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									Helpful Hints For Moving Day
It takes so long and so much effort to prepare for a move, from hiring the movers to packing up each and
every belonging in your house, that when you get to moving day, you don't have much left to give. Tempers
can flare and organization can fly out the window when events don't go the way they are planned. They best
way to make sure moving day goes as smoothly as possible, you need to plan ahead just as you have for the
rest of your move. Don't expect everything to go perfectly, but with a little organization, you can get through
the day with a minimum of hassle.

• Do not leave everything for the last minute. The best defense against a bad day is a good offense. Get
whatever you can ready before the movers even arrive. Have the boxes arranged so that the ones you want
loaded first are in front. Have your tables, bookcases and other furniture cleared off (ideally, everything
should already be packed) so the movers can load them right away.

• Pet sitters and babysitters are your friends. One of the most aggravating aspects of moving is when small
kids or pets are underfoot. You simply cannot concentrate on the move and on your loving children or pets
at the same time. Enlist help from neighbors or family members in looking after your little darlings until you
are ready to get in your car and drive to the new location.

• Provide sustenance. No matter if you are moving yourself with help from your loved ones or if you have
hired a professional mover, you should provide an easy-to-eat breakfast and snacks for them. This will put
everyone in a good mood and more willing to get the chores done.

• Contact numbers. Exchange cell phone numbers with the person driving the moving truck so you can
regroup if you get separated or if there is a problem along the way.

• Have cash on hand. Most professional moving companies require full payment in cash prior to unloading
your belongings. You need to have this payment ready so go to the bank before moving day. Do not wait
because it could be closed by the time you get done.

• Map and address. Provide everyone who will be driving to your new location with driving directions and a
map from your old house to your new one. It is best to provide both because some people read maps better
while other people read directions better.

Moving day is an exciting event as you get ready to embark on a new phase of your life. However, it can
quickly become a nightmare if you aren't prepared for it. Plan ahead and your day will be great.

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