33rd Annual “Y” Sports Dinner by yaosaigeng


									   33rd Annual 
“Y” Sports Dinner 

 Monday, June 6, 2005
Table of Contents
 3     Dinner Program 
 4     President’s Message 
       Board of Directors List                        33rd Annual “Y” Sports Dinner
 5     “Y” Dinner Chairman 
 6     Dinner Committee Canvassers 
 7     Associate Executive Director Message 
 7     Door Prizes 
 8     Tonight’s Keynote Speaker 
 11    Master of Ceremonies 
                                                 O Canada                         Zach Raizman
 12    Honouree - Mark Chipman 
                                                 Hatikvah                         Zach Raizman
 13    Idy and Max Nusgart Memorial Award/
       Finali sts for Athlete of the Year        Invocation                       Rabbi Alan Green
 17    Special Thanks                            Toast to the Queen &             Jeff Lieberman
                                                 State of Israel
 21    Recognition Awards since 1973 
                                                 Master of Ceremonies             Stan Kubicek
 21    Past Presidents,  Past Speakers 
 24    Maccabiah Games Israel                   Presentation of Awards
                                                Presentation of Awards
 26    Team Winnipeg 2005 JCC Maccabi Games 
                                                 Introduction of Head Table      Stan Kubicek
 29    Silent Auction 
                                                 Ben Hatskin Memorial Plaque      Ernie Nairn & Ken Kronson
 30    2005 Heart and Soul Winners               To the Maccabiah Hockey
       and Hockey Winners 
                                                 Presentation of the           Ernie Nairn & Ken Kronson
                                                 Samuel A. Gorenstein Memorial
                                                 Heart and Soul Award

                                                 Introduction of the 2005 RJCC    Ernie Nairn & Ken Kronson
                                                 North American Maccabia
                                                 Games Team

                                                 Introduction of the 2005         Ernie Nairn & Ken Kronson
                                                 Maccabiah Games Israel

                                                 Greetings, Dinner Chairperson   Ken Kronson

                                                 Introduction and Recognition of His Worship
                                                 Mark Chipman                    Sam Katz

                                                 Recognition and Presentation    Paul Nusgart
                                                 of the Idy and Max Nusgart
                                                 Memorial Award

                                                 Door Prize Draws, Northwest     Stan Kubicek & Ken Kronson
                                                 Airlines & Zoom

                                                 Introduction of Lou Eisen       Dan “Beau” Dean

                                                 Introduction of Featured         Don Wittman

                                               Special thanks to Paul Nusgart for coordinating the Dinner Program.
    Board of Directors President, Board of Directors
       Immediate Past President
      The Honourary Heather Pullan                     Jeff Lieberman
              Jeff Lieberman                                                          elcome to the Rose and
                                                                                      M ax    Rad y    Je wi sh
          Senior Vice President                                                       Community Centre’s 33 rd
               Murray Gilfix                                              Annual “Y” Sports Dinner. The
            Vice President of                                             tradition of the “Y” Sports Dinner
          Finance & Operations                                            began in 1972 when a group of
                Karyn Glass                                               concerned members of the YMHA,
             Vice Presidents                                              led by Ken Kronson, formed a
                                                                          committee to raise funds to
             Sharon Allentuck                                             purchase much needed sports
              David Berkowits                                             equipment.
              Morley Hoffman                                                 Since 1972, this annual dinner
               Randy Minuk                                                has g rown to be the most
                                                                          significant sports dinner in western
                Abby Morris                                               Canada. Our dinner has brought
                 Directors                                                some of the biggest names in
               Robert Akman              sports to Winnipeg including our keynote speaker tonight – hockey
              Leo Blankstein             legend Scotty Bowman.
                                              Most importantly, the Sports Dinner has become the major
            Marjorie Blankstein
                                         fundraiser for the Rady JCC and while the monies raised tonight
               Brad Bokhaut              still help us purchase sports equipment, they also provide us with
               Alan Feldman              much needed funds to support our cultural programs as well as the
               Elspeth Haid              many programs for our youth, seniors and those with special
               Sid Hochman
                                              On behalf of the Board of Directors, I thank the Corporate
               Ken Kronson               Sponsors for their huge support in making this dinner possible
              Karyn Lazareck             through sponsorships, the purchase of corporate tables and
               Peter Leipsic             donations to the sports auction.
                                              I thank Scotty Bowman for his support of our dinner and I thank
                 Jeff Rabb
                                         all of the ticket purchasers who truly make this dinner a success.
                Gavin Rich                    The success of this dinner would not be possible without the
            Grant Van Iderstine          hard work, dedication and leadership of Ken Kronson and the
               Robert Yusim              sports dinner committee. Thank you very much for your outstanding
                                         contribution to the Rady Jewish Community Centre. Your efforts
            Honourary Counsel
                                         are very much appreciated.
               Grant Mitchell                 Enjoy the evening. We look forward to seeing you at the 34 th
             Executive Director          Annual Dinner next year. ♦
               Sue Boreskie
                                         Jeff Lieberman
        Associate Executive Director     President, Board of Directors,
              Gayle Waxman               Rose & Max Rady Jewish Community Centre
        Assistant Executive Director
           Finance & Operations
            Heather Jasperson

            Rose and Max Rady
        Jew ish Community Centre
     Suite B100 – 123 Doncaster Street
       Winnipeg, Manitoba R3N 2B3
           Phone: (204) 477-7510
            Fax: (204) 477-7530

“Y” Dinner Chairman  Ken Kronson 
                                          s chair of the “Y” Rady Jewish Community Sports Dinner for the past 33 years, I
                                          have been very pleased to see this annual fund raising event grow to become one of
                                          the largest and longest running sports dinners in Western Canada. Over these many
                                  year, the dinner has provided Winnipeg sports fans with an opportunity to meet some of the
                                  best know and top national and international sports personalities, while raising much needed
                                  funds for sports equipment, summer youth camps and senior citizens programs at the
                                  former YMHA on Hargrave Street. The old YMHA has now evolved into the very modern
                                  and very popular Rady Jewish Community Centre on Doncaster Street.
                                  The new centre not only provides great services to the local Jewish community. Since its
                                  inception, the Rady Centre has become a popular place and is used by the entire
                                  community. And that is something we are all very proud of.
                                  At this time I would also like to thank the staff at the Rady Jewish Community Centre, Acting
                                  Executive Director Sue Boreskie and her support staff for their hard work and dedication in
                                  helping bring this annual event together. And to my organizing committee, my sincere
                                  thanks to all of you for your continued support and for the countless hours of dedication and
hard work you provide to ensure that this annual fund raising dinner continues to reach its monetary goal each and every
year. This in turn allows the Rady Centre to continue the many services
and programs it provides to this community. We are very pleased to
have the “winningest” coach in NHL history,                                 Let us create your logo!
    Scotty Bowman, as our guest speaker this year and look forward to
hearing Scotty’s comments on the NHL and his own great coaching
career. I am also pleased that we will be honouring Mark Chipman and
the ownership group of the new MTS Centre later this evening.
    Lead by Mark, the True North ownership group’s hard work and
dedication overcame many obstacles in order to provide our community
with a much needed new arena and entertainment facility. It has
definitely added a new energy and profile to the downtown core and
rejuvenated and enhanced our city’s image everywhere.
    I wish you all an enjoyable and entertaining evening and thank you
for supporting the dinner and its objectives and goals again this year. ♦
                                                                                         (204) 772-0440
Dinner Chair                                                                   www.cobblestonescommunications.com
Ken Kronson

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Become a sponsor of the Cobblestones Annual Hand-Up Event and you will appear on the
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                                  Annual Hand-Up Event

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    33rd Annual “Y” Sports Dinner 
         Dinner Committee
                         Brian Aronovitch                     Paul Nusgart
                         Steven Baker                         Dr. Norm Portnoy
                         David Berkowits                      Heather Pullan
                         Dr. Morley Bernstein                 Jeff Rabb
                         Ken Einhorn                          Dr. Les Rykiss
                         Alan Feldman                         Daniel Samphir
                         Justice Ken Galanchuk                Joel Samphir
                         Murray Gilfix                        Hart Shapiro
                         Norm Glass                           Earl Shibou
                         David Greaves                        Blair Worb
                         Alan Greenberg                       Robert Yusim
                         Elspeth Haid                         Staff:
                         Larry Hecht                          Sue Boreskie, Associate
                         Rod Hill                               Executive Director
                         Ken Kronson                          Heather Jasperson,
                         Peter Leipsic                          Assistant Executive
                         Jeff Lieberman                         Director, Finance &
                         Sharon Love                            Operations
                         Randy Minuk                          Ann Mills, Executive
                         Murray Nagler                          Assistant
                         Ernie Nairn                          Strauss Communications
                         Wayne Nemy

                   The Manitoba Métis Federation
                   The Manitoba Métis Federation
                    is proud to support the 33rd
                     is proud to support the 33rd
                      Annual “Y” Sports Dinner
                       Annual “Y” Sports Dinner
                                Manitoba Métis F ederation Inc.
                                  3rd Floor 150 Henry Av e
                                Winnipeg, Manitoba R3B 0J 7
                                   Phone: ( 204) 586-8474
                                     Fax : (204) 947-1816

                                                                    MMF President
                                                                     MMF President
                                                                    David Chartrand
                                                                    David Chartrand

                       Greetings from
                     Heather Stefanson,
                      MLA for Tuxedo
                    “Congratulations to the many people
                   who have ensured that for the past 33
                     years the Y MHA/Rady JCC Sports
                   Dinner has been a successful event.”

                           Constituency Office
                           1840 Grant Avenue
                         Phone: (204) 487-0013
                          Fax: (204) 487-0078

                Associate Executive Director Message
                                               Sue Boreskie
                                 W        elcome to the            enjoyed by people of all ages, from all sectors of the
                                          Rose and Max             community.
                                          Ra d y      Je wi sh         They have helped make the Rady JCC major arts and
                              Community Centre’s 33 rd             education provider in Winnipeg, at the forefront of the city’s
                              Annual “Y” Sports Dinner!            fitness and health facilities.
                                 It has been my pleasure               They have helped make the Rady JCC a friendly, family-
                              to serve as Acting Executive         oriented setting where all generations are welcome at the
                              Director of the Centre for the       heart of Jewish life and activity. And they have helped make
                              last year, and for more than         the Rady JCC the largest Jewish membership organization
                              8 years before that as the           in Winnipeg, and a leading JCC in North America.
                              A s si st a n t / A s so c i a t e       Throughout my years at the Centre I have had the
                              Executive Director.                  pleasure and privilege of seeing first hand the dedication
                                 Throughout those years I          and commitment of the Sports Dinner Committee, under the
                              have seen the results of             incredible 33-year leadership of Ken Kronson.
                              your tremendous support of               The continued success of the Sports Dinner is directly
the Sports Dinner, which is the largest fundraiser for the         attributable to the efforts and dedication of Ken and his
Rady JCC. Your contributions have helped cover the cost of         committee of men and women who use their talents to raise
programs, camperships, scholarships, and equipment                 funds so that many less fortunate can enjoy the healthy
                                                                                           living and life-long learning that the
                                                                                           Rady JCC encourages.
                                                                                               I thank them, and I would also like
                                                                                           to thank the staff of the Centre for
                                                                                           their hard work in helping make the
                                                                                           Dinner a success.
                                                                                               Many thanks to all of you who have
                                                                                           come this evening to share in the
                                                                                           camaraderie and support all the good
                                                                                           things that the Rady JCC does for
                                                                                           Winnipeg! ♦

                                                                                          Sue Boreskie
                                                                                          Associate Executive Director

       Evening’s Keynote Speaker  Scotty Bowman
             he high standards to which                                                     Wings reached the Stanley Cup finals
             William Scott Bowman held                                                      in 1995 - their first appearance in 29
             h im sel f a nd hi s p la ye rs                                                years. Although they were swept by the
    contributed to a landmark coaching                                                      New Jersey Devils, Detroit appeared to
    career. A master of motivation and                                                      be headed for long-term success.
    mind games, he knew how to get the                                                      In 1995-96, the Red Wings won an
    most out of every player he handled.                                                    NHL-record 62 games - eclipsing the
    During his 27 years as a coach, he                                                      previou s standa rd of 60 , which
    never experienced a losing record in                                                    Bowman had set with Montreal in 1976-
    any full season in which he was behind                                                  77 - but they fell short against the
    the bench. His eight Stanley Cup                                                        eventual Cup winners, the Colorado
    coaching wins leave him tied with the                                                   Avalanche, in the Western Conference
    legendary Toe Blake for the most ever.                                                  finals. On December 5, 1995, Bowman
       A head injury ended Bowman's            Sabres were a good team that failed to       made history when he coached in his
    playing career while he was still a        duplicate their playoff success of 1975,     1,607th game - another NHL record.
    junior. He moved into coaching in the      when they reached the finals only to             Bowman earned a permanent place
    Canadiens' minor-league system and         lose to Philadelphia.                        in the hearts of Red Wings supporters
    broke into the NHL with the expansion         Although he engineered a number of        in 1997 by leading the team to its first
    St. Louis Blues in 1967-68, leading that   shrewd draft-day deals, Bowman was           Stanley Cup win in 42 years.
    team to the Stanley Cup finals in each     never able to fill the Buffalo roster with       The following year his experience at
    of its first three terms.                  the same numbers of extraordinary role       keeping a dominant team hungry came
       In 1971 the Montreal Canadiens          players he had had at his disposal in        in handy as he guided Detroit to a
    hired Bowman to replace Al MacNeil,        Montreal.                                    repeat championship. Along the way he
    who had coached the team to a Stanley                                                   reached another individual milestone
                                                Scotty Bowman leaves a legacy
    Cup just the year before but had lost                                                   on February 8, 1997, when the Wings
    the respect of players such as Henri         that will remain as long as the            beat Pittsburgh to give Bowman his
    Richard. The Canadiens won at least            game of hockey is played.                1,000th career regular-season victory.
    45 games in each of Bowman's eight                                                      In 1999 the Wings fell short of a
    seasons at the helm, and they won the         Bowman temporarily quit coaching in       "threepeat" when they were upset by
    S tanle y Cu p five time s. Tho se         1987 to work as an analyst on the            Colorado in the Western Conference
    achievements speak volumes about           CBC' s Ho cke y Night in Canada              semifinals, but Bowman remained
    Bowman's ability to prevent such an        telecasts. His next stop was Pittsburgh,     behind the bench to lead Detroit into
    overpowering squad from growing            where he was hired as the Penguins'          the new millennium.
    complacent.                                director of player development. During           I n Feb rua ry 200 2 , B o wma n
       A f t e r t h e Ha b s' 1 9 7 9 Cu p    the summer of 1991, he was inducted          privately decided that he would retire at
    championship - their fourth in a row -     into the Hockey Hall of Fame as a            season's end. His hockey fairytale
    Bowman announced that he was               Builder. He returned to bench duty with      would indeed finish with a storybook
    stepping down from one of the most         the Penguins that autumn after Bob           ending. Scotty's Red Wings won the
    prestigious yet demanding jobs in          Johnson, a popular figure who had led        Cup in dominating fashion, defeating
    hockey. A new challenge awaited him        the team to its first-ever Stanley Cup       the Carolina Hurricanes in five games
    in Buffalo, where he was hired as the      victory in 1991, succumbed to cancer             One of the poignant scenes that
    Sabres' coach and general manager          during the off-season. Bowman molded         played itself out on the ice following the
    prior to the 1979-80 season. The           the multi-talented club into a well-         presentation of the Stanley Cup was
                                               rounded squad that could control play        seeing Scotty out on the ice surface
                                               at both ends of the ice. Their repeat        wearing skates and letting his players
                                               championship in 1992 was attributable        know that he had retired.
                                               in no small measure to Bowman's                  Bowman retired from active NHL
                                               leadership.                                  management with an unprecedented
                                                  In 1992-93, Bowman's Penguins led         hockey resume. He is the winningest
                                               the league with 56 wins and 119 points       coach in NHL history with 1,244
                                               - both franchise highs - but were upset      victories and an astounding .654
                                               by the New York Islanders in the             winning percentage. His nine Stanley
                                               Patrick Division finals. Bowman moved        Cup bench wins ranks first all-time.
                                               on to Detroit, where he coached the              Scotty Bowman was selected as an
                                               Red Wings to 46 wins and 100 points.         Honoured Member of the Hockey Hall
                                                  A stunning first-round defeat at the      of Fame in 1991, but leaves a legacy
                                               hands of the San Jose Sharks proved          that will remain as long as the game of
                                               to be a short-term setback, as the           hockey is played. ♦

 Special Guest  Don Wittman
                                              ver the course of his distinguished 40-plus year career, Don Wittman has
                                              covered just about every sport.
                                              A resident of Winnipeg since 1961, Wittman is a two-time ACTRA award
                                      Winner and has been inducted into the Canadian Football League's Hall of Fame,
                                      as well as Manitoba's provincial Hall of Fame.
                                         It seems that every event he covers enjoys great success, including CFL on
                                      CBC, championship curling since 1961, Canadian Open Golf (1961-1988) and
                                      CBC's Hoc key Night in Canada beginning in 1979.
                                         Wittman has also covered Athletics, Baseball, Basketball and the IAAF World
                                      Track & Field Championships.
                                         For decades, Wittman has been the curling voice of CBC covering the Olympic
                                      Games, Brier, Tournament of Hearts, World Championships and numerous other
                                      tournaments. A veteran of Olympic broadcasts, the 1964 Winter Games in
                                      Innsbruck were Wittman's first.
                                         At the 1996 Summer Games in Atlanta, he called the most-watched races of the
                                      Olympics - Donovan Bailey's 9.84 seconds record-breaking 100m and the
Canadian men's 4 x 100m relay - both gold medal winners.
    Wittman was born in Herbert, Saskatchewan, and attended the University of Saskatchewan. He began his
broadcasting career as a radio news reporter in 1955 at CFCQ in Saskatoon. He worked for CJNB in North Battleford,
Saskatchewan, before returning to Saskatoon and CFCQ.
  Wittman and his wife Judy have two daughters, Karen and Kristen, and a son, David. ♦

                                                                            Powerland Computers
                                                                                170 Marion Street
                                                                               Winnipeg, Manitoba
                                                                              Phone: (204) 237-3800
                                                                               Fax: (204) 231-1981
                                                                           Second location in Steinbach

      Master of Ceremonies Stan Kubicek
             tan Kubicek spent twenty three years in the           KHZ Communications until the fall of1998.
             Canadian RADIO and TV industry. He was born in           He then joined the Auto Trader Corporation as
             Melbourne, Australia where he remained for a short    General Sales Manager, a position he held for 3 1/2
     period of time.                                               years.
         The family moved to Windsor Park, and then in 1971           Following that, Stan moved and joined the team at
     to London, England where Stan graduated from high             Polar Windows, the premiere window and door
     school.                                                       manufacturer in Manitoba, where he is currently a
         Stan returned to Winnipeg in 1973 and attended the        Certified Sales Agent.
     University of Manitoba Faculty of Physical Education.            "Please feel free to call Stan anytime for a free in
         In 1975 Stan began his broadcasting career at CKDM        home estimate!!"
     Radio in Dauphin, Manitoba and then went on to CKJS in           Stan is the father of two boys, ages 12 and 9. ♦
     Winnipeg for two years before he began a six-year stint
     at CKRC.
         In 1984 Stan became the regular weatherman at
     CKND where he remained until the fall of 1996 when he
     retired to devote full time to KHZ Communications.
         The company specializes in television productions,                Tonight’s Two  
     (Headline Sports on Channel Cable 5) and sales.
         Stan has hosted thirty three fund raising telethons
     over the last eighteen years doing eighteen with
     Muscular Dystrophy and fifteen with the Variety Club.
                                                                            Door Prizes 
         Stan spent many years as Chief Ambassador of the            Two $500 U.S. credits toward the cost of
     Variety Club of Manitoba.                                       tickets for travel on Northwest Airlines.
         He has been an after dinner speaker and hosted
     literally hundreds of banquets.

         After retiring from Broadcasting, Stan continued to run

                                                                              Two return tickets from
                                                                            Winnipeg to London, England

                                                                                Prizes must be taken as is.

  Comedian  Lou Eisen
                                              L       ou Eisen spent the summer of 2004 as a principal performer in the
                                                      Imagine Entertainment Miramax/Universal Films boxing biopic,
                                                      Cinderella Man. Lou Played famed boxing trainer Ray Arcel to Russell
                                                      Crowe’s, James J. Braddock. Lou’s encyclopedic knowledge of
                                               boxing greatly impressed Angelo Dundee, the Hall of Fame trainer of the
                                               legendary Muhammad Ali. In fact, Mr. Dundee has recommended Lou to
                                               replace Boxing Hall of Fame historian Hank Kaplan, upon Mr. Kaplan’s
                                                  Lou Eisen’s satirical wit and acting ability have garnered him praise from
                                               audiences and peers throughout North America.
                                                  Eisen began his career in stand-up comedy while an undergraduate at
                                               York University (in Toronto), developing his rapier wit and keen comedic eye
                                               at Toronto’s famed Second City.
                                                  Eisen’s particular brand of comedy has warranted him frequent national
                                               and U.S. television and radio appearances on such shows as CBC TV’s
                                               Marketplace, Madly Off In All Directions (CBC Radio), Definitely Not the
                                               Opera (CBC), Open Mike with Mike Bullard (Comedy Network), Test of Faith
                                               (Vision), Not Just The News (CBC) and Comedy At Club 54 (Global).
                                               Recently, Lou taped a stand-up concert for the show Comedy Now (Comedy
Network) entitled Rhapsody In Lou, as well as a series of Heritage Moments with Patrick Watson for the History Channel.
Eisen has also starred on the hit CBC series COMICS! And appeared in the award-winning independent movie My Own
Private Oshawa. Cinderella Man was directed by Academy Award-winning director, Ron Howard, and is Lou’s favourite
project to date.
    While he enjoys performing his unique brand of stand-up comedy, Lou has also achieved considerable success as a
writer, being nominated for Gemini Award for Best Writing for a Comedy Program or Special for his work on the CBC show
Thick & Thin. Recently, Lou wrote for Dave Foley and Dan Aykroyd for the Phil Hartman Gala Tribute. His other writing
credits include the Fox TV series Police Academy and the TBS interactive awards show CYBERMANIA.
    Lou has worked as a contributing writer on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno and THE NHL AWARDS on ESPN. Lous
wrote the Fox Network/Major League Baseball animated series Bangs & The Tank and has written for the very popular
animated children’s series, Monster By Mistake.
    Lou appeared on CBC’s Marketplace, humorously ranting about junk faxes. Lou wrote for Howie Mandel for the
Comedy Network special, Yuk Yuk’s - The 25th Anniversary. Lou also wrote on the groundbreaking Nelvana cartoon,
Quads. Lou has appeared on the show Test of Faith on the Vision Network and he recently performed on the hit CBC radio
shows Madly Off In All Directions and Definitely Not the Opera.
    He is a frequent guest commentator on Newsworld, humorously discussing various issues of national and international
importance. Lou is the host and creator of the Yids in The Hall, an all-Jewish comedy showcase. ♦

O Canada & Hatikvah Zach Raizman
                                                   t thirteen years of age, Zach Raizman is one of Manitoba's youngest
                                                   original recording singer/songwriters. Zach's talent has seen him be the
                                                   focus of segments on Winnipeg's A-Channel Big Breakfast as well as
                                           entertainment features on A-Channel and CKY. He has been featured in local
                                           and community newspapers in Winnipeg and has performed at War Child
                                           Benefit Concerts, Winnipeg Music Festival Competitions, Manitoba
                                           Dance Festivals and Canadian National Dance Festivals - all of which he
                                           received gold honours awards and special award recognitions.
                                              Zach has also entertained at coffee houses, gala fundraisers, Folklorama,
                                           and the main stage at the Fringe Festival.
                                              Presently, Zach is receiving voice coaching from Donna Fletcher. He is
                                           continuing to hone his songwriting skills with the team at Studio 11
                                           under the direction of Brandon Friesen. Zach is preparing a full CD with
                                           new original pieces which should be available shortly. He has already
                                           released a CD entitled "feel" with his own original material in
                                           February, 2004. ♦

     Honouree  Mark J. Chipman
                                                          he YMHA Sports Dinner Committee is pleased to recognize and
                                                          honour Mark J. Chipman for his pivotal role in helping to develop
                                                          the new Portage Avenue and the outstanding MTS Centre.
                                                      Mr. Chipman is President of the Manitoba Moose Hockey Club as
                                                   well as the founder and Chairman of True North Sports &
                                                   Entertainment Ltd., which owns and operates the MTS Centre.
                                                      Mark was born and raised in Winnipeg and attended St. Paul's High
                                                   School. He received an Honors BA in Economics as well as a Juris
                                                   Doctorate in Law from the University of North Dakota where he also
                                                   played college football. Upon graduation,
                                                      Mark received his call to the Florida Bar in 1985 where he began his
                                                   practice as an Assi stant District Attorney before entering private
                                                      Mark returned to Winnipeg in 1988 to work for the Birchwood
                                                   Automotive Group and assumed the position of president in 1992.
                                                   Under his leadership, the Financial Post recognized Birchwood as one
                                                   of Canada's fifty best-managed private companies from 1996 through
                                                   1998. In September of 2001, Mark was named President of
                                                   Birchwood’s parent company, the Megill-Stephenson Company.
                                                      In addition to these responsibilities, Mark is the Past Chairman of the
                                                   Executive Committee of the American Hockey League (AHL) Board of
          Mark has participated in several community non-profit boards and charitable concerns. He is a past member of
     the United Way of Winnipeg Campaign Cabinet and is currently a member of Hockey Canada Foundation Board of
        Mark and his wife Patti of eighteen years have three daughters, Sarah, 12, Anne, 10 and Mary, 7. ♦

                Abe and Fan Simkin Circle,
                 A202 123 Doncaster St.,
                   Winnipeg, Manitoba,
                        R3J 2B4
                    T: 204-477-7410
                    F: 204-477-7474

       Idy and Max Nusgart Memorial Award
                                                                   Past Winners 
                                                                   1986   Gordon Orlikow
                                                                   1987   Sherman Greenfeld
                                                                   1988   Jeff Steinberg
                                                                   1989   Shep Shell
                                                                   1990   Sherman Greenfeld
                                                                   1991   Kelly Kives
                                                                   1992   David Gurvey
                                                                   1993   Alan Greenberg
                                                                   1994   Shashawna Greenberg
                                                                   1995   Colin Berenhaut & Hart Pollack
                                                                   1996   Colin Berenhaut
                                                                   1997   Olia Berger
                                                                   1998   Rebecca Hoffer
                                                                   1999   Riva Benditt
                                                                   2000   Olia Berger
                                                                   2001   Jacob MicFlikier & Jill Swirsky
                                                                   2002   Olia Berger
                                                                   2003   David Glass & Jacob MicFlikier
                                                                   2004   Naomi Casiro & Skyler Berman

                                                              This year’s Idy and Max Nusgart Memorial
                                                                Award winner is provided with a $500
                                                               bursary from the Fred Glazerman Fund.

Finalists for Jewish Athlete of the Year
 Aaron Pfeffer –Judo
         ow 23 years old, Aaron Pfeffer has been involved in judo since the age
         of seven and has always been coached by 1984 Los Angeles Olympic
         Games bronze medallist Mark Berger. Aaron now competes in the
73kg class and is a second-degree black belt. He has been a member of the
Canadian National Team for the past few years, and a member of the Manitoba
Provincial team since he was 14.
    Currently, Aaron is ranked #2 in Canada behind World and Olympic team
member Nicholas Tritton from Ontario.
    Recently Aaron won the gold medal at the Ontario International Judo
competition by defeating Tritton in 30 seconds. He now has a 2-2 record
against his national team member.
    Past career accomplishments include gold medal victories at the Western
Canada Games, Junior National Championships and bronze medals at the
Canada Winter Games and numerous provincial championships.
 The 2004-2005 judo season was Aaron’s best ever and most successful. He
fought for Canada in major international competitions in Sweden, Finland and
placed 4th in Mexico City at the Pan American Judo competition and
will compete at the 2005 Maccabia Games in Israel this summer.
   Aaron also won gold medals at the Quebec, Ontario and Pacific Open
   He added another gold medal at the Liberty Bell International competition in Philadelphia by beating his two-time
Olympian Uzbekistan opponent, who won a bronze at the Atlanta Olympics, in under 15 seconds.
   He also won Bronze medals at both the Canadian Senior Nationals and the Canada Cup International competition. ♦

      Michael Jordan Goldberg – Golf
             ighteen-year-old Michael has just completed his freshman year at Winthrop
             University in Rock Hill, South Carolina. Winthrop is an NCAA Division 1 University
             and competes in the Big South Conference. His University team won the Mission
     Inn Collegiate Classic played in Howie-in-the Hills, Florida.
         Michael earned a 4-year golf scholarship at Winthrop because of his outstanding
     performance during the 2004 season. He was also offered a full scholarship at Chicago
     State University and had an offer from the University of Victoria.
         He won last year’s Manitoba Junior men’s champion with a final round 73 and a 72-
     hole score of 296 total and scored a 2- stroke victory over Scott Markham. He started the
     final round 5 shots back of Markham. Prior to becoming the Manitoba Junior men’s
     champion, Michael had won the Glendale Junior club championship titles at age 13 and
     15 and he also won the men’s Glendale club championship at age 16. In 2004 Michael
     was also the overall champion on the Maple Leaf Junior Tour. As a member of the
     Manitoba Junior team he competed at the RCGA Canadian Juniors in Vancouver.
         He also was a member of the Manitoba team for the Manitoba-Minnesota
     matches. In the Men’s Junior Interclub matches Michael and his teammate were the runners up in the two-man team
     competition. Michael also finished 1 st in the 18 & under age group Golf Manitoba Wilson Junior Tour event. He also won
     a silver medal at the 2003 North American Maccabi Games in Tenafly, New Jersey. And while finishing high school at
     the University of Winnipeg last year, Michael was named the collegiate division’s 2004 Male Athlete of the Year. He was
     also awarded the R.O.A. Hunter Collegiate Alumni Award for high academic performance and achievement in collegiate
     athletics. Michael was a member of the collegiate golf and senior varsity basketball teams. Michael is also a level two
     softball and hardball umpire and volunteers with Manitoba Special Olympics helping teach golf. ♦

     Kevin Minuk – Baseball
             evin Minuk is an all-round athlete who excels in every sport he undertakes and
             plays both baseball and hockey. Now 18 and a grade 12 student at St. Paul’s
             High School, Kevin has maintained his status as an academic honour-role
     student throughout his high school years and excels in baseball and hockey.
        In baseball, Kevin has played competitive baseball since the age of 10. He has
     consistently been a top player on all of his teams and is very versatile. He is an
     outstanding pitcher and can also play 2 nd base and the outfield at a high level of
     proficiency. He is a solid hitter with an excellent eye at the plate. Kevin has been invited
     to play for the Canadian Youth Baseball Team going to Israel for the 2005 Maccabia
        During the 2004 season, Kevin led the River Heights Cardinals to the City of Winnipeg
                                                          Midget AA championship. He was the
                                                          dominating pitcher in the double “A”
                                                          midget league. In game first game of
                                                          the City Finals, Kevin pitched a “no-
                                                             He pitched a complete game in the 4 th and final game of the series
                                                          and chipped in with 2 triples and 3 RBIs. He was solid defensively and
                                                          offensively in games 2 and 3 when he wasn’t pitching.
                                                          During the regular season Kevin had a 7-0 pitching record. He led his
                                                          team in all pitching categories. When he wasn’t pitching, he played 2 nd
                                                          or right field. He finished 2 nd in team batting with a .586% average and
                                                          led his team in slugging % of .725.
                                                             In hockey, during the 2004 season Kevin was the team leader with
                                                          30 goals and 54 points in 24 games. The Varsity View club played in
                                                          the City of Winnipeg championship with Kevin helping the team to
                                                          within one game of being City Champs for the second year in a row.
                                                          Not only was Kevin the leading scorer on the team, he also was noted
                                                          for his thunderous body-checks and strong two-way play and team
                                                             He was also a City of Winnipeg Midget all-star at centre and played
                                                          on the winning team in the all-star game. Kevin centered a line that
                                                          buzzed the opposition the whole night, scored one goal and played a
                                                          strong physical “two-way” game. ♦

 Adam Corrin – Hockey
         20 year-old, 195 lb forward/right winger with the Winnipeg South Blues
        of the Manitoba Junior Hockey League, Adam Corrin played a key role in
        helping the South Blues reach the playoffs during the 2004-2005 season.
   During the regular season, Adam saw action in 63 games and contributed 36
goals and 40 assist s for a “points total” of 76. He only drew 54 minutes in
penalties. Heading into the first round of the playoffs in March, Adam helped the
South Blues take their opening series against the Winkler Flyers 4 games to 2. In
the second round the Blues battled the Selkirk Steelers in an exciting seven
game tilt. But the Blues were eliminated. Selkirk rallied to win the series 4
games to 3.
   In the playoffs, Adam led the league with 13 goals in 12-playoff games and
added 9 assist s for a playoff point’s total of 22. Adam was named the MJHL
playoff’s “Player of the Month” for March and was the league’s leading scores in
the playoffs. He ended the season the league’s 5 th best scorer and only 6 point
back of the top scorer. He was also the Player of the Month in October.
   For his outstanding play this past season, Adam was awarded the league’s
Hockey Ability/Sportsmanship Award and was also was presented with the “Top Scorer in the Playoffs Award.”
   Thanks to his great season and outstanding play, Adam was offered a full 4-year hockey scholarship at both
Brown University and the University of Alaska in Anchorage. Come fall, Adam Corrin had decided to attend the
University of Alaska; pursue a Business Degree and continue to further his hockey career with the NCAA Division 1
University team. ♦

Naomi Casiro- Swimming
       his past year, 18 year old Naomi Casiro was in her rookie season with the
       University of Manitoba Bison swimming team. The former Manta Club
       member was one of 10 swimmers to qualify for the CIS University
Championships. At her first CIS championships, Naomi swam to a 32nd in 50-
metre butterfly, 32nd in 50-metre freestyle, 33 rd in 100-metre butterfly and 35th in
100-metre freestyle.
   Then, at the Manitoba/Saskatchewan Open Championship, Naomi qualified for
the CIS championships in the 50-metre butterfly in a time of 29.70 seconds. She
had four “Top 8” finishes at the Manitoba/Saskatchewan Championships with the
highest finish, which was a fourth in the 50metre butterfly.
   At her first Canada West Championships, she placed 12th in 50-metre butterfly,
18th in the 50-metre freestyle, 18th in the 100-metre butterfly and 22nd in the 100-
metre freestyle. Then, competing at the Prairie Winter Invitational, she assisted in
two relay team events. She was a member of the gold medal 200-metre freestyle
relay team and also won a silver medal in the 200metre-medley team relay. At the
Calgary Cascade Speed Meet, Casiro placed eighth in the 50-metre freestyle.
   Over this past university season, Naomi set personal bests in all four events (50
and 100metre butterfly and 50 and 100metre freestyle). She shaved almost a second-and -a -half off her previous
best freestyle times and half a second off her previous best butterfly times. ♦

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 sports media for  
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                                                               2000   Athletes and Builders of the 20th Century
                                                               2001   Former Canadian Champions and Don Wittman
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                                                               2004   Past Presidents

                                                     Past Speakers (1973 -- 2004) 
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                                        1973   Bobby Hull – Karl Kassulke – Don Shula   1990   Larry Csonka
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     The Mandate for Maccabi Manitoba:
     The Mandate for Maccabi Manitoba:
     Maccabi Manitoba is the name of a volunteer Committee that has been formed to assist athletes from Winnipeg (and the
     balance of the Province) to qualify through a process of tryouts that have been held in Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal and
     Winnipeg for the Maccabi Canada Team and to assist in the fund raising for those who qualify. We are very fortunate to
     have 11 athletes selected to date. This will be the largest group of Winnipeg (and Manitoba) athletes who will become part
     of our Canadian contingent to the 17 th Maccabiah Games in Israel from July 11-21, 2005.

     Mission Statement for Maccabi Canada:
     Mission Statement for Maccabi Canada:
     Maccabi Canada is a national, non-profit volunteer organization that utilizes sport s as a medium for Jewish identity and for
     strengthening our eternal bond with the State of Israel. The World Maccabi Movement has become one of the largest
     single groups to visit Israel on a regular basis over the past several years. Our commitment to Israel has become that
     much more important at this time of conflict and decreased tourism. Our mission is the promotion of Jewish identity and
     traditions through athletic, cultural, social and educational activities for both youth and adults alike, both domestically and

     The Maccabi Canada Role is:
     The Maccabi Canada Role is:
     To select and prepare a National Team to compete at the Maccabiah Games which are held every four years in Israel; and
     to select and prepare a National Team to compete at the Pan-American Maccabi Games.

     To support the JCC's and "Y"s in promoting and preparing for the North American JCC Maccabi Games which are now
     held every year in various North American cities. This summer, Winnipeg JCC will be sending a team for the fourth time to
     these games. This year the JCC Team will go to St. Paul, Minnesota in August.

     To help identify and cultivate young Jewish athletes from all over Canada; To run programs which educate our young
     about sport, Jewish culture, and Israel. The main goal of Maccabi Canada is to bring as many young Jews as possible to
     Israel so that we can expose them to their religion, their traditions, and most of all, give them an "Israel Experience!"

     It is anticipated that approximately 6000 athletes will be participating in the 17 th World Maccabiah Games. Canada is itself
     hoping to send the largest team ever, over 300 athletes.

     Maccabi Canada is also sending over one hundred 14-18 year olds, who will be joining some 1300 athletes in this same
     age range from more than 50 other countries. This is new for the 2005 Games and is meant to form the core of the
     athletes that compete in 2009. In addition to their participation in high level athletic competition, these junior athletes will
     be engaging in a very meaningful Israel experience in the three days after the Games have officially ended.

     It costs $6,000.00 to send just one athlete to Israel for the Games. For many deserving athletes, raising these funds is
     onerous. As the number of eligible athletes continues to increase and enlarge our Manitoba team, it becomes that much
     more important that our Committee try to do whatever we can to assist all athletes financially with a specific focus on
     underwriting those whom are unable to fund themselves.

     It is the goal of Maccabiah Canada and Maccabi Manitoba to make sure that NO worthy athlete stays home due to
     financial need. We are therefore asking you to assi st us at this crucial time. Please help us to help our local athletes by
     placing a bid on our silent auction items at tonight’s dinner. Visit our athletes table if you would like further information on
     our fundraiser ice cream sale, or if you would be interested in making a donation to our organization.

     With warmest appreciation,

     Earl J. Barish and Gerald Olin                       Sharon Yanofsky
     Co-chairs Maccabi
            Team Winnipeg 2005 off to
             “Have a BALL in St. Paul”
       his year’s Team Winnipeg is very excited to be      Sports Dinner, which is generously donating the team
       attending the JCC Maccabi Games in St. Paul,        bags to our delegation.
       Minnesota. The Winnipeg delegation consists of 10       Let’s all wish this year’s JCC Maccabi Team the best of
athletes and two coaches, representing four competitive    luck in St. Paul, and stay tuned for information on
categories.                                                upcoming activities involving Team Winnipeg!
   This August 7 th – 12 th the Winnipeg contingent will       For more information on the JCC Maccabi Games,
head south to St. Paul, Minnesota along with over 1,000    p l e a se    vi si t :  w ww . st p a u l m a c ca b i . o rg or
Jewish teenagers, 13 – 16 years of age, from across        www.jccmaccabi.org.
Canada, United States, Israel and Europe for a five-day        You can also contact me at (204) 477-7543 or
extravaganza of sports, parties, socializing and           mspencer@aspercampus.mb.ca.
community service endeavors.                                   Also visit us online at www.radyjcc.com/youth.
   Last year, Team Winnipeg attended the JCC Maccabi
Games in Boston, MA, and came home with 10 Gold            Sincerely,
medals and one Bronze medal!                               Mark Spencer
   The 2005 Team boasts five tennis competitors, two       Delegation Head, Team Winnipeg
table tennis competitors, one soccer player and two        JCC Maccabi Games
basketball players.
  We are proud to honor these athletes at this year’s

                                                                    & partners
     Proud supporter
          of the                                                  Chartered Accountants
       Rady Jewish                                                 “Your success is our business”
    Community Centre                                                    Larry Booke, B.Sc., C.A.
               1540 Portage Ave                                         Fred de Koning, B. Comm., C.A., C.B.V.
                                                                        David Devere, C.A.
                (204) 783-9434                                          Jack Z. Katz, B.A., B. Comm., C.A., T.E.P.
                                                                        Gerald I. Rosenby, C.A.
                  803 Leila Ave
                 (204) 338-9361                                          Suite 500 - 5 Donald Street
                                                                         Winnipeg, Manitoba, R3L 2T4
              1890 Pembina Hwy                                           Phone: (204) 284-7060
                (204) 275-6635                                           Fax: (204) 284-7105

     Maccabi Athlete Bios
                   Ben Arenson:  Boys Soccer (Born Jun. 20/88)
                   Ben Arenson: 
                    Ben is a Grade 11 honours student at Grant Park High School. His passion is soccer, but he also plays
                    hockey in the Maccabi League with his brother and Dad. Ben has played soccer since he was four years
                    old. He's been a member of the Manitoba Provincial Team and has played for South End United since he
                    was thirteen. He's honoured and thrilled to be chosen for Canada's youth soccer team which will compete at
                    the Maccabi Games in Israel this summer. Ben has numerous aunts, uncles, and cousins in Israel, and
                    looks forward to visiting and playing in front of them.
                   Naomi Casiro: Sw imming (Born Oct. 31/86)
                    Naomi Casiro: 
                    Naomi is currently attending the University of Manitoba and swimming with the Bisons “A” swim team. She
                    specializes in sprint freestyle and sprint butterfly. This past year she wa s one of ten Bisons swimmers who
                    qualified and attended the CIS University Championships in Edmonton. She is a member of the Canada
                    Games selection team and will be competing for a final spot on the team. She received the top age group
                    performer award for the Manta Swim Club 2003/04 for the girl’s 15-17 age group. She was named Jewish
                    Athlete of the Year in 2004. She has also been accepted to be a member of the 2005/06 University of
                    Victoria swim team.Naomi has her sights set on potentially studying physiotherapy, as she would like a
                    career which would allow her to continue to stay largely involved with sports.

                   Charley Elazar:  Boys Soccer (Born Jan. 29/87)
                   Charley Elazar: 
                    Charley was born in Israel on Kibbutz Gezer and moved to Winnipeg in 1988. He is currently a grade-12
                    student at Joseph Wolinsky Collegiate (JWC). Charley is a goalkeeper & team leader. He led his perennially
                    successful Northwest Youth Soccer Club to Provincial Championships in 2001 & 2003; a City Championship
                    in 2002; Provincial semi-final appearance in 2004; two National Championship Final Four appearances and
                    numerous invitational tournament championships. He played varsity soccer for his school JWC since grade-
                    8 and captained both the JWC boy’s basketball & soccer teams. He is actively pursuing soccer scholarship
                    opportunities in Canada & the US. Charley has applied his leadership skills to student council, Israel student
                    exchange programs and JWC debate events. In addition to a busy academic & athletic schedule, Charley
 has done volunteer work for Chesed Shel Emes; Big Brothers of Winnipeg; Israel Advocacy; Partnership 2000 and the Métis
 Horticultural Society. Charley worked on staff at B’nai Brith Camp last summer. He received the 2002 Parliamentary award for
 innovative & creative thinking, the 2003 Lieutenant Governor's medal for athletic excellence, and the 2004 JWC Coaches
 award for Most Valuable player. His passions are Israel, sports, and music.

                  Michael Leger: Judo (Born Nov. 9/88)
                  Michael Leger: 
                  Michael presently attends the University of Winnipeg Collegiate. He is a member of the Manitoba Provincial
                  Judo Team. He has been participating in judo for approximately five years and competed in the last Canada
                  Winter Games. He also finished an impressive 2nd at the International Philadelphia Liberty Bell
                  Tournament, placed 3rd in his category at Canadian Nationals for Judo and most recently won gold in his
                  category and the adult category at the Saskatchewan Open. Michael also helps to coach young athletes at
                  the West Kildonan Judo Club.

                  Yaffa Ludwig:  Girls Soccer (Born Oct. 3/88)
                  Yaffa Ludwig: 
                  Yaffa Ludwig is in grade 11 at the Gray Academy of Jewish Education. She has been playing soccer since
                  the age of five. Her position is goalie, which is a position she has played ever since she started soccer. Yaffa
                  played for River Heights for ten years. Two years ago she made the regional South End United soccer team
                  and played for South End for two years. Yaffa currently has returned to playing for River Heights and is also
                  playing goalie for her high school soccer team.

                  Geoffrey Rosenbaum : Track and Field (Born May 8/77)
                  Geoffrey Rosenbaum
                  In 2002, his rookie year as a Manitoba Bison, Geoffrey Rosenbaum’s result at the Canadian National CIS
                  (Canadian Interuniversity Sport) competition help in Sherbrook, Quebec, was a 10th place finish in the Men’s
                  Pentathlon. The following year, in Windsor, Ontario, Geoffrey finished 6th in the Pentathlon, and competed in
                  the Men’s 60m hurdles. Despite an injury in 2004 at the CanadaWest Interuniversity competition, he finished
                  in 3rd place in the men’s 60m hurdles, a national placing of 14th. In the men’s pentathlon, he placed 13th in
                  the CIS standings. In the last four years, Geoffrey has been a member of the University of Manitoba track
                  and field squad and participated in two Legion National Championships and other international competitions.

                     Kevin Minuk:  Baseball (Born Feb. 5/87)
                     Kevin Minuk: 
                      Kevin Minuk is an all-round athlete who excels in every sport he undertakes. Currently a grade 12
                      student at St. Paul’s High School, Kevin has maintained his status as an academic Honour Role
                      student throughout his high school years. He is an outstanding pitcher who led the River Heights
                      Cardinals to the City of Winnipeg Midget AA Championship. He pitched a no-hitter in game 1 of the
                      finals and also pitched a completed game in game # 4 to wrap up the title. He struck out 8 batters in 5
                      innings as the game was called due to the mercy rule with the Cardinals winning 13-3. He also was 2-
                      3 with 2 triples and 3rbi’s in the final game as well. During the regular season he led his team in all
                      pitching categories. He was also one of the top offensive players hitting .586 with a team leading
                      slugging % of .725. In 2003 Kevin played with a Winnipeg/New Jersey team in the Junior Maccabi
Games. He finished with a 3-1 record and a 1.90 ERA, including a 3 hit shutout against Montreal. He also led the team in all
offensive categories finishing with a .411 average, .611 on base % and 8 RBI’s, with a game winning triple and 2 doubles.
In addition to baseball Kevin is an accomplished hockey player. A 2004 league ALL-Star he has led his teams to 3 City
Championships finals winning the 2003 season. The last 3 years he has led his teams in all offensive categories.
                     Aaron Pfeffer:  Judo (Born Apr. 5/82)
                      Aaron Pfeffer: 
                     Aaron Pfeffer is a member of the Canadian National judo team and will be attending the Maccabiah
                     games in Israel this summer. He is currently ranked 2nd in Canada in the-73kg. His accomplishments
                     in 2004 include a Gold at the Ontario International Judo Open in Toronto, a Gold at the Pacific
                     International Judo Open in B.C., a Silver at the Quebec Open in Montreal, a Gold at the Liberty Bell
                     Classic in Philadelphia, a 5th place finish at the Rendez-vous International in Montreal, a 5th place
                     finish at the Mexico Open in Mexico city, and a 3rd place finish at the Canadian Nationals in Kitchener,

                     Karlee--Anne Sapoznik:  Women’s Basketball (Born Sep. 14/85)
                     Karlee Anne Sapoznik: 
                       Karlee-Anne Sapoznik is currently in her second year of University at Collège Universitaire de Saint-
                       Boniface. She will be playing on the Maccabi Canada Open Women's Basketball Team for the first
                       time. She has played basketball since a young age having participated on Manitoba midget and
                       juvenile provincial teams, community teams, district teams, and on her high school senior varsity
                       team. Karlee is a member of the defending champ Division One Senior Women’s Basketball team in
                       Winnipeg. She has been the captain of the Collège Universitaire de Saint-Boniface Voyageurs for the
                       last two seasons and last year she was named a conference all-star in the Central Plains Athletic
                       Conference. Karlee is a Millennium Excellence Scholarship Award Winner. She has received
                       academic scholarships from Collège Universitaire de Saint-Boniface for the last two years and this
year she was honoured for her humanitarian service with the Bourse commémorative Père-Lucien-Hardy-S.J. She is looking
forward to the incredible experience of representing both her province and country in Israel this summer.
                    Aaron Neal Yanofsky:  Boys Baseball (Born May 24/89)
                     Aaron Neal Yanofsky: 
                     Aaron is currently in Grade 10 at Sisler High School. Aaron has played baseball for over eight years,
                     both at the Community Club and AAA levels and has enjoyed playing as an outfielder, second baseman
                     and shortstop. As a member of the AAA North Winnipeg Pirates, Aaron competed in the Provincial
                     playoffs in 2003 and 2004. In addition to baseball, Aaron has been actively involved in numerous
                     school sports teams, bowling for nine years and curling, both at school and at the West Kildonan
                     Curling Club for three years. Aaron recently represented the Winnipeg 1 School Division and Sisler
                     High School at the Provincial High School Curling Championship in Souris, MB. Aaron is an Honour
                     student in the Advanced Placement Program at Sisler and has been actively involved in several anti-
smoking organizations. Aaron is a co-founder of Manitoba Youth for Clean Air and, in 2003, he was appointed to sit on a
Provincial Youth Action Committee on the effects of smoking related issues and youth.

                    Evelyn Mae Yanofsky:  Girls Soccer (Born Oct. 24/90)
                    Evelyn Mae Yanofsky: 
                    Evelyn is currently in Grade 9 at Garden City Collegiate. Evelyn has played soccer for over six years,
                    both at the Community Club and Premier levels, as a defender and sweeper. As a member of the North
                    West Wolves Premier Girls Soccer Club, she won the 2004 Indoor Soccer Championship and played in
                    the MSA Cup in 2003 and 2004. In addition to soccer, Evelyn has been actively involved in bowling for
                    eight years and won the Provincial Bronze Medal in the Junior Girls age category in 2004 and actively
                    participates in several school sports teams. Evelyn was a co-founder and active member of Manitoba
                    Youth for Clean Air, an anti-smoking organization founded in 2001 and the recipient of numerous
                    awards for their promotion of a healthier lifestyle for all youth.

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                 Maccabiah Hockey Winners
                                      ‘A’ Division Champions - Silver Knights
                                      Front row : Mike Rosenblatt (G)
                                      Back (L to R): Dan Posner, Darcy Delbridge, Mike
                                      Kowbel, Neil Stedman, Eston Silver, Josh Vickar,
                                      Joe Cohen, Daniel Samphir, Josh Knight
                                      Missing: Laurie Stillwater, Michael Knight

                                         ‘B’ Division Champions -
                                         Dorchester Developments
                                         Front row : (L to R) Glen Fever, Shane
                                         Silver, Bobby Goldberg, David Minuk,
                                         Steven Buchalter, Zack Goldberg
                                         Back row : (L to R) Geoff Shaffer,
                                         Richard Tapper, Michael Schacter, Lorne
                                         Yuffe, Noah Moscovitch, Nolan Ackman,
                                         Eric Fever, Daniel Moscovitch

                         Heart & Soul Winners 
                                   Division ‘B’
        Division ‘A’
     Steven Promislow,          Harry Schwartz,
                                Industrial Metals
      Western Scrap


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