SHEILA by hussain779


									                                     Sheila PG 154314D
                     IRMS / Material GCAS # 98839496.001, ASL GCAS # 98646772

#       Test                         Test Method          Success criteria            Result

                                     Supplier valid     Matches standard. No
1       Appearance
                                     method            foreign material present

                                     Supplier valid     Must pass, Aromatic
2       Odor
                                     method                floral woody

                                     Supplier valid         LSL: 1.4900
3       Refractive Index at 200C
                                     method                 USL: 1.4960

                                     Supplier valid         LSL: 0.9790
4       Specific Gravity at 250C
                                     method                 USL: 0.9890

                                     Supplier valid
5       GC analysis or composition                           Must Pass

    Minimum Header and Footer content
         for the COA and Statisti

Header/Footer item             Description                                                 Example
Material Description           The description found in the material specification.        Nonwoven cuff
Material Specification         The 8 digit GCAS number(s) that represent the material      Master 65748393
number                         (individual) or specification document (master) of the      Individual 45667788
                               material. When both are used, the COA should present
Issue #:                       The issue # identifying the most current version of the     Issue 1
                               material specification document.
Supplier identification        Identifies the manufacturer and manufacturing location.     XYZ Corp,
name, location and code        (In the case of a distributor, the distributors name and    85 End lane.
(if available)                 location should also be provided)                           New York, NY
Lot Number                     The lot number that the supplier designates for the         24525AB
                               material. Not required for Statistical Summary
                               Reports…only COAs.
Date produced                  The date the material was produced. Only required on        Dec 19, 1997
Date tested (Required          COAs-The date that the material was tested. Stat            Jan 1, 1998
only if the dates between      Summaries-The month or quarter the material was made.
testing and production
are significantly
Supplier Signature             Hardcopy signature is requested only on hardcopy COAs.
                               Electronic signatures are acceptable in situations where
                               COAs are sent electronically.

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