(3)jwl, kwl, jel-, kel-, kol=,
                                                  --- ebol: vi. To bring to naught,
   jol=, (Q) j/l: (807a); vi. To return,
                                                  hinder, disperse, scatter;
   roll back, curl up;                                 --- e-: m. Scattering, dissolution.
   kwl, jwl ebol: vi. To return; vt.
                                               (jwreb); p.c. jareb-, jarp-, jereb-:
   To turn back; deny;
                                                  (785a); vt. To cut open.
   jinjwk ebol: m. Apostasy.
                                               jwri v. [ro - To be strong.
jwl v. (2)jol - Loaf.
                                               jwrh, ejwrh: (829b); m. Night.
(1)jwrj, jerj-, jorj=, (Q) jorj:            (1)jwf,   jouf, jof=, (Q) j/f, p.c.
   (830a); vi. To waylay, hunt;                jaf-: (795b); vi. To burn scorch; To be
   ---: n. Snare;                              sharp, bitter;
   refjwrj: m. Hunter;                         ---: m. Burning, ardor;
   jorjc: f. Ambush, snare;                    jinjwf: m. Burning;
   jer/j: m. Hunter.                           --- nh/t: vi. To be warm at heart,
(2)jwrj, jorj=, (Q) jorj: (831a);              feel warmly;
   vt. To prepare, provide.                        ---: p.c. Zealous.
(3)jwrj, jorj, jorj=, (Q) jorj:             (2)jwf; (Q) j/f, jof: (796a); vi. To
   (831b); vi. To be inhabited.                be costly, rare.
(1)jwt: (791a); f. Pillar.                  jwfi: (796b); m. Fenugreek.
(2)jwt: (794b); adj. Twenty.                jwht v. jwth - To wound.
(3)jwt: (833a); f. Drinking trough.         (1)jwj, anjwj, jaj-: (799a); m.
jwth, [wth, jwht, joth=, (Q)                   Head, capital;
   joth: (834a); vi. To wound, pierce;         erjwj: vb. To make, be head.
   ---: m. Pierced place, hole.             (2)jwj, joj=, (Q) j/j: (843a); vi. To
jwou: (793b); m. Generation.                   roast, bake;
jwoui v. (2)jw - Songs.                        ---: m. Baked (bread).
jwoun: (835a); vt. To push;                 jwjeb, jejeb-, (Q) jojeb, p.c.
   ---: vi. To push out to sea, set sail.      jajeb-: (841b); vi. To be small, less,
jwouni: (836a); f. Hair cloth, sacking,        humble;
   sack; (as measure) sackful.                 ---: m. Inferiority, diminution;
jwouj: (836a); m. Twisted, crooked.            atjwjeb: adj. Unfailing, undiminish-
jws, jes-, jos=, (Q) j/s: (836b); vi.          ed.
   To pour forth; Q. molten, cast;          jwji, jej-, jaj-, joj=, (Q) j/ji,
   --- e-: vi. To pour forth into, onto;       p.c. jaj-: (841a); vb. To cut; vi. To
   --- n-: vi. To pour forth in, into;         dig (jwji).
   ---: n. Pouring, confusion.
[: (801a); 30th lettere of the Coptic               [aj: (798b); m. Sparrow;
   Alphabet.                                           [aj nlil: m. a bird (Abu Fasada).
[abwt: (806a); n. Material or instrument            [a[eu v. ja[e - Maimed persons.
  used in cleansing sheep.                          [e- v. (1)[o - To plant.
[ai- p.c. v. (1)[i - Receiver.                      [e- v. (2)[o - To spend.
[ak: (760b); vi. To clap (hands), flap wings;       [eli: (807b); m. Butter.
  ---: plam of hand, clapping, flapping;            [elk- v. [wlk - To stretch.
  ref[ak: m. Clapper (of hands).                    [en/out (Q) v. [eno - To be quenched.
[al v. (1)jol - Wave.                               [enne v. [nau - Delayer.
[alauj v. [aloj - Feet.                             [enneu v. [nau - Delayers.
[ale, sale, pl. [aleu: (807b); n.                   [eno, [eno=, (Q) [en/out: (774a); vi.
  Lame, crippled person.                               To be quenched; vt. To quench, make
[ale- v. (2)jwili - To deposit.                        cease;
[aleu v. [ale - Lame persons.                          at[eno: adj. Unquestionable.
[al/out (Q) v. (1)jwili - To be dwel-               [eno= v. [eno - To quench.
  ling.                                             [entwli v. sentwli - Unbleached
[al/out (Q) v. (2)jwili - To be                        cloth.
  deposited.                                        [ep- v. (1)swp - To shave.
[aloj, pl. [alauj: (814a); f. Foot,                 [ep- v. [wpi - To seize.
  knee.                                             [ere- v. [ero - To burn.
[alp v. [lap - Lump.                                [er/out (Q) v. [ero - To be burned.
[aloukc,         saloukc: (810b); f.                [ero, [ere-, [ero-, [ero=, [erw=,
  Scarabaeus beetle.                                   (Q) [er/out: (781b); vi. To blaze,
[alw= v. (2)jwili - To deposit.                        burn.;
[alwous v. [lwous - Paralyzed                          --- e-: vi. To burn for;
  person.                                              at[ero: adj. Unlit.
[amauli v. jamoul - Camels.                         [ero- v. [ero - To burn.
[ap- p.c. v. [wpi - Taker of.                       [ero= v. [ero - To burn.
[arwp: (828a); m. Staff, rod.                       [erw= v. [ero - To burn.
[ac- v. (1)[ici - To exalt.                         [ec- v. (1)[ici - To exalt.
[ac= v. (1)[ici - To exalt.                         [et[wt- v. [ot[et - To cut.
[ac- v. (1)[wc - To harden.                         [et[wt= v. [ot[et - To cut.
[aci- p.c. v. (1)[ici - Exalter of.                 (1)[eh: (839b); v. Q. To be exalted.
[acou v. (1)[ici - Heights.                         (2)[eh (Q): (797a); vi. To be smeared, be
[atfi: (792b); m. Reptile.                             anointed.
[au- v. (1)[i - Receiver.                           [/: (803a); m. Quince.
[aqem- v. [wqem - To defile.                        [/pi: (825b); f. Cloud.
[aqem (Q) v. [wqem - To be defiled.                 [/c (Q) v. (1)[wc - To harden.
[aqm= v. [wqem - To defile.                         [/ou: (835a); m. Coriander plant.
[ahci: (839b); f. Gazelle.                          [/ou v. (1)[i - To be taken.
[/out v. (1)[o - To be planted.                    --- e-: vb. To elevate over, above;
[/j (Q) v. [wj - To be stained.                    --- ejen: vb. To elevate over, upon;
[/ji v. [wj - Purple dye.                          --- nahren: vb. To elevate beside,
(1)[i, [i-, [it=, (Q) [/ou; p.c. [ai,              before;
   [au-: (747b); vi. To receive, take; vt.         --- oube: vb. To elevate toward;
   To take, get, bring, accept;                    --- sa: vb. To elevate up to;
   --- e-: vi. To lead, relate to, attain to;      --- ebol ha: vb. To elevate from
   vt. To take to, for;                            off;
   --- ejen: vt. To take upon;                     ---    qen: vi. To be exalted among;
   --- nem: vi. To be concerned with,              ---    hijen: vb. To elevate upon;
   touch; vt. to take with;                        ---    epswi: vb. To elevate upward;
   --- nten: vi. To receive from;                  ---    ehr/i: vb. To elevate up;
   --- sa: vb. To take to;                         p.c. Who raises, mounts;
   --- hi: vb. To bring on, in;                    ---, pl. [acou: m. Height, top;
   --- qen: vi. To receive in, from;               [ici nh/t: vb. To be high hearted,
   --- qaten: vb. To receive by,                   vain.
   beside;                                      (2)[ici: (790b); f. Back.
   --- hijen: vb. To take upon;                 [it= v. (1)[i - To receive.
   --- ebol: vb. To take out;                   [itc v. (2)sitc - Land tortoise (pl).
   --- epec/t: vb. To take down;                [ioui: (793b); vi. To Steal;
   --- epswi: vb. To bring up;                     ---, f. [ouw: m. Theft, fraud;
   --- eqoun: vb. To bring in;                     ---: adj. Stolen, secret;
   --- ehr/i: vb. To bring up;                     ref[ioui: m. Thief.
   --- eqr/i: vb. To bring down;                [iw]: (833a); n. Tip of scorpion's tail.
   ---: m. Taking, bringing;                    [isswou v. sswou - Yearn for.
   jin[i: m. Partaking.                         [ihboc v. hwbc - Clothing.
(2)[i: (751b); m. Breast, pap;                  [ihbwc v. hwbc - Clothing.
   ][i: vb. To suckle;                          [i[la v. [la - To press upon.
   ouem[i: adj. suckling;                       [la, [lah: (810a); m. Wave;
        ---: vt. To suckle.                        ][la: vb. To sway, stagger, push;
[i- v. (1)[i - To take.                            [i[la: vb. To throng, press upon.
[i/, si/: (803a); m. Border, limit.             [lak v. [wlk - Stretching.
[iie v. ki/ - He-goat.                          [lam, slam: (811a); v. Q. To kindle.
[ikc: (806a); m. Spindle.                       [lap, [alp: (813a); Mass, lump.
[ime, [im/: (818a); vi. To take pleasure;       [lah v. [la - Wave.
   ---: m. Satiety, debauch.                    [lemlwm= v. [lomlem - To be
[im/ v. [ime - To take pleasure.                   twisted.
[imout: (821a); f. The Pleiades.                [lemlwm (Q) v. [lomlem - To be
[ipc: (827a); m. Wrinkle on skin, bark.            twisted.
(1)[ici, [ec-, [ac-, [ac=, (Q) [oci,            [leh: (561b); m. Twig, shoot.
   p.c. [aci-: (788b); vi. To become, be        [l/: (810a); f. Scorpion.
   high, elevate; vt. to exalt;                 [l/imi v. sl/imi - Cress.
[lil: (811a); m. Burnt-offering.           (2)[non, [ne-: (821b); vt. To bend, bow
[lo: (810a); vt. To surround, besiege;        (w/jw= head);
  ---, f. [rw: m. Hedge, fence                : m. Submission, obedience.
[loi: (810b); f. Ball.                     [nof, snof, snouf: (777a); m. Bas-
[lomlem, klomlem, ,lomlem,                    ket, crate.
  [lemlwm=; (Q) [lemlwm,                   [nou, [nou=: (774b); vt. To ask,
  leml/m: (811a); vi. To be twisted,          question, require.
   implicated.                             [nou= v. [nou - To ask.
[lot v. (2)[loj - Gourd.                   [nouf, [nwf: (824a); m. Heavy object
[lof v. slof - Shame.                         (iron hammer).
(1)[loj, jolj: (815a); m. Bed, bier.       [nwou: (776b); m. Threshing floor.
(2)[loj, [lot, e[loj, ejloj,               [nwf v. [nouf - Heavy object.
   slwj: (815a); m. Gourd.                 (1)[o, t[o, [e-, [o=, (Q) [/out:
[lwbi: (810b); m. Scissors.                   (752a); vi. To sow, plant;
[lwt, slwt: (813a); mf. Kidney.               ---: m. Sowing, planting;
[lwous, slwous, [alwous:                      man[o: m. Place of sowing, planting.
   (813b); m. Maimed, paralysed person.    (2)[o, [e-, [o=: (752b); vt. To put
[me v. [wm - Gardener.                        forth, send forth; spend.
[m/ v. [wm - Gardener.                     [o= v. (1)[o - To sow.
[nau, [nauh: (776a); vt. To delay;         [o= v. (2)[o - To put forth.
   ---: m. Sloth;                          [oic, pl. [iceu: (787b); m. Lord, master;
   at[nau: adj. Without delay;                f. Lady, mistress;
                                              er, oi n[oic: vb. To be lord, rule;
   ref[nau: m. Sluggard;
                                              met[oic: f. Lordship.
   metref[nau: f. Delay, sloth;
                                           [olbi, solbi: (810b); f. Garment of
   [enne, pl. [enneu: n. Sluggard, de-
                                           [olk- v. [wlk - To stretch.
[nauh v. [nau - To delay.
                                           [olk= v. [wlk - To stretch.
[nauh v. [nah - Forearms.
                                           [olk (Q) v. [wlk - To be stretched.
[nah, pl. [nauh: (777a); m. Forearm;
                                           [olkc v. [wlk - Strain.
   mar[nah, morsnah,                mor-
                                           [olmec v. solmec - Gnat.
   [nauh: f. What is bound on shoulders,
                                           [olp= v. (1)[wlp - To create.
   scapular of monks.
[ne- v. (2)[non - To bend.                 [omf, [onf: (795a); m. Papyrus.
[n/n v. s[n/n - To strive.                 [ont= v. jwnt - To try.
[n/out (Q) v. [no - To be hard.            [ont (Q) v. jwnt - To be tried.
[n/out v. (1)[non - To be soft.            [onf v. [omf - Papyrus.
[no, (Q) [n/out: (821a); vi. To be hard.   (1)[op, sop: (824b); f. Sole of foot, foot.
(1)[non, (Q) [n/out: (821a); vi. To be     (2)[op: (825a); f. Cutting instrument.
   soft, smooth, weak;                     [op v. (1)swp - To shave.
   ---: m. Softness.;                      [op nrat v. rat= - Sole of foot.
   jane: adj. Soft.                        [op= v. [wpi - To seize.
                                           [orp= v. (1)[wrp - To uncover.
[orp (Q) v. (1)[wrp - To be uncovered.            erjwri: vb. To be strong;
[oci (Q) v. (1)[ici - To be elevated.             jemjwri: vb. To use strength,
[ocjec: (832b); vi. To dance.                  force;
[otp (Q) v. [wtp - To be defeated.                [ep-,     sepjwri: vb. To use
[otpc v. [wtp - Defeat.                        strength, force;
[ot[et, sotset, [et[wt-, [et-                      metjwri: f. Strength, prowess,
  [wt=: (842b); vt. To cut, smite,             feat.
  slaughter;                                [rompi: (828b); mf. Dove;
  ---: m. Cutting, slaughter;                  [rompsal, [rempsal: f. Turtle-
  ref[ot[et: m. Slayer.                        dove.
[often: (796b); n. (w/ adv. n-) Headlong,   [rompsal v. [rompi - Turtle-dove.
  over the edge;                            [rop: (786b); m. Obstacle, impediment;
  hi [often ehr/i: vb. To leap over;           at[rop: adj. Unimpeded;
[oh: (797a); vi. To touch;                     er, oi n[rop: vb. To be stumbling
  ---: m. Touching, contagion.                 block, difficult;
[oj= v. [wj - To be stained.                   ][rop: vb. To give scandal, trip up;
[oji: (840b); vi. To run;                      [i[rop: vb. To stumble, be impeded.
  ---: m. Course;                           [roh, (Q) jorh: (829b); vi. To be in
  man[oji: m. Place of running;                want, needy, diminished;
  ref[oji: m. Runner, pursuer, dispeller;      ---: m. Want, need;
  jin[oji: Act of running.                     at[roh: adj. Without needs.
[re, [r/: (828a); f. Ladle.                 [rw: (828a); f. Dew, fine rain.
[rempsal v. [rompi - Turtle-dove.           [rw v. [lo - Fence.
[r/: (828a); vi. To dig.                    [rwp: (829a); m. Oven.
[r/ v. [re - Ladle.                         [top v. [wtp - Defeat.
[r/pi: (829a); f. Diadem; scepter.          [ou: (835a); n. An ingredient in poison.
[r/out (Q) v. [ro - To be victorious.       [oui: (797b); vi. To limp, halt.
[r/hi: (830a); m. Rawness, raw (fruit).     [our v. [wr - Smoke.
[r/ji: (832a); f. Dowry.                    [ouj: (843b); n. Swelling, boil.
[ro, (Q) [r/out: (783a); vi. To be,         [wlem: (768b); n. Festivity, dissipation;
  become strong, firm, victorious;             distraction, care.
  --- e-: To be victorious upon, over;      [wlk, [elk-, [olk-, [olk=, (Q)
  ---: m. Victory, strength;                   [olk: (766b); vi. To stretch, extend;
  er[ro: vb. To be victorious;                 ---: m. Strain, tension;
  at[ro: adj. Unconquerable;                   [lak: m. Stretching, strain, punish-
  mai[ro: adj. Victory-loving;                 ment;
  ref[ro: m. Victor;                           [olkc: m. Strain (on cord), stringency
  jwri, (Q) jori, p.c. jar-: vi. To            (of exercises).
  be strong, hard, bold;
                                            [wlk= v. jwlk - To be submerged.
       ---: n. Strong.                      (1)[wlp, [olp=: (812b); vt. To create.
       --- ehote e-: Stronger than;         (2)[wlp: (812b); m. Faggot (used as) raft.
(3)[wlp: (813a); n. Projecting roof,        [wtp,     [wtf,     [wft, (Q)      [otp:
   veranda.                                   (833b); vi. To be defeated, be overcome;
[wlh v. (1)jwlh - To draw.                    at[wtp: adj. Without defeat,
[wm, jwm: (817b); m. Garden, vineyard,        unconquered.
   property;                                  [top: n. Defeat;
   [me, [m/: m. Gardener, vinedresser.        [otpc: f. Dfeat.
[wnt v. (1)jwnt - To try.                   [wtc: (834a); vt. To bend, lower.
[wp v. (1)swp - To shave.                   [wtf v. [wtp - To be defeated.
[wpi, [ep-, jep-, [op=, jop=,               [wth v. jwth - To wound.
   (Q) j/b, p.c. [ap-: (825b); vt. To       [wsen: (837a); n. Herb "dill".
   seize, take.                             [wft v. [wtp - To be defeated.
[wr, [our: (827b); m. Smoke, cinder.        [wqem, [aqem-, [aqm=, (Q) [a-
[wrem: (785b); vi. To make sign, beckon;      qem: (797b); vi. To be defiled; vt. To
   urge, drive, ride, hasten;                 defile, pollute;
   --- e-: vi. To make a sign to;             ---: m. Uncleanness, pollution;
   man[wrem: m. Training stable;              at[wqem: adj. Undefiled;
   ref[wrem: m. Driver, rider.                ref[wqem: m. Defiled person.
(1)[wrp, [orp=, (Q) [orp: (812a);           [wj, [oj=, (Q) [/j: (800b); vi. To
   vt. To uncover, open, reveal.              be dyed, stained;
(2)[wrp: (829b); vt. To nipoff, snatch.       [/ji: m. Purple dye;
(1)[wc, [ac-, (Q) [/c: (788a); vi. To         ieb n[/ji: m. Purple embroidery;
   become, be hard or solid; vt. to pack,     ca n[/ji: m. Purple seller.
   load, harden.                            [qelt v. sqelt - Pus.
(2)[wc: (832b); m. Flatus ventris.
]: The 31st letter of the Coptic Alphabet.             ---    epec/t: vb. To put, send
], ]-, t/i=, t/it=, (Q) toi; imperat.                  downward;
   moi, ma-, m/i=, m/it=, moit=:                       --- epswi: vb. To raise up;
   (392a); vi. To give, pay, fight; Q. Given,          --- eqoun: vb. To give, hand in;
   being upon;                                         --- eqr/i: vb. To give, send up, in;
   --- e-: vt. To give to;                             lay down;
   --- eten: vi. To lay upon, command;                    --- eqr/i e-: vb. To lift up,
   To give into hands, entrust;                        commit to;
   --- ejen: vi. To put upon, add to, on               [i]: vb. To buy and sell, trade;
   behalf of;                                          ---: m. Goft, bounty, fight;
   --- nem: vi. To fight with;                         ma n]: m. Fighting place;
   --- nca: vi. To go after, pursue; vt.               ref]: m. Giver, fighter;
   To give to, upon, pursue;                               metref]: f. Generosity, charity;
   --- nten: vb. To entrust to;                            erref]: vb. To be giver;
   --- oube: vb. To fight against;                     jin]: m. Giving, selling, fighting.
        ref]oube: m. Opponent;                      ]- v. ] - To give.
               metref]oube: f. Oppo-                ]mi, timi: (414a); m. Village;
   sition;                                             rem]mi: m. Villager, citizen
   --- qa: vb. To give, sell for;                   (1)]pi: (423a); f. Loins.
   --- hi: vb. To lay upon, clothe;                 (2)]pi: (423a); f. Taste;
   --- hijen: vi. To give for, on behalf               jin[i]pi: m. Act of tasting;
   of;                                                 [i]pi, jem]pi: vi. To take taste,
   --- ebol: vi. To give forth, away,                  taste.
   sell:                                            ]pouoi v. (1)ouoi - To go forward.
        --- ebol qa: vi. To give forth              ]ouoi v. (1)ouoi - Progress.
   for, against;                                    ]]: (439a); vb. To tread.
        ref]ebol: m. Seller;

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